Love Locks (2017) Movie Script

"L" is for the way
you look at me
"O" is for the only one
I see
"V" is
very, very extraordinary
"E" is even more
than anyone that you adore can
love is all
that I can give to you
love is more than
just a game for two
two in love can make it
take my heart
and please don't break it
love was made for me and you
"L" is for the way
you look at me
"O" is for the only one...
I don't wanna
go back to New York.
It's gone by
too fast.
Maybe I don't.
Maybe I stay here and paint.
No, no, no,
we have a plan, remember?
It just feels like goodbye.
No, no goodbyes.
Look, it'll just be
a few months.
You have to finish school.
I have to finish work.
Have you told your father
you're quitting?
I will.
Hey, we'll be back together
by Valentine's Day.
Top of
the empire state building?
Doesn't sound
quite as romantic
as the top of
the Eiffel Tower,
but it will have to do.
We'll lock it
on the bridge,
and our love
will last forever.
With this lock, I thee...
You did that on purpose.
No, no, no,
that was your fault.
You-you grabbed for it.
Thank you.
Good morning, Maggie.
Morning, Lindsey.
First cup of coffee?
How are we doing
with the Valentine issue?
You just need
to pick a cover.
Not the cupid.
The last thing
I want to think about
is a chubby toddler
coming at me with a weapon.
Hmm, such a romantic.
Not that one.
Speaking of which,
Trent Greer's
in your office.
Sorry, he's a really
hard guy to say no to.
What's he doing here?
Who cares?
He's gorgeous.
Now, do something
with your hair.
What's wrong
with my hair?
You could try wearing it
down sometimes.
Don't you have
something to do?
What a surprise.
Oh, yeah? Good or bad?
Good. Good...
Good. Good...
Um, actually, I wanted
to catch you before you left,
because your assistant said
that you're going
to Paris tomorrow
with your daughter.
Oh, did she tell you
what I had
for breakfast as well?
French toast?
God, I can't believe
you're old enough
to have a daughter old enough
to be in college.
I am also old enough to know
when I'm being buttered up.
All right.
Okay, here it is.
I really want to take you out.
Yeah, and I want
to buy your magazine.
Okay, now, was that
a "yes/yes,"
a "yes/no," or a "no/yes"?
And no.
I-I don't know...
Let me tell you
this, Lindsey,
you've done
an incredible job with pov.
It is-it is a unique magazine,
you've done it yourself,
on a limited budget...
Thank you?
The problem is,
the readership's maxed out,
and it does not
have to be like that,
and I can help you
take it to the next level.
You want to buy me out.
I want you to stay on
to consult.
So I'd be working for you.
With me.
You know, Trent,
the thing is,
I've kind of become
used to being my own boss.
I do get that.
Believe me.
When I opened my first
publishing house,
the last thing on my mind
was selling it,
but I did.
I did, and I built something
bigger and better
than I ever imagined.
So, do me a favor.
While you're traveling,
just think about it.
And the other "it," too.
I will.
And I will.
And, one other thing,
um, I'm actually going
to be in London next week,
and it's a short flight
to Paris.
I'd love the chance
to show you our Paris office.
Wow, you must really want
my magazine.
Oh, yeah, that too.
Tell me he's not
the best-looking guy
you've ever seen.
Looks have
nothing to do with it.
What's wrong?
He wants to buy
the magazine.
What did you say?
I wanted to say "no,"
but somehow I didn't?
Hmm, I'm pretty sure
he has that effect
on everyone.
Would it be
so bad to sell?
I'm saying goodbye
to my daughter,
I don't want to say goodbye
to my business, too.
I know, it's just...
He's just so gorgeous.
Maggie, that's
all you can think about.
Let's finish up
this layout.
That's great.
Really great.
You packed yet?
Throw in something sexy.
You're going
to Paris, girl,
not New Jersey.
All right.
This looks good,
except move the gaucher
to the center,
and increase it to 5x7.
Oh, and also,
increase the opacity
so we're seeing the titles.
Yeah, like that.
Hi, mom!
'Lex? You're early!
Yeah, I caught a ride
with a guy from school!
What guy?
Uh, some guy who's name I found
on the ride board in my dorm.
You drove
all the way from Connecticut
with a total stranger?
And two other friends.
So the three of you drove
from Connecticut
with a total
Mom, you are
helicoptering again.
You're right.
Engine's off.
Hey! I remember that.
It used to be in the hallway.
Yeah, we have better taste now.
No, we don't.
You should put it up again.
It's too big.
You were so good.
Why did you stop?
Hmm, I guess
my fine arts degree
taught me the fine art
of unemployment.
Maybe you'll start again.
No, it's your turn, kiddo.
You hungry?
Alfredo sauce?
Extra cheese!
I can't wait for you
to meet Hugo.
Me either.
He is the best teacher.
But he's a little bit
of a meddler,
so don't tell him too much
about your social life.
Not that you'll have one,
because you'll be
too busy studying.
Uh-huh, right...
Ten letter word
for "soulmate"?
You're terrible.
Or realistic.
Why should there be
only one person for everyone?
But what if
there is?
Honey, remember
when I had to tell you
there was no tooth fairy?
Well, brace yourself.
Okay, just because you were
right about the tooth fairy
doesn't mean
you're right about this.
It's dad.
See? Proof positive.
Hi, dad.
Yes, I'll be careful.
Yes, I have my passport.
Okay, um... say hi to Jane.
Okay, love you, too.
Yeah, bye.
Who's Jane?
Dad and Marcie separated,
so it looks like he's heading
for number three.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
And you shouldn't refer
to your dad's wives
as numbers.
At least you're
still number one.
You know what
I look forward to?
The day that I get to tell dad
that you are seeing
someone else.
I'm more concerned with work,
you know that.
Yes, that's what
you always say.
someone wants to buy pov.
Actually, not just someone.
Trent Greer.
The publishing guy?
That's great.
It would be,
if I was selling.
Would that be such a bad thing?
It's what I do every day.
It's... who I am.
Why would I sell my life?
What life?
You work all the time, and...
I mean,
I love the magazine, but...
It's kind of
the only relationship you have.
I have you.
When's the last time
you went out?
And not for something
Not that long ago.
I don't think.
Can you believe
you're about to go to Paris
for three months?
Mm-hmm, nice pivot.
Helicopters pivot, right?
And I can't wait.
Place de la concorde!
Wait till you see it
with all the lights.
Mom, look, it's
the Eiffel Tower!
We have to go.
We will.
Have you ever
been to the top?
Just once.
I can't believe
you never came back.
Well, I am now.
a Pierre du calvet.
Thank you.
I guess this is us.
It's so us!
It's perfect!
Of course it is,
Hugo picked it.
I like him already.
Welcome to Paris.
I mean, really?
We just landed.
Bienvenue a l'hotel
Pierre du calvet.
Merci, quel bel hotel.
Nous avons une reservation
au nom de Wilson,
s'il vous plait?
Why is your French
better than mine?
Maybe because you stopped
in the 12th grade?
Not to worry.
Our staff
speaks English.
Yes. Your friend,
monsieur Hugo,
had you upgraded to a suite.
How nice. Thank you.
it won't be ready
for a few hours.
Oh, we don't need a room,
we're in Paris!
Pas de probleme.
Hey, where to first?
Arc de triomphe,
place de la concorde...
The louvre?
Or we could save the louvre
for our last day together?
Ah! Can you please
not use the phrase
"last day together"?
You're not allowed
to be sad yet.
We have almost
a week left.
Four days.
96 hours and counting.
Yeah, we can do
a lot in four days.
We should go to
the "love locks" bridge.
It's supposed to be
so romantic.
It's just a bridge.
With locks.
Yeah, but those locks
are people pledging
their love for each other.
and how many
of those people
are still
together today?
All of them,
in some way.
such a romantic.
Yeah, well,
everyone's supposed
to fall in love
in Paris, right?
Until they go back
to their real lives.
C'est ouvert!
Bonjour, Ricardo!
Put the paint anywhere,
just don't make a mess
like the last...
Charming as ever.
- Hugo...
- Lindsey...
Mon coeur.
My new protegee.
Oh, "protegee".
Now I can only
disappoint you.
Oh, well, you'll
only disappoint me
if you stop painting,
like your mother.
I just took a little
time off, that's all.
What, 20 years?
I painted my apartment.
Navajo white, ecru trim.
Oh, ecru, ecru...
You have learned
nothing from me, huh?
It's livable,
and neutral.
Neutral is
the color of the canvas
before you
put on the paint.
I couldn't
agree more.
And thank you for recommending
me to the program.
Oh, well,
I promise you
you will love
the university,
and my class
will be your favorite.
And until you move
into the dorms,
I hope that the hotel
accommodations are good?
We love it.
And thank you
for the upgrade.
Who did you bribe?
Well, I am a friend
of the manager.
Same old Hugo.
You know half of Paris.
Well, how else
shall I sell my work?
Is it possible
you've gotten better?
Well, I'm like a fine wine.
This is amazing!
Here, come,
I'll show you.
How about this one?
The love locks bridge.
It's beautiful.
Why isn't it finished?
Well, ask your mother.
This is yours?
I can't believe
you kept it.
Well, this could be
your best work,
if you finished.
Some things are better off
left unfinished.
Well, maybe you'll finish it
while you're here.
Don't count on it.
We'll see.
So, you're staying
for my show?
We wouldn't miss it.
I'm never going to be able
to go to a dorm after this.
I'm never going to be able
to go back to anything
after this.
I think
I'm already in love!
I've always wanted
to visit New York.
I've always wanted
to come here.
How long
you are staying?
For a semester,
at the sorbonne.
I'm there, too.
Third year.
Oh, what are you studying?
I love art.
I love math.
I mean, I could.
I could love math.
I have a day off tomorrow.
Maybe I could
show you around?
Oh, I'd love that,
but I'm going to be with my mom.
She's going through
this whole empty nest thing.
Empty nest?
You mean, um...
Comme un oiseau?
Uh, like a-a bird?
Um, it's more like a...
Like a raptor guarding an egg.
I'm not sure I understand.
Me neither, but...
I love her.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
I seem to have
lost my daughter.
Oh, my.
Well, how old
is the child?
Ah, well, not lost then,
just being 18.
That's what I'm afraid of.
I did see a young woman
heading out to the courtyard
with Jean Paul.
Jean Paul?
Yes, yes,
I think he does
a little of everything
around here.
He's a lovely young man.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Hi, mom!
This is Jean Paul.
you need not to worry
about your nest.
My what?
Enjoy your evening.
Aw, you
scared him away.
Please, if he scares
that easily,
he's not for you.
And you know that how?
Because, sweetie,
he lives in Paris,
and chances are,
if you start something now,
it'll end
in three months.
It hasn't begun.
I know you think
I'm just your mom,
but I was you once.
And what happens
if you fall in love
with Jean Paul?
- I just met him.
- Exactly.
The semester will be over,
you'll go home,
you'll never see him again,
and Paris
will be ruined for you,
and all this excitement
you're feeling right now,
it'll all
be ruined, too,
because everything will
remind you of him.
Okay, look,
I don't know what's going on
with you right now,
maybe it's
the jet lag.
Um, I'm going to go
get ready for dinner,
and you should
go to the bar,
get yourself
a nice glass of wine,
and remind yourself that...
I'm an adult.
Excuse me,
I'll have a glass
of white wine, please?
Uh, yeah, we actually
have a very nice...
What are you doing here?
I'm... pouring you a drink.
You're the bartender?
Actually... I own the place.
Hugo didn't mention
this was your hotel.
Yeah, I guess that's why
he just called me
out of the blue.
I didn't recognize
your last name.
It's my married name.
Oh, congratulations.
We're divorced.
Thank you, and thank you.
So, what are you doing here?
Dropping my daughter off
at school.
You have a daughter.
She's studying art.
Like mother, like daughter.
You have kids?
Oh, no, no, no.
Um, it's just me and the hotel.
It's a nice place.
Yeah. Yeah,
it, uh,
it's been a little while.
Going on 10 years.
You cut your hair.
That's been going on
about 20 years.
You look...
Uh, I was going to say
Thank you.
Oh, my goodness,
you look just like
your mother.
Alexa, this is Jack.
He's, um...
I'm an old friend.
Nice to meet you.
Funny that
you never mentioned him.
I'm sure I did.
No. You didn't.
Well, it was a long,
long time ago.
Well, yeah, but it feels
like it was yesterday.
Well, it's late.
Actually, it's 8:00.
Uh, it's late
in New York.
Well, uh, it's earlier
in New York...
Great seeing you!
All right, well, you'll be
seeing a lot more of me,
since if you want extra towels,
I'm your guy!
We have to move hotels.
Why? I like this hotel.
You'll adjust.
No, I just unpacked.
We're not moving hotels.
So re-pack.
Who is he?
Someone I used to know
from the sorbonne.
He was finishing up
his degree,
his father was
in the hotel business here.
And... nothing.
I went back to college,
he said he would follow me,
and he didn't.
And that's it?
We called, we wrote.
Time passed,
life happened.
I met your dad,
and you know the rest.
You were in love.
Mom, this is fate!
No, this is Hugo,
like the old days.
The love locks!
Wow, there are so many now.
Ah! All that love!
It's beautiful.
They're all rusted.
Which means they lasted.
Ah, the sound
of texting
in the morning.
You're awake.
And you're smiling,
which means it must be a boy.
It's JP.
Oh, "JP."
Yesterday, it was "Jean Paul."
That was yesterday.
Would it be okay if he took me
to the university
to register for classes?
I thought I was
going to do that.
It's just,
he's registering, too,
and he can show me around.
- I'll tell him no.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Tell him yes.
You sure?
Yeah, you should go meet
some other students.
I love you, mom.
I love you, too, Lex.
Have fun.
Au revoir!
Just saw Alexa ride off
on the back
of JP's scooter.
They looked like
they were having fun...
Oh, calm down,
he's a great driver.
Like you were?
You're talking about
that one wrong turn I made?
Up that one-way street?
Yeah, we went... one way,
and the traffic was all going
the other way.
Here, I brought you
your crossword.
Oh. Quite the host.
Yeah, that I am.
You mind if I join you?
Thank you.
Hey, so, uh, what are you
painting these days?
My nails?
I'm not really
painting anymore.
Why? That's terrible.
I have an art magazine.
It's only in New York,
but we have
a nice little following.
Well, that's great.
Yeah, thanks.
It's not what I planned,
but it's worked out well.
Yeah, well,
life is what happens
when you're making plans.
We both know that.
How's your father?
He's good.
He, uh, he took over
a hotel in nice.
With my niece.
Listen, I-I...
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry about, uh...
About everything...
It's okay...
No listen, I-I just
want to say,
you know my father
wanted me to stay behind,
help run the business.
I was going
to come and visit,
but then, you know,
a lot of time
had passed, and...
it's okay.
I don't even know
what we were thinking.
Well, we weren't thinking,
we were in love.
We were young.
Actually, I think
the problem was
you knocking that lock
out of my hands.
Oh, as I recall,
your hands were a little shaky.
Yeah, well, it was
freezing outside.
It's okay,
we didn't really believe
in that lock stuff anyway.
they cut off all the locks
off of our bridge.
Yeah, in fact,
they cut the locks
off of all the Bridges
all over Paris.
I just saw them last night.
Except for Pont Neuf.
You know, those Bridges
date back to Napoleon,
and all the weight
from all the locks
on all the railings
were causing them
to collapse,
and it was becoming a hazard.
The hazard of love.
Pont Neuf is the last one,
and then all of Paris
will be love-lock-less.
Oh, Mrs. Daltry.
I don't know
if you've met Lindsey.
Not officially.
I'm Kathryn.
Kathryn, so nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you,
I didn't realize
you two were together.
Oh, we're not.
Well, we were...
We're not.
I see.
Well, I won't keep you two.
Enjoy your day.
Oh, no, no, no, please,
uh, Mrs. Daltry,
I actually, uh,
I have to go back to work.
Thank you
for the crossword.
Not a problem.
And... 2 down
is "artichoke."
Please, Kathryn,
join me.
Thank you.
Jack's turned this
into such a charming place
over the years.
When my husband and i
first stayed here...
It was just
a hole in the wall.
Oh, when was that?
Our honeymoon, 40 years ago.
Are you back to celebrate?
No. He died.
I'm so sorry.
It's been two years now.
We would come here
every anniversary.
This is
my first time back since.
I thought if I could just,
I don't know,
see everything again,
I could hold on to the memories.
That sounds silly,
I know.
It doesn't sound silly at all.
It sounds like you had
a wonderful marriage.
We did.
You know, I'm visiting
a friend today,
who has an art studio.
Sort of an artist/meddler.
Would you care to join?
Well, I wouldn't want
to intrude...
Oh, trust me,
he is "un-intrudable."
Sounds intriguing.
I'd love to.
I love it already!
Come on, I'll
show you the dorms.
You're in the best one.
The art department
is over there.
And the math department?
Just across the way.
We can wave to each other
through the windows!
So your mother
went here?
Yeah, a semester abroad,
just like me,
but I cannot believe
she never came back!
Well, she's here
now, though.
Yeah, she is.
Come on.
Lindsey! Mon coeur.
Hugo blanchett,
this is Kathryn Daltry.
Kathryn, this is Hugo.
Ah, mon plaisir, madame.
How do you do?
Your work is incredible.
Oh, well, thank you,
thank you.
Half the people who come here
think the opposite.
Well, it's the other half
you should listen to.
Well, I wish
you were an art critic.
You're not, huh?
No, just a tourist.
Oh, I doubt that.
How you like your hotel?
Uh, you could have
mentioned it's Jack's.
What would be the fun in that?
Oh, you never change.
I hear he's single.
Stay out of it, Hugo.
Madame, how long
are you in town?
Just a few days.
Ah, yes...
Enough for me
to paint you.
Well, no...
I couldn't...
Give me
one reason.
Well, I'm sure I could
give you several.
Hugo, maybe
another time...
Ah, ah, ah!
How many times I told you,
seize the moment.
The moment is now,
carpe diem...
It would be...
An honor.
Just a quick sketch, hmm?
S'il vous plait?
Well, I suppose
that would be all right.
Yes. Lindsey, go gesso
the canvas, please?
Oh, I haven't
done that in...
In 20 years, I know.
She was my best student.
He's prone
to exaggeration...
Well, we'll never know,
'cause you quit!
If you've forgotten,
it's the brush, the paint,
it's all coming back
to you now?
Yes, maestro.
You have a sadness
in your eyes.
And a joy.
I'll try to catch both.
These are for you.
Thank you.
You shouldn't have.
I didn't.
They're from... "Trent Greer"?
Thank you.
I thought you were
allergic to roses.
Not anymore.
Are you...
Waiting for a tip?
No. Nope, I'm good.
Well then, thank you.
Yeah, don't mention it!
Ah, Lindsey,
I was hoping to see you.
Won't you join me?
How was your sitting
with Hugo?
He's very opinionated.
He is.
And demanding.
That too.
He wouldn't
show me the sketch.
And he won't,
not until he's finished.
Are you going back?
No, I don't
think so,
but thank you
for the introduction.
I mean, if things
were different, perhaps, but...
I don't think
I should have come back here.
I've had those same thoughts,
and if it weren't
for my daughter,
I probably wouldn't have.
You fell in love in Paris.
A long time ago.
James and i
had the best times here.
Just walking
and talking,
nothing out of the ordinary,
yet somehow extraordinary.
You're very lucky
to have had a love like that.
Yes, I am.
I know we've just met,
and I am no expert on love,
but I can't help but think
he'd want you to be
happy like that again.
That's exactly what he'd want.
And if only I could.
Where have you been?
Uh, folding towels?
I thought you were Alexa.
Oh, she's not back yet?
Or answering her cell.
All right, well,
I left a message with JP.
They probably just
lost track of time.
Hey, how long have you known
this JP kid?
Um, I don't know,
a couple of months.
That's it?
He's a good kid.
He's studying mathematics.
I mean, how dangerous
can he be?
You know what,
grab your coat.
We're going
for a walk.
So, if you were
two young people,
and you were in love,
where would you go?
In love?
They just met yesterday.
How long did it take us?
Okay, well,
that was different.
If you say so.
This can only
end one way.
So if something ends,
it should have
never started?
I just don't want them
to go through
what we went through.
We were happy.
We were.
So "Trent Greer"
of Greer publishing,
offices in New York,
London, and Paris.
You Googled my roses?
I Googled
your roses.
How come he didn't know
you were allergic?
He's... he's trying
to buy my magazine.
Oh, so they're
business roses?
Yeah, business roses.
Oh, merci.
Remember that
picnic we had here?
Yeah, I remember
a lot of ants.
And that little dog
who stole our sandwiches?
And a thunderstorm.
So, what was
your husband like?
My ex?
My ex-husband?
Your ex-husband,
what was
your ex-husband like?
Um, pretty much...
The opposite of you.
No, you know, I think
I just didn't want
to be reminded of you.
Or us.
Anyway, it didn't
last long.
Well, I'm sorry
about that.
No, it's fine.
It's almost
as old-news as us.
Plus, I got Alexa out of it,
so I'm grateful for that.
Yeah, you should be.
I'm going to go out on a limb
and guess
you never said, "I do"?
I did not.
Still dodging
the commitment thing, huh?
No, I'm very much
I'm committed to the hotel.
You two seem
very happy together.
Yeah, we have
a great relationship.
You know, we have
our ups and downs,
but, uh... all in all,
we are pretty good.
How did you know
they'd be here?
JP teaches
tango lessons here
on mondays.
Ah. Well, you could
have just told me that.
Yeah, I could have
just told you that.
This is so
You weren't
answering your phone.
My battery's dead.
I'm sorry, madame,
we lost track of the time.
Where did you
learn to tango?
My grandfather
is from Argentina,
but after
he and my grandmother divorce,
he move here.
Oh, he lost
his dance partner?
He lost all
his dance partners.
That is why he and
my grandmother divorce.
Aw, yes...
- Oh, no.
- Yes.
- Oh, no, no, no...
- Yes. Come on...
No, Jack,
I don't remember...
You remember.
I don't...
Yeah, just feel it.
Feeling it?
There you go.
Spin around.
Do you like it?
Wait a minute,
wait, here it...
Oh! Oh, no...
Okay, whoa.
Easy, now. Easy.
Yes, I like it.
I like it.
Here we go.
Ah, yes.
And then, give it
to me one more time.
Thank you,
Mr. and Mrs. Rayce,
have a great night.
All right, so my footwork
might be a little bit off.
A little?
There you are.
You promised
to take me to dinner.
Oh, was that tonight?
No, but I am here.
Um, Lindsey and Alexa,
this is Nicole.
His girlfriend.
So nice to meet you.
And how are you
enjoying our city?
Oh, you know what they say,
a bad day in Paris
is better than a good day
anywhere else.
How charming.
Come on, mom,
we have that thing.
We have a thing.
Where do you
want to go?
Wherever you want.
I was thinking
You okay?
Of course, I'm okay.
Why wouldn't i
be okay?
Just checking.
Look who's worrying
about who.
You guys just looked
so cute, dancing.
You said
we looked terrible.
But you were
terrible together.
Yeah, well,
we're not together.
Look at that.
The city of lights.
The city of love.
Let's just stick
with city of lights.
And the best
chocolate ever?
Well, "we'll always
have chocolate."
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I hope it doesn't
go by too quickly.
It will.
I have
our whole day planned.
I'd expect
nothing else.
First, we'll see
the Rue du Tertre.
There's a secret little
corner I want to show you.
Maybe we should invite Jack.
No, no, no, he's seen it all.
Yeah, that's right,
I have seen it all.
Hey, uh, Jean Paul, you mind
saving some
of these pastries
for some of
our other guests?
Thank you.
Ladies, how was your evening?
And dinner with Nicole?
Oh, uh...
You know, dinner's dinner.
Would you like
another croissant?
Oh, no, you were
going to save those
for the other guests.
Hey, um,
you should know
this, uh, thing,
with, uh, Nicole and I,
it-it's nothing serious,
it's just casual.
Yeah, you know, it's only
been, like, uh, a few weeks.
That's actually, uh,
that's not true,
it's been
a little longer than that.
Yes. Casual.
Because you're committed
to your hotel.
Yes... correct.
So, I thought we'd start
with the Rue du Tertre,
and then see the louvre.
You are not
going to believe
how small
that Mona Lisa is.
Are we not going to talk
about this whole Jack thing?
Because I'm here for you.
And that's the only reason.
of which, um,
could you be a little...
Less there for me?
maybe a little.
Can I get you
anything, ladies?
JP, if you're free
we'd like to invite you
to an art show.
I'm totally free.
I thought you might be.
It's just like
I pictured it!
It hasn't
changed at all.
Did you come here a lot?
All the time.
I used to come here
and paint.
Maybe one day,
I'll come set up here, too.
Excusez-moi, monsieur?
Est-ce-que c'est possible
que-tu te souviens de moi?
Pink easel?
I used to come here
a long, long time ago.
Mais oui...
The pink easel,
I remember.
With a young artist
behind it,
she wanted to paint
all of montmartre.
We artists, we are
just children
who refuse to lay down
their crayons, non?
I wasn't sure
you'd come back.
I wasn't going to,
but something Lindsey said
made me change my mind.
Well, I am charming
when you get to know me.
Whatever she said,
I'm glad you're back.
I was working
on your portrait.
Oh, may I have a look?
No, no, no, no, no...
You, uh, can see it
at the show.
You're putting it
in a show?
You can't be serious.
You come, hmm?
Actually, I was planning
on leaving tomorrow.
So soon?
I really only came
to see it all again.
Oh, you've
seen it all, huh?
Well, there is one more place.
Pont Neuf.
Oh, Pont Neuf!
The last love locks bridge.
I hear
they're cutting off the locks.
Yes, tragic.
15 years ago,
James surprised me
with an antique lock,
with our names.
We were likely the oldest
couple on that bridge.
I thought I'd try to find it
and bring it back with me.
Well, then let's go.
Yes, now.
What better time?
Oh, but surely,
it would be
a fool's errand.
Then you have
the right man for the job.
Yes, we'll go,
we will find it.
It doesn't matter.
Well, it matters to you.
And besides, I have
a confession to make.
You have a lock
hanging there, too?
The love of my life.
But it was not meant to be.
I'm sorry.
Yes, well,
the time we had was short,
but it was magic.
So, how long
did you and your James
have together?
My whole life.
I envy you both.
Mom? What is it?
Oh, hey!
Uh, madame?
I am on lunch break,
may I take you
and Alexa to the cafe?
That's so sweet,
but, um,
my mom and I have plans.
Thank you, though.
Of course.
Another time.
You know,
you two should go.
I have to call Maggie
at the office anyway.
Are you sure?
Yes, positive. Go!
Okay, here.
And my phone's
How was
Sightseeing was great.
Oh, what have
you got here?
Oh, yeah...
The cat guy.
Cat guy.
I... left a couple bikes
out there
in case you wanted
to show Alexa the old route.
Thanks, but she's
gone off with JP.
I'm gonna have to put
that guy on a double shift.
Come on, give me a hand.
Thank you, Jack,
this is very thoughtful.
That's me,
monsieur thoughtful.
Help me take
these bike inside
in case you and Alexa want
to take them out later...
Or... we could go.
All right, you know what,
just give me a sec,
I've got to make
a quick phone call.
All right, here we go.
Right up here.
What do you mean?
The bikes will be fine.
You sure?
Come on.
isn't it closed?
Come on.
What have you got
up your sleeve?
Oh, yeah.
I won't even ask
how you made this happen.
Let's just say I have
friends in low places.
Hmm, so
nothing's changed.
The first time
we came here,
you thought "monet"
was a champagne.
It isn't?
Thank you for
bringing me here.
You know, it was always
so crowded before,
I never really saw these.
It's all part
of the Paris experience.
you do this
for all your guests?
Yeah, of course.
Later this afternoon, I'll be
closing down the louvre
for a ping pong tournament.
No, come on,
I've never brought
a guest back here.
I've never brought
anyone back here.
I'm honored.
Just, looking at you, uh...
I wanted to say three words.
What three words?
"Ooh la la."
"Life is the art of drawing
without an eraser."
Who said that?
You did.
What? I mean...
If I said that,
I was probably just
quoting Hugo or something.
Yeah, well,
it stayed.
I mean, I've made
a few decisions
I wish I could erase.
Who hasn't had those?
What happened to those
two people that were us?
Life, I guess.
I thought for sure
I'd be married by now,
with a couple kids,
a dog, maybe two.
Yeah, one day, but...
"One day" never happened.
You know, maybe
you're placing too much
expectation on "one day."
Nah. Mm-mm.
It's your fault.
You're a hard act to follow.
Obviously, not that hard,
because you didn't follow... me.
Where's that eraser
when you need it?
Pardon, monsieur?
Oh. Yeah, okay.
Come on,
we gotta go.
No, they're...
They're gonna
wax the floors.
Come on.
Lindsey, come on!
Yeah, and have it by then.
We should have
the contracts signed...
By Monday.
That is great.
I wanted
to surprise you.
Well, you-you did.
What a surprise.
Your assistant said
you were staying here,
and I thought
it would be convenient.
How-how great.
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
Come, let's have a drink.
Great, okay.
Come on.
All right, well,
take care of his bags,
I guess.
Throw them
in the street?
I'm kidding.
Bring 'em in.
Right this way,
just watch your step.
There we go.
Oops, sorry, it's, uh,
a little narrow in here.
And we're just back here.
Here we are.
Grab that, thanks.
Voila, huh?
This is cozy.
Where should I put this?
Uh, the hallway?
Can't you find him
a better room?
Yeah, uh, no, sorry,
we're all booked up.
Valentine's Day.
That's not
for a while yet.
Ah, well, you know Paris,
any excuse to celebrate love.
Thank you, sir.
On the chance that
you're free tonight,
I did make us reservations
for the three of us
at the St. germain.
Oh, man,
I can't make it.
I'm so sorry, I'm working
the front desk tonight.
I meant Lindsey
and her daughter.
Duh, of course, you did.
I'm sorry about that.
Um, anything else
I can help you with?
We're good,
thank you.
Uh, you know what,
that's fine.
You're gonna need it
if you're going to St. germain,
and if I were you,
I would not order the fish.
Great, thank you
very much.
Excuse me,
tight fit.
This is something, huh?
Wow, this room is so small...
I'm not even sure it's a room.
You know, I've been
in smaller.
So, I hope it's
all right that I'm here.
I just thought
it was really
the perfect opportunity
to show you
our Paris office.
You are persistent.
Maybe, um,
maybe after dinner?
Hold on one second.
Yup. Trent.
Well, I mean, it's not
a great time, but, uh...
You know, we...
Yeah, no, it's okay.
Sorry, hold on...
It's okay...
Mm-hmm. Yup, mm-hmm.
Uh, well, you tell them
when I'm back
in the states that...
Bonsoir, Nicholas.
Well, I'm sorry
that we couldn't find your lock.
Here, let me.
Thank you.
It was good of you
to indulge me.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
Well, you were
thinking about love,
which does strange things
to everyone.
So maybe I go back
to the bridge,
and I take a flashlight
and bolt cutters.
No, if you do,
you'll be arrested.
Well, it won't be
the first time.
Oh, dear.
It makes me happy
when you laugh.
It's been a while.
How long has it been
since you've had a...
A decadent, uh...
Oui, monsieur.
Tout de suite.
You will love this.
I'm really sorry that
Alexa couldn't join us.
Well, she didn't
want to intrude,
and also,
she's busy falling
in love with someone
she's only known
two days.
Well, who hasn't
done that, right?
Are you trying
to sweep me off my feet
so you can get
my magazine?
Please tell me it's working.
One foot's
off the ground.
To the other foot.
You are good.
Lindsey, how about
we don't talk business tonight?
Oh. Oh...
Oh, so this would be a...
Some might
call it a "date."
one of those.
Or not...
No, no, no, we could...
No, we could
call it a date, yeah.
Okay. Good.
I'm sorry, I'm a little...
I'm a little out of practice.
Actually, I am, too, so...
Why do I find that
hard to believe?
It's true.
I, uh... I work, like, 24/7,
and, really,
I am trying to change that.
Starting about 30 seconds ago.
How am I doing?
Pretty good.
- You think?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, look at this.
- Very good.
- Yeah?
You're always working.
Oh, really?
I always feel like
I'm not working enough.
I see she's more
than just a hotel guest.
Oh, this?
Oh, come on, it was
a lifetime ago.
You look happy.
Yeah, well, everybody
looks happy in sketches.
But not everyone
digs up old pictures.
All right, well, you know,
maybe seeing her here
has stirred up
some old memories,
but I told you,
it was a lifetime ago.
When is she leaving?
Um... a couple of days.
Is it possible
she could leave sooner?
Come on, her life
is in New York.
That's good,
I am going to Milan
next weekend,
and I want you to come with me.
Milan, wow...
Uh, I wish I could, but...
The hotel.
I can't.
Of course, you can,
it's your hotel.
Uh, coming!
I'm sorry.
All right,
you are all set.
Here are your keys,
Owen has your bags,
and enjoy your stay.
Merci, monsieur.
How was St. germain?
Well, you were right,
we should not
have ordered the fish.
I told you.
Oh, Trent, this is
my daughter.
Oh, it is nice
to meet you, Alexa.
You, too.
- And you've already met JP.
- Of course.
Thank you for that
generous tip, sir.
So, what have you two
been up to tonight?
Oh, we had
so much fun.
We had bread
and cheese.
And we walked
along the seine.
Oh, don't
forget the rock.
Oh, we found this rock
that's shaped like a heart!
It's good luck.
What did you guys do?
We had an amazing dinner,
and an amazing dessert,
and then Trent showed me
his offices here, which are...
Oh, hey!
Guys, here is
my girlfriend, Nicole,
who is also amazing.
Ah, party in the lobby!
Ah, and this is
Kathryn Daltry.
Yes, the exquisite
Kathryn Daltry.
Oh, Hugo,
you are too kind.
Ah, well, no one's ever
accused me of that before.
And this is
Hugo blanchett the artist.
Well, I'm more than that,
but it will do for now.
Hugo, pleasure to meet you Trent
Bonjour, Mr. Greer.
Hugo is Alexa's
painting teacher.
Yours too.
I did not know
you painted.
Well, it's sad to say,
she's given it up.
Hugo took me
to Pont Neuf.
We searched for hours
for my lock.
You have a lock
on the bridge?
Mm-hmm, I thought
I might find it
before the city
cuts them off.
Cuts them off?
Yes, well, they have
their reasons, I suppose.
That's awful.
It's just a bridge, sweetie.
Yeah, but
all those promises.
I admit,
I'm sentimental
about it, too.
Uh, innkeeper,
uh, uh, drinks
for all my friends.
Just put it on my tab.
Hugo, you don't
have a tab.
Well, what better time
to start one.
Did you decide?
About what?
The magazine.
Actually, we didn't
even talk about it.
So it was a date?
Kind of.
What about Jack?
What about him?
So, I get to call dad
and tell him
you're not just
seeing somebody,
but two somebodies.
I am not!
And don't you dare.
I'm gonna!
Alexa, my company is
sponsoring a concert series
at le zenith next weekend,
and I thought
I would leave two tickets
for you and JP
at will call.
If your mom
is okay with that.
Yeah, thank you.
That's so nice.
Great. Great.
Um, I have to run,
but, um, you sure
you won't come with me?
Thanks, but we're helping Hugo
set up for his show.
Right, right,
what time is that?
4:00 P.M.
Les Archives.
- The Archives?
- The Archives.
I have a 4:00
editor's meeting,
but I will, uh,
I will meet you there.
Sounds like a plan.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Uh, would you mind
taking these
to Hugo for me? Thanks.
What is it?
Um, they're croissants.
I lost a bet.
- From Jack.
- Ah, he's man of honor.
I'm not even
going to ask
what the bet was.
Well, there's
a good choice.
Hey, where is
Well, it went
to the gallery.
They're coming
for the last load.
I thought we were
going to help.
Well, you are.
You see, this could
be your best work.
The first
step back is,
you take the brush.
Alexa can finish it.
No, Alexa has her own
life to paint,
you need to finish yours.
What if I can't?
Of course you can.
Now, while you are here,
allow yourself to be...
The artist.
Take the brush.
And Alexa and I will be
putting together the gallery
for a brilliant show...
Right, now,
the most important thing
about hanging a painting
is the light.
And, uh...
You can make
a really bad painting
look like a masterpiece
with the right light, huh?
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, wow.
Art, like love,
has no cure,
but if it is true,
it will stay with you.
Are you trying
to sell us a painting, Hugo?
Of course! Of course!
But I mean every word.
One day, you'll be
hanging your work here.
Maybe. One day.
When the semester's over,
you can come to New York?
I can apply
to grad school.
We can have the whole
summer together,
and I'll show you
all the sights,
starting with
the statue of Liberty,
which is actually...
Oh, excusez-moi.
Oh, Hugo.
You made it.
Well, I realized
it was something
I just did not
want to miss.
I'm so happy you came.
Come, I'll show you something.
Oh, wow.
Oh, did I make you cry?
You've made me, uh...
You've made me look
so full of life, and...
Well, I paint what I see.
It's just that, um,...
It's just that
I've felt so sad, and...
Well, look,
you can see both.
Life and love,
it's complicated.
That's what
makes it great.
Thank you, Hugo.
Mon plaisir, madame.
Oh, yeah,
there we go,
I see it, yup.
It's a hamburger
and a spatula.
Oh, no, wait a minute,
it's a grilled cheese
and a spatula.
You must be hungry.
It's supposed to be
two people in love,
at least that's
what Hugo says.
Oh, yeah, okay,
I see it now...
- Really?
- No.
I didn't know
you were coming.
Yeah, uh,
Hugo invited me.
Where's Nicole?
Um, he said
there wasn't enough room
for a plus-one.
He never gives up.
There's something
to be said about that.
your plus-one?
He had business,
he'll be here later.
So... publishing.
Yup, publishing.
Let me guess
how you guys met.
It's a quaint
little bookshop in soho.
You walk in,
your eyes meet,
you both reach
for the same renoir book...
Editors' convention,
500 people.
Oh, hot.
Be still
my beating heart.
How did you
and Nicole meet?
Um, sort of a similar
romantic story.
We were both
in the waiting area
of a dental office.
Hmm! Hmm.
You remember how we met?
Art history class.
No, actually,
we met before that.
You were painting
on the pont des arts bridge.
I pedaled past you,
you smiled, waved.
I don't remember that.
Yeah, that's the whole
reason I enrolled
in that art history class.
How come you never
told me that?
Well, I am now.
JP's coming to New York
for summer break!
I know, right?
- There's more?
- Lots more.
Look what he gave me.
Don't be a ring...
- It's gonna be a ring...
A lock.
We're putting it
on the bridge,
and I don't care
if they cut it off,
or melt it down...
It's ours.
Mesdames et messieurs!
Thank you!
Thank you all
for joining me here today,
my friends, my colleagues.
We have shared
many moments together,
some good, some not so good...
But, as the great
John w. Gardner said,
"life is the art of drawing
without the eraser."
Many of you have asked me
what defines my art...
What a question.
I can't answer.
Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see.
So, eat, drink, enjoy the work,
and if you find something
you can't live without,
You, uh, see anything
you can't live without?
So, um, are you
going to tell her?
That you're still
in love with her.
I couldn't help
but notice.
I'm not
going to tell her.
We rarely get a second chance.
Her life is there,
my life is here.
What's the point?
She's leaving.
So you're just
going to bury your feelings?
It's been working for me so far.
Has it?
Because in all the years
I've stayed at your hotel,
you've been alone.
Or with a different girl
that you don't seem to care
all that much about.
Someone wants
to buy your portrait.
Oh, dear.
Have they had
too much champagne?
Well, I told them
it's not for sale,
but they want
to meet you anyway.
Pardon, Jack.
Well, looks like
my plus-one
just turned into
a minus-one.
Well, here's to the pluses
and the minuses.
Well, Hugo
should be happy.
Yeah, sold out.
I wish I could do that
at the hotel.
Uh, you were sold out
the night
Trent checked in.
Oh... right,
about that.
You gave him
that room on purpose.
What? No.
I would never...
Yes, you did!
All right, I'm sorry...
No, you're not.
Hey, you know, that room
isn't even that small.
It was a closet.
I've stayed in rooms
way smaller than that.
- Seriously?
- Yeah!
You remember
my dorm room.
Oh, yeah,
that was bad.
Oh, remember
that poster you had
of the dogs
playing poker?
I still have it,
I love that poster.
That little bulldog?
That bulldog who's holding
the pocket Ace
in his little,
um... uh... hand?
Foot? Whatever.
That dog
can handle his cards.
Oh, boy...
Here we go.
Oh... you, me, locks,
and a bridge.
I feel like
we've done this before.
Too many locks,
not enough keys.
You know, I didn't drop
that lock on purpose that day.
I was scared.
I know.
I guess I could have jumped
on a plane to New York,
made some grand
romantic gesture.
I waited too long.
We had our moment,
and I let it slip away.
We both did.
I could gotten a job
at a hotel in New York.
I could have
come here.
So, what stopped us?
Maybe that's all
we were supposed to be.
Thank you for a nice night.
Hey, you wouldn't
happen to be hungry
by any chance?
Ah. Come on,
follow me.
Hey, you still throwing pasta
up on the ceiling?
Of course. You?
That's the only way
to know if it's done.
Nice to know
some things never change.
Well, change
is good, right?
Doesn't really sound
like a ringing endorsement.
I guess I'm scared.
Of what?
Losing control of everything.
You know, I'm saying goodbye
to Alexa.
If I say goodbye
to my business,
what do I have left?
Okay, so if someone
wanted to buy your hotel,
would you sell it?
Well... that would depend
on how much they were offering.
You know, I could always
start a new hotel.
So much for
that commitment.
No, come on.
Lindsey, these are
things, okay?
Things... things
can be replaced.
People can't.
Yeah, but what if
that thing is who you are?
This isn't who you are.
You hardly know me
anymore, Jack.
Uh... I think I do.
You're that girl
on the bridge
with her paintbox
and big dreams.
Yeah, well, all that's left
of that dream
is a magazine
about other people's art.
It sounds like
you've got to learn to let go.
All right?
If you can't let go,
then you'll never get
to the other side.
Trust me, I should know.
This is nice.
There you are.
How was your meeting?
It was good,
it was good...
I'm sorry I missed the show,
and I was hoping
to take you to dinner,
but I see that
I'm a little late.
Oh, yeah, this was...
This was just kind of
spur of the moment.
Listen, uh,
on the bright side,
I switched you
to another room.
Oh, good.
Uh, smaller, right?
No, no, uh...
A suite,
compliments of the owner.
I appreciate that,
thank you.
Um, Jack...
Is the bar open?
As soon as
I put on an apron.
We can turn pov
into something
bigger and better,
and isn't that what you wanted
when you started it?
Uh, I'm pretty sure
when I started,
all I wanted was
to pay the rent.
That won't be
a problem anymore.
And my staff?
I can take
some of them on.
How about all of them?
Do you have an office dog
you want us take on as well?
No, but there's a pigeon
that lives on the window ledge.
Hmm. All right, pigeon gets
a corner office,
but that's
as far as I go.
Does anyone
ever say no to you?
That's great.
You, actually,
still have not said yes.
Now, Lindsey,
I get it.
I mean, this magazine
is your baby.
Yeah, well...
Babies grow up, right?
They leave the nest
and fly away,
and maybe...
Maybe it's time for me
to say goodbye.
Is that a yes?
That's a yes.
I'm in.
I am so thrilled,
that's wonderful.
Thank you.
Sorry, couldn't help
but overhear.
Thank you.
Well, thank you
very much, Jack,
and I say,
we go and celebrate.
Mm-hmm. Top
of the Eiffel Tower.
I made us a reservation
on the chance
you would say yes.
Well, once again,
sorry to interrupt,
but the Eiffel Tower
is gonna be closed.
Not tonight
it's not.
Ah, you must have friends
in high places.
Thankfully I do.
You know, if you don't mind,
I think I'll go for a walk.
I've got a lot to think about.
that's probably...
A good idea.
And goodnight.
Sorry to call you
so late.
Is everything
all right?
Well, I hope so.
You found it.
I never thought
I'd see it again.
Thank you.
Oh, you're up.
I want details.
Starting with the moment
I saw you leave the gallery,
with Jack.
Do I interrogate you
when you come in late?
Are you kidding?
We walked, we talked, we ate,
Trent showed up, and...
I decided to sell the magazine.
Mom, are you sure?
I've been trying to keep
everything the same,
you, our life.
But things change.
They grow up,
and that's okay.
I'm proud of you.
It's going to be great.
I know it.
Thanks, sweetie.
Look at you.
A few days ago, you were
in the lonely apartment,
hiding art in the closet,
and now you are in Paris,
with two men half
in love with you.
No one's in love with me,
not even half in love with me.
Jack is.
That's ridiculous.
Is it?
Oh, you've been in Paris
four days,
and you're an expert on love?
I'm an expert on you.
I was hoping
to see you
before I left.
You found it!
Hugo did.
After the show,
he went back
with a flashlight
and searched for hours.
I'm so glad.
You know, I thought I'd be sad
if I saw it again,
but it's just the opposite.
It reminds me of how happy
James and I were
on that bridge.
I found something
I thought was lost forever.
He was the love of my life,
and I know he'd want me
to find love again.
I'm sure he would.
And you should, too, my dear.
Is he what you're looking for?
Or is he
just an excuse
to avoid what's really
in your heart?
I'm not sure what you mean.
I think you do.
If you loved someone enough
to keep away from Paris,
then nothing should
keep you from that love.
Oh, my goodness,
listen to me...
One rusted lock,
and I'm giving out advice.
It just goes by so quickly.
I just wanted
to say goodbye!
I have a feeling you'll be
seeing a lot more of her here.
Yes, well, it's just
a train ride away,
and I do love the train.
When I come back, I'd love
to see all your paintings.
I'll give you
a private showing.
And when do you leave?
Well, you'll have to let me
know how it all turns out.
Oh, I'm sure Hugo will be
giving you every last detail.
I'm counting on it.
I'm so glad
we're doing this.
One last walk.
Don't say
"one last walk."
Did I say "last"?
I meant, "first walk
of the last day."
You've come
a long way, mom.
We've come a long way.
Oh, look at
all this love!
I wonder how many
of these people
are actually
still together.
All of them.
In some way.
That's not what you said
last time.
Well, maybe I'm less
un-romantic than I thought.
"Less un-romantic."
You do realize that means...
You're supposed
to fall in love in Paris.
Okay, uh, let's hit the louvre.
Or, um...
We'll take a selfie
at the clock tower
at the sorbonne,
unless you did that
last time you were here.
We didn't have
We didn't have phones.
You're old.
Don't worry,
I'll be with her every day.
Not helping, JP.
I just mean
I will look after her.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
I'll leave you two
to say goodbye.
- Bon voyage.
- A la prochaine.
I like him.
I love him.
I know.
You're not going
to talk me out of it?
I couldn't anyway.
And no.
This whole trip,
it's been...
So much fun.
You sure you don't
want me to stay
and help you
set up your room?
Did I hear a helicopter?
I'll make your bed
with hospital corners.
I appreciate that,
but, um...
It's time for me
to make my own bed.
Now, go. You have
just enough time
to say bye to Hugo
before your flight.
I love you.
I love you, too, sweetie.
I'll talk to you
Did I say tomorrow?
I meant the next day.
Mm? Good!
I thought you sold out.
Well, I always keep
a few of my favorites,
you know that.
Your best work.
So far.
You really do
always say that.
Well, this time,
it might even be true.
What do you think will happen
when all the locks come off?
Well, people
always find a way
to show love.
You know, music, art.
Maybe even
the ineloquent words
of a sappy teenager,
or an aging artist, or...
A hotel owner.
Want me to ship it to you?
Keep it here.
Good, I was hoping
you'd say that.
I have a special place for it.
Good, then I'll see it
when I come back.
I'll count the days.
Me too.
I'm going
to miss you, Hugo.
I know.
Take care of my girl.
Oh, she will do fine.
You did.
There we go.
Well, thank you again
for the upgrade.
Don't mention it.
And I'll be sure
to recommend the hotel
to all my associates.
And we will be sure to put
all of your magazines
in our lobby.
Oh, you'll need
a bigger lobby for that.
Hey, good luck
with everything.
Yeah, you too.
Oh, hold on one sec.
There she is.
I'll see you
when I'm back in New York.
- Great.
- Bye-bye.
I'll see you then.
This is it, I guess.
Yeah, I guess, uh...
I guess it is.
Um, Lindsey, I got you
a little something
before you go.
You shouldn't have.
I've been holding
onto it long enough,
and now it's your turn.
You kept it?
I always thought it'd be
worth something someday.
Listen, Lindsey...
I just wanted to say that...
I'm in...
It's starting to snow.
I heard you were leaving.
Do come back
and visit us someday.
I will.
Goodbye, Jack.
Goodbye, Lindsey.
And... I'm back.
Five-letter word
for "Valentine..."
Nine-letter word
for "heartbreak..."
You're back!
I'm back!
And I brought you
chocolate and perfume.
Hmm, not a boyfriend?
How's Alexa?
Are you sad?
Actually, I'm okay.
So there's a cure
for empty nest syndrome.
There's no cure,
but there is Skype.
Hey, guys.
So, you really
said yes to Trent.
I really did,
and if you want to stay on
with the magazine, you can.
Are you kidding me?
I can't believe
I'm going to be working
with the hottest guy
on the planet.
Because that is the most
important thing.
I'm sure I'll get tired
of looking at him,
after 10 or 20 years.
He's here.
Send him in.
Hey, you.
Come here.
Wow, so...
You ready for all this?
About that...
What, you didn't
change your mind, did you?
No, the magazine's
still yours,
to make bigger and better.
It's just...
I'm not staying on.
What? Why?
What happened?
Paris, I guess.
The truth is,
I started an art magazine
because I wasn't brave enough
to be an artist.
I've never really admitted that
out loud before. Um...
I... I want to paint again.
And I know I may not
be good enough.
Maybe I'll just end up
with a cat
sketching people in the park,
but at least I'll have tried.
You're sure about all this?
But I'm doing it anyway.
So I get the magazine, but...
But not you.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
I guess someone
can say no to me.
I doubt it'll ever
happen again.
Okay. All right.
Um, you should probably
have your lawyers
check that out,
and, uh...
That'll be that.
Goodbye, Lindsey.
All right.
Hey, Nicole,
can I come see you?
We need to talk.
About us.
Tell me you're not alone
on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day...
Is that today?
Mom, JP and I put our lock
on the bridge today.
It was beautiful,
and I don't care
if they cut it off.
People will always find a way
to show their love.
'Lex? Uh,
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Have fun with JP tonight, okay?
Happy Valentines Day.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Uh, happy Valentine's Day.
What are you doing here?
This is, uh...
This is a grand romantic
gesture gone awry.
It's freezing!
Get inside!
Okay... okay, yeah...
Okay, I got it.
Okay. Okay...
I thought...
I thought you were
going to notice me
a lot sooner than that.
No one does romance
quite like you.
No one does romance
quite like us.
Business flowers?
These are definitely not
business flowers.
Okay, I...
I should have come
to follow you 20 years ago,
I should have come to follow you
two days ago.
But I'm here now.
And I'm asking
for another chance.
I think something
can be arranged.
Now, that's
your best work.
Hugo... you always
say that.
We're heading back to campus,
do you wanna grab lunch first?
Oh, thanks, sweetie,
but I think I'm going to stay
and finish this.
Have fun.
Beautiful, madame.
Thank you, JP.
I'll see you Monday?
Tango Monday.
Young love.
Nothing like it.
Well, old love's not so bad.
Hey, will you
close up for me?
I have to meet
Kathryn for tea.
Well, she's having tea,
I'm having everything but.
Uh... Rouge.
More red
on the bridge, hmm?
This looks familiar.
Yes, it does.
Shall we try this again?
Yes, and this time,
`brought extra locks.
How many?
All right,
this is it.
Any last words?
Just those three.
"Ooh la la"?
Uh, no.
I was thinking...
"I love you."
I love you, too.
Well, it may have
taken us a while...
But we got here.
We did.