Love Is All You Need? (2016) Movie Script

- Sinner, sinner,
sinner, sinner!
- I said turn that
thing off and find him!
Whoa whoa whoa!
Oh there he is, there he is!
- Are you rolling?
Okay, let's get
the coach, come on.
- Okay, grab him, grab him!
Get his legs, get his legs!
- Excuse me, can you
give me some comment
on what happened tonight?
- Oh, grab his hands!
- Western Indiana
university's homecoming game.
It's been a stellar season
for the Timberwolves'
virtually certain to win the
Heisman trophy this year,
but all those dreams came
crashing down amid scandal-
ous rumors of sexual deviation
at this highly
religious university.
- As we reflect
on last night's events,
it is important to remember
that for every one verse
about god's grace and love
and mercy, compassion,
there are also two verses
about god's vengeance
and his wrath
and his hatred of sinners.
Smear the queer!
- And that may remind
you of an amazing gift,
a gift that he has given us.
Do you know it?
I would hope so.
- Amen.
- It's his
written word, the Bible,
our playbook for
life's challenges,
and like god, who was this...
- stop.
- This great architect,
we must follow the
examples of the Bible
to expose sin and sinners
for what they are.
- Look, there she is.
- We want to warn the nation,
let them know that...
- she's so weird.
- God is not going
to let this country get by,
and for that, we praise god.
- Nice backpack.
Did your moms get
that for you, Curtis?
- Curtis?
More like turd-is!
- Turd-is?
Oh my god, that's awesome.
Emily turd-is.
That's what we're gonna
call you from now on.
- Can I please pass?
- "Can I please pass?"
- Paula, Annabelle, report
to homeroom immediately.
- Yes, Mr. Thompson!
- Thank you.
- Turd-is.
Teacher's pet.
15 seconds left.
Third down, ball on the
pirates' 30 yard line.
- Klein
hoping to get some protection
from an offensive line
that's been beaten
consistently all evening.
Klein drops back.
Levy is open.
Oh ho ho!
- Too much air under that one.
All right, fourth down.
- Timberwolves down
to their last chance.
Nine seconds remain.
- Klein
facing very first loss ever
in an illustrious
college career.
- Jude Jude Jude Jude Jude Jude!
- All right, Klein,
trust your instincts.
Have faith.
You see an opportunity
you take it, all right?
- Ready, break!
- The game's in your hands.
- All
right, the coach giving Klein
some words of
encouragement there.
A lot's riding on this.
- So it
all comes down to this play.
Such a nail biter.
There's someone in motion there.
- Jude Jude Jude Jude
Jude Jude Jude Jude Jude!
Receiver in motion.
Now, two receivers on each side.
The crowd is on their feet!
- Now
this is what it's all about.
- All right, come on!
- Come on, you jealous?
- Aw, shut up.
- Klein surveying the field,
checking down.
Now the receiver in motion.
Klein is dropping back!
The pirates are flipping!
- Run it!
- Klein throws the ball down
and starts to run!
35, 30.
Sidestep to tackle!
- Go!
Come on!
Go go go go go!
Get the block, 15!
Klein's going for it!
Look at that!
- Pass to the five!
Oh my god!
I don't believe what I just saw.
Jude Klein just pulled
a proverbial victory
from a sure defeat.
- What a general on that field!
Wolves 20, pirates 19.
Her streak continues!
I would say this crowd's
got everything and more tonight.
- That's my girlfriend!
- Saint
Jude does her victory dance
to the delight of her fans.
- Well,
let's just hope the men's team
now can catch some
of Jude's fire.
Yesterday's loss puts
them at oh and four,
thanks to bill "butterfingers"
Bradley's three fumbles.
- Feel
the love on that field tonight!
The MVP is not stopping
tonight, no way.
That's the pros
calling you, girl!
- Do you have anything else
to confess in god's name?
- No, but there's something
else I want to talk about
if that's okay.
- Proceed, my child.
- I feel like I only
live for my fans,
like everybody only knows Jude
Klein, the football player,
not Jude Klein, the real person.
It just feels like
nobody knows who I am.
You know what I mean?
- Kelly!
- Hi, how are you?
- Like I'm going
through the motions.
Not really connected to it.
- I really like your dress.
- But you have to trust
in god's path for you,
and accept his journey for
you that's tailor-made.
Bless you, Jude.
You're gonna do god's work.
- Hey, good game.
- Oh, thank you.
- Chug, chug, chug!
- Mouth to spout, right boys?
- Mouth to
spout, mouth to spout.
- That's mouth to spout.
- He got it.
- On your knees, pledge.
You ready?
- Go easy on him, okay?
- Yeah.
- We got you, brother.
- Come on, let's go.
- Chug, chug, chug!
- I said easy, bill.
Man, slow down.
- Who cares?
- Come on, he's just a pledge.
Come on fatty, let's go.
- Dude, sorry.
Hey, come on.
I got it.
Go, go.
Come on.
- Jude, Jude, come here.
- Hey, look, I know he
can be a bit of a dick,
but in my mind, you're already
an official OTP, all right?
- Whatever.
- I got you.
- Okay.
- Okay, we'll
we're gonna mingle.
It was really good to see you.
- Okay, have fun.
Hey, great game today, Jude.
- Oh, thank you.
- Do you think next time,
maybe you could just
pretend to be interested?
Those kind of girls
really make or break me
for homecoming queen.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Why don't you take a lap,
and I'm gonna go
find the bathroom.
- Okay, well come back quick.
It's a little easier to mingle
when you have the star
quarterback on your arm.
Okay, be quick.
Ugh, you taste like chips.
- Oh, this is great.
You in line?
- Yeah.
I'm the last man.
- That's a long line.
- Yeah.
There's another bathroom on
the other side of the house.
- I don't want to face
the crowd again.
It never ends.
- Jude Klein?
- Mm.
- Can I get a picture?
Can you take our picture?
- Oh, yeah.
- Of course, of course.
- Smile.
- Thanks so much.
- Yeah.
- Call me.
- Oh my god, so embarrassing.
- Hey, you're a popular girl.
- Would've been a different
story if I lost the game.
- Yeah,
but you actually
haven't lost a game
since your freshman
year at victory high,
where you started
all four seasons,
and then you were recruited
by all of the big
conference schools,
and now, here you are,
star quarterback of the
western Indy Timberwolves,
and now you're gonna lead them
to their potentially first
undefeated season ever.
- I'm sorry, who are you?
- I'm Ryan Morris.
Sports journalism.
I'm actually doing a cover
story on you for the observer.
- Oh really, a cover story, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, pledge.
You in line?
- Yes.
But you can take
my spot, brother.
- Hey, we're not your
brothers, pledge.
We're your betters.
- Right.
Sorry if I offended you.
- Sorry to interrupt, you guys,
but I've been trying
to get in touch with...
- Ryan.
- Ryan all week
about the story for the
paper that he's doing.
- Oh, sorry, Jude.
I didn't recognize
you out of uniform.
Awesome game today.
- Oh, thanks bill.
Hey I saw your
playback of the game.
You got totally screwed, dude.
They should've thrown
a flag on that play.
- Yeah, well, once the media
labels you butterfingers
you can't really come
back from that, so.
But thanks anyway.
- Mm-hmm.
See you later, boys.
- Thank you so much.
There's nothing like
drunk frat boys.
- That's because
you haven't been
around drunk sorority girls.
- Mm.
- Excuse me.
- Hey,
I'll let you go ahead of me.
Only if you let
me interview you.
- Okay.
Tomorrow after practice?
- Okay.
- Cool.
- Hi.
Konnichiwa, hey hey, Jambo..
Welcome to the neighborhood.
We brought muffins.
- Thank you.
- I'm Karen Curtis.
This is my daughter, Emily.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- It's a bad time?
We can come back.
- Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
Please come in.
I'm Susan.
- Hi.
For you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Hope you like bran.
- Mm.
Please excuse the mess.
We're still settling in.
- Oh, no, don't worry.
Moving in is such a nightmare,
especially with children.
Do you have kids?
- Not yet, but we're
talking about it.
- Nice.
Which one of you is gonna carry?
- Oh, definitely me.
- Me too.
I loved it.
We both did, actually.
Having a kid is a
wonderful experience.
- Mom, look at how
pretty this picture is.
- Oh.
- Honey?
You seen my keys?
The nurse just called.
She's awake, so I need
to get over there.
- I think we caught
you at a bad time.
- Honey, look what the
neighbors brought us.
- Well, that's very neighborly.
- Well, I'll let you
finish what you're doing.
- Sorry, I'm on call
this weekend, so...
- but maybe next week
we can have dinner?
- Yeah, sure.
I do have to check with my wife.
We have very busy schedules.
But I will get back to you.
Come on, Emily.
- Nice meeting you.
- It was really
nice to meet you too, Emily.
- Take care.
- When are we gonna
have dinner with them?
- Sweetie, I'm sorry,
that's not gonna happen.
- Why not?
- Well, it just can't.
- But you said you wanted
to make them feel welcome.
- I did, but that was before.
- Before what?
- Before I knew they were 'Ros.
- What's a 'Ro?
- Heterosexual.
- What's a heterosexual?
- Something you're
too young to know about.
I'm okay with it,
but your mother would
never associate with them.
Come on.
- I know, but why?
- Why is there sky?
- I don't know,
because god made one?
- Good answer.
- God blesses you on this day,
and forgives all those
that ask his forgiveness.
Proceed, my child.
- Since our last
conversation, I just,
I decided to let
go of expectation
and be a little bit more
like I am on the field,
present, you know what I mean?
I feel like my life is,
it's like a big
practice session,
like I keep waiting
for the big game,
and the game never comes.
- Give yourself to the
fervor of his word,
and comfort yourself
in your faith.
- Okay.
You're on the field.
And your focus is on the ball.
Your adrenaline surges
as the ball snaps.
- All right, all right, I'm
seeing a lot of heart out there.
I like heart.
Hit the showers.
Get some rest, ladies.
That's it.
- Your hands sting from
the impact of the ball.
There's just nothing else
that makes me feel more alive.
You scan the field
for a receiver.
Your heart starts pounding,
because you can feel the
defense closing in on you.
It takes me beyond
anything in my real life.
I wish life was like that.
Did you get all that?
- Yeah, it's great.
I feel like I'm right
there with you.
Here with me
- and Jude, god bless you.
Good game on Saturday.
You keep those wins coming.
- Thanks for meeting me.
- Yeah, anything for the fans.
I should go.
- Yeah, of course.
- See ya.
- See ya.
- Woo!
All right, well, Curtis.
You have to actually
throw the ball.
- I tried, coach.
- Well, try harder,
I don't know,
or maybe try drama
club, I don't know.
- My moms want me
to play football.
- Well, football is
not for everyone.
Hey, Santilli?
Help Curtis out of her gear.
- Yes, coach!
- All right, show's over!
Let's go!
I want to see you on the run!
- Come on, Emily.
- I wanna see some jumps
and I wanna see them now!
- Let me take your helmet.
Turn around towards the bleachers
so they don't see you cry.
She can be really
mean sometimes.
At least she didn't yell at
you in front of everybody.
That's the worst.
- Did she do that to you?
- Yeah.
Told me I was so uncoordinated
even Jesus wouldn't
want to play with me.
- Faster!
You call that running?!
- So how'd you end up being
the equipment manager?
- My dads begged the coach
not to cut me from the team,
so she made me the towel
boy of the girls' team.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
I don't listen to her when
she's really mean like that.
Neither should you.
- I know it's kinda dorky,
but sometimes I wish the
school had a croquet team.
I'm good at that.
- No way?
Me too.
- Really?
You want to come over
and play it sometime?
- Sure.
- Maybe like Saturday?
Hey, four eyes!
Quit your gum flapping!
Get me some water!
- Coming, coach.
See you Saturday.
- See ya.
- No!
What is this?
Not the bucket!
A cup!
- Okay.
He woke me up this morning
- look at that.
- Keep the kid still, please.
- It's perfect.
This is exactly the
kind of inspiration
that our congregation needs.
I love it.
Reverend Rachel.
Hey, bill, how are you?
What can I do for you?
- Hold the baby still please.
- Really?
Okay, well, have you
been praying about it?
Well, you're doing god's work.
You let the lord be with you
and all your questions
are gonna be answered.
Talk to you soon.
Look what I have!
Let me see that shot.
- Aunt Rachel?
- That is so good.
That is so good.
Yes, honey?
- CBS news wants to do
an exclusive on today.
- Oh, I think we've done
enough for today, hon.
Reverend Rachel?
- With all the admired beauties
of Verona go thither.
That makes sense.
- Hey, babe.
What's for dinner?
How about pizza?
- Oh, check the menu drawer.
What else we got?
Remember when we used to
cook for each other?
I miss that.
Well, we got Chinese,
Thai, Japanese.
You feeling any of these?
- Huh?
- What's going on?
- I am just rewriting
Shakespeare's Romeo and Julio.
- Why?
- Well, I thought
we should do it
as will originally intended.
- Which would be?
- Romeo and Juliet.
- Oh, all right.
- That should
get people talking, right?
- Babe, you know I love you
and I support all of
your causes, but...
- but what?
- This is a hot topic right now.
- Yeah.
- And this will
most definitely put you
on the good reverend
Rachel's radar, believe that.
- Who cares?
I don't care.
Bring it on, please.
What's her problem anyway?
Why is she so fixated
on the hetero issue?
- You don't know?
- If I knew, I
wouldn't have asked.
- I go, okay.
- What?
- Her sister left her wife for
the church handyman.
Left the entire family.
- You're kidding me?
- Now, they don't tell people,
but a few of us are in the know.
They keep it quiet.
- The reverend's
sister is hetero.
Maybe she's worried
it runs in the family.
- Right?
So you be careful, my little
rebel with a cause, all right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Now, dinner.
- Mm, what about pizza?
"With all the admired
beauties of Verona go thither
"and with unattainted eye,
"compare her face with
some that I shall show."
- Get it.
- "And I will make thee
think thy swan a grow."
- We support people
so they feel like
they are not alone.
Hi, really nice to meet you.
- You're disgusting.
- Gross.
- Oh, hey guys.
Kel wanted me to tell
you to vote for her.
Don't forget.
You don't have to.
- She got my vote.
- Yeah, mine too, but only
because she's your girl, Klein.
- Yeah, yeah.
All right, I'll see you guys.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- We gotta get to class.
- Excuse me?
Sorry, I didn't
mean to eavesdrop,
but I heard you saying
that your girlfriend's
running for homecoming queen.
- Oh yeah, Kelly Williams.
- Yeah, I've seen
her posters around.
So you must be Jude Klein?
- That's me.
- Jude Klein.
I'm Susan Miller.
I'm director of the HAC.
- Oh.
Well, it was really
nice to meet you,
but I should get going.
- Oh, hey, listen, do
you know Collin Reese?
- Yeah, he's the
best quarterback
of the men's league.
- Well, he just became a
member of the alliance,
and he's a good friend of mine.
- Wow, he supports
hetero rights?
- Yeah, he better.
He just came out.
- They're still
letting him play?
- The world is changing, Jude,
slowly, but, but it's changing.
- Hey, Jude.
- If you could
join the alliance,
or someone like you,
it would mean so much...
- no.
I'm not gay.
- Oh, you know, you
don't have to be hetero
to be in the alliance.
It's just to support...
- sorry, sorry.
- Jude!
I'm so sorry.
You okay?
- Thanks.
It's probably just a sprain.
- Is there anything
I can get you?
- No, thank you.
I'll just walk it off.
- Are you sure?
I didn't break the
star quarterback?
- No, that's fine.
- Well, maybe you should
just walk her to the dorm,
just to be safe.
- Yeah.
- Well, okay.
- Do you need help or something?
- Hi, did you get a button?
Here you go, vote for Kelly.
Thank you.
Vote Kelly.
Did you get a button?
- What's with the jugs?
- Some pledge
thing, I don't know.
It's supposed to build stamina?
- Stupid.
- Thank you, thank
you, ego boost.
So, what were you
doing at that booth?
- It was some
heterosexual rights club
or something like that.
- Oh.
I started a club like
that in high school.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
Well, that was very
progressive of you.
- My moms didn't think so.
They freaked out, actually.
They're really religious, so.
- You're not?
- No.
- But you go to a
religious university?
- Well, it was the only
scholarship I got, so here I am.
- This one's broken.
- Okay, well how
am I supposed to give...
- vote Kelly!
Here, take a button.
Thanks for coming.
How am I supposed to give these
out if they're broken, Kim?
- Oh, they must be
really proud of you.
- I don't talk to them much.
- Jude, hey!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's going on, man?
- How's my golden girl?
What's going on with your leg?
- Oh, nothing, I tripped.
I sprained it.
- You okay?
- So pink, hot pink, or...
- hot pink, light
pink, whatever,
just make sure they're pink.
- Yes, I'm good.
- Should I call coach?
- No, no.
- You sure?
- Yes, I'm good.
- Okay.
Come here.
Hey, promise me you'll see
the trainer in the morning?
- You got it.
- Love you.
- Love you.
- He's a big guy.
- Yeah, he is.
He's actually my
offensive coordinator.
Calls all the plays.
He's awesome.
He's got my back.
Hey, I could set
you up with him.
- Oh, no.
That's okay.
He's not really my type.
- Oh, okay.
- Make sure you vote.
- Okay.
- Vote's coming up really soon.
Thank you, I'll text you later.
- All right.
- I'll see ya.
- All right.
- There's Jude.
- Hey, that's Jude.
- Jude!
- Hi, babe.
What are you doing here?
- Was just coming to say hi.
I had texted you, but
I didn't hear back.
- I tripped and
sprained my ankle.
- Shoot, are you okay?
- Yeah.
I just have to ice.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So, the KAS are
having a fundraiser
after the game on Saturday,
and I said that you would
stay and sign autographs.
I think it would
really help my vote.
- Okay.
- Hey, do you think
if I win the crown
your friend Ryan would
do a story on me?
- I'll ask him.
- Are you gonna be
able to play on Saturday?
- Yes, of course.
- Aw, come on, not again.
- I can't help it.
Told ya I was the champion.
- Shh, I'm concentrating.
- Don't mess up!
- Agh!
I'm gonna get you for that!
- No!
- Come here, come here!
- No!
- Better run!
- No!
No, no, no!
- I gotta get home.
- You bet!
- Bye, Emily!
- Bye, Ian!
- Who's hungry?
- How was youth group today?
- Fine.
- Just fine?
- Yeah, it was fine.
- Here we go.
- What do you want me to say?
- I want you to talk to me,
Paula, and lose the attitude.
- Here we go.
- Yes!
- Look at those guys, huh?
- I'm home.
- Hey, just in time.
- Tacos.
- All right.
Hey, sweetheart, would
you say grace for us?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Dear lord, we thank you
for this bounty
you have provided
for us.
- Ow!
- Please bless the
hands that prepared this food.
In your name we're praying.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- All righty.
One, yes sir.
All right.
- So how was your play date?
- It was fun.
We played croquet.
- Nice.
Who won?
- Emily did.
- Emily turd-is?
- It's Curtis.
- She's a weirdo.
- No, she's not.
- She's a total freak.
- Hey, hey, Paula.
We don't call people names
in this house, all right?
- Well, she is.
You shouldn't be
friends with her.
- It is perfectly okay for
boys to be friends with girls.
- Yeah.
- No, it's not.
Reverend Rachel says it's a sin.
- That's not what she meant.
- Then what does she mean, dad?
- You know how during
the breeding, the periods,
breeding periods when a couple
agrees on having a child,
they, well, in order to have
the kid they go through...
- they're talking about
boys who do it with girls.
- A woman and a man.
- Ew, gross.
- Yeah, well, you know what?
That's the right idea, son.
We don't wanna see you end up
like those kids from the university...
- Peter.
- What kids?
- Never mind.
That's enough chatter.
- Oh, you know what?
I totally forgot the cilantro.
- Pass me the remote please.
The game's on.
- Be right back.
- The reporter's got game.
- Look who it is,
the star quarterback.
What are you doing here?
- Oh my gosh.
- Wow.
Hey, I didn't know you play.
- Think fast.
- Oh, so she plays
football and basketball.
- That's right.
Wanna play?
- Nah, I don't think so.
- Come on.
- You're too good.
- Oh, but...
- Psych!
- Give up!
- It's gonna be like that?
- Yeah, it is.
- Let's go.
- All right, ready?
- Come on.
- You gonna go for it or what?
Go for it.
- Oh!
- I don't know.
- Two out of two?
- Maybe.
- Let's go.
- Hell yeah.
- Hey, Jude.
- Good game, man.
Seriously, good game.
What's up, guys?
- Yeah, you too.
- Jude.
- How you doing?
- Doing good.
- Good, see ya.
- Good.
- Look who it is.
- It's my favorite pledge.
Looking good out there, Ryan.
- Thank you.
- Wanna play?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- Good morning, my
brothers and sisters.
I want to welcome you
all to the house of god.
And everyone is
welcome, even sinners.
But today let's get real.
I am saddened to
the core of my soul,
as I believe that
you are as well.
- Where are you taking me?
- You'll see.
- Because
a sinner who is not saved
cannot reform,
and they will sadly
suffer the consequences
of the wrath of god.
- I love this.
Where'd you find this place?
- The frat guys come
up here sometimes,
but I've always thought
it's just really pretty, so.
- This is awesome.
I haven't been on one of these
things since I was a kid.
- Cool, right?
- Yeah.
You know how to
turn this thing on?
- Maybe.
I think it's just
missing a couple parts,
but nothing I can't fix.
Hey, think fast!
- We are living in a very
rapidly changing time,
a time that promotes
things like equality.
They teach our innocent children
that they can love
whomever they want to love,
even someone of
the opposite sex.
Can I get an amen on that?
- Amen.
- These values break
the moral compass
that our children
were born with.
This is their birthright.
- Amen.
- And I would like
to clarify something.
Our god that tells us,
"thou shalt not kill,"
is the same god that says,
"mankind shall not
lie with womankind."
You don't get to just
pick what you please.
It's all or nothing
with the lord.
So really, if you say
it's okay to be gay,
you're saying it's okay to kill.
Do you think god
wants us to kill?
Of course not.
That is how I see it.
And that is how it
is reflected to us
in the words of our holy Bible.
- Amen.
- And for that, we praise god.
- Amen.
- I'd like you all to stand
and let's raise our
voices in praise.
You know, some years ago,
they hid behind closed doors,
as they should have,
as they should still,
but now it's okay to let
them do it openly, brazenly,
at their public parades,
and even in our streets.
Now they mock us.
They live in sin, and
they live very openly.
They live brazenly.
They live without remorse.
You see this.
They're out there
marching for equality.
Do you think that's right?
I don't think so.
Can you just imagine,
try to put your mind,
if we were living in
a time when murderers
demanded they be given
protection and civil rights
instead of punishment
for their crimes.
Why, you would just gasp
in amazement, wouldn't you?
Yet, you embrace the notion
that because someone
engages in sex
with a person of
the opposite gender
that they deserve the
same human rights?
I don't think so.
That's not god's intention.
Because the truth is clear.
Men and women are
equal in god's eyes,
but should live separately
in same-sex unions,
where the most sacred
of brotherly and
sisterly love can bloom,
as is his design.
They will work together
in humble donation
during the breeding season,
so new sons and daughters
can be brought forth
to carry god's holy and very
beautiful and blessed message.
We shall not subject ourselves
to the breeding
tendencies of animals
who show no restraint.
I know that many of you are
troubled by these events
that we have been going
through as a community,
as am I.
We are going to pray for
these sinners, right?
That's what we're gonna do,
because we believe in god.
- Forgive me reverend,
for I have sinned.
It's been two weeks
since my last confession.
- God blesses you on this day,
and forgives those that
ask his forgiveness.
Proceed, my child.
- I'll get you!
- Stop it!
- I've been having
impure thoughts.
I can't make the
thoughts go away.
I don't know if I want to.
- Giving in to your physical
desires is a selfish act,
and to act on that
lust is sinful.
- Yes, reverend.
- Does anyone know what
this word means, hetero?
Yes, Jodie?
- Hetero is short
for heterosexual.
Means when a person is attracted
to people of the opposite sex.
- Yes.
Does anyone in this class
know any heterosexuals?
Well, what if I told
you there is one
right here in this classroom?
Right here with us today,
and here he is.
Would you believe the world's
most famous playwright,
William Shakespeare,
was actually a heterosexual?
And he wrote his most famous
play, Romeo and Julio,
for his secret lover, the
duchess of Southampton.
This is a copy of
Romeo and Juliet.
- Yes?
- What does that
mean, Mr. Thompson?
- Well, that means Julio
will be played by a girl.
I know, I know,
it's a big change,
but it is our job as artists
to not only entertain,
but to also enlighten.
Now I hope the girls here
will jump at the opportunity
to play one of the juiciest
roles ever written...
- oh my god, that's so exciting!
- Okay, now, auditions
are next week.
Everyone must prepare something.
- I'm so excited, aren't you?
- I guess so.
- You'd make a great Romeo.
- You think so?
- Yeah, and maybe
if I got Juliet,
we could practice
our lines together?
- That'd be really cool.
- Seriously?
Romeo and Juliet?
That's so queer.
What are you Emily,
some kind of 'Ro?
- What, no.
- Why don't you go ahead
and kiss him, Emily?
- Stop.
- Kiss him, kiss him!
- 'Ro, 'Ro!
- 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro!
- Hey, hey, hey,
what's going on here?
What's happening here, Emily?
I'm talking to you.
Who started this?
- Nobody.
- Nobody?
And you, what about you?
Where are you supposed to be?
- Language.
- Then get to it.
Let's go.
How about you, where
are you supposed to be?
- Math.
- Well, get there.
Come on.
- 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro!
- Jeez.
Oh, you scared me.
What's going on?
- What's going on?
What's going on?
I feel like I should be
the one asking you that.
- I'm not a mind
reader, Kel, come on.
- You said you couldn't
hang out tonight
because you had to study.
- Okay, what is
this really about?
- I don't know.
I just, I miss you, you know?
I feel like I never
get to see you anymore.
- You're always doing
your sorority girl thing,
and homecoming campaign.
I'm sorry if I make
you feel neglected.
I'm really not trying to.
- No, no.
You don't make me
feel neglected.
- Okay, good.
- I just feel like...
I don't know.
I miss you.
- Go ahead, answer it, okay?
I know that you want to.
- Stop it.
- It's fine.
- Come here.
- Ugh!
- Get up here.
- Hi.
- This is more important.
- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.
- Prove it.
- I love you so much.
I promise I will not
stress you out so much
with my craziness.
- Me too.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Good.
- Oh, shoot, that's me.
Oh, I'm late for my ka meeting.
I gotta go, okay?
But I'll see you later, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay, good.
- What?
- You trust me, right?
Stand right here.
- Where are we?
- Keep your eyes closed.
- Okay, they're closed.
- I'm watching you.
- Oh my god.
Are you serious?
- I'm pretty serious.
- Oh my goodness.
How did you do this?
- I told you, I
can fix anything.
- I like you.
- What?
What was that?
- I like you.
Oh my god, I'm on a carousel!
- You are something else.
- Do you think so?
- Oh yeah.
Well, my queen,
your chariot awaits.
Join me here, please.
- You're too much.
- Whoa, don't fall.
- You good?
- So good.
- I'm glad.
- What are we doing?
- Falling in love.
- Jude?
- Hi.
- Hey.
It's nice to see you.
Come on in.
- Hey, I was just curious.
What's the deal
with the alliance?
- Oh.
- I actually just
came by to say hi,
but I don't have much time, so.
- Well, we're a
national organization
with over 200 memberships
in universities, high
schools and junior highs,
and our goal is to
encourage acceptance and...
- did you say junior highs?
- Yeah.
Kids that age, unfortunately,
are really vulnerable to
bullying and peer pressure,
and we think that an open
dialogue can save lives.
- What do you mean save lives?
- Heterosexuality is the
leading cause of teen suicide,
and these kids need to know
that they're not alone,
that there's a place for
them to come and talk,
or anybody to come and talk.
Is there something you
want to talk about?
- No.
- This place is
safe and confidential.
- You know that guy that I bumped
into when I first met you?
- Oh, yeah.
Ryan, right?
- Mm-hmm.
I don't know, at first,
I just thought it was cool
to talk to him and stuff,
and then we were
playing basketball
and something happened
and it was like I woke up,
and I don't know, it just,
I wanted to push it away.
I don't know, when
we touched again,
it was like this
feeling came over me
that I did not want to stop.
I know that this is wrong, but
I don't know, it
just feels so right.
Know what I mean?
- Absolutely.
Some people are born
attracted to the same sex.
Some people are born
attracted to the opposite sex.
I prefer to think
of it as giving love
and being loved in return,
and the rest is just plumbing.
Does he feel the
same way about you?
- Oh yeah.
- Oh yeah?
That makes things a lot easier.
- Yeah.
We've only kissed, but it
was like the best kiss.
Oh my god, I can't stop
thinking about him.
- That's wonderful,
and it's not gonna
be an easy path.
You're gonna have to tell
your friends and your family.
- Wait, wait, no.
I can't, I can't tell anybody.
No, okay?
I play football.
And I'm not a poster
child for hetero rights.
- Well, you're
falling for him, aren't you?
- Yeah, well, football, I
love football way more, so.
I gotta go, sorry.
- You can have both.
- "But soft, what light
through yonder window breaks?
"It is the east, and
Juliet is the sun.
"Arise, fair sun, and
kill the envious moon."
- What the hell do you
think you're doing?
- What?
- Are you trying out for
that stupid gay play?
You're not doing that play.
And you're never talking to that
ugly 'Ro Emily
turd-is ever again.
- You can't tell me what to do!
- Yes I can!
Bad enough you're a geek face.
But if you turn out to
be a 'Ro on top of that,
I'll make you wish
you were never born.
- Loser.
- "Romeo, wherefore
art thou Romeo?
"Deny thy father
and refuse thy name.
"Or if that..."
"wherefore art thou Romeo?
"Deny thy father
and refuse thy name.
"Or if that..."
"or if that will not
be but sworn, my love,
"I will no longer be
"a Capulet."
Leave me alone.
- Good night, girls.
Don't forget to vote.
- Hello?
- Might need these.
- How'd you get those?
- I have my ways.
After you.
- It's so quiet.
The water's perfect.
- Oh yeah.
Wanna race?
- No.
I'm scared.
- Me too.
- Do you really love me?
- Absolutely.
With all my heart.
- Hey, Jude.
You mind if I take
a seat with you?
I like it when it's
quiet here too.
- Yeah.
- How you doing, Jude?
You seem happy.
Things are going well for you.
- Yeah, yeah.
The team's on a roll,
and the scouts are out.
Everything's great.
- Now how about you and
Kelly, how are you doing?
- Can I be honest
with you, reverend?
I think that I'm in
love with the person
that god wants me to be with,
and our love, it's so easy.
It's like we just fit together.
You know what I mean?
- You're not
talking about Kelly.
That's not right, Jude.
- I know, I tried, i...
- listen to me, Jude.
You cannot lead a
person on like that.
You need to go and let her know,
and then you bring your
new girlfriend here.
Together we're going to pray
together for forgiveness
because deceit is a sin.
Let's pray on that
together a minute.
Our father, who are in
heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy
will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who...
- Five, four, three, two, one!
- Time!
Come on out, boys.
- Oh!
- Welcome back.
Welcome back!
All right!
Who is next?
Let's see.
You, Walter.
- All right.
- Oh!
- You're up.
Big Walt!
- Oh!
- Lucky boy!
Gets to spend seven
minutes with Ryan.
All right, it's your choice,
seven minutes in heaven
or seven minutes in hell.
- You know he
wants you to choose hell.
- Get off of me!
- Hey, hey, hey.
It's just a game.
- I guess it's
time for hell then.
- No, just back off, all right?
- Hey, why you acting like
such a candy-ass 'Ro, huh?
Oh, wait.
Unless you are a 'Ro.
- Oh!
- I'm not a 'Ro.
- 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro!
- Hey!
Then prove it.
- I don't have to
prove anything.
- Yes, you do.
- Oh, come on, look,
Walter's got this gorgeous
fat face waiting for you.
Oh, the cushion for the pushing.
- He's just a fat little piggy.
He's just a fat little piggy.
Oink for us, boy.
Hey, I said oink!
- Oink.
- Jesus, he smells
like one, too.
- Come on.
- Ryan...
- Move.
- Hey!
Hey, you walk outta here,
and you can kiss this
fraternity goodbye.
- Fine with me.
- Ryan.
Don't do this, okay?
- Are you coming?
- I can't.
I need this.
- You do not need this.
You are being degraded.
- This is all I got.
- Come on, Ryan.
Stop, man.
- Let him go, let him go.
Good choice, Walter.
Walter, Walter, Walter, step
right up, step right up.
50 bucks to whoever
is man enough
to go into the closet
with the piggy.
How about you?
- Who wants cornbread?
Who wants some cornbread?
I bet you do.
Did you wash your hands?
- I don't know.
- Good answer?
Emily, did you tell your mom
you're trying out
for the school play?
- The school play?
What happened to
the football team?
- I got cut.
- After I paid
for all that coaching?
- I'm sorry, mom.
I'm not that coordinated.
- So, what's the play?
- Romeo and Juliet.
I'm trying out for Juliet.
- Well, that's
wonderful, isn't it?
- That's terrific.
- Mr. Thompson
rewrote it for girls.
Did you know that Shakespeare
wrote it for his secret lover,
the duchess of Southampton?
- Wait.
Wait, what role did you say
you were trying out for?
- Juliet.
- And who's playing Romeo?
- Hopefully Ian Santilli.
- But he's a boy, honey.
I thought you said it was
being rewritten for girls.
- Only Julio's part.
Mr. Thompson says we're
gonna enlighten the school
about tolerance.
- Did you know about this?
- Well, I did sign a consent
for her rehearsals, but...
- bad enough these heteros are
moving into our neighborhood.
Now they want their
perverted lifestyles
taught in our schools?
No, no way.
You're not doing the play.
You are not doing
this kind of crap.
Gimme that.
I'm not having this.
No ma'am.
This is garbage.
Hetero crap.
Who does this Mr.
Thompson think he is,
putting our kids in
these adult situations?
If he's not careful,
he's gonna end up
with another situation
just like the one
at the university.
What's the name
of the principal?
- Henry Birdsell, but I'm
gonna call him tomorrow.
- Yes, can I get a number
for a Henry Birdsell please?
- Honey, I
will call him tomorrow.
Go wash your hands.
- Thank you.
You know I'm right about this.
I don't like the
look of her results.
- Thanks.
Hey, come here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, sorry I'm late.
I was talking to
reverend Rachel.
- That's okay.
I'm used to being
last on your list.
- Kelly, stop it.
- No, no, it's
fine, that's okay.
I know you have a lot going on.
Here, take a button.
- Can we talk?
- Did you know that
your friend Ryan
was kicked out of
his fraternity?
- What?
- Yeah.
Here you go, thanks.
They think he's a closet hetero.
- Really?
- Isn't that funny?
- Wow.
- Here you go.
Vote for Kelly.
- That's really surprising.
- Did he ever try
anything with you?
- No.
No, that's disgusting.
- Right, okay.
Here, take a sucker.
Vote Kelly.
- Hey, Kelly, I need
to be honest with you.
reverend Rachel thinks
that we should end this.
- So you told her
what's going on?
- Yeah.
- And her answer was for
you to break up with me?
- Yeah.
- And you chose to do
it here, in public?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how to do this.
I don't know. I just know that it's
not right for me to lead you on.
- The vote is tomorrow,
and we need to keep this
between us until then, okay?
Because I need to figure out
how to go public with it.
- Go public with it?
What are you talking...
- yes, Jude, we are a
celebrity couple on campus
and things need to be
handled a certain way.
Here, take a button, thanks.
- Kelly.
I'm sorry I...
- You owe me this.
Here you go.
Vote for Kelly.
Do you want a picture
with Jude Klein?
I need votes.
Here, put this on.
- I tried to cleanse that
sinner, I really did,
but it didn't help.
I still felt the
same way inside.
So I asked the lord for a sign.
- And when
you prayed about this,
what did the lord say?
- Revelations 16.
And then I knew it was done.
Thank you, god.
He said that if I cleansed
sin wherever I found it,
then I'd also cleanse myself.
- God came down with
his divine spirit.
And you know what he did?
We got a second chance.
- Amen.
- Amen.
He stopped the defilement
of our humble community.
And we should
thank god for that.
- If I'm doing god's work,
then why do I feel
like such a sinner?
- These boys believed
that what they were doing
was acting on behalf of
the holy spirit to save us.
So who are we to judge them?
- God bless all sinners.
- God bless all sinners.
And may they walk on the path
of the lord and do your work.
- May they walk on the path
of the lord and do his work.
- We are going to pray
for these sinners.
Each of us is gonna continue
to spread the holy word,
because these messages
were sent by god.
Ah, reverend Duncan.
- And in doing so, this is
going to save all of us.
- I'm detective Michaels.
- Yes?
- My partner, detective Emerson.
We'd like to ask you a few
questions about your involvement
in the persecution
and attempted murder
of a young heterosexual.
- Stay away from my brother,
turd-is, you weirdo!
What is wrong
with you, anyway?
You're a sinner.
You need to cleanse!
What's wrong with you?
Stay down!
- Help!
- What's wrong with you?
Stay down!
- Stop, stop!
- Take a drink,
cleanse yourself!
Stay down!
Come on, let's go!
- What is happening?
- Freak!
Come on, let's go, come on.
- Hey!
- Jesus.
Sweetheart, stand up.
You okay?
Why don't you dry yourself?
I'll make sure those girls get
punished severely for this.
Look, I know this is
a tough time for you,
but I promise you, you're
gonna get through this.
You hear me?
Emily, you know the only
reason those girls do this
is because they're
jealous of you, right?
- Jealous of me?
- That's right, because
you know who you are.
Most people don't
start figuring that out
until they're old like me.
Now, let's get you
another script,
because I expect to see
you at that audition,
you understand me?
- Yes, sir.
- I pray to god for forgiveness.
I pray to god for these sinners.
- Hey.
Take a look at that.
So, one of the boys
involved in the incident
claims to have had a phone
conversation with you
where you ordered them
to do the victim harm.
Do you know anything about that?
- I'm a woman of faith.
I don't believe
in giving orders.
- All right.
I'll rephrase.
Where you advised
them to do god's work.
How about that?
- I have many parishioners.
I speak to them
on a daily basis.
I couldn't possibly remember
every conversation
I've ever had.
- Of course not, of course.
Let me ask you a question.
You ever watch YouTube?
- I don't have time
for that kind of thing.
I'm busy doing the lord's work.
- Of course you are.
Well, one of the things
about this generation
is that they love to document
every aspect of their lives
on the Internet.
Now, most of the
time it's inane,
but every now and then we find
something of real interest.
Emerson, lights please.
- Oh, wait.
I'm gonna call the reverend.
She'll know what to do.
- Hey.
- Hey Jude, it's Susan.
- What's going on?
- Oh, nothing, I just
talked to Collin Reese,
and he's coming to
the game tomorrow.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, and wait, it gets better.
- Oh my god!
Are you kidding me?
That's the greatest news!
Greatest day ever!
- He wants to know
if you're available for
dinner tomorrow night
after the game.
- Oh I do, I do.
- Jude?
- Oh my god, oh my god.
- Jude?
Hello, hello, hello?
- Oh my god oh my god!
Hey guys.
What's going on?
- I told you we
were going public.
- How could you do this to me?
- I didn't do this!
You did it!
And this, and this!
- Kelly, Kelly, please stop!
- And this and this and this!
- Stop it, stop it!
- Why?
- Listen to me, stop, stop.
- Why?
What, so you can lie
to my face again?
- Please, please, stop...
- Don't touch me!
Tell your little boyfriend
that everybody knows.
Oh, and have a
good game tomorrow.
- Susan?
Are you still there?
- This is Ryan, leave a message.
- Ryan, please pick up.
Ryan, Kelly knows.
Ryan, everybody
knows everything.
Kelly knows.
She put pictures
of us everywhere.
If you love me, Ryan, you've
got to go somewhere safe, okay?
Just please go somewhere safe.
I love you.
- Yes Mrs.
Fallon, how are you?
And we've been,
and we feel the
same way, yes we do.
I understand, I understand.
I appreciate the call.
Yes, we're on top of
it, I promise you.
Have a good day.
- Yes.
- David, how long have you been
teaching drama for us?
- I believe five years.
This is the sixth year.
- And how many times
have you ever changed
a piece of literature
to use as a teaching
- Well, Henry, I would say that
I see every piece of
literature as a teaching...
- no, come on, you
know what I mean.
- How many times have I
actually changed the text?
No, this is the first.
- Why?
Why would you do that now?
Especially with this
topic, in particular?
- Well, first of all because
it's a really cool idea.
Artistically it has merit.
But more importantly,
because what happened to
Ryan Morris was horrendous.
- It was horrendous, exactly,
which is why we shouldn't be
reminding the children about it.
- Children aren't born with
that kind of hatred, Henry.
They learn it.
And it's our job as
educators to make sure...
- Nate, hold my calls please.
- I believe it is
our job as educators
to make sure these kids see
the world in the right way,
not just intellectually,
but morally.
- That's where I
disagree with you.
Moral issues are to
be handled at home.
- This is happening on
our time, in our space.
What are we supposed to do?
- It's not our job.
- Are we supposed to...
This is happening
under our roof.
- Moral issues are to be
handled by the parents.
It's their
responsibility, not ours.
- So what are we supposed to do?
We're supposed to just
stand back and watch...
- there's always going
to be bullying, David.
- I don't think anyone deserves
to be beaten or bullied
or talked down to because of...
- why are you being
so pro-heterosexual?
- Well, I'm not being.
- David, my phone has been ringing
off the hook all morning.
- I predicted that.
I probably should have
talked to you first.
I apologize.
- These parents want blood.
- Okay.
- They want blood, David.
- Well.
- And, sorry to say...
- it's not that
big of deal, okay?
- You can resign today
for personal reasons or...
- what?
Come on.
- Or, or...
- Henry, stop it.
- Or the superintendent
said we can fire you...
- the superintendent?
- Reverend Rachel
made it very clear
that if you weren't
gone by lunchtime today,
there would be hell to pay
for him come election time.
- She's a reverend.
She can't do that.
- Mm-hmm, yeah, she
can, and she will.
So, David, it's killing
me, it breaks my heart.
What's it gonna be?
Resignation or termination?
- I'm hungry.
What's for lunch?
- These are from
yesterday's jubilee.
- Waste not, want not, dear.
- Holy shit!
- Benson, how many
times have I told you
to watch your garbage
mouth in my house?
- I'm sorry, aunt Rachel,
but you gotta hear this.
Star quarterback outed.
- Who?
- Jude Klein.
- Jude Klein?
- It says that her
girlfriend Kelly Williams
outed her yesterday
after she caught her
in the act with some
guy named Ryan Morris.
- That little bitch.
- Oh, listen to
this, listen to this.
When asked why she posted
her pictures all over campus,
Williams replied, "according
to my mentor, reverend Rachel,
"it is my religious
duty to expose sin
"wherever I can find it."
Head coach Glen Thompson said
that she's still gonna go pro,
that they have scouts
from the packers, the
steelers and the patriots
all confirmed for
tonight's game.
- Oh, that's not gonna happen.
I told her it was okay.
I told her that god was gonna
pick out someone just for her.
- What are you talking about?
- You know, I might
have been fooled,
but the good lord is not fooled.
No, he is not.
He sees truth where truth
exists and he acts accordingly.
- That's the truth.
- Praise god, help me.
It's time to do god's work.
Benson, I need to focus on family
values at the photo shoot.
You're gonna go to
that football game,
and you're gonna do god's work.
- Wait, wait, just me?
I'm not ready for that.
- Was Noah ready for that?
Was Moses ready?
No, they were not ready,
but they did as god
commanded them to do.
Now, are you gonna
disappoint god today,
or are you gonna go do his work?
- I'll go do his work.
- You're gonna do his work.
Come on, let's go, Ashley.
Come on.
- I need you to hear me, god.
Ryan and I said that
we decided to take
some time apart just so
everything can die down.
I think that's the
right thing to do.
Just gimme a sign our
love is not wrong.
Please god, just gimme a sign.
Just gimme a sign, gimme a sign.
Gimme a sign.
Gimme a sign.
Thank you, god.
Thank you, god.
- "Poison hath been
his timeless end.
"Oh, churl, drunk all,
"and left no friendly
drop to help me after.
"I will kiss thy lips."
- Emily, did you hear what
happened to Mr. Thompson?
- What?
- He quit.
- What?
- Or got fired.
Jodie Ritter was in the office,
and they already had over 100
complaints about the play.
- What?
That's not fair.
Now I'm never gonna
get to kiss a boy.
- Kiss a boy?
What are you talking about?
Are you gay?
Like a hetero?
- I don't know what I am.
- Paula was right.
- Ian, please!
- I can't be friends
with you anymore.
- Why not?
- People are gonna think I'm
like you, and that's gross.
- You all know me to be a
man of not too many words.
Why wolves?
Why do you think we
chose the Timberwolf
to represent the
spirit of this team,
this school, and this community?
Two words: Pack mentality.
A wolf on its own,
it can survive, yeah,
but it's together...
- she's gonna freak
out when she sees this.
- That they thrive.
- Hey,
look, there's turd-is.
- There for each other, always.
And that's what we
will do as a team.
We will support each other
on that field and off.
- Well, if it isn't
the little queer
who wants to kiss
my baby brother.
- Stop it.
- Now, the crusaders,
they out there thinking
they got our number today,
we gonna be weak,
caught up in petty
differences, innuendo.
They may attack one of their
own for being different,
but not us.
Not the Timberwolves.
See, we're gonna show them
we are stronger when
we are challenged,
and we are stronger
when we are attacked.
- Do you wanna play
a game with us?
- When one of us is attacked,
hell, when we're
attacked, we push back!
We're gonna go out there,
we're gonna run faster,
we're gonna hit harder!
- You guys go that way,
you guys follow me,
we'll cut her off at the fence.
- And we're gonna bring home
a victory for all of us!
Who are we?
- Timberwolves!
- Who are we?
- Timberwolves!
- T wolves on three, let's go!
One, two, three!
- T wolves!
- Break!
All right, all right.
- Where you going, breeder?
- And here comes Jude Klein!
Look, look at her body language.
Not at all the swagger
we're accustomed to
seeing from Klein.
Will we see the end of
a win streak for Jude?
- Come on, take the
field, let's go!
We're a pack, let's go!
- Come on, let's just
play some football, huh?
Let's go.
What are we doing?
Come on, take the field!
Let's pack!
Shut it out, let's go ladies!
- Come on, Jude, let's go.
- Let's go ladies, let's go!
- Here we
are in the fourth quarter.
- 55 seconds, on one,
on one, ready, break!
- No
surprise, Jude has risen above...
- where do you
think you're going, breeder?
Crowd usually seen
at the wolves'
away games though.
- Klein's still in command here,
but down by a touchdown.
The ball is snapped.
- She
has Levy down on the sideline.
Touchdown, Timberwolves!
Look at that, they
could tie the score now
with the extra point.
- Have you ever seen such desire
in a player?
- Don't touch me, breeder.
- Faggot!
- Get outta the stadium!
Getting no love whatsoever
from her teammates.
Really sad situation.
- Ro, what is wrong with you?
You're sick!
- Smear the queer!
Smear the queer!
- If you're just joining us,
Jude Klein has brought
the Timberwolves back
from 21 points down
to tie the game!
- No
doubt her personal choices have
but you can't find fault.
Obviously, her team
has lost all respect for her,
despite the performance
she has shown here tonight.
Oh, it's a fumble!
The wolves recover,
they have the ball!
That's a miracle,
keeping Klein's streak alive.
There you go.
Let's kick that field
goal and celebrate!
- And coach Thompson not wasting
any time at all getting
special teams on the field.
- Klein, this has been
a hard game for you.
I can put in the second
string if you want.
- No, I got this.
Klein putting on her helmet.
She's not leaving
anything to chance.
Can't blame her, really.
- I haven't seen
the quarterback
fold since the '80s,
but I'm sure Thompson
wasn't about to say no...
- let's go Jude!
This is the kind of move
that should tell everyone
what Jude is made of.
- Any
scouts out there taking notice?
You know it, you know it!
- Now it looks like the huddle
is breaking up before
Klein can get in.
- Hey you.
I just wanted to let
you know I was safe.
From where I am right now,
I have the most amazing view
of you in all of your glory.
I love you.
I'll see you soon.
- Klein kneels for the snap.
- You're a queer!
- You're a queer!
- No, let me go!
- Ow!
- You little bitch!
Smear the queer!
- Mommy!
- Smear the queer!
- Freak!
Smear the queer!
- So for the win here, 43 off,
eight seconds left
in regulation.
- You in?
- No more timeouts left
for either team.
- Hey, let's push it overtime.
- Smear the queer!
- No!
- Smear the queer!
- Smear the queer!
- So, we playing a
little game of smear the queer?
- Dumb queer!
- Breeder!
- Stop it, stop!
- Breeder!
- Stop!
The ball is set
after some discussion
on the field.
- Ten hut!
Here's the snap!
- Smear the queer!
- No, no!
Stop, stop!
- Lori, gimme that.
- The whole
line is letting the crusaders
rush in untouched!
The kicker has
fallen to the ground!
- Do us all a favor, 'Ro.
And kill yourself.
- Ow!
Klein is getting hit
by the whole crusader team.
She fumbles the ball.
The wolves are standing
around just doing nothing.
- It's completely out of hand.
Her own team just
called a smear play.
That's a disgrace.
- The
referees have thrown a flag.
All the players are
actually celebrating.
And Klein is still buried under
a heap, a pile of players.
Some people are gonna say
this is what Klein had
coming to her, but come on.
- Oh, just a vicious attack.
Coaches are running onto
the field right now.
- Die, breeder!
Klein is not moving,
and they're bringing in
the stretcher as we speak.
- God hates you, Curtis.
- Get back!
Get outta the way!
You're okay, you'll be fine.
- You're fine.
- Just breathe.
We're gonna take care
of you, all right?
- Sinner, sinner, sinner!
Never asked forgiveness,
but is subject to
eternal condemnation!
- What more can you do?!
This is god's work?
That's what you're doing?
You better pray to
god she's all right!
- Oh there he is, there he is!
- Are you ready?
Are you rolling?
Okay, let's get in the
coach, come on, go go go go!
- Grab him, grab him!
Get him, get him!
- Any comment on what
happened here tonight?
- Quiet, quiet!
Listen to me!
We prayed for you,
Ryan, we all did,
and this is what we came
to, revelations, chapter 16!
We are here to cleanse you.
We are here to cleanse you
because we are the seven angels
and we are doing god's work.
You get that?
Good, good.
Come on, get him to me!
Wait, let me call the reverend.
She'll know what to do.
- Reverend Rachel.
- Reverend Rachel!
It's bill Bradley
from omega theta pi.
- Hey, bill, how are you?
What can I do for you?
- We want to save
that hetero guy
that was involved
with the quarterback.
- Really?
Okay, well, have you
been praying about it?
- Yes, ma'am.
We just need your
blessing first.
- Well, you're doing god's work.
You let the lord be with you
and all your questions
are gonna be answered.
- You heard it, boys.
We're doing god's work!
Come on, get him down!
Get him!
Congratulations, reverend,
you're now an accessory
to a hate crime.
- Hello!
- You can't get me!
You can't get me, see, oh!
- Do I hear trouble?
- Mom, come quick!
- No!
- Oh, woman down!
- Oh woman must leave
and we save this dragon.
- I think I need a kiss.
- Oh.
Let me see those.
- Tell him I left him $10,000
in the cookie jar if I die.
- I'm sorry,
I couldn't hear that.
One more time, please?
- Don't forget to fix the car.
- Did you know that?
Hi honey!
Fix the car, that's the
most important part.
Oh my god.
- What is that?
- Oh my god.
Oh my god, Emily, what happened?
Come here, honey.
Oh my god, baby.
- What happened?
- What, come here, hon.
- Stop, no!
- Honey.
- Who did this to you?
- Who did this to you?
- Nobody.
- Emily!
What happened to you?
I'm talking to you!
What happened to you?
- Vicki, stop.
It's gonna be okay, sweetie.
- Who did this?
- Lemme look at this.
- Who did this?!
- Nobody.
- It's gonna be okay, honey.
Who did this?
- Emily!
Who did this?
- Paula Santilli and
Annabelle Snyder.
- Ian's sister?
- This is your fault.
- What, how is this my fault?
- You took her
over to the neighbors'.
I know about that.
- Would you...
Go to your room
and get cleaned up.
Cooper, earmuffs.
- But I want my tanks.
- Hold onto your tanks, just go.
Play with them in the kitchen.
This is my fault?
- Yeah, this is your fault.
- How is this my fault?
- Yes, it's your
fault, you coddle her.
You act like this is normal!
Have you seen what
they do to these kids?
- Keep your voice down, honey.
- I'm not gonna
keep my voice down!
I don't feel like
keeping my voice down!
- Don't you dare tell our...
- I've had it!
- Daughter that!
- She is confused.
- Confused?
- Yes!
- My ass!
- She brings this on herself
by acting like that
with this play!
This is enough of this!
I'm not having a breeder
growing up in my house.
- Do you hear what
you're saying?
- Yeah, I hear what I'm saying.
- No.
- Shut up, shut up,
shut up, shut up,
shut up, shut up, shut up.
- I gotta go.
- Oh, Susan, it's you.
- Jude!
- Where's Ryan?
Where's Ryan?
- I'm not sure.
I called him a few times.
- Ryan.
- But I'm gonna
try him again, okay?
We'll find him.
- Stop here, stop here!
- Woo!
- Fuck yeah!
- Woo!
- Get out of the car!
- Come on!
- Woo!
- Get him out!
Get him out!
Get him out!
- Oh, tonight
is your night, baby!
- Here we go, here we go!
Oh that's right, that's
right, stand him up!
Stand him up!
- Stand him up, baby!
- Get him up.
- Woo!
- Stand him up!
- Stand him up!
Come on!
Come on!
Get him away!
Get that hetero
faggot away from me!
- Woo!
- You want a Ryan Morris?
Is that what you want, another
Ryan Morris on your hands?
I wouldn't want...
- Stop it.
Why have we been going to
church all these years?
Why have we brought
our children up here?
So the minute something...
- I don't want to calm down!
I wanna get this kid together!
Have you thought about that?
Have you seen what
they do to these kids?
- Come on!
Get that hetero
faggot away from me!
Take him up!
- Move it, move it, breeder!
Get him away!
- Come on!
Come on, get him!
Get him!
Yeah, get him!
Get him!
- Get him, boys!
- Get him!
Come on, come on, come on!
Yeah, yeah, get him!
Let me see your face, huh, huh?
- Okay, okay, okay!
Okay, listen, he's had enough!
Okay, okay, okay!
I said okay!
I think he gets the
message, guys, okay.
Let's just clear out...
- hey, hey, hey.
- Stop it!
- Yo, yo!
- He's had enough!
- I say when he's had enough.
What's wrong with you, Mike?
Don't tell me you got
some sort of soft spot
for this candy-ass 'Ro, huh?
Prove it.
I said prove it.
We're just getting started.
- I don't have to prove
anything to anybody, okay?
Bill, this isn't right.
What are you gonna do
- Mike!
- With this thing?
- Get him!
Get him!
Hold him down!
Get him, come on!
Come on!
Get him!
Come on!
Come on, get him down!
Get him down!
Hey, hey!
Come on, move him!
Move him!
Oh Ryan, I am not
done with you yet.
- Hetero breeders!
Die, breeders!
- Freak attraction for today.
We got the sinful,
candy-ass 'Ro right here,
and we're gonna play a game!
We're gonna play a game,
and you're gonna hit him.
And on a scale of one to
10, I'm gonna grade you.
Here we go!
Who's up first?
Hey, batter batter
batter batter!
Hey, batter batter
batter batter!
Come on batter batter
batter batter batter!
Hey, batter batter batter
batter batter batter!
Yeah batter batter!
Get up here!
Get up here!
You, right here!
Yeah, batter batter
batter batter!
Oh, okay, all right, here we go!
Here we go, here we go!
Come on, 'Ro!
Here we go!
Hit him, hit him!
Yeah, that's an eight,
that's an eight.
Batter batter batter batter!
That was an eight!
- Queer!
Smear the queer!
- Hey batter batter
batter batter batter!
- Queer!
Smear the queer!
- Freak!
- Freak!
- Freak!
Dirty breeder!
- Paula?
Is that you?
What are you smiling
about young lady, huh?
You're late.
- Practice ran long.
- You look at me when
I'm talking to you.
How come Ian was home
in time for dinner, huh?
- I don't know, maybe because
he's just a lame towel boy?
- Paula, stop that.
And what is that on your cheek?
- Oh, that little creep
Emily turd-is kicked me.
- She what?
- Why would she do that?
- We taught her a lesson.
Reverend Rachel says we're
supposed to do god's work
and kill 'em all.
- Batter batter batter!
Hey batter batter!
You gonna remember this?
Come on, yeah!
Yeah, you're gonna remember
this moment, aren't ya?
Hey, hey you're
gonna remember this.
You're gonna remember this.
- Come on, bill, let's go.
- You hear me?
- Woo!
- You got some kind
of problem, Mike?
- You want to hit him again?
- Mike.
- Step aside.
- Mike.
- Step aside now.
- No no no no no.
- Sammy?
- Mike's right.
This is not okay.
We need to move outta here.
- This is wrong, bill.
All of you, this is wrong!
- Okay, boys, you're right.
All right.
Let's go.
I just gotta say
one more prayer.
All of you, go on, go ahead!
Revelations, chapter
17, verse 16.
The seventh angel
poured out his vial
into the air.
And there came a great voice
out of the kingdom of heaven,
from the throne, saying,
"it is done."
- Please help me.
- We are doing god's work!
- Smear the queer!
Smear the queer!
Ugly hetero!
Die breeder!
Romeo and Juliet?
That's so queer.
What are you Emily,
some kinda 'Ro?
- I'm not gonna have a breeder
growing up in my house.
- She's sick and she needs help!
- 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro,
'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro, 'Ro!
- I don't know,
guess she didn't like
playing smear the queer.
- What?
- What did you do to Emily?
- It's disgusting,
and I'm not gonna have it!
- Calm down, honey.
- What about Cooper?
- Just please calm down.
- Have you thought about that?
What if he gets beat up too?
- Excuse me?
- Oh my god.
- I only beat her
up a little bit.
- Wait, wait.
Honey, please get the
Curtises on the phone.
- Yep.
- You can explain to all of us
what you did to Emily,
and you can apologize to her
as well, and to her parents.
- I'm trying to protect her.
- I understand that.
- It's Pete Santilli.
Curtis residence?
- Yeah, completely unacceptable.
She would like to apologize,
if that's okay with you.
- Yeah, we appreciate it.
Hang on, I'll get her.
It's Pete.
Paula wants to apologize.
- Oh, good.
You know what?
She's probably washing up.
I'm just gonna
bring her the phone.
You stay right
here and calm down.
- People are gonna
think I'm like you.
And that's gross.
You've got a phone call, hon.
Are you okay?
- Do us all a favor,
'Ro, and kill yourself.
- Honey, you okay?
- Poured out
his vial into the air.
And there came a great voice
from the kingdom of heaven,
from the throne.
We are doing god's work!
- Emily?
Open the door.
Open the door!
Open the door right now!
Oh god, Vicki, Vicki!
- Hang on, back
off, back off, back off.
Now push it with me.
- Could Jude and I...
Maybe we can go visit?
- I wrote something down.
I don't know how to do this.
I truly believe that...
That once in your
life you meet someone,
someone who just changes
your whole world around.
I thank god,
thank god for showing
me how to love someone,
for giving me Ryan.
Someone once told me this
quote you may have heard of.
"Give me my Romeo,
and when he shall die,
"take him and cut him
out into little stars,
"and he will make the
face of heaven so fine
"because the only thing
that lasts forever is love."
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Why do people hate us so much?
- I guess they don't
understand love like ours.
Maybe they never will.
- Well, isn't our love
the same as theirs?
- It is.
- Maybe someone should
teach them that.
- Emily.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- How can I help you, sister?
- First book of Peter,
verse four, line eight.
"Above all, love
each other deeply,
"because love covers over
a multitude of sins."
I think that covers my sin.
How about yours?
- Hey, you.
I just wanted to let you
know that I was safe,
and from where I am right now,
I have an amazing view of
you in all of your glory.
I love you.
See you soon.
Hey you.
I just wanted to let you
know that I was safe,
and from where I am right now,
I have an amazing view of
you in all of your glory.
I love you.
See you soon.
Hey, you.
I just wanted to let you
know that I was safe,
and from where I am right now,
I have an amazing view of
you in all of your glory.
I love you.
See you soon.
You can paint me black
call me your shadow
paint me white
call me a song
I've got nothing to give
nothing to borrow
but in the light
you can watch me bloom
and in your dark
and lonely nights
you walk on the edge
of faith and fight
you dream of my love
when it's not with you
and like a king
upon his throne
this castle no
longer feels like home
once you've had my love
it will never leave you
you can paint me black
call me your shadow
paint me white
call me a song
I've got nothing to give
nothing to borrow
but in the light
you can watch me bloom
you paint me black
you paint me black
you paint me black
from dusk to dusk
from ash to ash
you paint me black
paint me black
you paint me black
you paint me black
from dusk to dusk
from ash to ash
you paint me black
you paint me black
you paint me black
from dusk to dusk
from ash to ash