Love Jones (1997) Movie Script

Want me to move
this camera stuff?
No, l'll get it.
When are you giving
Marvin back his ring?
Just curious.
Girl, please. l would if l knew
where the hell he was.
Or maybe l'll just keep it
as a reminder...
never to make
the same mistake twice.
Get engaged?
No. Falling in love.
That shit is played out
like an eight-track.
Don't leave me hanging, please.
l'm sory.
Thank you. A cynic is born.
Hello, hallelujah.
We are talk nappy head.
l mean, really, really,
talk nappy head.
l ain't talking, talking of them
tediously talk tone...
or tortuously tangled
and talked-up tongues.
But can you speak to me...
in the language of divinity...
with your miracle of ritual...
and spiritual drum?
Can you do, do to me...
and then just bail me?
Do, do to me
and then commitment me?
-Am l talking to you?
-No. Your discussing me.
-Am l talking to you?
-Why is she like that?
Sheila, what you need
is a man to converse with.
Excuse me, Ed...
but l have a man, thank you.
-But where is he?
-He's not here.
l know what you need, girl.
You need some romance
in your life.
And l'm sure
you're an expert on that.
Yes, indeedy, l am.
Wood, you are
the least romantic man l know.
l think that l am Mr. Romance.
l believe in that shit
like flowers...
candy, all that.
Just not evey day.
That's not me.
That's what l'm talking about.
You know what l'm saying?
Can we...
Romance is dead...
is what they said while
sitting around cheating at pool.
At the vey last frame
of this nine-ball game...
the cat who had the date on
the top of the Empire State...
is the one who got hustled
like a fool.
You watch too many movies,
Step off, Ed, all right?
What's up?
Romance is about
the possibility of the thing.
You see...
it's about the time between...
when you first meet
some fine-ass woman...
and when you first
make love to her.
And when you first
ask a woman to mary you...
and when she says l do.
When people who been together
a long time...
say that the romance is gone--
What they're really saying is...
they've exhausted
the possibility.
Now you talking about my thing.
You and me, bro.
lt's like poety...
is the possibility of language.
Please, give me a break.
-Where you want it at?
-Von, let me get my lighter.
No, l said Savon.
What's wrong with you?
l don't know
what's wrong with that girl.
He doesn't need to be smoking.
Thank you, Moms.
You're welcome.
l thought we left our mothers
at home.
-Do you want another drink?
-Actually, l am OKfor now.
l'm getting one.
l'm bringing you one, anyway.
Thanks, 'cause l'm gonna
hit this off quick.
Hey, Will,
Iet me get another one, man.
White wine, please.
Who's that girl with Darius?
She does have
a little somethin' somethin'.
-Excuse me, Mr. Married Man.
-l am married. l am not blind.
Can you see through these,
Eveything is checking out.
That's what l'm talking about.
Niggers, this ain't right.
-Why we got to be that?
Because that's what you are.
Deep in thought, huh?
What are you thinking about?
A woman l saw once.
She must've been fine.
Savon, you can't tell me
that these babes...
can't see that cool pose shit
coming a mile off.
You know, brother,
jealousy is a sickness.
Let it go, man.
Let it go...
and just walk away.
Fuck you, Ed.
Darius Lovehall.
Nina Mosley.
Fumble. Just like l told you.
Excuse me.
Why don't you put this
on your tab?
You put that energy out there.
That's a fumble, bro.
-Anybody in here can see that.
-Oh, please.
-Sory about that.
-Here you go.
Ty not to knock this one over.
Maybe you should quit smoking.
All right, all right.
Get settled. We're back.
And this next brother
up on the mike...
writes for New City...
and is regularly here
on Monday nights.
So please,
give it to Mr. Darius Lovehall.
Brother Ed.
All right, this is...
a little something
l been working on.
lt's new.
l call it...
''A Blues for Nina.''
Yeah, baby. Go to it, now.
Take your time.
Say, baby...
can l be your slave?
l've got to admit, girl,
you're the shit, girl...
and l'm digging you
like a grave.
Now, do they call you Daughter
to the Spinning Pulsar...
or maybe Queen of 10,OOO Moons?
Sister to the Distant
Yet Rising Star?
ls your name Yemaya?
Oh, hell, no.
It's got to be Oshun.
ls that a smile at me
put on yourface, child...
wide as a field
of jasmine and clover?
Talk that talk, honey.
Walk that walk, money.
High on legs
that'll spite Jehovah.
Who am l?
lt's not important.
But they call me
Brother to the Night.
And right now...
l'm the blues
in your left thigh...
tying to become the funk
in your right.
Who am l?
l'll be whoever you say.
But right now
l'm the sight-raped hunter...
blindly pursuing you as my prey.
And l just want
to give you injections...
of sublime erections...
and get you to dance
to my rhythm...
make you dream archetypes...
of black angels in flight...
upon wings of distorted,
metaphoric jizm.
Come on, slim.
Fuck your man.
l ain't worried about him.
lt's you who l want
to step to my scene.
'Cause rather than deal
with the fallacy...
of this dy-ass reality...
l'd rather dance and romance
your sweet ass in a wet dream.
Who am l?
Well, they all call me
Brother to the Night.
And right now l'm the blues
in your left thigh...
tying to become
the funk in your right.
ls that all right?
That's all right, baby.
Darius Lovehall.
Absolutely wondeul.
No. Come on now, Wood.
Give him his props for that one.
You got to give it up, Wood.
Come on.
Yeah, whatever.
l'll tell you one thing.
l don't need poety
to get women.
No. You need a personality
to get women.
Ty a breath mint and a Visa.
Played out like an eight-track.
You did say that, didn't you?
Here come your boy.
-Y'all like that, huh?
-Great poem.
That was fascinating.
-Look at Ed.
-Who's Nina?
l loved it, Darius.
Green glob just coming
all out your mouth.
You don't know me like that.
We need to embrace this brother.
You're a bad influence.
Especially you.
You're the worst influence
of all.
Don't even ty it.
Thanks for my poem.
lt was...
No problem.
Eveybody, this is Nina.
Sheila, Ed...
Savon, and that's Hollywood.
This is my girl Josie.
Hello, hello, hello, hello.
So maybe next week
you can write something for me.
but it won't be about sex.
What's wrong with sex?
There's nothing wrong with sex.
There's just other topics.
Like what?
But you probably wouldn't know
anything about that.
Good night, black people.
-Good night.
-Good night, sister.
Oh, ho-ho, man.
Well, damn.
Yo, man, if that was me...
l'd be in her car right now.
You know? Be gettin' that.
You got your hands pulled there.
Maybe if your hand was bigger
she could write her number down.
Close your mouth, D.
Y'all just mad
'cause somebody approached me.
What is the secret?
Come on, Darius!
Oh, pookie, come on, man.
Yes. Come on, more.
More. Bigger.
Yes! That was the cover.
This isn't curried chicken,
and they were out of baguettes.
l'm sory.
Roger, come on, give me a break.
This is only lunch.
lt isn't about
the bloody lunch, Nina.
l don't think this
assistant thing is working out.
l suspect you don't have
the temperament for it.
Perhaps you'd be better off
on your own.
l'm heading back over
to the office...
get the rest of my things.
l can't believe
l'm finally up out of there.
But y'all don't wory about me.
l saved up enough cash
to hold me for a while.
Cool. Just hook us up
in the book dedication.
Look, just because
you been there for me...
when the times l needed you...
don't mean l get to put you
in my book, all right?
No shout-outs, baby.
No shout-outs.
How you doing?
Girl, l need
an Isley Brothers CD badly.
l hear you.
The CDs are in the back.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Yo, She. What's going on, girl?
-What's happening?
-Not much.
Y'all slow as hell
up in here today.
But it'll speed up.
What you talking about?
Aw, shit.
Hey, would you hold this
for a second?
Why you gonna give me your junk?
Just be cool.
Ah, Al Green.
You can't go wrong
with my man Al Green.
Darius, right?
You mind if l play you
a little something real quick?
Last time
you went on an impulse...
you embarrassed
the shit out of me.
Look, this'll be easy.
l promise. Watch.
Charlie Parker.
l've never heard
this particular--
lt's kind of sad.
Melancholy maybe, but not sad.
There's a difference, l think.
Maybe you're right.
My new information's on there.
OK. Great.
Here you go.
Dr. Wax will have
that Isley Brothers CD.
-Thanks. See you later.
-All right. Bye-bye.
Say, you know,
you and l should...
get together sometime
and have some drinks.
l don't think
that'll be a vey good idea.
Well, why not?
lt's just bad timing.
Nothing personal.
l understand.
Thanks for the record.
Messed that shit up.
When are you gonna learn?
You move too fast.
See, women like it slow
and easy.
Didn't l school you?
Why don't you let me get
her address real quick?
How would l do that?
'Cause it's on the check, man.
Why would l do that?
You're my girl. You're supposed
to be looking out--
Stop playing and hook me up.
-l'm not playing. No.
Look, what if her man
comes to the door?
Her m--
Her man.
Damn, l didn't think
about that, man.
Yeah, you right. l'm buggin'.
What are you doing here?
How'd you know where l live?
l know it's a little strange...
for me just to show up
to your place like this.
What did you do, follow me?
No. Nothing like that.
Well, actually, l...
l got your address
from the check that you wrote...
down at the record store.
Look, l know that
that wasn't vey cool...
and l apologize...
but l got that CD
you were looking for.
lsley Brothers, right?
This is the one. Thanks.
No problem.
What, you tying to come in?
Yeah--l mean, no! No, no.
Yeah, if--Sure, l mean...
if you're not busy
or doing anything.
You can come in.
-You sure?
l hope l'm not intruding.
Nice little pad you got here.
l'm just house-sitting.
Oh, a photographer.
Dig that. It's nice.
Why are you here?
You said it was bad timing.
And l figured if l asked again,
maybe you'd say yes.
lf not that time,
then maybe the next time...
till the next time
became the right time.
Be surprised
how far it can get you.
Reminds me of stuff Gordon Parks
was shooting for Life magazine.
Do you know a lot
about photography?
A little somethin' somethin'.
l know you have a great eye.
So you're just like a--
a Renaissance black man.
Poety, music, photography.
Think it was somebody that said
something about Mozart.
''The goal of an artist is
to create the definitive work...
''that cannot be surpassed.''
Guess you can say
l kind of live like that.
Well, that was actually
George Bernard Shaw.
Now you're tying too hard.
l'm beginning to like this.
Well, don't like it too much.
Check it out.
Couple friends of mine
are having this get-together...
tomorrow night.
l want you
to come hang with me.
Maybe we can start
to like this together.
So, what, are you asking me out
on a date again?
l guess that's about
the size of it, yeah.
l don't know--
Aw, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't make me start bringing
more CDs up here, OK?
'Cause l'll start bringing you
Prince CDs.
And you know how that brother
like to pump out...
four or five albums a week.
-Oh, please.
-l'll be up here evey day.
OK, all right,
l'll save you the trouble.
l'll just come by
about $:15 tomorrow and get you.
Cool. Hope you enjoy your CD.
The next time you decide
to just stop by...
you should call first.
'Cause l know you wrote
the phone number down.
You right.
l got your number.
The last time
we was over here...
no disrespect,
the food was crazy.
The constant
and annoying references...
to my wife's cooking--
Hey, Troy. Hey, Troy.
What you got?
Don't be talking about me
with your microwave-cooking ass.
And then she gonna
come out here with carrots.
Do l have two big front teeth?
There somebody hopping?
Get some beta carotene
up in you, bro.
You can't see as it is.
Fuck y'all.
Got to bang out some wickedness
out of you, boy.
We're going to get something
going up in here.
Don't start it up.
Come on now, Savon.
Get back. Exorcise that.
Come on, man.
No, she--
Get over there!
Get out of here.
Quit fucking around
with them spirits.
You'll get eveybody
up in here pregnant.
You'll fuck around
and get us pregnant.
Take that shit to Flint.
Baby, Flint get it all.
Don't wory about Flint.
He can keep it all.
You scared?
Scared of what?
l know Jesus.
God is a woman, honey.
Uh-huh, all righty then.
No, hold up, hold up.
God is a woman.
Look, D, me and Ed.
You know what l'm saying?
We with you and eveything,
but damn.
lf you ever chased a woman...
then you know that women
have a certain power...
a certain sexual thing...
that renders men totally
incapable of functioning.
-Am l right, Von?
-That's Right.
-lt drives us to distraction.
-That's right.
Look at that kitchen.
Go look in that kitchen.
Exactly, exactly.
A male God wouldn't allow...
a creature in his own image
to get jammed up.
Wait. Excuse me...
but why are you tying
to impress your date?
'Cause you know you wouldn't
even believe that.
You know
he's just telling the truth.
Yo, Savon...
why don't you break it down
for those who don't understand?
Break it down for them, bro.
Hold on. Hold up.
Let me break it down...
so it can forever
and consistently be broke.
All right?
Now when a man gets a hard-on...
you know where the blood
comes from, right?
His brain...
and his feet.
So A: He's stupid.
And B: He can't run.
Only the woman God...
thinks up some shit like that.
That's how she got you, right?
That's it.
That's what happened.
Nah, see, that's some bullshit.
'Cause l got it down.
l figured it out.
This has become a regular forum.
What? l'm for real!
We getting ready to have
some Hollywood philosophizing?
l can't wait.
Think about this--anatomy.
Now, if God was really a woman--
Y'all know how God think.
She'd put the dick
right under the chin.
Take care of her business.
You are sick!
You're out.
And get new chips, man.
Y'all sure know
how to treat a person.
Let's go home.
l was 15, and my dad gave me
this old Topcon...
when he was in the navy...
and ever since then
l've been hooked.
You shoot.
What you know about writing?
l gather up each sound
you left behind...
and stretch them on our bed.
Each night,
l breathe you and become high.
Check you out, girl.
That's yours?
No. Sanchez. l'm a lifelong fan.
She makes me want
to burn my notebook.
See, it's about reaching
your level, not hers.
l thought it was about
the definitive work.
Yeah, well, Mozart
was the exception, like Bird.
You have all the answers,
don't you?
Mm-mmm. Solid questions.
lt's cute.
Ah, ''cute.''
So, check it out.
You like reggae music?
Let's go up to the Wild Hare.
l wanna see the little
Yankee girl dancing tonight.
You want to drive all the way
up to the north side?
Tonight, mon. Me want to feel
a little bump and grind.
What if it starts raining again?
Aw, now don't tell me...
you're afraid of getting
a little wet tonight.
No one fits your shoe
And l'm so proud to tell you
You're number one
You have earned it
l've had lots and lots
of pretty girls
ln my traveling
all around the world
No one comes close to you
And if you should count
from one to ten
You'll find them at the vey end
And it's because
l've been telling you
That's why you are my lady
l'm crazy about you, baby
And l'll never, never, never
Never stop loving you
l'll never stop loving you
Oh, baby
-No thing.
l had a really good time.
My pleasure.
l'm sory.
Look, l should go.
Darius, look,
l had a really good time.
l really did.
lt's just that l can't go out
like that on the first date.
l understand.
We just got a chance to
know each other.
l understand you.
Wait. l should go. All right?
Yeah. 'Cause...
lt's getting late, so...
maybe l'll call you.
-That's cool.
-Good night.
Look, Nina...
l just want to come up and talk.
ls that all right?
Come on.
Good morning.
l see you...
found your way to the kitchen.
Oh, yeah. Hope you don't mind.
Nah. It's cool.
l got some omelets happening.
This is for me?
Yeah, this is for you.
Thank you.
l really dig you, Nina...
and l hope we didn't
move too fast, you know?
Nothing happened
that l didn't want to happen.
ls that a good thing
or a bad thing?
lt's a great thing.
guess we can hook up again,
Wait a minute.
You ain't gonna
fake me out, are you?
l tell you...
l can't stand
to sleep with a woman...
and afteards
she just dog you out.
You know how you all do.
Don't return any phone calls...
play me off
in front of your friends...
like you don't know me...
like nothing ever happened.
Look, l'm gonna get myself
an omelet.
You want anything else?
Don't ask that question.
Would you...
like anything else?
What you gonna do?
You gonna have him or what?
Girl, please. l--No.
l would hurt him too badly.
You fucked him, didn't you?
And you weren't even
gonna tell me.
You ain't slick.
You can't keep
that kind of shit from me.
l can't believe you fucked him
on a first date.
Girl, how?
Slap happy.
Girl, l didn't plan to.
lt just sort of happened.
You just sort of slipped
and fell on his dick.
Well, all right.
So l want to know
all the details.
How big, how long, eveything.
Girl, look at you.
Well, unfortunately,
l have to live vicariously...
through your sex life,
Miss Nina.
All right. OK.
l can't ev, en describe it,
it was like...
it was like his dick just...
talked to me.
What did it say?
Girl, l'm telling you.
But, look,
don't even get all geeked up...
'cause this is nothing serious.
This is no love thing.
Me and Darius,
we are just kicking it.
Savon, l am so tired
of your bullshit.
Would you just wait a minute?
You always said you never wanted
to be labeled...
as trifling or tired.
Guess what? You fit the bill.
Oh, Darius.
Go get your tired-ass friend.
You keep Darius out of it.
How you doing, Troy?
Don't wait by the phone, Negro.
lf you'd stop being selfish
and save some damn money...
we wouldn't be going
through this shit.
Savon, get it together.
We were supposed to go
play some pool.
l know that.
Let me ask you something, Von.
Think you're with the woman
you're supposed to be with?
The question
implies a belief in destiny...
like some cosmic
Iove connection.
l'm not convinced anymore.
Just answer the question.
So, you asking me
if l married my soul mate?
Depends on which day you ask.
l can dig that.
lt doesn't really matter
anymore, man.
You're with who you're with.
You just gotta ty
to make it work.
Real deep, Von.
People with profound insights
on life...
know not to get married.
And those who do
ought to know...
that marriage
is what you make it.
Right, right.
Wait a minute. This is about
that girl, Nina, isn't it?
What you doing, man?
Can l get my shot?
No. This is about Nina, right?
She jacked you up, didn't she?
She jacked me up.
Ooh, man!
Dude, l mean...
it defies description.
She put the Vodum,
the Santeria...
the Yoruba, all of it.
She put it on me, man.
The next morning,
l got up and made breakfast.
You made breakfast?
l was in there cooking.
Wait a minute. You cooked what?
A cheese omelet.
A cheese omelet?
D, you better put your name
on that.
That's better
than a Michael Jordan comeback.
Best thing since
Michael Jordan's comeback.
l'm serious, man.
You think she's your soul mate?
No. Hardly.
l just said the sex was good,
that's all.
This ain't no love thing.
We're just kicking it.
One truism in life, my friend--
When that jones come down...
it be a motheucker.
l hope you cleaned up.
'Cause l'm not tying to find
any bobby pins...
and stockings
and some old makeup.
Please. Rarely do l divulge
the location...
to the secret Batcave.
You're lucky
l didn't knock your ass out...
with some spray. Come on.
lt definitely looks like
a bachelor's pad.
So, what...
you just don't believe in CDs?
lt's from my days.
Yeah, l still like
that vinyl sound.
Oh, wait.
What, this is my fashion spread?
Let me get my pose.
Just be natural, silly.
One more.
That's enough with the camera,
all right?
Take off your clothes.
Excuse me?
Take off your clothes.
Take off my clothes?
Oh, man.
Hold on, hold on.
l've already seen what you got.
All right.
You're crazy.
Now, this wouldn't happen...
to wind up in somebody's
magazine or book or something?
Oh, no, baby.
This is strictly
for my private collection.
That's enough with the camera.
Why, you don't trust me?
l didn't say that.
l think that
you're incredibly beautiful.
Hey, baby.
lf this is the part
where you ty to get me back...
you can forget it.
Come on, now. Hear me out.
Baby, l know
l made some mistakes...
and l'm sory, all right?
l just...
l'm no good with this shit.
l'm bad with words.
You know that.
What is that?
lt's a train ticket to New York.
Come stay with me.
l want us to be together.
Marvin, you had all of that...
and didn't know
what to do with it.
Well, l want it again.
How are you gonna
just do this to me?
How are you gonna just show up,
come out of nowhere...
Don't you understand
that what you want...
doesn't matter anymore?
What's the deal?
Are you working?
Are you seeing somebody?
That's not your business.
Think about it, all right?
You owe me at least that.
l don't owe you anything.
Look, l gotta go.
l'm meeting my mother for lunch.
You tell her l said hello.
l'll do that.
l need to know
if l still love him or not.
What are you
shaking your head for?
Don't shake your head.
This is serious.
You're not gonna tell Darius,
are you?
l don't want to lie to him.
Tell him.
You think so?
lf he snaps, then you got him...
and there's no need to go.
ls there?
But if he tries to act
all cool and shit...
well, then, hey...
you're just gonna
have to teach his ass a lesson.
Hello. Do your thing, girl.
Do it.
Did you want one?
No, thanks.
You know l've had a good time
these past few weeks, right?
Well, we aim to please.
l'm serious.
Me, too.
l'm going...
away next week...
to New York.
For how long?
l don't know.
Just, like, a couple weeks.
l don't know.
What's going on?
l have a couple contacts...
and l'm just gonna poke around
and see if l can find a gig.
And l also have some...
other unfinished business
that l need to take care of.
Some dude.
We used to be in a...
We used to be
in a relationship...
and l just haven't seen him
in a while.
Hey, that's cool.
We were close once, you know?
Darius, the only reason
l'm telling you this...
is because l really
care about you, and...
l'm not tying to play you.
Hey. l understand...
and l appreciate your honesty.
But we just kicking it, right?
So it's cool.
l mean, go to New York...
do whatever you have to do.
l mean, you ain't got no ring
on your finger.
So, you're not mad?
Hell, no, l'm not mad.
l mean, it's cool.
We just friends, right?
l mean, if old boy was doing
his job in the first place...
why am l doing it?
-l'm hip.
-Why am l hittin' it?
Let me tell you the real deal.
The real deal is...
she can't hang.
Von, l put it on--Boom.
-Put it on her.
-Now she gone.
l steal. l don't get stole on.
l feel you, D.
These women, man,
they're killing me slow.
So, wait a minute.
l thought you guys were just...
you know...
kicking it.
That's not the point, Savon.
So, what's the point, black man?
l'll tell you the point.
Have you been listening?
l'm gonna tell you.
l'm gonna feed you the point.
The point is...
l don't know the point.
lt wouldn't be so bad, man...
if l didn't think
she was the one.
What are you talking about,
the one?
l think she's the one, Savon.
l got your ass. l had you going.
-You got me.
-Check you out.
Why'd you give me that look?
Oh, yeah, you got me.
l ain't the only one you got.
Yo, you're slipping on your boy.
-l slipped.
-l had you.
Did you really think
l was gonna...
-The one?
-The one.
Please, man...
l'm a thief in the night.
You know what l mean?
FBl still on my tail,
but they can't get me.
l slipped. l'm sory.
You done slipped on me,
'cause l--
-l slipped.
-Hit that ass. l'm out.
l'm gone. What?
Let me see your wallet,
'cause it gotta be
''Bad Motheucker'' on it.
''Bad Motheucker'' on it.
You slipped on me,
but it's cool.
Let me see your wallet.
Hey, John.
Let me get another one.
Coming right up.
Hey, dude, what's up?
It's Eddie.
Dude, you need to call Savon.
That brother's
all strung out over Troy.
Look out.
Hey, Darius, it's Nina.
l don't know
when you'll get this message...
but my train leaves tonight
at 9:30...
and maybe if you're around
Union Station...
you'll come down.
Listen, l guess l'll just
call you when l get back.
ls there any way you could be...
a bit slicker in your approach?
-What exactly do you mean?
lt's the comparative of slick.
Less raw.
You'd have a better chance
of being published...
if your work
were just a bit more polished.
You have a nice day.
Where are my Toasted Oats?
l finished the box this morning.
You couldn't eat
the damn Captain Crunch?
Oh, please.
Look, l'm sory.
l had a bad day today.
l had a bad day, too.
You want to tell me about it?
l hate to see you--
Wasting my time?
That's not what l meant.
l can take care of us.
l just don't want you
to wory about--
Getting a job, right?
Rejection. And stop finishing
my sentences.
l don't even know why l'm here.
What'd you say?
After all these years together,
you don't know why you're here?
All we have, Marvin,
is all these years...
and it's just not enough...
l'm going out for
some motheucking Toasted Oats.
You're tripping.
l already know what l want.
Oh, no. Stop. Right now.
Stop looking at the girl, man.
See, Ed, l have
these amazing powers over women.
l just can't explain it.
Sort of like a curse
or something.
But lucky
for you mere mortals...
l use my powers for good
and not for evil.
Know what l'm saying?
The world
is truly a safer place.
Girl, l am tired. l'm so sory.
l gotta get out of here.
l have this interview tomorrow.
lt's kind of dead tonight
There's no cuties in the house--
not one cutie.
ls there a night you don't have
penis on the brain?
Don't even ty it.
You came straight
from the station...
'cause you wanted
what's-his-name to be here.
Excuse me,
but l happen to enjoy poety.
Don't look at me like that.
Save your money. Save it.
lt's not happening there.
Ladies, ladies, ladies.
Why y'all leavin'?
Wood, baby,
l didn't see you down there.
Where y'all goin'?
We goin' home. We're tired.
l'd like to offer you a ride.
l mean, my car's right there.
That's your car, right?
No. The hearse--the gray one.
That's my car.
That's not, like,
a working hearse?
No. There ain't been
no dead motheuckers in it...
since l bought it.
'Cause, girl, we might--
l just remembered that
l parked my car down the street.
So what we're gonna do is--
-Mm-hmm. Thank you.
-Girl, he has balls.
-lt's a Cadillac.
He's killing me.
Oh, my God.
He's so cute, though.
He is really cute.
Then you should go out with him.
Please, girl.
You know he is not my type.
l think maybe l should ty
to hook you two up.
l'm not tying
to get hooked up by anybody.
Marvin is officially
black histoy.
Wood is vey, vey cool.
Wait a second. Don't even
ty it, because l know you.
Do not even ty it.
You ty to hook us up,
and l'm gonna knock you out.
Don't let me have
to bring out my karate, girl.
The stuff, you know.
l'm just saying that...
All right, go on.
Go home and call Darius.
lt's what
you really wanna do anyway.
Why are you tying to make it
seem like l'm desperate?
l'll just call him tomorrow.
What are you doing here?
You the shooter, ain't you?
-Yeah, but what--
-Then shoot me, God damn it.
lmmortalize my shit.
How's my light? Hold on.
ls this good for me right here?
ls this all right?
Hold on, babe.
l can't have you
making me look bad, you know.
You would have to shoot like
my moms to make me look bad...
and she got cataracts.
what do you want done today?
Shit. l want eveything.
l want postcards,
wallet size, $ x 10s.
l want the whole nine.
So you just gonna come up here
today and spend all your money?
Yep. l will,
if you let me buy you dinner.
The Billy Dee thing
is a little played out...
but l will give you ten cool
points for nostalgia's sake.
Nina, l'm serious.
Wood, what do you want from me?
One dinner.
lt ain't algebra, girl. Come on.
No way.
Don't tell me that, please.
Bloomers are for, like,
you know, big girls.
What do you mean
they're for big girls?
l like bloomers.
They're comfortable.
Girls that just have ass
You got a cute little shape.
And l think you should...
You'd look great in,
like, a thong.
Not that l was thinking
about that.
l'll have to keep that in mind.
Yeah, l'm serious.
That lady over there,
she wearing bloomers.
Look how big her ass is.
Leave that woman alone.
Seriously. She just knocked
my man the shrimp on the ground.
l'm serious. Look.
What kind of undeear
do you have on?
l don't wear drawers.
You don't have any on?
No, l just let it hang.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, what's up, cat daddy?
How's the book coming?
Masterpiece of minimalism.
What's going on?
There ain't nothing.
You know
your girl's back in town?
Yeah, l heard.
For the last time, man,
she's not my girl, OK?
All right.
Well, that's good, brother...
because there's something
l bet you didn't know.
You coming through to my party?
l can't mess with y'all parties.
Y'all don't serve no food.
-Ain't you something?
l need some food
that had parents, man.
You know what l mean?
Some cow up in there.
Some ribs. Something.
-Fried chicken?
-Fried chicken.
l'll come, Sheila.
You know l heard about
Wood and Nina.
Figured you had.
Just be cool, OK?
Always, girl.
l ain't trippin' now.
What's up, D?
What's up, Wood?
So what you been up to, man?
You know,
just puttin' in work, man.
See, l got this new gig.
Keeps me up,
working all through the night.
The late shift?
l know all about
that kind of job.
Used to work the hell out of it.
Sure you can hang with it?
l hate when this happens,
you know?
l think so.
Moms keep on paging you, huh?
Not this time, D.
We all know you ain't too good
at staying employed, though.
This might be different.
You know, and as l heard it...
you ain't too good at stayin'
employed either, partner.
Well, you see,
the difference is...
l usually quit my job.
You usually wind up fired.
But it's OK.
You can't help it.
Yo, Sheila,
l'll talk to you later.
-Take it easy, Darius.
He a trip, ain't he?
l can't believe that boy.
Aren't you a little old
to be fighting over some babe?
You ain't never too old.
Besides, l can't help it
if l'm the chosen one.
Oh, OK, l get it.
So it's your turn
to hit the skins?
Damn, Sheila. Why does it have
to be about sex all the time?
You know,
l really like this girl.
We went out, we kicked it,
Eveything's smooth.
lt's so convenient for women
to think...
that all we want to do is bone.
But sometimes,
a man just wanna be held.
Cuddled a little bit.
Hold my back,
l'll rub yours, you know?
A little massage or something.
What's wrong with that?
Ain't you progressive enough
to understand?
Oh, nigger,
l got your progressive.
You a trip. You need a massage.
Hey, baby.
l want you to meet a friend
of mine--Tracey Powell.
Tracey, this is a vey, vey
good friend of mine--
Sheila Downes.
How you doin'?
Make yourself comfortable.
Food's in the dining room,
beer's in the fridge.
Thank you.
A lot of special things go on
when you ride around in this.
Like, for instance, you know,
on a Sunday...
l always go through
all the lights.
Don't nobody stop me.
There's some benefits
to this car. l'm telling you.
Like, for instance,
when l want to go to church...
l always get up front--
evey time.
Because they probably think
you're going to a damn funeral.
That's what l'm saying.
But l ain't. l'm just rollin'.
Your friend, man.
She teaches the class
next to mine. English.
What? l work with her.
''l work with her.'' OK.
She isn't my girlfriend
or anything. l work with her.
All right.
Oh, man, you know what.
l mean, you're married.
What are you,
the fuckin' Moral Majority?
-No, no.
-What's this about?
Troy's a good woman.
lf my memoy
serves me correctly...
you told me not to get married.
ln fact, y'all did.
-Who? l said that?
-Quit saying ''Who?'' You.
Damn, l did say that.
Also said the Commodores
would get back together.
Who knew, man?
Let me tell you something.
People grow apart, right?
People change.
But you wouldn't know
anything about that.
What you talking about?
No, you wouldn't, Darius...
because the last relationship
you been in...
that lasted longer
than six months, my brother...
Are you kidding? Felicia.
All right, Felicia.
So l maintain...
when you get a wife,
you advise me on mine.
Y'all run around here
jumpin' and hoppin'...
fallin' in love and shit.
Fallin' in love ain't shit.
Somebody talk to me, please,
about how to stay there.
Do l love my wife? Hell, yes.
ls she here? Hell, no.
All right, man.
All right?
As far as l'm concerned...
all of y'all can step.
Hey, man...
l think you need a hug, Savon.
So, where are you taking me?
A little set, you know.
Whose set?
Some friends.
lt'll be cool. Trust me.
Yo! Wait!
Y'all know how to do the slop?
What's this, a choir?
Yes, the slop.
Come on, do it.
-l don't know how to do it.
-'Cause you made that shit up.
l'm gonna find somebody
who can do the slop.
Yeah, on TV, right?
l'll tell you
how to get on this horse.
What's up, black people?
Where's your bathroom?
Up the stairs and to the left.
So, what's up, Ed?
You are so foul.
You know it's fucked up
what you're doin', right?
-Whatever, man.
l told you l know...
how to do the slop.
What's up, D?
Hey, what's up, man?
You should see
how the slop was done.
Mama showed you?
Yeah. A true professional.
Go ahead, break it down, then.
No. l don't want to put
too much hip into it.
l need to talk to you outside.
-Right now?
-Right now.
l'll be right back.
Take me home now.
Nina, what's wrong?
You embarrassed the shit
out of me...
and l don't appreciate it.
lf you two wanna see whose dick
is bigger, do it without me.
-Look, l'm sory--
-Don't say shit to me.
Just take me home.
Like you didn't think
he was gonna be at this party?
You gonna take me home or not?
Hell, no.
Nah, nah, l--
Hey, yo. Where Nina at?
l don't know, man.
You just left the woman
outside, Wood?
What? You got somethin' to say?
Why don't you say it?
l ain't got nothing
to say to you.
Nina, slow up.
l don't wanna talk right now.
lf you slow up,
l'll call you a cab.
-Just leave me alone.
-Slow up.
-First of all, calm down.
You and l both know...
you don't wanna be out here
this late by yourself...
stompin' up and down the street
like somebody stole your bike.
l just wanna make sure
you get home safely.
That's it. Trust me.
We'll walk
to this pay phone up here...
l'll call you a cab...
l'll wait, you get in--Boom.
You can be on your mery way.
what the hell you doing
running around with my boy?
First, you tear off
to New York...
then you come back,
don't even call?
You only had to tell me
that you were seeing somebody.
What are you talking about?
l ain't seeing nobody.
l saw you at the bookstore
with a girl.
l'm always there.
What are you talking about?
You know what l'm talking about.
Oh, shit. Lisa. Damn.
Damn. Hey.
l just want to call and
apologize for the other night.
l honestly didn't know
you were gonna be there.
no apologies necessay, OK?
l have two tickets...
to the V.O.N. Steppers set
tomorrow night, and...
l was just wondering
if you could step.
l didn't know
you were that good.
Yeah, l'm a groove man.
l do my little thing.
Didn't know l had it, did ya?
That's what l call a real date.
A real date? What are you
talking about, a real date?
You saying we never been
on a real date before?
Baby, bumpin' and grindin'...
at the Wild Hare
hardly qualifies.
Oh, well, you seemed to like
all that bumpin' and grinding.
l wanted to call you
when l got back from New York...
but when l saw you
with that woman...
-l didn't know what to think.
-l know.
Look, that was
absolutely nothing.
Trust me. It was nothing.
Sometimes l just wonder
if l'm going too far with you.
Well, there's no such place.
This is a destiny type thing,
What am l gonna do with you?
l got a few ideas, but...
tell me
what you got in mind, huh?
What's up? What you got?
What you want to do?
-This is a joke, right?
-No, it's not a joke.
What's with the pillow and
the blanket? What's all that?
l know
it's a little bit awkward...
but l was thinking that...
l don't know, we had such--
We had a peect date,
and l just--
l just wanted to feel...
like l was saving something
for later.
Saving something for later?
Ain't gotta save mine for later.
l'd rather have it right now.
we've already done it before.
We done already,
you know, repeatedly...
so what's with the couch?
Don't be like that.
Come on, don't do this to me.
l mean, it's gonna be
cold out here.
You'll be fine.
All right, cool.
You're right, l'll be fine.
Good night.
Do you think you could just
help me with this zipper?
'Cause sometimes it gets stuck.
Yeah. See, now you're playin'.
All we gotta do
is just go upstairs...
and l could take off
all your clothes.
Thank you.
You ain't gotta do this.
l don't know
why you playin' like that.
Good night.
lt's gonna be mighty cold
down here.
You mind turning up the heat?
She's wrong, man.
Can you feel the heat?
No, not yet.
Ooh, shit! l can.
Mind if l play something
for you?
No, not at all.
l know this is
a black neighborhood.
Send somebody down
who can handle themselves.
You guys are terrible.
All l want is my mail.
Don't put me on hold. Don't--
What's wrong with you?
They had me on hold.
What's wrong?
Hello. How you doing?
You know what time it is?
Want a beer?
Do you think l slept with Wood?
l learned a long time ago...
not to ask a question l didn't
want to know the answer to.
Why don't you wanna know?
-'Cause l don't.
You're wrecking my flow, OK?
Excuse the fuck out of me.
And l didn't wreck
your fuckin' flow.
Take off your clothes.
Quit playin'.
Who's playin'?
What's the matter?
l've already seen what you got.
Will you stop?
What are you doing?
You don't trust me?
No, l don't.
You don't?
This is about Lisa, isn't it?
l can't believe you, Nina.
You still on that Lisa shit?
That amazes me.
we've talked about this
a thousand times...
and l explained to you--
she and l are over.
That is histoy--the past, OK?
We're together.
So tell me,
what is your fucking problem?
-How am l supposed to know that?
-Know what?
That you're not seeing her.
'Cause l just told you,
for the last time.
Well, that's not enough,
because you have not given me
any reason...
to trust anything that you say.
What are you talking about?
l'm talking about the blackboard
with her number on it...
the phone calls at 5 a.m...
tying to read your mind
evey fucking day.
You don't know shit
about trust, OK? You don't.
You the one who went to New York
and fucked old boy...
came back here
and hung out with my boys...
partying and shit.
What is that?
You wanna talk about trust?
You acted like you didn't care
that l went to New York.
This shit is for the birds, man.
Really. It is.
l don't even know what the fuck
you talking--You know what?
You can do us both
a real big favor.
Just come over to my crib
and get your shit.
Why would you want to be
with somebody you don't trust?
Ain't gotta deal with this shit.
l guess that's eveything.
Shut my door when you leave.
You getting the work done
on that novel, man?
l'm not in the mood
to write anything right now.
Let me ask you something.
lf you were stranded
on a deserted island...
and could only take
one of your ex-girls...
who would it be?
Shit, l don't know.
That's the thing, man.
With the exception
of Felicia, man...
l can't stand to be around them
more than a few hours each time.
Now that's a name
l ain't heard in a while.
Yep. l messed that up, man...
tyin' to be
a motheucking player.
l used to love that girl, man.
You only get one, two, tops.
One what?
True love.
True love, my ass, man.
Love is what you make
and with whom you make it.
That's it.
Think l messed up twice.
You'd think by now l'd have
a little more insight, but...
l don't know what to think.
That, my friend,
is your problem right there.
Physics, this shit ain't.
lt ain't supposed to make sense.
Love, passion--
it is what it is.
Savon, you and your wife
both bluffing. That's my joker.
Can l get my book? Can l?
Y'all are both cheaters, man.
Speak to me.
Darius, it's Josie.
Oh, hey, what's happening?
Look, Nina told me
not to tell anyone this, but...
-Fuck it.
-What is it?
l thought you should know.
She did a shoot
for Vibe magazine...
and it worked out really well.
Good for her.
And since you--
Why you calling me, anyway?
Look, she's on the noon train
l thought maybe
you should see her off.
Well, maybe not.
You do what you want to do.
l just thought
l should tell you.
Thanks for your concern.
-You can't play.
Hey, Darius, who was that?
All aboard!
Are you all right?
Vey nice.
Give me that smile.
There it is.
Nina, here's your tickets...
and itineray
for the Chicago shoot.
Great. Thank you.
Don't wory about it.
There you go.
You're vey welcome, sir.
So, let's see this masterpiece.
Stand back.
You might hurt yourself, bro.
That's it right there.
The book signing party
is gonna be real nice.
Whoa, sucky, sucky, sucky now.
Man, this is--
That's a jacked-up picture,
Why you gotta talk
about the picture?
That's a jacked-up picture.
Say something about my picture.
lt's a dream come true.
An old one, man, an old one.
That's a nice dedication.
So how come you never
called her?
l wrote her
a bunch of letters, but...
l thought it made me
Iook like a fool.
l never mailed any of them.
l would've paid
some mad money...
to see your ass running
through Union Station.
l hear you, man.
Had you not been sucking
on them cancer sticks...
you'd have caught her.
l'm cool, man.
Excuse me, can l see that?
Next up, our next poet is--
Our next poet
is a virgin to the mike...
l'm sure you'll feel her
just the same.
Sanctuay, welcome...
Miss Nina Mosley.
This is...
something that l've been
working on for a while...
and l was hoping that a certain
someone would be here tonight...
but l don't...
see him, so...
l guess l'm gonna get it out
lt's funny what you can do
in front of people...
you can't seem to do
in front of one person.
lt is the color of light...
the shape of sound
high in the evergreens.
lt lies suspended in hills...
a blue line in a red sky.
l am looking at sound.
l'm hearing the brightness...
of high bluffs and almond trees.
l am tasting
the wilderness of lakes...
rivers, and streams...
caught in an angle of song.
l am remembering the water...
that glows in the dawn...
the motion tumbled in earth...
life hidden in mounds.
l am dancing...
a bright beam of light.
l am...
Look, Reg,
l'm gonna talk to you.
All right, cool.
Nina Mosley.
Long time no see.
l enjoyed your poem up there.
l know there have...
been a lot of mistakes...
and we both made them.
l apologize for my part in that.
And all that nonsense
in the past...
l don't give a shit
about that anymore.
l never stopped
thinking about you.
l want us to be together
for as long as we can be.
As usual,
your timing couldn't be worse.
You always want what you want
when you want it.
Why is eveything so urgent
with you?
Let me tell you something.
This here, right now...
at this vey moment,
is all that matters to me.
l love you.
That's urgent
like a motheucker.
-How do we do this?
-l don't know.
-l live in New York.
-l don't care.
All right, so...
what's the first step?
We can start
by getting out of this rain.