Love Forecast (2014) Movie Script

Typhoon Bolaven is advancing
northward at a high speed.
A strong rain front is affecting
most of the country
especially around Mokpo region
where we have a heavy rainfall
especially around Mokpo region
where we have a heavy rainfall
of 30 mm/h and along the west coastline...
You should check this out.
Hi, there! I'm Kim Hyeon-woo,
your weather goddess.
As you see, we're being hit
by the most brutal rainstorm.
I can barely keep my eyes open
or speak properly.
This is absolutely refreshing!
A typhoon warning is in
effect in most of the area
and the maximum instantaneous wind speed...
This girl you're watching is Kim Hyeon-woo.
My best buddy of 18 years.
- Keep filming!
- You alright, Hyeon-woo?
She's recently launched
an online weather channel
and is touching the hearts
lonely men every day.
Did you see that?
I'm Kim Hyeon-woo, your weather goddess.
- Get some wind in your hair.
- She's on.
Everyone adores her.
Come chase a double rainbow with me.
Go, go, go!
LOVE FORECAS By the time I completed military duties,
Hyeon-woo had become a
top weather presenter.
Here is tomorrow's weather forecast.
As the heat wave continues into tomorrow,
the temperature will remain the same.
Low pressure building up in
west China will give rise to
a soothing breeze that caresses your face.
- A gentle breeze... - But in places,
we're expecting a gust of wind at 10 m/s
so, be careful if you're planning
to wear a skirt like me.
I'm Kim Hyeon-woo from Weather Today.
The last 100 days have been
building toward this moment.
I will make her mine today.
You can count on that happening.
Sorry. Did you wait long?
I want to stop seeing you.
Wow, you always surprise me!
I prepared a surprise for you, too.
I'm not playing with you.
Are you mad because I'm late?
Come on, baby. It's our
100 day anniversary.
Can't you be cool about it?
There are not many people
who can remain cool
when they're getting dumped.
The girl I dated 5 years ago,
3 days before 100 day anniversary...
I can't stand you anymore.
I hate the smell of your sweat.
I hate your sweaty armpits.
I hate you from head to toe.
I'm scared someone might see you.
Dry your damn armpits.
But this is no way to break up...
2 years ago, 18 days to
100 day anniversary...
But, baby...
You're my girl.
Whoever you meet, whatever you do,
I'll wait for you no matter what.
The truth is...
- Is it a letter for me?
- I'm getting married.
Is that supposed to be a joke?
Baby, please.
There should be a code of
ethics between lovers.
This is not about being cool.
We've been together for 100 days. This
is no way to break up with someone.
And I asked the question
you should never ask.
Did you...
even love me?
Her answer was very complex.
I don't know.
Time to move on.
I'm heartbroken. Cheer me up, cake!
A gentle breeze, my ass!
I got slapped in the
face by a gust of wind.
What the...?
I'm the owner of this motel.
Some idiot lit up candles
and left the damn room
with the window open.
That's him! That's the idiot.
A man accidentally set fire in a hotel
while preparing a romantic evening...
According to the police, the
man lit dozens of candles
and the left the room unattended
to get his girlfriend.
Hyeon-woo! Over here.
I'm over here.
Good evening, officers.
I'm here for Kang Jun-su.
Wow, you're really her.
You're so much prettier in person.
I'm a big fan of yours.
My friend is a harmless
guy, just a little dim.
Let me apologize on his behalf.
Don't worry. The insurance's
got it covered.
Oh, you're so kind.
The price of failed romance was big.
But I'm grateful that that
I have her as my friend.
Thank you so much.
For your tireless devotion and service.
Smile for the camera.
One, two, three.
Let's get a drink, bro.
Shut up, dickhead.
Getting dumped wasn't enough
that you had to set fire?
You're all I've got. Give me a hug.
I was so scared I almost wet my pants.
Piss off. I had a long day.
Because of that bastard?
How about some dew with trotters?
What do you say?
Don't be alarmed.
It's her favorite combination.
Soju with pigs trotters will
wash away any troubles.
Meaning let's get a drink.
Hi, guys!
- Hi, Mina!
- Hi, Mina!
Where is Jae-jung?
A dancing bar opened across the street.
He practically lives there.
A dancing bar?
And he didn't tell me about it?
Can you go get him?
He treats me like his little sister.
What's wrong with her?
Save the crap!
Does that hurt?
I'm hurting, too.
It hurts right here. This
sharp, throbbing pain...
Want a rub?
Alright, I admit it.
I'm in love with him.
I'm dying to make him mine.
I want to introduce him to you,
show him off to the world...
walk around with him holding hands.
I want the normal little
things that other lovers do.
Normal when it's not a married man.
This is nothing but an adulterous affair.
What apathetic pair we are!
One sets fire for a romantic evening,
the other is having an
affair with a married man.
- Hence dew with trotters.
- Shut up.
Just have a drink with me.
You want to see me get hospitalized again?
I'll kill you if you burp.
No burping.
That's why you always get dumped.
You're like a horse with busted balls.
Thank a lot, man.
It may be hard to believe but it's true.
Like she says I'm a man of principles
who can only gallop forward
like a horse with busted balls.
- That's too much.
- I love soju.
I feel like shit. Why can't
you have one drink with me?
Fine, I'll drink by myself.
Open up your forehead.
What will I do about you?
I'm feeling it. I'm feeling it coming.
They say they love me then they leave me.
I don't know what love is anymore.
I just don't.
Why did you choose me
From all those people
What's the words after?
Want me to call the singer?
I don't know...
Foul-mouthed and violent,
the worst type of drunk you can get.
That's my friend, Hyeon-woo.
Why did you choose me
From all those people
You're not hurting from love.
You're just angry because
you can't have him.
Shut up, idiot!
Aw, my ear!
I miss him.
Who are you calling?
I want to hear his voice.
Hey, no! Don't.
Oh, come on.
It's me.
I had a drink with a man.
And I'm being carried on his back.
Right now as we speak.
That doesn't bother you?
Shush! You're waking everyone up.
- Say something.
- Say what?
Hello, I'm that guy.
The line's dead.
Do you mind? I'm the one
that got dumped today.
Who asked you, asshole?
Walk faster!
Aw, my tail bone!
It hurts.
It hurts like shit.
It hurts like shit.
Kang Jun-su!
How did I end up here?
You made yourself at home.
I feel like shit.
12 bomb shots, 15 shots of soju...
That's 3 bottles of green
and 8 beers. Don't call
yourself a human being.
That's not so bad.
I never should've let you move out.
Move back in with us.
You end up here drunk three
nights a week anyway.
I'm not giving up my hard-earned freedom.
I'll live freely until I get married.
Oh, please!
When weren't you ever free?
Watch your tone, kid.
When you grow up, you'll live freely, too.
You'll date men and get your heart broken.
Sure. As long as it's not a married man.
You know what I think?
You should behave yourself until
you find a nice young man
like Jun-su to marry.
She's not my type, dad.
We're different classes altogether.
No, you're a match made in heaven.
Screw-up and a bigger screw-up.
- Who's the bigger screw-up?
- Who's the bigger screw-up?
- Jinx!
- Jinx!
Why does my jaw hurt?
I accidentally stepped
on your face last night.
You got up and made a call.
Please pick up.
Why aren't you picking up?
You're a bad man.
I did what?
Where's my phone?
Where is it?
20 outgoing calls:
Lee Dong-jin, Producer
See? A massive screw-up.
Why didn't you stop me?
This soup is amazing.
- It's good, right?
- Oh, yeah.
It's not like what you
think between him and me.
- Ours is a platonic...
- Ours?
He is someone's husband.
Does that bastard come here?
Stop calling him bastard
or I'll rip your mouth.
Fine! 'He'...
Does he ever come here?
I scrub the floor for God's sake.
No, he was never here.
Stop imagining things.
And it's my apartment not yours.
I have a share in the property.
I decorated the damn place.
Yes, mommy.
Look, it's mom.
Hi, mom!
- Hello, Mrs. Kim! - Hi, Jun-su!
Is it going to rain today?
I have to do laundry.
There's 10% chance of rain
but with high humidity,
the laundry index is 50.
Is that a go or no go?
I wouldn't, if I were you.
Alright... Bye, mom.
Is this how you want to live?
Worrying all the time?
I will stop seeing him.
I know this'll never work out.
You know men love me.
Sure. You're fun and crazy.
And tomboyish.
I'm tomboyish?
Your type gets men excited at first.
You love to party. You
seem like a lot of fun.
But that doesn't last.
Because ultimately, men want a real woman.
Men love women not men for a reason.
Fuck you.
Have you ever seen a man this pretty?
Have you?
This is amazing.
How nobody recognizes you in the street.
Not a single person!
It's good that you didn't
bother with sunglasses.
How come you always get dumped?
Are you premature or something?
No, I'm totally mature.
Besides, when a woman is in love
she doesn't care about
the size or duration...
So, you are premature.
I think I'm a pretty decent man.
A man?
Biologically, yes.
Can I help you?
Is it going to rain today?
I don't think so.
Can I shake your hand?
Please, she's trying to relax.
That's okay.
- Wow, you're so...
- Thank you.
- So stunning.
- Thank you.
Have a good one.
I rarely get mad. I'm
considerate and sensitive.
Or small-minded?
I have a sound mind and
a sense of morality.
You mean, conservative and boring?
Girls say I'm a nice guy.
They say that when there's absolutely
nothing else to complement on.
Besides, you're a man who can't drink.
What am I supposed to do?
What's a real man?
There are two virtues
that define a real man.
Spending generously or good
looks is only transient.
What is it then?
You either push her against the wall
or be a gentleman to the end.
My heart was thumping.
Get your act straight.
Flirt with Jae-jung again
and I'll break your leg.
Don't go near him. Understood?
I'm back.
Were you at the dancing bar again?
Cut it out, will ya?
What will you cut for me? This bra strap?
I'm gonna be so bad
and walk around in skimpy outfits.
Will you stop being so cute?
I'm cute to you?
Not sexy?
Hey, man...
You smell like fruit.
I really want you but I'll restrain myself.
I'll be a gentleman.
I will rot away from waiting.
You have no manners as friends.
My customers ask for
trotters because of you.
But it's not on the menu.
They get disappointed. Soon,
I'll be out of business.
Jun-su and I decided that we'll
no longer give shit about love.
We'll just drink our days away.
Take your damn trotters home.
Let's focus more on constructive things.
Like politics, economy,
culture and environment...
What else? War! Religion!
We've been turning a blind
eye on important issues
and been hung upon trivial
matters like boy-girl problems.
Isn't that right?
Drink up.
From this moment, there is no love.
I'll drink to that.
To a meaningful life.
To a meaningful life.
Hello, Mr. Kang!
Hey! No running in the corridors.
Say yes!
Girls are complicated.
Did you see this?
It's so pathetic.
I bet his intentions were genuine.
Why the long face?
Got dumped again?
Isn't it like the fourth time?
And this time, I dumped her.
Who's this?
You forgot the voice of your sergeant?
It's me, Andrew.
Long time, sir.
- Long time, man. - I know.
Where did you get my number?
I took some trouble.
You were gonna hook me up
with your friend, Hyeon-woo.
- Remember?
- Sorry?
I won't be an embarrassment.
I went to study abroad after I left army.
Hello? Hello...?
Sergeant? You're breaking up...
We're expecting heavy rain
in the central region.
This year's first rain warning
will be issued in Seoul.
I got off work.
You don't have to shout... dumbass.
Shall I get trotters and
meet you at the Bathhouse?
I have a dinner appointment.
I don't.
It's a company dinner.
I didn't ask. Do I sense awkwardness?
I have a company dinner.
So, I can't meet you.
I'm sorry. Okay?
Why are you apologizing?
You never apologize for canceling on me.
You're meeting him, aren't you?
What are you talking about?
You're so busted.
Hello...? You're breaking up.
Don't pull that on me!
- Hello...? Hey!
- Hello?
Urgh, I hate you!
Come on, let's go.
Why didn't you take the flowers right away?
I didn't want give an
impression that I'm easy.
That's so manipulative.
Let's call it time delay.
What's on your mind, Jun-su?
I can't figure out girls.
Hyeon-woo tells me men
are one of two things.
Either you push her against the
wall or be a gentleman to the end.
What do you think?
Hyeon-woo is like your own sister.
How can you look at her that way?
It's not like that.
Just listen to your heart.
Do as you feel like.
It might work better.
Girls like that.
Men who take initiative.
Take initiative?
She's such a traitor.
She only swore yesterday
that she doesn't need love.
Never trust a girl's words.
But women are so nice.
Look at her. That body...
I've decided to take her
seriously since last night.
Maybe that was too hasty.
You must be new here.
Excuse me.
Get your ass over here now.
I'm in the middle of a
meeting with a client.
Shall I come over?
I'll be right back.
I'll see you later.
Good luck, man.
- What are you looking at?
- Sorry?
I wasn't looking at your boobs.
Why weren't you?
Should I be?
I hate it when when men stare.
I'm telling you, I wasn't.
Why the hell not?
It hurts my pride if you don't look at all.
What do you want me to do?
Steal occasional glances.
Occasional glances?
Now what?
I'm stealing glances.
What do you do for living?
I teach elementary school kids.
You're a school teacher?
I'm very interested in that profession.
I see.
Do you have a girlfriend?
You're a tough one.
- You don't burp.
- We broke up.
Why did you break up?
I don't know. I did everything she asked...
Do you do everything that
a girls asks of you?
Of course. It's my girlfriend.
Would you down that for me?
This is perfect.
Let's go out for a walk.
There are mosquitoes.
Let's go look at flowers tomorrow.
The palace garden must
be in full bloom by now.
We'll take a walk holding hands.
You can just look in the mirror.
If you want to look at a flower.
I love this smell.
It's so good that it makes my eyes close.
It's fabric softener.
You know...
that I can't do anything for you.
I'm a big girl. I'm happy being where I am.
You have fallen for me.
Wanna go out with me?
I'm a good girl. I go to college.
I'm young. I've got the looks.
I'm not frigid. And I'm
not the whining type.
Have a drink with me after my shift?
What's this intense feeling?
I thought it only existed in movies.
What are you doing? Come here.
You got me a present.
It's sexy just like you.
I'm like this wallet?
Pleasantly languid but
with a hidden firmness.
If you compare it to weather,
it's the quiet before the storm.
What am I to you?
- You're a god sent...
- Gift?
This crazy girl I'm supposed to care for.
A homework.
You're like potato chips.
I can't get enough of you.
If I compare it to taste,
simply irresistible.
Take it, or she'll get worried.
I'm at work.
What is it?
We're in the elevator. They've got cameras.
I ruined the night for you.
You okay?
I'm fine.
You should go.
I won't be able to come back.
Call up some friends and have fun.
Go home.
Okay. Take care when you leave.
I don't need to be sitting
in the interview.
I trust you and the chief
will make a sound decision.
I'm coming up.
Shit, I'm late.
What are you leering at, pervert?
You have a run in your panty hose.
Excuse me?
Oh, shit!
Since my father passed away my mother
and I have lived in Jeju Island.
In my early teens, I moved
alone to Seoul to study
while my mother ran a small
orange farm on the island.
The only TV she ever watches
is the weather forecast.
Weather information is vitally
important to farmers.
This is a way for me to
deliver weather forecast
as well as a way to reach
my mother everyday.
Why not just move back
home and join farming?
I gave that a thought.
But my mother pointed out that
you don't need the beauty or
articulate pronunciation for farming.
She's a real treasure.
The face, the body...
She's a whole package.
Have a drink, Dong-jin.
Hey, you're making her uncomfortable.
Hyeon-woo, are you uncomfortable?
No, I'm fine.
Your being here makes me uncomfortable.
- You should go.
- Excuse me?
I said go.
You're embarrassing me in front of her.
You don't care about how she feels?
Do you have a crush on her?
You were embarrassing yourself.
The most important virtue
of a weather presenter
is delivering forecast
with a live expression.
It doesn't come from the
face but your heart.
Your heart...
A little more. Come on.
A little more.
Come on.
Does it hurt?
Just a little more. Breathe in,
breathe out.
A little more.
Breathe in.
I'm calm now.
This is the best way to
rid of your desires.
Can't we have sex first
and worry about it later?
You know what?
Although we hooked up in a bar,
I don't want to take you for granted.
You know how I feel.
Don't you?
Pick up the phone, damn it!
You... wanna die? Where r u? Come get me!
You're a real tough one.
I'm really impressed.
No one's ever resisted me.
I'm the man, eh?
Don't be a gentleman next time.
See ya.
Bye, tough guy.
See ya.
I'm not drunk! Come get me, slave!
Wake up.
Hyeon-woo. Wake up.
It's time to go home.
Where have you been?
You're drunk out of your wits.
Pack up. Let's go home.
I'm not drunk.
I'm the weather goddess!
And I'm not going home.
It's cold and dark.
I'm not going until I finish off the drink.
You can't finish it.
Let's take the bottle home.
Come on. Just one drink.
Have one drink with me.
Give it to me.
Happy now?
Let's go.
Come on, Jun-su.
I said not the bridge.
You know I hate high places.
It's so good though.
Feel the breeze?
It's chilly.
Hurry up.
Wait up.
Look in the mirror if you
want to see flowers?
Isn't he the sweetest?
I'm gonna make a book of his quotes.
Book of quotes, my ass!
Are you that stupid?
He just wanted to avoid going
out in public with you.
Coward! Son of darkness.
What do you see in him anyway?
Come on.
You were my knight in
shining armor last night.
This is a special gift.
What for?
For picking me up last night.
It's eel.
I stayed up all night to make it.
You mean the lady from
my favorite eel place.
This is why you have no girlfriend.
Can't you just pretend to fall for it
even if you know the truth?
Potato chips? You don't even like it.
Simply irresistible taste, you know?
What the heck?
I want to go on a boat ride.
I'll take you.
With that special someone.
Who? Me?
Piss off.
It's the third week of June.
The seasonal rain front has been
moving northward over the night.
As you can see, we're getting
heavy rain of 30 mm/h
in most parts of the country.
There'll be showers accompanied
by lightning and thunder
and some odd hail expected
over inland areas.
Showers always strike sun expectedly.
So, it's advisable to prepare
for rain at all times.
I'm Kim Hyeon-woo from Weather Today.
I can see your underwear
right through that dress.
Is this supposed to be joke?
I've told you to keep
dignity as a meteorologist.
Don't try to bean object of sexual fantasy.
It won't happen again.
I think the dress looks fine.
What's the viewer reaction?
'Stimulates imagination...'
'My favorite TV time...'
It's all positive.
there's an odd comment.
I saw Kim Hyeon-woo going
into a hotel with a man.
There are rumors about her having
an affair with a married man.
I don't think it's a passing gossip.
If it turns out to be true,
it's a career ender.
Have a word with her.
Yes, sir.
That was close.
Goddess, you were amazing today.
The ratings went through the roof.
Is that right?
I guess the viewers liked the dress.
Does it do for you, too?
That's very inappropriate.
- Good night.
- See you tomorrow.
Are you mad at me? Or
are you being jealous?
Are you doing this because you
feel bad about the other night?
You know I forgot all about it.
Did you call me in the middle
of the night, the other day?
What do you expect from me?
I'm very disappointed with you.
My wife and kids are back in
town for school holidays.
We're going on a family vacation.
I've been acting irrationally.
Let's not make things uncomfortable.
What do you mean by that?
Do you want our working
relationship to continue?
I think you know what I mean.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
It's so good. Have a bite.
It's good, isn't it?
- Let's go.
- Don't touch me.
Come on.
Who are you?
It's none of your business.
Take a walk, alright?
She's my girl.
Baby, it was just a stupid fight.
I said it was over!
- Let's talk about it.
- We broke up.
It's all my fault and I'm sorry. Come on.
- Baby...
- Leave me alone.
I'll make it up to you.
This time, it barely lasted ten days.
Surely, this can't happen
to a lot of people.
But why to me always?
Give me a drink.
Hey, goddess.
Hi, Hyeon-woo.
Why don't you get a scrub, too?
Get them some dressing gown.
Get them some dressing gown.
It's too bland.
Bring out the absinthe.
You're gonna cut off your ear, too?
I'm not Gogh.
'Guf' cut off his own ears?
That's fucked up.
Is he a friend of yours?
There's nothing under 'Guf.'
It's 'Gogh.' Van Gogh.
- Get me the damn drink.
- Ouch!
I'm gonna start dating men.
I'll date anyone and everyone.
I'll date the entire country.
Me, too.
Go out with each other. Although
it's a little incestuous...
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Jinx!
- Jinx!
Roll down the shutter.
They're in a bad mood.
- We'll close for the night.
- Bring it on.
Yeah, baby.
Closed For Cleaning
I thought you broke up with him.
You're gonna move on?
- It takes time.
- What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
There's no other way.
If the media sniffs it
out, it's over for you.
I know.
You deserve better.
You're a goddess for crying out loud!
Is this man coated in gold?
Not gold.
But he has a halo.
And he shines like a star.
I really don't understand.
I don't understand either.
But he's a man.
A real man.
A man?
He's nothing but a selfish bastard.
You said you wanted normal.
There is no Kim Hyeon-woo
in this relationship
but a cheating husband and
his adulterous lover.
Please, find yourself.
And stop crying, okay?
How can you be so harsh?
Go to hell.
I'm sorry, okay?
My bad. I'm real sorry.
I must have had too much soda.
I'm sorry, okay?
Put the music up. My friend
needs some lifting up.
I am sorry for being an asshole.
I'm real sorry, okay?
I am so sorry.
Dance with me.
Come on, buddy.
Show me what you've got.
Hello...? One second.
That's that for me.
How can I console her?
you feel nothing for me?
I'm still not a man to you?
That's right. It's been 18 years.
As you may have noticed, for 18 years
I've been in love with her.
Toilet! Toilet!
Oh my God!
Piss off.
She was a princess from Jeju.
Our first encounter was memorable.
This is your room.
Which one's yours?
This one.
I'll take this one.
Now, piss off.
Will you hurry up?
Wait for me.
Come on, turtle.
I said wait.
Will you be my girlfriend?
Say yes!
I need to check something.
I don't feel the butterflies.
Do you want to ride the Gyro Drop with me?
I've always wanted to go
when I have a boyfriend.
I'm doing this specially for you.
Do you know what this means?
You gotta keep your words, okay?
- You alright, kid? - The incident left me
with acrophobia which still
affects me to this day.
I went on that ride like promised.
Now, be my girlfriend.
And, I didn't wet my pants.
The man next to me spilt soda on me.
I really really like you, Hyeon-woo.
What a load of crap!
Piss off.
She said you can never got
out with your own family.
I'm sorry, bro.
But you're not a man to me.
I don't feel anything here.
More importantly, you don't turn me on.
You want butterflies?
Let's drink this and do it.
Let me check something.
Let me check, too.
I had the most amazing dream in 18 years.
Your breakfast, son.
Last night is so vivid in my memory.
Good morning.
What are you doing here?
What the...?
- Did you sleep together?
- No way.
It's not like that.
Of course, she wouldn't remember.
She never did.
I can't believe I'm letting this happen.
Thank you, father... and mother.
- Father?
- What?
Did you hit your head?
We decided to go out.
Good for you!
- Water!
- Here, honey.
Your water.
What does it feel like to
finally kiss me after 18 years?
What do you mean?
Did you like it?
I felt nothing. No butterflies.
I didn't either.
Why did you jump when I called you 'honey'?
Are you scared that I might get clingy?
Don't be silly. And stop teasing me.
I know you don't look at me that way.
Are you dumping me?
I don't trust my heart anymore.
All I ever did was to follow it.
Look how I ended up.
I'm gonna quit this love business.
I'm late for work.
I'll see you later.
I guess it wasn't the right time again.
The whole thing blew over
and went back to normal.
Are you Mr. Lee Dong-jin?
- You must be...?
- My name is Kang Jun-su.
- Take a seat.
- No,
I'd rather stand.
I wanted to meet you because
Hyeon-woo is in a lot of pain.
I know it's not my place
but I would like you to stop seeing her.
I understand your concern
but it's all behind me.
And it's none of your business
whether we see each other or not.
Please... Don't refer
to you and her as 'we.'
Let me finish.
Whether we see each other again
depends entirely on how she
puts her feelings behind.
So, instead of coming here,
you should talk to her.
Give me your words.
That you'll never see her again.
What a friend she has.
Mr. Lee.
I beg of you.
Let her go.
So that she can be happy again.
Cut her out of your life.
You should go.
A little more to the left.
You should never invite men in.
It'll only make you look easy.
You want me to become a nun?
Sounds good.
Whatever you say, mommy.
The code for the door is 0113.
That's your birthday.
This is my apartment. You
don't decide my keycode.
What if you're unreachable or fall sick,
who do you have other than me?
Why did you bring this old
pair of smelly shoes?
Leave them out by the door.
It's a scary world.
Very funny.
They don't smell.
- Whoa! Sorry.
- Wash your hands.
Get them out of my sight.
And clean the bathroom
while you're in there.
Are you cleaning it?
You are, right?
Why did you choose me
from all those people
I never wanted a passing affair...
The heat wave hit the
peninsula earlier than usual.
Warnings have been issued
throughout the country.
The temperature in Seoul reached 36 C
the highest recorded in 8 years.
We could really use some cooling showers.
I hope I can deliver the
good news tomorrow.
I'm Kim Hyeon-woo from Weather Today.
Do you think you can go out
with a friend of 18 years?
Are you coming out of the closet?
After all these years?
- I'm not gay.
- Jun-su...
What are you doing?
May I have your attention, please?
Take a seat.
We have new trainee teachers.
Would you like to say hello
on behalf of others?
Hello, my name is Jo Hee-jin.
I'm very happy to meet you.
Please give the new
teachers a warm welcome.
Don't get me wrong. I just love dancing.
Why didn't you tell me that you
were training to be a teacher?
I wanted to surprise you.
Why are you doing this to me?
I broke up with him. It's over.
Take me back.
It's Friday. You should take me out.
Everyone, it's burning Friday.
Let's all get wet together!
All the way...
To the bottom!
To where?
To the bottom!
Mina, don't fall too deep for him.
He's full of whims. You'll
end up getting hurt.
It's because he's lonely.
I like that about him. It's bestial.
He's dangerous and wild.
Makes me want to tame him.
He is the weird one.
It's a confusing day for me in many ways.
What the hell am I doing here?
'You're a tough one'?
She's so blatant.
She only speaks her mind.
It's better than being coy.
This exhibition is made to you.
You men are so simple.
Reacting shamelessly to
anything that walks in skirt.
Erection is an involuntary reaction.
You can't control it.
I thought you don't get
turned on or get erections.
Go away.
It's hot.
Long time, man.
Sergeant! Long time no see.
What brings you here?
I was in the area and wanted
to check out the exhibition.
I see.
Hi, Hyeon-woo.
I'm Andrew. I'm a photographer.
You look like you've made it, sir.
I'm only starting out.
And stop calling me sir.
Talk to me like a friend.
Can I?
- Are you the same age?
- No, I'm three years younger.
So, I'm older than you.
I don't care about age with women.
Let's not be so polite.
But we've only just met.
What do you want?
I give him credit for his audacity
but he'll soon be faced with
Hyeon-woo's cursing and retaliation.
I'm sorry... I'll be right over.
Sorry, guys. I forgot that
I had another engagement.
Will you be okay by yourselves?
I can't believe I totally forgot.
Sorry for leaving early.
Have you decided how you'll get home?
Okay... See you guys later.
There... I'm being pushed aside again.
It's European-style lobster.
Do you know what they call a girl
who eats like you in Europe?
I'm not curious.
A pretty pig.
A little change of scenery.
Maybe that's what she needs now
more than a familiar comfort.
The truth is...
- Andrew is a good guy.
- Corporal Han Seong-gu!
My fear of height struck again.
You alright, man? You're acrophobic.
No soldier in special task force
bypasses rappel training.
Corporal, go!
Get in position. Don't look down.
It's not like I want to look down.
In position, Corporal.
I can't, sir. I can't.
I'll run in his place.
Set me up on a date with
your friend, Hyeon-woo.
Andrew's had a crush on her
for quite a long time.
Your collect call request
has been rejected.
But why?
I wouldn't know, sir.
Let's get coffee.
Do you always decide
everything by yourself?
You must be so full of confidence.
I like things clear and simple. Don't you?
I should go.
Thank you for the wonderful dinner.
I had a great time.
So polite again.
Is that a sign for me to stay away?
Okay, I'll be straight with you.
I'm not into younger men.
I don't want a guy that
I have to look after.
So, that's what you want.
Then, let me look after myself
and look after you, too.
I should go.
I'm not into older girls either.
I'm just into you.
That's me.
Yup, that's Kim Hyeon-woo.
Do you really not remember me?
We first met when you
visited Jun-su in the army.
Hi, guys!
Poor Jun-su, look at you sweat.
Thank you for looking after my friend.
I'm finishing my military duties soon.
I'll call you. Wait for me.
You're very forward, aren't you?
I think that's cute.
I became a street photographer
after I left the army.
And one day, I saw you in the street.
Like destiny.
I won a competition with the
picture I took of you that day.
This is violation of my rights.
It's not like that.
It's okay when you take it from the back?
'I didn't take the picture of this woman
but the heart of the man
who was following her.'
That's what I said when
I received the prize.
Tell us about your first love.
First love?
First love! First love!
First love! First love!
Funny thing about love is...
there's always one that gives
love and one that receives it.
What's important is to
love than receiving love.
My first love
was a girl that I met when I was 11.
That's all I'm telling you.
Oh, come on!
You're asking for a story
to get away from studying.
Now get back to work.
As we're expecting another
hot and sunny day
with high UV index,
don't forget your hats and sunscreen.
Producer, Lee Dong-jin
On vacation
Did you make all this?
Of course, I totally
bought all of them myself.
That's so sweet.
Wait. Pictures.
Am I a woman who gives
love or receives love?
What's her name?
Oh, from earlier...
I have a longtime friend
called Kim Hyeon-woo.
It's a man?
You're not wrong about that.
You look much cuter with this haircut.
Look at me now.
You know women, don't you?
How to touch their heart.
I don't know women.
I only know how to touch you.
I can't agree with you completely
but you get extra points.
You might look tough but
you have a fragile heart.
Really? You think you know me?
Then, guess what I feel like eating.
What do you want for dinner?
Pig's trotters? Bone marrow soup?
How about Italian?
Excellent choice! Let's go for trotters.
Why don't you try some?
I don't do trotters.
But Jun-su loves it.
What the hell are you doing here?
You little pervert!
I'll throw you in jail, wanker.
It's a misunderstanding!
Shut your filthy mouth or
I'll cut off your penis!
This is not a bath house. It's a bar.
Shut your mouth.
You're in big trouble, young man.
Stop taking pictures.
She scared me!
Shall we go somewhere else?
Come on.
For the first time, I met a
girl who's devoted to me.
Why am I not happy?
I'm okay.
What did you like about me?
You didn't burp in my face.
It means you're considerate
of other's feelings.
- What's the matter?
- Do you curse?
Sometimes, when I'm mad.
Let me hear it.
Fuck, shit?
That's too soft.
Put some spirit into it.
Say 'you fucking bastard.'
You fucking bastard.
That's not it.
I wonder how Hyeon-woo does it.
Let's try again. This
time, a little louder.
What the hell is the matter with you?
What are you doing?
Why are you looking for her in me?
It's not like that.
Forget it.
Hee-jin! Hee-jin!
Let's just stop.
She's been on your mind the whole time.
I really wanted this to work.
But I don't want to be a substitute.
I'm sorry.
I felt terrible for her.
We've had some hot sleepless nights.
The heat wave that's continued
over the last few days
is causing tropical nights.
Combined with high humidity,
the climate can lead you
to feel easily irritable.
A little breadth of mind could
help avoid hurting each other.
I'm Kim Hyeon-woo from Weather Today.
What are you up to?
Drinking again?
Ignoring my txt?
U drunk? Shall I pick U up?
Where are you?
I was falling asleep when
you woke me up, asshole.
Kim Hyeon-woo.
Are you seeing Andrew?
He's kind a cute.
Very masculine. A little crazy, too.
Maybe I should think seriously about him.
Did you decide to mess up your life?
How is seeing Andrew messing up my life?
He's not even your type.
Not to forget, he is a total child.
Skinny as hell like anchovy.
If you're that skinny, it means
he has an intestinal problem.
Thanks a lot for fix me up
with someone like that.
I just wanted you to have dinner,
take your mind off things.
I didn't mean for you to
be involved with a kid.
You're getting more and
more fucked up every day.
What's wrong with you?
You're the one that said I
need a change of scenery.
You're not in your right mind.
You should focus on your
inner-self at a time like this.
You've only just been dumped.
Act your age.
If you wish to die,
take pills instead of getting on my nerves.
That's a horrible thing to say.
Hello? Hello?
Hung up on me again?
This is how you want to play it?
Do you know what a sunflower means?
What is it?
'Look only at me.'
Just a minute.
What are you doing? Aren't you hot?
I was lying down. I'm not feeling well.
You're lying down, huh?
Can I do my laundry today?
Sure. The humidity index is alright.
Got it.
Did you see that?
We should set up a lane in your apartment.
You rock, girl!
I must be a bowling genius.
One second.
What is it?
Why is it so hot tonight?
Another tropical night?
It's 37 C.
Got it.
Hello? Hey!
What the f...?
What, now?
Any chance of rain?
Tropical nights will
continue for a few days.
- Got it. Get back to work.
- Don't hang up on me!
- You like it, honey?
- Still melting in my mouth.
Check out on Hyeon-woo's table?
Okay. Be right back.
Did you like the food, darling?
It was fantastic.
What do you have for dessert?
I recommend dark chocolate cake
to make your love deeper.
And a divine cheese cake for you.
Actually, she'll have green tea cake.
Green tea.
Green tea sounds good. Thank you.
Rock paper scissors, loser
picks up the check?
Do it!
Go on.
Bring it on.
Make up your mind.
Rock paper scissors!
Did you know that I'll win?
It's always paper for Jun-su.
I strategically let him win time to time.
I use it to my advantage all other times.
I envy him for knowing the
littlest things about you.
You two are that close.
But Jun-su's not here yet.
He can find his way home.
What the heck?
Hey! Wait!
You're not drinking soda.
This must be serious.
Stupid potato chips!
So, what's your take on the situation?
What's wrong with her?
What's wrong with my life?
Stop being so polite with me.
I feel distant.
I'm comfortable with it.
It's like you're pushing me away.
And Jun-su... He's always
there when we meet.
It seems to me that you're leading him on.
That's not good for any of us.
This is not like you.
What am I like?
Do you think Hyeon-woo really
doesn't see me as a man?
Wouldn't you be mad if you were me?
I have all the right to be mad, don't I?
I've been standing behind
her for damn 18 years...
Then, step up in front.
I am the one for her, aren't I?
Like you don't appreciate
the air you breathe.
I'm like the air she breathes.
You don't always have to
feel the butterflies.
How can you feel that everyday?
I've got to tell her.
Her phone's switched off.
Why is it turned off?
Let me summarize Hyeon-woo as I know her.
she's not over that guy yet.
she has Jun-su who isn't
exactly a friend nor a lover.
They are very similar and are
in a weird relationship.
there is an awesome younger
guy who is crazy about her.
She feels a little guilty toward him.
You're right.
All the way down to guilty conscience.
I knew what I was getting myself into.
So, that's fine.
I'm happy to be your no. 3.
It's a two people deal, love.
So, what do you think?
Should I stick around a little more?
I am so pulling them apart.
Do I look like a saint to you?
I'm not giving them my blessing!
Mina wants to quit.
Thinking that she won't be around
drives me crazy.
It hurts here.
What am I gonna do without her?
Don't cry, man.
I'm sorry...
It's alright. It's gonna be fine.
Women isn't our ultimate goal in life.
Hyeon-woo, my love will never change.
I know. Love doesn't.
It's people that change.
Good night.
What a horse shit!
What the fuck, you little shit!
My love will never change... Yikes!
Kim Hyeon-woo.
Wait for me.
Kim Hyeon-woo.
Why didn't you just invite him in?
Piss off.
You gonna keep seeing him?
- Why are you doing this?
- Why am I doing this?
Forget it! Just...
Don't have sex with him.
Why not?
Just don't, okay?
You're pathetic.
Alright, I'm pathetic.
How sophisticated are you?
Were you so excited that
a younger guy likes you?
If you don't shut up...
People should know this.
Kim Hyeon-woo, the weather girl, hits men!
Are you crazy?
I'm not gonna let you hit me anymore.
Why would I?
You don't know why I took it all this time.
Do you even know what love is?
A real love?
Your love is an empty shell.
You never loved him.
You were in love with your own emotions.
Did it ever occur to you
that he belongs to someone?
How his wife would feel?
Of course, you haven't.
How else can you only moan
about your own feelings?
18 years, I've been standing behind you.
Couldn't you at least once make an
effort to turn around and see me?
Does it hurt?
It hurts me damn hard.
Who asked you to like me?
Let's not see each other again.
Get the fuck out of my life.
I'm in love with that heartless bitch?
Who am I kidding?
I'm not gonna see you again.
Piss off from my life!
you could've warned about the rain.
There is no right answer.
But let me summarize again.
One, him...
It's hard but I'll put him behind.
this cute guy in front of me...
Let me guess. You want to be friends.
Just a friend.
I'm sorry.
That's fine. I'm sorry, too.
I pushed my way in.
It's a present.
A brief history of my love for you.
What's three?
Oh, three...
My weird friend Jun-su who
is very much like me...
What about him?
Jun-su is...
Let's not see each other again.
Get the fuck out of my life.
He's not there any more.
Jun-su who's stood behind
me for 18 years...
Oh God, the hail!
In rain and wind, watching
over me and protecting me...
He's gone.
We decided to put trotters
on the menu for you guys.
We're getting married.
We've totally made up.
To tell you the truth, I
never liked trotters.
Actually, I hate them.
But I've been putting up just for her.
I'm telling her the truth.
Don't talk about her in front of me.
I'm not seeing her again.
Typhoon Nabi is moving northward
from 250Km north of Jeju Island
at the speed of 35Km/h.
We're expecting heavy rain
along the west coastline,
an estimate of 100 mm
across Jiri mountain region
and 500 mm in Jeju's mountainous areas.
I advise you to check your
house and surroundings
to prevent possible damages from typhoon.
Hi, it's Cha Myeong-seon.
I just read your article.
No one can write like you.
I know... I can't believe
that she did that, either.
How's it going with Hyeon-woo?
She's a total bitch. She
walked all over my heart.
How can she do this to me?
You can't be blaming her now.
Did you see this?
This is huge.
'Weather girl A's secret lover'
Check this out.
Anyone can see that it's her.
With a married man? I can't believe this.
Online reaction is raging.
It's over for her.
This is huge.
She's done nothing wrong.
I take all responsibility.
Did you see the articles?
Block off any new related stories.
A story about love triangle just uploaded.
With a younger man, no less.
The PR department is
writing up a statement.
But it's all fact. You can't cover up fact.
No. You shouldn't. It's over for her.
How can she do something like this?
What's gonna happen to the producer?
It's no time to talk about that.
I can't work with someone like you.
You stole my job to do this?
You're really something.
She'd better resign with some dignity.
Before she's asked to leave.
It's over for her.
Kim Hyeon-woo, the weather girl,
is reported to have resigned.
There has been a report of another
man linked to the scandal.
Her involvement in the latest scandal...
gave rise to a big public disappointment.
What? Kim Hyeon-woo has gone into hiding?
She's in big trouble. Did you see this?
Answer it.
Kim Hyeon-woo!
Is she there?
I'm looking, too. I can't find her.
What are we gonna do?
Where the hell did she go?
Remember what she said earlier?
That she would jump off the bridge?
Shut up!
Dongjak Bridge. Please hurry!
Hello, Mrs. Kim.
'Jeju International Airport'
What could I do?
I really don't know.
I know that for 18 years he's looked at me.
I know that every time,
I crushed his heart.
I know that he's done
so many things for me.
Do I not see him because he's behind me?
'Jun-su, I'm going to Europe tomorrow.'
'Jun-su, I'm going to Europe tomorrow.'
I know I shouldn't...
but I miss him.
Overcome worries with a strong mind.
Wow, that's exactly what I need right now.
You must be so proud.
Why don't you say anything?
Or slap me on the back?
What's the point of
hitting a grown-up girl?
When you must be hurting as it is.
I'm sorry, mom.
And I'm not hurting anymore.
Love isn't just about passion.
Your soup may taste watery now
but give it time, it'll simmer
down to taste right eventually.
Are you talking about dad?
He was just like Jun-su when he was young.
Really? Dad was like Jun-su?
He must have nagged at you all the time.
That's your luck.
I don't deserve that luck, do I?
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
Eat your meal.
I'm not hungry.
You know what I think?
We don't want to know what you think.
You spent your entire life thinking.
That's why your son is
always just thinking.
Son, there are times when
action is more important.
Love is complicated.
Come on, eat up.
Kang Jun-su...
Did she leave?
She's leaving tonight on a night plane.
Go get her!
Did you see that movie, 'Architecture 101'?
Was she your 'bitch' like from the movie?
She's a bitch. She crushed his heart.
No, I think he's just indecisive.
He's a little retarded
in the love department.
What are you waiting for? Go get her.
Or regret this moment for
the rest of your life.
Go get her!
Please, take it.
Please let her still be home.
Hyeon-woo, will you be my girlfriend?
I don't feel the butterflies.
Can't you see me as a man?
I don't look at you that way.
Wait for me.
Wait for me.
Hurry up, Jun-su.
Wait for me.
Wait for me.
Sorry! Excuse me.
Kim Hyeon-woo!
Where are we going?
Maybe all I've ever been was a coward.
There's something I want to
show her before it's too late.
Do you remember this moment from long ago?
Do you want to ride the Gyro Drop with me?
I've always wanted to go
when I have a boyfriend.
Will you be my girlfriend
if I go on this ride?
Are you sure about this?
But you're acrophobic.
Kim Hyeon-woo!
I don't want to be your friend anymore.
I want to hold you hand
and be happy with you.
Can you hear me?
I hear you.
Answer me if you can.
I hear you!
don't go to Europe. Be my girlfriend.
I'll give you piggyback ride
and buy you trotters everyday.
I'll let you slap my
back whenever you want.
And I'm gonna work really hard
to make you feel the butterflies everyday.
I'll be a real man for you.
Because it has to be you.
So, don't say that you don't see me.
I see you clearly. I always have.
I'm sorry.
I've always known how you felt about me.
And I ignored it. I'm
sorry that I hurt you.
I'm not going to Europe.
What? Say that again.
I'm not going to Europe, idiot!
Yes, I promise.
You alright up there?
Are you okay?
Hold on.
Hold on tight.
I love you, Hyeon-woo.
Can you hear me?
I'll love you more everyday.
More tomorrow.
Me, too.
I love you, too.
Now, grab the handles.
Hold on tight.
I love you, Hyeon-woo. More
than anything in the world.
I love you!
You okay?
You alright, baby?
Come here.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
For the first time in 18
years, I said I loved her.
overcame my phobia.
And as always, Jun-su
did not disappoint me.
Just like that day 18 years ago,
he risked his life for love.
He didn't let go of my hand until
the day he left the hospital.
I fell in love again.
And we became a couple
starting out on a journey.
Next to him, I became Hyeon-woo, the girl.
Me being myself and Jun-su being himself,
we're looking in the same direction
and will love each other
without holding back,
feeling the butterflies everyday
just being ourselves
more each day.
What's my girlfriend
Hyeon-woo up to these days?
Your weather goddess is back!
It's a great day for a bungee jump.
Let's take a plunge together.
Take a deep breath...
And go!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
That's enough.
Aw, my ear. Stop it.
You're turned on. Give me bunny hops.
100 bunny hops. Come on.
But I'm a turtle.
Bunny hop! Bunny hop!
- We walk here everyday.
- Where are we going?
It's way home.
- He just kicked.
- No way.
He must be healthy.
- See you later, Hyeon-woo.
- Help yourselves.
How is it?
Come on.
Say cheese!