Love at the Christmas Table (2012) Movie Script

Christmas Eve. THIS ONE.
Am Sam Reed. I'm back to my hometown,
in a house where I have not been in five years
And tonight will be the biggest night of my life
Sammy Reed! Oi!
She is Elizabeth Dickson's hostess ..
And every year since I was a child, adds more Christmas ornaments.
It's Christmas Eve every year
Worldwide. These pants can not stand your ass.
Not only...
Not only ... let me ... let me.
Let me help ... carefully ... slowly.
Katherine Patton, I have known for 30 years.
Samuel Reed. I knew you'd come back one day that door.
The tree is hurting me.
- Five years? - I had things to do?
Do something useful. I have about these things in the van.
Three Trees Christmas?
Three more.
Here we go.
As I said, this night will be great
Let's go back
In fact, it all started in the same table.
AGE 4 years. . 1984
Kat's mother died of year
also the year in which our parents started ...
a furniture company together
Do you really think employees have an obligation to join us today?
You mean the first annual Christmas party Reed & Patton?
I do not know. But I think it's great to be the first host.
Sam, Kat, made a fair sized table.
Well, it's our first attempt, we will improve.
- Hi, Daddy. - Hello Kitty.
You are hungry? Thirsty?
You want to start the party? Well, if you need ...
see something just find me, okay?
The Miss Dickson. It is the owner of the house. Do you remember who he is?
- If - You remember?
Want to play like doing in my office?
Okay, honey, see you in a while.
Ok. You worry too much.
It's not possible.
The holidays are the worst.
I am all that you have now.
Age 10 years.
You did it?
- Do not place the wine sweet, is not it? - Because?
13 years.
Do not you think...?
Do not you think it's time to stop pretending?
Age 18.
University Chico you lost a lot since ...
living in the big city, but I'm here to help.
Put yourself abreast of all gossip, large and small.
From what you want.
Speaking for myself?
- What do you mean? - We do not like each other.
After five years you challenged me down the stairs ...
I mounted my horse rocker.
19 points.
Do not be like, I'm not stressed.
At 15 I left with my three best friends a ...
after another and then using the information-they sacaste
What do you piss in my bed until 12 my fault?
With this information, put against me.
So now you understand me completely?
Of course I know.
Remember how happy you were when ...
Ashley Caleb asked him to go treated to graduation?
Until that day, there I found attractive.
Well, that's none of your business.
I wonder where he got that idea.
Fifth year Kelly Strein used to worry ...
every day after school.
But after his unfortunate accident with the bike,
gracefully never mess with you again.
Wait, you he broke his arm?
When we were five, I asked my father that I ...
teach cooking muffins to take home.
20 days in a row. One for each point.
You were a weird kid and I'm sure you are an adult semi rare now.
But I never say you are the ...
person unless I like this world.
I am also the only person in this house enough ...
Honest to tell you that your coat is outdated.
The panquesito. I really Erwin.
Now wondering if by chance ...
could you tell me where I can dejrtelo.
You can give it to me.
Yes, they are good.
- I love this movie. - Seriously?
Do not you think they are replacing Santa Claus?
classical one strategy of exchanging Christmas.
You can put any actor who plays unknown ...
Santa Claus, but about 10 minutes to the maximum movie.
You are very intelligent.
- What about this? - He's all yours.
An adorable orphan distracts the true meaning of ...
Christmas while completely ignoring the desperate economic situation.
- Perfect. - Certo, certo?
Yeah ... How about this? - What about them?
Movies Not Christmas. Not fit.
No, no, look at them more closely.
All DVD movies are Christmas.
- N - Si.
Same dog at the pet store?
Yes, and get the dog on Christmas Day.
Y disguises Santa with beard and all.
"Whoever sits in the room that looks ...
Sinister at two in the morning "
- "That does not sound very wise to me." - Amazing.
- Movies At Christmas. - Openly.
- Yes but. - Children!
I see you enjoy my collection.
- It is very complete. - Right.
The big jerk city understands the error of his way to ...
being to being intellectually challenged by people in your city.
Think too much.
But please, please, gathering them up.
- Si -. Do not worry.
'S is the only gift a family needs.
It's Christmas.
These things taste better when you like.
See that beautiful woman over there?
- Si -. I'm scared.
I know it helps people, but I still have fear.
He said that if I was smoking one of the things are, bad things happen.
- How thoughtful. - Sinister.
- Ominously good. - The vaguely good.
Remember me always.
Have you seen the boys?
Eve should have seen them.
You do not know what they do?
- You'll Mori! - Hands where I can see them, my son!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Good Morning.
My front says happy, right?
- When are you coming back? - After tomorrow.
Probably my father expected me to open the gifts.
Yes, yes, I think my mom is in the car, so ...
I was thinking last night ... it was like summer camp.
We had a good time together ... it was fun, but nothing happened.
- Obviously. - Yes.
- We hugged? - The hands collided.
Perhaps chests or beaten.
- No. - Okay.
Hey, you going to come back next year or ...?
Well, it depends on certain things ...
- How shall we do? - We ... this.
Yes, and they require Christmas tradition.
- It's a fact. - So, until next year?
Of course, the first year will not traditions are a bit ...
- Games. - Yes Yes.
And then, as time become ...?
Minimum five years?
So let's do to be officially a tradition?
- Technical aspects. - Well, I can work with that.
AGE 19.
Right. Better life. total loss of smell. May come.
Good. Give me Charlie.
I do not understand this game yet.
Well, Miss Karl. Or I can call Ashley if I'm not too bold?
Better Life is not that complicated. For example,
she told me complete lack of odor.
recently saw a study linking the taste and memory ...
and sexual desire, I validate the effect of such changes occur.
The caretaker can be a bath in the evening hours.
Imagine being able to show complete indifference to these odors produced ...
a composite of the most exotic dishes and goat meat diet.
I'm sure they could not afford to eat lobster.
I know for a fact that you like goat food.
In fact, you remind me of your mother. For how much you hate the Hamish people?
I can not believe I'm stuck in this house.
- I thought I would never do that. - He is very loyal.
Is that what you wanted to happen. Call Ashley Really?
Get used to it.
I ask you to be unregistered.
What not find partner?
I'm recently single.
He dumped you or you?
The guy is an idiot or a narcissist.
O sociopata. A idionarsiciopata.
- The ... - A loser!
- Baby! Baby! Baby! - Baby! Baby! Baby!
- Baby! Baby! - Baby! Baby!
Look at this!
AGE 20.
- Jimmy, what is best in life? - Christmas?
Mal answered.
Violet, what to do best in life?
To crush your enemies.
Verse shuffling seeing the error of his ways.
- Curse soldier. - Now!
Age 21 years.
My profits are huge this year and increasing investment.
Will invest in a volleyball team this year.
If you hear the term state champion once again will ...
Really not eries see all of your options before deciding.
Yes, I would not mind if a conspiracy and everything.
- Not all are athletic. - He just volleyball!
Are you serious?
There are three types trying to win the ...
Director on Christmas Eve.
St. Peter has a special rule in this day that ...
gotta get with gifts in the Christmas spirit.
One type reaches into his pocket and puts ornament on the tree.
St. Peter approves and passes.
Sorry, I just go powder my little one.
The second type look for in a pocket takes a stuffed ...
St. Peter Rabbit and he approves and passes.
The third type shows a pantyhose.
And St. Peter looks stunned and says, "What does this have to do with Christmas?"
- Wait, you were by Christmas stories? - Exactly.
What we have lost?
22 years.
'M thinking of moving here.
- My son. - That's never good.
- Fruit of my sperm. - Disgusting, Dad.
I dont understand.
- Want to know why? - Because?
You are not made to settle on one side.
Seriously. But it's the thing you can tell him
Your life. His real life from here.
Her stage. All you have settled very well.
But you can not help cook.
Well, Dad, I have to hear it, because believe it or not, I'm an adult.
So now you're getting your big boy pants?
- Do you do for her? - Who?
Come on.
There are two types of sacrifices that you can do to a woman.
Bad and good.
How do you know which is which?
That depends on what the answer is.
I heard you worked full-time at the factory.
'S what my dad says. No point being ...
counter if I do not make my living with it.
Neither you say it.
'S Something we talked long.
- Do you have a second? - Yes.
I do not know. Just give me that movement ...
Here's all I really wanted.
You know, just take a break.
- Just for a second. - One second.
- Break. - A pause.
- A pub. - What?
I was curious if you would repeat everything I say.
What do you do?
I do not know. I think the father give me some work at the factory.
And we can leave. It does not really matter, does it?
- And then? - What do you mean?
After breathing, So what will you do?
Then we find that we want to be when you grow up.
I see. So you want to go out with me and plan Peter Pan?
- Lira, like lost children? - Amazing, no?
Sammy, you really care so try to be very soft here.
Why did you do that?
Sorry, I just wanted to show you how serious amazing.
Good. Of course, I said something that bothered him.
Yes clearly said something narzidiopata.
- I'm not a break. - It was not my intention.
I'm not a break or a reference. I'm an adult.
- Tell me about the job. - Yes, I am an intern.
- But in a real newspaper. - Yes.
It takes work, because otherwise form'll kick your ass.
Seriously, seriously, but Narciopata an idiot.
Serious naciorpata an idiot, idiot imb-
- Moron. Idiot. - Yes.
You know what I think?
Someone who is not making a decision is making a decision.
Age 23 years.
I mean, I do not see my same as one of those girls.
You know what I mean? I do not like, but sometimes you have ...
makeup to dress well and flirt a little.
Because sometimes things are not as you wanted.
Do you think I'm wearing for fun?
So I literally cut off circulation.
You can stop doing that? I am totally.
Are driving him crazy because his girlfriend does not appear.
Not come.
I do not know.
His mom and dad said also said that he will not come.
You may want to be a surprise.
- Not really so beautiful. - Right?
- OK, let's go. - What?
Do you remember Wistman and his brothers? You're having a party and come on!
No, I just want to stay home and watch a movie or something.
No, I'm wondering if you will. Come on guys, I need your help.
Party, party, party! Party, party, party!
Party Party! Party Party!
You'll like it.
Stronger! Party, party, party!
Sometimes I hate you.
Sorry, girl, I'm the best you have.
I think it could be worse.
Age 24 years.
It has to be him.
- You look beautiful. - Thank you.
We can not start without you.
Why are you dressed lady?
Elizabeth is being designed. I have set to 20.
- Your you must be Katherine. - Kat.
We should sit down with their parents
My mother is helping with food and drink my father when he gets a little ...
- Alegre? - Rambling.
And Rebecca, you have a tender story of how you met?
The common history as anyone.
Playing? No, no. Imagine one of those super-classic films ...
romantic comedy, but with deep messages.
Something like.
- We met at the newspaper. - She is a journalist.
I helped research and some interviews ...
I had to do in Korean, Swedish and Libya.
They met at a bar?
Languages Eleven. Ever walked into a room ...
different, she was there.
It was something like ...
- AND...? - And then the Swedish ...
- You are Swedish. - From Australia.
Understood. What about the other half?
You know, just the basic origin.
Swedish So then I asked her out.
- I gave it a try. - And I thank you for it.
So already live together?
Not yet.
You have to ask my parents for the first time.
What happens when?
Will come next week to meet you.
Is that you?
- What is it about? - You have...?
A boyfriend? Oh, yes, yes, tons!
I mean, not all the same time, obviously.
Just as I'm hoping plans do not disappear.
Spend that ... does not make you suddenly as you use profanity at work?
- Oftentimes. - Me Something just happened.
- Am I missing a bit ... - you lose in translation.
How about now?
Someone ready for everything?
Yes Yes.
Well certainly seems capable of carrying heavy loads.
Excuse me for a moment
- If it is not bad. - Not really bad.
Yes, you have to count for something.
And really speak eleven languages?
- Go upstairs and have a drink. - IT'S OK.
Feel offended. I feel offended.
- Sorry, sorry. - No service.
I'm mortified.
Here it is.
I was not here before.
No one was here.
High expectations.
Merry, Merry Christmas.
There is a character called Miss Havisham there.
He falls in love with a man named Compeyson.
It is the love of his life. Now, his cousin.
Matthew Pocket warned only goes after money, but she does not listen.
Then comes the day of your wedding.
Overnight. Use this beautiful dress.
And knock on the door.
It's a letter.
Compeyson stole all your money.
Y leave ... so planted on the altar
Stop the clocks, leaving everyone forever at nine.
Y uses the same dress every day of your life until it becomes old.
Refuses to leave the house.
Until it becomes nothing.
Almost a corpse.
Take the glass.
What is it?
I call it the Christmas tree number two.
It Works very well.
- No profanity! - It tastes like a rich sweet.
Honey, I know how you feel.
See the person you love ...
A person who does not choose you.
His father introduced me to his mother, first, have many more Christmases.
God wanted to hate her, really.
But I saw him smiling.
Not just once.
They had their own vocabulary.
- So in my home. - The calendar froze at Christmas.
Why do you keep decorated like Christmas all year.
Yes, but the world has other stations.
No. Let them go their way.
- Do you want to get out of here? - I was brought here.
- Excuse me? - I just can not take you anywhere.
'SO kind of girl who deserves to wear it everywhere.
It means to nice places.
- I have my own vehicle. - I can take.
- No Brake us if we do not want. - IT'S OK.
Sorry, what you do, what ...?
I said welcome to the family.
And what mojabas bed until you turned 12 years old.
Age 25 years.
So I said, if you ever go to trying.
Has a proposal for rules, can you believe?
He said not in public, not on his birthday.
So I had to dodge it.
And God the ring! I went to jewelry to dodge.
And then it went to a bar. A panic.
I mean, please, it's a big deal, right?
So I showed a woman in the bar. Let me tell you ...
You know how women are.
They put all ahh ... the place ... ahhh.
I mean, it's huge. Honey, come here.
Okay, show it.
Dazzling, certo?
I hate that.
I understand. We spoke with fire, but extremely competent.
I lived in my house. I wore my shower.
And then take your bike to go to propose to her?
It was a stab in the back.
What bothers more than out of it or you do not elect him?
- I'm going home. - Kitty, avoid the bullet.
Parents look who goes on television do not know what to do.
You have been very good.
What are you doing here? You do not-I have thought ...
Hear that you had like twenty interviews tonight.
Forget. Trust me. It is not a big deal.
You should not have a ring on your finger?
Perfect, my humiliation was multiplied a hundred times.
Yes, something like that.
My father and offered to beat so ...
Well, because honestly I would have won me.
Well, I'll see you later.
It has to be.
- Well, just a few minutes. - Great.
'Ll Go greet my parents and I see you at the table in a second.
Meanwhile I want you to think about something.
It's very serious.
If you suddenly find knives for fingers. Better life. Think about it.
Sorry, son, it's just wonderful to have you home.
- Well, look stalker. - I am the mom stalker.
All I'm getting some Rebekah Christmas gifts.
allegedly they were in London.
I was stuck here.
- Samuel. - Evelin.
"It's the opportunity of a lifetime." Those were his words.
Who told you this was the opportunity of a lifetime is a big idiot.
I'm sure going to three or four at least.
What will they think Rebekah?
You traveled halfway around the world to come and see Kat.
Actually, it was his idea.
Sorry, but your father, not show you even a bad-
No swearing.
His father did not teach you or the minimum for women.
She just gave you permission before you asked.
Kat sabe?
- What are you here for her? - At the.
If you know you are poison, right?
- Wanna Dance? - If I granted.
Age 26 years.
You realize you wait sing?
strategic retreat?
- You seem to have no problem. - Trust me.
There were tears and heavy drinking.
Auto and abuse of all kinds os, more ...
eventually come to a place where I have spent ... ... at least.
- It has been 20 years. - Hold on.
Seriously, you hit me well for 20 years.
Ya should have used.
That would mean I was not going well.
Find out who was who broke or split up or whatever ...
- What are you talking? - She call me.
Rebeca. I was really drunk.
- How did you get your number? - I called your phone.
And what they talked about?
She said. I just heard.
I think no one had ever done with him before.
And so...
It is very unfortunate that the human being does.
It really ... wish me luck.
This is incredibly annoying.
Ok, I have to go back. A cold shivering BEHIND out here.
It's very close.
We are also close to the life, heat and horrifying ...
music and here I feel trapped in a novel.
Toma. The share.
- What? - Wear it.
Now watch.
Now I'll close this thing. That's it.
IS. Problem solved.
I like. I did not know you could do that.
Now walk slowly.
Usually relaxed?
I can not control my arms and stop doing it.
Everything is right here, nothing happens.
Do not do it. Thank you.
- How about you? - About me?
Do not pretend. Are you seeing someone?
- Nothing serious. - What does that mean?
Back you said.
- Seriously, what does that mean? - That, nothing serious.
Well, turn left here.
Ok, I do not know who left.
That's enough.
It's almost there.
- Is the plant. - it is optimal.
And you have not seen the new place.
Well, let's see.
- Do not do it. - At the.
- It's the right key? Maybe not. - Si!
- It would be a problem. - Detente.
It's much nicer than it looks.
I looking to furnish my apartment.
- Can not afford it. - Insurance to get a discount.
- And where is your cubicle? - Cubicle?
Si, or wherever you work.
I'll show you.
On here. My workshop.
I wanted to do all these things?
With his own hands?
Everything is recycled wood.
We are still looking for ways to recreate the texture in mass production.
She is a woman with resources.
Surprise me. I had no idea.
Yes I understand.
Simple -
You thought it was like any other girl working in the office.
- it is optimal. - Is the board.
I'm really good at what I do.
My things are sent everywhere.
Kat, what do I do?
I work for a newspaper.
Really work for four newspapers ...
many different. You know what I do?
- If you write. - Have you read some of what I write?
Do you even know I write about?
Well, not us. Happy?
It would be better to return.
We can stop and talk for a second?
There is nothing to talk about.
Katherine Patton, is in the truck.
I thought that after all these years.
Due to this.
I knew all about you.
But I'm wrong.
Equal me.
I would change that.
And if I hurt you, I'm sorry.
You have to know...
I know you would never do on purpose.
- You understood? - I get it.
Now we can go.
Are you sure? Do not you cold?
Nah, I'm more than you.
It's a coward.
'Most horrible OS you told me.
Thanks are filled otherwise hurt more.
It's fair.
So where does that leave us?
I think we can start being more honest with each other.
Maybe a little...
Beware, we are on earth no swearing.
Will say to play a little.
I think I'll go home.
- I think we need that. - Yes.
Maybe not expect everything one years next time.
Age 27 years.
When you say patient is in the hospital with a ...
happy one side and kind of a sad face with the other?
Instead of one another.
- I need a picture to confirm. - What?
A test of his illness.
- Or you could go. - No, no.
- No problem. Give 10- - Wait.
Just give me a minute.
You do not have to tell me.
Once we have established clearly you are not avoiding me.
Should I call an ambulance or a priest?
Actually my voice is the last thing you want to hear?
Tell my father ... ... I love it.
Poor Kat.
Sorry, Kat, I forgot to mention you're on speaker.
Is your phone not hear well, but everything is perfectly normal here.
I am fine. How are you?
Honey, you need something? Because Sammy here ...
Negative. I'm highly contagious. I'm stuck and there are germs everywhere.
Merry Christmas.
The lost.
- You are asking this Han Solo? - Traitor.
- What is going on? - Nothing, really feel bad.
Ok. I thought you were going to be honest with each other.
Maybe even play a little.
I do not think we do.
Make me.
I have my life, you have yours.
- are interconnected. - If one night a year.
- Not much. - I did not understand.
Well, seeing the positive side by phone you can not beat me.
Very nice.
- Want to play a better life? - You sure.
Good. Better life.
Being stuck in Illinois begins.
You are an intellectual moron.
Parish imaginative Pathetic.
I did not mean you.
In the dale. The worst thing that comes to mind. Begins.
You are stuck in the same city, the same job.
- I love my work. - Of course yes.
You control a lovely plant.
- Troll? - Small, as the elf.
What you want. People short stories ...
fairy who work in factories.
Says the man who has hobbit name.
- I will see you. - I'm not even at home.
And when you move from home to your father? One year ago?
- Two. - How far did you leave it?
- It's a small city. - Only three blocks.
- Eat breakfast with him every day. - Then?
It is not normal!
But that is to ignore your family throughout the year?
- What? - How dare you hang?
Do not worry, you name tell me what you say to the face.
You are not invited.
- I dont care. It's your turn. - My turn?
If this is your way, he's the boss.
To tell how it goes.
- Back, Sam. - Because?
What are you so afraid?
Come on, open up, Kat!
Go home, Sam.
Need to talk about something. It's very important.
I dont care.
All just a game to you.
A game? Every year I'm here for you.
I beg you, go.
Do not come to me, come brag about.
For a few days a year, you can be Mr. successful.
Better than everyone. Better than this town offers no intellectual challenge.
The irony is that if you stay more than a few days,
all find that you are not better than us, right?
It is so insecure that you have no real or root.
You did not have the same job for six years, is not it?
I think if people know no longer see your ...
beautiful face and beautiful smile and throw it overboard.
Yes, you understood perfectly.
So, you can not commit to a job, a ...
girl. As you can not commit to Rebekah.
The amazing and perfect Rebekah.
But that's good, right? To me you will always have me.
Kat girl, waiting year after year as a kind of idiot.
- Stop! - No longer.
It was completed. So back to your great city.
And do not expect that I will continue to wait.
So simple, huh? As if it were damned perfect.
- Do not forget.
I should go.
No, come on, what are you going to tell me?
- Anything. - Anything? Come on Sam, tell.
Okay. Let's start with your father.
And my father?
It's the world for you, right?
And do not share it with anyone. And no matter if he's happy.
Right? Even you see what you do with it.
Or maybe you do not care as long as you can get ...
this snow globe where nothing changes.
I mean, even sleeping in the same bed since he was 12 years old.
I can not even sleep in another bed!
It is. Does this help?
Y tu MOM. Always using his letter of my mother is dead.
But the truth is that I do not remember.
You act as if you did walk to his grave, but ...
is not because you worry about it, the only thing you think ...
is plates are empty in his grave ...
where his father is buried and you will be on your side.
It's all so ... poetic.
Say you can not handle the real thing, but you have ...
He spent his entire life in this tragic little fantasy.
Kat, sorry. Open the door and salt.
I'm so sorry.
It should not be so.
Christmas Eve. THIS ONE.
A little.
- Then? - Yeah yeah!
I lost.
- I can take it. - Are you sure?
- Hey, Kat. - Sim.
The thought before starting here you and I could go and ...
You know what? Forget.
- I can wait. - I do not.
'It will be in the kitchen. Make the kitchen stuff.
This belong to anyone?
Will you marry me?
Hey, where did you get that? I'll need it back.
She said no.
Give him some time.
Oh, honey, I missed you, you have lost so much.
When you wake up gifts as you just ...
milk, then you can eat the cookies.
Well, then you do not mind it too eat cookies?
Well, you can eat whatever you want or two.
- There you are. - Who is she?
She is Alison, Alison Wonderland.
- Alison Wonderland? - Beautiful, certo?
If you can not see how big it is, so I do not know why ...
- It's just ... - It's my goddaughter, so be careful.
Who is it?
- Clint? - It's not so bad.
- Tiny True? - Right.
- Yes you?
- It's just ... - Where was your voice, Sam?
Leaving me stunned.
Well time has passed since someone Shocked.
I'm serious. You are really unpredictable.
This is not even remotely true.
You get my Christmas cards?
It was a kind of apology.
I wondered if maybe we could go for a walk.
Accepted apologies. You do not even worry about it.
'S funny you're here tonight of all nights.
- It's Christmas Eve. - The first after five years.
If you knew how much I thought some of the things you said.
No. was just angry and hurt and wanting revenge.
- You were right. - At the.
It took me a while to figure account, but it had.
And tonight will do something about it.
- What is it? - What do you think?
Anel Box...
Exactly. I was in denial.
But was this really good man in my life all the time.
Happiness deserved, but one way or another always kept his distance.
Then it occurred to me. And if I take ...
weight raise the issue of your shoulders?
Do not you think?
If your happiness is what is at stake, no matter what comes.
Well, wish me luck.
What happened?
Help me mother.
- What baby? - He!
You are talking.
Just got your message. In the office in three minutes.
Close the door and take a seat.
What's going on, Kat?
Eve, Ever I told you how much you mean?
What has gotten into you?
I remember our first tea party.
We made these little sandwiches and pastries.
The Mother's Day has always been very difficult ...
to visit the tomb of Mom Dad.
You were always bringing her favorite flowers.
Blue Gardenias.
When he was 14, he took me shopping and pressing them to our ...
faces against the glass to forget why we were there.
To buy my first bra.
It was humiliating.
Somehow you managed that everything went well.
When he was 15, he helped me when I inconsolable after ...
Kevin let me why I will not let hand meters under my bra.
I took my first sip of this.
Y taught me at least four words.
I have a story to it, but was in the recipe and it is beautiful.
The question is...
You're the only mother I really did.
Trust me.
I do not even know why I'm here.
Saw ring.
I do not think think it's a good idea.
It is increasingly evident.
We're just ... we talked about it.
She knows you do not really understand.
For years I forgot you.
I got your message saying to rise in 5 minutes.
- Pope. - Yes?
A good friend of mine helped me realize something.
Perhaps one reason for you to leave not having an affair.
It's for me.
You two are the most important people in my life.
My mother and my father.
And I know you, Dad. You never jalaras the trigger.
You are not well.
So I'll put them easily.
You, Beth Elizabeth Dixon, knowing ask ...
Father Thomas Patton to be your husband?
- Tommy? - I agree.
- Hi darling. - Hello.
I have to go. But maybe back another year.
Let's walk.
- Have you seen Sam? - Yeah, just left.
Well, I am going to do something stupid.
- Like what? - Good...
I'm at a crossroads because I can not tell you.
You cut into small pieces.
- You convinced me. - Thank you.
Someone had to tell Tom that theirs would never happen.
Kat, there's something I think you should see.
If it's worth, I'm trying to change.
What does that mean?
Just something my father said. I was not made to settle in one place.
- Do not say that, do you? - Yes.
- Good Sam ... - What?
How long have you been holding a grudge me for this?
Because the only thing they have left parents are the things they should not.
'S stupid.
He bought a house.
Kate and me.
A house?
And the work?
He got a new job in a blog. Then I had ...
to live in the city. I know it's a big risk.
Instead of stopping here and live with me.
Dear Dad, when you find this ...
already left and gone my resignation opens opens.
You have to say. I know it's silly.
I just thought to build something together ...
I do not know.
Does not matter. It's too late.
No, it's not.
You know, one time, I realized that both of you my favorite part of Christmas was.
To see them fight and have fun.
Sam, this is one of those times should listen to their parents.
When you find that particular person, you should go for it.
She's the one.
'S always been one.
Hello, I'm not here right now.
Someone saw S?
- What the-? - No profanity.
- Pasa. - Himself?
Let me tell you, because I need to say these things ...
at least once in my life or I sick.
And if you need, when finished, you can say something.
I want to tell you something too, but this does not seem the best time, right?
I think inside you already know.
But I only gave me things ...
I believe and I do not say things always ...
I am now.
I've always been.
And always will be.
Totally, completely.
Madly in love with you.
Yes it's serious.
And there are many things I have to tell you and show ...
and have questions too, but for now ...
It all comes down to whether you want to or not ...
Wishing to build something together.
Will you marry me?
Hey, better life.
Oh, my God, let me see the ring! It's beautiful!
I think Christmas has been enough.