Love in Tokyo (1966) Movie Script

Dear God.
Please, bless me.
So that I can end the loveless
engagement of my friend Ashok.
'Strange is this farcical love,
Trapped into it I was.'
'Fearing my mother,
I've come here.'
'On my own, I'm not here.
But, forced I was to come here.'
Ashok, it's 7 minutes past 7, now.
My daughter, your fianc, Sarita
has turned sweet seventeen.
So, on this joyous occasion,
she will cut the cake.
And you will lend her your hand.
What do you say?
As per my friend's watch and mine
there are still 40 seconds to go.
Move aside! Run for your life!
Which one of you is Mr Ashok?
I am Ashok.
- You are?
Mr Ashok,
your friend, Mr Poche Khan,
died under my lorry.
Poche Khan, my dear friend!
If you want to have
a last glimpse of him
let's go to the hospital.
- Come soon.
Poche Khan, my dear friend!
Poor fellow!
Ashok fooled us once again, today!
Someone is dying and
you are whining!
Anyway, I'll call
the hospital and inquire.
What's wrong?
That's the alarm.
I have no time, now.
What's all this nonsense?
Sheela's dad came all the way
from Japan, with his nonsense.
Really? As in, love is in danger?
- You bet!
- Then, how do you meet her?
I use of my love's
sari to meet my lover!
Wish you the best of luck.
- Hey, Ashok.
Don't let mom get
to know about this.
Or she'll actually have a Pathan
sent from Kabul to kill me!
Please sit.
What's it?
- Gayatri Devi!
It's been years,
since you were told
of your older son's death in Japan.
For me, he died the day
I arranged his marriage here,
but, he married a Japanese
girl there, against my wishes.
He had a child from the marriage.
When a person gets married,
he will have children, too.
If you're here to talk
about that child or woman,
then you are wasting your time,
as well as mine.
I believe,
even the child's mother is no more.
My sympathies.
Before dying, the child's
mother wrote a letter to you.
To me?
If you permit it, then I'll
read the translation for you.
Read it.
'Greetings, mother.'
'The doctors tell me
I won't live for too long.'
'My husband used to say
that a child is an image of God.'
'He used to also say'
'that the day you would
see this tiny form of God'
'your temper would cool down.'
'You would surely forgive us.'
'He left this world without
his wish coming true.'
'Perhaps, the joys that
you did not get from your son'
'may come to you,
through your grandson.'
'God has given you everything.'
'So, if you can't claim
this child as one of your own'
'consider him to be
a destitute mother's child'
'or a that of a maid.'
'It would be kind of you,
if you let him stay with you.'
'Save him from going
to an orphanage.'
'God will bestow you
with more happiness, then.'
'I guess, I can't sign
off as your daughter-in-law.'
'I am merely, the mother
of a helpless child - Nyoshi.'
What do you want me to do, ma'am?
Make arrangements
for my younger
son Ashok to go to Japan.
He will bring the child from there.
I'd rather die, but not
leave Mahesh and go to Tokyo, dad!
If I could, I would have
never let you be born in India!
Oh, God! Please protect my love!
I will take care of your love,
right now!
You wear this. And you hang this.
Here's Rs 200.
Beat Mahesh up so badly that he
should never dare think of Sheela!
No! Listen!
Oh, Sheela's soft, silky sari!
Oh, my ladder to paradise,
take me to my beloved soon!
No, father! I won't go!
- Shut up!
I won't go! Mahesh!
- Shut up!
If Farhad can dig a mountain
for his love, Shirin,
can I not climb up
holding on to this sari?
Sheela, your slave
is at your service.
In fact,
the slave of slaves is here!
But, Sheela,
you appear fatter
and taller than usual.
Have you been on an eating binge?
You are nodding your head,
very much.
Ask my eternally
blessed father-in-law
to stop hovering around
our love like a pesky mosquito!
When two hearts meet,
they are oblivious.
But, this old mosquito
sucks the blood of our love!
'From this mosquito, learn
about cowardice and impudence.'
'When two hearts meet,
they yelp aloud at his arrogance.'
Why are you covering your face?
'Unveil your face, and before you,
will be your Mahesh.'
Unveil your face, Sheela.
I've been stranded with
strands of Sheela's hair!
There's an army
of mosquitoes, here!
Mr Sister, take back your hair.
love is blind.
Perhaps, I came to the
wrong place because I'm blind.
We'll make you forget about love!
Please, don't do that!
Chilli powder!
Chilli powder!
Chilli powder!
Hey! Finger on your nose!
Now, tell me where is my Sheela?
She got fed up of your love,
so her father is taking
her to Tokyo, tomorrow!
- Don't let him go to Tokyo alone.
I'll accompany him.
Our Indian culture
is being slandered
due to the shameless way in
which the youngsters here roam
everywhere together,
before their marriage!
You'd think, they are the direct
descendants of Romeo and Juliet!
What do you think?
- You're right.
He is conning us again, today.
You're right.
Sir, he is certainly crazy,
but, what he says makes sense.
You're right.
'God is showering flowers.
Thorns are being set afire.'
'And success stands before
me with a smile on her face.'
'Ladies and gentlemen, you are now'
'flying over the
land of the rising sun.'
'In a few moments,
our aircraft will land in Tokyo.'
'The most beautiful
city of the east.'
'Please, fasten your seatbelts.'
'And refrain from smoking.'
'Remain seated till the
aircraft comes to a complete halt.
'Thank you.'
I completely forgot
to give you my card.
Mine is the only shop
of its kind in Japan.
Indian Art Emporium!
Do contact me, if you need me.
And if you have the time,
then call me.
'Your attention, please!'
'Air India passengers,
please collect your baggage from'
counter number 3. Thank you.'
Send Chikoo San.
Chikoo San?
Nice name.
- But, naughty boy.
Leave me alone.
Chikoo San, your uncle.
Hello, Chikoo!
Judo expert!
Chikoo, good children
respect their elders.
This was only a sample, uncle.
Do you want to take me to India?
But, I won't go!
No, I have come
to Japan to meet you.
Won't you show me around Tokyo?
Let's go!
But, I have no money
to take you around.
Your uncle has plenty of money!
Let's go.
Will my Chikoo drink Coca Cola?
You will then ask me to come
to India. So, I won't drink it!
Nor will I go to India.
Drink it.
I will not take you to India.
- Promise.
Indians always keep their word!
So do the Japanese!
I'll drink all
the Coca Cola you give me.
But I will not go to India!
All right!
Uncle, you're a decent man.
Why don't you stay back in Japan?
Because I am an Indian,
and India is my motherland.
Then, why are you taking me there?
I was born here in Japan.
So, Japan is my nation.
But, Chikoo, your father
was born in India.
Maybe. But my mother was
a Japanese, & I was born in Japan.
You are a sharp kid. Let's go.
Stay in Japan for a few days,
and you will become sharp too!
Buy any toy you want.
I can buy the entire shop for you.
Thank you, uncle.
I'll buy this, this, that one,
and this too!
Buy this also.
This is the Taj Mahal from India.
It's considered to be one
of the seven wonders of the world.
People from all over
the world come to see it.
Do you want to see it?
If you want to show it to me,
you'll have to bring it to Japan.
But, you won't go to India?
- I won't!
Just to see the Taj Mahal?
I've already seen it on television!
"A stranger came to my door."
"A stranger came at my door."
"Mesmerized me with his eyes."
"Mesmerized me with his eyes."
"A stranger came at my door."
"A stranger came at my door."
"Since my innocent
childhood is over."
"My heart sways!"
"My heart is not in my control."
"My heart is not in my control."
"A stranger came at my door."
"A stranger came at my door."
"Mesmerised me with his eyes."
"A stranger came at my door."
"Sleepless are the nights."
"I remember of him."
"I spend the night
counting the stars."
"I spend the night counting stars."
"A stranger came at my door."
"A stranger came at my door."
"Mesmerised me with his eyes."
"Mesmerised me with his eyes."
"A stranger came at my door."
"A stranger came at my door."
A stranger came at my door.
Mesmerised me with his eyes.
Ladies and gentlemen.
This was a signal
that after some time
girls have some lovely dreams.
Being an uncle I'm not
ignorant about my responsibility.
As per my deceased brother's will
a decent, well educated
simple prince charming
who is a pilot officer
will marry Ms Asha and thereby,
I will fulfil my duty.
Please come, Mr Pran.
Mr Pran.
Indian girls begin to blush
on hearing about marriage.
Mr Anderson!
- Yes!
Please, read my brother's
will and letter.
I've got it, but let Ms Asha come.
Dad, I have obeyed you all my life.
But, I am compelled to disobey
what's written in your will.
Please forgive me, dad.
I hate Pran!
I hate the very sight of him!
You'll have to turn
the hatred into love
because, it's all decided.
- Uncle!
You are my uncle.
Why do you want me
to marry a man I hate?
I know what's good
or bad for you, Asha.
Then, tell me a single
good quality that Pran has!
What does Mr Pran lack? Tell me.
He's decent, handsome and educated!
It's you whom he loves.
Not your wealth.
I know, that it's
only my wealth he loves!
Stop talking rubbish!
I have promised your father.
It's my life's biggest aim to
abide by my elder brother's will.
Asha! This engagement
will take place, right now!
Go and change.
The guests are waiting for you.
Please, don't give the
world a chance to mock at you.
Come on, try to be a sport. Please.
Pran, the situation is delicate.
Asha is not prepared to marry you.
And until she gives her consent
the lawyer won't give
us my deceased brother's letter!
Until we get the letter,
our luck won't change!
An equal share of the
inheritance is impossible!
And if we don't get that soon
our gangsters will surely kill us.
I'll go and pacify Asha.
Just hurry!
Asha, I worship your anger!
But at least respond to the knock
of a man who pines for your love.
Dad, please forgive me.
If you still don't reply,
then I'll come inside.
So, don't be offended.
Uncle makes a mountain
out of a molehill!
Asha, these clothes
bear a lingering perfume.
People are waiting for us.
Change your clothes
and come quickly.
Do put a black beauty
spot on your cheek.
To ward off the evil eyes!
'Uncle, I hate Pran!'
'I certainly don't want
to get married to him.'
I'm leaving your house.'
Ladies and gentlemen, the attitude
of Indian girls is quite strange.
Asha loves her uncle dearly.
The moment he spoke
of her engagement
she went away, at the thought
of being separated from her uncle.
The fortunate person
who finds her...
Will be rewarded $5,000!
Fifty percent from me.
And 50% of it will be from Pran.
'If I escape from here'
'my uncle will not
be able to take me to India.'
'I wish, I could find you!
I'd hide you in my heart.'
Don't try to deceive Chikoo
by speaking in Japanese!
I know, that you are
an Indian girl on the run.
Your name is Asha.
How do you know?
All of Japan knows!
It's been aired on TV
that anyone who
finds you will be rewarded.
Should I call the police?
- No. Please, don't!
You want a reward, don't you?
Here, take some money.
No way! I don't
take money from girls!
But, in spite of
being an Indian girl
why did you escape from home?
Because of my uncle!
Your uncle?
Yes. He's coercing me to
get married and I don't want to.
All uncles are bad!
Even my uncle wants to
force me to go to India
but, I won't go!
Where are your parents, Chikoo?
In Japan or in India?
God took both of them.
I have nobody. I'm all alone!
I'm sorry.
There are many people
like you in this world.
I have nobody, too.
Why does God call everybody?
Not everybody, but only
those whom He considers good.
Then, why does He not call me?
Am I not good?
No, Chikoo!
Please, don't speak that way.
Am I not a nice girl?
Then, why didn't He call me?
Why didn't He call you?
Because, He wanted us to meet.
When He severs off one
relationship, He forms another.
Have you actually come
from the abode of God?
Yes. Now, that we have met,
we will never be separated.
- Promise!
Hey, partner. Get up, it's morning.
Wake up.
Wait, partner. What if,
somebody recognises you, then?
If there's any danger,
then I'll whistle this way.
Chikoo. Chikoo.
Thank you, partner.
Partner, I'm starving.
Let's go to a tea
house and have tea.
Come here.
Partner, they've recognised you.
They are speaking in Japanese.
They may call the police.
Let's scoot!
- Okay.
The car's ready.
Let go of my hand!
I believe,
the legendary Prithviraj eloped
with his Samyukta on a horse.
Today, I will elope with
my beloved in a car. Come on.
Leave me!
- Come on!
Leave me!
Let go of me!
- Sit quietly!
Help! Help!
Help! - Hey, what's wrong? Get up!
I've broken my leg!
- And my hand too!
What? Let me see!
Was that your broken hand?
Stop the car.
What is it?
You saved me once,
and now, I've saved you.
So, that's quits.
It's time to say bye, now.
- But, why?
Your Indian sari will
get me arrested, with you!
Chikoo, if you have
promised to be my partner
you have to stand by me!
Then, disguise yourself.
Wear something else.
Take me to a department store.
Straight ahead is an Indian
ready-made garments store.
Grand idea!
Let's go.
Good morning!
Good afternoon,
good afternoon, boy!
Shopping mall, fantastic.
Aunt, is he a goat,
or is his face that way?
He's got a sprain in the neck.
They are meek in India
but, once they come abroad,
they get all high and mighty!
Okay, get out, get out lunch time.
Is this the way
to speak to customers?
Okay, get out,
don't teach me. - Let's go.
I'm very sorry, ma'am.
I'm very sorry, dear boy.
Please come in.
Thank you!
- This way.
Consider this your shop.
Choose whatever you want.
Boss, please let me go!
Settle my pay.
You have insulted
me before my countrymen!
And I can't digest that!
Even your dad will digest that.
She is the girl who bears
a reward of $5,000 on her head!
The girl on television?
- Yes.
We'll divide it two ways.
I'll make the call.
What's with this bell.
Hello. Who is it? Ashok?
Oh, no! If your nephew is lost,
what can the boss do?
Come to the shop and speak.
Put the phone down.
Boss, call up Mr Pran.
What? Asha is in your store?
- Yes!
Bring $5000 in cash.
Keep her waiting there.
I'll get you the cash.
Important business, darling.
See you later.
Lock the trial room,
and keep an eye on them.
Hey, mister! Have you gone
blind after coming to Japan?
I'm sorry, I'm very worked up.
My brother's son is missing.
He's also her age.
You talk as though
she's your nephew!
But, this is a girl.
Thank God,
you could at least distinguish
between a girl and a boy.
You appear quite interesting.
You're not bad yourself.
Thank you.
- Why thank me?
If you'd been a girl,
I'd have abducted you! - Is it?
And your uncle would
have been searching for you!
Hey, mister! You called me,
so where are you going?
Where's the girl?
Oh! Hey mister,
he wants to ask you something.
Here's your reward.
Send the girl outside, immediately.
What? Who do you think I am?
You called me and now
you're talking rubbish. Idiot!
Oh! So, you are the duffer
who announced $5,000
on TV for his younger sister?
She must be your younger sister!
She is my future wife!
Wife! If this is the state before
marriage, imagine the future!
- Sir!
Please, stop arguing and come here.
Excuse me, sir,
have you seen a small boy here?
You announce a reward too,
and you'll find the boy!
Mohan! Where the heck is he?
No problem, I have a duplicate key.
Take your lover away.
You may hide from
the moon and the stars, Asha.
But you can't hide from
the gaze of those who love you.
You're a boy!
Why are you wearing a sari?
Your dad has cheated
me out of $5,000!
He must be your dad!
He's an equal partner.
Where's the girl
whose sari this is?
That girl was
completely overwhelming!
So was that boy!
You fool!
Sir! Sir!
Hey, give me my money!
For how long will you test my love?
Even my tears have dried,
crying in your memory!
Won't you come to Tokyo?
Is your love for me not true,
You are lying, you rascal!
Ashok is not like that.
Mother if you want, then I'll
touch your feet and say
that Ashok was clinging to
a Japanese girl at the airport!
Even a ray of light
could not pass through them!
Yes. He was all smiles
while talking with her.
Are you telling the truth?
Mother! Do you think I'd
want to get killed by lying to you?
But, I fail to
understand one thing.
Your family and Japan
seem to have an eternal enmity.
No wonder, you keep
clashing every now and then!
Some years ago,
your older son went to Japan alone.
He never returned.
Now, Ashok has gone to Japan alone.
God alone knows what will happen!
- Mahesh!
Why don't you also go to Tokyo?
The moment the child is found,
bring back both of them safely.
I will make arrangements
for your trip.
Money is
a temporary possession, mom.
In a few days, I have the annual
Board of Directors' meeting.
How can l go? Of course,
my passport is ready.
Can't you make such a small
sacrifice for your friend?
Mother, your words have
provoked my dormant decency
and my spirited friendship!
Now, I must go to Tokyo anyhow!
Even if it incurs heavy losses
or completely destroys me.
I have to go for my love.
I mean, for my friend.
I'll teach you a lesson, now.
Chikoo! No!
You brat! What have you worn?
Aren't you ashamed of
indulging in such acts abroad?
What have I done?
You took away my Chikoo!
What are you talking about?
The chikoo that we eat?
My nephew! Chikoo.
Is your nephew a treasure
which I would take away?
I took pity on the child and
fed him and yet you boss around!
Great, great.
You took away my nephew,
and yet you are acting so smart!
At the store, you told
me that this child is a girl!
While you are feed him!
Should I call the police?
Go ahead!
In spite of being
from the same country
why are you calling the police?
I see! So, you think of your
country, now! You are frightened!
Thank God, there is no fracture.
- Thank you, doctor.
Now, boy, India fly!
Oh! Not for 15 days.
The child has weak bones.
All right, I'll leave now.
If you talk about leaving
I'll tell uncle
that you are not a man!
That you're the
girl who has run away.
No! Chikoo.
- Uncle!
This person is not a real Sikh!
What? He isn't?
I promised that,
I would remain with him.
But, now that I'm going away,
he says, I'm not a real Sikh!
Right, son?
He's right.
Sikhs never go back on their word.
You've made a promise, abide by it.
Chikoo, your dear Sardarji
will not go away.
- That's it!
Chikoo, have the
soup and go to sleep.
You won't feed me.
You won't?
- Never!
Did you see that?
This child seems to be my uncle,
and I am his nephew!
One needs to explain to a child,
very lovingly!
Provided he'd give me
a chance to be loving, wretch!
I go close to him, and he hits me!
He hails from my family but,
you are feeding him the soup.
Go on, have some more!
I won't have it, indeed!
He's upset!
It's no use reading
a book on child psychology.
Well, you tell me what to do!
I'm a decent man.
I've never been in
love or been married.
So how can I have children?
You must have at least
seen some lovely maidens?
I could sight no
lovely maiden in India.
But yes!
There was a lovely Indian
maiden on Japanese television.
But even she has run away!
Reaching for someone so distant?
Can you not see someone
who is so close?
The same eyes!
You have eyes just like that girl!
Do you have a sister in Japan?
Please, introduce me to her!
I live in India.
I'm the only son of my parents.
Consider me to be their
son and daughter, as well!
Forget it, there's no hope.
But, what do you do in Japan?
I am writing a book on love.
I want to do a PhD in romance.
Give me some advice, too.
What do you think love is, buddy?
Sweet pudding?
Which you can taste
if you get the chance?
Show me your hand.
- Here!
You do have a love line.
You will get the girl.
I will?
- Yes.
If you do get her, it will be
only after she twirls you around.
Thank you!
Sleep. We'll talk tomorrow.
Where are you going?
Out of the room.
This is such a big bed.
Both of us will sleep here.
We will talk all night.
I snore loudly at night.
You will not be able to sleep.
Stop it and wear this sarong!
You blush like a girl!
You don't understand.
Chikoo is unwell. If he wakes
up at night, it'll be a problem.
Please wait.
I will be indebted to you, forever.
If not for you,
who would have tended to
that adamant and ill child?
I've had to look after,
not one, but two children!
Oh God, may a blind
man come here today
who will empty his pockets
but, not take
a thing from the store!
'A hermit stands here wishing
only well for everyone.'
'He seeks not a friend or a foe.'
Get lost from here!
If you want to die,
then jump from Tokyo Tower!
You seek well of others,
but are destroying my store!
Destruction is imminent, my child!
What nonsense?
- It's not nonsense!
You paid Rs 200 instead of Rs
500 and ended an innocent love!
In Japan?
- No. In India.
In Mumbai! In the Tanker colony.
Has the Mahesh murder
case been opened?
The Indian police have
already left from India.
What? Please stop talking.
Have you eaten?
Have I eaten?
'When the truth began to scare you'
'you started to
give away in charity!'
No, that's not so. Please come in.
If you want me to come in
then, you may as well
take me inside your house.
My home is inside the store.
What are you doing, sir?
Why are you taking a hermit in?
How did a hermit from the sacred
plains of India come to Tokyo?
Foolish creature!
Your daughter's admirer
has passed away!
I see...
But now, he slowly moves towards
your neck, in the form of a noose.
No, I don't want to die!
There is a vast inheritance,
my daughter is young.
I have come here to make
the necessary arrangements.
Tell me a remedy, father.
- Whom are you calling father?
- Call my father that!
I'm an ascetic.
Okay, sage.
Please, tell me a remedy.
There is a remedy.
Slip into a river and chant...
- Tell me.
'In a river, a hermit slips.'
'In a river, a hermit slips.'
'Best wishes for everyone
Is all that he has on his lips.'
'Best wishes for everyone
is all that he has on his lips.'
'Finally I befriend Mahesh,
enmity there remains none now!'
Come on now,
getting going to the riverside!
I want the police station.
Is this the police station?
Look, my father-in-law
is about to commit suicide.
I'll speak in English.
Listen! My son-in-law...
No, no, my father-in-law
is committing suicide.
Yes, suicide, dying. River. Yes!
What? My name?
India's James Bond.
Brother of Brook Bond, Mahesh.
My charming magician.
My father is getting me married
to that dark oaf, Chatterjee!
Rescue me!
- Bless you, beautiful maiden!
Can I get some alms
in the name of God?
Give me some alms,
in the name of the Lord, my Queen!
Why barge inside the house?
Go to the store and ask father!
It's a grave sin to send
a hermit empty-handed, my queen!
Hey! Stop addressing
me as your queen!
I said, ask father! Stop asking me!
Some alms is what I asked for.
But, you refused.
You are stooping, so low!
You deceive God by
pretending to be a hermit!
It's no big deal deceiving God.
But, a man in love cannot
deceive his loved one, you fool.
Hey! My loved one!
"I long for your love.
What else do I say?"
"I long for your love.
What else do I say?"
"I am your admirer.
What else do I say?"
"I long for your love.
What else do I say?"
"Recognise me, I am your beloved."
"Recognise me, I am your beloved."
"When will you shower
your grace on me?"
"I am your admirer."
"I am your admirer."
"I am your admirer."
"I am your admirer."
"I have offended you,
what else do I say?"
"I long for your love
what else do I say?"
"I have come here with a desire."
"I have come here with a desire."
"I have come to
Japan for your sake."
"I am your beloved."
"I am your beloved."
"I am your beloved."
"I am your beloved."
"I desire you. What else do I say?"
"I long for your love,
what else do I say?"
"Without you,
my heart feels lonely."
"Without you,
my heart feels lonely."
"Though defamed,
it belongs to you."
"I am hurt..."
"I am hurt..."
"I am hurt..."
"I am hurt..."
"In a big way, what else do I say?"
"I long for your love.
What else do I say?"
"I am your admirer,
what else do I say?"
"I long for your love,
what else do I say?"
Why did the hermit ever ask
me to take a dip in a cold river?
'In a river, a hermit dips.'
'Best wishes is all
that he has on his lips.'
'Finally I befriend Mahesh,
enmity there remains none now!'
'Finally I befriend Mahesh,
enmity there remains none!'
Good Lord! The police!
Mahesh is no more,
but, he's put the police behind me!
Oh, God.
I'm praying to God. No suicide.
Mahesh called you?
Mahesh is here, in Tokyo?
- Yes.
Mahesh, you should leave now.
Father may be here soon.
Your father must be freezing
in the cold river.
He must be sneezing in the Japanese
jail after being captured by cops.
He sneezes in the jail of Japan
and its sound
can be heard right here!
Is that a sneeze
or a supersonic jet?
That's father sneezing!
- Goodness me!
Where is that rogue?
Dad, you've caught a cold.
And where is that rogue?
Take some medicine.
- Where is that rogue Mahesh?
I'll kill you!
Sheela, I'll see you later!
Wait! I'll fix you! Wait!
Mahesh, here?
Your death has
brought you to Japan.
I won't spare you, today!
Wait! Here I come!
- Ashok. Who is Mahesh?
I don't know how my friend,
Mahesh, is here.
His future father-in-law
is pursuing him with a revolver.
But, where are you going?
- To find him.
But, that leads to the
Geisha house. - So what?
Believe me, it's not a nice place.
I'm going to find my friend,
not a geisha.
Sisters! My Japanese sisters!
Save me!
Rescue my Sheela's beloved!
Her father is coming to shoot me!
Didn't you get me? With the pistol.
Where's he?
You here?
You seem a guardian angel here!
Indeed. This place is such.
Where humans cannot tread,
only angels like me do!
Have you come here
to find your nephew?
I found him. God bless this
man because of whom I found him.
He's a great palmist, too.
Please, sir.
Ease my troubles, too.
Read his hand, too.
I'll look for my friend and return.
He seems to be in big trouble.
Sit down! Here.
Girls everywhere!
I wonder where that rogue has gone?
It concerns wealth.
That girl is so rich
that one can buy all
of the world's lovely maidens!
Then, you will surely get her.
I will?
- Yes.
But, only when you will
be breathing your last!
Take back your last words!
I can't even die,
unless I get that girl.
Whose voice beckoned me in Japan?
It drives me insane!
The one who beckoned you
is none other than your grandpa!
Please, don't leave me alone.
Hey! Do you speak Hindi?
I'm an international geisha.
International geisha.
- Yes!
So, I can speak Hindi,
Gujarati and Marathi.
Now, sit here.
You all sit here.
Sir, now, remove your cap.
Why are you looking the other way?
Look at me, also.
You are a linguist!
International geisha.
I see.
So, do you know to recite
some couplets of India, too?
Will you reply to the
couplet which I will recite?
Then, listen.
- Okay.
'All night, I boiled an egg.'
'All night I boiled an egg.'
'Yet uncooked, it remained.'
'Poets have been long dead,
only stupid fools have remained.'
A superb reply!
Now, for the next one.
'Sunlight was spread far and wide.'
'Sunlight was spread far and wide.'
'There was water on every side.'
'When you were brought
into life here.'
'Your father laughed aloud
but your mother shed tears.'
My international love.
Stay away.
- 'Stay away.'
Okay, there you go.
No more!
Give me the whole box!
If you eat all of it,
you'll fall ill!
Then, I will not do
this in front of uncle!
Please, Chikoo!
Give me the whole box, then!
All right, take it!
Aunt, may I ask you something?
- Yes.
Why all this charade?
- There's no special reason.
Can I tell you?
- Yes.
Aunt and uncle...
- Quiet! Go to sleep!
'A lovely Indian maiden did
appear on Japanese television.'
'But even she has run away!'
I long to show you my true self.
But believe me,
I will torment you
after becoming Chikoo's aunt.
- Who is it, Chikoo?
Your aunt!
My aunt?
Fool! Not his aunt, but yours!
Not your aunt, but mine!
Good morning!
- What good morning?
Chikoo, where did this
troublesome aunt come from?
What? You call me troublesome!
I know Hindi!
I learnt from your brother.
I was going to report
at the police station.
But, I learnt that he was here.
At the police station? Why?
How could you abduct him?
I will take him away!
He's my older brother's son.
Right, Chikoo?
- Yes, uncle.
He's my older sister's son. Right?
Yes, aunt!
Aunt, uncle.
- You shut up!
I'm the one who raised you!
I wonder from where
your uncle came!
I will not let you take to India.
Ma'am, I have sought the permission
of the Japanese government.
I will have it cancelled!
He does not want to go to India.
Am I right, Chikoo?
This is a matter of my honour.
Say yes, at least today.
No! I will stay with aunt!
You're from my bloodline
but, you'll stay with your aunt?
While you let a Sikh feed you soup!
Chikoo, let's go.
- Bye?
Step out of the hotel,
and I'll break your leg!
He is my love. Let's go, Chikoo.
Hey, you lousy aunt!
What? You called me a lousy aunt!
Yes, I did!
I have never ever
killed even a chicken.
But, if you take him away,
I'll wring your neck!
If you murder me,
then I will call the police!
Ma'am, I haven't
actually murdered you!
Aunt, call the police.
I'll testify against uncle.
Where are you going?
Such a tiny being,
and you will testify!
Will the cops listen
to your testimony?
My friend!
My friend!
Wake up, soon!
The police is going to be here!
I am going to be arrested!
My friend!
He does not want to be
disturbed because he slept late.
Hey kid, get lost!
Slept late, indeed! My friend!
I can hear the sound of
the cops' batons in your snores!
Wake up soon!
Oh no! If you still don't wake up,
I'll have to sleep forever!
Quickly, get up! Come on!
Why are you shouting?
I say, come out!
What is it?
You woke me from a deep slumber!
I was having such sweet dreams!
I can see dreams of death,
while I'm awake!
What's wrong?
- You ask, what's wrong?
Chikoo's aunt was here!
She has gone to fetch the police.
She wants to take him with her!
- Let her!
Mom will thrash me, then!
And if I don't, then the
police here will thrash me!
That's very bad!
I believe, the jails here
have frogs and cockroaches.
Cockroaches? Think of a solution.
I have nobody else,
but you in Japan!
Okay, tell me something.
How did the girl look?
Look? I couldn't see her properly.
But yes, she had lovely eyes!
And she appeared lovelier,
when angry!
Then, it's no problem.
You will get your boy
and the girl, as well!
- Start wooing the girl.
Woo that tigress?
When you fall in love with
a tigress, even she becomes a doe!
Then, you make her a doe!
- Wow!
She's taking away your nephew,
so why should I fall in love?
No problem.
I'll ask for her address.
And fix an appointment.
You take some gift and reach there.
I have never been in love.
I'd be highly obliged, if you
give some advice from your book.
Well, sympathy is
very important in love.
Wow, well said!
I wish, you had offered sympathies
for her older
sister's death earlier.
Then, things would have worked
out in the very first meeting.
My sincerest condolences
on your sister's death.
Even I am very sorry. Your
older brother was a very nice man.
He taught me Hindi.
God bless him. God bless him.
I wonder,
why I could not sleep last night.
I was quite irritable. So, I was
rude to you. I'm terribly sorry.
I have a terrible temper,
but a heart of gold.
I forgive you.
Thank you!
I have brought these
flowers for you.
Thank you. Thanks.
- Oh? Thanks?
This is too much trouble!
- It was no trouble.
How will I repay
you for this favour?
I will be very indebted to you
if you don't go
to the police station.
What nonsense is that?
A nice man like you should
be imprisoned in the heart.
'Goodness gracious!
Her gait is so devastating.'
'Like waves of the river
Ganga flouncing away.'
'Her looks could kill.'
'The need of the hour.'
'Her penetrating
gaze is so devastating.'
'There's devastation all around.'
'I feel like watching
her all the time.'
I ought to go now.
So soon?
They say,
aged wine should be sipped slowly.
I fear you may exceed your limits.
When will we meet, again?
Tomorrow. Goodbye.
"I will keep my promise. Goodbye."
"Cheerfully and gleefully."
"I will come again tomorrow."
"I will keep my promise. Goodbye."
"Cheerfully and gleefully."
"I will come again tomorrow."
"Leave my hand."
"Don't block my path."
"Leave my hand."
"Don't block my path."
"Don't be so restless."
"Take your eyes off me."
"I will keep my promise. Goodbye."
"Cheerfully and gleefully."
"I will come again tomorrow."
"In the romantic atmosphere."
"In the enchanting surroundings."
"In the romantic atmosphere."
"In the enchanting surroundings."
"I won't be able to forget you."
"We will meet in
the beautiful milieu."
"Goodbye. Goodbye."
"I will keep my promise. Goodbye."
"Cheerfully and gleefully."
"I will come again tomorrow."
"We will meet every day."
"The days and the
nights will be ours."
"We will meet every day."
"The days and the
nights will be ours."
"Then, who will restrict us?"
"You may say anything you want."
"Goodbye. Goodbye."
"I will keep my promise. Goodbye."
"Cheerfully and gleefully."
"I will come again, tomorrow."
My friend! Where are you?
Where are you? Come out!
My friend!
- What's the matter?
You must embrace me, today!
- What happened?
Legendary lovers died
trying to find the
advice which you gave me!
Please keep your distance!
I don't want to hug!
You must embrace me, today!
You are such a fool! I thought,
you must have embraced her!
May your words come true!
That day will be here soon!
Anyway, how is she?
Sweet? Hot and spicy? Lovely?
When she laughs,
she is as sweet as honey!
And when she is angry,
she looks like a green chilli.
And when she gets angry,
she appears like...
Red, hot chillies?
- Right.
And when she laughs a little,
it seems a rose...
- Hey! You've cut your finger.
What are you doing?
You are very dirty!
You are very dirty!
When you see her, you lose courage
but, act brave when you come to me!
What's wrong?
You smell just like her!
A man in love sees his
beloved in every person!
When will you be meeting her?
You also come and watch us enjoy.
It's not in my book
to merely count the leaves,
when a hunter goes to hunt!
Please, accept my
greetings filled with love.
I'll be grateful,
if you tell me your name.
One does not ask
the name of a lover.
Then, whose name will
I chant and live by?
People in love do not live,
they die,
chanting each other's name.
Every desire of mine
revolves around you.
Where do you live?
In your house, near your heart.
In fact, in your heart!
Love resides in our hearts.
'An ocean of beauty
steals my heart.'
'She kills me, and then
says she resides in my heart.'
'I feel like kissing you.'
'But, no.'
'If you say no, I could kiss away'
'your apprehensions,
I'd put at rest.'
'In love, time just flies.'
'In each other, we get lost.'
Were you offended?
I don't know, why I feel
as though,
I've awakened from a deep slumber.
Did you think of some work?
Yes. It is very important.
More important than me?
If you don't mind,
then I'll say yes.
When will we meet again?
Tomorrow, same time, same place.
I'll wait for you.
Come in.
'My dear friend, please accept
my greetings filled with love.'
'I had to suddenly leave for India'
'with Chikoo by the flight at 5.'
'I could not even thank
you for your favours.'
'The Japanese girl sure
looks the like one on TV.'
'But, she lacks the
style of the Indian girl.'
'Remember, you would say'
'praying at the Tokyo
shrine unites estranged love?'
'Go there and
sincerely pray for me.'
'Perhaps, I'll get my beautiful
maiden and make her mine.'
'Yours, Ashok.'
'Your attention, please.'
'Japan Airlines announces
the departure of Air Flight 007.'
'for Hong Kong,
Bangkok and Bombay.'
'Your attention, please.'
'Passengers are requested
to proceed to the aircraft.'
'Remember, you would say'
'praying at the Tokyo
shrine unites estranged love?'
'Go there and
sincerely pray for me.'
'Perhaps, I'll get my beautiful
maiden and make her mine.'
"Oh, my beautiful
maiden, oh, my love."
"You are with me,
there is no one else."
"You are with me,
there is no one else."
"Oh, my beautiful
maiden, oh my love."
"You are with me,
there is no one else."
"When fond memories
come back to me"
"every path lights up."
"Wherever my shadow goes"
"your image walks along."
"Oh, my beautiful
maiden, oh, my love."
"You are with me,
there is no one else."
"You are with me,
there is no one else."
"You are in the
deserts and the gardens."
"You are in the
valleys and in the woods."
"I see you everywhere."
"You can't hide away from me."
"Oh, my beautiful
maiden, oh, my love."
"You are with me,
there is no one else."
"You are with me,
there is no one else."
"You are the one
my heart longs for."
"You are my desire."
"I don't know anyone else."
"You are the one my love honours."
"Oh, my beautiful
maiden, oh, my love."
"You are with me,
There is no one else."
"You are with me,
there is no one else."
Were you hiding since
so long to harass me?
You were the one who was
harassing me all along, not me.
I harassed you just once,
and you got offended?
Friend, you look very lovely.
You must embrace me, today!
I've found the treasure!
I have found the girl who
carries a reward on her head!
Let me go. I said, let go of me!
Are you blind? Can't you see
the bank of India before you?
So what? We'll share!
- Leave me!
- Mahesh!
he's Mahesh, my
childhood friend. - Hi!
Hi! - He was the one I was tracing
at Geisha House the other day.
Do you like your sister-in-law?
Sister-in-law? That means,
I've lost the treasure!
Excuse me! Come here.
If she's my sister-in-law,
then is Sarita your aunt?
I never planned to marry Sarita!
You'll die and have
me killed, also!
Your mother sent me to
Japan to protect you.
If she sees her,
your mother will butcher me!
What nonsense? Come here.
The day mother casts
her eyes on this beauty
she will start to chant
her daughter-in-law's name!
You got your love
and your nephew too!
Now think of an idea
whereby I'll get my Sheela!
I wonder what that
dark Ohatterjee has!
Her father is
getting her married to him!
And he pursues me with a revolver!
The poor girl keeps
crying all day long.
And has a long face.
Come in, Chatterjee.
I'll call Sheela.
Hey, Chhoti!
Act well, while I
go and fetch a doctor.
Come in, my son Chatterjee. Come.
This is the compact
house of your father-in-law.
I have raised my
daughter with great care.
You know how coy Indian girls are.
She doesn't talk, at all.
As though she is mute.
I'll call her right away. Sheela!
She's very shy. Please sit here,
while I go and fetch her.
Sheela, Chatterjee is here,
and you have still not changed?
Do you plan to have me humiliated?
Have you put a lot of
tobacco in your betel leaf?
Red betel leaf!
Which language are you speaking?
Dear God, there have been
blind people born in my family!
But, they were never mute!
When I eventually found a girl,
she turned out to be mute!
Put your tongue out or I
swear, I'll cut your nose!
You told me the girl was mute.
But, not her father, too!
Put your tongue out, some more.
He has a black tongue
and a black heart, as well!
He's your future wife's brother!
Future wife's brother!
I can understand
Bengali, but not speak it.
Who are you?
- Here is the silly man!
You remember your servant,
but don't remember me?
I'm Aziz Mehmood, an Arab doctor.
I was a horse trainer in India,
but I treat humans here.
Oh! I'm very sorry.
- You apologise in English?
Please come in. Hurry up.
- My bag, please.
What's happening?
Ma'am is ill.
I have something to tell you.
Your future wife has become mute,
due to the grief of her lover.
Lady, put your tongue out.
That's bad! Real bad!
Brother, your daughter is mute.
- Because, she cannot speak.
Why can't she speak?
Because she is mute, you chef!
Chef. I'm no chef. I'm the
unfortunate father of the girl.
Listen carefully, the unfortunate
father of this fortunate girl.
A woman's heart is
divided into two parts.
You separated her lover from her.
So, one part of her heart
is stuck in her throat.
Stuck? So, what's the remedy?
There is a remedy, and
you don't have to pay a penny.
No expense?
- No!
Take her beloved's hand in yours.
- Yes.
Slowly, go near your daughter.
Then place her hand in her
beloved's hand, forever.
Suppose I don't, then?
- Then...
she will remain mute all her life!
And you, her father,
will also become mute!
And so will her husband!
Even the children may be mute.
- Really?
And the neighbours go mute too!
- Good Lord!
All of Japan may become mute!
- Oh no!
And on reaching India, all
Indians may become mute!
Mr Chatterjee, one never
knows with this ailment.
It's so strange!
If the number of mute people soars
we'll have to
craft a nation for them!
Good Lord!
- Mr Chatterjee!
What's it?
- Have a sweet.
Throw it in the fire!
Should I burn it?
Thank you.
- This cake?
Who says that this is a cake?
This is my broken heart.
It's my broken heart.
There are two dogs on it.
One and two.
'my heart I gave away...'
'Pain is all I take with me.'
Mr Mohan.
- Yes?
Cut this cake into tiny pieces
and feed it to the groom's
people on Sheela's wedding.
Anything else?
- No.
This is my final will, Mr Mohan.
My last will!
The last will!
Mahesh, dear boy!
If I have been insolent with you
then, please forgive me.
Of course, at 4:20 pm today...
- What will happen?
My dead body will
be found near Tokyo Tower.
Please, don't say that!
Bye, the one who gave me
Mahesh dear, I will be getting
Sheela married to you. - Uncle!
She has become mute for your love!
When she wasn't mute
you were going to get her
married to that dark buffalo!
Now that she's mute, you've
thought of me!
To each, his own destiny!
She's yours and will
remain so, forever and ever.
Is that so?
- Yes.
If my love is strong
and true enough
I'll make her talk, right now!
She will scream
aloud in a minute or two!
Come inside with me.
"Tell me Radha, will the
river Ganga of my heart"
"and Jamuna of your heart
meet or not?"
"Tell me Radha, will the
river Ganga of my heart"
"and Jamuna of your heart
meet or not?"
"Tell me Radha, if they
will meet or not?"
Tell, dear.
Speak up, dear.
"So many eras are past
trying to make you understand."
"Is there anyone in this
world who has so much patience?"
"Will the increasing burden of
my heart decrease or not?"
"Tell me Radha if we
will meet or not?"
It's done.
- I'd heard that love is blind.
But today, I have seen
that love is mute too!
Even I can become an Arab doctor!
How does it look? Good?
This robe was lying there.
Lying there?
- Yes.
I told you that Chatterjee will
have to be reborn to marry you!
The woman of my heart and
that dark buffalo are poles apart!
Darling, where did
that sound come from?
"Answer me, Sheela,
will we ever be one?"
No way!
Never! Never!
Never! Never!
Never! Never!
When it comes to Ashok, I think...
Mr Rai, I've told you
think and answer me after one hour.
10 seconds left.
Mr Rai.
Tell me your plan.
I think, you should send a telegram
to the Japanese
government and call them.
What do you think?
I think, it's a rotten idea!
I think, we should go to
Japan and find out how he is.
"Love in Tokyo."
"Love in Tokyo."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"Made me go out of control."
"Made me go out of control."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"Made me go out of control."
"Made me go out of control."
"Love in Tokyo."
"A beautiful city this is."
"Whose style is romantic."
"It gives the message of love."
"Makes everyone go crazy."
"A beautiful city this is."
"Whose style is romantic."
"It gives the message of love."
"Makes everyone go crazy."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"Made me go out of control."
"Made me go out of control."
"Love in Tokyo."
"Look at these attractive paths."
"They beckon to us."
"The atmosphere is so colourful."
"Japanese maidens smile."
"Look at these attractive paths."
"They beckon to us."
"The atmosphere is so colourful."
"Japanese maidens smile."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"Made me go out of control."
"Made me go out of control."
"Love in Tokyo."
"Beauties dance everywhere."
"Sing the saga of love."
"There comes the Queen of cabaret."
"Whose style is lively."
"Beauties dance everywhere."
"Sing the saga of love."
"There comes the Queen of cabaret."
"Whose style is lively."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"A beautiful maiden of
Japan stole my heart."
"Made me go out of control."
"Made me go out of control."
"Love in Tokyo."
I told you a hundred
times, I don't want to eat!
Once upon a time, beautiful maidens
would shoot Cupid's arrows.
And now, they throw soup!
Yet, shameless people
don't get the message!
What can I do?
I'm in love with you.
I have never seen a more
shameless man than you!
I left shame behind the
day I fell in love with you.
With me or my money?
How does it matter?
It's one and the same thing.
Anyway, why not eat something?
Come, I'll feed you.
Get out.
Throw me out a hundred times.
But, where else would I go?
I hate you!
Men in love like me
term this hatred as love!
Will you leave or not?
As you say.
But, do remember that I
will be at your service.
Uncle, I'm going out. I
have locked Asha in the room.
Take good care of her.
Take more care of the
key than the clothes.
It's the room in
which Sheela is locked.
I'll have a steam bath and come.
Sir, even I'll come.
- Yes.
Wait here!
His ancestors used to
bathe in drain water.
And this old man
will have a steam bath!
Two ice creams, please.
Do people who have
a steam bath here
need to be given an ice-cream?
It must be a Japanese custom, sir.
In olden days, all
the legendary lovers
would meet in the jungles.
In secluded places,
in cemeteries.
But in today's times, we
can't even come close!
God bless these Japanese
who made this steamy
room for lovers like us!
And we're taking a
steam bath together, today.
What fun it will be,
if dad arrives here!
Darn! Your filthy father does
not bathe for 6 months, together!
And you say, he
would come here? No way!
You're unnecessarily scared.
Thank you, boy.
Dad... Dad...
Dad... Dad...
Dad... Dad...
I'll kill you!
I came here to hide.
I am telling you.
Are you an Indian?
- Dad is coming here!
And what's this? It's
sticking to my feet!
Why am I airborne? I'm flying!
What's happening?
Hey, what's happening?
Why am I flying?
Why am I flying?
What's happening? Dad!
I'm going to kill him.
You can't move.
This is my invention.
I can fly!
This is good! You'll die
under a Japanese car, now!
What a flight!
Oh God!
I'm on fire!
I'm on fire!
Coca Cola!
Here, take your daughter.
Flubber shoes!
Uncle Mahesh.
Call me Superman, not Mahesh.
I've been flying.
Why are you dressed like a madman?
Because, that madman is after me!
But, why do you look so glum?
Where is sister-in-law?
I don't know where she is.
I wanted the reward, so I
remember her address very well.
You do?
- Yes.
Honolulu, Ginza,
Abdullamani Street, Tokyo, Japan.
Let's go.
Where is my child? Where
is the apple of my eye?
Where is my darling son?
Who are you? And why
have you barged inside?
We don't talk to servants.
We want to talk to your boss.
I am the master of this
house. What do you want?
You are? Police, arrest him.
He has kidnapped my child.
- What?
Wife, Anarkali, call out
in your melodious voice.
Please call Gulfam Kali.
One... Two...
Three... Four...
"Come, beloved child."
"Your mother
screams to beckon you."
Mom, release me from this
evil man's clutches, rescue me!
Please save my life!
Please save my life!
He spoke!
- He spoke!
He spoke!
- My Gulfam spoke!
He spoke!
- But, my niece is in that room.
And she is not even married.
So, is that her child
speaking before the marriage?
Take this. Go
upstairs and fetch Gulfam.
Why are you looking upstairs?
My wife is wearing a veil.
You looked up again!
I'll blind you!
Quiet! Quiet!
We have found our son Gulfam!
Come here.
Where is my son?
Where is my son?
Where is he? My darling son!
- Help!
My darling son!
These butchers have been so wicked!
Dear, just help me
to untie him. Dear boy.
I hope, you were not
in deep trouble?
Come on.
- Strange.
I have never seen the child before!
Didn't your departed father
not have any children?
- What?
This lady here gave me a chocolate.
And this man brought
me here in his car.
That's untrue!
- A lie!
Quiet, you fool!
Let the matter be decided
at the police station.
Let's go! I'm not afraid!
Even I'm not afraid of the police.
After all, he is my son!
So, let's go!
Let's go!
- Let's go!
Wife, congratulations
on finding your son!
We found him!
You too, my love.
Uncle, I'm going to the police
station. Bring the solicitor.
Oh, no!
Take your seat.
- Thank you!
Now, what?
The burqa.
Mr Anderson, give me that.
Let Ms Asha come.
Alright, alright, I'll bring her.
O' magnificent man!
The one who's so royal!
Please look this way.
Are you the renowned pilot, Pran?
Yes, I am. But, who are you?
A distant uncle of yours.
May his soul rest in peace!
A friend of mine in India
died leaving behind Rs 100,000.
He had no children.
I brought the money
here to the man you know
who wears spectacles...
- Uncle!
Yes! I've given him the money,
with these cops as witnesses.
Thank you very much.
- May God bless you!
Let's go, darling!
My wife, son, won't you pay
your respects to your aunt?
Salutations, aunt!
- Bless you, son!
Bless you, my dear!
May God call you
to enjoy heaven, soon!
When God bestows riches,
He does so in abundance!
When you were going to
get Asha's inheritance
why did you need to
kidnap that old man's child?
Don't kid me! Give me
my Rs 100,000, first.
We don't split that amount.
Rs 100,000? - Yes, the
one that uncle gave you.
That old man has taken Asha
and gone to the police station!
To the police station?
- Yes.
And I have brought
the solicitor here!
I think, the old man
has deceived both of us!
- Shut up!
Mahesh, listen! Dad
is bringing the police.
Who is?
- My dad!
Arrest them.
Not me, them!
I swear by God,
it's an unfair world!
I was freeing your daughter in
the presence of his sister
my wife, from the
clutches of that rogue Mahesh.
Such a man be damned!
- Damned.
I don't believe that. Arrest him!
Didn't you recognise me?
Remember, I had come to
find my nephew in your store?
The same rogue, Mahesh,
abducted him! It's his job!
Oh, I remember now!
You Indian people,
my country people.
No problem, my son.
I'm sorry.
No problem, my son.
Thank you.
My girl is getting married
the day after tomorrow.
If I were not to find her today,
I'd have been highly humiliated!
I have another request to make.
Do attend the wedding.
Brother-in-law, she's
getting married tomorrow.
At least, embrace the
child and bless her.
Indeed! My girl! My child!
Before you leave, may
I greet your daughter?
Go ahead, my dear.
He's an elder.
May God keep you happy! And
my heartiest congratulations!
To you, too.
- To your father, too.
He hugs you like he's your father.
He sure is my wife's brother
but, when it comes to romance,
he beats all of us!
Let's go.
Do come for the wedding.
How can the marriage
take place, otherwise?
Ashok! Sheela is getting
married to Chatterjee!
Bride groom! Stop talking nonsense!
Wear this.
Look in the mirror, and tell
me whom Sheela will marry.
Set your hair properly.
A miracle! Hrishikesh Chatterjee!
Not Hrishikesh,
it's Bomkesh Chatterjee!
No, there's no bomb!
Give Mahesh's photo to the cops
and ask them not let him inside.
Okay, boss!
- Come, come.
- Hello!
Take this.
- Thank you!
Hasn't your wife's brother come?
He forgot to tell you that
even he's getting married today.
At his age?
- He's allowed to marry 4 times.
Only such social functions
get us Indians together abroad.
Sir, all the guests have arrived.
Make them sit.
- I have.
Father-in-law, the
incantations have been read.
Yes, dear Chatterjee.
Priest, please begin the rituals.
I think, that must be Mahesh.
Priest, continue the rituals.
I've no worries, now.
My daughter has
married a decent man.
I will shoot him, now.
Even if it means
getting hanged unto death!
Hey, priest.
I have come here with my people.
Oh my God!
Father-in-law, I have come
here to marry your daughter.
I'm no beast. Keep the rifle aside!
Keep the rifle aside!
I'm here and there also.
Chatterjee is here
as well as over there.
The bridegroom is here,
and there too.
I can't understand who
the actual groom is!
I am!
- Indeed! Then, who is he?
I'll find out.
Hey! Who are you?
- Who are you?
I am Hrishikesh Chatterjee!
I am Bomkesh Chatterjee!
This girl is going to be my wife!
I have already
become the girl's husband!
She is going to be my wife!
She was going to be your wife.
She is your sister, now!
- From which angle?
It's an Indian viewpoint.
From the Indian angle!
One man's wife is considered
to be another man's sister.
Are you twins?
He is not a twin brother, but
he sure is everybody's father!
The things your love
has made me do!
Yes, brother?
What do you have to say?
I will kill you!
He's the rogue Mahesh!
Priest, undo the wedding ceremony!
She has become his wife. Give
your daughter away to him, now.
Everything has been done, now!
Oh, no!
Take care of him, while I
take care of his daughter!
Come on!
- I'll show you! - Mr Chatterjee!
My honey!
Duke of Winston renounced England
in order to win over his beloved.
And I left my shanty in my
beloved land, India, to win you.
The shanty which my deceased father
had built near the banks of Ganga.
Anyway, forget about all that.
No being bashful tonight.
Unveil your face.
The phone! It must
be that stupid Ashok!
Are you feeling coy
because of the light?
I'll switch it off right now.
Now, the Indian rocket
is nearing the moon.
Sheela, are you slipping
away? Or is it the cot?
Mahesh are you slipping away?
Or is it the cot?
Something is slipping away alright.
Oh God, please have
mercy on my husband!
I thought your dad was
the only enemy I had in Japan.
But this bed seems worse than him!
I'd heard of cots breaking.
But I'm seeing a cot
fly for the first time!
Ask your ancestors to have
the cot lowered a little.
Lower. Lower.
Even lower. Grandpa!
Thank God.
- Ouch!
Sheela. Sheela.
Sheela. Sheela.
Oh, messenger of death!
Oh, heartless fan!
I have never been hanged
but I sure have heard that
before being hanged to death,
one's last wish is fulfilled.
What is your dying wish?
I see! So, it was, you
in the form of a fan?
And, sister-in-law, even
you were part of this?
Darling Sheela! We'll seek
revenge for this rotten trick!
Come on!
- What is this? Mahesh!
Ashok, stop that madman!
Asha, love does not cross limits,
unless it drives a man insane.
This madman wants
to cage you today.
With a token of his insanity.
Promise me, that you
will never remove it.
If I could, I would keep this
token of a madman in my heart!
Whether the madman remains or not,
his token will surely remain.
The elders have aptly said
a man turns insane in
the company of mad people.
Give this insane man
the permission, today.
Let these luscious lips on
this beautiful face be...
"This gathering, to enjoy life."
"Both of us are alone."
"Some kiss and some
play with tresses."
"Come dear, come to me."
"Come, swaying into my arms."
"Walk into my
heart through my eyes."
"Come dear, come to me."
"Come, swaying into my arms."
"Walk into my
heart through my eyes."
"Come dear, come to me."
"The ambience is romantic."
"But, the wound in my
heart is still fresh."
"The ambience is romantic."
"But, the wound in my
heart is still fresh."
"Put your head on my shoulder."
"You have the cure for my heart."
"Come dear, come to me."
"Come, swaying into my arms."
"Walk into my
heart through my eyes."
"Come dear, come to me."
"Whom do I show my suffering to?"
"How do I disguise
this raging storm?"
"Whom do I show my suffering to?"
"How do I disguise
this raging storm?"
"What my eyes are seeing"
"how it affects my
heart, how do I say that?"
"Come dear, come to me."
"Come, swaying into my arms."
"Walk into my
heart through my eyes."
"Come dear, come to me."
"Your heart is ablaze"
"my heart is ablaze too."
"You heart is ablaze"
"my heart is ablaze too."
"Both of us are in
the same condition."
"Both of us have been
struck by lightning."
"Come dear, come to me."
"Come, swaying into my arms."
"Walk into my
heart through my eyes."
"Come dear, come to me."
"Come, swaying into my arms."
"Walk into my
heart through my eyes."
"Come dear, come to me."
"Come, swaying into my arms."
"Come dear, come to me."
Ma'am, I'm surprised
you're not ready yet.
The tourists won't wait for you
for a long time.
What's taking you so long?
The one who had to die
is already dead.
Let me take off my sandals!
- Do it later.
What are you doing?
Asha, she is my mother.
She took great care of Chikoo,
and served him when he was ill.
And perhaps she
was serving even now?
The things girls these days
give up for the sake of money!
Aren't you ashamed
of speaking so loosely
about a decent girl?
Parents are also responsible
for the upbringing
of respectable girls!
Decency adheres to this belief.
What do the unfortunate girls
who're orphaned in childhood do?
What she did, today!
Society calls them a tramp!
- Mom!
Mom, you are someone's mother, too.
Someday, she will grace
someone's household.
Even she will become a mother!
God has snatched away
that right from her!
God makes one's destiny
based on their conduct.
Implying, God has sent some unlucky
ones to ill-fated homes?
And they have even
been termed immoral!
If this is what your
God and you feel
then I turn down such a God!
Will you speak ill of God for
the sake of such a girl?
God resides, not in the
glittering idols of temples
but, in a man's heart!
In the form of love!
Ashok! - If possible, weigh
love on one scale
and the world on another!
If love outweighs the world,
then consider it to be God!
How much money do you want
for your farcical love?
If you've any decency left,
then go away from this world!
One can buy integrity
and life with money.
But, not the God residing
in one's heart, mother!
Mother! You called me mother!
Impertinent girl!
Mom! - Ashok, for the sake of
our love, don't say a word more!
Remember! Unless you have
your mother's blessing
your prayers will
never be answered!
I swear, I'm honoured
that someone has at
least deemed me worthy of this.
Why would she take the money,
when she knows very well
that by trapping Ashok,
she can own his millions?
Rude boy!
She did the right thing!
Sir, call and have this brat
taken to an delinquent
orphanage, right now!
He attacked you today.
Tomorrow, it could be his grandma!
You are not my grandma!
- Shut up!
You aren't my grandma! I've
nobody in this world except aunt!
Aunt, you can't leave me alone!
I am not willing to
take such a child with me.
By hitting sir, you have ruined
my image further in their eyes.
He was speaking ill about you!
Look, a person does not become bad
just because someone
speaks ill about him.
A man is known by his deeds.
If you really love me
then, hold Rai
sir's feet and apologise.
Love your grandma.
She is the mother of
your deceased father.
No! She means nothing to me!
Don't say that, or I will
not talk to you all my life!
I will never see you, again!
Don't cry, partner.
I will go and apologise right now.
Sir, please forgive me.
Grandma, forgive me.
Aunt asked me to apologise to you.
Give me any punishment you wish.
Uncle, please ask
your mother to forgive me!
I don't even have a mother!
If all of you hate me,
then I, myself,
will go the orphanage.
Chikoo! My darling!
Grandma, have you forgiven me?
Now, forgive aunt as well.
Aunt! Grandma has forgiven me!
Uncle! I wonder,
where aunt has gone.
She forgot this ring here.
'I will keep this token
of a madman in my heart!'
'I have no one. I am alone.'
'I have nobody, either.'
'Are you going to God?'
'Yes, we are together
and will never be apart.'
- Promise!'
'Silly girl! Are you crying
over a child?'
'In the city of Hiroshima'
'when the atom bombs
were dropped here'
'thousands of innocents
were killed.'
'Schools were burnt down
and the young were killed.'
'I wish, I'd died with them.'
'Your world would still
be the same.'
'Who will I live for?'
'Those who are in love don't live'
'they die for each other.'
'In lieu for your false love'
'how much money do you want?'
'If you have any decency'
'you should die!'
'Don't ever show your face
in this world again!'
"O my darling..."
"O my beloved..."
"You are with me."
"There is no one else."
"You are with me."
"There is no one else."
"O my darling..."
"O my beloved..."
"You are with me."
"There is no one else."
"The dreams are shattered."
"There is suffering at every step."
"Wherever I go"
"you image comes along too."
"O my darling..."
"O my beloved..."
"You are with me."
"There is no one else."
"You exist in the
flowers and in the garden."
"You are in every atom
that exist around me."
"I saw you everywhere."
"You exist in my soul."
"O my darling..."
"O my beloved..."
"You are with me."
"There is no one else."
My son!
Gayatri Devi, God willing,
everything will be all right.
India's renowned surgeon will
be performing the operation.
And he is right
here in this hospital.
Aunt, uncle is all right, isn't he?
You jinxed woman! You are here!
Get out of my sight!
Didn't you hear what I
said? Get out of here!
My son was punished
for the sin you committed!
Yet, you didn't let
him stay in peace!
You have hurt a mother!
You have ruined a happy home!
You have snatched away the
apple of my eye from me!
You will never be happy!
A mother curses you so!
Go away!
- Silence, please!
Nurse, throw her out!
She has nothing to do with
our family! Throw her out!
- You are?
I'm the unfortunate
mother of Ashok.
The operation was a success,
but, I fear that once
he recovers completely
he may turn blind.
Please, do something!
He's my only son!
The sole heir to my family!
A mother's prayers are
the best remedy for a son.
You pray, while I treat him.
Mom, wait here.
I'll go to the temple right away
and pray for Ashok's well-being.
Let's go, dad.
Gayatri Devi, did you see that?
This is called love!
Let's go, dear.
Dear God, please protect my child!
I have come for the reason that...
God forbid,
but if Ashok
has to lose his eyesight
then I am willing
to donate my eyes!
But, how can a doctor take
the eyes of a live person?
Please, doctor!
But, I believe, Ashok is getting
married to somebody else?
What difference does that make?
Relationships may differ.
But, nobody can
snatch away anyone's love.
When he recovers, he will
see his face in the mirror.
He will think of me.
Wherever I may be,
my non-existent eyes
will sparkle at that moment.
And in that light, I will
surely be able to see him!
I will surely not
marry a blind Ashok!
Society will ridicule me
for being a blind man's wife!
In fact, society will admire you!
For sacrificing your life
for the sake of a blind man!
But, how will I spend my
life with a blind man?
A blind man lives his life
with the support of a stick.
And you will live your
life with the help
of a blind man's wealth!
What do you think?
- You're great, dad.
Simply great.
Oh, Goddess of Wealth,
help my daughter!
My son!
Nurse, take him to the dark room.
Please, remove my eyes
and restore the
eyesight of my child!
I respect your sentiments.
But, the problem is
that I'd need eyes
of a young person for Ashok.
I'd have willingly donated mine.
But, unfortunately,
my eyes won't be of any use.
My dear.
A wife's duty is to sacrifice.
- What?
Do you know Dhrithrashtra,
the father of legendary Kauravas
was blind since birth?
When his wife,
Gandhari, heard of it
she blindfolded herself for life!
That was in the old days,
when everyone lacked any sense!
Don't worry, mom.
Ashok can see the
world through my eyes.
Let him turn blind.
Is this the answer to my question?
You seem very sensible!
After all, whose
daughter-in-law is she?
Quiet! Please be quiet!
There was a time
when wives would
immolate themselves.
In the funeral pyres
of their husbands!
And today?
Even today, there
are some Indian girls
who, in spite of
being rejected in love
are ready to make any kind
of sacrifices for their beloved!
Please, don't refuse me.
People adorn God with gems and
jewellery and make Him sparkle!
Please permit me
to bestow the twinkle
of my eyes to your son
so that the light of your
house keeps shining forever!
Please do not refuse, mother!
In this way, an unfortunate
girl's life may get blessed!
Congratulations, Gayatri Devi!
The Lord has heeded
my daughter's prayers.
No celebrations will suffice!
No amount of mourning
will suffice, sir!
The Goddess of wealth
did not heed you!
Grandma, sir was saying
that the blind man will
spend his life with his stick.
But, his daughter would
make merry with our wealth!
He lies!
Does he?
My grandson has been able to
see through your schemes so well!
It will be better
if a vile man like you
gets lost with your vile daughter!
- Shut up!
Mahesh! Drive them away from here!
What do you think...
I mean, your father?
Here are the tickets!
- And here's the taxi fare!
Let's go, sir!
I'll show you the way out.
Please, take this torch with you.
It may prove handy.
Light this and search for a
blind boy for your talented girl!
Gayatri Devi, permit me
to make arrangements
for my younger daughter, Asha
and Ashok's engagement in Tokyo.
Just as, food tastes
bland without any spices
a joyous occasion is
incomplete without music.
So, I would request mother
to permit sister-in-law to sing.
"I have got you, oh darling."
"I could have
nothing better than you."
"Wherever I see, I see you."
"I could have seen
nothing better than you."
"I have got you, oh darling."
"I could have
nothing better than you."
"Wherever I see, I see you."
"I could have seen
nothing better than you."
"I have got you, oh darling."
"Someone's handsome face..."
"I adore with my eyes."
"Someone's handsome face..."
"I adore with my eyes."
"It is the limit of happiness,
I delight in it."
"I delight in it."
"My future has been brightened..."
"I could not have a better
star to brighten my life."
"Wherever I look, I see you."
"I could have seen
nothing better than you."
"I have found you, oh darling."
Asha, your Chikoo
is safe in my custody.
His life depends on your consent.
- Uncle!
Asha, if you marry Pran
you can save him.
If you seek the help of cops...
- Aunt! Let me die! Aunt, help me.
"I have tears in my eyes"
"but, they are tears of happiness."
"I have tears in my eye"
"but, they are tears of happiness."
"Whom do I leave, whom to accept"
"these relationships are for life."
"These relationships are for life."
"I am proud of you..."
"I should have someone like you."
"Wherever I see, I see you."
"I could have seen
nothing better than you."
"I have got you, oh darling."
"I have my heart over there,
and here is my life."
"This is the cause of the problem."
"I have my heart over there,
and here is my life."
"This is the cause of the problem."
"I have a smile on my lips."
"But, a storm rages in my heart."
"But, a storm rages in my heart."
"You know and I know"
"there could be no
better way to signal."
"Wherever I see, I see you."
"I could have seen
nothing better than you."
"I have got you, oh darling."
- Leave me!
What's wrong with you?
Try and forget me.
Forget you?
Darling, if you can't
tell him, then I will.
Mr Ashok, old love
does not perish so easily.
Pran! I'll kill you!
You've not only defamed Asha,
but my family honour too!
How long will I keep shut for
the sake of my family's honour?
Asha loved Pran,
and had this child out of wedlock.
- Asha,
Mom, it's all a lie.
He is Asha's uncle.
Even if God tells me this about
Asha, I wouldn't believe Him!
Asha, say that, this is
a conspiracy, a lie!
This is a matter of great
shame for decent people like us!
Brother couldn't bear this trauma.
I tried to get her married to Pran.
To save the honour of the family.
You will have to give an answer.
My son's life is at stake here.
Why are you quiet?
Why don't you answer?
Please forgive me, mother.
An innocent child's
life is at stake, here.
We will not stay in
this place any more.
We'll take Chikoo, and
leave for India today.
Aunt, you can't marry him
to save me!
I'm marrying him
with my own volition.
You are lying!
You have loved only my uncle!
Remember, I heeded you,
and apologised to grandma?
So today, you will have to heed me!
Don't marry him!
Let me die!
No! Please don't say that!
May God always bless you,
your grandma and your uncle!
You'd said, that God
takes away with Him
those He loves.
You listen to a child's lecture,
while the priest is waiting!
The wedding rituals are
being held up!
The solicitor is waiting
so we can get lucky.
Uncle, release this child now.
No! I have to get married to
this beautiful girl, first!
- Yes, sir.
Chikoo isn't here.
- What?
I'm sure those rogues are involved!
He is my would-be husband.
- How do you do?
Have you made up your
mind, Ms Asha? - Yes.
Congratulations! Thank you!
Here is your will and letter.
Good luck and goodbye.
Thank you!
- Thank you!
Let me read.
- Why bother?
Allow me.
'Dear Asha, today must be a very
special day for Madan and you.'
'You must be dressed as a bride
and thanking your stars!'
'Madan must be so proud of
a respectful and handsome groom.'
'Dear, I want to tell
you a secret.'
'Once upon a time, I knew an
immoral man. He was close to me.'
'He got into bad company
and ran away from home.'
'That unfortunate man
didn't even know'
'that his wife was pregnant.'
'She had a girl, but his wife
died grieving for her husband.'
'Don't mind, my dear'
'but, I want to give my
inheritance to that girl.'
'Because, she has nobody but me.'
'You are that fortunate girl.'
'And that unfortunate man
is my younger brother'
'and your father.'
It's me!
My dear child!
My child!
We are running out of time.
- We have run out of time.
I will not let Asha get
married to this rogue!
What about our equal partnership?
This marriage will
not take place, now!
I will marry him, now!
Get ready to
give me away in marriage.
Priest, start the rituals!
My dear!
Do not call me your daughter!
The priest is eager
to do the rituals!
Priest, please begin
the veneration!
My dear! - When I was
your brother's child
you were getting me married
to him, for the greed of money!
I was indeed blind!
Please, forgive me!
You are my only support!
What support do I
have in life, now?
You have closed
all the doors for me!
My dear.
- I will certainly marry him.
I will lead a miserable life!
So that, you see me
and learn a lesson!
That all of the girls in the
nation are also your daughters!
Priest, please begin.
The old man's going mad,
because he's found his child!
As long as I am alive,
this marriage will not take place!
I'll have to throw you out!
Come on.
Hello, police station.
Please forgive me!
Tell me just once that
you have forgiven me.
Please call me dad, my dear!
Say it! A father will be grateful!
- My dear!
Stop grieving over the old man!
Come on, you are
going to be my wife!
I'd rather die before
getting married to you!
That depends on me!
I'll inform the police that
you have killed my father!
Before you can do that,
we'll leave the country!
Asha! My child!
- Asha.
Asha is innocent.
She is my daughter.
- Yes.
Pran has taken her away by force!
Where has he taken her?
Where has he taken her?
- To the airport!
Ashok. Ashok.
Let's go from here.
If everybody goes away,
I'll be orphaned!
Sir, even I'm coming!
"Love in Tokyo."