Love Likes Coincidences (2011) Movie Script

6:20 AM
- Please, Ylmaz! Hurry!
- Almost there, Neriman.
Hurry up!
- What's wrong? Why did you stop?
- The light is red, Neriman!
- Why didn't you say so!
- Should I stop or go, tell me?
- Are you crazy? Step on it!
- OK, Neriman.
OK, almost there. Hang on!
You said it's 10 days
till your due date, right?
Yes. But the baby
hasn't moved since yesterday.
- So what do you say?
- There's nothing to worry about.
The heartbeat's quite normal.
Let's wait till you go into labor.
- Don't worry. Everything's alright.
- Thank you.
Take care now.
- Quick!
- Hang on, Neriman! Hang on!
- Why isn't it moving?
- Don't worry, nci.
Look, we can come back tonight
if anything happens. Please!
Hang on! Nearly there!
- What's up, Neriman?
- Look out, Ylmaz!
My water broke, mer!
Look at me! Look here, Neriman!
Get out the way!
- No!
- OK, Neriman.
- I can send you a copy if you like.
- That would be great.
Hello, honey?
I'm on my way to the audition.
How about you?
I have a few things to finish,
then I'll come.
Come along around 8 pm.
I'll be there as soon as I'm done.
Is it the one
on the right on the way to Saryer?
Onur will pick you up.
No need, sweetie. I know the place.
OK, wish me luck.
Don't worry, darling. It'll be great.
- Love you. Bye.
- Me too.
- OK, get yourself ready then.
- Shit!
Don't you dare tidy up, mom.
You already have, haven't you?
OK, mommy. See you there.
Centrum Productions. Yes. Till 7 pm.
Didn't your agency give the address?
- I'm here for the film audition.
- Here you are.
Sorry to keep you waiting, but...
No, no problem.
You'll have the cover photo tomorrow.
And zgr will set aside
all day tomorrow...
And here he is! Welcome. How's it going?
- Forgive me for being late.
- I'm Aye. Good to see you.
- I've been dying to meet you.
- Great.
Why don't you start right away?
And I'll go pick up your mother.
Thanks, Onur. This way.
Hello, welcome.
Can you introduce yourself please?
My name's Deniz Us man. I was born
in Ankara on September 1st, 1977.
I was born in Ankara on September
1st, 1977. I lived there till 2002.
At 14, I started acting and drama classes
at the Ankara Arts Theatre.
After moving to Istanbul,
I started working for a magazine.
Then when I got my own studio
I turned to more individual work.
I'm 168 cm.
And weigh around 58 kg, I think.
You've had a lot of success
But you also shoot magazine covers,
you do more commercial stuff.
- Which is you?
- Both, actually.
If I'm able to connect with my subject,
I enjoy any kind of work.
Do you speak French?
Yes. I haven't for a long time,
but I can try.
But no, I don't need an actress
who speaks perfect French.
I need someone who speaks French
with a Turkish accent.
Otherwise I would find a French actress.
There are many photographers,
taking all kinds of different photos.
But your work stands out on its own.
What's your secret?
What makes you different?
I can't say that I have a secret.
I think I'm lucky that
my father was a photographer.
Here she is! I'll say it for
the last time, no business talk!
OK, son! You've said it 50 times!
- Good evening.
- Welcome, dear.
Sorry, I'm a bit late. How do you do?
- My dad, Sadk. My mom, Glen.
- Great to meet you. Hello.
OK, let's sit down.
- You wouldn't believe what happened.
- Wait, darling. You can tell me later.
Excuse me!
My boy!
- It's wonderful.
- Welcome. Thanks.
Would you allow me the honor
of accompanying you around the exhibition?
- All right. Go on then.
- I'll be along in a bit.
How long will you be in Istanbul?
We're heading back tomorrow.
Work won't wait, as you know.
- Right. Dad, wine?
- Talking of work
when Burak said you're an actress
it rather put us off to be honest.
Really? Why?
Don't misunderstand, we're open-minded...
Mom, can I have your glass please?
Don't drink too much, son. You're driving.
Don't worry about me.
I have the most gorgeous driver.
Are all actors' lives chaotic? No.
- But they're up and down to be honest.
- Here's your wine.
- It's not good for family life.
- Shall we?
Shall we order our fish, Mom?
- Want to look at the menu?
- But luckily, you seem to be sensible.
Mom, we weren't going to discuss this.
Son, you won't let me say a word!
OK, I'll shut up.
Let's drink to the new store in Moscow.
You made the right decision, dear.
- About what?
- Why is no one looking after us?
- About acting.
- Excuse me!
Well, you're right to give up acting.
Thank you.
Dad, what are you having?
If it isn't farmed,
I'll have the sea bass.
- Mom, you?
- Striped red mullet.
What will you have?
To be honest,
I don't see why you think that.
- But it's the season for mullet, dear!
- No. I mean about me and acting.
Just today I went for a big audition.
There's a good chance it'll work out.
And if it does,
we'll be shooting mostly in France.
As it happens, I have no intention
of giving up acting.
Sorry, I have to get this call.
For a meet-the-parents dinner,
it doesn't get better, Zeynep.
But there's this crazy thing going on.
I'm about to lose it.
They think I'm going to give up acting.
How do I know? Sure, it's a subject
to be discussed with Burak.
She said "We were rather put off to hear
you're an actress to be honest."
"It's not a profession for
a woman who's starting a family.
We have our own views to be honest.
Well done for giving up being honest."
As you can see, Zeynep,
to be honest, I'm in deep shit.
I'll call you back later, OK?
- Should I send flowers or what?
- What's done is done.
- Why did you lie to them?
- Move over to the right, Deniz.
We have to take a turn ahead.
- Why did you say I'll give up acting?
- Well, what was I supposed to do?
They've been nagging me for years.
Why do you think
they haven't met you till now?
Burak decided on my behalf
and went and persuaded his parents.
So these things happen, right, Burak?
If you would have told me,
couldn't we do it together?
Do what, Deniz?
Their attitude is obvious.
- How are you going to persuade them?
- This is my career, Burak! OK?
And I don't plan to give it up.
- Use the mirrors, will you!
- I'm using the mirrors!
- Sure!
- Don't change the subject!
Call that using the mirrors!
OK, so you lied. Then what?
As I won't be opening a store anywhere,
what are you planning to do?
- What's wrong with opening one?
- What?
- What do you mean "what"? Why not?
- You have to be joking.
- No.
- You don't know what you're saying.
You don't know what you're doing!
Today it's the French film, tomorrow...
- It could be the chance of my...
- It's always the chance of your life!
Everything's the chance of your life!
Whatever kind of life that is.
Whatever theatre doesn't do for you.
- You're doing it again.
- What?
Whenever an opportunity comes up
you try to get in the way.
What are you talking about?
Give me a break!
No, the pay's bad.
No, it's out of town. No, it's this.
So it's my fault you're a failure, huh?
I've prevented you from getting an Oscar.
- You think I'm a failure?
- Just take a look at yourself, Deniz.
Just take a look at yourself, Deniz.
If it's not the chance of your life,
it's a French film. Wake up, Deniz!
Where are you going, Deniz?
Deniz, come here!
What is the problem for God's sake?
"One, two, three!"
and a bird will fly out of here.
But you have to smile.
Here we go. One, two, three!
- Excuse me, whose exhibition is this?
- I think he's over there.
Welcome to you all.
These photographs here were taken
by a studio artist, a professional.
- I'm hanging up, Burak.
- Deniz.
They're some of the many he took
during a career of more than 40 years.
In fact, they're the few
that have survived of thousands.
- Burak, what is it?
- I've parked in the worst spot.
Shit will fly any second.
Can you please come out?
I can see you. OK, I'm coming.
Foto Turgut was a tiny studio
in the Gazi district of Ankara.
And Ylmaz Turgut
took photos there
every day for more than 40 years.
Ten people a day
used to come to the studio.
That makes 70 people a week.
It means seeing 300 faces a month,
or 3650 a year.
Or 36,500 every 10 years.
After a while, you stop feeling alone.
Because as time goes on
everyone becomes a familiar face.
When we lost him around a year ago.
I felt that staging an exhibition like
this would be a way of thanking him
on behalf of myself
and of everyone in the photographs.
Thanks to you all for coming.
Look, don't do this.
I'm flying to Russia in the morning.
- Please.
- Have a good trip.
Look, OK, I got a bit annoyed. I'm sorry.
Burak, if you think
like your parents, we should talk.
If I did, I wouldn't be with you
in the first place.
But when you...
When you start talking about
the chance of your life.
I get upset. Understand me a little.
Aren't we the chance of our lives
for one another?
- Let's talk later.
- OK.
Give me a kiss then.
This only happens
because I love you so much.
Have a good trip.
- Zeynep!
- I'm here.
God damn, Zeynep! Didn't I tell you
I couldn't walk in these heels?
- See? Broken!
- Good! Serves you right.
- Why didn't you call?
- You won't believe what happened!
I spoke to you
and the woman was right behind me.
- You're kidding!
- She heard everything. I blew it!
- Good! She heard for herself.
- Forget that.
I'm going to show you something.
Take a good look, OK?
Hey, is this you?
I think so.
Where did you get it?
zgr, don't be angry,
but if you can come back sometime
- before that shop's rented.
- I will.
Look, I'm busy in the next few weeks
but I'll come after that. Promise, OK?
All right.
- Son!
- Mom.
You've made me so happy, zgr.
Your dad would be really happy.
You know what?
If he can really see us out there...
- OK, mom. OK, sweetheart. OK.
- He must be so proud of you.
He must be so proud.
OK, now. Don't be late.
Call me when you arrive, OK?
- I will, but when I get home.
- OK, when you get home.
I can't work the mobile thing.
Mom, I want to ask you something.
Do you remember a photo of me
when I was around eight
taken at a place called Foto Turgut?
I'm in a flowery dress,
my hair's shoulder-length.
- You mean your uncle Turgut?
- OK. Never mind, mom.
- Listen, I'm hanging up, OK?
- OK, honey.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Why did I bother asking?
Everyone loved the exhibition.
Wait till the magazine cover's out
and people will go really wild.
- Look, I don't plan to stick around.
- OK. What time are we meeting tomorrow?
- Why?
- What do you mean "why"?
To shoot the cover, right?
You're getting dementia at your age?
- What's wrong?
- Can we get out of here?
- zgr, what's wrong?
- I need some air.
OK Oh my God, what's going on?
Are you OK?
Watch the stairs. Don't rush.
I'll turn on the light.
- Feeling a bit better?
- I'm fine.
- Grab hold of me if you like.
- No, it's OK. I'm fine going slow.
- What happened all of a sudden?
- I just felt a bit dizzy.
OK, you lie down and rest right now.
I'll be here.
- Don't be crazy. Go back to your place.
- No, I'm staying.
- There's no need. I'm fine, I tell you.
- Are you sure?
- OK.
- There's lots to do tomorrow.
- OK. If anything happens, call me.
- OK.
- Whatever the time. Good night then.
- Thanks. Good night.
Head to the right a bit.
- Don't move. Just a second.
- Dad, you get in it too.
Son, don't move. Hold on.
Thank you very much. Go ahead.
- Can you get home all right?
- Yes.
Off you go then. Show me.
Yusuf, has the Turbo gum come?
The kids from the next street
took all of them, zgr.
- Hey, kiddy! Showing off are you?
- Bug off to your own street!
This street is ours!
That's our store!
You nabbed all the Turbos!
What's it to you?
- Bug off or I'll smash your face!
- If you can catch me.
Two scoops. Not too much, please!
That's quite enough.
zgr! That bike was supposed
to be your birthday present!
- Your dad couldn't wait.
- Can I ride around a bit more?
Take your dad his lunch then
and grab the yoghurt on your way in.
Are you here? Wait, just a second.
Hey, what are you doing?
Didn't I say no raw dough, huh?
- Here. Be careful.
- OK, see you.
Good bye. Just look at you!
Didn't we tell you to keep away?
What's going on?
Keep at it till you're happy.
- I'll handle the other side.
- Thanks.
Eren, any chance of putting off
the other side for half an hour?
- OK, no problem.
- You're wonderful. Thanks. Perfect.
- Excuse me a moment!
- Yes?
Do you think I could speak
to the exhibitor?
Dad, your lunch...
Do you know who this girl is?
- Why do you ask?
- I think it's me.
Well, it's a lot like me as a girl,
except I have no memory of the photo.
So you don't know
if you're the girl in the photo?
I know it seems crazy,
but I have no childhood photos.
- I can't be sure.
- Are you from Ankara?
- Yes.
- Where did you live in Ankara?
You Ankara guys meet
and always end up
knowing each other from somewhere!
We lived in ankaya. Is that
where your father's studio was?
- In the Gazi district.
- That's where my grandfather lived!
Grandpa's sweet wafer!
Dad, we'll fetch you both tonight
and go back to our place.
Off you go to work now.
- Don't forget to wear your hat. OK?
- OK.
Do you have to make
a ceremony out of it every time?
How come you get all the luck?
- Sorry, what was your name?
- Deniz.
I'm Onur. Good to meet you.
OK. Now Deniz, how about we take
a few photos of you here, right now?
- You mean, with my hair...
- Sure. It's great. Perfect.
In front of your childhood photo
for instance.
And suppose we use them later
for a magazine cover?
As publicity for the exhibition.
- I don't really know.
- Thank you!
You saved my life.
- Hello?
- What should I do?
- Just stand in front of your photo.
- OK.
Like this?
Weird, isn't it? I have zero memory
of a photo like this.
Maybe you never came to pick it up.
That's why you don't remember.
Shall I tell you something else
you don't remember?
While you were having this taken
I was there too.
Do we know each other?
I'm really sorry.
If I could find the thing.
Hello, Zeynep?
I'm on my way.
I have to rush.
My memory's terrible.
Can you tell me straight out?
If you come to the studio tomorrow,
I'll give you a copy of the photo
and we'll have a chance to talk.
Onur, bring me a card, will you?
- Thank you again, Deniz.
- Thanks, Onur.
- Nice to meet you, zgr.
- You, too.
Grandpa, what are they doing?
Shooting a film, dear.
Mom, do you shoot films with dad?
Our days are over. Now eat your dinner.
Grandpa, when I grow up
I'm going to be an actor like you.
Deniz, eat up if you're going to.
Otherwise go straight to bed.
Mom, can you move over a bit?
One... Two...
- Shall we shoot a film?
- What?
Grandpa's little outlaw! Come here!
That's it.
Now, zgr, let's listen to your heart.
Get better soon, lad.
- You, too.
- You, too!
- zgr? Does it hurt a lot, dear?
- Yes.
Sweetie! Get up and let's go.
No, you must stay.
- Why?
- You said there was nothing serious?
- He has an irregular heartbeat.
- It's his heart?
We need to do an ECG.
We should consult a cardiologist.
- It's his heart?
- Yes.
The man can't even look after himself!
How many times have I said
not to let the girl out!
No, it's over. No more grandpa!
She's not going!
But we have to leave her with him
till school starts!
- Take some leave then!
- How? I don't have any days left!
- Leave the job then.
- Leave? Nice!
- Who'll pay the school fees then?
- Great! So it's snide comments now!
I learned that it is really me
in that photo.
- Yes!
- Well?
Plus the guy knows me.
But I can't figure out where from.
- zgr Turgut's telephone?
- Can I speak to zgr?
- I'm his manager, Onur.
- I need to speak to him in person.
Anything to add? If not, I'm done.
What's it about? Can I help?
- I can't give you any details.
- Can you hold on a second?
- Hello?
- zgr, hello.
- I have Doctor on the line.
- OK. I'm here.
- zgr?
- Hello. How are you?
Fine thanks. We've scheduled you in.
For full recovery,
we need to hospitalize you.
I see. How long do I have to stay?
At least a week, zgr.
Well, is Wednesday OK?
Let's not delay it. Tomorrow is best.
- OK, thanks. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- What is it?
- Can you cancel this week's schedule?
- Why?
- I'll explain it later. Forget it.
- What am I supposed to tell to people?
- Make up some excuses. I'm out of here.
I'm not taking those pills!
Dad, what does shooting a film mean?
- Shooting a film?
- Yes.
Now look. The button's here.
But taking a photograph doesn't mean
just pressing the button.
If you know how to look
from the right angle
you'll find beauty in everything.
And if you capture that beauty,
then you've taken a good photograph.
Off you go then.
There you go! Now to somewhere nicer.
zgr Turgut.
Oh my God! The guy's gorgeous!
Don't laugh!
Ankara-born photographer.
Awards. Blah, blah, blah...
Look, sure he's not kidding you?
He saw you had no memory.
"How did you get into photography?"
"My dad was actually a photographer
so I've been close to it all my life.
But I'd say my real interest began
after a bike accident I had as a boy."
What? What did you say?
- He had a bike accident as a boy.
- That's him? Why didn't I twig?
- Twig what? Who?
- I don't believe it!
This way, precious. Let's sit
on that bench there. Good girl!
- Here, a secret notebook for you.
- Like my secret box?
More secret than that. Write in there
everything you feel in your heart.
Minds forget, hearts never do.
Can I write about
the boy with the red bike?
You little rascal!
Well, they say great romances
start with a fight.
Yours started with an accident, didn't it?
- Grandpa, how does love happen?
- No one honestly knows, Deniz.
But there are certain signs of course.
Your heart races, for example.
You always, always want to see
and to be with that person.
They mean the world to you.
You care about nothing else.
- Were you in love with granny?
- I'm still in love with her.
There's no knowing if it's fate,
destiny or coincidence
but the heart goes and chooses one person.
When I first saw your mother,
I said to myself,
"I'm going to marry that woman."
Sometimes you know at first sight,
that person is your destiny.
Sometimes you search for a lifetime
and never find the one.
Girls, we're leaving for Ankara tomorrow
at 9.30 a. M. From Taksim.
- No one's to forget anything.
- OK.
- That was directed at me.
- Of course it was!
I'm off to the guy's studio
to pick up that photo.
- Want to come too?
- No. Why would I?
Fine then.
You're always such a spoilsport.
- Hello.
- Come in.
- This place is so beautiful.
- Thanks.
- Is this where you work?
- Yes. Well, I live here, actually.
- Look, can we drop the formal 'you'?
- OK.
- Do have...
- Did you... Sorry...
- Did you take all of them?
- Yes. Except that one.
That's you, isn't it?
- You remembered in the end, huh?
- Yes. More than that in fact.
- Let's say I read about it.
- What's that?
My diary. Look, I'll show you something.
- Look.
- What, here?
"I finally met the boy with the red bike."
I jumped in front of the bike
just like they do in the movies.
"It really hurt, but that's OK."
How do you mean?
You jumped out on purpose?
Seems so.
I've been plagued by guilt for years
and you jumped out on purpose, huh?
I'm really sorry.
- Tea?
- Sure.
How come you have no childhood photos?
They got lost.
Well, when we moved
some of the boxes got lost.
All the photos, albums and stuff
were in those boxes.
When you have no childhood photos,
you even forget what you looked like.
That's why it was so weird
seeing that photo yesterday.
You're really lucky.
I bet you have hundreds of photos.
- Thousands.
- Wow!
What do you do?
I'm an actress.
Right. I should have guessed.
I'm not as good as I was as a kid,
but well, I try.
- Where do you act?
- We have a theatre group.
I sometimes go to auditions.
Films, TV series and stuff.
Actually there's a chance I'll act
in a film any time now. But we'll see.
That's great. What kind of film?
A romance. I don't know if I'll get
the part, but I really want it.
- I reckon you will.
- Seriously?
- I have a hunch.
- God, I hope so.
You seem to pick out
really special people.
And this is one of them.
- How many years has it been?
- 25.
Your eyes haven't changed.
They're the same.
He's looking deep. So warm.
- Want to meet him?
- How do you mean?
Well, the captain is a great cook
and he is not far away. We could go.
- What, now?
- How about next time we meet?
25 years later.
OK. Let's do it.
Hold on tight!
- What?
- Hold on tight!
- Hey!
- Captain?
- zgr! Welcome!
- Thanks. How are you?
Fine, raring to go!
- How about you?
- Good. Great, thanks.
- Deniz.
- Hello. How do you do?
- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
Thanks. Sit down. Just a minute.
It's the first time
you've come with a girl.
And you've struck gold.
Don't let her go, OK?
We're childhood friends, captain.
- From ages ago.
- Even better. Sit down.
- What are you drinking?
- Raki?
- OK. Some mezzes...
- I'll handle that, don't worry.
Thanks, captain.
- Where did you go to school?
- Kolej. You?
- Deneme.
- I have loads of friends from Deneme!
- Like who?
- rem, Ayegl, dil...
- You must know Alp. Tall, fair...
- Curly...
- Right. Curly Alp.
- Yes, I know Alp.
Here you go, guys.
- Thank you.
- Thanks Captain.
I was at university with Alp after that.
But I've no idea what he did later.
- Neither do I.
- What did you do at the university?
Uni.. I was already working for my dad,
so I wasn't that well prepared.
To be honest,
I didn't really make a go of it.
So you wanted to be a photographer
right from the start.
Yes. Not quite from the start,
but let's say so. Want some water?
- I'll drink it neat.
- Here you are, the mezzes.
- Thanks, captain.
- Thank you.
I'll leave it to you to serve.
OK, thanks a lot.
- Thank you.
- It all looks great.
Weird, isn't it, that we never
ran into each other in Ankara?
- Maybe we did.
- Maybe.
In that case,
to our childhood meeting and
that old photo I found years later.
Your lad with the bike
still hasn't ridden past?
- I'm not waiting for him.
- Of course you aren't!
- I'm just teasing. Now on your feet!
- Where are we going?
To have a beautiful picture
taken of you, huh?
- I don't want to! I'm staying here.
- Staying here, huh? You just come here!
Alone for all the world to see
It just isn't right.
How could you go so heartlessly?
You can't just leave like that.
zgr? What are you doing, son?
Didn't you promise not to run around?
- Look, you'll get all sweaty.
- Mom, please! I'm so bored.
- Can't I go out?
- Turn that off. Bored, are you?
Listen, if you promise not to run,
you can take your dad his lunch. OK?
- A man's word!
- A man's word.
OK, off you go then.
- Hurray!
- Not so fast though!
Hey, what's up?
Lost your guts without the bike?
Now, turn your head a little to the right.
I know you're bored,
but it'll be over soon.
Look, like this. That'll come out perfect.
I'll go "One, two, three!", a bird will
fly out of here. But you have to smile.
One, two, three!
Smile a bit. Smile, come on now.
Dad, your lunch...
zgr, what have you done, son?
I'm sorry, Kemal.
Clean it up.
Come and I'll write you a ticket.
- You come along too, dear.
- OK.
- Shall we shoot a film?
- Yes.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
No, I shouldn't drink any more.
Enough is enough.
- Where are you performing in Ankara?
- At the inasi Theatre.
- You know it?
- Yes.
- How long will you be there?
- Three weeks or so.
It isn't clear yet
what happens after that.
zgr, can we go? It's just
we're leaving really early tomorrow.
- Captain, can we get...
- Hey, where are you going?
You think I'd let you go
without some halva?
- Captain, another time?
- It's now or never.
- OK, let's have some.
- Are you sure?
Sure I'm sure!
- OK, captain. You win again.
- Excuse me.
- Hello?
- Darling?
- Burak?
- I've just found the time to call.
You should have seen the crowd.
How are you?
- I'm fine.
- Any news about the film?
- Nope. They haven't called yet.
- Right. So it didn't work out.
It's only been two days!
They'll call. Just wait a bit.
They'd have called you.
I know you get mad at me,
but I'm right every time.
- Here you go again. I'm hanging up.
- Go ahead if you want to be pigheaded.
- I'm hanging up, Burak!
- Have you been drinking, huh?
You sound weird.
Are you out? Where are you?
I'm at the Academy Awards, Burak. OK, bye.
- Everything OK?
- Yes.
Your boyfriend?
Have you been together long?
Longer than long.
You? Do you have a girlfriend?
The captain forgot the forks.
I don't think I can get on that bike in
this state. My head's spinning like crazy.
- You think I can?
- No idea.
- No, look, we'll take a cab.
- OK.
Hello there.
- Deniz, where do you live?
- Umm, Cihangir.
Can we go first to Cihangir, then Balat?
Deniz, we've arrived in Cihangir. Deniz?
Let's just go straight to Balat.
With your face on my chest.
You drifted off again.
As dawn slipped into your room.
The sun spilled into your hair.
For the first time this morning.
My shattered life is whole.
Just one night with you.
And I'm complete.
Even if I vanished, if I saw my end.
Even if I had a taste of death,
Still I wouldn't be defeated.
Even if I faded away, if I knew my end.
Even if I had a taste of death
Still I wouldn't be defeated.
All my victories are for you.
I rose quietly from your side.
I stepped into the new day.
Your breath is gold dust in the air.
I'm a stranger to this feeling.
For the first time this morning.
My lost soul is calm and at peace.
Last night I was born again with you.
Even if I vanished, if I saw my end.
Even if I had a taste of death
Still I wouldn't be defeated.
Even if I faded away
If I knew my end.
Even if I had a taste of death
Still I wouldn't be defeated.
Even if I faded away
If I knew my end.
Even if I had a taste of death
Still I wouldn't be defeated.
Even if I faded away
If I knew my end.
Even if I had a taste of death
Still I wouldn't be defeated.
All my victories are for you.
- Grandpa!
- I guess he's inside.
Is he asleep?
Deniz. We won't be seeing Grandpa again.
How come?
- Because he's gone somewhere else.
- No, he hasn't! Grandpa's in there.
No. Grandpa isn't here any longer.
- In that case, I'm going with him.
- No. Don't say things like that.
- Have a good day, Ylmaz.
- Welcome, Yusuf.
- Heard about the funeral?
- Whose funeral?
He lived in the next street. Kemal.
- The actor?
- Yes, he's passed away.
- Oh no!
- Afraid so.
I took his granddaughter's photo
only two days ago.
God rest his soul.
- Where are you? I was worried sick!
- I forgot my phone was on silent.
- I'm on my way. Don't go without me!
- We're waiting!
- OK. I have to get my bag.
- I've got it.
- You're a darling.
- Where are you?
Don't ask. I'll tell you later. OK, bye!
- I'm here, sorry!
- Where the hell were you, Deniz?
- Hey, I'm here. Don't ask.
- No, tell me now!
- Sorry, everyone!
- Before you get on!
- I stayed at zgr's. Or so it seems.
- What?
I'm really sorry, really.
- How are you doing, Deniz?
- Fine, not bad. You?
So what kept you?
I crashed at a friend's. I overslept.
Hey, why are you sleeping there?
I'll give you some good news
to wake you up.
They're crazy for the cover photo
for the magazine.
- Where's Deniz?
- Who's Deniz?
Is she gone?
So sorry for the trouble I caused.
Thanks for everything. Forgive me, Deniz.
- Was Deniz that...
- Oh God!
Deniz, the cover girl!
Hey, you snake in the grass!
Onur, my bike's at the captain's.
Can you pick it up?
- And let me have the car, OK?
- Why do you want it?
Unbelievable! No answering,
acting, all stuck-up.
- Hello?
- zgr?
- Yes, speaking?
- You're due to be hospitalized today.
Doctor asked me to confirm with you.
OK. Let me call back
in a few minutes. Thank you. Goodbye.
Who was that?
Guess I should say "Get well soon".
You're going to be hospitalized.
- What's going on?
- It's nothing serious.
The other night you passed out.
You cancel the whole week's work.
You're going to hospital.
And it's nothing serious.
- I'm not going to be hospitalized.
- So what was the call?
- Well...
- Look, I'm worried now!
But there's nothing to worry about.
I'm not going to hospital either.
Where's the car?
- If you want the car, first you talk.
- Sit down.
We got in the cab
and that's all I remember.
I mean, I was totally out.
Then when I open my eyes
I find 20 missed calls from you.
I wake up, I'm in his room.
Like so. That's all.
- So you're saying nothing happened.
- It didn't! Stop it, for god's sake!
Is he as gorgeous for real
as he is in that picture? Huh?
Yes, Deniz?
Burak, how are you?
Fine. Having lunch. You?
Still at the Oscars?
I'm in Bolu. On my way
to Ankara for the tour.
I completely forgot.
Sorry, I can't keep up with you.
Burak, I'm sorry
I hung up on you last night. OK?
But we have problems. You know that.
Get back and we'll talk face to face.
But you'll be on tour
when I get back, won't you?
That's the whole issue anyway.
Right, honey?
I have to go. The minibus is leaving.
- Talk to you soon.
- Bye.
zgr! Aren't you going
to pick up your report card?
Yes, I am!
Don't forget to stop by your dad's
on the way!
In truth, I am that merry wanderer
of the night. I jest to Oberon...
- What's going on?
- I'm practicing for the theatre exam.
Ankara Arts Theatre.
"Young talents wanted!"
- nci!
- Yes?
- Do you know about this?
- What's that?
Missy here is preparing
for the theatre exam.
So who's going to high school?
I don't want to go school!
I want to be an actress.
Fine. So let's take you out of school.
We won't waste the money. Right, nci?
Since missy wants to rough it
as an actress.
- Well, if you didn't shout...
- Don't make me shout then!
- Forget AAT! Put it out of your head!
- No, I won't!
- What did you say?
- I'm taking the exam!
- Deniz!
- What's got into her?
- She's growing up!
- Great!
We inherited her from your father.
Dad, it's me!
Come here now. I was expecting you.
Close your eyes.
I have a surprise for you.
Hold out your hands.
Open your eyes.
Dad. Thank you. It's really great.
Your present for the report card. Like it?
Yes. It's really great.
Caner. Will we have
guitars like that one day?
- You can today if you want.
- How do you mean?
- If you have the guts.
- What does that mean?
- Hey, who threw that?
- Forget it.
- No way! Who threw that, huh?
- It's OK. Let it go.
Let me just wash my hands.
Just keep quiet. Here, hold this.
So here we are, at last.
- I don't believe it!
- What's going on?
- Out, quick. Here, take my bag.
- Hand it over.
- How come?
- You forgot this.
- Did you come to bring me this?
- You said it meant a lot to you.
Plus I forgot to give you my number.
Thank you so much.
- Really.
- It's nothing.
We're about to start rehearsals
any minute now. So...
- Maybe afterwards...
- Maybe when I'm done...
- If you want to have a drink..
- That would be nice.
See you later then.
See you.
- What's going on?
- Take this.
He's watching.
I don't believe it.
- How long is it...
- Now I'm here...
You first.
I was going to ask how long
it's been since you were last here.
And I was going to say, now I'm here
I realize how much I miss Ankara.
My dad had this theory. He
used to say that for anyone from Ankara,
Istanbul is like someone else's child.
When it smiles you love it,
when it cries you want to run away.
That's exactly it, I guess.
- I was a pain yesterday. I'm so sorry.
- It's me who should be sorry.
I mean, when you didn't wake up
I couldn't figure out what to do.
- So what will you do in Ankara?
- See to my dad's studio.
It needs tidying up
before we rent the place.
Tenants have to be found.
My mom has to like them and so on.
It must be hard for your mom.
It's not easy. But she's a strong woman.
- How are your folks doing?
- Fine. They're fine.
In fact, mom's probably cooked tons
and is expecting me right now.
OK. Let's go then.
- Thanks a lot for everything.
- You're welcome.
By the way, it's our opening night
tomorrow. Maybe you'd like to come.
- It's not that boring, really!
- It couldn't possibly be boring anyway.
- See you.
- See you.
Hey, it's OK. Let it go.
Dear Diary, I saw my dad
with a woman today.
He kissed her on the lips.
I hated him at that very moment.
- What's the matter, honey?
- Nothing.
- Are you sure?
- Positive. I'm fine.
All right, honey.
They all laughed at me to begin with.
"How can you get by selling ice cream?"
If I just stuck to that pension,
I tell you.
- Pass the pickles, sis.
- Here.
But you force all the neighbors
to buy the stuff.
- People run now when they see you.
- I don't force them!
The woman has a face like my bum
and still says no! That's forcing her?
- How's Burak, Deniz?
- Fine, uncle.
They've opened a new store in Russia.
He's gone there for that.
- Russia? Isn't it dodgy over there?
- In what way?
- You know Russian women. That story.
- No way! Burak's not into that.
- We're coming to the play?
- Absolutely!
I'll give you the invites in a minute.
I tell you, I want a grandchild.
But it seems you have no wedding plans,
what with you still acting.
Why would they get married?
They're happy as they are.
If only you'd studied pharmacy.
Your uncle's handing over his place.
You could've worked there.
Mom, I just don't believe it. Still?
Mom's pharmacy fantasy never ends.
Don't suppose it ever will either.
Ignore what she says.
Everyone knows about your play.
Remember you played in a
TV series last year?
- Anyone who didn't watch got hell.
- You're kidding!
- Mom?
- No one's had any beans.
- We'll have some now.
- Nor have you had any of this.
You ate too much.
- You've filled yourself up.
- Sister...
- Really, you have.
- Sis!
You haven't even touched this.
If mer were here,
he'd have polished off the lot.
What's going on?
She's been like this lately.
Won't stop talking about mer.
- Shall I go see if she's OK?
- Wait.
Here, I've brought dessert.
- I'm done. It was delicious.
- No! You don't have any plates.
- Here you are, your tea.
- Thanks.
zgr. You know I find it hard
going up and down stairs these days?
Well, could you perhaps
see to that studio tomorrow, huh?
Sure. Some people called today in fact.
They're coming over tomorrow morning.
- You won't leave right away, will you?
- No.
Hey, thanks.
This camera is only worth
one guitar actually.
- But I couldn't do that to you.
- Thanks!
zgr, what's this...?
Where's that guitar come from?
It's Caner's.
zgr, look. Jump about like this
and you go bright red all over.
Why are you doing it, son?
zgr? Neriman!
What does the doctor say, Ylmaz?
What can he say, Neriman?
Same as all the other doctors.
- He'll suffer all his life.
- OK.
Where's my guitar?
- Mom!
- Come here.
- Look, I found the wedding dress.
- Where did that come from?
Come here. Look.
Come here now.
Look, we'll take in the sides a bit.
And then it'll fit perfectly.
Nothing's definite yet.
He's introduced his parents.
What do you think?
Will your dad come to the wedding too?
Look, don't let him come. Whatever you do!
Mom, are you OK? Huh?
Burak's a good boy.
Good at his job. And he loves you.
I know, mom. Why are you saying this?
I just am!
It isn't easy
to find someone you can trust.
I was in love with your dad.
- Look what happened!
- I, actually...
Good thing you reminded me.
I haven't hung up the laundry yet.
- What's written here?
- It's just the girl imagining things!
- Imagining things? She saw you!
- Look, stop making a scene!
How could you do this
to your own daughter?
Mom, what are you doing?
- Morning!
- Morning! Come here for another kiss.
You were already born by now.
A tiny, lopsided thing!
- Mom, I can't stay for breakfast.
- How do you mean?
I'm expected at rehearsals right away.
- What, on an empty stomach?
- No, I'll get something there.
So can I take the car?
They keys are in the box.
You shouldn't go like this.
Don't worry, mom. I'll see you
anyway at the theatre tonight, OK?
- My love!
- I guess I've grown up, mom.
You haven't grown up one bit.
You're every bit the child you were.
Still hiding things from me.
Now cut the cake.
- What does that mean?
- It means you're in a state.
Why would I be in a state, mom?
Come on.
They will be at the studio in 15 minutes.
- Really? OK.
- I mustn't be late. OK?
- Off you go then.
- Thanks.
- Son!
Alone for all the world to see.
It just isn't right.
How could you go so heartlessly?
You can't just...
Anyone there?
Hello there. I came about the rental.
Is now a good time?
- What do you plan to do business wise?
- Open an internet caf.
zgr! Come on, son. Let's go, son.
OK, dad.
- I'll just dust those, then I'll come.
- All right.
- zgr! I'm locking the door.
- OK.
- Hello.
- Hello there.
Alone for all the world to see
It just isn't right.
How could you go so heartlessly?
You can't just leave like that.
I thought I'd forget, darling
But I've been longing for you.
Tonight's our last night here.
The road's now taking us to Istanbul.
But our hearts will never leave Ankara!
Have a good time, guys!
Hey, it looks great.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- There's live music, right?
- Just finished.
- You're kidding!
- But we have a party on.
The DJ's taking over right now.
- What do you think? There's a DJ...
- We want live music.
- We could check out Kibele.
- Right, that's good idea.
- What am I going to do?
- What do you want to do?
No idea. What would you do in my position?
- You're asking the wrong person, Deniz.
- Zeynep, please say something.
You're asking what I'd do
if I were you, right?
So you're me, I'm you
and Burak's my man. OK?
Anyway, things are great with Burak.
Just a few problems with his parents,
but nothing that can't be fixed.
Then one day Burak and I have a fight.
And I just happen to run into
my childhood love that very day.
But unfortunately
that sniveling seven-year-old
has turned into the most gorgeous,
charismatic, talented, enigmatic guy.
And he's made me feel things
no one's ever made me feel before.
Nor have I ever looked at anyone
that way before.
Thanks. That's really helpful. Thanks.
Sorry, but what was I supposed to say?
I don't know.
You could say, "Pull yourself together"
for example.
"Sure, zgr may be your childhood love."
You may feel really excited.
You may feel like you're about to have
a heart attack whenever you see him.
But you've been with Burak for ages.
"He's never upset you, cheated on you."
Do you think I'm happy with Burak?
Can I make a person happy
if I'm not happy being with him?
- He really loves you.
- No!
What kind of love is that?
Can you love something
you don't feel or understand?
Besides, if he loved you,
why would he want you to give up
the things that make you who you are?
Look, don't cry.
Anyway, just live
how you want to live. Huh?
I'll fool him. That's all.
Tell us in one word something you lost
which really mattered to you.
- You have three seconds.
- My treasure box.
Welcome to the Ankara Arts Theatre, Deniz!
- Look, my mom's here.
- Where?
- Mom, my uncle, my aunt.
- OK. I see them.
How come they're in row three?
Well, I guess they'll see better.
Well done!
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Deniz.
Thanks, everyone.
- Deniz Us man?
- Yes.
- We have roses. And a card.
- I wonder who from?
Here we go.
"To the most beautiful Deniz
in the world, I love you."
Let me have that. Later I...
Now let me make a wish.
- You won't be back late, will you?
- I will tonight, mom.
- Shall I take those?
- Yes, sure.
- See you.
- Bye.
in Istanbul.
- In Istanbul?
- Yes.
- So, what did you make of the play?
- I liked it.
OK, I'm not that into theatre,
but I think you were fantastic.
We're planning to do something.
Want to join us?
- Sure.
- Let's get something to eat.
Eat me, Zeynep.
- Shame on you!
- We just stuffed ourselves with cake!
Is there nowhere to party in Ankara?
Sure there is. How about Manhattan, say?
I have to take this call.
I'll be right with you.
- Hello?
- Darling?
Sorry I called late.
I was waiting for the play to end.
Happy birthday!
Thank you.
And thanks for the roses, Burak.
- Did they arrive on time?
- Yes. The timing was perfect.
My secret notebook.
Maybe I'll hide it in my heart.
As though opening up a hole.
Maybe the rivers inside me.
Will reach the sea one day
I'll wait for summer again.
Thank you.
A short break, guys.
We'll be back in five minutes.
See you then.
- I know the guy, you know?
- Seriously?
- From ages ago.
- Who?
- Hey, how are you doing?
- Fantastic. You?
- Why didn't you call me before?
- Yeah, well. It was kind of sudden.
- Are you doing OK?
- Doing gigs and stuff.
Sweetie, why are you cold to me?
Are you still mad at me?
I'm not cold. What gives you that idea?
- What's up then?
- Look, it's my birthday today, Burak.
My friends are waiting for me.
That's why I'm in a rush.
- OK.
- I'm hanging up. OK, bye.
Good bye.
I have a friend here
who I haven't seen for ages.
He's the reason I got into music.
As well as a great photographer,
he's also a great musician.
So let me ask him on stage. zgr.
Tonight it's
the birthday of a
very old and special friend.
A very special friend
I've known for 25 years.
This is for her. Happy birthday, Deniz.
For no reason at all
Or no reason we know of
I guess we lost our rag
And said some things.
When there were so many reasons
And the time was just right.
We did nothing and said nothing.
We've told other people.
We love them at the same time.
We've leant our heads on other shoulders.
Feeling a sense of total trust.
Could it not happen?
It could happen.
You, here for all these years.
Me, here for all these years.
Our paths have never crossed.
Except on this September night.
- Zeynep.
- Yes, honey?
- We're going to take a walk.
- OK.
- See you tomorrow.
- OK.
- Thanks for everything, zgr.
- No problem.
The play was wonderful.
- Shall we sit down?
- Sure.
There was an accident the day I was born.
My dad took mom to hospital
for a routine check.
They left, got in their car
and another car hit them from behind.
Mom was rushed to the delivery room
because her water broke.
And they realized right then
that I was tangled up in the cord.
Imagine, if that car hadn't hit them,
mom would never have known.
She'd have gone home
and I'd have died before I was born.
I remember that story every birthday.
I tell myself I might not have been here.
That if I'm here, I'm meant to be here.
I should be something, do something.
- I'm babbling, aren't I?
- No.
When's your birthday?
- As the sun's up now, it was yesterday.
- How do you mean? The same day?
- I don't believe it! Really?
- Yes, really.
- Happy birthday then!
- Happy birthday to us both.
Why didn't you say?
I didn't want to steal
the attention from you.
zgr, isn't this all
too much of a coincidence?
- Could it not happen?
- It could happen.
Where have you been all this time?
I have to give you something.
A surprise.
Any clues?
We have to go somewhere
you haven't been for 25 years.
Time tumbles from my hands to the floor.
From there to the wooden balcony.
Clocks tick unsanctioned.
Forever onwards to tomorrow.
Pictures are pale without sun.
Feelings change.
Friends scatter to the winds.
Go their own separate ways.
And you and I, willfully lost warriors.
Up against the windmills.
We'll flow into the seas like rivers.
Perhaps this is best.
I vaguely remember, I think.
I was here.
My grandfather was here.
And you dropped
the stuffed leaves right here.
Close your eyes.
Don't open them yet.
We live no longer than butterflies.
We're meant to love, let's start right now.
What else do we have to lose?
I kept it here
in case you turned up one day.
I have everything love needs.
Thank you.
Before I can even breathe.
Before I can even breathe.
Before I can even breathe
I love you.
Don't you cry.
You've wound yourself
Around my heart like ivy.
You've played with my blood
You've injected your poison.
You've spun your web in my mind
Like a spider.
The more I think of you
The more I want you.
Before I can even breathe.
Before I can even breathe.
Before I can even breathe.
Like alcohol running through my veins.
I'm more and more intoxicated by you.
It's like I've lost my soul.
And I live only for you.
Darling Mobile.
Sweetie, sorry to call so early.
Burak, I'll call you in a bit, OK?
OK. Call when it's good for you.
I have something to say. Very important.
There's something I have to finish.
If you have to make a decision
I'll understand whatever you choose to do.
- Are you OK?
- Yes, fine.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
Go on.
Can we go to ankaya?
- Hello?
- Guess where I am, darling.
- Where are you, Burak?
- In Ankara.
You're in Ankara?
What's up, son?
Mom, we got an offer to play in Istanbul.
- So?
- We're leaving tonight.
You mean for the New Year? Is that it?
No, mom. A regular job actually.
The money's really good.
And I'll get a flat with the guys.
zgr, I haven't got in your way before.
zgr, look.
But you aren't well, son. Huh?
- Mom, I'm fine.
- Neriman, don't waste your breath!
He's packed his bags, made his plans,
his friends are waiting.
- We don't have any say!
- Just calm down.
- Dad, look..
- Son, you're sick!
Dad, I've spent enough time in hospitals.
This life is mine. So is the risk.
Now lay off me. Please just lay off.
You have a life! Well, we don't, damn it!
Just look at your mom.
Is zgr OK? Has he taken his pills?
Have they called? Has he passed out?
- Ylmaz.
- Hold on! You know what it's like
to think you might not come back
every time you walk through that door?
- Call that a life?
- So is it my fault, Dad?
- You think I wanted it like this?
- Son, your boundaries are clear!
- And you can't step beyond them.
- What are those boundaries, Dad? Huh?
Let's hear it!
A life between hospital
and the photograph studio?
I don't want.
I don't want a life like that, Dad!
- What do you want then?
- Stop it!
To die in some bar? You want that?
- For goodness sake!
- Quiet, Neriman!
I've wanted a safe life for him
since he was a child!
I've tried to get him
a profession, some security!
I wanted him to be able to stand
on his own feet if we weren't around.
- Is that what you're rebelling against?
- See it how you like. I'm going, Dad.
I'm sorry.
zgr? Are you...
Walk through that door
and you no longer exist for me!
I didn't want to come over
and disturb everyone first thing.
- When shall we meet?
- I'll be ready in an hour.
- Let's meet then at our caf. OK?
- OK, honey.
I'm serious, don't drink anything
from an open bottle in bars.
OK, nci. Don't worry.
Say you don't feel right there.
Just come straight back.
Mom, I'm not going for good, you know.
You know of anyone from Ankara
who's gone to Istanbul and come back?
- nci. We're running late.
- Hurry up or I'll miss the train, Mom.
- It's no good like that.
- It's fine. Perfect.
- Look after mom for me, OK?
- Don't you worry. Don't be late!
- Call as soon as you arrive.
- OK. But don't wait. Go now.
- Excuse me, is this seat free?
- Yes, sure.
- Sorry.
- Excuse me.
- Going to Istanbul?
- Yes. Istanbul.
Look what I found at the airport.
You never told me about that.
You look fabulous. Take a look.
- We have to talk.
- Sure we'll talk. In a while.
Burak, don't do this!
Deniz, will you marry me?
I can't.
- What do you mean?
- I can't marry you.
- Why not?
- Because...
Deniz, what's up with you? What's wrong?
Look, if it's the acting thing,
I've thought about that, Deniz.
Keep going. You're right about that.
I'll be behind you all the way.
Deniz, what's going on?
What's up with you, huh?
I'm not in love with you, Burak.
Don't be ridiculous!
- What's that supposed to mean?
- I'm sorry.
When did you decide that?
What happened while I was away?
Be honest to me, Deniz.
>What do you mean all of a sudden,
"I'm not in love with you"?
- What's this about?
- Because...
- Because...?
- I've fallen in love with someone else.
Don't be ridiculous.
You're mad at me, that's all.
What do you mean
you fell in love with someone else?
What's happened the last days?
Who is he? What does he do?
It doesn't matter who he is.
Burak, even if this hadn't happened
you know there's always something missing.
What, Deniz?
- Everything's been perfect.
- Burak, don't do this.
What have I done to you, Deniz?
What's missing? Was I too all over you?
Or didn't I care enough?
I've always stood by you.
Always... I stood by you
through your worst times.
When did you last tremble inside
the moment you touched me, Burak? Huh?
Has anywhere seemed beautiful to you
just because I was there?
Or have you felt really happy only
and only because, I was with you?
Has a fleeting moment spent together
ever meant everything to you?
What did you guys do, Deniz?
Did you sleep together?
What kind of question is that?
- Just asking. Did you sleep together?
- What does it matter?
Deniz, did you sleep together?
When? While I was away?
Or when I was here? Huh?
When was the last time? When...
Don't go.
- No way is this real.
- Wrong, it's real.
- Look at what you're asking!
- Give me one last chance, please!
Believe me. I'm leaving
to give us a chance.
It may even be too late.
One last chance.
I want to see Doctor Cem Yorgancolu.
I'm afraid the doctor is really booked
for the next two weeks.
I can't wait that long.
Besides I'm an old patient of his.
Could you tell him zgr Turgut is here?
If you'd like to wait,
I'll try to reach him.
OK, thanks.
So do we get on the train or what?
I just called his home. He'd left
five minutes before. What do we do?
- Should we get on or what?
- I say let's go.
The valve repair will
provide relief for a time.
But it doesn't actually
solve the problem, as you know.
You mean I'll never fully recover?
The real problem is
the weakening of the heart muscles.
So it's rather up to you
how much relief it will provide.
You need to avoid things like
partying, the stage, excessive stress.
- I see. Thanks.
- Hope you feel better soon.
- Get well soon.
- Thank you.
- zgr. For heaven's sake.
- Mom, it's been four weeks.
Considering I'm better now I can go.
- Oh goodness! Where?
- To Istanbul.
- But Istanbul. zgr, you...
- Mom, don't worry.
I'm going to do as dad wants
and be a photographer.
- But not with him.
- Son, I...
Dad, you said if I walked through
that door, I no longer existed for you.
You seem to have forgotten.
But I remember.
See you.
Yes, zgr.
Your results have come through.
Seems you haven't taken much care
of yourself since the operation.
I've also checked your Istanbul file.
Take a look if you like.
No, you. Go on.
Your condition's got much worse
even in a week.
How bad is it exactly?
zgr, let me put it like this,
knowing you have a thing about cars.
When the fuel light starts flashing
you can drive another 30-40 km.
That's exactly where you are.
We need to sort you out right away.
There's no sense in waiting.
You mean I...
I should be hospitalized right now?
Can you give me a few hours?
To be honest, zgr,
we need to hospitalize you at once.
In fact, you may also need
respiratory support for a while.
But the decision is yours.
Here's my card.
Call if there's an emergency.
And in the meantime
be sure not to exert yourself.
OK, thanks.
He's an artist but look at the model!
Hey, come on, Deniz! Stop moping.
Burak will soon be over it. You'll see.
I thought at one point
he'd never let go of my hand.
You did the right thing. And that's that.
- Hello?
- Hello?
- Ms. Us man?
- Yes?
Deniz Us man, right?
Yes, that's me.
You auditioned for our project.
Well, we'd like to work with you.
Yes. That's why I'm calling.
Oh my God! Thank you so much.
Seeing those photos made us decide.
Can we see you?
- I'll call you a bit later.
- Thanks a lot. Speak to you later.
OK, goodbye.
They want me for that French film!
The guy decided when he saw the photos.
I don't believe it! I must tell zgr.
I've no idea what to do.
I want to tell her, but I can't even call.
- You must. You have to.
- So what do I say?
The whole thing's up in the air.
I may not even come out alive.
Don't talk crap! What do you mean?
Do you love the girl?
Of course I do. Yes! I'm crazy about her.
OK, I'm hanging up.
Call Deniz right now.
And I'll see you there.
I guess he's busy.
What are you doing, son?
Didn't you promise not to run?
- Look, you'll get all sweaty.
- Mom, please! I'm bored. Can't I go out?
Son, if you're listening
or if you listen one day.
I have a few things to say to you.
When a person sees
the end of their life looming
they think differently.
Forgive me, son.
I know you feel bad, too.
The reason you haven't come to me
is because you're so like me.
That's why I can't be angry with you.
I can't be angry but.
I miss you terribly, zgr.
Remember what I said to you?
I said your boundaries were set,
that you couldn't step beyond them.
But I was missing the point, son.
The point isn't those set boundaries.
The point is how you fill the space
within those boundaries.
Whatever things, whichever people
give meaning to your life
don't ever abandon them.
Never give up on them, son.
FOR RENAll living creatures have completed
the bleak circle of life and died away.
- Can I come in?
- Yes.
My mother...
Yes, my uncle fell ill on Thursday
and we called my mother.
Why did you tell me you kissed
the earth I walked on?
I ought to be killed.
I'm so weary.
If I could rest...
If I could rest a little...
I'm a seagull.
No, I'm not. I'm an actress. Yes.
So he's here, too.
Well, fine. What can be done?
Easy now.
I'll go round the other side.
I'm here. Easy there.
OK, let's go.
Let's go to the Medicana Hospital.
Step on it driver.
I love him.
In fact, I love him more than before.
I love him with all my heart. Hopelessly.
Missed Call zgr.
- Congratulations. It was wonderful.
- Thank you.
Hello, zgr?
Hello? zgr?
zgr's in bad shape.
We're on our way to hospital.
Deniz Us man's family or friends!
If we don't find a heart fast,
we'll lose zgr.
Keep calm.
- What relation are you to her?
- I'm her mother.
We have the results of the brain scan.
I'm afraid she didn't respond
to the function tests performed.
In that event, we have to conclude
that brain death has occurred.
Great news for you!
We've found a compatible heart.
- Really?
- Yes.
I'm tired of losing myself
As I look for you.
A colleague will talk to you shortly
about the necessary forms.
When I think I've found you
I feel removed from myself.
This will be a strange farewell.
Because the truth is
You're always inside me.
No matter how far I go.
You're with me everywhere
I'm here my love.
There are no words to say.
You're going to get better.
I'm going.
I guess I was born.
With the soul of a mare.
It's in my blood to rear up and gallop.
A little water, a little grass.
Home is everywhere.
I carry the world on my back.
Every language is mine.
But there are no words to say.
I'm going.
I guess I was born.
With the soul of a mare.
It's in my blood to rear up and gallop.
I guess I was born.
With the soul of a mare.
It's in my blood to rear up and gallop.
Subtitle translation by Deniz Erkarada