Love In a Puff (2010) Movie Script

In accordance with the amended Smoking
(Public Health) Ordinance (Cap.
371 ), with effect
from 1 January 2007,
statutory no smoking areas
have been extended to
cover the indoor areas
of all restaurant premises,
indoor workplaces,
public indoor places
and some public outdoor places.
No personal shall smoke
or carry a lighted cigarette,
cigar or pipe in no smoking areas.
Help Help
Anyone out there?
Let me out.
Why are you in there?
I don't know. Where am I?
In a parking lot.
Why are you in there?
I don't know. I woke up in here
Please open up.
I can't open it.
I'll call the police hold on.
Help me, it's stuffy in here.
Please open up, I can't take it anymore.
There's no signal.
I'll go make a call, be right back.
Don't go.
Don't go, let me out.
I can't stand it. I can't breathe.
Help Help
Sir Sir
You'll be fine. We're the Police.
Help me.
Why are you trapped inside?
I don't know. I woke up in here.
Listen to me, try to calm down.
Try to relax.
Regulate your breathing.
We'll get you out soon.
Control, I have a lock in,
need to check a valid 4.
License plate KH41 6.
Look up the owner, over.
Hang in there, sir.
Stop. It's giving me the creeps.
Don't. I'll get nightmares.
You asked
for "Paranormal Activity".
Now you want parental guidance?
Should we go on or not?
The last hotel I worked for was scarier.
It's haunted.
Nobody lives on the 13th floor.
The paintings in the
hallway are really scary.
Every day at 6 p.m. someone will swap them.
Swap what?
The ghostbusters.
I didn't hear that
Forget it.
The room at the end was really haunted.
Screw you.
Don't say it or I can't sleep tonight.
If you can't sleep,
I'll do you a favour and sleep with you.
If you still can't sleep,
I'll sleep with you again.
Fuck you.
Hear that?
Is that a promise? I have witnesses.
You must keep your word.
Don't worry, he's bullshitting.
I swear. That cop lives downstairs from me.
He said the Police put the OCTB in charge
and followed the car owner for a month.
They suspect murder.
- Then what happened?
- Don't ask if you're scared.
They suspected the corpse
had been in the car
and the ghost came back to tell the story.
But they found nothing after a few months.
OCTB didn't know
how to write the report.
They told the guard
to say it's a mistake and closed file.
That's absurd.
Your turn, Enunch.
This is awesome.
Stop the spiel and get on with it.
Last Friday was creepy
Stop it. You're such an asshole.
You know what I'm going to say?
What else happened to you last week?
Does it have anything to do with you?
No, but I still think he's an asshole.
Talking behind someone's back, that's low.
If you don't want me to say it, I won't.
Did you plan this? Leaving us in suspense?
Don't blame yourself, we're here.
Tell us the story.
We'll take a vote to decide
if you're an asshole.
It's really none of my business.
You decide if I should tell them.
- Hurry up.
- Go ahead.
It's none of my business.
I'll pretend I didn't hear you.
Keep this to yourselves, OK?
Last Friday, our client, a fucking pain,
who thinks anything cheap is distasteful
and anything high end is incomprehensible.
Finally, the work was done.
We decided to
Let's order Chateau Latour
on company expenses.
Definitely. It costs only $20,000.
Order it.
Excuse me.
Yes, sir?
Chateau Latte?
- Not latte.
- Watch it.
Chateau Latour, 1982.
OK, right away.
Chateau Latte?
Yeah, give him a cup of coffee.
Get to the point.
- This is the point.
- What point?
This was so weird, you better believe it.
His girlfriend Vivian
arrived after the wine.
The class overran, I couldn't get a cab.
- You should have called me.
- It's OK.
What class?
Mr, Chateau Latour.
- How extravagant.
- Eunuch's treat.
You're welcome.
Right down your alley, try it.
- Allow me.
- Madam.
Did you ask how much this is?
About $20,000.
You're kidding.
Keep up the good work, or no next time.
Hurry up, taste it.
- $50$100$150.
- Every drop costs money.
That's about $1,000.
More than that.
I was sitting next to Jimmy
so I didn't see it at first
I followed her stare
and saw Vivian's bracelet.
- Guess what I saw?
- What?
Something was caught in the bracelet.
A pube.
No fucking way.
It's true.
Or maybe it was Jimmy's.
True, you can say that.
If she was shagging a Chinese,
you can say that.
But this is different.
That particular pube
was blonde.
- Blonde?
- Gross.
The follicle attached was enormous.
You noticed?
She's caught shagging a gweilo.
We found out later
it was the French Creative Director
from head office.
What's so paranormal or scary about it?
Easy for you to say.
Imagine out in public
all his co-workers were there.
Some guy's pube is caught
in his chick's bracelet.
You'd be scared too.
How can he show his face?
You're a real
asshole for using real names.
You're pathetic.
You wanted to hear it.
Keep this to yourselves.
What about your sick gag the next day?
Now you want to talk about that?
Why not? You told them the rest.
I said the reason she tried to learn French
was not "c'est la vie",
but "c'est la jizz".
That's so lame.
Lame but perceptive.
That's too lame.
What's so lame?
He told a sick joke.
You're late
Jimmy Cheung.
I was on the phone.
You're Jimmy Cheung?
Yes, you are
Cherie Yu.
It was a horror story.
How bad?
Very bad.
Shit I have to go.
The pizza is getting cold.
That's half an hour ago.
We won't order from you.
The shithead is gone We have a meeting.
I must get back to the restaurant.
What's going on? Is it me? Joseph?
That's it for me.
I have to go.
Are you new?
I work for Sephora.
There's a Sephora nearby?
2 blocks away.
That's a long way from here.
My super won't let us smoke.
She thinks
smoking is bad for the skin.
So I had to come here.
And you?
I work with Patty and Eunuch.
I know.
You know?
You just said it.
It's your dad, it's your aunt
it's your brother, it's younger brother
Hello? I'm coming.
That's my super, got to go.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What's your view on the smoke-free policy?
It has its good points.
There are more places to pick up girls.
It used to be hard for people
from different companies to meet girls.
You only meet those you work with.
From a zoological perspective,
inbreeding is risky.
Look at Jimmy and Vivian.
With more smokers'dens nearby
you can meet people who gather for a smoke.
That's quite swell.
I didn't know them very well.
But now I know everyone
from these buildings.
Is the Smoking Ordinance a good thing?
Can't say I agree
but at least there's one good thing.
What I just said can all happened
within office hours.
That's not bad.
What do you think of Cherie and Jimmy?
5 words sum it up:
"It's Brad Pitt hooked up with Angelina".
That's so low.
It's crazy.
That's 7 words.
That's 5.
"It's Brad Pitt hooked up with Angelina."
That's 5.
"It's Brad Pitt hooked up with Angelina".
Was I wrong?
Have some chicken wings, they're hot.
How nice.
Come on.
You go ahead,
you young people have the quota.
- They're good.
- Aren't they?
Here comes Jelly.
It's Cherie.
How can a kettle call a pot black?
- I'm better. Want some chicken wings?
- Sure.
- They're delicious.
- Not bad.
You'll get a complaint.
Nobody would bother.
If they do,
I'll just say we messed up the order.
It happens all the time.
Want a pizza next time?
- Yes. Thick crust.
- Bring something less fattening.
Can I have a Coke?
I don't even know your name.
Bitto, but you can use my nickname.
What's that?
Don't you know?
Damned Paki.
You got fucking mad when I told the joke.
I can tell the joke but you fucking can't.
And you think you can call me Joe Shit?
There's no prejudice involved.
It's an objective description of
bodily waste.
Fuck you. What do you know about me?
You can't blame anyone.
It's in your name, Joseph.
You can't blame anyone, Joe Shit.
It's my Christian name.
A father named me that.
The Lord made you that way.
You should thank the father.
I won't get mad with you.
You and your co-workers are quite unique.
Is everyone in advertising so mean?
I agree.
Who are you calling mean?
This trio are genuine assholes.
- Them.
- You're the worst.
Gotta blow now. Have a job to do.
- What did you say?
- Gotta blow. Have a job to do.
Got a blow job to do?
An errand, asshole.
- Which way are you going?
- Over there.
I'll go with you.
Go ahead, do him
a good job.
Serve you right, you cunt.
What job is he doing?
That's pathetic.
The pathetic trio.
- Us?
- You're No. 4.
Beat him up.
I have seen you before.
You have? When?
Were you at the karaoke last week?
How do you know?
I saw you at the 7-Eleven
across the street.
No way. You remember that?
You were totally wasted.
Four bucks.
Four Jacks.
It's four dollars, sir.
Four Kings.
The chewing gum is
Four dollars, sir.
Four Aces.
Drink up.
I was there? I can't remember.
I haven't seen anyone that wasted
since I was 22.
How old are you?
How old are you?
You seem gentle, but talk like an asshole.
I'm a little bit older than you.
Do you know
why there are no UFOs in Hong Kong
but there are sightings everywhere else?
Of course not in Hong Kong.
You can't see them with
all these skyscrapers.
Buildings are not as tall in other places.
They're easier to see.
You like UFOs?
I'm just curious.
Yes. Have you heard
there was a UFO in Wah Fu Estate?
- You're lying.
- It's true.
About 40 years ago,
they said it had come
real close to Wah Fu Estate.
But they didn't call it UFO back then.
They called it an epiphany of Bodhisattva.
I can look it up on the
internet for you tonight.
Email it to me.
Fine, give me your email address.
Arm channel?
That's right.
I can't type Chinese.
It's a-r-m, c-h-a-n-n-e-l.
What the heck?
That's so hard to remember.
Give me your phone number, I'll SMS you.
You want my phone number?
That's a lame excuse.
You're delusional.
I'd ask you directly.
I'll send it to you if I find it.
How old were you?
Around 20 21.
He was a friend of a friend's.
He used to hang out
at football pitch for a smoke.
I didn't smoke
but I needed an excuse.
So I started to smoke.
I found out what brand he smoked.
I was fine at the beginning
because I wasn't really smoking.
I didn't inhale the smoke.
I wanted him to know
we smoked the same brand.
I made such a fuss until
finally he noticed me.
We started talking
and he taught me how to smoke.
You can say it was
love in a puff for us.
One time, he asked me out.
He told me he wanted to quit smoking.
I asked him why.
He said he met a girl
who didn't want him to.
I felt devastated
but had to act real cool.
I said, "Good for you".
He found his reason to quit but I didn't.
So I kept on smoking.
Did you email me?
- Come on.
- Fuck.
I better place another bet.
Not home yet.
What are you doing?
You're here to eat or play?
None of your fucking business.
What the heck?
I like this kid.
He has guts and is not an ass kisser.
The company needs you.
A toast to you, Blackie.
You're cool. Be nice to him.
Having hotpot, and you?
Have you heard about Jeffrey
at the diner?
Haven't you heard?
It's like an IQ question.
In a karaoke for a friend's birthday.
Not that again.
- It's so gross.
- Zipped.
- Let's go for a drag.
- Let's go.
New girl?
Like Blackie said,
"none of your fucking business".
Watch out for cancer
of your thumbs.
Fuck you.
A bit bored.
Want to take a walk?
Four Aces.
What's this?
Costume party for a friend's birthday.
What's inside?
Fucking hell. You should show them off.
And scare the kids? Are you nuts?
Where should we go?
I have no idea, let's keep walking.
Boys never know where they're going.
No. 1, I'm not a boy anymore.
No. 2, we're only killing time.
We came out for a walk.
No. 3, same here I'm out to kill time.
No. 4, I'm out of smokes.
Let's go get some.
- Can I have
- Can I have
The 5th pack,
on the second row from the left.
Wrinkled Capri slims for the lady.
$29, want some mints for $5?
No, thanks.
Get the third pack from the right.
Impotent Lucky Strike menthol for the gent.
Thank you.
29 bucks.
Watch out.
Hold this.
They're so happy.
Going to work and going home together.
How do you know they're happy?
No? Simple and sweet.
Your brains are simple.
They're not selling stickers.
Then what?
Stickers at 10 o'clock at night?
Are you nuts?
For who? Kids from night school?
Or people who came out for a late snack?
Parents who get off late
will buy them for their kids.
Turn around and take a look.
Who'd buy those dusty stickers?
They're not selling anything, let's go.
- Don't look.
- What?
They're staring at you.
- They're the observatory.
- What observatory?
- You don't know?
- No.
If anyone is selling illicit cigarettes
or porno DVDs nearby,
they'll put out a stand for lookout
and alert the others when there are cops.
It's been there forever.
They don't even bother
to change the stickers.
You're making this up.
Are you paranoid?
Aren't you tired of this conspiracy theory?
It's not just what I think.
Don't take things at their face values.
- You don't believe me?
- Of course I do.
Officer, everyone on this
street is a criminal.
Go make your arrest.
- Come here.
- What?
Let's watch.
I guarantee they don't sell stickers.
See? I told you someone will buy.
But the woman doesn't wait on him.
She ignored him.
He's gone
A snail.
What are you doing, you pervert.
It'll be fine.
Stop it, pervert.
Here it comes.
Leave it alone.
Stop it.
Did you drop this cigarette butt?
Sorry, I'm Japanese.
Hong Kong
can smoke.
Smoke, OK?
No but here this place, this area
cannot smoke.
Cannot smoke.
So big?
Tell him, he can't smoke.
I'm Japanese, she's Korean.
She's Korean?
Welcome to Hong Kong.
You two lovers?
Yes, lovers.
Japanese and Korean very match.
Welcome to Hong Kong, enjoy the trip.
Remember, no smoking.
Enjoy the trip.
It's your brother, it's your mom,
it's your dad, it's your aunt.
You're toying with me?
Come back, Pointed Tits.
- It's the men's loo.
- Don't worry.
How could you? Korean?
I was scared.
What is it?
You should quit smoking.
Don't worry, I'm fine.
You called me?
Your boyfriend?
No, my friends want me
back to cut the cake.
Where are you going?
I'm back.
What took you so long?
You went for a drag in Shenzhen?
I brought a friend come in.
Jimmy Cheung.
That's why you don't want cake
you have him.
Screw you.
Sit down.
- Is it raining outside?
- Yes.
- Who is he?
- A friend.
- Want a beer?
- Have a drink.
What do you do?
- Advertising.
- Advertising.
Drink up.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Chun Chun
Happy birthday to you
Cut the tits.
For the shape.
Eat the pink part, you'll turn pink.
What? Me?
Give it to your friend.
Happy times fly by.
Like the clouds in the sky.
The deep concern seems nonchalant.
Even eternity comes to an end.
I'm surprised to see the
concern in your eyes.
Half a dozen of beer.
I can dodge the storm with a smile.
Your smile chases away my worries.
- Let's sing.
- Don't be silly.
I can't sing.
Otherwise I'd be in talent show already.
Give him a round of applause.
Will you remember the dance last night.
Losing the love last night.
Saying goodbye to a smile.
You still seem to care.
Happy times fly by.
Like the clouds in the sky.
The deep concern seems nonchalant.
Even eternity comes to an end.
I'm surprised to see the
concern in your eyes.
I can dodge the storm with a smile.
Almost Bye.
What is it?
My My boyfriend is picking me up.
He was supposed to be working.
For what? Don't be silly.
I have to go,
I have to get up early tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Yes, and you?
Not yet, I'm at the bar with friends.
I thought you needed to get up early.
My friend wants to go,
I have nothing to do anyway.
Happy Friday,
have fun with the pretty girls.
Want something to eat?
I'm not hungry, are you?
- A bit.
- I'll fix it for you.
Yes, I'm single and free.
Are you off tomorrow?
Why should I be off tomorrow?
You promised to take my
computer to the shop.
Yes, I said Saturday.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
It is? I have to work tomorrow.
I told you to take time off.
I can't move it myself.
Computer problems are simple.
Get someone to come over and fix it.
I don't know these people, you don't care?
Why should I?
I only have a problem
if he's a plumber.
Don't we have bowls?
Eating noodles is simple. It's just
the same eating at it from the pot.
Are you there?
Go home now, see you tomorrow.
See you later.
Tell us about Eunuch,
and your relationship with him?
Will anyone see this?
We've been together
around 2 years.
That's right, 2 years.
My relationship with him
is like back in school.
He's like a boyfriend
whose mother is a witch.
Getting off work is like
getting out of class.
He must go home.
Between us
we have all these school rules.
He must go home right after school.
I can't call him at home.
I remember I wanted to leave him.
I couldn't stand it anymore.
Too much happened during those 6 months
I couldn't take it.
I told him we're through.
I didn't want to be with him anymore.
He said something that made me feel
He said
meeting me
is a blessed thing.
The word "blessed"
is predestined.
I'm blessed or maybe he's blessed.
When I heard that
In your life,
finding someone you love is hard.
If you found him
no matter what, you should
give it a try.
Or you'll regret it.
You're not in uniform?
I'm off. Saturday is usually my day off.
Why are you here then?
You said: See you tomorrow.
This is tomorrow.
I thought you're working today.
I didn't know you're off.
You came all the way here?
No, just passing by.
What are you doing tonight?
Is this a date?
No I'm asking what you're doing tonight?
Is this a date?
You're crazy. I'm just checking
It is a date
- Don't be a pain. OK
- Where are we going?
I don't know yet.
Damn. You don't even mean it.
Talk is cheap.
What do you mean?
That's my ex
- I know.
- You do?
I can tell from your face. You look gloomy.
How long have you split up?
Since last week.
Does she have high body temperature?
She's not wearing much.
Maybe. It's because of the gweilo.
Gweilos don't mind sharing.
French are particularly open.
You know he's French?
looks French.
Look at him.
So Francais.
What are you talking about?
Francais means
Some body parts are
particularly long.
Like the nose.
Not really, it's about the same.
Maybe certain things are not the same.
You're asking for trouble.
Why? You're not confident?
Why get so fumed up?
I mean his hair only.
- Do you
- What?
- Do you feel insecure?
- No.
Must be embarrassing to see them every day.
Your smile is so forced.
What else can I do? Beat him up?
I know what.
Come with me.
- Where to?
- Just come with me.
- Is this better?
- How much better?
No Francais and no muggers.
Officers, here for a drag?
Are you nuts? You'll get busted.
No big deal. I'm just kidding.
What's this? You're into "impotence" too?
- Goes well with you.
- Up yours.
It's OK.
Come here.
This is impotence.
This is erection.
I can keep it up.
How imbecile can you get?
This is so imbecile.
Look at this.
Dating Jimmy
is like going out
with a kid
who never grows up, too playful at times.
I like to play a lot too.
When I first met him
It's like we're meant to be together.
For a while, we lived together.
He liked to buy ice cream.
Whenever we went to a store
to get ice cream to go,
the clerk always asked how
much dry ice we wanted.
Every time he would say
enough to last 2 hours.
He would take a huge pack home.
For what? I didn't know.
It turned out he had this thing
about pouring dry ice down the john
so smoke would come gushing out.
He was happy to see that.
After a while, it got boring.
It's the same every time.
The smoke wouldn't change.
Where are you?
I told you across the street.
Why made it so complicated?
Just tell me across from Victoria Motel.
I didn't know you only know love motels.
- Let's go see a movie.
- I can't.
- Why not?
- I'm with a friend.
- Who's Brenda?
- The one in red.
Don't you remember?
At the karaoke last night,
you called her "Deep V
but No Tits," remember?
Right. Deep V but No Tits.
Tell her to come along.
No, she's waiting for a friend.
So? That's none of your business.
She met a Taiwanese on Facebook
who fancies her.
No way.
She looks OK in her profile picture.
The dude emails her all the time.
It's good. She hasn't had
a date for a few years.
Looks longer than that.
He digs her and she digs him.
He's in town for a day for a meeting.
They're supposed to meet up tonight.
Where at?
Hotel LKF on Wyndham Street.
The dude has a meeting.
They met at the hotel lobby at 7pm.
He's at his meeting and
will meet her for dinner.
She was so nervous. We went with her.
Will this work?
Might work.
Why not wait till after
his meeting?
He wanted to say hello first.
In case it gets too late.
It's after 10pm. Did he call?
Not yet.
Did she call him?
He said his SIM card
didn't work in Hong Kong.
Only he has Brenda's number.
Bullshit. Taiwanese SIM cards work here.
This isn't Japan.
I don't know.
Can your phone go online?
I want to see her Facebook picture.
The truth is so obvious. He copped out.
- What do you mean?
- Like rejecting girls at nightclubs.
You go there all the time?
It's in the movies.
I don't think so.
Maybe he's still in a meeting.
He came all the way. He wants something.
He wants a free ride.
That's Angelina Jolie.
This is Ugly Betty.
I'd skip out if I were him.
And save my dinner cash.
Look at your pal.
She's a prune.
When the dude saw her in the lobby.
What could he have said?
You lied to me bitch?
He couldn't.
You can't blame him.
Your pal is guilty of fraud.
If you're her pal,
tell her to stop waiting.
Trust me, he's not coming.
How? She digs him.
She won't believe it.
Then tell your friend to do it.
It's me don't look.
She still thinks
the guy will call?
Get out here for a drag.
She's coming.
You're here too.
He knows?
I saw the picture, he's not coming.
What did I fucking tell you?
Then what? Talk to her.
No way.
3 glasses of lemon tea kill my stomach.
Speaking of which, it really hurts.
You talk to her, she doesn't know you.
No way. I've had enough of this shit.
You know her better.
What are you girls up to?
When you're blind, you can't see a thing.
You know Cherie has a boyfriend?
I do.
Then don't toy with her.
At least get lost when you're done.
If you get serious,
it'll be a pain.
And you're her pal? How can you say that?
It's for her own good.
Are you ok? It's his loss.
Your pal is guilty of false representation.
You're so pretty,
someone will appreciate you.
Are you sure?
- She said she's pretty.
- Shut up.
She said she's pretty. Did you hear that?
That's outrageous.
I'll take her home.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Don't be upset.
My condolences.
She said she's pretty. That's too much.
- Where are you going?
- Home.
Where's home?
Lyttelton Road.
Where's that?
Further up from Bonham Road.
Rich girl.
I'm living with someone.
How do you get back?
I'll take a cab.
Do you mind walking?
I won't get home till dawn if I walk.
I mean walk me to my car,
I'll drop you.
That's more like it.
You're kidding.
Wait here, I'll bring the car around.
I'm trapped.
Let me out.
Help me.
I'm dying.
Let me out
Anyone out there?
Cherie Yu
Screw you.
You scared me to death.
You're still breathing.
You think this is funny?
Hey Hey
Did you plan this?
No, not until I saw the blinking light.
You heard Bitto's story?
He tells it every time
there's a girl around.
I heard it zillions of times.
You need a bigger flame.
I've wised up.
One time I lit a cigarette for a girl.
The flame was too big and
her hair caught on fire.
That's pathetic. You didn't see her?
You mean her cleavage or her hair?
You can turn it up for me.
I have no cleavage to distract you.
You have a bit.
How do you know? You have X-ray eyes?
- What?
- Run.
My brother paid a $1,500 fine
for smoking in the back stairs.
Are you OK? I'm sorry.
Does it still hurt?
Who was that?
A friend.
The one who dropped you off.
I told you, a friend.
What kind of friend would send you this?
What did he do to you that will hurt?
You read my SMS?
Are you out of your mind?
Of course you don't want me to.
He wants to know if it still hurts.
He burnt my neck with a cigarette. Look.
Look at what? Your hickey?
The guy who dropped you off,
was he at KK's birthday party?
Get off it.
Your pictures are posted on Facebook.
I told you he's just a friend.
Really? What kind of friend
would inflict pain on you?
This is absurd.
Last Friday, where were you after work?
Were you with him?
What are you saying?
Where were you?
What do you mean where was I?
Where were you on the 13th?
I went to get my contraceptive shot.
I told you, remember?
Don't raise your voice.
What are you hiding?
What's there to hide about the shot?
Thanks to you, I need those shots.
Why don't you ask me if it hurts?
Don't change the subject,
that's not my question.
Why? You can accuse me of hiding something
but I can't about you?
Because you won't use a condom
I need those shots.
You think it doesn't hurt?
Probably not as much as what he did to you.
We didn't do anything.
You didn't or you haven't?
Give me your phone.
Well, you can't deny it anymore.
- You work around here?
- Thereabouts.
- Your beat is around here?
- Thereabouts.
Waiting for someone?
Yes and you? Playing hooky?
No, just exchanging tips on crime fighting.
Why don't you call him?
It's nothing fixed.
Not sure if I'll run into him.
I have to go.
- You're not waiting?
- Bye.
They're all wrong.
What are you saying?
There's something.
I said no.
No? KK told me everything last night.
How did you meet him?
You're out of your mind.
He's just a friend.
Don't listen to KK.
That reminds me, you should talk.
Why did you post our pictures on Facebook?
Why not if there's nothing between you?
Carl saw them and he raised hell.
No way. It was just for fun
with no hugs or kisses.
He can't be that spiteful.
I'm sure there's more to it.
Did you?
Of course not.
You didn't or you haven't?
We met only 5 days ago.
So? What will happen will happen.
- How long have you been with Carl?
- 5 years.
Are you getting married?
It never came up. It's been so long.
I can't be bothered with the arrangements.
It's exhausting to break in someone new.
Give yourself a choice.
Time is not the issue, it's compatibility.
Watch your fingers.
It's heavy.
Tell the super I'm taking
the rest of the day off.
To do what?
I don't want to waste my time.
Is your shop down the
footbridge to the right?
Yes, I'm not there now, I took the day off.
Why? You're not feeling well?
Are you busy tonight?
Is this a date?
It's light.
I thought I had more things to pack.
Turns out I don't.
Why are you moving?
- Thanks to you.
- Me?
Your SMS asking me if it still hurts.
Carl read it
and wanted to know what you did.
Don't you have anything to ask me?
Did you get my SMS?
The one asking me if it still hurts?
No, the one after that.
The one with the weird code?
- Get in.
- What?
Nothing. Get in.
What did you say?
Never mind.
- What?
- You weren't even listening.
I'm listening now, what is it?
You don't mind?
Mind what?
I'm older than you.
But I'm taller.
Where are we going?
I don't know Where do you want to go?
Why always answer a
question with a question?
Make up your own mind, Mr. Cheung.
Because I respect you.
Then I respect your wishes tonight.
I'll go wherever you want to go.
Where do you want to go?
Viva Villa Love Motel
Did the Indian say how
long the wait would be?
Half an hour.
What is it?
An ashtray for you.
How bad are your eyes?
How bad?
One eye is -5.0, the other one -7.0.
You look cute without glasses.
I look cute too with glasses.
Can you see me? Can you see me?
Of course. I'm not blind.
Damn. It won't work.
I want to take a bath but there's no door.
Turn around.
Turn around, just do it.
This is crazy.
You Have you been here before?
Are you sure?
Of course I'm sure.
And you? You come here all the time?
Long time ago when I was in school.
I was living in Wah Fu Estate.
The girl lived in Sheung Shui.
This is a midpoint.
She can take the train from Kowloon Tong.
What is it? Asthma?
Are you OK?
For what?
Hey You should quit.
A smoker quits smoking?
You should.
Will you do it with me?
No one is doing it with anyone.
I'll race you, one cigarette a day.
I don't believe you.
We'll start tomorrow.
We'll see.
You have hairy hands.
I had a dream last night.
You were smoking in the alley
but in a weird way.
Are you asleep?
Why don't you take a bath?
I only need to rest up a bit.
We don't need to do
everything in one night.
We're in no hurry.
We should get back.
Wait till I finish this.
It's 10 minutes till
But the meeting overran by 20 minutes.
Maybe that guy had lunch before he came.
He was such a nag.
We're calling from the
Market Research Center.
Can you spare a few minutes
to do a questionnaire
on HK people's sexual habits?
What's this?
will you switch to another network?
What? Yes.
There's a surcharge for inter-network SMS.
I just got my phone bill.
This week's charge is more
than last month's bill.
I want to switch to your network.
I'll do that at lunch.
I need to commit 18 months.
Are you sure you won't switch?
I don't have a contract.
Most probably
I won't switch.
Then I'll sign up.
Are you still there?
Yes, I'm in a meeting.
I'll let you get back to work.
She's switching networks.
I thought you just broke up.
I don't know.
He met her in the alley last week,
a cosmetics salesgirl.
She's switching to your network?
You met her
a few days ago.
- Be careful of someone so aggressive.
- I agree.
What are you doing?
Save some walking.
You're crazy.
It's OK.
Put it out, he's fucking coming.
Sir, what is this?
Please take a sip.
Go ahead.
Sorry, you can't smoke here.
Please go outside.
I can't?
You shouldn't have told him, silly.
After you've switched,
just leave the phone in front of him.
Let him find out himself. He'll be touched.
If you don't tell him,
at least it won't turn him off.
If you say,
Baby, I did this for you.
Imagine the pressure.
I didn't say "Baby".
Men are assholes.
They get scared if you're nice to them.
Just like me.
I was so nice to my husband, he ran off.
Wanna Smoke?
He takes liberties with me all the time.
I usually just put up with it
but when I brought him tea this morning
the creep touched my breasts.
Like this and tried to come near me.
I was so shocked I poured
the tea on his dick.
That's vicious.
You have my vote, you did the right thing.
I'll tell her to do the
same to you tonight.
Her? Get someone else.
Will you get someone else?
How about him?
Him? He wouldn't dare.
What's up?
A lecherous customer
touched her tits.
He thought by paying a few bucks,
he got the song and dance.
I poured tea on his dick.
Then what happened?
It's fucking cooked.
He wanted to complain,
so I called the manager
and threatened to sue him for molestation.
He backed down and said it's an accident.
She's giving you the song and dance.
One day I was in the elevator,
I saw something worse.
This girl was standing in the elevator.
A man she didn't know
rubbed his dick on her.
How did he rub his dick on her?
I have to go.
- You don't want to hear it?
- Already?
- He rubbed his dick
- Where to?
Back to work.
I'll go with you after I finish this.
No, you go a different way.
What's your rush?
I don't want crap from the super.
What's going on?
What do you mean?
What's going on?
Don't look at me.
No? Who else but you?
Where are you?
Shall I pick you up?
No, I'm almost there.
See you in the alley.
Just the two of us.
I have a lunch appointment,
how about after lunch?
Let's play it by ear. Bye.
You're welcome.
I'll leave you alone.
Sorry, I'm late.
It's OK. We haven't fixed anything.
Did you get my SMS?
You didn't answer.
It's too expensive.
Besides it makes no difference.
It doesn't cost that much.
Didn't you switch networks?
No, KK said it's cheaper next month.
I'm in no hurry.
You know him?
We spoke.
He won't stop staring at you.
How would you know if
you didn't stare back?
He lit your cigarette.
You lit mine on the first day we met.
That was different.
No it's not.
Whatever you say.
Right there is a difference.
- What?
- Things have changed.
- What?
- Everything has changed.
Sometimes it's not exactly love.
Perhaps it's just a crush.
After meeting someone,
you'll know if she's just a friend
or something beyond that.
When you love someone.
You'd want to tell her.
You'd think about it.
But while you're thinking,
she's not into you anymore.
When you're over her,
she comes back to you.
It happens all the time.
At least to me.
That's why I think
I don't know.
I'd try to get her attention rather
than tell her I love her.
How do you say those things anyway?
It's tough.
I love you I don't love you.
For public health reasons,
I propose we increase tobacco duty
by 50% with immediate effect.
The duty of cigarettes will increase,
from around 80 cents to $1 .2 per stick.
We will also continue
to step up our efforts.
On smoking cessation as well as
Eunuch? It's Jimmy.
Yes, before midnight.
The price goes up after midnight.
Don't go there, I already looked.
They're sold out.
Can you get them over there?
No, I'm still looking over here.
Get some for me if you see it.
I'll pay you back later.
Buy as many as you can.
Capri slim.
Lucky Strike menthols.
How many?
Everything you have.
Still smoking?
Not worried about impotence?
I'm not if you're not.
$551 for you, Miss.
You don't have enough. You only have $420.
I'll pay you back.
Don't bother.
- Sir.
- How much?
You don't have enough either.
Together or separate?
- Separate.
- Together.
Today is No Plastic Bag Day.
50 cents for each bag.
You bought a lot.
What are you doing later?
Buying cigarettes, the price is going up.
Let's go together.
Why not?
You found any over there?
No, nothing over here either.
You found any over there?
Luck? Any Lucky Strike menthols?
Yes, we're still going
around looking for more.
OK. Bye.
Go to Tai Wai
What for?
KK said few people bought
cigarettes over there.
We went from Hong Kong to Kowloon,
now the New Territories?
I don't know the way.
I know you don't, but I do.
I'll take you.
What do you mean you know I don't?
You don't look you know where to go.
About what?
Yesterday the cop who lit your cigarette,
he's cute.
I was mad.
Was I stupid or what?
Somewhat stupid.
Why are you mad?
I'm not.
That's good.
I'm fine.
We met only a week ago.
I went to your friend's birthday party.
You broke up with your
boyfriend because of me.
Then we went to that
It's a bit too soon.
I don't know what I'm doing.
What do you mean?
You're a grown man, how can you not know?
Don't get all huffy.
That's not what I mean.
Forget it.
- What?
- Nothing.
What's going on?
What is it?
What is it?
The car broke down.
Hello? My car broke down
towards Tai Wai.
I passed a flyover and a pier.
I don't know the exact address.
I passed a flyover and a
pier, towards Tai Wai.
Yes Black Land Rover.
License plate LS6924.
LS6924, yes.
How long will it take?
Thank you Bye.
I thought you wanted to quit.
What happened to one cigarette a day?
I don't know how many you had
or whether you're serious.
You have asthma.
If you can't quit it,
how would anyone care about you?
I didn't say I wouldn't quit.
But you said you had no reason to quit.
You never come right out to say anything.
I don't know what you're saying.
I don't know what you're saying either.
Then forget it.
I don't even know if you are
Yes, I am.
I don't feel it. You never said anything.
- I did.
- When?
If you're not ready to
start a relationship,
it's OK, Jimmy Cheung.
Just spit it out, I'll understand.
I'm 3 years older than you.
I don't have time for guessing games.
I don't understand your conspiracy theories
about everybody.
I really don't. I'm tired. Get it?
I'm simple and straightforward.
What are you doing?
What are you looking for?
Let's quit after this one.
What about those?
Leave it we're in no hurry.
I'm actually 4 years older than you.
Hello, KK?
I got a great bargain for you.
You take Capri slim?
You can have my lot at 30% discount.
Eunuch? It's Jimmy.
I want to ask you something.
How about switching to
Lucky Strike menthols?
I want to get rid of my lot.
More than ten cartons.
I miss you.
Watch out, it'll burn your hands.
I'm fine.
- Incredible.
- Isn't it?
It's heavenly.
It's like taking a dump in heaven.
When did you fall in love with me?
What do you mean?
There must be a time.
You followed me when I
said I had a job to do.
I found out your shop was not on the way.
That means you fell for me first
and not the other way round.
Shut the hell up.
Am I right?
Not bad.
Viva Villa
You go to a love motel only
when you dig someone.
Never crossed my mind.
That day was spooky.
There was this gust of wind.
I shuddered and followed you inside.
I didn't know why.
Why that night?
Remember I had an asthma attack?
Remember what you said afterwards?
- You said
- What?
We don't need to do
everything in one night.
We're in no hurry.
I was touched.
You didn't go there for a screw.
Anyone else would have
screwed my brains out.
That's when I realized
you're a nice guy
and you were good to me.
That's all.
I'll tell you something.
Promise you won't get mad.
Try me.
- Just tell me.
- I want you to promise.
OK, tell me.
That night,
It's not that I didn't want to
but after I got out of the car
It's not that I didn't want to
but I couldn't
because it hurt like hell.
You asshole.
Switching networks is nothing.
I had to look after her fucking dog
as she said pets were not allowed
in public estates.
Every day after work,
I had to feed her dog and clean its mess.
And the worst part?
Since her dog was not allowed outside,
she said it's sad for it to hold it in.
So I had to help it jerk off.
She never helped me jerk off for once
but I had to do it to her dog.
Do you think it's too quick for us?
It doesn't really matter.
I was with Carl for 5 years.
He promised to take me to Venice.
Till the day we split up.
We haven't even been to
the Venetian in Macau.
Men like to talk.
Soon another year is up.
I'm used to it.
Another year is almost up.
That's right.
Love is
Can't say I don't believe in it.
I just don't believe in
love that lasts.
I think love is
like milk.
There's an expiry date.
Before the expiry date,
we enjoy the passion,
we enjoy each other
How should I say it?
We enjoy being happy together.
But he
Like I said he
Then she told me she missed the dog
and wanted to come visit.
She went into my room
and found excuses to bring things over,
things that were there to stay.
It's gone.
Everything is gone.
No fucking thing is left.
No friends, no freedom, no life.
She owns me 24 hours a day.
And I have to take good care of the dog.
How are you, King Kong?
Having fun, King Kong?
Shall we go, King Kong?
Let's go home and jerk off, OK?
OK? Not bad.
Let's go, King Kong.
Let's go home and jerk off.
What is it?
What's going on?
Turn that off.
Turn off that thing.
Where are you from?
No recording.
We want to do a simple interview.
No recording.
Turn it off.
It'll only take 5 minutes.
Turn that off first.
Show me your I. D.
Take a deep breath and try again.
But he