Love Blossoms (2017) Movie Script

I need to find my
father's formula.
Good morning.
Oh yes,
good morning.
Thank you
so much.
Sorry, I was
up all night
but I think I know
where the formula is.
I'm just gonna go
check his office.
Has Stefan arrived?
Not yet.
Do you mind
calling him?
Of course.
Thank you,
you're the best!
Where are you?
through things)
Dad's glasses...
In a vial,
(relieved sigh)
They look
good on you...
The glasses.
Oh, silly.
Any luck?
Well, I found the
notebook I was looking for
but there's pages that
have been ripped out.
Do you know where
those could be?
I haven't
seen them.
Do you want
some help?
I just want to find
them, in all the mess.
Your father was
family to all of us.
He was so proud of your research
at the pharmaceutical company.
Yeah, he would have been
over the moon to have me here.
That was his dream--
Him the Nose, the
perfume designer
with the uncanny
sense of smell.
And you, the
brilliant chemist.
He was always happiest when
you would arrive for the summer
and the two of you
worked side by side.
You made
quite the team.
Yes we did.
You know, I planned on coming
back once my contract was up.
So how's your mom?
She's still Boston's
queen of flowers?
Of course she is.
She's always
wonderful, you know.
Running her
flower shop.
It's so nice to
have you back here.
Are you going to stay
and run the company
as your father
had hoped?
I don't know, you know,
it all happened so sudden.
I still have work
in Boston so...
But, you know, I'm really
happy that Stefan's here.
I mean, corporate
restructuring is what he does
and he wants to help me with
my father's business affairs.
You know, he thinks maybe
I should bring someone in,
you know, to help
run the company.
It's so nice he was
able to come with you.
You know, he's
the best in the biz.
it's going
to be great.
(awkward laugh)
Well I better
get back to work.
Is there anything
that I can get for you?
Yes, I want the keys
to the cabinet.
I will get it.
Okay, perfect,
thank you.
Violet, I've had the staff turn
this whole place upside down.
We cannot find the
formula for SKY, I'm sorry.
Okay, but I found
his notebook.
I think it's on
these pages,
so I just want to
go down with you
and maybe we can
search for those?
Stefan: Yeah.
Such a mess.
We have to find
that formula, I mean,
Valentine's Day's
right around the corner
and this Perfumery's all
I have left in my family.
Hey, you have me.
I know, you
know what I mean.
Harv has called me
over a dozen times.
I mean, he's expecting
SKY as we speak.
If I don't find the formula,
I can't deliver the trilogy?
Well listen, at least your
Father left you a sample.
I'm sure it won't be too
hard for your machines
to come up
with the formula.
The machines can break down
the Perfume's ingredients,
they're just not
100 percent accurate
because my father's
blends were so complex.
That's why you need a Perfumer,
or a Nose, whatever you call it.
I'll put an
ad in the paper.
No, no, no, we don't
have time for that.
By the time we actually
do hire someone,
it'll be
Valentine's Day.
I just need to find
my Father's notes.
It doesn't help that the
vultures are circling.
Who, Caine?
Wants to
buy us out.
Look, I'm here.
I'm here for whatever
you need, okay?
I promise by the end of the
week, everything will be sorted.
Mmm, I hope so.
Ugh, it's not
even close.
Okay Dad, what
did you use?
Kimmy: Okay, au revoir!!
Just wanted
to remind you,
you have a two o'clock
with the packagers today.
Oh, yeah that's right.
I need a coffee.
There's a caf just by
the distributor's office.
If you leave now, you just
might get there in time.
Okay, perfect.
And the mock-up
for Valentine's day
will be ready
in a few days.
(phone ringing)
Perfect, thank you.
I'll talk
to you after.
Oui, hello...?
Yes, SKY will be ready
for Valentine's...
One Strawberry
Valentine smoothie
with a little
extra love.
Thank you.
Au revoir,
ma chri.
Nice try, buddy.
One iced matcha with
wheatgrass coming right up.
For all the greens you drink,
why don't you look any better?
Excuse me,
what was that?
I was trying to imagine
you saying something funny.
Hey, tell el cheapo
he still owes me.
Coffee doesn't grow
on trees, you know!
Yeah, good
luck with that.
Gus is so cheap, he buys his
wife seeds instead of flowers.
See you later.
Geeze, I
am so sorry.
Here, let me help
you with that.
No, no, no,
it's okay.
It's-- really,
it's all right.
Let me buy your
drink at least, yeah?
It's-- I have
it, it's okay.
I insist.
It's gonna make
me feel better.
Ty, get her
whatever she wants.
You want
an Iced Matcha?
really good.
Just a coffee,
black please.
Milk or sugar
or anything?
A little caramel?
Okay, what about a test
tube or a microscope?
A microscope?
The glasses.
Oh my--
Oh my god,
no, no, no.
I'm sorry.
That's my fault.
No, it's not.
Let me make
it up to you.
No, I'm clumsy
and it's not my day.
Well that's funny,
I was just thinking my
got a whole lot better.
You know, some of the best
inventions in the world
from accidents?
Peanut butter
cups, mint chocolate.
Who knows, maybe
Apple Iced Matcha
will be your
claim to fame.
Oh maybe, yeah.
thank you.
You got it.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
This mess...
So I found your father's
computer password.
Oh great!
But there is still no
sign of the formula yet.
Okay, we went through
the cellars, right?
What about
the attic?
Let's have some
people get up there
and go through
some of that stuff.
Your Father said
you were tenacious.
The perfumer
applicants are here.
Can you tell me
what you smell in this?
I can't even
smell a wet dog.
Maybe you could
ask the applicants?
One of them is really cute,
so hire him if you can.
Really cute.
have a seat.
Can you start off by telling me,
what do you smell on this scarf?
You can start with
the Head Notes.
Not Lavender,
but Rose Water.
Yeah, definitely
some Rose Water.
Anything else?
Okay, thank you.
All right, we'll
be in touch.
Please sit.
Can you tell me, what do
you smell in this scarf?
Thank you.
Oh, magnolia.
Anything else that's on
the scarf, the scents?
No, you're-- thank
you for coming in.
Thank you.
Okay, we'll
be in touch.
(chatter throughout
the lab)
"Violet, Harv
Willard here.
I am under real pressure
to start shipping SKY.
I need you to
call me, now."
(throws down phone)
(knocking on door)
How did the
interviews go?
Not good enough.
You want me to post
the job again?
Yeah, I
think so.
I think
we should.
Your father
could smell
a single drop of lime
in a glass of water.
Try a single drop
of lime in a gallon.
He was a
Yeah, he was.
He was like a--
like a bloodhound.
God, he could smell
things from a mile away.
That's amazing, I've never
met anyone else like him.
I know.
One whiff and...
Is everything okay?
Yeah, don't post
the job listing okay?
I'll be back,
all right?
Okay, here you
go, no problem.
Excuse me, hi.
I just wanted to know if you
could help me find your friend.
I've got a
lot of friends.
The Apple Iced
Matcha guy?
We only serve
Iced Matcha here.
The one who spilled on me
and then I spilled and then--
Oh right.
Yeah, you
mean Dec!
Yeah Dec, yeah!
Okay sure, come
back tomorrow.
Same time, he's like
a homing pigeon.
Oh no, no, no.
I'm sorry, it's
really important
that I speak to
him today, please.
You'd be doing
me a huge favor.
Okay, fine.
You're not a
psycho, are you?
No, I'm not.
Okay, right,
even better.
Excuse me, do you know where
I can find Declan Granger?
I'm heading over there right
now if you want to tag along.
So, how do
you know Dec?
I met him at
a coffee house.
Bean Fix?
I always hoped he'd end
up with a nice girl like you.
Oh, no, no, no.
We're not-- no, no no.
Never mind.
Okay, so you follow that
path, past the Magnolias
and it will lead you
straight to the Conservatory.
thank you.
And to Dec.
Ooops, ahh.
Don't worry, it's
gonna bite you.
It's just lavender.
Hi, apple
Iced Matcha.
Hey, Miss
Black Coffee.
Violet Chappel.
Hey there.
Dec, nice to
meet you.
You know Violets is
the flower for loyalty.
So I'm guessing this
isn't a coincidence?
No, I just
wanted to know.
Why Apple
Iced Matcha?
What's that?
Earlier, today.
You talked about
inventing Apple Iced Matcha.
I mean, I know why the
Matcha but why apple?
Is this a
trick question?
No, just curious.
Because I
smelled apple.
So you did--
You smelled
apple on me!
That's incredible,
I mean,
My scarf barely touched
a few apple blossoms.
You have a very
rare sense of smell
and to be able to know
combinations of scents
and plants and
smells, that's--
No, no, no, I
just know plants.
For instance, you keep
walking that direction,
you'll rub against a Poison
Oak and get a wicked rash.
Ah, stay
away from that.
I was wondering, can you
tell me what you smell?
No, I hate
You're a gardener, what do you
think perfumes are made of?
Noxious chemicals,
and I am a Botanist.
Okay, Mr. Botanist.
and Vetiver.
Wait, Sandalwood?
You're sure?
You have been more than
helpful, thank you so much.
Come here.
So I have gone
over the books.
And your
father, yeah,
he put everything into
this trilogy of perfumes.
But it's safe
to say that,
if you don't deliver on
this deadline with SKY,
it's financially
(phone ringing)
You might want
to get that.
What do you
mean devastating?
Well Vi, you're
stretched to the limit.
But with the success
of SEA and LAND,
you can hand
in SKY tomorrow
and Harv is not going
to know the difference.
So it's good
It's not
good enough.
My family's name
is on that perfume.
This is the last perfume my
father's ever going to create.
I mean, SKY has to do
the Trilogy justice.
We will, we'll
do it justice.
But I just feel like you're
going to be happier in Boston.
At home.
That's where
your life is.
Give in the
perfume as is.
I hear you...
But I can't.
It's okay, hey.
Oh, by the way, that
promising Perfumer--
Cancelled his
meeting today.
I'm thinking it's Caine,
trying to drain the talent pool.
You know what, don't
even worry about it.
I think I may
know someone.
You don't know him, but
can you do me a favor?
Can you take the
meeting with Harv?
Look, tell him
everything is on track.
We just need a couple more
days with my Dad's passing.
I don't work here.
I know, but you're the
best businessman I know.
Where are
you off to?
To follow
my nose.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
Hey Gus, you okay?
My back is
acting up again.
Here, let me
help you with that.
I can
handle pain.
Until it
hurts, right?
Take a seat.
You're cream
of the crop.
You never told me that
you have a girlfriend.
That's because
I don't.
Then you should ask that
nice lady out on a date.
Oh Gus,
you're too much.
That's what
my wife says!
Okay, I'm
back in five.
Hey, put some
ice on that.
Hey, Professor!
What, are
you stalking me?
Maybe a little, but you did
peak my interest earlier.
Oh yeah...?
I was wondering...
What do
you smell?
What are
you doing?
Any Lily-of-the-Valley?
What's the proportion
of the blend?
What, is this
some kind of joke?
Who put you
up to this?
No, it was Ty,
wasn't it?
(phone ringing)
Oh shoot.
I'm sorry, will you just excuse
me one really quick second?
Harv is ticked off
that you're not here.
He said he wanted to
speak with the interim CEO,
not the, and I quote,
lackey assistant.
Okay, can you just
deal with it please.
I'm right in the
middle of something.
Violet, he's
threatening to sue.
Caine fed him
a bunch of lies,
and he said you
can't meet the deadline.
Okay, so
put him on.
Here you go...
Violet, I have some serious
concerns about the launch.
I heard you don't have
the formula for SKY.
Oh no,
that's not true.
Actually, I'm working
on it as we speak.
Look, I have
invested a fortune
in this Valentine's
Day campaign.
SKY should already
be in my warehouse.
Of course,
I understand.
But out of respect
for Chappel's,
could you give us just
a little bit more time?
I can't move
Valentine's Day.
You've got
twelve days.
Sorry about that.
No, that's
all right.
So what are you
actually doing here?
Well you see,
my family--
well, I, own a
perfumery and we have
exactly twelve days
to recreate this.
And you're what we
call a Nose, you know,
someone who has a
phenomenal sense of smell.
And I'm here because I
want to offer you a job.
I've already
got one, thanks.
This is an opportunity
of a lifetime.
To smell perfume?
I'll have you know that Napoleon
used 54 bottles of cologne
every month and he always wore
his favorite scent into battle.
Oh, is that why
he was exiled?
I would kill to have
your sense of smell.
You know, making your own
perfume-- it's the ultimate.
I'll raise your salary,
name your terms,
I'm sure we can
work something out.
Working for Chappel is
amazing, we're one big,
happy family and I know
you'll fit right in.
It's not gonna work.
Where you been?
We've been waiting for
you for over half an hour
to look at the
new designs.
Sorry about that, I
got a little distracted.
It's my fault.
The kid was
just helping me.
You should probably
get out of here.
Look I'm sorry, but your
talents are being wasted here.
You could shine
at our Perfumery.
I mean, with your
olfactory talents--
Enough with
the nose, really.
I was just
offering you a job.
I'm good, thanks.
Okay, I guess I'll just "uproot"
and "plant" myself elsewhere.
Think about
it, please.
(engine rumbling)
Mr. Loxley?
My name is--
I know you who
are, Ms. Caine.
I've read the articles about
your copy-cat business.
Well, glad to know my
reputation precedes me.
And please,
call me Olivia.
Olivia, you're
not welcome here.
Oh, well I have
something for Violet.
She's been
ignoring my calls.
For her
You're wasting
your time.
Excuse me.
Have you seen
a necklace here?
With like a
little thing...
Um, sorry.
(panicked breathing)
Is it
over here?
Oh no.
Okay, come on.
Where are you...
Come on.
Oh shoot.
I'm okay, it's okay.
I'm sure it's
right here.
Oh my god.
(camera snapping photos)
Do you have any idea how
precious these orchids are?
I'm sorry,
I'm so sorry.
Your girlfriend just
destroyed them!
She is not
my girlfriend!
I didn't mean to.
This is bad.
This is worse
than bad.
I will take
care of it, okay?
It was just
an accident.
I'm sorry!!
She's up at the
She falls down in the
middle of the garden,
she flattens everything...
including the orchids.
People are taking
pictures of her,
Brophy's head literally
looks like it's gonna explode.
What was she
even doing there?
She came there to offer
me a job making perfume.
Cool, are you
gonna take it?
I don't know.
It's slightly
intriguing, I guess.
I've been designing
gardens for years,
but I've never
designed a perfume.
And you'd get to work with
Little Miss Black Coffee.
Her name
is Violet.
Oh is it?
It is.
You, my friend,
are hooked.
Get out of here, don't you
have something to clean?
Yes, I do.
Thank you.
(phone ringing)
Hey Kimmy.
Who's here?!
Oh, okay.
Oh hi!
Hold on, I'm
coming down, okay?
Yeah, yeah.
No worries.
Sorry, lots of stairs.
What's up?
I just came by to see if
that job was still open?
The job, of course!
It's still available.
What made you
change your mind?
I dunno, I was thinking about
what you said about
not letting "my talents to
go to waste" and here I am.
That's wonderful,
when can you start?
Tomorrow morning?
Okay, yes.
Just come back
here at 9:00 a.m.
No tie.
Good, I was hoping
you'd say that.
I'll see you
I'm gonna go.
See you then.
Okay, bye.
You are very quiet,
penny for your thoughts?
I hired a Nose today.
That's great!
His name is Dec.
And he's
a Botanist.
You're kidding.
No, I'm not.
Well, you need a
Master Perfumer.
Oh I know.
A master can smell up to, you
know, 3,000 different smells,
but our applicants
today couldn't smell
Roquefort cheese
on a hot day.
So you hire
a Gardener?
A Botanist, yeah.
What's his
Well he has the most
natural sense of smell
I've seen
since my dad.
Yeah, that doesn't exactly
qualify him for the job.
I really wish you'd consult me
on these things Violet, really.
I know, but I just
didn't feel like
I had a whole
lot of options.
I mean, we searched
for the formula.
You know?
Look, I think
he can do it.
So what happens when
you finish SKY, huh?
What then?
Well then have to finish
the marketing campaign...
Something tells me you're
thinking more long term?
This was supposed
to be a short visit
to sort out your
father's estate.
I wasn't going
to say anything,
but there's an
offer on the table.
What do
you mean?
To purchase
Listen, before you say no,
I've read over the offer.
It's a good offer.
I'm not selling
Violet, I'm not
saying you should.
I'm not, but if you
can't meet the deadline...
Just think about it, think
about how it's gonna affect you.
And your staff, they're
gonna be looked after
and you can return to Boston
with a clear conscience.
I'm not selling Chappel's
to Caine, end of story.
It's late.
Lets talk about
this another time.
Chappel has been in the perfume
business for over a 100 years,
and we're known for our
unique and complex blends.
Oh Raymond!
This is Dec,
Dec, Raymond.
Raymond, Dec.
Raymond is
our head chemist.
He's working on our
current best seller, SEA.
Pleased to
meet you.
You too.
See you
in a bit.
We're gonna
head this way.
This is Kimmy, you've met,
our office administrator.
And through these
doors is our laboratory!
We make
perfume here.
Perfume is twenty
percent concentrated oils,
the rest is
water and alcohol!
Can you
drink it?
No, no, no.
It's 190 proof.
Did you know that it takes
thousands and thousands of roses
just to make two
cups of rose oil.
Well, I would rather
have one living rose.
But, okay.
This is going to be
your workstation.
We'll, you know, clean it up and
get you settled in here soon.
If you want to
follow me this way...
Through that door is
where the vats are,
and the vats
hold the perfume
until we can bottle them
up and ship them out.
So if you want to follow
me in, I'll show you.
Okay, so a perfume has
three layers of fragrances.
The Head, the
Heart and the Ground.
Now, the Head note, it's
unstable and it dissipates...
Are you
chewing gum?
No, no.
Just spit it out.
Yeah, that's-- it interferes
with your sense of smell.
It doesn't--
sorry, hold on.
Hey Kimmy.
Yes, yes I will
be right there.
Yeah, let me
reiterate this Olivia.
not available
and she's never gonna
sell Chappel's to you.
Sorry about that-- oh.
There you are.
This is such
a beautiful spot.
Yeah, it's been in
my family for years.
Just no one ever knew
what to do with it.
Do you want
a Nut Bar?
No, I'm all
nuttered out, thanks.
What are
you drawing?
Just some ideas.
How did you
end up here?
I just came down the
path from the gate...
No, how did you
end up in Bruges?
It's a long,
boring story.
Were you
always a Botanist?
What were
you before?
I was a stock
trader in New York.
No way.
Pressed suits.
Pot of coffee
for breakfast.
A granola
bar for lunch.
Kinda like your Nut Bars,
but not nearly as delightful.
One day I just
gave it all up.
I started travelling through
Europe for four months,
and spent the last three
years here in Belgium.
Do you ever miss
your previous life?
No, I really
love what I do.
Take this ivy
for example.
Most people look at that and
they just see a plant, right?
I see hope, the
promise of life.
Nature's all
around us.
You just need to slow
down and breathe it in.
I don't know, I'm
fascinated by it.
Kind of like your
fascination for perfume.
Okay, so how do you go from
the trading stocks to Botany?
It's so different.
Oh man...
Actually, my degree is
in Botanical Science,
I had student loans,
I had to them pay off,
so I decided to
take the faster path.
I started trading
stocks on Wall Street
rather than planting
stalks in gardens.
It seemed like an easy
choice at first, and then...
I dunno, it just
wasn't for me.
So I followed my gut, traded in
my cubicle for wide open spaces.
It was the best
job upgrade ever.
I'm impressed.
Well for what it's worth, I
think it's really courageous
that you gave it all up and
you followed your passion.
It's really wonderful.
Oh, thank you.
So I've been
meaning to ask you.
Why do you wear this perfume
vial around your neck?
This is SKY, it's
the last of the Trilogy
and I owe it to the
distributor in eleven days.
Eleven days?
We don't have the
formula anymore,
our Master Perfumer
is no longer with us.
He couldn't have just
waited a few more days?
Well, that's where
your job comes in.
You're gonna
help us copy it.
The last time I copied
something was in third grade
from the kid
next to me.
I still failed.
Well, you just picked
the wrong kid then.
Copying seems easy,
creating's the hard part.
Let me smell it.
Here you go.
On your skin, here.
My smells will interfere,
and the plants out here too.
I think I know the difference
between Gardenias and Deodorant.
Yeah but you said you didn't
know about perfumes, so...
Well, I know
what I like.
You know, we should
head back in to the lab
and start
figuring it out.
Yeah, let's go.
The delivery man
just dropped this off.
What is that?
This is Kung Pao,
extra spicy.
May I?
Yeah, there's plenty.
Yeah, okay.
That's my lunch!
Oh no, it
was your lunch.
See there's three rules a
perfumer has to live by:
No smoking,
no drinking.
And no
spicy foods.
They interfere with
your sense of smell.
Okay, I don't smoke, don't
drink, but no spicy food?
Are you
kidding me?
guess I'll just
have a Nut Bar.
Oh I have
plenty of those.
Yeah, that's
what worries me.
Violet: Kimmy!!
(Kimmy laughing)
So this sample is my latest
attempt at re-creating SKY.
As you can tell, I think
we're getting pretty close.
almost there.
Hmmm no,
we're not.
Okay, maybe you can
start off by telling me
what Head
notes you smell?
Well, that's Vetiver.
And Jasmine.
Okay, what about
the ground note.
The tail note?
So this is the Nose?
And here I
was wondering
if he was going to
barely be a nostril.
Dec, this is
Stefan Loxley --
V.P. at Thompson-Langley
Advisors, Boston.
Quite the mouthful.
Declan Granger,
V.P. of the
Olfactory Arts.
So Steve, what
do you do here?
Marketing, or...
It's Stefan,
And no, I'm here
to support Violet.
Oh, you...
Yes, we're
a couple.
Yeah, I didn't...
didn't know that.
Well now you do.
Have you had a
second to take a look
at the marketing posters
for Valentine's Day?
Well I've had a few
fires to put out myself
but next
on my list.
Yeah, good to
meet you, Declan.
Yeah, you
too buddy.
Wow, where'd
you two meet?
The International
Khaki Convention?
No, Boston,
that's what--
Oh my gosh,
my Vial!
No, no, no,
my vial!!
Let me help.
No, no, no,
don't use that.
Tell me where the rest of the
sample is and I'll refill it.
No, you don't
There isn't anymore,
this is all I have left.
Okay, why are
you so upset?
It was an accident,
it's not a big deal.
Can you
please go?
Please, I
need a moment.
Just go.
All right.
(car pulling to a stop)
You gotta be
kidding me.
You must be Dec,
the new Perfumer?
I don't think
we've met.
Looks like you
could use a lift.
You think?
You must
be very good.
Where did
you come from?
No, Lauren?
The Gardens.
Never heard
of them.
So I thought I knew
everyone at Chappel's.
My name's
Olivia Caine.
My family was well
acquainted with Eric.
The founder?
Violet's father?
Poor guy.
Died in his
sleep recently.
One of the best
Noses in the business.
Wait, Violet just
lost her father?
I could really make use
of someone like you.
Someone like me?
I'm sure Chappel's is
a charming operation,
but with Eric
out of the way,
Little Orphan Annie is
hardly the right choice
to run
the business.
You know, that's
my stop right here.
Live in the
National Park, do you?
Yeah, something
like that.
Here's my card.
Think about it.
(engine rumbles)
I think Chappel needs
to stand out more,
on the bottom
of the bottle.
This one's
off-center a little.
Hey, somebody
stole my bike!
I left it here last
night, and it's gone.
No, it had a flat so I
just had Raymond fix it.
Just replaced the sliced
tire valve, filled it.
It's over in
the loading dock.
Should run a
little better now.
I ride a 1200.
Only on
The wife...
That's totally
unexpected, thank you.
How much do
I owe you guys?
No man,
we're good.
Wow, thank you.
Should we get
back to work now?
Oh yeah.
Yeah, yeah,
yeah of course.
Okay, so ummmm...
we were talking
about fonts.
Thought I might
find you here.
Had to step outside and
refresh the olfactories!
It can take some
getting used to.
I wanted to say that I'm sorry
for yesterday, I feel so...
No, no, I'm the one who
should be saying sorry.
No, you have nothing
to apologize for.
Yes, I do.
It was my fault.
It was completely
I just didn't know
about your father.
You must
really miss him.
I do.
Every day.
Being here, and all
the memories just...
I miss the little
things, you know?
He used to walk the halls
and hum without knowing.
He wore these glasses
that he didn't even need.
And he snorted when he laughed
and he never ate anything green
unless I
forced him to.
Well that
sounds familiar.
He was fun.
I remember
when I was--
When I was five, he bought
me this pair of rain boots...
I wore them every day,
just willing it to rain.
Spring came and went
and it never rained.
So he
scooped me up
and brought me outside
under this apple blossom tree.
He shook all
the branches
so that it rained apple
blossoms on me and my boots.
Sounds like he
was one-of-a-kind.
He was the best.
Yeah, he had the
greatest sense of smell.
You know, every time he
created a new perfume
he'd put a few of the
drops into a vial for me.
I have all
the vials.
This is the last one I'll
ever get from him though.
I can't sell
this place.
Everybody thinks
that I'm crazy.
But I can't.
Not to a fake
like Caine.
She's everything
my Father wasn't.
Wait, Caine?
Olivia Caine is this woman who
has made millions of dollars
copying other
peoples' perfumes.
But she's never been
able to copy my Father's
because his blends
are too complex.
Now she's begging
to buy us out.
Well, maybe you should
take her up on her offer.
Think of all the Nut
Bars you could buy.
Truck loads.
So try
these three...
(phone ringing)
Is that
Harv again?
Yeah, he's
Kind of sounds like
somebody else I know.
Very funny.
Okay, missing scent?
I don't know, I've been
doing this over and over.
Okay, do you think
it's something spicy?
Maybe it's more
of a soft smell?
Or sharp-edged,
herbaceous warm?
Maybe our
balance is off.
How much Vetiver did
you say there is?
A splatter?
precision please.
A Geiger...?
A Geiger?
Yeah, it's definitely
a Geiger, you know,
the thing that's used for
measuring ionizing radiation.
Sounded pretty
scientific to me.
(heavy sigh)
It's just all starting
to smell the same.
Oh, here!
Smell this.
What is that?
It's a wool sock, it helps
reset your olfactories.
So sniffing a sock is supposed
to make me smell better?
Yeah, sniffing
Raymond's sock.
Just try it.
That's nice, things
are progressing, I see.
Actually no, we're
kind of stuck right now.
Is that what
you call it?
Okay, well I'll let
you two get on with
whatever it
is you're doing.
Voil, thank you.
You okay?
(Dec yawns)
Yeah, I'm fine.
No, you're not.
Neither are you.
We're spending twenty
hours a day in here
on nothing but
candy and catnaps,
we need some food.
I forgot, let's
go take a break.
Let's hit up
the snack bar.
Violet, come on.
You sit in the same chair,
looking at the same view,
day in, day out.
Monday you have a nutbar,
Tuesdays you have a nutbar--
oh look, it's
three o'clock,
let's head to the snack
bar and get more Nuts!
If I smell one
more Test Strip,
I'm literally gonna
lose my mind.
All right, we need
to get out of here.
No look, I can't, I have Harv's
deadline hanging over my head.
Violet, don't
worry about Harv.
Just come with
me, trust me.
Come on!
I have to finish
mixing that though!
Pastry, how
about this guy?
Get one, yeah.
All right, I'll
get one too.
That must have been good,
you scarfed that down.
What was
in yours?
Let me see, the
Head note is pastry.
The Ground note
is cream cheese.
And the Heart note is
lots and lots of butter.
I applaud your effort but
your analogy was all off.
The Ground note
would be butter.
It makes up the
biggest proportion.
And here I thought I was
making progress, Professor.
Slow learner.
So why were you raised in
the US if your Dad is Belgian?
My mom's American and they
divorced when I was young,
so we moved back.
But I spent every
summer here in Bruges.
You know that's the first
thing I've seen you eat
that isn't
Now you sound
like Stefan.
Oh great.
And how do you like
living in Bruges?
I'm just here until
we get Sky launched
and then
it's back home.
Why, what's there that
you don't have here?
Well, my mom, my
friends, my life.
Oh, all that stuff.
I also have a research contract
with a pharmaceutical company.
You never cease
to impress.
Come on.
No, I'm serious.
I mean, you're smart,
you're kinda funny.
Oh really?
Yeah, you're accomplished,
yet you're willing to risk
your dreams to keep
your father's alive.
That's great, most people
won't sacrifice for others.
Anyone would do the
same if it's my dad.
That is not
true, trust me.
We should probably
head back to the lab.
Yeah, you know actually
I've got something
I want you
to see first.
I think you might
find it inspiring.
What do you
say, yeah?
All right,
come on.
Stefan: Where
is Violet?
I don't know, did
you try her cell?
Yes, it's just going
to her voice mail.
She didn't tell you
where she was going?
Almost there.
This is
I mean, it's like you
can smell the colors!
Yeah, it's
the blue hour.
It's the time when the
flowers smell their strongest.
Of course...
L'heure bleue.
See all
The Peonies, the Moon flowers,
that Lily of the Valley.
I seeded
all those.
So where
are we?
This is the
Cultivation Garden,
this is where everything's
seeded and transplanted.
It's like all
the colors
and all the scents
that Nature gifted us,
all squeezed into
one little spot.
It's heaven
on earth.
Nature's perfume.
My father
would have...
he would have
loved it here...
You know, all he
ever wanted was
just for me to
come and visit.
It had been ages
since I'd seen him.
I just kept putting it off
because of life and work
and, you know,
I'd tell him,
I'll come next week,
and maybe next week and...
God, I'd
give anything
just to have one
minute with him again.
I wish he'd just give
me a sign he was near.
In life we
don't always get
clean endings
and nice good-byes.
You're lucky, you
have good memories.
Even if though your father's not
actually here, he's always near.
You know, one of these days
he well send you that sign,
and when he does,
you'll know it.
(sprinklers turn on suddenly)
We can't.
Violet, Harv Willard here--
Violet, Harv Willard
here, calling you again--
There you are!
Where have
you been?
I stepped outside
for a breather.
I've been
texting, calling.
I know, I left my
phone here, I'm sorry.
You know what?
It's been a while since we've
been to diner, you and I.
You want to
get out of here?
Honestly, I can't.
I'm swamped and now I
need to play catch-up.
I mean I'm breathing
and sleeping
and dreaming Harv Willard,
so I just need to...
All the more reason for
you to get out of here.
I'm not gonna take
no for an answer.
Yeah, just let
me turn off...
Okay, yeah.
Yeah, I got
caught in the rain.
I miss this.
I miss you.
Oh look, they have your
favorite, the Chateaubriand.
I wonder if it's as good as
the place back in Boston.
You know, the
bistro that we go to
around the corner from
the theater district?
What's it
called again?
Hi, you just
order what you want.
This night's
all about you.
(electronic clicking
from Stefan's phone)
How was
What do
you mean?
Your day, dinner
with Stefan?
Oh, it
was fine...
The day was-- the
day was fine, yeah.
Dinner was fine.
Everything was fine.
Okay, dish.
What's going on?
What do you mean?
Well, you just said
fine four times.
Oh I did?
Uh, morning.
Oh, nothing.
Sorry, I
just need to...
My nephew would be
perfect for you, Kimmy.
He's smart, he's an accountant,
very good with kids--
What kind of car
does he drive?
He can cook.
He's very handy
around the house.
I think I'm good
being single for now.
You know
Olivia Caine?
Why didn't
you tell me?
She gave me a ride the
day my bike broke down,
it's not a big deal.
It's a pretty
big deal.
It was
just a ride.
I told you
about Olivia.
Look, ours is a
cut-throat industry.
It's not just pretty
bottles and perfume.
What did you tell
her about SKY?
Does she know we
don't have the formula?
What was
she wearing?
She's got
great style.
Look, Olivia's the one who's
been spreading rumors to Harv.
Did you think about that
before you got in her car?
Hold up, all right?
Let me get
this straight,
this is how you treat the member
of your "big, happy family"?
I've got
work to do.
Watch your back
with that one.
I just asked what
she was wearing, so...
I've known you for years,
you never get sick.
I'm breathing recycled air
24/7 with the perfume police.
What do you expect?
Boss Lady giving
you a hard time?
Violet with her
Super-sanitized boyfriend,
with his manicured this
and tailored that.
Maybe if you call buffed
nails and pocket squares
in your overly designed suits
perfect, then yeah I guess.
Brother, you
are a goner.
(phone ringing)
Dec is what?!
So it is true, umm, I guess
you really are really sick.
Yeah, how's
your nose?
Nice to see
you, too.
Look, I'm sick,
I'm sorry, okay?
I couldn't smell a
skunk right now.
Don't even worry about
it, I'm here to fix it.
So if you just take an
antihistamine now,
an anti-inflammatory
in two hours--
Already took vitamin
C and Echinacea--
That's great, so you'll
start feeling better
in like
two months...
Is that all I am to you,
a facial appendage?
I'm sorry, it's just the
stress of the deadline
and we were
finally making--
(sneezes loudly
and coughs)
-- progress.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
But if I wasn't
working 20 hours a day
in that cave
you call a lab,
I'd probably have a
functioning immune system.
I know.
You know what, we're in
this together, all right?
So you just
get some--
some rest and I will
go hold down the fort.
And I'll check
in with you later.
And maybe think about
taking medicine please?
Mr. Brophy?
I'd like some information on
one of your former employees,
Stefan Granger.
Wish I could help
but that's confidential.
Maybe I should
speak with your Boss.
(rings buzzer)
(rings buzzer again)
May I come in?
Nice place.
So lush
and so green.
So why didn't you tell
me you copy perfumes?
Well, hardly criminal.
Why didn't you tell
me you're a Botanist?
You know, my family
owns a huge estate.
One that requires a full
time Landscape Artist.
I hear you're
very skilled.
(laughs nervously)
I can make
it happen.
All I need from you is
one tiny little formula.
Think about it.
You'll never have to
work in a lab again.
So, what did
you put in this?
Oh you know, a little of
this, a little of that.
What kind of
soup is it?
It's minestrone.
Yeah, I was standing at the
balcony, I saw Violet leaving.
Don't be a fool, Dec.
Violet is
just using you
and once she gets
what she wants,
you'll be
yesterday's news.
She has no real need
for your skills.
But I do.
Feel better.
I'm not crazy about the
color scheme on this one,
but I do like the
bottle as an option.
Maybe they could show
me a few different ones
in case we want
to use that one...
Stefan: I'll see you
soon, have a good flight!
Kimmy, pull
the job posting!
I have got you the best
Perfumer in the business!
What are you
talking about?
Carrie Steilman.
Chanel's Carrie
Yes, her and her husband
want to relocate from Paris.
Isn't this marvelous?
What's the matter?
I thought you'd
be thrilled.
What about Dec?
What about him?
You didn't
even ask me.
This isn't how Chappel
treats its employees.
Okay, well give the
gardener a severance pay?
He'll be fine.
You worry too much.
I was just coming
to see you.
Actually, how are you--
how are you feeling?
I feel much
better, yeah.
Kimmy told me
you were here.
I wanted to come by and
say thanks for the soup.
Of course.
You know, actually,
now that you're here,
I would really love
to talk to you about...
What is that?
Where are
you going?
That's it.
That's what I've
been smelling in SKY.
This is a rare tree my
father had imported,
it's called
"Herb of Apple."
We tried apple
essence, though.
You said
it didn't work.
It's this
particular scent.
The missing note is a
scent above the Head note.
Like a-- I don't know,
like a halo note.
Is that possible?
Of course.
I mean, of course.
My father developed
this secret technique
that only he
would use
where he would evoke
the emotion of a place.
For LAND, we
used French moss.
For SEA, he
used real sea kelp.
He had to have
done it for SKY!
SKY smells like the
air around this tree.
Of course!!
Let's get
to the lab.
Don't worry,
we'll get this.
I'm not gonna
leave 'til we does.
I told you Nut Bars
were addictive.
That's not what
I'm addicted to.
Moment of truth.
Let's have it.
(disappointed sigh)
We did it.
What great news!!
Oh my god,
you did it!
No, we did it!
Oh my...
Hey, we did it,
we just made SKY.
Oh well isn't
that wonderful.
This is
Carrie Steilman.
So good to meet
you, Ms. Chappel.
I'm a huge fan of
your father's work.
I'm Carrie, the
new Perfumer.
And this is
Dec and he--
I'm just
leaving, actually.
No, Dec!
Listen, it's not--
Please, I can explain.
No need to
explain, have fun.
Stefan said that you need
me to start immediately.
I can begin working
this afternoon.
I'm sorry, you're going
to have to excuse me.
I'm sorry Carrie, let's
go over the contract
and I'll show
you around, okay?
Hi handsome!
How's the
Look, I know what you want,
it's not gonna happen.
Oh, everyone
has a price.
She's using you
and you know it.
You're a fill-in,
no experience
or even apprenticeship
as a Master Perfumer.
Sooner or later,
Violet won't need you.
Face it, Dec, to them, you
will always be a Botanist.
Come work for me.
And you will never feel
like an outsider again.
You won't regret it.
What are
you doing?
I am filling out the
paperwork for Carrie,
and I am
terminating Dec.
Okay, well
you can stop.
(Stefan sighs)
When Chappel's gets a real
Perfumist, the Gardener--
I'm sorry, the
Botanist, he goes.
I thought that's
what you wanted?
No, that's not
what I wanted.
Look, this isn't
right, Stefan.
We already have
a perfumist.
Dec's the one who helped
me figure out the formula.
Okay, he's
our perfumer.
I'm not hiring
someone else.
She's already got the job,
Chappel's is in good hands.
It's time to focus on
us and went to Boston.
You've tried
your hardest
and your Father would
be so proud of you.
But it's not what I
would be proud of.
I'm not hiring
someone else.
I have
the formula.
Get everyone working
on this right away.
No one goes home or takes
a break until it's done.
Are you sure?
These ingredients
are not--
I don't have time for debates,
just follow the formula.
Time is money.
Kimmy: Can we work a
little faster, everyone?
We really need to
get this done, okay?
Olivia: I've waited
long enough.
I'd be careful
if I were you.
I'll call it AIR.
Get PR on the line.
Put Marketing on the
Valentine's Day advertisement.
The minute SKY is
launched we'll piggyback
on their success and
finally make a copy.
I wouldn't do that.
Hey, Dec,
it's me Violet.
Look, I know
that you're upset.
I just need you to
call me back, okay?
Okay, bye.
What did you
put in this!?
Look at me!
I tried to warn
you, Mrs. Caine.
I told you to
make that formula!
And I did.
"8 parts Urushiol,"
just like it says.
It doesn't
say Urushiol!
It says "Toxicodendron
Urushiol is the
active ingredient.
Poison Oak.
I just followed
your instructions.
I've got a
score to settle.
Can you meet
me in 30 minutes?
(phone ringing)
No, no, I'll
be right there.
Hey, I got
your message.
Is everybody okay?
What happened?!
We're all fine,
nobody was hurt
but the sprinkler system
erupted and flooded the lab.
Dec: What?
There's a
lot of damage.
But at least the
offices are okay.
Well, is it safe
to go inside?
No, they're
securing the building
and checking
the electrical.
Hi guys.
It's going to be some time
before it's safe to go inside
so maybe just go home and
I'll call you later, okay?
What about Harv
and the deadline?
I don't know what I'm going
to do about that right now.
Is everyone
all right?
What happened?
What are
you doing here?
Well, I saw the fire trucks from
the highway, is everything ok?
Yes, everything is
just fine, thank you.
By the way,
congratulations on SKY,
it is wonderful,
Eric's best scent yet.
And how
would you know?
Because I have it.
Smell for yourself.
How did
you get that?
Dec, how?
I knew you
couldn't trust him.
I did give her a formula,
for poison oak.
It was meant
to be a joke.
No point in trying to
hide the truth, Dec.
And who
could blame you
after the shoddy
treatment they gave you?
Dec, only you and
I know the formula.
Violet, do you really
think I would do that?
I think you
should go, Olivia.
I changed my mind,
I don't like her style.
It's ugly.
Why would you
just give up?
I hadn't seen you
that happy in ages.
It doesn't matter what I
said or did, the dye was cast.
Never pegged you for
taking the easy way out.
What's that
supposed to mean?
That job was
good for you.
Or maybe it
was the lady.
No, it
wasn't the lady.
If you say so.
But take
it from me.
If you do nothing,
you get nothing.
(Motorcycle engine rumbling)
Look, I think
you should go.
I did not sell
SKY to Olivia.
Yeah, well
someone did.
It wasn't me, I
promise you that.
I would never
stoop that low
and I would never do
anything to hurt you.
I know your father's legacy
means everything to you.
Well honestly, it
doesn't really now.
What is all this?
I'm returning
home to the States.
You can't do that,
you can't just give up.
What do you expect me to do,
start mixing in the parking lot?
Yeah, if that's
what it takes...
If you do nothing,
you get nothing.
Violet, I don't know you
that well, but I know you.
I know when
you're happy,
I know when you're
pretending to be happy,
and I know when
you're afraid.
Well you're
wrong about me.
Don't you want to
continue Chappel's legacy?
Yeah, I did want to, but I
don't have the nose for it.
You don't need
the nose, Violet.
You are a chemist.
You don't need to copy
your father's perfume.
You just create your own,
that's how you honor him.
Can you please go?
Please, just,...
You know,
honestly Violet,
I really hope you find
what you're looking for.
The couriers dropped
these off at Chappel's.
Great, thanks.
Let me help.
You okay?
Is everything okay
with you and Stefan?
Don't take this
the wrong way.
I like Stefan but,
he's not Dec.
I've been watching you,
not in a creepy way,
but when you are with
Dec you seem so happy.
He really
makes you smile.
And well, Stefan is kind of
like a pair of Designer Shoes.
They look great and
when you put them on...
Okay, thanks.
Thank you for
bringing these.
I'll see you
later, okay?
(trunk slams shut)
What's the minimum
we have to meet
in order to deliver
our contract with Harv?
How many bottles?
How many?
As I recall, two
thousand by noon, Friday.
Five thousand by
the end of the week,
and the balance
depends on sales.
What if I
reformulate SKY?
What if I
reformulate SKY?
Well, you'd have
two days to do
what your Father
did in two months.
So it's never
going to happen.
Besides, I've already-- I've
already booked our flights home.
But I want to finish
my Father's perfume.
Violet, it's impossible.
It's not going
to happen,
it's time to face
the facts, it's over.
I'm gonna finish
what I started.
Don't you want to
go home to Boston?
I thought that
was your dream.
dreams change.
Is this
about Dec?
No, it's not
about Dec.
Look, he gave me the
idea to reformulate.
I'm the one choosing
to stay and finish this.
What does he know?
A Botanist thinking he can
crush a few Apple Blossoms
and call himself
a perfumer?
Look, I have the
foundation, okay?
All I have to do is
tweak it just a little bit,
I can re-formulate SKY and
still deliver to Harv on time.
And Olivia won't
be able to...
How did you know about
the Apple Blossoms?
Olivia must have
said something.
No, she didn't.
Dec must have
said something.
No, he wouldn't
do that.
He's loyal
and genuine.
How did you know?
Are you falling
in love with him?
Are you?
Because I'm not an idiot, you
spend so much time with him.
We have been
working together.
Stefan, how?
How did you
know the formula?
Your laptop
was open.
It was on
the screen.
How could
you do this?
How could you
sell me out?
And to Olivia of
all people?
What did
she offer you?
She got him
out of the way.
I did it for us.
No, you didn't.
You did
this for you.
Violet, please let
me explain--
No need.
We're done.
(picture frame
crashing on the floor)
The formula...
Kimmy, I
have an idea.
Just this way.
Harv, hi!
Thank you for coming
on such short notice.
I just wanted to tell
you in person that
I'm going to reach my
deadline tomorrow.
I thought your
lab was flooded.
We have
back-up facilities.
Chappel's has never
reneged on its commitments
and we're not
about to start.
You will have the
first order as contracted.
This was slipped to
me by my PR team.
It hasn't
run yet,
but Olivia claims to have
finally copied your blend.
"Can't get your hands on SKY?
There's plenty of AIR."
Is this true?
Because you know I was
promised an original blend.
It won't do me any
good if she has the copy.
Harv, you will absolutely get
an original blend, as always.
Olivia Caine has
never copied us,
and she's not
about to start.
Thank you.
I brought help.
This is my wife, ma
maman, my mother-in-law,
my daughters and the rest
of my extended family.
I brought every family member
and friend who owed me a favor.
You're the best.
Okay, maybe if you four
head to the kitchen,
then I'll have you guys
just head that way.
There's boxes, if you can
just start unpacking them, okay?
Thank you.
It smells so
good in here.
A little bit more
water, and faster.
Plus vite.
Do you think
he'll come?
I don't know.
(doorbell rings)
Can you bring
this to the kitchen?
I'll be
right there.
Hey, I got
your text.
You wanted
to see me?
I don't even know
where to start...
I want to apologize
for ever doubting you.
I know you had nothing
to do with selling SKY.
I'm really sorry.
And you
were right...
I mean, about
a lot of things,
but I've been living my
Father's dream and not my own.
So, for starters, I'm
not going back to Boston.
And what
about Stefan?
He's back
where he belongs.
And as great
as SKY was,
I'm gonna finish
the Trilogy on my own.
So you just
need a nose.
I need you.
Can I show
you something?
Come on.
Come on!!
Mmmm, is that
Lily of the Valley?
Peonies, Moonflower...
You called it
"Heaven on Earth."
Is this the
Cultivation Garden?
Yeah, you inspired me so we're
going to bottle your Garden.
(chatter and bustling)
Want to try it?
Not yet.
Hey, Ty, sorry
to bother you.
Oh here, let me.
I need a favor.
So just...
We're ready?
Yes, okay.
This one here.
No, it's still
missing something...
Okay, well what
should we add?
Now it's perfect.
It is.
(doorbell ringing)
Heard you
needed an army.
The Bean Fix platoon's
at your service.
He's cute.
The Botanical Gardeners
await your instructions.
Where do we
set up, Boss?
I... I don't know
what to say.
Oh wow, the professor
is speechless.
That's a first.
Okay, well, we have two thousand
of these little bottles to fill
and package in the next
one hundred and 20 minutes.
So if every one of you
can handle a little over
a bottle every two minutes,
then we can make it.
We can do it.
That's one
thousand, everybody!
We're half
way there!
Keep up the
good work!
Last one.
That's it?
That's it.
We did it.
That's two
thousand, people!
(cheering and applause)
(everyone chatting)
Thank you
so much.
Au revoir.
And you said you
didn't have any family.
I guess they were hiding
under my nose the whole time.
Ty, thank you.
Thanks man.
Any time.
You sure you
know the way?
I'm good, I've got a
special navigation system.
Oh really?
Iced Matcha, Monday.
You two
don't get lost.
(car pulling away)
So I think I
get it now.
Making perfume is not
like hydrogen bonds.
It's like...
It's like falling
for a girl.
Oh, come on...
Hear me out.
Okay, so the
Head note, right?
That's the
thrill, the chase...
I like this
analogy, keep going.
The Ground note, it's
a little less frenzied.
That's where the vibe grows
and the soul gets sucked in.
And then the
Heart note...
That's the one you just
can't get out of your system.
Thought you were only
interested in my nose?
We did good.
We did.
Another year and Heaven
on Earth is still a hit!
That is a big order.
Well, you did it.
No, we did it.
Speaking of we...
What do you think?