Love, Lies (2015) Movie Script

HAN Hyo-joo
At a new construction site in Seoul yesterday...
CHUN Woo-hee
an old album has been discovered.
an old album has been discovered.
YOO Yeon-seok
The album dates back to 1944.
It's by a faceless singer,
SEO Yeon-hee, entitled...
JOSEON'S HEAR Look forward to it being restored soon.
You're listening to Classic Oldies.
SEO Yeon-hee...
I first met her at the Agency which no longer exists.
I first met her at the Agency
which no longer exists.
One, two!
Though occupied by Japan,
restaurants flourished.
And artists were needed.
Agencies represented artists
to give performances.
And some trained young girls
and raised them as artists.
The peony is the queen of flowers
The sunflower is a loyal subject
Ye-hyang is all booked up.
Make note!
And Hang-a? Got it.
The apricot blossom is a child
The song So-yool just sang...
is the best of all traditional songs.
It's difficult to sing.
And demands the listener
to have noble ears.
Historically, those with tasteful ears...
have cherished this song
as the best of the best.
All your mouth can do is yawn?
Aren't you embarrassed before So-yool?
Where are your manners?
What did you eat to sing so well?
Breast milk.
Her mom was a master singer.
It's just a few lousy coins!
What's going on?
Where were the clothes?
It's your fault!
Our girls couldn't work yesterday!
So pay up!
I put the clothes on his rickshaw
on time to get delivered!
But the fool got lured into gambling...
Fine! I'll pay!
Bloody damn! It's just a few coins!
Come here! Go!
She grew without a mom.
She's good at chores.
Take her for 10 coins.
Let's say 5 coins.
She'll pay off the rest by working.
No, Dad!
You have no choice!
I don't need you.
The sailor sings in the distance
Like Madam LEE Nan-young too?
You're the rickshaw driver's girl?
What's your name?
Tell me?
SEO Yeon-hee. Why?
I'm JUNG So-yool.
We learn fun things here.
Wanna learn too? I can ask Mother.
You're an annoying girl.
Let's learn together?
She was as sharp as a cactus flower.
That's how we met.
And we became the closest of friends.
We're graduating! I could fly!
I won't get blue, will I?
Of course you'll get red!
But I'm worried...
If I get blue, I'll die!
Silly! You won't get blue!
Don't worry!
It'll be a pretty red one!
- SEO Geum-hong!
- Yes?
- KIM Ok-hyang!
- Yes.
SEO Yeon-hee!
Once you open the box,
you're no longer students.
You're official artists
on Daesung's roster.
Watch at all times
not to defame our agency.
Yes, Mother.
Now, open them.
- I'm so happy!
- Congratulations.
If you didn't get what you want...
Devote yourselves to further
training as artists.
- Understood?
- Yes, Mother.
Reds and oranges will have
pictures taken for our booklet.
Get ready and gather
by the pond.
Yes, sir.
- I told you.
- I'm so happy!
What about us?
What about you?
We don't get pictures taken?
You're blues!
You mean we're courtesans?
We didn't train hard for 4 years
to be prostitutes!
You must remember.
You are flowers that understand words.
Not only understand what people say...
but it means you know
literature and the arts.
Though of low status...
if you become skilled artists...
high officials will open
their eyes and ears...
and you'll bloom as
flowers that cannot be plucked.
Sell your talent, smiles, or bodies...
What's most important?
That you sell! Then what should you gain?
Food is not everything. Wrong!
That's why you're a courtesan.
You'll have all the rice
and clothes with this!
What is it, you ask?
A man's heart.
Nothing is more foolish
than trusting a man.
Though you go out and dance
and sing for them...
your performances are not just for them.
Then where is a man's heart?
Or here?
Be proud and gain men's hearts!
It means we're whores!
One, two...
Remember girls.
You are artists.
- Born and raised in the agency...
- Daesung booklet!
I knew nothing of the world outside.
I just practiced singing
traditional songs everyday.
But the age of traditional artists
was coming to an end.
The country was astir with modern songs.
Yeon-hee and I were also drawn by them.
It's Madam LEE Nan-young.
It's really her.
Seep into my heart
The bride by the port
Her clothes soaked with tears
Hello, San-wol.
Thank you for coming. Shall we?
Let's see the girls.
Daesung's booklet of artists.
She must be Cho-hyang's daughter.
I heard men are infatuated by her.
Like mother like daughter.
Allow me to serve you tonight.
How'd you spend your first pay?
Well... Nothing much.
Gave it all to your dad?
I knew you would.
What's this?
A gift!
Open it.
You wanted it.
Don't cry!
But I didn't get anything for you.
You're my one and only bosom friend.
I have to go out for a second.
What do you think?
About what?
That lady.
How does she look?
She's the best of all
the pictures you've sent so far.
Let's see.
With sparkling eyes and neat attire...
she must have the heart of an angel.
But her mouth...
What about the mouth?
Talking back!
Looks like she'll be stubborn.
I am not!
Must be stubborn.
In my eyes, no one can be more beautiful.
But your mother...
She'll never allow you to marry an artist.
You know me.
I'm modern!
Mom can't control me.
I'm a wild and free spirit!
2 years should do to be my bride.
Who said I'll marry...
It's Madam LEE Nan-young!
I'm surprised you know her
and even call her 'Madam'.
Who doesn't know her in Joseon?
You've heard her songs too?
Of course! I love her songs.
I'm dying to meet her someday.
Have you heard this song?
Of course! It's my favorite!
Written and composed by CHOI Chi-rim.
Don't know this song?
Where were you!
Everyone's looking for you!
Say hello, Yeon-hee.
This is KIM Yoon-woo.
And this is...
my best friend, SEO Yeon-hee.
Nice to meet you.
How've you been, ma'am?
It's been a while.
When did you return?
I came back for good today.
Then you should've gone to your mom.
You're still as beautiful
as a flower in the snow.
Come with me.
Yes, Mother.
Please don't scold So-yool!
I cajoled her to stay with me!
At 6 PM?
Thank you, councilor.
I'm indebted to you.
- Tonight...
- At 6 o'clock?
- Get So-yool...
- Ready!
It's a car!
Get in.
I can't. I have a performance soon.
You'll regret it if you don't.
But I can't.
It's an important performance.
What time is it at?
6 o'clock.
I'll bring you back here by 5 PM!
- Whose car is this?
- A friend's.
- Where are we going?
- To meet a friend.
- Where?
- A friend's house.
- Where is this?
- A friend's house.
Madam LEE Nan-young?
Uncomfortable with me?
Of course not!
I really respect you, madam.
I'm just a pop music singer.
I should respect you.
You're a master traditional singer.
Oh no! Please...
My singing is still...
What a pretty darling?
Like peach blossom?
Right! Peach blossom.
Title, 'Peach Blossom'!
The song will be about you.
His muse was you, So-yool?
I'm not surprised.
I love all the songs he made.
You didn't know?
He was famous even while in Japan.
Don't tell my mom.
He wrote one of my songs
too, 'Spring Dream'.
'Spring Dream'?
- That's made by CHOI Chi-rim.
- Right!
That's Mr. KIM's alias.
If I tell you who I'm with,
you'll be shocked!
Can you come now?
Thank you for agreeing to
my sudden request.
Why of course! I always welcome my fans.
Will you do me a favor in return?
Of course! Anything.
Sing me a traditional song?
Oh please.
I love traditional songs.
Could you sing for me?
A minute seems...
Like a lifetime
How can you be so senseless?
Have you lost your mind?
I thought you were quietly
getting ready in your room!
You have to get your hair and makeup done!
What time is it?
Damn! I forgot my watch.
You stay here.
What? I don't want to stay alone.
Take care of Yeon-hee.
Take care!
- Go inside.
- What?
You're a fan, right? Go in.
Japanese police commissioner,
Hirata Kiyoshi.
He's famous for being cruel,
but has an appreciation for the arts.
You must gain his heart.
One smile
Makes a hundred coquetry
Come pour him a drink.
Did you enjoy it, sir?
Her mother was a famous master singer too.
Joseon's traditional song?
It's called, 'Ujo Pyeonggeo', sir.
Do you know Japan's 'Joruri'?
I've heard the 'Yokyoku'...
But 'Joruri' is uncommon.
It'd be an honor to hear it some day.
This way.
After your bath, change into this.
You have an appreciation for the arts.
And you think dearly of artists.
So I humbly performed for you.
That is all I have to offer, sir.
I didn't prepare for anything else.
You said artists are flowers
that can't be plucked.
Do you know why artists are called flowers?
Flowers get plucked and put in vases.
They are for getting plucked
by men who want them.
That is an artist!
Then I'm basically a prostitute?
How dare you say that!
What are you doing here?
I waited all last night.
What took you so long?
It's nothing.
I'm hungry.
What about school?
You're really going to quit?
I already quit a long time ago.
Your mother will be disappointed.
There's no end to Mom's greed.
She wouldn't be satisfied even
if I become Governor-General.
In a world like this,
being successful is a sin.
As you go up the ladder,
you trample on our people.
Isn't it better to make songs
that comfort this country?
Promise you'll sing my song?
I can't be a pop singer.
Think pop music is lowly?
Of course I don't.
I just love traditional songs.
But So-yool...
Think even one person there
will ever get to hear you sing?
They don't have the right
or the ears to hear it?
Maybe your Mother is right.
But they don't need songs
to idly appreciate.
What they need
are tears and laughter.
I'm going to make
a national song of our time.
A song for the tired
and weary hearts of Joseon.
A song made complete
when sung by the people.
I forgot.
Madam LEE Nan-young's concert?
She especially invited you.
I'll go with Yeon-hee.
Thank you so much!
I'll go.
I love traditional songs.
But I really want to sing your song.
And if I could...
I want to be Joseon's heart.
How much longer?
No, no! Not tonight
Encore! Encore!
Thank you everyone.
I feel like I could sing all night.
And I'm so happy to share my songs
with my special guests.
A few days ago,
I happened to hear a lady sing.
It was literally music to my ears.
It was so good...
I couldn't sleep all night.
Music can touch and stir people's souls.
She made me realize
the joy of singing again.
And she's here tonight.
Will you sing for us?
Let's give her a big welcome!
Ms. SEO Yeon-hee!
Go on up.
Written and composed by
CHOI Chi-rim.
'Spring Dream'!
Spring wind is blowing everywhere
Azaleas are blooming
Spring is here
On the country girl's lovely back
The bent water-carrying yoke
feels light
The spring wind blows
in the south
How lovely the azaleas
blooming again
I'm so happy
I'll go out to meet
my love on his way to me
What if we miss each other?
And pass by
Let's give her a big welcome!
Ms. SEO Yeon-hee!
Have a seat.
Did you go somewhere?
About your boyfriend...
He's a bit strange.
He asked me to make an album.
- He asked you?
- Yes.
He said he's CHOI Chi-rim,
who wrote 'Spring Dream'.
What did you say?
Did you say you'll do it?
It's true?
I found an amazing singer.
But she won't make an album.
Why? Who doesn't want to?
Did you say I'll produce it?
She said no before I could explain.
She is so stubborn.
Women are all the same. They only see me!
See? There.
CHOI Chi-rim?
Know 'Hymn of Death'?
In the vast wilderness
My life runs
I dream of meeting you
Wherever are you?
In this lonely world
This bitter human world
What are you looking for?
You can go.
Come back in the morning.
Still undecided?
But I'm the top songwriter in Joseon!
KIM Yoon-woo! No, CHOI Chi-rim!
To make an album,
I'll have to leave Daesung.
That's the reason?
You'll make more money with the album.
It's not that.
So-yool and I made a promise.
To keep the honor
and live as artists for life.
What damn honor of artists?
So-yool and I are artists.
Don't insult us.
Look, Ms. SEO.
How can an artist's son insult an artist?
I'm not slighting artists.
But artists' performances...
are for gluttons who waste
money on a night of drinks.
Whether you like it or not...
your voice belongs to...
the merchants, rickshaw drivers,
and even beggars.
A voice that should belong to everyone!
That's what must be Joseon's heart.
Should it not?
I must become a singer.
Mr. KIM explained.
That my voice must be Joseon's heart.
Why is it Yeon-hee and not me?
Come inside.
Why Yeon-hee?
I'm sorry.
But I need Yeon-hee for my song.
Come in.
It's because...
you didn't hear me sing.
I only sang traditional songs.
Madam LEE and you didn't hear me sing.
Spring wind is blowing everywhere
Azaleas are blooming
Spring is here
On the country girl's lovely back
The bent...
How about this song?
The sailor sings in the distance
The waves...
Until now...
I've never had anyone in my heart but you.
It'll always be you.
My love won't change. Okay?
I know.
Then why are you crying?
Because... I want to sing your song too.
Then sing! I'll make all
the songs you want.
I'll make a hundred songs for you!
Perhaps for you...
pop songs suit your level.
Know why they're pop songs?
Because they fade away in time.
Remember that once you leave,
you cannot come back.
Why don't you try writing the lyrics?
How could I?
Just be sincere.
That's most important.
Are you okay?
Now become the storm
And awaken the sky
with its eyes closed
Yeon-hee is amazing! It sounds good.
You came?
I think the second last one sounded best.
What do you think?
I think the second one
sounded really pretty.
I liked the last one.
I felt most comfortable.
It sounds a bit heavy.
Like the song demands to feel something.
- What about you?
- I love food.
Give it your all!
Joong-sun and Jung-wol!
Chae-sung and Bok-hyang!
You four get ready now.
Stop! Don't come!
What about me?
Wait! Hold on!
She's so aggressive.
What about Asawon?
They won't take us either?
I'm doomed.
I have to pay my brother's tuition.
Stop please!
Your hair!
Weird, isn't it?
I'm not used to it.
It looks great! You look like a singer.
I was worried I'd miss you.
It's released? Congratulations!
Not officially yet.
We made 20 for censorship.
- I had to give you one.
- Thanks.
Let's listen to it now.
Wait, So-yool.
The band and the dancers
are waiting for me.
There's a concert
before the release.
I see. Then go on.
There are tickets inside.
Come to the concert?
Of course.
JOSEON'S HEAR Should I trust my youth?
Don't go! O night of youth!
Yeon-hee! You have to change!
Alone on a barren field
With nowhere to lean
Stands so lonely
An unbloomed flower
In the long darkness
The sun does not rise
In the hard, toiling days
Only tears flow
Tears, become the rain
And soak our sad hearts
Oh silence
Now become thunder
And shake the hushed land
Oh sorrow
Now become the storm
And awaken the sky
with its eyes closed
Yeon-hee, the cactus flower...
She is beating out the thorns on stage.
Tears, become the rain
And soak our sad hearts
Oh silence
Now become thunder
And shake the hushed land
Oh sorrow
Now become the storm
And awaken the sky
with its eyes closed
What did you think?
Great! She'll be the next LEE Nan-young.
I told you, didn't I?
- She'll be a hit!
- Thank you!
You came.
- Saw the concert?
- No!
I waited for you to invite me.
How could you not?
Don't do it again.
Let's go.
Everyone! Raise your glasses.
How about a toast to 'Joseon's Heart'?
To 'Joseon's Heart'!
Good work everyone.
So-yool's here!
You were amazing.
Seeing the newspaper tomorrow,
I'll have a heart attack.
Your whole world will change tomorrow!
Come quickly!
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I forgot flowers...
An encore performance from our new singer!
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I'd like to sing a duet.
With the one person who's
happier for me than myself.
No way!
Please! Go up there! Give her a big hand!
What song?
How about 'Spring Lady'?
'Spring Lady' please.
For our two beautiful ladies,
I'll shine the light!
Spring lady
Her heart is blooming
Spring lady
The moon sets on her
Just the sound of willow pipes
Spring lady's heart
Is blooming like flowers
Spring lady's ribbon
is pretty scarlet
Spring lady's first love
is blossoming
The sound of the stream
Spring lady's heart...
You're still here?
Go home.
What's with your leg?
It's nothing.
When did you hurt it?
I'm fine.
It doesn't hurt.
It's okay.
I'm fine, really.
You heard!
You're no longer the same SEO Yeon-hee!
Why are you so mad?
I'm mad!
I'm angry!
Why am I so angry? I just am!
Until now...
I've never had anyone in my heart but you.
2 years should do to be my bride.
Are you awake?
So-yool! No!
Don't worry.
As you wish...
I'll guard this agency.
You should make at least 5,000 copies!
A man should dream big!
The phone is ringing off the hook!
- I'm in the newspaper?
- Yes.
If you wait till the permit,
you won't get enough.
They'll approve the album
in a couple of days for sure.
Money will fall from the sky! Trust me!
Just get ready to rake in the cash!
I'd like to be a singer.
Wait! Please!
Did you listen to it at all?
Did you listen to it once?
After all that work!
Let go!
No! No! No!
It's an honor to have you
come in person, sir.
I will make a great album in return.
So-yool? This way.
Go on.
Poor singing method?
Yoon-woo? Does this make sense?
This is insane!
The police commissioner?
How did I get on his bad side?
I'll find out what happened.
Just stay low till I find out.
You too.
I promise I'll find a way
for our song be heard.
And to be with you.
We'll get through this.
Anywhere is fine, if I'm with you.
Thank you for this grand concert.
If you satisfy me...
you'll be satisfied with me too.
It's just the beginning.
She's a smart girl.
She's not smart. She's just slutty.
The old man will buy her a
house and make her an album.
She sold her body to become a singer?
What a whore.
Become a good singer.
No matter what, just think of that.
Moon's shadow is my friend
We're done.
What's with you?
You really don't know?
Snap out of it!
How many did we make?
Minus what the commissioner bought,
we sold just 200 albums!
But she's the commissioner's girl.
We have to do it.
I'm sorry, Ms. JUNG,
but this is not for you.
Just sing traditional songs!
I hope you understand.
He's good, but quite stubborn.
Find a new songwriter.
His songs didn't suit me from the start.
But we don't have time.
Could you change your singing method a bit?
Singing method?
How should I change my singing method?
For instance...
Like SEO Yeon-hee! You should know her.
Her album is selling like crazy
in the black market.
People love the way SEO Yeon-hee sings!
But her album was rejected
due to poor singing method.
Bring me KIM Yoon-woo.
Oh silence
Now become thunder
And shake the hushed land
What's with him?
Don't mind him. Let's drink!
Damn Joseon fool!
You wanna die!
Kill him!
Tears, become the rain
Oh silence
Now become thunder
Oh sorrow
Now become the storm
And awaken the sky
with its eyes closed
Oh silence
Now become thunder
And shake the hushed land
Oh sorrow...
KIM Yoon-woo, the songwriter...
He's in a predicament.
He beat a Japanese soldier.
He'll rot in jail for years.
Wait just a bit.
I promise...
I'll find you a way out.
How is she?
I have something to tell you.
There's no time for this.
We have to get you out.
Good thing we met.
Come with me.
This way.
Give this to Yoon-woo or Yeon-hee?
What's this?
Their passports and visas to Italy.
He said he'll take Yeon-hee
to study in Italy, so I got them.
But they're both nowhere to be found.
They're leaving?
You didn't know?
Anyway, tell Yoon-woo
that I'm hiding from creditors.
Thanks, So-yool! Bye!
Don't come anymore.
Tell Hong-seok what
happened, and stop coming.
Because I'm nothing to you?
Because you're planning
to leave with Yeon-hee?
What about me?
You promised.
You swore...
Please don't do this.
Change your mind.
Since it's so easy.
You can change your heart again.
I have a favor to ask.
He insulted the Imperial army.
He must fill his sentence.
Lock him up for good.
So he can't meet anyone.
Sorry. Did you wait long?
The recording took long.
I heard your songs.
Congratulations. Really.
Have you heard from Yoon-woo?
You call him Yoon-woo now?
Who is he that you couldn't come to me?
I'm sure he's doing fine.
I'm more worried about you.
Don't trust him too much.
But I trust him.
He said he'll find a way
for us to be together.
He must be still searching.
If you hear anything, let me know.
Of course.
You can still make an album without him.
I'll help you.
Thank you.
But I can't. I don't have a permit.
Is there anywhere I can sing?
I'm dying to sing.
How do you know JUNG So-yool?
We're best friends.
Best friends, huh?
It makes sense.
At least you get paid a lot.
Thumb print here.
What is a 'Government
General special singer'?
You came without knowing?
Literally, a 'special' singer.
Go on.
You're pretty.
She suits you!
Drink up!
I can't do that?
Because I'm a whore...
I must do anything you want?
Who is it?
Who's there?
Yeon-hee! Yeon-hee!
Wake up, Yeon-hee!
Oh no!
Open up!
"OPE" up now!
Open the gate now!
Thank you for coming but...
Wait! Please!
Please listen to me!
Listen to me. Wait!
She's not here!
Yeon-hee left here long ago!
She's not here!
What is it?
We're searching for a killer.
A killer?
Then why search here?
Out of my way.
Hirata Kiyoshi!
I am...
the police commissioner's woman.
If you don't find what
you want in my room...
the commissioner...
will see to this rudeness.
I heard about the commotion today.
Have you been to the zoo?
If anyone challenges
the leader's authority...
animals kill without mercy.
SEO Yeon-hee...
She'll never make you cry again.
Everything that happened...
it was you?
You can't go now.
Listen to me, Yeon-hee!
You can't!
Let go!
Don't go!
Don't go outside!
Let go!
Why? Why'd you do that to me!
You gave me no choice.
My everything...
You stole it from me.
When I gave you everything.
Why'd you do that to me?
I didn't steal anything.
Then why do I have nothing?
No song...
I wish you'd disappear.
If it wasn't for you...
I wouldn't be like this.
You made yourself like that!
You're nothing to me now.
Not even a friend.
You're just a filthy whore!
The slut of a dirty bastard!
Where's Yoon-woo?
Tell me where he is!
SEO Yeon-hee!
I arrest you for killing
Lt. Maza Hidekki!
If you resist, we'll shoot!
Do you resent me?
Isn't it what you wanted?
Mr. KIM Yoon-woo?
Let's make a song together.
I can't write songs now.
My songs are prohibited.
No problem. So-yool will sing your song.
What she says goes around here.
What do you mean?
She's the commissioner's mistress.
JUNG So-yool!
Come out now!
Where's Yeon-hee?
Don't be so cold.
There's a song I want you to hear.
My dear
You love me
All lies
Love is all lies.
Until now...
I've never had anyone in my heart but you.
It'll always be you.
My love won't change.
Where's Yeon-hee?
Yeon-hee is dead.
I didn't do it.
She just had bad luck.
What did you do!
What did you do to her!
Shouldn't you ask why I'm here?
And why I became a whore?
I don't care what you've become!
Just tell me what you did!
Let go!
Don't touch him!
He's my songwriter.
Write a song just for me?
You promised.
You swore! You promised!
Hurrah for Korean independence!
Hurrah for independence!
You whore! Come here!
There's a whore!
The commissioner's mistress is here!
The album by SEO Yeon-hee
has been restored.
After all these years...
we'll be able to play,
'Joseon's Heart', tomorrow.
If anyone out there knows
anything about the singer...
please call in to our station.
You're listening to Classic Oldies.
You know SEO Yeon-hee?
What is your relationship to her?
It's me.
I'm SEO Yeon-hee.
There are a few things I have to confirm.
It was found at the site of Daesung Agency.
The press doesn't know yet.
Could you tell me about
the unreleased song?
Alone on a barren field
...the hushed land
Oh sorrow
Now become the storm
And awaken the sky
with its eyes closed
SEO Yeon-hee...
I was curious. I had to come.
It's you!
You don't recognize me
or are you pretending not to?
I recognized you right away.
That old man died and I got remarried.
My husband and son
don't know how I lived.
The Ok-hyang you knew died a long time ago.
The So-yool I knew must've died too.
Am I right?
Don't forget.
No matter what, just be a good singer.
I enjoyed the song, Ms. SEO Yeon-hee.
I have something for you.
Wait here, madam.
I think you'll be thrilled.
'To my best friend in the world...'
'JUNG So-yool'.
This is the same person, right?
You two must've been very close.
Have you ever heard this song?
It's been so long...
That's true.
Well, her songs all seem
like your imitations.
But isn't it odd?
'Love, Lies'.
This song is completely different.
Traditional singing method in a ballad.
It's sounds so...
I mean, her voice...
Every note and every beat
is absolutely perfect.
But it's so terribly sad.
Something must've happened to her.
I can feel her sadness completely.
It's making me sad again.
Anyway, it's the best of the best!
You're much better, of course.
Why didn't I know...
How great it was?
Why didn't I know then?
Please, madam.
You'll know when you hear it.
I'll play the song.
My dear, you love me
All lies
To So-yool.
I hope you'll forgive me.
You were as beautiful
as peach blossom.
My promise to you became a lie.
I'm sorry.
I don't love you.
I hope you'll forget me,
but don't lose yourself.
This is the best I can give you.
Sincerely, Yoon-woo.
Love, lies
Love, lies
Love is all lies
See you in my dreams
More and more
All lies
Love, lies
Love, lies
Love, lies
Love is all lies
Oh love
Oh love
All lies