Love & Debt (2019) Movie Script

[man] You've reached Improve your
life Construction. Leave us a message
and we'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
- [sighs]
- [woman] The mailbox you have reached is full
and cannot accept
any new messages at this time.
[soft music]
- You want to swipe that again? It didn't go through.
- Yeah.
- [girl] I need to practice...
- Next time I'm leaving you at home.
- But I was just practicing...
- Do you have another card?
It was declined.
[man] Everything you'll need
to know about a person,
you'll learn by reading
their credit report.
Henry Warner, married,
three kids, good job,
two leased cars, mortgage on the
house, currently under construction.
For years
he paid his bills on time,
never left anything
on his credit cards.
And then, six months ago,
he stops making payments,
to the bank, the credit cards,
even to his kid's shrink.
Chances are he lost his job and
his wife doesn't even know it.
Let's go.
[man] Meanwhile,
he's getting crushed
on interest rates.
Bank wants to foreclose
on his home,
the credit card companies
want their money.
He's running on fumes.
Now our job
is to do whatever it takes
to get that money.
You think you're up for it?
In college I lent
my roommate $300.
When he didn't pay it back,
I took a picture of him
in the shower masturbating
and I said I'd post it
on Facebook if he didn't pay up.
You're going to fit right in.
You've got two weeks to close
or I'll find someone else.
Why do you think the wife
doesn't know?
He never stopped paying
for her yoga classes.
- Henry.
- Scott.
- Five bucks and I make it.
- Come on, you can bet more than that.
How about bam $10,000
in severance,
fifteen-year-old scotch
and power tie?
- How about 200k and my job back?
- I wish you could have your job back.
I thought we were saving the
company, not having a fire sale.
Buddy, I originally
signed up to work for you,
not to teach Chinese
people how to do our jobs.
Six months.
I worked here without
a paycheck, six months,
and this is what I get,
a lousy 10k?
Cheap bottle of scotch
and an ugly tie?
Actually the tie was my idea.
[phone rings]
This is Scott.
No, I have time. What's up?
[woman] Your mother
called me stupid.
Your parents
are driving me crazy.
You have to be present...
[woman keeps complaining
I want you to crush it
while I'm away.
So when they fire me, I can
come back and work for you.
[woman continues speaking]
[Scott] Call me.
[phone rings]
- [harmonic playing]
- Henry.
You know what, I give up, I cannot track
down this fucking contractor anymore.
- I can't live in a disaster zone.
- Mom.
This is... not now,
Trinity, please.
- This is now all on you. You're in charge.
- Mom.
- Trinity, what?
- Mom, stop. Mom, stop. Stop!
- [tires screeching]
- Okay. Okay.
I see it. I see it, Trinity.
Thank you so much.
Honey, you were right.
Mommy just needs a second
and we will get
right back on the road.
[harmonica playing]
Okay. Okay.
[soft music]
There got to be somebody
there to loan you the money.
I sympathize with you, but look,
if I don't get a payment
- then we both get in trouble.
- [man] You know you all pay what you owe.
Good afternoon. This is Roy Tucker
from the Beaumont Collection Agency.
I'm not the one
who win up $7,000,
sticking 50s
in the strippers' ass cracks.
Don't get upset, Mr. Owens.
Can I call you Albert?
I'm going to call you Albert.
When can you
make a payment?
Next month?
Exactly when next month?
Good afternoon.
This is Roy Tucker. Hello?
No, I can't get off the phone
till I get a date, man.
[man] You know,
you got to give me something.
I mean just help
me out just a little bit.
Calling me a bitch
isn't going to make this better?
- Gary, are you listening to me?
- [man] That guy...
he once convinced a man
to let him bang his wife.
[man] Here's how it's going to happen.
I'm going to call you back in one hour.
And when I do, I want to hear
some magical numbers
because I'm done
fucking with you.
What's with the bike?
All right. Follow me.
[man] Now, you close the case,
you get 30% of whatever you collect.
Do the money dance, do the money
dance, do the money dance.
Of course, I get 50% of that
and then you got to kick back
another 20% to the house
but you get to keep the rest.
Now how much does this guy owe?
- He owes $83567.25.
- Eddie?
That's $25,070
and some change.
Less than 70%,
equalling $7,500.21.
Fuck. What are you, a bookie?
This guy, I love this guy.
Wait. So, that means
when I close 10 cases,
I'll be able to pay
off my student loans.
Hey, kid, bang your head
against the wall.
- I don't understand.
- Go over and bang your head against that wall right there.
- You mean this wall?
- That wall, yeah.
[soft music]
- You're bleeding.
- No, I'm not.
- There's a tack in your head.
- And I can't walk, what's your point?
Hey, you're the enemy and
they want you to think you're
the one who brought this
house of shit down on them.
- That's right.
- If you want that money,
you're going to have to bang
your head against that
- wall a trillion times to get it.
- Tell him.
Sooner or later,
something's going to give
and for your sake,
it better be the wall.
It better be the wall.
You see this?
This grows for bits
right here.
- I can't do it.
- If you drink it,
I will let you jump
on my bed without asking.
Mom, please don't
make them drink that crap.
- It's good for them.
- Last time you gave Matty the shits for two weeks.
- It smells.
- [woman] Melissa!
And does this smell thing stink?
- This stinks.
- No it doesn't.
- [mother] I don't know how you live like this.
- Well...
the idiot contractor has disappeared
off the face of the earth.
- Well, they got deported.
- It's like literally, literally good.
[mother] Oh, that hard water is
going to make your hands dry.
- It's fine, mom.
- You probably could use some moisturizer.
- It's fine, mom.
- I can't eat this.
- I can't eat this.
- Trinity, get your brother out of the car.
- [Trinity] But nana said I have to...
- Go.
I definitely cannot eat...
what even is this?
Hold on. I'll call you
right back. Wish me luck.
Mom, is it really asking
too much for you
to buy me some things that
I can actually eat?
- This alone will kill them.
- What?
That is the only bread
Matty will eat.
Bleached with chlorine
and benzene which causes cancer.
You're trying to kill me? I can't believe
you want me to have cancer and die.
- Can you please just be helpful?
- I thought I was.
[phone ringing]
- Hello.
- [man] Hello, this is Travis Parker.
- Is Henry Werner at home?
- Warner, not Werner.
Oh, sorry, ma'am.
I think there's...
- the As look like Es here.
- Hey, stick to the script.
I'm calling on behalf
of the BCC Credit Collection.
I don't care
where you're calling from,
for the thousandth time,
we are on the Do Not Call List.
Yes, ma'am.
This isn't about...
What part of Do Not Call
do you people not understand?
Is... may I please speak
with Henry Warner?
He died.
Wow... Her husband died.
Hey, they only owe 80 grand.
You should hear what they say
when they owe a 100.
Make a note.
That was Bill's desk.
- Do you think I could change desks?
- No.
[soft music]
Did you get
the email I forwarded?
I have stopped
reading those emails.
It's about a group
of college kids
peeing on a girl in a bathtub.
Is there a reward
for a missing child?
I found this one
outside by himself in the car.
- It's been one of those days.
- Matty, take a video.
You just don't want
your kids to think
that getting peed on is normal.
[Karen] I rest my case.
- Hey, did you buy anything that I could actually eat right now?
- Don't start.
- I'm just really famished, to tide me over, a quick one.
- [Karen] No, please.
- Dad, the idiot contractor...
- Please, I need you to take care of that for me.
Well, last I checked
actually I work every day
although if you want
to change jobs
I'm sure we can come to some
type of arrangement.
Okay. Why not you take care
of the kids all day
and I will ignore your phone calls
and pretend I don't have a family?
I will consider your offer.
I was just telling
your wife that kids today,
for whatever demented reason,
think that peeing
on a girl
in a bathtub is normal.
[Karen] My kids
are smarter than that.
[Henry] You're back and forth,
you got to have control.
- Don't encourage her.
- I'm encouraging her to be
a better hockey player.
Back and forth.
I'm saying you don't know
what's going on out there.
Ten-year-olds sexting
naked pictures of themselves.
Actually when I was 11 years
old, I took a polaroid
of myself naked and left it
in the girls' locker at school.
All the good things you have
to look forward to, kids.
- [broken glass]
- Damn it, Trinity.
- Stop playing with that fucking ball!
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
No. Go to your room.
Okay, you guys.
Time to get excited. Why?
Because Jennifer Stinson just tweeted
that she's getting breast implants.
Well, good thing
you are not Jennifer Stinson.
- She is my role model.
- I can just give you $20 so you could buy a better bra.
You are disgusting, dad.
Jesus, Henry.
Forty dollars?
Go set the table.
I am not your slave!
Oh, I wish I could find a man
like you that didn't talk.
You could learn
something from him.
They were talking
about this on Dr. Oz.
All you have to do
is work with him.
I work with him, Mom.
Trust me.
I work with him
more than anyone.
Okay. You don't want
to listen, don't listen. Fine.
[Karen] ...stop playing
with that fucking ball.
- Damn it, Trinity. Stop playing with that fucking ball.
- Really? Really?
- Damn it, Trinity. Stop playing with that fucking ball.
- What?
Damn it, Trinity.
Stop playing with that fucking...
She looks for ways
to try and piss me off.
You just can't
let it get to you.
[Karen] You could
have said something.
Well, she hates me
and she's your mother.
This is about you
being there for me.
Real happy I can count on you.
[Melissa] Trinity, did you...
[Trinity] Sorry. Sorry.
[Melissa] You are disgusting.
I know you are,
I don't like you.
[Melissa] Did you know they cut
the beaks off the chickens
then force-feed them until
they're ready to be slaughtered?
Let's wrap it up. I don't
want you keeping your sister up.
She's asleep.
- Trinity, are you asleep?
- Yes.
Ten more minutes.
I want my own room, dad.
We all do.
Okay, buddy. You know what?
Why not I just move
in here with you?
You know, just the men.
We'll get race car beds, paint
the walls like it's Daytona 500.
Okay. There you are. Locked in.
All right.
[soft music]
All right.
Lights on. Lights off.
Lights on. Lights off.
Lights on. Lights off.
Lights on.
[music continues]
[phone ringing]
Hello, I'm sorry
that your husband is dead.
Hi. Hello.
- Hello.
- Yes. Can I just please speak with Henry Warner?
- You got him.
- Henry Robert Warner?
Yeah, one and the same.
Oh, wow. You're still alive.
Yeah. That's right.
Last time I checked. Not dead.
This is Travis Parker.
Sir, I'm calling on behalf
of the Beaumont Credit
Collection Agency.
For quality assurances, I have
to tell you that this call
may be monitored and any
information that you give
may be used
to collect a debt.
Why is it that when batteries die,
people don't throw out the old batteries?
Instead they put them
in a drawer with the new ones,
like magically somehow now
they're going to work?
Now I can't figure out
which are the old ones
and which ones are the new ones
and it's very annoying.
Sir, do you understand
the reason I'm calling?
- I owe you money.
- Yes, sir, A lot of money.
- I don't have it.
- Well, sir, may I remind you
that failure to make a payment will
result in the immediate reposition...
You can read that entire
old script to me all night,
I'm still not going to have
the money. Are you open
to having a real conversation,
I'm open to doing that.
- I don't know.
- You're not sure you're going to have a real conversation?
Listen. I'm new here.
And I called earlier
and your wife said that you died so I didn't
even know that you'd pick up the phone.
I was a little surprised but...
and I'm new here so I don't...
I said that already. There's just...
there's a lot of stuff
- on my mind and I'm a little confused.
- Travis,
take a deep breath.
- Deep breath?
- Take a deep breath, Travis.
Just take a deep breath.
It gets you through it.
- Yes sir.
- Normally I would hang the phone up,
but I have had a shitty day and it
sounds like you're having a shitty day
and there's no point both of us having
a shitty day so I'm going to help.
You need your money,
I want to pay.
- That's great.
- Just not tonight.
- Tomorrow?
- No, probably not tomorrow, Travis,
because the assholes
that I work for...
worked for just sold
the company to the Chinese.
Chinese like the China Chinese?
Yes, Travis,
the China Chinese.
Yeah. Sweatshops.
Kids eating dogs.
The China Chinese.
Good night, Travis.
Good work.
It never gets any easier.
The hardest part
is keeping them on the phone.
[Karen] Well, I could quote
you an hourly rate
or just one price
for the whole job,
whatever makes you
more comfortable.
I am here to provide
peace of mind for you
now that it's time
to divest yourself
of these kind of things.
I think you're going to be
really happy with my work.
Um... I just have to drop
the kids off at school
and then I could be over there.
Thank you for calling.
I really look forward
to working with you.
Mommy's making money.
What? What? Yes.
[soft music]
Baby, well, baby
[Karen] Okay, you guys,
come on let's go, please.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Oh, come on. Leave that.
- Gross. I'm not eating that.
- You ate these yesterday.
I was also forced to drink
breast milk until I was two.
- Tickle torture.
- Stop, stop, stop.
I can't hear you, I'm holding
a laughter. Tickle torture.
- I can't hear...
- Please, stop.
You're lucky I love you.
That's an unborn baby.
Yeah, it is.
That's a good unborn baby.
I can't live in this house
one more minute.
- Hmm.
- Dad, stop.
I can almost hear it crying. Hm.
- I need some cash.
- Oh, me too.
- [Karen] You don't need cash.
- Huh, funny.
- Sara's mom is picking me up.
- I thought I was driving you.
You thought wrong.
Love you, daddy.
Why doesn't she talk
to you that way?
Said you want them girls, so...
- I need some money.
- That's romantic.
We need to pay
the credit card bills
and I have to buy supplies
for new client so...
New client?
You have a new client?
- You're not the only one with a job.
- That's good, helpful.
- Who's the client?
- No. I don't want to talk about it.
I'm going to jinx it.
I will tell you tonight.
- Got a $20.
- You've got $50 and $20.
I will take them both.
Thank you.
If you're not nice to me,
I'm going to cash in our SkyMiles
and go to Hawaii.
I might not take you with me.
if you can find someone else,
I'd say go for it. You guys.
You guys. You guys. Let's go.
- Come on.
- [Henry] Trinity, always around the front of the car.
- [Karen]What time will you be home?
- [Henry] What?
- [Karen] Matty, come on.
- [Henry] Work. After work.
- [Karen] No, leave that stick.
- [Henry] Matty. Matty.
[soft music]
The kids don't
want me to throw anything out.
God forbid,
I throw something important out.
- Of course.
- So I told them come and get it.
- Mm-Hm?
- Well, of course, no one showed up.
- No, no.
- Now I'm warning you.
- We were married for 50 years.
- I can't even imagine that.
For the first
few years it was good,
it really was. And the last
few years were pretty good too.
It's all that shit in the middle
that's a pain in the ass.
Here it is.
- Okay.
- Are you sure?
- I can work with this.
- I mean, I just don't know what you need
or anything to do all this.
That is why I am here.
We got this.
- Bless you.
- It's my thing. I love it.
Nice tits.
[soft music]
[woman moaning]
Oh, my God.
Do you do that a lot?
I don't know. Sometimes.
I guess I'm...
I get turned on
when you're not around.
I got to do something.
So, just sneak home
from work and...
I think of you...
I can't sleep here.
[Henry] Jackson, this is
Henry Warner calling.
Great. Good. Listen,
the reason I'm calling, Jack,
you told me if ever felt
like jumping ship
to give you a call so I...
That was a while ago yep...
Borderline Capital is just getting
old, you know what it is.
It's just... it's getting...
it's an old...
it's an old company.
- [dialing]
- [woman] Hey, Albert, this is your mom...
- [woman] You have reached the voicemail of...
- [Trinity] Henry.
[man] Listen, I don't think you
understand. If you do not pay...
- You have reached the voicemail of...
- [Trinity] Henry.
[woman] I'm going to tell you what I'm
wearing if you make a payment today.
- [man] Yes. You'll have the IRS...
- You have reached the voicemail of...
I am wearing a...
red laced
pushup bra from France.
No, you take yours back.
- You have reached the voicemail of...
- Henry.
Well, if you hear anything,
you know, let me give you mine...
Hello? Great.
How are you? Inoperable?
One W. W-A-R-N-E-R. Warner.
No, I was just calling
to check in. Hello.
Yeah, well, if you...
no if you do, you got my number.
Trip, listen, let me cut
right to the chase, alright.
Yeah. [sings]
It has been. No I remember her.
I married her.
[phone ringing]
Henry Wa... He... Henry.
God, I'd die if I smoked
that many cigarettes.
That's how Bill died.
Massive heart attack right
where you're sitting.
At first we didn't even notice.
Big cloud of smoke.
On your right, your right.
You look tan.
I'm not tan.
[music in the headphones]
Touch it and you die.
I swear I'll kill you.
- Let go!
- I told you not to touch it.
Okay. Come on.
Cut it out. Cut it out.
- I told her not to touch it.
- Stop it. Quit it. I said quit it.
- No, you want to kill your sister?
- Yes.
- Okay. You know what, here, take it.
- What?
- You want to kill her. It makes you happy, kill her.
- No!
I'm so sorry, Trinity,
it's what Melissa wants,
so you'll have to just hush.
Take the knife.
- Here. Take it.
- No, Mom. No.
Melissa, take the knife.
You missed your chance.
You're so weird.
You want to kill your sister,
I'm here for you.
- It's a lot of water, man.
- I'm a Yuride driver.
Got to have water
for the customers.
- And you're in the back.
- What?
By the way,
don't pick me up.
I have a date
with Ian after school.
Wait a minute.
- Love you mom.
- Love you, too.
Are you my Yuride?
You're in the back.
Can you believe that?
This is my first day on the job.
- Congrats.
- You're my first passenger.
You want me to move the seat up,
I can move the seat up.
- I'm fine, thank you.
- Okay.
So, less chatter, more driving.
Here we go.
- Want water? I can get you water.
- I'm fine, thank you.
Yeah, I used to be a marketing
executive over Borderline Capital.
Ten years. Yeah. Good job.
But at some point
you just got to move on
or they move you on. You know.
I should've seen the writing
on the wall when they gave
my promotion to this little
shit from business school.
That's some tough shit, man.
Yeah, it's tough shit.
That is some tough shit.
Can you please
turn the radio on?
I thought the company
was in a transition phase, yeah.
Transition you out phase.
God, I'm in this car.
It's too creepy.
They couldn't even operate
a copy machine at the beginning
now he's driving a Beemer,
banging supermodels
and flying to China.
I'm the one without a job.
Excuse me. What I meant to say
was, can you shut the fuck up?
[sighs] Yeah.
Shred. Yeah, shred.
My daughter, she can wear
anything that she wants
and she can stay up
as late as she wants.
- Same.
- It's not like I'm like those other anal retentive mothers
that dress their daughters
like country club Barbie dolls
then they want their daughters
to grow up and be a little
country club bitches
like they are.
- What did you just...
- Oh, I don't know.
Okay. Hold on. Hold on.
Oh, God.
Okay, wait, it's here.
I wasn't paying attention.
I am so sorry.
- I don't know what I was thinking.
- I don't need it
to tell me that I was married
for 50 years,
it's just a piece of paper,
that's all.
[slow music]
- Hey.
- Hey.
We're going
to 33 Beaumont Street.
You're in the back.
Okay, now I want
you to work me out...
Jesus Christ.
Well, huh,
this is interesting.
- [man]You two know each other?
- Yeah, this is my son-in-law.
Don't feel like you have to tip
him just because I know him.
Mm-hmm. Drive.
Hey, Mr. Yuride,
why don't you go steal
somebody else's job?
- [man 1]Sir Robert...
- [man 2] what kind of the fucked up name is Bosom?
What the... get
this bike out of here?
For the night time,
this is not a fucking bike.
I'm sorry, sir, I didn't
want to get it stolen again.
Do I look like
I give a flying fuck?
You're close to closing yet?
I feel like maybe
if I went to their house...
No, they're lining up
bags of cash for the kid.
- He's doing great.
- Really, he's making progress.
Nowhere to put
the cash he's bringing in.
Get on the goddamn phone.
Get back to work everyone.
[crying] I hate this job.
[slow music]
[Karen] I cannot believe you come
out with new ways to embarrass me.
Henry likes it,
don't you, Henry?
- Love it.
- Oh, yeah. I think it's sexy.
I think it's inappropriate.
It'll look
great in the crop top.
I'm sure
if you're a teenager.
- I think it's sexy.
- Well, we're glad you feel that way.
[both laughing]
- Don't overreact.
- Yeah, here we go.
- How could you have done this?
- [mother] Calm down.
- I think it's sexy.
- Just relax.
- Who did what?
- I think it's sexy.
- Dad...
- Oh.
Oh, oh. Okay, that's nice.
Can you take that out?
It's a very big deal
and you don't understand
your grandmother
shouldn't have done it.
- Take it out.
- It's not her fault.
- It's her fault.
- No, we had fun together.
- [Karen] It's, believe me.
- [Melissa] No, it's not.
- I decided to do it.
- This is not the time.
- Take out the belly ring.
- No. No.
It is my body and I am choosing
what I want to do with this.
- Hi.
- So take that belly ring out of your body.
- No, Mom.
- Take it out of your body.
- I think I got the wrong house.
- Take it out. Melissa...
- Take it out.
- You are crazy and you ruin everything, Mom.
You ruin
everything and I hate you.
come back here right now!
- [Melissa] I hate you.
- [shuts the door violently]
What on earth makes you think
you can do that?
I am her mother.
You are not her mother.
I am so sorry for once again
ruining everything.
- I think it's fine.
- Henry, when she decides to apologize to me,
tell her to give me a call.
- That's just a belly ring.
- I can't believe you're siding with her.
- I'm not taking sides.
- When I say something, you have to stand with me.
We are married. You have to
stand with me. Stand together.
Us, them.
She's already ruined my life.
I can't believe she's going
to ruin my children's.
You're overreacting.
No one's life is getting ruined.
You never agree with my mother.
Now you're taking her side?
You never
agree with my mother.
You never agree with my mom.
I lost my job.
Don't even joke about that.
I lost my job.
I totally lost my job
and I told your mom.
- You told my fucking mother.
- I didn't mean to tell your mom.
She got in the back
and so she found out.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I wasn't going to tell anybody.
I didn't expect your mother to get in
the back of the damn Yuride, that's all.
- What were you doing in a Yuride?
- I was driving the thing.
I was... I had the job,
I lost the job,
I had a second job
and I probably lost that job.
She got in the back when I had
that job... briefly had that job.
She got in and started
kissing some guy.
You are driving a fucking cab?
- It's a Yuride. Yuride!
- Oh, my God.
I didn't sign up to marry
a fucking Uber driver.
- Yuride actually.
- What?
It's Yuride.
It's a different company.
It's temporary
until I figure some shit out.
I can't believe
this is happening.
Great. That's good.
Take another happy pill.
why don't we all take a pill?
One big happy fucking pill party.
Just can't believe this.
This is why these were invented,
so, yeah! I'm going to have
a big fucking party!
If you weren't high all the
time, I would've told you sooner.
- Yeah, that's it. I'm a junkie, is that what you're saying?
- No.
[Melissa] And that's one way
to New York, correct?
And how much for first class?
Sorry, can you say that again?
Sorry, you keep on breaking up.
One more time.
- [continue fighting in the back]
- Can you hold my reservation?
- [phone ringing]
- Okay. Thank you. Bye.
You've got Melissa.
Oh, Melissa. Hi.
- Is Henry Warner...
- Dad!
- Dad, phone.
- Melissa... hey, Melissa, you're still there?
- They're fighting.
- Just trust me I know it's such
that your parents are fighting
and it might not seem fair but...
Fair? You're talking about fair.
What's not fair is that chickens
spend their whole life in cages
- just waiting to be killed.
- But those are chickens.
You're just like
everybody else. It's okay.
That's why I'm leaving here
and moving to New York.
No personal calls at work.
You take downers
so technically you're laid out
- half the fucking time.
- Go fuck yourself.
Good option, you're not fucking me,
me fucking myself might be a better option.
Oh, you know what?
yeah, it's me, it's me,
I'm the problem, right, me
and my pills but you know what?
Let's just get rid of them.
Let's get rid of all of them.
You know, oh, these, Finpecia.
Oh, God, I hope you're going
to get bald, baby.
No. All right. Fine.
We'll throw the pills out, that's great.
What do you got here?
Alprazolam, some kind of...
Oh, look, empty already.
Good for you.
Okay. Deep breath.
You're mad.
I get it. You're mad.
Do you have any idea
how disgusting it is
to have to find out my mother
walked in on you beating off?
Any idea?
[soft music over headphones]
[slow music]
[Karen speaking indistinctly]
Where are my keys?
Who took my keys?
Everyone take my things
and they never put them back!
- All right. Just...
- No one respects anything of mine.
Just take a breath, okay.
I can't breathe.
I do everything for this family,
I do it all.
I sit at fucking ice rinks
because your daughter
wanted to play hockey.
No one puts anything back
where it belongs.
No one wants to replace
the toilet paper.
How hard is it to replace
the toilet paper roll?
Where are my keys?
You don't need your keys.
Come to bed, we'll talk.
Why is there a sandwich
in the couch?
[grunts] Where are my keys?
Of course they are exactly where I put them.
I should've found them but I couldn't
because I am losing my mind!
I am done! [grunts]
I can't do this.
- [car engine starts]
- Where are you going?
- Get away from me.
- Hey.
Karen, get out of the car.
Honey, get...
stop the car. Damn it,
can we just... can we talk?
- [horn]
- Get out of my way.
- Get out of my way.
- Okay.
[tension music]
- Oh, my God.
- I'm fine.
- I'm fine.
- Dad! You're bleeding.
- No, I'm...
- Oh, my God. There's so much blood.
- I'm calling 911.
- No. We're not calling 911.
Yes, you are going
to the hospital.
- I can't go to the hospital.
- It's everywhere.
No, no. It's fine.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm calling 911.
I'm getting you ice, okay.
Why the hell is the ice
in this house?
Calm down.
The kids will hear you.
It looks and feels
worse than it is.
You want me to calm
down when my father's dying?
- I'm not dying.
- Put this on your face.
- Oh.
- Watch it. I'm sorry.
Did she do this to you?
if she did,
- this is attempted murder.
- It's an accident.
- It's an accident.
- How is it an accident?
- It's fine. We're fine.
- Oh, my God.
If I lost my job, he'll be
the first person I told.
I would've told him and...
how can he not tell me?
Stop eating that.
You're not even listening to me.
I am, but you can say it
- without stuffing your face.
- What?
If you're going to be back
on the market again,
you got to stay in shape.
You wanted this to happen.
Don't be ridiculous.
I stopped wishing
for this years ago.
[soft music]
- [knocking]
- [mother] Honey! Honey, open the door.
It was just a joke.
Are you guys getting a divorce?
What? No, no.
Good night, dad.
[soft music continues]
Lights on. Lights off.
Lights on.
Lights off.
Lights on.
Lights off. Lights on.
[soft music continues]
[phone ringing]
- Hello.
- [Travis] Mrs. Warner, this is Travis Parker.
I spoke to you once before
and it's really important
- that I talk to your husband.
- Travis?
How did you get this number?
Your daughter gave it to me.
Well, of course she did.
[sighs] Travis, right now
I'm smoking a joint
and my husband isn't here so...
I used to wake and bake.
I can't smoke weed anymore, it
makes me a little bit paranoid.
Travis, I just got my period
and I'm having
really bad cramps.
I just found out two hours ago that
my husband is lying to me so...
Yeah, it's a little weird.
I guess I knew before you.
Apparently, I'm the only one
that didn't know.
You need to take us to school.
- [phone ringing]
- What?
You need to take us to school.
I know. Let's go.
We didn't have breakfast.
We'll stop at Dunkin Donuts.
[phone continues ringing]
[grunts] God.
Wait till he disconnects
the cellphone.
[Travis grunts] Shit.
[slow music]
Please, please... [cries]
I want you to come home... now.
- I will.
- I love you.
I just have to help nana out
for a couple more days, okay?
I miss you. Please, come home.
Hey, is that mommy?
Here, let me talk. Karen.
[slow music continues]
[phone ringing]
Wow. Look at you.
I know.
- I'm turning 70 next month.
- Congratulations.
- Fuck you.
- Oh.
Twenty five years.
Twenty five fucking years
of chasing down junkies,
squeezing nickels and dimes
out of lying assholes
and now I'm getting squeezed
out of this shithole.
You know what?
That's fine.
It's real fucking fine.
And you know why?
Because I'm free.
And you guys... you guys
are still stuck in this shit.
Don't say I didn't tell you.
- [door shuts]
- He didn't close.
[laughs] I envy you,
no really I do.
You probably don't have
any idea how good you got it.
Mr. Warner,
you need to listen to me.
Go anywhere you want,
have sex with anyone you want.
Oh, Travis... I don't even
remember the last time I had sex.
Mr. Warner, that doesn't matter.
Unless you pay your bills,
they're going to take away
your house, repo all your cars.
Your credit will be so fucked,
you won't be able to open
a cellphone account, okay?
And top of that,
guess what, your family's going to
be living on the fucking streets,
do you really want that?
I lost my job, Travis.
I didn't even tell my wife.
I... I don't know.
I guess I thought everything
was going to work out somehow.
I didn't want them to worry.
[sighs] I didn't want them to
worry because I'm supposed to be
the guy who takes care
of things like that.
It's my job to protect them,
so I didn't tell them.
Dumbest thing I could have done
- and I did it.
- Mr. Warner,
unless you want your daughters
to become washed-up strippers
banging dudes for food stamps...
I'm back here... Matty...
I suggest you get
a new fucking job...
I can't just start over!
You haven't even fucking tried!
Matty, come back here.
- [Henry] All I asked was that you watch them.
- I was watching them.
You weren't, if you were,
this would not have happened.
I can't keep track
of them every second, dad.
- Can you not argue with me, please?
- Stop fighting.
- We're not fighting.
- Stop.
I don't want to fight
if we could just be quiet
and let me think.
- [Trinity] You want this?
- [Henry] No.
You're going to have to grow up
stop making excuses
and take some responsibility.
Like what? Losing your job
and not telling anybody?
You were living on fumes
and you didn't even know it.
You have to have
your own money.
- You can never count on...
- Someone else to do that for you, I know,
and I have been working,
so this is not helping me.
Plus, you're not having sex.
Why don't you just
tell everyone at the bar?
Oh, you can't see
how fucked up your life is.
The guy at the other end
of the bar sent these over.
Mm-hmm. Well, thanks.
If he's looking for cougars,
he can bag this big old cat. Hm.
[man on the TV] Known as Vlad the Impaler after
his chosen means of execution and torture,
Dracula had boiled, burned, and
dismembered his way into the history books.
[sighs] Okay.
I'm sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
- I overreacted, sweetheart.
You were right about me and I
was wrong and we're frustrated...
Dad, it's okay.
Really. I get it.
Here. Have these
before they get cold.
What? Is this tofu?
I don't like tofu.
- It's not tofu.
- [Henry] Did she poison it?
[Trinity] No.
All right.
No, I'm going to eat this.
By the way, you have
a job interview today.
No. No, I don't.
Check your email.
[woman over radio] ...traffic?
Not that is too bad either...
[mother moans]
I hope you use protection.
Are you kidding?
At my age you just pray
you don't get cervical cancer.
[woman] Is there a reason your
resume says you are 25 years old?
I don't appreciate people
wasting my time, Mr. Warner.
I got you the interview,
it's your job to do the rest.
- You can't lie to people.
- You lie to people.
Yep, look what that got me in.
You shouldn't drink coffee...
You are drinking coffee
right now.
- It's not helpful.
- I am like a free therapist...
- I don't need...
- [man] Henry.
- Scott. Hey, man.
- Hey, man.
You're looking good.
Did you lose some weight?
Just rocking
the stress diet.
Is this your wife?
- Father. That's my father.
- Daughter. That's my daughter.
[speaks in a foreign language]
- What?
- Hello, pretty young lady.
- Right.
- You probably don't know this,
but your dad
was a rockstar at work.
Wow. Dad, you never
tell me these things.
Ah, well, you know, sometimes
I don't tell you everything.
- God, you're so humble.
- That's right.
Wait. I have a question.
If he's so awesome,
- why did you fire him?
- [Scott laughs]
Oh, was I supposed to ask
that in Chinese?
- Oh, she's a pretty smart one, isn't she?
- [phone ringing]
This is Scott.
I told you to pick up
the daughter at 4 pm
at the Bloomers. Come on.
- Hey. Out.
- Taxi.
[soft music]
[plays the harmonica]
- Can I have something with the crackers?
- Yes.
- Ice cream?
- No. Do your homework.
[Karen] Hi. You've reached Karen,
your organizational specialist.
Please, leave
your name and number.
[imitates the sound of a plane]
[soft music continues]
Let's go.
We were celebrating. Frank had
just published his first novel.
Oh, wow!
Yes, I'm sure your mother has
a million pictures like these.
- [both laugh]
- No.
Yeah. No. My mother
didn't take pictures.
Oh, come on.
Every mother takes pictures.
You have the perfect family.
- Mmm.
- He cheated on me more than once.
- And you stayed with him?
- Yeah.
Well, the first time
I caught him,
that did hurt
more than anything
I've felt since.
Then no you begin to negotiate
with yourself.
You say well he's a great father
and you have a nice house.
But he cheated.
I wanted a family
and I just didn't want to feel as though I was
being punished for something I didn't do.
I don't know
if I can do that.
[slow music]
Anyone can run away,
anyone but I wasn't going to.
It was too important to me.
I have an interview in an hour.
I can't take him.
Will you please
tell me where she is?
Hire a babysitter.
You know... I don't have time.
So you're going to stay
with nana, okay, and...
run on the treadmill and have all
sorts of fun, I'll be back in an hour,
All right.
[rings the bell]
- You love him.
- Hey, this is not my job, Henry.
[car engine starts]
Oh, come on.
I don't think you understand
what we do here.
We pack and we ship.
- Yeah, I get it.
- Yeah, I don't think you do.
You see we pack and we ship.
You pack and ship, I got it
and I love to pack, I love it.
Pack cars, suitcases, boxes.
I love to pack. I can do this.
I can't hire you.
- I can... I can do this job.
- [rings the bell]
Pack and ship.
Hey, look at them bubbles.
So what, you just
leave him and take off?
Yeah, just like you left your
family in the middle of the night.
You lied to me.
So, you're going to hang
out at your mom's
and pretend none
of this is happening.
Think I want to be doing this?
I don't want to do this.
Then come home.
You don't understand.
Then make me understand.
I'm right here. Talk to me.
That is the problem.
You should already know.
I don't know, that's
what I saying, so tell me.
Tell me what it's because I lost my...
I lost my fucking job, who cares?
The thought of going home
makes me feel terrible.
The thought... so what?
That's it? That's it?
That's why
you're... that's it?
The thought of going home
makes me feel terrible.
I don't want to share
a bed with you.
I don't want to touch you,
I don't want to be with you.
Come here, buddy.
[tension music]
I think we could
both use a happy hour.
Jesus, Mom.
This is my life, my children.
- You should be telling me to go home.
- I'm not the enemy.
Why is it okay for me
to hide out here
like the last 16 years
of my life never happened?
Oh, don't make this about me.
[music continues]
[camera shots]
[tires screeching]
It's okay buddy.
Just a little freak out.
[Matty] Mommy.
- Mommy.
- All right.
- Mommy.
- Yeah, mommy, here we go.
You keep yelling. We're going
to get you home to mommy.
- You just keep talking.
- Mommy.
You're supposed to tell me
that's your job.
And we both know that I wasn't very
good at my job. That's why I retired.
You think
I knew what I was doing.
- I did the best that I could.
- Oh, my God.
The best you could.
This is the best you could?
What are you doing here then?
Do you not think that I wish
that I had anywhere else to go?
There it is.
Come on, give it to me.
Mommy. Mommy.
- Hang on.
- Mommy. Mommy.
Mommy. Mommy.
If I was your best friend, which
I know I never will be,
I would tell you to do
exactly the same thing.
[Henry] Matty spoke.
What? Matty spoke.
What? Matty. Baby.
Hey. Oh, Matty.
- What did he say?
- He said mommy.
What? Baby, say it for mommy.
- [Henry] Matty, say mommy.
- Will you say it?
Matty, say... he was...
he was screaming in the car
over and over again.
Matty, say mommy.
- Say mommy, Matty.
- You can say it.
- Matty, say mommy.
- Oh, baby.
- Say mommy.
- Please tell me what you said.
- Please. Make him say it.
- [mother] No pressure, Matty.
[sad music]
Such a big boy.
Henry, I love them.
So for the sake of the kids
what do you say you get your
shit together and come on inside?
- Hi, baby.
- [Trinity] I missed you so much.
- Daddy.
- Yeah.
Now that mommy is back,
always make sure
that you are
not in front of the car.
That's smart.
That's good advice. That's
what we call good advice. What?
- What? I didn't say anything.
- [Melissa] Nothing.
- I don't know.
- [Trinity laughs]
Why did you say
about listening to your mother?
- I didn't say anything.
- I thought you said something.
- Who said it?
- You said it.
What? What?
[music continues]
Honey, there's dessert.
No, I don't think... I don't
think that you understand, okay?
because he almost has a job which means
he almost has enough money to pay you back
and if we had it then we would
give it to you, Travis.
[Travis] Listen to me.
He owes a lot of money to a lot of people
and if he doesn't pay it back,
some really bad things
are going to happen to him.
I have to go.
I can't talk about this anymore.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I just told a 15-year-old girl I
was going to take away her home
and make her homeless. I don't feel
like a human being at the moment.
I feel like I threatened her.
I feel dis... I'm disgusted
with myself.
You know, I studied economics
in college.
I wrote my thesis, you know,
on debt. I read everything.
I read every book, every paper.
You know, I thought that
if I could talk to people,
actually talk to people that I'd
understand why we do this
to ourselves as a society.
When did it all get so crazy?
Where's the hope?
I once had an eight-year-old boy
slit his wrist
because his dad couldn't afford to
keep him in Little League anymore.
[Henry] That thing was done to me in
the past and I wasn't sure what to do.
You can't lie
to us ever again, Henry.
I was just
trying to protect you.
I'm your wife.
I know you are.
This is all we have.
Don't you see that if you fuck this
up then we don't have anything.
Come over here.
- [bell rings]
- [Karen] You forgot your lunch.
- I got it.
- Hold up.
- Can I take for her as well?
- No, you cannot.
Go, go. You're going
to be late. Bye.
Thank you.
I'm going to walk
to school from here.
- Okay.
- And, you know, Karen,
we did just fine without you.
[plays the harmonica]
[woman] You have reached
your destination.
I can't believe that she already
blames me for ruining her life.
I didn't blame my mother
until I was at least 16.
- Can you even believe it?
- [phone rings]
Your daughter would never
do that, right? Never.
How can she talk to me
like that?
I didn't raise her like that.
She doesn't know how good she has it.
I think you're finished here.
- What?
- Yeah.
Spend more time
with your family.
- Fix things with your husband.
- [phone ringing]
And for crying out loud,
stop resenting your children.
They're just kids.
They don't know any better. You
haven't taught them any better.
Those pills that you're taking,
yeah, I saw you,
believe me,
they're not going to help you.
- [phone continues ringing]
- I'm...
Answer it.
Yes, this is she.
She what?
That was my engagement ring.
I was saving our house.
Where is my wedding ring?
I'm holding on to it
for an emergency.
Travis, we want to fix this. We want to
make this right. So, what are our options?
[Travis] I know this
has been extremely harder
for your kids,
especially Melissa...
Our kids are fine, Travis.
- Travis, give it to us straight.
- It can be really hard on them.
They'd have no idea what's
going on and how this all works.
- [both] Travis.
- Sorry.
As of today,
you owe $83,567.25.
I'm going to vomit.
- Let me in.
- [Melissa] No.
- I have to pee.
- Go away, I'm bleeding.
- I got to get in there.
- Melissa's bleeding.
- Melissa, open this door.
- Please, leave me alone.
Just let me in.
Oh, God. Henry. Go get daddy.
Leave me alone.
I don't want daddy here.
That's high.
You sure that's what I owe?
Is the decimal
point in the right place?
Melissa's locked
in the bathroom bleeding.
Melissa's locked
in the bathroom bleeding.
- Wait, wait.
- Who's bleeding?
Melissa's bleeding.
She's bleeding.
Henry. Is Melissa bleeding?
Is everything okay?
Please, please. Don't let me...
don't leave me hanging here.
I need to know if everything's okay.
Is everything okay? Please, let me know.
Where's Melissa? Is Melissa
bleeding? Who's bleeding?
- Melissa.
- [Karen] It's okay.
- Karen?
- It's okay, honey.
- Trinity said Melissa was bleeding.
- [Melissa] Go away.
No, but if we have to go
to the hospital.
We don't need
to go to the hospital.
- All right. Okay.
- Henry? Melissa, Melissa?
Henry, go.
I have no idea what the hell I'm
doing in this fucking company!
You're not helping me.
She slit her fucking wrist.
I can't do this job anymore.
No, no, no. I can't do it.
I got mine in gym class.
Can we please
not talk about this?
Honey, it's just natural.
[crying] I stole your ring.
We got it back.
It's okay.
And I thought I was helping.
- Melissa, I'm not mad.
- [sobbing]
I'm always sorry that I put
you in that position, honey.
I don't want you to worry
about it. We got the ring back.
It's okay. I promise.
You're not mad?
I am not mad.
- Are you mad at me?
- No.
- I am so sorry...
- You didn't do anything.
...for everything
that's going on.
- I did it. I did it and I...
- I'm so sorry. No.
I thought,
when you left, about...
about everything that I've said
and everything that I've done and
the ways that I haven't helped you.
You're not crazy. You're not
and I didn't mean then...
I know. I know. I know. Melissa.
Because you weren't there and I
didn't know what I was supposed to do.
Honey, you weren't
supposed to do anything.
It's not your job,
that's my job. I'm your mom
and I'm so sorry I left
my post. I won't do it again.
I promise you with all my heart
I will not leave you again
ever in my whole life.
Being your mom
means everything to me.
So then...
if you love me then...
then you won't get a divorce
and you'll stay?
Since you love me?
- Oh...
- You said...
Melissa, no honey, no,
it's not that at all.
It's just...
it's just so complicated, honey.
- What's...?
- Um...
What's complicated?
I love you and I love your dad
but sometimes life
just gets really difficult
and things change
and you can't stop them
from changing no matter
how hard you try.
[slow music continues]
Give me a second.
I just want to enjoy
watching your beg
for a little bit longer.
- I'm not begging.
- Oh, yes you are.
- I'm glad you're enjoying this.
- [laughs]
Do you have any idea
what it was like for me
to sit and watch my daughter
throw her life away
on some loser that got her
knocked up at a Y2K party?
You just can't believe
that we're actually in love.
It kills you just seeing
your daughter married to me.
And none of this had to happen
if she had gotten the abortion
that I told her
to but no she had to get back...
Forget it. It's fine. It's fine.
I didn't want to come here.
I came because of Karen
but I'm glad.
I'm glad that you're not
giving us the money
because now she can finally see you
for the miserable bitch that you are.
How are those job opportunities
coming? Huh?
What do you got now?
[machine beeping]
[soft music]
Ah! Ah!
- [moans]
- [machine beeping]
[siren wailing]
Let's get dressed
then go back to the hospital.
[Karen] She's dying, Henry.
My mom is dying.
No, honey, no.
Doctor said she has a good
chance of coming through this.
She's dying.
And she hates me.
And I just want her to be okay.
[man] I'll give you
my three junkies for your widow.
- Oh, come on man...
- She's that annoying.
Okay. I'll take your widow
if you take my cross-dressing
graduate student
who's gambled away his father's
life-insurance policy.
Ah mechanic wait 60k?
Bankrupt schoolteacher
and I'll consider it.
I'll take your bankrupt teacher.
I could always close them.
The mechanic, he's selling his car
when he's got 18 grand in the bank.
I know I'll jump at the chance
of settle.
I could probably offer
him 30 cents on the dollar.
Fuck that, man.
That's a bullshit
for all that work, bruh.
- [phone ringing]
- [man] Am I fucking Santa Claus?
- Forget it. I'll do it myself.
- [woman] I'll do it for 28%.
[man] Twenty seven point five.
27, that's my lowest offer.
- Hello.
- [Henry] Travis, it's Henry Warner calling.
Mr. Warner,
it's... thank you.
Please, tell me
everything's okay.
Yeah, we're at St. Helens.
They say she's going
to pull through.
It's so good to hear it. Listen,
I am so sorry for every...
you're just doing your job.
I was not doing a good job
as a human being.
Travis, I'm not
looking for any favors.
I spent it,
I owe it, I'll pay it.
No, you can't
think about it that way.
I know what I'm going to do.
- I'm going to delete your whole file.
- What?
[upbeat music]
[alarm ringing]
- [bell rings]
- [man] Parker?
- Well, then.
- I'm not sure.
You think this is your money?
- They have three kids.
- You think this is your money?
Listen, the guy lost his job!
Do you think
this is your money?
- They don't have it!
- They never have it!
Wake the fuck up!
What's the matter with you?
These people borrowed and spent
money that didn't belong to them
with a promise to pay it back.
Now they want to break
that promise?
Someone's going to have
to eat it.
Sure. We'll compromise
because less is better
than nothing but...
it's not what we wanted
it to be.
It never is.
The system is broken.
You're probably right.
You're done.
- I'm done?
- Get your shit out of here?
- That's it?
- That's it.
But, sir, I think
I can do so much...
- Sit right here.
- You can ring me back.
- Okay.
- We'll be right back.
Okay. All right.
We'll be right back.
- [Melissa] Bye, guys.
- [Karen] Oh, God.
[cardiac monitor beeping]
I can't be here right now.
I'm going to go to the house
and get her some clothes...
- Got it.
- ...and get her some makeup.
Right. I'll stay here in case...
Don't let it harsh your mellow.
You don't belong here.
[soft music]
You really fucked that one up,
didn't you kid?
She almost died.
Wow. It really got you.
[monitor beeping]
She's lucky to have you.
I'm pretty sure
she'd disagree with you.
[doctor] We won't know anything
until she wakes up,
that's when we'll find out
if there was any brain damage
due to the cardiac arrest.
[doctor] She's going to need
your help while she recovers.
It could be a long road and she
definitely can't do it alone.
[slow music]
[alarm clock ringing]
[slow music continues]
- [doctor] Your mom's a strong lady.
- Mother-in-law.
You know, it'll be good
to talk to her,
let her know you're here.
I know you're in there somewhere
laughing at me.
That's okay because I'm going
to put a webcam in here.
I want to shave your head into a
Mohawk, I'm going to paint your nails
black and I'm going to put
it up on OkCupid.
Come on. Come on.
What do you want me to say,
I'm sorry? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Okay?
I fucked up. I fucked up.
I know I lied to Karen. She can't trust me.
I fucked up, I get it.
Things are not how I thought
they were going to be.
Everything's changing.
I don't know when I'll get a job. I don't
know how I'm going to support my family
and like it or not...
you're a part of that family.
You need to be nicer to Karen.
You need to love Karen more.
Karen is worthy of your love.
Don't give up on her.
Don't give up on her yet.
Don't give up on all of us.
[woman] Mr. Warner.
Has anyone seen Mr. Warner?
Mr. Warner.
- [children screaming]
- [Henry] Stop!
Listen, I'm sorry about that.
I just...
I don't want you
to get divorced dad.
[slow music]
- [woman] Mr. Warner.
- [Henry] Yeah.
- Mr. Warner? You forgot this.
- Yes.
- Thank you. Thanks.
- It's mine.
[indistinct chatter]
- [Melissa] Shut up, I love you.
- Let's go, guys.
[man] No one ever plans
on losing their job.
No one ever plans on having
a medical emergency.
No one plans on taking out
a mortgage they can't afford.
But we all want to believe that
we're entitled to a better life
and the must,
must obvious truth of all,
we're all living day-by-day
just trying to do our best
to avoid our own disasters.
Our job is not to judge.
Our job is to collect.
Here. You got two weeks to close
or I'll find someone else.
- Look how high...
- [Karen] Look at this.
- Is that you?
- How creepy is this bunny?
- Crazy. It's so cute.
- Right? I love it.
- [Trinity] Come on. Come on.
- [Karen] What?
- No, I'm not.
- [Trinity] Matty, come on.
- It'll be fun. Come one.
- Please be careful. Nobody hurt themselves.
I told them not
to jump on the bed.
- [Trinity] Yeah.
- She can jump if she wants to.
You can jump too if you want to.
I know you want to.
- [laughing]
- A little bit.
["Life in Letters" play]
You take your troubles
And release the sound
Into the open
Up from the ground
These words unspoken
You sing aloud...
We're going to be okay, right?
La, la, la, la, la
- I hope so.
- La, la, la
Words can be strong
Like the beating drums
Like ten thousand voices
That call together
A is the ailment
And B makes it better
C is creating your life
In letters
Mmmmba ba Mmmba ba Oh Oh
Life in letters
Mmmmba ba Mmmba ba Oh Oh
Life in letters
So take me back
I have lost the path
I need to recover
This life you lead
Sing when I'm broken
And I'll sing when I'm free
Sing for the world
And then sing just for me
La, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la
We are just stories
So here's mine to tell
Give my heart freely
Hope you keep it well
A is the ailment, and
B makes it better
C is creating
Your life in letters
Mmmmba ba Mmmba ba Oh Oh
Life in letters
Mmmmba ba Mmmba ba Oh Oh
Life in letters...