Love at First Bark (2017) Movie Script

[meditation guide]:
I am centered and focused.
Nothing can take away my shine.
I hope you can see it.
I put blue tape
where I want it.
Glad you're
not particular.
Come on,
I'm not that particular.
Oh, please.
You're a designer.
So are you,
as of today.
That is correct.
Thanks, guys.
Come here.
So now,
when you're creating...
that's what you'll see.
You're kidding me!
I can see
the Astoria Tower.
Our first project
That, right there,
is why I left Baluster Bay
to join you.
Oh, really?
'Cause I thought it was
because our boss closed shop
so he could retire.
So there was that, too,
and the promotion,
but mostly,
it was your vision.
Yeah, I just hope
it pans out, though,
because, so far,
that good old meditation app
you recommended
is not helping my nerves.
You just have to give it
a little bit more time,
and stop worrying.
It is going to be amazing.
Julia Galvins Design
is going to be huge.
What if it isn't?
I mean...
what if-- what if
you came here for nothing?
I'm just...
Really great at what you do,
and everyone knows it,
and that's why
you didn't take another job,
and why I decided
to take this one with you.
It's day one.
You've already landed a pitch.
You're right.
I just need to stay focused,
and everything
will to be fine, right?
does this mean
we're open for business?
I just need to pick out
my belated birthday present
to myself,
and then our office
will be complete.
You're clearly
in denial.
We need more space.
Even our wall knows it.
We don't need more space.
We just...
may have to consider
a collage of all our graduates.
How's a collage going
to get us more storage?
More yard space?
Another room?
If we think big...
You're starting
to sound like Bridget.
Who's your best friend?
You know you are.
That's right,
so don't you dare compare me
to the girl
who broke your heart.
She's the one who insisted
we needed to franchise.
I'm just saying
that we could...
You're messing with me,
aren't you?
13 years, and I can still
pull one over on you.
Only because you studied
Behavioral Science,
and you know my patterns now.
Which is why I think
we should focus
on what really matters.
A new filing system?
Working with these guys.
Hey, what up?
[Announcer]: Welcome
to Love at First Bark's
annual adoption fair.
[Julia laughs]
I don't know
how I'm supposed to choose one.
They're all so adorable.
Well, let's start
with the size.
What kind of dog
are you looking for?
Uh, I work from home,
so an office dog.
Right, something
with a more mild temperament.
Do you have
any experience with dogs?
Actual experience?
Uh, no.
I've always wanted one
since I was a little girl,
so does that count?
It depends
on why you didn't get one.
Oh, my parents were surgeons
in the military,
so we were always on the move.
Wasn't really
the best setup for a dog.
Well, it sounds like you
have the perfect setup now.
Oh, wow.
That's a very regal name.
He's been with us
for a while.
He's sweet, but strong-willed.
Just hasn't really
connected with anyone yet.
It looks
like he likes you, though.
Yeah, looks
like it.
Well, my name
is Julia.
No royal connection,
but people say I'm pretty nice,
so there's that.
You know, they say
a dog chooses his owner.
I think King just chose you.
Did you just choose me?
Oh, I think that's a yes.
[Owen]: Heel... heel!
Good girl.
Don't worry, King.
I won't make you
walk like that.
Oh, you have a question
about walking?
No, no, no.
I was just telling King...
We've got a question
over here.
No, no, I...
Sorry, I, I...
I didn't.
I don't have any questions,
but thank you...
[Helper]: Owen is
our amazing dog trainer,
and Julia here
is looking to adopt.
Am I right?
Yes, if King will have me.
Wow, congratulations
to you both,
and if you do have
a question...
Wow, you train rescue
and therapy dogs?
Well, sometimes,
they're the same thing.
Owen gives
complimentary training sessions
for first-time adoptees,
just to help them
with the transition.
That's sweet, thanks,
but I don't think
we're going to need it.
Well, if you do...
I have to be honest...
I've read a few of the books,
and they all just seem
a little too rigid for me.
I already decided
I'm going to go
with a "love is all you need"
That's not a technique...
and it's not.
I'm sorry?
It's not
all you need.
You need to set
establish guidelines.
Yeah, but...
there's also a lot more
to relationships
than just giving orders,
You're right.
You need to set a schedule.
You know what?
Right now,
I think I really just want
to buy him a really cute bed.
We don't have to agree
on everything now,
but we do like to go
the extra mile
to make sure you're both happy
in your new home together,
so we'll follow up
with a home visit in a few days.
Come in.
What're you doing, King?
Come on.
Just a few more steps, buddy.
You a little nervous?
It's okay. You're home now.
Come on.
Okay, just...
come on.
Just a few more steps.
Yeah, there we go. Okay.
All right, buddy.
I know change is tough,
all right?
I can relate,
but we're home now, okay?
[phone rings]
Ooh, ooh!
Hold that thought.
Yes, hi, Mr. Salas.
It's so great
to hear from you, yeah.
We'll just make it
10:00 instead.
Okay, wonderful.
See you tomorrow.
[hangs up]
All right,
sorry about that, buddy.
So, do you want a tour?
It's kind of
a short one, but, um...
come on, follow me.
Uh, this is my new office.
Or I can just follow you.
That works, too.
Ah, here we go.
I got this nice new bed.
It's Velveteen.
You can sleep here tonight,
if you want.
I've got to go to work.
Enjoy your new bed.
I know it's late, King.
but I've got a big pitch
You want to come up here?
It's goose down.
You more of a duck fan?
Maybe tomorrow, huh?
Are you sure
you do not mind taking him?
I just don't want
to leave him alone.
Are you kidding me?
The fastest way
to get help anywhere
is to bring a really cute dog.
I'll get us our
swatches in no time.
Okay, and I will call you
the second that I'm done.
Don't worry about us.
Just worry about
Wyatt Salas.
I'm not worried.
confident and shining
and something else
very spiritual.
just the way you are?"
that sounds vaguely familiar.
'cause today could kind of
be a game changer.
We're just pitching
one restaurant.
Yeah, but Wyatt Salas
owns 20,
so you know what that means.
Are you trying
to make me feel better or worse?
You're going to kill it.
So go.
All right, King,
wish me luck.
I'll take that
as good luck.
All right.
You're right,
the restaurant business
is brutal.
That's why I usually work
with established firms
on my buildings,
especially on something
as crucial
as a restaurant relaunch.
Yes, and I appreciate
you giving us a shot.
Well, you were always
one of my favorites
at Baluster Bay...
but honestly,
you think you can handle
this project on your own?
Oh, it's not just me.
There's also my junior designer,
Sherry McRay,
and if I was your favorite,
you will be in great hands.
One of my favorites.
Well, I realize we may not be
what you're used to scale wise,
but we will give you
everything we've got.
Well, you've got two people.
Two very talented people
with no one else to focus on...
We can handle it.
"Two very talented people."
That didn't sound desperate
at all.
You know what?
I'm not going to doom us.
It started off good,
and then...
I should've just said
you were a new hire.
It would've made us
sound bigger.
You hungry?
[whines slightly]
Oh, okay.
Do you want a treat?
All right.
We've got salmon...
or peanut butter.
You pick.
Okay, peanut butter it is.
All right.
Here you go, King.
[doorbell rings]
Whatever you do,
please look happy.
Please, please.
Hi! Sorry.
You're not Molly.
No. Why, did they tell you
that she was coming?
they didn't say she wasn't,
so I guess
I just kind of assumed.
Stuck with me.
Can I come in?
Yes, come on in.
Hey, buddy!
How are you, King?
So, how's it going?
Oh, you know.
Work's been kind of crazy,
but that's to be expected
with a new business, so...
I meant with King.
Right. Of course.
It's going well...
I mean, pretty well.
Pretty well?
Yeah, yeah.
Well enough.
We're just kind of warming up
to each other.
So what's your routine?
I'm sorry?
When do you get up?
Eat? Walk? Play?
It's all just
kind of in there.
In where?
Are you always
this inquisitive?
I'm just trying
to get the full picture here.
Which I appreciate,
but I'm not going to force
all this structure on him.
Like I said, I'm going
with an all love approach.
Is it working?
you do look pretty happy.
Told you.
You're good?
You don't need any help?
You mean with training?
No. Mm-mm.
You feel in control?
All right.
I'll just head...
Uh, sorry.
Can I, um...
Can I just give you
a quick tip?
Oh, is this
my free lesson?
Make him sit for it.
The treat.
King's a pleaser,
but he's also spirited.
He needs to feel
like he's earned it.
That's the only way
he's going to know
the order of things
in his new home.
Just try this.
Good boy.
Have a nice night.
Work for treats?
You don't need
to work for treats.
Do you?
Okay, but just for fun.
What am I doing wrong?
Do you want the salmon?
Hey, why are you so worried?
You said that
the meeting went great.
I didn't say great.
I said good,
and I don't even know
how good it went
considering he hasn't
called me yet.
But maybe that's because
you're strangling your phone.
You're right.
I'm going to call him.
[Salas]: Hello?
Hello, Mr. Salas?
It's Julia Galvins calling.
I was just about
to call you.
I was sensing that.
Uh, see?
We're already in sync.
I really enjoyed
your pitch...
That is great to hear
because I've been thinking
about your space, nonstop.
But I'm going to have to go
in another direction.
I actually feel
I was prepared
to lead this project,
but thank you
for letting us know.
I'm sorry
I couldn't close the deal.
You know what?
I think
it's actually good luck
not to book your first pitch.
I still get benefits, right?
I don't know
what I was thinking, King.
I can't compete.
I mean, I get it.
I'd probably hire
a more established company, too.
I just...
just thought,
with our history, you know,
[King whines]
Come on, King.
Throw me a bone.
Bad pun. I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
Okay, please.
If I don't make it
to the dry cleaners
in the next 10 minutes,
I'm going to have
nothing to wear,
and I'm pretty sure that's not
going to help my cause, so...
come on.
Who's walking who?
Thank you, sir.
That's very helpful.
I feel much better now.
Can I give your dog
a treat?
Yeah, it's real hit or miss,
but sure.
Yeah, you can try.
Now shake.
Oh, no, he doesn't shake...
Good boy!
I'm just curious
how much your commercial space
runs for, roughly?
I'm thinking
for the right price,
my partner might actually
consider moving.
I'm sorry, it's how much?
Um, yeah, uh...
okay, Mom!
All right.
Maybe just one session
couldn't hurt,
I still want
to lead with love.
Uh, yeah.
I'll try to work that
into the schedule.
So, are you looking
for an express package,
or something more in-depth?
I'm not really sure.
I think she's just looking
for a few tips.
Am I right?
That would be great, yes.
Well, he only has
about 30 minutes
before our lunch meeting...
Yeah, sure.
We can do a quick assessment,
see where you're at,
and we'll go
from there.
Where I'm at,
like, mentally?
'Cause this is probably
not the best week to ask.
No, I, um...
meant with the dog.
Just simple commands.
Sit, stay... come.
Yes, you're comfortable
with them?
Let's see them.
Right. So...
Okay, let's keep going.
Here goes...
You actually have to walk away.
Well, it's the only way
to gauge
if the dog's
actually listening to you,
or if he's just staying put
because that's where he is.
Simple, one-word phrases.
I'll try.
That was two words.
You have to go
where he can't see you,
just where he hears your voice.
Well, that sounds
like a trick, but...
I'll do it.
Okay, come!
Yeah, nice try.
Doesn't count, does it?
Not so much.
Don't worry about it.
We can work on this
more in-depth on Saturday.
Until then, just keep
the commands simple.
Sit. Stay. Come.
Easy. Done.
Are those
your simple commands?
I'm here all night.
All right, well,
until Saturday...
and remember,
you're the alpha.
Maybe I'll take a quick peek
at the express package.
I might still be
in my sweats,
but I'm going
to turn this ship around.
Who's next?
Atta girl.
Just make sure
that there's something
left for me to do
when I get back.
Oh, hey, remember,
all we need to do
is fill the sample book,
not overload it.
Whatever gets us business.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
about a river and a wave.
It only takes one,
right, King?
You've reached 555-2825.
Please leave a message.
Hi. This is Julia Galvins.
Uh, we met last year.
I was on the design team
for the Margowsky Library
We just went out.
I was calling
to let you know
that I started
my own design studio,
Julia Galvins Designs,
so if you need anything,
Sit. Sit!
[growling, barking]
Better yet,
why don't I just call you back?
Okay, that barking right there
was not okay.
What's up, King, huh?
Do you want to shake?
What's going on?
You want to go outside?
All right, fine.
Grab your keys.
Let's go.
This what you needed, boy?
Okay, King.
You can run now, play.
You can show off
that new fancy collar.
Aren't you adorable?
I hope
she's not bothering you.
No, no, not at all.
She's a charmer.
King's just a little shy.
I don't know.
It might be his new collar.
Do you think it looks
too much like a necklace?
I think it's perfect.
-And don't worry.
a social butterfly.
She'll make him her new
best friend in minutes.
There they go.
I hope I look that good
in my third trimester.
You're expecting puppies?
Sorry, she's expecting puppies?
You're clearly expecting
babies, or a baby.
One baby.
Ginger's actually due
in four weeks,
and I have three months to go.
But I work from home,
so I can just, you know,
relax into it.
And wear sweat pants
all day.
Sorry, or not.
I, uh,
I just recently started
working from home,
so it feels
like a perk to me.
What do you do from home?
I'm an interior designer.
I actually used to work
for Baluster Bay,
but I recently just started
my own design studio,
and yeah, it's been fun,
but I'm clearly projecting
my own personal style
onto my dog.
I'm Julia Galvins.
Oh, Cassie Guggenheim.
So nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you
as well.
This may be
a little bit small scale,
but my husband and I are
actually looking for a designer
for the nursery.
Oh, my gosh!
I love nurseries.
You do?
Yes, yes, I love babies.
I'm definitely a baby person.
In fact,
a lot of my best friends are...
Why don't I send you
some photos of the space,
and we'll just go from there?
Sound good?
It sounds like I should go
to the dog park more often.
Here's my card.
I'll call your office,
and I'll set up a time.
Okay, sweetie,
let's go get you some treats.
Time to get pampered.
It was nice to meet you.
I hope to hear from you.
You bet.
[dogs barking]
Was this all
part of your master plan?
If it was, thanks.
Any ideas for a nursery, King?
What about, like,
a magical forest,
What's up?
You sleepy?
Do you want to come up here?
Still no?
Just close your eyes, buddy.
Do you want me
to close my eyes first?
How's that?
Don't worry.
We're going to figure this out.
I promise.
I know it's only
a four-week course,
but I thought we'd be
a little bit more hands on,
down and dirty.
That's why I wore this.
Well, every owner and dog
is different,
so every session
will be different.
I just don't understand
how shopping's going to help.
He won't sleep.
I mean he slept
a little, but...
it's like
he just can't relax.
That's why we're here.
But I already
bought him a bed.
So much of this is
about how you feel.
Well, I feel
pretty ready to work.
Great. Well...
let's start by putting this...
in your basket.
You want me
to buy a fanny pack?
That's a treat trainer.
It's a fanny pack.
I will put it back
in the basket,
but I'm not convinced.
Let's pick a toy.
Which one?
Well, which one
do you think he'd like?
I don't even know
what kind of treats
he likes best yet.
I think you're putting
a bit too much pressure on this.
Just pick any toy.
this one looks fun.
All right.
Classic choice...
and I'll pick this one.
Now, why don't you jog
all the way down
to the end of the aisle.
All right.
put your toy up in the air...
And shake.
[squeaky toy noises]
He likes the squirrel!
Let's trade.
[blows a kiss]
Good boy. Sit.
And stay.
All right.
Let's do it again.
Lift your toy in the air...
and shake!
[toys squeaking]
Okay, so...
now he likes the dragon?
What's the constant here?
He definitely wants a toy.
He wants whatever
toy you have
because you're the one
playing with him.
Look, I know you want
to lead with love,
but if you lead
with confidence,
everything else is just
going to fall into place,
and he's going to choose you
every time.
All right, well,
then I'm going to get him
the squirrel and the dragon,
because if he loves me so much,
he deserves to be spoiled...
but, uh...
look, do I really need
to get this?
Do you want to be
the alpha, or not?
You checked
the wood samples?
'Cause I just want to make sure
she understands the texture
that we're going for.
Done. Checked.
I am leading with confidence.
Yeah, is that another gem
from the meditation app?
Or your cute trainer?
I don't have a cute trainer.
Okay, sure, you don't.
King does.
I saw his card.
Okay, for starters,
he's not cute.
He's just...
in shape,
and even if he was,
I wouldn't notice,
because what do I always say?
Cookie batter is real food?
career before love,
you're in the clear.
Love before career,
you're just distracted.
I'm not really sure that
that is how that saying goes,
but I do like your focus.
How do I look?
Not at all intimidated
by Cassie.
That's because
I'm ignoring the Internet,
unlike you.
Yeah, that doesn't
change the fact
that she is
a major philanthropist
who sits on the board
of practically every nonprofit
in Portland.
She was lovely.
Still, her connections
are kind of everything.
Okay, you know what?
I'm going to stop
asking you questions.
All right, King.
Good boy.
Look at all that confidence.
Hey, Julia?
I would take off
the fanny pack first.
Oh, my gosh.
So, are you ready to wow us?
Here we go.
One of the most important things
to foster in a child
is imagination.
That's why I want
to turn your nursery
into a magical forest
to engage
your child's sense of wonder.
Imagine your child
waking up,
being surrounded by trees.
Three of the walls
will have delicate murals
depicting a tranquil forest.
I love that.
Mm... and what about
the fourth wall?
It'll be a bookcase
for your child's
favorite books...
stories that will transport her
to fantastical places,
and we'll use
various branches and textiles
to bring it all together
in an organic way.
Here, feel these,
for example.
Oh, I don't know
about you,
but I really love this.
[husband]: It does sound
pretty impressive.
Oh, I'm so glad.
I have to admit,
'cause I was
just a little bit nervous...
But I don't like to make
any decisions on the spot.
Right, hon'?
You don't.
He doesn't.
Yeah, no, I...
I totally understand.
I mean,
it's a very big decision,
and I'm new,
we're new,
so... so there's that.
Well, great.
We'll look it
all over tonight,
and get back to you,
but it's all great.
No rush.
No rush at all.
Still nothing.
Come on.
Hi. This is Julia Galvins.
I was calling to see
if you got my message.
If you need any design work,
please call us back,
'cause we are here for you.
Anything from Cassie?
Not since you last asked
10 minutes ago.
I mean...
dogs can't talk,
so you've got to be
pretty intuitive, right?
As a trainer?
I try to be, yeah.
So then, do you think
it's a bad sign?
Do I think
what's a bad sign?
Ah, make him sit
before we cross.
Okay, King, sit.
Good boy.
That she hasn't called.
It's been, like, 43 hours.
Well, that depends.
On what?
If you're counting
the seconds.
Wait, are you trying
to be funny?
That was a bad joke.
No, no.
Look, normally,
I would love them,
but I'm just...
I'm feeling
a little stressed right now.
You know, it's not just me,
it's Sherry, too,
and I don't...
I don't want to let her down.
I don't think you will.
let's, uh, let's head back.
I thought we were walking
all the way to the park?
No, I...
I don't think we need to.
You're looking solid.
Look, I just...
I just think
she would've called by now
if it was good news,
you know?
You know what?
Hand me your phone.
After today, we only have
two more sessions left,
so if you're going
to get your money's worth,
I need your full focus.
I am totally...
not focused.
Come on.
All right.
I want to work
on communication.
Actually, King's getting
pretty good
at the whole "sit" thing.
No, your communication.
We need to work
on your voice.
We do?
Yeah, it's...
sweet and soft,
and you have
this quirky little twang
that I kind of like.
Thank you.
But it's ineffective.
A command should be,
as its name implies...
You should be clear,
firm, authoritative.
It doesn't have to be hard
or angry,
just... committed.
[deep] Okay.
The more commanding you are,
the more successful you'll be.
Well, I, uh...
I don't feel
real successful right now,
in general.
Well, maybe that's the problem.
If you don't feel
like you're in control.
he certainly won't
think you are.
Now, I want you to give this
to King...
and I want you
to pull on the other end
and say "Give!"
Here. Give.
[Owen]: If you say
his name strongly,
to get his attention,
and then say the command.
Yeah, I don't want him
to think I'm mad at him.
He won't.
Dogs are very perceptive.
They know
how you're feeling
based on your body
Your voice is used to tell them
what it is you want them to do.
Okay. Fine.
King, here.
King, give!
-It worked.
Give him some praise.
Ooh, who's a good boy?
Who's a good boy?
Now, praise should always
be happy, upbeat, assuring.
your natural voice.
Definitely better
at that part.
I think you're better
at most things than you think.
Hey, you should come with us
to lunch.
Who, you and Cindy?
Yeah, I mean,
it's dog friendly.
I think it'll help get
your mind off of things.
Well, thanks for the invite,
but I don't want
to crash your lunch date.
I have been the third wheel
plenty of times.
Oh, don't worry,
her husband's
already doing that.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
You guys just...
you guys seem so close.
That's because we've been
friends since college.
So, what do you say?
Will there be four wheels
at lunch?
[Cindy]: You know,
talk about routine.
Pizza and a movie,
every Friday night
since our senior year
in college.
Even when you guys
were single?
when we were single.
Right, Owen?
He's always been
the organized one, even then.
I'd like to say loyal
to our Friday nights.
Except when you bailed on us
with fake laryngitis.
Hey, that worked out,
didn't it?
What worked out?
Owen pretended to be sick
one Friday night
so we'd hang out alone.
He sensed this
before we did.
Thanks, buddy.
Don't say I never did
anything for you.
that is surprisingly
sentimental from you.
Well, don't hold it against me.
Or let him fool you.
This man spends his day
surrounded by cute, cuddly dogs.
Underneath his love
of structure...
total softy.
All right. Okay.
Did we want
to order the nachos,
maybe share them?
So Owen said you started
your own design firm.
Yeah, I...
Yeah, she actually...
she designed the rooftop garden
at the Parker Tower.
Are you serious?
I worked on it
at my last design firm,
so not all me, but...
Still, I love that space.
It's so serene.
Thank you.
So, are we ready to order?
[vibrating sound]
Is someone's phone vibrating?
Yeah, sorry,
I have to get this.
Excuse me.
Hi, Cassie.
So do you guys want
to share the nachos,
So... this is fun.
She seems really nice.
She's a client...
And she was having
a rough day, so...
So you asked
her to lunch?
It was a friendly gesture.
You do still remember
what a date looks like,
don't you?
Look, just because
I took a little time off
doesn't mean a thing.
Is two years little?
Hmm, no.
All right, you see this?
This whole thing?
You can't do it
Hey, you're the one
who set us up.
Sorry, I think
I have to go.
Why, what happened?
You get the job?
Uh, she said she's looking
at other designers, so...
No, don't be.
It's totally normal.
To be expected, actually,
but... thank you
for this.
I had fun,
and, um...
it was nice
to meet you.
Come on.
What about
the buffalo wings?
We could get both
and share.
[Cindy]: Mm, yeah.
Tangy or hot?
What... is... that?
Oh, okay.
All right,
all right, buddy.
I'm up.
Thank you.
Whoa. Hey, come on.
We were doing so good.
Whoa, whoa! Come on!
Slow down.
Slow down, buddy.
Where's the fire?
Come on.
Oh, that's a wrong turn
of phrase.
Hey, I'm so glad you're back.
Yeah, well, King clearly knows I
have nowhere to be
because he was determined
to come home.
My guess is that...
Your new client is here.
I'm sorry, my what?
I should have called first.
Is it weird
that I feel weird without him?
I know
it's only been a few weeks,
but I feel like I'm missing
an arm or something.
Well, you could've
brought King.
Yeah, I know,
but Sherry
already claimed him,
and, apparently, he's a big
hit at the fabric store,
and I wanted to give you
my full attention.
Oh, I'm easy when it
comes to this stuff.
She's the one who's going
to need your full attention.
I feel like I'm in one
of those sleep chambers.
You know, the ones
in Tokyo?
Every time we get
another box of stuff,
I can feel the walls
closing in on me.
I don't think
it's that bad.
You see? No.
Yeah, I actually love
the overall space.
It's, um...
it's intimate.
Yeah, it's got
that homey feeling,
where, you know,
it makes people feel safe,
but I'm sorry,
the furniture and storage
are terrible.
Thank you.
It's not that bad.
Like this!
Why do you need
this bulky storage cabinet
for some papers
and this one photo?
Oh, is this that girl...?
Should I just put it back in?
Or you could just
get rid of it?
I just think
that's a bit harsh.
Or appropriate.
It's been two years,
or 14 in dog years.
Why don't I just
slide it back in?
all I'm saying
is that there's a lot
you could do in here
in a fairly short amount
of time,
and pretty inexpensively, too.
That's great.
So, will you take the job?
[both]: No?
There is not enough work
for you to hire me...
but I'll help you out.
Oh, um...
No, we couldn't do that.
That's just too much work.
Speak for yourself.
I'm a desperate woman.
I will happily
take your help.
Look, it'll make me feel good,
and I love to work,
and how about this?
If you love it so much,
you can give us
a rave review online.
How's that?
So, when do you want
to start, roughly?
Well, I'm free now-ish,
if you are?
this was Cindy's favorite,
and I have to agree.
I love vertical storage...
anything with clean lines,
making sure that
everything has its place.
It cuts down
on clutter, and...
Come on.
You don't like structure?
No, no, no, no, this is...
this is totally different.
Is it?
Come on, admit it.
Admit what?
That you and I
have more in common
than you think.
Does that mean
you're sold on the idea?
so let's go
into this now.
Just over there.
He looked at me and said
"I don't want to grow older
I want to stay young
forever and ever"
Take off your watch...
Gold, green...
And, of course, black.
'Cause we're moving on...
We're moving on...
I think I may just
grab a blanket
and sleep here tonight.
So you really like it?
Have you seen her face?
So that's a "yes."
Can I get one more "yes"?
I don't know
what the question is.
Can I buy you a drink tonight?
I mean,
it's the least I can do
for all of your help.
I've been coming
here for a long time.
In fact, ever since
we opened Sit for It.
So do you come for the beer,
the pool, or the fireplace?
Would you believe fireplace?
Mm... no.
You're right.
It's the pool,
but my dogs
love the fireplace.
Your dogs come here?
Mm, well,
I mean...
a great place
to train therapy dogs
not to be distracted
by loud noises.
[pool balls crack]
Like that.
Yeah, I guess
you could say this is...
it's kind of my place.
Hey, the table's free.
You want to play?
Are you challenging me?
Well, I mean...
only if you can handle it.
Rock, paper, scissors
for who goes first.
All right.
One. Two. Three.
You got me.
I'll rack, you break.
Yeah, cool.
Think I might need
the head start.
I catch myself again...
All right, show off.
I'm just getting
warmed up.
It was so long ago...
So long ago
When you were in my world
Ooh, sorry.
All right, tough guy.
You were the girl...
All right...
So am I.
Okay, not bad.
Lucky, but not bad.
Oh, really?
I wasn't expecting that.
That's what you get
for challenging an only child.
I hope you like it, King.
I guess everyone needs
their place, right?
Go on.
Go to your new bed.
[King snores]
I'm sorry I didn't
think of this sooner.
[Cassie]: Hello?
Hey, it's Julia.
Look, I know you're looking
at other designers,
but I have one more idea
to run by you.
Thank you for meeting me.
Oh, I have to admit,
your little tease
on the phone
has me quite curious.
Well, I was thinking
about how amazing
this magical forest would be
for your baby,
but realized I had
forgotten one thing...
a magical place
for Ginger.
For Ginger?
And her puppies,
of course.
A nursery.
it would be a puppery.
A puppery?
A puppy room.
You said you wanted
a special treat for Ginger,
so this would be
their special place.
I don't know
if it's the pregnancy hormones,
but... I just love that.
You do?
I do.
It's very unique.
Only thing...
Ginger is due in two weeks.
Can you get both done
in that time?
That mean
we got the job?
That's okay.
It was a long shot.
I'm really glad
that you went
in there swinging.
It was brutal.
Eye of the tiger, baby!
We got the job?
We got the job!
We got the job!
Hey, we got the job!
We got the job.
We got the job.
Breathe deeply.
Quiet your mind.
Still not helping, buddy.
My focus comes
from being centered.
Breathing keeps me centered.
I don't know
what I like more,
the fact that there are
pen holders in here,
or actual empty drawers.
You do realize you need
to get out more, right?
Said by the man
who refuses to date.
I don't refuse.
I just chose to focus on...
[doorbells ring]
You said it, not me.
Sorry, I know our next session
isn't until next Saturday,
but I got the job,
the Cassie job,
and it's kind of
because of you.
You talked about your place,
which made me think about King,
so I gave him a place,
and the next you know,
I'm designing a puppery!
Sorry, a what?
And it's not
just about Cassie.
It's about all the people
who come with her.
I'm sorry, a puppery?
Do you know what that is?
No, because I made it up!
Okay, you're spinning out here.
The nursery, I can do.
The puppery, I have no idea,
so that's why I'm here.
So you want me
to help you with...
a puppery?
Just kind of, like,
spitball ideas, that's all.
Okay, I'm really, really,
really open
because as you know,
dogs aren't really
my strong suit.
I mean, they are...
you are, King...
but just dogs in general,
I don't have
that much experience with them.
Let's go.
You said the first thing
that came to my mind.
Let's go.
Come on!
I don't understand
what this has to do
with the puppery.
I just... I want you
to go for it.
Wait, I'm sorry,
are we having a session
right now?
Do you trust me?
Okay, so you just...
want him to run?
Seems a little anti-you.
Well, that's why you're both
going to do it together.
Are you serious?
You're the one that wanted
to get down and dirty.
Oh, look at that!
Oh, you're such a good boy.
Come on, come on!
Let's go!
Oh, my gosh, I did not know
he could run like that.
How do you feel?
Besides out of shape?
Good, good.
I don't know how that helped
my training skills, though.
It didn't.
I'm sorry, what?
It's not always
about learning.
It's about feeling.
It's about your bond.
That sounds
like something I would say.
you're not the only one
learning here...
and besides, I thought it...
looked like you two
could use a release.
[King barks]
It's amazing how happy you are
when they're happy.
That's why
I feel so lucky.
I get to work on this every day.
Did you always know
you wanted to be a trainer?
I always knew
that I wanted to fix things,
even when I was little.
So I started training
therapy dogs, rescue dogs...
and when I saw how they changed
people's lives...
I couldn't picture myself
doing anything else.
You know, you're pretty good
at this whole dog training,
reading people thing.
You could open
a dozen Sits for Its,
and they'd all be busy.
Sorry, did I say
something wrong?
It was just something
my ex used to say.
Oh, right.
The poodle lady?
Was it that obvious?
Not on the street, no,
but Cindy kind of helped
drive it home
with the whole photo thing.
Right. Well...
it's not that exciting.
She thought that I should
expand the business.
She had a rich uncle
that was willing to invest...
and I liked it the way it was.
Apparently, that was
my "lack of ambition."
Or pride in what you do.
So, did you break up with her?
No, she dumped me.
It was pretty brutal, actually.
I'm sorry.
Guess you can't fix
everything, right?
That's a good boy.
How do you feel?
I feel as ready
as I'll ever be.
That's a good place to start.
Hey, um...
I could come check out
that space...
if-- if you want.
It's kind of my turn
to help you out now.
-Oh, hey--
So yeah,
uh, if you want
to come look at the place,
we have time,
but that would be nice.
And Owen?
Just for the record,
I, um...
I don't think there'd be space
for the poodle lady
on the wall anyway.
You're probably right.
Okay, I think
we should go with mahogany.
It's rich and soothing.
We can oil it
and get a darker hue,
if you want?
That sounds perfect.
Let me just ask Owen
about the materials
for the puppery.
That's a nice excuse.
What? No!
No, no, no.
I'm not...
we're not...
I don't even know
if he's over
his ex-girlfriend or not,
and besides, even if he was,
I don't need the distraction.
grab the samples, please.
[phone rings]
Hi, Cassie.
Yes, is everything okay?
Thank you.
Hey, Cassie.
Uh, on the phone,
you said you needed my help?
Yes, I've decided
to throw a shower.
and you want me to help you
plan your baby shower?
It's a puppy shower...
actually, more of
a fund-raiser
for the American Humane
but that way, we can totally
show off your work
and raise money
for a good cause.
Yeah, and you don't have to do
anything to plan it,
but I do need you
to have everything done...
by this Saturday.
Okay, so...
that's less than a week away.
I realize
it's a tad accelerated,
but I really want
to have this done
before Ginger
has her puppies,
and I totally
believe in you.
I can handle it.
You are amazing.
It's going to be great.
Okay, honey!
We've got some planning to do.
Let's go. Okay.
Let's go.
Here we go.
Let's go.
Here we go.
[on phone]
It's Owen.
I might need you
sooner than I thought.
[Julia]: Okay,
so it's right around here.
Okay, so this is literally
where the magic
is going to happen.
Hope you're talking
about my amazing skills?
you remember Sherry, right?
My magical designer.
She has to say that.
She's working me
to the bone.
Well, it's already
looking great in there.
Oh, so this is it
over here?
Hey, Julia?
I'm really glad he's not,
you know, good-looking at all.
Yeah, I told you.
Keep your focus, lady!
So I was planning
on dividing the room
into a feeding, sleeping,
and play area.
Yeah, no, I like it.
You're just going
to want to make sure
you give Ginger a place
to interact with her puppies
and rest on her own.
I also wanted a doggy
door to the deck,
but Cassie's hesitant
to cut into the wall
because she doesn't
want a draft.
Well, you know, they make
electronic doors now.
The dogs wear a chip
on their collar
and the door opens and closes
as they approach.
I would imagine
that would cut the draft.
And that is why they pay you
the big bucks.
Sorry, nervous tick.
If you work as quickly in here
as you did in there,
you'll be done
ahead of schedule.
I'm not so sure
about that.
Cassie, this is Owen.
Oh, are you part
of Julia's design team?
No, not really.
I train Julia's dog.
Owen understands dogs
better than anyone,
so I wanted to
consult with him
to make sure we didn't
miss anything.
I love it.
So do you know
about our little fundraiser
for the American
Humane Association
Shelter to Service Program?
I've worked with them before.
It's a great program.
What do they do?
It's an extensive process,
but it's all about training
shelter dogs
to work
with veterans in need.
It's some of the most
rewarding work I've ever done.
Well, I hope you can join us,
and don't be scared
of the whole "shower" thing.
There'll be
lots of other guys there
and plenty of food.
Are you all set?
I'm great, thank you.
Okay, I'll leave
you to it.
You sound very relaxed.
I feel very relaxed.
Let's get to work!
Come on!
I want this room
cleared, right now.
So grab
that chair.
All right.
I thought I was
a task master.
Come on.
Can you grab
this chair?
Okay, one, two, three.
Okay, King.
Good boy!
Ready? Come on!
That... is fantastic.
Thank you.
To the best team
and first project
a girl could ask for.
Thank you.
I will cheers to that.
I cannot believe
that the shower is tomorrow.
I can't believe all the people
that are going to be there.
That list is crazy.
And really fancy.
which is why I'm not going
to be able to sleep tonight,
or eat.
You should be very proud.
They're going to be impressed,
I promise.
Well, luckily, you'll be there
to tell them that.
All right, do you guys
want to order?
It's on me,
so please load up.
Actually, I can't stay.
It's Friday night.
Oh, right.
I forgot.
What's Friday night?
Owen's standing date
with his best friends.
If it wasn't
such a tradition...
No, totally.
We'll just, uh,
we'll celebrate tomorrow.
Don't even think
about it.
Yes, totally.
If you're paying,
I'm going to order
a ton of food.
You would.
[doorbell rings]
I was just in the area.
You were just in the area
with flowers?
Yeah, yeah.
I generally make a habit
of carrying them around with me.
I'm sorry I had
to take off earlier,
but I'd like
to finish celebrating with you,
if... you're free?
Free, like... now free?
If you can fit it
into your schedule.
Stop it!
Are you serious?
[Owen]: I, uh...
I thought you could use
a relaxing glass of wine
in the most beautiful
spot in the city.
This is gorgeous.
You were clearly
raised a gentleman.
Well, my parents
were married 35 years.
Aw, were they
high school sweethearts?
Yes, they were.
What about yours?
Oh, no.
No, mine, uh...
mine have been divorced
since I was in high school.
Oh... sorry.
No, don't be.
They're actually
really good friends.
They just couldn't juggle
career and marriage together.
Is that why you put
everything you have
into your business?
No, I, uh...
I tried both once.
It just...
didn't work out.
Well, that doesn't mean
that it can't.
[clinks glasses]
I can't believe
you did all this.
Well, thought
you might need a reminder
of all ways you've made
this city beautiful.
Well, here's...
Astoria Tower
right there...
and the Margowsky Library,
and you can see
the rooftop garden
on the Parker Tower,
and the Harris Building.
All the buildings
I worked on at Baluster Bay.
People are going
to love what you do
as long
as you believe in it.
You're too much,
you know that?
Like, in a good way?
Um... yeah.
I can't believe
how late it is.
Thank you for...
It's a big day tomorrow.
King's graduation
and a puppy shower.
There's lots
to be excited about.
Yeah, there definitely is.
[King barks]
[scratching, panting]
Is he going to get
his nose stuck in the door?
No, he...
No, probably not.
I should, um...
[King whines]
I should probably go.
[King barks]
Breathing keeps me centered.
Light and happy
is my natural state.
My light shines from within.
[tablet chimes]
"Would you like to permanently
delete the meditation app
from your phone,
and all of its data?"
Come on!
[Julia]: Well, he stopped
sitting on my feet,
so that was a good thing,
and then I decided
no more fancy collars.
I can't imagine
he was a fan.
He was not, no...
but other than that,
things are going really well.
I clearly had some help, though.
I told you he was great.
He kind of is.
Hey, I know you're super busy,
but any chance you want
to come share your story
at the adoption fair tomorrow?
My story?
Even the bit
where I couldn't get him to sit,
or sleep,
or even take a treat?
Especially those bits.
Those are the things
that show people
how to be a loving dog owner,
and you are definitely that.
Well then,
I would be honored.
[laughs and smiles]
[Cindy]: You know, most
of our graduation ceremonies
don't have quite as much
pomp and circumstance
as this one.
Yeah, that's what happens
when you organize
someone's office.
I don't think
that's the reason.
[plays "Pomp and Circumstance"]
He didn't!
Okay. King?
I'm here
to present to you
this plaque.
-It's a real beauty.
Just in case
you were wondering,
these are highly coveted
in the art world.
That's good to know.
You both have shown
huge progress
in the last four weeks,
so it's with pride...
and, I'll admit it,
a little sadness...
that I declare King...
and Julia Galvins...
our newest graduates.
Look, King!
You're such a good boy.
He did good.
You too.
I tried.
So I'll see you tonight?
Actually, I don't know.
Oh, you don't know?
I haven't really found
a date yet.
Can I pick you up at 8:00?
This is too dressy for
a puppy shower, isn't it?
But then again,
it is a fundraiser,
and a date, so...
I don't know.
What do you think?
[growls slightly]
Well, thanks, sir.
I think you're right.
It's perfect.
[doorbell rings]
I'm coming,
I'm coming.
I'm coming!
I, uh...
wasn't sure what
the dress code was
for a puppy shower...
although it's not just
a puppy shower...
I was right there with you.
You look incredible.
Thank you.
So do you.
I can't believe
the puppies came early,
and we're just finding out.
They're so adorable.
Yeah, at least we know
everything's working
in there.
Yeah, fingers crossed.
Oh, wow,
everyone's so fancy.
Do you know anyone here?
Uh, a few,
yeah, actually.
Quite a few.
I don't know about you guys,
but I had no idea what to wear
to this kind of thing.
I think you nailed it.
You look beautiful.
'cause I can't breathe.
Did you guys see those puppies?
It looks like we staged them.
I'm going to go up there
for a little cuddle
before I go and hunt down
some new clients.
Have fun.
Did he just see me?
Who are you
talking about?
Wyatt Salas. Marine shirt.
Judgmental brow.
My first rejection
going solo,
so it still kind of...
still kind of stings
a little bit.
Well, you should get out
and say hi.
Julia, this is your event.
You're right.
It's more of a welcome party,
isn't it?
Everything is
Thank you,
and congratulations.
Thank you.
Have you tried
the Puppy Punch?
No, no, not yet.
Well, you should,
and also,
please play some games.
I know
they're totally ridiculous,
but what I've found is,
over the years,
people tend to donate more
when they're having fun,
so go have some fun.
[Julia]: Pin the Tail
on the Spaniel?
She said to have fun,
so come on.
Sure, whatever you say.
All right.
Make sure you
cannot see anything.
It's pitch black.
One... two...
Okay, grab this.
All right, go.
Okay, wait.
Let me help you out.
So close!
Painfully so, yeah.
What, you think
you can do better?
Oh, well,
let's just get a tail and see...
what are you doing here?
I came with my uncle.
Oh, yeah, of course. Hi.
So, what are you doing here?
Just playing...
Pin the Tail
on the... Spaniel...
and I helped Julia
with the puppery.
You must be
Julia Galvins then?
Yes, that is...
that is me.
'Scuse me.
As soon as they asked
about the soundproofing,
I just froze.
I'm doing
a horrendous job.
You're going to have
to explain the concept.
So, uh...
[Cassie]: Okay, so you've met
Vince from the opera house,
and Marlene
from the wine board...
Ah! What about
Wyatt Salas?
Oh, no, that's okay.
No, no. Come here.
I would love you to meet
my brilliant designer,
Julia Galvins.
Julia, this is Wyatt.
We've met.
Hi there.
I have to say,
I travel
with my two very spoiled
Jack Russell Terriers
and I've never heard
of a puppery before.
So why doesn't Julia give you
a little tour of the puppery?
Yes. Sure.
Right this way.
And this is the puppery.
I love
the beauty of the panels,
but it also provides
a soundproof barrier
between the puppery
and the nursery,
so the puppies
won't disrupt the baby,
and vice versa.
So you thought
of everything?
We tried to think
of everything,
which is good,
[squeaking, whining]
they made
an early appearance.
[Salas laughs]
Now you get
to see it in action.
I'm impressed.
Thank you.
I think it's
perfect for you.
I'm glad you didn't
listen to me.
I'm sorry.
Everything happens
for a reason.
I'm glad
you found your reason.
I think
I underestimated you.
What you've done
with these rooms...
it's, uh,
it's incredible.
It turns out
I'm pulling up
the next project,
and I'm going to need
another designer.
What do you think?
I... yeah, I think
that sounds... great!
I'm sure we can talk
more about it tomorrow,
but I think...
I think right now,
I just need some Puppy Punch,
so... excuse me.
How'd it go?
I'm sorry?
I saw you
talking to "judgmental brow."
How'd it go?
I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
I don't know
right now, okay?
Hey, clearly,
you're not okay.
Does this have something
to do with Bridget?
The poodle owner?
Yeah... she's my ex,
but why are you so upset
with me?
You think
you're the only one
who can read people?
What are you talking about?
You know what?
It's okay.
I just,
I should've realized it sooner.
I mean, I kind of suspected it
with you avoiding her.
Oh, and then there was
the whole photo thing,
but... you're not over her.
I get it.
It's okay.
No, there's...
there's nothing to get.
I saw you with her, Owen.
I don't know
what you think you saw,
but it was nothing.
I'm here with you,
aren't I?
I can't do this right now.
This night
is way too important to me.
I know,
but we need to talk about it.
No, we don't.
I told myself
that I would stay focused,
that I would not get distracted,
that I'd focus
on my career first,
and then...
Now look at me!
I just spent the past hour
about a girl I don't even know,
and a guy I just met.
Why don't we talk about it
when I take you home?
Actually, I'm going to...
I'm going to get a ride home
with Sherry.
Are you serious?
I just can't do this right now.
You keep saying you want
to lead with love for King...
but you can't even do it
for yourself.
I'm sorry.
What's up, buddy? Huh?
I know, King.
I'm sad, too,
but it's just...
less complicated this way.
We just need
to stay focused, okay?
Hey, you want some salmon?
Come on,
let's go get some salmon.
Come on.
Well, I think we have
one more free shelf.
Well, that should hold us
for another week, tops.
I'm kidding.
Bad day to joke?
Yeah, maybe.
Have you heard anything?
I'm just going to stick
to what I'm good at...
hanging out
with these guys.
That's probably
a good idea...
and if you want,
you could just move in with us.
We could order pizza
every night,
just the three of us,
until we're old and gray.
You know
I'd personally love that,
but just so you know,
you're better
at this whole love thing
than you think.
I think...
there's still space on the wall
for one more.
Don't give up.
Well, I feel like a debutante
after a coming out ball.
We've already gotten
two phone calls, four emails...
it's not even noon.
That's terrific.
Well then,
I am going to go make us
a super strong pot of coffee,
because I have
a feeling
that today
is going to be a busy one.
I might need
those, buddy.
You got a call
from someone named Molly?
I couldn't quite
make out the message,
but it was something
about a fair?
Thank you, Mr. Salas.
We look forward
to seeing you soon.
He wants us to work
on his new restaurant,
doesn't he?
Yeah, it looks like it.
I knew it!
That is amazing.
Do you realize
how amazing that is?
Yeah, I do.
It is... it is.
Wait, maybe
I'm missing something, but...
why don't you call him?
You know you want to.
What are you talking about?
We've known each other
for six years.
I think you know
who I'm talking about.
You should've seen them
Her, actually.
She was... perfect.
It felt awful.
I can't be distracted
by a guy who isn't
even over his ex,
and even if he is,
it's just...
it's just too much
right now, right?
I get that...
but from
where I was standing,
he was chasing you,
not her...
and you did all of this
with him in the picture...
but you really need to feel that
for yourself.
I do. I mean...
I did. I just...
Got scared?
then maybe you need
to chase him back.
We're good to go.
You ready to tell
your story?
You want to know if there was
a lot of early mornings?
To be honest, I had no idea
just how much a dog
would change my life,
but he did...
and it took us a while
to figure each other out...
what we needed,
what we needed to work on...
but then
it just sort of clicked...
and it didn't matter how much
more complicated my life was
because of it,
because of him.
All I kept thinking about
was how much richer my life was
for having him in it.
It is the best kind
of distraction.
Okay, I think
we'll wrap this up.
Who wants to meet
the other dogs?
I'm not really sure
that you want to see me
right now,
but I wanted
to give you these.
You wanted to bring me
dog toys?
I wanted to test your whole
"lead with love" theory.
The truth is...
I'm going to choose you
every time,
because what we have
is and will always be
worth fighting for.
I'm sorry
that I doubted you, Owen.
It was just...
it was just kind of a lot,
and I just...
I just froze.
It's okay.
I think we were both just
working out the kinks.
Should we say
it was a warm-up?
[King barks]
Okay, King.
[plays with squeaky toy]
Come on!
Come on.