Love Me, Love Me Not (2020) Movie Script

It would be better if there's a
way to make everyone happy.
It's not like I want to hurt anyone...
I want to live my life
smiling as much as possible.
When the time comes, I have to make a decision.
I have to...
Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
Translated, subbed and timed by Rjgman56 subs
The sakura are beautiful!
Morning Akari!
You were able to make some friends Akari-chan?
After I transferred schools...
I was able to make some friends
with people who seemed cool!
Is that right?
By the way... what about this?
Who is this Prince?
I've had this picture book
since I was a little kid...
And there was a Prince
in there that I really liked...
Don't laugh okay?
My first love was the Prince in that book...
And then that person rode
the elevator at my place!
He lives in the same apartment complex?
You should have talked to him!
No way! No way!
I'm fine with just meeting him...
I'm not too good at talking with men anyways...
Just waiting alone isn't
going to start anything!
Start what?
Well... love!
You have to get ready for heart break!
Get ready for heart break?
Is love something that makes
you depressed and hurt?
There's that part but...
When your love becomes mutual...
And you get closer...
That's when you really start falling in love!
That's kinda...
Too good to be true...
Yuna has never gotten this far in love...
I'm sure that Akari-chan has
never actually fallen in love!
Yuna! Have a second?
This is the one you wanted to see!
You didn't have to bring it to school!
I didn't want to forget about it!
She's the one who moved into our
apartment complex during spring break!
You're the girl who Yuna gave money to!
You were in the same class?
I'm Inui!
I'm Yamamoto!
See you later Yamamoto-san!
You can talk with boys!
I mean, Kazou-kun is my childhood friend!
Childhood friend huh?
Just now...
What's wrong?
It's nothing!
Oh yeah! Since I just got a new place,
come over on our off day!
Akari! She's here!
Welcome! Come on in!
Why is he in Akari's house?
Her boyfriend?
This is Rio! My little brother!
He's a first year at our school!
He's your classmate!
Is he...
Hey Rio!
What did you want me to teach?
We want to ask you about the parts we don't get!
That's so vague...
It's fine!
I'm no good at Math!
And you're a genius!
P-Please take care of me!
Well, whatever!
I'm going to the bathroom real quick!
Did I do something unnecessary?
But I didn't think that Rio would be the Prince!
But he's not Prince-like at all!
It's not that I like him!
I was just surprised at seeing him is all!
So for now...
Why don't you take a dive on his bed?
Please don't do that!
What's all the noise?
Oh, that's right!
Can I go to the store?
I'm going shopping!
You're fine here!
I'm leaving!
You're going to multiple it by 3 squared...
Then in number four you have 2B...
How do I say this part?
I got this in front of the station this morning.
From a girl I don't know.
Does this happen often Rio-kun?
But I give them a proper answer.
You reject them?
She wasn't my type after all.
If she's someone you don't know...
Then do you have to go out
of your way to reject them?
I'm totally not fine with that.
If you don't say no and properly reject them...
Then they will constantly be getting hurt.
I was surprised!
When Yuna said that she became your friend.
Our personalities and
everything are total opposites!
I'm glad that you guys are close!
I'm not so sure about me asking for
money on our first encounter though...
Umm... my friend wanted me to go
with them on this trip no matter what...
But I forgot my phone and wallet...
I'll definitely pay you back!
Umm, so can you tell me your
contact info and your phone number?
I never expected her to be in the
same apartment complex as me!
When I first heard that from Yuna...
I told her that she might have been swindled...
Yuna is such a good girl!
She doesn't have an evil bone in her body!
She's always looking down on herself...
Yuna has never had confidence in herself.
But she's a good girl!
I think you're an amazing girl too Yamamoto-san!
No, no, no!
You just don't know me!
I'm not a good girl at all!
Is that right?
If I got to know you...
I'm sure my opinion wouldn't change.
He sure knows how to say some amazing stuff...
She's an angel!
What about you Yuna-chan?
Is there anybody that you like?
It's useless for me to fall in love.
At my level, no matter what I would say
to him he wouldn't think anything of me.
Whoever thinks that is a bastard!
Just forget about a guy like that!
I can't confess to him because
I know that I will get rejected...
I don't have the courage to do that.
Don't say that you can't confess.
But I really can't do it!
You can!
If you want to.
Not doing it and not being able to is different.
It's different for me.
It's different for you?
I won't tell you.
There's a lot of circumstances.
She's not here.
Pardon the intrusion!
But can't you at least knock?
Well..I just heard talking...
And so I thought Akari was here...
I'm sorry!
I'm really sorry Rio-kun!
I'm home!
What is it? What's wrong?
She thought we were in this room together.
Just knock it off!
Rio won't do what you think he will!
Do you know how careful we
are being so we don't worry you?
You just think about yourself Mom!
If you were that worried then why
did you get remarried to Rio's Dad!?
The two of them aren't actual siblings?
I'm sorry for what you had to see...
Stop it Akari!
I mean...
It's fine!
Yuna-chan is shocked.
Let me just say this...
Rio is a proper little brother to me!
Proper little brother is such a weird title...
Hold on...
The person that Rio-kun can't confess to is...
I don't think it was that bad...
Are you waiting for Akari?
She said that her group study is about to end.
Sorry about yesterday!
You don't have to worry about it.
Why are you always looking down?
I'm over here.
Are you Yamamoto-san's little brother?
Rio's fine!
It's a hassle the other way.
Then Kazou's fine for me too!
I heard from Akari but...
You were in the same complex?
What did you buy?
Mad Max!
The Death Sword!
Pardon the intrusion!
Some of those my older brother gave me.
You have an older brother?
He went away.
He ended up leaving because of my parents.
Is there any reasons?
There's a lot!
What about you?
What do you mean?
What's it like having a twin?
Can you understand what they're thinking?
But maybe it's not actually like that...
We aren't twins!
Our parents got remarried...
And that's all.
Is that right?
You aren't going to ask?
I've been living with Akari
since junior high school.
Then at that time there was
people around us saying stuff.
It's not your guy's fault!
They should just leave you alone!
They're just small fry!
By the way they're just membranes and nobodies!
They are membranes!
Sorry, can you give this back to him?
I was told to give this to you!
Did something happen?
A lot of stuff happened
and I wanna escape reality!
I'm not a good girl after all!
I'll listen to what this "bad girl" has to say!
And then...
The atmosphere at home has gotten thick...
My Mom is very strict.
That's why she changed her
name and transferred me in alone.
We live in the same house but the
children don't have a choice in anything.
That's why I want to run away sometimes.
Where to?
Somewhere that's not there?
Where are you going?
A shortcut!
The park had a place like this?
When I was little,
that place over there would be my hideout.
I thought about how that place was so dream-like
and how much it would open up my world.
I got excited...
And walked over there.
How was it?
It was the same!
There were houses I've seen before...
And the street lights, and signboards...
The streets and the regular shops...
They were all soaked in reality like over here!
So that means that there
isn't a place that's not like here?
Even if you are swayed by
your parent's circumstances...
There's nothing that can be done!
For the children.
If you don't live with it
then you can't be with them.
But there's times I want to say it.
You helped me out!
I just wanna say that.
Watch out!
It was more slippery than I thought!
Does Rio-kun still like Akari-chan?
Has he always acted like he's fine?
I can't fall in love with him...
I don't understand these love worries.
Is there a part you don't understand?
Hi! I met Rio-kun at the library!
I'm home!
Did Rio-kun say that he ate the food?
I don't know!
Is that so?
When he wants to eat he'll come right?
I knew it Rio!
Hey! Shhh!
Rio teaching is so interesting!
Can we join?
What are you doing?
You're bad at this!
That's all for today!
My stomach hurts.
Next time.
How boring!
Sorry for not realizing
that you didn't feel well...
That was a lie!
I don't mind being together with you...
Then you're not going to hold
back from asking me questions?
Every time I start feeling happy...
Then the next moment a feeling of sadness comes.
It's starting to rain!
Let's go somewhere else!
It's getting stronger!
It's getting stronger...
Bit by bit...
It's a love that won't come true.
I really hate the rain!
When my Dad got remarried
to Akari's Mom it was raining.
I've been thinking this but...
It would be better if you
confessed your feelings of love!
Even if I know that I'll get rejected?
If you get rejected...
Then you can just fall in
love with someone else!
You won't die if you get rejected.
If I get rejected properly...
Will I be able to stop loving him?
If you get rejected...
Then at that time I'll console
you with all of my strength!
It's letting up.
Shall we go?
What's wrong?
Like you Rio-kun!
So... reject me!
Don't worry about my feelings!
That way when you are feeling down...
Then I can be a friend
that will listen to you...
You aren't able to confess your love...
But it's easier for me...
Me too!
Without knowing your feelings...
I said all that stuff...
Thanks for your confession!
Thanks for listening!
It's okay.
I won't die if I get rejected.
How was your study session?
Huh? Where's Rio?
She cried for so long afterwards...
I'm glad that she was able to confess.
I'm glad that she opened
up a new world for herself.
I still don't know about that world.
I heard that Akari-chan collapsed in the gym!
That's right! That's right!
That Inui guy princess carried her!
You have no filter bro!
I got a picture from a guy in class 4!
You don't have to show it.
A sibling doesn't wanna see that right?
That's true.
My bad.
Thank you.
Are you feeling okay now?
I'm totally fine now!
You can't push yourself like that!
It's not gonna stop huh?
The house... isn't over there!
I heard you collapsed during P.E.?
Don't cause trouble for Kazou!
Did Inui-kun say something about me?
Not really.
I guess I did bother him...
Do you like Kazou?
What did you say about Inui-kun?
Like I said...
Do you...
I can't hear what you're saying!
Do you like Kazou?
What are you saying?
Knock that off!
A sibling talking about love is gross!
What sibling?
It's not like I wanted to be yours, dummy.
Why are you talking like that?
It's too insensitive!
Hey Rio!
Why are you mad?
Hey Rio!
If I said something wrong then I'm sorry.
I'm not really that mad.
Then that's fine.
A car came...
Don't do the impossible!
-The impossible?
No matter how we feel...
- The impossible?
No matter how we feel...
There's a right and wrong!
I'll act like it never happened.
Don't invalidate all the hard work
we've done in restraining ourselves!
Teacher talkBlah blah
- Akari-chan, today...
- Sorry!
My club activities are
done so I'm going home first!
Hey hold on!
I kissed her.
Well, I did a sneak attack.
I'm reflecting on what I did too.
She told me not to do the impossible.
She said don't invalidate all the hard
work we've done in restraining ourselves.
She's not going to let me confess huh?
During middle school...
I started to fall in love with
Akari who just transferred in.
I finally made up my mind.
Come to the park at 3.
I have something to tell you.
Do you know who this is?
Why was her voice on the line?
The partner that my Dad remarried...
Was Akari's Mom.
Akari just so happened to
run into them on that day.
She said that she was surprised and
accidentally dropped her phone, breaking it.
How flustered does she get?
That's why it was a life saver that
she didn't see my message that I
sent her about my confession.
I heard from Rio-kun. Can I see you right now?
Let me talk to you!
Sorry, you can head home first.
We can't talk about this at home!
It's impossible right now.
What's going on? A sibling fight?
They're arguing!
You sure?
Is it true that you guys aren't real siblings?
Is that so?
You didn't know?
No, it's hella...
Stop acting like middle school kids!
Hold on! I li...
You can't!
Hold on!
That's no good!
You can't force things on her!
I'm tired of this tenseness!
Why do I have to stay silent
and endure this atmosphere?
That's not it!
If you say it aloud then it's all over!
You're just thinking of yourself!
Akari-chan talked to me yesterday...
On that day,
I was sure that he would confess to me.
I want to talk to you. Come to the park at 3.
Nice to meet you. I'm Yamamoto.
I talked to you about him yesterday right?
I'm dating him!
Umm... you're always taking care of my Mother!
Your child is totally different than mine!
His son goes to the same school as you.
His name is Yamamoto Rio...
Do you know him?
That was the only way
that nobody would get hurt.
I still believe that to this day.
If he says it in words then we can't go back.
I don't want that.
I don't want to lose any more family...
I'm home!
Welcome home!
Thanks for the food!
I wanted Karage!
That's good!
I'm really sorry about the other day...
It's just like you said...
There's a right and a wrong!
Sorry about your little brother
who didn't know any better!
The next time you do it, I'll hit you for real!
What are you guys talking about?
It's okay! It's just a little sibling quarrel!
That's right! That's right!
He properly apologized and so I forgave him!
Then it's all good.
Be sure to make up!
You heard her.
Later! I'm going to my room!
Sure thing.
Sorry for making you
take this all on by yourself...
Thanks for the gentle lie.
Will I be able to behave around Akari?
I'll crush these feelings of love...
Then I'll replace these
feelings with something else.
It finally feels like I'm able to let go.
It's all thanks to you.
Thanks for helping me.
Thank goodness!
Why are you crying?
I mean...
The girl that ended up taking
me out of the painful place...
Ended up taking over my mind.
And she was always walking by me.
And I ended up looking at her.
In this piece I want to address that...
A dream of the future is still unclear.
Though it's still vague, I wish to do a job...
I wish I can use English.
That was the best!
A recommendation?
I have a ton!
What genre do you like?
Western film? Horror?
Maybe Western movies?
Like romance films?
Then "About Time" might be good!
"About Time"?
There's a little bit of fantasy in it but...
I'm sure that you'll definitely like it!
That director made "Love, Actually"...
And his musical sense is very nice.
I have it in my house so
I'll bring it to you next time!
I'm looking forward to it!
Why are you in someone else's room?
I came to pick some stuff
up while the demon was away.
Dad will just start fighting again.
You know?
It's all your fault!
Pretty much!
Are you okay?
What do you mean?
But you're doing great as always!
What's up?
Do you have a future job you want?
No way!
It's just a hobby!
Don't worry about me...
And do what you want!
Well said!
Whose fault...
You've gotten pretty tall!
Have you gotten a girlfriend?
I don't!
Anyone you like?
Did you know that you have a habit
of grabbing your neck when you lie?
You're such a noob!
At a lot of things.
What's he thinking just
quitting university like that!?
Isn't it fine if he does what he wants?
This happens because you baby him too much!
Don't make everything about me!
I don't!
For asking such a weird request...
Not at all!
But this is pretty rare!
For you to dress up!
You know what?
I don't want to just be a background character!
From now on I'm going to try harder for myself!
Is that right?
You can have all of this!
They've been used though.
I can?
I wonder why?
When I look at Yuna my chest tightens...
It becomes a mess.
Is there anything else?
You should wear a yukata too Akari-chan!
I'm fine!
There's not any men that you care about?
They're late!
That's a nice yukata!
Your hair too!
Akari-chan did it all!
She's pretty good at it.
Pretty much!
You hit it!
Wanna eat something?
I do!
Wanna eat something?
Wanna eat something?
Let's look for some!
You can have it!
You got it for me?
No, it's just by chance!
Thank you!
Can I have 4 of those?
That'll be 400 yen!
I'll pay for it!
For real?
- Thanks!
- Sure!
Hold on!
I'm sorry!
I'm okay!
Sorry about that!
Are you alone?
I got separated from my friends!
What about you?
Everyone went off on their own!
Is that so?
Can I sit there?
Wasn't there a spot around here for that?
We got separated from Yamamoto-san!
I'll look for her!
Are you okay?
Did something happen?
I bumped into someone with
takoyaki and got sauce on me.
Thank goodness!
That you're safe!
You were worried about me?
It would have been nice if
you could have contacted me!
We don't know each other's contact info do we?
Do you want to exchange them?
You've changed recently Ichihara-san!
You seem to have lightened up!
And before you would have never talked to me!
Was I like that?
Really! Why don't you believe it?
I definitely don't think so!
They definitely exist! Ask me!
What's wrong?
I've never exchanged info with a girl before.
What about with Yuna?
You're my first Yamamoto-san...
Is there anyone that you're dating right now?
What's up with you?
There's not...
Should we start dating?
I mean... don't you like me Inui-kun?
- I mean...
- Sorry!
I'm sorry!
Love you Yamamoto-san...
I might have gotten the wrong idea!
So embarrassing!
If I was wrong then it's fine!
I just got carried away on my own!
This seems to have been a mistake!
I have something to do before bed...
So I'll go home first!
Don't worry about it at all!
Just forget about it!
At that time...
I decided to not let my
own feelings disappear...
If it's okay for me to forget about it...
Then I want to forget everything.
I don't want to keep lying to myself.
Group B: Kazuomi Inui and Yamamoto Akari
It seems like we're going
to take a lot of good pictures!
So do your best to take some
beautiful spring photos Inui-san!
Sorry Yamamoto-san,
I won't be able to do club activities...
Is that right?
Please don't say it loudly!
What are you going to do?
Thanks! Later!
Hey, knock it off bro!
I feel bad for you!
But my shoes aren't as bad as his!
It's Ichihara-san!
Bye bye!
You should date her!
I got caught huh?
Long time no see!
I was looking for something
nice in a place like this.
You're so diligent!
I'll help you out!
Can you try standing over there?
Over there?
Is right here fine?
- About the festival...
- I...
Please don't worry about it!
I just kinda threw it at you...
It's totally fine!
Forget about it!
You look good as an officer!
Our class is holding a cosplay event!
Once you find it then collect the stamp.
Here's my stamp!
Sounds fun!
Where's Rio-kun?
He's probably somewhere he can't be found.
He said that he would be
embarrassed if the girl he likes saw him.
The girl he likes?
I think he looks good though!
Is that right?
Would you like to find him together?
Let's go!
- Welcome back!
- I'm back!
Here's this!
-There's Akari!
Here's this!
Here's this!
Long time no see!
We came!
What's up?
We heard from Rio! Yousuke is here!
Yousuke... kun...
Long time no see.
You guys need to talk!
You guys our are friends after all!
Alright, the two of us are
going to go inside over there...
And Yousuke is going to wait here for us!
Why did you come?
No reason.
There was no reason for me to decline anyways.
But how far is it?
But it's nothing special.
Well... to high school students...
It's something more special.
The age gap wasn't the
only reason why I broke up.
Let me say this!
When you broke up with me I still liked you!
You never say the right
things during the proper times!
It was always like that with you!
You always become troubled when the
other person doesn't feel the same way as you.
That's why I never thought
you were that serious about me.
Aren't you always like that?
Do you want to start dating?
I mean... don't you like me Inui-kun?
Don't worry about it!
I just kinda threw it at you...
You don't want to make yourself look bad.
When you just look at people from above...
Doesn't that make you super empty?
I shouldn't have come!
Alright, cheese!
That was good!
Can you try jumping a little more?
Yeah, okay! Here I go!
Ready... set...
That was the best!
Doesn't that look good?
Your hair looks great!
Let's do it one more time!
Over here! Over here!
What's this emergency?
What should I do?
I got... confessed to!
Have you seen Yuna-chan?
I haven't seen her recently...
But like what's up with that outfit?
Thank you!
Wait... why Yuna?
This was the first time I've been
confessed to since I was born...
I was super shocked...
But to be honest...
I was really glad as well...
Of course!
It's a good thing!
So... what did you say to Nagatsuma-kun?
I rejected him.
Told me that I changed.
He told me that he likes the changed me.
The reason why I changed is my love for Rio-kun!
That was the first time I realized it.
I need to tell Rio-kun
these feelings right away!
That's why...
Can you push me from behind?
You made me super calm Akari-chan!
I see...
I was envious of her...
She could be straight
forward with her feelings...
Are you alone Yuna-chan?
Sorry for this outfit...
You look cool!
I wanted to thank you!
Thank me?
Thanks to you I've done my best!
When you rejected me,
I was sad and cried a ton but...
I was too scared to confess before...
But I'm so much stronger now!
That's why...
I wanted to say thanks to you!
- Sorry!
- I...
You're looking for someone right?
I was looking.
I was looking for you this whole time!
I'm in this outfit...
And I've rejected you before...
So I might not have the right to say this but...
I want you to fall in love
with me one more time!
I... like you Yuna-chan!
This isn't a dream right?
It's not a dream.
What the? Isn't that amazing!
When Kazu-kun took the picture of us,
we seemed like characters from a fairy tale...
We know that reality
never ends like a fairy tale.
We are still high school students...
With a long future ahead of us...
And helpless.
But even so...
We continue looking for
somewhere that's not here.
I'm home.
This is impossible!
Are you saying that divorce is also an option?
I know that we can't go on like this though.
When they come back let's talk about this okay?
Career survey
During the winter vacation,
consult with your parents...
To figure out what to do.
You might think there's still a
long future ahead of you but...
You are third years!
Listen up... if there's students who
can't decide at all then let me know please!
How about a cake?
Good work!
-I'm going on ahead!
- Oh, good work!
- I'm going on ahead!
-I'm going on ahead!
I'm gonna take this!
Merry Christmas!
I'm home!
I'm in front of your window right now...
are you there?
I've come to give you cake!
What do you know?
You just let them do whatever!
I know that!
This happens often...
Why don't you say it?
Try saying it first!
Inui-kun! Come with me to get something warm!
Let's have a Christmas outside!
The chicken is yummy!
-Thank goodness!
- It's cold as hell out here!
- Thank goodness!
-It's cold as hell out here!
This chicken is yummy!
Ready... set... go...
Janken po!
Got you!
What the heck?
Let's play tag!
Let's warm up a little!
I won't hold back alright?
That's fine!
Ready... start!
Hold on!
Hold on! You're too fast!
I couldn't catch you!
You're pretty quick Yamamoto-san!
You didn't hold back at all!
Sorry about earlier...
My big bro quit school to become an actor...
And that makes my parents go crazy.
Your brother is trying to become an actor?
That's amazing!
Because he did whatever he wanted to...
I had to resist what I wanted to do.
I had to balance things out at home.
We're the same!
I have to not think about myself
at all inside of my own home...
We're... the same huh?
What do you want to do Inui-kun?
Your future dream!
It's fine.
I want to become stronger!
That felt great!
Don't hold back and tell me!
Someday, I want a job where I can make a film...
Huh, what?
I can't hear you!
I want a movie making job!
Sounds good.
That was the first time I've said it.
No, it's nothing major...
Go ahead.
I don't have anything major to say either.
Next year's Christmas won't be here.
I'm home!
Have a seat!
All of them?
He said they threw out his movies.
Why did they do that?
I said that he should get mad about it!
But he said there's no helping it.
Sorry! Was there something you wanted to say?
I can just tell you next time!
Are you alone?
I'm going to stay here a little longer.
I heard that they threw out your DVDs...
-Isn't that...
-It's fine!!
I knew that they would do it.
I have books and stuff too.
It's impossible after all.
I wish that I had a realistic dream like you...
Don't throw away your dreams!
It's a precious dream that you have cultivated.
You need the strength...
We're the same... aren't we?
How do you know about my situation?
You don't know anything.
We'll just get hurt.
Our parents might get a divorce.
My Dad has got a job transfer to America.
She's been sleeping in bed
and told me not to tell Kazu.
Are you going to transfer away?
What about Akari-chan?
Hold on!
Saying "It's a job, I have no choice.."
And "There's a lot to being an adult..."
What about Akari-chan's will?
Are you just going to ignore us?
I'll go with you Dad!
I wanted to study abroad anyways!
Wouldn't you think that
she would go with her Mom?
If she didn't go then she might
start thinking about Kazu again.
She's withdrawing from herself.
Does think like that...
She's always thinking ahead...
And worrying about others.
Akari isn't going to eat?
She said that she feels unwell.
I can't say this properly but... right now
I want to be your support Akari-chan...
Akari-chan forgot her book...
Is that right?
Come in!
Pardon the intrusion!
Akari isn't feeling well right now...
She's sleeping in her room!
Sorry for coming over here...
Not at all!
Thank you for moving
into this apartment complex!
I'm glad that I got along with Akari-chan!
I changed because of Akari-chan!
Everyone likes Akari-chan!
Me and Rio...
And Kazu-kun too!
Everyone likes Akari-chan!
That's why...
I want her to hear it!
Akari-chan suppresses her own feelings...
So please talk with her!
Now then... I'll be on my way!
Pardon me!
Yuna Ichihara
Are you feeling okay?
Want some coffee?
Is that right?
You're leaving next month huh?
Thanks for taking care of me!
It's gonna be kinda lonely huh?
Do your best okay?
Your paycheck.
Thank you!
Good work!
You haven't heard huh?
Should I talk to her myself?
I'm going to stay here!
I found something worth staying for!
Akari will be gone by next month.
What are you going to do?
What do you mean...
Don't give me that!
You like Akari don't you?
Are you okay with ending things
and not telling her how you feel?
If I say it now then what will happen?
I'm sure that she is trying to get away from me.
I just want to know what you're going to do.
I didn't come her to ask for your excuses.
What do you mean excuses?
Everyone is good at finding
reasons not to do something huh?
Well, whatever.
It's not about me!
To Inui-kun.
I want to support your dream after all.
Let's talk again. Let's talk about
everything on my last day in Japan.
Hello... Onii-chan?
What's wrong?
I've always been in a trap.
I blamed you for not being
able to do what I wanted...
I wanted things to stay constant.
Is that right?
Do your best.
I need to talk with you.
Can we meet up and talk right now?
Let's go to that high place.
You never say the right things
during the most important times.
I finally spoke to my parents.
About my dreams in the future.
All thanks to you.
From now on,
I'm going to follow the path I want.
This place was the spot where I gave up.
When I saw that scenery,
I thought how everywhere is the same.
I made myself feel at ease.
Somewhere that's not here...
Actually exists!
You told me!
Whether I find it or not is up to me.
I like you Yamamoto-san!
Me too!
When you rejected me...
And all those other times...
I loved you!
I just ran away so that I wouldn't get hurt.
But I didn't actually want to run away!
And I still... love you!
I finally caught you!
Keep catching me!
I love you!
She's my girlfriend though!
I'm her best friend though!
Over here Yamamoto-san!
It would be good if there was
a way to make everyone happy!
It's not like I wanted to hurt them.
I want to live smiling as much as possible!
Someday we will have to make that decision.