Love Field (1992) Movie Script

look at that.
It must have rained all night.
Wouldn't you know it?
Come back to bed.
It won't take long.
I know, honey.
I wonder if they're up yet.
I can't see her
getting up too early, can you?
He gets up early.
That was in life magazine.
Caroline and John-John
come in to play.
Christ, lurene.
I haven't even had
my coffee yet.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Oh, God! Be careful!
I am being careful,
Mrs. Heisenbuttel.
I don't think
that really hurt you.
Come on, honey.
There's going to be traffic.
I'll help you. I'll help you.
Be careful, now.
Come on. All right.
Watch your head.
There. O.K.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Can you get this?
Good morning,
miss heisenbuttel.
Good morning.
Excited about
seeing your president?
She's real excited.
Thank you for letting your wife
take me, Mr. Hallett.
It means so much
we couldn't say no.
We're going to be late, hon.
We have a brilliant sun,
and it has turned
into a comfortable situation
for the hundreds
who came to Dallas' love field
to witness the arrival
of the president
and his first lady.
Excuse me!
Excuse me! Wheelchair case!
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. She's paralyzed.
I am not.
Excuse me.
May I help you, ma'am?
Oh, thank you.
She's a lifelong democrat.
She still votes every time.
She's been bumping my feet
against everybody.
Thank you so much.
This is the high
point of her life.
Let us through, please.
Thank you. Thank you.
She doesn't have much time.
Come on, Jackie.
Is that Johnson?
Who cares? She looks wonderful.
I have the pattern
to that suit.
We have the same tastes.
Please shake our hands.
My bag.
My bag!
Lurene, my bag's gone.
I said keep it on your lap.
My bag is gone.
What a beautiful suit.
I love that color.
Get out of my way.
Oh, Mrs. Kennedy, please.
Oh, my God.
Did you get the bag?
I'll keep it this time.
You spoke to them?
They seemed like a nice couple.
Watch out.
My God.
What's wrong with him?
You guys know what happened?
Over the radio.
It's on the TV.
Something's wrong.
Continued clearing
with a less than 5% chance...
the president was shot.
As his car followed
from downtown Dallas
to the hospital.
Senator yarborough told newsmen
that he heard three shots.
He did not see
where they came from,
but he thought he heard three.
He said he then saw
a secret serviceman
beating his fists
on the president's limousine.
Senator yarborough told newsmen
it was too horrible
to describe.
He did tell reporters
that both governor connally
and the president
were gravely injured.
The president appeared to
have been shot in the head.
Senator yarborough, as we say,
was three cars back
from the president's car.
His limousine
followed to the hospital.
He only saw
the attendants at the hospital
carrying the president
into the hospital.
At the airport in Dallas
and throughout the streets,
the police had been augmented
by 400 policemen
called in on their day off
because there were some fears
and concerns in Dallas
that... that there might be
demonstrations, at least,
that could embarrass
the president.
It was only on October 24
that our ambassador
to the united nations,
adlai Stevenson,
was assaulted there.
Jackie's all right.
He'll pull through. You'll see.
From Dallas, Texas, the
flash, apparently official,
president Kennedy died at
1 P.M. central standard time,
2:00 eastern standard time,
some 38 minutes ago.
Vice president Johnson has left
the hospital in Dallas
but we do not know
to where he has proceeded.
Presumably, he will be taking
the oath of office shortly
and become the 36th president
of the United States.
President Kennedy
at Dallas airport this morning
was cheerful and waving.
The casket...
the casket carrying the body
of president Kennedy
is being transferred
to a waiting ambulance
there at
Andrews air force base.
There you can see Mrs. Kennedy.
Oh, my God. It's blood.
Oh, Jackie.
Behind Mrs. Kennedy
you can see the late
president's brother Robert.
The ambulance is pulling out...
I guess I should have
called when I heard, huh?
That's o.K.
Now we'll be hearing
from the 36th president.
I know you understand
what they mean to me.
This is a sad time
for all people.
We have suffered a loss
that cannot be weighed.
I can't stand him.
I'm sorry. I never could.
Deep personal tragedy.
I know that the world
shares the sorrow
that Mrs. Kennedy
and her family bear.
I will do my best.
That is all I can do.
I ask for your help.
You want me to take you
out to dinner or something?
No. I want to see
where they're burying him,
Boston or Washington.
What's the difference?
I got bean-and-bacon
and clam chowder.
What are the maps for, baby?
Do you want them mixed?
All right. All right.
I think we should
go to the funeral.
The president's funeral.
You could be back to work
by Tuesday or Wednesday.
I'm on call, like I told you.
Bob could cover for you.
It could be a second honeymoon.
Remember the cherry
trees in Washington?
It would be nice going there.
We deserve a second honeymoon.
I'll take you to new Orleans.
I have to see her.
He was my president,
the only one I voted for.
Because he looked
like a movie star.
It was more than that.
The new frontier.
She got me through the baby.
You know she did.
I'd be dead if it
wasn't for her.
Don't talk like that.
You can watch it on the TV.
You'll get a better view.
Fix your own goddamn soup!
I don't need you.
I'll go by myself.
Damn it, lurene!
You've got to stop
this crazy stuff!
You are not going anywhere!
That's the end of it!
I didn't mind you taking my car
and driving to the airport,
and I know that old lady
didn't make you take her,
but this here, this is crazy.
I can't let you.
I'm putting my foot down.
You go too far, is all.
Well, thank you for your
opinion and your sympathy.
If you're finished
spitting on me...
Jesus h. Christ!
I wish you'd watch your
language, especially today.
Feel better?
Mr. Kennedy's parents,
Joseph and rose Kennedy,
are in seclusion tonight
at their hyannis port,
Massachusetts, home.
They learned of the news of
the assassination of their son
from a workman at the house
who heard it over the radio.
They immediately
went into that seclusion.
Attorney General
Robert Kennedy,
the president's younger brother
and his closest advisor,
was having lunch at his home
when the tragic news
reached him.
The president's other brother,
senator Edward Kennedy,
was presiding over the senate
when word of the assassination
reached him.
He and his sister,
eunice shriver,
flew to hyannis port
to be with their parents.
Memphis, Nashville,
Washington, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, and New York,
boarding at gate 12-a.
Last call for greyhound 176.
Take care.
Enjoy your trip.
Greyhound 176 for Memphis,
Nashville, Washington,
Baltimore, Philadelphia,
and New York,
departing immediately
from gate 12-a.
Last call for greyhound 176.
Honey, go ahead and eat it.
Don't play with it.
It'll be a long time
before you get something else.
Don't do that.
He should've waited
till you sat down.
That's all right, ma'am.
What a sweet little girl.
I'm afraid
she's half-asleep already.
It's poodle cloth.
Oh, poodle cloth.
I've heard of that.
It's very fashionable
in New York.
And I love your suit.
It's so pretty.
Thank you. I made it.
No. You couldn't possibly.
I can't sew a bit.
I'll see you up the road.
Want a section?
No, thank you.
Operator, I understand
why the circuits are busy.
I am calling back.
Would you just
try the call again?
Good morning.
They don't say where
they're burying him.
I heard not till Monday.
They'll lay him out
in the white house first.
Butterfinger's a nickel, right?
Yeah. A nickel.
Attention, please.
Greyhound 176...
Just a minute, baby.
Roanoke, Baltimore, Washington,
Philadelphia, Newark,
and New York.
The bus leaves in 10 minutes.
Can I help?
I'll take your little
girl in with me.
We don't want to
trouble you any.
Oh, no. It's no trouble at all.
I've got to go.
Announcing greyhound 176
to Memphis, Nashville,
Knoxville, roanoke,
Baltimore, Washington,
Newark, and New York.
Thank God.
I thought she was
putting down roots.
You o.K. In there, honey?
Is there paper?
There's never paper.
There you are.
You know, that woman
next to you
didn't even wash her hands.
Can you believe that?
She's on our bus.
Two seats up, on the right.
Has a big fat purse on the seat
so no one can sit next to her.
That kind of person
really gets my...
Thank you, ma'am.
What's her name?
Oh, jonell, you've
got a pretty name.
Let's see.
I bet that's Joan Ellen, right?
It's just like me.
I'm lurene... Louise Irene.
I just kind of ran it together,
don't know why.
Does she know about
the assassination?
Yeah. I talked to her about it.
Because she seems so quiet.
I think that's how
children handle things.
They go inside.
I love children.
I lost a baby this
summer, like Jackie.
I'm sorry.
My husband says I talk
too much about it.
Announcing the continuation
of greyhound 176...
If you'd like,
send her over to me.
I'll read her the comics.
We should get back.
Excuse me.
What time do we get into D.C.?
They told me in Dallas,
but this looks different.
All right.
Monday morning,
That's cutting it close.
Maybe I ought to go
straight on to Massachusetts.
The president...
I'm going to the funeral,
if they ever figure out
where it will be.
It won't be in Massachusetts.
Washington. Probably Arlington.
Where's that?
Across the river in Virginia.
It's the national
cemetery for veterans.
That makes sense.
He was a war hero, you know.
Yeah. I heard that.
Are you going, too?
No. We're just going home.
It's going to be
a hard Thanksgiving.
He did a lot for the negro.
Do you want this?
I'm finished.
It's got lots of pictures.
You're welcome.
It's understood
that arrangements
are underway for the burial
of the president
in Arlington national cemetery.
Oh, jeez. You scared me,
just like the boogeyman.
Coming up to spring creek.
10-minute stop.
Oh, thank you.
This whole thing
has just got me...
I just keep thinking...
Maybe it's all not real.
They said on the radio
that they'll bury him
in Arlington.
Well, you win.
That's my husband ray.
It's his trophy, like a prize.
It's hard to see.
It's a little
naked man bowling.
Oh, and that's hazel.
She owns the beauty
parlor I work for.
That streaky part's
a rinse I tried,
and that's me.
Well, I know,
but the dress looks good.
Excuse me, ma'am.
That's enough now, jonell.
Don't bother the lady.
She's too quiet to be a bother.
I was the same way at her age.
Wouldn't open my mouth
to anyone.
Maybe she'll grow
out of it, too.
You can stretch out in the back.
Here, hon.
Let's go.
Thank you, again.
One good thing about a bus,
puts you right to sleep.
Excuse me.
I can never sleep in a car.
Ray, my husband...
he has a nice car,
but he couldn't come.
He wanted to, but work and all.
Isn't it sad, what happened?
Caroline turns 6
next Wednesday.
Isn't that sad?
Yours is about 6, isn't she?
I almost had
a little girl, but I...
I told you already. I'm sorry.
That's o.K.
I only know her first name.
I'm Paul Johnson.
I'm Mrs. Hallett.
Driver, on your left.
Are you all right?
Yes, I think so. Thank you.
You o.K., hon?
Oh, my God.
Now, what exactly did you see?
I was asleep.
Mr. Johnson must have seen it.
Any chance of a lift?
Sorry, but I'm turning
off just up here.
I don't see him anywhere.
Oh, Mr. Johnson!
What are you doing?
They said to stay.
Here's your doll, honey.
She's fine. Not even a scratch.
She was on the floor.
What's he want?
You saw everything.
They needed witnesses.
Just tell him what you saw.
"Paul cater."
Didn't you say Johnson?
Uh, I... I always
get names wrong.
That school bus there,
that's taking y'all
to the depot
in readyville.
Lieutenant's on his way there.
I want you there, boy.
What time's this one
get into D.C.?
About 11:00 on Monday morning.
O.K. Thank you.
Yes, ma'am?
11 A.M. that's o.K.
That's good.
What are you doing, honey?
Tell me, sweetie,
is your last name Johnson?
I guess your daddy's
playing games on me, huh?
I don't know
what to believe anymore.
They killed the president.
I almost shook his hand,
and they... they killed him.
I'm lying to the police,
and people are lying to me.
My husband's ready
to divorce me.
I can't do this.
I can't do this anymore.
Sorry, honey.
I'm just a little sad.
Did your mamma die?
No, honey.
I'm just a little sad
about the president and all.
You do know how to talk,
don't you, hmm?
Well, that's good, honey.
That's nice.
Now we don't have to
be shy anymore.
Did your mamma die?
You poor thing.
Here, I've just been
blabbering on,
feeling sorry for myself.
Come on. We've got
some time before the bus.
Want a Coca-Cola?
Come on.
When did you see the car?
I was in the back of the bus.
We know.
There you go.
Let's get our picture taken.
Want to?
That's a 1960 Chevrolet.
A white Chevy.
Folks, there will be
a short layover...
Oh, that's a good one of you.
Oh, I knew my eyes were closed.
Honey, you've got
some blood on your head.
How come we didn't see that?
Come on.
From the back of the bus,
you witnessed a 1960
Chevrolet impala,
which you referred
to as a white Chevy,
attempt to pass
and then eventually pass
a 1962 light green
Pontiac or oldsmobile.
What? Are you hurt
over here, too?
Let me see.
Here you're making
an assumption
that the pickup
was making an attempt
to avoid a collision
with the 1960 Chevy impala.
At this time,
you hollered something,
you don't recall what,
to the bus driver.
Who is he, jonell, huh?
Now, honey,
I'm your friend, o.K.?
Is jonell your real name?
It's not Johnson. Is it cater?
Is jonell cater right?
Look, I told you
I went to get my little girl.
Mr. Cater, the Tennessee
highway patrol
did not send me
out here at night
to play games.
We will have a complete
statement from you
of everything
that you witnessed.
You understand me?
Yes, sir.
That's good.
Long distance.
Operator, this is an emergency.
How may I help you?
Who do I talk to
about a kidnapping?
What city?
Dallas, Texas.
Hold the line.
I'll connect you.
Federal bureau
of investigation.
Please state your name.
Lurene hallett.
All I want to know
is if you have a little
colored girl missing.
I don't want to cause trouble.
Anyone report that?
About 5 years old?
Yes, ma'am.
Could you please
give us the number
you're calling from?
Let me see.
Uh, kl5-6422.
There's a little
colored girl here.
She's traveling with
this colored man,
and there's something wrong.
Who did you call?
Excuse me?
Just then. Who did you call?
If you must know, Mr. Cater,
if that's who you are,
I tried to reach my husband...
If it's any of your
concern, which it's not.
Me and my little girl
will be going now.
She says she's not
your little girl.
And don't you pull her away.
There's people all around here,
and I'll scream, I swear.
She spoke to you?
Maybe you said
not to, but she did,
didn't you, sweetheart?
Well, she did before.
Her name's not
cater or Johnson.
You're not her father.
I am her father, Mrs. Hallett.
She just doesn't
understand that yet.
She's confused.
Her mother died suddenly.
I know about that,
and I know about the bruises.
What else have you seen?
Have you seen her run from me?
Have you seen her pull away?
See who she comes to.
I've seen you act
like a guilty man.
Tell this lady who I am.
When did I bring you the doll?
Remember Monday?
And this.
Remember I showed you
these that day?
Who is that, huh?
Is that mamma?
Who hurt you, honey?
Was it this man?
I took her from
the county home.
Somebody there beat her.
I don't know who,
and I sure as hell
wasn't going to
leave her there.
I can fight for her
better back home.
So now, Mrs. Hallett,
if you'd just leave us
alone, we'll be fine.
It's just, when I saw
the bruises...
Oh, my God.
The phone. That's the FBI.
I gave them that number
to call me back.
You've got the wrong number.
This is the
readyville bus depot.
Did you say you're from the FBI?
Reckon you guys were busy.
Mr. Cater!
Mr. Cater, it was them.
You've got to get out of here.
It's my fault. I panicked.
Look, if I asked you
to watch jonell,
would you do it
and not call anyone?
I won't make any calls.
stay with her, all right?
Maybe if I just
tried to explain things...
when we're gone,
explain all you want to.
Get my suitcase
and meet me over there.
Honey, do you know what
his suitcase looks like?
O.K. Come on. Go faster, o.K?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we regret the delay,
however we're announcing
the continuation
of greyhound 176, servicing
Nashville, Knoxville,
roanoke, Washington, D.C.,
and connecting service
to Baltimore, Philadelphia,
and New York.
Bags are being transferred
to the bus.
Greyhound regrets
the inconvenience
and thanks you all
for your patience.
Hey, boy.
I'm looking for a tall colored
man and a little girl.
Have you seen them?
Come on. Come on.
Final call
for Knoxville, roanoke,
and Washington, D.C.
Final call, Knoxville,
roanoke, and Washington, D.C.
I can't stay any longer, see?
I've got to be someplace.
He'll be right here, honey.
You're not scared, are you?
You call me at this number.
Just dial a zero
and say it's collect, o.K.?
If anybody hurts you
or anything.
O.K. I'm going to
put it in your pocket.
Final call for Knoxville,
roanoke, and Washington, D.C.
Final call for Knoxville,
roanoke, and Washington, D.C.
May I have
your attention, please?
Folks, didn't anyone
on this bus
see where the colored man
with the little girl went?
Who's missing?
That white woman.
Very friendly with them.
Do you know her name?
No, sir. Sort of skinny,
very blonde hair.
There's her suitcase.
Take off.
Where the hell have you been?
You made me miss my bus.
I never stole a car before.
I think they checked
the bus for you.
She's out like a light.
Of course,
she's had a long day.
It's o.K.
You can go faster now.
What is it?
41, that's it.
Couldn't you steal a good car?
The one next to it
wouldn't even start.
Where'd you go looking,
a repair shop?
You're kidding me.
And you're flooring it?
I wanted to buy
a car like this,
but ray wouldn't let me.
What are you doing?
Come on. Out. You can
wave somebody down.
You don't want to
get mixed up in this.
I'm not mixed up in anything.
I didn't ask you
to get this car,
but seeing as you did
and you made me miss my bus...
I didn't "get" this car,
I stole it.
That's a felony.
Well, it shouldn't be
if it can't go over 40.
And kidnapping.
You've got the FBI
down on my ass!
You'll be an accessory
to kidnapping.
You want that?
I want to go to my
president's funeral!
What I want
is to go to that rotunda
and file past that coffin
and pay my respects.
How can you think
of setting me down
in lord-knows-where
after all I've tried to do?
You owe me.
Owe you! Jesus!
I know you're going
to Philadelphia.
I read your luggage tags.
It's on your way.
When I saw you
bearing down on me
in that bus, I should have run.
You feel sorry for some people.
Sorry for me!
They keep dogging you
and dogging you!
Look, this is not
going to work.
You've got to get out.
I'm doing what's best for you.
And it's for my own good.
I hate when I'm told that.
Sometimes they're right.
Come on. Out.
I know your name,
and I have just
memorized your face.
The license plate on this car
has two 8s and a 2 in it.
You don't have a choice.
You can catch the
bus in Knoxville.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I ain't felony accessorizing
to sit in another damn bus.
Mr. Hallett,
we'd like to talk to you
about your wife.
Noon, eastern time.
The casket will be carried
to the capitol...
Military drummers will
accompany naval personnel...
Shut off the engine.
The president's widow...
Can you get it
to go any faster?
Well, I can try.
They're taking him
to the capitol today.
I guess folks from around here
will be up there already.
Why would that be?
It's less than a day's drive.
Well, he did a lot
for your people.
Take a look around, ma'am.
Look like he done much here?
Jonell, now, you be careful!
Man, I got no luck with cars.
Yeah, well, there's bad
luck that you run from
and bad luck that you
bring along with you.
Hell, man.
I only have to put up with her
as far as Washington.
You must be crazy, man.
You got a white woman
riding in your car around here.
Have her ride in back.
Heh heh heh.
Well, that's an idea.
As long as I have
one of those wind-up windows
because I tell you,
the bitch can talk.
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
It's a wonder her name
ain't niagara falls.
She runs like water.
Keeps running.
Busiest mouth I know.
Ha ha ha!
Quack, quack, quack.
Sure hope your luck changes.
Thanks, man.
Can we just go now, please?
I thought the negroes
liked president Kennedy.
Some did.
You didn't.
Nothing against the man.
I just don't expect much
from white folks.
I think that's
pretty prejudiced,
if you don't mind my saying so.
I don't mind.
and the tree's in the hole
haven't you heard that song?
ray hates to travel.
He says it puts
too many Miles on the car.
We went to Mexico once,
but he's found the
center of the universe
on the living room couch.
That's the trouble marrying
someone you grow up with.
You think you know things
without asking him,
like, "is it o.K. If I work?"
Or, "without kids,
"what do we talk about
for the rest of our lives?"
Or, "are you going to want
creamed corn every night?"
There you go.
Thank you.
Why didn't you marry her?
I asked her to,
but she knew I really
didn't want to.
You didn't?
See, I was going
back to the service
for the pharmacy
training program.
Well, that's what
I have on my mind
when riva says she's pregnant.
I didn't even think
about being a husband,
never mind being...
Being a father.
She knew that.
And, uh...
She turned me down and
went back home to Dallas.
Didn't it kill you
knowing she was growing up
and you not seeing it?
I had other things on my mind.
Sure, I can see that.
I'd do the same thing again.
It's crazy to think
if I hadn't let her go,
we'd all be together
and she'd be alive.
You got anybody now?
Good-looking man like you?
How come?
I just don't have anybody
right now, that's all.
Must be lonely.
Anyhow, I think
she's the spit of you.
This looks like a good
spot, don't you think?
I'll cover you with this map.
I won't even look.
Honey, go on. No
one's going to see.
I'll go, too.
Mr. Cater, would you go
around to the other side?
Squat down.
Look at that here!
How far is tazewell?
45 Miles, maybe.
I know people there.
Hazel's folks.
Hazel at the beauty parlor?
Tazewell, Virginia.
I remember now.
They could help us.
Why would they do that?
Why not?
Assassination or not,
this country's full of
good, trusting people.
Besides, we don't have
to tell them the truth.
What's going on?
Car trouble.
Can we hitch a ride
with you into tazewell?
What's your business with him?
Stand back, baby.
He gave me a ride.
Where you from, lady?
Much obliged, gentlemen,
but I'm going to get
this car going quick.
Thank you anyway.
Can you fix it?
You know what?
You'd get a ride up the road.
Nobody's going to
pick up the three of us.
Go on.
I'll come back for you.
You'll wait?
Sure. We'll be right here.
I'll be back.
Can you help?
I need to hitch a ride
into tazewell.
Hop in.
Thank you.
Let's go, baby.
Now, we've got to go on, o.K.?
You're going to be
a big girl about that?
You're going away, too, daddy?
No, baby.
Daddy's going to be
right here with you.
Daddy's never
going to go away again.
Come here.
Baby, get in here and lie down,
and don't look up,
no matter what.
Don't look up.
Where's the woman?
She got a ride into town.
Where do you think
you're going, boy?
I don't want no trouble.
He don't want no trouble!
Hold him! Hold him!
Hello, Mrs. Enright?
Who is it?
Mrs. Enright,
it's lurene hallett.
I'm a friend of hazel's.
I work in the shop.
Is it something with hazel?
Oh, no, no.
I saw her Friday evening.
She's fine. I...
I'm just passing
through, and...
you're the girl that lost
the baby, aren't you?
Mrs. Enright, please,
can I use your phone?
Ray, honey, it's me.
Jesus, lurene!
Thank God!
Where the hell are you?
Ray, I'm fine, um...
I'm in a real hurry.
The FBI said some colored
guy grabbed you.
That is not true.
I... I'm just hitching
a ride with him.
That's why...
you're hitching a ride?
He's going to drop
me in Washington.
What the hell is going on?
What are you doing?
I'm going to the president's
funeral, what else?
And I was just wondering
if you could get me
some money here?
Isn't there some way
to do that?
You listen to me, Louise Irene.
You call the police and run.
They will hunt that nigra down.
Oh, for God's sake!
You won't help? Fine!
I was crazy to think you would.
I'll call from the motel.
What motel?
Where we spent our honeymoon.
Didn't you read my note?
I read the goddamn note!
If you had come with me,
this wouldn't have happened.
Get your ass back here,
or I swear to God,
I'm... I'm...
I'm going to take you to
some doctor for your head!
Is everything all right?
Do you have a car?
Mr. Cater!
Let me talk to her first.
She didn't expect me back
till day after tomorrow.
Mrs. Enright, it's me!
Well, lurene,
did that car let you down?
Oh, no, no.
Well, I'm glad you
changed your mind.
We don't get much company.
I'm Paul cater, ma'am.
This is my daughter, jonell.
Come on in.
They're taking him from the
white house to the capitol.
I don't want to
be any trouble, ma'am.
Iodine and everything
for the doctor's
in here in the front
room with Cal.
He don't speak much.
That's where
the stroke got him,
but he hears you
if you speak up.
Where is the doctor's box, Cal?
Maybe I can help find it.
Lee oswald is being
Do you know my daughter,
too, Mr. Cater?
No, ma'am. I'm not from Dallas.
This it?
There is Lee oswald.
He's been shot! He's been shot!
Oh, my God.
There's the man with the gun.
It's absolute panic
here in the basement of the
Dallas police headquarters.
Detectives have
their guns drawn.
Oswald has been shot.
There is no question.
Oswald has been shot.
Pandemonium has broken loose.
It is almost unbelievable.
It's almost unbelievable.
Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy is...
and her daughter...
are walking up to the casket.
This will be her last good-bye
for today.
And now Mrs. Kennedy
and Caroline
are walking slowly
past the crowd,
past president and Mrs. Johnson
and the distinguished
members of congress
and the late
president's cabinet,
the justices
of the supreme court,
and Mrs. Kennedy
and her daughter
leave the capitol rotunda,
leave the capitol building
on their way back
to the white house.
We better get you fixed up.
The public will begin
filing past the casket.
I don't know when we
started killing people
to solve things.
I didn't know we stopped.
Mr. Cater.
Would your daddy let you
come upstairs with me?
There's lots of my daughter's
old toys up there.
Thank you, ma'am.
Do you like dolls?
I believe we can find
you a little girl.
I don't know how
Jackie's bearing up.
Sorry, it's going
to pull a little.
I can't help it.
First time I saw her, she...
Kind of grabbed me.
I'd be eating
and imagine her eating...
Or sitting in the bathtub
or just walking
down the street,
and I'd think
of her doing that,
and it would be o.K.
Sometimes ray would
say something
and I'd pretend it was Jack.
It eased me, you know.
See, I don't get ordinary life.
When I went to Mexico
that time with ray,
everyone was talking
Spanish, or Mexican.
That's what the newspaper
and the signs were in.
I loved him that weekend.
I almost felt that,
because he wasn't
understanding it either,
and I thought,
"honey, now you know."
I guess you think I'm crazy.
No, lurene, I don't think that.
It's a policeman.
Mrs. Enright?
Who's in here?
Can I help you?
Is Mrs. Enright in?
She's upstairs lying down.
I don't want to wake her.
Uh, well, we're looking
for a nigger, ma'am.
He's kidnapped a little girl
and a white woman.
A wh... a white woman?
You sure?
Yeah, FBI report.
She's a Dallas woman.
I got a name here somewhere.
She tried to report him,
so he took her.
Anyway, we're just hoping
we're not too late.
Oh, yeah, sure.
there ain't no niggers here.
He is in the area, ma'am.
The car he stole from Tennessee
was found on 61.
A farmer and his sons
tried to help him.
Well, he nearly killed them.
Who's down there, child?
Carl swinson, ma'am.
He pulled up here,
I said to myself,
"Jackie, my God,
it's the police.
Something must have happened
back home in fredericksburg,"
but he's looking for niggers.
We ain't seen nothing
like that around here.
Ma'am, that true?
If you're the swinson boy,
you know I can barely see.
It's the same thing
your grandma had.
Now run along.
I'm so tired,
I'm fit to be laid up.
Thank you, ma'am.
He probably went back South
to throw you off the track.
He won't get far.
We got roadblocks
in three counties.
Thank you, Mrs. Enright.
I won't lie for you again.
They got it all wrong.
They'll have roadblocks
from Lebanon to bluefield.
They'll be down
tomorrow morning.
You and the child
can sleep in hazel's room.
Mr. Cater, sleep in the barn.
Thank you, ma'am.
We'll be leaving tonight.
They got roadblocks.
I'll just get my things.
I'm sorry for the trouble.
Let me fix the child
a meal first.
We'll be staying, ma'am,
and we really do appreciate
all you're doing for us.
We can't leave yet.
They're looking for you.
I didn't mean you.
Just jonell and me.
What about me?
You'll get to Washington.
I'd bet my life on it.
What are you going to do?
Excuse me.
It's because I called
you nigger, isn't it?
I did that to fool him.
I didn't mean it.
That's a load off my mind.
Thank you
for not meaning nigger
and for putting
the FBI on my ass
and for bringing
those crackers down on me.
Hey, baby,
thanks for that, too.
Excuse me for not staying
for the next time you're sorry.
Stay for jonell's sake.
Think of what's best for her.
What's best for her
is not your business.
It wasn't yours either
till a week ago.
When you have a child,
you can judge me.
Until then,
sit in your dream world
where the first lady
gives a fuck about you!
Go to hell!
I thought we
understood each other.
We're both running, aren't we?
We're both wanting
something more.
Don't you dare think
that we're the same.
Being bored and being
black are different.
Do you hear that?
Your life in Dallas, hell.
That's open air my child
may never breathe.
Free to live where she wants,
to drive north without hiding.
Free to grow up as bored,
stupid, or useless
as any white woman.
We are not the same!
You did what you could for us.
I know that,
but it's more harm
than good now.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Everything's gone so wrong.
That's the quietest
child I ever did see.
Mrs. Enright.
She wouldn't let me bathe
her or tuck her in.
Do you know what you're
headin' for, child?
Then I feel sorry for you.
Sorry for your husband, too.
I'll expect you-all
to be out of here
as soon as it's light.
I'll bring the car back
day after tomorrow,
if it's still all right.
That'll be fine.
Or you can drive it
on down to hazel.
It'll be hers
soon enough anyway.
No need for all that.
We'll leave now.
The child needs her sleep.
First light's soon enough.
It's that first room
upstairs on the right.
I left something clean
for you to wear...
one of hazel's old dresses.
Good night, Mr. Cater.
Good night, Mrs. Enright.
Good night.
Good night.
And Mrs. Kennedy steps forward
to light the eternal flame.
Perhaps never
in the history of the world
have so many of the world's
greats been gathered...
Yes, sir?
Uh, name's ray hallett.
My... my wife check in yet?
Thank you, Mrs. Enright.
You forget something?
Honey, I got to
stay here, o.K.?
Give me a kiss good-bye.
Come on.
What are you doing?
They'll be looking for three.
You're safer without me.
I'll be o.K. With them
about the car.
Uh... Just send me the money,
and I'll get it to hazel.
I'll be right back.
We're almost home.
We're almost home.
You realize what
kind of trouble you're in?
You want everyone
to read in the papers
about you
and some colored fella?
Oh, ray! For God's sake!
Are you going to shoot me
'cause I hitched a ride
with a colored man?
No white people stopped, o.K.?
I didn't know
what I'd find up here.
Listen, honey,
we got to talk, I know.
Right now, I have me
a real bad headache.
Some beer and bufferin,
I'll be fine.
You want to get me some?
What's out there?
I'm just trying to see
if we have a view
of a monument or something.
I'll get it myself.
Just stay here and simmer down.
I'm not letting you
out of my sight!
Now, I know you, lurene!
We are going home,
and you're going to
listen to me.
You're damn lucky
you're not in jail already.
What's the difference between
jail and what we have?
No! Let me go!
Ow! Stop!
Let me out of here!
No! No! Let me go!
It's the night manager, sir.
Don't. Don't.
Don't you say anything.
Excuse me, sir.
Is everything all right?
I heard some screaming.
Uh... Yeah.
It's, uh...
It's just my wife.
She's upset because of
the president and all.
Of course.
Are you sure everything's o.K.?
Everything's fine. Thank you.
This is the guy.
This is the guy!
Paul, get out! Take the car!
Don't move!
Ray, please!
Jesus, lurene!
What did he do to you?
Do you think
I'd let him touch me?
He gave me a lift!
If you don't let him go,
they'll say I took up
with a colored man.
You said it yourself.
The papers will say it.
I couldn't hold my head up.
You shoot him,
might as well shoot me.
You're lying.
I wouldn't! Not about this!
Ray, ray. He never touched me.
I felt sorry for
the little girl, is all.
I'll go with you.
Let him go.
I'll go back to Dallas
with you tonight.
O.K., honey?
I give you my word.
Let this nigger go back
to where he came from.
Oh, lurene...
You're going to pay
for what you did...
Get out!
Lurene, come on!
White house security advises.
Mrs. Kennedy has departed
Arlington gravesite
en route to white house.
Mrs. Kennedy en route
back to white house.
All units near white house.
White house security advises.
Mrs. Kennedy has departed
Arlington gravesite.
He's inside.
Come on. Come on.
Oh, my God.
Do as they say.
The area's been closed off.
Follow the other cars.
Where you headed?
Constitution. We want
to turn up there.
Everything around
the white house is blocked off.
Oh, yeah, 'cause of all the
diplomats and everything.
Just right up the road.
Thank you.
All units near white house.
1957 Chevrolet station wagon,
two-tone brown and white,
Virginia license number bd...
The area around the white
house is blocked off.
Come on. Come on.
Bravo delta Romeo 529.
Negro man, negro child,
Caucasian woman
wanted for 207, possible 245.
This is a code 6.
Just keep going.
The area around the white
house is closed off.
Caucasian woman.
How's it going?
Go! They'll never
let you keep her.
They'll put her back
in that place.
Honey, hold onto me!
Hold it! Get him!
Turn him around!
Behind your back!
Get him up!
Pull him around here!
Where do you think
you're going?
Hold it!
Honey, if I let you
down, can you run?
O.K. Come on.
We have to go
as fast as we can.
Stop right there!
Put your hands in the air
and come forward!
Put your hands in the air!
Come forward
with the little girl!
No one is going to hurt you!
It's o.K., baby.
They won't hurt us.
Come forward slowly!
Put your guns down!
You're scaring her!
She's 5 years old!
No one is going to hurt you
or the little girl!
Just keep your hands
in the air!
Do as the officers say!
No one will harm you!
And no one will get hurt!
White house security advises.
Mrs. Kennedy continuing north
on 23rd.
Hold all traffic
at Virginia Avenue
and keep police barricade.
Prepare to hold traffic.
All traffic held at Virginia.
Hey, vickie. How are you?
I'm fine, lurene. How are you?
Oh, o.K.
I told you
I'd get it done in time.
I don't want to go.
I know you're going to
miss vickie, honey.
I will, too.
But he's your daddy,
and he's been waiting
for this for a long time.
Teresa's dad is in jail,
and he's never coming out.
Well, that's where
you're lucky.
I got something else, too...
For both of us.
See? It opens like a book.
Remember that night?
Mine's exactly the same.
You can put a picture
of your mamma and daddy
on the other side.
And I'm going to wear mine
all the time.
Maybe if you wear yours...
We won't mind so much.
It just feels bad now, honey.
It'll get better.
I promise.
Mrs. Hallett?
Mr. Cater.
They didn't expect you
till tonight.
She won't be packed.
I'll wait.
You changed your hair.
Oh, yeah, well, it's easier.
Um, she's a little upset.
You know,
after a year, you get
used to a place.
You get to like it.
Not every place.
Oh, no. Of course not.
How are you?
I'm o.K.
I hate that word... divorcee.
I always have.
It's funny.
Sometimes I miss ray.
He's, uh, living
in port Arthur now,
has a girl friend.
I read your letters to jonell.
She asked me to.
That's good.
Well, uh...
I lie about it, Paul, you know,
to the police, those
people in there, everyone.
I just want you to know...
I've never been sorry.
I'm the same.
Well, I better go.
Hi, daddy.