Love for Sale 2 (2019) Movie Script

The best of you are
the best to their families,
and I am the best to my family (Tirmidzi)
Listen, Ros...
I think your firmness got rusty
from living too long in Java.
Now you're so easily persuaded.
It's not about being persuaded, Brother.
It's for the happiness of our family.
Didn't you see Ita's face that night?
She almost lost her mind.
You seem to be very "productive", huh?
My second kid is five years old older
and the first one is eight
years old older.
The team fits perfectly.
You're smart, you chose the right woman.
One who's got an "insurance".
Shut it!
Have you tried the grilled goat?
This is the reason people come
to wedding receptions.
I'm gonna dig that in.
I've had four plates.
This is really good.
Do you want more?
Can I have one?
Bun, who is that?
That's Pipit, Aunty Rika's daughter.
This is why you need to come to
our family gathering!
Cousin, huh?
Bun, please look after him!
Take this.
I haven't had anything to eat.
Come here, Mom is tired.
Go see that with your dad.
That's a lame excuse!
Ican, come here!
What's up, Aunty?
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
Aren't you worried about your cousins
getting hitched one by one?
Your Western standard doesn't suit us!
But we're really Westerners.
I mean, from West Sumatra.
Don't talk back to your elders,
think about your mother.
She really wants a granddaughter.
That poor woman!
Thank you for the sympathy,
but it's really okay.
I don't have any granddaughter,
that's why I pray that I'll have one.
I'm just saying
that he should get married.
It will be hard
if he has little kids when he's old.
Sure, but don't pity me,
I'm embarrassed.
I'm sorry.
Come here for a moment.
I'm going to get some more food.
You can do it later.
Just a sec.
I met Aunty Len, her daughter is pretty!
Now she's a doctor in Maninjau.
Okay, let's talk about it tomorrow,
let me eat first.
Hey, how are you?
Praise be to God, I'm good.
This is my second son, Ican.
Is he married?
We can introduce him to Nopi.
Sure, we can. Is she here?
She was here a moment ago,
now she's somewhere around...
You want to go home already?
I just want to enjoy some fresh air.
I thought this woman wants to go home.
Why can't you stand a family event?
No, it's Nathan, he can't stay still.
It's normal if a kid can't stay still,
but that's a different story for adults.
It's okay,
this is Aunty Len from Pariaman.
Excuse me.
You can't be with that woman's daughter.
I've seen her, she's not good-looking,
and she smokes.
Mom, you can't judge people
by their looks,
but by their heart.
Don't say it like that.
It's still important to see
whether they're attractive or not.
I need to come out for a moment.
Nathan just can't behave.
A moment...
Let's have some coffee.
Where are you going after this?
I'll head home,
where else I should go to?
But you said you want coffee?
Come on...
Are you coming or not?
Who is that?
That girl over there...
She's Asril's sister.
I'm off, guys.
You're Asril's sister?
I am.
How come we haven't met?
I've been visiting your house lately
to accompany my mom and Rostina.
You're Rostina's brother?
Well, I'm her cousin.
My aunt once said to me...
You're working in advertising, right?
Who are you waiting for?
My mom,
I don't know what's taking her so long.
That just how parents are.
They say they're just saying goodbye
but end up chatting with so many people.
Can, where's the car?
Wait, Mom...
Asril has your number right?
I'll get your number from him.
Who's that?
Don't do things
that will spread false rumour!
No, I'll take the car.
Come on.
Ladies, Allah has destined
that every human being has a time limit.
So when the time comes,
they can't postpone it...
for even a moment,
nor advance it.
We all have the past,
the present, and the future.
Current generations,
past generations, and future generations.
All have their own times and ways.
Is that new?
It's good to exercise, you'll be healthy.
Young man...
Look at me, sixty-five and fit!
But remember...
Don't drink too much coffee or smoke.
They're not good for you!
How many times can you do it?
As much as I can.
This is good.
Do it again.
I still have more snacks.
Can we bring this home?
I've never seen Ican has a serious
relationship with any woman.
He's thirty-two now...
When I was his age,
I already had two children.
Ma'am, we'll head home first.
You have them wrapped?
Thank you, Ma'am.
See you later
in the next recitation gathering.
We can go home now that we're full.
Maybe God listened to your prayer, Ma'am.
What do you mean?
You remember when he studied in Bandung?
You always prayed
that he wouldn't fall for any women.
And not to commit adultery.
Well, maybe God heard that prayer,
so now he's not into women.
Nope! Of course not!
God always listens to parents prayer.
Can you make a better soap opera?
Your office makes films, right?
But we don't make soap operas.
Why not?
You can make a story about a
daughter-in-law who loves her
It would be great.
Yeah, we will make it.
Soap opera where the mother-in-law
is very kind to the daughter-in-law,
and she is Padangnese.
A fussy woman!
Come sit with me, dear.
I brought your favorite goat soup, Mom.
I cooked it myself.
I put lots of gristles.
Ndoy said you like them.
How far along are you?
Praise be to God, it's our sixth month.
I pray for your health.
The meal is almost ready,
do you want to eat it right away?
If it's already there,
it's up to me
I want to eat it now or tomorrow
Just leave it there.
Maya cooked it for you,
your tone is uncalled for.
What tone?
She offered it when I'm here watching TV,
i just asked her to leave it there.
Yes, but that's not
how you should speak to her.
It's not your place to tell me
how to speak.
That woman has gotten into you!
Try changing the channel.
There's nothing to see
in the commercial breaks.
What do you mean?
Just see that...
Please drink the tea.
Do you want some tea?
It's okay, Ma'am.
Can, you haven't showered yet?
Kids nowadays
really don't know how to behave.
Come here.
Sit down.
They are our relatives
from your father's side.
Indra Tauhid.
Poppy Ampeno.
Why "Ampeno"? It's like Javanese name.
That's actually a short for something...
For what?
Date of birth...
My date of birth, fourth of November.
Please excuse me.
Where do you go to school?
I'm a college student.
"Okay, I'll pick you up at 7."
Were you born in Padang or in Jakarta?
Or did you grow up in Jakarta?
I was born in Jakarta.
My mom and dad were born in Padang.
You've met them, right?
If I am not mistaken...
It was when I was in high school.
You were still in elementary school.
What is your hobby?
My hobby is reciting the Quran.
Isn't that mandatory?
I guess...
showering is also your hobby then.
Yes, it has to be done.
I see it as my hobby,
so it won't be hard to do.
You're just like my mom.
Miss Poppy Ampeno?
That's me.
"You texted me first, it's unlike you."
Romli your left ear-
I mean your right ear.
You right ear.
Speak for yourself!
You're not even sitting down yet.
Where did you come from, Can?
I had a date with Poppy.
Yas' daughter?
I think so.
She's a relative from my father's side.
That's good!
She's from Minang,
and a relative from your father's side.
Go for her!
It was only a date,
I don't know what will happen next.
Listen, I was too old when I got married.
My kids are still in elementary school,
but now I'm fifty one already.
She's pretty, right?
What about Daeng?
Don't be like him.
Single geezer!
Did you just wake up or get home?
I just got home.
Come sit down with me!
Did you go out with Poppy? Yas told me.
I did, but there was nothing special.
But, Poppy is pretty, right?
Yeah, not bad...
for Jatinegara.
Not bad, but she suits you, right?
Mom, it was only a date.
We haven't done anything.
Oh dear, what are you looking for?
I don't want you to choose the wrong wife.
Marriage is only once for a lifetime.
That's why you should stop pestering me.
What if I choose the wrong person?
What if I get divorced?
Another excuse.
Alright then, I'm going to pray now.
I'm off.
Call me later.
Catch up?
You go first.
Shut it!
Are you going for a run?
You like to work out, huh?
I do.
I don't want a fat belly
and bald head when I'm forty.
You take after your father.
Your father wanted to be an athlete,
but he just stopped.
Riddle me this.
What tree is the bravest?
Durian tree.
Wrong answer, you go run first.
Just answer it later.
Okay then, bye...
Come to my house
before you leave for work.
Hey, Can!
People are busy going to work
and you're still running.
Keep up the good work, Mas Ucup!
Help! My grandpa!
What's wrong with my grandpa?
Please help my grandpa.
What happened to your grandpa?
Mr. Giran passed away! Mr. Giran!
Mr. Giran?
We were just chatting.
He went to bed and didn't wake up.
He asked me to wake him up at nine,
I woke him up
but he had already passed away.
Please help.
You met Mr. Giran?
I did, we talked over there,
he was healthy.
He's dead now.
How horrifying!
When death comes,
no one knows.
That's why you should get married soon.
Only God knows a man's destiny.
Nobody knows
on which part of Earth they will die.
Where are you going?
I'm going to the office.
Keep running away, Can!
Run away from your mom!
You never listen to me or obey what I say.
Your late father always told you
to obey what the parents say.
I don't want to die
before my son gets married!
Come in...
Hello, is this Indra Tauhid?
Who is this?
I'm Anita from,
is your order via the apps correct?
Okay, let me confirm your order,
age 25 to 30, forty-five day rent,
well-behaved, good-looking, fun, and can
and can be...
a good partner to talk to older ladies,
Excuse me.
We got a little something
from Jogja, please try it.
That's so kind of you, come on in!
Thank you, but we need
to deliver stuff to the others, Ma'am.
One more thing,
please find me the smart one.
And if it's possible,
a pretty one who understands religion.
Okay, what religion?
Okay, is there more?
That's it.
If there's anything, I'll contact you.
Thank you, good evening.
If possible,
find me a true Padangnese girl.
Okay, anything else?
That's it, Miss.
Excuse me.
Is this Indra Tauhid's house?
That's right.
My name is Arini.
Arini Chaniago, his friend in college.
He said you have a pavilion for rent here?
Yes, please come in!
Come on, please!
So you have known Ican for long?
We've known each other for a long time.
We were once close.
We went out, more or less.
You two dated?
Praise be to God!
Can you speak Minang?
Not too fluent, but I understand it.
My father is Bugis, my mother is Minang
I often hear my mother speaks in
Minang language.
You never say
you had a girlfriend in Bandung.
Come on! Sit here.
How are you?
What about your mom? Is she well?
So, you've met her mother?
My mother used to visit me in Bandung.
Ican met her once or twice.
She calls me Upiak at home!
Mom! I'm hungry.
Go eat first.
Let me accompany you.
Later when you're done eating,
take her to the pavilion next to yours.
The room is empty.
I have a work training around
East Jakarta.
Okay, I'll take you there after dinner.
You picked a good one!
You know your job, right?
Actually what you did
at my home earlier was right.
So, these elders keep interfering
my dating life, marriage, women and all.
Your job is just to make them all calm.
Okay, are there more specific things
I need to know?
My mom is Padangnese from flesh to blood.
But I believe you can adjust
yourself to it.
This is your pavilion, this is the key.
If there is anything, I live here.
Hey, Upiak Arini!
Who's that?
She used to be close to Ican
when he studied in Bandung.
Now she moved to Makassar,
but her mother is from Minang.
Where are you going in the morning?
I'm heading to the training place,
they provide breakfast,
and the training starts at ten.
If that's the case, then let's go home,
and have breakfast at home!
Come on, let's enjoy the meal of
our people!
Come on! Join our breakfast.
My eldest son Ndoy, used to obey me.
He wanted to study at UIN
majoring in Tarbiyah, but before the exam,
he had a fever!
When he was little,
he often went out of town with me
if his father could not take him there...
Until that woman came!
I feel like I'm losing my child!
Ndoy didn't do anything wrong, Ma'am.
How come it's Maya's fault?
She manipulates Ndoy
so he won't listen to me anymore!
How about Ican?
Ican is a rebel.
Being a civil servant is better
than his current work now.
But he prefers wearing jeans to work
like poor people.
But Ican is a good person.
As I remember,
he's understanding and responsible.
Do you still like him?
Come on Arini,
we're going to the market!
To cook breakfast,
I'm looking for ingredients.
You work in the afternoon, right?
Come on!
Yeah just a minute,
I'll brush my teeth first.
Pretty girls never smell bad!
Come on let's go! Okay?
You're having breakfast?
Your dad still works on film shoots?
I think he's working on a shoot right now.
Oh yeah?
If he needs an actor or anything,
tell him to contact me.
Daeng, I brought this food.
Mrs.Ros, let me help you with it.
Give it to Daeng.
Mrs. Ros brings a girl!
Mrs. Ros brings a pretty girl!
Who's the girl?
Let me introduce you.
This is Ibrahim from Makassar too,
but he has lived in
Jakarta for a long time.
My late husband's best friend.
We're good friends until now.
Pretty lady!
Come sit down.
Let me introduce you...
I'm Romli.
Ipeh! Just call me Ipeh.
Cut it out, Im not Syarip!
We have a reason to call you
Syarip, kooky!
Ican was Arini's close friend.
She's his future wife?
They were dating in Bandung.
Old love is blooming again.
That's true!
What are you guys saying?
Indra Tauhid.
Hey, come here, will you?
Come here!
It's not often that we get to
see you here.
Yeah, I'm on a diet.
Are you going to marry that girl?
She was my old friend, we just met again.
Old friends can be your leap
towards something else.
Is she pretty?
She's pretty, her mom must be pretty too.
Your turn.
But, I agree she is pretty
You better make your mom happy.
That's even better!
I personally approve that Chaniago girl!
Go for it!
Go for it!
You'll be happy.
I'll just go home.
Now, you're all like my mom.
You and your loud mouth!
Excuse me...
Your turn, my face hurts.
If only I had a daughter like you,
Diligent, kind, religious.
I only have sons,
you should be my daughter-in-law.
Where are you going this early?
What are you doing?
You're playing with trash at this hour.
I was told to take some days off.
But I don't know until when.
Domino tonight?
You took the medicine?
I did.
If you're still not feeling well,
go see a doctor.
Hey, Ican!
Let's have breakfast first.
I'm still full.
Where's your plus one?
I'm heading to the office.
I'm off.
Where are you going?
I'll go in.
Iron the suit, okay?
Do not leave any wrinkle!
Is that Buncun?
Hey! Buncun!
Why the long face?
Are you sick?
What's the problem again?
Are you sick?
Drink this.
What happened to you?
What happened? Tell us.
Endah wants us to split, Daeng.
It's either me or them
who shall leave the house.
Drugs, huh? Are you doing drugs?
Are you doing drugs? Admit it!
Are you doing drugs?
Its been six months since I stopped.
They found out about my drug habit.
That's it, you'll make your mom sad again!
Come on, I'll take you there.
You guys man the place,
I'll help him first.
You're making it hard for your mom!
What else do you bring to this house, Son?
Divorce story?
Oh my God.
Is it still the same problem?
Choose the right path!
Return to Allah.
Live well.
Take it, Ros. Use this.
Ma'am, where do you want this food?
Let me take care of it,
I'll eat it inside.
What happened to you, Ma'am?
Have you met Yunus?
He's Ican's little brother.
Ican often told me about you.
He said you're his dearest little brother.
Come on in, let's eat this together,
this looks so delicious...
Where's Mom?
She's in the mosque.
What happened?
They say Endah left you, huh?
If only you followed Dad's words.
Being a good student.
Graduating and working
as an honorary staff.
Everything's settled!
You would've lived a good life now.
I'm not you, we're different.
I don't like being compared to you.
Then who else?
Ican didn't study here.
He is used to being far from our parents.
What about yourself?
You were Dad's dearest son, his hope...
Just follow his words, live peacefully!
Live well! Okay?
I understand about Burhan,
Endah or whoever.
Didn't I say to you? if there's anything,
tell me I will definitely help!
Ican is also like that.
We're brothers!
No matter how different we are,
we're still siblings.
We will not go anywhere.
So, where have you been looking?
Everybody says they don't know
where they are.
It's been three days.
I'm so frustrated.
Have you talked to him?
I was just talking to him.
Family must be together at any cost.
Listen to that.
I would be embarrassed
if you get divorced.
I'll lose my face in front of the family.
Our family in Padang
must be talking about me.
What it would make me
if my child gets divorced?
Did you buy it?
Yes, would you like to try some?
Good for you,
it's not your wife's cooking.
You can also eat my food.
I told you, she uses you
so her child would have a father.
Why are you taking it out on me?
If your wife was a little bit better,
you would've had a better luck.
God, what did I do?
The little one wants a divorce.
The oldest one has a troublesome wife.
And my second child...
Is he at the office?
I don't know.
Please give him an advice.
Tell him to get married, to get a
girlfriend and have a stable life.
Why don't you just say that
yourself directly?
I want to call him.
How do I use this? Turn it on please.
Let's think about it,
what if we barter it?
Hold on a sec.
We can do that, but...
I have to ask the cast
whether he agrees or not.
Let's have another meeting, shall we?
To discuss...
I'm really sorry I'm late.
This is a package for you.
Yes, thank you.
We can talk about it, what do you think?
How is it?
We haven't got the budget yet.
We can't cut the cameras anyway.
He didn't pick it up!
Maybe he's having lunch.
It's like water...
On a taro leaves...
Come on sing!
Smile please.
Everything will be alright.
Come on sing!
What's with that face?
So gloomy.
It's your brother.
His wife left him,
that's why he looks all gloomy.
You should get married soon!
You'll make it easier for us.
I'm the one to blame again!
It's on you, you know.
You married the wrong woman.
And this one is so reckless
when it comes to sex.
Me? He was Dad's favorite,
a civil servant just like him.
Why am I the wrong one?
You're both married,
but it doesn't change anything.
You live a complicated life
and you're not even married.
Just get married for real then!
We have a single geezer here.
Try to think about ways
to make your life more meaningful.
But don't choose
the wrong wife like your brother.
Why are you taking it out on me, mom?
Looking for the right wife
to please you is really hard.
Now you're talking back!
Don't you remember
what your religion taught you?
Go pray, so you remember God!
Say the syahadat again later,
I'm gonna be your company!
You shall pray...
Why are you laughing?
Do you think I'm joking? This is no joke!
And you shouldn't get divorced!
Listen to her.
Arini, have you finished your training?
Yes, Ma'am.
I brought durian for you, Ican,
and Buncun.
What about me?
They don't need it, give them all to me.
Start from tonight, you will sleep here.
Arini will sleep in the front room.
Let's go to your room.
But that's my room, Mom.
You guys can stay here.
Upiak will stay with me.
Who's that?
Where does she live?
Where are you going? Help me!
You lazy bum!
What? I just need to take something.
Don't overreact, I need help too.
Please come in, Maya.
What happened, Mom?
This soap opera is so sad.
The daughter-in-law really loves
her mother in-law, it made me sad.
Something smells really good,
are you cooking?
No, it's Upiak who's cooking.
Smells good, huh?
Bang Jaja's goat soap is losing its spell.
Don't worry, I'll finish it later.
Ma'am, what should I do with...
You're Ndoy's wife, right?
You haven't met her, have you?
Not yet.
She is Ican's sister in-law,
let me introduce you.
It's good to see you two get along well.
Well, cooking is the most fun
when it is done together.
Help me! Seasoning is also okay.
How far along are you now?
It's the eighth month.
Please be careful if you want to cook.
Come on!
I have never seen your mother
as happy as now.
I can really feel her happiness.
Look at her aura!
It shines!
Very positive.
Her beauty is back to the way it was,
really beautiful
Why are you bringing up her looks?
What happened in the past?
To be honest...
Your mother is actually my true love.
You want to laugh, right? Huh?
You wanna hear the story?
Just tell me then.
The first time I met your mother,
I immediately fell in love.
I don't know why I hesitated
I was afraid to express my love.
Kids nowadays call it confessing, right?
- Confessing.
- Yeah.
I was hesitant to confess to her.
And the funny thing was that your father
secretly fell in love with your
mother too.
That was a huge dilemma!
I remember that very well.
Your mother, your father, and me
went to eat at one of the meatball stalls
in Salemba.
I was so determined.
I was determined
to confess after we finished eating.
I was so determined!
But you know what?
Amazingly, your father!
He confessed
when your mom was still eating!
In front of me!
So dramatic!
I wanted to be angry,
but he was my friend.
Then they were together,
got married, and everything.
I let it go because we were friends.
So your father and your mother
were very nice people.
Your mom is very kind.
She is willing to do everything
for her sons.
I think...
I think, it's not difficult to make your
mother happy even though she's that fussy.
You'll find a way if you really want it.
I beg you.
Please make your mother happy.
Because that is your duty as a child.
For your father...
And for me...
Promise me.
This is our secret.
Are you done talking? Come on let's play.
Let's go! Shuffle the card.
I was so close to my victory.
What can we say, huh?
He's an elder...
Let's go.
This song...
Just like water
On taro leaves
Floating above
Leaving no marks
Ah, you're home!
What song do you want? I'll do it for you!
Keep your words!
I want a song from Lamb of God.
What the...
I give up, please pick something slow.
People will come here to complain.
Someone's here to pick me up.
Sorry for coming late,
Zulaikha wanted to play.
It's okay, Juleha come here!
Who's Juleha, Mom?
It's the same.
Mom, we're going home.
Rest well.
Everyone, we're going home.
That's unlike her.
Please sing something seriously this time.
We can do it.
Let's sing with me.
I'm going back to the pavilion.
Don't you want to sing?
Just like water...
I'm okay.
I'm just reminiscing about my kids.
their childhood dreams.
What was Ican's dream?
He wanted to be a president.
I just want him to be happy.
His dad loved him so much.
His dad used to give him
everything he wanted.
Now he turned out like that...
He's influenced by so many things now.
It's a rare sight to see you stop by
before going to the office in the morning.
Yes, I want to go together with Arini.
I see.
Mom, we're going.
See you.
Take care.
I know you two are close,
but don't commit adultery.
Mom, please!
Where are we going now?
The scenario is I'm going to a "training".
You're right.
Do you want to eat?
Well, sure.
The stalls down there?
I think there are
a lot of delicious food down there.
Shall we?
Let's go.
Hey, you're walking together,
but you aren't holding hands.
Like the proverbs...
Swimming with boots!
It's heavy!
We aren't mahram.
You better take a shower with hot water
if you don't want to catch a cold!
Supiak Arini!
You went somewhere?
I just finished my training.
How was the training?
Praise be to God it was good,
it's just typical training.
Tell Mrs. Ros I said hi.
I will.
"I prepared your favorite food, Upiak.
Please enjoy it, dear."
Will you still love my mom...
when your contract ends?
Will you be like this forever?
Will you still love your family?
Now you two are close again.
You still like each other, right?
I think you better have
an unofficial wedding first!
Do you have any relatives in Jakarta?
I have an uncle.
He owns the most delicious Padang rice
stall in Jakarta.
Located on Benhil.
Why don't you meet my uncle first?
Praise be to God.
So we can go there?
We can do that, can't we?
Sure, we can.
Is this the place?
You can sit here, Ma'am.
Arini, how are you?
Praise be to God, I'm well.
It's been awhile and you look prettier.
Is uncle Afadal here?
He didn't come.
Is he not feeling well?
I don't know, there's no news either.
What do you want to drink?
Orange juice please.
Please sit down.
She speaks Minangkabau?
She's a Minang girl after all...
Wow, it looks really good,
I'm really hungry.
This is the most delicious one.
Intestine curry.
I see.
You first...
I'm hungry.
This restaurant belongs to your uncle?
He is from Solok,
he's been living here for a long time.
Has he got a branch?
Mom, let's eat first.
We can talk after enjoying the meals.
Are you hungry?
Okay, let's dig in.
Hello, what the...?
Bun! Don't even bother coming to the
court, you're gonna delay the process.
What are you talking about?
Don't take my child with you!
Just go alone!
Why are you yelling at me? I'm just...
You piece of shit!
Buncun! Calm down...
It was Endah...
I can't take this pain
I can't take this pain anymore
I can't take this pain
I can't take this pain anymore
I can't take it anymore
It's hard to find a wife who wants
to see her husband gets wasted every day.
I don't want it too.
But you're my son,
there's no way I could disown you.
I've been clean for three months.
I do it for my child.
But she doesn't believe it.
Can, come here.
Okay, Mom.
Sit here.
When you we're still a kid,
you used to say
you wanted to be a president.
Now I don't even understand
what your job is.
You don't listen to me...
and do as you please.
But maybe...
Allah gave you that job.
Are you happy with your life?
I will pray for you.
My dearest sons.
Are you sad, Ma'am?
My eyes...
Something got in my eyes.
Are you sure, Ma'am?
I'm fine.
I will be able to laugh again soon.
If I could choose...
I really want to have a mother like you.
A mother who loves her children,
understands religion,
cares for everyone.
What about your mother?
My mom...
My mom is just an ordinary person.
She used to sell clothes,
but now she runs a tailor at home.
I am also an ordinary person.
But you're different.
Someone is trying to find a way
to be my daughter-in-law.
Don't tease me.
Am I right?
I wish that we have the same timing.
This is Ndoy's house.
How come this tree is so big now?
Gosh, everything's so lush.
It was still small before.
I'm so speechless!
You're spacing out!
The last time you came here
was when I just bought this house.
Nathan was still a baby.
Now he is in kindergarten.
Maya! Mom is here!
Come in.
Please sit here, Mom.
You want me to sit here
like I'm your guest?
Arini is here too.
I'll take Nathan upstairs.
What a surprise,
we didn't prepare anything for you.
Take it easy, Arini will cook later.
But we don't have the ingredients.
We don't have the ingredients.
Let's just order the food.
No, I don't want to.
I want freshly cooked meals!
Maya, just sit down.
May I please use your kitchen for a bit?
Yes, sure.
You can just leave your bag here.
It's okay,
I have ingredients from Madagascar.
You plan to deliver
your baby naturally dont you?
Maya please come to my house next week.
I'll cook something for you,
we'll have dinner together! Okay?
I can't find any ingredients
in the kitchen.
There's only instant noodles with eggs.
What if we buy food outside?
We'll do as you say.
Look at you listening to her.
She said there's no food!
Okay, I'll prepare the drinks first.
It's alright, please let me do it.
Thanks, the glasses
are above the plate drawer.
This one?
Please make sure
you come next week, okay?
I'll prepare a special dinner
for my family.
You're picking up your soon to be wife,
Not so soon.
Upiak! Ican is here.
See you.
Be careful.
Let's have lunch at home later.
My mom looks happy.
Thank you.
Thank you for what?
I've never seen her like this before.
I probably have.
But it was a long time ago.
Let's go to Makassar.
Come on!
How about we take the bus to Makassar?
As soon as possible.
I love you.
If you love me...
I have no reason not to love you back.
Don't take my child!
I didn't even cheat on you!
You know that well! It's hard enough for
me to get hard because of the drugs.
Shut it!
You shut up!
I've done everything for you and my child!
Now you want to ditch me just like that?
You sick witch!
Now screw off! Go away!
Yunus Tauhid Sikumbang!
Watch what you say!
I never raised you to speak like that!
There's no force strong enough
to change the fact that you are my child!
All of you.
Anandoyo Tauhid Sikumbang,
Indra Tauhid Sikumbang.
Let her go!
As a mother, it's her right to take that
child with her.
This is my goodbye.
I don't want to cause a scene.
You are Burhan's father.
You can meet him when the time comes.
Screw off!
Screw off! Just screw off!
Be strong, Mom.
Please stay here.
Well, if there's anything,
just tell me, my house is near.
Be strong, Bun...
Your house is near just like you said,
just around the mosque, right?
You're right.
Come to the kitchen, help me cooking.
Don't let this fuss mess up our dinner.
Come here!
Why the hell
are you making your mom sad?
Failure is nothing to be ashamed about,
you can take lessons from it.
That's just life!
It's like sailing...
in the ocean.
Then there's a big storm!
You just have to turn around!
Start a new life!
Keep that in your mind!
What is your real name?
Arini Chaniago.
How did you end up with this job?
Why do you want to do it?
I like to see other people happy.
I like seeing other people feel happy.
It's the same
with you making me happy now.
Where are you going this early?
I have to go, Mrs. Nurma,
we have an early schedule today.
Please watch over Ican and his mother.
Is the door locked yet?
It is, come on!
It's hard to start...
Where are you going this early?
You're not going to pray?
I'm in a hurry.
Surya, Romli...
Please watch over Ican and his mother.
They are good people.
We will...
Why the hell she said it like
it was a will?
Her room has been empty
since this morning.
Where did she go?
I don't know.
She didn't pick up my calls either.
Who's turn is the recitation tomorrow?
We'll do it in Mrs. Salim's house,
we've done it here three times.
That's good news.
I met Supiak this morning.
She went to her office
early in the morning.
She told me...
to watch over you two.
Since we can't contact Mrs. Hasan,
what about the arisan money?
It's okay, that's fine.
Mom, I'm going.
Take care.
He's here this early?
He wanted to say goodbye.
He's a good boy.
Where is Supiak?
I bet she's in her office.
She has a life, unlike me.
A dirty and unshowered young man
having lunch with his mother.
That's not what I meant,
she didn't answer my calls.
You should eat with me.
I will find her later.
Find her where?
Well, I'll try.
"Supiak Arini hasn't come home yet,
where could she be now?"
Hello, Mom.
-Have you called your girlfriend?
Not yet.
-Call her.
-What's up with you two?
-You had a fight?
-Fix it.
What are you cooking?
It's a simple recipe.
Come here, Mom.
We have stir-fried shrimp and chicken.
Buncun, we have stir-fried shrimp.
Where can I put it?
Thanks, Nathan.
Today is Mother's Day.
So, just sit down and
we'll take care of everything.
Thank you, my child.
Don't mention it, Mom. These are our
duties to make our parents happy.
I hope you continue to be happy.
Like me and your dad.
Loving each other till we're old and gray.
And finally until one of us had to leave.
Let's eat.
Gosh, the water broke!
Please call Daeng Ibrahim.
Help me! Hurry up and help!
What about mopping the water?
Where's the mop? The cloth!
The foods are tasty, right?
It's divine!
My name is Afadal,
the owner of this place.
I heard you've tried to see me in person?
My nephew is your niece's friend.
Really? Which one?
Her name is Arini.
Arini! I see...
She's not my immediate niece,
I know Arini Chaniago from Bukittinggi.
She learned to cook Minangkabau cuisine.
She said it takes ages to cook them.
This one, sir?
Yes, that one!
Enjoy your meals!
Ladies, on this occasion I ask you
to pray for the health
of my fourth grandchild.
Maryam Fatimah Tauhid.
The third daughter of my children.
Anandoyo Tauhid and Maya Setia Hariyanti.
I also ask you to pray for our child,
Arini Chaniago,
who's somewhere out there now,
so that she will stay healthy
and live happily.
Let's recite al-Fatihah.
When it has to be over...
it's not your fault...
my fault or our fault...
But it's the timing
that is not on our side.
Is Mr. Richard coming back, sir?
He said this week.
Three days ago he said that he
arrived in the city
with lots of durians and elephants.
Where's that?
Many durians and elephants!
Palembang? Lampung? Lampung!
Mr. Samsul, we're off.
Your batik looks dapper!
Thanks, we'll go home, Sir.
Mr. Richard is enjoying his life for real,
going on a lot of trips.
I didn't even realize
it's been three years.
He always stayed here all his life before.
Since he was a kid?
Since he was born.
Jak! Why did you close it?
Look. It's her...