Love H2O (2015) Movie Script

This edition's questions - Love, H2O Volume 24
I have a crush on my colleague, should I tell him?
If you do, you might lose a colleague,
but gain a boyfriend.
Nice girls finish last, remember?
I am dating 2 girls at the same time.
I can't break up with one of them.
What should I do?
Not being the chosen one is bad enough,
and you still want to fool them?
Don't be selfish.
He ditched me, I'm so mad. What should I do?
If you can let go, you'll win this.
Let go of what's not right
and better look for the one.
Is your resort nearly finished?
I wish you and O the best.
It'll be in 2 more months, thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
O, have you sent in the manuscript?
Let's break up.
I'm sorry.
Hey, wait up.
"2 weeks later"
Where is the freshy group?
I'm not sure.
Nobody is handsome around here.
What is it with you?
Are you here for the popularity check?
Let's ask for photos.
What is with you?
Is it really you, Dog?
I watch every episodes of your show.
The view of every clip, it's 3000 from my views.
You have very good taste.
Thank you, take a selfie with us?
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Hi, bro.
Nam! Hurry up.
Come on.
Dog! Dog!
Get up, get up. Hurry.
Tuk Tuk, and three... four!
Tuk Tuk, carries charcoal,
going up the bridge, down the bridge.
It goes left, it goes right.
And shake, shake, shake, shake.
Tuk Tuk, carries charcoal,
going up the bridge, down the bridge.
It goes left, it goes right.
And shake, shake, shake, shake.
Are you sure, doing the performing arts?
Why do you talk like that?
The study is hard.
And it's hard work lies ahead.
And if I don't feel right,
what should I do?
Don't force yourself into it.
If it doesn't feel right, change it.
And find yourself something you really like.
If it's not right, then it's not.
If you happen to find something you like...
you will be with it for the rest of your life.
You advise me to choose my major or my boyfriend?
What do you think?
Hey, just do your best.
And be happy with your choice.
Do you understand?
I just met Taek.
Taek who?
The architect one, O's junior friend.
Oh, that Taek.
I don't know...
O doesn't talk about him much.
I only talk to him about resort these days.
Where did he ask you to go hang out?
No, I only ran into him.
What is wrong?
Pay attention at me, you come with me.
What's wrong with you?
You become more like a dog.
And who is it that makes me become like it?
It's because of you, you have good nose.
Hey, you ungrateful.
Who helped you at the freshman reception,
If I didn't help you sniff the alcohol
that the seniors put random things
in like socks and all...
and you cried because you don't want to drink.
When I sniffed it,
I found out that it was only tea.
And I told you "It's just tea, you can drink it."
Do you remember? Do you?
And since then, you call me "Dog".
And now, everybody calls me "Dog".
Even my dad calls me "Dog".
Do you know, my dad calls me Dog too?
Are you free at the end of July?
Let's go to Li-jiang.
You have just been, why again?
I want to shoot a TV program.
The first one will be aired on national TV.
I'm not sure if you want to go, I'm just asking.
If you happen to agree, it'll be free.
Free food, free accommodation.
- We can take some photos.
- Sure,
I decided to go since the word free.
That's my girl.
Thanks for inviting me.
And also the China trip.
Don't worry, I know you like free stuff.
Are you free on August 13?
I want to ask you...
I know...
You want to celebrate the belated Mother's Day?
No, not that.
Is it not?
Sure, wherever.
If it's for you, I go anywhere.
Thank you very much.
Just go to get some rest.
"I have a question for you."
"The bride is not Nam?"
About the resort for O's column,
he sent the resort in Pai to me.
He told me to feature it.
It's ok.
We discussed last week,
the resort is not quite ready.
Let's do that later.
I got to go.
Wait, we haven't talked about the sponsor.
"Will you come to see me at the office tomorrow?
I need help."
Hey, I need to do something.
- I got to go.
- Ok, bye-bye.
Hello everybody.
And now I'm here at the press
conference of the concert...
The famous boy band, A. CIAN.
You want to know now?
Listen up, this Ohm guy...
is the one that imports the concert from abroad.
The A-list celebrity like him
is very difficult to reach.
Nam interviewed him already,
it's going to be easy.
Is that right, Nam? You interviewed him before.
- You have.
- Haven't you?
- You have, you really have.
- Is that right, Nam?
Yes, I have.
Hey Chef, that was one on one.
But he has rumours with a lot of girls.
Your hair looks great today.
And about when you dumped
your bride at the wedding,
what was really going on?
Are you sure that it was me?
It could be someone else.
But he never goes to anybody's show.
How will you approach him? Enlighten me.
You think you are a playboy?
What is the definition of playboy?
"How do I hit on a playboy?
I met a guy, his profile is like A+++.
If I get someone like that, I'll rest in peace.
I want him, how to?"
"Aiming high, you'll get you back stabbed
and your heart broken.
If you think you are pretty enough, go get him."
"Can I see your photo first?
Then I'll give you the answer."
"Dress up and be focused,
and don't be too easy."
"If you want a cub,
you have to raid the tiger's cave.
Good luck."
Day 3...
Ohm, will you give interview on my show?
Mr Peter, please.
Ms Lina, please.
I have urgent matter, contact my secretary.
Ohm, wait!
Ms Nam, please.
Ms Susie, hello.
- Should I get in?
- Please.
Hey you, wait!
- I've waited for so long.
- Miss, please.
Ohm has limited the reception for today.
How come? I have waited for a long time.
Miss Nam?
Mr. Ohm has to cancel the interview.
You don't need to come, I apologize.
But... what?
Bastard, you think you are so handsome?
I asked for an interview and you did this...
I'm so luckless.
You get dumped too, didn't you?
Such an asshole.
That's okay!
What the hell?
I didn't do it.
I really didn't do it.
I... I...
I... didn't do it.
Please believe me.
Dog, how long were you in China?
10 days.
There is a cold stream going around the town.
The best thing is, the hotel itself...
is so romantic. I want you to go.
Here, here. It's still hot.
Be careful.
What are you laughing at? It's hot.
It smells good, Dog.
Don't you smell it alone.
No, you made it for me, didn't you?
Yeah, let me sniff it.
It's mine.
What's up, Woon?
Nam, I have already checked
Mr Ohm will go to K-pop's conference tomorrow
You won't miss him there.
I'm sorry, you can't get inside.
Why is it?
It's very crowded in there.
It's limited for the cover dance crew.
I have an appointment with Ohm.
I'm sorry, you really can't get in.
Please contact the person you
dealt with for further assistance.
Of course, and I did it already.
- It's ok, I'll talk to...
- I'm so sorry.
You really can't.
Is Tong here?
Not yet.
We can't perform without her.
What should we do?
What now?
Why isn't she here?
Where has she gone?
Why is she so late?
She should have been here by now.
Hey, hey. We have a problem.
Tong called me.
She can't come, she has a broken leg,
car accident.
- What should we do?
- Broken leg?
Yes, she can't come.
- What should we do?
- Every team wants me in.
Champion of Bangkapi district, 3 years in a row.
What now?
Are you sure?
- 4 of us...
- We have to find a substitute.
Sure, whatever.
That's Leopard, thank you.
And now another band, this one...
What are you doing?
Where do you go?
Are you leaving us like this, you can't.
- We are going up, up now.
- The Knock Out!
Hurry up, this way. Get up.
And the champion is...
I should have been to school, not here.
And at last, thank you A. CIAN.
Thank you.
Thank you all the fans.
Gamsahabnida. Thank you.
Gamsahabnida. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Excellent show.
- Gamsahabnida.
How we do now? It's gone.
I beg you.
Please go on my show... please?
I'm impressed by your effort.
Mr Ohm!
Look at her moves.
Is that a dance or cold water splash?
She can not blend to others.
Seems too long rehearsal.
You big mouth.
Here she comes.
That's enough.
Get out.
Are you shamed?
Get out, get out now.
That's embarrassing.
That was brutal.
What were you doing, Nam?
Turn it off, Chef.
- What?
- Turn it off.
Where is Dog, Chef?
His dad is not well,
he brought his dad to the hospital.
Nam, you did that much.
Can you get the deal with him?
Can you?
Can you?
And why did you do that for?
Hi Miss Nam, this is Mr Ohm's secretary.
You can see him tonight.
She pretended.
Is it real or an act?
- It was random.
- Hello!
I'll talk to you later.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Can you believe that,
I laugh every time I watch this.
So what is it that you would like to talk to me?
Our company, Fish and Dog,
we create shows about food.
So what?
I would like to invite you to China.
To shoot the TV program 'You're...
Why do I have to go?
What would I gain from it?
I will ask Chef Pla to promote your
Korean band concert in the show.
Something... in the episode...
the leftovers from the fridge.
Well, what if...
I prefer something else?
Will you give it to me?
want me to play badminton with you, right?
Let's play badminton, here's the racquet.
Let's play badminton.
Wait, hey, hey, hey. How about...
if you win one game...
I will go with you.
1-0, pick up the shuttlecock.
I wasn't ready.
That's nothing to do with me.
Come on, throw the shuttlecock here.
Hey! Are you messing with me?
15-0... game is over.
Can I have another chance?
Please... please, Ohm?
Just checking?
I will find someone else instead of him,
if it's too much.
You are getting old, you know?
You have the foul mouth just like dogs.
Thanks for your compliment.
Are you ready?
Whenever you are ready.
Why are you staring at each other?
If you are ready, let the game begun.
Are you sure?
Serve then.
I won't give up.
In the court accidentally.
Your knee hurts?
- Oh?
- Yes! 9-4!
The Red took a chance, coming up at 9-4.
Okay, I don't let you win.
Game's over, the blue wins.
You are much better than last time.
I lost anyway.
I said I lost anyway.
Come on.
I'll give you another chance.
Oh shit...
I forgot to tell you, I can't.
I will be in Korea the day you go to China.
And why did you trick me to come here?
I just want to have a badminton partner.
You are an asshole.
Just like all the girls you dumped said.
Do you know why?
Because you are selfish.
It's not only your life that matters.
As you wish.
But dumping girls and all,
it's my shit.
You haven't been dumped, huh?
I wish you get dumped.
Then you will know how it is like to be dumped.
You are damned!
Very good, Nam.
What is it?
I'm sorry.
This brilliant, you know?
What brilliant?
Didn't they tell you Ohm already accepted it?
This is your huge success.
And he left a apologize message to you.
He is better than we think.
He also pays for the flight himself,
we save up a lot.
- Chef?
- What?
- Ohm...
- Yeah.
- Accepted?
- Yes.
About the script and camera,
I leave them to be in charge.
And you are responsible
for coordinating with the crews.
How is your dad doing?
He is waiting for the operation, then the result.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of this.
Too bad we don't get to travel together.
We can go somewhere else when I get back.
Sure, we'll go on a trip.
Please take care of the crews...
and Ohm, will you?
"I agreed to go to China,
let's take it as my apology."
"If you really want to apologize..."
"are you free on August 13?"
"I'll find a new guy, better and more awesome."
I'm Chef Pla, I'll show you around in Kun-Ming.
U-R what U Feed' in Kun-Ming.
And here we have arrived...
You first.
You first.
It's okay, I can wait.
In a moment, we will try the real Yunnan food.
Wait, wait, wait...
Wait, wait, this is my bag.
It's my bag.
It's my bag.
What? My bag! My bag!
Nam, help.
Nam, help.
You listen to me!
Put that down, stop shooting.
Help me first.
It's mine.
Chef! No, no no, it's not yours!
This is mine. It's mine.
It's really mine.
What do you mean about water?
Thirsty? Go buy water!
Can anyone say sorry? Assholes.
I'm sorry.
You think just say sorry and it'll be ok?
Is it yours?
Thank you.
Don't mess with me.
Just misunderstanding, it's nothing now.
- You think it's nothing?
- Thank you.
He almost killed me.
Come on, Pla.
This is Liu and this is Lian.
They are the co-ordinators.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Let's go to Li-jiang.
Let's go.
We are gonna stop right here for a jiff.
- It's nearly get to Li-jiang.
- My bums are so tired.
It's beautiful.
Yeah keep taking photos of mountains.
Keep taking.
Take some of me, come on.
Nah, Chef.
Come on.
- How's that?
- Look at your face.
Like a rock star.
I better take some of the scenery.
- One more, hurry up.
- Chef, how is the scenery?
It's ok, but when it's me in it...
So, Dog can't make it?
His dad is not very well. He couldn't come.
That's why she has to be here on his behalf.
If you want to talk like this, get lost.
Get lost?
- Go!
- Go!
Fine, I'll go.
I'm sorry about the airport.
Don't worry.
It feels good to have argument
with Thai people once in a while.
How long have you lived in China?
Around 10 years.
I'm responsible for taking care
of Thai people around here...
or special guests from Thailand.
So, where will our special guest meet us?
In Kun-Ming.
Let's see if he is really coming.
Don't be sarcastic, Chef.
He already bought the ticket.
"So what time you'll get here?"
"Please reply."
They're in the conference room now.
You special guest seems to be quite something.
More than quite something, actually.
He is very difficult.
I texted him but he hasn't replied.
I don't know why he needs cell phone.
Don't you think?
"Determined heart"
Yeah, don't worry. I can handle it.
I'll break them up into two crews.
I'll take care of the restaurant and the stocks.
Prite will go too,
but he wants to check with Pla first.
Our staff is shortage.
Right now, I don't know how to do.
How is your dad?
My dad? Right here.
Let me talk to you dad.
How is it dad? He is strong.
He said he would run if you don't believe.
Ni hao, dad.
How are you?
I'm in Li-jiang at the moment.
"I miss you,
I'll take you to travel when I get back."
"Ok, bye, dad. Zhaijian."
Bye, Dog.
See you later, take care.
You go to bed very late.
A little, I've just finished
discussing about work.
I think you should go to bed.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
The shop owner allows us to shoot.
That's great.
Very good.
It's so clear!
Water is the heart of Li-jiang.
It comes from the snowy mountain up there.
That's why it's cold the whole year round.
- Cold?
- Yes.
Yes, it is.
Cold as ice.
Now I really believe that it's
from the melted snow.
What did you say earlier?
Water is the heart?
I mean what you said
to the chef at the food place.
After Ni hao.
It means nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
It's a very beautiful city.
Looks classic. I like it.
Are you ok?
The car is broken.
We have to wait for the driver here.
The Mountain of Jade Dragon
is very beautiful from here.
Have you ever been up there?
Someone told me...
the snow up there...
will be all melted one day.
But I have never seen it melted.
So I have to go there to see for myself.
It looks like he can't fix the car.
He said there is a village nearby.
We can take some rest there
and he will stay at the car.
Here is some hot tea.
Thank you.
I can't catch my breath, Joe.
There's less oxygen here.
And you are not used to it here.
I called Chef Pla that
we are staying overnight here.
The car should be fixed by tomorrow.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Grandma asked us to join the dance party tonight.
Dance party?
How do you do it? How?
You won't be cold.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So warm.
Why don't you go back to Thailand?
I feel attached to this place, I guess.
Fei Fei...
is the first Chinese person I met.
She taught me everything.
how to live in China
until I get used to living here.
But what I can never get used to...
is living here without her.
Whatever has been in our lives,
even though it has gone...
it will come back to be a part of our lives.
I'm sorry.
Can you tell me about yourself?
We are lucky that the people in the village help us.
- I'm so worried about you here...
- Chef!
Ohm sent a confirmation that
he will arrive tomorrow.
Is he really coming?
- Here is the ticket.
- Shit...
Everybody, let's celebrate.
Take a seat.
Please let me introduce View.
She will replace me since tomorrow.
Welcome, View!
Here is the best question.
Are you sure?
Has anyone... sleep with a lady boy?
What a shitty question.
Is there?
- Who?
- Tong?
What's wrong?
I have one life, got to live it to the fullest.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
I don't see anything wrong about that.
Yeen, you jerk.
Both of you?
Bob, you stay with me tonight.
You stay with me, ok?
And the next question...
Has anyone been heart broken?
I hate this question.
Drink on.
Drink... drink.
Drink it all, drink the bottle too.
Nam, why don't you drink?
Give her the drink.
Can you pee for me?
Drink on.
- Drink
- I did.
Next question...
Are you free on August 13?
Just in case...
the snow is melted that day
and you wanna go home.
- This way.
- Thank you.
How do you pronounce the hotel name?
Haojiu bujian.
It's the name of a song.
It means long time no see.
It's talking about...
a man who keeps waiting. He won't stop loving.
How about these photos?
Might be the photos of guests here.
Lot of them.
Thank you.
- Yes?
- What's wrong?
Let's go then.
"Nam, I'm the dog that waits for you forever."
See you later.
See you at August 13.
Hurry up. Come on.
Hurry up.
- Hurry up.
- Come on, Pla.
Where do you go from now?
I will go to treat some guests at Xishuangbanna.
Haojiu bujian.
A man who keeps waiting. He won't stop loving.
It's me.
So you don't like my gift?
I'll wear it myself then.
Mr Ohm!
- Is that you?
- Yes.
Hello. Welcome to Kun-Ming.
How was your trip?
It's been ok.
Hey Nam...
Go, hurry up!
It's his.
Yeah but you take it.
My staff is so keen.
Is that so?
- Can you not do it yourself?
- Hurry!
Then what?
Turn around.
Is it too tight?
Great, great, great.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
- Chef.
- Huh?
- It's ok? All good?
- Great.
I like you when you swing the dough.
- It's very difficult.
- It's skillful.
Should I return the uniform?
When you stretched the dough to noodles...
It was next to perfect.
Hey, keep that too.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Good stuff.
Is it the noodle we made earlier?
You should take it home.
Let's go.
Where to?
What are you doing?
I'm just stretching.
Hey, where are you going?
Wait for me.
Excuse me.
How do you write 'Water'?
Yes, 'Water'.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- You!
- What's up?
What are you doing?
Ninja Turtle.
Be serious. This is their culture.
Do they not have turtles here?
Ok, ok. I'm taking it seriously now.
I'm serious.
For real.
I'm focused.
What are you drawing now?
I wrote "Nam".
Your name.
Wait a second.
What are you doing?
I'm throwing it away.
Why? It took time to draw it.
I can draw another one.
The new one and this one,
they don't feel the same.
By the way, it's my name.
I won't let you throw it away.
Give it to me.
"Nam, is everything ok with work?"
Who are you chatting with?
Must be a guy.
Leave me alone.
You are fierce.
"Everything is ok, Joe."
Where is the noodle?
What noodle?
The noodle basket.
What noodle?
The basket!
Oh, that... where is it?
Or did I leave it in the taxi?
No, no, it couldn't be.
Or when I went to the toilet?
When I pooped, maybe?
Come on, be serious.
Or I left it at the brush shop?
Yes, it must be there.
Never mind.
If you really want it, I'll bring you out to buy.
Aren't we going back tomorrow?
You are a jerk.
You never think of other people's feeling.
They made an effort to make it for you.
Ok, ok. Thanks, thanks.
Hey! What are you doing?
- Can you just not ask?
- Wait, wait. Stop.
- What?
- Can you ride a bicycle?
Do you need to be that hurry?
Get down, let me ride.
Hurry up.
You are so bossy.
Yeah, I'm speeding up.
What is this?
Why didn't you ask him the direction?
Ask what? Will we understand each other?
- We speak different language.
- Hurry up.
Do you think I know Mandarin?
Do you usually dump everything so easily?
Now what?
About everything you left.
That's so selfish.
Fine, you are an angel.
You have never done anything for yourself, huh?
I'm not like you.
Not like me?
We might have more in common than you think.
- No way.
- We'll fall.
Just keep speeding up.
- What now, to the right?
- Keep going straight.
You told me right before.
Right, right, right.
- Hurry up, right.
- Right.
If we get lost, I blame it on you.
I never get lost, trust me.
- Go straight then?
- Straight.
Wait, let me have a look.
Instead of whining, ride it by yourself?
- Will you go faster?
- Nagging all the time.
Will you stop complaining?
Hurry up.
- I'm going across.
- Let me help.
Just go ahead.
What the hell?
I have the noodle.
I don't understand.
Will you come help me?
Come here.
- You... She...
- Go get noodle.
Yes, noodle.
- Noodle, noodle.
- Let me find dictionary.
You have dictionary? Give it to me.
- I haven't brought it.
- Damn it!
When I got the call, I was shocked.
Actually, I appreciate your help.
But I think I can handle it.
Is that right?
Let me go to thank her.
When you were scolded by Chinese guard...
it was funny.
- Funny?
- Yes.
You should be locked up.
If I'm in jail, who will take care of me?
That's easy. You just...
die in the jail.
Tough, huh?
When he scolded you, you didn't look different.
I was going to ask...
The August 13-14 thing...
what do you want me to do?
I can remember,
August 13... yes.
What is August 13?
- I didn't invite you... -
- Wait.
Don't pretend that you don't remember.
Let's check it out.
Let's see who texted me.
You sent me the message.
I was not being serious.
You don't need to go.
I don't care, I will go.
You don't have to.
I have nothing for you.
This time I might not want anything from you.
Nam, I'm cold. Come on.
Hurry up.
"To Nam - H2O Volume 25"
"I tricked 3 guys to ridicule my ex.
Feel guilty, what should I do?"
"You want others to be hurt as you.
"Go tell them."
"Why don't you say"Sorry"?"
Did you see how he dance?
Such a disaster.
Did you see his tummy?
Just imagine, his tummy.
What's wrong with you?
I got to go.
Take some rest. You look drunk.
I think you should rest.
No, I can make my way back.
To someone I once loved
To someone once to be honest
"Let's break up."
"I'm sorry."
You made me lost and fall apart
You made me laugh
You made me cry
You made the meaningful of life
"Thank you."
I die while I breathe
"O, will you try this shirt on?"
"You always wear worn out T-Shirt."
Where did I do wrong?
"My friends start complaining
that you look terrible."
Am I too stupid?
O, where are you? Come out now?
Why didn't you tell me before.
Can we just talk?
We're over!
I've gone crazy because of you
Still remember and think of you
You made me laugh
You made me cry
You are the last one that
I'll let this happen to me
You are the last one that
I'll let this happen to me
Are you ok? You never pick up my call.
I want you to watch the first episode together.
And I'd like to hear about your China trip.
Alright. Take care.
Dog, will Nam come to join us?
You are smiling like a Dog waiting for bones.
The station called to postpone the China episode
to August 13, is that alright?
No, I have an appointment.
But I said ok anyway.
I also booked the billboard
at Rajaprasong intersection.
How could you do that, Pla?
I can't postpone my appointment. It's important.
How could you do this without asking me?
I'm asking now.
But you do this later.
I don't know, you agreed upon it yourself.
Go settle this with them. I'll leave it to you.
If Ohm is here, take him to the Sound Lab.
- Sound Lab?
- So we don't waste his time.
Ok, ok.
Okay, go. Quickly.
As if you're my boss.
Are you free on August 13?
- I want you to watch... -
- No.
- I want you to watch... -
- Hey!
Where is Dog?
You only ask for him since you arrived.
He is standing by at Sound Lab 1.
Ohm has some sound editing.
- And on... -
- Ohm?
- 13... -
- Is he here?
- Yes.
- Already?
- No... -
- He is with Dog?
For how long? What are they doing?
Nam! Nam!
He is behind you.
Will you let go of me? Good.
- Mr Ohm, hello.
- Hello, Chef.
- Haven't seen you since China trip.
- Yes.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
Sorry that we bother you with sounds editing.
No problem.
Actually, our crews are great.
Except this one.
I have to keep my eyes on her.
Oh, are you free on August 13?
So we can watch the first episode together.
13, is it?
- Actually I have... -
- Chef! Dog wants you!
There, he went into the room already.
Really, he said he needs you right away.
- Where?
- Go now, hurry.
- Wait.
- Chef, on 13...
They are going to discuss work. Just about work.
You've just arrived, take some rest.
Dog, what do you want from me?
What? Who called you?
What the hell?
Let's go to this room. Take some rest.
Isn't this... the studio?
- Wait here?
- Right here.
- But they are working...
- I'll be back.
- Don't go anywhere.
- I've arrived.
Joe, are you free on August 13?
We will watch the pilot episode together.
I'm not available, I have an appointment.
Joe, can I borrow your phone?
Mom? Wait, wait.
Joe, take a seat here.
Ok mom, everything is ok.
I'll be back.
Where are you going?
I'm thirsty.
Let me?
Here... take this money.
- 100 then.
- Alright.
Here's water.
Thank you.
You look strange,
even a phone ring makes you jump.
Hello, Nam?
I'm on my way there. No need to call.
Where is Ohm?
He is in the toilet.
He said he has funny stomach, don't bother him.
He's got diarrhea.
Chef, just calm down.
And Joe, where is he now?
How is it going?
Where is Ohm?
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
- Nam?
- It's hot, let's get in the room.
Nam, what?
Nam... Nam...
Prite is staring at us.
You wait here, I'll be back to talk.
Just wait here, don't go anywhere.
- Joe.
- Nam?
Where are you going?
The gate was locked.
It's hot, I just want to go to the toilet.
Here is the toilet. S
Excuse me.
Ohm, fortunately...
What the hell is that?
You better go back now. Let's go.
Wait, do we have to hurry?
Yes, let's go.
And who locked the toilet, Joe?
I don't know.
- That's weird.
- Come this way.
Don't need sound editing...
This is my brother, Joe. He helped us in China.
And this is Mister Ohm, our special guest.
It's you.
What a pity we didn't get to meet in China.
Are you ready? I heard you have upset stomach.
- Mister Ohm?
- Yes.
I'm Dog. Nice to meet you.
I'm Pla's partner.
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
What's up, Dog?
- Joe!
- How are you?
- I'm good.
- Good? Good?
We are all here, should we go up?
- Wait, wait.
- Let's go.
Since we are all here, let me announce again.
The first episode is postponed to August 13.
Please kindly accept our invitation
because I have booked
a big billboard at Rajaprasong.
I'm sorry.
Pla, you bastard...
I told you to postpone.
I'm not available, don't you get it?
Yes, so I checked with others.
No, you have to stick to my schedule.
It's really important, I beg you.
Pla, I am also not available on 13.
Yes, Chef. I can't go that day.
There, nobody is available.
Wait, what the hell is going on?
Nobody is available?
I have an appointment with Nam.
Why Nam? What the hell is it on 13?
O's wedding.
It's your wedding, bitch!
How could you do this?
You invited everyone but me.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are you getting married?
The one who will marry O is not her.
And why three of us... the same day?
Here, this is just like what you cursed me.
We might be the same kind of people.
What is wrong with you?
Do you know,
I really feel sorry for you.
I know how strong you are
for not telling that you are heartbroken.
So I waited.
For the day you can get over it.
For the day you are ready.
So I can tell you
that I'll take care of you instead of O.
But I'm stupid.
I let you do this to me.
You don't understand.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
I'm hurt too.
You think only you are heartbroken in the world?
If I knew that you are like this...
I wouldn't have waited for this long.
Dog! Dog!
You stayed overnight at the office?
Yes, we were finalizing volume 26.
It wasn't quite right.
Give it to me... you both should go home.
I'll take it from here.
Go take some rest, don't worry.
Oh Woon.
The column, Love. Is it finished?
Let me double check it, just in case.
It's okay, Nam.
We can wait until you feel better.
What he means is...
You guys know?
O told us.
We love you and O...
as much as we love this magazine.
But we understand if you want to stop making it.
You don't have to act strong.
I want you to just cry.
I love you.
We love you.
I'm sorry.
It's ok, Nam.
I will be alright. Don't worry.
"My boyfriend cheated on me, what should I do?"
"Keeping many choices, is it wrong?"
"How to keep the long lasting love"
"Dog, I'm..."
"Joe, I'm sorry."
"Ohm, how are you?"
L: Love, Volume 26
In this issue, we don't reply to questions
because this is the last issue of H2O.
I used to make myself...
a glass full of water.
I think I know well what love is.
But no.
I never know what love is.
But there is someone makes me realize...
"Even though love has ended,
but the happiness of loving will never be melted."
Here it is.
U-R what U Feed.
Some food is suitable for some people
but also not suitable for others.
So if it's not for you, don't eat it.
And when there is someone who knows how to love,
they will never hurt love
even though they will never own it.
To hurt others...
doesn't mean you don't feel pain.
Ohm, where are you?
"I'm sorry."
Now I have a glass half full.
And I don't dare to resolve anyone's love.
Actually, I don't know anymore...
what love is.
"August 13"
Can you give me a ride?
Are you sure that's the groom's outfit?
I am glad that you come here.
Are you not worried that I'll ruin the wedding?
If you do, I have to accept it.
I'm sorry, Nam.
All along...
you did for me.
You tried to dream of the same things.
But look at this.
is the real dream of yours.
And now...
I know the most selfish person... me.
I'm sorry, O.
I'm so sorry.
And from now...
We really break up.
am breaking up with you.
Mom is here.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
"Choose! Throw up or cry?"
What are you looking for?
Oh, look at you.
Oh... you look like shit.
How about Dog and Joe? Are they not here?
Just want to sarcastic? Is that why you're here?
You invited me yourself.
And I didn't say that I wouldn't come.
I did that to you...
are you not mad at me?
Are you ok?
Are you alright?
Just wipe your mouth.
Wait, wait, wait, let me do it.
Wait, wait.
You don't look any difference from me.
Are you not mad at me?
Forget it.
You are just screwed up,
and you screwed up things.
I don't mind.
I think I don't know much about love,
neither do you.
Don't you remember what I told you?
Both of us might not be different.
Thank you.
I really thank you.
And this too, shall pass.
And you will change your mind.
And one day it will be all gone.
Even though you'll still miss him now,
in every breath you take.
Let's gather up.
"Someone waiting for you to punish."
Bite your lips and hold on.
"Dog, come in here
or they'll make me go to stay with you."
There is no love in him anymore.
Just let it go,
it's better to let him go.
"Our next target is..."
"to get the highest rating!"
And this too, shall pass.
And you will change your mind.
And one day it will be all gone.
Mr Ohm,
Can you give me an interview?