Love Is in the Air (2023) Movie Script

[dog barking in distance]
- [dog whimpering]
- [Michelle] Doug.
Foxtrot November Bravo,
this is Lofton Homestead. Please come in.
Fullerton Airways,
this is Foxtrot November Bravo.
Mail drop complete. Heading back to base.
[Jeff on radio] Roger that.
Get a wiggle on.
Your next tour group's
already been waiting 20 minutes.
Yeah, copy that. I'm on my way.
[distorted voice on radio]
[Michelle] Bravo, this is Lofton
Homestead. Please come in.
Lofton Homestead, I'm reading you
loud and clear. What's wrong?
Doug's been bitten by a snake,
and he's fading.
We need to see Dr. Justman ASAP.
Can you help us out?
No worries, Michelle, I'll be there in 20.
- You just get him ready to go.
- We'll see you soon. Out.
- [Dana] Fullerton Airways, do you read?
- [Jeff] Go ahead.
[Dana] Call Dr. Justman.
- I'm bringing Doug to see him.
- [Jeff] What?
We have paying clients
twiddling their thumbs here.
[Dana] It's an emergency. Snakebite.
[Jeff] Snakebite
Do you even have enough fuel to get there?
I'll make it.
[engine decelerating]
[sighs] Hi, Dana.
Thank God you were around.
Strap in.
[engine starts]
[Jeff] Eh, what am I gonna do
with that girl?
[Dana] Valve sounded good up there, Nik.
Yeah, you better hope it does.
Cost enough. Bloody rip off.
[Jeff] What would you do
if you didn't have our customers
- to pinch, ey, Mike?
- [Mike] Keep 'em coming, Jeff.
You trying to send me to an early grave?
You look pretty good to me.
Have you been exercising?
Yeah, well, actually
Stop changing the subject.
You've got to stop putting
remote air support over paying clients.
[Nikki] Wait, did we just lose
another flight?
- [Dana] I had to help. It's Doug.
- We're stretched thin here.
We've been stretched thin before.
Not this thin.
Price of parts is always rising.
Every time we make a mail delivery
or supply food or medicine
or fly Doug to Dr. Justman,
that's a potential paying tourist flight
that doesn't happen.
Kills me to say it,
but if we're gonna stay in the air,
we're gonna have to focus on profit.
Dad, remote air support is the reason
Mom started Fullerton Airways.
That was the whole point.
[hesitates] I know, Dana, but...
Things will pick up.
We just got to book more charter to it,
so I'll start running night flights.
[Jeff] You can't stay
in the air 24/7, Dana.
You've gotta take some time for yourself.
- Don't make me say it.
- Dana, I'm serious.
- Like Mom always said
- Sweety.
"If you want something done,
you've got to do it yourself."
- Let me hear it.
- Do it yourself.
Do it yourself.
If you need me,
I'll be doing ground checks.
[sighs wearily]
[Jeff] She's a lot like you, Clara.
[William] Fullerton Airways.
Their margin has been cratering
year on year.
They're not doing well.
No. Nobody says that.
"They're not doing well."
It's unprofessional.
They are They are
bleeding from the throat.
They're bleeding from the throat.
That's good. That sounds tough.
You got this.
- [William exhales]
- We're going around in circles.
Go and tell them to get back to me
with a tender offer by noon tomorrow.
And you tell them
that I expect their commitment.
Come in. Oh, Alex, spare me.
I love the deal at 40.
It's an insult at 50. [mouthing]
Now I have to go. My son's here.
- [line disconnects]
- William.
Hello, Dad. Good to see you.
The board will be convening shortly,
- so I only have a few minutes.
- Yeah.
So, your team leader tells me
you're doing good work.
As I recall, you were always stronger
on your humanities than your maths.
I hope she's not just telling me
what I want to hear.
I knew it was a good idea
to start bribing her.
So then, how goes your little assignment?
What have you got for me?
Oh, um, well,
before we get into it, I just
I wanted to say thank you.
I'm looking forward to working with you.
William, I haven't got all day.
Yeah, right.
Right. Um
Well, your, um, e-mail said to identify
possible areas for consolidation.
I did some digging. Um
Fullerton Airways, uh, their margins
have been cratering year on year.
They're bleeding from the throat.
But there are salvageable assets.
Um, aeronautical equipment,
planes, real estate,
which, if we were to pull
the trigger and sell,
would wipe
the debt holdings off our books.
I must confess. I am a little surprised.
This is strong work.
[both chuckle]
Take care of it.
Uh mmm.
I don't What do you mean?
Go to Fullerton and take care of it.
Right. Okay.
Okay, so the thing is,
is Fullerton is, um, in Australia.
[softly] That's a long flight.
Um, are you sure, though,
that I'm the right, you know, person?
Because my temperament, I don't
- Australia's very brash.
- Nevertheless, we have to show
that we've done
our due diligence before selling.
Inspect the operation,
go over their books,
cross the T's, dot the I's and then
[clicks tongue]
Why me?
Because next year,
I plan to recommend you
for the position of junior director.
It's time. Time for you
to take on real responsibility.
[chuckles] Wow.
- God, thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.
- Okay.
- If
If you're going to take on
an executive role in this firm,
you have to demonstrate
that you can do what's necessary.
- By going to
- Australia.
- Australia.
- Correct.
The board meets again in just over a week.
I want you to take care of it,
then present to them in person.
That's good. Okay.
- William.
- Yes. Yeah.
This is important.
Don't disappoint me.
No. Yes, sir.
[Nikki] '96 BMW K1100RS.
- Sick beast.
- Uh-huh.
What's he asking?
- Fifteen grand?
- [dart thuds]
[mimics buzzer]
[in sing-song voice] My turn.
- That was a shocker.
- Also you suck.
[both chuckle]
- [Heath] Good shot, Nik.
- Oi, what would you pay
for a '96 BMW K1100RS?
- How many K's on it?
- 35,000.
- Eight grand?
- Exactly.
[Heath] You know, uh,
Dana used to love hitting up Lang's field
on the back of my '97, right?
[chuckles] Um, I think we remember things
a little bit differently.
- Oh.
- [both chuckle]
Okay. Please get back together.
- Wouldn't hold your breath.
- Please ignore her.
She's freakishly obsessed
with my love life.
Excuse me? What love life?
I just think you need
to get out more, okay?
I hate to say it, D, but, um, she's right.
[Nikki] I'm correct.
- [scoffs]
- What's the problem anyway?
- Dating is fun.
- When do I have time to go on dates?
Yeah, but that's exactly kind
of the point right there.
You can't dedicate
your entire life to work.
Have some Dana time.
And that's not a euphemism,
don't be gross.
Love what you do, do what you love,
never work a day in your life.
Isn't that what they say, Nikki?
Yes, but you don't have
to be this nuts about it.
Jeff's, right, you know, maybe it's time
we switched gears and
I don't know, leave saving the day
to the big guys.
Okay. Would you guys relax?
I I know what I'm doing.
- Is that so?
- Mmm-hmm.
It's Dana's way or no way, huh?
No, it's not my way.
I just want to keep Fullerton Airways
the way it's always been.
The way Mom made it.
I miss her too, you know. We all miss her.
She was real special. One in a million.
I guess in spite, you got to put your feet
on the ground sometime.
Otherwise, life will fly right by you.
- Have you been practicing that?
- Yes, in the mirror.
It was a pun about flying.
It's very clever.
- All right, I'm out.
- All right.
But remember, life will fly right by you.
Yeah. Wheels office. 8:00.
- All right. Bye-bye. I love you.
- Yeah. I love you too.
[birds chirping]
Where else would you rather be?
- Morning, love.
- Morning, Jeff.
All righty.
What's on the docket for today?
- [sighs] Morning, team.
- [vacuum whirring]
[Dana] How are we this, um [sputters]
Uh, finally.
We've had a little surprise
shake up here this morning.
Oh, by surprise you mean the e-mail
you got three days ago?
Isn't that the one, Jeff?
I've been a bit behind on the admin.
Seems we're getting an impromptu visit
from our friends at ITCM Financial.
They're sending someone
to do an inspection.
Is that normal?
I mean, we never hear from those guys.
Yeah, Jeff,
why are they suddenly showing up?
Everything's okay, yeah, Dad?
I'm sure it's just routine,
you know, check the books,
make sure everything's in order,
that sort of thing. [chuckles]
- Okay, when do they get here?
- Yeah, why don't you tell us?
- [hesitates] Their ferry is due in a
- [foghorn blaring]
- You're kidding.
- Afraid not.
We need you to go and get him
while we finish up around here.
Huh? I can't. I have a mail drop
at Packers Bay today.
The drop can wait, love.
Besides, you're the face
of Fullerton Airways.
You should be the first one
to greet our guest.
- But, Dad...
- His name's Mitchell.
Maybe take the scenic route
back through town
so we can finish up around here.
And be nice.
[Dana] You must be Mr. Mitchell.
- Pardon?
- Uh, the suit tends to be a dead giveaway.
- My suit?
- I'm Dana. Fullerton Airways. Welcome.
- Let's get it going.
- Look, miss, I think...
Look, no offense,
but I've got a schedule to keep up,
so we're gonna make this a bit snappy.
I'm here to visit my cousin
for a few days.
- Huh?
- So, if you don't mind, have a lovely day.
[William] Um [clears throat]
Wait, you're Mr. Mitchell?
- Yes. Well, uh, William.
- Dana.
You must be Mr. Randall's assistant.
- [Dana] Chief pilot, actually.
- Ah.
This way.
[softly] Wanker.
This is, is it?
- Yeah, this is it.
- Right.
Chuck your bags in the back here.
- Chop, chop. We've got work to do.
- All right. [clears throat]
[Dana exhales]
[William] So, this is This is Fullerton?
[Dana] This is it.
It's a long flight
just to make a quick pop-in.
- Anything I should be worried about?
- No, no, it's, uh
Just wanted to see how you do things
around here, that's all.
Copy that.
Here we are. Fullerton Airways.
[William] Very quaint.
Too much, Dad.
[chuckles] You must be William Mitchell.
- Yes.
- Jeff Randall.
Welcome to Fullerton Airways,
the region's favorite carrier.
- Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Randall.
- Jeff, mate.
- Jeff.
- [Jeff] This is Nikki.
She's our mechanic and resident tech whiz.
If it's broken, she can fix it.
- Very nice to meet you.
- How do you do?
Good. I do good.
Let's take you on a tour
of our humble facilities.
Fair warning.
Air conditioning is busted.
Nikki's waiting for replacement parts.
Story of our lives.
- [William] Right.
- I'm gonna do some checks on Harriet.
My God.
- He's just a stiff in a suit, all right?
- [Nikki] So hot.
[William] Well. You certainly
weren't joking about the air conditioning.
It's, um It's, uh, rustic.
Well, we like to keep things pretty
down to earth around here. [chuckles]
[binders clatter]
- Oh.
- [groans]
[clears throat]
- Please.
- It's fine.
Uh, so, uh, how long
have you had the place?
Uh, my wife and I set it up in '93.
Next to our neighbors,
uh, we're a bit grassroots,
but our customers have always
appreciated our personal style.
Well, that's what they tell us anyway.
[chuckles] I'm sure, yeah.
What about you, Will?
- What?
- Do you run a business with your wife?
Um, no, I'm not married, actually.
- Girlfriend?
- No, no girlfriend.
- Boyfriend?
- [Dana] Ahem.
No, I'm
[chuckles nervously]
I'm single.
- Interesting.
- Sorry?
Um, so my record show
that you're predominantly a tour company.
But I did want to ask
about the remote air...
- Our remote air support.
- Remote air support. Right.
Folks who live outside major cities
are often reliant
on air delivery for, you know,
- mail, supplies
- Mmm-hmm.
But, uh, we're re-evaluating
that side of the business.
Remote air support
is the soul of Fullerton Airways.
We've always done it, and we always will.
Um, I only ask because I
Well, I did do
a preliminary review of your accounts
before I came, Mr. Randall.
- Jeff, mate. Jeff.
- Yeah, Jeff.
Well, it would seem the government
subsidizes your fuel
- and your expenses for those flights.
- [Jeff] Yeah, that's right.
Well, given the, um
scale of your operation
and, as you say,
the size of your competitors
- and the fact that
- [scoffs]
Unless I'm mistaken, you do only have
one operational aircraft. Is that right?
Well, it doesn't
It doesn't leave much room for profit.
There's more to life than profits,
you know.
Yes, quite. Alas, it's rather a priority.
What's the point
of this inspection anyway?
You fly halfway
across the world to insult us?
- [Jeff] Dana...
- What's going on?
Why don't you, um, show Will Harriet,
and we'll tidy up around here?
Not like I had anywhere to be.
Here she is. Cessna 206.
[William] Why Harriet,
if you don't mind me asking?
[Dana] That's my mom's sense of humor.
Uh, Harriet as in
the female version of Harry.
I don't get it.
Harry Houdini.
Harry Houdini?
Harry Houdini, the magician,
straightjacket, Harry Houdini?
Yeah, well, Houdini was the first person
to make a controlled flight in Australia.
Diggers Rest, Victoria, 18th March, 1910.
I didn't know that.
[Dana] Yeah, well, my mom was a nut
for aviation history.
Well, it seems the apple didn't fall
very far from the tree.
I suppose you'd, um, have to be a
A bit of a nut to fly a thing like this,
wouldn't you?
You know [clears throat]
I have a delivery scheduled
for this morning.
Why don't we go up?
Um, in this?
Yeah. She's sturdy as a rock. Come on.
Right. Big aerodynamic rock.
Strap in.
[Jeff over radio] What you up to, folks?
I'm giving our guest
a little demonstration.
Um, copy that.
Well, I hope you and our extremely
important guest have a good time.
A really good time.
[Nikki chuckles]
[William] Cozy in here, isn't it?
- You've been doing this long?
- [Dana] All my life.
[William] That's good.
This is Foxtrot November Bravo,
requesting runway clearance.
- [Jeff] Roger that. You're good to go.
- All righty.
[engine revving]
Okay, sit back.
[William] Oh, my
[Dana] Like I said, sturdy as a rock.
Yeah, it's a good time.
- I'm having a good time.
- You all right?
It's tight fit, isn't it?
I don't know where to put my hands.
Like if I touch something, it's gonna
Just put your hands down.
Just put them there.
Man, you poms just can't hack it, can you?
I was in a hot air balloon once.
It's not really the same.
What happens if something did go wrong?
- Are there parachutes in the back?
- Only one.
It's not funny.
You know, I've had experiences
when I was young, I was
Not a plane exactly,
but small spaces, you know.
You gonna talk this much
the whole time we're up here?
[breathing heavily] What?
[wind blows]
Whoa. Okay.
I'm sorry.
Not a bother.
Can I ask How old is this plane?
She'll be 52 in June.
Fif Oh, my God.
Look over there, you can see Mount Abbot.
Very pretty.
Oh. Oh, well
[William groans softly]
Okay. What are you doing?
Have a look out.
Oh, my.
All right, sit back.
We're about to come in for our landing.
[William groans]
That was fun.
[Dana] Welcome to Packers Bay.
We do drops here every two weeks.
Without us, they'd be totally cut off.
Do you Should I stay here?
What for? They won't bite.
Great. And I'm gonna go outside.
I'm gonna look like a complete idiot.
I'm gonna ruin these shoes.
- Hey gang.
- Hey, Dana.
[Dana] Sorry for the delay.
Okey-dokey. We've got mail for
Nick, Serena, Shane. How lucky.
Brought your boyfriend along
for the ride, eh, Dana?
Sorry to disappoint,
but he's a bigwig from the UK.
He's come to check if we're spending
our money responsibly.
[Serena] Well,
they're doing a bang-up job.
- If it were me, I'd give them a raise.
- Yes, well, yeah, I'm sure they are.
You heard about that nasty weather
brewing off the coast?
[Dana] I don't know anything you don't.
Any luck, she'll drift south
like the last one did.
I need to get Becky an X-ray
appointment the 19th.
- Are you available then?
- I think so.
- Hey, guys, do you mind if I play?
- Yeah.
Me and you'll be on a team. Okay?
Oh, hand ball, ladies and gentlemen.
- You did it.
- [Dana] Having fun?
Oh. Well, yeah. You know,
they look like professionals.
I thought maybe they can
teach me a thing or two.
It's time to get going,
if you're ready, of course.
Yes. Yeah, of course.
- Bye all.
- [all] Bye, Dana.
[country music playing]
- Howdy, howdy.
- Hey.
Heath, this is William. William, Heath.
- G'day.
- Hi. G'day. Good Good day.
[chuckles] You're the one checking in?
Yeah. Yes, I think so, yeah.
No worries.
Give me a second and I'll grab the key.
Thank you very much
for the demonstration today.
It was very, uh, educational,
if not spotted with terror.
Oh, don't mention it.
- Well, it's been fun.
- Yeah.
Probably won't see you much
while you're here, so, uh,
- take it easy.
- All right.
Quite a character, isn't she?
Yes. Yes, very tenacious.
Mate, you have no idea.
Here you go. Apartment number two.
Across the tarmac,
up the stairs, and second on your left.
Across the tarmac.
Across the tarmac, okay.
Across the tarmac.
[groans softly] Oh, my God.
[panting] Oh, God.
- Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God.
- [cell phone ringing]
Hi, Dad.
Ah, are you settled in yet?
How's the arse end of the world?
Um, well, you know,
I suppose it has its charms.
They're certainly
a tightly knit community here.
Don't start getting attached.
Have you reviewed their financials yet?
No. No, I haven't quite done that yet,
but I will.
Time is of the essence, William.
Shut that place down. Get yourself home.
[line disconnects]
[clears throat]
Knock, knock.
- Morning, Will!
- Oh, my giddy aunt.
- Sleep well?
- Uh, yeah. Yeah.
You know, the heat notwithstanding.
Losing the tie might help.
This is the tropics, mate.
You should relax a bit.
Well, this is you.
- Feel free to settle in.
- Great.
Well, I'm ready to jump
into those financials if you are.
Uh, yeah, the financials.
I definitely do have them,
just finalizing some reporting.
- Morning.
- Ah, here she is. Ready to start the day.
- [Dana] Morning.
- Morning.
Here I am, like every other morning.
Uh, have you seen Nikki?
She's supposed to be helping me out
with the drops today.
Well, actually, Nikki called.
Her bike broke down on Macquarie Street,
so she'll be late.
We can't afford another late start.
We've got to get those first aid kits
to Wattle Hills.
Hey, how about this?
Why doesn't Will go out
and help you on your drops today, huh?
Oh. [chuckles]
- Him?
- Me?
Well, why not? Dana needs help.
And in the meantime,
I can get these reports ready for you.
Seems a good solution for everybody.
What do you say?
- Great.
- Great.
Do you really think
they're gonna hit it off?
Yeah. Trust me.
She never hangs out with anyone new.
This will be good for her.
Plus, it can't hurt to make friends
with the money people.
[Dana] You're handling it better
than you did yesterday.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm the epitome of a comfortable flyer.
[both chuckle]
So, what's life like
in ITCM financial?
Must be pretty different
than doing this for living.
Yes. Well, it's certainly less exciting.
Less life-threatening.
Lots of fiscal projections
and revenue KPIs.
Were you into that sort of thing as a kid?
Did you really love the spreadsheets?
Not Not so much.
But Dad owned the business, you know,
so it was just a given
that I was gonna end up there.
That sounds familiar.
Your dad seems very friendly.
Oh, everyone loves Jeff,
and Jeff loves everyone back.
What's it like working with him?
I won't have it any other way.
Doesn't mean
it doesn't get turbulent sometimes.
- That was a flying pun, wasn't it?
- Depends if you found it funny or not.
Sometimes he wants to take the business
in a different direction, that's all.
He might be onto something.
You could say he was charting
a different course.
That was a flying pun.
- [thumps]
- Oh!
Come on.
Is this Is this like a vintage car
where it sort of has character?
- [rattling]
- Something like that.
That's normal? That's a normal sound?
[alarm beeping]
[engine sputtering]
Oh, that's not a good sound.
Mayday, mayday. Fullerton Airways,
this is Foxtrot November Bravo.
[Jeff] Dana, what's wrong?
We're suffering engine failure
about five miles north of Sinclair Bay.
I'll make an emergency landing.
Think it's the new exhaust valve.
Foxtrot November Bravo,
Fullerton Airways. Copy that.
Stay on frequency and advise on landing.
And be safe.
[William] Oh, my God. Okay.
[breathing heavily] Okay, I feel like
maybe this would be a good time
to tell you about my fear of flying.
- Oh, my God.
- Come on.
[William] Dana?
Dana, Dana, Dana, that's very, very close.
[sighs in relief]
Let's never do that again, ever.
Fullerton Airways, we're in one piece.
I'm gonna go check out the damage.
I'll keep you posted.
- Over.
- Roger that. Stay safe.
[William] And now
it's zero operational aircraft.
So, where are we exactly?
Uh, we're a little northwest
of Cape Flattery.
It's not far from Lizard Island.
Lizard Island? That's That's good.
So, what do we do now?
We light up a flare or something or?
What do you mean "no"? What, no?
It will be hours before someone's able
to come pick us up.
Plus, I'd have to leave Harriet.
There's no way.
If you want something done,
you have to do it yourself.
Come on.
Pass me the shifter.
- Shifter?
- It's that thing there.
To the right.
The other right.
Thank you.
Come here.
I need you to come
and push down over here.
- In there?
- Yeah. There.
Yeah. Now, don't loosen the pressure.
I'm not loosening the pressure.
[chuckles] You may have pressed
a little too hard.
Okay, but I didn't loosen the pressure.
Okay. I'm gonna need
a Phillips head screwdriver next.
Ah-ha. I know that one.
Thank you.
Okay, cross your fingers.
[engine sputtering]
Come on.
Come on, girl.
[engine starts]
These are good sounds.
This feels good. This does feel good.
Oh bravo.
We know what we're doing.
[all] Cheers!
Will, who am I? "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"
That's very funny.
Oi, leave him. Poor fellow.
He's only been on the job for two days,
he's already fixing planes.
Thank you, Nikki.
- Fixing plane
- Okay, all right. Forget her, all right?
If you get over this finance stuff,
come work for me as my assistant.
That's a very attractive offer.
- Don't do that.
- No, I'd like that.
- It would be an honor, actually, for him.
- [cell phone chimes]
- Oh, sorry.
- You
- No, no, no.
- Please.
- [Heath] Howdy, howdy.
- Hi.
It's been a long time since I've seen you
look that way at anything
- that didn't have wings and fuselage.
- Excuse me?
I'm just trying to be a good host.
Seems like a nice enough guy.
Not entirely sure
about the wardrobe choices.
Mmm. Tell me about it.
- [Heath] Can you do us all a favor?
- Mmm?
Don't screw it up.
I'm sorry.
But, would you mind your own business?
Say hi to your boyfriend for me.
Oh, subtle way of getting cut off, okay.
- It's for Dad, really.
- [all laughing]
[reporter on TV] More on that
category 3 low pressure system
gathering momentum off the coast.
Although presently forecast to continue
moving in a south easterly direction,
tropical storms of this type
are difficult to predict.
The Bureau of Meteorology has issued
Yikes. I hope that one fizzles out.
- You okay there, buddy?
- Yes. Yeah, very good. Really good.
[man] Hello, Australia.
Welcome to the gala.
You play, Will?
Yeah. Oh, yeah.
Just about since I could walk.
Oh, boy, here we go.
Well, well, well.
Hope you're not too sore about the Ashes.
That's too soon, Jeff. That's too soon.
Sorry, mate.
[groans] We felt the pain
at Lord's that day, I can assure you.
You were there in person?
Yeah, well, Dad's a member, so we
You know, he's got good seats.
Oh. I bet you and your dad were fuming.
Well, he wasn't there.
Um, in fact, I'm not sure
he's ever come to a match.
His loss.
Well, maybe it's better
that he wasn't there
- given the thrashing we gave you.
- [all laugh]
- He doesn't hold back, does he?
- [Dana] No
[Nikki] Down it, Uncle.
Night, kids, I'm gonna hit the hay.
All that paperwork you need will be there
in the morning, ready for you.
I think you'll see that
there's a bit of life in the old girl yet.
- Yes. Yeah, I'm sure there is.
- See you, kids.
- Night, Dad.
- [Nikki] Goodnight.
Okay, peeps. That is me, I'm out.
I'll see you both tomorrow.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
Dana, you can't go
because you have to walk Will home.
- Oh, I think he's fine.
- I'm just on the tarmac.
I appreciate you trying to be
a strong independent man,
but it's dangerous out there, okay?
Drop bears.
Drop bears?
You need a guide.
Well, I mean, sure, I mean
It'll be nice to have a guide, I suppose.
What's it like
living in a place like this?
A lovely place, a lovely place like this?
Well, everybody knows everybody.
Everyone knows everyone's business.
What they don't know about you,
they will assume pretty quick.
Also, if you have a break up,
get used to seeing your ex every day
because they're probably making
your morning coffee.
Right, I will I will bear that in mind.
No. But honestly,
no pollution, no noise, no traffic,
and your neighbors are like family.
I'm lucky because that family stretches
from Fullerton
to the Lockhart River,
1600 kilometers round trip.
That's my home.
And what about your parents?
I mean, why did they want to live here?
It was my mom. Clara.
She was so passionate about our community.
She always believed in giving back
and helping others.
And she loved to fly.
I mean, Fullerton Airways was her dream.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to
- No, no, no.
I guess that's why I'm so protective
Well, it's the last part of her
that I still have.
- Maybe that's weird though.
- No.
No, it isn't at all.
I mean, that's the perk
of the small town life.
You see, when Mom
Well, yeah.
Dad and I, we never felt alone, ever.
That helped a lot.
Yeah, I can imagine.
- Anyway, what about you?
- Me?
Growing up in the big city,
next in line to your dad's throne,
- what's that like?
- Um
To be honest, it's pretty boring.
You know, Dad owned a multimillion-pound
company, he didn't
Didn't really have time for, um,
well, school fetes, rugby matches,
that sort of thing.
- Never would have guessed.
- [chuckles]
Yeah, it turns out, working for him
wasn't really all that different.
You know, you can always
take Nikki up on her offer.
A little change of scenery,
- get your hands dirty.
- Yep.
I think you'll look pretty good
in a pair of overalls.
- Do you?
- Mmm.
They go well with my brogues.
Not so sure about that bit though.
- [William] Wow.
- Yeah. It's pretty beautiful, huh?
It doesn't look like this back home.
- [Dana] So, that's the emu in the sky.
- Okay.
That one is special because it's outlined
by the dark areas of the night sky,
- not by the stars.
- Mmm.
It's been featured in traditional
storytelling for thousands of years.
That's beautiful.
Oh. That one over there you can see,
that's actually...
- Southern Cross. Is it?
- Bingo.
I knew that.
Oh, that big, bad boy over there,
that's the Tarantula Nebula.
- Tarantula?
- Mmm-hmm.
- It seems rather fitting for this place.
- [chuckles]
You know
I'm very impressed.
Well, they're handy to know.
When push comes to shove,
a pilot can always count on them
to point the way.
- [koala bellowing]
- Oh! Oh, my God! What is that?
- Relax. [laughs]
- No, what's that?
- No, that's not funny. What is that?
- That is a koala.
- A koala?
- Yes.
That sounds like a dinosaur.
No, this country's too much.
[sighs in relief]
Oh, my gosh, Nikki was right.
- What was Nikki right about?
- You really do need me here.
I don't disagree with her.
[both chuckle]
Well, um, thank you for protecting me.
It was, um, both pathetic
and English of me.
Have fun with Jeff tomorrow.
- Yeah.
- And today was a total write-off,
I'll be slammed
trying to catch up tomorrow.
Well, I mean, I'd be very happy to help.
Properly this time, I mean.
With drops?
What about your work?
Well, I still have a few days left.
And, you know,
I like to make sure that I'm making
a thorough appraisal of my work.
- Right.
- [both chuckle]
It's the least I can do.
I've taken up so much
of your time already.
Well, uh, yeah, I guess I could use
some help picking up the slack.
Right. Right. Good.
Good, great. Great, fantastic.
Well, I'll see you in the morning.
Yeah. 0800.
Roger. Roger.
I'm not kidding.
If you're not there, I'll fly without you.
Yes, ma'am.
I believe this is yours.
Yeah. Yes. Thank you.
Thank you. [clears throat]
[engine starts]
Mary, before you go,
have you heard from my son?
[Mary over phone] Nothing yet, sir.
I'll be sure to let you know.
Oh, you
- [both laugh]
- [Dana] Okay. Put me down.
Not bad, city boy.
Now I am back on schedule.
Oi, Will?
You keen?
You heard the man. Keen?
[voicemail] This is William Mitchell.
Please leave a message.
[phone beeps]
William, what the hell is going on?
It's as if you've wandered off
the face of the earth.
The board is less than impressed.
Call me immediately.
["Roll the Dice" playing]
No ball.
- Wide.
- Dad!
[all cheering]
It was a good game.
Yes, you've got a rather
spirited fast ball, haven't you?
Yeah, well, I learned from the best.
Listen, I've been
My father and me just
- [cell phone ringing]
- Sorry.
Look, I've got to take this.
- Is that all right?
- Yeah. No worries.
[clears throat] Hello, D.
Hi, Nikki.
[Duncan] William,
the board meets in two days,
and I haven't heard from you.
What's the delay?
Well, actually, Dad, I have, um
I have been meaning to call. I, um
I feel like maybe I was too hasty.
Uh, check it out. Finally.
Better late than never.
Is that the new bilge pump?
No, I wish, it's for the air con.
- At least that will make Will happy.
- And my sweaty pits,
- which is more important to me.
- Fair enough.
I think maybe my assessment
was off, and, um,
upon review, I feel like
there are unforeseen advantages
to keeping Fullerton Airways operational.
Your assessment was off?
Do you really think I wouldn't have
my team verify your figures?
Your assessment was right on target.
A stiff breeze would knock the place over.
What are you not telling me?
Well, you know, since I've been here
on the ground and I've met the team,
I think I think terminating them
would be a mistake.
[thunder rumbling]
- Oh, bugger.
- [Duncan] What have I always told you?
Never let it become personal.
It just makes it all the more difficult.
I suppose now's your opportunity
to learn that lesson.
Dad, please don't shut down
Fullerton Airways. Please don't do this.
William, either do your job
or don't bother returning to work.
This is for your own good.
And one day you'll thank me.
[thunder rumbling]
Oh, God.
Who the hell do you think you are?
- Please let me explain.
- Is this how you usually play it?
You show up, worm your way in,
take a holiday.
- "Worm my way in"?
- Then you stab everyone in the back.
Dana, I intend to stop this.
Okay. Don't make promises.
I heard that it pretty much
sounds like a done deal.
Because I haven't come up
with a better plan...
Save it! Where's Dad?
I've got to figure out what to do.
- Can you just give me a second, please?
- Give you a second?
- [cell phone chimes]
- This wasn't a very easy situation for me.
You've done enough. Just go.
- Dana.
- Guys.
- Can you hear me out?
- I've heard you.
Do you think this was easy for me?
- Do you have any idea...
- Just leave!
- [bangs]
- Guys!
- Yes?
- Cyclone. It's on the way.
- I'm sorry, what?
- Oh, shit.
- What "Oh, shit"?
- [siren blaring]
Where's Dad?
- [siren blaring]
- [thunder rumbling]
[Jeff] Let's go, everybody. Let's go.
Gotta lock down.
Hey, you can't stay there.
It's not safe. Come on.
[line ringing]
[voicemail] G'day. You've reached
Jeff from Fullerton Airways.
[horns honking]
[voicemail] G'day. You've reached Jeff
from Fullerton Airways.
Just keep trying.
Nik, go grab what we need and get inside.
- [Nikki] What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna go and find Dad.
[Nikki] Just be careful, okay?
[Dana] I'm coming, Dad.
Dana, hey, what can I do?
Step one, don't talk to me.
Beyond that, I don't care.
[shouts] Dad? Dad?
[thunder rumbling]
Dad? You in here?
Dad? Can you hear me?
[Dana] Dad!
- You okay?
- [groans in pain]
Slowly, slowly.
That's it. Just go slowly, Jeff.
Don't put pressure on it.
All right?
- Okay?
- [Nikki] Help us move this.
- Here, here. Push.
- [Nikki straining]
[all panting]
You're welcome.
Now, where were we?
Oh, yeah. Go to hell.
Whoa. [hesitates] What's that all about?
Oh. Oh, did you not tell him, Will?
- Why don't you, uh, let Jeff know?
- Look, I'm...
ITCM Financial are shutting us down.
What? [straining]
No, Jeff.
Jeff, just relax.
Look, I'll explain. Okay? I'll explain.
You came all this way
just to stab us in the back?
That's exactly what I said.
I'm sorry. All right? I'm sorry.
- I should have said something.
- You think?
The minute I get back to London,
I'll recommend to the board
that we keep Fullerton Airways
open and operational.
Dana, please believe me
when I say that I care about this place.
- Give me a break.
- I mean it.
[Dana] You must think
we were born yesterday.
People like you
don't give a damn about us.
I mean, why would a rich kid,
heir of a multimillion dollar empire,
care about a place like this?
Because of you!
Because I care about you.
I care about you.
[electricity crackling]
It was just getting to the good bit.
I'll find some light. There's a lantern
here somewhere. Oh, here we go.
Look, um
You don't
- You don't need to say anything.
- [William] Dana
I thought I always knew
where I was going to end up, you know?
But coming here
and meeting you,
meeting all of you
You don't know what it's like
where I come from.
Everybody's out for their cut.
But you actually care.
You care about people.
You care about protecting
the things that are important to you.
I don't think you realize
how rare that is.
A week ago, this is the last place
on earth I wanted to be.
Now I don't want to leave.
I promise I am going to fix this.
I swear.
Isn't this a dog's breakfast.
[thunder clap]
[glass breaking]
What are we looking at here?
What's the damage?
Category 3 Geez.
Wind's 250, 280 K per hour.
There might not be a Fullerton Airways
left to save if it goes on like this.
There's gonna be a lot of people
out there who need help.
[Dana] Hey.
Hey. [clears throat] Hey.
It's over.
[Jeff] Bloody hell.
I'll go and get the genny.
Okay. I'm gonna do checks on Harriet.
All right, I'm gonna see
if I can fire up the radio.
Oh, Jesus.
- [radio feedback]
- [Nikki] Uh, testing, testing.
Fullerton Airways radio check.
Fullerton Airways radio check.
Fullerton Airways radio check.
Harriet's fine.
There's no damage that I can see.
At least there's that.
- No signal from here.
- Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath.
You're lucky that I'm so diddly.
[man on radio] Mayday, mayday.
Calling anyone out there.
This is the Bloomfield General Store.
We require immediate help.
[officer] Come in. I repeat,
this is the Packers Bay Police Department.
We are requesting
[woman] This is from the council.
We're in dire need of assistance.
All right. There are people out there
who need our help. I'll man the radio.
Nikki, you start getting
supply packages together.
Dana and William,
get that plane in the air.
Well, we haven't got all day!
[Dana] Hey. Snap out of it.
Take these over
to Simon in the medical tent.
We'll drop off the rest
and fly some folks to the hospital.
- [William] Yeah.
- Come on, this way.
Right, we still got
some more space here, mate.
[man] This is the last
of the apple boxes.
[Jeff] Uh, Chilli Beach,
supplies on the way. ETA 15:40.
There's medical, food, water.
Threw in a bottle of Scotch
in there for you, Steve.
Thought you might need it. Over.
Roger, Packers Bay.
Supplies on the way.
There's medical, food, water, blankets.
[Dana] All right, you guys have that.
- Hey. You're looking better.
- [man] Yeah.
- Hey.
- Please. Here, have this
[Dana] No, yeah, that's fine. Keep it.
You know, you, um
- You were amazing today.
- [chuckles]
No, I mean it.
Today was a team effort.
Yeah, I'd rather think I was more there
for emotional support.
The only way we were able to do as much
as we did today was because of your help.
Not everyone would jump in like that.
I've got to admit it.
Having a flying partner
these last few days, well,
hasn't been so bad.
So, thanks.
[people cheering, laughing]
After everything
these people have been through,
they still manage to muster a smile.
[Dana] Well, I guess that's a part
of what makes this place so special.
Oh. [chuckles]
[William] I completely forgot
I had this on me.
I guess you're gonna
want to get that dry cleaned.
Or not.
- Wait. How much did that cost?
- A lot.
Yeah. Right.
[William chuckles]
To Fullerton Airways.
To Fullerton Airways.
You know, without the tie,
you kind of look like
you could fit in here.
Just maybe.
- I hate to interrupt, but
- Hello, Dad.
I've just had an e-mail
from ITCM Financial.
Well, they've informed me that
we're shut down. Effective immediately.
- They're
- Dad.
They're splitting us up for parts.
Will, if you're gonna do something,
now would be a really good time.
[line ringing]
[Mary] Hello. Duncan Mitchell's office.
Mary, it's Will. William.
Can you, um, put my father on, please?
I'm sorry. Mr. Mitchell's in a meeting.
Mary, can you go and get my father now?
Please, it's an emergency.
Just a moment.
William, this had better be
damned important.
Dad, don't sell Fullerton Airways.
All right? Please don't do this.
Are you serious?
Scrapping that two-bit airline
is about the only bright side
of this debacle.
I can find the money somewhere else.
All right? Just give me Give me time.
The board has been briefed.
I did your job for you.
It's done.
Dad, there's There's value here.
All right?
What was the point of me
coming all this way?
The point of the venture was to prove
to the company that you were ready.
Ready to take the next step.
Ready for real responsibility.
I believed that you were...
Dad, you're not listening
to what I'm saying.
We'll talk more when you get back.
- No, Dana...
- Best to let her go, mate.
Jeff, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I know, son.
You did your best, but, uh,
fathers can be stubborn sometimes.
Mary, no further calls.
You take care of yourself.
Jeff look, if there's anything
I can do
Uh, keep working on that spin ball.
Stay, uh, above the batter's eyeline.
Okay? [chuckles]
- Okay?
- All right.
I'll see you around, mate.
[Jeff] She would have been
proud of you, you know?
I don't know about that.
Haven't exactly done the best job
in keeping this place going.
You know your mother's saying,
"If you want something done,
you do it yourself."
Well, that's about having
the strength to stand up
when you see something that needs doing.
It's about taking action.
But that doesn't mean that it's your job
to fix everything by yourself.
- Oh, she loved this place.
- Yeah.
But the last thing she would have wanted
was for it to become a burden for you.
What she wanted
more than anything else
was for you to be happy.
- I really miss her, Dad. [sniffles]
- I know, sweetheart.
So do I.
[Nikki] Oh, man, ITCM's gonna
have a hell of a hard time
trying to sell this old girl.
Think I could just
chuck 20 bucks and keep it?
To hell with that.
You keep it, love. Give it a good home.
You know she's just gonna disassemble it
for parts within ten minutes, right?
Still, better than lining the pockets
of those greedy bastards across the pond.
[Nikki] Oh, no. [in British accent]
Mr. Darcy's tablet is broken.
Perhaps he'll have to ask Papa
for a new one.
I'm being a bit harsh on him, you reckon?
[Dana] Doesn't matter. The damage is done.
I think he meant well.
I just feel like surely he knows some way
to sweeten the deal with his old man,
you know? Surely.
If my dad had
a private equity firm [exclaims]
Tell you what,
there'd be no more duct tape engineering.
It'd all be world class, baby.
Just state of the art.
- Wait. What'd you say?
- State of the art?
That's it.
Yeah. Tell me about it.
No, I mean it. That's it.
No, you've lost me completely.
Dad, I have an idea. Hear me out.
Sure you're okay to go alone?
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
Just keep everything together
until I get back.
Oh, and do me a favor. Radio ahead,
get me a place to set down in Brissy.
Need to keep the old girl
around for a few days.
All right. You got it.
And, D, your mom would be so proud.
You really think this is gonna work?
It's our only shot.
[woman] Ladies and gentlemen,
please remain seated
with your seatbelts fastened.
[Duncan] Thank you, Marcus.
Now, for our final order of business,
I'd like to discuss
a particularly noteworthy development
from the lab team over at ESA.
Mary, would you please show...
[Mary] I'm sorry, sir.
I'm afraid there's someone...
- [woman] Excuse me?
- G'day.
- Hi, Will.
- Dana.
I'm sorry, who are you?
What are you doing here?
I didn't think I'd ever see you again.
Well, I need to speak to your old man.
William, what is the meaning of this?
Who is this woman?
Mr. Mitchell. Hi.
Uh, ladies and gentlemen of the board
Yep. Well, my name is Dana Randall.
I'm the chief pilot at Fullerton Airways,
a small Australian airline,
which you terminated a few days ago.
William, sit down.
[Duncan] Miss Randall,
this is highly irregular.
- You'll need to leave.
- If you give me five minutes...
- Mary, will you please call...
- Dad, Dad.
Let's hear her out.
Two minutes.
This had better be good.
Well, Fullerton Airways
is a tiny operation
on the other side of the world.
But what you won't believe
is that we actually have
something in common.
You see, we're both family businesses.
My mum and dad started ours
when I was little and,
well, I promised myself
that I would always protect it,
always keep it
just the way that they made it.
The way that I always remembered it.
You know what happened? I killed it.
I think it might be better...
I killed it because
I didn't want anything to change.
You know, and sometimes
we do need to accept
that the best way forward
is to chart a different course.
Look I came here today with a proposal.
We cannot stand still any longer.
The only way for Fullerton Airways
to survive is to expand.
We need to bring in
more pilots, more planes.
Here you go. This is yours.
It's time to take the next step.
In order to do that, we are going to need
a new injection of capital.
Now, with your support,
we'll be able to increase the coverage,
almost triple the output within two years.
We can take Fullerton Airways
from a struggling family operation
to a thriving business,
one that continues to serve the community
in meaningful and essential ways.
So, I mean, what do you think?
I think this has gone on long enough.
Miss Randall, this is absurd.
I'm familiar with your situation.
Do you honestly expect us
to throw more money into this disaster?
There's no indication you'll be able
to manage something like this.
What if they had a more
experienced financial officer?
I'm resigning. Effective immediately.
I, uh I'm gonna go
and work for Fullerton Airways.
If they'll have me.
You must be joking.
No, I'm I'm not.
But if you give me a chance
to get this business on their feet,
I will show you that they do have legs.
Don't be ridiculous.
I mean, why in heaven's name
would you want to throw away a career?
Dad, you built this business.
This was your dream.
Don't you remember how that felt?
To believe in something so badly
that you had to see it done?
But, William...
Look, I I only came here
because I wanted to make you proud.
I still want that.
But I I don't belong here.
I'm just asking you to trust me.
Trust us.
You really think you can do this?
We can.
[phone beeps]
- Mary.
- Yes, sir?
Send in Simon and the legal team.
We have a proposal to review.
Shall we?
You sure about this?
I mean, it's not going to be easy.
Well, are you sure you want
to have a flying partner?
Something like that.
[inaudible conversation]