Love at First Like (2023) Movie Script

It's 7:31. I almost filed
a missing persons report.
I'm not that predictable.
Oh, says the woman
whose standing order
hasn't changed in three years.
I can be flexible.
Oh, good,
because today I made it
with our new
light roast espresso.
Let me know what you think.
- Mmm, mmm!
- Hmm.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Look at you, taking risks.
I can't have the customers
seeing you make that face.
- I'll remake it.
- Thank you.
Okay, those two
close to us.
What do you think?
Okay, I'm gonna say
they've known each other
for two weeks.
No one plays footsie
after dozens of dates.
I'm gonna guess...third date.
How about the couple
by the door?
Hmm, okay,
I'm spying wedding rings,
but they're both
in their own world.
I'm gonna guess this is def
part of their morning routine.
They've definitely been
married for at least 20 years,
and this is probably
their, like, 200th date.
Somebody's blowing up.
Oh, yeah, it's just my dad.
He still hasn't figured out
that you can send
more than one sentence
per text.
He's just wishing me luck
on the pitch today.
It's today?
Get it.
I'm nervous.
I've just been waiting
for the perfect time
to approach my boss.
I have a very carefully
prepared speech.
A surprise to no one.
You know, I think
today I'm just--
I'm just gonna go for it.
Remember, you are brave.
I'm brave.
- You are strong.
- I'm strong.
You are the scrupulosity
of a brain surgeon
and the blind competence
of a tween pop star.
I have--
aw, thank you.
Oh, I gotta go.
- Wish me luck.
- Okay.
Get that bag, honey.
I am strong. I am brave.
I am a scrupulous
pop star surgeon.
Okay, you got this.
Reason number one:
it's important--nay, historic.
Can I have two minutes
of your time?
Actually, now--
I am the best person
to take on the upcoming
First Lady profile piece.
In this presentation, I will
map out the 19 1/2 reasons...
19 1/2?
That I am the most
experienced and knowledgeable
writer to take on
this important--nay, historic
interview for "Belle Fair."
Reason number one--
I actually have
another assignment
for you to tackle first.
But I really have--
And if that goes well,
I'll consider you
for the First Lady piece.
Okay, okay, sure.
What is it?
Toxicity of hustle culture?
Double standards
of women in the workplace?
Oh, you know, actually,
I would love
to cover the increasing
cultural irrelevance
of beauty pageants.
Okay, it's
a TokFlix celebrity.
Say more words.
is a TokFlix celebrity
that's known for his
dating advice for women.
He has an upcoming book
that he'd like to promote,
so we--you--are going to be
shadowing him for a week,
writing a profile piece
on him and his work,
and all that will lead up
to our L.A. singles night
that "Belle Fair"
is sponsoring next weekend
and that Ryan has
generously offered to emcee.
With all due respect,
I don't think
that I'm a good fit
for some arrogant
TokFlix love doctor.
My wheelhouse is more
topics that are actually--
Kacey, I'd like you
to meet Ryan.
The aforementioned arrogant
TokFlix love guru, was it?
Nice to meet you
Ryan, you can
just call me Ryan.
This'll be fun.
- My gosh.
- Hey, you okay?
Is that The Romancing Ryan?
What is he doing here?
I'm profiling him.
Wait, you actually
know who he is?
Everybody knows who he is.
He has, like, 8 million
followers on TokFlix.
Besides, what kind
of a social media manager
would I be
if I didn't know that?
Well, then maybe you should
be the one interviewing him.
I'm a terrible fit
for this assignment.
I'm not on social media
at all.
I hate dating apps.
Hey, don't knock 'em
till you've tried 'em.
I mean, it's been
six months since--
Ah! Hard pass.
Those apps are too much
like grocery shopping.
They reduced people
to commodities.
I don't know, I wouldn't mind
grocery shopping so much
if I could pick up
a snack like Ryan.
Maisie, could you just--
Okay, all I'm saying is,
this assignment might not be
the worst thing.
Sometimes it pays
to try something new...
and muscly and...
He's so tall.
Okay, The Romancing Ryan.
Who are you?
All right, ladies, remember,
when you're dating someone,
especially if you're
really into him,
you make sure that you are
in the talking phase
with at least
five other guys
on the apps at the same time.
He's gonna sense
that you have options,
and he's gonna work
even harder to win you over.
Works every time.
and commitment-phobic.
Also, ladies,
do not forget,
always aim to be interesting
but not too interested--
the fastest way to hook a guy.
That doesn't even make sense.
DaisyGirl136 commented
on my last video,
"Ryan, any advice
for getting over heartbreak?"
DaisyGirl, I'm sorry
that you've been
going through a tough time.
Bouncing back from heartbreak
can be brutal.
And my best advice...
is, you gotta get
back out there
and get on the apps
as soon as possible, girl.
If you wanna find love again,
make sure to like, subscribe,
and follow for part two
on this space.
I'll be dropping more tips
and tricks all week.
Ugh, God, unbelievable.
How'd the pitch go?
Did you slay?
Oh, yeah, I slayed,
all right.
If I by slay, you mean
I somehow managed to not get
the profile I wanted, was
assigned to a different piece,
and then met and insulted
my new subject
all in one meeting.
Screwing up a meeting
that bad is low-key impressive.
Yeah, well, I'm nothing
if not an overachiever.
Mm, anyway, I have to go.
I have my first interview
with The Romancing Ryan
this morning, so...
Ooh, I love him.
Such a snack.
Why do people
keep calling him that?
Because he's got
a totally snatched body
and a face to match.
Is that, like, a--
Like, a TokFlix term
I should know?
Aw, you have so much
to learn.
Well, whatever it is,
I doubt Ryan is gonna be
the one to teach it to me.
His dating advice
is total garbage,
and I need to write
a credible piece on him
even if he's a total hack.
- It's just--
- You got this.
Just don't be distracted
by his devil-may-care smile
and his artfully tousled hair.
How many of his videos
have you watched?
No comment.
By the way,
are we still for tonight?
'Cause I don't want you
to be alone on...
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
Maisie's cooking.
Bring the wine.
You know it.
Hi, I'm Kacey Edwards.
I'm here for
the "Belle Fair" interview.
Dope, I'm Chris,
Ryan's brother.
Come on in.
He's doing a live feed
right now.
Can I get you something--
kombucha, juice?
Welcome back
to "The Romancing Ryan."
I appreciate you all
for tuning in today.
Last week,
we touched a little bit
on how to reel in
that perfect guy,
the guy that's out there
that's just meant for you.
Today we're gonna talk
a little bit more
about how you can do that
through your dating app
When setting up
your dating app profile,
don't forget
to use my KISS method.
That's K-I-S-S.
know whom
you're trying to attract.
interest him with
unique facts about yourself.
state what you're
looking for in a partner.
And S: show your
gorgeous self off
with beautiful profile pics.
He sure winks a lot.
Oh, yeah, his fans eat it up.
I mean, his practical advice
performs well,
but his posts that go viral,
they're more thirst trappy.
Thirst trappy?
Yeah, you know,
like no-shirt Toks.
Every single one of us
on this planet...
Anyway, his upcoming book
is gonna be a big test.
It's dating advice for men,
you know,
'cause his following
is mostly women.
All right, thank you again.
Ladies, I appreciate you
tuning in every single week.
I will be back next week
for the usual AMA.
Thank you so much.
I can send you
an advanced copy of the book.
I'm kind of his assistant/
photographer/PR guy.
That's a lot of hyphens.
He'd be lost without me.
I heard that.
But seriously,
if he gives you any trouble,
just let me know.
Oh, thank you, but I think
I can handle Sir Winks-a-Lot.
I can hear you.
I'm literally right here.
All right, Kaleigh,
what do you wanna know?
It's Kacey, actually.
And really, it's more about
what the readers
of "Belle Fair" want to know.
Okay, shoot.
Is it all right if I record?
Okay, so, Ryan,
you have built
a massive following online,
sharing dating advice.
Now, are you speaking
from personal experience
when you create your content?
How do you mean?
Have you had
your own trials and errors
in your dating life?
I keep my personal life
Well, sure,
but would you say
that your own experiences,
your own dating foibles,
if you will, inform your work?
What I mean is, I don't
discuss my dating life
or my personal life.
I keep that separate.
And your reason
for that being?
Do I need a reason?
No, but I'm sure
you have one.
I'm here to discuss
my content and my book,
not my--what did you call them,
my foibles?
Oh, my--
Oh, just pretend
I'm not here.
I'm just taking BTS.
You know, let's just--
Ryan, the readers
of "Belle Fair,"
they can log on to social media
for free anytime
and see your work,
but the reason
they're gonna read
this interview
is to get to know you
a little more personally.
And my job is to help uncover
a little bit
about what makes you you.
Is there a question in there?
Okay, you know what?
Let's just start over.
So what inspired you
to go the social media route
as a career?
I recognized it as an
opportunity to make a living
being creative
and helping people.
Helping people find love?
Well, I mean, sure.
People go on dating apps
looking for different things.
I mean, sometimes love,
yeah, absolutely.
But other times,
it's, you know, for attention,
distraction, even.
And what do you
look for on the apps?
You're like a dog on a bone.
Just for clarification,
I'm the dog in this scenario?
That's not how I meant.
Are you in the habit
of calling women dogs?
No, don't write that down.
No, no, you're taking that
out of context.
Chris, get--
All I'm saying is, you won't
leave well enough alone.
It's my job to press
for interesting details.
Yeah, and it's my job
to create content.
Look, if you wanna talk
about my work, my content,
my methods, I'm game.
I need that promotion
to help sell my book.
But nobody wants to buy
a book from some simp
who talks about himself
and his personal dating foibles
or whatever.
Respectfully, I disagree.
Well, respectfully, if you
wanna talk about my work,
feel free to ask more
questions, but if not,
it was nice meeting you.
Oh, excuse me.
That's not how this works.
This is my interview.
Are you always
this controlling?
Excuse me?
Okay, you know what?
If I seem controlling,
it's because my work
is important to me
because I care, because
integrity is important to me,
unlike you, who thinks that
the more followers and clicks
you can squeeze out of every
little hack you share online,
the better.
Oh, yeah, I have you
all figured out.
- Oh, you do?
- Yep.
You are so afraid
of being seen.
You share videos of yourself
online every single day
without sharing anything
remotely personal,
because you're terrified
of being known.
Chris, dude, read the room.
Yep, sorry.
Got it.
You know,
that's rich coming from you.
And how is that?
You're the one who's afraid.
You're terrified of failing,
so you never even take risks.
In fact, I bet that you're
single because you refuse
to step outside of your
teensy little comfort zone
and date anybody.
How do you know
that I'm not in a happy
committed relationship?
Are you?
- That's besides the point.
- It's exactly the point.
Okay, you know what? Fine.
I am single,
but I will have you know
that I take risks.
Well, I recently...
ate an expired yogurt.
Okay, you know, I don't need
to explain my personal life
decisions to you,
but I will have you know
that I'm thriving
being single.
Oh, yeah, 'cause nothing says
that I'm thriving
like eating expired yogurt
alone while wearing a sad-,
sad-looking blazer.
This blazer isn't sad.
This blazer is yellow,
the color of happiness.
You look like a valet.
I feel like I should
be handing you my keys
and telling you not to scratch
my car down the street.
Okay, okay, you know what?
I do not need this.
Oh, oh, oh,
by the way,
good luck promoting your book
without an interview
in "Belle Fair."
Good luck getting
the First Lady profile
from your boss
without doing this piece first.
Bro, what are you doing
calling off the interview?
Are you insane?
If she writes
that you insulted her
and called her
a control freak
or, worse, called her a dog,
that's career suicide, man.
She's not gonna do that.
Well, not to mention
"Belle Fair's" readership
is huge.
We need that promotion
for your book.
You gotta fix it, man.
Kacey, wait.
I'm sorry, all right?
I can be
a little reactive sometimes
when pressed
for personal details.
A little?
Look, maybe
there's a way that we
can make this a mutually
beneficial arrangement.
Let me set up your
dating app profiles.
Absolutely not.
Let me finish.
If I set up your
dating app profiles
and if they work--
which they're gonna work--
then you have to say
that what I teach
is legit in your article.
It'll help sell my book.
And why would I do that?
If you agree to give it
a shot, I will--
I'll answer
any question you ask.
On the record?
Okay, fine.
Yeah, on the record.
I'm sorry, Ryan,
but I'm not willing
to make my dating life
your personal guinea pig.
Sorry, I just--I can't stop
thinking about how terrible
that interview went today.
Like, how bad
are we talking?
Like the interview
was cut short bad or...
Like I called him a coward
and he said this blazer
makes me look like a valet.
Oh, that's bad.
I have been meaning
to talk to you
about that blazer, though.
Hmm, must be Carter.
- Aah!
- Ooh.
Ooh, you okay?
Yes, I just--
I cannot stand him.
I meant your toe, but...
Hi, Carter.
You know what I
don't understand?
Why he thinks he's some sort
of sacred gift to women
sharing dating advice
like he's some sort of guru.
He's just so insufferable.
Interview went well,
I take it.
I'm sorry, he just
really got under my skin.
Well, he can get under mine.
Maisie, can you just--
for a minute?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'll be serious.
I'll be serious.
So we gonna do this?
Do what?
The ceremonial burning
of your wedding invitations.
I lost my lighter.
Yeah, and honestly,
I was thinking about it,
and the coating on those things
is, like, super flammable
so it's probably
just really bad idea.
For safety reasons.
Kacey, if you're
not ready or...
No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Seriously, I'm great.
My wedding was supposed to be
today, but it doesn't matter.
I'm doing so great.
Honestly, I am thriving, so...
Oh, God! Ah!
She's thriving.
So let me get this straight.
All you have to do
is let a hot love expert
set up a dating profile
for you
so that you can meet
other hot men.
And in exchange, he'll answer
any questions you have.
Does anyone else see the
downside of this arrangement?
I agree.
It's time for you
to get back out there,
and this seems like
the perfect way to do that.
No, there's nothing
perfect about it.
I'm just not ready, okay?
I had to rebuild my entire life
when I broke up with John.
And besides,
my dad just retired
and it's not really going
the way that he planned,
and I'm really busy with work.
Okay, I make time
for dating
and I work full-time
at "Belle Fair."
I just don't wanna be
pushed back into dating.
I wanna do it when I'm ready,
not because it
benefits The Romancing Ryan.
Fair, but wouldn't it
benefit you to prove him wrong?
You say he's a hack,
so try his methods
and prove he's a hack.
Then you can write
a compelling piece,
impress Angela,
and move on,
knowing the First Lady profile
is in the bag.
Thank you.
I'll think about it.
Kacey, the magazine girl,
she's agreed to your deal,
and you better be nice to her.
Don't be all salty.
I'm never salty.
Who says "salty" anymore?
Good morning, Dad.
Morning, hon.
What's the retirement hobby
du jour?
- Oh, oh, look, look, look.
- Seriously?
Right there, right there.
You know, I just
can't putter around
the house by myself all day,
you know?
All right, well,
I really took you
more for a bowling kind of guy.
Yeah, well, one new thing
at a time, huh?
Mom would be impressed.
Are you sleeping okay, Dad?
Are you eating well?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm good.
I just don't think
retirement's for me, you know?
Really? Well, are you ready
to get out there
and look for some...
Indigenous bird species
of Southern California.
Wow, apparently, the most
common species in this area
is the Setophaga palmarum,
otherwise known
as the palm warbler.
Dad, you know
that's not what I meant.
Hey, I'm not trying
to pressure you.
I want you to get out there
whenever you're feeling ready.
And know that I support you
no matter what.
Well, I could say
the same to you.
When are you gonna get out
there and start dating again
or go steady or...
Going steady?
Well, I don't know
what you guys call it.
I don't really
know either, but I'm
pretty sure it's not that.
Oh, oh, oh, I'm sorry.
- It's--it's my boss.
- No, no, no.
Take it, take it.
I'm gonna go over here.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hi, Angela.
Angela? Oh, yes.
You know, it's going great.
Now, remember, we are in
a botanical garden,
So I ask you, please do not
pick the flowers, okay?
Also remember
to tread softly, okay?
We're looking for some
lesser-known species today.
Commonly in this area,
you're gonna see finches
and mourning doves, but what
I'm hoping to spot today
are some of the more exotic
such as the titmouse.
Which people assume is related
to the, you know, bushtit...
But they are,
in fact, unrelated.
Now, if you're lucky,
we'll see my personal favorite,
the hairy woodpecker.
Ma'am, ma'am, please.
Please, out of respect for me
and to the wildlife,
I must ask that you please--
- Hey.
- Shh!
Look, I just have to--
- 1, 2, 3, 4...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, good, good.
Yeah, right.
Dinner? Okay.
Sir, did you happen
to even pay for this excursion?
He's with me.
- Aren't you...
- Ron.
Yes, Ron's with me.
We're good.
Hey, so when's he coming?
He's supposed
to be here at 3:00,
but I think this
is a really bad idea.
Okay, these two.
Okay, they're
not wearing rings,
but it doesn't mean
they haven't
- been together for a while.
- Hmm, yeah,
they seem super in love,
but it looks fresh.
I'm gonna guess fifth date.
- What? No, no.
- Yeah.
Look how comfortable
they are.
I think they've been together
for six months at least.
Oh, man.
Here comes Wonder Boy.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
He is pretty dreamy in person.
Try nightmare.
- Hello, Ryan.
- Hi.
Oh, this is Carter.
He and I--
We go way back, way back.
I met Kacey in college.
Met her in the dorms, actually.
So if you ever need any...
way, what can I get you?
Whatever she got
is totally fine.
A medium half-caf almond milk
no foam with whip mocha?
What? No.
That's--ew, that's so--
that's so different.
Just surprise me.
You seem like a guy
with great taste.
I am.
I've been told
that I'm a pretty good
judge of characters, so...
Oh, then settle a debate
for us.
How long has this couple
been dating?
Well, he trimmed his beard
this morning.
You can see a few tiny hairs
there on his collar.
He ordered a no-foam latte,
which is always a good move
if you don't wanna end up
with milk in your mustache.
Now, her, she's interesting.
You see that she's
tilting her head in,
which indicates both
being interested
but also a little bit
of hesitation.
She's picking
at her cuticles, though.
So even though she's
pretending to be at ease,
you can see her nerves
a little bit.
Oh, notice underneath
the table, shoes are touching.
Always, always a great sign.
So I'm gonna say...
fifth date.
- That was my guess.
- What?
That was incredible.
Not to brag,
but I am actually
a body language expert.
Oh, well, you don't
get to call yourself
an expert at something
just because you
aggressively Googled it.
Oh, don't be a sore loser.
Are you two together?
both: No.
I mean was the order
It's on "Belle Fair."
Okay, I will go
get us a table.
I see what you did.
Whatever do you mean?
I am watching you.
Bye, have fun.
Okay, Ryan,
let's just dive right in.
- Phone?
- Excuse me?
I need your phone to set up
your dating profile.
Oh, I would actually like
to ask a few questions first.
I can multitask.
Okay, so, Ryan--
- Preferences?
- What?
What are your
dating preferences?
The first letter
of my method is K:
know whom you're trying
to attract.
So what are your preferences?
Did you just say "whom"?
Okay, you know what?
Never mind.
Okay, so my first question,
- Age?
- No comment.
No, what age of guy
are you trying to date?
You're not even letting me
get a question in.
Okay, fine.
Go, go.
Okay, how does it feel--
with cold foam for Ryan.
Thank you.
Okay, so, Ryan,
how do you feel
knowing you've built
an entire social media empire
that profits on other people's
pain and loneliness?
No pain point, no profit.
And what's your pain point?
This interview.
Mm. All right, my turn.
What kind of qualities
are you looking for in a date?
Is this really necessary?
Like I said,
in my KISS method,
it states that you need to--
Okay, never mind.
Someone committed.
Like, in a facility?
Yes, somebody
committed in a facility.
No, obviously I mean
somebody who
isn't commitment-phobic
and who could be open
for something long-term.
Your turn.
Same question.
What does that have
to do with the article?
Well, you made a deal.
There's no questions
off the table.
Fine, I don't know.
Somebody who's cool,
stylish, you know, polished.
You sound like you're
describing an iPhone.
Well, I like what I like.
All right, my turn again.
Do you have any interesting
facts about yourself
that I can include on here?
Like, have you ever
climbed a fourteener?
Have you ever been
to culinary school?
I'm kind of a homebody.
I-I like my work.
I spend a lot of time
with my dad.
Family is important to me.
I get that.
Not the part
about you being a hermit
who stays home all the time.
- Hey.
- But the family part.
Yeah, I get that.
So what else
is important to you?
Do you find that living
a public life online
has made a shift
in your priorities?
Jeez, there's no easy
questions from you, huh?
Real questions only.
Right now, my career
is my priority.
Do you think you'll
ever settle down?
Only if the right woman
comes along.
Have you ever been in love?
How is that relevant?
- The readers of "Belle Fair"--
- "Belle Fair" wanna know.
Yeah, I know.
No, don't think I have.
It didn't work out,
though, obviously.
I'm sorry.
Oh, here is your phone.
- I'm done.
- Thank you.
Only one more step
left in the method.
Which is?
Gotta upload great photos
of yourself,
show yourself off a little bit.
You have any good photos,
anything cached away
that we could use?
I recently got
my passport renewed.
You're kidding me.
The photo's actually--
it's, like--
that won't work.
Actually, you know what?
Come over to my house tomorrow.
I think Chris and I
can help you out.
That's actually
kind of nice of you.
I don't really appreciate
the tone of your surprise.
I will also have some more
interview questions for you.
Can't wait.
On that note, I actually--
I gotta bounce,
so I will see you later.
What you doing?
- both: Oh.
- Sorry.
It's okay.
Just some research.
Are you cyberstalking him?
What? What?
No, I'm just--
I'm just trying
to figure out who
The Romancing Ryan really is.
I thought maybe
his dating history
might help eliminate that.
That's a pretty thin
excuse for googling
his ex-girlfriends.
I'm a thorough researcher.
It's one of my many
professional strengths.
He's just...disorienting.
He can be fiercely private
and downright mean, but then--
Tell me he has
a hidden romantic side.
No, no, no.
Nothing like that.
It's just, for a moment today,
he was genuinely nice.
I know, and I thought
I knew which direction
I wanted to take this piece,
and now it's--
Well, good luck
with your "research."
Kacey, we taking
some sweet pics today?
He's hyped.
Come on in.
Surprised you actually came.
Oh, hey, guys, come on in.
We're gonna shoot right here,
so make yourself comfortable.
All right, what look
are we gonna go with first?
This is all new to me, so...
Basically, we need
three kinds of photos total
for your profile
to be irresistible.
First need a smiling pic.
We're going for a, you know,
could take you home to Mom,
also maybe you bake pies
as a hobby.
- But I don't bake.
- Well, it's fine.
It's not about the baking.
Then what is it about?
It's about that
girl who bakes energy.
What does that even mean?
We're going with
a chill pic with a smile.
Great, you could
have just said that.
So just...
- Yeah, just have a seat.
- Sit.
Let's see what we can do.
Tilt your head this way
just a little bit.
Chin down.
Little more.
Thank you.
It's a good start.
I love it.
- Yes.
- Wait, hang on.
hold up, hold up.
I wanna make sure
the guys can see her face
clearly in the profile pic.
This is great.
Nailed it.
Oh, yeah.
I'd totes take her home
to Mom.
Okay, what's next?
Right, yeah.
Secondly, we need a photo
that gives the impression
that you're adventurous
and carefree.
Do you have any photos of you
maybe, like,
riding an elephant in Thailand
or something like that?
No, those elephants spend
their entire lives
in captivity.
It's really cruel.
I actually wrote
a very compelling--
Okay, all right,
I'm sure you did,
and I'm sure it's fantastic,
but have you ever
skydived, bungee jumped?
- Have you ever met me?
- Right.
Yeah, I forgot that
your idea of adventure
was eating expired yogurt.
Oh, right.
When was the last time
that you skydived?
Guys, guys, guys,
I got this, okay?
Okay, Kacey,
the world is your oyster.
This just--this feels
like cheating.
Oh, it's for
the piece, Kacey.
Come on.
Hey, all's fair
in love and journalism.
That's not even
remotely true.
All right, Kacey,
so you just hiked Machu Picchu.
How do you feel?
Very good.
- Ahh!
- Yeah, adventurous.
Love it.
Gorgeous, gorgeous.
Nailed it.
- Good?
- Yeah.
All right.
Last pic, we should
just be able to pull
from your camera roll.
Super easy.
Oh, look, I told you
I don't have anything.
No, it's super easy.
Literally all's we need
is a pic of you and an ex.
We'll mostly crop him out,
leaving just enough
so when guys are going
through your pics,
they'll know that
they're not dealing
with a total dating newb.
Just indulge me.
Let's just take
a look at least, all right?
Don't need to look
over my shoulder.
No. Yes, right there.
That'll work.
- Yeah, we just need to crop it.
- No. Oh, no, that--
- But that's perfect.
- Oh, no, I'm good.
Kacey, that's a perfect pic.
Why don't you
wanna use this one?
Look this is my
ex-fianc, okay?
I called off my wedding,
and it's too soon.
I feel weird
cropping him out.
I would just really rather not,
Okay, okay.
That's fine.
We'll skip it.
Thank you.
Here, tell you what.
I'll be a stand-in.
How's that?
- Chris, hey.
- Yeah.
All right.
Okay, guys, I'm gonna
need you to get closer.
Act like you like each other.
I'm just not believing it.
Ryan, take your hand and
just put it around her waist.
Her waist?
Yes, come on, bro.
She's not gonna bite.
I'm gonna
put my hand on your waist.
You offered it.
Okay, Kacey, put your hand
on his chest, please.
- Please.
- You're the worst, man.
I'm sorry.
Give him a camera
for Christmas and he does this.
- He's the worst.
- Right here.
Well, that--
yeah, that should, I mean,
get you set up on the app,
make me look good.
You know, maybe we'll even
find you a guy, who knows?
Remember you did say that
you will include my methods
in your article if it works.
Of course.
We have a deal, and this
is a trade-off after all,
though, so I'm gonna need
to see
your personal dating profile.
No. What?
No, no, no, no.
That was not part of the deal.
Well, nothing's
off-limits, remember?
Oh, that's good.
Okay, fine.
Thank you.
I still don't see
how this is entirely necessary.
Look, I promise
I will only report
what's relevant to the article.
Oh, I'm sure.
It's just serious.
It's a classic smolder pic.
Women love that.
Ah, I disagree.
No, I don't
mean it like that.
It's just, you have
a friendly enough-looking face
when you're not grimacing
like I'm torturing you,
which is what you're
doing right now.
Oh, my God.
All right, that's--
Hey, we have
a mutually beneficial
arrangement, remember?
Doesn't feel
very mutually beneficial.
To be fair, I could see
the value in a photo like this.
Shows women that you take care
of yourself and your...
like, you have the abdominal--
Are you having a stroke?
Okay, let's just move on,
You're not the only one
with baggage.
What is dating life like?
Do you feel like your status
as a social media celebrity
complicates it?
I mean, I go on loads
of dates, you know?
I try not to make a big deal
out of all of them, but...
But don't you feel pressure
to find love
since your job
is helping people do the same?
No, no, I'm perfectly happy
on my own.
Besides, honestly,
I mean, most of the time,
the women I end up
going on dates with
are usually just in it
for the story
about the time that they
went out with the TokFlix star.
- That could be pretty lonely.
- Sometimes.
Well, do you think
that you'd attract
less superficial women if your
profile was less superficial?
You know what?
I know you don't like
my methods
and you think it's all a crock,
but don't come
for me personally.
Oh, Ryan,
I didn't mean it like--
I just mean there's more
to you--
No, you know what?
Let's just--how about you
stick with what you're good at
and I'll do the same?
Ryan, I wasn't
even trying to--
Kacey, these picks
turned out so dope.
I uploaded them to the app.
You're good to go.
Thank you, Chris...
and Ryan.
Yeah, you're welcome.
This is kind of you.
What's his problem?
Size 12.
All right.
You know, Dad,
when I mentioned bowling,
I was kind of making a joke.
This place is charming,
isn't it?
If by charming, you mean
covered in a thin film of grime
and even smells
faintly of nacho cheese
- and feet, then sure.
- Hey.
How many people do we think
have worn this pair of shoes
before me?
Like, ballpark?
Okay, come on.
Gotta get in the spirit, okay?
Part of the fun. All right.
What's happening right now?
Yeah, Dad, I'm glad
to see you so peppy,
but what's going on?
It's too heavy.
I don't think I've
ever seen you look so..
Maisie, call me Ron.
Okay, Ron.
Did you meet someone?
Dad, that's so exciting.
Wait, wait. Oh, oh.
What's her name?
- How did you meet?
- Okay.
A gentleman never
kisses and tells, so...
Yes, Ron.
Killing the game.
Wait a second.
That's a good thing, right?
- Yeah, that's good.
- Okay. Okay.
Oh, you should let me
style you for your next date.
A nicely fitted button-up
can work wonders.
I don't know about
all that, but we'll see.
- We want details.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah, enough.
It's time to bowl.
Can you believe?
Watch and learn.
So do you wanna
talk about today or...
Can you spot me?
- Easy.
- I'm fine.
Well, just don't drop it
on the money maker, okay?
You're my spotter;
isn't it kind of your job
to make sure
that doesn't happen?
That's right.
Why would I let that happen,
especially when my brother's
been being so nice to me?
Is everything okay with Kacey?
You said you'd be nice.
I've been a perfect gentleman
the whole time.
That's why you're 0-2 with
storming out of interviews.
No, that's on her.
I mean, you've seen her.
She just pushes and pushes
for details the whole time.
She's really gotten under
your skin, hasn't she?
Why are you smiling?
Dude, stop.
It's not funny, man.
I don't know.
I mean, I guess
I just never seen you--
- This irritated?
- Catching feels, bro.
You're the love expert now?
Get out of here.
Catching feelings, he said.
It doesn't take
a love expert.
Okay, if this goes badly,
it's because these shoes
clash with this outfit.
It's throwing off
the whole vibe.
Okay. Okay.
Enough excuses. Let's go.
Nice one.
No, really, I'm so glad
you're getting back out there.
He's not the only one
getting back out there.
Oh, yeah?
No, no.
That is just some
stupid experiment
for a piece I'm writing.
I'm working with this
social media dating expert,
and he's advising me
on how to use the dating apps
while I interview him.
Yeah, I just wish
that my subject wasn't so...
Handsome in a way
that defies all reason?
I was going
to say infuriating.
So does somebody wanna
tell me about this guy?
Our relationship
is strictly professional.
Oh. God, this app
just keeps pinging me.
It's Ryan's profile.
He changed his picture
to a smiling one.
- Did you match with him?
- No, no, no, no.
It just popped up
on my profile,
and now it's asking me
to swipe up.
What are you gonna do?
What? Nothing, nothing.
I--I'm going to maintain
my journalistic integrity
and remain unbiased and finish
this piece and delete the app
and move on with my life.
That is what I'm going to do.
Oh, oh, oh.
I'll take two chicken tacos
and a side of beans.
- All right.
- Great. Thank you.
How's it going?
I will take three
of the chicken tinga tacos,
extra spicy,
and a horchata, please.
All right.
Thank you.
- Uh...
- Hi.
Are you sure
you're up for that?
They're supposed to be,
like, really spicy.
Well, unlike some people,
I can handle the heat.
I see.
You think that I can't hang.
Oh, I know you can't hang.
Remember, I'm an excellent
judge of character.
Hi there, can I get three
of the exact same thing?
Extra spicy.
Thank you.
Okay, so where
did we leave off?
I believe you
called me superficial.
I did not;
I was just trying to say
that there's more to you
than you're putting out there
and it's kind of a shame that
you keep you all to yourself.
Thank you.
It's working, isn't it?
My methods are working.
Okay, don't gloat.
I haven't even
responded to anyone yet
because I don't--
I don't know what to say.
Well, the key is to be
interesting without being
too interested,
if that makes any sense.
Not even a little bit.
What I mean is,
if one of them asks you
what you're doing tonight,
you say that you're busy.
If he presses you
for further details,
you say that you have a date.
It just makes you seem
more in demand.
But I'm not in demand.
Okay, well, 3,900 messages
says otherwise.
It just seems
all manipulative,
all the hacks and the tips.
No, I don't come up
with these tips
to teach people
to manipulate it.
It's to empower them.
How's that?
What I mean is, when you have
a step-by-step plan,
you don't flail, right?
You feel confident.
That is true.
You realize at some point,
you're gonna actually have
to go on a date, right?
You know what?
You'll be fine.
Like, you're smart.
You're only kind of annoying.
You're nice-looking,
and you're--
I mean, I wasn't gonna
say that exactly, but I mean--
No, no, no, the tacos.
Oh, wow, so spicy.
Okay. Yes.
Thank you.
I'm so glad you said that.
I'm dying over here.
Like, dying.
I can't feel my face.
- Have some of my horchata.
- Thank you.
I think that's the only
thing that'll save us.
Oh, I guess you're right.
I can't hang.
Well, to be fair, I don't
feel like I can either.
I mean, I feel like my mouth
just took a trip
to the surface of the sun.
The idea of just going
on a fully fledged date
with a stranger is just--
Just overwhelming.
I know just the thing.
Speed dating?
He thinks it
would be a great way
to ease back into the scene
with several short dates
rather than one long date.
Let me style you.
Please, please,
please, please, Kacey.
Please, please, please.
And...start with this.
Shoo, shoo.
Ooh, interesting.
That's not the vibe, you know?
- Not the vibe?
- It's giving cougar.
Cougar as rrr.
Not the cat cougar.
Okay, I love
the color on you,
but I think
it's too saccharin.
It's giving Glinda
the good witch.
And, no, not in a coquettish
Ariana Grande kind of way.
This--this is my
Sistine Chapel.
Gosh, it's giving
main character energy.
It's giving "Pretty Woman"
modern-day realness.
It's--it's--it's perfect.
Thanks, man.
Appreciate it.
Hi, you look...amazing.
Thank you.
Hello, lovely singles.
Welcome to speed dating.
Tonight's event
will go like this.
You each have two minutes
to chat up your date,
but when I ding the bell...
you move down one seat.
Are you singles
ready to mingle?
all: Yeah.
- Yeah!
- Here we go.
Hey, you got this.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Lance, do you have
any interesting hobbies?
I garden.
That's nice.
Yeah, I grow my own mushrooms
in my basement.
Blue oyster mushrooms,
pink oyster mushrooms,
golden oyster mushrooms.
Pretty much just, like,
lots of oyster mushrooms.
Hey, can I cut
to the chase here?
I'm looking for a wife.
How do you feel about that?
Do you have a $20 bill?
It's for a magic trick.
It's gonna blow your mind.
So, Hunter, what
do you do for a living?
- I work in finance.
- Oh, that's great.
Yeah, I had to get a job
to get my old man off my back.
I'm just biding my time
until he croaks.
Hey, do you know how to swim?
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm set to inherit
his 30-foot yacht.
It's sick.
His cholesterol's pretty high,
so I'll have the boat
in, like, three years max.
So how's it going?
Oh, fine.
I mean, yeah, it's okay.
I'm sure you're doing great.
Well, you look like you're
just having a grand time.
What's that supposed to mean?
Just keep the conversation
light, and you'll be fine.
Yeah, you should tell that
to Trust Fund McGee over here
who asked if I knew how to swim
so we could take me
on his soon-to-be-deceased
father's yacht.
That guy?
- Yes.
- You kidding me.
What is wrong with people?
Yeah, gosh, it feels
so good to talk
to somebody fairly normal.
Well, I'm glad
I qualify as normal.
Okay, everyone.
Now, that's it for tonight.
Make sure you stay
and mingle with anyone
you've found
interesting tonight.
- Oh, no.
- What?
Trust fund boat guy,
ten o'clock.
Oh, yeah.
That's not good.
You wanna get out of here?
- Please, please, please.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Hey, Bridget.
Shouldn't we wait
to be seated?
They know me here.
Do you like big servings?
Depends on what's
being served.
Thank you.
- The usual?
- Um...
Or have you forgotten
what we serve here?
It's been a while
since you've been in.
The usual is fine.
I'll bring extra.
You're looking skinny.
I do not.
Yes, you do.
You think you know everything
about everything, don't you?
Mr. King of the Socials Media
has it all figured out.
Kacey, this is my mom, Des.
Mom, this is Kacey.
Oh, hi.
Hello, dear.
Oh, my,
aren't you pretty?
Do you know what you'd like,
or do you need a minute?
I-I guess I'll just--I'll
have whatever he's having.
Alan, two usuals.
Hi, Dad.
You look skinny, son.
I'll make extra.
Nice to see you too, Dad.
I'm no body language expert,
but I think they might
be a little upset with you.
We had a little bit
of a falling-out recently.
- I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
- Here you are, my dear.
- Thank you.
Oh, two.
Th--thank you.
I guess we each get one.
I think they're both
meant for you, actually,
but hope you like bread.
I'm not kidding.
And then--and this one guy
asked for a $20 bill
and proceeded to create
an origami flower.
Oh, that's--
And then that's not
the worst part.
Then he wanted to bring it home
so that he could paint it...
No way.
With his mother's
nail polish.
I'm sorry speed dating
was a total bust.
- That was--
- No, it's okay.
I have to thank you
for rescuing me
from the psycho boat guy.
Oh, of course, Kay.
Sorry, is it weird
if I call you Kay?
Oh, no, no.
It's fine.
It's just what my mom
used to call me.
Oh, is she--
Yeah, yeah.
She--she passed
a couple years ago.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Yeah, she was--
she was really special.
She used to--
she used to try to get
my dad and I to go
on these, like,
crazy adventures with her,
like whale watching
and ice climbing.
She was really...brave.
Sounds amazing.
You know, I bet she would've
been pretty proud of you
for putting yourself
out there this week.
I hope so.
This dress was a big one
for me, so--
Yeah, that was
a huge jump for you.
It's a beautiful
dress, though.
Really is.
I hope that you can make good
with your parents.
I know, it's just
so complicated.
They're always telling me
that they want me
to quit my
silly social medias,
and they tell me that,
you know,
my place is here
at the restaurant.
They want me to run it
with them, but, you know,
I don't know how to, you know,
get it across to them
that I already have
a very successful business
that I'm running,
but they don't even wanna come
to my house to check it out
or see for themselves.
They just--
they're always just
so stubborn all the time.
All right,
it might be a family trait.
You don't say.
I knew you wanted
to say something.
I could tell.
No, still, though, I hope
you work things out with them.
You only get one set
of parents, you know.
Well, thanks for humoring me
with the whole
speed dating thing.
I hope dinner
redeemed it a little bit.
It did.
I'll give you that.
I'm sure you bring
all kinds of women
to your parents' restaurant
to impress them.
Actually, just you.
God, this thing
is so annoying.
This app just keeps dinging.
I'm sorry. You can get rid
of it as soon as you're done
with the article.
I promise.
I know that guy.
Yeah, it keeps trying
to remind me to swipe.
Nah, it's okay.
He looks like
a total poser anyway.
Yeah, he kind of does.
Probably--yeah, yeah, yeah.
Probably wouldn't
swipe up on that guy.
We matched.
Well, thank you for tonight.
Kay, let me take you
to dinner tomorrow night.
Like--like a real date?
Yeah, like a real date.
Pick you up at 7:00.
All right, then.
Good night.
Oh, "The Right Way to Woo."
My three-step method.
Step one, hook.
Pique her interests
by not revealing much
personal information early on.
Hey, let's reschedule
that live stream
we have planned for tomorrow.
I--yeah, I actually have
a date.
Step two, line.
Tell her you're
ready to settle down
if you meet the right woman.
Step three,
sink her.
Call her by a nickname
to foster trust
and familiarity.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my
Wait, you sent what
to her house?
Kay, let me in.
Kay, Kay?
Are you kidding me?
You're unbelievable, Ryan.
Just go home, okay?
Kacey, Kacey, please,
just let me explain.
Hook, line, and sink her?
You told me that your methods
weren't manipulative.
They're not,
they're not, I promise.
I know how it looks.
But please, you have
to let me explain.
This whole time,
this whole time,
I was just some sort
of case study for your book?
No, Kacey.
You wouldn't share personal
information early on.
- No, I know, but--
- You told me
that you
would only settle down--
If I found the right woman.
Yes, I know, but--
And the nickname.
That was real.
It was real.
It is right there
in your book, Ryan.
It is literally right there.
It is.
It is.
And I know what it says
in the book.
- I know. But--
- But what, hmm?
I only used those moves
because I was falling for you.
And I--
Kacey, I only did that
because it was--
it was tried and true,
and I fell back
on what I already knew.
But I never meant
to manipulate you.
I was never trying
to manipulate you.
I was crazy about you.
I am crazy about you.
So yes.
You know, I hoped you felt
the same way, so I leaned
on what was familiar,
you know, formulas and hacks,
but I would never
try to manipulate anybody,
especially not you.
I was just starting
to put myself back out there.
I was just learning
to trust again.
- And you used me.
- Used you?
- Hey, you used me.
- Excuse me?
You only took
those risks because it
was good for your career
and for the article.
Don't act like
you were being brave.
That was a means
to an end for you.
I just want you to leave.
Oh, honey, what happened?
Well, let's just say that
Ryan was exactly the type
of person I thought he was.
Ugh, men.
How dare he break your heart
in that perfect dress?
Anyway, now--
Thank you.
Now I need to go
write this puff piece
and promote his bogus book,
and I really don't know
how I'm gonna do it.
Hmm, well,
you know what they say.
"The keyboard is mightier
than the sword."
I don't think they do
say that, but tell me more.
I think that
you should go home
and write the piece
you wanna write.
Tell the truth,
all of it.
And then I read his method
is hook, line, and sink her.
- Unbelievable.
- I know.
And then he tells me
he's crazy about me
like it somehow fixes the fact
that he was playing me
this entire time.
You know, I can always
call my uncle Billy
and have him talk
some sense into Ryan.
I appreciate the moral support,
but I do not--
Okay, I'm just saying
I can have the situation
taken care of.
Really, I'm good.
Just to be clear,
under no circumstance
do I want a hit
taken out on Ryan.
Of course.
Oh, no.
She used all caps.
Gird your loins.
Oh, shoot.
What's this?
My piece.
We can't publish this.
We agreed to write
a nice piece on Ryan.
This paints him out
to be some sort
of womanizing villain.
Well, my job is to write the
truth, and that's what I did.
No, honey.
Your job is to remain unbiased,
which clearly you didn't.
Just because you
were unprofessional
and you got your heart broken--
I didn't get my heart--
Let me finish.
That does not mean
that you get
to air your personal grievances
all over the pages
of "Belle Fair."
This is a fireable offense,
You are right.
I am so sorry.
Well, you can forget
about being considered
for the First Lady profile.
Of course.
I understand.
I'm sorry, really.
Let me--let me make good.
I will do a rewrite ASAP.
You'd better.
And I also expect
glowing coverage
of him hosting
the LA Singles Night
in your revised piece.
I have to go to that?
If you value your job.
Of course.
Right. I will fix it.
Thank you.
Thank you guys
for joining my live AMA.
I think I have time for one
more question before I go.
Okay, AnitaLeah86 says,
"Hey Ryan, big fan."
Thanks, Anita.
"I want to know how you know
when you found the one."
Well, AnitaLeah,
I think that's gonna
look different for everybody.
You know, it's hard to find
a one-size-fits-all answer,
but I will say this.
I think the one is somebody
that you can be
entirely yourself around,
you know, somebody that...
really sees you,
knows you, the good
and the bad parts of you,
but they accept you
and love you for who you are,
who you really are.
Anyway, thank you guys
so much for joining,
and I will be back again
the same time next week
for my live on Friday.
Oh, oh, oh!
Shoot, shoot, shoot,
shoot, shoot.
Okay. Okay.
Hi, hi.
- Hey.
- Sorry.
Hey, slow down.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. No, no, no. I'm fine.
I was just--ooh, I was up late
finishing a deadline and--
It's just--well, you're late.
- You're never late.
- Oh, yeah.
It's been a long week.
Nice hat.
Look, today's maybe not
a good day to do this.
For what? For golfing.
Today is a great day.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Just call me Ball Lady.
- Oh, you must be Kacey.
- Kacey.
- Kacey. Kacey, Helen.
- Hi.
So good to meet you.
Oh, dear, you have
a little bit of...
- What? Is it--
- Something--
Oh, yeah.
Occupational hazard
when you're a writer.
How did you know?
Ronnie is so proud of his
amazing journalist daughter.
He talks about you
all the time.
- Well, I'm gonna get started.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'll be over in a sec.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Yeah, those are--
- You okay?
- Oh, yeah.
No, I'm great.
What happened?
I just--I thought--I thought
I was ready to put myself
out there, I guess,
like you, and I--
and I met somebody, and
it just--it all fell apart.
And now my job is
in the wedding stuff box--
Calm down. Calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I just can't believe
I miss him and his...
stupid face.
I know you've had a tough
go at it, but listen to me.
You have got a big heart,
and it'd be a shame for you
to hold that all to yourself.
So when you're ready to make
that leap, you go for it.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Whoo!
Hole in one.
Look out, Tiger Woods.
Gotta be on your game, Ronnie.
Get over there.
You gonna be okay?
Good to meet you.
Come on, Tiger.
Oh, my gosh,
your daughter's so lovely.
Hey, did we get
the shipment of gelato?
No, I called about that.
We're having shipping delays
all over the place.
Huh, prodigal son,
come to do some work?
Not exactly.
I just wanted to come say hi.
That's...not like you.
You look pale.
Are you sick?
I'm not sick. Why do you guys
keep saying that I'm sick?
Hey, don't sass
your mom, okay?
- I'm not sassing.
- He's been grumpy all weekend.
- Thanks, Chris.
- Well, you have.
You look happy there.
I was happy.
Think I totally
blew it, though.
I think I'm starting to realize
that I...distance myself
from the people
who care for me the most,
and I'm sorry that I
haven't been around much.
Yeah, you don't come around
at all except on your date.
Dad, you're right.
I came here to say
that I'm sorry
for how distant
that I've been.
Also, working at this
it's just--it's
not what I want.
Well, I may not know much
about your TokTiks,
but I do understand what it is
to build something important.
I know the business is--
No, not the business, family.
And our family is more
important than any of this.
We just want our boys to
be happy, more than anything.
And if that means doing
your silly little dances
online for a living, so be it.
Wait, is that--
is that really what you guys
think I do for a living?
It's okay, dear.
We've made peace with it.
In fact, your father
even learned one.
Show him, honey.
Oh, no.
Oh, Dad, that's the worst.
All right, nobody ever
needs to see that ever.
- Oh, my--
- Ow.
Did you know about this?
- No.
- Terrible. Yikes.
I love you guys, seriously.
Even you, Chris.
That means you can
get back to work.
Oh, thank you so much.
Come on.
So I told them
to do one more song
and we'll have you get up there
and work your magic.
Sure thing, yeah.
Will you excuse me real quick?
Right, but we'll need you
onstage in just a minute.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Of course, of course.
Ryan, is it?
I just need you to know
that I know a guy
who knows a guy
who knows a guy,
and that's all
you need to know.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Okay, it's okay.
You two just let him
say his piece.
I'll go get us some drinks.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Look, Kacey, I just need to
say that I am so sorry about--
Okay, let's get
this show on the road.
- This way.
- Okay, yeah.
Oh, thank you.
Hello, LA singles.
First off, I just wanna
thank our wonderful
event sponsor, "Belle Fair,"
for putting this together.
Let's everybody give them
a hand real quick.
So tonight,
tonight is about mixing
and mingling
with other singles,
and my job
is to help you do that.
With that in mind, I actually
have some exciting news.
As many of you know,
I was supposed
to promote my
upcoming book tonight,
but now I don't think
that that's a book
that I wanna
be known for anymore.
You see, I met
somebody recently,
and she taught me
that finding love
isn't something
that you do by
playing games,
following formulas.
Sometimes love finds you
in the quiet moments
when you're being your most
true and honest self
with someone who...
really sees you
and they love you
for who you are.
So tonight I won't
be promoting my book.
I don't have any hacks.
I don't have any formulas
for you to follow.
My hope is that you'll mingle
and be real with one another.
Be your true selves.
Because when you
find someone that you
can be your true self with,
man, that's--
it's something special.
If you're lucky enough
to find it,
I hope you're smarter
than I am.
You hold on to it.
Anyway, sorry.
If you're feeling like
being brave tonight,
I invite you to try a simple
but effective icebreaker.
It's actually--it's inspired by
somebody that I met recently.
I call it easy question,
hard question.
Is there a brave soul
in the crowd tonight
that wants to come up here
and help me demonstrate?
Yeah. Over here.
Over here. Yes.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Yes. This lady right here.
Yes, pretty lady down there.
Come on up.
Yes, you got this. Go.
Thank you
to my lovely volunteer.
Let's introduce you.
What's your name?
- Kacey.
- Whoo!
All right, Kacey.
So let me explain
the icebreaker.
We're each gonna take a turn
asking one easy question
followed by a hard question.
I'll demonstrate.
Easy question first.
What's your coffee order?
Medium half-caf almond milk
no foam with whip mocha.
Okay, there's nothing
easy about that, but...
now for the hard question.
Kacey, will you
take a chance on me?
I could never take a chance
on an arrogant TokFlix
love doctor.
And when I met you,
that's all I thought you were.
And I was so wrong.
Now I know that you're--
you're kind and funny
and smart and confident.
You know, maybe a little
too confident at times.
And you love your family.
And you say that you
like spicy foods,
but really, you're no match
for chicken tinga tacos.
And you're brave,
and you helped me
become brave too.
Ryan, I will
take a chance on you.
Oh, let's jump
to a hard question.
Will you go to dinner
with me sometime?
that's an easy question.
Hey, Chris, wherever
you are out there,
can you come and take over
on the microphone?
I've got a hot date to get to.
You got it, bro.
Wanna get out of here?
I actually know
a good little place.