Love City (1986) Movie Script

In the whispers of the wind,
I can hear it so clearly.
The voice which seems
to call out to me.
When I can finally
fly into your arms...
...the Milky Way becomes a
lover's sea for us to sail.
And if you truly
believe in me... won't know
the word "impossible."
Call my name,
and a miracle occurs.
Hold me tight,
and find the courage.
A burning message straight
from the cosmos to you!
Call my name,
and we'll be together again.
Hold me tight,
and we're in Ai City!
It's the key to all
the secrets we share.
OCR by Inactive (
Damn it, they're still behind us!
What the hell's goin' on?!
Hey kid, this isn't some
senior bike tour we're on!
Lose these punks!
My code name is "K."
And they aren't
just ordinary punks.
Everything today is a
bargain sale of imitations.
That's why they're
after something real.
What do you mean, "real"?
Someone like me.
Just call me "Ai",
Uncle Raiden.
Who are you callin' Uncle?
And how do you know my name?!
They have no regard
for human life.
The biggest fakes of all.
Here they come!
Don't let them escape!
Cut them off!
Kill the young guy and the
one with the moustache...
...but I want
the girl alive!
Can't have too many
heads in these situations...
Damn it, don't play
tricks like some kid!
Just drive!
What the hell's goin' on?!
Somebody explain this to me!
We could, but you
wouldn't understand.
And how do you know that
until you try?
Or maybe you can't
explain this.
What do we do. Papa?
Jesus, all you kids think
about today is sex and cars!
How old were you
when you got her?
There are things in this
world you wouldn't believe.
Or rather, that you
wouldn't want to believe.
Oh, quit makin' like
a kid philosopher!
Am I? Raiden Yoshioka.
Age: 34. Ex-cop.
Fired for disobeying your
superiors by investigating Fraud.
Forced to become a
private investigator.
Current number
of clients: zero.
C'mon, how do you know
all that stuff about me?
I told you, there're things in this
world you wouldn't want to believe.
Do you understand now?
Nope, sorry. Not a thing.
What happened?!
Nothing. Guess I've
had too much drink.
K2! Let us go!
A traitor's fate
can only be death!
I'm not going to lose Ai again!
I've had enough of Fraud using us!
Oh well, then.
K, prepare to die!
Impossible! That's beyond
a quasi-ESPer's abilities.
And certainly beyond those of
a low-level Headmeter like him!
Damned level-5 defect!
How dare you...
How dare you
try and kill us!
Damn you!
How are they...?!
It's all right now.
I'm here.
The city...
The city's ripped open!
Phase Dimensional Barrier breached.
Point 1-2-0-0.
Communication with
K2 lost while... pursuit of escaping
Headmeters "K" and "I".
- They got K2!
- Definitely nailed her.
Kei and At mus've done it!
Ai really must be
the legendary "Trigger"...
...if she was able to take out
a Headmeter as strong as K2!
Silence, Humanoid!
Restabilize the Barrier at once!
Mr. Lee!
Mr. Lee, K2 was in
pursuit of Ai when--
I know!
The Trigger is just
supposed to be a legend.
But we thought
that even our...
...highest-level Headmeters
couldn't breach that barrier.
We thought!
What is all this?
What's that big hole doing here?!
How should I know?
Because you people did it!
You guys from Fraud, with
the numbers on your heads!
We were running
way from them!
Oh, come off it!
I know a little about them!
Let's leave the
explanations for later.
We'd better go before
someone spots us.
Hold on here!
Where're we going?!
Help me... Help me...
Help me...
Cut it out! Stop it!
Don't kill me!
Thanks, Old Man.
No problem...
Uh, who am I? I can't
remember anything.
Do you know who I am?
What the hell is...?
Maybe the shock
gave her amnesia.
Amnesia? I dunno.
Stay alert!
Uh, not to say I'm
not enjoying this...
...but would you please get
up before I pitch a tent?
You're cute.
Okay. I'll get off you.
I think she's okay, Ai.
- What's wrong, Old Man?
- Nothing at all!
Look, it's going
back to normal.
Phase Dimensional Barrier
I guess even Mr. Lee
can make a mistake.
He's just jumpy because
of Lai Lo Ching.
Mr. Lee!
Stupid talking doll...
J! Go out and bring me Ai
before it's too late!
Yes. sir!
Outfit yourself with a
Hard Power Supporter. Also...
Take two Tuned Men as well.
Good evening, Mr. Lee.
Something wrong. Mr. Lee?
Would you like a drink?
This city is mine.
I want no one
else to touch it.
Least of all some
biotechnological monster!
Would you like
a drink, Mr. Lee?
Mr. Lee...
As mighty as ever,
eh Lee?
I helped myself to a drink
earlier, Ku Ragua Lee.
Lai Lo Ching! Damn you,
how long have you been in here?!
I asked if you wanted a drink
because Mr. Lai was here...
I'm tired. Leave me alone.
You don't mean me, do you?
But I haven't finished
this wonderful drink yet!
Look Lee, the time when you could
be the boss on this floor is over.
It's time I took up the reins.
The assistant dares to
order the master now?
You obviously don't realize that
I'm not the man I used to be.
Cease your petty tricks,
Lai Lo Ching!
Mr. Lee...
Don't assume your
psychokinesis can beat me!
Damn you! Your headmeter
is that strong?!
As I said, I'm not
the man you once knew.
Prepare for the
catastrophe, Lee!
- "Catastrophe"?!
- Mr. Lee!
Mr. Lee's been on edge
ever since K ran away with Ai.
He's never let me
away from him before.
I'm Tuned Man "E", sir.
And I am Tuned Man Rian.
We're to accompany you.
Let's go!
And my headmeter
never got above 5... they called me "Defect K"
and treated me like a slave.
So you were part
of Fraud, right?
Is a lab rat part of
the laboratory staff?
A defective lab rat,
at that!
You're not defective, Papa!
Ai, you must be hungry.
Why don't I make us something?
I'll do it!
Hey mister,
where's your kitchen?
Kitchen? Dunno
about a kitchen...
...but I've got a fridge
behind that door there.
Come on. I'll make
something for you, too.
I'd better get Miss Headmeter
here something to wear.
Oh, one more thing. Is the kid
and that fat cat from Fraud, too?
Her code name was "I," and she
was definitely a clone of... girlfriend who had died
in that bio-tech experiment.
Ai didn't know
anything about it.
So I decided I'd
be a father for her.
Jesus, that's some story.
Dunno if I believe it or not.
But I know how tough it is
to lose a girl you love.
Where's my...?
Don't wake up, Miss Headmeter...
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Don't look at me like that!
You're great,
but a little quick.
Don't tease grown-ups!
Jeez, lay off the alcohol
before you wreck your body.
Listen kid, the difference
between a cop and a P.I.... that the P.I. gets
to drink on the job!
Anyway, we'll know
your story's true...
...if you see your girl
again in ten years.
What's up, guys? I couldn't
find any food anywhere!
That's 'cause I'm a P.I. who's
too busy to eat in his office!
K, I know you're in there!
Surrender At to us quietly!
MORE weirdos to deal with!
K2! You've turned
against us as well?!
Hey kid! What do we do?
Don't worry.
I'll buy you some time.
Take Ai and K2 and
get out of here fast!
You're gonna fight them?
Papa, don't go!
I made up my mind
a long time ago.
That I... That Papa
would always protect you!
I'd better warn you two.
K received special tuning
in addition to his headmeter.
He's been bio-control augmented
at 108 points on his body...
...and may be very powerful
if he's cornered.
108 places... The number
of earthly desires in a man...
Let's go!
Take care of him, E!
What happened to
all that spirit?
It's too early
to go to bed.
You're stronger than I
expected. Atta boy!
Hollywood's waiting for you!
You're cute, kid! I'll take
care of you if you get beat!
We're quite a show.
aren't we?
Oh yes, I can
just smell it!
Lee's got something cooking
with that little girl.
Just to be sure, I'd better
get her under my control.
No time for playing!
Finish him!
Understood, Mr. J.
You'll be out for the
next four or five days.
Now, just come
home with me...
No, YOU go home,
you creep!
I can't let you
have these girls.
There's still a lot of
questions I want answered.
Old Man!
You should be more careful
playing with guns, "Old Man"!
Point that at me again, and
I'll rip you apart cell by cell!
- Ai!
- Rian!
Damn you...!
I don't care anymore!
I'll kill Kei AND Ai!
I won't let you kill him!
I see... K2 did it.
Thanks, Miss Headmeter.
Wait, you're...
I killed Rian?!
K2! You've got
your memories back?!
Old Man...
If you're gonna talk,
then start saying your prayers!
E, wait!
Forget about Rian!
We're here to take
Ai back with us!
But Mr. J...!
Do as I say!
I'm not going back!
Shut up!
- What the devil...?!
- Mr, J!
Are you all right?
Mr. J, you saved me.
But these monsters...!
Sorry boys. Just tell Lee that
Lai Lo Ching has his girl.
Lai Lo Ching?! Damn you!
Bastard! You won't
get away with this!
Mr. J!
What?! We've lost
contact with J?!
Has HE been killed as well?
Two of our
highest-level Headmeters?
I wouldn't think someone like
J would be killed so easily.
But there's no contact.
He has two Tuned Men...
You're telling me THEY
couldn't beat a defect like K?
Not to be presumptuous, sir, but
Lai Lo Ching may be behind this.
Lai Lo Ching?!
Are you certain of this?
83% certain, sir.
All right... Put the Diver
mobile air trooper on standby!
Yes, sir!
Lai Lo Ching...
Is it me you're after?
Or the Trigger itself?
Hey! Over here!
Hop on!
- What's this?
- My second car!
Kinda young for you,
isn't it?
Don't go so fast!
It's just a scooter!
There they are!
Almost there!
All right! We did it!
Couldn't even touch us!
Papa! Save me!
I don't want to go back!
I'll take it from here,
Old Man!
All right!
Ai, it's all right.
I'll save you.
- Papa!
- Kei...
I see...
You're "Defect K", aren't you?
Lemme let you in on
something interesting.
This girl is a monster, created
by Fraud's cloning project
Ai's power could
destroy this world.
That's why they're so
desperate to get her back!
That's insane! Ai could
never destroy the world!
You're the monster here!
Lee knows he isn't
as powerful as she is.
We can do everyone a favor by
killing before she grows into...
...the monster
she must become!
Kill her! Kill Ai!
Yes, kill her!
Kill her!
- Kei!
- No! Papa, believe me!
I'm not a monster!
Kill her!
Kill her now!
I'm not a monster!
Kei, don't!
Kei! Kei!
Yes! Crush the
life from her!
My Burberry!
It's my coat, all right.
That must mean...!
Fool... Even a Headmeter
couldn't survive a fall that far.
Can you be sure? What if
she really is the Trigger?
We must be absolutely
certain about this!
But, how...?
Crush the city,
along with Ai and Kei!
Crush the Trigger
to oblivion!
My hand...! My hand...!
Stop it! Stop!
That's done it. Even the
Trigger couldn't survive that.
I dunno exactly what happened,
but it was pretty god damned major!
They're all gone.
She may have tried
to kill me at first...
...but she ended up
saving my life.
She really was good at heart.
What a waste.
There, there... You're
also sorry we lost her, huh?
To he honest, that gal
really was my type.
Well, too late
to tell her now.
Did you mean what you said?
Did you really love K2?
Yes, I did!
Have mercy on me!
Old Man, you said it!
You feel the
same way I do!
Don't scare me like that!
Makin' like the Wizard of Oz...
You're so cute!
Can't move my legs.
Damn that Lai Lo Ching!
Are you all right, Mr. J?
Yeah, I think so.
I feel about as useful
as a flipped-over turtle.
The Diver...
Our new mobile air trooper!
Mr. Lee!
Mr. Lee, forgive us!
Next time,
we'll get Kei for sure!
Well done, sir!
My legs work again.
Let's go!
All set!
Don't I look great?
Not much off a difference
from before, actually.
With some long ears, you'd
make a real cute bunny girl.
Nice! You look great!
Fer Christ's sake! You two've
got the weirdest tastes!
Well, let's get going.
And keep the change.
Okay, now that we've got our
new clothes, it's time to talk.
About what?
You've got your
memories back, right?
Well then, thanks for saving
my life, but now that your...
...memory's back, we'll have
to break off this partnership.
You won't have to use that.
I can't go back to Fraud now.
Not after I've killed Rian
Mr. Lee has no mercy
for traitors.
I'm as good a
dead to him.
Sorry! Sorry!
It's this job, I guess.
I just have to investigate
any loose ends, you know?
Can you forgive me?
- It's him!
- Kei!
I killed her...
You tried everything
to save her.
No, I killed her. Just like
I killed her last time.
You were under Lai Lo Ching's
mind control.
It wasn't your fault.
So, who was the freak
in the glass capsule?
Lai Lo Ching, a scientist
assistant to Mr. Lee.
He started acting strangely all of
a sudden and turned against Mr. Lee.
Is this "Lee" guy
the Fraud boss?
Yeah. The man responsible for
everything that's happened to us.
But Kei, Lai Lo Ching is after
something worse than what Lee wants.
He's hatching some
sort of a plot.
And I think Ai was the key to
this battle between Lee and Lai.
Poor thing...
She was just a little girl
who didn't understand any of this.
Why couldn't I...?!
I know how he feels.
Old Man...
I figured out Fraud was behind
the scenes while I was on a case.
But as soon as I started
checking up on them, I got canned.
My wife left me after that.
And so I swore I'd become a P.I.
and expose Fraud to the world.
But as the days passed, with just
affairs and divorces to investigate...
Well, Kei isn't the only
incomplete specimen here.
The high road looks pretty low after
a while. Stuff gets left undone...
Maybe it's just
the way I am.
He's younger than me, but life's
weighing him down plenty hard, too.
She's still alive!
Papa... Papa...
I'm not a monster...
Let's get her
to a hospital!
I know what to do, Mr. J.
Outta my way!
Mr. J...!
Mr. J! MR. J!!!
Rian was your friend,
wasn't he?
I had to kill him.
I'm sorry...
You're lucky, pal.
If I wasn't in love with the
Old Man, you'd be scrap by now.
When I soar in the sky...
...I hate being alone.
It's too much to bear.
Racing speed and light, I board
the star train to follow...
As long as you are there.
I think I'll always be happy... deeply are our
hearts locked together...
Blood PHD: normal.
Alpha DNA separation,
Beta, Gamma, DNA: fixed.
Anti clone-type hybrid
organizer, standing by.
Any later and we might
have lost her, Mr. Lee.
Damn you, Lai Lo Ching.
You almost won.
All right!
Begin reorganization!
Reorg activated.
Now what?
Defect K?!
You've gotten this far?
Admirable, but I've
no time to waste on you.
Continue the reorganization!
Awaken... Quickly, now!
Awaken as the legendary Trigger!
No effect!
I'm not a monster!
I was tricked.
Forgive me.
Now, come to me, Ai!
Lend me your power.
Papa... Papa...
You're all right now.
Papa's saved you.
Now then, Ai.
Won't you lend me your power?
Okay, Papa.
Reorganization complete.
Well done, Mr. Lee.
You have control right down
to her subconscious.
The hell with you!
The defect again?!
Ai! Are you okay?
Come on! Let's get out of here!
Who are you?
Papa, I'm scared.
Who is that man?
You son of a...!
What have you done to her?!
I owe no explanations
to a defect like you!
Leave now, and I
will spare your lives!
Damn you...!
Ai, I'm your Papa!
I've come to save you!
Let's get out of here!
No! You aren't my Papa!
He's right here!
- Ai!
- What's goin' on?
Thanks, but from this point
I won't need your help anymore.
But it's too much...!
I don't care.
Because I understand now.
You can't just fight
to escape all the time.
I won't run anymore.
By God, I'm going to
save her or die trying!
What? Pass...
Don't be a fool! You want
to throw your life away?
If that's what you want,
I can oblige you any time!
Try what you may, but Ai
isn't the girl you knew!
You're wasting your time!
Password? I don't
know what you mean!
I don't know!
I don't know the password!
The password... The password...!
The password is... AI CITY!
The Anti-Biopollution:
Ai City.
Life is the most
marvelous of things.
These four nucleotides can
store more information...
...than the memory bank
of a supercomputer.
Using its quadrary
coding system...
...DMA may well be able
to record experiences... well as biostructure
across the generations
Look here.
As this clone alloy cell devours
genetic-encoded biostructure... also absorbs the genetic
data within the Alpha clone cell.
Gentlemen, we may well have
entered the realm of God!
May I have a look at It,
to get it on tape?
Right. Get a good
recording of it. Still...
I wonder what the
world would think of us...
...if it knew what
we were doing here.
When they don't know, we're angels.
When they do, we're devils.
That's how people
all see scientists.
Don't bring a lab animal in here!
This is a Triple-A room, remember?
Right, right...
Huh? That's strange.
He's contaminated!
The accidental discovery of
the Genetic Alloy during an...
...unrestricted cloning process
made biopollution a reality.
Artificial evolution of, by,
and for the genes themselves!
Natural evolution
and history collapsed... random hybridization
became impossible.
Everything became a fake
civilization of imitations.
We have to encode the
original biodata for humanity...
...into a woman's cells
before it's too late!
When chaos and confusion reign,
a long time from now, she will...
...act as a trigger to reactivate
the human biodata memory cells.
A living Anti-Biopollution program.
And the password will be...
Ai City!
More! I want more DNA!
More DNA!
Ai! Ai...
It would appear that
I was the defective one.
Forgive me. Forgive me
for everything I've done.
Mr. Lee is actually
apologizing to someone?!
Apparently we've been
fighting the same enemy...
...across God knows how
many done generations.
Hearing the password awakened
the memory cells within me.
Again. I'm sorry
for everything.
He apologized!
What'd you do that for?!
But, Papa didn't do that!
He didn't cause
the explosion. Really!
It wasn't me!
The password's "Ai City", huh?
So that's the ticket.
Lai Lo Ching!
It's been quite a show, Lee.
But now you've shown your hand.
That pretty face fooled me.
I assumed the Trigger was
just some legendary hero.
Who'd have thought it was a
living bioprogram? Very well!
I'll have to study your body,
down to the very last molecule.
The hell you will,
you pervert!
Well, now to take care of
the redundant players.
Are you ready, Lee?
What's your game,
Lai Lo Ching?
Did you become my
assistant only so that... could replace me
as the leader of Fraud?
With that disgusting
ambition of yours...'ll never be able to protect
mankind from the biopollution!
Protect mankind from
the biopollution?
You can make yourselves
clones and Headmeters...
...but humans remain
as selfish as ever!
I told you I wasn't
the man I used to be!
What do you know of biopollution?
Allow me to demonstrate!
Old Man!
Lai Lo Ching!
That isn't Lai Lo Ching!
It's the Genetic Alloy!
So, you've revealed
yourself, Alloy!
You think evolution can be
brought back to what it was...
...after being so polluted?
You think that can stop me?
Mr. Lee!
Stop! One move
and I crush her!
A young woman's body...
The feeling is indescribable!
It'd be a shame
to have to crush it.
Why you...!
Her cells are so fresh
and full of life!
We're even now, K2.
Thank you. Yeah, even.
I want more DNA!
Mr. Lee!
I want DNA...
More DNA!
Mr. Lee!
Shoot me! He'll eat the DNA
of every living thing on earth!
You have to shoot us both!
Shoot you...?
Mr. Lee!
- E!
- Shoot it! Shoot it!
My hand! My hand...!
- Shoot!
- K2!
Old Man... I...!
It's all right, K2.
It wasn't your fault.
Foolish humans!
Devils who broke the
laws of natural evolution!
You dare think that you are
the pinnacle of existence?!
Before the Genetic Alloy,
you are mere animals!
Now see!
- What the hell?!
- The Phase Dimensional Barrier!
Maybe it's a computer error?
Papa, I'm scared.
Don't be.
I'm here with you.
You see? An ideal
world is being born.
A world of only genes, who have
supported evolution all along!
Evolution taken to
its ultimate level!
You insignificant
scum shall perish... an apocalypse
of your own making!
- Old Man!
- Are you okay?
How long can you hold out?
Damn you!
All right...
Take care of Ai!
- Papa!
- Ai!
Ai! Get back!
Stay back!
Alloy, don't kill him!
What? You would have
me spare this scum?
Yes! Kill me if you want,
but spare him!
Don't be stupid!
Get out of here!
Why? Your genetic configuration
shows that you are like me.
That you are superior
to the humans!
Why then do you want
to save these vermin?
Papa and the others aren't
vermin! Don't kill them!
Don't you know what they are?
They're human!
Devils who broke the
laws of evolution!
I don't believe that.
It's a lie!
You think it's a lie?
Then listen to your own genes...
Ai! Get out of here!
You see? That is
the true form of man.
The true form of those you
would lay down your life for!
No... It's not true!
A lie may be beautiful,
and the truth just as ugly.
But I, Alloy,
have no reason to lie.
Not true...
Now, be reborn.
Return to the genes...
Return to the
source of all life.
To the birthplace
of all genes...
Where am I?
Return to the sea.
And there begin a new
world for all genes.
The sea?
This is the sea?
It feels so familiar.
So familiar...
What is that?
My hat!
Papa! PAPA!
What have you done?!
What's happening?
The Genetic Alloy
is consuming itself.
Consuming itself?
The ultimate form of evolution?!
It's impossible!
How can...this be? immortal!
You fell into
the same trap.
Made the same mistake as
the humans you so despise.
You thought yourself to be
the ultimate form of existence.
But there is no such thing!
If I made the same mistake,
then why must I alone be destroyed?
Why must the source
of the mistake survive...
...while the Genetic
Alloy is destroyed?
- Safe by a hair!
- Thanks, kid.
Let's go, kitty!
So, now what'll you do?
Haven't thought about it.
Probably go back to
investigating affairs.
Yes, Ai?
Are humans really monsters?
Are we really devils?
Dunno. Maybe we are.
But I think that's something for
God to decide, in a thousand years.
A thousand years?
Yeah, right.
Papa, you're the best!
Wanna go to the beach again?
Yeah! Let's go!
Hey, do you think
we're really devils?
I'll be your little devil.
You're wonderful, Old Man.
So are you, Miss Haadmeter.
Really? So why don't you
make love to me tonight?
Hey, you hear that, kid?
We're gonna have a nice
little hard core... Huh?
What the? They're gone!
Oh, making if easy
for us, huh? You fox!
Honey? Bunny girl?
Come out, don't be shy.
Don't make fun of
the old guy, please!
"Make love to me."
Yeah, right!
Everything today is a
bargain sale of imitations.
That's why they're
after something real.
God damn it!
What the hells goin' on?!
In the whispers of the wind,
I can hear it so clearly.
The voice which seems
to call out to me.
When I can finally
fly into your arms...
...the Milky Way becomes a
lover's sea for us to sail.
And if you truly
believe in me... won't know
the word "impossible."
Call my name,
and a miracle occurs.
Hold me tight,
and find the courage.
A burning message straight
from the cosmos to you!
Call my name,
and we'll be together again.
Hold me tight,
and we're in Ai City!
It's the key to all
the secrets we share.
In the depths of your eyes,
we speak of our love.
Sharing a password
instead of a kiss.
Your dream
is like blue fire...
...burning away
like a shooting star.
And when you're lost in a maze,
looking for the way out...
Just stop and think about me!
Call my name,
with just a whisper.
Hold me tight,
in your heart.
'Cause I know our love
is always telepathy.
Call my name,
like a magic spell.
Hold me tight,
and we're in Ai City.
It's the key to the
future for you and me!
Call my name,
and a miracle occurs.
Hold me tight,
and find the courage.
A burning message straight
from the cosmos to you!
Call my name,
and we'll be together again.
Hold me tight,
and we're in Ai City!
It's the key to all
the secrets we share.