Love at Sea (2018) Movie Script

Oh, thank you.
Okay, um, I think
that's everything.
It's going to be a perfect night
for you two.
Oh I cannot wait to have
another glass of this again.
Oh you will soon.
Yeah that's what my doctor
said... last week!
You're going to come out
when you want to,
aren't you?
Yeah, tell me about it.
Thank you so much
for everything.
And for cooking for me!
You still have to film
your show tonight!
Listen my subscribers can wait.
This is way more important
than my YouTube channel.
Yeah, my love life is more
important than your career.
Well it's not every day
my best friend gets engaged.
We don't know for sure
that Ben is going to propose.
All he said was that he had
something very important
that he'd like to discuss
with me.
Yeah like your future together,
and 'hey, does this ring
fit okay?'
which by the way if it doesn't
I have a great life hack -
I used it on my show.
Of course you do, you have
a life-hack for everything!
Yeah, except for how to make
this baby arrive on time.
Okay so the casserole's ready
in 20 minutes;
Don't forget to take it out of
the oven, and this is it!
It's all happening for you Liv!
Ben's going to propose.
I think so too.
That's my cue!
I'm going to waddle home,
let Ben inside
and you call me later.
Thank you.
Love you.
Okay, it's happening.
Dinner's going to be ready
in a few minutes
but I figured we'd start
with some champagne.
Um, I'm not really thirsty.
Well, okay!
Well, we can just sit.
Or you can stand.
Or... I don't know.
Whatever you want.
Sit down.
You know my career has been
on the upswing
since your father hired me.
I told him you would be
the perfect hotel manager
for his hotel, and I was right.
He would be so proud of
us carrying on his legacy.
So I'm making some changes
at the hotel, in my life, and...
Sorry, I'm nervous.
No, no, it's okay,
take your time.
So... we're bringing someone
else into the events department.
Uh... like an assistant?
Not exactly.
I'm sorry... you're bringing
someone in over me?
I have run that department
since I graduated college.
The new owners want to distance
themselves from the old way.
Your father's way.
And they actually asked me
to take it to the next level.
I don't understand.
C'mon, you said it's been
different there
since your Dad's been gone
and honestly you don't
even need to work.
You're a Grayham.
Are you kidding?
I love my job and I have
fought hard to make it up
every step of that ladder.
I didn't rely on any handouts
from anyone.
I know you've been the events
coordinator for a long time,
but we have a new CEO now,
and it's out of my hands.
You know what?
They said they wanted
to be out with the old,
but you are a part of the old.
You were a direct line
to my father.
No, you know I tried
to change things
when your father was there too.
I shared my plans
and they liked them.
This is good news for us.
How could you possibly say that?
You have to look at this
from my perspective.
It was an opportunity
and I seized the moment.
And come on, you
still have a job.
No I don't.
I'm not sticking around to watch
them run my father's legacy
into the ground.
Is that all you came here
to say?
We're done.
Well, I can guarantee
if you hire me to plan
your parents' 50th
wedding anniversary
it will be a wonderful,
care-free event for everyone.
I understand, the Grayham Hotel,
is a beautiful place,
but I have amazing relationships
with other venues
that are just incredibly unique.
Well, if you change your mind,
I'll be here.
Thank you.
Welcome to my YouTube channel.
Today I am here with
little baby Tyler
and we are making 10-minute
teeny popsicles
because that's how we Live Easy.
We're about three weeks away
from my big cruise event
on Royal Caribbean's Harmony
of the Seas
and there's still a few
rooms available.
Living Easy at Sea will have
all my usual trips and tricks,
nutrition guide,
custom exercise plan
for all you busy people so it's
going to be super exciting.
What do you think bub?
Are you excited?
Anyway, we are super thrilled
to have our special
celebrity guest Preston Smythe
with us on the ship
from Future Cooking Star.
We're going to be doing
a mock-up episode
where you go up against him.
[British accent]
Can you beat me at my own dish?
Alright, guys,
see you on the ship.
See you later. Bye.
How was that?
You are so good!
You make it all look so easy.
By the way, love Preston Smythe
but if I were to be a chef
I would never do
Preston Smythe's show.
He's terrifying.
Thank you for coming
on such short notice.
I will always be here for you.
So what's the emergency?
I got your text.
Okay, so the event planner
that I hired for the cruise
because you were tied
to that other fundraiser
is a complete disaster.
Yes, I'm very overwhelmed
right now.
Okay well how can I help?
I need you.
I need you to finish
this job for me.
Nobody can do it better
than you.
I just need you to do this
for me.
And listen, you're done
with that event
so it's perfect timing.
Preston Smythe has a producing
deal at the network, okay?
If he likes what I do it's
like having Wolfgang Puck
vouch for you.
This could be my ticket.
Well, I do love it when
an event falls in my lap.
Yes, a high-profile event,
and who knows
maybe the news will travel back
to the hotel and Ben.
What are you going to tell her?
Tell who?
The event planner?
That you're bringing on
someone else?
I fired her this morning.
You what?!
The event is in three weeks!
I know.
Okay, um... we have a lot
of work to do.
Yes, we do.
You gonna help mommy?
Yes, you do!
You gonna help mommy?
What is that?
As you can see,
it just takes a little bit
of courage,
a taste for adventure,
and a lot of balance.
Tony! Come over here!
Hey! Paula!
They love you.
This was the right call,
giving you more of these
hands-on demonstrations.
Yeah, you know,
I'm a team player.
It is because I'm hoping
for an Meteroic Rise
from assistant cruise director
to cruise director.
Look, I know I've only been
here a year
and it took Evan six years
to move up the ranks
but I'm not giving up.
Well, that's actually
what I wanted
to talk to you about.
Evan is signing off
in Fort Lauderdale.
He's needed on the Symphony
of the Seas.
Okay... Indefinitely... Go on...
Corporate does not think
you're ready.
You'd be our youngest cruise
director, but...
But they don't see you
and they don't know
your work ethic.
It took some heavy convincing
on my part and...
Next sail you're the cruise
director on a trial.
We've got the lifestyle event
cruise coming up,
there's going to be press
and bloggers and corporate
will be watching so please
just make it a good one.
I went to bat for you.
Don't make me regret it.
You can count on me.
Uh huh.
Okay, who wants to see me
do a kick flip?
Come on!
Okay I think we're all set
but please make sure
that you have everything
you need in those boxes
because once we're on the ship,
what we have is what we have.
I'm going to go to my Mom's.
No, but wait... today?
Don't you have to pack?
I do but I haven't even seen her
in a few days
and she's not really returning
any of my phone calls
and she cancelled
our last dinner
so I want to make sure
she's okay.
Mmm. So you're a good friend
and a good daughter.
[phone rings]
Oh, it's Preston.
Hello? Preston?
Change of plans.
I'm only available two days.
You'll have to re-arrange
the plan to pick me up in port.
Yeah, yeah, that shouldn't be
a problem.
I trust there won't be
any other problems either?
I don't deal well
with incompetence.
Excuse me.
I thought since I gave you
some specific instructions
you'd be able to follow them.
Colour me wrong.
And colour you fired!
Get out!
I'm back.
[awkward pause]
Oh hi, yes, um-okay great.
We should have everything set
exactly as you have requested
and we cannot be more thankful
that you're doing this event
and Alexandra and her guests
are very excited to meet you.
Of course they are.
Oh- Oh-uh- I am terrified.
Me too.
Me too.
Oh-what happened to you?
Oh I thought it might come
as a bit of a surprise.
Your hair! And your face!
You look like you've lost
10 years.
I guess I've had something
of a makeover.
Oh this is a lot of
a makeover Mom.
Do you like?
I mean I thought it would be
best to see in person.
I think you look amazing.
You look amazing.
Hey honey,
where's the garlic press?
Oh... hey... you must be Olivia.
I am.
I am Olivia.
I've heard so much about you.
That's funny because I haven't
heard anything about you.
Literally. Not one word.
Come sit down.
We can talk and you two can get
to know each other.
Your Mom had one reaction
and I had
the complete opposite reaction
after I lost my wife.
She passed two years ago
just like your father.
Maeve became a real homebody
and I became an anything
but homebody.
Couldn't sit still.
Travelled everywhere.
And then you two met at church?
Just randomly?
Honey, I know what
you're thinking.
You couldn't possibly know
what I'm thinking.
You're worried, you don't
want her to get hurt.
I promise to take great caution
with your mother's heart.
That's great.
That's really great.
I just... Mom, I need you.
I need you to go on
this cruise with me.
Yes, because this job has been
a huge crunch
and I really do not want to bug
Allie with all of these details.
I know it's last-minute
but I could really use
the extra set of hands.
I think the time would be good
for us.
It sounds nice.
I would love that.
Absence makes the heart
grow fonder.
Of course. Family is everything.
Family is everything.
Alright then.
I guess I'm going on a cruise!
We're going on a cruise!
Mom! Where are you?
You were supposed to be here
20 minutes ago!
I should have just picked
you up.
This ship waits for no one!
Call me!
Uh oh.
You got one of those friends
who's always late?
You have to tell them that
the reservation's at 6:00
but it's really at 7:00.
You have to pad the time so that
you're never waiting on them.
That's what they mean when
they say All Aboard at 4:00,
so you're good.
And try not to worry
because that is no way
to start a vacation.
Thank you for
that hearty welcome.
Just trying to relieve
some stress.
That's what I do.
Oh, uh-I appreciate that
but I'm not here to vacation,
I'm here to work.
And I'm not stressed,
I'm just busy.
Not stressed.
My mistake.
But if anything can make
a person relax it's this ship.
Not that you need it.
Yeah, it's a very nice boat.
She is a ship.
And you can tell that
by what she is wearing?
That's funny.
You see?
Her soothing effect is already
rubbing off on you.
Oh, look at her.
Oh, listen you seem like
a nice enough guy
but I'm not here to meet people.
I'm here to work.
Oh, me too.
You work on the ship.
On her.
You're just in normal
people clothes.
Oh, drug store run.
Got it.
Have fun on your not-vacation.
Excuse me, excuse me.
I'm with her!
Okay, have a good time.
Excuse me, I'm with her.
Who's that?
I have no idea but you're here!
I'm sorry. I'm here!
Look, I decided to use this app
instead of taxi
and it's so easy just a couple
of buttons on my phone
and boom a car appeared.
Mom? You know how to use
your phone now?
Thank you!
How did you learn to use
your phone?
Mom, it is so important that
everything goes just right.
Allie is going to be posting
videos every day
and she is going to be credit me
and my company.
I mean, this could be
the publicity that we need!
So it is important that
everything is on schedule
and to a T.
No one is better at the details
than you are.
Remember our trip to Europe
for your 16th birthday?
That five-pound binder
with tabs for everything.
It was an itinerary [laughs]
And I have always said
a well-executed plan
is the key to a successful
which is why I'm very happy I
have this down to the minute.
So no mistakes. No curveballs.
No curveballs.
Wes? You're here.
He's here.
Yes, I am.
I couldn't bear to be
without you.
I know, I know.
I bought my own stateroom.
I promise not to interfere.
In fact you can think of me
as an extra pair of hands.
He wants to help!
Isn't he thoughtful?
So thoughtful.
Alright look alive guys!
Less than five until muster,
You got it!
There he is!
The big boss, huh?
Ooh yeah.
I guess you're going to have
to start respecting me now, huh?
I enjoy a good challenge.
[laughs] Okay.
You know they'll be watching
you this week.
Like a hawk.
Well I also like
a good challenge.
Nobody knows this ship
like you, Tony.
You're going to be fine.
You got this.
[alarm sounds]
Okay, drill time.
Yep. Let's do this.
It's okay, it's just
the emergency drill.
[announcement] Good afternoon
this is your cruise director.
We never anticipate an emergency
but for the safety of everyone
on board,
this drill is mandatory.
Please report to the muster
station that is clearly marked
on the back of your cabin.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Olivia we need to report
to the royal theatre.
Aren't you coming?
No, no, no, I'm working.
That's just for the guests.
I have to be with Evan
in an hour.
I have a lot of prepping
to do so.
Yeah, they said
it was mandatory.
Mom. They have to say that.
Go. Represent for us.
Okay. I will be back
to help afterwards.
Love you!
Love you.
[knock at the door]
Hello? Is anyone here?
I'm coming in.
I understand from your Mom
that you are refusing
to go to the drill.
Everyone has to go to the drill.
Yeah, I'm working.
I'm running the Living
Easy event.
Just speak with Evan,
I'm sure it'll be fine.
No I'm very well aware of
the event but if you don't go,
I am to blame,
and I can't shoulder the blame
for anything this week.
I'm being watched.
[whispers] There's
no one else here.
Emergencies do not discriminate
when one has a lot
of work to do.
Well, if I refuse to attend?
Then you will be asked
to disembark.
After you.
Who are you?
Tony Rievas. Cruise director.
And you must be Olivia.
We will be working very closely
this week.
I'm sorry. Evan is
the cruise director.
I've been speaking with him
for the last three weeks.
Evan is actually on Symphony
of the Seas now.
It was a last-minute change
so if you need anything,
I'm your guy.
Welcome aboard
Harmony of the Seas.
Bon voyage!
Hey you guys have a great
cruise alright?
You guys enjoy yourselves.
Oh there she is.
How was the drill?
You learn a lot?
Oh it was enlightening.
Oh actually I was coming
to find you.
Ok, well I have to get ready for
bingo but we can walk and talk.
Oh, yeah.
So Evan never really told me
he was leaving.
Yeah it all happened
pretty fast.
You know as our most senior
cruise director
in our entire fleet he was
needed on another ship
and well now you're stuck
with me.
Look, I'm not that bad,
I promise.
Would you tell me if you were?
No, I wouldn't.
Okay so this is for you.
It's the itinerary.
Okay. It's more like an anvil.
You know we could probably use
this as a back-up anchor,
you know?
So Evan told me you guys run
a really tight schedule
and I have everything marked
down there down to the minute.
Yeah, you know I saw all
the emails and we're going
to have to make some changes.
Okay well you just told me
you weren't such a bad guy.
I believed that statement
was legally binding.
Well you probably should have
had me sign something then.
Evan already approved
all of this.
Yes, I know and the thing is
Evan is no longer here.
Look, I can't have cooking in
the solarium going on
while meditation is going on -
how calming would that be?
Oh and we all know that your job
is to keep the calm,
but there wasn't any meditation
on the schedule.
Yeah, I just added it.
Yeah, look I'm trying to
distinguish myself from him.
I want to give our guests
some cool new experiences.
You should try meditation-
I think it might be good
for you.
It's at the same time
as my event.
Right. Yeah.
Well fortunately for you
I have an entire ship
full of incredible venues
that we can move you to.
I got your back.
Hi, I'm Miles Webster
from Excursions Magazine.
I was told to wait here
for Tony Rievas.
Yes, I have been expecting you.
I'm Tony.
Olivia Grayham?
I didn't know you were doing
this event!
I took over a few weeks ago!
from Living Easy is
a good friend of mine!
Going on 15 years!
Well, she is in great hands.
Miles covered my Dad's
old hotel.
He interviewed us a few times.
Actually we went on a date
a few years ago.
And then I had to go to Africa
on assignment for two months
and when I got back
this one met someone else.
I never had good timing
with you.
Yeah, actually my radar
was pretty off on that guy
so I guess we both missed
the boat on that one.
Okay, well if you want to have
any questions about the ship
or want a ship tour,
I'm your guy.
And if you have any questions
about the event I am your girl.
It would be nice to have
a friend here.
I'm going to go unpack
and I'll catch up
with you both later?
[both] Look forward to it.
Blast from the past huh?
Well, this is me, for now and
I can set you up right here.
It's small but it gets
the job done.
I'm going to set up shop
somewhere else.
Olivia Grayham.
This is great.
Okay as soon as we're
done with this meeting
I need you to go supervise
the staff setting up the welcome
cocktail party.
You know how I like things.
The silver will be polished,
the plates will dry,
the glasses free of spots,
the result of having a socialite
for a mother.
I learned from the best!
How to throw the perfect party!
Ladies and gentlemen -
it's once again my pleasure
to welcome you on board.
Royal Caribbean's beautiful
Harmony of the Seas.
I am Tony Rievas
your cruise director
and we are very excited
to have you guys on board...
Huh? That guy.
I thought you said the cruise
director's name was Evan?
It was.
This was the result
of a staffing change.
It is going to be an incredible
We are here to help
however we can.
If you see me on the ship,
ask me,
let me know what you need,
I am up for the task.
Olivia hey.
I know that you're
on a tight schedule.
Can I just borrow 30 seconds
of your time?
I would love to show you
the new location
that I secured in place
of the solarium.
Fit for royalty.
What's that supposed to mean?
I might have googled you.
After I read the binder.
You know, I like to know
what I'm dealing with.
And what is it you think
you're dealing with?
Well, you're a Grayham.
Very prominent Miami family.
Hotel sold for the GNP
of a small country.
You know what that's it
you nailed it.
That's all there is to me.
Good job.
No wait. That's not what
I meant.
Let me tell you what the
internet didn't tell you.
I am savvy.
I am thorough.
The consummate professional
and you do not have to like me
but I'm going to make this event
a success.
With no mistakes.
You know you really
shouldn't be so rigid.
I'm not rigid.
I - I'm a planner.
That's literally
my job description.
Some would call me structured.
And some would call that rigid.
I can help with that too.
I don't need help.
I need a new location.
I've got the perfect one.
Come on.
I give you your new location
for Living Easy in the Kitchen.
We get to use this?
Oh yeah.
Evan told me that we couldn't
use the restaurants
because it would interfere
with the passenger meals.
Yes but that was Evan's rule.
I cleared it with the food
and beverage department
and if you have a hard out by
3:00 pm and that means gone,
cleaned up, out of here?
The restaurant is yours.
This is perfect.
We're going to have more
than enough options on board
to accommodate everyone nightly.
Ah well Tony, I believe
you've met Miles.
Yes, I have.
Hello again, sir.
Sorry, we're old friends.
Small world.
And in the most perfect way.
Hard out by 3:00pm?
Yes, absolutely, understood.
This is great.
And speaking of perfect
why don't we take you
two decks down to the boardwalk.
You'll love it for some shoots.
See ya.
Alright, please, 3:00pm, gone.
Now who's being rigid?
So he used to be a lawyer.
What does he do to support
himself now?
I didn't ask Wes for
his bank statement Livvy.
Yeah because he doesn't have
to ask for yours.
We're Grayhams.
You always said that
we have to be cautious.
And it's true.
But not every man is like Ben.
I know I have battle scars
but you barely know Wes
and we can't possibly know
his motives.
I've been a Grayham
for a long time Olivia.
My eyes are always open.
You have to trust my judgement.
Mom I do trust you.
I just... it's him that
I'm worried about.
Just focus on your work.
I will do whatever I can
to help you and I promise,
I promise to look out
for any red flags.
I know I have to focus.
But I just really want to prove
to Ben that I can-
No no no, you don't have
anything to prove.
Mom I have everything to prove.
Honey-do this for you.
Leave Ben where he belongs,
in the past.
[knock at door]
Yeah, I wish I could do that.
Hello again.
Going out for dinner?
Have a great night.
You too, honey.
Maeve. You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Shall we?
Alright you guys
just 10 more seconds!
You can do it!
You're almost there!
5! 4! 3! 2! 1!
Great job you guys!
You have no idea how fun it is
for me to see all you guys
live in person doing
my 3-5-7 workout.
Three exercises, five times
a week for seven minutes
and don't tell me you can't
squeeze this in
because I don't believe you.
Alright guys, take a quick
water break
and we'll be back in just
a few minutes.
Nice job guys.
Hey what's the deal with Wes?
He's been dating my Mom
for two months?
Well, did you Google him?
Of course I Googled him!
I Google the guy
who hems my pants.
I mean he seems to check out,
he works at a nice firm,
has a good job,
but... so did Ben and look at
how that turned out.
Yeah but he doesn't seem
that bad.
She's not that bad.
Yeah, it's not that she's bad,
it's just you know,
she wants things her way.
She's one of those girls
who's just used to getting
everything she wants
and I don't need that this week.
I gotta be honest with you man.
I haven't seen you react
like this to somebody since...
Oh no.
No, no, no.
This has nothing to do
with the whole Eve thing.
It's completely different.
Is it completely different
from Eve?
When she first got hired
on this ship,
you two were completely at odds,
Until you fell..
I know.
And then it was all over
because she left and got off
the ship without me.
I'm just saying
that maybe it's time for you
to get back out there,
live your life... No, no, no.
We're not having
this conversation.
Let's go work out.
Grab one of these
little purple things.
I'll show you how to use it.
Come on.
What is this?
How about that Miles guy being
on the ship, huh?
You should get close to him.
He may give us good coverage
in his magazine.
Plus he's super cute!
I am starting a business!
And right now it's just me
so I just need to focus.
I know but you say you want
a family,
you want to get married...
I'm going to go
to the restaurant
and make sure they have
all the supplies you need
so see you.
You are so bad at changing
the subject.
Teach your class! Bye!
And as I say in my new cookbook,
quick does not mean you need
to sacrifice on taste.
Now let's make a quick
20-minute baked ziti
and everybody here will get
a signed copy of my new book.
[snaps photos]
Oh yeah, sure.
Thank you Tony.
You knew exactly what
this presentation needed.
Oh, and if you didn't live
on this ship
I would probably have you
come work for me
because your instincts
are just impeccable.
Really? Is that what I am
supposed to say?
A simple thank you would do.
Thank you.
Well, if you'll excuse me
I have a scavenger hunt to run.
3:00 pm?
I know I have it timed out
to a T.
Oh yeah I read it in that binder
of yours.
Put me to sleep in two minutes.
Okay guys as of right now,
Team No. 7 is in the lead
with 18 items collected
so if you guys haven't turned in
your results,
please get them to Javier
Hi there.
The scavenger hunt
is a huge success.
38 teams!
I think you can go and tell
corporate that that was my idea.
That is awesome.
Can I also tell corporate
that it is 3:22
and the event in the Chop's
Grill is still going on?
I'll take care of it.
It is your job to make sure
the trains run on time.
Tony, events cannot interfere
with regular ship schedule.
I understand.
Alright, thank you.
You got this.
Done by 3:00 means done by 3:00.
I thought that we were
pretty clear about this.
I'm sorry, I'm going to make an
adjustment to the schedule
for the next one, and...
Look, this is not just a normal
cruise for me.
I have a lot riding on this.
I know. It's my fault.
It was the Q&A.
I didn't allot enough time
and I'm sorry.
Well I have some suggestions
for the next one.
They may not be in the binder
but I think that they're
pretty good ideas.
I would love to hear them.
Okay finally she accepts
my help.
Let's clean up.
And then after the hotels
were sold,
I went out on my own.
I always felt like I had to work
a little harder
because of who my Dad was,
and I do.
It just-it takes time
to build a business.
I did a story on the new owners
after the renovation
and I was wondering
what happened to you!
I think it's very brave -
taking a risk like that?
See I've always been too fond
of financial stability
to do what I really wanted
in life.
What is that?
Be the quarterback of
the Miami Dolphins!
But then there's that
whole athletic ability thing
that is working against me too,
There's always something, right?
I know.
Hey look, I know what they did.
Driving out all of
your father's people.
Bringing in new blood.
It was wrong.
I wasn't about to tell you
my sob story
but I have my business now
and it's great.
Well you know, since
the new owners took over
the flagship hotel in Miami
has gone way downhill.
That is the nicest thing
anybody's ever said to me.
I need to really up
my game then.
Oh wow.
This beats my cramped
little office.
Get the foliage.
Plus I'm getting my exercise
because I gotta walk
and find you.
What's up?
I just got off with the car
service in Labadi
and there's been a little issue
so I'll be picking up Preston
Smythe myself in Haiti.
Did you guys see the last
episode of his TV show?
He threw a frying pan and nearly
hit his poor assistant.
It's just an act.
It makes good TV.
Even if it wasn't,
I can handle it.
You sure about that?
Pfft yeah!
I've seen the Karate Kid
like a thousand times.
It's going so well Livvy.
Last night I was reading
all the comments
and everybody keeps saying,
"Give this girl a TV show."
Have I not been telling
you that for years?
You're going to be
the next Oprah.
You do food, exercise,
Listen I'll settle for Ellen.
If it goes well with Preston
this could really be my ticket.
It's going to be perfect.
I know.
For the both of us!
I've been tagging you
on everything.
Thank you!
So what are you going
to do today?
Oh I have to go pick up Preston.
Yeah but that's not until 3:00.
You know what?
You should call Miles
and see what he's up to.
I am not on vacation,
I'm here to work!
It's port day.
You can take at least one hour
for yourself.
You know what?
You should get a massage on me,
and I won't take no
for an answer.
I will get a massage.
Only if it makes you happy.
Going to the spa!
Okay that's kind
of not the point!
[spa music]
And what's great is
with these theme-cruises
there's one for everyone!
I know!
It was actually between this,
a Star Trek cruise,
or fans of the Green
Bay Packers.
For the future quarterback
of the Miami Dolphins?
A week with Packer fans?
I'd rather have a mouthful
of root canals.
Oh no!
Hey, can I borrow you
for a minute?
Uh, yes.
Just some boring food stuff
for tomorrow, you know.
Be right back.
Preston Smythe didn't make it
on the plane to New York.
He didn't show up Olivia.
I need to know why Preston
didn't make his flight.
If you could please return my
phone call so I can reschedule,
thank you.
No call on the ship
phone either.
What am I supposed
to tell Allie?
She advertised to everybody.
There's going to be
a big celebrity guest.
Everybody was expecting
Preston Smythe.
Okay we don't know
that he's not coming.
We can just call it a delay.
What is my job on this ship?
You're a solver.
And we have just gone
from the planning phase
to the solving phase,
which I happen to be
really good at.
Okay, let me see you shine.
Follow me.
This is where I come when life's
problems are weighing on me.
It's beautiful, I just don't see
how this helps us with Preston.
Oh, it doesn't.
I just like it.
Oh, and now we don't have
to answer any questions
about his whereabouts so...
Or we could just change names
and jump ship.
Oh that is also an option.
I like that.
I just love this.
I love sailing out
into the unknown.
Not knowing what the day
will bring.
It's amazing.
[scoffs] Yeah the unknown is
not exactly my favourite port.
I actually get that from my mom
who I do not recognize
at all right now.
Yesterday she was zip-lining.
The other day she
was rock climbing.
Who knows.
One day she's going
to be spelunking.
What is spelunking?
Oh, I have no idea.
I just know it's one of
those things
that adrenaline junkies do and
I guess she's one of them now.
You know what it seems
like to me?
That she's living.
Come on Olivia.
Why don't you just put aside
all that caution
that you love so much.
Throw away that
proverbial binder
and take a look at this world
from a birds-eye view.
It's beautiful.
You know everyone
always talks about
the unknown being
this bad thing.
Miracles happen to them too.
A new port every day.
A new adventure.
And nothing good ever has
to end.
Why don't you tell me something
I don't know about
Miss Olivia Grayham.
No you tell me. You Googled me.
Or have you made up
your mind already?
Because that's usually the case.
I had my life handed to me
on a silver platter
and no matter how hard I try
nothing will convince people
that I've earned it myself.
That is why you
work twice as hard.
I get it.
When you come from nothing it
always feels like a fight
when you're trying
to earn your place.
The grass is the same colour
on both sides of the fence.
I guess so.
Ah wow, well I definitely
owe you an apology.
For what?
For making my mind up about
you before even knowing you.
You deserve this.
You deserve all of it.
You deserve it too.
[phone rings]
Oh hold on.
[over phone] Tony.
Ship to shore call for you.
It's Shelly from corporate.
I will be right there.
Are you coming?
Oh no I am gonna wait here
until everyone is fast asleep.
I'll see you.
You better watch out or soon
you're gonna be obsolete.
Hey hey don't think for one
second the robot overlords
aren't coming for your job
someday too.
No, no, no.
They would short out
the Flow Rider.
Called your room last night.
You were out late.
I wasn't out that late.
You were with him, I knew it,
you like him!
Who him?
The other him?
I was working! It was work!
Was it?
Shipboard romance, man.
You know how this story ends.
Yeah. Sure if you say so.
This is business!
I am not here to find
a boyfriend.
I'm here to help you achieve
your dreams.
So what!
Make it a double whammy!
I know you know how
to multitask.
You need to stop.
I'm on a mission this week okay?
I need no distractions.
They're expecting Preston
to be here
for the workout this morning.
[gasps] Look!
She's even wearing a Future
Cooking Star shirt
with Preston's face on it!
Oh the negative comments
I'm going to get on my website.
Olivia I've been promoting
this for months.
[breathes deep]
Preston will be here.
Just not today, right?
I told you before,
it's just a reshuffling of
the schedule until he arrives.
[Clears throat]
Okay so one woman just went back
to her cabin
because she's not meeting
Preston Smythe.
She said she does not have
the energy to work out.
That was not the intended goal
for this event.
The guests are not happy Tony.
We are fixing it.
Not to worry, Paula.
We got this.
Ladies and gentlemen,
on behalf of Royal Caribbean
and Living Easy with Alexandra
we just want to apologize
for this small setback
however after the Alexandra
3-5-7 workout
I will be giving one on one
personal training
on the Flow Rider for anyone
who wants to learn
how to surf in shark-free
[applause and cheering]
Alright I'll see you guys
out there.
Good luck.
Thank you!
Going in?
I tried surfing once.
I broke my throwing arm, so...
In the water?
That's how bad I was.
Catch you later.
Penny for your thoughts?
Oh [laughs]
I got a lot of them.
It's going to cost you a lot
more than a penny.
Well do you take credit cards?
I just I had to get away.
I hated lying about Preston.
Don't think of it as lying.
You're just withholding until
the full picture falls through.
That is a nice justification
and I'm going to use it.
Thank you for everything.
I forgot how much fun it was
to work with a team
and really it's just been me
with my business
trying to prove myself.
To who?
My ex, for one.
He used me to get ahead
and then I was expendable.
Yeah, that's why when you
put your trust in someone,
you really think you that got
a future with them
and they betray you.
Ooh you speak from experience.
You know that old story.
Guy meets a girl while working
on a cruise ship,
she gets a job dancing
in a show,
he gives up everything,
lets it all go to follow her.
Right as they're about to leave
he finds out
that she doesn't
want him to come.
That old story.
I hate that old story, yeah.
Yeah me too.
Fortunately my boss hadn't hired
a new assistant
so I was able to reverse
my resignation.
Why didn't she want you to come?
I don't know.
I guess she changed her mind
about me.
About us, so.
I'm sorry.
No it's just crazy.
I was going to give all of this
up for her.
This really means a lot to me.
Yeah but you were in love.
I mean what's more pure
than that?
You know passengers come on
this ship every cruise
and they are their best selves.
No tablets.
No phones. No emails.
Away from everything.
And it is my one job to make
them happy.
That-that's pure.
Yeah but you deserve someone
to make you happy.
Well I get to touch a new group
of lives every single cruise.
That's what makes me happy.
[phone rings]
Some people bring tablets.
It's Preston.
Preston hi! Where are you?
Right. I can't make it.
I thought I could but I had to
fire the entire kitchen staff
of my new restaurant.
Can't get away.
You understand.
Hey! You!
Get out of this kitchen and
don't put me on your resume!
I... hello?
What now?
I mean he actually said,
"I'm sure you understand
don't you?"
You know karma must have
some pretty serious plans
for this guy.
You know this main event?
It's cancelled!
It's over!
I literally have
three binder tabs
dedicated to this
and it's just a waste.
I's okay, hey.
We can't just give up
that easily.
We'll fix this.
We just gotta think outside
the box.
Come on.
What if... no, that's stupid.
We... never mind.
You know we are two intelligent
resourceful individuals Olivia.
I don't get it!
Speak for yourself!
My resources are taking a nap.
This is a mess.
Okay I mean we could always do
the mock episode of
Future Cooking Star.
Everyone's expecting
Preston Smythe.
[mocking British accent] Oh can
you beat me at my own dish,
I'm Preston Smythe.
That's it!
That's it! Preston Smythe!
We have someone play Preston.
This is serious!
It's supposed to be
the main event!
Well I am being serious!
You haven't seen my impressions.
They're really good.
Okay, first Karate Kid, now
you're a celebrity impersonator?
Yes, among many other talents
that will reveal themselves
in the coming days.
Okay, I can get behind this.
So we have a plan.
Let's go talk to Allie.
Come on.
Okay so here's how it's going
to go down.
I will play Preston.
Alexandra you just be you,
and we'll have a guest judge.
Listen I love including
the guests but...
I'm a professional.
They're going to pick me
as the winner.
Okay so no offence Tony
but we're going to have
to start with a level
playing field.
Okay, well then I as Preston
will go up against Olivia
as character-to-be-decided.
Oh no I'm not comfortable-
That's really cute!
Do you know that Olivia
used to play Anita
in West Side Story
in high school?
Get out of here. I was Bernardo!
Then you see? It's meant to be!
Prepare to go down
Okay, but listen I don't do
my shows blind
and Olivia could probably
use a dry run.
Yeah let's do a dry run.
I love it!
I love it.
Okay this is fantastic.
Let's meet back here first thing
in the morning.
This is not happening.
Okay so every time I'm in front
of a crowd of guests
I play a different character.
My job is to allow
other people to shine.
Yes yes yes, I know but it's
about time it was your turn.
Uh huh.
I think it's time that you
channel your inner Anita.
Ah hah!
I think she's still in there.
Is she though?
Bernardo Anita dance.
Oh no that was all
a long time ago.
It's like riding a bike.
Come on!
Oh okay.
Or it's nothing like
riding a bike
I'm gonna take my hand back.
Yeah, sorry.
Well let's just pretend
that this is a performance,
just a different kind
of performance.
Yes, exactly.
You'll be fine,
just be yourself.
Or you can be someone
completely different.
Let's turn this on
and we are rolling.
We're rolling.
Here we go guys.
And... action.
[In a British accent]
Hello everyone.
My name is Preston Smythe
and I am angry.
That was your accent?
I thought you had a big
old bag of tricks!
A magician never reveals
his secrets.
Mmm, ok.
Welcome to Future Cooking Star.
Can you beat me at my own dish?
[together] Yes we can!
And today, Preston
is going up against...
Maggie, um...
[in a southern accent] Birwell
of Nashville, Tennessee!
Y'all better be careful because
I got a few tricks up my sleeve.
That's right.
Maggie and I are going
to be cooking
my special dish Cordon Bleu.
Oh that's way too fancy for me.
I say "Cordon Blue!"
It's good.
[laughing] What?
I like to be authentic.
Oh really.
Me too.
You know what? You know what?
I'm going to steal this thing
right out from under you.
Huh, that sounds like
a challenge
and I never back down
from a challenge.
Oh it's a challenge but are
you sure that you're up to it?
Oh I know I'm up to it.
You on the other hand...
Well you know what I have
to say to that?
Bring it on.
Oh, it's already been brought.
And this is how we make
a great show you guys!
Here we go!
Let's do this!
Hi Mom!
Hi honey!
I set up everything
like you asked.
It's exactly the way you
sketched it in your binder.
Thank you for that.
We have a lot of ground to cover
for the Cook-Off.
Are you okay?
I will be.
If we can pull this off.
It's just... I really want it
to go right.
I feel like I haven't had a
lot go right in my life lately.
You are being way too hard
on yourself Livvy!
You are juggling everything
so much better
than you think you are.
Embrace it sweetheart!
You really like Wes
don't you Mom?
I do.
And I think you would too if
you'd just give him a chance.
[indistinct announcements]
Thank you.
By the way I am making this
my office the next cruise.
If I get a next cruise.
Ooh thank you!
And you will!
And they're crazy if they
don't give you this ship.
From your lips to corporate's
I'm doing the best I can
but you just never know.
I'm green so I guess
it makes them nervous.
You know what?
Miracles exist in uncharted
What did you just do?
It's time to adjust.
I want to start fresh.
Okay. So changes this late
to date?
Oh you can't be so rigid!
You have to be willing
to bend a little!
Oh, okay.
And you are well on your way
to that redemption you seek.
I don't think I want
that anymore.
I've just been holding
onto all this stuff.
And my ex is still
the general manager
and I'm not even a blip
on his radar anymore.
What would make
you happy right now?
Right here, right now?
What would make you happy?
To be able to just let it
all go.
Well, you can.
And I know exactly what to do.
Come on!
Oh, wait!
Come on.
You are going to love this.
Well, I hope.
I don't know.
There's not a lot of risk-taking
in my family.
Well, your mother does.
Yeah now she does but
that was never the case.
That's right because
you are a Grayham.
Yes! Yes!
And I was raised to avoid
unnecessary death!
All death is unnecessary.
This, however, is completely
safe and ridiculously fun.
Sure okay I just um...
Oh come on, didn't you want
to let it all go?
So leave the old cautious
Olivia and Ben
and all those
hotel jerks behind?
Leave them at the beginning
of the zip line
and just sail across the sky
into a brand new Olivia
who is untethered by her past.
You know what, when you get to
that other side all this stuff?
It'll be behind you for good.
I did this when Eve left me
on the ship.
It works.
Wait wait wait.
You're not coming?
Oh no.
I'm going to be waiting for you
on the other side
where you will subsequently
start your new beginning.
Okay I can do this.
Here goes nothing.
Here goes everything.
Okay. Woo!
Oh my goodness.
Here's to a new beginning.
[screaming and laughing]
Come on.
That was amazing!
Oh my gosh that was amazing!
Thank you!
Thank you for making me do that!
That was all you!
You were ready.
Okay this new Olivia is going
to figure out
how bring this new event home.
Go team go?
Go team go! Come on.
Looks like you're lost
in thought.
Are you okay?
Um, no actually. I'm not.
Why are you with my mom?
Well, she's beautiful and smart
and really kindhearted.
And rich?
You know I was the partner
at a law firm for 30 years.
My wife died and I didn't want
to practice law anymore.
I got a golden parachute.
I'm fine financially.
This isn't about
your mother's money.
I never thought that this would
happen again
but I love your Mom.
When we were at port
I saw you walking
with another woman. I saw you.
That's an old law firm partner's
She's here with her husband
and her little baby.
I just want my Mom to be happy.
It was so hard for her after
my dad died and she's having
so much fun on this trip
and I see her with you
but I just need to know
that she is going to be taken
care of and loved.
I need to know that.
She will be.
Tony is really good.
He's really good!
He's great at the Flow Rider.
Oh my goodness.
What a beautiful night.
It is a beautiful night.
Oh, no, no, no.
The last time Miles was surfing
he broke his arm.
Oh well I guess he's stepping up
his game for you.
Oh no!
Well, it was a noble effort.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
I don't know who you are Preston
but you are going down!
If you beat me, I'm angry.
If you don't beat me,
I'm still angry.
Can you beat me at my own dish?
[audience yells together]
Yes, we can!
I'm gonna be the first
to beat Preston
and if I don't y'all got some
explaining to do.
Alright judges for the moment
of truth,
now to confirm you did not know
which dish was Maggie's
or which one was Preston,
I think you'll find my famous
Cordon Bleu.
Or as I like to call
it Cordon Blue!
(together): To be the best.
Alright judges you guys
have written the number
in the card and I can now
tell you
that Dish No. 1 is Maggie
and Dish No. 2 is Preston.
So please reveal the written
number on your card.
Who is the winner?
Alright that's Maggie,
that's Preston,
and for the tiebreaker Maggie
has beat Preston
and is our winner!
[cheering and applause]
I'm going to go pick that up,
I'm sorry.
I'm going to go pick that up.
I'm going to go get that.
I'm gonna go get that.
Oh! Oh my!
Thank you for coming!
Thank you everybody!
Thank you!
You were so good.
Oh, thank you!
I am so proud of you!
Thank you!
Okay yeah I'll be there
in about 10 minutes.
We're done!
Yeah, okay.
Well that's perfect timing
because I gotta go up
and run pool games.
Okay thank you so much
for everything.
It was fun.
Uh hey you all should come
to trivia
and then the show tonight.
Bella Larzon, one
of our performers,
she will blow you away.
She was on Broadway
a few years back
and look I could reserve you
a few tables.
I know a guy.
I'm the guy.
Okay. Sounds stupid.
Oh no, we'll see you tonight.
Okay alright.
He likes you.
Oh, it's silly.
He's funny.
I've already checked
on the online comments
on Alexandra's page
and they're very positive.
Oh yes we pulled it off!
Are you kidding me?
You guys pulled it off.
You and Tony.
What an amazing team!
It was great!
Would you mind if I joined in
with the gang tonight?
That would be nice.
See you later.
He so likes you.
Oh stop it.
Get your flowers.
I'm just saying if there's
somebody I could talk to
in laundry about the amount
of starch
that's getting used
on my sheets...
I'll see what I can do.
Okay please do honestly
because it's becoming a...
Are you going to see me
come run trivia?
I put together some really
good questions.
I'm sure you did but I cannot.
I will check the feedback later.
Hey listen Bella Larzon has come
down with laryngitis...
She can't speak let alone
sing tonight.
I'm on it.
Alright, thank you.
Don't worry about a thing.
It's my job to worry.
I got a plan.
Is it robots?
Is it robots?
Even better.
It's robots isn't it?
Alright we are tied
for the championship.
Table 27 you guys rang in
with Bette Davis
which was the incorrect answer.
Now Table 24 you guys can
steal this for the win!
Now tell me, which character
said the line,
"Fasten your seatbelts."
"It's going to be a bumpy ride."
Olivia Grayham!
You seem very confident
that you know the answer.
Table 24!
Margot Channing!
That is correct!
I knew it!
You guys are the champions!
I asked for the character,
not the actress.
Margot Channing, All About Eve,
Table 24 that is
the correct answer.
Congratulations, you guys
are champions!
You know what this reminds
me of?
Every Sunday!
Board games and picnics.
Oh we got very competitive.
Especially your father.
Maybe that's a tradition
we start again.
That sounds like
a wonderful idea.
It sounds like he was
a lot of fun.
He was.
Hey um, would any of you like
a drink or a glass of wine?
I'm going to go grab it
at the bar.
Oh I'll take a wine.
I'm okay, thank you.
He's such a nice guy.
Yeah, he's uh-he's nice!
But? There's always a but.
I don't know I just don't think
there's a spark.
You have to give it time Livvy.
It's brand new!
Yeah you're probably right.
Good evening
ladies and gentlemen!
Hi guys.
We have a slight change
of plans tonight
due to an unexpected case
of laryngitis,
however we are still going
to have some fun tonight
so I hope you guys are ready.
Alright guys.
# You're just
too good to be true. #
# I can't take my eyes
off of you. #
# You'd be like heaven
to touch. #
# I want to hold you so much. #
# At long last love
has arrived #
# and I thank God I'm alive. #
# You're just too good
to be true. #
# I can't take my eyes
off of you. #
Everybody sing with me.
[audience] # Da da
da da da da da #
# Da da da da da da da #
# I love you baby, #
# and if it's quite alright
I need you baby, #
# to warm the lonely nights. #
# I love you baby. #
# Trust in me when I say #
# oh pretty baby #
# don't bring me down I pray, #
# I need you baby. #
# Now that I found you stay #
# and let me love you baby, #
# let me love you. #
# You're just too good
to be true. #
Thank you guys.
Thank you.
Hey everyone's dancing on
my watch so get up here.
Come on, let me
see you guys dance.
You sing!
I sing.
Let me ask you a question,
what is it you do not do?
I can't eat peanut butter.
It closes up my throat
and I could die.
Not the answer
that I was expecting.
You are a man of many talents.
Well, I can say
the same about you,
except for the man part,
obviously, that's weird.
I can't eat parsley.
I get hives.
That's... Yeah. I break out.
That's weird.
It's bad.
It was impressive.
The way you rallied
when Preston didn't show?
I'm putting that in my article!
Yeah. A sort of "at sea anything
can happen" angle.
I feel good about this.
I feel good about this!
It's these clubs.
I did have a lot of help.
Look, you were the star.
Not him.
You like her.
She's getting off,
I'm staying on man.
I've been there, done that.
So what?
It doesn't change the fact
that you actually like her.
Like a lot more than
you're willing to admit.
You're incredible!
I don't know.
I just kind of like being a
little more behind-the-scenes.
The best thing that could happen
was Eve leaving without me.
It showed me what I really want.
This ship.
I'm not going to let anyone or
anything get in the way of that.
Alright man.
Whatever floats your boat?
It's a ship.
I'm going to go again.
I know you like to be
behind the scenes
but I'd love a photograph
of you for this article.
I want to show those people
at the Grayham Hotel
what they're missing.
I mean, look at this place.
It's got everything.
It's great.
This ship is amazing.
It's really amazing.
I really have to get back
to my Mom.
Oh, okay.
But you have a really
amazing night.
You too.
You know, I was actually
dreading this cruise.
I mean the magazine
never pays for a guest
and lately I've been feeling
kind of lonely.
But running into you
and your gang,
it's been fun,
I'm having a blast.
They're a really good gang.
Hey listen, maybe once
we get back to dry land
we could try dinner again?
Just you and me.
I mean what a coincidence right?
That you come on this cruise
and you reconnect with somebody
who always made you wonder
what might have been.
That's a coincidence that cannot
be ignored in my book.
You don't have to answer me
right now.
Just think about it.
See you tomorrow.
You sure do love high places.
I do all my best thinking
when I'm up high.
What are you thinking about?
Well, I'm thinking that besides
a few minor setbacks
and being under a microscope,
I had a really good cruise.
I am always emotional.
I feel like for the first time
in my life
I'm finally on solid ground.
How ironic because we're
in the middle of the ocean
I guess we both had things
we had to put behind us.
Walls that needed to be
broken down.
Issues to overcome.
Bags to store in the overhead
Maybe we finally made it
to our destination.
He kissed me.
He kissed you?
We got caught up in the moment.
Hold on.
But he kissed you?!
Would you just shush!
My Mom is right there.
The last thing I want is her
asking me more questions.
I mean what's the point?
We get off this ship in a couple
days and he stays on board so...
You finally open yourself up
and the guy is geographically
So you kissed her.
I knew it man. You like her.
Okay but it's not feasible.
You have a month off
between contracts dude.
Not when I'm the cruise director
I haven't seen you like somebody
like this since...
What does it matter?
Listen you are only unavailable
if you choose to be.
Why do you choose to be?
Maybe because I finally feel
like I'm home?
And if I give all this up and
that doesn't work out then
what do I got?
Want some bartender advice?
Have a drink.
You seem stressed out.
I'm going to work.
I'll see you later.
And lastly judges Becky
and I made my special
buffalo chicken potato salad
in 15 minutes I might add,
so who's it going to be?
Becky, John or Fiona?
It's a three-way tie!
Everybody wins!
[applause and cheers]
There are a ton of disappointed
guests in the dining room.
They didn't know this had moved.
I put notes under
everyone's doors.
Yes but you have to go above
and beyond Tony.
You make announcements.
You track people down.
I don't know.
Maybe corporate was right.
You're not ready.
Hey. Hey you know
that's not your fault.
I should have said something.
No, you know I did my best,
that's all I can do, and I am
tired of trying to win her over.
Look at me.
You are great and if
she doesn't see that,
that's because she's crazy.
I have one day left.
Let's just enjoy every minute
of it.
This trip went so fast
but what a great time.
You know, Wes is a good guy Mom.
You two look
really good together.
I really appreciate
you saying that.
What's on your mind Livvy?
One very handsome
cruise director perhaps?
What am I supposed to do, mom?
See him once a week for three
hours in between cruises?
It's definitely a complicated
But at least I'm happy to see
that you're opening
your heart again.
Am I though?
Or did I just let him in
because he was easy and safe?
Because I knew this had
an expiration date?
Because there's Miles
who's a good guy,
he's nice and he lives near me
and I am completely unsure.
Then it looks like you have
to ask yourself
what would make you happy?
Who would make you happy?
And then you have to leap.
Don't forget to put your bags
out tonight, honey.
I have to say my favourite part
of the job
is just meeting people
from all over the world.
So many different languages.
I'm learning a lot everywhere...
Uh yeah and I gotta say
that my French
is probably my favourite.
Buenos Dias muchachos!
Buenos Dias seniorita.
What is it about water
that makes it so soothing, huh?
That it has no rough edges,
just kinda flows
the ways it flows.
I think we could all benefit
from being a little bit more
like that.
You seem different than
when you first got here.
Yeah, yeah I feel like
when I got on the ship
just this old phase of me ended
and I'm on the verge
of something
I'm just not really sure what.
What you're on the verge
of is huge success!
And this article
and the response
to all the live videos are going
to do wonders for you.
I know.
I just don't really know
if I want that anymore.
Olivia that's crazy.
This is your business.
It's what you've been
working for.
Don't let anyone change that.
Oh no I'm not, it's just,
what's the point?
If it doesn't make you happy,
you even said so yourself,
you're tired of moving.
Yeah but I was just venting.
Like I said, I prefer
the creature comforts.
Look, sometimes we have
to sacrifice
just for a little stability.
I guess I just want to be a part
of something bigger than me.
Find a place that I belong.
I've watched you on this cruise.
I see the way you look at that
Tony guy
but it doesn't make sense.
You and I, we make sense.
We live near each other.
We have similar interests.
We know we get along.
You got past whatever you got
past this week with him
and that's great.
We're getting off
this ship soon.
Let's get off together.
Because that makes sense.
I think you're so great.
I just, I need time to just
figure out what this new me is.
Well, if you ask me,
I don't think there needed
to be a new you.
Hi I've been looking for you.
Olivia, is everything alright?
I don't want to tell you how
to do your job
but there's something I need
to show you.
Alexandra's comment cards.
I'll take these
under consideration.
Thank you.
[knocking on door]
Hey Tony.
Alright so I am wise enough
to admit when I am wrong.
What are you talking about?
I put some unfair expectations
on you.
I know how tricky an events
cruise can be
and if that is your first one,
maybe, maybe I'm the one
who should have bent a little.
I really appreciate you
saying that.
And I just heard back
from corporate.
They're willing to offer you
a six-month contract to start.
The Harmony of the Seas
is yours,
if you still want it.
Uh yes, yes!
I want this.
This is where I belong.
I, um, thank you.
You're welcome.
And congratulations Tony.
Hey! Tony!
There you are.
I've been looking for you.
Last day.
It's been busy.
You okay?
I'm great actually.
I got the job.
You're looking at
the new cruise director.
That's amazing.
I'm so happy for you.
Yeah, yeah I guess we both ended
up being winners this week huh?
I got the ship, you got
a brand new start.
Maybe you can even go
to your father's hotel
with a handsome reporter
on your arm.
Show your ex.
I really hope you can show
them all Olivia.
What are you talking about?
You and Miles.
I mean you guys look
amazing together.
I'm really glad that you found
what you were looking for.
That's what I want
for all my guests.
I want them to leave refreshed
and renewed.
Is that what I am to you?
Just a guest?
What else would you be?
Must be pretty convenient
for you.
Always making connections,
one cruise at a time.
Always sailing around but never
actually arriving anywhere.
Thank you Tony for
helping me find me.
I hope that one day you can stop
sailing and you can arrive
because that's when you're gonna
find where you really belong.
That's when you'll get home.
And on behalf of Royal Caribbean
and the Harmony of the Seas crew
we thank you for sailing with us
and we truly hope
to see you again as we sail
to many destinations
around this world.
And I hope you enjoyed
your vacation as much
as I enjoyed being
your cruise director.
We good?
You're gonna like this.
Thank you.
Hey. Hope you had a good cruise.
I was just coming to find you.
Do you have a minute?
Of course.
I have an idea
and we probably have to run it
through corporate.
It's your ship now Tony
and I'm all ears.
Great. Let's go.
Did they already check out?
Olivia hey, it's Tony again.
Please call me even if you've
already disembarked which you
probably have because everybody
has except a few stragglers.
I need to talk to you.
It's important.
Do you like what you see?
Her beauty takes
your breath away.
I don't think I'll ever get used
to calling a ship her or a she.
As much as I love this ship,
I wasn't actually talking
about her.
You know, no one's ever pegged
me the way you did Olivia,
Maybe it's because we're alike.
It's crazy.
You walked on to my ship
and you somehow changed
everything for me.
How so?
You made me rethink
about where I belong.
Someone once told me that
belonging is not necessarily
about the where,
but it's about the who.
Me with you.
This is where I belong.
I have an idea and I want
to run it by you.
Just sort of a way that we could
have our cake and eat it too.
We just spent this
whole cruise eating
and you want me to think
about cake.
I think you're really going
to like this idea.
Good evening ladies
and gentlemen,
welcome aboard Harmony
of the Seas.
I am your cruise director
Tony Rievas.
And I am Olivia Grayham,
the group coordinator,
and it is my pleasure
to welcome you all aboard
to this Murder Mystery
Lovers Event cruise!
[cheers and applause]
So sit back, relax and enjoy
your time with us.
Here we go.