Love in Taipei (2023) Movie Script

My name is Ever Wong...
...and this is
Chagrin Falls, Ohio,
maybe the most
uneventful suburb to exist.
My parents immigrated here
from Taiwan 22 years ago.
This is them. Cute, right?
Twenty-one years ago,
they had me.
Wait, hold on.
That's better.
I don't think they made it
out of that hospital
before planning
every single moment
of my existence.
The center of their world.
I don't really like being
the center of anything, though.
Maybe because
when you look like this
in a town that looks like this,
attention seems to find you.
But all this planning
was for one purpose...
Ever Wong, MD.
Now that I'm heading
to med school,
I thought
I'd finally have a break.
But instead, my parents decided
to send me to summer school...
in Taiwan.
Feel like I just woke up
From a two-year nap
Everything's been
So strange
But I woke up
Now I'm finally back
Feeling myself
And seeing things
I never used to notice
Life don't look
So hopeless now
I'm clicking my heels
And I'm skipping my feet
Everything seems so new
It's like I'm me
But with a whole new piece
Never thought
I'd come through
But now I know
That all the dark times
Only make the light shine
The school is called
the Taiwan Study Tour in Huwei.
An intensive eight-week program
filled with
immersive language
and history classes.
Take it in, people.
Taipei will be your home
for the next eight weeks.
I'm not sure
if you're still on the plane,
but this place
sucks without you.
And promise me
you'll find time to rehearse.
Counselor Mei-Hwa asked me
to introduce myself to you
because you're by yourself
and not talking to anyone.
Oh, um, uh, okay.
I'm Ever.
I'm Sophie Ha, like "ha-ha."
What's that?
It's nothing.
Do you go to college?
Um, yes.
What are you studying?
Oh, I--
I'm at Dartmouth
for Computer Science.
It wasn't my top choice,
but, you know,
an Ivy is an Ivy, right?
So, where are you from?
See, I'm from New York City.
Actually, I grew up
in New Jersey.
Went to high school there
after my parents divorced,
which, I know, makes me
tragically less interesting.
So I just tell everyone
I'm from New York City.
So, are you
excited for the summer?
See any guys you like?
Do you not like to talk?
Um, I-- I'm at
a four-year pre-med program
in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
And, you know,
I don't really know if "excited"
is the right word.
I haven't really--
Oh. Oh, okay.
You're not excited to be here?
This is obviously your
first time coming to Huwei.
Yeah, uh, where I grew up,
I only knew, like,
three other Asian kids.
My, my parents
wanted me to come,
so I could see...
Oh, my God.
Boy Wonder.
Boy Wonder?
Are you like one of
those manga geeks?
Uh-- No, no.
That's not my thing.
That, that guy
sitting over there,
that's Rick Woo.
Like, the Rick Woo.
He's been on the cover
of the World Journal
at least ten times.
I have read
every article about him.
He's a piano prodigy.
He also won
the National Spelling Bee
at age nine.
Wow, this boy's the real deal.
Sounds like
someone has a crush.
- Ever!
- No, no, no. My mom...
There's another feature on
Rick Woo in the World Journal.
...has been obsessed with him
since, like, forever.
Looks like
he's studying at Yale.
Economics. Oh, and he's the star
of a football team.
And so handsome.
He's her ideal child,
and she is constantly
comparing me to him.
You know, if anything,
Rick Woo is
the bane of my existence.
He's my cousin.
You're messing with me.
No, we are very much related.
Oh, yeah, it's Taipei
If this trip was attracting
Boy Wonder-level talent,
this program was
gonna to be a lot.
I feel like I can't take it
You okay?
Come on. Yeah.
The-- the bag was stuck.
Yeah, I saw that.
Oh, no! I got it.
Really, it's okay. I...
No, don't worry. I got you.
Rick! This is Ever.
She's a big fan.
What? No, no, no.
I-- I am not a fan.
She calls you Wonder Boy
and talks about you
all the time with her mom.
you should ask Ever out.
I mean, you're single,
and she struggles
with social skills
and making friends
and stuff like that.
It's perfect.
That's-- That's not--
I'm not--
I'm not actually--
He used to
date this girl, Jenna.
She's a model.
But, of course,
you would probably know that,
being an obsessed super fan.
You know, Ever is pre-med.
So that's at least something.
The Dragon is still here?
The what?
The headmistress of Huwei.
Head misery of Huwei.
I thought she was going to
retire last year.
What is she saying?
She just wants us to
check in for registration.
I-- I don't understand.
If you two already
speak Mandarin,
why did your parents
make you come?
No one made us.
Why would someone choose
to spend their summer
taking classes?
I mean, it's Loveboat.
I'm already lost.
Why does everyone look so...
This isn't the '90s, Ever.
Everyone knows
Asians are cool now.
And this isn't summer school.
This is Loveboat.
See, you keep saying that,
but I don't know what it means.
Follow me.
Parents send their kids here
because they think
it's a cultural program.
But we're all here because
we know what it really is.
One big party.
If it isn't Mr. Yale Superstar.
All right, Stanford.
Hey, what up? I'm David.
- Ever.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Sophie, right?
It's me, Spencer.
Uh, we met
in Forensics Nationals.
Oh, hey!
Hey, Rick, we're going
to sign up for the bo staff.
You in?
Hell yeah, 100%. Let's do it.
Catch you later, Ever.
Bye... Rick.
Okay, Boy Wonder
wasn't the intense
hyper-genius I expected.
In fact, none of this was.
I'm Sophie Ha, like "ha-ha."
And this is Ever.
Wong. Like... "Wong."
Sophie and Ever.
And you two
want to room together?
That could be fun.
If this isn't summer school,
why'd they give us
so many books?
You won't need them.
Hold up!
Wait, wait, wait!
Okay, I think I know
why they call it Loveboat.
What is it?
You are going to Taipei.
Tai-- Taipei?
Like Taiwan?
You leave Saturday.
Wait, like this this Saturday?
We see how hard
you've been studying
and preparing for
your medical school
We want to give you
something special,
as a reward.
Sometimes, we put
too much pressure on you
to follow in
your father's footsteps.
We know that, so...
You have your
whole life to work.
But now you're
just 21 years old,
and we think you deserve
to have some fun.
Which is why
we're sending you to Huwei.
Think about it, it's going
to be the perfect summer.
Eight weeks of
Mandarin, calligraphy,
and Chinese medicine.
And it's
a highly competitive
program to get into.
Learning the language
will look great on your resume.
I think you're going to
love it here.
Don't worry,
I'm gonna
make sure you get
the full Loveboat experience.
Now be honest,
what do you think of this dress?
Oh, it-- it looks great.
I know.
So, why'd you fly
halfway around the world
if you don't even
want to be here?
It was my parents' idea.
I get that.
Everyone comes here
because of their parents.
At least the first time.
I mean, it's not like
I don't want to be here.
It's just, I was really hoping
that I'd get into
this dance company.
Fun. I love to dance.
A group of us are going to
hit up the clubs later tonight.
You want to come?
Oh, that's-- that's all right.
I think I'm just gonna...
- take it easy tonight.
- Suit yourself.
But maybe another night?
Oh, don't worry.
There'll be plenty
of other nights.
Don't wait up.
The only place
I've ever been able to
shut off all the pressures
of med school
and just be myself is dance.
When I'm moving, it's like...
all the expectations melt away.
I got offered an audition
for a dance company
in New York this summer.
It's a long shot,
but if I get accepted,
I'd finally have the guts
to tell my parents
I want to hold off on
med school and pursue it.
Except now, I'm stuck in Huwei,
with nowhere to rehearse
or record my audition.
Free your eyes
Of what you see
You know the secrets
We told
Remember the heartache
They wrote
I won't tell anything
I know
Underneath all the pain
Is gold
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Is gold
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Is gold
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Is gold
That was good.
How long
have you been up there?
Longer than you.
I didn't mean to scare you.
You didn't scare me. I just--
I-- I didn't think that
there was going to be someone,
like, on the roof,
lurking in the shadows.
Yeah, neither did I.
I wasn't lurking, I was--
That's not what I was...
Don't be embarrassed.
You're good.
In a pirouette kind of way.
You, you know
what a pirouette is?
Of course. Don't you?
I'm Xavier.
Ever do what?
No, no, my--
My name is Ever.
Forever Ever?
So, what are you
doing here anyways?
You filming a TikTok
or something?
You just like to
dance on rooftops?
I was just...
clearing my head.
Yes, I like to dance.
Yeah, I... I gotta go, but...
you have a good night,
Forever Ever.
Ev, how's Taiwan?
Couldn't wait one day?
You should have just smuggled
yourself here in my suitcase.
I can't help it.
I'm miserable without you.
All right, well,
guess who's here.
Boy Wonder.
The gorgeous guy
from the newspapers you save?
My mom saves them.
You know, I bet she knew
that he'd be here.
Maybe this is
her delusional attempt
at setting us up.
Your mom is so extra.
But also, he's hot.
Are you gonna ask him out?
Like I said,
I have been here
for one day, Megan.
Maybe this trip is your chance
to let loose for a change.
Live a little.
I mean...
there was also this boy
I met up on the rooftop
when I was dancing.
You were dancing
with a boy on a rooftop?
It must be that Spotify playlist
I made you.
It was nothing, Megan.
I was just
practicing my audition.
I'm so glad you're still
gonna to film that.
How long do you have?
I checked their website.
I have seven weeks.
Oh, that's good.
I just have to find a studio,
or someplace to
practice my routine.
Taipei's a huge city.
There's got to be somewhere
you could go.
Yeah. Maybe.
Hold on, I'll call you later.
Keep me posted.
Hey. Check this out.
And don't forget,
the student with the best dishes
will be featured at
our end-of-summer festival.
the end-of-summer festival?
Pretty much
what it sounds like.
They do it on
the grounds outside.
Lots of parents come.
The whole entire
neighborhood, really.
Yeah, there's music, dancing,
showing off shit we made,
and basically everything
we learned this summer.
Yeah, it's a whole thing.
This is amazing.
Mr. Woo,
you can do it all.
It's nothing, really. Wow.
What are you always
writing in there?
Oh, it's just--
It's something that I do.
Plan things.
It keeps me accountable.
Well, maybe you should add
"have fun" to the list.
Easy for you to say.
You have things
like ribbon dancing
and fan-throwing classes.
I'm signed up for
all of the stupid stuff.
Which is why you need
to have some fun.
And I mean outside of class.
Oh, my God, yeah.
Like going out clubbing
- and hanging with the locals.
- Exactly.
Okay, what outfits
did you bring?
Um... Uh--
I guess I'm not really
the "going out" type.
Come on, Ever.
You're telling me you're not
gonna party while you're here?
Not even once?
Good one. Good one.
Girl, you have to come.
Well, actually, I was going
to meet up with someone.
Okay, well, that's a good start.
But you're going to come
clubbing after, right?
Oh. Dragon coming in hot.
Uh, what?
I will repeat in English,
so that I'm crystal clear.
The curfew is 10 p.m. sharp,
and that you are all
to be in your rooms.
I know,
just don't listen to her.
You are here to
learn and experience
your cultural heritage,
not to go around the city
doing whatever you please.
Ten p.m., lights out.
This is such bullshit.
Yeah. Literally.
Clubs don't even
open till 10:00.
So, a little bit about
my mom's sister, Auntie Shu.
She's the coolest, craziest,
artiest woman I've ever known.
She spent her entire youth
traveling around the world,
all so she could find herself.
She's awesome.
She's everything
I wish I could be.
But unfortunately,
everything I'm not.
Where are you going?
What-- what about curfew?
Hey, Ever,
remember that crazy fun night
when you followed the rules?
Um... No.
Exactly, because no one
ever remembers those nights.
- See you.
- Okay,
maybe Sophie and Auntie Shu
had a point.
Time to finally
break some rules.
Wait. Let me come with you.
No, no.
So they get to enjoy Loveboat
and we don't?
What now?
It's cool.
We got another way out.
How are we supposed to
get down there?
Yo, check it out.
Cabs. They knew we'd sneak out.
Taipei coming in clutch.
Surprised you're here.
Sophie told me
you weren't coming.
You think they saw us?
I don't think so.
I wasn't complaining.
Got to say,
a week ago, I didn't think
I was going to be in Taiwan
sneaking out with--
Wonder Boy?
I think that's...
That's what you call me, right?
Actually, it's Boy Wonder.
I prefer Wonder Boy.
What are you guys doing?
Sorry, I just-
I didn't expect to see people
lurking in the shadows.
Oh, it's all good.
Yo, what's going on?
Security guard.
Oh, I can distract him.
Who the hell is this guy?
Xavier. Who the hell are you?
Did you invite him?
Looks like
he's inviting himself.
Hey, so where are we going?
I know a spot,
if you guys are down.
All right, man, you don't
have to act like a hero.
Who's acting?
Hey! Big man!
Come on, come on, come on.
The counselors.
He needs help.
Is that Never-Ever?
They said "It's rocking
When you're done"
"You wanna do it all
over again"
He's always our hookup.
He's my guy.
Hey, hey.
Where's Ever?
I-- I don't know.
Girl, why are you just
standing there?
Get in.
That was insane.
Taipei, baby. Let's go!
You know I've got to go
You know I've got to go
Oh, Lord
You know I've got to go
You know I've got to go
Okay, so I've got four spots
lined up, including Xavier's.
Excited, Ever?
Oh, um, sorry.
I-- I actually I have to get
dropped off somewhere first.
Oh, right. Your mystery meetup.
Maybe I can catch up
with you later?
You sure
you're good going alone?
I mean, it's a new city
and there's a lot of...
I think
I'll be all right. Thanks.
Wow. This...
This city is just...
Check this out.
I was looking for a place
For answers
I was looking for some
Feeling for me
But I didn't know
What I really needed
Till you came
And you found it in me
Oh, um, no, it's--
it's me, Auntie Shu.
Your niece.
That doesn't make any sense.
Why would my niece
be delivering food?
I'm... not.
You don't have my chili tofu?
Then go out and get some. Go.
Okay. Yeah, I can--
Oh, my God. I'm joking.
You have your mom's
terrible sense of humor.
Come here!
It's good to see you, kiddo!
Oh, my goodness,
what are you doing here?
But, really, I am starving.
I hope it gets here soon.
Do you like vegan food?
Yes, okay, good.
Oh, thanks.
I love all of the, um, art.
So, you run a gallery?
Eh, sorta.
It's like an, um...
artisan co-op.
Bunch of local artists
all share this space
as a workshop,
gallery, retail store.
Whatever. It's all of ours.
I just happen to own it.
Do you live here alone?
I never wanted to get married.
That was your mom's thing.
I wanted to travel, paint,
own lots of cats.
I don't have cats.
None that are alive, anyway.
So, Ever, why are you here?
Right, yeah, I'm taking classes
with the Youth Taiwan
Study Tour.
Mm-hm. Loveboat.
My parents thought
it'd be a good idea
for me to learn
about some culture.
Can't learn culture
in a classroom.
Culture is like
the music at a Gezai opera.
Getting lost in a back alley.
Somebody biting
into a moon cake.
Two bodies touching
on the dance floor.
That, girlfriend...
is culture.
Don't get me wrong,
I was delighted
to get your call.
But I didn't even know
you were in Taipei.
I came here because
I need to ask you a favor.
It's not much,
but there's room to move,
and the lighting is good
during the day.
Oh, she's beautiful.
I had fun painting her.
I didn't know you were a dancer.
I got a callback.
There's this dance company
in New York.
I may never get
a chance like this again.
I'm guessing
your parents don't know
about this callback either.
My parents want me
to become a doctor.
They would be heartbroken
if I threw it all away
just to dance.
Yeah? What about your heart?
Does the room work?
It'll be nice to
see you around here.
But in the meantime,
get out, enjoy the city,
and for God's sake, child,
learn some culture.
We're living in a blue sky
We chase away
The dark clouds
Diamond castles
In our eyes
The beautiful shimmers out
The lights gleam
In technicolor
Oh-oh, oh-oh
We wrap around
Our chrome hearts
Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh
The sun only makes it better
Oh-oh, oh-oh
We're not afraid
Of who we are
I'm climbing higher
Higher, higher
I'm getting lighter
Lighter, lighter
What-- What is it?
All right, um, can I get one?
One, please. Yes. One.
Taro balls, huh?
That's what those are? Oh.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
they're not too bad.
Thank you.
Don't worry about it.
Just try it. Yeah.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah.
That's good.
You pick next one. That one?
Look at that.
This is amazing.
You know, I have
no idea what this is,
but it's amazing.
So, why, why are you here?
Why weren't you at the club?
You know, I may or may not
have followed you.
I know. I get it, I get it.
Like, you would have been fine,
but I just had to
make sure you were safe.
Okay, so,
that's why you followed me?
Okay, well,
then I should be thanking you.
I'm having a great time.
Is that a tomato?
So, that's a plum.
I promise you
it is not as bad as it smells.
No, don't make me. Please.
Just give it a little bite.
Little bite. There you go. Yup.
It's good.
I like it.
Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, that's nice.
I like this one.
How much is that?
It's like,
it's like ten bucks.
Come on, I got it.
Hey, Rick.
What are you doing here?
Uh, we're just...
grabbing a bite to eat.
We're gonna meet up
with the others.
You want to come?
Should be fun.
Rain check?
Uh, yeah,
how about tomorrow at 6:00?
Okay, what, like--
like a dinner?
No, like a... like a date.
I can't say I thought
this trip would lead to
a date with Boy Wonder.
But he was definitely different
than I expected.
Did you sleep out here
last night?
Stupid key card wouldn't work.
That's because that's our room.
That's funny.
Ever, you have a secret admirer.
What? No, it could just be
someone being nice.
People don't draw other people
in beautiful, pensive poses
unless they're
madly in love with them.
Okay, whoever did this
is totally into you
and would die for you.
I bet it's Spencer.
Wait, no,
he can't draw for shit.
Ooh. Maybe Benji.
He goes to RISD.
Oh, my God, it's totally Benji.
He's kind of cute.
I think he's allergic
to everything.
I think that's adorable.
Dad, Japanese or English.
You know I can't speak Mandarin.
Why do you think
you sent me here?
Ever Wong!
I mean, Miss...
How are you?
Li Han told me he saw you
running around
the campus last night.
Hi, headmistress.
Oh, loving the cardigan today.
He must be mistaken
about my roomie here
because we were together
all last night,
working on Ever's Mandarin.
Go ahead, Ever. Show her.
Oh, thank you.
You know,
I'm pretty sure my parents
spent their life savings
to send me here,
so if I got expelled
for sneaking out or lying...
disappointment wouldn't even
begin to describe it.
No problem. I mean,
what are friends for, right?
Xavier's dad's here.
He lives in Taipei.
He must have
gotten in trouble too.
His family is super loaded.
Okay, I heard that his mom
is a Danish supermodel,
and his dad is half-Japanese,
which is probably why he's here.
How do you know all of this?
Definitely not from
the World Journal.
Well, it sounds like
somebody has a crush.
Um. Obviously.
We had such a moment last night.
Could you tell?
Like, there were
definitely sparks.
I would kill just to
have the chance
to have my heart broken by him.
All right,
maybe tonight we could--
Whoa! Tonight? No, no, no.
It's so early in the summer.
People don't date
the first person
they hook up with here.
Now, we have to
play the slow game.
It's called Loveboat
for a reason.
Oh, hey.
Hey, is everything
all right down there?
We saw--
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It was just my dad.
Nothing new.
What's going on with you two?
Well, Ever was just wondering
why it's called Loveboat.
Oh, you haven't heard the story?
Well, let me tell you
the story of Loveboat.
So, the program started
for college students
to learn about
Taiwanese culture, right?
Well, one year,
I think back in the '70s,
a big typhoon hit Taipei.
Two students
got trapped in the storm.
And they were trying
to get back to Huwei.
The water was rising fast.
But they managed to
find a rowboat,
and they climbed in.
Taipei got completely flooded.
It was actually really bad.
But those two stayed safe
in a little rowboat.
And on that day,
in that little rowboat,
those two fell in love.
So, Loveboat.
Since then, it's been
a little bit less about learning
and more about love.
I mean, even parents
push their kids to come here,
hoping that they find
someone to marry.
Oh, my God,
that story is so freaking cute.
Especially the way
that you told it.
Well, that's probably
because I made it up.
You got Chinese,
you got Japanese,
you got Spanish,
you got Dutch periods of rule,
so that when you take
one of these dumplings
and you put it in your mouth,
you got all that history,
and it's just...
Am I mansplaining right now?
I'm sorry.
No, no, no. And these, um...
These little wooden
stick things, what are...
What are these?
I don't know.
Beats me.
I'm sorry, I just-- I love food.
And I get excited
when I talk about it.
No, it's cute.
And, I mean, yeah,
you do know a lot about food.
You should, like,
run a restaurant or something.
That is literally my dream.
Okay, then why don't you do it?
I'm sorry, do you want
my mother to die
out of pure disappointment?
I mean,
if it's what you want to do.
Are your parents
supportive or something?
You know, actually, yeah.
Yeah, tell me about that. Yeah.
As long as I become, you know,
some kind of surgeon
and win a Nobel Prize
or something,
they'd be... supportive. Practical.
Why not do both?
Ooh. You ready?
I will take this one.
This is really good.
I know.
Know what the crazy thing is?
You forgot the ginger.
It gets better?
I'm gonna make this one for you.
You got to put it on the spoon.
A little bit of ginger.
That's a lot a bit of ginger.
Just... just eat it.
Just eat it.
Here we are.
This is one of
my favorite spots.
I can see why.
Do you still have
family in Taipei?
Yup. My Aunt Claire.
You know, my dad,
he used to be a doctor
here in Taipei.
When they found out
they were pregnant with me...
he quit his job
and they moved to the U.S.
He couldn't afford
to go through residency again,
so now he works
at the pharmacy in the hospital
where I intern.
Whenever I see him there,
I remember how much
he gave up for me.
So, yeah, I get
what you said earlier.
It feels selfish
to want to do what you want
when your family has done
all the hard work for you.
Yeah, my mom wanted me
to study finance.
My dad wanted me
to play football.
So as a family, we came together
and compromised, and...
now I'm just doing both.
Can we just
forget about real life
and have fun this summer?
Oh, my God! Ever!
Look how--
I know.
That's a nice smile.
It's good, right?
Look at the dimple.
There's a dimple.
No, I don't wanna see you.
I wanna see him. Keep going.
Keep going. Keep going.
Full body. Oh.
He works out.
Ever, come help me with this.
We're mopping?
We're painting.
Your life is so cool.
It has its moments.
What is it, child?
Out with it.
I just...
I don't know what I want.
Right now in life,
it feels like I'm torn
between two of everything.
Two cultures.
Two languages.
Two career paths.
I feel like I should
try to figure out
my life for myself, you know,
like you did.
You traveled the world
and focused on art,
and look at where you are.
This place is awesome.
It's awesome, yes.
But look at your mother.
She went to university.
She met a nice doctor.
She had a nice family.
And she moved to the one place
where you can build something
from nothing.
She didn't follow her dreams.
You know,
maybe you were her dream.
She looks so happy.
Do you know why
I named this place meng die?
It means "butterfly dream."
See, there was
this old philosopher,
and one night, he dreamt
that he was a butterfly.
And when he woke up,
he was just a man again.
But because that dream,
it felt so real,
he wondered if he was a man
who was dreaming
of being a butterfly,
or if he was, in fact,
a butterfly
who was now
dreaming of being a man.
Do you understand
why I'm telling you this, Ever?
Sometimes we're torn
between two dreams.
Meng die reminds me
never to take life
too seriously.
Here's the thing, Ever.
You worry so much
about the life that you want,
you never take the time
to appreciate the life
that you have.
Your turn.
Me? No!
I don't know how to do this.
Yeah, you're not supposed to. Catch.
Oh, sorry!
Go on, take it. Okay.
Don't think. Have fun.
Auntie Shu was right.
Okay, see? There you go.
I just needed to try
and enjoy the moment.
So for the first time
in my life,
that's exactly what I did.
You're literally glowing,
and I'm covered
in spilled matcha.
I hate you, but I love you.
Ever, do you have cello now?
How's the Mandarin now?
It's getting a lot better.
How many Chinese words
can you write, huh?
A-- A lot.
How's school over there?
Yeah, got to go. Love you.
Rise and shine.
Want some caffeine?
Lots of cream, lots of sugar.
Oh, I'm exhausted.
Yeah, that'll happen when you
go out every night of the week.
How did you even get in here?
Your door was open.
Not unlocked. Just open. Mm.
Yeah, lucky
no creeps got in here.
I wouldn't be so sure.
All right, let's get up.
Come on, let's go for a hike!
No. No!
Come on!
Oh, my God,
the mosquitoes here.
Oh, my God, wait, wait, wait,
don't step on it.
I'm okay for now.
Feels like you're dying.
You know, I'm not gonna make it.
Just go on without me. Please.
Just, please.
You okay?
Soph, I promise,
the view from the top
is so much better.
But I'm already
enjoying this view.
No, seriously, I'll catch up
in two seconds.
You two cuties go.
Go on without me.
- You sure?
- Yeah. Yeah.
how's it going with you two?
What, Sophie?
We're cool. She's cool.
I like her.
What about you and Wonder Boy?
Rick? We're good.
So, how's dance going?
Have you sent in your audition?
Uh, I think I'm gonna
record it tomorrow.
Yeah, I kind of put it off
till the last minute
'cause, you know.
I don't know. Tell me.
I've worked really hard
to be good enough, but...
what if I'm not?
Well, what if you are?
Hey! Hey.
Is everything okay?
Sorry, I'm just,
kind of in my head, I guess.
What's wrong?
My Aunt Claire is having
a party tomorrow night,
and she is strongly encouraging
that Sophie and I show up,
put on our clean faces,
and make her look good in front
of her high-society friends.
I take it you don't want to go.
My family is just
still really bitter
that I broke up with Jenna.
And, if you can imagine,
they like her better
than they like me.
Can... can I ask you something?
Why did you end things?
We just had
absolutely nothing in common.
Yeah, no, I-- I get that.
It's important.
Come with me to the party.
You're asking me
to go to a party
where your family's
gonna be there
wishing I was your ex-girlfriend
the whole time.
Did I mention that there would
be free food and drinks?
I'll be there. You know.
Okay. I'll think about it.
Come on. Really?
Wait, slow down!
Hey, guys!
I finally made it.
I have a surprise for you.
I figure since you're going
to a fancy event with this boy
who you say is
just a friend who's a boy
who's not your boyfriend...
you might like this.
Oh, my God.
Thank you, Auntie Shu.
It's beautiful.
You're welcome.
Hey, everyone's taking off.
Can you lock up when you leave?
Yeah, no problem.
Oh, the typhoon's not supposed
to hit the city,
but be sure to shut the windows.
Okay. Of course.
Good luck with the dance!
And remember, meng die.
After everything
I had experienced this summer,
I was finally ready
for my audition.
But what I wasn't expecting
was how truly good it felt
to just be... me.
Oh, shit.
I'll see you later.
Okay. Okay, see you.
Oh, my God.
You look absolutely... perfect.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
Oh, that's okay. Let's grab you
something to drink.
I can't believe
how amazing this party is.
That is my Aunt Claire for you.
She throws this party
every year.
and no storm's gonna stop her.
How about I introduce you?
Aunt Claire. Uncle David.
Hi. Hello.
Good to see you.
Uh, this is Ever, my date.
Hello, dear.
Are you enjoying the party?
Oh, absolutely.
It's really lovely.
So, how did you meet Frederick?
Oh, Rick?
I feel like I've known him
my whole life,
thanks to the World Journal.
Oh, so you're a fan of his?
Oh, God, no.
You know, to be honest with you,
I've always really
sort of hated him.
We met at Huwei.
Ever is learning calligraphy.
Trying to.
Oh, my goodness.
You came!
Jenna, like your ex?
What is she doing here?
She was in Taipei,
and so we decided to
invite her to the party.
I can see that.
Rick. Hi. Hey.
Come here.
It's, um...
It's really good to see you.
You too. You look great.
Thank you. You too.
This is Ever.
- Jenna. Hi.
- Hi.
I love your dress.
Thank you.
We were so sorry to hear
about you two splitting up.
Ever is graduating soon too,
and she's going to be
studying medicine
at Case Western Reserve.
And her father is
a very successful doctor
in the States.
Internal medicine, right?
Was a doctor.
Yeah, when we moved to America,
he had to give up his practice,
and he works in a pharmacy now.
But, I'm currently
in the process of
auditioning for a dance company.
How lovely.
We must mingle. Jenna...
Oh, Frederick, let's chat later.
Nice to meet you...
You have met my husband.
What was that?
I didn't know
she was gonna be here.
No, I'm not talking about her.
I mean like
my dad and med school.
I'm sorry, okay?
It's just,
I'm really, really nervous.
I mean, you could see it.
My family is complicated.
And I just...
I just needed, like,
some kind of buffer.
Is that why I'm here?
I'm just-- I'm a buffer?
No, no, no. It's just...
I just don't want to
give them anything else
to criticize me about.
Like my dad
working in a pharmacy?
Oh, my God, such a shit show.
Bringing Xavier? Huge mistake.
He just told Uncle Michael
he wants to travel around
and live in a van for a year.
Why would he say
something like that?
Because it's the truth.
I swear, it's like he gets off
on making a fool of himself.
We're done. I'm so over it.
Wait, where are you going?
Suddenly I'm not
in the party mood.
Here. You can finish that.
What are you doing here?
I saw you leave the party early.
They're kind of intense, huh?
Rick was making me out to be
someone that I'm not.
Yeah, I hear you.
Sophie was parading me around,
gushing about
my father's business.
Talking about
how close him and I are,
which is complete bullshit.
My father avoids me
because I don't follow his rules
and be whoever
he wants me to be.
I guess we both
got used tonight.
I just...
I feel so stupid
in this dress right now.
For what it's worth,
I think you look great.
if you want to
talk about stupid...
what about me trying out
your dance moves?
It's not bad.
Actually, it's more of a like...
You've seen my red as blue
I don't belong
In your universe
Okay. Okay.
I'm coming.
There it is.
You'll get home
But I'm on my way out now
Not the same destinations
I will stay
When you get off the train
It's raining.
You're as safe
As a mountain
Yeah, it is.
We should go. Come on.
You're as safe
As a mountain
You know that I am dynamite
Know that I am dynamite
Know that I am dynamite
Know that
I am dynamite...
Oh, man,
it is really coming down.
Yeah, might have to
wait it out a little while.
Oh, here.
What's this?
It reminds me to
follow my own path.
I like it.
Here. Give me your arm.
I didn't know
you were an artist.
We're both full of surprises.
Those sketches.
They're from you?
Ever, are you okay?
The typhoon hit the city hard.
There is no power,
so we are gathering here.
I was so worried
when we got back
and you weren't here.
I made it back. I'm fine.
Can we...
Listen, I...
I am so sorry...
about how I treated you
in front of my family.
How I acted...
has nothing to do with you.
Okay? I care about you so much.
What's going on?
It's the typhoon.
It's bad. The city's flooding.
Parents are worried,
and... they want us to leave
as soon as the storm passes.
They want me and Sophie
out of Taipei.
You're leaving?
I-- I'm sorry.
I wish things
could be different.
I wish tonight was different.
Me too.
Because when I'm with you,
I am...
more me than I've ever been.
Oh, my God.
Auntie Shu?
Auntie Shu?
I'm so glad you're okay.
We tried calling you all night.
Your parents were worried sick.
Auntie Shu, your-- your gallery.
Everything is ruined.
I know. I know.
I'm so sorry.
I left the windows open.
I was just-- I was
in such a hurry to get out,
and I just-- I forgot.
It's gonna be okay.
It'll be all right.
You need to talk to your mother.
Come on.
She's worried.
- Hello?
- Hello?
Baba! It's Ever!
Ever. Is she okay?
Your father and I were
watching the news.
Are you safe?
I'm fine.
But Auntie Shu...
Do you have any idea
how many people we have called?
And you never told us
you've been visiting Auntie Shu.
Sorry, I-- I...
And now you're dancing?
She told you?
She didn't tell us anything.
We got a call from some man,
and he was talking about a...
Dancing audition.
A, uh,
A dance audition.
He couldn't reach you.
What did he say?
What aren't you telling us?
Stop, Mom, just--
just tell me what he said.
He said you should
try again next year.
That's it?
What is this all about?
It's nothing. I, um...
Don't be worried about me, okay?
I'm okay.
A typhoon had come,
and all it brought
was chaos in every way.
Here, let me help.
How you holding up?
You know, I'm doing all right.
The storm really did a number
on this place.
I hope they don't still
expect us to
put on that festival.
I heard it was canceled.
Hey, um,
I'm sorry about the other night.
Yeah, me too.
I just really like
hanging out with you.
I really screwed things up.
With my parents.
My aunt's gallery.
I even got rejected
from that dance company.
That sucks, Ever. I'm sorry.
I'm kind of relieved.
I think I was trying so hard
to make it work in dance
because I thought, you know,
if I could just do that,
I'd convince my parents
that I can be whatever I want,
instead of
what they expect me to be.
I get that.
You do?
Oh, yeah.
I stopped trying to
become someone else
a long time ago.
I really messed things up.
Well, being a guy
who screws up a lot...
it's never too late
to make things right.
Auntie Shu.
This place looks like
it could use some help.
I have an idea.
There you go.
Let me help. Let me help.
You okay?
You got it?
All right. Ever, you okay?
I got that summer love
Summer love
I got that summer love
How was that?
Like an eight out of ten.
It was good. It was good.
Avenue. brading new
Falling in love, what I feel
Oh, no matter what
I swear I do, yeah
Summer love
I got that summer love
Summer love
Summer love
I got that summer love
Summer love
Summer love
I got summer love
I guess you could
call it a remix.
With your Auntie Shu's
permission, of course.
Thank you.
Yeah. Yeah, you're welcome.
They say the air
is clearest after a rain.
And as we finished preparing
our own Loveboat festival...
I started to feel that way
about my life too.
And the irony was my realization
that not everything
needed to be clear.
The key was having the courage
to leap into the unknown.
I can't believe
you pulled it off.
Don't jinx it.
I haven't pulled it off yet.
Either way,
you made the festival happen.
Come on.
I have a surprise for you.
Mom! Dad!
It's wonderful to see you, Ever.
What, what are you doing here?
We heard what you're up to,
and your Auntie Shu says
we should come
see for ourselves.
What I've been up to?
Um, can we talk for a minute?
Yeah. Sure.
I'm really glad
that the both of you are here.
There's something that
I've been meaning to tell you.
I haven't been
completely honest with you.
I don't want to
go to med school.
You don't?
But you're applying
for all the programs.
I only did that
because I thought
that's what you wanted.
I auditioned to
the dance company
without telling you
because I was afraid
that you would disapprove.
But, I mean, being here
with these people...
it's made me realize that...
I'm still figuring out
what I want.
Is it painted on my face?
'Cause you won't look away
I've put up a barricade
All my life
I hide
I feel vulnerable
As we made our way
onto the stage,
I didn't care about
a dance company or med school.
I cared about
helping Auntie Shu,
and the artists whose work
was damaged by the storm.
We'd like to welcome you
to the first official
Loveboat festival.
And the person
who put this all together,
Ever Wong.
I'm not scared at all
This performance is
a love letter to a place
that I never knew
before eight weeks ago.
it's part of me.
It's called...
I cared about everyone
from Loveboat
getting to celebrate
the culture and the history
we spent the entire summer
immersing ourselves in.
I cared about my parents
getting to see me
feeling more alive
than I ever had in my life.
Every day
And night
When I close my eyes
I'm not scared at all
It was then that
everything in the universe
finally came together.
No more rules,
no more expectations,
no more fears.
It was just all of us
in this one moment.
When you know
How to move me
Like a dancer
And I don't wanna hide
But I'm not scared at all
It feels like I've been
Waiting to surrender
I've been waiting
All my life
Like it's easy to fall
When you know
How to move me like a dancer
I hide
So this is what
you've been up to.
I can't believe you came!
Obviously. I wouldn't miss it.
Oh, and this is Jeremy.
We met at
a typhoon beach clean-up.
He's in a band.
My family's furious,
but whatever.
They even had four songs
written about them.
Uh, five, actually.
The new one just
sort of came to me.
it's nice to meet you, Jeremy.
Yeah. Um...
Cool dance thingy.
I second that.
It was
a very cool dance... thingy.
We'll catch you later. Okay.
Come on, Jer.
I want to hear the new song.
They're cute.
I give it a week. No.
Full album, at least.
Ever, what you're doing here
is really amazing.
You should be proud.
Thank you.
And thank you for showing up.
It really does mean a lot.
What, are you kidding me?
I had to see
Girl Wonder in action.
Well, you know,
I look forward to seeing
Boy Wonder in this year's
edition of the World Journal.
Actually, I was hoping
not to be Boy Wonder
in the World Journal this year.
Don't be a stranger.
Oh, no, don't worry. I won't.
My mom made me keep your contact
for "networking purposes."
Ah. Okay, don't act like
you didn't already
add me to your favorites.
Shut up!
One dance number wasn't enough?
I just can't believe
you'd do that.
Dance without me.
what now, Forever-Ever?
I... haven't really thought
much beyond that point.
Well, I think
it's off to a great start.
Really? Yeah?
You know, it's...
It's actually kind of nice
not having it all figured out.
Nah, yeah,
it leaves room for surprises.
Darling, you
Take me to the moon
But you leave me here
Cold and without you
Darling, why'd you
Have to go so soon?
Now I won't have
Anyone to share
The view with
But, hey, I'll stay put
No, I won't move
I'll wait another 40 hours
So I'll stay put here
I won't move
Maybe you've gone
To buy me flowers
Darling, you don't have
To be so kind
To travel down
All for my surprise
Darling, I'm covering
My eyes
So I don't see
You've gone
A long, long time
But, hey, I'll stay put
No, I won't move
I'll wait another 40 hours
So I'll stay put here
I won't move
Maybe you've gone
To buy me flowers
But, hey, I'll stay put
No, I won't move
I'll wait another 40 hours
So I'll stay put here
I won't move
Maybe you've gone
To buy me flowers