Love Forever (2014) Movie Script

Happy Birthday Chandini
Thank you
Wanna see?
Three.. Four.. Five..
I love you
I love you..
Happy Birthday Chandini
Thank you
Wanna See?
one, two, three, four, five..
It's beautiful.. Did you do it?
It's beautiful
Did you do it?
Why are you laughing?
Today.. I think I want to tell you the truth..
Truth? So you didn't really do this?
Not about that
About we sitting here
and talking to each other.
This is not the first time
we are having this conversation.
Seated here on this bench,
about this same topic,
we had numerous conversations.
I am from the future
I am not from this time
It's a bad joke
I know.. I know.. You won't believe me
But I will prove it to you
See him?
He will come straight to me now and ask for the time.
No way
Boss.. Time please..
Thank you.
Hmm.. You've prepared well enough.
You still don't believe me?
Shall I list the things in your purse?
Yeah. Go on.
1500 cash.. ATM Card.. Lip Gloss..
Anybody can guess that.
There's a special gift also.. And that's for me..
And what's that?
It's a watch.
Now Priya is gonna call you
to greet you
and will chit chat
Hang up soon
(Phone Rings)
Oh God! How can it be possible?
It's so confusing.
If you are the guy from the future..
Where's the guy in the present?
There he is.
Used a little chloroform. So he's asleep.
How long will you be here?
Twenty more minutes.
Then back to future.
What is the year you will be in?
What would you be doing then?
I'm a software engineer
Oh! Nice!
I have five more days before your birthday.
Something simple like today or...
Mr.Software engineer is planning a cool surprise?
You are no more in future Chandini.
You're going to die tonight.
On the way from party,
you will meet with an accident
I tried to save you so many times
but I couldn't alter destiny
It's ok Chandu.
A week after your death
I slipped into depression
Suicide was on my mind
What was I doing? Why was I alive?
I didn't know.
I behaved like a psycho.
I went mad.
I couldn't live without you.
I decided to die.
At that very moment..
I don't know how it was there..
But there was a big box
It was empty
Just wanted to check the insides
I went in
And the box closed on its own
When it opened.. I was in the past
From then.. I come here everyday..
What? You have been coming here..
to meet me everyday for four years?
For your love.. I will be doing that forever.
In these four years..
Did I gift you anything?
Basically, I can't carry anything into the future
But you gave me something two years back
that I could take back
What's that?
You kissed me.
Kiss? Me?
No way.. You are a liar..
Who are you calling a liar? Me?
No. You are a liar.
You want to kiss me right now.
You are backing out cause I said it.
Yes or No?
Yes. But I won't kiss.
Just this once.
No way
You can try again when you are here tomorrow
Happy Birthday Chandini
Thank you