Love Classified (2022) Movie Script

Well, the first thing
you have to understand is...
Romance isn't all about
cleverly plotted meet-cutes
and low-stakes misunderstandings
easily resolved
over the course
of a musical montage.
Don't get me wrong.
Those work.
I-I love those stories.
I just... I think there's room
for other types
of love stories, too.
- Okay. Okay.
- Act like you know me.
Some duos might
look like the perfect pairing,
when, in fact...
they're headed for a split.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Often, the most
satisfying stories are the ones
that subvert your expectations.
Because the truth is,
the most romantic stories...
are often
the least typical.
You see, researchers
studying online dating
if a person's too focused
on checking off a list of
rigid criteria in a partner,
if they're too fixated
on finding a...
Quote, unquote... "soulmate,"
they're likely to miss out
on their true complement,
a partner whose differences
fit their own
like interwoven fingers,
creating a firm lock.
Hey, watch where you're going.
Sorry. The sidewalk
is for sharing.
A romantic character
shouldn't be flawless.
They need complexities.
It's their growth along the way
that makes them truly worth
an epic love story.
Uh, excuse me?
- Hey.
- Hi!
You took my coffee.
Well, that's
my philosophy, anyway,
and it's served me well.
Can't argue with
the New York Times'
best-seller list.
Ma'am, sorry to interrupt,
but we've arrived.
If you've changed your mind,
I can take you
back to the airport.
No, no, no.
It's really now or never.
Ms. Emilia Bloom.
You know, I've been trying
to keep a bit of
a lower profile these days.
We are honored to have
Pennfield's best-selling author
staying here with us this week.
I hope this means
you'll be doing
a reading from your latest book?
The romance fans of Pennfield
finally convinced my publisher
to send me home.
I believe we reserved
the penthouse?
Yes, Ms. Bloom.
And of course, you have access
to all of our amenities.
- Mm.
- That includes
our top-of-the-line gym...
Won't be needing that.
As well as our martini bar.
Mm. Much more my speed.
Could I...
have my key, then?
So sorry.
You wouldn't mind signing this
for me, would you?
Who should I make it out to?
"The Bloomeria."
I sent an email last week,
but I'm still waiting
on a shipment of
12 artisanal planters,
two cases of assorted crystals,
and, uh...
let me think, um...
Yes! 12 glass terrariums.
Thank you.
Uh, if I could speak
to a real human being
instead of an inbox,
maybe we could sort this out?
Thank you.
Hannah, how is that you can
follow my conversation,
update your socials,
and watch the front of the store
all at the same time?
Gen Z.
Digital native at your service.
Did you clean the potting area?
Switch out
the front-window displays?
Water the succulents?
Trick question.
They're on a biweekly schedule.
Listen, I can't help it
if the rapid development
of new tech
has shaped me into
a flawless multitasker.
It's a blessing and a curse.
What are you posting, anyway?
Most recently?
Our sticky-fingered friend.
What am I looking at?
The Classifie app?
There's, like, a million apps.
How am I supposed to keep track?
Exactly why you'd love this one.
Sort of an all-in-one...
Local events and dating stuff
rolled into one.
And, uh, shaming
local shoplifters?
Like a bulletin board
for the neighborhood.
Digital classifieds.
Okay, this guy's looking for
pictures of feet.
No, thank you.
Come on, Taylor.
Every neighborhood
has its endearing weirdos.
Not all the posts are like that.
You should seriously consider
advertising The Bloomeria
on here.
A bunch of local shops do it.
Between Two Covers posts
for all their in-store events.
- Really?
- Check it out.
"Calling all book lovers."
Flash your Classifie app
at checkout
"for a free gift with purchase."
- What're they giving away?
- I don't know.
Naughty bookmarks, maybe?
That's not the point.
The point is,
it draws in new customers.
I will think about it.
You know you won't.
Just say you won't.
I will think about it!
Okay, so I know that we've gone
back and forth on this
a few times,
but I really think this design
is gonna do the trick.
I think it captures the spirit
and the-the energy
that, uh, Between Two Covers
has, um, uh...
brought back to the Pennfield
business district, you know?
It's bold.
It's graphic,
and I-it announces...
"We sell books here."
So, you know, that's, uh...
I'd be ready start
priming the wall
just as soon as, you know,
you give me the go-ahead
on the design.
And I want to sign off.
I told you,
the owner is very particular...
I have to clear everything
past them.
Right. Yeah. This mysterious
owner that I've never met.
What can I say?
They're a private person.
Yeah. So we're 100% sure
that they exist, right?
This isn't some ploy
I've made up
to frustrate you, Zach.
Trust me, I have better ways
to spend my time, too.
Is everything okay?
Bowling league drama.
You know, they lured me in with
their clever Classifie post,
but it's only been a month,
and there's already in-fighting
over the lane assignments
at Langford Lanes.
Langford Lanes.
Wow. Used to love that place.
so when do you think
I can get an answer on these?
Uh, soon.
Hopefully, definitely soon.
So, is it, like,
a singles' thing, or...?
No. It's not a singles' thing.
Why is it that everyone assumes
a single woman
with a fulfilling career
and an active social life
is still on the hunt for a man?
- No. I didn't really mean...
- I'm stuck at home
with my five long-haired cats,
watching bridal shows,
and dreaming of the day
some man will save me
from my lonely spinster life?
I love those shows!
I only have one cat.
She requires a lot less feeding
than a boyfriend.
I like my life!
Got it. Sure. Um...
Just bowling. Yep.
That's all I'm saying.
Yeah. I guess
I just thought that Classifie
was like a dating app, so...
Some people use it that way.
I don't.
Well, who needs
that headache, right?
Sorry I went a bit off there.
No. No, no.
I'd say it was very, uh...
No. No.
I-I was gonna say "righteous."
we'll get...
back to you on these.
- Yes.
- Uh, uh...
- Free bookmark...
- Great.
For your troubles?
All right.
You ever read through
two of these and realize
the posters are actually perfect
for each other,
if only they'd connect
and figure it out?
Yeah, I think you overestimate
the amount of time I spend
thinking about the love lives
of strangers on an app.
Like... Like this one.
They're asking for advice
on starting
an urban vegetable garden,
this one wants to meet up
with local vegans.
How perfect is that?
Let me see that, okay?
Neither of these people
is looking for
a romantic connection.
Everybody's looking
for a romantic connection,
even the vegans.
Please tell me you don't
message these people?
Um... ahem.
Yeah, very selectively. Yeah.
You are like a nosy grandmother!
My online persona is more...
man of mystery."
Maybe I'm available.
Maybe I'm not.
Maybe you're delusional, yeah?
'kay, this person, for example,
needs me.
They're never gonna find
their soulmate
with a post like this.
"Ready to bloom
where I'm planted...
Creative soul
seeks deeper connections."
"I'm a friendless loner
whose therapist says
I need to put myself
out there more."
They need me!
You are reading way too much
into that.
Oh, really?
It continues.
"Let's share
all Pennfield has to offer."
That's... That's...
What is wrong with that?
What is wrong with that?
That's too transactional!
"I don't care
how cheap this date is,
we're still
splitting the bill."
Okay, now you're just
twisting their words.
No. These people aren't...
Maybe just clich.
This is why you're still single.
No, that is not why I'm single.
God, just promise me
you won't message that guy.
Excuse me?
this sad, ineffective post
was clearly written by a woman.
"I'm ready to blossom
where I'm planted?"
Come on,
that screams Georgia O'Keeffe.
Well, man, woman... whoever...
They're just looking
for some company.
Okay? Nothing wrong with that.
Okay, if that's how you feel...
she's within
a five-mile radius.
Go get her, Franki.
N... No! You know what?
I-I don't have the time.
Between work
and my extremely
high-maintenance friendships,
my plate is full.
Besides, there's no algorithm
on Earth
that can accurately predict
romantic compatibility.
You're right.
It's all... chemistry.
It's like...
taking a seat at the local bar,
striking up a conversation
with a handsome stranger...
What can I get you?
let's talk gin.
Now, my know-it-all editor
says I need to incorporate
more social media into my books.
Says it's so ubiquitous
these days,
that a world without it
is entirely too fictional.
So you're catfishing locals
as you travel from town to town?
Excuse me?
I am doing research
while I'm on my book tour.
Professional catfishing, then.
I am not trying to fool anybody,
or pretending
to be somebody else.
The last thing
I'm looking for is love.
I want access.
Yeah? Access to what?
Banking information?
No, I'm good there.
I bet you are.
People's hopes...
and dreams...
and hangups.
You know?
To my editor's point...
We all live online these days.
You know, we're not individuals
so much as usernames
that are connected to a catalog
of things that we consume...
Like, TV, movies...
organic dishwashing detergent,
There's no accidental discovery.
You know?
And it's life through a filter,
- and it's just...
- It's kind of superficial?
Given the opportunity
for some good old-fashioned,
analog exchange,
you can get somebody to confess
their deepest longings and fears
in no time.
I'm sure you run across that
in your line of work...
A stranger comes in,
bellies up to the bar,
- and starts...
- Oversharing?
- It happens all the time.
- Mm-hmm.
We are all starving
for real, tangible connection.
Like this poster...
"Ready to Bloom."
Sounds dreamy. Next!
Uh, no!
Lonely is great.
There is always a story there.
"Dear Ready to Bloom... "
Oh, that's a good start.
"I have just landed in town
and I need a tour guide."
- Oh?
- Is that good?
It's a little on-the-nose,
but sure.
Okay. "Would you like
to see your city"
through a stranger's eyes?"
Wait. I thought
you used to live here.
Uh, yeah, but that was
a long time ago.
Anyway, I'm just casting a line,
and seeing if anything catches.
Looks like Mr. Lonely was
waitin' by his phone.
Wow. That was fast.
You can never know
where the first moment
of connection could lead.
Maybe he's married, or...
Or a serial killer.
Or straight.
Or straight!
You just never know until
you put yourself out there.
What is that,
an exciting new prospect?
It's hard to say.
- Let's see!
- It's hard to say!
So, sometimes, you gotta,
you know, take it offline.
Is that all
you're gonna give me?
No more juicy details
for you, Frankie. 'Kay?
You need to stop
living vicariously
and go have an adventure
of your own.
But I... I love juicy details.
You know this about me.
I gotta take off.
All right.
I'll see ya.
Hey, go ahead and clock out.
I'll lock up.
A whole ten minutes early?
What, have you been
body-swapped by aliens?
No. It's slow for customers,
and my brother
just punked on family dinner,
so I'm just gonna order takeout
and make sure that I've watched
everything made for TV.
Alternatively, you could,
I don't know,
maybe try to have fun?
Ah, fun is for your twenties.
Make some questionable decisions
for the both of us.
I will try my best.
See ya tomorrow, boss.
Goodnight, honey.
Thank you.
You're hitting it off with
the lonely local, aren't you?
No, he's funny.
He's a little awkward, but...
but funny.
It's strange, because he kind of
reminds me of my husband.
You're married?
I was.
Oh, don't worry.
He's dead now.
- Oh.
- I invited, uh,
"Ready to Bloom"
to come and join us.
What, you invited them here?
Yeah, well, you have to meet
a stranger in a public place...
That's just common sense.
Now we just wait
and see who walks
through that door.
"The heart is a muscle
that requires exercise."
I am so going to regret this.
Any updates?
Radio silence.
- Boo.
- Yeah, I'm calling it a night.
It seems that my lonely local
has not been enticed.
Or maybe he slipped in
just under the wire.
What're you doing here?
When did you get here?
What, are you visiting,
or staying?
Why didn't you text or...
It was a last-minute addition
to my book tour and...
I was gonna reach out
first thing tomorrow!
Hello, hello!
So your publisher finally
sent you to Pennfield?
Yeah, well, you know, it's not
always about the total reach,
but the level of enthusiasm.
They thought that
a passionate hometown crowd
would generate excellent press
for my latest release.
welcome home.
Are you staying here?
Mm. The penthouse suite.
Well, why don't you just
stay at the house?
I mean, there's plenty of space.
I left your room the same...
Your shoes, Dad's ties.
Oh. You know,
I wouldn't want to impose or...
Ahem. But look at you!
You look so handsome.
I mean, what are you doing here?
Are you meeting someone? A date?
I-I w... I was, yeah, kind of.
Oh? Look at me.
Wrecking your plans already.
Well, where is she, then?
I don't know, um...
it's kind of
an unconventional setup.
Oh, a blind date?
On Classifie...
Yeah, I don't know
what she looks like,
I don't even know her name.
She just told me
to meet her at the bar
and she likes gin martinis.
She's not coming.
You're "Ready to Bloom,"
aren't you?
Oh... no.
No, no! No. No.
Don't be embarrassed.
No, I think that these things
probably happen all the time.
What? To who?
I finally post to that app
and I pick up my mom
who doesn't even
live here anymore?
You know what? I think that
it proves that you and I,
we're compatible.
- Mom!
- What?
Wait. Why are you even
on the Classifie app?
I mean, are you dating again?
First of all,
don't look so horrified.
No, I'm not.
I am just doing research
for my-my... my book.
That's all.
You're catfishing strangers
for research?
That's what I said.
Wait. Does Taylor even know
that you're here?
You're not
"The Heart is a Muscle,"
are you?
It's me.
I'm... I'm "Rooting4U."
N-Not actually rooting...
it's my screen-name.
From Classifie?
Wrong guy.
Right. Clearly.
Uh, sorry. E-Enjoy the coffee.
You know...
I was worried that
you might be too cool for me.
But thanks for putting
my mind at ease.
I'm Franki.
Nice to meet you.
It's just the third shelf
to your left.
- Emilia Bloom.
- Yes.
Uh, welcome to...
Between Two Covers.
We weren't expecting you. Yet.
But I confirmed the dates
with your publisher and, um...
Emilia Bloom.
And do you have a name?
And it is...?
Uh, Margot! Heh.
- Manager.
- Ah!
Well, Margot the Manager,
I came in a few days early
to make the most of
this last stop on my tour.
You may know that I lived
in Pennfield for many years.
I know everything about you.
I mean, everything
that is normal to know.
Okay, well, I am looking
for a little hole-in-the-wall
jewelry shop
where my husband
used to buy me things,
and I feel certain
that it is just
right around here somewhere.
It was just
right around the corner.
But they went out of business.
About three-ish years ago?
Three years? Really?
Yeah, uh,
it's a coffee shop now.
I can, uh, take you there,
if you want.
are-aren't you
supposed to be working?
- Oh!
- Yeah.
I think you should stay working,
and you should
get everybody very excited
about my book reading, okay?
Okay. I am.
I mean, we are!
All of us.
Oh, actually, Margot?
- Yes, Ms. Bloom?
- Um...
do you happen
to have some water?
'Cause I forgot to take...
my vitamins.
I, uh...
I'm not sure why I...
I'm-I'm... I'm Taylor.
Yeah, you thought I was a guy,
didn't you?
I mean...
Yes. Yes, I did.
- Guilty.
- No. It's all good.
It happens all the time
in my line of work.
Which is...
personal training?
I'm flattered, but no.
Sorry. Just the screen-name...
Yeah, I-I'm a doctor.
- A doctor?
- Yeah.
I've got the MD
and the med school debt
to prove it.
That's great.
Not the debt part. Um...
Hey. Taylor, if, um,
if you're not interested...
In coffee...
You just say the word.
Personally, I love coffee,
so I'm fine with my latte
either way.
- Margot?
- Mm-hmm?
Is everything okay?
I just met Emilia... Bloom.
I-I thought
you confirmed the dates?
I did, uh,
but she's in town early
and she just... ha!
casually swung by.
Is she still in the shop?
No, she just left.
But she is exactly like
I always imagined...
Smart and glamorous.
Total force of nature.
Oh, did you...
did you want to meet her?
I'm sorry, you're usually
a behind-the-scenes guy.
No! No, no. I-It's fine.
Actually, it's for the best.
We've already met.
You know Emilia Bloom?
Why didn't you say something?
Well, because I don't
actually "know her" know her.
Not anymore.
This design doesn't really...
show what makes us special.
But we're a bookstore.
I'd like him
to take another pass.
Less books.
I'll let him down gently.
So you really had no idea?
No. How could I?
It's anonymous.
Well, my best friend, Max,
is convinced that he can tell...
Like, age, gender,
level of desperation...
Well, I am happy
to prove him wrong...
If you guys have that kind of,
you know,
casual, competitive friendship.
Oh, yeah, definitely.
Ever since pre-med.
How is the latte, by the way?
You know, I've been meaning
to come in here for ages.
My shop
is right around the corner,
but it's just...
It's hard to get away
during work hours.
It's my first year in business,
so it's kind of make-or-break.
You don't have any help?
No, I do.
I have a college junior
who might just be better
at my job than I am.
It's just, I...
You like being in control.
Yeah, I guess I do.
Um, so, your post actually
really resonated
with, uh,
being a fellow workaholic.
Now, I really think
that we should re-frame it
as "high-achieving
and detail-oriented."
Yeah, there's plenty of people
who get total fulfillment
from their work.
I wish I got total fulfillment.
I think, at this point,
it's mostly just total fear.
Yeah. I'm not, obviously,
dealing with
life-or-death stakes
the way you are,
but my business
does consume my life.
I'm there morning till night,
and then,
even when I'm not there,
I'm just worried that it's,
you know, catching fire,
or getting robbed,
or failing.
Wow. I really need to see
this flower shop now.
You know, it's actually
more of a, um,
plant store
and artisanal goods boutique.
But... you're welcome any time.
All right.
I have a question for you.
I don't want to offend
or anything...
It's gonna be a good one, then.
Why did you post
in the first place?
Uh, you know, you seem
to have a great career
and incredible friends.
Don't people try to set you up
all the time?
Most of the time,
it's really just my patients
trying to set me up
with their grandkids.
And always women?
Are you asking
who they try to set me up with,
or who I would actually
take out?
The latter, I guess.
I had girlfriends in college
and, um...
dated women here and there
throughout med school.
And, um, it-it just got easier
to be a fantastic physician
than a fantastic partner.
I think now I finally
have my feet under me,
and if I don't put myself
back out there now...
maybe I never will.
Uh, who knows.
Maybe there's someone out there
who feels the same
and, you know, wants to...
Share a life together?
Yeah, that, or I was gonna say
just a nice bottle of wine
and a movie?
Oh! Yeah. Yeah.
That sounds more... sane.
Light and spontaneous. Right?
I can't remember the last time
I did something spontaneous.
Doesn't this count?
Yeah. I guess it does.
Well, good.
Look at you.
Look at me.
Look at us.
Hope you don't mind...
I had to open without you.
I texted.
Did you?
Hmm! I didn't notice.
It looks great, though.
You never let me open solo.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm great. I...
I don't know.
Maybe I'm over-caffeinated?
You're, like, the opposite
of over-caffeinated.
Where's my real boss?
The one who likes to shelve
the aloe plants by height?
She's just trying to be
more open to things.
You know?
But do not touch
the aloe plants.
Want me to get that?
Nah, I got it.
Look at this place!
You really did it!
What are you doing here?
Well, I thought it was time
to come and see what
my children have been up to.
I mean, uh, just look at this!
The pots and the plants and...
it's just fantastic.
And you really look the part of
a scrappy young business owner.
Because I am, Mom.
This is not a costume.
No, no.
It sure is not.
Of course. I know that.
It's so great
to see you, Taylor.
I really missed you.
Miss Bloom.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi. I'm Hannah.
Nice to meet you.
Taylor didn't mention
you were coming to Pennfield.
Well, um, I'm...
I'm really just passing through.
In fact, you should come
to my reading
at Between Two Covers...
- Ah.
- Later this week.
Now it makes sense.
I wanted to invite
you and Zach personally.
Ah, wow. That's so nice.
Sort of how I invited you
to my grand opening.
Oh! I know I so wish
I could've gotten away for that.
Yeah. Yeah, me too, Mom.
It's been a long time.
Well, as a young
business owner yourself,
you understand how crucial it is
to prioritize...
Everything but family, yeah.
Is it Hannah?
- Would you mind...?
- Oh, yeah!
I-I'll just go, uh...
I'm gonna measure
the aloe plants.
I am here now, Taylor.
And I really am
looking forward to spending time
with you and your brother.
We have so much to catch up on.
Yeah, well, unfortunately,
I'm really quite busy.
I don't know,
maybe if you'd called ahead...
or-or ever.
I-I sent birthday cards
and letters.
[{chuckles bitterly] Yeah.
Yeah, Zach still hangs those
on the fridge.
I'm sure he'd love to see you.
Look, I'll... I'll try and come
to your thing.
Okay? I know how
really important it is to you.
Thank you.
But I didn't
just come here for work.
Because we have a lot of things
that we need to discuss.
Ahem. Important things.
What? Did you decide
to sell the house? Evict Zach?
Yeah. Figured that was coming.
Taylor. No.
Your father trusted me
to do the right thing,
and I will always
take care of you and Zach.
Mom, you left.
As soon as he died.
We went from having
two loving parents to none,
in the space of a year.
That's not
something you can just fix
with a pitstop
on your book tour.
Now, look, I'm sorry,
but I really do
have to get back to work,
which I'm sure you understand.
Miss Bloom!
Are you okay?
No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm calling an ambulance.
No, no, no, don't do that.
I'm fine.
I'm feeling much better already.
Okay, great.
Then that gives me enough time
to drive you to the hospital.
I just over-exerted myself,
that's all.
I'm going to finish
this glass of water,
go back to my penthouse suite,
order room service,
and kick back
for the rest of the night.
That sounds extremely glamorous.
I can't let you leave.
If this is a "Misery" situation,
I want you to know,
I do carry pepper spray
in my purse.
I'm not going to kidnap you
and force you
to write me a book.
Well, that's a relief.
It's just...
I know what those pills are.
My grandpa took the same ones
before he...
The pills...
well, Margot...
you got me there.
The truth is
that I am...
Well, I'm on a deadline
for my next book,
and I haven't written
a word in months.
I just found out
that my daughter hates me.
And I think
it's just a little unfair
that I am having
to work through all of that...
while dealing
with a teeny-tiny hiccup
of just recently having had
a heart attack,
and that's
what the pills are for.
Okay, are you having
a teeny-tiny...
heart attack right now?
I don't think so.
You don't think so?
So you did know.
I was gonna text you.
She wanted to surprise you.
Yeah, well, she did.
She showed up
at The Bloomeria today
and acted like
it hadn't been five years.
And I take it
that it was a warm welcome?
I think
she's really trying, Tay.
Do not "Tay" me.
Were you two co-conspirators
on this?
- Did you plan this whole thing?
- No!
I didn't even know
she was coming.
I just...
I don't know.
Maybe it's time to leave
the past in the past.
Cut her a break.
Yeah, of course,
she tracked you down first.
All right, what's that mean?
You're just like Dad.
Okay, first of all,
she didn't track me down.
- Okay, whatever you say.
- And furthermore,
what is wrong
with being like Dad?
Come on, Zach.
You let people
take advantage of you.
All the time.
- That's not true.
- Really?
So you wanna tell me
how many drafts
you've done of these murals?
What, five? Six?
you just have to cut your losses
and stop holding on
to that tiny shred of hope
that people won't
continually disappoint you.
I didn't come...
I don't... I don't
want to fight with you.
I'd rather you fight with me
than with Mom.
I'm sorry.
I-I didn't mean...
I think you said
exactly what you meant to say.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I am a pushover, like Dad.
But I would rather
be that than...
You know she's only here
for her book signing, right?
She didn't come to apologize.
It's not about us.
- I should get back to this.
- Sure.
She had five years
to fix all of this.
It's too late.
So, I will tolerate
Mom's presence in Pennfield
because I love you.
But no matter what
you want to believe,
I know
that Mom'll be out of here
as soon as she gets her fill
of her hero worship.
I'm listening.
Okay, so, she's never
dated a woman before.
So she's straight.
Aren't we evolved enough
to admit that human sexuality
exists on a spectrum?
Okay, so she's bi?
No. I don't
want to assign labels
or make any assumptions, okay?
She said
she's never met a woman
who interests her before.
And sometimes,
you just don't know
until you know. You know?
So again, I ask,
what's the problem?
I just... I don't want
to fall for her if we're...
If we're destined to end up
as platonic friends.
There was this...
thing between us.
You really liked her, huh?
Yeah, of course, I did,
which inevitably means
I'm never gonna
hear from her again.
Pfft. Come on.
Look, that's probably her.
Go on. Check it.
Go on.
Check it.
"Need to blow off some steam.
Are you up for an adventure
outside of the coffee shop?"
She's asking me out
on a date, right?
Yeah. "An adventure."
That could mean anything.
Is it a date or-or not a date?
Oh! Oh, so now you understand
the value of labels?
I got it. Yeah.
- Not helping!
- Ow, ow, ow. Okay, okay.
just ask her
for some clarification.
But, like...
in a flirty way.
"Flirty" clarification?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Okay. Yes.
I-I don't know how to do that.
What's good? Whatcha doing?
Now I'm actually interested.
I may have gone on a date...
through that app.
You used Classifie?
I'm so proud!
Did you totally blow it?
At least...
I don't think I did.
It was supposed to be
a quick coffee
and we talked for three hours.
I knew something was up.
You never let me open solo.
Then I asked if they wanted
to go on another date,
and it's been
three blinking dots.
Wait. So that is bad?
Well, not necessarily,
but it's probably
more complicated
than you thought.
Like, I don't know,
maybe he's seeing
multiple people,
and he really likes you,
but he just doesn't want
to lead you on,
in case he really likes
someone else more.
Or he's married.
That's always a possibility.
I don't think so.
You don't know.
People lie.
Well, he's not married,
and he's not dating a lot...
What am I even saying?
isn't a he.
What is this for?
First of all,
I'm super proud of you
for embracing
this new possibility.
And second,
getting ghosted by a woman
has got to be so much harder.
I'm not getting ghosted.
Am I?
Okay, I'm just gonna say,
"Would love to see you again.
Is this a date-date
or not a date?"
Do... Do-Do not send that.
- No?
- No!
Just give me the phone.
I'll handle this.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah, I got this.
Oh! No, I gotta get that.
This is Dr. Murray speaking.
I'll be right there.
Go. Go. I got this.
I know things might
seem dark right now,
but I-I promise, in time,
you'll find other women.
Or men. Or whatever.
You made real strides today.
You're not gonna pass out,
are you?
I'm not trying
to make this about me.
What is it?
Is she having a heart attack?
Is she dying?
Just, um, you can ignore Margot.
Okay. Is this your daughter?
No, no. She's actually
my bookseller.
Oh! Which reminds me,
uh, you should really
come to my book reading.
Yes, um... yes, okay.
- Emilia.
- Hmm?
When you transferred
into my care,
you promised me
that you were gonna...
You were gonna stop drinking,
you were gonna
monitor your diet,
and you were gonna take
your medication religiously.
And you assured me that you had
the necessary support systems
in place
to help you do that here.
Well, I have, um...
I have Margot!
She is very...
And I have you!
I'm your doctor.
Yes! Yes.
I thought the whole point of
receiving treatment in Pennfield
was so that you could be
closer to your family,
for their support.
Why aren't they here?
Well, I am, um,
I am working on that.
Well, your chart indicates
that you're not.
And I'm concerned that you could
have another cardiac event.
Okay, I will do better.
I-I-I will do better, better,
better, better, I promise.
Well, I'm telling you,
at this point,
you have no other option.
A mimosa while you wait,
Ms. Bloom?
Oh! Yes, please.
sorry, could you just give me
the juice part?
an herbal tea?
No problem.
- Hi.
- Hi!
Uh... are you being followed?
Am I?
Zach, it's a joke.
Sit down!
Sorry. It's just...
just feels strange,
not inviting Taylor.
I doubt you're gonna
get spotted here,
because, apparently, she never
steps foot outside of her shop.
We still do family dinner.
- Every week.
- You do?
I think you two have been
good for each other.
We didn't really have
a choice, so.
Your juice...
and the tea.
Oh, no, sorry,
she only drinks coffee.
Buckets and buckets of coffee.
No, no, no.
Zach, it's totally fine.
So herbal-y.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Yeah! No, I'm... so happy
that you were free to come
and join me for breakfast.
I have no life, so.
You have your work.
- Is that not going well?
- I'm designing
a mural for Between Two Covers.
You know, the bookstore?
It nearly folded, like,
a couple years ago, I think.
Yeah, seems that
they're having a comeback
if they're commissioning murals
and, you know,
hosting my book reading.
Well, at least one of those
will be a success.
I'm just a little bit stuck
Does that ever happen to you?
What am I thinking?
A book a year...
You're a machine.
That is not always
a good thing, Zach.
Your sister...
I mean, she's more like me
than-than she'll ever admit.
You know, she's stubborn
and driven and single-minded,
and, you know, it's why
she's gonna make that shop
a wild success,
but I just hope
that she doesn't neglect
the rest of her life
to see it succeed.
I was thinking maybe you could,
you know, talk to her.
It's not like
I have all the answers.
My personal life's probably
going worse than the mural.
Recent highlights include
an accidental date with my mom.
Maybe you're just an analog guy,
like your dad.
He was always
so old-fashioned that way.
I was thinking about
our bowling nights recently.
I have to confess,
I always felt
a tiny bit left out.
Your dad,
he always understood
the need to live and play.
I kind of struggled
with the balance of that.
I know that you still miss him
and I want you to know
that I miss him
And I know I haven't been
a very present parent.
But I'm here now.
Let me try.
I gotta ask.
What's with the tea?
That is just a...
it's a healthier alternative,
so, yeah, and I've-I've also
stopped drinking.
- What?
- Yeah.
Hannah, do you know where
the rest of the healing
amethyst crystals are?
I thought we placed our order,
but I can't seem to find any.
Uh, have you checked
wherever you keep
your very tiny fairy lights?
You laugh,
but I do stock
very tiny fairy lights.
Oh, I would be disappointed
if you didn't.
That is...
quite the glass thing.
Uh, special-order terrarium.
- Ah.
- Hi.
- You...
- I...
Ah. Thank you.
you found my shop.
I did. Did you know
that there are very few
artisanal pottery
and plant shops
within walking distance
to Joe's?
Right, right.
so you aren't ghosting me...
Did you expect me to?
N-No. No.
I, uh...
you know
the three-dots-of-death thing?
Um, my employee...
told me to abandon all hope.
Oh, no, I... I'm so sorry
I left you hanging.
I got called into work
last night.
Oh. I mean, yeah,
I totally get it.
I get called into work
all the time for emergencies.
You know,
over-watering emergencies
and-and under-watering.
I know you're joking, but...
don't downplay what you do.
You've managed to keep
a small business open
in a terrible economy.
That's really impressive.
I tell her that all the time.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry, I'm... I'm Hannah.
Oh, yes.
Uh, Franki.
Nice to meet you.
You know, we should, uh,
find a place to talk,
but, um, maybe not here.
Yes. Um...
can I can steal you tonight?
I'm not on call.
I love this.
This is... really good.
Uh, Hannah...
could you maybe go look
for that box of crystals?
I, uh, I close up at seven.
Um, okay, could you sneak away,
like, an hour early?
I really
want to show you this...
this thing,
but it's kind of time-sensitive.
Um, that's just a little tough...
I can close tonight!
In case anybody was wondering.
I will make it work, apparently.
Okay, I will...
I'll see you then.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Good call, Boss.
She's hot.
Hot doctor.
9-1-1, I've got a fever,
and her name is Dr. Franki.
You know what
a second date means, right?
We should probably have a talk.
Oh, Madeleine,
Madeleine, Madeleine.
I am gonna need
your stiffest Shirley Temple.
You're sure I can't tempt you
with a glass of wine?
It's nearly happy hour.
No, thank you.
This book
isn't gonna write itself.
Excuse me, Miss,
is this seat taken?
Depends who's asking.
Your biggest admirer.
Brian Thompson?
- Is that you?
- Yup.
Oh, my gosh, hello!
Welcome home, Em.
Thank you.
So, this is why you asked me
to leave the clogs at the shop?
Well, it's not
a super challenging hike.
Just enough
to get the blood flowing.
Okay, just for your information,
I'm not super outdoorsy.
Most kids, they go camping.
I went bowling with my dad.
Are you in?
I can't believe
you have my very first.
I mean, and this is
in absolutely perfect,
perfect condition.
You've obviously not read it.
Of course, I read your book, Em.
Yeah, I read all your books.
I saved this one
for an inscription,
if you would do me the honor.
Of course,
but first,
you owe me an explanation.
Huh. What do you mean?
How did you know
I was staying here?
Between Two Covers.
Is Margot going around,
telling people my business?
She did, however,
tell her employer
where to find you.
You own the bookstore?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
- What?
You're kinda
responsible for that.
I used to read
those short stories you wrote.
Oh. Oh... those were bad.
They were fantastic,
and they got me hooked.
I started spending
way too much time reading
while gradually growing
to resent my actual job.
Which was?
I know.
But I'm really good
at balancing the books now.
So, what made you decide
to buy the bookstore?
Some people go through
a mid-life crisis.
After my divorce,
Between Two Covers was mine.
No infidelity, no kids,
nothing like that.
Nothing for your next book.
I just came to realize
that I was more excited
about the prospect
of saving a community treasure
than I was...
saving my own marriage,
and, ironically,
for once, my ex
was on the same page.
I have to confess,
I wasn't sure that Pennfield
would ever get you back
after your husband passed.
Ms. Bloom.
Ah, thank you.
What are you drinking?
Oh, this is a Shirley Temple.
A Shirley Temple?
Well, I'm working,
and I'm... you know...
I'm trying a whole new...
You're-you're stunning.
You're as stunning
as you ever were.
well, thank you.
Um... but no.
It's just, um... yeah.
It's not a vanity thing.
Is it a health thing?
Not too bad, right?
I mean...
Please tell me
I don't have to start hiking
on the regular.
it's worth the effort.
I gotta be honest,
I really don't know
what I'm doing.
Yeah, well,
it's just one foot
in front of the other, really.
I am not talking
about the hiking.
Yeah, I know.
you are amazing,
in every way...
I wouldn't be so worried
if I wasn't convinced
I was gonna somehow
screw this up.
if that's your main concern...
I can promise you
that we all screw it up
at some point.
Well, that's comforting.
Just being honest.
That doesn't scare me.
That makes one of us.
Hey, Zach.
Long time no see.
Is Taylor in the back?
Is she doing a delivery
or something?
Don't think so.
She's not answering my texts.
Nobody's answering my texts.
I guess Taylor's pretty busy.
But not with work.
See, that's very unlike Taylor.
What's going on, Hannah?
I know you know.
How's your, uh...
mural going, Zach?
You know about that?
I got my sources.
Ears in the street.
it's going good,
it's going really well,
great, mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
- Top-notch.
Okay, well, just tell Taylor
I came by, all right?
I'm making dinner this week.
Whatever she wants.
But that would actually require
her to answer my messages.
That app is a plague.
It only works if you work it.
Yeah, yeah.
I cannot believe
how long it's been.
I really didn't mean
to stay away as long as I did.
It's just once I was gone,
it was easier not to feel
his crushing absence
every single second
of every single day.
We built a life here together.
We built a home.
We shared our first kiss
right across the street.
I can see
how that would be difficult.
and the kids
don't understand.
I did not leave to hurt them.
I left so that
they wouldn't have to live
with all of my pain.
They had enough of their own
to deal with.
And did you explain it
to them like that?
Well, I mean,
Taylor wouldn't let me, and...
I'm just really not good
at these conversations.
Andy was always the one
that comforted them.
You've just got to find a way
to talk to Taylor.
If she's anything like you,
she'll understand.
Once you get past
the bristly, angry part.
Good luck to me.
I'm sorry.
You know what,
I really didn't mean
to unload all of this on you.
I should've just
signed your book
and let you...
Let you go on your way.
I don't feel that way.
I think we both know
that I've always
had a thing for you.
It just,
if felt wrong bringing it up
with your husband.
Oh, please, he knew, too.
Why do you think
he proposed so quickly?
I knew it.
See? You snooze,
you lose, buddy.
That's the way it goes.
It's nice to think
that we still have time
to make new choices.
You know, me,
with the bookstore.
You with your kids.
Well, I certainly know
that it's on me
to make things right.
After my heart attack,
I realized,
"Oh, maybe I don't have
all the time in the world"
to find my way back there,
and then my kids
will never know...
"why I left."
Oh, god...
Hey... you okay?
No, no, no, it's not that.
Let me take you back
to the hotel.
You know what,
if you don't mind,
I think I have a better idea.
Taylor, Is that you?
Hi, honey!
All right,
call me if you need anything.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
I'm home!
So, you're moving in?
Uh... you offered, didn't you?
Yeah, and you turned me down.
I thought you were leaving town
right after your reading.
I never said that.
No, I think that, um...
I think there are some reasons
that I should
stick around for a while.
It's not because of
that guy, right?
I mean,
where'd you even meet him?
The hotel bar.
You've got to be careful.
He could be trying to scam you?
I mean, you're kind of
a high-profile person
around here.
Oh, just around here?
I was looking for
international notoriety.
You know what I mean.
He's not trying
to scam me, Zach.
He's an old friend.
I know,
it's weird to think that
I had a life before kids,
but I did.
- Mom...
- Zach, Zach, Zach, Zach, Zach.
I did not come here
to talk about Brian, okay?
I should have told you this
right from the start.
I didn't come to Pennfield
for a stop on my book tour.
I asked my publisher
to find a reason to send me here
because I needed
to see you and your sister.
What's going on?
I had a heart attack.
A heart attack?
A few months ago.
But don't worry.
I am being treated,
by an excellent specialist.
It's just that the whole
recovery thing
apparently is...
could take longer
than I expected, and...
I can't believe
you had a heart attack
and didn't tell us.
Now you're mad?
No, I'm not mad,
I'm furious.
I wanted to tell you earlier,
but your sister...
No, no, don't blame her!
I know she gives you
a hard time,
but that was your choice.
We've always been living
with the repercussions
of your choices.
I mean, you think
you're protecting us,
but by keeping
a distance from us,
you're just
driving the wedge deeper.
I'm sorry, Zach.
Clearly, this was a bad idea.
I mean, it was a bad idea,
and I knew it was a bad idea,
and I should just...
Right, well, there you go again,
walking away,
just like Taylor would say.
Put your bags down, Mom.
Right, this isn't a debate.
Zach, you are
such a gifted artist.
Then why am I eating this
so hard?
I've made half a dozen versions.
They've all been rejected
by this mystery owner
of Between Two Covers.
Well, I'm sure that he...
Or she...
Knows how capable you are.
It's just a matter of...
you know, reconceptualizing.
I think I'm gonna tell them
to find another artist.
Mom, you can tell me.
I don't want to wear out
my welcome that quickly.
Your dad was always
so good at this.
He always knew what to say,
when to say it,
how to say it.
I mean, it really was
because of him
that I finished my first book.
Yeah, I think
he's the only reason
I ever finished art school.
I mean, sometimes,
I feel like
I'm trying to be helpful,
but it just comes off
as criticism.
Well, that's not
entirely inaccurate,
but this time,
I am asking for your feedback.
lay it on me.
just maybe
you're focusing too much
on the business.
You know, where are people
that make Pennfield special
and unique?
You know, not the...
Not the dead, famous authors,
but the real
flesh-and-blood people.
Thanks, Mom.
All right.
So, now that
I have solved your problem,
I need you to help me with mine.
So, now that we've established
I am completely capable
of opening and closing
on my own,
I think it's time
for a serious discussion
regarding my compensation.
Aren't you getting
a little ahead of yourself?
Too many women
sell themselves short
with salary negotiations.
Hannah, you're not wrong,
and I would love
to give you a raise,
but I'm just...
I'm stretched
as thin as I can right now.
So, what you're saying is
if profits go up,
I get my raise?
You make it sound so easy.
No worries, boss.
I got you.
So, another date
with the hot doc?
What's it this time?
Movie under the stars?
Conceptual pottery class?
Are you adopting a cat together?
Slow down.
We've only had
a handful of dates.
I don't know,
I believe
that's a very typical timeline
for co-parenting a cat
with another woman.
I will see you
first thing tomorrow.
Don't burn the place down.
Okay, I only saged it once.
And the fire was completely...
All right, family dinner,
let's do this.
For once, I have a lot
to fill you in on.
Hey, honey,
I hope you don't mind,
I am cooking tonight.
What is going on?
Mom's kind of, uh,
staying here now.
You set me up.
No, no, no, no,
no one set anybody up.
It's family dinner tonight,
and I'm part of the family...
You know, I had a lot that
I needed to talk to you about,
Tay, come on.
It's one dinner.
See you next week.
You're gonna make me chase you?
Come on, Tay, wait.
Look, I should've told you
she was here,
but I didn't think you'd come.
Of course, I wouldn't have!
I thought I made myself
perfectly clear.
You can make nice with her
all you want.
I am not interested.
There are things
she wants to tell you,
needs to tell you, okay,
and I can't...
I can't choose
between you two anymore.
Look, this isn't
what Dad would've wanted,
for any of us.
I'm not ready.
I just, I really wanted
to talk to my brother tonight.
And you still can.
Do you really want to play
fake, happy family
all dinner?
Okay, no dinner.
Change of plans.
Hey, not bad!
You have impeccable form,
and, uh, really bad aim.
Why do I remember being
so much better at this?
Because Dad always
let us use bumpers.
No, he didn't.
Yeah, he did,
until you hit puberty,
and started growing a mustache.
My turn.
Watch and learn, bro.
- Mm-hmm.
- No.
It's all in the walk.
I don't know her.
Thank you very much.
That looked ridiculous.
That does not count.
Zachary, Zachary, Zachary.
You gotta just find
what works for you
and quit worrying
what it looks like
to everyone else.
Okay, Yoda.
No Slushie for you.
this was a really good idea.
Mostly because I'm winning.
That's right.
I guess the bowling league
lured you back in, huh?
Or you're here with a, um...?
Bowling league?
Yeah, guilty as charged.
I've been planting
the seeds of revolution.
Trying to unseat
the power-tripping despot
who runs it.
Oh, yeah.
I can see that.
You know, I could always, uh,
infiltrate the team
and help bring him down
or something.
Actually, I'd love that.
Great. I'll put it
on my calendar.
Hey, Zach, you ready to go?
Yeah. Margot, this is Taylor,
my sister.
Yeah, uh, Taylor,
this is Margot,
she manages the bookstore.
It is really nice to meet you.
I'm super impressed with
what you've done with the place.
Oh, thanks.
It'll be even better
once Zach's mural is up.
Yeah, about that.
Um, I think I may have
something for you soon.
- Really?
- Yeah,
Mom helped me with it, weirdly.
Well, I, uh,
I can't wait to see it,
and I'll keep you in the loop
about the, uh,
the revolution.
Yes. Revolucin.
Well, uh,
have a good, uh, bowl...
It's so nice meeting you.
- Yeah.
- We're gonna go now.
- Bye.
- I'll... I'll send you the...
Yup. He'll do the thing.
I can't believe I said that...
What happened to you back there!
I don't know!
It just came out of my mouth.
Oh, my gosh.
You should ask her out,
but, like,
on a real date, please?
Don't take her bowling.
It is not romantic.
Yeah, I don't think
she's interested.
She's definitely interested.
Yeah, you don't know this girl.
She's got a very strong opinion
about women's independence,
I'm telling you.
She also had a very strong
opinion about your butt.
We're not going there.
We're not discussing that.
Why not?
Well, first off,
since when did are you
the authority on dating?
You haven't dated anybody
since, what, college?
I'm actually seeing someone now.
No, you aren't.
I am.
I swear.
It's, uh... it's new,
but it's actually
going really well.
That's why
I freaked out about dinner.
I wanted to tell you.
What, you didn't want
Mom to know
you were dating someone?
I didn't want Mom to know
that I am dating a woman.
Not because she's a she.
Like, Mom and I don't have
that kind of relationship.
I can't talk to her
about the big stuff.
Well, maybe
she can't talk to you, either.
Either way,
I don't need her
pretending to care.
I wouldn't hate some help
from you, though.
Can you please say something?
I don't know what to say.
I mean...
does it really matter?
Does it make a difference?
I mean, I don't care
if you date a woman,
or a man, or both,
just as long as whoever it is
is good to you.
Did I say the wrong thing?
You said
exactly the right thing.
You're the first person
I've told,
besides Hannah.
You told Hannah before me?
I may or may not
have briefly spiraled.
Well, I think it's great.
So, what will I refer
to this woman as?
I can't just keep calling her
"this woman".
- Franki.
- Okay.
Um, from Classifie.
You didn't.
I definitely did.
Yeah, you should take that.
She probably thinks
I murdered you
and absconded with the body.
Ha ha.
Hey, Mom.
Yeah, it's fine, we're just...
We'll be right there.
We gotta go.
That was Pennfield General.
Mom's just been admitted.
Oh, my gosh.
You had a heart attack
and you weren't gonna tell us?
Oh. Dr. Murray,
these are my children.
My son, Zach,
and my daughter, Taylor.
Hi. Dr. Francesca Murray.
Nice to meet you.
Are you kidding me right now?
- Taylor?
- Zach.
Perhaps we should discuss
your mother's condition.
- Yes.
- Yes, please.
Uh, excuse me, yes,
very interested,
but, um, first,
could someone tell me
who this is?
That's Brian.
I'm an old friend
of your mother's.
Great. Now that
that's perfectly clear.
Taylor, please,
Dr. Murray was going to...
Would you prefer
if we spoke in private?
No, no, no.
No, I am done
keeping secrets from them.
That is what got me here
in the first place.
Well, Based on what I'm seeing,
Emilia is no longer
suffering from a heart attack.
She is, however, suffering
from a panic disorder,
which could trigger
many of the same symptoms,
shortness of breath,
tightness in the chest.
The good news is,
that it doesn't cause
the same sort of physical damage
to the heart muscle,
and now that we know
what's going on,
we can more effectively
treat it.
Well, you were
pretty upset earlier,
could that cause a panic attack?
Emotional upset
can absolutely be a factor.
Okay, so, uh,
so it's our fault then,
or my fault, rather.
Right, Franki?
Uh, there can be any number
of contributing factors.
Wait, this is good news, right?
Wait, wait, wait, Franki?
Like, Franki Franki?
Did you know
that she was Mom's doctor?
Till 20 minutes ago,
I didn't even know
Mom had a doctor.
What am I missing here?
You know what,
I am gonna go get some air.
Does anyone need anything?
No? Good.
Zach, will you go
check on your sister, please?
- Yeah.
- You know what, let me.
You should stay with your mom.
What is going on there?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Okay, but they know each other.
Yeah, no, it seems like it,
doesn't it?
but she's a cardiologist,
and your sister pots plants.
I mean, they don't exactly,
you know,
move around in the same circles.
Maybe we should just put
the oxygen back on.
They'll be back in a minute.
We can...
But they're friends!
Mm-hmm, yeah, no,
it looks like that, yeah...
Like, friends
with palpable tension.
Are they involved?
Should I get a nurse?
Are you okay?
No, do not get a nurse.
My daughter is dating a doctor.
I didn't make the connection
until she listed you
as her emergency contact.
You never talk about your mom.
My last name wasn't
a giant red flag for you?
No, it wasn't,
Even if I had found out sooner,
I don't regret
getting to know you.
I wouldn't take that back
for anything.
She listed me
as her emergency contact?
You and your brother.
We've barely spoken in years.
I know I'm just
getting to know Emilia,
and I know she puts on
a tough front,
but I think she's got
a lot of regrets.
Well, she should.
She came a long way
to seek this treatment.
She could have gone
to another specialist
in another city,
and she didn't.
She came here
to be near you.
You didn't tell me
you were a therapist, too.
How would you feel
if it had been
another heart attack?
Is this how you'd want
to leave things with your mom?
You know, you said so yourself,
you're just getting to know her.
I have had
decades of experience.
Panic disorder?
No, it's Emilia
got her feelings hurt,
and then she called
a doting admirer
to come comfort her,
and now the whole
rest of the world
has to stop to accommodate her.
You're wrong...
And you're being
sort of cynical,
which is not your best look.
If that's what you think of me...
That's how you're behaving.
How about I just make it
really easy for us then.
From now on,
let's just stick to our jobs.
Finished all my tasks...
And got a head start
on inventory...
Sounds good.
And since you're suddenly
all checked out,
I'll be heading up
our new marketing push myself.
Great, thanks.
What new marketing push?
Look, boss, it's clear to me
you've got a lot of life stuff
you're dealing with right now,
so I'm more than happy
to take on the store stuff
for a while.
what did you do, exactly?
We are expanding
our digital footprint.
"Plant moms and plant daddies... "
"Plant daddies"?
Well, I was gonna go for
"All my plant-loving gnomies,"
you know, to be more inclusive,
but it was over the word count.
"Go green and shop local."
Present this at checkout
for 10% off your next purchase
at The Bloomeria"?
That's gonna cut into
our bottom line.
All I'm asking
is for you to give it a chance.
Increased foot traffic
will more than make up
for the discount.
Um, what increased foot traffic?
I just posted it today.
You've gotta have
more faith in people.
They showed up
for other businesses
that posted on Classifie.
They'll show up for us.
Then you can give me my raise.
I will leave it up for a day.
Not ideal,
but I can work with that.
You do remember
I own this place, yeah?
and on that note,
I was hoping to petition you
for a slight alteration
to the schedule.
I would like to leave
earlier today.
Like, approximately now.
Yeah, there's an event
I'd like to attend.
It's my Mom's
book-signing, isn't it?
I've been obsessed
with your mom's spy novels
ever since my aunt
gifted them to me
thinking they were travel guides
for young adults.
It's fine. Go.
Have a nice time.
You're the best.
I'm gonna say something,
and hope you don't
fire me, okay?
Well, I haven't fired you yet,
have I?
Some people don't have moms,
you know?
Let alone wildly creative
and complicated type moms
that don't just tell you,
but also show you
how you could be whatever
you want to be when you grow up.
Look, Hannah,
I know you mean well...
I'm just saying,
that those types of people
that don't have those moms,
they end up seeking out
female mentorship,
like, at their part-time job,
for example...
She left me.
I know,
I mean, look how much
your world has grown,
and maybe hers has, too,
and that's why she's back.
Really, how are you gonna know,
unless you just, you know...
talk to her?
Am I fired?
No, you're not fired.
You're right.
You should go.
Have a great time.
And Hannah?
Mom or no mom,
you still managed to become
one of the best people
that I know.
All right, that's it.
If you're deleting the app,
I'm deleting the app.
It's not the app's fault
I fell for-
A narcissist
with Mommy problems?
You haven't even met her.
No, no, but as your best friend,
it's my job
to blindly protect you.
So I'm assuming
this is entirely on her,
and you're a blameless angel,
my friend.
Okay, well,
I may have overstepped a little
with the unsolicited advice.
No, you give great advice.
Thank you.
That'll be a real comfort to me
when I'm old and alone.
I don't know, old?
Alone? Never.
I will be on this barstool
whenever you need me.
I mean, unless I meet
my dream guy,
in which case,
we'll still invite you over,
like, all the time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Hey, hey, you wanna cut it out
with the PDA?
People are gonna think
we're a couple.
You're right.
Hey, um,
since you've got
the evening off,
I say we double down,
order something really poisonous
and hard to pronounce.
I take it that wasn't
Mommy Problems?
Look, it's her loss.
All right,
what are we ordering?
Actually, would you be
my plus one to something?
Um... yes.
Admiring your hard work?
Our hard work.
Thanks for pitching in.
There's no way I could have
pulled this off alone.
Thank goodness, the owner
finally got out of his own way.
Well, it might have helped
that he's got a soft spot
for my mom.
Not at all.
I mean, I absolutely
adore Emilia.
I didn't do you any favors.
Your mural is spectacular, Zach.
It announces that
it's always been the people
that make Pennfield so special.
The town deserves it.
It's why I bought the bookstore
in the first place.
I think there's still room
for a little cameo
of Pennfield's
most celebrated author.
So... did you talk
to your sister?
She isn't coming, Mom.
I texted, I called.
It's been radio silence.
Hey, it's gonna be a full house.
Dozens of adoring fans.
Em, why don't I
get you set up in the back,
relax a little bit
before we open the floodgates?
Well, I hope you are as happy
with the final product
as we are.
Mm, actually...
You can't be serious.
I don't think I accurately
captured your essence.
Oh, really?
And what is my essence,
exactly, hmm?
Neurotic bookworm?
Brainy, persistent, original.
All the qualities
that would convince a guy
who hasn't had
much luck with love
to take a shot
and ask the girl out.
Please don't say you have to
run that by your boss.
I think that is a really...
solid proposal...
and I'm in.
did we just make that happen?
I think that might be
Brian's very subtle way
of telling me to go do my job.
Find me after?
- Dr. Murray!
- Hey.
I didn't know you were coming.
Honestly, I didn't either,
until Emilia sent me the invite.
I wasn't sure I'd be welcome.
Of course you are,
but, um, I don't think
Taylor's going to show up, so...
but, hey, if you wouldn't mind,
would you maybe
- help me keep an eye on Mom?
- Yeah.
Make sure she doesn't overdo it.
have you seen this?
I'm gonna sue for infringement.
Infringement on what?
My impeccable jawline,
for starters.
Okay, technically,
that's covered
under artistic license, so...
Does she know
that you painted her?
She's been pretty distant
since the hospital.
I take it she hasn't...
You wanna know the worst thing
about my sister?
Besides her bowling technique.
Her clogs?
The person
she's best at punishing
is herself.
Good evening, dear book lovers.
Without further ado,
Between Two Covers
is thrilled to introduce
a woman who needs
no introduction,
Pennfield's very own
Queen of Romance,
author Emilia Bloom.
Hello, hello.
Aw, thank you so much.
Thank you, Margot,
and a special thank you
to Between Two Covers
for hosting me tonight.
I look forward to signing
everyone's copies of my books...
after I have read
an excerpt
from my latest novel,
"The Problem with Prague."
Well, I have done this
a few thousand times,
but tonight
just feels different.
Since coming home to Pennfield,
I've just, uh, felt...
Well, it's been, um...
it's been an awakening.
I left Pennfield five years ago,
after my husband passed away.
Well, left.
The semantics are debatable.
The reality is
that I, uh...
I abandoned my children.
They were grown children,
but, um...
I stranded them
to handle their grief alone,
and for that I am very sorry.
The thing is,
I really am not trying
to make excuses here,
but I could not imagine
spending the rest of my life
in the place
that I'd raised my family
without their father by my side.
I assume
you've all read my books?
Well, often...
I write about love
more nimbly
than I manage it for myself,
and I have missed out on so much
while I've been away.
This mural behind me,
this was painted
by my extraordinarily
talented son.
He is an artist,
like me,
but he sculpts his worlds
with shape and color
instead of dusty, old words...
and he always sees
the best in everyone,
even when they let him down...
and there I go
talking about myself again...
But that is a thing
that my daughter
might say about me,
and, you know, she is not wrong,
but she, too, is a bit of chip
off the old block,
and she is living proof
that, sometimes,
being stubborn and driven
is not a bad thing,
because without any help
from anyone,
least of all me,
she has opened "The Bloomeria,"
just down the street,
a beautiful plant store.
You should all go down there
and see what her hard work
and vision has created...
and I wish she knew
how proud I am
of every brave choice
she has made for herself.
I just wish she would reconsider
calling it off
with my cardiologist,
and I am happy to accept
a referral elsewhere
if that's what it takes.
All of that to say,
that going forward,
in my personal life
and with my writing,
I want to pay tribute
to the more complicated
love stories
that surround us,
because they're not
all flawless.
They're not all romantic.
They're not all expected.
And I don't need
to transport myself
or my readers
to some far-flung country
to find those love stories.
Sometimes, they're just
right around the corner.
it's even on Classifie.
"Local Author
Ready to Bloom
Where She's Planted."
That sounds oddly familiar.
"Just back in town"
and hoping to connect
with familiar faces
and new friends alike.
Let's write
a beautiful story together.
"My chat is open."
All right, shall we get started?
"The Problem With Prague."
Chapter One.
"Her body ached."
A constellation
of fading bruises
"stretched from her right hip,
up along..."
Flower queen comin' through!
Right here, my dear.
Hey, Mom,
you planning on joining us
anytime soon?
Yes, absolutely,
just, sometimes,
you have to get it down
when the inspiration strikes.
Making progress, then?
Ooh, I don't want
to jinx it, so...
no, absolutely not.
Have you given my question
any more thought?
The "Do I want to move home?"
I have, and definitely not.
Business is picking up.
Oh, my book-signing
appeal perhaps?
Hannah's ad.
We're rolling in plant parents
and "garden gnomies",
or whatever she called them.
She's more than earned
her raise,
and your boyfriend
has brought a very nice
bottle of wine with him.
He is not my boyfriend,
he's just...
an old college friend.
Sure, Mom.
Funny, though,
Zach did mention
that you haven't been home
most nights
when he goes to bed,
even when he's out late
with Margot.
Well, your brother and I
are gonna need to have
a little chat
about what percentage
of my royalties
he can expect to inherit
if he can't learn
to keep his mouth shut.
Can you get that?
I need to have a little chat
with your brother.
what have you been telling them?
Don't tell my girlfriend
that I went to the other
plant shop in town.
Your girlfriend
will forgive you this time.
How are things going
with your mom?
She's trying, I'm trying.
We're all just...
"Blooming where you're planted?"
Zach is never gonna
live that down, is he?
No, never!
I love it.
Um, excuse me!
Hi, ladies, sorry to interrupt.
Is this Emilia Bloom's house?
Is she on some Map of the Stars
or something?
Does Pennfield have
a Map of the Stars?
I thought that was you!
There she is!
Oh, ladies, this is not
some crazed fan.
This is my editor, Graham!
I'm so glad you could make it.
my bestselling author
promised me a new book.
- Yes.
- How's it going?
It's coming, it's coming,
and I am doing
something different.
I'm going to tell you
all about it after dinner.
This is about to get
really interesting.
Why is that?
He is totally Max's type.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Then we should go get
good seats.
It's so good to see you.