Love Lies Bleeding (2024) Movie Script

-There you are.
-Hey, Daisy.
Looks like you've got
your hands full.
- Hurray.
- Nice.
What's up, Daisy?
Was wondering if, um,
maybe you wanted
to meet up later?
Go to Winkie's.
I gotta help Beth
with some stuff...
I got to help her.
It's boring.
Aw! Poor Lou-Lou.
Always looking out
for her, sis.
You know, you gotta remember
your own needs too.
I have some stuff to finish
up here too though, so...
You've got time.
Hey, you should have
one on me tonight.
Oh, you don't...
You don't have to do that.
Why not? It's fine.
Have fun. Rain check.
Hey, buddy.
When you smoke a cigarette,
you inhale a drug
called nicotine.
You could replace
the word drug with poison.
Like anything that is not
built on solid foundations,
the brainwashing is as fragile
as a house of cards...
...and will collapse
in an instant.
All you have to do is
give it a shake.
you like that dick?
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, that was...
that was magical.
Ah, fuck, yeah.
So... So should
I call you, or?
-About the job?
-Oh, yeah, yeah.
Swing by tomorrow.
Hey, careful where you sleep
around here.
It's dangerous.
I'd describe the withdrawal
from nicotine
as a mild, empty,
slightly insecure feeling.
I've also stated that
the only reason
a smoker lights up
is to relieve that feeling.
All smokers are caught up... the same trap.
-Good morning.
We're running a little late.
Nothing to worry about.
You'll never catch me!
Running too fast!
Whoa! You okay, bud?
Slow down.
-I lost a tooth, Lou.
Shucks, man.
You gotta be more careful.
Hey, Billy.
Quit hanging off her.
Come on, you guys.
Let's get all
our stuff together.
Aunt Lou's gonna
drive you to school.
Mom! He's calling me...
Can you open this?
Boys, come get your things.
- Mom!
- Come on, ready?
- How's my makeup?
- Mom, he is cheating.
- Ready, set, go!
- I'm not.
You cheated last time.
Hey, Bethy Boopski?
-You girls goin' to the store?
-Why? You want something?
Can you grab me some smokes.
I'm just...
I don't wanna be late.
I don't think I'll have time.
Yeah, I could...
I can come...
- Yeah?
- ...drop it off.
- There you go.
- Aren't we late? No!
Late for school?
Something like that?
Dad! Dad!
-Bye, baby.
- Later, my dudes.
- Bye, Dad.
- Mom!
- Mom!
I don't know
where my bag is.
Where is it?
Since Die Hard came out,
fucking everyone wants
to try the Beretta.
We're, uh, we're setting up
a new indoor range out there.
How's it going, guys?
Uh, we got the beginners'
range out there...
We also got long distance,
moving target, novelty...
Get... Get a lot of tourists
come out for the day.
Fuckin' crazy-ass
foreigners mostly.
Uh, that's the canteen.
Sandwiches, drinks.
Get a little wild if you want.
All right, we're gonna
head this way.
Should I be nervous
or something?
No, just...
Just don't make me look
- like an asshole.
- Okay.
You know,
just stand up straight.
I'll do my best.
Oh, watch out for that.
Boss, now a good time?
Good as any.
Cool. What is that?
One of my Hercules larvae.
Just giving his bed
a little spruce.
They like things
moist and cozy.
Fuck, yeah. They do.
Oh, uh. This here is Jackie.
-Uh, this is Mr. Langston.
She needs a job.
Says she'll do anything.
I figured we could use
some spare hands.
Yeah, you like guns?
Not really.
What the fuck are
you doing here then?
Anyone can feel strong
hiding behind
a piece of metal.
I prefer to know
my own strength.
Is that right?
Excuse me,
the end toilet is blocked.
It's overflowing.
Excuse me?
-The end toilet is blocked.
-Then use the other one.
Can I get
a Mountain Dew?
- The machine's over there.
- It's broken.
There you go.
You're Lou Langston's
-He's an old friend of mine.
How is your old man?
My old man?
He's a piece of shit.
We don't talk.
Pretty sure
his friends know that.
And your mom, do you know
where I could find her?
- Why?
- Just to talk.
Well, I'll tell you what.
When you're feeling
more friendly, give us a call.
You're nice.
Can we talk?
-I'm Jackie.
We're still in here.
We're closed, fuck off.
Can I steal one?
Is this your place?
No, I just work here.
You were looking
pretty good in there.
You got some
pretty serious lines going.
There you are.
If that's all right
with you, Lou?
Hey, we're gonna go
grab a drink right now
-if you wanna come with us?
-Thanks. I'm good here.
You know, Lou here is
a grade A dyke, right?
Is that so?
Funny, come on.
Touch me...
Whoa! Ay!
- Whoa, man. She's a girl.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- I'm sorry about that.
- You crazy bitch.
Yeah, here we... Come on, now.
I was being nice.
- Fuck you!
- Fuck him! Let's go.
You cooling off out here?
You wanna ice yourself?
You gotta be careful
around here, I'm telling you.
That could've gotten
a lot worse.
I could take him.
Oh... Sorry.
So where did you appear from?
Yeah, I've been
hitchhiking for a while now.
Are you heading
anywhere particular?
So there's finals
for this bodybuilding contest
next month in Vegas.
Um... Gonna give it
a shot.
I'm just laying low here
while I train.
Um, most times
when people hear that,
I get this look like...
I think I know that look.
Is that why you left home?
Oklahomans not
into muscle chicks?
Yeah, not so much.
The place I'm from,
everyone's a farmer,
goes to church twice a week,
that kind of thing.
So how does
an Oklahoma farm girl
get into bodybuilding.
Uh, my folks adopted me
when I was 13.
And I was a fat kid.
So, kind of got bullied a lot.
- Shit.
- No, it's good.
Taught me to fight back.
So you're gonna win
this competition.
-And then what?
-I don't know.
I didn't think
that far ahead yet.
Yeah, I think I know that one.
You want me
to show you something?
-You have to stay here.
I'll be back.
So maybe this is dumb.
I don't know, I mean...
You're probably
all set with these.
But, ta-da!
Are these yours?
Yeah. How am I doing?
Thanks, but I...
I can't afford them.
I mean, they're free.
The guys here
order 'em in bulk
from, like, Germany
or Romania.
They're fucking everywhere.
I'll just give them to you.
Do you not do this shit?
Au naturelle, baby.
All right.
Your body, your choice.
You wanna do a little bit?
I think 150 is, kind of,
the smallest dose you can do
and if you have four weeks,
you'll barely notice it,
but it'll build up gradually
and just give you that
little... edge.
Where do you want it?
In the butt.
Then turn around.
-Okay, incoming.
How does it feel?
Feel it already?
You're, like, boom, boom!
It's all over it immediately.
Like Popeye eating spinach.
So stupid.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You're not, like, some fucking
straight girl, right?
Just trying shit out?
Oh, shit, sorry.
Holy, shit!
Holy, fuck.
So I gotta...
I gotta go to work today,
but do you, maybe,
wanna hang out later?
You got a job already?
Yeah, I'm, uh...
I'm waitressing
at this shooting range place
just outside of town.
It's like, ton of gun nuts
and weirdos.
Pay's pretty good though.
Oh, man don't work there.
-Why not?
-My dad runs it.
Oh my, God.
I met him yesterday.
- Fun.
- Wait. The bug guy?
Yeah, the bug guy.
So where are you staying?
Um, I'm actually not sure yet.
What does that mean?
I was gonna ask
if maybe I could...
crash here couple of nights.
I mean, like, until
I get paid, you know, like...
Until I can afford
a room somewhere.
You can stay here.
I can just sleep on the couch.
No, shut the fuck up.
You can stay here.
-This is delicious.
I mean, like, you know,
next time, maybe,
-take the yolks out, but...
-Oh, yeah.
And then we do
our first pose,
which is a double front bicep.
Super strong,
and confident, relaxed, right?
Why don't you want me
working for your dad?
We just don't get along.
How come?
'Cause you like girls?
No, he didn't care about that.
That's cool of him.
He's not cool.
He's a fucking psycho.
What about
your mom?
She's gone...
She's... It's, um...
It's been, like, 12 years.
You mean she's dead?
No, she's gone.
What's wrong?
Why are you stopping?
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Up, up, up, up.
God, fuck!
Oh, Lou, ew.
Ah! Hmm.
I can get a job
somewhere else if you want.
Do what you want.
That's not what
I'm paying you for.
I'm on my break, sir.
Come on.
Come on!
If you work here, you should
at least know the basics.
Line her up.
You only have
to be very, very gentle.
A bit more powerful
than a punch, huh?
One more time, line it up.
-That's it. Nice and easy.
Will you come
with me to Vegas?
I want you to see me win.
Yeah, of course.
But, you know,
if you don't win, that's okay.
Afterwards, let's
just keep driving.
Yeah, if I win.
I can get a job as a trainer,
find a place by the beach,
swim in the ocean.
All that stuff.
Yeah, I've never been
anywhere but here.
Why not?
So, is the, um...
When is the contest?
- This Thursday.
- Mmm.
How are you feeling?
Mmm. Good, I think.
She's gonna knock 'em out.
Yeah, you look amazing.
Ooh, food.
- More?
- Yeah.
- Pineapple?
- No.
You guys
will love Vegas. It's wild.
I've heard.
Have you gone?
We went
for our honeymoon, actually.
Fucking things.
- You need help, hon?
- No, it's fine.
-You need a fork?
- Just hold...
- I got it.
I'm so sorry. I am so sorry.
-That's gonna stain.
-I know, I know.
What... What are you...
You can't just
rub my dick in the middle
of the restaurant.
I'm sorry.
Please don't.
What the fuck?
If you touch her
one more time...
What? What is it, Lou?
It'll be the last
fucking thing you do.
What the fuck did she tell you
this time, huh?
She doesn't have
to tell me shit. I have eyes.
Why don't you look closer
at your new girlfriend,
then, huh?
Instead of interfering in shit
you don't know about.
Yeah. Yeah, I met her
first night
she rocked up into town.
Took her out back of Daggers.
Gave it to her right there
in the parking lot.
She wanted that job
so fucking bad.
Let me tell you.
Although, I guess...
not as bad as she wanted
a free fucking
gym membership, huh?
Are you gonna be like
this the rest of the night?
Want me to drop you
off somewhere?
Drop me off?
Fuck, I knew that's why
you're being so weird.
You fucked him.
I didn't know
who he was or anything.
I hadn't even met you yet.
I met you the day
after you got here.
So what? Fuck.
So you'd fuck guys?
I specifically asked you...
I like both.
I guess it doesn't
really matter who it is,
as long as they
hook you up with a job,
or a place to stay,
take out your egg yolks.
Did I get it?
Fuck you.
Hey, where
the fuck are you going?
- Where does it look like?
- Nowhere.
How could you fuck
that guy, baby?
Did you enjoy it?
'Cause he's
beyond sickening like...
Like, a fucking scumbag.
He beats the crap
out of Beth, Jack.
She's completely brainwashed.
She's the only reason
I stick around.
But maybe you think that
I don't have an actual life
outside of helping you
with your dumb shit.
Fuck you!
Of course, I do. But you don't
tell me anything.
I'm telling you now.
Look, look... That's
what's going on.
That's what's always
been going on.
The cops don't do anything
because she won't
press charges.
I don't know
what the fuck to do.
I'm sorry, I didn't...
I didn't...
share that with you.
You don't think
I have horror stories, Lou.
Huh? I got plenty.
You don't...
You don't understand.
This guy, I wanna...
I wanna do really...
I wanna do really bad...
I... I wanna fuckin' kill him.
Get back in the car.
Close the door, come on.
Just give me a second.
I thought you quit.
This doesn't count.
I'm wanna stretch you.
I wanna see
how far you can go.
Do you put your fingers
inside when you fuck yourself?
How do you do it?
You wanna show me?
Come on, show me.
Is that really how you do it?
Good girl.
Oh, shit.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- Mmm.
- Yeah?
Hey, is... Okay, this is 08?
Oh, my God.
Paramedics picked
her up at 3:00 a.m.
Still waiting for her
to come round.
I'm not sure.
Sometime late last night.
Where the fuck is he?
If you're referring
to the husband
he's at the station
giving a statement.
A statement?
We're clear. We know.
He did this.
Ma'am, no one knows
exactly what happened.
Have you seen her?
We're gonna wait
until your sister wakes up
and then we're gonna ask
if she wants to press charges.
I'll make sure she gets
everything she needs.
It's best we take care
of JJ ourselves.
He'll regret this.
That's what you said
last time.
She wouldn't
wanna wake up
and find her husband in jail.
I wasn't
thinking about jail.
She wouldn't
want him dead either.
I'd like
to respect her wishes.
That's big of you.
Don't worry, little Bethany.
It's all gonna heal.
I'm sorry, Lou.
Ah! God, ah!
JJ, we gotta talk.
Pick up the phone.
Shut the fuck up!
What the...
No, no, no, no!
No! I'm sorry.
Come on.
Nothing more you can do here.
This is
crack cocaine,
seized a few days ago
by drug enforcement agents
in a park just across
the street from the mine.
Stop! Stop!
Could easily
have been heroin or PCP.
Jack, are you okay?
Baby, are you okay?
Baby, what the fuck happened?
I made it right.
Oh, they're gonna
fucking fry you for this!
-I'm sorry.
What? Did anyone...
Did anybody see you?
He's not gonna fit. I think...
I think we have to...
Let's... Let's unroll him.
Just push.
All right. We're just
gonna go for a drive, okay?
I know a place.
Baby, go get my truck.
Follow me, okay?
Roll your window down.
Come on it's red, please.
- Hey, stranger.
- Daisy.
- New ride?
- No. I mean, yeah.
How you doing?
I'm good.
Thank you for asking.
Um, so what are you doing
out so late, huh?
Just driving,
'cause I have a headache
- and it's a migraine.
- Poor, Lou-Lou.
Ugh! Smelly cunt...
Drive around!
Ain't... Ain't that
your truck?
Actually, I gotta
go right now,
but we should go to Winkie's.
-Are you around tomorrow?
-Yeah. Absolutely.
-Sounds fun. I love it.
-Okay, bye.
-Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
Lou? Are you sure?
Trust me.
What is this place?
Hey, don't worry, Jack.
We're gonna be okay.
You just gotta listen
to me, okay?
You gotta do what I say.
So, I'm gonna go
back to Beth's
to make sure
we didn't leave anything.
I think you should stay here.
Why don't you pack now?
And I'll come with you.
We could make it
to Vegas by the evening.
No, we can't go anywhere now.
Why not?
It's, um...
Hey, come here.
Come here. Come here.
Listen to me.
Someone's gonna see
that smoke. Like any minute.
And then the cops are gonna
find JJ's body.
It's okay. That's good.
'Cause there's
other shit down there.
There's other shit down there
that's gonna lead them
to someone else.
There's shit down there
that someone else
is gonna have to answer for.
Not you.
I have to go.
No, no, no, no. We have to...
-The competition's tomorrow.
-No, we have to stay here,
lay low and act real normal.
I was always gonna go.
You said you'd come with me.
Beth's safe now.
Can we talk about this later?
I love you.
Please stay here.
This is
history in the making, folks.
The German government
said tonight they'll be making
at least a dozen
more openings in the wall,
so that more people can
cross to the West.
The excitement
in the air is palpable.
The atmosphere is electric.
A celebration
of the individual.
JJ, you here?
We gotta talk, buddy.
Jeez. When's the last time
anyone took care of you?
See anything?
He's not here, guys.
Let's go.
Yeah, his car's gone.
You didn't know anything?
Do they even know it's JJ?
Licence plates match.
My buddy said
it will be 24 hours,
before they can get
down there and ID the body.
- You sure it wasn't suicide?
- No.
Cars don't explode like that
when they crash.
Just in the movies.
With Beth in the hospital,
they're gonna be
looking at you.
Who else knows
about that place?
What do I pay you for?
Find out.
Ah, fucking...
Whoo! Ah!
Whoo! Oh.
Hey baby, Lou, come on.
Pack your bags, let's go!
I'm so fucking ready! Ah!
Pack your bags.
We gotta go.
Mmm, God.
fucking Christ, Jack.
Where have you been?
I asked for one thing.
I asked you to do one thing.
I said stay home
while I sort out everything!
How much of that stuff
did you take?
-You didn't ask.
- You locked me in!
- Hey, whoa!
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come here.
You killed a man, Jack.
Did you get that?
Yeah. Yeah, you're welcome.
-You're fucking crazy.
-Fuck you!
Fuck you!
This isn't a game, Jack.
We need to be
so fucking careful right now.
Forget about Vegas.
Ow! Ah!
Sorry, baby.
Wish me luck.
- Where you headin'?
- Vegas!
Guess it's
your lucky day.
Good morning, sunshine.
It's your stop, right?
Oh, good job, kiddo.
Good job.
Come here, Bobby.
Mom's just a bit sad.
Has he called?
Has anyone heard from him?
Not yet, honey.
Lou, did you talk to him?
Did you tell him to leave?
No, no.
You promise me?
Beth, I... Yeah.
He'll be back, honey.
This guy has
a lot of thinking to do.
I'll grab a soda.
You going to ignore me
the rest of your life?
This isn't about you or me.
This is about Beth.
She's the only fucking reason
that I'm here, Dad.
I admire how protective
you are of your sister,
but maybe next time
you might be
a little more careful
how you go about it.
-What are you talking about?
-They found JJ in his car.
Yeah. Mike filled me in
on the details.
What they know so far.
Great. I'm glad Mike's doing
some actual law enforcement
for a change.
Someone burnt
it up pretty bad.
Maybe they didn't know
the smoke could be seen
for miles.
An innocent act of stupidity,
or maybe there's something
you wanna tell me.
Here she is, officers.
No! No!
I wanna see him.
I wanna see him!
it like down there?
It keeps going down!
The car is just wedged here.
I'm going down
for a better look.
You see anything?
Fuck! There's more.
Ladies and gentlemen,
your attention please,
competitors 20 to 25,
stand on the stage, please.
Thank you very much,
ladies and gentlemen.
And now...
It's the ladies!
Quarter turn to the right.
Quarter turn to the right.
Face the front.
Thank you.
Beautiful, aren't they?
And we're
just getting started.
Each competitor will
return to the stage
for their individual routine.
Fuckin' get it.
Up first,
all the way from Oklahoma,
Miss Jaqueline Cleaver!
Baby, I told you to lay low.
Fucking fatty.
Did fatty
eat too much?
Security to the stage.
Knock it off!
- Stop!
- Uh! Come on!
I was waiting
for you at Winkie's last night.
Oh, yeah?
Sorry, I was, uh,
with my sister.
She's, you know,
in the hospital.
It's been a whole thing.
Oh, yeah.
I... I... I heard about
what happened to B.
Actually, I, um...
I brought you
a little something.
It's just a little something
to... to cheer you up.
I can't imagine how
you must be feeling right.
That's nice.
Um, you know, I... I quit.
All of it.
Oh, my gosh. Lou-Lou!
Do... Do you want me to stop?
No, but I just don't
need this.
You should keep it.
No, save it.
For an emergency.
Sure was weird seeing you
the other night.
-Oh, yeah?
Yeah. I was even
thinking about you
as I was walking along there.
I don't know why. It's just
a crazy coincidence, I guess.
- Crazy.
- Mmm-hmm.
Or fate.
I did wanna ask you
one thing, though,
and I understand if maybe
it's none of my business.
No, please. What?
What was she doing
driving your truck?
You know,
that big girl.
Thought you two were,
maybe, together or something.
I... I... I...
I'm not with her.
It's, like, she's
somebody that I...
I haven't seen her in a while.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, it's a weird coincidence
that she was behind me.
Yeah, I thought
it was weird, too.
And that
you were driving JJ's car.
We hung out a couple of times.
I never forget a Camaro.
Court appearance is
in eight days.
Bail is set at $300.
You get one phone call.
Lou's residence. Howdy.
Who's this?
Stay away from her.
She doesn't want you anymore.
All right, Rambo.
Your guardian angel's here.
You and Lou fall out
or something?
That why you called me?
Don't worry.
You made the right call.
My guys will take care
of this whole problem.
You know, Lou and I have had
our share of arguments too.
I bet she's told you
all kinds of things about me.
That's her right.
Although, I find it
a little rich at times.
I own the gym.
She probably didn't
tell you that.
I know you didn't ask
for my advice,
but seeing how you're
sitting in my car,
I get to tell you anyway...
You can't go
around killin' people
without figuring out
a few of the details first,
you know what I mean?
Um, I wanna get out
now, please.
I wanna get out.
All right, get out
if you want to.
What do you think this is?
But once you're
out of this car,
you're on your own.
You know that, don't you?
I mean, really alone.
They found the body, the cops.
They're gonna ask questions.
You really don't think
I have anything better to do?
Hmm? I came out here
to help you.
Both of you.
You know, Lou won't
ask me for it.
She thinks she has
it all under control,
but she can't handle
a thing like this.
You're smarter than that.
I know you are.
Lou didn't do anything.
Why don't you close the door?
It's cold out there.
Call me
when it's done.
You try and get
some sleep now.
Thank you.
You sure you're not hungry?
Yeah, I... I just wanna be
boring for a second.
-And, uh...
-What is it?
I just wanna clear the air
on this whole JJ thing.
Well, he really had it coming,
didn't he?
Well, I mean, we weren't
friends or anything,
but it's pretty horrible.
What happened
to him, you know?
I thought you were saying
how much you hated him.
Yeah, but I didn't
want him dead.
He was family.
You know how we ran
into each other
at the lights the other night?
Did you tell
anyone about that?
Like the cops or anyone?
I was thinking about it.
What were you thinking
of saying?
I thought they ought to know
that I saw that beefy girl
driving JJ's car that night.
But you didn't
'cause she wasn't.
-Wasn't she?
Sorry, I... I thought
you'd be pleased.
You said you weren't
together anymore.
-No, we're... we're not.
-That why you brought me here?
No, no. Hey.
I'm just...
Hey, I'm... I'm just looking
out for myself, you know.
Think about it,
if you tell the cops that
you saw her driving JJ's car,
they're gonna start
asking around.
They're gonna find out
we were dating,
that... that she was
staying with me.
And... And it would be
a whole thing.
And I don't wanna
get dragged into it,
because I'm...
I'm scared, Daze.
My God, Lou-Lou,
I'm... I'm such a dum-dum.
I didn't think of that.
Hey, it's okay.
You were just trying to help.
- I appreciate it.
Don't talk to anyone.
Especially the cops, okay?
I actually don't even know
anything about what happened
to JJ that night.
He got smashed in the head
and set on fire, apparently.
Okay, so if anyone asks you,
you didn't see Jackie,
anywhere that night, right?
Must've been some other freak.
Thanks, Daisy.
God, I'm fucking starving now.
All right!
Oh, let's
order margaritas.
- All right.
- Excuse me.
So you're just getting
your things right?
Gotta go pick up Beth.
Hey, look. Hey, look.
Need to go
to the hospital, okay?
I'm... I'm... Baby.
I'm not... This isn't...
I'm not.
Baby, what the fuck
are you doing?
Fuck. Fuck!
Holy, fuck.
Fuck! Fuck!
It's done.
She was with Lou.
- Hello?
- Hughey.
Mom said you ran away.
What's going on?
Don't ever
fall in love, okay.
Okay, Hughey.
It hurts.
Just don't ever
fall in love.
Hughey, who is it?
- Jackie.
- Give me the phone.
Give me that.
Jacqueline, you stay away
from us, you monster!
Don't ever call
this house again!
FBI, open up.
This is the FBI,
Miss Langston.
Miss Langston,
I need you to open
the door now.
Jesus Christ.
Open the fucking door.
Hey. Hey, sorry,
one sec, uh...
We just wanna talk.
- Hey.
- You gonna let us in?
You didn't really catch me
at the greatest time.
It's about
your brother-in-law.
We really need to talk to you.
We won't take long.
Nice place.
You talked
to your dad recently?
I told you, we don't talk.
Is that right?
When your brother-in-law's
remains were recovered,
forensics also found these.
We suspect they're people
who threatened your dad
and his operation.
We've been trying
to shut him down
for a while now.
But as soon as someone
starts talking,
they have a habit
of disappearing.
Your brother-in-law was
the latest.
Real shame
what happened to him.
Lost us our best informant.
Guess your dad
caught wind, huh?
I'm not involved
in any of his shit.
But you were, weren't you?
Quite the sidekick,
we were told.
We've been trying to locate
your mom for a while now.
Wanted to ask her
what she remembers.
The last record we could find
was from 12 years ago.
It says she contacted
local police saying
that she wanted to talk
to 'em about her husband.
She never followed up.
The bullshit stops
now, Louise.
Now you just listen up
and do exactly as I tell you.
-You ready?
-I... Pfft... Huh?
I removed the witness
connecting you to JJ.
I protected you.
Not that I'm dumb enough
to expect gratitude for it.
You made her do that.
Well, she was
in a tight spot last night.
You should've helped her out.
- Where is she?
- I have her.
She'll be arrested
for double homicide,
and this whole mess
will blow over.
The cops are gonna
wanna talk to you.
Just tell them
you guys were having
some fun together,
you're horrified...
If you hurt her,
I'm gonna kill you.
shut the hell up, and listen.
Unless you wanna answer
for that dead body
- in your apartment.
- Ugh!
I need you to sit tight
and do absolutely nothing.
I know you can manage that.
Just sit back.
Let Dad take care
of everything.
No fucking way.
What did you think
was gonna happen, Lou?
I'd be arrested
for a murder I didn't commit.
What did you think
was gonna happen?
How many people are
down there, huh?
Seemed like a lot
in those days.
Did you keep it up?
No one can
connect me to bones.
I can.
Are you threatening me?
Yeah, let her go
or I'm gonna call
the Feds right now,
and tell them
everything you ever did.
How's that sound, Dad?
That was
really stupid, honey.
Lou. Lou, are you there?
I'm waiting for you.
Please come and get me.
He sent you to kill me?
Fuck you, you rat!
Oh, God!
Just get in the car.
Hey, Sharon.
Just ruining everything.
I'm sorry,
-I didn't pick you up.
I don't... I don't know
what he told you.
Lou, he was my husband.
I know.
And I'm... I'm sorry, but...
I... I'm... I'm not sorry.
-What the fuck, Lou?
-I just...
What the fuck? Why?
Because he was
gonna kill you one day.
You... don't know
anything about love.
I'm so sorry for you.
I love... you. I love you.
Fuck off.
You're a...
Where are...
Where are they?
Daddy's not here.
Where is she Beth?
-I don't know.
Ow! Ow, ow, ow!
You wanna tell me
where she is?
Do you wanna be honest?
Do you wanna be
honest with me?
Stop! Stop!
-Where is she?
-Fucking monster.
- In the corn house.
- Love you, sis!
Oh, no!
Oh, my God.
Just... Just one second.
my family's so fucked!
I got you, I got you.
Hold on, baby.
What are you doing?
Hey! Hey!
- Hey, I'm trying to...
- Fuck!
- Hey, come here.
- Get off of me.
- Oh, God. Hey...
- Let me go!
I'm helping you.
-Oh! Baby, what the fuck?
-You're selling me out?
How am I selling you out?
I... I love you.
Don't lie to me.
- No, I'm not.
- No, you couldn't wait
one night before you fucked
someone else!
Daisy? I did that for you.
She was gonna tell.
- You want me to thank you?
- No, I'm...
Baby, I'm just saying
it wasn't like that.
If I was selling you out,
I'd be telling the cops
everything right now.
I'm not! I've got
Daisy's body in my truck.
I was gonna get rid of it
before anyone found out.
I mean, Christ, I am...
I am really trying...
Oh, fuck!
I wish I never
met you.
I killed people, Lou.
I know.
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
There is absolutely nothing...
...wrong with you.
You are the most amazing,
most incredible,
beautiful person I've ever met
in my whole life.
He deserved it.
What about her?
My dad made you do it.
He does that.
You didn't have
a choice, okay?
I fucking love you, you idiot.
I love you too.
What's gonna
happen to us?
You're gonna
be okay.
You just have to listen
to me this time, you got it?
Can you do that?
Okay, here's
what's gonna happen.
You go that way,
there's a back road.
Wait for me there.
Stay out of sight.
Make sure no one sees you.
What about you?
I'll be fine. There's
something I gotta do first.
Feds are gonna be
here in two minutes.
Get the fuck out of here. Go!
Where the fuck are you?
Ow! Ah!
Drop it.
You ungrateful brat.
God. Well...
It's over, man.
I told them everything.
You have no idea
what you've done.
Uh, yes, I do.
I've done the right thing
for the first time
-in my whole life, Dad.
-Oh, Jesus.
-You sound like your mother.
-Shut up!
You killed her, didn't you?
I get it. She was gonna tell.
I just wanna know.
Did you do it yourself,
or did you have Mike do it?
Your mom left
because she couldn't
stand being a wife to me,
and a mother to you.
You fucking liar.
I'm nothing like you.
That'd be nice wouldn't it?
Stop lying.
Let go of me!
It's okay.
Come on.
- It's okay.
- Dad...
Everyone learns
the hard way.
It's the ones you love
the most that always
disappoint you in the end.
Get off her!
What the fuck?
Oh, wow!
Lou, help me.
You know what?
I love you, too.
You sick fuck!
They're coming.
Just finish it.
- No.
- Come on.
Bye, Dad.