Love in Design (2018) Movie Script

- Morning, Hannah.
- Why does this place
always smell so good?
- We got some new flavors,
fresh out of the oven.
What can I get for ya?
- Uh, they're all so pretty.
Like mini works of art.
I think I'm gonna
need three of each.
- Ah, good choice.
If you haven't tried the frosted
mango yet there's one left.
- Never fails, start
and end of every season.
- Well, I don't know, it
just seems like everybody
works so hard, you know?
I think we deserve--
- Frosted mango?
- Dessert for breakfast.
And since it's been such a
good season, it's all you.
- Mm.
- Right?
- It's so good.
- Donuts.
- So what are you
gonna do this weekend?
- You mean for my break?
- It's only four whole days.
- I'll take what I can get.
- Good morning, Hannah.
- Hey.
- Okay, we've got
to get rolling.
We're shooting in two minutes.
- Okay, you've got it.
Ugh, I hope they love it.
- Oh, they always do.
Almost always.
Oh, before I forget,
Wally wants to
meet with us tomorrow
morning, 9:00 a.m.
I know it's cutting
into your break so--
- Why?
- At the network.
Don't worry, I know
you always think
it's a bad thing.
- He's the head of the network.
He only goes into the office
when he wants to fire people.
- Trust me, we're fine.
Okay, our ratings are
still pretty solid.
Okay, sliding a
little, but he said
he just wants to
discuss some changes.
- Changes?
- Hannah, as you're
most amazing friend
and talented producer,
I'm tellin you,
you have nothing to
worry about, okay?
They love you, so just
go out there and--
- Be bold but not too bold.
- Wally's phrasing, not
mine, but yeah, pretty much.
You've got this.
Okay guys, we're rolling.
- Welcome back to Love in Design
where every season we bring
outdated living spaces
kicking and screaming,
into the 21st century.
And in this tight urban space,
less was definitely more.
We cleared the clutter,
toned down the color palettes
and added some simple
clean lines to give
this apartment a
clean, sleek, modern,
yet rustic feel.
So, are you ready to
see how our clients feel
about their new modern home?
- It's amazing.
- It's exactly what we expected.
- And cut.
- Hey, Carol.
- Hey, Jeff.
- How you doin'?
- It's about time
you get in here.
- Yeah, you know, I'm
gonna get the usual.
- Club sandwich,
salad on the side.
- How do you remember this?
- Just good.
- Oh, you know what, I'm also
gonna do a small bowl of chili.
- It's not like you
to change things up.
- I know, first day
at the new job so
I kinda got more of an appetite.
I'm also hoping to
revive my morning
cycle routine again,
so turn up my protein
intake, you know?
- So you gonna tell me
what brought you home?
A little bit of both?
- Yeah, he's still
working on that second
part there.
- Oh come on, I've been in town
for two weeks and
you're riding me
on my relationship already.
- It's not me, that's
Ali and the kids.
- Oh yeah, yeah of course.
Hey, Carol.
I'm gonna have what he has.
- Chili, too?
- No, wait, who's having chili?
- Mm hmm, oh yeah.
- So, I was gonna get ya a
plant for your first day.
- You were?
- No, of course not.
Come on.
But I did get ya this.
Left over from the
sales conference.
A big hit.
- Hmm.
- It's good to have ya back.
- It's good to be back.
You know what, I
think I like this
better than the water
gun key chain you got me.
- Whoa.
Come on, on a hot day there
is no better gift, man.
- Says who?
- Ali and the kids.
- Hi, Wally's ready for you.
Right this way.
- Thank you.
- You know we love you.
We love the show,
that's not the issue.
- Okay, then why are we here?
- At this point,
we just think...
Your makeover show
needs a makeover.
To boost ratings.
- So we're not canceled.
- No!
Well not yet, anyway.
No, the home renovation
landscape on TV
is just way too
crowded right now.
So we need to find
a way to stand out
and grab more viewers.
And not just in the
metropolitan areas.
- Well, we can
certainly brainstorm
some ideas, maybe over lunch--
- Oh, it's already been decided.
We're moving the show
to your hometown,
for the first half
of season five.
- Who's hometown?
- Hannah's.
I know.
I know, I should've
run it by you first,
but it just came up.
- I'm sorry, have you
ever been to Lewisburg?
Little rural town that
doesn't really do modern.
- I wouldn't have
thought of it either,
if the owner of Lewisburg
Manor hadn't reached out.
Apparently um, Margot
wants to convert her
family's historic
manor into a B&B.
You know it, right?
- I used to give tours
there in high school.
Ahem, are you sure she
wants a modern makeover?
- Whatever she wants,
she wants you to do it.
A big fan of the show.
She also wants it
done in time for
the 150th anniversary
in five weeks.
That's their grand
opening and our natural
mid-season break.
- One makeover in five weeks--
- We usually do one an episode.
- Trust me, this way
you can go indepth,
get personal.
Let the audience get
to know you, Margot,
quaint townspeople.
Spruce things up a bit.
- I didn't realize that
that's the kind of thing
you were after.
- Well, we still
want you to be bold
but in your hometown, so
a little more personal.
But not too um...
- Personal?
- Personal.
- Exactly.
Any questions?
- Uh, just when do we leave?
- Hello there again.
Was that your boss calling?
- No, it was the
coordinator just confirming
flight times.
- So you don't
get any time off?
- It was just a little
break anyway, but...
You know, it's fine.
I am just glad
we're not canceled.
- Well if you ask me,
they're just lucky
to have you.
- Thanks mom.
But there are like
a million people
who would kill for this job.
I guess I just need
to try to give them
more of what they want.
- Well I'm sure you are
acing it, like you always do.
- I'm definitely
not acing it, Mom,
or the show wouldn't
need a makeover.
I'm excited to come home.
You know, the project
seems pretty easy
in the grand scheme of
things and, it'll be
like a working vacation.
Only at home.
With you and dad.
- Well your
room's all ready.
- Well the
show will put me up
so you don't have to worry.
- I know I don't, but,
a hotel is not home.
- Mom.
- And you are long
overdue a visit.
- Okay, as long as
you don't bring out
my unicorn comforter.
- Okay, I can go change that.
Oh, Hannah, before you get here,
I thought I should
mention that--
- Uh, shoot, gotta go.
See you soon.
- Well?
- I'll just tell her
when she gets here.
- The Preservation
Committee wants me
to oversee the renovation?
- I prefer to say, consult.
I know it's a little
different than
the work you were expecting but,
the committee can be a
little, particular.
- Well, that's why people
love this town, right?
- And they know you of
all people get that.
Three generations of family here
and a real drive to come back.
They just want you to make sure
that any changes are in
line with the town's history
and aesthetics,
especially since it's
one of the oldest
buildings here.
- Well, look, I'm flattered.
But you don't need the
city architect for this.
The rules won't let
them do anything
structural to the exterior.
- It's a fast project.
The committee just wants
someone on the ground.
- Why does this
seem like policing?
- It's just a quick
five week project
which is also why they
want someone who's
familiar with the property.
After this we can move
onto something more...
Up your alley.
- Okay, all right.
Who's doing the renovation?
- Do you watch a lot of TV?
- Oh boy.
- There she is.
- Oh my gosh, you guys
didn't have to do all this.
- I couldn't help it,
missed you so much.
- Oh, hi.
Oh my goodness.
- Hey, we're hugging.
- We're so happy to see you.
- You guys are amazing.
- Yep, we're heading there now.
Just a quick look to
see what we're in for
and connect with
the owner before
the whole circus
rolls in tomorrow.
We don't want to overwhelm
Margot on day one.
Okay, I'll let her know.
- Everything okay?
- Absolutely, they
just want us to
consult with the city architect.
- Who does?
- The local Preservation
Committee since
it's a historic building.
Sounds like it's
just a formality.
- People don't always
love change here.
- I think it's gonna
be a great little B&B.
- Thanks, mom.
- Oh and Julie, I
hope Hannah mentioned
that you were more
than welcome to stay
at our place, too.
- Oh, that's so
sweet of you, but I--
- Julie kind of loves
staying at hotels.
- I have to
admit, it's a perk
but I do love that
Hannah's staying with you.
- Oh good, because
she hasn't been home
in close to three years.
- Only because you
guys are so great
about visiting.
And I--
- And you're working
way too hard.
- Mm-hmm.
- I never said that.
- Are we here?
- We'll just go
run some errands.
We'll go to the store.
- Pick you up in an hour?
- Oh, you guys don't
have to come back.
We'll just get a
ride from production.
See you in an hour.
- See ya, hon.
- See ya later.
- Ready to change history?
- It's been interesting,
people's reaction.
- Well, a new B&B is
great for tourism.
- Yes, it is, but I get it.
It wasn't my plan either,
to change all this.
But after my husband
passed, I took a year away,
traveled and realized I didn't
want to stay stuck in the past.
He wouldn't have
wanted that for me.
Or this place.
So I just decided to
do something different
more social.
- Yeah.
- So this used to
be open for tours.
- Actually, Hannah was
one of our best guides.
Didn't always
stick to the rules.
- You?
- Well I can go rogue,
I mean, you know.
- Snuck a whole tour
group into the lounge.
Even though it was closed.
- I'm sorry, it had to be seen.
The way the light
was coming in through
the stained glass
window was stunning.
- See, that passion is
why everyone loved her.
- Now, that doesn't surprise me.
- And why I thought
your modern sensibility
might be exactly what we need.
Someone who knows this
place but could still
see beyond that.
- Thank you.
- I just can't
believe you'll both
be working here again.
After all these years.
- I'm sorry, both?
- Oh, there he is.
- Hey, Margot, how are ya?
- It looks like you
moved home just in time.
- Hi, I'm Jeff.
- Hi, Julie.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
So I'm guessing I'm
not the architect
that you were expecting.
- You could say that again.
- Oh, oh, you're that Jeff.
- Okay, I know it's
a small town but...
Wait a minute.
Why didn't you guys
tell me he moved back?
You must've known.
- I tried to.
- When?
- This morning.
- This morn...
You just found out this morning?
- Well okay, I
found out last week,
not that you would
be working together.
I did not know that.
It's just...
You've been a little
worried about work lately
and I didn't want
to add to that.
- What?
No, it wouldn't add to anything.
No, I'm happy for him.
He's been wanting to move
back here for awhile.
- I know it's
complicated with you two.
You dated for a long time.
- That is not the issue.
No, no.
You know, I mean, he's
like my old sweater.
We were comfortable,
it's just that,
you know, even though we
haven't seen each other
in three years, it would
be easy to fall back
into just, I just don't
want any distractions.
You know what I mean?
I, this is too important.
And we have nothing in
common, design wise.
Do you remember his
apartment in college?
- The old converted
bank building.
- It was crammed
and it was dusty.
- And dark.
- But he loved it because
he could feel the history.
And now I have to
consult with that.
- I am sure you won't
even notice he's there.
- It's Jeff we're talking about.
- You know what?
It's fine.
- Fine?
- I'm just going to stay focused
and I'm going to make
it a great season
and a great time with you guys.
- Well, we are excited.
- You can even do some cycling.
You love that.
- Yeah, cheers.
Wake you gently everyday
Smile at me with
tender grace
Love me through
the highs and lows
Just something you know
I feel your heartbeat, baby
Something surreal that love
I've forgotten how
peaceful it is here.
- And a good
breakfast will start
your day off right.
- Thanks, mom, but
I think I'm all set.
Plus I have to get donuts
before I go in to work.
Breakfast sounds great.
- Good.
Your father's already outside.
- Okay, I'll get one of these.
Good morning.
I love that you guys
still have breakfast
out here everyday.
- Only in the summer.
Winter gets a little cold.
- It's so nice out here.
Why don't you let me
fix it up a little?
- What's there to fix?
- Come on, you know I'd love to.
Renovation is fun for me.
- I think you've got
enough on your plate.
- Is that a breakfast pun?
- Okay.
- Wait, why is
Wally coming here?
He never comes to set.
- Actually he won't be
here until later today,
but he just said he
wants to make sure
we're not missing
anything to set us apart.
- Missing anything?
- Honestly, I think he
just wants to make sure
he didn't send us to
the middle of nowhere.
- Well, do you think
Wally likes sprinkles?
They have cinnamon
or there's chocolate.
You know what, I'm
not going to guess.
Hi, I'll take five
of each, please.
- Are you buying
the whole store?
- We're gonna have
a lot of donuts.
Welcome back to Love in Design.
Follow me.
We might not be able to
change the exterior walls
but, we can make a
big impact in here.
Here ya go.
This is your mark.
Are you ready?
- Ready.
- All right, here we go.
Three, two, one, go!
Whew, and we have begun.
I'm fine with all the separation
upstairs where the bedrooms are,
but down here we're
gonna open things up,
maximize space.
- Okay.
- So, what do you think
about transforming
the garage, creating a
larger lower lounge area?
We'd get a lot more
room without changing
the footprint.
- Hmm.
- So guests could
lounge down below
and play boardgames
in the den and create
like a two-tiered
lounge for anyone
to relax and mingle.
- I never would've
thought of that.
- And then also down there,
if we could also just...
Um, if we could just knock
down the east facing wall
we can also create an area
for guests to check in
and get a welcome
glass of wine and go to
the new lounge.
- Exactly.
- Can you excuse
me for just a sec?
- Sure.
- Good.
- Hi.
- How's it goin'?
- Good.
- Good?
- Great, I have
a quick question.
Are you gonna be here every day?
Cause I thought with consulting
that you would only be here if
we needed to consult.
- Normally, yes.
- Okay, good.
- But this isn't normal.
Normally, you know,
I'd be dealing with
city design, improvements
instead of policing.
- Oh, is that what
you're doing, policing?
- This wasn't my idea to be here
in the first place, okay?
Just want to make sure
you don't change too much.
- Is this test footage?
- Yeah, not exactly.
- Just don't make
everything shiny and new.
- Because you hate change?
- Well, change, I love change.
I embrace change.
- So you don't still
drive that old Mustang?
- No, no.
- Really?
- Not really, no.
Sometimes, okay, when I'm trying
to impress somebody.
Look, I just don't
think shiny and new
instantly makes
everything better.
- You're right, it doesn't.
But it can sure help.
I mean when we open things up--
- Personally, I like walls.
I mean, see how
easy it is for you
to get away from me?
With a wall.
Without a wall.
With a wall.
- Yeah, I got it, yeah.
- What?
- You just can't help
yourself, can you?
- What?
- You always have to
give your two cents.
- My two cents.
I think my work is done here.
Carry on, it looks good.
- This definitely
spruces things up.
- Now here I would
like to take down
the walls on either
side of the fireplace.
I just feel like
there's a lot more--
- Uh, sorry to interrupt guys.
I'm going to go
back to the office,
get out of your hair.
- Sounds great.
- Okay, well, see ya soon.
- Anyway that will also
eliminate the sconces
which is a plus.
Because obviously
they don't even work.
- Yeah.
- Um, that's enough to
get you started, right?
- I'm already on it.
- Okay, thanks, Skip.
You're the best.
Wally, hi.
Uh, did you get a donut?
I wasn't sure what
you like so I got
a few different flavors.
- I'm going to pass.
- Okay, uh well, here it is.
This is the Lewisburg Manor.
What do you think?
- I have to admit,
I like what I've
been seeing so far.
The dynamics, the sparring,
the history.
- I'm sorry, what
exactly are you seeing?
- Uh, Wally was
just taking a look
at some footage.
- I think we found our show.
- See ya later, guys.
- Hi, um you seriously
want me to consult
with him on air, why?
- It was Wally's
idea, but I get it.
It creates chemistry, dynamics.
- But this isn't a dating show.
What about the actual design?
- It's still your show,
you are the designer.
- Okay, I know
everybody wants us
to be amazing and so
do I, but we don't
agree on anything.
- I think that's what
Wally's banking on.
- I just don't think
this is a good idea.
- Why?
- Because...
We're always great at first.
That's why we've
tried too many times
to make it work, but when
it really matters, we...
We can't figure
it out, you know.
And I just don't want
that to happen with this.
We're not asking you
to date him.
Just work with him.
Hannah, look.
I know you love the show, okay?
But everyone has to
love it, including
the network.
- Do we even know
if he's up for it?
You know being on camera's
not really his thing.
- I guess we'll find out.
- Hey.
- Oh, hi.
- You need a little help?
- No, no, it was just
low tire pressure.
- Well I hope I didn't
throw you off too much.
- No.
You know, I still
love it out here.
- Yeah, what would
you always say?
Calm and inspiring?
- Yeah, with amazing views.
- Yeah, just like
your design aesthetic.
- You don't have to wait for me.
I'm sure you want
to do another round.
- Uh, , you know what?
I'm going to give it another go.
- Yeah.
- You sure you're okay?
- Yeah, no, I'm fine.
Thank you for stopping.
- Oh no, of course.
I will see you at work.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Welcome back.
This week Love in
Design gets personal.
We traveled to my
hometown of Lewisburg
to transform this manor
into a bed and breakfast.
- Honestly, I don't know
why you want to film me
but, uh, knock yourself out.
- So you're fine with it?
- I don't love the idea
of being on camera, no.
It's just, I hope I don't
have to object too much,
you know, so I can just
fly under the radar.
- I know Hannah will like that.
- She's really
good at this, isn't she?
- What, the whole design thing?
- No, no, she's always
been good at that.
- Oh, being a host.
Yeah, the camera loves her.
And she's a super hard worker.
- Well, some things
never change.
- So then you'll
tune in next week
to see how the
renovation progresses.
Let's keep going.
- And cut.
- Okay.
- Great.
- Yeah, I thought that distance
worked pretty well, right?
- Yeah,
felt pretty good.
- Excuse me.
Hey, I know this is a lot,
having everyone here.
How are you holding up?
- Good so far.
A little disoriented without
some of the walls.
- It'll start to
take shape soon.
By the way, are there
any design details
that you're after?
- In here?
- Yeah like, if there's anything
you wanna keep or
you wanna get rid of?
- I think I want to
keep those sconces.
- Oh, really?
- Mm.
- Is that a personal thing or--
- I saw them in a
hotel lobby in Italy
and I thought, we
should keep those.
- Well, I want to
keep you happy.
- Oh, sorry, I
need to take this.
- Of course.
- Sconces, really?
You hate sconces.
I thought you'd wanna put up a--
- Big chandelier for
impact and flexibility,
yeah but, that's
not what she wants.
- Well, that's kinda surprising.
Because back in the
day you would've
shot that down.
- Well, things are
a lot different now.
- Well, they don't have to be.
- Wait, are you
trying to be cute
for the camera?
- The camera's on the
ground, first off, okay?
I know that much,
it's not on me, so.
- Oh, then what
was all that about?
I'm sorry is there
something architectural
you wanna talk
about, Mr. Architect?
No, there you go, goodbye.
Is it bad that I'm
glad he went back?
- Who, Wally?
Uh, no, I think
it'd be weird if you
wanted him to stay.
He left quickly but
not too quickly.
- He's just exhausting, right?
Be opinionated but...
- Not too opinionated.
- Hold on a second.
Oh wow.
These are beautiful.
- Oh, hi.
Thank you.
You're doing the renovation
on the manor house,
aren't you?
- Mm hmm.
- Well, here's my card,
if you need anything.
- Oh, thank you.
- It's beautiful.
- Probably not modern
enough but I think
these pieces would look amazing
in your beach bungalow.
- So, how are you feeling?
Phase two, tomorrow!
- Honestly, blocked.
I've never had to work
on a building this old
with so much to preserve.
And having a very
opinionated ex isn't helping.
- Well, it's a good
thing you're creative.
On both fronts.
You know him, right?
- Yeah.
- Then you know how
to work around him.
You just gotta get
a little creative.
- I really thought
we'd get more daylight
in here when we
knocked down that wall
but, as much as
I hate to say it,
I think we need to
swap out this window
for a more modern one--
- Sorry, quick thing.
I don't know if I would do that.
- Why?
It's not street-facing,
so we're not
breaking any rules.
- It's just unique to the space.
- Yeah, I know, I get
that but I'm going
big picture here.
Oh, wait.
This is you talking,
not the committee.
- I just don't think
that you'll get this
level of craftsmanship
with a new one.
Do you remember that
old, the bank building?
You know with the
tattered shutters.
- Yeah.
- Yeah
- I do.
- It was beautiful.
- Horrible, they
were all broken.
- But you're the one
that painted them--
- What's the...
Stop, stop.
- They were perfectly...
You told me it was--
- We're not doing this.
- I'm going.
- Coin toss, best out of three.
- You're on.
- Okay, anyone have a coin?
- Hannah, whatcha doin'?
- Settling this.
Getting creative.
- Do you have a coin?
- Are you guys
playing a game right now?
- Don't worry.
- This is the way we
settle all disagreements.
- With a coin toss?
- Competition really,
anything works.
Do you have a coin?
- Yeah, trust me,
we figured this out
a long time ago.
One quick game solves a
lot of personal gridlock.
Otherwise, we would
be stuck here all day.
- All day.
- Yeah.
Yeah, no, We just set
up the rules and then...
Really, nobody has a coin?
- You know what?
We could always
take this out back.
- Seems like a bit
much, don't you think?
Okay, fine.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, great.
After you.
- Uh uh, wait, wait, guys.
Huh, who knew this was here?
- Apparently they did.
- Okay, if I win,
your sidebar design
commentary stops.
I'm happy to hear
anything that has to do
with committee
restrictions but--
- Okay and if I win,
you give my ideas
and opinions serious
Or we can go back inside
and try this again?
- Okay, tough guy.
- Okay.
- Get ready to lose.
- Be my guest.
Didn't know what
we left behind
The road ahead was
so full of life
But with it all comes
the truth of time
We didn't know
what we left behind
What we left behind
What we left behind
Look who the winner is.
- Well, I'm ready
to go back inside
and get to work.
- Don't, just don't.
All of you.
- Um.
- Okay.
- Got it.
- Back to work.
- Back to work again, everybody.
- That looks fun.
And tiring at the same time.
- Yeah, what
happened to the guy
that used to cycle
10 miles a day?
- I don't see you up there.
- You know, the
girls would love it
if you joined them.
Right, girls?
- Yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, right girls?
- Whose side are you on anyway?
- Yours, always.
- Always?
- Always.
- Always.
- So, how does it
feel being home?
- Right now?
Uh, not so good.
I mean, this wasn't the
job description, you know?
I'm not designing.
She doesn't want me there.
- Who doesn't want you there?
- You could've said no.
- What, to the project?
I just got hired, man.
I want to keep it that way.
- I'm going to
check on the kids.
I'll be right back.
- Okay, thanks.
- Hey girls, you having fun?
- Look, I just, I just think
there's a bigger reason
why you're there.
- Yeah.
It's called work.
I know you with your
sales flex hours,
it's a concept that's difficult
for you to grasp.
- Oh, ha ha.
Or maybe you just
can't shake it.
- Shake?
Shake what?
- Her.
- You tend to gravitate.
- Gravitate.
- Yeah, we're friends.
We're friendly, you know?
- Yeah, is that why
you look like that
every time you talk about her?
Whoa, hey.
Girls, girls.
- Hey, whoa, whoa, hey, no, no.
We'll play after lunch.
We'll play after--
Oh hey, no, hey, no.
- Girls.
- I'm running shots.
- You still working?
This late?
- I know.
I'm just trying to get it right.
- Well, whatever you're doing,
they're liking it.
So, why don't you
just enjoy that.
- I should, but it's
driving me crazy.
I keep second guessing myself.
- I'm sure it's a
lot of pressure.
- It's just there
are so many people
wanting so many
different things.
And not just here, at
the network and I have to
try to make all
those people happy.
- Remember what I do
when I'm feeling stressed
or just a little, mah?
- Put on a good tune?
- And then everything
just sort of
comes into focus.
- I'll admit, it does help.
Thanks, mom.
- Well, I will leave you to it.
- Updating a dining
room into something
more functional for
a B&B while still
maintaining the historic
charm, that's the issue.
The solution?
A slight change of plan.
I still want to
knock down both walls
on either side of the
fireplace, but I'd also
like to remove
these two windows,
knock down the wall between them
and create one large window.
- Um, I'm sorry.
- Oh, hey.
It's our guest architect.
- Oh, hey, hey guys.
Um, what about this
big window right there?
- This is street
facing with cars.
This would be a vista.
- Yeah, but this is a
historical building.
- I know, which means
that we can't make
any structural alterations
to the exterior
without approval.
- Yeah, but the Preservation
Committee will never
approve that.
- Think of what you'd gain.
The views you'd
have in here if we
opened this up to the backyard?
- Yeah.
- This would be an
incredible communal space.
- It's not gonna happen.
- Not if you don't ask.
- This wall was
built for a reason.
- In the 1800s.
Unless we bring the outside in.
- What do you mean?
- We could create a large
mural of the grounds
right here, like we're
looking out of a window.
- So you keep the feeling
without losing the history.
- Exactly.
- I like it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Wait, what's that?
Oh, it's the sound of change.
Not so bad, right?
- You know, you're as impressive
as I remember.
- And cut.
- This
heat is killing me.
They said the new AC should
start working tomorrow,
but in the mean time, survival.
- Why don't I help
ya out with this.
- Great, thank you.
- All right guys, any takers?
- Oh, good news.
- Okay.
- So the network has
seen the first week
of dailies and they are
loving what they're seeing.
And it's not just Wally,
so, they wanna screen
a preview of the first episode.
- A screening?
- Where?
- It's gonna kick off your
"cinema series in the park."
Tonight, 6:30.
- Tonight?
- Oh wait, they want
to screen a rough cut
to the entire town?
- Yeah, I guess it's one way
to get the locals excited.
- Okay, I mean, I'm
sure it'll be great.
- And they want
you to go together.
- What?
- Why?
- Well, you're both
on screen, so...
It's just a casual
meet and greet.
- Well, no one really
knows who I am.
- Well, most people in town do.
- Yeah but nobody really cares.
- I have to agree.
- It's all just for
publicity, okay?
Super casual, like I said.
Well, except Wally's
flying in for it so.
- Right.
- Yeah, okay.
Well, I'll pick ya up at six?
- Yep.
- This should be fun.
- Should be.
- Oh my gosh, this is still
the best lemonade I've ever had.
What's your secret?
- Sugar.
- Sugar, that's your secret?
- The lemons are always fresh.
- And a sprig of rosemary
but, mostly sugar.
- Mm, wow.
I am having a flashback.
- Of high school?
- And several summers
after that,.
We spent so much time
in that greenhouse,
Hannah and I.
Reading, listening to
music, planting new flowers.
- Well, we
love it out here.
- Which is why I
wish you'd let me
get my hands on it.
- You look, great.
- Thanks.
We should probably get going.
We don't wanna be late.
- Uh, yeah, right.
- We'll see ya soon.
We'll be right behind you.
- Good to see you guys.
And thank you.
- So I thought you hardly
drove this car anymore.
- I don't.
- Thank you.
Yeah, I can't believe
you still have
that keychain.
- Oh, that's one of
Patrick's better gifts.
You okay?
- Yeah.
Okay, fine.
It's just with this new format,
you know, I want everyone
to be happy, but--
- Everyone?
That's a real tall order.
When did you start caring
about what other people think?
- When I realized how
many people are depending
on me to keep this going.
- You're doing an amazing job.
And that's all you can do.
You know what?
If I were you I would just...
Block it all out.
It's what I'm doing
with all this.
- You really don't care
what anyone thinks?
- No.
- And you're gonna
be totally open
to hearing all of
their opinions?
- Yes, yes I will.
- I'm gonna quote you on that.
- Okay, you do that.
Come on, let's do this.
Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
- No problem.
- Hi.
Good to see you.
Hey, hi.
Welcome, thank you
so much for coming.
- Can everyone
please find a seat?
We will be starting soon.
We hope you enjoy
this sneak peek
of the season five
premiere of Love in Design.
- Advertisement.
- That's awesome.
Welcome back to Love in Design,
and this is demo week here
at the Lewisburg Manor.
It's a very exciting day
because the homeowner
herself, Margot, will be
making the first strike
on that first wall
we're taking down.
I think we need to
swap out this window
for a more modern one
that lets in better light.
- Uh, quick thing.
I don't know if I can do that.
- Why?
It's not street facing, so
we're not breaking any rules.
- You want to get out of here?
Come on, let's go.
- Wait, wait--
- You realize that--
- This is you
talking, not the committee.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Tell you what?
- That I pause...
A lot.
- At least you don't say um.
- Is that any worse?
- Um, yes.
No, I get it.
It's hard to watch yourself.
- You were perfect as usual.
- As usual?
- I really like that
floating staircase.
Not for me, but for that
house, it really worked.
- You have seen the show.
- I've seen all four seasons.
- What?
Okay, then you have
to admit, modern
is kind of liberating.
You're not constrained
by the past,
it's a blank canvas.
You can go anywhere,
it's exciting.
- It's just, the sky has
always been the limit for you,
it always has been.
It's impressive.
But it's hard to hold onto.
- I think they liked it.
- I think they did too.
- Well done, honey, that
was really terrific.
- Thanks.
- You were amazing.
- Everyone seemed to like it.
- Okay, we're gonna
see you back at home.
- Okay, thanks.
- I think everyone loved it.
- Yeah?
- I loved it.
I just think we can be a
little more,.
But not too,.
I gotta find Julie.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- I never thought I'd see you
up on that big screen.
- Whoa, I can't believe
I know someone famous.
- Well, I wouldn't go that far.
- Why do you look shorter on TV?
- Shorter, really?
- No.
- Yeah, oh yeah,
it's like, tiny.
- What?
Hey, did you guys
say hi to Hannah?
- Yeah, yeah, I said
hi to her earlier,
but I have to get
these kids home,
so you guys fun tonight.
- Okay.
- Thanks, babe.
- All right, bye, guys.
- Thanks, baby.
- You staying out?
- It's your big debut, man.
Come on, we need to celebrate.
- Yes we do.
- I'll say hi to Hannah.
- Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I was wondering when
I would run into you.
- It's so good to
see you, Hannah.
You look great.
- Thank you.
I saw your kids earlier,
they're so grown up already.
- Yeah, and they loved
the whole premiere.
We all did.
- Kind of crazy though, right?
The two of us on
camera together?
- Yeah, it's a bit
of a throwback,
but hey, I think we
celebrate tonight, right?
I'm thinking, what, Sparrows?
- Sparrows.
- Sparrows.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- I would love to,
but I told Julie
we'd go out, so...
- Yeah you did.
So, where are we going?
- Sparrows.
- Sounds good to me.
- Looks like we're
going to Sparrows.
- I think it's
time for a toast, folks.
Well, to a very
unusual and dare I say
extremely successful
screening, cheers.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Okay, now, no more work talk
for the rest of the night, yeah?
- Right
- Done.
- Yeah, okay, got it.
I got nothing.
- Hey, I don't know
about you guys,
but I am starving.
- Yeah, I could eat.
- I heard they have really
good fish tacos here.
- Twice fried.
- Right up my alley.
- I'm up for whatever,
spicier the better.
- Me too.
I'm up for new things.
- You?
- Don't let this guy
fool you, all right?
- Okay.
- Yes, they still do it.
Who is ready for some trivia?
- Oh, I am.
- The only game these two
can play together.
- The last time we
teamed up, unbeatable.
- Unbeatable.
I'm gonna sign us up.
- I'm coming with you.
- Okay.
- Guaranteed winning.
- Good choices.
- What's our team name?
- Wow, trivia, eh?
- Do you have something
to do with this?
- What?
It's Ali, I can't take credit.
- 385.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm
sure, write it down.
- 385, all right.
- What
U.S. city is home
to the world's first skyscraper?
- We can do this.
- Chicago.
- We are so winning this.
- Summer of 69 written?
- '84, totally 84.
- You sure?
Okay, okay.
- And the winner is.
- We totally did it.
- Way to go.
- I keep forgetting
that you're like
an encyclopedia of random facts.
- Well, look, I mean, everyone
gets to have an opinion
about paint color,
but no one can argue
the number of steps
in the Eiffel Tower.
- That is a very good point.
How many steps?
- In the Eiffel Tower?
- Yeah.
- 1,710.
- You're the smartest
person I know.
- Well, you're pretty
smart yourself.
- Book smart maybe,
but not always
smart where it counts.
- Well...
Thank you for driving me home.
And for tonight.
It was fun.
- It was.
Love in Design, is
that your title?
- How did you know?
- Just seemed like you.
- Good morning.
- Honey?
- You've been wanting to
renovate your backyard
for years.
I've been wanting
to renovate your
backyard for you for years.
Please, let me do it.
- Okay.
- Go for it.
- Yes!
I put a call in to the artist.
I saw his work at
the farmer's market.
And you know, I
really like the idea
of keeping it local.
- I do too, as long
as everything's
done in time for
the grand opening.
Invitations are already out.
- We will make it work.
- Then enjoy your weekend.
- Thank you, you too.
- You have any plans?
- For the weekend?
A little side project.
- Your parents' deck?
- What?
- You've been eyeing
that thing for years.
- Well done.
- So, does that mean
you won't have time
to hang out with me?
- Is that a challenge
to see how fast
I can get it done?
- Maybe.
- Challenge accepted.
- Are you sure
you won't let us help?
This looks like a lot.
- Trust me, I've got a system.
- But still.
- I'm excited, so go,
go see a movie or have
lunch or something.
Just give me a
little bit of notice
before you come back, okay?
Trust me.
This is gonna be
a piece of cake.
- We're going.
- Good, thank you, go.
- I'm going.
- Have fun.
- We going with extra
protein or no protein?
I saw the bike out front.
- Go with protein.
- You got it.
- You know what, Carol,
on second thought...
Thought you might need a little
extra fuel for the challenge.
Look, I know you're
in the middle of it,
so you don't have
to eat right now.
- Thank you so much for this.
- I didn't know if
your parents were
gonna be here, so
I got some extra.
You start every
season with donuts,
so I figured we
could start your deck
renos with takeout.
By the way, what
can I do to help?
- Oh, I have a whole
load of laundry.
- That's very funny.
- Actually, everything is
going pretty well so far.
The guys will be
here in a few minutes
to put up the pergola.
- Well, it looks like
you still need help.
- I don't need help.
- I'm not taking
no for an answer.
- You wanna work?
- I wanna work.
- Yeah?
Okay, all right, let's work.
- All right, let's do it.
- Unwrap these guys.
- So, anything else?
- No, I mean, um, well...
There might be one thing.
- Okay, shoot.
- You could talk
to the Preservation
Committee about
building a pergola
outside the manor.
- Work, really?
- I know, I just, I
just, you're right here,
and we only have two weeks left.
Think about it, for
a B&B, vacation,
being outside is everything,
so if I were staying there--
- You'd want somewhere
to lounge outside.
- I mean, I know
we'd be building
a structure that's
not in the same style
as the manor, and I
know that's an issue,
but it would make
the whole outside
more of a feature.
What do you think?
- Okay.
- You'll talk to them.
- But.
- Really?
- You have to come
with me, okay?
You're obviously the
more persuasive one.
- That would be amazing.
- And under one condition.
- Name it.
- No more work talk today.
Let's eat.
- Deal.
My dad was knee-deep
in tax season.
My mom was working a ton too,
and yet every
weekend for months,
they'd be out there
working on that greenhouse,
helping me plant my
favorite flowers inside.
Oh, they wanted to
make sure it was
ready for my 10th
birthday, and they did.
Some days, it was
like 100 degrees out.
My mom would make her lemonade,
and we'd sit and
watch my dad work.
I swear, he never took a break.
- So that's where
you get it from.
- So, this is like the tiniest
thing I can do for them.
- I think they're gonna love it.
- Even the gray teak?
- Especially the gray teak.
This is nice.
- Sitting?
- Being here.
With you.
You know, I never stopped
thinking about you.
- That's because you like
to hold on to things.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
- I never wanted to break
up with you, you know that?
I had to let you go.
I mean, you had this
great opportunity.
- I said we could just see.
I was willing to take that risk.
- But you've always
had something to do,
see, accomplish.
- You wanted to come back here,
that was your plan.
You never even wanted
to visit Los Angeles.
- It was ridiculous.
But I knew you had to be there,
and I wanted that for you.
I just, I never knew
how to let you go.
- I tried to keep
your mother away
as long as possible.
- We were just so excited.
Oh, this is a nice surprise.
- Hey, guys.
- Ready to see it?
Okay, don't look, don't look.
- Okay, okay.
- Yeah, I got you.
- Okay, you ready?
One, two, three, tada!
- Oh my.
- Oh, wow.
- This is, it's amazing.
- You like it?
- We love it, sweetie.
- Thank you.
- Oh my gosh.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Did you mean to do this?
- I did
actually, you inspired me.
- I never would
have thought of this
fireplace in here.
It was all just storage,
but it's perfect.
Seems like it will
work year round?
- Yeah.
- Hannah.
- I want you to be happy, I do,
but I think we can do better.
- You don't like
the dining room?
- No, I love it, but this room
is begging for a
larger chandelier,
something bold that
stands on its own.
- So you don't like the sconces?
- I should have said
something earlier.
I know you're a big
fan, but this room
is missing the wow factor.
- Well, you're the designer,
so I'll leave you to it.
- Okay, well, Wally
is definitely coming
to the grand opening, so...
Prepare yourself.
- I felt better
five seconds ago.
- It's a slippery
slope, change one thing,
make one exception--
- Which I totally
understand, and I know
it's easier to keep
things as they are,
but this is more than
just a design thing,
it's a communal thing.
The benefit this
space could afford us,
to me, far outweighs
the exception
for a pergola.
- With a completely
different look
and feel to the original home.
- Larry, maintaining
the integrity
of the buildings in this town
is a huge priority of mine,
it's the reason why I'm here.
- And I'll admit, I
had forgotten just
how beautiful the buildings are.
I mean, look at this one.
I don't want to compromise
any of that richness.
- I think that we can
both agree there's
a lot of history here.
But this pergola, as
designed, it elevates
the building and helps
fulfill its purpose
in a new previously
unimagined way.
Look, I have to agree
with Hannah on this one.
- And if you knew the two of us,
that's saying a lot.
- Okay, well, I'll mull it over
and get back to you.
- Soon?
- It's gonna have to be.
- You're so persuasive.
- It was teamwork.
But I wouldn't get
too excited, I mean,
he hasn't agreed to anything.
- Yet.
- I am feeling
pretty good though.
- You should, it's all
starting to come together.
- I love this phase.
- Well, you know what?
I think we should
go sightseeing.
- In our hometown?
- Yeah, why not tomorrow?
- Well, I actually
have to go look
at tiles tomorrow
in the morning.
- Perfect.
We'll go in the afternoon,
it's the weekend.
- Jeff, you know that
I'm leaving soon.
- Which makes you
kind of a tourist
who should definitely
go on a tour.
- I'd love to.
- All right, well then,
maybe we should just
see how it goes.
Come on.
- I can't believe I never
did this walk before.
All the years I lived here.
I think I just thought it was
something tourists did.
- Well, my parents
started taking me here
when I was three.
Didn't have much say in it,
but it still impresses me.
- The style?
- Just how unique everything is.
The detail, it's not
just a picket fence
and another picket fence.
Everything is done specifically.
To last a lifetime.
- This place really is special.
- See, I told you so.
I do like it better
when you're here though.
- Smooth.
- I'm serious.
- Okay, Mr. Tour Guide.
How about that one?
- That one was built in 1872
by a local sheep farmer
for his daughter.
And she ended up living there
for the rest of her life.
- I didn't think I liked
tudor style houses,
but that is incredible.
- Yeah, it is, isn't it?
- Ready to start?
- Yes I am.
- Great.
- Hey.
- hey.
- Um, so I am kind of shocked
that it went this way.
- Why?
Oh, please say they approved it.
- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
- It just looks like we're gonna
have a lot more work to do.
{Hannah stammers)
Oh yeah, they approved it.
- Looks like we have
a pergola to build.
- All right.
- Way to go.
- Thanks.
Oh, oh, oh, things
are coming together
Coming together, yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, being happy
wherever, happy wherever
Been a busy life,
gotta take the time
Don't let precious
moments pass us by
We can build a dream,
love is all we need
- Beautiful view.
We only have one chance
And ways to amends, dreaming
Slow like a slow dance
One more I've seen, only
you and me, keep dreaming
Slow like a slow dance
Slow like a slow dance
We only have one chance
Embrace true romance,
keep dreaming
Slow like a slow dance
- If I had more
time, I would have
landscaped the entire
backyard for entertaining.
- Are you kidding me?
You put in an entire
surround sound system.
I think it's perfect.
Almost perfect.
- What are you doing?
- You'll see.
I'll wake you
gently every day
- Are you kidding me?
My heart has never
felt this way
The world is now
a better place
That's our song.
You love me through
the highs and low
- Now it's perfect.
Just something you know
I feel your heartbeat, baby
This is a pretty nice addition.
Something so real,
that look in your eyes
- See?
Told you.
Something you feel
I give my life now,
baby, for you and me
Our love will grow
Something you know
I can't believe tonight
is the grand opening.
- Which is why I wanted to ask.
Do you mind if I
pick you up tonight?
For a real date?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Today you know forever
I'm so proud of you.
Love me through
the highs and lows
Just something you know
- Come in.
- I thought you might
want to listen to this.
I've been thinking about you
- You used to love
this song, remember?
Growing up, it was
your dad's favorite,
and you would always
sneak into the living room
way past your bedtime
whenever it was on.
- In dad's tan fedora, right?
- Doing this cute little dance.
- I can't believe I
forgot about that.
- This song still makes
you happy instantly,
doesn't it?
- Yeah.
Well, you pulled it off.
And had a little fun doing it.
- Mom, be honest, is this crazy?
- You know, it is
a wonderful thing
when someone gets you,
and it is even better
when they challenge you too.
And it is rare to find both.
Oh, and speaking of.
- Wow.
- Thank you.
- So, you ready for the reveal?
- I have to admit, I
never thought you two
would get past the
window, but here we are.
- Congratulations,
it looks great.
- Thank you.
- I had to give up the sconces,
but I am very happy.
- Cheers.
- You told me you would
help prep for the interview.
- Oh, let's step over here.
- Be right back.
- Yeah, of course.
- Jeff, I wanted
to thank you too.
You brought a lot to the table.
- Oh, no, it was fun.
The very beginning
wasn't that much fun.
- You know, she's a
real star, Hannah.
- Yeah, she always has been.
- And if the viewers love it
as much as we do,
there's no telling
where this will go.
- I'm sorry, go?
- The new format
is really working.
We're just taking
the time to get
to know the place,
the people, so we want
to keep the show on
location, different locations
across the states.
As long as Hannah is up for it.
Too bad we'll have to find other
consultants though.
We can't afford to travel
everyone, of course.
You guys were a good team.
- Yeah, yeah, that's a shame.
- Excuse me.
- Of course.
- Can you believe it?
One quick sign off
and we're done.
- We just really need
you to up the energy.
- Energy?
- For the closing.
Add a little more jazz.
But not too much.
- Jazz?
We're rolling.
- I'm sorry, just a sec.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, just a quick thing.
I am super grateful
for this job,
I am, I'm also smart
and hard working,
and kind of funny,
but not on command.
I can't keep changing
who I am and doubting
what I'm doing, so
I'm just gonna be me
from here on out.
You hired me, and if
that's not what you want
anymore, sorry.
- Guess she can go rogue.
- It's been a wild five
weeks in my hometown
of Lewisburg.
- I can't believe you
have to fly out so early.
- You are not getting
up to drive me.
- I know, I know, I just thought
we'd have a little more time.
- Me too.
But I promise I'll
come back again soon.
Maybe next time, you'll let
me update that sun room.
If you want.
- We would love it.
- Yes.
Oh, hey, have you seen Jeff?
- Maybe this way.
- This is either a very
sweet or a very sad visual,
I can't decide.
Looking for an opponent?
- I thought you were
inside doing a thing.
- I was actually,
doing my thing.
I'm not sure what
it's gonna mean,
but I felt so good.
I told Wally, I'm
just gonna be myself,
and if they don't want that--
- Oh, they're gonna want that.
- How do you know?
- Because, you're amazing.
- You okay?
- Yeah, it's just, you know.
I'm bummed that
you're going tomorrow.
- Me too.
Well, luckily you're
just a flight away.
- Yeah, I should let
you get back to it.
- What's going on?
- Nothing, I just know
that your life is there
and mine is here.
- Are you kidding me?
- What?
- I thought that we
were just gonna see.
Isn't that what you said?
- That's what I want, but
it doesn't make sense.
- But nothing's changed.
- Hannah, the sky
is always gonna
be the limit for you.
Who knows where all
this work is gonna lead.
- What?
You know, we push each
other all the time,
on the small things.
We make each other
so much better,
but it's pointless.
Because when it really matters,
you don't want to be pushed
out of your comfort zone.
- I don't want to hold you back.
- I'm not the one you
should be worried about.
- Wait, can we please just...
- What?
I have to get back to the party.
- Yeah, so I think I'll make it
a working vacation,
conference shouldn't
take up that much
time, the girls
have been dying to
snorkel, and uh...
You good?
You've been pretty quiet.
- Yeah.
I'm fine.
- That's good.
You know, LA isn't
that far away.
- Oh, come on, man.
- Come on, it's not.
- Look, I appreciate it, I do,
but she deserves more
than long distance.
- I get that, I do, but--
- Look, I wish it made sense.
I do, but not for
somebody who's made sure
everything in their life
has been structurally sound.
- Right.
- Right.
- But I'm pretty sure love
isn't supposed to make sense.
You can't plan it,
you can't schedule it.
There's always
gonna be that risk.
Plus, you've been in
love with this girl
for as long as I
can remember, so.
- The usual?
- What?
- I don't know about
you, but I think
it's about time.
- For?
- Unpacking those boxes.
- Well, right now, I'm
finishing up with this.
- Well, we got another call,
a building they want to convert,
and since you did so well
on this last project...
I know this is maybe not exactly
what you pictured.
- Oh, that's just part of it.
Say you will come home
- Wally really said,
just do your thing
for the rest of the season?
- But keep him happy.
You know Wally.
- I'll take it.
- Wait, are you
seriously working
on your day off?
- Well, I finished my balcony,
something I've been
wanting to do forever.
- Try to relax too, okay?
- I'm basically done.
I ordered my favorite
food delivery.
- Good.
We'll rev it up tomorrow
and talk new locations.
- You bet.
- You doing all right?
- I'll be good.
You know.
- You always are.
- Hey, yes, Pete, good.
Come on up, I'm on the
balcony, I'll buzz you in.
- Delivery?
I guess you weren't
expecting me.
- You can say that again.
Jeff, wow.
What are you doing here?
- I was bringing you these.
- And then I, uh,
fortunately saw your
delivery guy at the door.
- You flew all the way
here to bring me donuts?
- I was hoping we
could start over,
but for real this time.
I've realized after
all these years
of trying to make it work,
we've always worked.
I've just been too
scared to commit
to the unknown.
Not anymore.
Wherever you go,
whatever it takes,
I want to be with you.
I think we make a pretty
great team together.
I think we could
be great anywhere.
- You really want to
see where this goes?
- Yeah, if you'll let me.
- How long are you here?
- Well, it's sort
of to be determined.
Kind of stepping out
of my comfort zone
a little bit here.
- It's a good look on you.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
- Is that a mustard couch?
I like it, it's just--
- Watch it, mister.
Just something you know
I feel your heartbeat, baby
Something surreal,
that look in your eyes
Just something you know