Love by Design (2023) Movie Script

[hopeful music]
- You're still working on
that stupid delusion board?
- It's a vision board
and it's not stupid.
- Oh, right, because by
pasting pictures to some board,
you're gonna magically have
a dog named Mr. Noodles
and a thriving interior design
company called B.Y. Design?
And really you're
gonna magically
begin dating the school's
quarterback, Hal Hartley?
No, it says find my soulmate.
You know what?
I don't care what you think.
I know it's all gonna come true.
Every single thing on this board
is gonna manifest
itself in my life,
every single one.
Yeah mom,
we'll definitely try to
get home for my birthday,
but it's just been
so busy around here
with the store
buyout and all, yeah.
Oh, Brent's actually talking
to Bill Keyes right now.
- I just don't know if
it's the best use of space.
Oh, hold on mom.
So sorry to interrupt guys,
but I actually thought
if you open up this area,
the two showrooms would
just flow so much better.
- Honey, could you grab
us a cup of coffee?
Of course.
Sorry about that, mom,
definitely try to
call you back later
but Brent said he has
something very important
he wants to talk to me about.
- Brent, she makes
an excellent point.
Yeah, well.
- Oh sugar, sugar, where
would this sugar be?
Oh my God, mom.
There's a ring, there's
a ring in Brent's drawer.
Yeah, he's gonna propose.
Keyes just left.
You ready to go?
Brent, wasn't there
something important
you wanted to tell me?
- Um, yeah, sure, I guess
we could do it here.
- Brooke, you and I, we've
been together for awhile.
Wow, this is hard to do.
You're doing great.
- The thing is I know how
much you've given up for me.
You put your dreams
of having an interior
design studio on hold
in order to help me grow my
business and make it a success.
I wanted to do it, for us.
I'm really glad to hear that.
Especially now with everything
that's coming together,
the store being bought out and-
It's a dream come true.
It is.
And that's why it's really
hard for me to tell you that
I've met someone else.
- I didn't mean
for it to happen.
It was love at first sight.
She's the receptionist
at my dentist office.
I just saw a ring in
your drawer, Brent.
- Yeah, I'm going
to propose to her.
You and I have had some
wonderful years together
and I just want you to know
that you can take all
the time that you need.
Time for what?
- For getting your
things out of the condo.
You'll bounce back.
[Brooke crying]
[gentle music]
[Brooke] Mom.
Oh, come to your mommy.
I don't know what happened.
I gave up everything for him.
Now I have nothing, no job,
nowhere to live.
- You know you can stay
here as long as you want.
Come on, let's get
you in the house.
Are you hungry?
I made your favorite,
chocolate chip cookies.
- No, thanks, I think
I'm just gonna lie down.
Honey, don't use your hands.
Where's the syrup?
- [Diane] Probably
somewhere in Brooke's bed.
But mom, seriously,
you can't keep babying
Brooke like that.
It's just gonna make it harder
when she has to face reality.
- I know but it's
only been a week.
Plus, it's her birthday week,
which makes everything
100 times worse.
Well, I have to get to work.
Thank you for
looking after Lilly.
Of course.
Oh, and please don't forget
to hold tomorrow night-
- For Brooke's birthday party,
I remember, we'll be there.
Thank you.
- Do you think she's
gonna come out of her room
long enough to blow out
the birthday candles?
Who knows?
Bye mommy.
[Brooke] Ugh, it burns.
- Brooke, you have
to get out of bed.
[Brooke] Why?
For one thing, you got a job.
One of Tara's clients decided
to hire you site unseen
because of all of
your experience in the furniture store.
- Come on, honey,
it's a beautiful day.
- Brooke, you have to
stop living like this.
At least unpack your things.
You cannot
let Brent stop you.
I mean, it's time to move on.
What's the point?
Nothing ever works out.
You know, I gave up all
of my dreams for Brent.
Now guess what?
He's happy
and I have nothing.
Oh, look what I found.
It's your old message board.
Vision board.
- Oh, you spent so much
time and energy on this.
You had such hopes and dreams.
Lot of good it did me.
Look at that.
Not one thing on
there came true.
Throw it in the garbage
with the rest of my
hopes and dreams.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Brooke
Happy birthday to you
That's so sweet, thanks.
Oh no, no, no, no, no.
The candles, make a
wish and blow 'em out.
What's the point?
Wishes don't come true.
They don't?
Of course they do, honey.
No, they don't.
- Brooke, of course
they do, Lilly,
and Brooke used to
know that herself.
Why she even made a big board
with all her hopes
and dreams on it.
- Mom, I told you
to throw that out.
- Close your eyes, make a
wish and blow out the candles.
What would I even wish for?
For this.
For which?
All of it.
Wish for everything on
this board to come true.
Okay, if you won't do it for
you, will you do it for me?
Okay, fine.
I wish for everything
on my vision board
to materialize in my life,
every single thing.
[Brooke blows out candles]
[electricity zapping]
What was that?
Thanks for the party, guys,
30's gonna be a blast,
I can just tell.
I wanted some cake, too.
Oh, hi honey.
You look-
Like an Amish person?
I can't believe I
have to wear a uniform
to work at a furniture store.
You look great.
Have you lost some weight?
- Please mom, she's done
nothing but eat junk food
since she came home.
If anything, she's
gained weight.
No, I didn't.
In fact, I think
I did lose weight.
Bet you 20 bucks.
- All right, she'll
take that bet.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Excuse us.
What? What is it?
Uh see, you have
lost some pounds.
Five, I lost five pounds.
Let me see that scale.
Wait, oh, oh.
Oh my poor scale,
my poor turkey,
go on, you guys go to work,
I'll clean all this up.
Have a good day.
You don't want your
breakfast cookie?
I already lost a few pounds,
might as well try to
eat more healthfully.
[hopeful music]
- As you can see, our furniture
is rather traditional.
We do cater to a very upscale
clientele I can tell you that.
It's lovely.
- Yes, I'm very
proud of my shop.
What are you doing?
I just felt like the table
was a little too
close to the couch.
Oh no, no, no, no, no,
I have everything
exactly as I want it.
Put it back for me.
Thank you, it's okay.
If you need anything,
I'll be in the back
working on the books,
but only call me if it's
a matter of life and day.
[Brooke giggles awkwardly]
- Oh, do you need
help with those?
Hi, thanks.
- Oh, are you here
to do a return
because these don't
look like our pieces?
Oh no, they're not.
- Oh, well even though we are
technically a furniture store,
we don't actually store
people's furniture here.
I'll keep that in
mind for next time.
In this case, I was hoping
you could take a look,
maybe consider featuring some
of my pieces in your store.
Oh, you made these?
Yeah, I'm Josh Stanton.
Brooke Yeardley.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Wow, this chair is sleek,
but still sort of rustic and-
[Josh] Please.
- Oh, and it's really
comfortable too.
Yeah, I'm glad you noticed.
Some people judge off looks
alone, they end up sorry.
The problem is
I don't really make the
decisions around here.
It's Trevor's store and he
doesn't seem to be too open.
No, it's okay.
Thanks anyway.
[gentle music]
Oh, this painting,
I think it could work
with some of our stuff.
Do you mind if I hold onto it
and maybe show it to Trevor?
- No, sure, I can stop
by later in the week.
That'd be great.
- [Trevor] Brooke,
little help please.
Well, I will see you next week.
Yeah, thank you.
- Brooke, please
come when I call you.
- I need some help.
- Yes.
Ah, what is that?
Isn't it great?
It's from a local
artist woodworker.
He wanted to maybe
sell them here.
No, absolutely not.
- Oh, well I think it's
really nice and could work.
- No, the answer is a
firm nada, get rid of it.
In fact, put it in
the back until you do.
Oh, it just, it
violates my eyeballs.
[Brooke] Okay.
Oh, I just love my life.
Oh, hi honey.
How was work?
Don't ask.
Oh, sorry.
Could you take that
garbage out for me please?
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Where did you come from?
Oh my God, you're such a cutie.
[gentle music]
Oh, how sweet.
Where did he come from?
I don't know,
he must have wandered into
the yard somehow, but-
Oh, what a cutie pie.
And he doesn't have any tags.
Well, I'm gonna go get changed
and find him something to eat.
- You do sort of look
like Mr. Noodles,
but then again so do 90% of
the mutts out there probably.
And those five pounds I lost
was probably from
all that sugar I ate.
It must have kick started my
metabolism into high gear.
Hey, looks like you got a dog.
- I didn't actually
get him, he found me.
- Don't tell me you
actually believe
your pipe dream
board is coming true?
Vision board.
- Just because you
lost some weight
and a stray dog
wondered into the yard?
It is strange though
that it all happened right
after I made that birthday wish.
- So you do think it's
thanks to the vision board?
No, I don't.
I mean, look, I know better
than to think some board
I created when I was 14
is like determining my fate.
Well, that's good to hear.
Anyway, mom made
dinner so come on in.
In a sec.
You're such a good boy.
You're such a good
boy, Mr. Noodles.
Look, that does look like you.
And over here we have a
mid-century modern chair,
which is quite good to sit in.
It's a bit stiff.
It's good for your posture
because who needs to relax
in their own home, really?
Excuse me for one second.
Hi Annie.
Mom, what are you doing here?
Why do you have Mr. Noodles?
- I just couldn't
keep him at home.
He was going crazy howling
and chewing up things.
I think he missed you.
Plus, I have an appointment
so you have to take him.
Mom, I can't.
Trevor doesn't even let
customers in with dogs.
- I also found this
in the backyard.
It must be his dog collar.
It says his name is Bentley
and on the other side
is a phone number.
So just call his owners
and tell 'em that
you have their dog.
Oh, okay.
- Nothing, just I thought
he didn't have an owner,
that he was meant to be mine.
Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart,
but if somebody lost
their little doggy,
you know they'd want
him back, right?
I gotta run.
I'll see you later.
Bye mom.
- Oh, I'm sorry, Mr.
Noodles or Bentley.
Hi, I believe I found
your dog, Bentley.
You can come get him at GDF
Studios at 12 Main Street.
[doorbell ringing]
Oh, hi.
Is this a bad time?
No, it's perfect.
- I'm really sorry, it just
didn't work out with Trevor.
It's not really his style.
Let me go get it.
Mr. Noodles, shh, shh, shh.
Thank you.
I really am sorry.
If it was up to me,
I would've kept it.
I would've bought five more.
- Uh, there's a dog
eating a pillow.
Mr. Noodles, no, no, no.
Oh my gosh.
I'll get out of your hair.
Okay, honey.
Brooke, I need your help.
[Brooke] Okay, sorry.
- Uh, I'm not the
man I used to be.
[Trevor grunting]
Okay, I will help.
- Ah, my God, what happened
to my lovely aubusson pillow?
Oh my God, it's fucking wet.
What happened here?
- I'm so sorry, I'm
gonna get that cleaned.
[Trevor] Ah, a big fluffy rat.
- [Brooke] It's not
a rat, it's a dog.
Mr. Noodles.
I have allergies.
- I found him and I
already called his owner.
I'm returning him.
Good, go now.
I'll come back and
I'll clean everything
and I'll dry clean
that pillow and.
No, just don't come back.
- I'm sorry, but this
isn't working out for you,
I mean this job.
I know you know about
furniture and design,
but you're not happy here.
Please, just go.
[sad music]
Heartbreaking but necessary.
[sad music]
- I can't even keep
the jobs I don't want.
And now I can't keep
you either, Mr. Noodles.
[Hal] Bentley!
[upbeat music]
There's my dog,
come here, buddy.
That's your dog?
Yes, he's my dog.
Hi, I'm Hal.
- Oh, sorry, wow, that's
just, that's so strange.
It is.
Yeah, this is my dog.
I don't know how he got out.
Apparently the mailman
maybe left the gate
open or something.
Anyway, I am so thankful
that you found him
'cause I don't know what I'd do
if I ever lost this little guy.
Yeah, he's a great dog.
So you seem to know me.
Have we met before?
No, not technically,
but we did go to
high school together
and junior high and
elementary and kindergarten.
Wow, we did?
Wait a minute, yes.
Yes, we did.
You and I had math-
- Science
- science together, yes, yes.
I'm Brooke Yeardley.
Brooke, yes, Brooke Yeardley.
How have you been?
I've been great.
I've been great.
I actually just
got back into town.
Where did you go?
Well, I work for an investor
and he owns a lot of
buildings and properties
all over the place so
I'm constantly traveling.
As a matter of fact, his latest,
you know the new building on
the waterfront, that's ours.
- That is so fancy.
- It is.
I think I read about that.
Oh cool, yeah.
And this is you, this
is where you work,
this is where you
called me from?
No, I don't.
- Oh, well that's
a bummer for me
because I actually
need some furniture
and some design inspiration
because I just
bought this new house
and I had somebody help me
out and he dropped the ball
and anyway, I fired
him, everything's a mess
and I could use
some design advice.
That is so interesting
because I do interior
design actually,
I went to school for it.
Do you have your own
firm or something?
- Yeah, I have my
own design firm.
It's called B.Y. Design
because I'm Brooke Yeardley
so it's b-y, B.Y. Design.
Well, that's cool.
Do you have a card?
Oh, not on me.
- As a matter of fact,
are you busy today?
Because I'd love you to come
over and check out the place.
It's actually right on
the corner of Maple,
it's One Maple Lane.
One Maple Lane.
- Yes, absolutely,
I'll be there.
- I have a meeting to go to
right now so I'm thinking,
would it be possible for
you to come over about six?
Perfect, perfect.
- Yeah, actually I'm gonna
be late to my meeting now
because of this whole thing,
I have to get him home and I
can't bring him to the meeting.
I don't even know how I'm
gonna make it all happen so.
Well you now what?
I could take him
until you're done.
- No, I would never
ask you to do that.
No, it's not a problem.
Mr. Noodle, Bentley
and I are good friends.
We've actually
bonded quite a bit.
He does have good taste.
You sure you don't mind?
I'm sure.
- Okay, well then
I'll give this to you
and I'll see you at 6:00 PM.
Yes I will see you there.
Okay, I'll see you there.
See ya.
All right, bye bye.
Bye Bentley, be good.
Hal Hartley.
This is so weird.
[upbeat music]
All right, Hal, let's
check out these digs.
Nice going, Hal.
All right, I need a phone
board, Tara's painting.
[mysterious music]
Oh, I need more coffee.
Oh, Brooke, you're here.
We're all gonna go
out to dinner tonight.
What happened to the painting?
Why is it all out of its frame?
I'd love to come,
but I have to prepare for a
very important business meeting.
- Business meeting,
for the store?
- No, I don't work
for Trevor anymore.
It's for my company.
Your company?
B.Y. Design.
- Brooke, just because you got
some business cards printed
with the name of your junior
high business on them,
doesn't mean you
have a real company.
- True but having an
important client meeting at
oops six does.
I better go, don't
wanna be late.
Oh, how exciting.
You have a client meeting.
- I know mom, it was
the craziest thing.
I called Mr. Noodle's
owner to come get him
and he said he had a new
house he needed help with
at One Maple Lane.
And you'll never
guess who it was.
Oh my God, Hal Hartley.
You're gonna be working
with Hal Hartley?
- I mean if it all
goes well, yeah.
- Wait, wait mom,
how did you know
Hal Hartley was
Mr. Noodles' owner?
I didn't.
Yes, you did.
You just said, when she said
Oak Tree Lane, you said Hal-
Tara, I don't know,
maybe I heard he bought that
house on Oak Tree Drive.
Maple Lane.
Oh, I have to help
you with your hair.
What, mom?
My hair's fine.
No, no, it's not.
[Tara sighs]
- Auntie Brooke has
her own company?
Yeah, sure.
[hopeful music]
[Brooke] Hi.
So I'm slightly confused.
How did you come
up with all this
if you hadn't seen my house yet?
- I actually looked up
the real estate listing.
I wanted to get some ideas and
I guess I got carried away.
- It's actually exactly
what I was imagining,
but I just couldn't
put that into words.
Yeah, really.
- Well, I think it's
important sometimes
to visualize something
to get a sense of what
it is you really want.
I totally agree with that.
You know when I was
playing football,
I used to visualize what the
winning plays would look like
in my head,
and more often than not,
those plays would turn out
exactly the way that I saw 'em.
Yes, exactly.
Well, you have any questions?
- I actually do, I
have one question.
When can you start?
You mean?
I mean the job is yours
if you want the job.
I do, I would love the job.
I can start now.
[hopeful music]
Ah, thank you, Oprah.
That could be nice.
- Absolutely, I will get
that over to you ASAP.
All right thanks, bye.
I'm about ready to take off.
Need anything from
me before I go?
- No, the counter guys
are coming later today
and the furniture guys should be
[doorbell ringing]
Oh, there he is, right on time.
- Perfect, I'll
be right back out.
[romantic music]
Wow, it's you.
I thought I hired
- Taylor General Contracting,
it's my dad's company.
Well, it used to be, I actually
took it over last year.
Cool, nice toolbox.
Thank you.
Come on in.
This place is huge.
Whoa, who would
do that to a wall?
Really ugly wallpaper.
Can you remove it?
Yeah, I can remove that.
You said you wanted a
fireplace built in, too?
- Yeah, I was thinking something
right in the middle here,
very modern, very chic.
- Okay, I mean that would
take a lot out of that wall.
You sure you don't
want it someplace else?
No, I want it right there.
See, right here on
the design board,
fireplace, wall, it works.
- [Hal] Okay, I'm
gonna take off.
Hey, Hal Hartley.
Josh Stanton.
So you are in control.
[Brooke] Okay.
Ah, you know what, I just
remembered something,
I got to take this stuff
and get it mailed out today
and now I'm not gonna
have time to do it.
Well, I can do it.
Are you sure you don't mind?
No, I don't mind.
- That would be amazing,
thank you so much.
Oh, and I hate to ask
you to do this too,
but would you mind taking
Bentley for a quick walk
before you leave?
Not a problem.
I'll see you later.
Nice meeting you, John.
It's Josh.
So you're like his
girlfriend, too?
No, I'm his interior designer.
Oh, okay.
What do you mean okay?
Nothing, I just mean okay.
- Yeah, but it sounds like
you're implying something.
- You're walking the
dog, mailing stuff.
- Well, that's because he's
a very busy business man
and I happen to
love Mr. Noodles.
Mr. Noodles?
Bentley, I love Bentley.
Right, I can forget
I said anything.
I will, it's forgotten.
[happy music]
Hold on, Mr. Noodles, hold on.
[happy music]
Oh, wow, this looks great.
Couldn't agree more.
Oh, you're home.
I'll get out of your way.
- No, no, no, I was
actually gonna ask you
if you'd like to join
me for dinner tonight.
I'd love to.
[jazz music]
- So Hal, how did you end
up doing what you do now?
Did you just give
up on football or?
- No, I was gonna play
football professionally
until I blew my knee out.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I'm actually happier
doing what I'm doing now.
You know, it's funny,
but sometimes the things
that you wanna be doing
are not really what you're
supposed to be doing.
You know what I mean?
- I do, although I think
I'm sort of the opposite.
I knew what I wanted
when I was young,
but I sort of lost my way
without even realizing it.
I made too many compromises.
I only recently
found my way back.
- Well, I for one
am glad you did.
To finding your way
back and no compromises.
To no compromises.
Nice, nice, watch your feet.
Okay, what do we think?
Looks great.
I almost feel like it
should go this way.
This is how you said.
- I know, I'm just
not sure anymore.
What do you have on here?
What do you have on here?
This way.
And take out most of that?
- Hmm, no, long ways
with the chairs.
[Brooke] Yeah.
Just like we had it before.
Thank you, Josh.
[Josh] Looks really good.
No, I hate it.
[Josh] Okay.
- I hate it, just-
- All right boys,
let's take it out,
chairs first then get the table.
Any luck with the chandelier?
Wow, that looks great.
- Yeah, I'm done
with the fireplace.
Come have a look.
And it's double sided?
I didn't know you
were gonna do that.
- Works though, you can
see all the way through.
I figured it would
open it up more.
- Yeah, but still you
should check with me
before you do
something like this.
I mean, this is my vision.
I know.
What's that supposed to mean?
- Just that you're
not open to any input.
You got it all figured out
on that little board there.
- Well that's because I
have a very clear vision
of what I want and I don't
intend to compromise.
- I'm not talking
about compromise.
I'm talking about being
open to something new,
something that'll sweep
you off your feet.
- Yeah, no, we're doing
it my way as planned.
Yes, ma'am.
Does look good though.
- Hey, I know you're still
looking for something here.
I found a gallery
that's doing an event,
lots of new pieces, on sale.
Oh wow.
- Looking better every single
morning, I'll tell you that.
Oh my gosh, there's
a spot on this tie.
Look at that.
- Oh, that's not
a problem at all.
No, I can fix that.
You know what, I'd actually
rather you handle it anyway
'cause honestly, if I touch
it, it's gonna be destroyed,
that's for sure.
And can you take Bentley
for a quick walk again
before you leave?
[Brooke] Of course.
- I don't know where
this morning has gone,
it's just flown by.
[Josh swallowing]
- It's a favor,
it's a small favor.
He would do the same for me.
I'll prove it.
Did you call me?
[Brooke] Yes.
Would you do me a favor?
- Would you go to this
gallery opening with me?
It's to find a
chandelier for the house.
- Yeah, sure, that
sounds like fun.
Let me just check my
schedule, but why not?
Okay, I'll see you later.
See you.
Okay, John.
- Okay, firstly, that
was not a for sure yes.
Secondly, I don't know if
picking out items of furniture
for his own house is
really a favor for you.
- You don't understand, some
things are just meant to be.
Meant to be?
Oh wow, okay.
All this meant to be
stuff is nonsense.
You're very negative.
- I mean, people can convince
themselves of anything,
it doesn't make it true.
It's like when I
opened up my own shop.
It was hard,
I was fighting with my
fiance all the time,
my dad was putting pressure on
me to take over the business.
Eventually, I just gave
it all up, closed up shop.
And you're happier this way?
It's just easier.
You know, my dad always wanted
me to take over the company
so it all worked out.
[classical music]
Hi Hal.
Yeah, I'm just here
at the gallery.
Just let me know
when you get here.
Oh my God, this
would be perfect.
- [Josh] I don't know,
might be too small.
What are you doing here?
Are you stalking me?
- Are you checking to
see if Hal showed up?
Did he?
Oh my God, she's stunning.
Hello honey.
So you ready to go?
- Yeah, I just gotta
do one thing, baby.
Oh, I'm sorry, Barbara,
this is Brooke.
Brooke, Barbara.
I'll be right back.
Nice meeting you.
Nice to meet you.
- So you work
together with Josh?
Oh Josh, yesh, I mean yes.
[phone buzzing]
Oh, excuse me for one second.
Hi Hal.
- Hey, Brooke, I got
held up at the office.
Now I'm just leaving,
traffic's a mess.
It's like a parking
lot out here.
I don't know if I'm gonna
even be able to make it
to the party at all tonight.
Too bad.
That's my ex, Brent and
he's with Bill Keyes.
Oh my gosh, they must
be looking for new ideas
for their furniture line.
You know Bill Keyes?
- Yeah, he bought
out Brent's store.
Wait, hey, hello?
So sorry, Hal, I have to go.
- Wow, I can't
believe you're here.
How are you?
I'm good.
- Oh, is that a
new business card?
Let me see.
B.Y. Design, B.Y. Design?
You're finally trying to
get that little design firm
of yours going.
That's great, Brooke.
I'm glad you're moving on.
- I'm not trying
to move on, I'm-
Well Brooke, you must try.
You can't stay
stuck in the past.
I'm not stuck in the past.
- Hey boss, did you want
me to load this chandelier
into the back of my truck?
Oh, yes.
Wait, wait, you're his boss?
Yeah, Josh Stanton.
Yeah, I'm working for Brooke
on her current project.
It's a reno, redesign,
about 5,000 square feet,
wouldn't you say, boss?
Yes, approximately.
Wow, really?
I'll get the truck.
Yeah, you do that.
- Hi, Mr. Keyes.
- I thought that was you.
So good to see you.
Me too.
You know the store is
not the same without you.
I always knew that
you were the real eye
behind those design choices.
That's so kind of you to say.
- And did I hear you say
that you are now starting
your own interior design firm?
- Yeah, it's small,
but that's me.
Clever name.
If you're interested,
I'm looking for a decorator
to help me with my new
chain of boutique hotels
to make the rooms
efficient, of course,
but also practical and unique.
I'd love to see your new work
once you finish your
current project.
Yes, I'd be honored.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
Hal, you made it?
I did, I made it.
- Hal Hartley, this is
Bill Keyes and Brent Davis.
- It's such a pleasure
to meet you, sir.
I've read both your books,
inspired me greatly.
[Hal] Thank you.
- In fact, I'd love to talk to
you about our newest project.
We're actually working
on a series of micro apartment
complexes all across Europe.
- Well, I don't have
a lot of time now
and I'm going to be
going out of town
for the next couple of weeks.
Perhaps when you get back?
We're actually gonna be
throwing a little party
when Brooke finishes the house
to celebrate in her honor.
We are?
Two weeks from Friday, yes.
You should absolutely stop by.
We're gonna have
drinks and we can talk.
For Brooke, sure.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Two weeks, but I
still have to find
the main item of furniture
for the living room
and there's just so many-
I know you can do it.
I have faith in you.
And speaking of which,
I think we're gonna have to
go dramatic with this thing,
you know, especially
if he's gonna be there.
So I'm thinking backyard,
maybe we do a little ice
bar or water feature.
Do you have any ideas?
- I think I could come
up with something.
I'm sure you can.
That's what I love about
you, you're so positive.
You know, I feel like like
meeting you at this time,
it was almost as if it
was meant to happen.
I really like you a lot, Brooke.
I lo, like you too, Hal.
I'll see you later.
I'm gonna faint.
Hal Hartley loves me.
He loves me.
Is everything okay?
It's great, mom.
Everything's wonderful,
like a dream come true.
- Oh, I am so happy
to see you happy.
Remember this?
- Oh, oh, let's, how
many nights we do this?
- Oh, I can remember
you screaming.
[both giggling]
- Was it all really thanks
to that vision board
and my birthday wish?
Who knows honey?
But I do think that when
things are meant to be,
they find a way to
happen no matter what.
Speaking of birthdays, Lilly
wants a dollhouse for hers.
What do you think about
giving her your old one?
I love that idea.
Oh good.
What do you think about
inviting Hal to the party?
We'd all love to meet him.
- I'll ask him mom,
but he's really busy.
In the meantime,
I have two weeks to come
up with something dramatic
for his backyard.
I was thinking maybe a fountain.
I don't know.
Really, you don't know?
[Brooke giggling]
[mom clears throat]
A gazebo?
[Diane] Indeed, a gazebo.
I love it.
Oh, this is great.
You're the best, mom.
I love how you modified
the chandelier.
It looks great.
A gazebo, huh?
- Yes and it needs to
be done in two weeks.
Can you do it?
What kind are you thinking?
- I'm thinking maybe
something hexagonal
or rectangular.
Like a pergola?
- No, like a gazebo,
exactly like a gazebo
with a lattice roof.
Yeah, that's a pergola.
No, it's a gazebo.
Okay, I'll make the gazebo.
What do you think
about over here?
- Hmm, yeah I think
we need something
for the center here.
You know, I might
have just the thing.
My painting really?
I told you I loved it.
- You're not doing this
out of pity, are you?
- No, I just knew
it would be perfect
and it is.
I still don't have
anything for over here.
I've tried every bench,
every table, every chair.
- Oh no, I know, there's
nothing on your board
that tells you exactly
what's supposed to be here.
- No, nor do I see
any dazzling ideas
that sweep me off my feet.
- Yeah, see that's the thing
about unexpectedly dazzling.
What are you doing?
Come on, look at this place.
You're good at this.
- Oh, my mom made me take it
till I was in high school.
She thought it would
make me more friends.
And did it?
- No, I lost the few
friends that I had.
[romantic music]
Well, that was unexpected.
I still don't see any dazzling
ideas floating around so.
Okay, a little to the right.
Oh, a little more to the left.
The painting looks great
but I think we need a shelf,
some more storage, it
looks a little flat.
- I don't know, I
like the simplicity.
We need storage here.
I don't think so.
I think so.
Well, I don't.
- Well, I'm the decorator
and this is my vision.
- And I'm the contractor and
I make your vision a reality.
And the reality is
this is perfect.
- Can you just add
some storage, please?
For you, sure.
You know, this is
becoming quite the house.
Yeah, it's real home.
[Hal] Brooke.
Oh, hi Hal, you're home early.
- Yeah, thought
I'd just stop by,
everything's looking great.
I'm actually gonna
head out again, but oh,
is that where that
painting is gonna go?
- Oh, you don't
like the painting?
- No, I like it, I
mean I like kids art,
it's just I actually
ordered a big flat screen
that I thought I was
gonna put there instead.
- You want to put a TV in
the middle of the room?
- Yeah, I mean we could talk
about it, but you know, yeah.
Oh hey, the tie, did
the stain come out?
It did.
I brought it to the dry cleaners
and it's hanging in your closet.
- That's incredible, you
never cease to amaze me,
you know that?
All right, look, I'm
gonna head to the gym,
I'll check in with you later.
- Don't give me that,
it was one little favor.
I didn't say anything.
I was just sitting here
thinking pergola thoughts.
They're pergolating in my mind.
All right.
- And I know what you're
thinking so just stop.
He would totally do the same
thing for me, I'm sure of it.
Yeah, okay.
In fact, Hal.
Yeah, did you call me?
Would you do me a favor?
- My niece's birthday
party is next weekend.
Would you come with me?
I'd love to.
As my date?
Okay, I'm gonna go now.
There, you see?
Yeah, all right.
All right, no excuses?
No, no, I guess I was wrong
about him being a selfish,
self-centered, untrustworthy?
Exactly, maybe you were.
Right, I'm gonna get my tools
to build the shelves
underneath the painting.
Ah, no sorry, the TV,
shelves under the TV.
- Yeah, man, it's
actually, it's going great,
the house is coming
along finally.
Yeah, I have this new interior
designer, she's great.
She's actually really
sweet, has great ideas,
she's cute, she's
like a real doll.
Well, actually the only thing is
she just invited me to her
niece's birthday party.
So I know, I know, yikes, right?
So I was like, okay.
Anyway, I was wondering
if we could in fact move,
you know that all boys' Vegas
weekend we're
doing next weekend,
can we move it to this weekend?
'Cause that way I could
avoid the snooze fest
and you know just tell her
that I'm working outta
town or something.
Yeah, we can do it?
All right buddy, I'll
see you this weekend.
Vegas baby.
Okay, all right bye.
[gentle music]
Nope, just what I thought.
Wow, Josh, this looks great.
Oh the TV has arrived.
Yeah, I brought it in.
- You just have to find
some way to hide it.
Hide it?
- Yeah, like maybe
one of your paintings,
we can make a bigger version
of it and cover it in some way.
Yeah, I don't know.
- Oh, I did get the
wallpaper for the accent wall
and the marble should be
arriving for the floors
any day now.
Yeah, it's gonna look good.
Oh, hey John.
Don't forget about our
lunch today, all right?
We're gonna go for Indian.
Oh, great.
- Hey, my TV showed
up, all right.
I'll see you soon.
[Brooke] See you.
- Don't worry, I
got you covered.
- Yeah, yeah, you
do, I trust you.
Whoa, wait a second, did you,
you just said that
you trusted me?
Oh, did I say that?
I just meant call me, you
know, if you need anything.
- Oh and I added some
more gazebo images
to the design board.
Of course you did.
- Oh, I love this, the
colors and the marbling,
looking good, Mr. Stanton.
You can get back to work.
See you later.
[upbeat music]
Is there any way that
I can get you alone
I'm not even going to
try to take you back home
There's something
'bout you that I just
I just need to know
I need to know you
Everything looks good.
The shelves look good.
Now to set the screensaver.
Just like a framed painting.
Okay, now for the gazebo.
Where is that design board?
I don't know, man.
I think we're looking at a
major problem in the future
with that whole
soil pressure issue.
- Forget it, the
reports not in yet
so we don't know about
the issue, right?
Just play innocent.
[Stewie] All right.
What's wrong?
- It just sounds like you're
lying to your investors.
Nah, it's just business, baby.
She's an artist.
[men laughing]
[phone buzzing]
Oh, excuse me.
Hi, Josh.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's fine,
I just can't find your
design board anywhere.
- Oh no, I hope we didn't
leave it at the house.
I'll take care of it.
[Josh] Okay.
- Do you think we
could stop by my mom's
to pick up the design
board on the way home?
- No, I don't think we're
gonna have time to do that.
Why don't you call Josh,
see if he can swing
by and pick it up?
I'm sure he'll do it for you.
I'm sure he would, too.
You know what, forget it,
I'll just have my
mom bring it to him.
Oh good.
[Brooke] Yeah.
- [Hal] So we know what we're
doing with report, right?
- [Stewie] Absolutely,
I got it handled.
Excellent, okay.
[doorbell ringing]
[Josh] Oh, hi.
- Hi, you must be
Brooke's sister
and Brooke's other sister.
Oh, you.
- And that makes
you Brooke's mother.
No, I'm Lilly.
Here, we brought you this.
- Thank you, I've
been waiting for this.
You two ladies maybe
want to come inside?
Yes, is it okay?
Come in, come in.
I like that chandelier.
[Josh] Oh yeah?
- Oh, I've wanted to
see inside this place
ever since Brooke
started working here.
It's amazing.
- That's all thanks to
your talented daughter.
- Well, she says the
same thing about you.
'Cause she doesn't
say that to me.
I like that big picture.
- It's not a picture, it's
actually a big TV screen.
It's just framed so it
looks like a painting.
I want one of those.
Can I have one of those
for my doll house?
Lilly, now I've told you
you don't know you're
getting a doll house
for your birthday.
She's getting a doll house.
I'm getting a doll house.
So where is Brooke anyway?
- She's having lunch
at that Indian place.
- Well, we don't want
to interrupt your lunch.
Thank you.
Will you come to my party?
Oh, I gotta keep working here.
- Oh no, we'd love to have
you, the more, the merrier.
- Yeah, sure, I
wouldn't miss it.
Thank you again.
No, it's fine.
[Diane] Isn't this amazing?
- You be good, Mr. Noodles.
- Mr. Noodles!
- Oh hi, there you are
with that dog again.
You know, if you have any
free dog walking spots,
I know someone who
would love to come by.
Oh no.
Come on girls, let's go.
What's he talking about, mom?
[Diane] I have no idea.
I think he's got us
confused with somebody else.
Mom seriously, why did
that mailman recognize you?
Why did he think you were
here with that dog before?
- I don't know,
maybe he's crazy.
No, you're up to something.
- Oh, come on, let's just
go get Lilly her shoes.
Nice to see you again.
I don't know.
Lose five pounds,
dreams will camp.
Wow, the wallpaper looks great.
Oh and the shelves, too.
Wow Josh, oh did you
get my design board?
- Yeah, I think I know
exactly what you had in mind.
- Oh my God, that's
not my design board.
What are you doing with this?
But what the hell is it?
It's nothing, it's nothing.
But seriously, what is it?
- It's my vision board from
when I was 14 and it's stupid.
- It has Mr. Noodles
on it and B.Y. Design.
It means nothing to me
and I'm just gonna
put it in the car.
Just forget you ever saw it.
- Okay, but just to
be, wait, wait, wait,
okay no, just to be clear
on what a vision board is,
it's like what a design
board, but for your life?
Yes, exactly.
It's just something
from my childhood
that I don't take seriously.
- Good because I
thought for a second
that maybe you were
basing your entire life
on this glittery
magazine cut out fantasy
from when you were a child,
which would be totally nuts.
That would be ridiculous.
- No, it'd be beyond
ridiculous, it'd be crazy.
Yeah, it would be crazy,
but it wouldn't be
that crazy though.
- Yes, it would 'cause
we're adults, we're not 14.
Yeah, of course,
but it's possible that what
you wanted when you were 14
is what you were meant to
have in your life, right?
Yes, and it's possible
that by giving up on
those childhood dreams,
you're actually
giving up on yourself
and giving up on ever
finding your true destiny.
I see what you mean
but I gotta go.
I'm gonna become an astronaut.
No, wait, it's a fireman.
That's not what I meant.
I just meant, these
vision boards,
everybody does them.
I mean Oprah, she manifests
everything she wants in her life
and you know why?
Because they work.
Wait, wait, wait,
the photo of your dream
man, is that Hal Hartley?
It is.
Is that why you're
making me build a gazebo?
Yes, it is.
It's the exact gazebo
that I'm building.
I wanted you to build it
because it's a beautiful gazebo.
- Does he know you want
to marry him in it?
No, because I don't.
I am building it because he
wanted a dramatic feature
for his backyard
so I chose a gazebo
because who wouldn't
want a fabulous gazebo
in their backyard?
It's perfect for parties
and for entertaining.
And weddings.
You just don't understand.
I think I do.
The vision board's right.
It has to be right.
Look, I know it
sounds crazy, okay?
I know.
But the crazy thing is
is that it's all
actually happening.
Somehow I made a birthday wish
that everything
on my vision board
would manifest in my life
and it has, all of it.
First, I lost five pounds.
Then, Mr. Noodles appeared.
Then, Hal appeared, like
it was all meant to be,
like I didn't even have to try.
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
Say what exactly?
- You're trying a little
too hard if you ask me.
- Obviously you have
an opinion on it
as you do on everything.
- It's just that you like
forget who you are sometimes
around your soulmate,
Hal Hartley.
I mean you stand differently,
you eat foods you don't like,
it's like you're not really you.
That's ridiculous.
Oh, is it?
No it's because
he's the customer
and the customer
is always right.
Look, I know you have
something against Hal.
I don't know what it is,
I don't understand it,
but I don't know why
you dislike him so much.
- I don't trust him,
he's untrustworthy.
Can't you see that
or is your vision board
blinding you to reality?
- If you have something
specific to say about Hal,
just say it.
Otherwise, just leave me alone
because I don't have room for
your negativity in my life.
You want me to be specific,
I overheard him talking-
- Brooke, hey, bring
it in, bring it in.
I got some good news.
I got some good news.
- I'm guessing your
meeting went well.
Yes, it did.
All right, first of all, Bill
Keyes has RSVPed to our party,
and let me tell you this,
if I get him to invest
in our next project,
I'll be made partner.
That's great, congratulations.
I know, thank you.
- Hal, that problem that you
were talking about at lunch,
that soil pressure thing,
you're gonna tell Mr.
Keyes about it, right?
You're not gonna try to
trick him or anything?
No, no, of course not.
I'm gonna tell him for sure.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, I forgot to tell you,
next weekend, I
gotta go of town.
I gotta head to
Milwaukee for work.
- Next weekend,
that's Lilly's party.
I know, I know.
I wouldn't miss
that for the world,
but what can I do?
- No, I get it, it's
work, I understand.
You can meet my family anytime.
Great, you're the best.
Oh and since I'm
gonna be out of town,
you want to take Bentley
for the weekend for me?
You can stay here if you'd like.
Yeah, of course.
- Great, you're the
best, you're the best.
You already said that.
[upbeat music]
It's perfect, isn't it?
Mom, let me just rearrange,
rearrange one thing.
- Maybe you should
design board it.
Josh, what are you doing here?
Oh, Lilly invited him.
- Yeah, I hope I'm not late.
- Just on time.
We were just getting ready
to take it out to her.
Can you give us a hand?
Sure thing.
I want to see.
No, no.
I want to see.
[Tara] One second.
- Dollhouse, I
love it, thank you.
- Oh, one more thing,
this is for you.
- It's the big screen
TV with the remote.
Where did you get this?
I made it just for you.
I love it.
Thank you, thank you.
Of course, enjoy.
So that's what you got her?
Out of all the possible
dollhouse items,
you got her a big screen TV?
- Well, it's like you said,
the customer is always right.
- Would you like
a piece of pizza?
I would love a piece.
Thank you.
- You know, it was really
nice of you to come.
Are you kidding?
This is my kind of party.
Oh yeah?
- But listen, I
want to apologize.
I had no business talking to
you like that the other day.
- No, actually I think
maybe you were right,
about me I mean.
I think I do turn into another
person when Hal's around
and it goes beyond him
just being the customer.
You know with Brent, my ex,
I was myself and it
didn't work out so well.
I think I'm just
trying to be the person
I always wished I was.
Oh, well there's your problem
because you know, the real
you is really not bad.
Oh, not bad, huh?
And if your old boyfriend
couldn't see that,
that's his problem.
It shouldn't make you
unhappy with who you are,
that's not fair to you or
the person you end up with.
They should get to
experience the whole you,
not just some magazine
cutout version.
'Cause you know the
real you is really good.
- [Diane] Brooke, can you
come help me for a second?
One sec.
- Hey mom, do you
think it's possible
that the vision board was
wrong about some things?
Maybe I'm not meant to
be with Hal after all.
- You and Hal are absolutely
supposed to be together.
I promise, okay?
Looks great.
Okay, well we're almost done.
Can you run and get the
platter in the garage please?
Yeah, yeah mom.
- Hey mom, do you think it's
time you told her the truth?
The truth?
- About how you faked the
whole vision board coming true.
Faked it?
Tara, are you suggesting that I-
Save it, mom.
I know what you did.
I went back to that mailman
and he told me he saw
you carrying Mr. Noodles
out of Hal's yard six weeks ago,
the very day Brooke
discovered him in our yard.
You tracked down Hal
and stole his dog
just so you could get
him and Brooke together.
- I didn't steal his
dog, I borrowed it.
She just needed a little
magic in her life.
And if borrowing Hal's dog
and messing with that
scale would do the trick,
then so be it.
- I knew you messed
with that scale.
- And I would never ever hurt
her by telling her the truth.
Oh, Josh.
Hey, oh, you have to tell me,
what was it that you
heard Hal saying?
Yeah, I heard him talking
and he said that he thinks
you're smart and beautiful
and the real ball.
Oh, but that's nice.
I guess I was under
the impression
it was something negative.
No, no.
There's nothing
negative about you.
I just didn't want
you to get a big head.
Oh, you stop.
- Oh my gosh, I have to
take out Mr. Noodles.
I totally forgot.
Oh, all right, well I can go.
Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah, stay,
sing happy birthday.
Well I'll meet you after?
Yeah, sounds good.
Okay, bye.
Why's it gotta be so hard
Why's it gotta be this way
It's like I'm being torn apart
by all this beautiful thing
I know you want
to be with me
But you gotta go to him
You're pretty good with him.
Yeah, he's cute.
And I shudder in my sleep
I can hardly close my eyes
Brooke, are you here?
I'm here.
I'll let you go.
No, wait.
Are you coming to the party?
[Hal] There you are.
- Hey, I thought you
weren't coming home
until tomorrow night.
- Well that was the
plan but guess what?
I missed you.
I know it's crazy but I
was thinking about you
and I was actually
excited about coming home
and seeing you so,
and I felt bad about
missing your niece's party.
As an apology, I got you this.
- It's a spa day,
the deluxe package.
It comes with everything, plus
a complete wardrobe refresh.
So I thought maybe you could
use it before the party.
It'll be like a whole new you.
A whole new me.
- Hey, I'm gonna
take a quick shower.
What do you say we order
in some food tonight
and just hang out?
Whatever you want.
You're the best.
See in a little bit.
Yeah, you too.
[gentle music]
- Wow, I almost
didn't recognize you.
Thanks, I think.
- These look wonderful,
house looks great.
[doorbell ringing]
Let the party begin.
[chill music]
[Diane gasping]
Doesn't it look beautiful?
Oh, it looks magnificent
and so do you.
So which one's Hal?
Are you gonna introduce us?
Oh, I'll have to do it later.
Sorry, I just, excuse me.
Mr. Keyes, hi.
- I would've come sooner
and beat the crowd,
but you know how it is?
This chandelier,
is that original?
No, I actually installed that.
Come on in.
- My daughter told
me to tell you hello.
Oh great.
- These chairs, did
you add this here?
- Mmhmm.
- Excellent.
- But I really, really want
to show you this right here.
And I like that you have the
storage already built in.
- Yeah, that came to us in
a moment of inspiration.
It was done by the same
artist that did that painting.
- The painting is
very interesting.
And personally, Brooke,
I think that that's the
focal point of this room.
- Yeah, but you know
what the best part is?
It's actually a framed TV.
I love it.
Now we definitely need
this in our hotels.
Brooke, I'm
thoroughly impressed.
Can we set up a
meeting and soon?
Yes, thank you so much.
- Absolutely.
- There he is, there he is.
I'm so glad you made it.
Let's go have that drink, okay?
- Come on.
- All right.
[Brooke gasps]
- Oh my God, Josh, I
have the greatest news.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- So, I heard that you are
the new lady in Hal's eye?
I guess.
I heard he came back early
from his weekend
in Vegas for you.
- No, he was in
Milwaukee last weekend.
Hey, guess what?
Bill Keyes is in, I did it.
- Oh Hal.
- Yes, yes.
Wow, that's great.
Can I talk to you outside?
Yeah, sure.
- Hal, were you in
Vegas last weekend?
- I can't believe
I actually thought
that you had a meeting in
Milwaukee last weekend.
- Okay, all right, yes,
yes, I was in Vegas.
I just went to clear my mind.
You know, when you do what I do,
sometimes you just
gotta get away, okay,
but you know what,
I felt bad that I lied
to you and I missed you
and I came back a
day early to see you
and all that is true.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, listen, listen.
I don't want to
lose you, Brooke.
I like being around you.
I like knowing when I come
home, you're gonna be here.
I like that you make me honest.
But I don't really.
I mean did you
even tell Mr. Keyes
about that soil pressure thing?
No, not yet, but I will, okay?
But look, I just like who
I am when I'm with you.
- But I don't know
who I am around you.
Look, this, this isn't me
and I don't want someone
that I have to keep honest.
I just want someone
that just is honest.
I want, I want,
oh my God, I have to go.
[romantic music]
- Hey, hey, hey,
where are you going?
I have to go.
I have to make my own future
and not be controlled by
some childhood fantasy.
Yeah, okay.
I knew you would get it.
- Do you have any idea
what that was about?
No clue.
- Do you have any idea if
that man over there's single?
No idea.
- Good evening to
you, Mr. Stanton.
Most absolutely, baby.
- I mean that life
just isn't for me.
And besides, we have to
do the responsible thing
now that there's
a baby on the way.
Oh Joshy, thank you.
[car alarm beeping]
What is that?
[car beeping]
The feeling hearts
meet empty stairwells
[Brooke crying]
I thought I'd find you out here.
Why are you crying
in this pergola?
I'm not crying
and it's not a pergola.
You are and it is.
Fine, I'll tell you.
I ended things with Hal.
You know, I'll never have love
'cause the person I was
meant to be with I don't want
and the person I
want I can't have.
So you broke up with Hal?
- Yeah, I mean he
was my dream man but
he wasn't the one who could
make my dreams come true.
He wasn't you.
No, no, I can't fight fate.
I mean you're taken,
you're with Barb and
you're about to be
- a father.
- An uncle.
Wait, did you say uncle?
Yeah, an uncle.
- But you said you wanted
to do the responsible thing?
- Yeah, I'm letting my
brother take over the company.
But you called her baby?
Yeah, it's a nickname.
My brother could never
say it so Barbara, baby.
So you're not with anyone?
No, I'm not with anyone.
I want to find something
unexpected, something dazzling,
And did you find it?
Yeah, I think I did.
I think I did, too.
[romantic music]
You may now kiss the bride.
Keep kissing.
Yes, yes, yes.
Clap it up, people,
aren't they beautiful?
[people clapping]
It was a beautiful wedding
even if it wasn't to me.
- Thanks for letting us
use your backyard and-
It was my pleasure.
Besides I'm gonna be
selling this place anyway
now that I'll be in Europe
for the next couple years
working on that new project so
which actually reminds me I,
you know I was thinking
I don't want to
take Bentley here
away from everything
he knows and loves
so I was wondering if,
well maybe you would want to-
Take Mr. Noodles?
Are you serious?
- I think he likes you
better than he likes me.
Yes, oh my gosh!
- Just consider it
a wedding present.
- It's the best
wedding present ever.
Congratulations, again.
Mr. Keyes, you and I
will be talking a lot.
Josh, congrats buddy.
Thanks, man.
You're gonna make me cry.
- Thanks for giving
me away, Mr. Keyes.
It's my pleasure.
As long as I know
that you and this guy
are gonna come back
rested and ready to work.
Right Josh?
Uh, yes sir.
- Okay sweetie,
you guys be good.
Sweet stuff.
- Who would've thought
that all this would happen?
- Yeah, even without it
being on your message board.
Vision board.
- But you have to
admit my little rouse
gave you the push you needed.
- It did and I know your
heart was in the right place
and I got my perfect
gazebo wedding.
Mom, thanks for never letting
me give up on my dreams.
I love you.
I love you.
- Hey Brooke, maybe we
should get to the car.
But the car's that way.
- Yeah, but our house is-
- Wait, why is
all my stuff here?
Our house?
You mean?
Hal was selling so-
[Brooke yelling]
It is our house.
- Great, now she's
really gonna think
that vision board came true.
Oh come on.
But of course it didn't
because the most
important part, the groom,
wasn't even on it.
Oh, well of course not, Tara.
They didn't even know
each other in high school.
Actually, they did.
Of course, Josh doesn't
look the same he does now
so she might not remember,
especially because he
spent most of his time
in that mascot costume.
Misty costum?
- Mascot costume, like the
tiger, [imitates roaring]
- Oh, he was in
the mascot costume.
Like I said.
The mascot costume?
Don't you get it?
You were there.
You were there the whole time
under the Find My
Dream Man section.
Oh my God.
Yeah, that's me unfortunately.
- I knew it all along
I just didn't see it.
I knew we were meant to be.
[people clapping]
[people cheering]
- I'm going to marry you
Charlie Trask one day.
Hey guys.
- [Diane] Oh, you
look so beautiful.
- Yeah, we just came to
drop off Mr. Noodles.
What are you doing?
- [Brooke] Is that
a vision board?
- [Brooke] Do you
wanna move your hand?
[Diane] No.
- [Brooke] What,
seriously triplets?
Hi guys.
Hi honey.
Mr. Noodles.
Thank you.
What's all this?
Art project.
[Josh] Oh.
It's better you don't know.
All right, we're off.
- Oh, have a fabulous
honeymoon, guys.
All right, see ya.
Love you.
- Love you, too,
make lots of babies.
[upbeat music]
I remember the gray skies
And how they dimmed
the lights low
I remember your brown eyes
And how they stole the show
I remember we weren't afraid
Where did that go
It's not fair
But I don't care
You're the woman that
I won't let go of
You're making windows
out of silent walls
You've got me ready
to believe in love
Can you recall
The thrill of it all
The wind was blowing
And we can't stand still
No one ever feels
a solid ground
We know the way we
got to find our will
Can you recall the
thrill of it all
We were watching
the snow fall
While we were
standing outside
I took your hand,
it was so cold
But it got warmer in mine
Darling, we better get home
Before we lose our lights
I said, it's not fair
But I don't care
You're the woman that
I won't let go of
You're making windows
out of silent walls
You've got me ready
to believe in love
Do you recall the
thrill of it all
The river's flowing
And we can't stand still
No one ever feels
the solid ground
You know the way we've
got to find our will
Do you recall the
thrill of it all
Beyond a shadow of doubt
Can't take the easy way out
This is a challenge
But I don't care
'Cause you're the woman
that I won't let go of
You're making windows
out of solid walls
You've got me ready
to believe in love
Do you recall the
thrill of it all
The river's flowing and
we can't stand still
No one ever feels
the solid ground
You know the way we've
got to find our will
Do you recall the
thrill of it all
Do you recall the
thrill of it all
Do you recall the
thrill of it all