Love For Sale (2018) Movie Script

The worldly life is nothing
but amusement and diversion,
but the home of hereafter is best
for those who fear Allah,
so will you not reason?
Praise to be the lord,
I finally got this message
that's because I had to pick
the most suitable verse,
may it be useful
Let's just go out.
It will be more fun.
Please answer when a consumer asks,
don't make me respond to it.
Why don't you practice beforehand
next time?
Don't let me keep on beating you
when playing Foosball.
I just don't want to get cocky, Jok.
If I win, you won't play again with me.
You've won,
so you're motivated now, right?
Go talk to a bucket.
Yes, sir. I'll ask Syamsul later.
It's your responsibility!
Uncle Richard.
You keep on dealing with work.
Take it easy.
Syamsul knows the how-to,
but he can't use whatsapp
uncle Richard.
What is it?
Are those employees single like you?
What's wrong with my taxi?
What are you doing?
This car's blocking the way!
Hey! Who's short on their split?
It's him.
I had to chip in much more.
Joko, come on, don't play dumb.
You won the bet, right? Pay up.
You're noisy. Here.
My car's blocked. Whose car is this?
Gosh. Wait a moment.
I'll ask whose car it is.
Look out! To your right.
Why are you guys still here?
Uncle Richard.
Look at that.
You're taking so long.
Here, let me help.
The owner has been called, right?
Just wait a moment.
Well, well!
This is it.
Oh, god.
Nice stuff.
You're taking too long!
I was focused on watching the game.
Focused on watching the game?
Here, let me drive you.
The keeper's here!
Gambling dog! Want to go
against the gambling dog?
Now you're calling her.
But you will chicken out later
when she introduces you to her parents.
When I meet her parents,
I'll just chat with them.
It's not that hard.
Sorry, sir. Please be patient.
The car owner is being carried here.
Please be patient.
All right.
That's the guy.
He's hammered.
He's really wasted.
Sorry, man! Your car's blocking ours.
Get to it!
Hurry up!
He's acting drunk.
How's the girl from that time?
The girl whom you brought.
Which one?
Come on.
The one you brought to watch soccer
together there.
You mean, Bening?
Was her name Bening?
Right, that one.
Answer already.
We're through.
It's over.
Didn't she stick with you all the time?
Yes, uncle Richard. Remember the last
time we watched soccer together?
It's over. When I called her,
she didn't pick up.
And when she did, she
said she's praying.
You're taking so long.
Let's go back, Ko.
Hey, wait!
Where are the invitations?
I forgot, it's in the car. I'll get it.
No need. Just send it by whatsapp.
Yes. Just use whatsapp.
That's right.
In two weeks, okay?
In Mamadeso.
Please come.
It's in two weeks. Bring a plus-one.
Listen, uncle Richard.
That's interesting.
All right.
I have a plus-one. Rest assured.
Let's bet on it.
The first one.
Richard's not going to bring
a girl with him, as usual.
I'm in.
What else?
Want me to slam you?
Give me...
We don't need to bet on it!
Add ten thousand more.
Even I don't make a fuss about my date.
Well, so that you're not just
talking nonsense.
Nonsense? I've shown you
her picture, right?
Why are you angry?
Why are you being sensitive?
That's right, fictive.
Nowadays, photos can be edited.
Even if you come alone,
we'd still be your friends.
That's right, uncle Richard.
We'd still be friends.
Let's do it.
All right.
Who's the bookie?
I'm adding another two thousand.
Richard doesn't need to bet with money.
And then?
Just bet on your dignity!
That'll do.
I'm in!
All right!
Who's betting?
Come bet.
I'll transfer the money later.
Richard won't bring anyone.
Let's go.
I'll be the bookie.
Fine, it's you.
I'm going, bye.
Let's watch at the central sometimes.
South is too far from my place.
Let's do it next time.
Drive safe.
Take care, uncle Richard!
Hey, Mr. Richard.
Did you just get home?
Watched a soccer game in the south.
That's quite far, isn't it?
We did watch it there.
Indeed, Indonesian players now need
to be more focus
on the match against Thailand.
This time, Evan Dimas has the ball
and he shoots...
Evan Dimas succeeded
in breaching the defense of...
Eat this, okay?
...sinthaweechai hathairattanakool.
This is a proud achievement.
With a beautiful goal from Evan Dimas,
Indonesia has scored 3 points...
Go on. Eat, Kelun. I'm watching TV. against Thailand.
Syamsul? Why are you still here?
Look, the door's still locked.
Raka hasn't arrived yet.
He's always late now. I wonder why.
Call me when he arrives.
I don't want to wait.
Next time, you tell him.
Tell him to come before 8:00 A.M.
yes, sir.
There, he's here.
Where have you been?
My motorcycle broke down, sir.
That's just an excuse.
You'll say the traffic's bad tomorrow.
Then the next day, the
motorcycle's gone.
Is this your dad's office?
Coming as you please.
You know that we open at 8:00 A.M.,
then come before 8:00 A.M.!
I didn't know my motorcycle's
was going to break down.
Geez. You should be ashamed
to the elder who came earlier than you.
Yes, sir.
What if a client came
and we're not open?
Will the client knock on my door?
Why is it so hard just to do this.
Eight o'clock. So be here before then.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Don't act as if you're limp.
You'll be limp for real.
Do you know what keeps this company
running until now?
There. Read that.
Read it!
"Hard work starts with discipline,
and discipline starts
with how we appreciate time."
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Morning, sir.
Morning, sir.
Plays soccer, but making books.
They should be making goals.
Hey, Jaka! That...
Yes, sir?
Has the order for bedwetting ghost
poster movie done?
Done. They've sent their approval. We
just need to send them the dummy later.
Making an absurd movie.
Even the title's weird.
A horror movie called
from Jeruk Purut to Tanah Kusir.
Instead of scary, it's full of traffic.
Maybe you'll smell piss
when the ghost's coming out, sir.
I'm going to have breakfast, sir.
I'll just buy it and eat it here.
Jaka, tell him.
Get that root canal fixed.
Must be looking for a partner
to go to the wedding
Yes, sir?
You're still free, right? Come here.
Move this laptop.
Then, move the glass
and take out the name cards.
Look at the names and the numbers.
Yana Yuli.
Is Yana Yuli a man or a woman?
Don't know, sir. Mario...
Sri Ani.
Sri Ani will do. What's her number?
Sri Ani. Zero, eight, one,
triple eight, two, six,
seven, three, zero, nine.
That's a long number.
It's written here, sir.
The number you have
called is unavailable.
Please check again.
The number's wrong. Geez. Another card.
Susi Astuti.
She'll do.
What's her name?
What was her name again?
It's a man!
I don't know, sir.
Sheesh. Do it right!
She'll do.
There! See?
Is this Fatimah?
Who is this?
I'm in a meeting. I'll call you back.
Yes. Thank you.
Once it went through, the person's busy.
Richard? How are you?
I haven't heard from you for so long.
How long has it been since our last call?
You still have my number?
I always transfer my contacts
every time I change my phone.
How are you, Richard?
I'm well.
As usual, busy with the same stuff.
Running my family business.
Oh, is that so?
Is the printing company still running?
It is.
Mom, let's play...
Whose voice is that?
That's what you get for going missing.
It's my first child.
He's almost two years old.
I'll call you back, okay?
He's asking to play.
Okay? Bye.
I'll try it. Excuse me.
You're welcome.
Sure, no problem.
Syamsul, is this everything?
It is.
Didn't they add a few more?
This is the final order already.
Geez. The supplier is really stingy.
Next time, look for a cheaper one.
But the calculation is correct.
Still, we're a longtime client,
but they didn't give us a bonus.
For that supplier, just give them five.
If they order a hundred pieces, okay?
Over a hundred order, give five percent.
Not too much.
It's lunchtime. Don't
take too long, okay?
Why is he like that?
That's just how he is.
He'll be nice tomorrow. It's okay.
Keep going right!
Peace be upon you.
Goodness, man.
You look good!
Sorry, I'm late.
No, it's okay.
It's only been six minutes.
That's right.
But I made an appointment
with the always-on-time Richard Achmad.
You're the one who taught me
to be always on time.
By time.
Mankind will always be in loss.
In loss because they neglect time.
Whereas the first lesson
in the five prayers
is to be on time.
To be on time.
So what's your problem, Richard?
Are you thinking that it's time
for you to find a soulmate?
It's not like that, man. It's just...
There's nothing wrong
for me to try dating again.
Soon, there's this event
where I need to bring a plus-one.
A wedding?
Dude, you have to remember
that amongst the signs of his excellence
is the creation of wives
from your own species
so that you'd feel comfortable
and be at peace with her,
and then affection and love are created
between you two.
Get married to feel comfortable
and at peace.
Yes, but women.
Female. They're the expert.
Correct. That's why, choose one
from those experts.
Do you remember Fitri?
Wasn't she in the student body?
Not that one. The cheerleader.
Oh, Fitri the cheerleader!
Just got divorced. Two kids.
Ask her. She might be interested.
Two is not easy.
Taking care of children is tiresome!
That's why you would never be asked,
"when are you going to have a child?"
It's a three-in-one package.
What's happening now is odd and even!
Do you remember?
We used to play soccer here.
We played wearing flip-flops.
You always scored, right?
You gave the pass, right?
Pass to Panji!
The ball landed on his chest. Shoot!
What a shame, viewers!
His belly's not strong anymore.
Man, that was crazy.
But you have to give Keke a call.
You two might be compatible.
All right.
Just give her a call for now.
Try first.
There's are fruits, Miss.
What do you want?
Where have you two been?
What time is it?
Sorry, sir.
The chicken noodle place was packed.
He even got another serving.
Come here!
You know that place is always packed
yet you still go there. Come on!
Get rid of your habit of eating
like princes!
Even now, you're still chewing!
I've been late only this once.
Then there'll be a second time!
You both have worked
here for long, right?
Since your dad's worked for my dad.
Did you two forget that?
Appreciate what?
Time, sir.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Where are Danty and Mira?
Still outside, sir.
What fruits do you have?
There's guava...
Are these what's left?
I have mangoes. It's
already packed here.
I've mixed them.
I'll get it, then. It's okay.
It's okay? All right.
Yes, sir?
I'm just buying this, sir.
I'll eat it inside.
Do you have plans for this Saturday?
Saturday, sir? I suppose not.
Why do you ask?
Will you come with me
to a friend's wedding?
You can come late on Monday.
Perhaps at 10:00 or 11:00 A.M.
May I ask my parents first, sir?
Yes, you may.
Here's the money.
Thank you.
What do you want, ma'am?
You better help Jaka
so that he won't make mistakes.
On it.
Can you do it?
What company is this, love.Inc.?
A new company, sir. I don't know.
It's a matchmaking company.
So people still fall
for this kind of ads.
Maybe it's for those
who can't get a partner.
How many prints did they order?
Two hundred thousand copies, sir.
That's a lot.
There are many single people, then?
Go on, Raka.
He can't get a partner himself.
How many did you order?
Then that's 250,000.
It's 200,000!
Make it 200,000! I'm a regular here.
I can't do that, ma'am.
You're new, aren't you?
Don't you know me?
This lady wants a discount since
she printed five boxes of name cards.
She claimed to be a regular.
Do you remember me, Richard?
I've been a regular for a long time.
Since the new order,
I've always printed my cards here.
If you're a regular, then you should
know how much a box of cards costs.
If you printed for 100 boxes, that's okay,
that's a lot. You only printed five.
Five for now, Richard.
Later when my noodles sell,
I'll need to print more.
You keep on printing five
and my business will run dry!
Richard, don't you remember?
Our dads changed their names
to Indonesian names together!
Hey. The name's Richard!
It's a British king's name!
I'm a hamengkubuwono here!
Come on, Richard. Two hundred thousand.
Two, three...
It's 230,000.
Tomorrow I'll send you some noodles.
My silver needle noodles are good.
Silver needle noodles.
You never had
silver needle noodles before?
Where have you been, Richard?
If it's just noodle,
I can buy them myself. It's 230,000!
Richard! 220,000. That's fine.
That's cheap, ma'am.
Stay away from this!
Make it 220,000, okay?
See, I got 220,000.
Get it done faster. I need it soon.
Good afternoon.
Am I speaking
with Mr. Richard Achmad Daniel Widjaja?
I'm Anita from love.Inc.
Welcome to our application.
How should I address you?
Anything. What's this about?
Very well. Based on our record,
you've installed our latest application,
version 9.1.
We would like to pursue your intention
of finding a friend, a date, or someone
just to accompany you to a wedding party
or even a soulmate, sir.
So, what kind of friend do you want?
An interesting one.
All right. An interesting one, correct?
Is this for a date or a soulmate?
Actually, just for one night.
Well, sir. It just so happens that in
light of the launching of version 9.1,
we're currently offering a promo.
For example, if you do transactions
for four, five days for 24 hours,
you'll get the same price.
May I calculate the
promo price for today?
Okay, please hold the line, sir.
Mr. Richard?
Oh? Yes.
A moment, please.
Hello, sir. Thank you for waiting.
Here's the deal. Our package is the same.
You only need to pay 2.5 million rupiahs
for the four, five days package.
This package is only valid until
third of march, which is in three days.
How is it, sir? Would you like to give
your credit card details now?
Miss, I'll call you again later, okay?
I'm in a meeting.
Is it suitable to your choice?
I'm ready with the transaction.
We'll talk later.
Hello, sir? Mr. Richard?
Sorry. Credit cards, you know the deal.
It's fine.
Right. Excuse me!
How may I help?
My order hasn't arrived.
Yes. Is there more?
I'll have a hot cappuccino.
One hot cappuccino.
Please wait.
Thank you.
Oh, right. What's your name?
Anneke Subroto. Just call me Keke.
So, how many siblings do you have?
I'm the eldest.
I have two siblings.
A sister and the youngest
one's a brother.
It seems like you've
been single for long.
I mean, just like me.
I've been single for a long time, too.
Maybe we can see each other more often?
If you want to,
this Saturday on the third,
my friend's having a wedding.
Would you like to come?
You're down?
Come home
my mom.
Hello? Yes, mom.
Sometime soon.
Hey, mom.
There's a friend I'd like you to meet.
Yes. I'm with him right now.
Yes. He's single.
How old are you?
I'm 41.
He's 41, mom.
Yes. He's the eldest child
and he has two younger siblings.
Yes. He runs the family business.
His name's Richard.
I'll introduce you to him soon.
Sorry. I need to use the toilet.
I'll be sure to bring him home.
On Friday? Richard, Friday?
Are you free on Friday?
Yes, Friday.
On Friday, mom.
I'll bring him home on Friday.
Since we're going somewhere on Saturday.
Don't forget, 4 days left.
Your dignity is on the line.
Hello? This is Anita from...
Miss, I'm in a meeting!
Call me later, okay!
Yesterday's precision issue
with the color change, is it dealt with?
It's done, sir.
Has it been corrected?
It has.
How can we be fast if you keep eating?
Sir, you're going out with Danty
this Saturday night?
You're going out with Danty on Saturday?
Who said that?
Yes, hello.
Hello? It's Anita from love.Inc.
Well? It'd be a shame to Miss this.
I'm looking into it.
I need to know the procedure.
Yes, but the discount
I'm off, sir.
Is running out soon.
Danty, wait a bit.
Call me again later, okay?
You don't have to come back here.
You've embarrassed me!
Your salary's going to be transferred.
Don't worry about it. Go home.
What happened?
What happened, Danty?
Do you want to eat?
How is it? Are you ready to bring
a partner to the wedding tomorrow?
Don't forget. Your
dignity's on the line.
Mr. Richard, it's done.
It's Saturday and the deadline's
not even done yet.
I'll come down in a minute.
Mr. Richard Achmad?
Who are you?
I'm Arini. Arini Kusuma.
Oh. Please wait.
Later, you...
Where are...
Go ahead.
No, you go ahead.
Where are we going?
To my friend's wedding.
His name's Rudy. Rudy Jaelani.
And then?
Tell them you're my girlfriend, okay?
Just say that we're dating.
That you're from out
of town or something.
Is that all?
Yes. That's all.
Hope you two have kids soon.
What did you say your name was?
Mr. Richard, fill me in, please.
So they won't doubt me.
Who are your friends?
Akbar and Rommy.
Hey, uncle Richard!
Uncle Richard.
Let me introduce you.
Hello. I'm Arini.
I'm Arini.
You ended up bringing someone.
You guys often watch soccer
together with Richard, right?
Richard talks a lot about you guys.
Oh, really?
Have you guys eaten?
Not yet.
We have.
The bride and groom!
Thank you for coming.
I'm Arini.
I see.
That's it. Bring her.
Introduce her around.
I'm the one who's too busy
dealing with my family.
I'm grateful to meet Richard
even if it's just once a week.
I've told you I have a girlfriend, right?
Why make a fuss?
I thought Richard's only good
in making poetry.
As it turns out, even if you're old,
you've chosen well.
Isn't it?
You keep caressing her hand.
Of course!
Come take a picture!
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Sir, take a left here.
A bit farther, sir.
For your taxi and your tip.
What do you mean?
That's for your taxi
and the rest is for you.
But our work agreement is 45 days.
Not four to five days.
If you cut it short now,
what should I tell my company?
Tell them the job's done.
That's fine, right?
There's this friend.
She was contracted for 15 days.
On the seventh day,
she was sent back
and got fired by the company.
My dad is sick.
His memory's not good anymore.
My family counts on me to earn money.
Thank you.
Why is there a huge tortoise here?
How old is it?
Must be tens of years old, right?
He's my best friend, Kelun.
He's about 17 years old.
Here. If you want to watch TV.
In this episode, I will find out
what is causing the traffic.
In a few days from now,
I'm going to collect...
Krisna is a college student
who never thinks about money!
Let's watch this.
Oh, that was close!
Thank you.
I think Sevilla's going to be
in the top eight for the champions.
Look. The footwork's great.
You like la liga?
Not really. I'm a Newcastle fan.
That awful team?
My dad taught me about Newcastle.
My father and I used to stay up late.
He said, Newcastle is the best team
in the world.
Although he forgot when they won.
I don't think they
ever became champions.
Yes, just like Indonesia, right?
Their skill is on par.
I remember he used to say
that David Ginola is handsome.
Well, he is.
The older he is,
the more handsome he becomes.
With his mustache and beard.
You can drink that.
Who's that?
Come on, a bit more!
A bit more!
It's a goal, right? I know number seven.
He's really cool indeed.
One more goal and
Sevilla's going to win.
I'll make us some breakfast, okay?
Yes! Make it there!
Is it good?
Refreshing, isn't it?
Oh, right.
How was your sleep?
Did you sleep well?
Here, eat this. I'll make you coffee.
Mir, how's the brochure order?
Brochure? Last time, Raka handled it.
My back.
It hurts.
Why did you put it here?
Put it at the back.
Be patient, Syamsul.
There's still a lot more at the front.
He's been nagging the whole day.
What's up with him?
I'm going to have lunch, okay?
I'm leaving. Cover for me.
Why aren't you moving?
Hurry up.
Come on, Raka.
You're back.
Who are they?
Family members?
Those are my foster mom and dad.
They said
I was adopted by the Widjaja family
which didn't have any son.
Where are they now?
Where are they now?
They're far away.
Your mom's pretty.
Don't you Miss her?
I've prepared lunch.
You haven't eaten, right?
Right? Come, let's eat.
I saw you only have instant noodles
in your cabinet since yesterday.
How is that healthy?
Try smelling it.
Can you smell it?
I'll take some for you.
This? Yes.
I asked for this to be sent.
It arrived this morning.
I can't borrow your
clothes all the time.
Is this enough?
A bit more.
You eat so little.
That's enough, thanks.
How is it?
It's chopped ginger
and a bit of chili pepper.
Madagascar style seasoning.
You see, there are lots
of ginger farms there.
All of their foods use ginger.
Where did you learn to cook?
From my mom.
I often help her cooking.
Then I browse on the Internet.
Come on, eat more.
Do you want to have more?
No, thanks.
Just a bit more, okay?
Add more.
You should eat, too.
Yes, I'll eat. You eat first.
I heard it was really crowded.
While I was doing yoga, I heard...
Yes, sir! Coming.
Yes, sir?
Have you paid the bill?
That's only 50 percent,
for down payment.
All right, ask them to pay for the rest.
Call them now if you can.
Tell them to pay the rest.
Yes, sir.
Sir, someone's looking for you.
You didn't have time
for breakfast earlier.
I brought you some food.
Where should I put it?
In here.
Excuse me.
What are you looking at?
Don't forget to ask them to pay.
Why bother yourself?
It's fine.
Besides, you were in a rush earlier.
What date is it today?
Today is march 18.
March 18.
You're back?
I am.
Did you see Kelun?
Kelun is in the bedroom. I just fed it.
He ate like there's no tomorrow.
Here's his leftover.
Have you eaten?
I have.
Do you want some tea?
What did you do the whole day?
I watched the TV all day
while cuddling with Kelun.
Did you know?
Cristiano Ronaldo has a girlfriend
in Cianjur.
I'm serious.
Did you know whom he went there with?
With whom?
Mohamed Salah.
Oh, they're dead.
That reminded me when the Iranian team
went to Puncak
before the match against Indonesia.
Do you want to watch a soccer match
with my friends this Saturday?
If it won't bother you, I do.
So that you don't stay here
all the time. That's what I meant.
Sunderland versus Newcastle, right?
You're in?
Do you want a snack?
When's the march 23 deadline?
What are you guys working on?
This, sir. Yesterday's design.
Bring up the color a bit.
Good morning.
I brought some fruits.
The mangoes are still fresh.
It's not lunchtime yet.
But you haven't had breakfast.
Fruit is good in the morning.
Syamsul, I brought some mangoes.
Hi, please eat this.
Finish the fruit.
Finish the fruits, okay?
Have fun working.
Thank you.
Don't be dumbfounded.
My neighbor's chicken died
being dumbfounded.
Eat it while it's free.
You're funny like Ernest, sir.
There's mango.
Hey, don't take all of them.
Why are you like this?
Old people aren't supposed
to eat too many fruits.
I'm going back, sir.
Take it easy. Don't rush when you eat.
Is it good?
I used to smoke, but I've quit.
I still do.
If we calculate it, cigarette tax
is around 530 to 600
rupiah per cigarette.
That's quite a lot.
So, you smokers
are actually law-abiding taxpayers.
I'm going back first, okay?
No need to rush.
What's up with him?
No idea.
What happened?
At last, he had sex, probably.
It came out eventually.
It must've been like toothpaste.
Just go home, Syamsul.
There are still some that...
It's fine.
Everyone needs to get some rest.
Besides, look at the time.
I want to watch soccer, too.
There is unfinished work, sir.
You can do it tomorrow. Take it easy.
Hold on to the keys. You guys
don't have to come early tomorrow.
Come around 11 o'clock.
Yes. Why come would you come at 12 A.M.?
Me too, sir?
Take care going home.
Thank you, sir.
Why is the boss so different?
Why are you awake?
It's a good match.
Liverpool and Chelsea.
Both of them are in the offensive.
Yes, but the scores are still nil.
Yes, but it's good.
Want some?
What's this?
Don't know. Biscuits.
It's fine.
It's fine. Really.
I'm really tired.
We can do it later.
Where do you come from?
From Pacitan.
Where's that?
It's near. Only four hours
from Yogyakarta.
I've never been to Yogya. I'd lose my way
even to Kemang, let alone Yogyakarta.
You really don't go anywhere, do you?
I'm always here.
Those are my only view. Look.
Roof tiles, that's all.
Uncle Richard, I didn't see it coming.
I've always thought that you're bluffing.
Our relationship is special.
No need to make a fuss
out of it all the time.
Special usually means with eggs.
As usual, I'll transfer it.
Me, too.
Where is it?
Can you...
You never go out of your house, do you?
You rarely go out.
Where would I go, anyway?
Hanging out.
Hanging out? No way, I have work.
I have friends but they're busy
with their things.
On the weekends,
they'd be busy with their family.
I'm the only one alone.
Damn, what a nice bike.
That's my dream.
I really want to buy that bike.
Then buy it!
Where would I ride it to?
I rarely go out.
Jakarta's traffic is bad.
Drive a car and you'd
be stuck in traffic.
Ride that and you can drive
through traffic.
I don't feel like riding it by myself.
But there's me.
Oh, really?
Buy it?
I'll practice giving you a ride, then.
You haven't had dinner.
This is food combining.
I ate sticky rice earlier.
What else? Goat satay.
Excuse me.
Get me a sweet one.
Amazing. Try it.
Try it. It's good.
Excuse us. Good evening.
Tonight, we're seeking for his bounty.
When dusk has passed
nighttime has come
my lonely life
why did you ask me
why do I have to lie
my life is only for you
dear, dear
Good morning.
Come on, Arini.
Your breath smells.
I'm sleepy.
Have a drink first.
Did you just work out?
What were you reading?
You read this kind of book.
To increase knowledge, you know?
Gross! Here drink this.
Okay, wait.
It hurts.
It's hot.
A few more minutes.
What do you want to do today?
Let's have lunch outside.
I'll introduce you to my friends.
Which friends?
That's why I want you to meet them.
It's still noon, right?
Come here.
Go take a shower.
I'll take a shower later.
You're still sweating
and not supposed to get wet.
Come here.
Am I stinky?
So stinky!
Let it be.
Just let it be.
So you've known each other for long?
That's right.
The four of us went to the same school
in Kediri.
But I had to move to Surabaya.
That's why we never met again.
Yes, but I often still meet with them.
It's so good we can finally
meet each other here.
Richard, why are you looking
at me like that?
No. I just think I've
seen Sylvia before.
Where have I seen you before?
Do you mean I have a common face?
Maybe it's common. You might saw her
somewhere but forgot.
You keep on asking about us.
How did you two meet?
We want to know.
We met at a friend's party.
Richard was alone in a corner.
Oh, gosh!
It was you who was daydreaming.
It was you!
It was you!
So, who was daydreaming?
She was.
He was!
But, seriously.
Don't you think so? I
think Sylvia's face
looks familiar. I feel
like I've seen you.
It was me who was daydreaming.
I was daydreaming, and then Richard came
to me and said that
his heart keeps beating once he saw me.
Then I said to him,
"be careful. Get that checked.
It might be a stroke."
You mean I'm old?
Not like that!
The pickup line failed
and I'm sure he's
remembered it by heart.
I'm sure of it.
But we ended up chatting though.
You're at the office, Syamsul?
It's Sunday.
Yes, sir. Sorry to bother you.
There are some products being returned.
Then what should I do, sir?
All right. I'll be there.
Roger, sir.
What's wrong?
It's from the office. There's...
A client returned some stuff.
And it's quite a lot,
so even the client came there.
Should we go now?
No, it's fine. I'll go back to the office.
You just stay here.
Are you sure you know the way back?
It's easy. All right. Sorry, okay?
I'll get going.
It's all right.
Take care.
Sorry, sir.
Damn, traffic was awful.
I got lost, too.
What's the problem?
What? The paper's wrong?
Yes, sir.
Then just replace it. It's our fault.
Sir, we'll replace it in three days
if the time fits your needs.
Sure, as long as it's all correct.
Since it's really important.
In three days, okay?
That's all.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
Sorry, sir.
Thank you. Sorry, sir.
You're welcome.
Why complicate trivial things?
Make your own decision.
Wasn't it easy to just say yes
and we'll replace it in three days?
Usually if we have to deal with this,
we have to wait for you.
Don't wait for me.
Why are you guys still working
on Sunday, anyway?
I spent four hours to get here.
The traffic's bad.
Just tidy this up tomorrow.
Go home.
Home, sir?
We're going home?
Nobody's going to get scolded?
Viewers, the e-ID case is still ongoing
at the corruption court...
Kelun, I need to ask you something.
In your opinion,
what do you think of her?
She's okay, right?
She loves you too, right?
Don't be jealous.
I've been busy lately.
It's not only because of work,
but there's someone else now.
Hi! Gosh, wait.
Hi, Kelun!
Where have you been? It's late.
I went shopping and then watched movies.
But I brought you something.
What's this?
Open it.
There's still more.
You're right. What's this?
Wait. One by one.
How did you know my wallet's worn out?
I just know.
Hey, in two days,
they're taking me out
to watch a piano concert
in Cemeti gallery.
Would you come with me?
In two days?
In two days. I think I have
an appointment with a client.
Can't you postpone it?
I can't.
I can't, it's not that I don't want to.
Or just defer it?
I can't, dear. No.
They said they want to order
once a month or something.
It's a new political party.
I'll pick you up, okay?
What time does it finish?
At midnight.
I'll pick you up.
I'll pick you up, is that okay?
I'll get going!
Where are your other friends?
Meytha? She suddenly went home.
She said she had a stomachache.
Sylvia doesn't like concerts like this.
Did you wait long?
It was really packed inside.
...died after receiving
blunt force trauma to the back,
the left part of the chest, and...
My, so heavy!
How heavy.
I see.
A week here?
Okay. I'll transfer it to you, then.
Who was it?
My mom and dad are here in Jakarta.
It's been a week.
In Jakarta?
Do you want to meet them?
They're far.
How far, exactly?
In Depok.
Yes, that's far indeed.
It's not Jakarta anymore.
Many people claim to live in Jakarta
when they're actually living in Bintaro,
Even Cengkareng isn't Jakarta now.
It's Banten!
But it's okay. I'll drive you.
What do your parents look like?
I haven't shown them to you?
You have their pictures?
Of course.
This is my dad.
I see.
This is my brother, Aji.
And this is Wahyuni.
Your siblings are still young.
Our age differences are 10 and 13 years.
Quite far, isn't it?
That's far.
That's my mom.
Your parents look like they're nice.
Yes, it's just that my dad is sick.
What's it called again?
In 24 hours, he'd forget everything.
Like Adam Sandler's movie?
Yes, like drew Barrymore in that movie.
That's the thing.
Go meet them. I'll drive you there.
I told you it's far.
Come on.
It's better than me driving you to...
Where do you come from again?
I don't even know where that is.
I'll drive you, okay?
Say that I'm driving you, okay?
It's you, my daughter.
I Miss you.
How are you?
Praise be to god.
Kids! Your sister's here!
You've grown so big!
I'm Richard, ma'am.
I have gifts for you.
Thank you, Arini!
It's okay, ma'am.
I Miss you.
How are you?
How are...
Be careful, dad!
Are you well, dad?
I am.
Be careful, dad.
Meet my friend.
I'm Kartolo.
Richard, sir.
Please, come in.
Come on.
Please come in.
Go on, Richard.
Yes, sir.
How are you?
I'm well, mom.
I Miss you.
Sorry, it's a mess inside.
These are the things
Arini's aunt put in auction.
My aunt has lots of things
she doesn't use.
So she auctioned them, right?
That's right.
And the money is for
orphanage foundation
and villages
which are falling behind, right?
Yes. It's for charity.
That's correct.
What do you want to drink? I'll get it.
I don't mind.
Thank you.
Well, that's how it is.
Nanik, Arini's aunt,
loves to do charity.
Do it while you still can, Richard.
Yes, ma'am.
Sorry, we only got tea here.
It's all right.
This is for Richard and dad.
Lot of things are being auctioned,
aren't there?
Yes. Quite a few.
That's how it is, Richard.
Please drink, honey.
Please, Richard.
Mom brought this tea from Ngawi.
For you to buy snacks.
No need.
Thank you!
It's okay. He's our future son-in-law.
Excuse us, sir, ma'am.
Take care.
Take care, okay?
Go on.
See you, mom and dad.
Come here often.
Be good kids!
Raka, my computer froze.
Oh, man. Hold on.
Help me.
I haven't saved it. Don't lose it.
Raka, Jaka, this is your habit.
Look, what date is it today?
Right, sorry sir.
Oh, gosh.
Sir, I need your
approval on this design.
How is it usually?
How long have you worked here?
Usually I ask for your approval first
whether the design is good or not.
You really like habits. Weird.
So, it's approved?
It is.
Okay. Thank you, sir.
The universe paints you
with colorful charms.
What can I do but fall in love?
Good afternoon.
Good day, Miss.
What did you bring today?
You guys act as if you've never seen
a couple before.
We often see other couples, sir.
But looking at you like this
is like waiting for the lunar eclipse.
You and your mouth.
Go on and have lunch.
It's only 11:00 A.M.
You're still stiff like a dried cloth.
Can't we eat at 11:00 A.M.?
Come on.
Let's go. Let's eat somewhere far.
Let's go to Pik.
Let's go eat.
Let's go to Pik.
Where are you going?
Come on.
What is it, sir?
That place is good.
Nice, what is this?
I made you a Turkish sweet-and-spicy
beef stew.
Peace be upon you.
And peace be upon you too.
What dream did you have last night?
Where's your girlfriend?
Upstairs. Come on in.
Hold on.
Panji's here.
Panji, come meet her.
Richard told me a lot about you.
He also talks a lot about you, Panji.
About good things?
Excuse me. I'm cooking.
Nice to meet you.
Sit down.
What do you think?
What do I think about what?
This is what you wanted to talk about?
So, you're able to
forget about Maya now?
There's no connection, anyway.
Of course there is.
You always have your reasons
every time a girl gets close to you.
She's boring, not attentive,
her taste is awful, nothing in common.
The girl you loved was only Maya.
You loved her so much
that you didn't notice the other girls
who were aiming for you.
In high school?
There were also few in college.
You only have your eyes for Maya.
Up to the point
where your mom scolded you both
because of the religious difference.
What else could I do?
My mother scolded me.
In front of my extended family
when I'm about to introduce her.
After that, Maya left
and you became like this.
You talk a lot about love,
but you're not confident towards women.
That's why, before you
ask for my opinion,
I asked about how you are first.
Is that so?
So, do you feel compatible with Arini?
Something like that.
She knows soccer.
She does handicraft.
Knows about movies.
She's in the know.
Now she's cooking.
The renovation took casualties
she knows my favorite food.
She might be your soulmate.
Don't use that word lightly.
There's no such thing as coincidence.
God created human that's it.
There you go.
As a pair
with their own species and people.
this is your chance to
meet your soulmate.
Moreover, how would anyone know
where one's soulmate comes from?
This is it.
Cold nights are good for writing
a poetry about plaguing yearning
Good morning.
Walking around already.
Where are you going, Kelun?
They also don't eat at home.
They go to school and
always play outside.
Good morning!
You never listen.
I want us to eat at home together.
You always eat out.
Ucup! You've been married
for a long time yet you still fight!
That's why don't gamble too much
on soccer!
Think about your poor wife!
Shut your mouth! You bachelor for life!
Don't act as if you know things!
She doesn't know yet.
My sun.
The number you have called
cannot be reached.
Her phone's switched off?
The number you have called
cannot be reached.
Please try again later.
What a bully.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
How's Arini, sir?
She's well.
But it seems like she's out
with her friends.
Raka, did you see Arini come down?
No, sir. She didn't say goodbye?
She did, but her phone's off.
She left her charger.
I'd like to copy this.
How many copies, Bayu?
Are you in a rush?
Not really.
Did you see Arini come down?
Arini? I saw her with a big suitcase,
but I don't know where she's headed.
She just said, take care of Richard.
A big suitcase?
Yes, a big suitcase.
Thank you.
The number you have called
cannot be reached.
Please try again...
"I've prepared your meal.
Thank you for your kindness."
Where do you think she went?
Maybe she got lost.
She didn't bring any money.
There are a lot of bad
people in Jakarta.
The number you have called
cannot be reached.
I'll call her again.
The number you have called
cannot be reached.
Please try again later.
Sir, are you looking for something?
Would you like me to help?
Syamsul, I'm going out for a while.
Take care of the office.
Is this the right way?
It's straight. Oh, gosh.
There's traffic.
No entry
land and house for auction
Make your move.
Hold on!
What is it?
Sir, is this house
Keramat 3c?
It is.
Whom are you looking for?
Is this the office of love. Inc?
What's that? This is not an office.
There's no office here.
This lot and over there,
all the lots here are houses.
Hey, come back here quickly!
Hold on!
Isn't this the address?
The address is correct,
but this is not an office.
Don't take too long!
He's looking for an office.
It's not here. Somewhere
over there maybe.
Excuse me, sir.
I need to tell you that this table
is reserved for at least five patrons.
In that case,
I'll order food for five, then.
I see.
Five steaks.
Five steaks, then?
Very well, I'll prepare the food.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good evening, sir.
Evening, Mir.
That's right. Sir.
Send my regards to Arini.
Tell her I said thanks.
My mom ended up using her recipe.
Really? She's good at cooking.
Did your mom like it? She did.
That's why she sent her regards.
Send my regards to your mom too, okay?
Yes, sir.
I love you, my sun.
Excuse me. Do you know a Mr. Kartolo?
No, I don't.
Come on, Ponti!
Excuse me.
What's this?
What's an extra doing here? Kris!
Where are my director assistants?
What a pain in the ass.
Get rid of him!
Yes, sorry.
What is it?
Mr. Kartolo, do you remember me?
I'm Richard.
Richard, Arini's friend.
We sat there together before.
There were you and your wife.
Arini lives with me, sir.
But these last few days,
she didn't come home.
Perhaps you know where she is?
Is this for real?
What do you mean by real?
What do you mean? Enough.
Thank you.
I got the part.
Sir, excuse me.
I don't think I've told you yet,
but I want to propose to Arini.
But she left home.
She may be mad at me
and you might know what's going on.
Is this for real or what?
I'm a dad of three children.
An old man,
a wife, and a girl who fell in love.
Isn't that the story of my character?
Why has it turned out to be real?
You really don't remember me?
What show is this?
Why are spouses having a fight
in a talk show?
Bizarre crap.
Coincidentally, we'll...
In the 60's, we've started to think...
Yes, Nji?
Dude, how are you doing?
Is everything well?
I hope you're happy and strong.
What are you talking about?
I'm fine. I'm watching TV.
Want to have lunch together?
I have lunch meeting today.
All right then. If you're fine,
let's meet up next Friday
after office hours.
Remember my words.
You might hate something
even though it is good for you.
Also, you might love something
even though it is bad for you.
Okay. Friday, is it?
Okay. Friday, then.
Yes. See you, Nji.
Okay. I'll see you.
This is it.
You keep on eating.
What's wrong? He said go on.
Thank you.
You've eaten in the office.
I'm hungry.
Love's the only religion and silence's
a whole joy, but not today!
There aren't any rice crackers?
Should I get some, sir?
No need.
Oh, there they are.
Yes, sir.
Quick, eat your food.
Remind yourself.
How long have you worked there?
Now's the only time we eat with the boss.
You're right.
You all keep on playing cards.
Just for kicks.
Why did Mr. Richard ask us to wait?
No idea. He didn't say anything to you?
He didn't. He didn't tell you?
Where's Mira?
She's gone home, sir.
What's wrong, sir?
Nothing. Here, this is for you.
A plate?
It's not just a plate. Take a good look.
It's from the Ming dynasty.
It's hard to come by.
Is it expensive?
Yes, so take good care of it.
For you both, wait a moment.
What luck. It's expensive.
I'm the favorite son.
Yeah, fine.
You're always munching.
Wipe it off first.
All of my memories are here.
This is for me, sir?
Yes, don't forget to keep an eye
on the needle.
Replace it when it's time.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
Sir, nothing.
Yes, sir?
It's quite dirty, but it's good
once you clean it.
Here are the registration and the key.
It's for you.
This car's been with me for too long.
You can use it to drive
your family around.
I'll leave it to you.
Please take care of it.
For me, sir?
Are you serious, Mr. Richard?
I'm serious, sir.
There's no need for that.
I can't pay you back.
You don't need to.
You've been very good to me.
I'm sorry. If I may ask,
I haven't seen Arini for a while.
Did you two have a fight?
If there's anything, I'm here to help.
Nothing happened.
She might be bored.
I've met her dad.
But his memory is lost every 24 hours,
so he forgot all about me.
I'm serious. It's okay.
Thank you for everything.
Jaka, Raka, thank you.
Where are you going, sir?
I'm trusting you all with this company.
Raka, Jaka.
Help Syamsul. He's old.
Oh, I forgot. Take care of Kelun.
Make sure he doesn't skip meals.
Yes, sir.
Once again, thank you.
Till we meet again.
Yes. Take care.
Where did Arini go, anyway?
Ever since he graduated
from high school,
this is my first time
seeing him becoming like this.
Jaka, Raka.
Teach me. Is this okay?
You're good. Look, there's Mr. Richard.
Hi, sir.
Hi, sir!
Look at Jaka, sir.
He eats all the time.
I'm the only one working.
Sir, I want a raise.
You're sleeping. You're
not even working!
7 months later
Morning, Mr. Richard.
Morning, Syamsul.
How are you?
What time is it?
When are you coming home?
We Miss you, sir.
I found many things.
At home, you have me, Jaka, and Mira.
Please come home, sir.
You don't have to worry.
I will come home.
I'm not going anywhere.
Take care of the office.
Take care of Kelun as well.
Roger, sir.
Thank you, Syamsul.
Of course, Mr. Richard.
Loving is a heavy and risky job
because it does involve feelings.
But I think to myself,
taking a risk is never a bad thing.
Subtitle translation
by Indra Mukti Kuswanto