Love & Gelato (2022) Movie Script

[jaunty Italian-style
instrumental music playing]
-[indistinct chatter]
[woman] My mother
had told me about a saying in Italy.
"Il primo amore non si scorda mai."
You never forget your first love.
The irony is,
she never mentioned anything
about love in her life
or even Italy, for that matter,
until literally the last minute,
like it was all some
big mystery or something.
Which, it turns out
I guess it kind of was.
[jaunty music continues]
[woman] So I should
start at the beginning,
which was anything but.
My mother had laid out
some of her typical crazy rules.
One: being sad wasn't allowed.
Two: no one could wear black.
Just pumpkin spice. Her favorite color.
[chuckles] She was so weird.
I really loved her for it.
Number three:
she wanted Fleetwood Mac to play.
Or local cover band
Fleetwood Zach.
You know that I'm falling
And I don't know what to say
Seriously, Mother?
I want to be with you everywhere
Something's happening
-Zach's kinda hot.
Right. Sorry. I'm mourning.
I'm mourning.
[woman] And number four:
she mandated that I still go
on our mother-daughter
graduation trip to Rome.
I guess she went when she was my age,
and she found her purpose there,
or something.
I asked if I could bring
my best friend in the world, Addie.
But she said, "No. I had to go alone."
Which is pretty much exactly how I felt.
You okay?
I mean, in a shitty way.
-[Addie] Okay. Hey.
[chuckles] Diversion! Okay.
Which pic should I post?
Here we go. Okay.
Super-hot swimsuit, pic A.
Or, even hotter swimsuit, pic B.
Where is that?
Oh, McKearney Castle. In Ireland.
Addie, you've never been to Ireland.
Uh-uh. Photoshop does not agree. You see?
-[giggles] How cute.
That's exactly why
I don't do social media.
Okay. Nerd.
This is exactly why
you don't do anything social.
When's the last time
you even went to a party?
I mean, debate parties?
Those are just not real parties.
But in Italy [chuckles]
I mean, seriously,
if you do not get on that damn plane
and then turn up
with some crazy, hot, sexy Italiano,
I am never speaking to you again.
Oh, well, that's too bad
'cause I really liked you.
Lina! You did not hook up
with one guy your entire senior year!
But what the hell was I supposed to do?
Bring a date to chemo?
Fair enough. I suck.
["Simple Song" by Passenger playing]
Won't stop the rain from coming down
Or your heart from breaking
[door creaks]
[Lina sighs]
I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow.
[Addie] I can't believe
you're going by yourself.
My grandparents already passed away.
I pretty much
don't have any family anymore.
Did your mom ever talk about maybe
finding your dad?
Are you kidding?
She said if she ever saw him again
she'd have to be bailed out of jail.
Pfft. Damn.
She really was the GOAT.
[Lina groans]
[Addie] You need every one of these books?
Um, it's called getting ahead.
[Addie] Right, professor. Right.
You know,
I seriously don't even want to go.
I I just want to get on with my life.
[Addie] Lina
I mean, did you know that 0.4%
of all transcontinental flights
have some sort of maintenance issue?
Okay, can you just chill for a second?
You're going to freaking Italy! You dork!
You are going to have an amazing time.
Repeat after me.
I am going to have
an amazing time in Italy!
Say it.
[both] I am going to have an amazing time
in Italy.
That's my girl.
I'm gonna miss you, Adds.
[Lina] It's not that
I didn't really want to go.
It's that I didn't want to go without her.
We'd done everything together
my whole life. And now
it was just me.
I'd spent all of high school
in denial that she'd beat it
and basically hiding.
I didn't know who the hell I was.
And if it wasn't for her "living wish,"
she called it,
I would have been perfectly unhappy
keeping it that way.
[emotional music playing]
[indistinct PA announcement in Italian]
[man yelling in Italian]
-Signorina, taxi?
-No. Um
-Taxi? Ah.
-No, thank you.
[car horn honking]
[woman yelling] Lina! Over here!
Lina! Bella! Francesca.
[tires squeal]
[woman] All right, so, down to business.
You said your Italian is book-perfect.
You got a college high score,
or something?
-Yeah. AP test.
Um, what's the speed limit in Italy?
Ha! I have no limits. So in Italian, then.
Tell me everything
your mother told you about me
that she told you not to tell me about.
[in Italian]
That you two had a lot of fun?
The tense you used is too formal.
-[in English] Car! A formal car!
-[tires screech]
-[horns honking]
-[Lina] Oh my God!
[in Italian]
Idiot! What the hell are you doing?
[vibrant instrumental music playing]
[in English] Here we are.
[in Italian] Welcome to Rome.
-[in English] You live here?
-Heavens, no!
My cousin teaches art at a prep school.
They're having
a cocktail party for graduates.
Good for you to meet people your age.
I don't feel so good.
Oh, nothing lipstick
and some makeup can't fix.
I hope.
Let's go.
And lose those glasses.
[in Italian] By the way,
I hear that you killed them
at your audition in Florence.
I still have to take the final test.
But I heard they only take
Michelin chef's kids
or those with rich parents.
Just like here.
So they're all pompous assholes?
Don't underestimate yourself, Lorenzo.
You're the best student I've had in years.
there's a lot of raging, crazy creativity
behind that sad, unassuming look.
Don't be afraid to unleash it.
Let's leave him alone now.
He just graduated.
Lorenzo, go get drunk.
Ah, Lina! Let me introduce you
to my dear pain-in-the-butt
Irish cousin, Howard.
[in English] Hi.
Janey Mac!
Uh, sorry, Lina.
The resemblance to your mother is uncanny.
Howard Riley.
Hi. So, um
You knew her?
I, uh
I was at university here
-the summer she stayed with Fran.
I was so devastated to hear.
Sorry. Sorry, you must be sick to
the back teeth of people telling you that.
It's okay.
[Howard] Um, would you like to see
a favorite place of hers? Fran?
[in Italian] You two go. Together.
You can get to know each other.
[Howard in English] Right, then.
Ah Let's go.
[Howard] Mercati di Traiano.
Trajan's Market.
Built between 100 and 110 AD
by Apollodorus of Damascus.
Considered to be
the world's first shopping mall.
-[Lina] Huh.
-The emperor's ufficio was just up there.
Well It's It's not Brooklyn.
Your mother loved wandering the ruins.
She never really talked about Italy.
-Until she got sick.
The more wrinkles
that mock you in the mirror,
I suppose, the more
you think about the past.
She did say that
coming here changed her life.
Do you know how, exactly?
Oh, Italy has a way of transforming you.
I thought I was coming here to college.
Twenty years later, here I still am.
[in Italian] Howard,
don't get smart with me. Stop hiding.
Can you come up for a second?
I need you here, please.
I'll be right up.
[in English] Right. My headmaster.
Better crack on, go suck up.
Enjoy, um
Enjoy walking in your mother's footsteps.
[birds chirping]
[sweeping instrumental music playing]
It is beautiful here, Mom.
It is, isn't it?
Uh [chuckles]
Am I that obvious?
Your sweatshirt.
You go to MIT?
Oh, no. Well, I will, um
-Next year. Yeah.
I'll be in Boston too.
Oh. Wow.
Alessandro Albani.
-Nice to meet you.
Lina Emerson.
It's a pleasure, Lina.
[shakily] Hi.
It's Do you know, um
what you're majoring in?
I don't know.
How long have you been here in Rome?
Oh, like, five minutes.
And how good is your Italian?
[in Italian] I got five on my AP test.
[in English] Ah, not bad, not bad.
You know,
the way you were looking out at our city
It was beautiful.
Well, I mean, the view
the view is amazing.
It really is.
[in Italian] Ale. Let's go.
[in English] I gotta go.
But I hope to see you soon. Hmm?
Si. Yeah. Bye.
Uh, yeah, if you
if you want, and I want
If we we both want it, we can totally
Or not. That's cool.
by Alessandra Amoroso playing]
[song continues]
[song continues]
Home sweet home!
Your mother and I spent hours in this room
talking about everything
we were going to do with our lives.
We were the best of friends until poof!
Everything's a bit drammatico
with my cousin.
Best room in the house.
[Lina] Yeah. It's it's nice.
[in Italian] Howard. Go home.
We have girl stuff to talk about.
Go do your boring man things!
[in English] Right. Right.
I'll text you my number.
-Anything. Day or night.
Thanks, Howard.
[Howard] Ciao.
Now, sit.
was your mom's old diary.
She sent it before
And asked me to give it to you.
From when she was here.
I haven't read it. But
back then I was a little jealous of it.
I don't want it.
I understand, but it was her wish.
I made spaghetti.
I'll leave it on the veranda.
And a nice Chianti,
the best jet-lag cure I know.
I'm running out,
having a drink
with a man who sings like Pavarotti,
but, thankfully, does not look like him.
[pensive instrumental music playing]
[Hadley] Hello, diary.
I start with a question.
After meeting your nursing school
admissions officer,
do you A, have a freak-out panic attack.
B, tell the parental units
you just deferred
and blew your graduation money
on a plane ticket.
C, buy a diary.
Duh, D!
-All of the above.
[Hadley] June 9th.
The sun has set,
but Rome is still chattering
like it's alive.
There are strange sirens in the air
and squawking seagulls everywhere.
There's something about this city
that I can't explain.
-Maybe it's
-[seagulls squawking]
I don't know, the permanence of it.
I'm living with a pretty great family.
Their daughter, Francesca, is my age
and so not thrilled about me
not being an American boy.
Her mother made me
spaghetti alla puttanesca,
-and it's seriously
-Oh my God.
the best thing I've ever eaten.
You can say that again!
[Hadley] Well, Italy, I'm here,
and I can't wait to see
what you have in store for me.
I really feel like I needed to come here.
Like, maybe to see
who I am away from home.
Away from myself.
[man in Italian] Isee
your shoulder alignment is still off.
You're losing power
because you lack fundamentals.
Did you callBanca Milano?
Dad, it's my last summer.
I don't want to go to Milan.
You've spent three summers doing nothing.
Do you need another one?
Right. You think I've never
done anything in my life.
Listen, Alessandro.
You know I'm proud of you.
And I love you.
But I called in favors
to get you these interviews.
If you don't go,
it'll have been a waste of my time.
Yeah, but I never asked for your help.
Know what you'd be without my help?
So call them.
[cell phone ringing]
[in English] Hello?
English or Italian?
Oh. What
Everybody calls me Ale.
English it is, then.
-How did you get my number?
Last night.
I found you online, and you gave it to me.
Whoa No, no, that's not possible.
I'm not online.
They told me
you American girls like to play games.
Wait, I'll send you the link
of the profile you don't have.
No, no, no.
I'm not playing, I swear. I don't, uh
Oh my
No, no. This is so not me!
I don't even know how to ski.
And, know what, I don't even hang glide,
I don't skydive, and I
Oh God! I'm definitely not a cheerleader!
Know what? I have to call you back. Ah!
I don't know, you have a twin?
[sighs] No.
A friend good withPhotoshop.
Former friend. I have to go kill her now.
-Bye, Alessandro.
-No, hang on. Hang on.
My dad throws
this Opera fundraiser every year.
You wanna come?
Uh, what? Opera?
Um I don't know.
Yeah, see you there.
Nine o'clock at La Nuvola. Okay? Dress up.
-Oh, no, no, no. Wait. Ale
You know, I'll call you back.
Okay? Bye. Okay.
What the hell were you thinking?
I wasn't thinking.
Something you need to do less of.
He's hot and he's on your profile.
That's huge.
It's not my profile. Take it down!
But you already have 500 followers.
Ew! And what the hell are you doing?
-Since when is there a beach in Brooklyn?
-Oh. This?
I give the people what they want.
You are unbelievable.
Lina, as your brand ambassador,
I find it necessary
to help you convey a sense of life.
Since, you know, you don't have one!
For the record, he's not even my type.
International Merit Scholar,
captain of the tennis team, rich as hell
And, um,Italiano!
What isn't your type, woman?
Take the post down.
Let me think about it.
Make a power move, Leen.
I'm surfing in Hawaii.
["Woman" by Doja Cat playing]
If you're going to that party,
the first lesson,
maybe the only lesson for the evening is
how to walk.
A woman walks with purpose,
dignity, and
Lots of hips.
You try.
Oh I don't know.
Oh, stop being mopey American girl.
I'm a fashion consultant.
I do this for a living.
You can trust me, Lina.
Please, show me!
[Francesca] Come on, dear.
Slow down. Enjoy it.
Back straight.
Head high.
Lengthen your leg.
Arch the foot.
Heel to toe.
-Oh my
Why can't I just wear flats?
Flats? Maybe you should wearCrocs.
-I love Crocs.
I mean
Isn't it, like, a little old-fashioned
for a woman to have to wear high heels?
it's not really about
what's on the outside.
It's about mindset.
Grace, instinct, courage.
don't have any of those things.
[in Italian]
That's what Italian godmothers are for.
[in English] Again.
[gentle instrumental music playing]
This way.
It's good to breathe.
You know,
I promised your mother
to be a terrible influence.
To help you get a little crazy, for once.
Pretty crazy as it is, thanks.
Well, when it comes to guys
I don't have a clue what I'm doing.
Oh, darling.
You lost your beautiful mother.
But also so much more.
It wasn't
her fault. I mean
When we weren't at the hospital,
all I did was study.
Of course, my love.
You want to be able to control something.
Listen. As far as the opposite sex goes
I believe Fellini said it best.
"If you're moved by something,
it doesn't need explaining."
"If you're not,
no explanation will move you."
Trust your gut.
[in Italian]
followed by a double specialization,
Economics and International Relations.
First Harvard, then Oxford,
then an internship at Lloyds of London.
-Like father, like son.
-Am I right, son?
[woman] Congratulations.
A great opportunity.
-[Mr. Albani] Excellent.
-[man] A toast.
[Mr. Albani] Although I think
he should be in Abu Dhabi,
where we have most of our family business.
But you know,
young people need their time.
He'd be 18 by then
[classical music playing softly]
[in English] Lina, you look
Uh, ridiculous.
I know. I had to borrow clothes
You look stunning, Lina.
-Oh. Uh
Thank you. Um
God, when you say party,
you mean party. [chuckles]
Yeah, my parents I mean,
They swear it's for charity, but
it's really to suck up to celebrities,
you know?
Ah, no. No, thank you.
Actually, yeah. Yeah, let's
[in Italian] Two glasses of wine.
2001, Sangiovese. Thanks.
Very well.
[in English] From a winery in Tuscany
my family has shares in.
Nice Yeah, I love
love San Joveene.
It's earthy and and dry?
-You're an opera fan?
-It's Puccini tonight.
Did I say something wrong?
[Lina] Oh
You know
I've actually
I've never had San Joveeno wine
Um, I don't know why I said that before.
I don't care.
And, you know, I don't actually
know anything about opera
because I've never been to an opera, ever.
I don't want to give you this impression
that I'm some sort of
super popular influencer
or that I have a crazy social life
Or that I'm super rich.
So cheers
to firsts.
Okay, that's not how I described it.
[woman singing opera in Italian]
I would go
To the Ponte Vecchio
To throw myself
In the Arno River
I'm pining
And I'm tormented
Oh God
I would want
To die
[music stops]
-[in English] Come with me.
Trust me, we're gonna have fun.
Come on.
[applause continues]
What are we doing?
Getting into trouble.
Ah, and by the way
you're it.
What? Alessandro, get back!
-What are you doing?
-[Ale] Come!
-You're never gonna catch me!
-No! I am not it!
I do not want to spend
the next five years in an Italian prison!
Alessandro, stop. I'm serious.
Don't be.
My God, Ale! Ugh!
["Sooner or Later"
by Years and Years playing]
Oh, hi.
-See this?
-[Lina] Uh-huh.
It turns off
all the lights in the building.
Should I do it?
No. No!No, no, no, no
[inhales sharply]
Just kidding. Come on.
You're a heartbreaker
-Come on!
-Alessandro! Slow down!
Oh my God!
Love chaser, you're chasing it out of me
But I'm gonna break you, sooner or later
Sooner or later, sooner or later
-[Lina] Alessandro! Wait!
-[alarm buzzing]
Please, I'm too awkward for this.
Come on!
Oh my God!
What the hell are you doing?
Hey, how's it going?
You need to get
down from there, right now!
-I guess you caught me.
-You win.
[Lina sighs]
Or I win.
We need to get back inside, now.
Why? What are you so scared of?
A lot of things. Um
Heights, for starters.
Um, security guards.
Planes, snakes, um, large crowds
[romantic music playing]
[door opens]
[in Italian] You two. Back in. Now.
[Lina] Uh
[in English]
Don't worry. Who cares? For real.
-I'm gonna take a drink now.
[in Italian]
Thank you, what a great night.
[in English] What what is it?
My dad.
[in Italian]
Your ability to embarrass your family
never ceases to amaze me.
Button up that jacket
and come meet Commissioner Grillo.
I'm with a friend. This is Lina.
What the hell do I care about another girl
whose name
you won't even remember tomorrow?
Hurry up.
[in English] I'm sorry.
Don't listen to him.
No. No. It's late.
I'm gonna I'm gonna head home.
You go meet your commissioner person.
-I mean
-Wait, Lina.
It's not like you'll remember
this one tomorrow. Right?
-Lina, please.
-[shouts] Oh my God!
-Oh, sorry!
Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't Uh
I'll help you.
Um Oh.
You know what?
I said I didn't want to come to this.
And And
I said I didn't want
to dress like a radioactive sardine.
Here you go.
And And I said
I didn't wanna wear heels.
Or drink wine.
Which, no offense, Italy, it's
Oh! Wow. That's
That looks so good.
And, so, um, the wine
is a little overrated and, um
I'm sorry. Uh, don't
Don't mind me. I'm
not well.
You were at the graduation party
yesterday with Professor Riley?
-Uh, yeah. Yeah, I was.
-[dress ripping]
-[Lina gasps] Oh my God!
This is not happening! Um
How do I leave?
Yes, and the
-There is an exit there.
But I owe Professor Riley, and
I'm about to get off.
Do you want a ride home?
And maybe a change of clothes?
-Yeah, if you want.
Okay. Yeah.
-Thank you.
You're welcome.Um
This way. Mmm.
-Leave it there.
Um, thank you so much for this
For the change of clothes.
It's really, really nice of you. Um
And now, I'm ready for MasterChef.
Looks better on you than on me.
Your helmet.
Wa Wait.
Do you expect me to get on that
that Italian
death bike thing?
I mean, I Do you know
that motorcycle accidents
top personal injury lawsuits by threefold?
Is that something you just know?
Yeah. I know all kind of stats
about how wrong things can go.
I mean, high heels, for example,
can cause Haglund's disease,
which can cripple you for life.
And that's a fact.
Okay. Um
So walking home seems
a lot more dangerous.
Good point. Fine.
[jaunty music playing]
[Lina whimpering]
Are we there yet?
Is all of Rome this bumpy?
You can open your eyes.
Watch the road! Not my closed eyes.
[music stops]
Uh, excuse me.
Where where are we?
It's a secret.
I don't do drugs, just so we're clear.
[knocking on door]
-[in Italian] Who is it?
Oh. Lorenzo.
-Hi, Greta. How are you?
Very bad.
Oh, I meant to tell you.
I know you have an interview
with the Florence people.
-Don't know. We'll see how it goes.
Who do I see there? Who is she?
Your sous-chef?
No, no, no. She's a tourist,
but she doesn't know anything.
I wanted her to try the best maritozzi
in Italy. Where else if not here?
You're such a smartass.
[in English] They're coming.
[in Italian] I "know nothing?"
[in English] No. I
I mean about this place.
You see, a lot of restaurants in Rome
don't make pastry.
They get them from places that
aren't licensed to sell, like this one.
It's a secret bakery.
Cool. Feel so insider.
[in Italian] Here they are.
Fresh from the oven.
If you see those pompousblowhards
at Cuisine Royale,
send them my greetings.
They'd be lucky to have someone like you.
Thanks. Bye.
-[in English] Okay. Ready?
-Let's go.
Oh. Aren't we gonna eat them?
No. Not here. Bad form.
Oh. Ah.
My middle name.
-And can we go slow, please? God.
Ready? You're gonna love this.
-I hope.
["La Storia Infinita"
by Pinguini Tattici Nucleari]
Oh my God!
Greta's secret is cold hands.
She keeps her fingers in ice buckets
before working the dough.
I can tell.
It really shows.
I love Greta's cold hands.
[Lorenzo] I know. So good, right?
[Lina] So good.
[song continues]
[Lina] Um
Thanks for the ride, Lorenzo.
I'll go change and bring these back down.
No. I can get them whenever.
Feel free
to make some lasagna or something.
I will. Um
Here she is.
[in Italian] Did you crash my party?
It's the last thing I'd do, trust me.
If you've got something to say,
just say it.
Tell me what you have to say.
I've had enough
I've been working all day. I'm exhausted.
So I'm leaving.
-[Lina in English] Thanks again, Lorenzo.
-Yeah. Ciao.
[engine revs]
And that was weird.
I'm sorry. Lorenzo and I
kind of have a thing.
What are you doing here?
And why do you know where I live?
I love that Addie.
Yeah, I I do too.
Look, let me
make it up to you tomorrow. Hmm?
Alessandro. I
I apologize if this
comes out wrong, but, um
It seems like you have
a bit of a reputation.
Yeah, maybe I do.
And most of it is just people
talking shit behind my back.
Even my own dad.
But trust me, nobody knows me.
Not really.
And you seem smart enough
to make up your own mind.
Come on, tell me
you didn't have a good time tonight.
At least until you didn't.
'Cause for me
it was one of the best nights I've had in
I don't even know how long.
Okay, so that's the plan.
Tomorrow, twelve o'clock, at my house.
I'll send you the address.
-Bring a bathing suit. Okay?
No. No. A bathing suit?
Do you know
how many honors classes I took?
Like, enough
not to look good in a bathing suit.
You know what?
Let me be the judge of that.
You're beautiful.
-[vehicle door slams]
[kettle whistling]
[Hadley] June 19th.
I have a secret.
I enrolled in this photography class,
and I kind of got to know this guy.
And I think he actually likes me.
So I'm sort of wigging out now. I mean,
he's wildly cultured and wicked smart
and totally has a smoking-hot bod.
Ew, Mom!
[Hadley] Anyway, I'm calling him "X,"
because I think nosy Francesca
might be reading this.
X asked me to keep this on the DL.
He doesn't want it to get weird.
And honestly,
there's nothing quiet about Franny.
[in Italian] Howard is one of
the most famous art restorers in town.
He knows Renaissance painters
better than they knew themselves.
Believe me.
And does he paint?
He used to, but he hung up his brush.
Hi, Howard.
[in English] Morning.
[Francesca] Hello, cousin.
Morning. How's the form?
[in Italian] Hi, cousin.
[in English] Lina, I asked you here today
because I have something
that I wanted to give you.
Your mother
She never went anywhere
without this.
Truth be told,
that was her best friend, not me.
She had the most extraordinary
[Lina] Oh my God.
Some of these are in our house.
She never said she took them.
I don't I don't understand.
Why did she stop taking pictures?
I'm late. Off to see a client.
And, as far as Mr. Albani goes,
have a good time,
but not too good of a time.
-Okay? Bye!
-Okay. Bye.
I can't believe you kept all these.
Pack rat.
Take as long as you need.
[Hadley] June 23rd.
So, I went to a flea market today
and I bought a camera.
-[shutter clicks]
I have this weird feeling
it might completely change my life.
I look through the lens and my world just
goes away.
[shutter clicking]
[Hadley] And when I focus on someone,
it's like I'm seeing into them.
And maybe into me too?
[shutter clicking]
[shutter clicks]
[gates creak]
My day just got better.
-Pick one.
-Oh my God.
What the hell does your family do?
I'm joking. Banking.
-Which one?
-Won't your parents care?
Oh, yeah.
My dad will kill me, but what's new?
Any one you want.
That one.
I love that one.
-[engine roars]
-[tires squeal]
["Forever Young" by Boy In Space playing]
Turn our golden faces into the sun
Praising our leaders
We're getting in tune
The music's played by the, the madman
I want to be forever young
Here we are.
You'll see.
Come on, we're going swimming.
Come on!
-Are you ready?
Ready for what?
Ready for that?
No! No!
No! No, no, no, no.
I'm not doing that. No.
Come on. It's amazing.
I've done it a million times.
-It's better than arollercoaster.
-No. No. No. You don't understand.
Do you know how many non-fatal
yet physically debilitating accidents
No. Don't even think. We're gonna do it.
-Count of three.
-No, no!
-One. Two
-I'm too-- Ah!
[both scream]
I wanna be forever young
Oh! I did it!
-Pretty cool, right?
-Oh my God.
-That was insane.
[Lina] Do you know how high that was?
-I jumped! I did it!
-I told you, it's amazing.
Forever young
I seriously cannot believe
I just did that.
I did it!
Wasn't that great?
I love it here, you know.
Away from everything.
Last summer before this is all over.
What do you mean? I mean, like
How can you not be excited about Harvard?
Because my dad's a prick.
His dad was in finance and
his dad was in finance too.
So that's what we do,
whether I'm excited or not, you know?
And if you could do anything?
-I want to build things.
Not just to buy and sell them, I mean
That's what I really wanna do.
Could you maybe just, like
talk to your dad?
It's your life.
Not his.
Right now, I'm more interested in you.
Alessandro, it's, um
My mom was sick
uh, um, a long time.
Wait, what?
-I'm sorry.
-No, no. It's fine.
It's okay.
The point is, um
I haven't been with
many guys
Any guys.
You are different.
And somehow,
you make me different too.
So if you want,
it can just be you and me, you know?
Exclusive. Like, no games, no bullshit
And believe me,
that's not something I've ever
I wanna be forever young
Do you really wanna live forever?
Forever and ever
[Addie on phone]
Wait, what exactly happened? Exactly.
-Oh, I pretty much slayed it.
-[Addie] Okay. Okay.
Where did he put his hands?
North Pole or South Pole?
Oh, God. Addie, I don't even know.
-I was trying not to have a heart attack.
-Eee! [giggling]
-[guitar strumming]
[Lina] Who are you with?
[chord strums]
Hey, Lina! Arrivederci!
Fleetwood Zach?
It's Spaulding.
It's actually Zach Spaulding.
Hey, "uno questiono," Lina.
Post kiss, did he,
you know, hold your gaze?
All Chips Ahoy Chewy?
Uh I I guess.
-[Addie] Excellent sign.
-[Zach] For sure. Second question.
Meaningful future plans?
Pretty much all day, every day.
It's so romancing.
Let me check his page.
Uh, hold up.
Why he have like
none pics of you on his social media?
Oh. So what? He just met me.
Wait, just in. A minute ago.
Stealth-bragging about some wine?
He's getting drinks with his dad tonight.
-Who has drinks with their dad?
Ugh. He just hashtagged
a place called Parmigiana.
Checking those hashtags now.
What? What hashtags? Why?
-That pasta-eating prick!
-[plays chord on guitar]
Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies
I'm sending it to you, girl.
Some skanky-ass girl's post.
-[Zach] Did you get it?
-[Addie growls]
Oh my God.
["Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac playing]
You've got to be freaking kidding me!
You do not mess with me! Come on!
It'll be better than before
[in Italian] I'm sorry. Sorry.
Oh! Lovely child!
[song stops]
[in English]
Oh, really? "You're different."
"You make me different."
-What a crock!
-Lina, what are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What are you doing here?
With "not your dad."
-I know what this looks like, but
-What this looks like
is you being a lying, too-good-to-be-true
liar! With zero
Less less than zero respect
for the X chromosome.
So Yeah!
[in Italian] Ale, really?
You're always such a piece of shit.
[Hadley in English] July 7th.
I can't believe it.
Am I really writing this?
But I think, maybe
maybe I've found my first love.
In Italy, of all places.
Good for you, Mom.
[Hadley] X and I
spent all weekend together,
and after dinner last night, get this,
he told me I can't believe it
that he loves me!
He's lying.
Lying, lying, lying.
Baker lady! I know you're in there!
-[in Italian] Who is it? No.
- No
[in English] Oh, no, no, no, please.
[in Italian] Who is it?
[in English] I'm not here
for the not you know what.
Winky wink.
Ah! No, no, no!
-Please, please, please. Come back.
[in Italian] I don't sell to the public!
[in English] Please! I just need a fix.
Just a little bit. A little taste. Okay?
I mean, your
[inhales sharply]Your pastry
It doesn't lie.
And, and it doesn't try to cop a feel
under a pretty waterfall, you know.
And it doesn't humiliate you
in front of an entire restaurant
filled with people
while he's having drinks
with some amazingly attractive
and hot Italian model girl, or whatever,
you know? 'Cause
[sighs] Your pastry
It's nice.
Because my pastry
doesn't have a penis.
[sighs happily]
[gasps] I love you, baker lady!
[Hadley] July 20th.
So, after what I thought was
this amazing romantic night with X,
now I don't even know.
It's been two days,
and he hasn't called me back.
Oh, there it is.
Like we didn't see that coming.
What a shock.
It's just what I thought would happen.
[Hadley] July 23rd.
He told me he loved me, like,
I don't even know how many times, but
he still hasn't called me back.
I'm confused, and furious,
and just sad.
Me too.
[Howard] Finally!
Thought I'd find you here
amongst the ruins.
Fran's been worried sick.
Well, I just I got kinda caught up.
Oh. Pastry kind of night, is it?
You, um
want to talk about it?
I mean, I know it's dumb,
and he doesn't, like, owe me anything.
I I just Uh
Liked him?
[sighs] Yeah.
It's just nice, you know, feeling, like
normal, for once.
Oh my God!
This maritozzo is breathtaking.
100% with you.
The secret, Howard, is cold hands.
Don't tell people.
-Who knew?
I find love is a lot like walking.
When you're young and you don't know how,
you just crawl about on all fours,
bumping into things, crying,
you know, a lot.
I speak from experience.
So, have you ever been in, like
love love?
Did she not feel the same way?
Yeah, well
No, thank you.
I have enough complications as it is.
Oh, you can try and throw in the towel.
But I find the towel
has a mind of its own.
All the art I work on,
it's only ever about love.
Or hate,
which is just love gone wrong.
Do you know who my mom was dating
when she was here?
I am
I can't exactly say.
Yeah, well
he sounds like a real asshole.
[melancholy instrumental music playing]
[in Italian] Wake up!
-Wakey wakey!
It's time to turn over a new leaf.
A colleague of Howard's
has invited us to lunch at her parents'.
Come on!
-Look, I promise
Some excellent homemade food
will make you forget that idiot.
Trust me.
[in English] What?
[mysterious music playing]
Nothing. Uh
I'll I'll make coffee.
Uh Wake up.
"Sono incinta."
What does
that mean?
Hey, Siri.
Translate, "Sono incinta."
[Siri] I found this on the web.
[Hadley] August 11th.
I feel like crying all the time.
X still won't call me
and Fran caught me
eating a third bowl of Bolognese.
So I had to tell her, like, everything.
[in Italian] Isn't it wonderful, Lina?
Wonderful like a newborn baby.
I saw the diary. It's about you know what.
Does she know about that?
I don't know
whether she knows that you know.
[Hadley in English] August 19th.
I seriously can't explain
what happened today.
It's like a totally different person
showed up at my door,
wanting to talk.
I wasn't expecting this. Not from
[in Italian] You must talk to her.
Me? Why me?
[Hadley in English]
He said sorry for not stepping up earlier.
-And he's not scared about the baby.
-Wait, what?
-[in Italian] Goat!
[in English] Oh, God.
[woman in Italian] For you, Papa.
Hi, Franco. Hi, Martina.
Hi, Franny. Howard!
How are you?
-[in English] Howard.
-It's good to see you.
Good to see you. Mwah!
-[Francesca] This is Lina.
My self-proclaimed goddaughter.
-Hi, Lina.
-[Lina] Hi.
God daughter.
[Martina] Oh, here. She's coming.
My wife, Chiara.
Ciao, Chiara.
[in Italian] Hi, my love.
[in English] And you must be Lina.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Lore is in the kitchen.
He has his final audition tomorrow.
[dishes clattering]
[woman chuckling]
[in Italian] For us.
Thank you.
Come. Please.
[gentle instrumental music playing]
[Lina in English]Wow. Um
[in Italian] Smells amazing.
So it's true. You are a chef.
Well, your Italian is not bad at all.
Yes, I'm trying a few things
-For the cooking school?
I have my last audition
tomorrow in Florence.
From what I can see,
I'm sure you'll ace it.
Hey, you.
Young hands.
Come help. There's work to do.
-And you, Lo. Hurry up.
-Hurry up.
-Yes. I'm on it.
[in English] Uh, and Lina.
This is nonna. Nonna, this is Lina.
-[in Italian] Nice to meet you.
[in English] This is the base
to the famous "nonna pistachio gelato."
It's it's legendary.
Do you likegelato?
Mm, yeah, yeah, I like ice cream.
-Ice cream?
Is a Michelangelo a drawing?
Is a Caravaggio a doodle?
[Lorenzo in Italian] Nonna, calm down.
-[in English] Sorry.
-No. It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay, it's just
there is no filler in gelato.
So you have to churn
really fast and hard to fight the frost.
You wanna try?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Like you mean it.
With passion!
The cool thing is,
our gelato has only five ingredients.
Cream, milk,
sugar, pistachio, and the fifth--
[Nonna] Shh!
[in Italian] The fifth is a secret.
[Lorenzo] Yes, I know.
-[Nonna] So?
-I wasn't going to tell her.
-[in English] Well can I try?
Let me guess, it's, it's, um
it's vanilla.
-Okay. Um
Okay, I don't know.
I tried.
This way.
And Okay.
And then dig in deeper.
Remember, Lorenzo,
it's a dance between partners,
both respecting what the other offers.
[Nonna] Better. Better.
[romantic music swells]
[music stops]
-[Lina gasps]
-[mock gasp]
Oh, God.
Am I interrupting?
Oh, mamma mia.
[in Italian] No. Hi, Gio.
No, we were only making gelato.
[in English]Aww. I see that.
[in Italian] Let me guess
With passion?
[Nonna] Always with passion!
Why am I not the one doing the churning?
You hate churning the gelato. Every time
You hate it? That's a new one!
It's not nice to say it out loud
in front of other people, Lorenzo.
Why are you standing there
like a boiled potato?
[in English] Sorry.
I'll leave.
[in Italian] So much for churning.
Here I am.
So this is a barley and pesto salad.
On your plate,
you have my mini lasagna cupcakes.
And these are fried zucchini
with truffle and caper sauce.
And to finish, of course,
we'll eat Nonna's famous pistachio gelato.
[all cheering]
To us.
And to me getting old.
-To us.
-To you, Grandpa.
To us.
You really need to talk to her.
-And you need to be less obvious.
-Oh, come on.
[in English] Why do you keep doing that?
Telling secrets behind my back.
[in Italian] Do you think I'm not aware
of what's going on behind my back?
What's going on behind your back?
How's the racing going, Giorgia?
Giorgia races in theMoto GP.
-She has a World Ranking.
Second place last weekend.
-[all] Wow!
-Congratulations, well done!
Well, losing is losing.
And I never lose.
Lo. Where are the pine nuts?
Gran, I used macadamia nuts instead.
Mom! He needs to impress the judges.
He's gonna need to bring some changes.
It's the Royale.
They want classic recipes.
Professor, weren't you the one saying
that Lorenzo needs to be bolder
in expressing himself?
Mom, really?
I firmly believe that,
deep down, Lorenzo is a rebel.
This pesto is delicious!
Do you mean like someone
who, deep down, is a liar?
I loveyour pesto, Lorenzo.
Not as much as I love it.
He's going to open a restaurant
and he will call it "AlContrario."
Because everything
will be served backwards.
Desserts first, appetizers last.
[Lorenzo] Well, don't Mom, we'll see.
-We'll see.
Just follow your heart.
Thanks, Mom.
Cheers to that.
-[Lorenzo] To heart.
-To passion.
To heart.
[in English]
Too bad some of us don't have a heart.
Oh, Jesus, Lina!
Can we just talk about
this later, after lunch?
No. No. No, we can't.
I'm sorry.
I would never do anything to upset
this beautiful famiglia
But I don't have
a beautiful famiglia anymore,
which is why I can't fathom
how I can have a father
who couldn't even be bothered
to show up my entire life,
not even when the woman he said he loved
I'm [clears throat]
Sorry. Buon appetito.
[footsteps receding]
[in Italian] Go.
Go, now!
[in English] Yeah, okay. I'm going.
Excuse me.
[emotional music playing]
I just don't get it.
How could you not tell me?
I'm not your father.
You're seriously gonna deny
I don't know what's in that diary,
but I can promise you,
there is no possible
physical way
for it to be
well possible.
But you apologized to her
for not stepping up
Oh, bollocks. No.
No, I apologized because
I apologized
because I loved her.
I pretty much had
since the moment she arrived, but, um
Pathetically, I didn't have the guts
to do a damn thing about it
until it was too late.
If you're not this
-this X guy
-His name is
Matteo Fossi.
He was her professore of photography, and
much as I hate to say this,
Lina, you've
Well, you've been better off without him.
Look, I am so sorry
for not telling you earlier,
but your mother
She rang Fran, and
for some reason, she wanted you
to discover it on your own.
[music continues]
Want me to scare him off?
It's one of my many talents.
Oh. No, no, I'll handle it.
Go home.
Please, Lina, can I just say one thing?
She was an old friend.
We'd made plans before.
I just didn't know how to cancel.
But you just
You cancel.
I know. But nothing is going on with her.
I screwed up, but I won't do it again.
No, now is just
It's just not a good time.
What about now?
Is now better?
Lina, you were right about
not being able to trust me.
Maybe because I've never had anyone
worth trusting me, you know?
I'm sorry.
[dramatic music playing]
Are you going to Florence?
Uh, yeah. Sort of unplanned.
You have your audition today, right?
My moms were gonna take me, but
then Nonna wanted to come, then Nonno.
Too many voices in my head.
Yeah. Um
I'm I'm sorry about
about yesterday.
Your meal was incredible.
It was okay.
I think Nonna is right.
I'd better stick to basics today.
You all right?
And she never told you anything about him?
Guess now I know why.
He basically just completely dropped her.
Can I ask?
What do you expect him to do
when you talk to him?
I don't know.
Maybe people change?
Maybe he's wanted
to reach out, or something?
My mom came here,
and it was like
her whole life was gonna change.
And then
she had to give up pretty much
everything she loved.
Because of me.
I don't know about that.
The way you talk about her, it sounds like
you were everything that she loved.
We are allowed to bring only one
pre-made dish to the audition, so
Take it. It's gelato.
-What? No, no! I can't take it.
-I think I have the spoon.
-Here's the spoon.
It's not a problem. I have another one.
Lorenzo, I'm really not in the mood.
Yeah, that's the point.
Trust me.
Everything is better after gelato.
Okay, fine.
[Lorenzo] Hmm?
I'll try some.
Holy shit.
It's so good.
Oh my God.
-It's good? [chuckles]
-Oh my God.
What the hell is the secret ingredient?
Nonna says,
"You know when you know."
[woman on PA in Italian]
Next station: Florence.
[in English] Hey, so
My thing isn't until this afternoon.
Want me to walk you to the gallery, or
I could show you Florence, if you want.
Yeah. Yeah. Anything to put it off.
Okay. Um this way.
["Non Avere Paura"
by Tommaso Paradiso playing]
-Incredible, right?
You're gonna love the rest of the city.
[indistinct chatter]
[song continues]
-[Lina] Oh my God!
-So good!
[song continues]
So, this is my favorite place
in all of Florence.
Did you know that
all this stuff comes from local farmers?
-It's it's important.
I'm obviously stalling, but
this has been fun.
Can I ask
What's the deal with you andGiorgia?
You have to see this.
[in Italian] Diamonds of the kitchen.
[in English] Truffles. These are so rare.
It takes, like, six years
just for this little guy to grow.
exposure to fungus spores
can cause acute respiratory illnesses.
Just so you know.
I don't want to know, okay? This is art.
-I'll take your word for it.
[in Italian] Anyway
[in English] Giorgia and I
have been friends forever,
since we were kids.
And two years ago we started dating.
-And that's it.
-Yeah. Oh.
We've always been in school together,
but she's going to
this racing program in Bologna
and long distance is too hard,
so at the end of the summer we
[clicks tongue]
Oh, I'm sorry.
What's the deal with you andAlessandro?
It was a, um
There is no deal.
You two really
don't like each other, do you?
Hey. I'm sorry.
I'm I'm annoying.
No. No, no, no, no. Sorry. It's just
We used to be friends,
like, in middle school, but
The first year of high school,
this guy, Marco Ricci,
Ale's new best friend,
a real asshole, was in the cafeteria
where my mother works and
to her face, he called her
a dyke.
And Ale stood there,
looked at me, and
and did nothing.
-Oh my God.
I don't really fit in
with his whole crowd, you know?
[church bells ringing]
[chuckles] Lina, it's very late.
And I have to go, and you have to go.
Okay. See the street there?
One block down is his gallery.
I changed my mind. I'm not going.
-What? No!
-I can't.
-It's stupid. It's
-No, no, no.
Listen to me.Listen to me.
You're showing up.
That's all that matters, because
Because if he doesn't own it,
it's his loss to not getting to know
the spectacular, goofy,
soulful, full-of-joy Lina
that you are.
See you at the train station.
-Good luck, Lorenzo.
-Good luck.
Howard is right.
Don't be afraid of, like, being you.
Who cares if you don't fit
into whatever crowd?
Don't make excuses.
Be different. Be contrario.
Your cooking's that good.
I mean, like, on the train
I basically had
a gelato orgasm because of you.
You're so weird.
You don't even know.
[lock clicks]
[in Italian] Hi there.
Are you here to register
for the photography course?
No. Um
I'm here to
Excuse me, Miss?
Is everything okay?
I'd like to see Mr. Fossi.
Yes. And you are
His daughter.
Next up is Lorenzo Ferrazza.
Good afternoon, chef.
[chef] Good afternoon, Mr.Ferrazza.
Congratulations on making it this far.
So, what dish did you bring from home?
Well, I had prepared
some homemade gelato, but
I don't have it anymore.
But I wanted
to improvise something for you.
And I wanted to do
something unpredictable,
something backwards,
which is sort of my style.
Using only the ingredients
you have here today.
Why? What's wrong with our cuisine?
Is it predictable?
Luckily you're here, Mr. Ferrazza.
You finally came to save us,
by doing things backwards.
No, chef, of course not. I just wanted--
No, please. Improvise.
Your time starts right now.
[clock ticking]
[ticking continues]
[woman] I know.
But she said that that's her mother.
[Fossi] No, I said no.
-[woman] Mr. Fossi
[door closes]
-[clock ticking]
-[footsteps approaching]
[woman] I'm sorry.
I thought Mr.Fossi was here,
but he went out for a meeting.
I can get him to call you back.
[emotional music playing]
What are you doing? You can't go in!
[music swells]
Sorry, you can't take that.
[in English] Watch me.
[melancholy music playing]
What did he say to you?
No, it was so stupid.
I'm so sorry.
What happened at your audition?
How'd it go?
Oh, Lorenzo, no. It's just
How do you say, "screw 'em"?
Screw all of 'em.
Screw 'em.
Screw all of 'em.
["Certe Cose non Cambiano"
by Zero Assoluto playing]
[song continues]
[song fades]
I'm sorry about your audition.
They called my main course
"solid, but unremarkable."
They were right.
I chickened out.
I didn't take your advice.
They were wrong. They'll see.
I blew it.
Lina, I don't want to blow this.
You and me.
I think
we both were
It was a mistake.
-You have a girlfriend.
-I know.
-I don't live here.
-I know.
It couldn't be more messed up. But
isn't love kind of like that?
Today was a lot.
I just
It's okay.
It's okay.
[engine starts]
[knock on door]
-Can I come in?
I hear you went up to Firenze.
It sucked. He's an asshole.
I'm good now.
I Uh
What the hell was she thinking?
We all make mistakes.
you're here.
And if you weren't,
that would be the big mistake.
I'm leaving on Monday.
I can still start the semester early,
and I'll be ahead of schedule for fall.
I It's been great
and everything, but
I just want to get on with my life.
You know, I appreciate this,
but you can have it back.
[emotional music playing]
[in Italian] Is that it?
You just let her go?
I don't think I can force her to stay.
You let her mother leave too,
and you spent
the last 18 years regretting it.
I saw you stop dating other women,
stop painting, stop living,
because you felt responsible.
I can't spend the next 18 years like that!
Don't you get it?
Hadley didn't send Lina here
to find that coward,
but to find you.
-[doorbell buzzing]
-[in English] Oh. Francesca.
[doorbell buzzing]
-Francesca, it
-[doorbell buzzing]
[in Italian] I'm coming.
[in English] Hello?
Mi scusi.
Can I get directions to hot Italian boys?
Oh my God!
[giggles excitedly]
Oh my God.
How Why
What are you doing here? How did you
"How" is right.
"How" is the man.
"How" here.
He called me,
told me you were talking
all kinds of crazy about leaving?
Your mother gave Francesca
a list of emergency contacts.
And I'm your 911 girl.
Oh my God.
You guys Why?
Because now you ain't going nowhere.
All right.
I need pizza, cannolis,
hot Italian boys! Stat!
Oh, I'm going to like her.
Well done.
Look what your mother's done.
Brought us all together.
[in Italian] A family.
[in English]And how.
I like the sound of that.
[both yelp, laugh]
He didn't even have the balls to face me.
My own father, I
Two things I know.
One, this cannoli is fire.
And two, F him.
Yeah. That's what Lorenzo said.
[gasps] Love Lorenzo!
Get all over that, girl.
Hello, he has a girlfriend. It's
Aw, girlfriend-shmirlfriend,
you know what I mean?
No, no, it's pathetic.
Hours after I was all into Alessandro,
I'm over here, like, kissing
-Making out with
Oh, love Alessandro!
You are not helping.
-He's so hot.
Look, Lina. Okay.
You just got to pick one. All right?
I mean, if you don't,
tonight is gonna be very awkward.
Addie, tonight?
Oh, the graduation party
at Alessandro's house.
He messaged me. And by me, I mean you.
Oh my God.
I am seriously going to kill you.
No, I'm not going.
Hold on.
Do you think I flew my ass
all the way over here
to not go party
with a bunch of eligible Italianos
and do an opportunity for you
to culturally immerse?
You are not getting married here. Okay?
Just pick one of these guys!
You know? Take a plunge.
You know I don't plunge, Addie.
When have I ever let you down?
So if you fall, I got you.
-Fine, we'll go.
Yes! We are about to go off in the city.
I can't wait.Cannolis, pasta, pizza
-Boys. So many boys!
-You're just listing things.
[Hadley in Italian] August 24th.
I didn't write for a while,
because I was
trying to have fun, for once.
I'm really embracing
the local culture
and trying my best
to enjoy my last days here.
And I succeeded.
For one reason in particular.
I've been a complete idiot.
He's sweet, he's kind, he's funny
and also extremely intelligent.
But he has an incredible career
ahead of him in Rome,
and he must stay here.
There's a tradition in Italy.
If you attach a padlock
to one of its bridges
and throw the key into the Tiber
your love will never end.
I might be letting Howard go,
but I'll keep the key
and will carry him with me
[melancholy music playing]
[Addie] He lives here?
[Lina] Yeah. He really does.
[Addie] Wow! I mean,
I'm sure Lorenzo is nice and all,
but dang! [giggles]
Just saying.
["Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)" playing]
You good?
Yeah, I'm good. I've
I've made my choice.
[Addie] Is that
Yes, girl. Yes!
Cold, cold heart
Glad you came.
Me too. Um
-Alessandro, I want you to meet--
-Let me guess. Addie?
Yep. Lina's ass-kicking bodyguard,
who will wreck you if you even think
of skanking my girl, again. Got it?
Now, where are all your hot friends at?
Dance floor?
But be gentle with them. Okay?
So Ale, I've
I've had some time to think and
I realized that I really like you.
Can we stop there?
You act all wild
and crazy happy all the time and
I think we both know that
that's not true.
I'm not judging,
but if you're not going where you want,
how can you get anywhere with me?
I mean, my family
It's not easy to change things.
And honestly,
I don't think that it's fair
to make that a condition for us.
And I really mean us.
I know what you need.
To get on with your life
and forget the past.
You know, we're the same, trust me.
[in Italian] Aw. Look who's here!
Giorgia, are you here with Lorenzo?
That would be impossible,
given he's no longer here.
-Because of her.
-[in English] What?
-Wait, what?
-"Wait, what?"
This slut snuck off
to Florence and hooked up with him.
What the hell? Lorenzo?
No! That's that's not true.
Well, it is sort of,
but not chronographically.
It was a distress kiss.
[Gio in Italian] Give me a break.
He left because of you.
God, I fucking hate Americans!
[in English] Leave? Leave where?
-To Paris.
[in Italian] Yeah. He's applying
to the Cuisine Academy.
[in English] He said something about
not playing it safe anymore.
When did he leave?
Now. He just left for the train station.
Don't you get it?
We are so screwedup,
we are perfect together.
We are the same, Lina.
That is That's your sales pitch?
I Okay.
Ah. Oh, oh, oh.
[in Italian] Hi.
Um Uh
I need a taxi, please.
[in English] What the hell?
Lorenzo is getting on a train!
Lorenzo doesn't own half of Italy!
Addie, come on!
Ugh! Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine.
[Lina] I need to get to the train station.
Ah. I got this.
Addie, no.
-No, no, no, no, no.
This is a horrible idea.
Rome is like NASCAR with more yelling.
With love comes risk
of compound fractures, girl.
Get on. We're doing this.
But I'm driving.
Queen energy. I love it.
[engine starts]
[exciting music playing]
[Lina] Oh my God.
Addie, Addie,
I need you to navigate.
-Right. I don't know--
-[car horn honks]
-[driver in Italian] What are you doing?
Oh my God, we're gonna die!
We're gonna die!
-Go straight.Go straight.
-It's a circle.
How am I supposed to go straight?
-[driver] Out of the way!
-[horn honking]
[in Italian] Are you crazy? Careful!
[in English]
Who teaches them how to drive?
-Turn right!Turn right!
[Lina] How do you turn this thing off?
Where's the kickstand?
[Lina grunting]
Thank you.
Lorenzo! Lorenzo!Lorenzo!
-Lorenzo! [panting]
[Lorenzo] What are you doing here?
Hey. Uh [laughs]
Fancy seeing you here.
He's really cute in person.
Yeah, I know! Um This is
This is Lorenzo.
-Addie, Lorenzo.
We almost died for you.
[Lina] We really almost did.
[Addie] I'm gonna go.
Let you two have a moment.
Do your thing.
-What thing?
-[Lina] Uh
-[Lorenzo] Ciao.
So, what's going on?
Are you okay?
[laughs] Am I okay?Am I okay?
Have you learned nothing about me?
I'm fine. So, um, you're going to Paris.
I'm gonna try and do it my way, this time.
-Screw 'em, right?
Yes! Screw them all to hell and back,
those bastards'sons of bitches!
Oh my God.
Oh, wow. I'm
I'm so sorry.
I don't know where that came from.
There's a lot of adrenaline
pumping through me right now. So
So, Lorenzo.
Kissing you,
or you kissing me
I'm not sure which one happened first
The point is,
it wasn't a mistake.
It really wasn't.
So, you and I
What I mean is, um
My mom helped me realize,
after she died, that
getting swept up in the wrong thing
or even the right thing at the wrong time
it isn't something you can ever
take back.
I mean
I thought I had to make some choice
between you andAlessandro, but
she really wanted me to come here
to find me.
right now, I need to
just choose me.
It's so annoying
that even when you deliver
really shitty news,
you still manage to be completely awesome.
Good luck.
You too.
You won't need it.
Thank you.
[Hadley in Italian] August 27th.
I'm leaving today.
Honestly, I'm terrified.
But I'm ready.
And to you, my daughter,
I wish with all my heart
that you'll live your life to the fullest
and bravely,
like a true Italian woman.
I will try, Mom.
[Hadley] So thanks, Italy.
You gave me
a new life
and a new purpose.
I will never forget you,
my first true love.
For you.
[in English] You okay?
I think I know now
why she never really dated anyone.
She'd already met the one.
I'm gonna bloody miss you, Lina.
Oh, Howie. Um
She wanted me to come here
to figure myself out,
I guess I'm still figuring, so
I decided to defer a year.
I'm staying.
If being a father is
just biological, then
But if it means worrying incessantly,
about you,
wanting only the absolute best for you,
thinking of ways to physically damage
guys who wanna date you,
then I would really like it
if you would consider me your adopted dad.
[emotional music playing]
[music swells]
[Lina] I could never have realized
that my mother's living wish
would give me a new life too.
A year later, it's not that
I've got it all figured out.
But I'm okay with that,
for once in my life.
Because I also found something in Italy,
in an old camera
from a crazy godmother,
with a real father
and for myself.
You were right, Mom.
"Il primo amore non si scorda mai."
Oh, no.
[in Italian] Rumor has it
some American girl
kept showing up and outed them.
In the end, they had to shut down.
Lorenzo! What
Wow, look at you!
Greta retired.
Someone else took over the place.
No! I love this place.
That's so sad.
I'm taking over.
[in English] Oh my God.
[in Italian] I'm working out the details
for when I graduate.
It's crazy, Lorenzo.
I'm so happy for you.
Thank you.
And you? What
Have you been here all this time?
Yes. Gap year.
I'm taking a few classes.
It was great seeing you.
Yes. You too.
-Oh! Lina!
Are you okay?
Some things clearly never change.
I like you the way you are.
Nonna is making dinner tonight.
She made her gelato. Wanna come?
We'll have to take my Italian death bike.
I'm sorry, Lorenzo.
We'll have to take mine.
["Scrivile Scemo"
by Pinguini Tattici Nucleari playing]
By the way, I figured out
the secret ingredient.
Better late than never.
[jaunty instrumental music playing]
[emotional instrumental music playing]