Love Finds You in Valentine (2016) Movie Script

Man: Grace Morgan,
get back in this house!
Grace! Get back here!
You sure
about this, Gracie?
I've never been more sure
about anything in my life.
You go now, you don't ever come back!
Go, Ken.
Drive! Now!
Man: House is
all buttoned up.
Is there anything else
I can do?
No, thank you, Steve.
Is that from
your dad's office?
Yeah, it is.
It's actually from
the Circle Cross.
Kennedy, trust me.
You don't want
to drag this out.
Just sign the papers
and sell it.
It's just my dad
was born on that ranch.
Grew up there.
Met my mother,
they fell in love.
I know how hard
this is for you,
but I'm here.
I'll help you
through it.
I promise.
Lawyer: You are his
sole beneficiary.
The Circle Cross
belongs to you now.
However, he stipulates
that if you should
choose to sell it,
you have to be there,
in person, to do it.
So you're telling me
I actually have togothere
to sell the ranch?
As a condition
of the will, yes.
That doesn't make
any sense.
I mean, when
I was growing up
I used to beg him
to take me
to see that place.
He always resisted.
Nowhe says
I have to go?
There's a cousin of yours
there who's an accountant.
Smith Blaine, he's been
keeping the books.
You think he might
have some answers?
Only one way
to find out.
Looks like I'm going
to Valentine.
# Wake up, darling
# It's just you and me
# Everything feels right
# Just like
it's meant to be #
# Let's live up
the morning #
# Spend the afternoon
# 'Cause we can't
take it with us #
# And tomorrow
comes too soon #
# In every single way
# Today is the perfect day
# For a perfect day
# I don't want it to end
# I don't want it to end
# I don't want it to end
# Unless we can do today
all over again #
# All over again
Man: You know,
it's been a long time
since I last
saw your folks,
but I do remember,
boy, they were good people.
It's just a shame
they were never able
to make it back
to Valentine.
I think so, too.
But here we are now,
and if you don't mind,
-I'd like to just cut to the chase.
Did Talbot mention
that this is not
the first offer we've had
on the ranch over the years?
-As I understand it,
your father wouldn't
consider selling.
I can understand why he wanted
to hang onto the old place.
He probably had some
sentimental attachment.
And you can take
my word for it,
that is a good offer
under the circumstances.
What circumstances?
Listen, running a ranch
is a dicey proposition
in the best of times.
Onebad year can set you
back for a long time.
And, well, the Circle Cross
has had more bad years
than good, here, recently.
The ranch is losing money?
I hate to be
the bearer of bad news.
You know, I'm not seeing a
buyer's name on here anywhere.
Well, at the present
they wish
to remain anonymous.
But what Icantell you
is they areverymotivated.
So, you can go ahead
and sign and date
right next to the "X."
You know, I did have
one question.
Do you know why my father
put in his will
that I had to come here
to sell the ranch?
Hm. You know,
I was kind of wondering
about that myself.
You know, whenever my parents
talked about Valentine,
they always
called it home.
but it's not yours.
But I've never
even seen it.
It seems silly
to come all this way
and not have a look.
Aw, hey, buddy.
-Where'd you come from?
-( barking )
Whoa... okay.
( barking )
Can we just
be friends from afar?
Just take it easy.
I'm just taking
a peek around.
Oh, okay.
I'm not gonna bite.
I just wanna get
just a little bit closer
so I can see...
Quiet, Wilson!
Oh, hey. Thanks.
Great dog.
-Are you lost?
Main road's
back that way.
Oh, no, I was just
admiring the house.
Oh, so you figured you'd
drive on private property,
invite yourself up
on the porch,
and have a good look
through the window?
No, that was not...
I don't go into
the city much.
Is this how it's done
these days?
Well, I don't come out
to the country much,
but I heard you people
were supposed to be friendly.
Oh, you want friendly?
Try knocking on the door
introducing yourself.
Maybe you should
introduce yourself
since you're the one
that's trespassing.
Excuse me?
This is the
Circle Cross Ranch?
Well, that's what
the sign says.
Well, my name
is Kennedy Blaine
and I own this property.
(scoffs) What are
you talking about?
See for yourself.
-You're Smith Blaine's cousin?
-That's right.
Second cousin,
I think... Which is
not the point.
Smith didn't say
anything to me
about a new owner
showing up.
Well, why should he?
For all I know,
you're just some squatter.
Now, hold on a minute.
Oh, didn't know
you had company.
She was just leaving.
I'm June Sterling.
Oh, I'm Kennedy Blaine.
Nice to meet you.
Wow, your mom
was Grace Morgan.
She ran off with Kenny
Blaine a long time ago.
You knew my parents?
Oh, well enough to
recognize their daughter.
I mean, you're the spitting
image of your mom.
Welcome home, honey.
You know, those families
were so dead-set against
your folks getting married.
Especially your grandfather,
Gabriel Morgan,
he couldn't stand
the thought
of his only daughter
marrying a Blaine.
He's still alive,
you know.
No. No, I didn't.
Mom, she's not here
for a family reunion.
She claims to own
the Circle Cross now.
Does that mean that both
of your parents have p...
My mom died five years ago,
and Dad died just recently.
They were still young,
I'm so sorry.
Kennedy:Thank you.
June: Well, you did
the right thing coming here.
Why don't you
stay for dinner?
Oh, no, I don't
want to impose
and I really wasn't
planning on a long stay.
Oh, don't be silly.
We have plenty of room.
Stay with us.
Really, seriously.
Uh, all right.
Good, so you can
follow us to the house.
Oh, so you
don't live here?
No, this is
the main house.
That's where
the Blaines lived.
The, um, the foreman's house
is quite a ways
over there, actually.
You didn't tell her?
W-w-we were just getting to that.
June: Oh, this makes
so much sense now.
I have a package for you.
The funny thing is that
John Morgan
and Alexander Blaine
were best friends when
they came out west together
in the 1870's.
They were searching for gold
like everybody else.
the story goes that
it wasn't very long
before they both fell in
love with the same woman.
So what happened?
Well, she chose Alexander
and the feud started,
right then and there.
It's been going ever since.
Such a waste.
So, um, Kennedy,
what do you do?
Uh, I just
finished law school.
So I need to take
the bar exam
next month
back in L.A.
Well, I hope you're gonna
have time to see the ranch
-before you go back.
-Yeah, I'd like that.
Derek can show you around.
Oh, I have stuff to do
for the next couple
of days, Mom, I'm sorry.
Listen, I'm sorry about
the whole "squatter" thing.
I think I'm just nervous.
This is all so sudden,
coming here.
Why are you here?
I'm here to close the sale.
Of the ranch?
Yes, but I didn't know
anyone lived here.
And... and now that I've seen
the property and the house,
I hadnoidea this
all belonged to me.
You know, it takes more
than a piece of paper
to belong to a place.
I'm gonna check
on the horses, Mom.
Nice meeting you.
-Yeah, you too.
-(Derek whistles)
He's very protective.
Loves this place
like it's his own.
He learned everything
there is to know
about taking care of it
from John, my husband.
So when he passed away,
it was just natural
Derek take over.
Hasn't been easy,
but we've always
taken those words to heart.
We've been so blessed
to live here.
Can't even imagine
a better place to call home.
Oh, the pa... the package.
"To Kennedy Blaine, care
of the Circle Cross Ranch,
from Gregory Talbot."
He's our lawyer.
This is my mother's writing.
Dad must've had
this sent here.
Like he sent me.
(horse snorts)
Mike, I'm full.
"It's a classic story.
Forbidden love.
But for Kenny and I,
the only thing forbidden
was letting others
try to control our fate..."
"I'll admit, at first
it was a thrill,
dangerous and fun,
then it became a burden.
Always on edge, always looking
over our shoulders..."
"One day, Kenny said our happiness
should never be a struggle.
He took me to his family's
ranch, the Circle Cross,
and there we fell deeper
in love with each other th..."
(cell phone rings)
Yeah, everything's
been good.
No, I know.
But it's only a few days
and I still have a month
before the exam.
I'll study while I'm here.
Yeah. No, I know.
Hey, listen.
I'm... I'm really tired,
I think I'm gonna
turn in early.
Is that okay?
Okay, thanks.
Goodnight, Steve.
-Good morning.
Water's hot,
would you like some tea?
Oh, uh, I actually need
to talk to Derek first.
-Is he around?
-You know, he was just riding out.
You might still
catch him in the stables.
(horse snorts)
Hey, there.
-(dog barking)
Well, you just pop up
everywhere, don't you?
Derek: I could say
the same thing about you.
Are you looking for me?
Yeah. I, um...
I wanted to talk to you
about the ranch.
What about it?
When was the last time
Smith Blaine was here?
The only time I see him
is when he gets
another offer.
You know, lucky for you
your dad had the sense
not to be tempted by dollar
signs over the years.
So you don't think
I should sell?
A person would
have to be a fool
to sell a place
like this.
Even with all the money
it's losing?
What are you talking
about, losing money?
Smith painted a different
picture of this place.
He told me how rough
things have been lately.
Look, the Circle Cross
hasn't lost a dime
since I took over
as foreman.
The last four years
have been our best ever.
Your dad put the profits back into
the ranch, hired more hands...
Derek, I'm sure
you've done your best.
But Smith is our accountant.
He keeps very careful books.
Well, he's not
the only one.
My father kept
written ledgers
while he ran the place.
I started
putting everything
on a computer
when I took over.
Nothing fancy, but it
saves a lot of time.
(computer beep)
This is quite the set-up.
Yeah, we got indoor plumbing,
now, and everything.
Hey, no, I wasn't...
Derek:Look, uh...
That's got all
the ranch records
for the past four years.
You can see for yourself
how I do things.
Where you going?
I got a ranch to run.
It's a lot to take in
all at once.
I'll say.
Have you been inside
the family house yet?
No, not yet.
You gotta see that.
I'm gonna go
get the keys.
So Derek and I come over
here about once a week,
make sure everything's
okay, you know.
No leaks, no critters.
Well, you've done
a great job.
Place has been kept
so beautiful.
You know, this room
pretty well tells
the Blaine family history.
My father's family.
Thought you'd like this.
My mom and dad always
talked about how much
they loved growing up here.
But after Mom died, Dad never
mentioned Circle Cross again.
Yeah, well, take it
from an old woman who knows
there's no greater force
in this universe
than true love.
You're awisewoman,
not old.
And I'm old enough
to know the difference.
I'm gonna let you look around,
I'll see you later.
(horse snort)
(horse whinnies)
I don't understand.
The ranch foreman
kept his own records?
He has everything
down to the penny.
And according to him,
the ranch is making money.
Kennedy: Some years
better than others,
and Smith says it's been
losing money the whole time.
Talbot: Hmm, what do you
know about this guy?
Uh, he's a cowboy.
Meaning... what exactly?
It's like in the movies,
except real.
I mean, he's strong
and sure, stubborn.
Clearly a lot smarter
than he lets on, and...
and he seems
like a good man.
I'm not accusing
anybody of anything,
but your father
received reports
from Smith quarterly
for years.
Well, did he read them?
The ranch is the least
of your father's investments.
Did he ever
show them to you?
No, I don't even know
where they are.
Look, something is just
not adding up here
and I gotta get
to the bottom of it.
And I'll track down
Smith's records.
It might take a week,
but I'll go through everything
and get back to you.
Thank you.
Oh, uh, how do you
like the place?
It's growing on me.
(doorbell rings)
Um, hi. I'm here
to see Gabriel Morgan.
My name is Kennedy Blaine.
Is Mr. Morgan
expecting you?
I'm his granddaughter.
Have a seat.
This isn't a social call,
I prefer to stand.
Suit yourself.
State your purpose.
Are you behind the offer
to buy Circle Cross?
I wouldn't take that property
if you gave it to me.
I don't want anything
owned by a Blaine.
Yeah, well, I'm
a prime example of that.
Your parents
should've told you.
You're not wanted here.
They told me,
and I stayed away
until now.
But I'm not here for
travel advice, Mr. Morgan.
I just want one more
thing before I go.
An explanation.
For what?
How you treated my mother.
-Your daughter. Why?
Our families have had
a long history together.
You can't just
roll into town
and expect to understand
every little, itsy-bitsy
(speaking gibberis)
thing between people.
They were in love.
They were happy.
-What's so wrong with that?
What's wrong with you?
No, no, no.
I'm... I'm only laughing
because your mother
stood right there
25 years ago,
and asked
those same questions.
I don't explain,
I don't justify
my actions to anybody.
Now, unless you
have other business...
She missed you.
We all did.
it was as much her choice
to do what she did
as it was mine
to let her go.
I think I got all
the information I need.
and determination.
You know where
that came from?
You may've been
born a Blaine,
but you're a Morgan,
through and through.
I like that.
Thanks for your time.
Smith: I'm doing
everything I can.
Mhm. No, of course
she's gonna sell.
She's not a rancher,
she's a city girl.
We just need to give her
a little time
to get over the whole
dewy-eyed thing
with the ranch
and her parents, and the...
No, listen to me.
I've worked too hard
to make this happen.
One way or another,
this deal's going through.
(phone beep)
(birds crowing)
Boy: Sorry to bother you,
Boss, but I figured
you'd wanna see this.
Check it out.
Derek: Looks like somebody
made themselves right at home.
Yeah, we checked the area,
but we didn't see anybody.
They've been here
for a couple of days.
Boy:Could be a drifter.
Maybe already moved on?
I'll clean this up.
That way, if he comes back
he'll know we're onto him.
Tell the others to keep
an eye out, okay?
Sure thing, boss.
All right.
Chewy bone.
All right, truce?
You know there's more
where that came from.
Back here.
So, what's all this?
Well, I figured
since I'm a Blaine,
I should be staying
in the Blaine house.
You wanted to know
why I'm here
and today, it hit me.
I want to know more
about my family.
And what better way,
than to stay
in my father's old house?
It's a big house
for one person.
Oh, I'll be fine.
Besides, it takes more
than a piece of paper
to belong
to a place, right?
(both chuckl)
Okay, fair enough.
I, um, I saw
my grandfather today.
You did?
How'd that go?
I expected him
to answer my questions.
Tell me all the things
he's been holding in
for so many years and...
he laughed at me.
Whatever he had to say,
he said it to your folks
a long time ago.
(scoff) That old man
is so stubborn,
he can argue
with a wall.
And win.
(chuckles )
Don't let it get to you.
Well, if he's waiting for me
to run away like my parents,
he'll be waiting
for a long time.
Kennedy: Hey, Derek, listen.
I went over your records
-for the ranch?
They look fine to me.
Well, good.
What I don't understand
is why Smith would tell me
we've been losing
money all along.
Well, maybe
you should ask him.
I will,
just after my lawyer
has a chance to look
at your records.
You just said
they were fine, right?
Oh, Mr. Talbot has access
to all the reports
that Smith had been
sending my dad.
He just needs
to compare them.
To make sure who's
telling the truth.
No, Derek,
you don't understand.
My father was
a solid businessman,
but after my mother died,
he wasn't himself.
He was heartbroken.
I mean, I doubt he ever
looked at those reports.
Smith could've been
telling him anything.
Look, do me a favor.
Once you get the
comparison back,
talk to me first,
not Smith.
He thinks he's
the big dog around here.
He doesn't like
to be crossed.
If you have to confront him,
I would like to go with you.
Let him sit across from me
saying that the ranch
is losing money.
Okay, will do. Thanks.
No problem.
Wilson, come on, boy.
Let's go home.
Let's go, boy.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
He usually don't warm up
to anybody this fast.
Oh, well, I'm not so bad.
Once you get to know me.
Wilson, come on, boy.
Let's go home.
What's wrong with you, buddy?
You wanna go home?
Huh? You want to go home?
(car startin)
Steve: I'm sorry,
am I missing something?
I thought that the whole
point of going there,
was to sell the ranch.
It was. I mean,
that's what I thought.
But none of this
is what I expected.
Well, I'm sure
it's a wonderful place,
with lots of nice people,
but, Kennedy,
your life is here.
You have
a home, friends.
You're starting a new career
which, by the way,
you're falling way behind
studying for the bar.
Yeah, yeah.
I was thinking about that.
What if I took
the bar exam here?
You're not serious.
There is still a lot of work
to do with the ranch.
Well, it... you want
to live there?
I think I need
to find out what I want.
I miss you.
I know we've never talked
about it in so many words,
but I always thought
that you and I...
that we belong together.
We belotogether?
Steve, where is this
coming from?
(whip crack)
I just thought that...
L... Listen, it's getting late.
Can we talk about this
some other time?
(bugs buzzin)
(rooster crows)
Oh, hi.
Didn't mean to scare you.
No, I just... I didn't
hear you drive up.
Well, I'm sorry, but is this
the Circle Cross Ranch?
Yeah, that's right.
A fellow in town
says you might
be doing some hiring.
I'm sorry,
you're gonna have to talk
to the ranch foreman
about that.
Derek Sterling.
Derek Sterling.
That's right. Yeah,
I do know the name.
He lives just over there.
Over there?
He's a friend of yours?
I own the ranch.
Nice place.
Kinda big, though, for you
to have all to yourself.
Way out here
in the middle of nowhere.
You know, why don't I call him
and tell him you're here.
-I'm sure he'll be...
-No, that's okay.
I could find him.
Thank you,
you have a nice day.
Did you get his name?
Kennedy: No, he just said
he was looking for work.
Derek: I mean, anyone
from around here
knows we only hire
extra hands
in the fall for round-up.
Well, he didn't exactly
look like he knew
one end of a horse
from the other.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
I just...
I grew up in the city, and I
got the feeling so did he.
He said he knew your name.
What'd he look like?
Mmm, stocky. Dark hair.
Looked like he'd
slept in his clothes.
And he had a...
A scar on his cheek.
Do you know him?
Probably he just
heard my name
in town, you know?
I'll take a look around,
just in case.
All right, thanks.
Hey, um...
I was supposed to give Mom
a ride into Valentine.
Would you mind?
Not at all. I need
to pick up something
a little more appropriate
to wear around here anyway.
I appreciate it.
Uh, hey, listen.
I'm getting called back
into a meeting. Can I
get back to you later?
Great, thanks.
What's the occasion?
the Dandelion Festival.
Every year, the church
raises money by selling
foods, and arts and crafts,
and things, too.
And we bring kids
out from the city
to spend the weekend here,
and they go camping,
and fishing, and...
you know, getting
some fresh air.
-Oh, that sounds wonderful.
-It's fun.
And Pastor Morgan,
he sets up a booth
every year so he wants me
to sell my, what he calls,
"World famous
dandelion pies."
Another Morgan.
Apart from my grandfather,
I haven't met anyone
on the Morgan side yet.
That's easy to fix.
Come to church with us
on Sunday and
I'll introduce you.
I'd like that.
So do you have a lot
of family here in Valentine?
No, it's just
Derek and Me.
Still, it must've been nice
for him growing up here.
Well, Derek didn't
grow up here.
John and I did.
Yeah, see, back then
it wasn't easy
to get a good-paying job
around here.
So we moved to Chicago.
John worked in a factory.
We were young and we
wanted this big family,
but it didn't happen.
And, so... I was actually
volunteering at a city mission
and Derek came up
for adoption.
Mmm. That's so nice.
(chuckle) Our prayers
were definitely answered.
So how long did you
live in Chicago?
Mmm, we didn't move
back to Valentine
until Derek
was almost 16.
Wow. Never would've guessed.
Well, it wasn't easy
for him growing up
in the city.
What do you mean?
You know, this isn't
reallymystory to tell.
And we still have
a lot of shopping to do.
So, um,vamanos.
We just missed him, boy.
-Well, there you are.
Um, I tried to call you,
but I kept getting
your answering machine.
I was afraid you were
on your way back home.
Uh, no, I'm staying
at the ranch.
Reception's not
always the best.
I was curious if you
thought about that offer.
Haven't stopped
thinking about it.
The other party is very
eager to close that deal.
Oh, I'm sure, place is
a steal at that price.
What are you saying?
Oh, I think you know
what I'm saying.
Mr. Talbot and I just have
to do our due diligence.
Shouldn't take long.
Well, then.
You have a good day, June.
-Say hi to Derek for me, will you?
-I will.
Enjoy your stay.
Will do.
(cell phone ringing)
(cell phone ringing)
-Your friends miss you.
-Ah, Steve.
I think he wishes
he was more than a friend.
And he's not?
He's a sweet guy,
met in law school.
Became study partners.
Spent a lot of late
nights together...
And he fell in love.
Uh, we arenota couple.
He really cares about me,
but if there
was anything there,
I should miss him more...
and I don't.
-(horse whinnies)
-Do you ride?
Kennedy: When other kids
were practicing the piano,
I was taking riding lessons.
My parents used to always
hang around and watch.
Think it must've reminded
them of this place.
Hey, do you think...
do you think
it'd be all right?
It's your horse.
I'll go get changed.
(orchestral music playing)
What're you doing?
How am I supposed
to know it was you
coming out of nowhere?
(both pantin)
What? What are you looking
at me like that for?
You can ride?
Yeah. I mean,
a little, you know.
No, I didn't know.
I know now.
Since you can ride,
let me show you the place.
-(Derek chuckles)
-This is beautiful.
It is beautiful.
Do you see that
tree line over there?
Where? - (Chuckles)
Right there.
You see? There's a valley
that runs between
those hills there.
Can you believe that wagon trains
used to bring settlers through here
on their way west?
If you look close
on the trail,
you can still see
where the wheels
were torn in the ground.
Your mother said there
was a family graveyard?
Yeah. Not just
family, either.
There's folks buried there, this is
as far as they got on the trail.
It's a long ride out.
I'll take you next time.
You know, my parents
always talked about
how special this place was.
I'm really glad that
I'm seeing it for myself.
And what do you think
about this place?
I think they were right.
Thank you for showing me.
My pleasure.
We should...
We should start back.
It'll be dark soon.
I was thinking...
I really think you should
stay here tonight
with Mom and me.
Just in case
that fellow comes back.
Listen, it took me
my whole life to get here,
I'm not gonna let
anybody scare me off now.
Hey, look.
Cuddy and Brian,
they came across
some empty bottles and trash
in one of the old barns.
If there's someone out there,
I think we just...
Hey, if I hear anything,
I'll call you, I promise.
-All right.
So, goodnight, then.
Hey, Wilson. Stay.
Aw, you coming with me?
Derek: Well, you're
such good buddies.
Now you can be roomies.
He better not snore.
He does.
(dog snorin)
You been out here
all night?
Thank you.
You don't need
to do this.
I better get changed,
I don't wanna be late.
-For church.
Are you gonna make it
to the festival?
Wouldn't miss it
for the world.
We'll pick you up
on our way into town.
Thanks for the coffee.
(birds chirping)
(orchestral music playing)
(inaudible speech)
June:Thank you, sir.
June:Silly old man.
Living up in his castle
all hanging onto
that bitterness.
(sigh) He doesn't even know me.
You know what?
We've got pies to sell.
Yes, we do.
Announcer: Well, folks, we've
got lots of exciting events
going on at this year's
Dandelion Festival.
A new cooking
demonstration every hour,
with all sorts
of dandelion recipes.
And this year's art show
and silent auction
promises to be our best.
But now it's time to get
all the kids together
for the Dandelion
Scavenger Hunt.
And make sure to stop by the
Valentine Church bake sale
and to take home some
World Famous Dandelion Pie.
Kennedy: Thank you.
Enjoy your pie.
Hey, guys, we're actually
running out of plates.
-Oh, I'll get it.
-You sure?
-Thank you.
Announcer: Support your
annual camping trip
for inner city kids.
Excuse me.
You must be
the long-lost cousin
I've been
hearing about.
Tom Morgan,
welcome to Valentine.
Kennedy Blaine. Thank you.
Oh, I could tell
you're family
a mile off.
You have
your mother's smile.
Oh, really?
What a sweetheart,
that girl.
So, Kennedy, what do you
think of our little town?
I like it. Especially what
you're doing for those kids.
Tom: Well, we're hoping
for the best.
For the last couple years,
Charlie Whalen's been letting
the kids camp out at his ranch,
but he's been laid up ever since
that horse of his threw him,
and I'm... I'm having a hard
time recruiting anybody else.
-Woman:Pastor Morgan?
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but the cookout's
-just about to start.
-(gasps) Oh.
Robin, what would
I do without you?
Thank you so much.
-Have the two of you met?
Oh, Robin.
This is Kennedy Blaine.
-Nice to meet you.
-You too.
Kennedy is one of
the Circle Cross Blaines.
I heard you were in town.
I understand
the ranch is for sale.
Robin works with the
State Historical Society.
Oh, well,
nothing's final yet.
I'm still going through
the paperwork.
Hmm. Well.
You and I need to talk.
But first, we have
to get to that cook-off.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
-We'll see you soon, "cuz."
(both laughing)
See you soon.
Looks like you and Pastor
Morgan hit it off.
We did.
He is such
a lovely man.
He told me about
the trouble they're having
finding a campsite
for the inner city kids.
What do you mean, what about
Charlie Whalen's ranch?
I guess he can't do it.
That's a shame.
I was actually thinking
maybe they could come
to Circle Cross.
What do you think?
-I think that's a great idea.
I mean, you guys have
so much on your plates...
-Kennedy, look... No, no, no.
This is what we do,
Just... whatever you need,
just let us know.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
I mean, if you're free
we can take a ride.
Pick out a campsite.
-You don't mess around.
-No, ma'am.
(both laugh)
All right. I'll go tell
Pastor Morgan.
-I'm excited.
-Me too.
She's about to make
some kids very happy.
More than she
will ever know.
You like her, don't you?
Lily Ann?
She was Alexander Blaine's
She was just a child.
I know.
There was this outbreak
of cholera that year.
They say that whatever
hope there may have been
of the Blaines and Morgans
patching things up,
it was lost after
John Morgan refused
to come to her funeral.
My parents never told me
that story growing up.
Well, It's not the kind
of story you can tell
a little girl, right?
I guess not.
But it's not the way
it works, is it?
I mean, you can't just
tell the good parts.
All that anger,
and bitterness.
It's part of
the story, too.
Kennedy: You know more
about my family than I do.
-Derek: No.
-Kennedy:Yeah. It's a little embarrassing.
Derek:No, no, no, you
shouldn't feel that way.
I mean, I just know
the history of the land.
It just happens to be
your family's land,
that's it.
Everything out here
is so untouched.
It's so different
from the city.
It's like you
can sense exactly
how people felt
a hundred years ago.
It makes me feel...
I don't know,
both: Connected?
-No way.
-No, yeah. Exactly.
It's like you feel you're part of
something bigger than you, right?
Did you feel different when
your parents brought you here?
Your mom told me.
About Chicago.
"About Chicago" what?
What was it?
Nothing, I mean...
she said you
weren't happy there.
I'm sorry, did I say
something wrong?
No, it's just...
just something
I don't like to talk
about, that's it.
-Why not?
-Just don't, okay?
We should start back.
(horses whinn)
Man: Sure beats
the streets, huh, D?
What do you want?
Now, is that any way
to greet an old friend
from Chicago
after all these years?
We're not friends.
We never were.
Boy, we had some times,
didn't we, D?
You was a wild man.
You remember that night?
'Cause I do,
for the last 15 years.
You put yourself
in that prison, not me.
-You shot that guy.
-The way I remember it,
you was supposed to have
my back that night.
-That was the deal.
-I told you I wasn't coming.
I told you I was done
with all of that.
No. The way I see it,
you owe me.
What're you talking about?
I could've turned
you in that night
And you'd have spent
the last 15 years
in a cell next to me.
So that's what
this is all about?
You're trying
to shake me down
for something that happened
when I was a kid?
I didn't even do?
You're wasting
your time.
Well, you gotta
ask yourself, D.
What would all your
God-fearing neighbors think
if those type
of rumors got around?
I say that's gotta
be worth something.
50 thousand?
What do you say?
Even if I was willing
to pay you off,
which I'm not,
I don't have
that kind of money.
Yeah, but your
pretty boss does.
I see you riding.
I've been watching you two
getting all cozy.
She wouldn't mind selling
a couple horses
to help you out.
We're done talking.
You know what? Maybe you
better look at it another way.
Don't look at this
as a pay-off.
Maybe you should look
at this as health insurance.
To ensure that
nobody gets hurt.
You get off of this ranch
and never come back.
Derek's voice: A person
would have to be a fool
to sell a place like this.
Kennedy's voice:
It makes me feel...
I don't know...
Kennedy and Derek's voices:
-Kennedy's voice: No way.
-Derek's voice:No, yeah.
Derek: Exactly.
It's like,
you feel you're part of something
bigger than you, right?
(birds chirping)
(bus horn beeps)
(children clamoring)
They're a little excited.
Hey, nice hat.
(clamoring continue)
All right.
How you doing today?
All: Good!
-You guys happy?
-Yeah, who wants to go on a ride?
Let's go there.
Derek: Just follow
the ladies. There you go.
Derek:Thank you.
(orchestral music playing)
Kennedy: So they
might not look pretty,
but they sure taste good.
All right, guys.
Go wild.
Hey, this is
a great thing
you're doing here.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
Wanna give it a shot?
Nah, I'm good.
Let me guess, uh...
they said, "All the fresh
air will do you good",
but everything just
smells weird, right?
Can you do me a favor?
Go be someone else's
best friend.
I'm doing just fine.
First time I came here,
I held my nose
for two days.
Can you believe that?
And at night... oh, gosh.
At night, it's so silent
It's like you can
hear the grass grow.
I thought I was
gonna go crazy.
When I was your age,
I used to live
in the city.
Basically, I grew up
being tossed
from foster home
to foster home.
For whatever reason,
life just kept
kicking me around...
'til I came here.
(birds chirping)
And after I held
my nose for two days,
I finally allowed
myself to just...
try it.
A new life grabbed me
and I grabbed it back.
City slicker turned...
Turned tree-hugger, huh?
Must be my genes.
That's cool.
I'm Derek, by the way.
Derek: Great
to meet you, man.
Danny: Yeah,
nice to meet you, too.
One day, you'll find it.
Just be open, man.
(crickets chirping)
(sighs) The kids
are all asleep.
It was a big day,
I bet they're super tired.
You know,
the counselors all said
Danny never
talks to anyone.
He just...
sits by himself.
But he talks to you.
Well, I used to be
just like him.
What do you mean?
That's the thing
I don't like to talk about.
You brought it up.
When my biological mother
brought me to this country,
she gave me up for adoption.
So I guess I grew up
in the city as a...
an angry kid.
I don't know.
I would...
I would steal
things I didn't want.
I would hurt people
I didn't know.
Just this dumb kid running
straight to the cliff,
not caring
how far I'd fall...
until I met
my true mother.
She never lost her faith.
And that's when
she brought you here.
To Valentine.
That night she told me,
she said, "We're going home."
I didn't know what
she was talking about.
"Home"? What is that?
The city was the only
home I ever knew.
But the look on her face,
I realized she wasn't
gonna give up on me.
Somehow, she believed
I could be a son
to be proud of.
I couldn't
hurt her anymore.
That night, I was
supposed to meet someone.
We were gonna,
I don't know,
break into this
warehouse, whatever.
So I call him,
I tell him...
I tell him
I wasn't going.
But he did it anyway.
It turns out, there was someone
working late that night.
And this guy shot him.
And he went
to prison for it.
Whoever you were,
whatever you did,
that's all behind you now.
-The man with the scar,
his name is Ray Lizzaro.
He spent his
last 15 years in jail
and he still blames me
'cause I wasn't there.
What does he want?
It doesn't matter
what he wants.
Look, Kennedy.
June and the Circle Cross
saved my life.
That's all that matters.
I never told this
to anyone.
I'm glad you're
telling me.
(children giggling)
Ah, the kids.
The kids.
All right.
Come and get it.
Grab your plates.
All right.
Who's first?
There you go.
It's over here
if you want to bring...
Derek:Oh, watch out.
-It's hot, guys.
-Got your eggs?
-( chat)r
-( plates clatter)g
There you go.
All right, everybody.
Group photo!
Come on in.
Come on.
Whew, all right.
Hey, Danny.
All right.
One, two, three.
-All: Cheese!
-Derek: Banana!
(inaudible dialogue)
Kennedy: The first thing
I wanna do
is take a long,
hot shower.
I smell like a campfire.
You know, I like
the smell of campfire.
(both giggl)
Steve:Well, look at you.
You're a real
cowgirl, now.
Uh, what're you
doing here?
Well, I've been
calling and texting.
I mean, I haven't
heard from you in days.
I was beginning to worry.
Um, we were camping with
some kids from the city.
I turned off my phone.
Just as long as you're okay.
And besides,
I missed you.
Um, this is
Derek Sterling.
Derek, Steve Marrin.
You must be the cowboy
I heard so much about.
Thanks for taking
such good care of her.
Derek:Just doing my job.
Thank you.
Nice meeting you.
I think we should talk.
(inaudible dialogue)
Derek:Where's your friend?
On his way back
to California.
That's too bad.
Look, I should've
seen it coming.
-Steve's a nice...
-Look, it's too bad
because this, you and me,
whatever this is,
it's not gonna work.
Look, I'm really happy
with all the good things
you wanna do here,
and I'm gonna help you
in any way I can,
but you're a lawyer.
I'm a... ranch hand.
You're a wealthy girl,
I'm your employee.
This ranch is the only
thing we have in common.
You have a really
important life
outside of all
of this, I know.
This is all I have.
All I got.
All I want.
So, let's just...
let's just forget about it.
(crickets chirping)
(cell phone vibrate)
Talbot, you're working late.
Talbot: Looks like
your cowboy friend
knew what he was
talking about.
Circle Cross has been
making money all along.
And Smith Blaine has been
skimming for a long time.
How'd he do it?
Some months he double-billed
for his time.
He took commissions
on horse sales
that never happened.
Inflated the tax bill,
pocketing the difference.
So much for family ties.
Talbot: Those offers
for the ranch?
They're coming from a big
development company in Denver.
And guess who's
on their payroll?
You can't do this.
I just did.
My lawyer's drafting the
letter to make it official.
But I wanted to tell you
myself, in person,
you're fired.
You know, I worked
for your father
for over five years.
I gave him
a complete set of records
of everything I did.
You stfrom him
for five years,
and those records are proof.
That's ridiculous.
Derek kept his own records
of the ranch.
We can document every penny
you put in your pocket.
You're gonna take the word
of some ranch hand?
Oh, I trust
that ranch hand
a lot more than
I could ever trust you.
This isn't over, Kennedy.
You're right,
there's one more thing.
You have 30 days to pay back
the money you stole,
or I'll press charges.
You're fooling yourself,
you know.
That ranch is
a thing of the past.
Sooner or later,
it'll start losing money.
They all do.
Be smart, Kennedy.
Take the offer
before it's too late.
You can tear up that offer,
along with any other.
Because the Circle Cross
is not for sale.
30 days.
(classical piano
music plays)
Hi, I'm looking
for Robin Donovan.
Thank you.
I have been meaning
to catch up with you.
How's everything
at the ranch?
Good. Yeah.
That's, uh,
that's actually
why I'm here.
Is there somewhere
we can talk privately?
Oh, sure. This way.
(music playing)
Pardon me, Mr. Morgan.
Smith Blaine is here.
He says it's important.
Another visitor
from the Blaine family.
I must be living right.
Well, what do you want?
Kennedy: Well, this part
of the country
used to be covered
by tall grass prairie,
most of which
was farmed under.
The National Register
wants to preserve what's left.
I went to see
Robin Donovan
and she explained it to me.
the National Register
works with state societies
to find places with
historic significance
so they can preserve them.
And they think that
the Circle Cross
I mean, with the cemetery,
and the wagon trail,
and all those other stories,
there's no question.
So the whole ranch would be
on the National Register?
Yeah, I mean, there's
still some paperwork.
And, you know, some hoops
to jump through.
But Robin thinks
we have a real shot.
So, if they do
want the ranch,
then, um, how soon
would we have to move?
You won't have to move.
See, that's the whole point.
The ranch will go on
with you and Derek
just the way it is.
In perpetuity.
Um, but, according to this,
it also means you can
neversell the ranch.
I mean, it's a lot of money
to be giving up.
"A person would have
to be a fool
to sell a place like this."
Thank you.
June:Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on, Wilson.
(horse whinnies)
Shh, don't make a move.
(dog barkin)
(faint dog barking)
Hey, Derek.
Hey, I think something's
going on with Wilson.
He's barking like crazy.
What's wrong, boy?
(cell phone rings)
Ray: Hey, just like
old times, huh, D?
I give the orders,
you follow.
You let her go, okay?
Sure thing, D.
But first I'm gonna need
some traveling money.
You know, the figure
we discussed.
And I figure, you being
the ranch foreman,
you got access to cash
just in case of emergency.
-Look, listen to me...
-No, you listen to me!
You know me,
and you know what I can do.
So don't be stupid.
Get the money. No cops.
And meet me back at the
lake house in one hour.
Lizzaro, I...
-Boy, look. Find her, okay?
Let's go.
Let's go. Find her.
Let's go, boy.
Go, Wilson.
Somebody help me!
Somebody help! Please!
15 years I sat in
that prison 'cause of you.
You owe me.
And if I can't
get paid one way,
then I get paid
another way.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Please. Please.
-You don't have to do this.
-Shut up.
I got nothing to lose,
but you do.
Get him off me!
Get him off me!
Okay! All right!
-Get him off me!
-Please be okay.
Get him off me!
Okay! All right!
Get him off me!
Get him off me!
-(police sirens ring)
-(police radio chatter)
You're sure you're okay?
Yeah, I think so.
I'm so sorry.
-Hey, it wasn't your fault.
-Itwasmy fault.
Okay? I should've
known Lizzaro
wouldn't just
let it go.
Kennedy: Do you think
we've seen the last of him?
They said he's going
right back to prison.
This time for good.
You've been stirring up
quite a hornet's nest
around here lately.
Coming into town,
moving onto the ranch.
Going on about
the National Register.
You seem to know
an awful lot about me.
I know an awful lot
about everything.
That's what comes with
spending your whole life
in one town.
What do you want?
Smith Blaine came
to see me the other day.
I haven't talked
to him in years.
All of a sudden he's got
this proposition for me.
What kind of proposition?
Well, he wants me
to team up with him
to contest your inheritance.
Figures he can
tie it up in court.
Wear you down.
Eventually build that little
golf course of his, after all.
Offered me 30% ownership.
What'd you say?
I told him I don't
do business with Blaines.
Never have, never will.
Besides, the man's a crook.
Yeah, I know.
I fired him.
Good for you.
Never came to see us.
Never called,
never wrote.
Didn't you ever, once...
just want to know me?
I told your mother
when she left.
It was a Blaine.
And she was a Morgan.
Did you really think
she was gonna let
somebody else
tell her what to do?
How to live her life?
Did she ever forgive me?
She did.
Over time.
But I think it would
mean more to her now
if you forgave you
You always tell yourself
there's plenty of time.
But time goes by so fast.
Don't ever put
things off, girl.
Don't ever wait to say
what needs to be said.
You're as beautiful
as she was.
Oh, well, well, well.
Uh, wait.
What's this?
Oh, my God.
Look at that.
Thank you, Kennedy.
I don't know
what to call you.
Call me?
You might try
hard-nosed old coot.
Or you can
call me Grandfather.
I like that.
Hey, buddy. Hey.
Thank you.
Thank you for
saving her, okay?
You were right.
The other day.
We come from different worlds
and the lives we've lead up to
now couldn't be further apart,
but they lead us here.
All those things you said
would drive us apart
are the same things
that brought us together.
-This isn't your life, Ke...
-Being here with you?
This is what I want
my life to be.
This is where I belong,
and I'm not going anywhere.
(both laugh)
Derek:There you go!
Well done!
I'm proud of you.
Look at that.