Love, Kennedy (2017) Movie Script

Right after
high school, I had a dream.
I was running, I was excited,
but didn't know why.
I just knew, I needed
to get to that car.
Out of that car came the most
beautiful woman I'd ever seen...
Then the cutest little
girl there ever was.
And then it happened...
Her hug was unlike any that
I had ever received before.
Who was this little girl?
Who was this beautiful woman?
And me?
I woke up wondering
what all that meant.
10 years passed and now
I'm living that dream...
But one thing that dream
didn't prepare me for,
was how that sweet girl
could also be such a stinker.
Hey girls, you buckled in?
All right sweeties,
I'll be back.
What are you doing?
You can't drive.
See you don't know how to...
You don't
have to be 16 to drive!
Look out world!
Here comes Kennedy.
Stop this car right now!
I'm good!
Oh no!
Girls, girls?
Oh my gosh.
What happened?
I'm goooood.
She's not good!
She's very not good!
You drove?
How could you?
Don't you ever do that again!
What is wrong with you?
A lot!
Kennedy knew what she wanted
and set her goals early.
Oh, Kennedy.
Boom wacka, wacka.
Boom, wacka, wacka.
It's ok.
"I would like if when you
are 16, we can go on a date.
I love you Brett."
Love, Kennedy.
Oh, Brett!
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Run! Don't look back!
And her other dream was driving.
She loved it when I
would take her for a ride
in my big truck.
Oh, daddy.
Sports were
a big part of Kennedy's life.
They seemed to give her a way
of appreciating
other's feelings.
Good job, good job!
Good kick.
There ya go, pick it up!
There was a girl on another team
who was playing dirty.
She knew every
trick in the book.
Hey, come on ref!
You gotta watch that!
No, pick her up, pick her up.
Get back, get back!
Guard the goal, guard the goal.
Come on ref! Call a foul!
Can you not see that!
Good job out there, good job.
Kennedy come here.
You have got to stand
up to that girl,
you got to get in her face,
get aggressive.
That's how we stand
up to a bully.
But daddy...
Why not just love her?
Why not just love her?
I think we're the parents of a
mix of Gandhi and mother Teresa.
Finally, one of our players
went head to head with the
meanie and took her out.
Good job.
What's she doing?
I think Kennedy's going to finally
give her a piece of her mind.
You ok?
Way to go Gandhi!
Whoo, Deedee!
All right girls, bring it in!
- You okay?
- Yeah
- can you stay in?
- Yeah
all right, go get 'em.
Good job.
Good job girls.
Good job girls.
Get up there, get up there!
I'll be right there.
Are you ok?
What happened?
I'm just a klutz.
You are not a klutz.
I am so sorry.
It's just bumps and bruises.
They'll heal up quickly.
Okay good, sorry.
It's okay.
But there's
more that you need to know.
Mr. and Mrs. Hansen,
has Kennedy been getting
into fights at school?
I'm sorry but I have to ask...
Have either of you
ever hit Kennedy?
Are you kidding?
Of course we've never hit her.
What's going on?
The images of Kennedy's
eyes show trauma...
Trauma like I haven't seen...
Other than when there's been
a severe blow to the head.
Okay, she's fallen
but not that hard.
I'm tellin' you, it's not us.
What does this mean?
All I know is it's serious
and beyond my training.
I'm going to send you to
an eye center in salt lake.
You also need to know,
the decline in Kennedy's sight
is both severe and rapid.
There's something wrong
with me, isn't there?
You're perfect honey.
We just have to see what's
going on with your eyes.
It's okay.
Jesus will fix my eyes
when I go to heaven.
That kind of talk didn't ever
surprise us with Kennedy.
She had spiritual experiences
from very early on.
Heather's mom died when
Heather was only 15.
We were given the rocking chair that
Heather was rocked in as a child.
And she rocked Kennedy
in the same chair.
The chair was now old,
rickety and noisy.
I wanted to get a new one but
Heather wouldn't hear of it.
And every night,
the chair could be heard,
creaking and playing it's music
as our baby girl
was rocked to sleep.
One night, I couldn't sleep.
Heather, while you
were rocking Kennedy,
I had the strongest impression
that your mom was here...
It got me to wondering...
I didn't rock Kennedy...
I thought you were rocking her.
I have to go to the park and then
if you can bring the girls home,
I'll run by the store,
I'll get everything we
need before tonight.
- Does that work okay?
- Not a problem.
Hey you!
Good morning,
did you sleep good?
You know why?
Grandma Mona came and
rocked me last night.
Who rocked you last night?
You know... mommy's mommy.
The chair then became
even more important,
it became sacred.
Many times as a young girl,
Kennedy would tell
us that she had seen,
been rocked or visited
by grandma Mona.
it'll be all good.
Boom wacka wacka,
boom boom, wacka wacka...
This way please.
We spent years going to every
specialist on the Wasatch front,
and then...
What disease?
Batten disease.
There have been only a few thousand known
cases of batten disease in the world.
It's a disorder
that keeps the cells
from ridding
themselves of waste.
As the fats and
proteins build up,
the cells can no longer
function properly.
Okay, so what do we do?
Those who have it not
only lose their sight,
they lose their mental capacity
and seizures become routine.
There is no cure.
I don't know anybody
who's a better person.
I don't know anyone who
deserves happiness more...
Now this?
We're gonna fight it...
There's no way I'm gonna let
this happen to my daughter.
When mom died I...
I don't know...
Maybe it's part of the plan.
Part of the plan.
I wanna see a copy of that plan.
do you understand
what we're telling you?
What the doctor said?
Are you sure?
can we go for a ride?
Right now?
Yay for daddy!
Yay for us!
How long 'til I die?
I don't know Deedee.
I hope you live
another 80 years.
But however long it is,
we're gonna make it great.
Where do you wanna go?
Get a drink!
We can do that.
Kennedy stop the truck!
Stop the truck!
No sir, no sir!
Move over sister!
Move over.
What are you thinking?
I got you!
You can barely see!
You are a crazy woman!
Oh, but you are
a cute crazy woman.
To our knowledge,
Kennedy was the only person
in Utah with batten disease.
But through a national
batten network
we were led to
another Utah family
whose little angel
had the disease also.
Her name was Charlee.
As we opened the door,
a feeling entered our home
that was indescribable.
At this point Charlee
was fully blind.
Charlee had not spoken
a word in almost two months.
I'm Kennedy.
We're the same.
Look how sweet that is.
I know.
This song's about us.
When it was time to leave,
Kennedy wrote a note for
Charlee to take with her.
Charlee, you are so special
and I feel your heart!
We will be best friends...
On earth and in heaven.
Love, Kennedy
see ya! Bye! Thanks again!
Bye Charlee!
What an incredible family
oh, I love them.
Hey Deedee.
Dad and I got you something.
A stick?
No, it's not a stick.
A golf club?
I think she's messing with us.
I knew it!
I knew it.
Ahh, you are such a punk!
You're so silly.
Kennedy's health was declining,
she was still so excited
about her next step in life.
High school!
High school!
M-m-meee, cheerlead...
The games!
Did you make it?
Uh, yeah.
Go wolves!
Go wolves!
Boom wacka wacka,
boom boom wacka wacka,
boom boom wacka wacka.
Even though Kennedy was so
excited about school and dances,
she wouldn't go to
a dance of any kind.
Anna would invite her,
but she wouldn't go.
But every time, on the
night of these dances
Kennedy would wait
patiently for Anna...
Right by the door.
Let's go to bed!
Why won't you go to bed?
Just waiting?
Uh, huh.
She won't be long.
Let's get you to bed.
Bye you guys,
thanks for the ride!
Bye Anna!
See you later Anna!
Boys! Tell about the boys!
Come on!
Well first I danced with Eldon
I know, and Ryan
kept looking at us.
Oh, is he hot?
Totally, totally hot.
No talking about boys...
Without me!
Move over, move over.
Mom, you'll never
guess what happened.
I danced with Eldon.
- Hot, hot!
- He's hot.
Hot Eldon.
He's hot, hot Eldon.
Who cares right!
The monsters, monsters!
Shh, shh, baby
mommy's here, it's ok.
Kennedy, shh-shh.
Calm down, calm down.
- Mommy's here.
- We're right here.
We're right here.
Shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
Today I was thinking
about that time in 2nd grade
when she was the only
girl in her class
that wasn't invited
to that birthday party...
Any other girl
would've been so upset,
but not her.
Not Deedee.
And just a month later,
When it was her birthday,
she made sure we invited that
girl who had left her out.
She's not normal Jase.
She's not a normal kid at all.
Always thinking of others,
putting her needs aside.
It's probably why
it took us so long
to figure out what's
wrong with her.
She just kept plugging along,
going to school...
Saying it was
probably just a bug.
But it wasn't.
It's so much worse.
Hi, Deedee.
Oh, honey.
Is this something
you are hoping to do?
To get your driver's license?
Sweetie, I know you
want to drive so bad,
but there are some things we're
gonna have to rethink now.
I, I'm good.
Yes, you are and...
We will just find other
things you can do.
One day, heavenly father
will f-f-fix my eyes.
I don't know what else to do.
I'll stay with her tonight.
Give Kennedy the same
opportunities this year
as other kids.
Help her to feel normal.
I'm asking for these
blessings for her.
I'll be back.
Hey dad!
Hey, you're having fun!
Yeah, where's Kennedy?
Um, I'll find her.
Hey Deedee.
Hey come with me and we'll
go into the dance together.
Yeah, that would be fun.
Yes, you can.
Deedee, you're a good dancer.
Hey and there's boys out there.
No boy wants to dance with me.
Sure they do.
- Bishop.
- Hi Jason.
Hey, where's Kennedy?
Well, she's in the kitchen...
'Cause she not only has
to deal with her disease,
she can't handle being
rejected by all these boys
and I can't blame her.
I mean they're not even
giving her the time of...
Hey Levi!
I love this song.
Hi Cooper!
- How are you?
- Good, how are you?
We have some fine
young men in this stake,
and you have an even
greater young woman.
Hi Deedee.
Will you dance with me?
Yes, daddy.
Way to go.
I love you...
And I always will.
I love you too, dad...
But where are the boys?
All right, Cooper.
The next day, it was my
turn to give the lesson.
The spirit told to
me to invite Kennedy
to come and bare her
testimony to the young men.
As she entered,
so did the spirit.
Thanks for doing this.
Okay, they're all right here.
You ready?
I believe...
In heavenly father and church.
We have to do what's right
so we will be with him again.
We will see him...
And hug him.
I'm going...
I'm going to miss you all so,
so much.
What you did last night,
you, you...
You tell 'em daddy.
She wants me to tell
you all thank you
for dancing with her
but she can't say it...
I told her it didn't matter
anyway because you're all ugly.
Good job, Kennedy!
I'm so proud of you.
she left, I bore testimony.
I told them that Kennedy
would soon be going home.
The feeling in that
room was unbelievable...
As I wondered how
next to help her,
a voice came into my head,
"take her to the football
game this weekend."
I had no idea what
that was all about,
but later would learn there
was someone else right then
who was pleading for a
way to heal her girls.
Jill, it's not fair!
Yeah why should Jordyn
and Megan get to and not us?
Because we're seniors!
Oh, well
whoop-de-do on the seniors!
We all tried out for the team.
Stop! All right,
I'll decide.
Go home and take a chill pill.
Chill pill?
This is ridiculous,
happens every year.
A very pleasant
good evening everyone.
Welcome to Moyle's field!
Number 29 Austin Bolos
the ball carrier.
Takes the ball up the left side.
Go wolves!
Go wolves!
Make it stop, dad, make it stop!
F-h-s, f-h-s.
Go! Let's go!
I guess we're going for a walk.
Where're we going Kenners?
Fremont, silver wolves.
Kenn, we can't go here.
What are we doing?
Fremont, silver wolves.
Go wolves!
Go wolves!
Fremont, silver wolves.
Go wolves!
Hi, what's your name?
Oh, what a great name!
I'm Jordyn.
I can see you like to cheerlead.
Go wolves!
Go Kennedy!
Hey Jordyn!
Ok well, I gotta go but
it's so great to meet you!
Okay, bye bye.
Go wolves!
You too daddy.
Oh, you a sick wolf, daddy.
Thanks, Kenn.
So what do you think, Jill?
We'll help however you want.
I think this might
be just what we need.
Let's do it.
That would be so wonderful.
Yeah, uh-huh.
We would love it if you
would be the one to tell her.
Thank you so much.
All right, bye.
You won't believe it,
you just won't believe it!
Have a good day girls.
- Love you mom.
- I love you mom.
- Hey Kennedy.
- Yeah?
Today is gonna be a great day.
Always is.
But today's gonna be
different 'cause Mrs. schof...
What's wrong with Beau?
Don't you know?
There's always something wrong with Beau.
Lexi, who's that
girl with the cane?
I have no idea.
This is so lame.
Would it be ok with you if we
have a conversation with Kennedy?
Is that okay?
Kennedy, my name
is Jill Schofield.
I'm the cheer coach
here at Fremont.
And I understand that you have
a talent for cheerleading.
I am good.
Well, it just so happens
that we have a need
for another cheerleader
and we were wondering
if you would be willing
to come and help us out.
For reals?
Kennedy, this is Jordyn.
Yes, for reals.
These are for you.
We are so excited to
have you on our team.
We'll get your
uniform to your mom.
Bye Kennedy, we love you!
I am cheerleader!
I'm so, so excited.
Yes, it's absolutely incredible.
But Heath...
Aren't you a little worried
how this is going to go down?
A little...
I mean she thinks she's the
best cheerleader in the world.
She is.
Hey, this is a dream
come true for all of us.
So we go on right after duo?
I think that's
what Tyler was saying.
But I heard something different.
Oh, you are gonna be so great!
Okay, we will see you after
and do just like you practiced!
Get up and yell,
get on your feet with us.
Now spell it.
S-i-l-v-e-r, silver.
Say silver!
W-o-l-v-e-s wolves.
We are wolves.
Silver, wolves.
What is that one girl doing?
She's completely off.
She's ruining it!
Why would they even let her up on
the stage? She's awful, just awful.
S-i-l-v-e-r, silver.
Can you say silver.
- Silver!
- -Silver!
We are silver, wolves.
- Yes!
- Wolves!
Excuse me, ma'am.
I just wanted to let you know
that the child up there that
was struggling with the cheer,
that's our daughter Kennedy.
And you were wondering
what she was doing up there
and what she was doing,
was her best.
She's blind and she's
losing her motor skills
because of a terminal illness
but we are so, so proud of her.
I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to...
You're fine, you didn't know.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
I'm not upset.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Kennedy, you did so good!
Kennedy, you did so good!
We are so proud of you, Deedee!
You were somethin'!
Good job!
Okay, Kennedy, we are
so excited for tonight!
Let's go Fremont, hey!
Let's go Fremont, hey!
Woo! Kennedy!
Go Ken!
Emily, are you okay?
No, ow, it really hurts.
Can you even step on it?
Go wolves!
We're all going to have
to fill in for Emily.
What happened?
She came down
weird on her ankle.
Dear god of all,
we hope that Emily
can get better
and that we can not get hurt.
Good praying!
Go wolves!
Go wolves!
Go wolves!
I'll be right back.
Everything okay?
Well, Emily got hurt.
Is she okay?
What was going on a minute ago
when you guys were in a circle.
Oh, yeah,
we said a prayer.
I don't think you're supposed to
be doing that in school, are you?
Okay, gotta go.
So that's
what the scriptures say.
Why do you think that is?
Why do you think that is?
It doesn't make sense to me.
This was written
hundreds of years ago.
- Now it's different.
- Who's talking?
- That's Jaden.
- We can't be expected
to live by the same
strict standards they did.
The world has changed.
Jaden was
a star student, very popular,
- he was a catch.
- I get that god doesn't change
and all but it just
doesn't make sense to me.
What does he look like?
Okay, he's got blonde hair,
brown eyes, big muscles.
As big as this?
Oh no, nobody could have
muscles as big as that.
Anyways, he's into
lots of sports and...
Hot, he's hot!
He is huh, huh?
I love Jaden!
Is my boyfriend.
After that,
everything was about Jaden.
I'll be your girlfriend.
Jaden in class!
She didn't stop yammering about
him 'til she went to sleep.
Jaden is smart...
I swear I think we
heard the name Jaden
a thousand times before
ever meeting him.
Oh my gosh, enough already!
I'm actually way
excited, my dress is super cute.
- Wait, when is it?
- The 29th, I can't wait!
Hey Kenners, are you gonna
ask a boy to the girls dance?
You totally should!
Do you have somebody to ask?
Uhmmm, maybe.
Okay, girls!
We've got a lot to do today.
Everybody on the floor.
Listen up, here we go.
Now first, there's
been some tardiness
that's just not gonna cut it.
That's not what we are about.
Jill, well actually there's
been a lot going on lately
and some of us have good reason.
Well maybe some of you
need to tell us about it.
Let's do this.
We'll go around and
each of you tell
what's keeping you
from your obligations.
Go ahead Megan.
Well, my mom has been putting
a lot of pressure on me
lately to get good grades so I've
been taking extra classes...
Sometimes, it can be kind
of hard around our house.
My dad...
My dad...
She'll just look at me like,
like do you really know
what you're talking about?
And it just...
I've been trying
this new conditioner
and sometimes it really takes a
long time to get the right results,
like rinse, lather, repeat.
It's not always my fault
because sometimes they don't do
what they say
they're going to do
and it's frustrating...
Okay, Kennedy, what
are your challenges?
I don't think she
understood the question.
Kennedy, what are
your challenges?
I ch-cheer.
I love all you.
Can anyone tell me why
Kennedy has no challenges?
'Cause she doesn't
see 'em that way.
I think, with one word,
Kennedy has taught us
a ton about challenges.
Anybody agree with me?
What do ya say we quit
moaning and get to work?
Hey Deedee!
Can I ask boy to dance?
Yes, that'd be great!
I bet I know who
you'll be asking.
Say it!
Come on, Deedee, say it!
Oh wait...
You have to make a big
deal about how you ask him.
We'll figure something out.
It'll be awesome.
Do you get it?
Do you know who it's from?
She's a blind
girl from seminary.
Oh, that is so cute!
You have to go!
I am loving this whole look...
You got it going Kenners.
I know!
Okay wait!
See if you like this...
Mmm, your dad likes it too.
Okay, let me give you some.
What if Jaden doesn't like me?
Oh, come on!
How could he not!
But what if he loves me!
The famous Jaden!
Get in here!
It's great to finally meet you!
It's an honor to be here.
You have an amazing daughter.
Thank you.
Well, come in and
meet everybody.
So you know Anna
and this is Kennedy's
mother, Heather.
Hi Jaden.
And this little guy is Beau.
You're right Kennedy, he is hot.
That's embarrassing.
These are for you.
For that night,
Kennedy wasn't a girl
struggling with batten disease.
She was a girl on a
date with a hottie.
And for that night alone,
we will always love Jaden.
The school year went by
like a speeding bullet.
Before we knew it, it was
time for the final assembly.
Kennedy was having some bad days
and didn't feel well
enough to go.
What's up hon?
She wants to go.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Then let's go.
She came out of the almost
non-reactive state she'd been in,
sucked it up and cheered.
Mr. Belnap said
I could take just a minute
because my wife, Heather,
and I love this school
and we love all of you
for what you've done
for our daughter, Kennedy.
A lot of things will
come and go in life,
but this year, these moments
that you've given Kennedy
we will never forget.
And we hope you don't
forget them either.
I can say with confidence
that Kennedy won't
cheer next year,
she won't even...
So never forget.
Never forget!
Thank you for all
that you have done
to give Kennedy a great, great
year here at Fremont high.
We love you!
Kennedy told us that one
month after she would die,
a miracle would happen.
She kept telling us that
she was having dreams
about heaven and that heavenly
father wanted her home.
While she still understands,
you need to take her
on her last ride.
Lately, she hadn't been
able to speak very clearly
but as I took her to the
truck she said very plainly...
if the whole family keeps,
choose the right we'll
be together forever.
You okay, Beau-Beau?
Oh, come here.
What are you thinking?
Well, what if you
and daddy get sick and die?
Not gonna happen.
Oh, daddy.
Hi girls!
So nice of you to come.
- Hey Megan.
- Hi.
She's been waiting for you.
So, come on in.
Everybody else will be
here in a little while.
Okay, thank you.
So, um, she can't talk anymore,
but she will know you're here
and what does still work
is you can ask her a
yes or a no question
and if she squeezes your
hand once it's a no,
and twice is a yes.
Are you sure?
Are you really, really sure?
Megan, ask her again.
Do you think Jaden is cute?
Do you think Jaden is the
cutest boy in the whole world?
Are you afraid?
She's so good.
She doesn't have
anything to be afraid of.
She's close to heavenly father.
Hey Kenn,
can you see Jesus?
I can feel that he's here.
Hey guys, can we come in?
You did more for us
than we ever could have
done for you, Princess.
She is a great hugger.
When you hug her,
you feel of her goodness
and the beauty she has inside.
I love you Kennedy.
The entire
squad sang to her, let it go.
I was struggling...
You've helped me see what's...
What really matters.
Mom used to sing
that song to me,
she's gone
and now it's your turn.
Kennedy Ann Hansen...
By the power of Jesus Christ
I lay my hands upon your head
and I say unto you...
Begin the process
to release yourself of all of
your worldly cares and burdens.
There are those waiting
to be hugged by you.
A few hours later, she died.
Wait, elder, isn't this
the guy they said hates us?
No, no.
You know most trainer's
actually take care of
their junior companions.
Make them do stuff like this.
You know, when I'm a trainer
my junior is gonna love me.
Finally, woo!
Jace, phone's for you.
All right, thank you.
Yeah, Lance.
Happy to help.
Okay, we'll see
you Friday at 7:00.
So, you really
don't know why we're here?
So, are you guys
doing all right?
Are you okay?
You know,
just one day at a time.
We can't imagine what
you must be going through,
but hope that what
we have to tell you
will bring you some comfort.
Lexi has something to tell you.
Our family hasn't
been religious...
I respected Kennedy right off
because you could
tell she was...
You know, she knew Christ.
That night when
Kennedy passed away
and the whole team came
over to say good-bye,
I had feelings that
were so strong...
Feelings I'd never had before.
When it was my turn
to say goodbye to her,
I hugged her and said,
"did you choose this?"
And Kennedy answered,
Even though she had been pretty
much unconscious the whole time,
she said it very clearly.
I kept thinking
that in some way,
maybe she told god it was
okay that this happened to her
and that got me where
I couldn't stop crying...
At home,
I hurried to my room
and just laid there and cried.
I must've cried for an hour.
she came in.
I felt her sit on
the edge of my bed.
I felt her put her
hand on top of mine.
who came to you?
Then, without her talking,
she spoke to me.
missionaries are going to come
and you need to listen to them.
You need to have
faith and be strong.
you've got to help your dad.
Then I felt the pressure
come off the bed and my hand.
I thought she was gone.
But she was there.
Be strong.
When I looked again,
she was gone.
I cried myself to sleep.
Then in the morning,
my mom came in.
Honey, honey.
Kennedy's gone.
But I already knew...
I was embarrassed
to tell anybody
but I just kept thinking
about it all the time.
Then a while later...
Can I help you?
We're missionaries from the church of
Jesus Christ of latter day saints.
We have a message we'd
like to share with you.
Is there anyone else at home?
We can't come in if
it's just one sister.
My daughters are here.
Would that be ok?
you need to know that my husband
was born in the church but
has long since left it.
Things happened in his life
that not only turned him
away from the church.
He's angry and bitter about it.
If he were to come home,
I'm sure you'd have to leave.
Well that wouldn't be the first
time that's happened to us.
Lance, just hear to
what they have to say.
You know how I feel about this.
You need to understand
I've been a heavy partier,
a few weeks before this, I had come
home with a weird stomach ache.
It turns out I have
pancreatic cancer.
That's what killed
my grandmother,
and that's what killed my mom.
The Dr. said one more
drink could kill him.
So with everything that's
been going on in my life
and then cancer.
I'm mad at god.
And I'm thinking how
could there even be a god?
So with this attitude,
I come home...
And here's the missionaries,
in my own house.
So I tell 'em how I felt.
I went to church,
and I did all that,
and god, if there is a god,
turned his back on me.
I can't believe it.
And I don't know how you can sit
there and say you believe it either.
I think you're mad at god
and you tell others and try to
convince them to forsake him too.
I think the adversary has
you right where he wants you.
That comment hit me hard,
but it was the elder's next words
that went straight to my heart.
We want you to know,
brother Velasquez,
that we weren't out
randomly knocking on doors.
In our mission, we're not
even allowed to do that.
We were sent here,
to this home, to you.
God has bigger plans
for you and your family.
Daddy, the night she died,
Kennedy told me
this would happen.
We need to listen to them.
I would drop the
kids off at school
and I noticed Kennedy.
I saw her declining.
I was drawn to her.
I don't know why.
Now, this has all
started to make sense.
So, we want to know if
you would be here with us
while we're taught
the missionary lessons.
Kennedy had told us that one month after
she would die, there would be a miracle.
This is it.
People ask us how we could
endure losing our baby girl.
I need to tell you
one more thing.
One morning when Kennedy
was still in junior high,
the day seemed usual and
our family went through
our typical morning
with scripture study,
prayer and breakfast.
We sent the kids off to school
and Heather left for the gym.
When I began my morning prayer,
it struck immediately.
As I began, bam,
my entire body quivered.
I was overcome with
a warm, comforting
yet very serious spirit.
To this day I do not
know if I heard the voice
just in my mind or
if it was out loud,
but I was told,
"I need her home, my son,
I need her home."
I again began to pray.
As I did, I had a recollection
of Kennedy's entire life.
Our life.
My little family.
It was replaying through
my mind like a movie.
It was confirmed.
I need her home.
I didn't know when,
I didn't know how,
but that day,
I got what I asked for.
I got to see a copy of the plan.
She was just a young girl,
but she accomplished her
goals, cheerleading...
She even got to drive...
Kind of.
The Velasquez family were part
of thousands, maybe millions
that Kennedy has
effected for good.
If I live to be 100,
I could never do as much good for others
as Kennedy did in her short 16 years.
Now, I keep having
another dream.
But it's a dream I have,
when I'm awake...
And I can't wait.
Oh, daddy!
Even though she couldn't see,
she would always tell
you you were pretty.
Or she'd feel your hair and
tell you you were pretty
and just grab your hand if you
were ever sitting next to her.
And you could just
tell that she loved you
and just being around her,
you couldn't help but be happy.
She never lost
the ability to know
that she was loved by
her heavenly father.
She never doubted her faith
and that one day she
would be made whole
and she would return
to live with him.
And I was forewarned
and told by heavenly father
that we would lose her,
that he needed her home
and that is, yes,
a parents worst nightmare
but in our case, it helped
prepare me to send her home
and if I wouldn't have
had that preparation,
I don't know that
I could've accepted that,
I think I would've fought it
and so rather than
it being a nightmare
it became a complete,
wonderful, miraculous, journey.
Even when she started
losing her sight,
her mom, Heather,
was coming in to her bedroom
to help her with her prayers
and she had already started 'em.
And she said, "heavenly father,
I'm not mad at you because
I'm losing my sight,
I just need you to help
me as things move on.
I need your help and
I love you so much."
What more could
I be taught than that?
We started having the
lessons from the missionaries
and then we actually
took it from our home
to the Hansen's home and
had the lessons there
and the spirit in
that home from Kennedy
and the love that the
family had for the church
and just for god in general,
rocked our world.
I don't know why she came to me.
We were never really that close.
Maybe it's because
I needed it the most.
We were never really religious.
My dad has always
been extremely sick
and with his sickness came
a really strong hate for god.
And Kennedy changed
that completely.
She said what we needed to do
and when we did it,
he got better.
As I listened to Jason,
I knew that I wasn't
being taught
how to deal with my circumstance
I was basically being
taught how to die.
And I think Kennedy
taught me how to do that
Of her dignity.
So, I'm sorry.
So she touched me that way
and I think through
god's messages,
that god sent Jason to
me that day to talk to me
and teach me, tell me
what was happening
spiritually to me.
We were driving home
and everyone was asleep
and it was about
2:30 in the morning
and I was driving on 4000 south
and there was a big
light coming from behind
the church house and it
was over by Hansen's house.
And my first instinct was,
oh, I wonder if
there's camera's there
and then I thought no,
it was just a different
type of light.
And then the spirit just...
The spirit just told me
that Kennedy's going home
and the angels are
taking her home.
The next morning, um,
I saw on Facebook
that had passed.
Because of
this family, I know that...
Faith will guide me
and get me through and
I didn't believe that before.
Like, it just wasn't
there and it is now.
Although my prognosis
isn't very good right now
because of the
aggressiveness of my disease,
I still feel at peace
with passing away
and I know that everything's
gonna be okay because
my family...
Because, you know,
now has hundreds of
thousands of members
of the church that is
going to look out for them
and take care of them for me.
Boom wacka wacka,
boom boom, wacka wacka.
Hey! Kennedy!
Deedee, stop!
Stop the car, stop the car!
Boom wacka wacka, boom boom.