Love Is Blind (2015) Movie Script

Love is Blind
I thought you were in school today?
It's university, NOT school.
You okay?
I'm not well.
Why are you back?
I changed my flight,
I wanted to surprise you.
Can we talk...?
Alice! Where are my trousers?
They're in the garden.
I throw them out of the window.
Why did you do that?
I just panicked.
I know this year's been difficult...
...with your dad and everything.
Kettle's boiled.
Now, really this is not the time.
Look, things were really been
difficult lately. You've been lovely.
I should not let this happen.
It was a mistake.
Alright. Thanks for beeing honest,
I guess.
Will you please just get out?
Alright. I'll see myself find the outdoor.
Don't worry about that.
I know I've been away a lot this year.
But I took that job for us.
I needed you here.
With me.
That's why I've spoken to my boss...
...and asked to be relocated back here.
You mean you've spoken with JENNY?
Jen? Really? That was ages ago,
One time.
Please, just get the hell out of here!
Oh, really? It's nice to see
your true colours Alice!
I thought you'd be pleased?
Door is locked.
Of course I'm pleased.
- I love you.
- There is no key.
I have something for you in the lounge.
We're coming through. Get upstairs.
Get upstairs now.
I've missed a lot this year.
Including your birthday.
I hope you can forgive me.