Love & Jane (2024) Movie Script

(renaissance music)

(clock ticking)
Oh, fiddlesticks.
(uplifting music)
I am sorry.
I was going to buy this.
Sorry. This one has already
been purchased.
How could it have
been purchased?
I just found it on the shelf.
It was bought online exactly...
one minute ago.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
You're saying that someone
who bought it on the internet
trumps a real-life human
who wants to buy it
in the bookstore?
I'm afraid so.
But I can order you another one,
it'll be here in... two days.
I need it now!
You're so desperate for Jane
Austen, you can't wait two days?
Yes. I left my copy
at home.
Wait. You already have
a copy?
Oh, okay. Have you read
Northanger Abbey?
We have that one.
It's Jane Austen as well...
You cannot just trade out one
Jane Austen novel for another.
(quiet whispering)
They are all unique.
Well, I can't sell you this one
because it's already
been bought.
But I can order you one and
it will be here in two days.
This is preposterous.
I am outraged!
I cannot believe this.
The audacity.
I hate the internet.
(soft background pub music)
No rush Lilly,
they've all got their drinks.
Oh, thank you Mr. Whitcomb.
(indistinct background
I was afraid you weren't
going to make it.
I encountered the most
disagreeable man on my way here.
Wait... isn't that...
Isn't that what Elizabeth calls
Mr. Darcy
when she first meets him.
Trust me, Alisha, this fellow
was no Mr. Darcy.
Tell me, dear.
Have you booked your trip
to England yet?
No. Not yet, but soon.
I heard that there's a National
Jane Austen Society Conference.
I mean, maybe... we should
all plan a trip there.
Could be fun.
I'll do some research.
But in the meantime,
I think we should get tonight's
meeting underway.
Welcome everyone to our
third Jane Society meeting
of the year.
And since this is the first time
some of you are joining us,
I thought we could start with
having you share something
you love about Jane before
we get to tonight's topic.
No one?
No one at all?
Alejandro, welcome.
You don't have to raise
your hand.
What do you love about Jane.
I... I love the characters.
Is there one character
in particular
that you especially adore?
From the novel Emma.
Of course.
So um, why do you enjoy
Emma so much?
Oh, um, it's hard to explain.
Couldn't you just try?
A little.
I just...
I think... I just like the way
she wants to help the people
around her find love,
like even if it kind of goes
wrong sometimes.
That goes right to my heart.
Well I for one could read
that novel a dozen times...
and I have!
(all laugh)
Well, I know that I'm new here
and haven't read as widely
as some of you...
but when I finished Pride
a couple of days ago,
I immediately thought
about my sisters
and how much I love them.
How many sisters do you have?
- Four!
- Oh.
Just like Elizabeth!
I mean who would have thought
Regency England
would be so similar
to a Punjabi household.
Well, Jane definitely has
a lot to say about families,
that's for sure.
Anyone else?
I work trucking and I just
enjoy listening
to the audio books
when I'm on a long haul.
There's nothing like losing
yourself in the tribulations
of the Dashwood sisters
to make the miles pass by.
Do you have a favorite one?
Do you have a favorite sister?
Uh, no I mean they
all drive me crazy.
Lilly, since you're president,
I think you should tell us what
you especially love about Jane.
If I had to say one thing that
I love the most about Jane...
it's the romance.
Seeing the passion grow
between the characters,
seeing them come together.
Feeling the inevitability
of that.
Just seems very far away
from today.
It's a lot more romantic
than hoping the perfect guy
is going to swipe right.
Yeah, well...
when it comes to the lack
of romance that's nothing.
Believe me.
Every Jane book ends in the
perfect marriage of two minds,
and I think that's
what everyone wants.
(Barry) Mmhmm.
Okay (chuckles)
Let's get to tonight's topic.
Surprise proposals
and secret engagements.
Muriel, you start.
Alright everyone, our topic
for the next meeting:
Wickham, Willoughby
and William Elliott -
"Austen's dastardly rakes
Don't forget, do your reading.
Thank you.
Thanks again for your
suggestion of which audiobook
of Pride to listen to.
There were so many
to choose from.
My pleasure.
Are we going to see you
at the next meeting?
For sure.
I arrange all my long hauls
around our club meetings now.
I never would have thought
Jane would be for him.
Oh Alisha, you'll learn Jane is
for everyone.
Where is the lie?
Lilly? Could I have a word?
Of course.
- I'll meet you outside.
- Here, I'll take this.
Mr. Whitcomb, thank you
so much for hosting us.
Can I please pay you something?
Having you Jane lovers around
elevates the place.
So, there's no need.
Plus, you all don't mind
a glass of wine.
Your very sweet.
Well, I hope you still think
that after I give you
some bad news.
I've decided to... to sell off
this old place.
I'm afraid it's time for me
to retire.
Congratulations Mr. Whitcomb!
Why would I think that's
bad news?
Well, it's just that there's
very little chance of this place
remaining as is.
You know, with all
the tech money
flowing into the neighborhood.
I'm almost positive you'll have
to find somewhere new
for your meetings, dear.
Don't you worry about that.
How long before you close
your doors?
It's all happening
terribly fast.
We'll be shuttered by the end
of the month, I'm afraid.
Thought I make take up
one of those Jane novels
you lot all love so much,
give it a try.
We'll make a Jane-ite
of you yet.
Goodnight Mr. Whitcomb.
Goodnight dear.
So, what are you going to do?
I don't know, when I first
started looking
for locations for our meetings
everywhere was so expensive.
Mr. Whitcomb never charged us
a dime.
Okay well, couldn't we all chip
in a little?
I'm sure we could come up
with enough.
It's not just about the money.
It's about the location.
An old English pub
was so perfect.
And you can't find another pub
in all of Boston?
Of course, I'm sure we can,
but they're filed with Celtics
fans watching the game
and that is not exactly...
(cellphone beeps)
the atmosphere
for what we're up to.
Oh Martin.
- Boyfriend check-in?
- (chuckle)
But you know what?
He might have an idea for us,
he's got plenty of suggestions
for how I should live my life.
Ah, that type.
I always wanted to have
a relationship
where we didn't just finish
each other's sentences,
we could begin them.
There could have been
no two hearts so open,
"no tastes so similar,
no feelings so in unison
Wait, is that Jane?
Of course.
She has the perfect quote
for every occasion.
(classy instrumental music)
(indistinct background
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
Oh. You look wonderful.
- Awe.
- Mwah.
- Thank you.
- (chuckle)
Hi. Tom Collins please.
I don't think anyone works here
by that name.
Oh, um, that's just a really
old-fashioned drink.
She'll make do with
a Negroni, thanks.
Oh, and I'll have one more.
- (Server) Right on the way.
- Okay.
You're really not of
this century, are you?
Well, who wants to be.
Tik Tok is something
a clock does.
Everything that's wrong
with the world
started with that first website.
Yes honey, you have made
that point before.
It's still true.
I got some bad news
at group tonight.
Mr. Whitcomb is retiring and
he's going to sell his pub.
Huh, that's interesting.
It's not interesting.
It's a predicament.
We'll have to find a new place
for our meetings.
I mean, it could mean the end
of the group
and we just got some
new members.
Well, that is bad news.
But I... have some really
great news.
I got a promotion!
Oh, really?
That's great!
I am the new counsel
for securities litigation,
active immediately.
But... um, the job's based
in Chicago.
So, you're moving?
But now that your group
has ended,
you're free to come with, right?
Wait. Wait.
I didn't say the group
was ending, who said that?
Uh... you did.
Just now.
No, I...
I just said that it might have
to end, not that it would end.
And I can't just move,
I have a job.
You hate your job.
Well, I don't hate it.
I actively... dislike it.
Look, Lilly.
With my new job,
you won't have to work.
I mean you could go back
to writing.
We could even take that trip
to England
that you've been talking
about for so long. Hmm?
Think about it.
(slow instrumental music)
Let's get married.
Martin, remember how
we talked about
how I don't want to be rescued
from my own life.
But Lilly, this is everything
you ever wanted.
Your so Mr. Collins right now.
I don't know what that means.
I know. It... it doesn't matter.
It's just... it's that I do
have goals, okay?
But I want to get there
on my own.
Not by marrying me.
What are you going to do
instead then?
It's not like you've been
writing anymore.
I'm figuring it out.
I mean, what would
Jane Austen say?
Would she not have
some kind of quote
about it's time to make
a change'?
Most of Jane's writing...
is about how you shouldn't
be forced to do something
that you don't want.
I'm sorry, Martin.
(Lilly) Maybe Martin is right.
I'm definitely not
a real writer.
(melancholy instrumental music)
Certainly, no Jane Austen.
Oh, Jane.
If only I could talk to you.
Just get some of your wisdom.
If only for a few minutes.
(melancholy instrumental music)
- Who are you?!
- Good heavens!
What are you doing here!?
I think you know.
How did you get in here?
What to do you want?
It is what you want, Lilly.
How do you know my name?
Well, it's on your embossed
stationary for one thing.
You broke into my house and
your reading my stationary?!
Without my permission!?
It seemed as if you required
some assistance.
I don't want help.
I didn't ask for help.
Didn't you?
Why are you dressed like that?
What is this, some kind
of cosplay thing?
This? My sister made this
for me.
Quite stylish, I thought.
Okay. This is enough.
You have to leave.
You better leave right now.
Or I'm going to call...
I'm going to call somebody
I'm... I'm going to call
the police.
Or I'll call my boyfriend.
No, I'm definitely
not calling him.
Perhaps this is not
the right moment.
You better get out of here
right now, because I am going...
(mysterious music)
Hey. Hey!
What the...
(exciting music)
That's not possible.
(cheerful music)
Oh hey. I have a question
for you. Do you...
Oh. Are you alright?
Yeah. Yeah.
I was just talking to my parents
on the phone
if I'm not in tears by the end
of the conversation
it hasn't lasted very long.
Do you want to talk about it?
No. No.
It's not important.
So... what did you want
to ask me.
I did want to ask if you think
that I have been exhibiting
any delusional thinking lately.
Like, anything that would
make you say, hey girl.
"don't you think you should
undergo some cognitive tests?
Anything like that?
No, I've... never thought that.
(curious music)
Okay. Okay.
Well, that's good.
Lil, what are you trying
to ask me?
Martin proposed last night.
Oh my gosh, Lilly, that's...
Too..too bad.
I refused his proposal.
Okay, well that must have
been hard.
And then I went home
and had a drink.
And then I fell asleep, and...
You saw something crazy.
Yes! Yes!
Something that made
you doubt your sanity.
Was it Matt Damon telling you
to sell your car,
take the proceeds,
move to Marrakesh
and open an artisanal
carpet shop in the market.
Huh. That's what happened
with my last breakup.
But don't worry,
you're not nuts.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
I mean you're under a lot of
stress and odd things happen.
Plus, it seemed like that
proposal came out of nowhere.
No. No.
Martin got a job promotion
and he's moving to Chicago
and he wanted me to come
with him.
And then he offered
to take me to England.
Sounds awful.
You have been planning
that trip for ages.
I know, but I don't want to go
if it's some sort of bribe.
Yeah, I get that.
(soft music)
The thing is, I don't love him
like that.
Lish, and I don't think
that I ever will.
- (knock knock)
- (gasp)
Oh hey.
Hey. Hey!
Sorry to interrupt.
Apparently, we're all wanted
in the board room. Pronto.
Can you believe it?
Trevor Fitzsimmons
is in the house!
Who is he?
Are you joking?
He started the favs website.
What is that?
It's where you share
all of your favorite stuff
with other favorists.
It's what they call themselves.
And what they really like
gets favoritism'.
Okay, so what kind of things?
People make lists of
their favorite music,
places they've traveled.
Whatever they like.
And they write about and share
photos, it's brilliant.
Anyway, he's here today
about some kind of
smaller acquisition he's made,
but hey foot in the door, right?
Oh, yeah.
I've never seen someone so excited
about an account we don't have.
He has a thing for you,
you know.
Don't you see the way
he looks at you.
Oh, you are imagining that.
I'm just saying... if you
and Martin are done...
Here we go...
Lilly and Alisha are our top
copywriting and design team.
They will handle the account.
This is Trevor Fitzsimmons.
He just bought Scribbler's,
that great old bookstore
down on West Street.
Aren't you the...
Hi. Alisha.
- Great to meet you.
- Mmhmm.
I'm sorry, is everything okay?
Uh... yeah.
It's nice to meet you.
(serious music)
I mean I found the site
with the intent
of bringing people together
in the commonality of purpose.
Kind of... metaverse formed
out the most ineffable human
quality: passion.
It's really phenomenal
what you've accomplished
with the site.
We're just huge fans
of your genius.
I just can't believe
this entrepreneur
has bought the best bookstore
in the city,
he's going to ruin it.
Maybe it won't be as bad
as you think.
Are you kidding?
He was awful when I met him
before the Jane Society meeting.
I remember.
And what's he doing playing
and being a clerk,
it's very peculiar.
Um, does our creative team
have some thoughts
they want to share.
- Yes.
- No.
- No.
- Yes.
She... Um...
We were just discussing
our place in the metaverse.
- Exactly.
- Mmhmm.
Please continue, Trevor.
Yes, so I was saying that
um I did something
I thought I would never do:
I... bought a bookstore.
To give people a place
to come together
over their love of literature...
(sentimental music)
And the worlds you just
become immersed in.
(clears throat)
Anyway, if you open the document
in front of you,
you'll see some ideas
that have been produced
by our Strategic Outreach team.
What we need to do is drive
traffic through the website...
So that we can harvest
their metadata
for further optimization.
So, extend the Favs brand right
into people's houses
through the books they buy.
It's brilliant.
There is our mission.
Let's get our best people on it.
Give us a week.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
My pleasure.
We'll get to work.
Now we know why he wouldn't
let you buy that book.
The point is to draw people
to his website.
I feel like we're in the Trojan
horse being smuggled in
to end bookstores altogether.
Can I speak to you alone
for a moment?
Of course.
You have been doing a great
job as a copywriter.
This is your chance to move up
in the agency.
This is a chance for the agency
to not be in the basement.
It is?
Don't you run some kind of
a... book club?
(upbeat music)
Oh, uh yeah.
You should always look for
projects that speak to you.
You love books.
Translate that into great
concepts for the account.
I'll try.
Help us win.
And then we can truly compete
with the larger agencies.
You'll benefit.
I promise.
That would be great.
Uh, concepts on my desk no later
than Friday 9:00am.
Okay. You've got it.
No problem.
(peaceful music)
(mysterious music)
This isn't working.
I don't think apparitions
ring doorbells.
I... I just... I didn't want
to leave things
the way they were last night.
Could I come in?
I brought all the ingredients
for Tom Collins.
(clears throat)
Um. No.
Do you have someone here?
No. Yes.
A roommate.
Oh. You got a roommate
in the last 24 hours?
Well I didn't have a chance
to tell you about it last night.
Right. Okay, well um...
I'll let you get back
to work then.
Actually um, wait!
I... think it would be great.
Oh okay.
I would love for you
to uh... meet her.
(mysterious music)
Where is she?
I don't know.
Well maybe she just...
had to go out.
I can see you're rereading
Jane again.
No. Actually, that's her.
That's my roommate.
Recruited another to the cause.
Uh, well actually she's
a pretty big
Jane Austen fan herself.
Oh, surely, you're the biggest.
No, I'm pretty sure she loves
Jane more than I do.
Well look um... since
your roommate's not here,
I would love to talk.
I'm not going to change my mind.
What if you think about it
like a...
like an opportunity.
I'm sorry.
(mischievous music)
Or... maybe I can go.
Yeah. I think that's
for the best.
Look, I really think that
we should talk about...
You know, why don't you
write me a letter.
No one writes letters anymore.
Exactly. Don't we think
that's part of the problem.
Okay, yeah.
I'll try that then.
Also, thank you so much
for this.
That is very thoughtful.
I do say
we have a considerable amount
of work to do.
That gentleman is one of
your suitors?
Martin? No.
Well... yes, I guess.
I guess he is.
Are you who I think you are?
Who do you think I am?
Jane... Austen.
But how is that possible?
You've been dead 200 years.
Two hundred six.
Two hundred and six years...
No, no.
Just two hundred six.
It's important to get
such things correct.
What is his annual emolument?
This Martin gentleman.
Well I guess he does okay.
I mean, he's a corporate lawyer.
And cattle?
What? Excuse me?
Does he have any head of cattle?
It is important for a gentleman
to own cattle.
That way he will never be
lacking in resources.
At the very least there will
always be milk for the children.
No, I don't think he has
any cattle.
I think I'm going insane.
It cannot be ruled out.
What do you want?
It is not what I want,
dear thing.
It is what you want.
You called me, so I came.
Like Mary Poppins?
Mary Poppins.
You know.
There was a book about her.
Well uh...
I guess that was later.
And then... and then they made
a movie.
A what?
She's famous for
always showing up
right when people need her
the most.
Oh. Well if she cannot be seen
by others.
If she cannot affect others,
if she can only appear
when at the time and place of
the appropriate invocation,
then... yes, I suppose
I am very much alike this
Mary Popping lady.
And she only wanted
every second Tuesday off.
A most reasonable request.
Now, I'm afraid I must be
bracingly truthful.
It is evident from
my observation
that you are completely lacking
in the skills required
to make your way in the world.
Well that seems very... harsh.
Would you say you have
discovered your own happiness.
Well... sometimes
I have moments.
But that's... that's true
of everyone, I mean...
No, no.
You have not.
Well. How do you...
However, I can rectify this.
You can?
I can.
Please join me.
Let us begin with a cup of tea.
Oh, I don't drink tea or any
caffeine after 4:00.
I would love some tea.
Anyone who has any ambition
to impress in good society
must know how to pour
a proper tea service.
Hm. Well, I mean I do know
how to pour tea.
No! No!
- (cups clinking)
- Oh, good heavens. Please.
You must always pour
from the right.
Otherwise you will be
reaching across your guest
which is simply intolerable.
Not to mention a
complete disaster
should any split tea mar
your gentleman's waistcoat.
Hm. Well, waistcoats aren't
really a thing anymore anyway.
Afraid not.
Oh dear.
(cheerful music)
Now we shall review a talent
that any lady should possess:
Oh, cool.
Okay, great. Kimi, play
some dance music.
(Kimi) Playing dance music.
(hip-hop dance music)
Stop. No. Kimi,
stop playing music.
What was that horrible sound.
I'm so sorry.
I have no idea what it was.
Who is this Kimi?
Oh, uh.
It's a computer.
What is a computer?
It doesn't matter.
The point is you could just
ask it to play
whatever music you want.
Kimi dearest, uh wherever
you are,
please play us
something exquisite
so we may dance to it.
(Kimi) Playing exquisite
dance music.
(classical music playing)
Much better.
Now, I shall take on the role
of the gentleman suitor.
This is how my sister taught me.
Simply make the same
movements I do.

This is so great!
Please, please, your
countenance must remain...
calm and composed at all times.
How do you do that?
Manners are what keep
a society together.

Thank you, my dear.
Perhaps we shall make a lady
of you, after all.
(mysterious music)
Oh, hey!
Thank you, sir!
Oh. Any luck last night?
How do you mean?
The concept for the campaign,
I mean did you come up
with anything?
Ugh, no, I didn't have a chance
to work on it because I was...
Hoping this conversation
is about the new account!
- Of course, it is.
- Yes, absolutely.
- Many, many ideas.
- Totally.
They're spinning.
Listen, I really need
to talk to you.
Of course, yeah.
Um... not here.
Oh, okay.
So, you've seen her... twice?
And that blows your whole
everybody hallucinates
"once in a blue moon theory
out of the water.
I mean she didn't tell you
to do anything sketchy, right?
Like wear a pinafore to work?
Or invest a lot of money
in cryptocurrency?
No, definitely not.
No, she's only giving me advice
on how to deal with men.
Actually, more than that
she's giving me advice on life.
Okay. Well, in that case
I say...
put her to work.
What does that mean?
Put her to work how?
Well, aren't we looking
for new ideas
and ways on how to get people
back into the bookstore.
Who better than Jane Austen
to answer that question?
Yeah, maybe.
How do we get out
without seeming like
we're completely insane.
(whispers) Okay, go, go.
(bell on door rings)
Oh! Mr. Whitcomb.
Lilly, thanks for coming
in so quickly.
Yes. Of course.
What's so important?
I believe I've found a solution
to our problem.
Our problem?
Where to host your meetings
I've found the perfect place,
if I do say so myself.
You did?
That's such a relief.
Thank you, Mr. Whitcomb.
Even better, it's run
by somebody
who really cares about...
(bell on door rings)
Oh! Here he is....
(mischievous music)
Mr. Fitzsimmons.
You do turn up at the most
unexpected places.
Please, just call me Trevor.
I'm... I'm Lilly Thorpe.
Is that a tech industry thing?
Going first names only?
Elon. Mark. Trevor.
I never thought of that
but I like it.
I prefer a bit of formality.
Yes, Albert was telling me you
host a Jane Austen book club.
It's interesting that Ellen
wouldn't have mentioned that
when I came by the agency.
I don't really talk about Jane
much at work.
It's just kind of a relevant
detail to leave out,
I mean you're exactly
the type of person
I'm trying to reach
with this app.
Oh, I don't really do apps.
That's exactly why I want you
for this job.
I didn't realize
you two knew each other.
I thought you could hold your
meetings at Trevor's bookshop.
It's nearby and he says he'd
be happy to do it for nothing.
I couldn't possibly.
I wouldn't want to intrude
in your operation.
No, no, no, no.
It dovetails with my initiative
to get more people
into bookstores.
I mean a reading club
for Jane Austen,
it's the perfect fit.
Right. Right.
Well, I'll just have to check
with the others.
Make sure it's okay with them.
Okay, when's your next meeting?
But Mr. Whitcomb is still open
so we could still come here...
No time like the present, why
don't we just do it on Sunday.
I'll make sure there's lots
of tea on hand.
And crumpets.
I'm not interested
in your crumpets.
(playful music)
I mean, I don't even know
what crumpets are.
I mean, I do.
Of course, I do.
They're delicious.
But I'm just going to go.
I'll check with them and I'll...
I'll let you know.
Thank you, Mr. Whitcomb,
you're so sweet.
- And um thank you...
- (stumbles)
Oh watch...
Mr. Fitzsimmons.
That didn't go quite the way
I expected it would.
(Alisha) Are you sure Brendan
invited us both over?
(Lilly) Of course, he did.
You know what?
This is just a professional
meeting, okay?
Don't try to make something
out of this.
Yes boss.
Okay, here's are a few snacks.
Mmm. Yum.
Anyway, I was saying I wondered
whether we should just
maybe discard the idea of
books altogether.
Uh, wait, you want to take books
out of the bookstore account?
Just temporarily.
The goal is to use the bookstore
as a loss leader
to lure people to the app.
What do you think?
(mysterious music)
I think... I think we should
concentrate on getting people
to buy books.
Yeah. Absolutely.
That's my perspective too.
Well, you just said
the complete opposite.
I was just floating
a trial balloon.
Okay, I think we need to deal
with the facts.
We don't have a single
pitch idea
and the presentation
is coming up fast.
Lilly, this account should be
perfect for you.
Everyone keeps saying that.
Well not everybody has won
the Coleberry Award.
Oh, what's that?
It's the award for most
promising new writer.
Lilly won it six
or seven years ago.
I had some short stories
published that's all.
But you haven't written
anything since then, have you?
No. No.
I guess I just got caught up
in revision mode.
And then I started really
focusing on my career
which is what I think we should
all be doing right now.
Yup. Yup.
We should really get back
to work.
Don't tell me you didn't see
him looking at you
from the corner of his eye
the whole night.
Maybe he just has
an astigmatism.
You should let him know
that you're interested.
By dropping my kerchief
right in front of him?
You could, you know, tell him
you want to catch a movie
or a concert you might
want to see
or a restaurant you might
want to try.
Our car is here.
I think based on the amount of
action figures he had on display
in his apartment, he's probably
not into fine dining.
He's a really nice guy Lill,
and smart.
And you should appreciate
that he's interested in you.
You know, I haven't been
on a date in a year.
You could easily be
in a situation
where you don't have a choice,
you know?
Is there something you're not
telling me?
(emotional music)
- What are these exactly?
- (gasp)
Um, they're mock ups for work;
for this bookstore campaign.
You're still working?
It's so late at night.
There's a reason they call it
beauty sleep, dear.
Are you seriously suggesting
I'm not attractive because
I don't get enough sleep?
I'm suggesting nothing good
comes of exhaustion.
Well welcome to a modern
working girl's life.
Half the work I do
is after hours.
Did you create this?
Oh, this? No, no.
It's computer-generated.
The agency has an algorithm that
chooses high yield key words
and optimized metas for the file
and then the ad copy
is generated from there.
It doesn't even really have
to make any sense.
Was that... what you just said,
was that in the English
(laugh) Sort of.
Would it not be better to
simply assert the pleasures
of visiting a bookstore and
trusting that will win the day?
Maybe that's why you're here,
you could help me come up
with a good idea!
No one can work that way.
Ideas must come
of their own accord.
Even when Prinny suggested plots
for my next composition
I could not comply.
One must find one's
own inspiration.
Prinny? The Prince Regent?
Believe me it was very awkward
to refuse him.
I can imagine.
And then to make matters worse,
he suggested I dedicate
a book to him.
Oh, that's right. Emma.
That dedication was the most
difficult writing of my life.
Are you quite sure you have
no suitable notions at all?
Well, okay, so I did come up
with the idea for creating
a campaign around people
bringing books they really love
back into the bookstore
and exchanging them
for something else.
Is that not called a library?
What about if we did a campaign
encouraging people
to start book clubs -
like the Jane Society -
but about all different
types of books,
and it would be
called bookworms'
But is that term
not a pejorative.
Will people want to be known
as worms for reading books?
Alright, I'm still working
on it.
I think you should strive
for something unique.
What, pray tell, is this?
I threw this away.
It's a manuscript.
For a novel I was working on,
but I never finished it.
I think we have discovered
what you should be doing
with your evenings.
You must get this
to a publisher.
In my evenings I have to work.
I have to do stuff for
the agency or I'll get fired.
Is the sacrifice worth
betraying your own work?
That's easy for you to say,
you're you.
I think if you know my story,
you'll know none of it was easy.
What if I... what if I do,
what if I sacrifice everything
and I....and I still never
get published.
What if you never make
the effort?
And have no idea whether
success is within your grasp.
What if you keep your opinions
to yourself.
Perhaps I shall.
I don't want to... fight.
(emotional music)
Oh, bejabbers.
She did it again.
Now it's a wonderful collection
of poems...
(indistinct conversation)
I didn't know how else
to reach you,
to let you know that our group
held a vote
in favor of having our meetings
in your store.
Great. Wow.
You don't say.
A vote?
Mm. Nine-to-one.
(clears throat)
So, we, uh, are okay?
The Jane Society will be meeting
here Sunday night at 7:00?
Yes. That's great.
And we just need a little bit
of space, if you don't mind,
so we can all sit in a circle.
(clears throat)
And I had arranged
to provide refreshments
so that you don't have
to do that
since you're providing
the space.
No. I can take care of that.
I've got somebody
who does it for me.
Well, if perhaps then,
you can also make sure
to have plenty of copies of
Jane Austen around,
just in case somebody
forgets theirs.
Are you done?
Well. Then I'll see you then.
See you then.

(distant sobbing)
Alisha? Awe sweetheart.
What's the matter?
Awe, you have some...
never mind.
I have some personal problems.
(sobbing hysterically)
Everyone can hear you so
let me get you out of here.
- Give it.
- No.
- Just give it.
- Okay.
Yeah, let's go. Okay?
C'mon honey, c'mon.
(sobbing hysterically)
(soft cheerful music)
Alisha, why were you crying
in a broom closet?
Because the last time I cried
in my office someone saw me.
Someone besides me?
Anyway, why isn't Jane helping
us with our presentation?
Oh well, she doesn't approve
of modern advertising.
Yeah, but we need
to make a living.
I don't think that that is
a top priority to a novelist
who has been dead
two hundred six years.
Mm. You mean two hundred
and six.
Trust me, I've been corrected
by the best.
Here we are ladies.
Thank you so much Mr. Whitcomb.
How are things
with the boyfriend?
Well, actually we...
we broke up.
I'm sorry.
Mm, yeah, but she has
a new admirer.
Well, it's all a bit too much
for me.
I'll go back to fly-fishing.
(both laugh)
I don't know.
Your problems with Jane make
mine seem puny in comparison.
No. I'm sure you have
terrible problems.
Wait, that didn't come out
the way I intended.
I'm sorry.
Just tell me why
you were weeping.
Because of my parents
and because I'm getting old!
They found a guy that
they want me to marry
and he's coming here on Tuesday
and if I don't dinner with him,
they're never going to speak
to me again. Ever!
Sorry, can we go back to the
part where you're getting old?
Aren't you 27?
Yeah. Where did
the time go?
It must be such
a burden for you.
What am I going to do?
I mean the dinner
is on Tuesday night.
Do anything, rather than marry
without affection.
P and P.
(renaissance music)
Oh, hi!
This place is so amazing!
Might just put me off audiobooks
for good.
Although it might make it hard
to drive at the same time.
(laugh) I think it would.
I haven't been inside
a bookstore for years.
I do all of my reading online.
Well, come on in have a seat.
Make yourself comfortable.
Oh look... crumpets.
So Jane.
You are too smug by half.
I didn't say a word.
Alright everyone,
time to start the meeting.
Please sit.
I was outside of Barstow
when Marianne learns
of Willoughby's marriage
to Sophia Grey
and takes to her bed
totally distraught.
I understood.
I was distraught, too.
I had to pull over to the shoulder
until I could compose myself.
Anyway, I couldn't
stop listening.
And I owe it all to Lilly.
She told me I'd love Sense
as much as I did P and P.
She was absolutely right.
Lilly, do you want to move on
to the next testimonial?
Sorry. Thanks Barry.
I'm so happy that you enjoyed
the book.
Is everything alright?
Yes, you seem upset Lilly.
I guess, um, I just have
something going on
that is distracting me
a little bit.
You should tell us
what's troubling you.
Not about Jane, unfortunately.
Well, that doesn't matter.
I mean, Jane's important
but she's not everything.
Yeah, doesn't mean we can't
discuss other topics.
Uh, well it's about my friend
who's having some trouble
with her parents.
They want her to settle down
and she just doesn't feel ready.
That's terrible.
I don't agree that this has
nothing to do with Jane.
You have to support her.
Be there for her.
I want to be there for her.
I should be there for her.
I will be there for her.
That's exactly right.
Thank you.
What a great meeting!
Okay, well I think that's enough
for one evening.
Our topic for next time
is why the movie Clueless
is such an under-appreciated
Austen adaptation.
Please feel free to take
the rest of the treats
before you go (laugh).
- Okay.
- Let's...
Yeah. Yeah.
Come with me.
No, I mean I actually want
to be here for you.
So, like actually
at the restaurant.
You tell me the name of the
place and I will show up there.
And I'll sit at a place
where you can see me
and then you give me a sign
and I'll intervene.
Yes, yes, you could tell them
I'm a terrible workaholic.
I mean that will probably
scare him off.
Yeah. That could work.
I think Jane Austen
would love this plan.
I don't know.
But I could ask.
(whispering) Jane. Jane.
Are you here?
Surely, you've read all of her
books by now,
more than once, I presume.
Of course, I have,
it never hurts to look.
You never know when you might
find a new addition
or a biography that
I haven't read before.
Hey, are you sure it's healthy
to be so obsessed
with just one author?
What about a little Chekov?
Perhaps man has more than
a hundred senses.
The Cherry Orchard is,
of course,
a work of great literature.
Maybe you're more
of Toni Morrison:
Definitions belong to the
definers, not the defined.
She's right.
Thin love' is no love at all.
If two people love each other
there can be no happy end
I don't think Jane Austen
would agree
with Hemmingway on that one.
Okay. You win.
Tell me, why do you love
Jane so much?
Well, the real question is
why do you hate Jane so much?
I never said that.
I read Pride and Prejudice
and it's perfectly fine.
- Fine?
- Yeah.
Fine? It's brilliant.
I just found the plot
a little tidy
and the characters
a little predictable.
It's just...
I mean it's not for me.
That fellow understands
nothing of my writing!
Who is he?!
Where have you been anyway?
We were in the middle
of a conversation
and then you just... vanished.
Never mind that.
You cannot let this man get away
with saying my work is simple.
You leave him to me.
But you just... stay here.
So, you think Sense and
Sensibilityis simplistic
with its three intertwined
plot lines?
Well, no.
Or maybe Pride and Prejudice
is a little one dimensional
for you.
I cannot fix on the hour
or the spot,
"or the look or the words
which laid the foundation.
"It is too long ago.
I was in the middle
before I knew it had begun.
I haven't read that one
in a while.
Not to mention Northanger Abbey
was celebrated as a brilliant
dissection of gothic novels
in its time.
I didn't know that.
Well, I guess Emma said it best:
It's difficult for the
prosperous to be humble
- Inspired.
- Stop it.
Oh, sorry.
Sometimes I get a little
carried away defending Jane.
No, no, that's
totally fine, uh...
Reserving judgment is a matter
of infinite hope.
(playful music)
What are you doing here anyway?
Acting like a clerk in the shop
that you own?
I don't know.
I just find that this is where
my good ideas come from.
There's just something about
being around all of these books.
I find it kind of uplifting
and inspiring,
like I can somehow absorb
all of their knowledge.
Or maybe it's just because
my mom was a librarian.
Your mom was a librarian?
C.S Lewis.
(phone beeps)
Oh, excuse me, yeah,
I have to take this.
F. Scott Fitzgerald.
(both) Gatsby!
I was brought up in my family
to respect someone
who could make the most
excellent argument.
Why does he have to be so
difficult about everything.
So, you would not consider him
as a suitor?
Absolutely not!
He is the most insufferable man
I have ever met
in my entire life.
Jane, what do you think
of an ad -
(inspirational music)
(typewriter clacking)
(upbeat music)
Presentation coming up,
are we ready folks?
Huh. Yeah. Yeah.
I know I don't have to tell any
of you how important this client
is to this agency.
This little bookstore account
is our way,
not only to impress
Trevor Fitzsimmons,
but to make ourselves essential
to the Favs site.
This is our chance!
To blow it all open!
We're toast.
Do you have something?
Don't look at me, she hasn't
told me squat.
What are you doing here?
How could I resist coming
to see where you worked.
Did the receptionist see you?
No. That... that's not how this
works, right?
I mean she can't see you,
can she?
(knock knock)
(suspicious music)
(gasp) Ah!
Sorry, am I interrupting?
No. Of course not.
Oh. Um, yeah just wanted
to swing by
and say I'm looking forward
to the meeting.
Yeah, I'm so glad.
Are you?
Am I what?
Looking forward
to the presentation?
Oh. Yeah, of course, of course,
just slipped my mind.
Slipped your mind?
No, I mean....
I say it slipped my mind I don't
mean it slipped my mind,
you know, just totally
forgot about it.
Oh. Okay, well um...
I guess I'll let you go.
I'm sure you must be so busy.
Billion-dollar acquisitions
to pull off.
Not really, no.
I'm kind of just concentrating
on the bookstore, you know,
developing the digital
Yeah, those digits,
the ones and zeros.
I know, I just think they can
really connect people.
You know, bring them together.
Except that they really
don't ever have contact
with each other.
I don't know, I guess that's why
I bought the bookstore.
Anyway, uh okay, um...
I will go and....
Yeah, don't want to interrupt.
Oh right.
That gentleman is
as disagreeable
as the first time we met him.
I thought the same thing too,
but this time there was...
Consider him a suitor
if you must.
There are better
candidates surely.
He's not my suitor.
On the off chance that
you change your mind,
I have but one question.
Does he have any head of....
He doesn't have a head of
cattle. Okay?
He's involved in the technology
So, he definitely doesn't have
any bovine interests.
It's your decision.
But it isn't my decision.
He's never even asked me
out on a date.
And anyway he's a client.
I can't get involved
with clients.
As you wish.
What are you doing?
Taking promenade.
No, get back here!
Wait! Stop!
No, you can't go...
Hi. Sorry, sorry everybody.
Carry on with everything
you're doing....
That looks amazing.
Sorry. Sorry.
(keyboard clacking)
(knock knock knock)
Come in.
Oh, Hi Brendan.
Brendan! Hi!
Is everything alright?
Yeah, nothing.
Just I... have something
(clears throat) I think
I have to say it.
It's uh... something I think
you should know about
because it affects your deeply.
I don't think you should say it.
No. No. I have to say it.
Brendan please don't.
It'll just make things
I don't care!
I'm in love with Alisha!
I've been wanting to tell you
for so long.
Well it's definitely unexpected.
Don't you think you should
be telling Alisha?
No. No.
I overheard her say her parents
set her up with someone.
I didn't want to complicate
her life.
You wouldn't be complicating
her life.
I mean, she doesn't want
to end up with some guy
she doesn't even know.
It's just... I can't just tell
her how I feel
What if she says she wants
nothing to do with me?
She's not...
That would be a disaster!
You have to help me.
You have to make her
fall in love with me.
It doesn't work that way.
Yes, that's the only answer.
You have to help me, Lilly.
How am I supposed to do that?
Make her see me in a new way.
As someone who cares for her.
Someone who's passionate,
attractive, smart.
Someone who'd make
a great boyfriend.
Okay. You know what, yeah.
I have no idea how
I'm going to do it
but I'm definitely going
to help you out, okay?
Thank you!
Woah! Okay.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Well, what do you think
of this color?
I'm not sure it's bright enough.
Yeah, brighter is better.
If you look at the site
actually, it's very bright.
It's probably why people
like it so much.
So that one's brighter.
Yeah, this one.
- Oh, sorry.
- It's okay.
- White wine spritzes please.
- (laughs)


(keyboard clacking)
(Lilly) This is amazing!
Mr. Whitcomb, congratulations!
What a party!
Yes, almost makes me
regret selling.
Here's your drink.
Thank you very much.
For everything.
(indistinct background
Oh! I'm so sorry!
Wow, you look...
What's that?
Yeah, so uh....
Someone told me I should
reread this.
I mean, it's crazy though
because it's really just a book
about people trying to be happy.
Beautiful out tonight.
You wanna go for a walk?
I would enjoy that.
Is it strange how we keep
running into each other
like this?
Not really.
Not really?
We both like old things,
books, Mr. Whitcomb.
Though I guess we are going
to have to take up fly-fishing
if we want to see him again.
I mean we keep running
into each other
within the same few blocks,
so I think what it
actually proves
is that we're just
a little bit lazy.
Oh. Now I want to go
to the gym.
Maybe I should run to the gym.
This is beautiful.
Hm. Are you cold?
Oh. No, I mean... a little.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I love these little markets.
One time I found this
special edition volume
in a market like this,
I guess it was.
But it was this
old Wizard of Oz,
it must have been like
one of the first editions,
you know it had this little kid
writing in it that owned it.
It said, "Little David."
Sweet. But I'm sure that
was good for resale, right?
Uh, it's just that if I find
something I really love
I usually keep it for myself,
which I guess doesn't make me
very business-minded, does it?
I get it.
Sometimes I find things
that are Jane related
and I think about how fun
it will be
to share it with the group
but then I kind of want
to keep it for myself
for a few days first.
I guess that's the thing
about being a reader
is you kind of get lost
in the imaginary life
that helps you discover what you
love about the real world.
(emotional music)
That was a bit much, yeah.
Not at all. I get it.
It's funny when that happens.
When you finish the thoughts
that someone else was thinking.
So, do you do anything
besides work?
Pfft, I can ask you
the same question.
I do lots of other things.
Yeah? Oh right of course,
the Jane Society.
Other things besides Jane.
Oh. You're a 12-pin
bowling champion?
Skydiving aficionado?
Oh sure.
High line enthusiast?
I just finished my first novel.
Wow. Really?
Thanks, but hold the applause
'cause I'm not sure I'm going
to do anything with it.
That's a huge accomplished.
Do you have a publisher?
I'd have to take the risk
of being rejected.
You know, that's the thing
about risks.
It's only a risk if it doesn't
work out.
(emotional music)
I had a really
nice time tonight.
Well, I should probably
get home, I have kind of a...
crazy week ahead.
Oh, don't forget about
that presentation.
Oh, no of course not. I....
I was just going to give it
to you.
(both laugh)
That's very gallant of you.
(hopeful music)
Is it just you this evening?
No. I'm waiting for someone.
Tell me again, what exactly
is our ambition here?
Alisha wants to have someone
here just in case
the guy that she's with
is sort of a loser
and she needs to escape.
Can she not simply do
what women have done
since time immemorial to escape
an overly-ardent suitor?
What's that?
Faint, of course.
Not that I would approve.
Oh. No, no.
If she did that, they would have
to call a doctor.
Oh, even better.
Then she would have an excuse
to retire home.
(light cheery music)
Oh. Shh.
Here they come.
Stop looking!
I don't want them to see you.
Well, neither of should look.
(playful music)
Thank you.
Hm, he seems to be acquitting
himself as a gentleman should,
at the very least.
She's laughing.
- It's beautiful.
- Right?
Oh, she seems to be enjoying
his company.
Perhaps our purpose here
is for naught.
(laugh) I know.
(dramatic music)
(gasp) That's it.
That's the signal.
Are you quite certain?
I'm sure she's simply...
What did I say?
- Oh!
- (crash)
I'm so sorry!
Oh, my goodness! Sorry.
Oh heavens.
Sorry, sorry.
Would you stop doing that!
Doing what exactly?
Whatever it is that you do.
It seems as if they
are well-matched.
Yeah, well I didn't
realize that.
I thought she was giving me
the signal.
If one is going to intervene
with matters of the heart
it must be with the most
delicate of touch.
It is the theme of my novel....
(both) Emma.
I know.
I didn't realize even famous
authors like to say,
I told you so.
Where to now?
(light cheery music)
(Jane) Oh dear.
This device of yours
has gone dark again.
I hope I have not injured it.
Oh no.
No worries.
(movie noises)
Is this not remarkable?
To see the characters of your
imagination come to life.
Oh my.
Oh. My.
That is what I had in mind
when I wrote Mr. Darcy.
Right (clears throat).
Is there any way I could
meet this thespian.
I believe it is well
within my rights
as the published author
after all.
(playful music)
Good heavens. Manners.
Oh, sorry.
Oh whatever.
(both laugh)
(peaceful music)
Oh, Vishal?
Well he's actually
seeing someone,
but he told me
he's just as appalled
at our parent's behavior
as I am,
we're going to keep
in touch though
so that we can vent
about our parents.
Are we ready?
Alright. Let's get in there.
Hi Alish.
Oh, hey Bren (giggles).
What? We're just friends.
The thing about a great
bookstore like Scribblers,
is that we don't have
to explain what it is.
(basic music)
When Mr. Fitzsimmons, Trevor,
first brought us this account
I had the same thought
I'm sure all of you had.
That we're going to need
a new approach.
Fresh ideas to sell books to
a twenty-first century public
that's addicted to their phones
and the only reading they do
is refreshing their timeline.
But, um, then someone
helped me see
that there's a stronger choice
than pretending something is new
when everyone can see
that it isn't.
Trevor, I don't think you want
to turn your bookstore
into a digital hub.
Or an optimized information
processing center.
Because Scribblers
is a time machine
and it takes us to the past.
Or the future.
It's also a spaceship
that transports us
to far away places.
Both real and imagined.
To distant shores or help us
see what's happening
right around the corner.
So, Scribblers doesn't need
AI generated slogans
or glitzy logos, because
it has the energy you feel
when you walk into the store.
The weight of a hard cover
in your hand.
The crack of the spine
and the smell of new paper
when you thumb through it
for the very first time.
And an app can't do that.
The algorithm doesn't stand next
to you when you're standing
in front of a book display
and tell you that they cried
when they got to the end of that
story you're about to buy.
It's where your next
adventure awaits.
Come explore.
(cheerful music)
(Lilly) Thank you.
I have to ask, you won
the Coleberry seven years ago,
but nothing in the interim.
Why not?
I guess I got busy and maybe
I lost a little confidence.
What brought you back
to writing?
My friend.
She read my manuscript and...
She wouldn't let me drop it.
Well, I've tried to lay out
why I'm convinced
we're the right house for you.
Especially with the recent
Didn't you know?
We've been acquired by that Favs
website everyone loves so much.
It'll give us all kinds of
resources we didn't have before,
particularly on the promotional
I didn't know.
(determined music)
This is great, I love
the presentation of this,
but I'm going to also need
to keep
at least these books
for here....
Hey, how are you?
I haven't seen you
since that presentation
which I have to tell you was so
good, you should've seen her....
Did you buy Pegasus Press?
I did.
Did you know that they were
making an offer on my book?
They did disclose
that to me, yes.
Did you do it because...
(clears throat)
We've been...
Spending time together?
No, I did not.
I mean, maybe I did.
Well, thank you but I can't
accept that.
I need for my work
to be recognized
on its own merit not because...
Because you're doing me a favor.
I didn't do it just
to do you a favor.
They would not have signed you
if your writing didn't
have merit
and I could not pass up
this business opportunity.
I mean being able to take
on a publishing house
allows me to track the ancillary
markets is a lot better
because I find especially...
Trevor, stop.
Please stop.
You think so fast.
One second, you're 10 moves
ahead of everyone else,
you're definitely 100 moves
ahead of me.
The next minute you're what?
You're here.
You're living this fantasy life
where you expect people
to treat you
like you're some sort of
perfectly ordinary
bookstore clerk, who are you?
I have to get back
to the office.
Don't worry.
I have no problem treating you
as perfectly ordinary.
(renaissance music)
And thanks to you, I told
my parents that I'm taking
my dating life back into my own
hands, thank you very much.
I'm not going to give
into their pressure
no matter how
over the hill I get.
Good for you.
And you know what, it's worked.
I mean, I haven't heard
a word from them since.
Well, that's good news.
Hey Lill, you're okay
that Brendan's into me?
I mean I know that you had
your eyes set on him.
I think he was looking at you
the entire time.
You know its always sisters
before misters with me.
You know that right, Lill?
It means so much to me
that you think of me that way.
Well, I don't think you'd be
as happy once you realize
how much I fight
with my sisters.
I look forward to that too.
Let's start the meeting.
Alright everyone, welcome back.
So, which one is the good one,
I guess is my question.
It's so confusing.
You drifted away again my dear.
Oh, I...
Clara was just saying
that she was confused
by the difference between
Sense and Sensibility
and was wondering whether
you could help explain.
Yes, of course.
I think...
(emotional music)
I think we can't only look
to novels for life lessons.
I think the novelists
were trying to tell us
that we have to figure it out
on our own.
Since I have the floor,
I have an announcement to make.
I've decided to take
a leave of absence
from president of
the Jane Society.
(all gasp)
Dios Mio.
What are we going
to do without you.
You are the society.
Are you certain that
you are not suffering
from some type of
very obscure ailment?
And because of this
you are giving up
everything you love and cherish.
I wondered that myself
for a while, but no, I'm okay.
I'm fine.
I've just made a decision.
I'm taking that trip.
I'm going to England.
I'm going to see Jane's home.
Oh! I'm so happy
for you Lilly!
Imagine, being able to see
the place where Jane
actually wrote her sentences.
(indistinct conversations)
Yeah, I for one, don't buy it.
You don't buy what?
Well, it's just that...
You've been different
the last few days.
I mean you're more confident,
I personally think
it's something else.
I think she has a new fellow
in her life.
(all) Ooh.
No. No.
Nothing like that.
Not at all.
Let's get back to tonight's
topic, shall we?
Are you a Lizzie, an Emma,
or a Marianne?
No, I don't think
we're interested
in tonight's topic, Lilly.
So, there's no new guy?
Maybe I can answer that one.
(romantic music)
Your answering whether Lilly
has a new boyfriend?
I would like to apply
for the job.
Well, that's just not possible.
Well, I don't accept that.
It's not your decision to make.
No. It's not.
But I think I deserve
a second chance.
And after all, isn't that
the lesson of Persuasion?
Yeah, I read it.
I've read all the novels.
That is what it's about.
I know 'cause it's up next
for my trip to Shreveport.
I read the synopsis.
Didn't Jane write that because
she regretted her own choice
in turning down her suitor,
Mr. Bridges.
We don't know that for sure.
She might not have
regretted it at all.
Look you're right.
I do tend to charge forward
to the result that I want
without considering the feelings
of the people around me.
But I can learn.
And change.
Although, it would help a lot
to have you in my life
to remind me.
And Then I examined
my own heart.
"And there you were.
"Never, I fear, to be removed.
I think...
Yes Alejandro?
I think...
Lilly! You should give him
a chance.
(romantic music)
I've been meaning to do this
for a long time.
I've been ready for a long time.
(romantic music heightens)
This is just like
the ending of Emma
where Mr. Knightly rushes off
to win over Emma.
By the way, I changed
the store policy.
Buying in person will always
trump online purchases.
I think that's a great policy.
(romantic music)
(uplifting music)
Jane, are you here?
(children laughing outside)
(cheerful music)
(small laugh)
We don't have sunshine like
this back home, I must say.
Is this lucky gentleman Trevor?
Yes, how did you know?
It was quite evident, my dear.
You just needed time to arrive
at that conclusion yourself.
Just as Lizzie did.
Well, we stayed up all night
talking about writing,
and you were right...
inspiration struck.
I have an idea
for my next novel.
What is it?
Well, I thought I could tell
the story of Pride,
but from Mr. Darcy's
point of view.
That is a clever idea.
Well done.
Thank you.
Awe look at what that
little girl is reading.
She can see you?
As can you, my dear.
Do you know how hard I tried
to summon you?
I said your name three times.
I fell asleep reading
your books.
I tried a lot of crazy things
but it's just simple, isn't it?
You come when inspiration
is needed.
Every time I saw you;
I was lost.
And then you appeared, and
I figured out what I needed.
That's it, isn't it?
Yet you found inspiration for
your next work all on your own.
Does that mean I'm not going
to see you again?
Oh, I'll still be here with you.
And you'll still have my novels
after all.
I will always have your novels.
Ah, I did want to get home
because I had some ideas
that I wanted to jot down,
and Trevor said he would come by
in a little bit.
Then we mustn't dawdle.
(uplifting music)
You go on ahead.
Don't you want to meet him?
Oh. I guess that's
not possible.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for loving my writing.
Hey. Sorry to pop by so early
but I came across this
investment opportunity,
and I want to run it past you.
Eco-friendly live stocking.
Now the idea of it...
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
Are you thinking about buying
a herd of cattle?
Sort of.
So, eco-friendly
live stocking...
has exponential growth.
Why are you laughing?
No reason.
It just it means your clearly
the man I was meant to be with.
I think Jane has a perfect
quote for a moment like this...
Of course, she does.
But I want to say it
in my own words.
That you... this... us...
is better than a novel.
It's real.
Exciting and romantic.
Complicated and fun.
It's better than anything
I ever imagined.
I think this is the moment
where they kiss.
And they live happily
ever after.
I think you're right.
(romantic music heightens)