Love Meet Hope (2016) Movie Script

I suppose I'm just flipping
to the end of the book.
Please stay.
Tell me a story.
I don't wanna hear
any more damn stories.
I need the C of O.
I need to rent these units.
That means I need the C of O.
I told you, you need to
install the handicap lift first.
Look, I want you to re-submit
for another application
as soon as possible.
Hey, so?
I've been designing projects
for your family for 20 years.
I know what...
And now you
don't, you're fired.
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
Yet, I'm not.
Can you do
this for our wedding?
It's the perfect
representation of our love.
You see this silverback?
That's how we met!
Sam was living in Rwanda,
documenting silverback gorillas
to protect them from poachers.
Pam came walking
through the mist one day,
camera in hand ready to share
their plight with the world.
Love is out there.
Oh, how cute.
Um, so you want this
whole painting on a cake?
Pft, no.
A cupcake.
Sss, 955 cupcakes.
One to represent each free
silverback in the world.
Yes, God,
snookums, I love you.
And I you, cupcake.
We would love to.
You are making this
the most amazing day
- of our lives.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
And the gorillas thank you.
I don't know if we
can pay you the amount
it says on the website.
Well, that's a shame.
It, it's okay, just
pay us what you can.
Oh, my God!
I don't know how
we'll ever repay you.
I love you.
I don't know how
we'll ever repay you.
How about with money?
They're gonna
pay what they can.
Oh, oh great.
Hmm, let's see, custom
cupcakes still cost money.
Didn't you see how
in love they were?
Aw, I wanted to, but
I was having a hard time
looking past the giant gorilla
penis in that painting.
Do you think she
painted that herself?
Why can't you just
look at a couple
and see how happy they are?
Aw, actually, you
know, I can look further.
I see two incredibly
attractive people
celebrating their first
divorce in three years.
You're a cynic.
And you're a dreamer.
I own a place that sells
a little piece of love.
And I own a place that
sells a little piece
of the American
obesity epidemic.
- Mm.
- Seriously?
Have you hired anyone new yet?
Not yet, I wanna find
someone with the right heart.
Oh, God, well, you
better get started,
because I've gotta go meet
with another potential client.
Hopefully this one
will actually pay.
Very funny.
Are we still on for dinner?
Only if
you're bringing food.
Have fun with the cupcakes.
Morgan, the Fox Hills
blueprints are ready.
Drop 'em off.
Hey, Henry proposed,
we're getting married.
Oh, really?
Let know when you need a
good lawyer, all right?
Oh, I
said congratulations.
Thank you!
It's beautiful.
Oh, I know.
So you're, you said yes?
That's so, that's so great.
Morgan, the Howard French
doors key cylinder is missing.
Yeah, gimme a sec.
Hey, hey, L.A. Fatness!
Oh, did you hear?
They figured out
how to fry butter.
Whatever, Don Draper.
Nice, a handsome dig,
really cuts to the core.
I meant 'cause
you're an alcoholic.
Hey, I'm not the one who
looks like he puts down
a case of beer every
night playing video games.
Oh, by the way I threw
out some day-old donuts
on the, uh, in the break
room, but they're right on top
of the garbage, so
you might wanna run.
You're, you're
the day-old donut.
Good talk.
- Use that.
- Cool.
Extra key cylinder
back in the garage.
All right, take
care, bald Jonah Hill.
Morgan, why don't
you fire that guy?
Oh, him?
Because he's better at
his job than you are.
Better at
my job than you are.
Mr. James, excuse
me, Mr. James.
You seriously didn't
get a signature?
She said she wanted
to see the plans first.
So convince her otherwise.
She specifically
said no condos.
You know what, it's fine,
I'll do your job for you.
Great, we hitting
the club later?
I'm thinking about
bringing sexy back.
And I'm bringing sexy
back, it's coming back.
Morgan Eugene James!
Your grandfather
needs to speak with you.
I've got my phone on.
It's your grandmother.
What's with the boxes?
Ooh, is Todd fired?
Oh, I hope he's fired.
Tell Grandpa I'm on my way,
just as soon as I fix this.
Oh, no, you stay.
Make yourself useful.
Hit on the intern.
That's what you heard,
right, hit on the intern?
Damn, I know milk
does a body good,
but how much you drinking, girl?
I'm afraid you've wasted
your time, Mr. James.
I'm not selling.
Look, Mrs. Pendergast,
this is an amazing deal.
Now look, now I, I understand...
Clearly you don't.
I said no teardown,
and definitely no
godforsaken condominiums.
We had a verbal agreement.
Don't speak to me about
verbal agreements, Mr. James.
I'm old, not stupid.
Harry and Joanne
Pendergast, married
June 26, 1963.
You two built this house
with your own hands,
completing construction
on May 11, 1964.
This house
is a home.
This house was
everything to our family.
Not every family
can afford a house.
This, your house, can be
a home to so many
families, Joanne.
In fact, if you
let us build here,
we'll name the condo
Joanne's House.
We'll put a stone plaque
right in the front lawn.
The Pendergast House.
I want it to say
The Pendergast House.
Okay, all right.
One second.
Okay, Mom.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Everything okay?
Keep your home, Joanne.
Watch out for my eye.
All right, mad
dogs, oh, hold on.
Awesome, reinforcement.
Come on, get in.
Force fields, we
got force fields.
Look out,
she's not big enough
- for both of us.
- Watch your feet.
The Bandros Bragadeer Bandits
from the planet Balthazar
are invading our ship again.
You're never gonna
take us alive!
Watch out for ricochet.
You want a beer?
Oh, that's right,
you're a girl.
Ah, okay, cover me.
All right, you bandits,
eat laser!
I'm gonna get
you, little bandits.
I'm gonna get you, you
better run, you better run!
Oh no, I'm gonna get
you, I'm gonna get you!
All right, jeez, really?
Run, you fools!
May we be excused?
Yes, by all means,
sleep, please.
Who's ready for
a bedtime story?
Ah, I'm gonna
eat this, too, huh?
Come on, let's go, go, go, go.
No, I don't want to.
We don't wanna
- go to bed.
- All right, all right,
guys, go look for the book.
I'll be right back.
I'm prairie doggin'.
Oh, one minute,
oh, there it goes.
Oh, sorry about all that.
It's cute.
It's juvenile.
He is a fun dad.
He is their peer.
Do you know how hard it is
to get turned on by a man
who's a bigger, fartier
version of your kids?
Oh, no, no, stop.
No, seriously, I have
to think of Zac Efron
just to get off.
He's not that bad.
I married Corey Haim and
he turned into Seth Rogen.
He is handsome.
He's just, he has
a child's heart.
Right, childlike spirit,
which is code for will
fart under the covers
and waft it in your
face directly after sex.
Okay, not all guys do that.
They do.
Not in the beginning,
but they do.
It's like a primal instinct.
I can't tell you what
my husband is feeling,
but with one whiff, I
can tell you what he ate.
Ew, okay, gross.
It's like a
straitjacket for babies.
He loves it, doesn't
he, yes, you do.
Who's my little masochist?
Yes you are.
Oh, mm.
Oh, God, I miss booze, ah.
Look how happy you were.
We are.
that's not love, Sis.
That's a moment in time.
I finally lost that 20 pounds
you've been wanting
me to get rid of.
Oh, great, great.
Oh, gross.
That is love.
Love is chaos and pain
and poop.
It's never getting enough sleep
and always having something
that has to get done
before tomorrow.
I mean, happily ever after,
it's about as real
as Space Pirate Pete.
I didn't get to say goodbye.
I didn't get to say goodbye.
Latte's up.
What can I do for you?
Um, uh, double shot of
espresso, steamed almond milk.
Already on it.
Can I get a to-go cup, please?
Yeah, mm-hmm.
Double shot
espresso, almond milk.
I saw him standing there,
my man of mystery.
Returned again to
fill up his cup.
But it is my heart that
yearns to pour into him.
Does he see me,
my man of mystery?
His gaze stirs my soul.
I'm overflowing with
thoughts of a future unknown
with my mystery man
who doesn't even know my name.
What can I do for you?
Uh, Miss, can
I get the coffee?
You got a lovely place here.
Um, I just couldn't sleep
- last night.
- Oh, I don't know.
Well, wake up, I need you
to cover the event today.
Uh, no, no, I hate these.
Well, you're the one that
said we could paint Fabio
on a billion cupcakes.
- But I...
- No buts.
Van's in the back.
I'll just meet you there.
I'm so
sorry for your loss.
Oh, Marilyn, she
loved you so much.
My goodness.
This is wonderful.
Jan, I'm so happy
you could make it.
I'm, I'm happy you all made it.
Darlene, just hold on right
there, hold that there.
Hope wouldn't want to
see you guys crying.
Hell, the truth is, she's
probably crying tears of joy
right now somewhere,
just looking at you
wonderful people.
My granddaughter.
My great grandson.
No, this is a happy day.
We're here to be
together, to remember,
to celebrate
the greatest woman
I've ever known.
Life is not about
the end result.
It's how you live it,
and who you live it with.
I love you, Great Grandpa.
I love you, squirt.
I love you all.
I feel like I'm on a stage here
and I wanna
surrender this stage.
I wanna leave it open
to all of you, to,
to feel free to share,
share your stories.
That's what Hope loved best.
She loved stories.
Junior, sit down.
I'm all right.
I'm all right, Dad.
I love you, Dad.
I love you.
I love you, too, Mom.
Ah, hell!
I love every one of
you, you're all badass.
Right, the story.
I almost forgot.
Mom played piano,
and she was like an
angel on that thing.
She, uh,
played the Moonlight Sonata.
I have that in my brain forever.
Da, da, da, da, da, da, da
I would've given anything
to play just one note
the way she did.
Remember what you said, Pop?
Probably encouraged
you to play the guitar.
You said it wasn't
my strong suit.
But Mom believed in me, and she
let me sit on her lap
for a long time learning
to play that thing.
You see, that was
Hope, that was my mom.
She lived up to her name.
She believed in me.
Here's to you, Mom.
Maybe if she was here today,
I would be suited
for that company
that you're giving
to Ned Flanders over there.
Or at least it'd be
going to your grandson,
who I know can do it.
All right, Junior.
a freer spirit there is not.
Ah, there you are, kid.
Right, kid.
I, I'm...
When were you gonna tell me?
I don't know if
you realize it,
but I've been a little
bit preoccupied.
Well, not too preoccupied
to make a decision
on who you're handing
the family business to.
It wasn't easy.
But you told Dad and SpongeBob
SquarePants, didn't you?
Why Todd?
I mean, look,
look, I, I get Dad.
He's a drunk.
But Todd?
He's a caricature.
He doesn't have the balls
to make the tough calls.
The guy should be working
in a damn cupcake shop,
not running your multimillion
dollar development company.
You couldn't run
a cupcake shop.
I've watched and waited
over the past year
while your grandma was sick.
I put you, Todd, and
your dad in charge.
You only ran it with your head.
You say that like
it's a bad thing.
Only, only with your head.
Leia stole your heart.
Do not bring up Leia.
That's what love does.
It hurts sometime,
that's the price you pay.
You can't close your
heart forever, Morgan.
What, what, what?
You can't run this
company without love.
I close more
projects, all right?
Todd isn't even blood.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
You've got to put
love into this company
for my sake, if nobody else's.
Todd's got that in spades.
Find it, Morgan.
Not everyone's as
lucky as you, Grandpa.
Give it a chance, kid.
Morgan's my best friend
and, uh, you know, I,
I didn't have, like my parents
weren't really involved, so
Gammy played a really
big role in my childhood.
She used to bake all these
amazing cakes and, uh,
and every time I came over,
we had like a different
dessert to eat, and I never
had dessert at my house,
and maybe that's,
I don't know, where I
gained all these pounds.
It tasted so good, though.
She was such an amazing woman.
I'm, I'm not good with women.
- You're late.
- I didn't know I was running,
- Excuse me.
- I'm so sorry.
Davy, I didn't know
- I was running this late.
- Well, as usual,
I saved you and
your sister's ass.
I love you, Davy.
Girl, you love everyone.
Cared about me.
And that I hope that I can
find a woman in my life
that can bake goods as well
as the goods that she baked.
Are you tray passing?
No, great, replenish
the dark roast.
Old people need coffee.
I saw the client head
to the courtyard.
Go let him know you're here.
That's the guy?
No, the old guy in the front.
Where are your napkins?
Well, put them in your hand.
Middle one's my wife.
Ghosts scare you?
Oh, my God.
Maybe it's a little
too soon for that joke.
I, I'm,
I'm so sorry, you startled me.
Oh, now, now.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, it's all right.
I'll get you a
new picture frame.
Mm, no,
it's all right.
It's all right.
Morgan James, this is my home.
You've met the
rest of the family.
Beautiful family.
Amazing home.
Yeah, my sister and I
are catering your party.
Um, no,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I said, it's not necessary,
I swear.
Excuse me.
Oh, I'm so happy
you could fly in.
Uh, uh, excuse me, Miss.
I've got guests to entertain.
Pleasure meeting you.
You, too.
How long's it been?
- Far too long, my friend.
- My sister and I are
catering your party.
Your hair
was brown for starters.
Yes, yes?
What's best?
The cupcakes.
We make the best cupcakes.
Well, coming from
a cupcake like you,
I'll follow your lead.
Come on, it really means so
much that you came out here.
So great
you could make it.
How's your granddaughter?
It was love at first sight,
something seemingly
extinct these days.
By chance we met, through
trust we overcame,
with compassion, we
isolated each other
from loneliness, we lived as
we loved, through sacrifice.
We were vulnerable, old,
young, strong, and soft.
And through it all, I
still thirst for you.
You tried to flip to the end
of the story, so, as promised
I wrote you one.
One every day of our lives.
I love you
and miss you, my dearest.
May your next story be
as amazing as the last.
Eternally yours,
Morgan Nathan James.
You gotta be kidding me.
Thanks for the
fairytale, Grandpa.
Alea iacta est.
The Rubicon River
has been crossed
and little time can be wasted.
has ordered me to disband
my army and return to Rome.
An order that would, without
the immunity of a magistrate,
assuredly seal my fate.
There is no turning back now.
Am I to remain in the shadow
of the Great Alexander,
or will my story be the one
that looms over the ambitions
of future great men?
Caesar, I've
come to reheat your water.
Okay, Grandpa,
maybe, right, that
the sexy woman
is Grandma.
Sexy woman.
was the most amazing feeling
I'd ever felt in my life.
She was a servant,
and yet her lips
were sweet as honey.
It felt like the fire of
a thousand suns going off
in my chest, warm
as a summer in Rome,
a home I couldn't return
to until this war was done.
I wasn't a general that night.
It was hers.
She conquered the
mighty Julius Caesar.
She held me through the night.
It wasn't lust.
It was something much stronger.
Oh, okay.
Can you help me find her?
Catch me.
You see,
when I discovered
that me is me.
Not who you told me to be.
You see,
when I discovered
that me is me.
Not a princess,
but a woman,
vulnerable and soft,
yet strong and bold.
Yeah, man.
Not too scared to be me.
No, no!
you see,
when I discovered,
that me is me,
I discovered
that I don't need you.
But I want you.
But we were young.
Hope didn't care.
Hope just loved to travel.
A true spirit of the world.
One time, when we
were very young,
Hope and I took a trip
together to Argentina.
Wow, look at all this, pal.
This is a lot to
choose from, huh?
Coconut for me
and one for mommy.
What should we get
for your sister?
Worms, that's
not nice for Belle.
Oh, I see, worms.
Wow, weirdly inappropriate
for a wake, but you know what,
I'll lift you up, you grab
one, grab a chocolate.
There you go, buddy.
Oh, no, oh, whoa,
whoa, whoa, no, pal.
No, no, it's okay,
don't worry about it.
I can get him cleaned
up in the kitchen.
No, then I miss out
on the chance to clean up
my little funky monkey, no,
I'll do it, that's all right.
Thank you anyway.
It's okay, well, what were
you reaching for, chocolate?
There you go.
Oh, perfect.
And what about for Belle?
Right, worm cake.
Oh, worm cake,
right, there it is.
Pal, let's go find Mommy, okay?
- Okey-dokey.
- Thank you so much.
It's no problem, really.
I'm sorry about the
mess, appreciate it.
Really, no, it's fine.
there you guys are.
Sorry, he got a little messy.
Go with Mommy.
Ugh, are you serious?
Why do they let kids
come to parties?
It's a wake.
And he's married?
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
Hitting on him.
Oh, I was not hitting on him.
Can I get a cloth here, today?
Love you, mean it.
Hey, I was just
admiring his family.
That's not admiring.
I'm pretty sure your
thoughts were dirtier
than that little kid's shirt.
Okay, no, he is proof
that guys like that exist.
Honey, married people
never smile that much
unless they have
something to hide.
Just 'cause
you're not married.
Please, I was pissed when
they passed gay marriage.
When it was illegal, only
straight people had the right
to be miserable.
Listen to your sister.
I think you're wrong.
There are lots of
great guys out there.
Whatever, don't care.
Hey, I'm just, I just wanna...
Oh, sorry.
You into bald guys or...
All right, I'll take
that as a maybe.
Text me.
Nice face.
Dude, whatever.
Oh, nice face.
Was, uh, was Fat Efron
bothering you there?
'Cause you are fine.
Not like a police violation,
although you could
write me a ticket,
consisting of 10 numbers,
starting with your area code.
Say, is that coffee vegan?
'Cause I, I like my coffee
like I like my women.
Yeah, she wants me.
And I really don't
care what anyone says,
Hope kissed me
deeper than any man
ever could that night.
Ah, Darlene, everyone.
Yeah, I knew you two
loved that vacation
in Argentina.
I just didn't know how much.
You know what I'm talking
about, you lucky bastard.
Yeah, every,
everyone she met
seemed to love Hope.
So tell us how you two met.
Here we go.
Well, like everyone
meets, chance.
you stop already?
You're torturing the groceries.
It's not fair.
No, it's not fair.
The fruit in there is
helpless against your attacks.
I'm serious.
So am I.
I opened up the fridge
this morning and I saw
the string cheese
trying to hang himself.
Ha, ha, hilarious.
I should've gone with
the mustard gas joke.
What are you evening
going as anyway?
Sexy Kim Jong-un.
You know you're gonna look
like the fat kid from Up.
Come on, I have a
great pickup line.
Hey, you, you wanna put
the dick in dictator?
You need help.
Sexy Kim Jong-un don't
need help from anybody.
Sexy Kim Jong-un supreme reader.
Uh, that's disturbing.
Get dressed.
We're gonna be late for
Darrell's Halloween party.
I'm not going.
You're not going?
What do you think
this is, a democracy?
No, I'm not going,
I don't have a costume.
You're already wearing your
first world problems costume.
Mike and I had a
couples costume.
I can't just show
up without him.
Please don't
tell me you two were going
as salt and pepper.
Pigs in a blanket.
Fine, we'll flip for it.
Heads we go.
Sometimes you win by losing.
Now aren't you glad you came?
I told you this was
gonna be a good party.
I can't hear you.
I'm gonna get us drinks!
Yes, God, yes.
Oink, oink.
There's supposed
to be a blanket.
My boyfriend is the other pig.
Pigs, blanket.
do you wanna put the dick
in dictator?
What's up, white girl?
Oh, my God.
Pigs in a
- I am so sorry.
- Sorry.
Lemme just.
Oh, wow.
Tray pass.
No, no, Davy.
No one is paying
you to stand around.
Okay, you have to
hear this story, it's so cute.
Oh, unless it involves
a six-pack and a Speedo,
I don't care, mimosas.
Davy, there are pigs,
there's a blanket.
- Go on, pass the tray.
- I'll tell you later.
All right, love you, mean it.
Not everyone's as
lucky as you, Grandpa.
Can I offer you a mimosa?
Oh, I'm, I'm sorry.
Ba, ba, ba,
I'll take one.
You gonna make me drink alone?
I'd love to, but I'm
working, Mr. James.
Mr. James
is my dad.
Call me Junior.
aren't you the boss?
Um, well,
yeah, I guess.
Then cheers.
Oh, all right.
Your dad's an
amazing storyteller.
Happily ever after.
What's wrong with that?
That's what's wrong with that.
Well, you're still married, so...
Is that what that's for?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
I still love the old bird.
But it ain't a fairytale.
It seems like your
mom and dad had one.
Exception to the rule.
You know,
between living up
to my parents' lives
and what Disney sold me,
I figure there may be a clue
as to my drinking problem.
everyone's not as lucky as me.
Sometimes shit happens.
Sometimes a couple that's
in love faces stuff.
Stuff that just
drives you apart.
You see, sometimes,
the world just don't give
you the story you read.
Sometimes it
throws you a curve ball.
No one prepares you for it.
You do the best you can.
You talk,
try to reason with her,
Months can go by.
You try to
reach her in different ways.
They wake up when they wanna,
and when they do,
well, sometimes,
you were part of the
dream they wanted out of.
You lose them.
You get afraid of losing again,
you climb inside of something.
You stop believing in love,
stop taking chances,
Loneliness sets in.
of getting hurt again
makes us protect ourselves,
makes us forget
how to sacrifice.
Fear becomes the
substitute for love.
Wakes us up in the morning,
kisses us goodnight.
Gets mad at us when we
forget to pick up the
milk at the grocery store.
But my dad's stories
are good, too.
Aw, Junior.
come on, sugar bear.
Better get you some coffee.
Come on.
not everyone's as lucky as me.
Come on.
You'll never
escape my dungeon!
Help, help, help!
Release him or face my wrath.
Oh, my.
Princess Fiona.
Forgive me, lady.
Princess Fiona
is not on the menu.
You see, once upon a time,
I was a great
Barbarian warrior!
Help, help, help me!
Help, somebody help!
I'll never marry you!
Oh, but you will
my desert flower,
but you will.
I was gonna wait till our
wedding night to start that,
but why not do it right now.
Take her to be bedded.
The, the, the, the rock.
Just put a sheet up.
I will never let a
pig-dog like you touch me!
No, no, help me!
My king, we're being followed.
Yes, look yonder.
Take care of it.
And you, find a softer rock.
Quit pouting, my
little desert flower.
Soon you will be with my child,
and your empire will be mine.
I will never bear your child!
Why, I'm like a really good
guy if you get to know me.
What, you're not into it?
I mean, we can switch up.
I'm into like role
reversals and just exploring
a little bit, and I don't...
My king.
What, you fool,
I'm wooing her!
He is still coming.
Well then, stop him!
Oh, my beard.
You're my hero!
How can I ever repay you?
Your safety is my thanks.
Great Grandpa, it
didn't happen like that.
Aw, shucks.
You got me.
Well, it was actually
more like this.
Help, help, help!
Help, somebody help
me, please, help!
we aren't the hero.
Sometimes we all need saving
and protection.
Sometimes it comes from
someone we least expect.
You'll do, the
boys are in the back.
Put the
money on the table.
Oh, my God.
She's in the back room.
You like action
movies, Morgan?
What's going on,
open the door right now.
Well, you're about to
- live in one.
- Open this door,
- what's going on in there?
- Only you've got one take
- and no stunt doubles.
- Open this door right now.
You're gonna open that door,
and we're gonna
make a run for it.
Are you crazy, why don't
we wait for the cops?
You're looking at them.
Open the door on my signal.
You ready?
Scene one,
take one.
We're breaking
this door down.
- Get back.
- Action.
Break it down,
break it down, let's go!
Wait here.
Oh, what the?
Wait a minute,
wait, is she okay?
Is she gonna get out all right?
please don't hit me.
You okay?
I'm Hope.
I'm Morgan.
Tell us another one.
Yes, a romance this time.
Something beautiful.
Ah, yes, of course.
I have a very
special one for that.
stumbled through the manual
of his new speed boat.
He was strangely annoyed
for a man with a new boat,
while his friends
slowly boarded,
ready for an amazing
cruise around the cove.
You know, most people buy
cars at their midlife crisis.
I am not at mid-life.
And you know nothing
about the ocean.
It's amazing what you
can learn by reading,
and besides, it's, it's a cove.
I mean, It's not like we're
boating to the Caribbean.
- Avast, ye mateys.
- Wow.
Check out my new boating duds.
Could you please just get
the rum stored away in the,
uh, uh...
You know nothing
about this boat,
and you've never
learned to swim.
This is gonna be awesome,
man, this is gonna be great.
Whatever, get the
rum stored away.
You're gonna get seasick.
All right,
Captain Pissy Pants.
What about ye, sea wench?
Here, have a bagel.
Oh, now you be
speaking to me heart.
Just go to the bow.
Be ready to take the rope off.
The, the what?
Oh, the front, just
say the front, stupid.
Morgan, this boat's amazing.
Why'd you buy it?
Ha, me thinks to make up
for the size of his mackerel.
Oh, God.
Just, uh, you know,
always wanted one.
Just never had the right
motivation, though.
Oh, yeah?
Wait, what, what was
that motivation again?
Ah, just...
Oh, my God, it's a girl.
That'd be a first.
Oh, does she love the ocean?
Did you buy the boat to
whisk her off to an island?
Feed her pineapple by the beach?
Oh, God.
Hey, hey, guys,
there's dolphins.
That's good luck, right?
Yeah, yeah, seems to be
working great for you, man.
Dude, why didn't
you just bring her?
He can't, she got married.
Well, why didn't you stop her,
tell her how you feel?
'Cause he took too long.
He tried a couple of times,
never pulled the trigger.
Wrote her those love
letters though, didn't you?
Guys, I don't wanna
freak anybody out,
but they're following us.
Are, are they
vengeful creatures?
You should've told her.
Did you send the love letters?
No, I was...
I was waiting for
the right time.
Oh, my gosh,
there's, there's like,
never, ever a right time.
He waited for five years
while she dated the same guy.
You never made a move, man.
Well, there are plenty
of fish in the sea.
Some he hasn't puked on yet.
Technically, dolphins
aren't, oh, God.
So you're just never gonna
trust your heart again?
Well, he's gotta learn
to trust himself first.
was hurt from his last love.
Flooded with memories of
her, he needed to step away.
He went to the front
of the boat to remember
the dreams they once shared.
Morgan hears a splash and
wakes up from his daydream.
You're not gonna
believe what I just saw.
I, I, I, I, I...
I just saw a fish.
Oh, my God.
Funny place for that,
did you get a picture?
Yeah, was it, uh, was
it one of my barphins?
Was it seeking revenge?
Did it, did it leave a note?
I, I think it was a mermaid.
Oh, my gosh.
Sweetheart, that's not
what I meant when I said
plenty of fish in the sea.
Morgan, Morgan, do this.
Why don't you write this
beautiful mermaid a letter
and then wait like five
years to give it to her.
I got you!
I was drifting off, um...
Ah, it was probably one
of those killer dolphins.
Barphin, all right, I'm
combining dolphin with barf.
We get it.
Are you okay, man?
Yeah, I'm fine, just, uh,
let me get the helm.
I'll get us there
in 20 or 30 minutes.
Let's get you in
town for some dinner.
That should clear your head.
We're gonna need a
bigger boat.
Well, here she be.
Is that a tree house?
We're okay.
You know, I think
I'm just gonna
sleep out under
the stars tonight.
Dude, why?
Come on, man,
the night is young.
Nah, I'm good.
Are you sure?
I'm positive.
You're gonna pass up
a nice big feather bed?
And some blackjack?
Nah, stars are gonna be
calling my name real soon.
I'll crash under them.
Beware the barphin!
All right, well, I
guess good night then.
You gonna hang by the dock?
Don't know yet.
Well, enjoy yourself.
Yeah, you, too.
Hey, Morgan, I
hope you don't mind,
I grabbed a couple cigars.
I wasn't sure
which one I'd like.
Is that cool?
Yeah, you knock yourself out.
Just, uh, keep an eye
on those two, all right?
Aye-aye, Cap'n.
no cigars left and less than
a taste of rum remaining,
Morgan found his way
to his old box of letters,
the letters he never
had the courage to send.
With a heavy heart, Morgan
drifted off to sleep.
So you're just never
gonna trust your heart again?
Well, he's got to
learn to trust himself first.
Well, there are
plenty of fish in the sea.
Well, he's got
to learn to trust himself.
That's sad.
So you're just never gonna
trust your heart again?
He's got to learn
to trust himself first.
So you're just never
gonna trust your heart again?
stole your heart.
You can't close your
heart forever, Morgan.
You can't run this
company without love.
Find your heart.
Right, okay, need love
to run a business, right?
You need love to run a business.
I had it!
The sphere, if
traveled around,
has no end.
Let this be a symbol
of our love.
April 24th.
April 24th.
You're not gonna
drown me, are you?
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, come back, please!
Trust your heart.
decided to trust his heart
and take a leap of faith.
Come back, please come back!
You're out of your boat.
You left.
You're not scared of me?
I'm Hope.
I'm Morgan.
So many old tales.
So many old friends.
Yeah, Hope would've
cherished today,
people sharing
stories, sharing love.
Tell us her favorite story.
I, I don't think it would
be appropriate for the day.
Do you have a
better day planned?
Well, no, I guess not, yeah.
Uh, you see, Hope
always believed
that there was
someone out there,
someone for all of us.
She believed with every part
of her being in soul mates.
Two hearts that are
one, no matter the time,
no matter the place.
believed that souls attract
each other, she believed
that all you have to do
is open up your heart.
She believed that
all you have to do is
give your heart
permission to let them in.
I'm Hope.
I'm Morgan.
Do you wanna go for
a walk or something?
Such a simple act
leads to so much more.
But sometimes in life,
those that we love most
can hurt us most,
and we lose more than
we think we can stand.
Where am I?
You know.
Where's Morgan?
He stayed behind.
We didn't have enough time.
How much
time would be enough?
All of it.
And would
that be enough?
I wanna go back.
you'll excuse me.
Please don't!
Please stay!
How did it end?
She came back as a
different person.
Same soul.
We still recognized each other.
How did the real story end?
Same as it began.
With a story.
The real story.
The real story.
just closed my first deal,
and the boys took me out
for drinks to celebrate.
I was young and naive,
but ready to take
the world by storm.
I didn't know what
the future would hold,
and then I saw her.
My heart almost
popped out of my chest.
We locked eyes,
and it's almost as if
the rest of my life
gazed right back at me.
She stole my heart.
And the
boys could tell I liked her,
so naturally, they
took me to her table.
I was nervous, but my
buddies talked me up,
telling her that I was a
successful businessman,
and I had a secret
passion for writing.
Spent a whole night trying
to get me to tell her a story.
A story!
To be honest, I, I was scared
to death to tell her one.
What if my stories
weren't any good?
So we ate.
She just kept nagging at me.
What a pain in the ass.
Tell me a story.
And we danced.
Tell me a story.
And we drank.
Tell me a story.
Tell me a story.
And several martinis later,
and I'm minimizing the
number of martinis,
I was kissing the sexiest
broad in the whole bar.
Good morning.
Oh, God, you're leaving.
I suppose I'm just flipping
to the end of the book.
Please don't.
Please stay.
Tell me a story.
I'll tell you a story
every day of your life.
Just stay.
I don't even know
your name.
It was loud.
I didn't catch yours, either.
I'm Hope.
I'm Morgan.
Romance isn't always
what you think it is,
but it's out there.
And when you find it,
as you surely will do,
even though there are
bumps in the road,
everything's not storybook,
you remember that.
In fact,
in the end,
it's, uh,
absolutely certain
that one of you will have to
finish the last chapter alone.
Is it worth it?
A thousand times over.
A thousand times over.
Now, if you'll
excuse me, my dear,
I believe I have
a story to finish.
He responds, "I'm Morgan."
The moment isn't
technically perfect,
but it is perfect.
There you are.
I started breaking
down the tables.
Is there anything else
you want taken down?
Actually, put
everything back up.
Keep this going as long as
people are telling stories.
but your sister's
gonna be pissed.
We are selling a
little piece of love.
I thought we were
selling diabetes,
but okay.
Now's not
the time, son.
I got this, Dad.
I got it.
Hi, um...
Glad to see you all made it out.
A lot of people
think I'm an ass.
Yeah, they do.
Okay, I had that one
coming, I had that one coming.
But, um,
you all aren't here for me, no.
You're here because
two wonderful people
shared so much with you.
Not because they fell in love
and lived happily ever after.
No, that's cute.
You're here because,
because they chose
to love each other
each and every day,
no matter how hard it got.
See, somewhere along the
way, I forgot that lesson.
I forgot what I learned
from my grandma.
See, I forgot that every day,
every day is a gift.
It is a chance to open
your heart up to the world,
or to close it.
Open it, baby!
That's right!
Open it up, open it!
That's right, Darlene.
Now I look out and I see
all of you amazing people,
sharing your heart
with my family today.
Thank you.
You're right.
I can't run this
company without love.
I, I can't.
You picked the right guy.
Todd should run the company.
Todd has love in spades,
don't you, Mr. Rogers?
And Rob, Rob's right, too.
I have been a bit of an ass.
How'd you like your job back?
Your grandpa already
gave me my job back.
Well, how would you like mine?
You okay?
I'm great, Grandpa.
what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna go sell cupcakes.
Oh, and Grandpa,
you're an amazing writer.
Grandma was a lucky woman.
My God.
Are you still hiring?
Yeah, we are.
Your sister's on the phone
and she wants to talk
to you right now.
- Hope, are you serious?
- Hope!
Listen to me, I'm
over here slaving away
like Michelangelo
on these cupcakes,
and you're gonna
extend the event?
You need to get back here.
Hope, Hope, are
you even listening?
Hope, Hope, Hope?
Wait, um,
I've stopped by your shop
like a hundred times,
I mean, I, I should've
asked your name.
You are not gonna
believe what I just read.
And you're...
Tell me a story.