Love Mocktail 2 (2022) Movie Script

here's your breakfast.
What a surprise!
You've prepared breakfast today?
Did Aadi call you?
Yes, he had...
Now, I understand
the reason behind this change.
Oh, so I'm doing this
because he said, is it?
As if I haven't
looked after her well, so far.
Look, how stout
you have become after marriage.
The entire house is occupied by you.
I've been looking after you,
better than your father.
Hey Sushma...!
Come here...
What's this?
You call him...
I'll get ready and come back.
I'll get ready and come back.
If he sends message like that...
and switches off his phone,
what should we think?
Wait, let me try once.
Yes, please.
It is still switched off.
Is it...
Shall I try calling her once?
Yeah, but switch on the loudspeaker.
I think things are going in a wrong direction.
Let's go to the police station
and lodge a complaint.
Complaint? Not needed...
Let's wait.
Will you take responsibility,
if something goes wrong?
Why should I...?
You mess up things,
and I should take the responsibility?
Fine, then let's go to the police station...
Brother, take the sweet.
Oh, is it your first day?
- Yes...
Oh, is it your first day?
- Yes...
God bless you.
Brother, sweets...
Did you give it to sir?
Not yet...
First, you give him.
- Sure...
First, you give him.
Send it to sir's office.
Don't call me brother,
call me, sir.
Let her call you a brother,
she looks like your sister.
Done taking your file...?
Understood sir.
What's your name?
No, it's Salimat.
Brother, you must only teach me everything...
I'm new, right? So...
I'll teach you.
Go give sweets to everyone, go.
Madam wanted to lodge a complaint urgently.
Missing Complaint.
Missing complaint...?
Oh, please come soon.
Viju, you leave...
I'll call you.
Brother, it's a missing complaint.
Take your hands off.
Look at the way she's behaving...
Brother, shall I write down the complaint...?
That will help me learn the job.
Also this my first case...
Fine, you please be seated.
Fine, go ahead...
Sir, Aadi is missing.
Oh, how old is the kid?
He's 32 years old.
32 years...
and you still call him a kid?
Sir where did I call?
it was she who called so.
Why did you call him that?
Fine, from when is the kid missing?
Sir not kid, it's Aadi.
Oh yeah, from when is Aadi missing?
Sir, he is missing for the last 2 hours...
-Is he missing for just two hours...?
He would have gone somewhere...
he'll be back, you leave now.
it's a missing case, if something goes wrong,
you would be held responsible.
You do the inquiry...
I'll write down the complaint.
Is Aadi married?
Yes, sir.
Guess he has fought with his wife
and gone somewhere, he will be back, you go.
It's impossible to fight with his wife.
I'm sure he has gone searching for Nidhi.
If so, then go to Nidhi...
why have you come here?
Sir, I know he's gone looking for her,
but not sure where he has gone.
Brother, having a wife at home,
he's gone looking for Nidhi...
it's an extramarital affair, brother.
This is what will happen,
if you go behind an affair.
Sir, Nidhi is not an affair sir.
Then what about his wife at home?
Neither at his home nor outside,
it's an affair, sir.
You monkey, don't confuse me.
Tell me Aadi's matter, in detail,
from the beginning.
Sure sir...
I was in love with Sushma, sir.
She's my wife...
You were in love,
not now?
Huh, do we have
any choice after marriage?
Hope you understand...
Yes, I do...
Sir, Aadi was in love with Rose...
Got it...
Aadi was in love with Rose...
Nidhi came to know about it...
She lost her cool and left home.
And now, Aadi is gone
searching for Nidhi. Am I right?
No, sir...
Aadi was in love
with Rose during high school.
It has no connection with this.
if so, then why are you
telling about it to me?
Sir, didn't you tell me...
to tell things in detail,
from the beginning.?
That doesn't mean,
you must start narrating from his birth.
Hey, stop behaving like a kid...
and tell me things
only related to Aadi and Nidhi.
Sure sir...
Sir, Aadi was loving Joo sincerely sir.
-Wait a minute...
Brother, if he has so many love stories,
will his wife keep quiet?
Hey, you stop winking your eyes at me first.
If I see you doing that again,
I'll poke your eyes with a stick.
How many of them does he love?
If he's in love with so many,
do you think Nidhi will not leave him and go?
Sir, Nidhi didn't leave him,
since he was in love with Joo...
Nidhi came to him, since, Joo left him.
Joo left and Nidhi came...
Nidhi left, and Joo came...
Does this have any connection
with Aadi's missing?
No connection...
Then why the hell
are you telling it to me?
I'll kick you until my boots are torn.
Wait a minute...
Are you playing around with me?
Why, sir?
What happened?
Why are you so tensed?
I wonder how do you live with him...
Hey, Viju...
what did you tell sir?
What did I do?
I was just explaining the case in detail.
It seems a cupid is missing...
He falls in love with Rose...
but, his wife doesn't bother it seems.
He falls in love with Joo...
but, his wife doesn't bother it seems.
Since, Joo left him he found Nidhi
and now Nidhi also left him...
And this cupid has gone
in search of her, it seems.
His wife is a great lady...
she herself is not questioning him anything...
Then why is Nidhi creating a problem?
Nidhi is his wife sir.
I told you the same...
Shut up...!
My, skills...
my statesmanship...
my expertise...
keeping all of it aside, I'm saying...
Not being able to see his flirtings...
-his I, right?
-has left him and I right?
-Wrong, sir.
You keep quiet...
am I right?
Didn't I tell you, you're wrong?
Didn't I tell you to keep quiet...
am I right?
Sir, it's been two years
since his wife died sir.
Sir, actually...!
You keep quiet...
You go ahead, sir...
Let her say, sir.
Fine, tell me.
Sir, let Viju only tell you.
Fine, tell me...
No sir, let her only tell...
One of you, please tell...
Sir, fine let me only tell you.
Aadi married Nidhi...
and they were living
happily for a year, sir.
Aadi was very attached to Nidhi...
He was loving her madly.
Nidhi got cancer...
and she died, sir.
Aadi was normal for few days after that...
But, gradually...
"My life is all yours"
"Your love is my heartbeat"
"My love is all yours"
"Your love is my heartbeat"
"Without you, I'm no more"
"My love,
your memories are haunting me"
"You are everywhere"
"You are my life,
my pulse, and my heartbeat"
"I'm alive every day, just because of you"
"My heart shines just because of you"
"You're my life"
"You were my dream, you were my reality..."
"My life was full of you"
"You were my smile, you were my world..."
"Where did you, disappear?"
"How shall I live without you?"
"You are my identity"
"I'm wandering around...
as your unforgettable
memories are burning...
"My life has become a riddle"
"My life is all yours"
"Your love is my heartbeat"
"My love is all yours"
"Your love is my heartbeat"
"Without you, I'm no more"
"My love,
your memories are haunting me"
"You are everywhere"
"You are my life,
my pulse, and my heartbeat"
"I'm alive every day, just because of you"
"My heart shines just because of you"
"You're my life"
If things like this happen in life...
We tried a lot to,
get him out of this.
But, suddenly one day...
Did you get any letter from the bank?
No, didn't get it...
Oh, letter...!
Why? What happened?
-Where did I keep it?
-What ?
What are you searching for?
Hey, when Nidhi
was not keeping well...
she had given me a letter,
asking me to give it to Aadi.
She could have given it to him directly,
why did she give it to you?
Hey, it isn't like that...
She wanted me to give Aadi, a year,
incase if something happens to her...
and if Aadi forgets her and moves on,
she wanted me to burn the letter...
If not...
If not...
if he is still in her thoughts,
she wanted me to give this letter to him. it!
Isn't it more than an year
since she passed away?
You're right, I forgot it.
Don't you have seriousness...?
Is this a silly matter to forget?
I mean, had he got this letter earlier,
he might have been alright by now.
By the way, what's there in this letter?
What was written in the letter?
That's what, even I asked, sir.
I didn't read it,
since it was someone's personal letter, sir.
What kind of a girl are you?
Girls are meant to be curious.
Without curiosity, are you even a girl?
You understood it.
Are you even a girl?
Thats called discipline.
Not reading others
personal letter is decency, sir.
Then, I called him to hand him
over this letter
by then, he only called me.
You will live a hundred years, buddy.
What do you want me to do,
staying here for hundred years?
Come to light-house tomorrow,
there is something.
Why didn't you tell him about the letter?
Anyways we are going there tomorrow,
so let's give it to him over there.
But still, Im curious,
whats there in this letter
Not necessary,
why should we be bothered about others?
Let's be cool.
Look, here he is.
He'll get excited,
if we give him this letter.
We could have read it once
Anyways, he will tell me after reading
- Come.
- Hmmm...
Buddy, I have a surprise for you
I have a better surprise
Look there.
- Hi, Joo
- Hi, Aadi
Hi, Sushma
Hi, Joo
Hi, Viju
Namaste, Madam Joo.
It's been so many years seeing you.
Isnt it?
Same here
Sorry guys,
I couldn't make it to your wedding.
We too are sorry,
we forgot to invite you.
How will you come to a wedding,
for which you've not been invited?
How will you come to a wedding,
for which you've not been invited?
Isnt it?
He'll always be cracking jokes.
Come, Joo sit down.
I want to talk to you something,
shall we go over there?
You want to talk to me, is it?
Buddy, go aside for a while.
Why should we go?
Let's not move from here, at any cost, Sushma.
Oh, you got up?
Fine, come lets go.
Be there, I'll come.
Come, Joo.
Its not even five minutes, since she came,
look how he changed.
Forget you
but how could he send me out?
Look, how hes blushing at her.
And you, talking to her so happily?
I was talking casually.
Oh yeah, why won't you?
Aren't you the one
who introduced her to him?
You first change this Devdas getup.
I like to see my old Aadi.
- Bye
- Bey
How did you come?
Fine, then I'll drop you
Buddy, clear the bill.
Go aside
Joo, you haven't changed
even a little, in so many years.
Do you know, how glad I am
seeing you after so many years?
Why is he going to drop her?
Why had she come here?
Why have we come here?
To hand him over the letter.
Im losing my cool.
Fine, give me the letter at least,
let me read.
I don't have the letter.
I gave it to you
I must have left it at the table.
Where, did it go?
Sir, bill.
Sir, there was a letter here, did you see it?
No, sir.
You get bill at the right time,
can't you keep an eye on the letter?
Do you know how important that letter is?
Where did it go?
Where did it fall?
Excuse me
Any problem?
Yes, prob-b-b!
Good food.
Good restaurant
And very good pretty owner.
Oh, thank you so much.
Please rate us on Google.
Oh, yeahfive stars.
Thank you.
How much is the bill?
It's 1000/- rupees, sir.
Pick up
Pick up the phone
Get lost.
Ill go lie down.
Please go
Go and sleep peacefully
Hes not picking up
the phone, since evening
No idea, where he took her.
Ill scratch my head for all this
You sleep peacefully.
Its been so long,
no idea where they have gone,
what they are doing?
Sorry, Joo
The other day, listening to my friends
I scolded you
Had I married you
It would have been better.
I pleaded with you so much that day
If you had listened to me
You wouldn't been roaming
around like this growing the beard.
Your friends are the ones
who spoiled your life.
And, especially that Vijay
Just keep him away.
After Nidhi passed away
I was in depression.
But, as soon as I saw you
I forgot everything.
You are a magician.
Turn this side
Come closer
Even closer
Close your eyes
What are you doing outside?
How do you know that I'm outside?
What are you doing at this late hour?
I had some personal work, so I had come.
Why had Joo come?
Something personnel, leave it.
Viju, ther's good news for you
Don't tell me that
you are getting married to Joo
Tell me, what's that
Ive decided to get married.
Get up!
Get up!
Hey, what happened?
Aadi had called
What did he say?
Hell get married it seems.
To whom?
To Joo.
Did he tell you that he'll marry Joo?
He doesnt have balls for that
He was telling me indirectly
I was begging him for one long year,
to get married
She met him in the morning,
and he decided to marry her by evening.
Let me see how they'll get married.
Pick up
Pick up you bloody,
you'll have it from me.
Heard you are getting married?
Im so glad
You need not take trouble searching for a bride
That's my responsibility.
Vijuwhy do you take the risk?
Whats there in that?
Im the one who found Nidhi for you, right?
Wasn't she a perfect match for you?
I know your taste better than you.
You don't interfere in thisbye
You nailed it.
Wow! He shouldn't interfere in his
own marriage matterisnt it?
Keep seeing, Ill search
Ill search for the best pair for him.
Itll be better if you
keep quiet, doing nothing.
We must handle this in a different way
Get him tomorrow
Let's do something, between a to z.
Do something.
Does the girl who is coming now, look good?
He agreed to get married
I've committed to find a bride for him.
He looks weird in the beard.
Who will agree to marry him?
Didn't you boast off yesterday night
that you will find him the best pair?
Keep quiet
Look, he's coming
Look, how handsome he has become
Looks handsome, isn't it?
Hey, why did you come running?
Isnt he coming?
Have an attitude
Hey, what happened?
Why are you guys looking up over there?
Not bad, youre looking okay in this getup.
Hey, youre looking awesome buddy
Thank you.
That's fine
You didn't care when we
asked you to get married...
Now, why this sudden change?
You both give me your hands
Won't I tell you always?
that you guys are the ones
who give twists and turns in my life.
What did we do, now?
What did you do?
Yesterday, you guys came into my dream
Not buddy, son
When you lost a rose flower in
your life for the first time
Rose flower?
It's her.Rose
You didnt go into depression,
neither didn't you hesitate
to fall in love with someone else again.
Again, when Joo came back to your life
and started playing around
You didn't go into depression,
neither did you hesitate to fall in love again.
But now, you have lost Nidhi in your life.
So, now
Shall I continue further?
I shouldn't go into depression,
neither should I hesitate to fall in love again.
Great me!
Do we also get girls like this,
for arranged marriage?
I had told you earlier itself
But you didn't listen to me
You hurried in school days itself.
Youre right, buddy.
Nothing, the bride looks pretty right?
Shes not the bride she's the broker.
Broker...? This beautiful?
Im Jankana
What? Jankanakana?
Its not Jankanakana, itsJankana.
You can call me Janki.
Im Aadi, and hes my friend
- Sharanri
- Im Aadi, and hes my friend
HeyI'm not Sharan,
my name is Vijay.
You can call me Viju.
Sharanri, means...
Greeting someone in their language.
He's my hubby
Great, please come
Okay, so lets get to the point.
Aadi, Sushma has given me
all the basic details of you
What kind of a bride
are you looking for?
What kind!
Someone like you
I asked about his taste, and not yours.
She should be eccentric.
He's right, she should be eccentric.
What's eccentric?
Eccentric is eccentric.
Oh yeah...
eccentric means entertaining.
Soyou want a girl,
who can entertain you, isnt it?
Hey, not exactly
Eccentric also means Interesting,
just that her character should be interesting.
Ohdont worry!
Girls whom I refer are all very interesting.
They would be fresh, and also
would be ready for second marriage.
But, few girls might have quality issues.
-Quality issues?
-Select a girl.
-Quality issues?
What do you mean by quality issues?
Lean, stout, short, tall, and crooked.
Can we get someone who is fresh, of good quality,
and also looks like a supermodel?
Great, so is your friend worth 1000/- crores,
to find someone like that?
No, but doesn't he look handsome?
Girls of this generation, don't look
for beauty, they look at wealth.
Thats right.
If you pay peanuts,
you get monkeys,
Isn't it, Sushma?
I didn't say so, she said it.
Madam, Janki
How much do you earn a month,
in this broker profession?
Im not a broker
Im a matchmaker.
Both are the same
This one
Are you sure?
Give it to me, let me see.
Are you sure?
Listen to this joke
Wife told her hubby that she will die
and hubby gave her a dairy milk chocolate.
His wife asked, why is he giving her chocolate?
Hubby replied it's good to eat sweet,
before doing something good.
How was it?
Didnt you like it?
Okay, forget it.
Look, she came
Give it a second thought.
your taste is becoming weird
If few people like cup ice
few others like ice cream bars
Im Aadi.
Hi I'm Poornima.
Where is your friend ?
She's on the way
Wait, how do you know that
my friend is going to come?
Actually, there will always be an
average-looking girl with a beautiful girl like you.
So I asked.
Yeahyoure right.
Actually, my friend doesn't look as beautiful as me.
YeahI know, please sit.
He's my average-looking friend, Viju
-Excuse me, sir.
Your order, sir?
Hey, give it to me, Ill order.
I guess you like
Curd vada?
Yeahhow do you know?
Get curd vada, for her and her friend.
Viju, what would you like to have?
Buddy, from my childhood
I've heard about Chow Chow Bath,
but haven't tasted it.
Fine, taste it now
One Chow Chow Bath for me
Ok, sir.
Ill finalize him, he looks so smart.
You guessed my taste so well
Can you guess more about me?
I guess, your favorite heroine
during college days was
Hey, wait
let me do Aishwaryas pose in the Taal movie.
Aishwarya Rai?
And thenKareena Kapoor?
And recently, from one angle
you look like Deepika Paduk...
There was a post on Facebook,
asking to test my look, I did
and it matched 100%
with Deepika Padukone.
Hey, even I had checked his look,
it matched with Ranveer Singh.
And I checked his,
it matched with Ranbir Kapoor
Not sure about him
but you look exactly like Ranveer Singh.
Thank you.
-Hey sorry, I'm late.
-No problem, sit down.
Shes my friend Suma
Shes my average-looking friend.
Curd Vada, mam.
Hey, wait until your dish comes,
why are you staring at that?
Hey, did you order curd vada?
Hey, no, he guessed our favorite dish and
ordered it.
Is it?
How did he get to know?
I had asked for Chow Chow Bath,
but you've given me
RavaUpma and Kesari Bath?
Chow Chow Bath means
the combination of both sir.
Is it so?
You should have
told me before right?
Have it
Actuallypeople who are close to me,
call me as Dear Cutie Pie.
Ohis it your pet name?
Youre from Mysore, right?
Yeswe both are from Mysore.
Generally, people have one pet name,
but you have two.
Few call me Dear, and few Cutie Pie,
but I like both.
You can call me however you like.
He will
Hey, come on
Did you fall in love,
when you were in college?
Hello, madam
Everyone falls in love during college
I did, he did, she did, and you
Im not sure about you
Even I did
Isnt it? Then why are you digging up
old things now?
Curd Vada is waiting for you, enjoy it.
- Poornima
- Dear Cutie Pie
- Poornima
Oh, sorry
Dear Cutie pie,
Can you do like this once?
Hey, what happened to you? Behave!
Hey, you keep quiet
Just once, do like this.
Madam, shall I?
No, I want him to do
Are you sure?
Please go ahead
Fulfill her wish, buddy.
Hey, its him confirmed.
Hey, I know that you keep quiet.
He looks so smart, I will marry him.
Hey, have you gone mad to marry him?
Hello, madam
hes also not desperate to marry her.
Hey, leave it
Madam, cool
Curd Vada will turn cold, please have it
Curd Vada will turn cold, please have it
Here, get me two bar ice creams.
Bar ice cream?
Dear Cutie pie, that's for her to chill down.
Oh yeah, let them cool down.
Give one for her, and one for this lean lady.
Hey, how dare you call me lean lady?
Hey, lean cutie pie
Ohcutie lean pie
Hey, what's that?
Dear Cutie Pie.
Yes Dear Cutie Pie
Dear cutie pie
Why are you hissing? Any problem?
Hey, shameless, stop eating and get up.
I've been telling you the same,
from so long
Come, lets go.
What are you looking at?
- Is the curd vada, still leftover?
-Shut up, and come.
- Is the curd vada, still leftover?
How did the meeting go?
Such low-class peoples
Its not peoples, it's people.
Hey, get lost
dont boast off in English.
-Hey, if youre so fond of curd vada,
come Ill get you two outside.
First, I should delete her profile.
The moment you selected her,
I guessed you will reject her.
Hello, Junk
Its not Junk, its Junkie
She went rejecting him
She rejected him?
That's an old story now, forget it.
Did you call them to entertain us?
Oh, you told me yesterday, that you
want someone who can entertain you.
Junkie, don't get confused
both are different...
What all kind of entertainment,
you Mysoreans expect?
Leave it, Aadi
If you want someone fresh,
quality issues will be there
If you want quality,
then you won't get fresh ones.
It means since this is your
second marriage
You will get girls who are divorced
and are ready for second and third marriage.
their characters will be...
too good.
If so, why did they
diverse their husbands?
It's not diverse
It's divorce.
Whatever, why did they do that?
Girls will be of good characters..
but what about guys?
You mean guys are not proper?
Aren't we aware of you girls?
Look, Junkie
Youve learnt only theory
But, we are leading life practically.
Even, I have practical experience.
Im divorced
Oh, are you married?
Without marrying,
how will one be divorced?
Junkie, yours is arranged marriage?
Thats why
If it was a love marriage,
this wouldnt have happened.
Hello, excuse me
Ours is love marriage too,
aren't we facing issues?
What issues are you facing?
Didn't you get married loving each other,
and understanding each other?
Yes, youre right
When we are in love,
we see our girlfriends with make-up,
just for an hour a day, in just one avatar.
but, after marriage, we see hundreds of
avatars of them without make-up.
And what about you guys?
You look stylish, wearing scent
but, only after the marriage
we get to know your true avatars.
What's that?
What not?
Farting, snoring, wearing torn underwear,
and that gold-digging
Gold digging?
The one which you do
putting finger inside your nose.
Looking at you guys fighting,
should I really get married?
Oh, Im so sorry.
Take, select.
Have, Chow Chow Bath
Sorry, I dont like upma and Kesari bath.
Oh, so you know its the combination of both.
This one
What, youre choosing girls only from Mysore?
Is she from Mysore?
Wait, let me make a video call
If you like her I'll arrange a meeting with her.
Hi, Junkie
Are you with make-up?
Not yet
Here's a guy
talk to him.
You will see her in the same avatar
after marriage, go ahead, talk to her.
Joos ex-boyfriend?
There used to be a friend with you always,
how's he?
hes here,
say hi
Have you seen me before?
Yes, I've seen you while you used to
hang around in the layout.
Buddy, look at that pic.
The one behind her
You were hanging around all day
long in the layout.
Are you a student of Pushpa miss?
You have her photo at your house.
You too are her student,
but do you have her photo at your house?
Then, why will I have a photo of her?
Shes my mother.
Wrong time
Yeah, long time
Nice meeting you, bye.
She used to be a kid
Shes turned out to be a figure now.
Do you remember?
Oh, why not?
Let's not talk about her and her mom.
Her mom had insulted us in front of Rose.
Who's Rose?
His, ex-girlfriend.
But, Kavana said Joo?
That's after Rose.
Oh, so you were seeking
entertainment from all of them, is it?
How can I explain it to you?
But, what's your problem with
Kavana and her mom?
The child which spoke now,
used to be only so much
-Indistinct Voices
It's perfect
ask me if you have any doubts.
Where did it go?
Do you want it?
Get lost.
All of you, solve the problem
Kavana, have an eye on who is talking.
Hmm, as if we know to solve the problem
Hey, why are you looking only at us?
Youre right, look at others as well.
Mom, they both
Hey, look how I'll throw it.
Mom, they are hitting me with a paper.
Kavana, don't disturb me.
Mom, it's burning
Go out and play
Ill stay here.
When we have a mix of variables
-Hey, are you writing a love letter?
Give, let me write it for you.
She should go awe, reading it.
Numbers like, 3,2,9
Hey, shall I address it to Rose?
Or to Reema?
To Rose.
Hey, keep quiet
Hey, please show me
Inform, miss.
look there.
Am I giving a lecture?
Then why are you nodding your head?
Hey, what are you writing?
Notes, miss.
He's lyingwait, let me get it.
Dear, it's just the notes
Dont liegive it here.
Please leave it, dear.
Hey, leave it, you
Do you want chocolate?
Then, take your hands off the note
Get lost
Please go
Hey, you get lost
Miss, notes.
Those are the formulas, miss.
Is this a formula?
Yes, miss.
Read it
Thats okay, miss.
Will you read it, or shall I call your parents?
Thats okay, miss.
Will you read it, or shall I call your parents?
-Ill read it.
To, my dear Rose.
First time,
I sawed you,
my heart started do to,
flying up.
Second time,
I sawed you,
Open in the glass
I felt you,
look like a Titanic heroine.
So I call you, Rose
for today,
and every day.
I love you
If you love me
I lucky
Bloody, youre laughing?
Miss, it's not over yet.
From, Aadi.
-Hey, who is Rose?
-Mom, hit him with the scale.
-Shes my aunts daughter, miss.
Do you want to love at this age?
-Shes a baby, miss. Born, just a week before.
-Mom, take the scale.
Writing a love letter to the newborn?
What were you doing,
taking his love letter?
Miss, I was checking if there is any
glamour mistakes miss.
Thats a grammar mistake, not glamour
Don't know a single word properly,
and you want love is it?
For the kind of flash-back you have,
you wont get any girl in the entire Mysore district.
Whats the matter?
Something personal
2 minutes, Ill be back
Whos call was that?
Wait, ex-girlfriend?
Then, why cant he marry her?
Why? She is not that entertaining, is it?
As soon as he gets her call,
he starts blushing...
then why don't you let him marry her?
Hey, I won't let that happen until Im alive
I called you to help me find him a bride
Help me if you can, otherwise just leave
Ill take care of it
Just relax, why are you behaving like this?
Look, I won't let him marry her for any reason.
If he is so keen on marrying her, what's your problem?
Sir, you don't know the old stories.
Hey, I understood
You couldn't find a bride for Aadi,
so hes gone searching his dead wife Nidhi.
Sir, this case is not as easy as you think
There are too many complications
Order some tea
Its very difficult to find a bride for your friend,
in the entire South Karnataka.
But, there are some
chances in North Karnataka.
He hasn't messed up things there, right?
Thats a good one!
She's the right match
Dont want Viju
Not now, but she's wanting to meet him for so long.
This will create problems in family
Hey, is it important than my friend?
Who's call was that?
Sihis call
Who is this Sihi, now?
This is for you
Thank you
Hi, Aadi
Im Sihi
Please sit
Youre looking very smart in beard.
Thank you
But you were much cuter without beard.
The way you used to come
honking in that white scooter
The sound of that horn
Your energy My god!
You were happening in Mysore, those days.
A girl's first crush
will always be very special to her.
Thats why you are special to me.
You were
You were my first crush.
I must be very lucky
to marry my first crush.
Have you seen me before?
Have I seen you?
Not just seeing, you even scolded me,
when you saw me for the first time.
Did I scold you?
Yes, don't you remember?
May 14th?
Wait a minute
2008? May 14th,
was the day when I met Joo for the first time
they both were there on that day
apart from them she came
and then she came...
but she wasn't there.
Who is she?
You still didn't get...?
Night. at 8 pm
Wait a minute
I had taken Joo for a long drive, at night 8pm.
Was she peeping at us standing
somewhere there?
You still did not get...?
You came running happily, that day.
Wait a minute
You said, Hey, child, go aside
Hey, child, go aside.
Hey, child, go aside.
Vijus cousin!
You were coming
during the summer holidays.
Yes, I was coming
during every summer holidays.
Why did you come running
so happily, that day?
2008 right?
May, 14th
I was PUC topper for entire Mysore...
and so I came running happily to say that.
Hey, you were doing
your engineering, at that time.
youre right, this is what happens
if one becomes the topper every year.
Its very confusing to say when and what I ran for.
Youre lying
I know, why you came
running that day.
Do you know?
Yes, shall I say?
Not now
Two minutes, Ill be back
Where are you going?
Will be back
In a couple of minutes, Ill be back
Hello, brother Viju
Thanks for making us meet.
Is it done?
No, he's gone to the restroom.
I've impressed him so much by giving
build-ups and telling about his past.
You should have seen his face
Hey child
Dont make him nervous
by asking him stupid things.
I said I impressed him...
Think wise and talk like a mature girl.
Are you teaching me how to talk?
Wait and watch,
how I will impress him with my speech.
Okay, hes coming,
Ill call you later, bye.
Junkie, I've sent Sihi to the same place where
Aadi had proposed Nidhi the first time.
This will definitely work out.
You too have become a broker.
Im not a broker
Im a matchmaker.
Aadi, shall I tell you now?
Not now
Would you like to have something?
Come here, buddy
One lemon juice for me, and for you?
Whatever he takes, I'll take the same.
Okay, two lemon juice.
Shall I tell you now?
Tell me something about you
If I have to talk about me,
then Ill have to again talk about you.
is it?
You know, I was longing to meet you,
and my wish was to sit and chat with you like this.
Finally, do you know,
what all I did to meet you?
Shall I say?
Oops, the dice is not good
Brother, Viju
Brother, Viju
-Do I look like a child?
- One
You dont look like, but you are one.
Hey, tell me
Why, because Aadi call you child?
Look, even you got one
Come home, urgently...
I want to see you.
Hey, what are you
doing with my phone?
Im playing a game.
Im playing a game.
-Okay, carry on
-Its eight
Was it an eight?
Hey, dont lie
Don't know who did this dice?
Whose call is that?
tell me...
Hey, whats wrong with you?
Why have you messaged me
to come and meet you urgently?
Do I look like a girl to you?
When did I message you?
I guess it's a wrong number
Hello boss...
we get CALLS from a
wrong number, not MESSAGES
Dont bluff
Tell me which movie you watched
yesterday night, before sleeping?
Hey, you must have
received it by mistake, leave it.
Three eights
Aunty, did you call me?
- Im coming
-Four eights
-You bloody
Hey, I had got
four eights, okay...
Hey, get lost...
we are not able to
cross two in this dice and
he got four eights, it seems.
Brother, Viju where are you going?
To my friends house
Shall I join you?
Aunty, Im going out with brother, Viju.
Shall we go?
Hey, Im not going to Aadis house.
Fine, then I won't come
Aunty, Im not going
Brother, Viju
Tell me
Is it regarding, Aadi?
Hey, he already has a girlfriend,
go to sleep.
Will his girlfriend stay with him forever?
Well said Will girlfriend stay lifelong?
Very cute
It's even cuter furtherlisten.
Brother, Viju
Im leaving for my native today
I know
Are you not feeling sad?
Feeling, very sad.
I can talk to my dad, and stay here for another day,
will you make me meet Aadi?
Hey, get lost.
Brother, Viju
Summer holidays have ended.
So... what?
Will you make me meet Aadi,
in Dussehra holidays?
Hey, child
Im busy playing a game
don't annoy me, get lost
Brother, Viju
Did Aadi break up?
They both are doing well
Let me see, how long they will be together.
Hello, brother Viju
Did they break up?
Hey, to hell with your curse
Hang up the phone.
Hey, it's her
I'll put it on loudspeaker, listen
Brother, Viju
It seems Aadi broke up with Joo?
Shall I come now?
Will you make me meet him?
Hey child
Aadis marriage is fixed with Nidhi
Don't call me asking about him again.
What? His marriage got fixed?
What brother Viju
You don't seem to help me at all
You know very well how much I like him
You are my enemy
Are they getting married? Let them
Let me see how long they will be together,
after marriage.
This isn't cute, of course
Sorry, I said that in anger that day.
But, I didn't mean it.
You both were making a great pair.
I know, I was very happy for you.
But I was really disappointed,
learning things about you.
Brother, Viju told me that
you miss Nidhi too much.
Leave it
Will the memory of a wife who is dead,
stay lifelong?
Will it not?
Maybe, it will
It depends, isnt it?
Jade Garden?
Okay, Ill come
You were telling me something
I was saying, the memories would stay
Nobefore that.
Before that?
What if they get married
Let me see if they will stay together lifelong.
You were right
Nidhi, couldnt stay with me lifelong.
I've got a call
I will leave
Im so
Brother, Viju
I messed up things
He said cute, just once
I got excited and, not knowing what to speak,
I spoiled everything.
Its gone
Its a big flop.
Brother, Viju, you must help me.
Wheres he now?
He got a call, and
he left urgently to Jade Garden.
Okay, leave it.
What happened?
He has got Joos call during the meeting,
so he has left her there and gone to meet her.
What shall I do with him?
You are asking me to find a bride for him
from Mysore to Hubli
But he has gone to marry his ex-girlfriend.
Have you called me to clap hands for them?
I didn't believe it when you told me that day, Viju.
I never thought he will do like this.
Let him decide for himself
Whether he wants me or Joo in his life.
Oh Aadi sir
And Joo madam
Greetings, to both of you.
Hey, how come you guys are here?
Guess, we disturbed you.
Youve come outskirts to
talk about your personal things.
Why are you talking nonsense, Viju?
Nothing, hes alone in his life
He would listen to whatever you say
The ball is in your court now
Why will you keep quiet?
Aadi, you could have told us directly
that you are going to marry her?
I must agree with that in the first place
Dont you know about her?
Can someone lead a family life with her?
Come again
I said one cannot lead a family life with her
What now?
I've been living with her for a year.
Sir, I mean to say, you can live with her,
but not him
Why the hell should
he live with my wife?
Since they were ex-lovers
anyway love didn't work out,
so I said they cant live together.
Were you not aware of it?
You came at the right time and
spoiled everything
Hey, Viju
What's wrong with you?
I didnt do anything wrong
In fact, I came at right time
and did the right thing.
Are you out of your mind?
Whenever I asked you, you said
its personal is this what you meant?
What's so personal
with a girl who is married?
Don't talk rubbish
She had issues with her husband
Oh, I see, theres a problem in your life,
and theres a problem in her life too
So, both of you planned to solve
your problems and live together, right?
Don't speak rubbish,
without knowing the truth.
I was helping solve
her family problems.
Who are you to solve
her family problem?
You were sharing
everything with me, right?
Why didn't you share this with me?
From one year I'm insisting you to get married
there's no value for my words
From the day you met her, you've forgotten Nidhi,
and you are ready to marry her, right?
Who is Nidhi?
His wife.
The one who's dead?
Do you mean to say
that Ive forgotten Nidhi?
Then what?
Aren't you so curious to marry her?
Nidhi, look at the way he is talking.
How can she see?
The poor girl, closed her eyes,
before she could see all this.
Nidhi, did you see how he speaks?
Hey, he is insisting to see
Just see once
What should I see?
Im done seeing his dramas.
Did you see Nidhi,
how he is speaking about me?
How can she see?
Hey, you first stop talking,
and see what he is insisting you to see.
Why are you keeping quiet?
Say something, Nidhi
How can a dead person come alive?
Did you see Nidhi?
I couldn't see her, sir.
What about you?
Brother, can it be ghost or something?
Hey, pull your tongue inside
Why didn't you take him to a temple and
get a talisman tied on him?
Even I suggested the same
But, she took him to a psychiatrist
Im in a meeting now,
- ask him to come to the clinic
- ask him to come to the clinic
- ask him to come to the clinic
Yes, Junk sorry Junkie
Call me whatever you want to.
Has Nidhi, come even here?
Hes busy with his mobile
Guess she's not here.
So, how are you feeling?
Im good.
So, Mr. Aadi
its been 2 years since your wife died, right?
Can you see her now?
Where is she?
Has she become a ghost?
From when is this happening?
My friend Viju, gave me a letter
that my wife had written
When did I give you?
Did I give?
I have a better surprise...
Look there
What was there in that letter?
Hi, Aadi
How are you?
If you are reading this letter
It means that you haven't forgotten me
even after two years.
Aadi, do you remember,
the other day when we were eating an apple
Aadi, we both are together now,
what will you do
if I die someday, suddenly?
What will I do?
What are you thinking?
You can't eat, sleep, do anything peacefully
You can never think of marrying another girl
Don't scratch your head for that, now
Joo and I were in love for 4 years,
didn't I love you after she went?
Joo and I are the same, is it?
You are special
The attachment with you is more,
so I won't take a month to recover
I will woo someone else, within a week.
Im asking you seriously
Im serious too
You said you will woo someone
else within a week?
Why, Aadi?
Didn't you find anyone to woo,
in these two years?
When I wrote this letter itself I knew,
that you will definitely read it.
But, still, I was praying to god,
that you must get a good girl,
within a week.
When I fell ill, the way you took care of me,
made me feel that
I wanted to stay for some more time.
But, I was not lucky enough to
stay with you.
Though I spent very little time with you,
I was most happy
Thank you
But, you must promise me something
You must become
my husband in all my births
Promise me
But, you are left with a
lot of time in this birth, isn't it?
I still can't forget
how happy you were
dreaming about us having a baby
Your dream shouldn't die Aadi
I know very well that,
now you don't have any dreams or wishes.
If you continue being like this,
there wont be a meaning for your life.
You should marry again, become a father,
and get some meaning to your life.
Only then I'll be at peace.
If not, I will be regretting, thinking that
I'm the reason for your misfortune.
Aadi, will you get married?
Don't worry about anything,
I will be with you until your life is all set.
No words to describe,
what's happened to me
Words have turned into silence,
don't know
what kind of magic is this
The moment you came,
Im feeling alive
My happiness has come back,
with a new enthusiasm
What kind of girl are you looking for?
If the girls character is interesting,
your life will also be interesting
So, the girl must be like
You always say a word for that, whats that?
Correct, the girl must be eccentric.
Why are you zooming onto her?
Shes rejected.
You need not reject her
She will only reject me
Do you want to see it?
She is
Hey, how dare you call me lean lady?
Hey, lean cutie pie
Ohcutie lean pie
Hey, whats that?
Dear Cutie Pie.
Yes Dear Cutie Pie
"Peace, has unfurled
it's feathers and embraced me"
"Oh, dear Nidhi..."
"My heart is full of happiness...
joy and enthusiasm"
"This is heaven"
"This is love"
"This is happiness"
"Because of you"
"This is heaven"
"This is love"
"This is happiness"
"Because of you"
Why did you come running happily,
that day?
2008 right?
I was the PUC topper in the entire Mysore,
I came running happily to say that
Hey, you were doing your engineering,
at that time.
Oh, youre right, this is what happens
if one becomes the topper every year.
Its so confusing,
when and for what we ran
Youre lying
I know, why you came running that day.
Do you?
Yes, shall I say?
Yes, go ahead
Not now
Two minutes, Ill be back
Where are you going?
Nowhere, you continue
Nowhere, you continue
Will be back
She will say
Why are you running?
She was about to tell
some secret about you
since you didn't want me to hear that,
you came running to the loo? Isnt it?
Its very urgent
Youre lying.
Hey, I swear, Nidhi
Youre lying,
you didn't drink water for so long.
Do you want to test me?
Fine, come with me
No it's fine, you go.
Are you doubting me?
Yes, I do
Then, you must clear
the doubt, come with me.
Hey, don't want
-I won't come
Aadi, please
This is ladies toilet
if you want you can go
Ill be back in five minutes.
Will you open the door now?
No chance
and has embraced me"
"Oh, dear Nidhi..."
"My heart is full of happiness...
joy and enthusiasm"
"This is heaven"
"This is love"
"This is happiness"
"Because of you"
"This is heaven"
"This is love"
"This is happiness"
"Because of you"
Buddy, Joo is calling you
Must be something personal
Go and talk to her
Just two minutes
Whose idea was it to give him this letter?
-Its mine
Actually, idea is hers,
but I gave it to him.
Don't you have common sense?
Will anyone give the letter of a dead wife to
her husband who is in depression?
Sorry, sir It's our mistake.
Why didn't you get him to me,
as soon as he fell into depression?
Sorry, sir
What shall we do now?
Mr.Aadi, the thing is,
you are just hallucinating her.
Im aware of it Doctor
that, Nidhi is just in my imagination.
But, I'm very happy
I know Aadi
You are very happy!
But it's not good to
proceed with this happiness.
It will lead to serious complications.
-Doctor, I don't think it's serious
-Doctor, I don't think it's serious
don't try to convince me
Please listen to me.
Ill start the treatment today itself.
Dont skip tablets for even a single day.
Don't worry
Ill make sure, you will be fine.
Buddy, Ill sit behind
Why? Sit in the front
Let Nidhi sit in the front, buddy.
She already sat behind
-Oh, is it?
Why Junkie? What happened?
Hey, I forgot to tell you
that I have booked a cab
My cab has come, Ill leave
-You booked it so soon?
-Its okay, Ill leave, bye
Oh god, she's another headache!
So, Junkie, when are you meeting us again?
- Sure, lets catch up soon
Nidhi, Im sorry
Aadi is a good chap,
but we cant judge him in the love matter.
He excels in it,
but his selection wont be good.
Thats why
I have taken up this responsibility.
I was the one who selected you, isn't it?
How was my selection?
In the same way,
I have selected even Sihi.
She slightly behaves like a kid,
but shes a superb girl.
Isnt it, Sushma?
You also tell her
Yes Nidhi, Sihi is a very good girl.
Sushma, with whom are you talking?
Isnt she here?
What do I know?
Nidhi accepted Sihi, long back.
Thanks, Nidhithank you very much.
Hey, even you thank her
Buddy, everything is sorted,
except for one guilt that is bothering me.
What's your guilt?
Sir, I got Joo into trouble
Did it resolve?
Just with two dialogues sir
Whats that?
Sirplease forgive me
I spoke nonsense the other day
out of my anger
Sir, they were in love,
but not to an extent shown in
Arjun Reddy movie.
They were just texting each other, from far away
like in that movie Yaare Neenu Cheluve, sir.
Sir, will anyone call this love?
Relax, Vijay
Sir, you both make the best pair sir.
You both are like Lord Rama and Lakshmana
Oh, Im sorry..
Youre like Lord Rama and Seeta.
Its okay
I guess all problems are solved now.
Didn't, Aadi tell you anything?
No... sir...
He gave me your number, asked me to
fall onto your feet and apologize to you.
So sweet of him
Yes, sir hes sweet.
I fell at his feet,
and he calls him a sweet guy...
So, Joo familys problem is solved
Aadi and Nidhi have accepted Sihi
So I guess, marriage also
happened without any tension.
Sir, we dont need
anybodys permission for love,
but marriage is not like that.
Moreover, its the
second marriage for Aadi
There was a huge quarrel at Sihis house,
once they came to know about this.
Her parents came to our house and said that
they will never agree to this marriage at any cost.
But, Sihi was stubborn that
she will marry only Aadi.
-Please Dad, please mom,
I want to marry him.
-Don't be stubborn...
Its for your good that we are saying.
You are still a small girl,
learn to listen to elders words.
I want to marry only him.
She cries for everything
Cry how much ever you want,
but we will not agree
Dad, I know mom doesn't love me
even you don't love me is it?
But do you know
how much I love you both?
But, you dont love me at all,
what to do?
How much more pain
should I go through?
Look, Sihi
-No matter how stubborn you are, we will never agree.
-You wont agree isnt it?
-I know what to doIll commit suicide.
-Please go ahead
-I know what to doIll commit suicide.
-I know what to doIll commit suicide.
Uncle, she went and locked herself
If she does something stupid?
Let her
What shall I do now?
Their grandpa is the
decision-maker in this house
So, the main switch is over there
It's better you inform, grandpa
What do you say, aunty?
Shes rightcall your father.
Correct, uncle call him immediately.
Go there and speak
Ask them to come to Madikeri.
So, only if grandpa agrees,
your marriage will happen?
Aadi, shall we do some research
about grandpa, before going there?
Sihi, give us some details about
your grandpa
Come on
Can you give us the details about
your grandpa?
My grandpa is very strict and disciplined
That's why he is the
decision-maker in our family.
His only weakness is our Granny
He loves granny so much.
Fine, then let's woo granny first
But, granny passed away last year.
-That was the first time, I saw tears in my grandpas eyes.
So sad, why did she die so soon?
She could have lived a couple of years more
I feel my grandpa is a good person,
like me
But no one else has that feel.
For me, my grandpa is so loving
Like you
But he doesn't express it to anyone.
My grandpa hasn't scolded me at all
But, he hasnt spared anyone else, isnt he?
Is she threatening us?
Nothing, can you give us
some information that could help us?
Ohinformation that can help you
Its difficult to judge my grandpa
But, he judges others correctly.
Whos he to judge you?
In fact, he must wash the feet of a
gentleman like you and welcome you, to his house.
Alone you have wooed so many girls
now you have me along with you
Grandpa is no big deal
come let's see what happens.
How are you doing, boss?
I'm fine how are you?
Im fine, too.
Hi, Sihi
Come Renu
Ouch, its your first step,
and you stepped on slush?
Aadi, someone is
watering plants over there
If you ask him to put water
and give him 500/- rupees,
he will give you complete details
about grandpa
and it will help you to woo him.
Good idea..
Didn't I tell you,
that I will give you good ideas?
Come lets go
Hi, can you put some water on my leg?
How grandpa?
What do you mean?
OMG! If your voice itself is so bold,
Im just imagining grandpas voice.
Just give him, 500/-rupees,
he will open up.
Not 10/-, 500/- rupees.
Look at the smile on his face
See how he will reveal things now
Here, keep it
What kind of a person is grandpa?
Has she gone?
Sorry, grandpa
Please, bless me.
Renu, turn the water off.
Sihi, take the luggage and get in.
Sure, grandpa.
Boss, what are you doing?
Im tying my lace
Why are you bending like that,
when youre already on the floor?
I'm just seeing to help you tie the lace.
Thank you.
This idea didnt work,
but you don't worry
I have plenty of ideas handy
I will keep giving you one by one,
and you execute them.
Is this your ball?
Come here
My name is Aadi
Shes Nidhi
Whats your name?
Guess he got scared.
I was just kidding.
My name is Aadi
Whats your name?
Im Aadi, too.
What? Even your name is Aadi?
Hes our Renus son.
His name is
Did you name him?
Come inside
Its your uncles phone, keep it.
Keep playing, Ill be back.
Tell me
How was your first meeting with grandpa?
Super, extraordinary, unbelievable
You are a rogue
Hey, I'll tell you a joke, listen
Very important now, go ahead
Wife asked husband,
what will you do if I elope?
The husband replied,
I will give a full-page ad in the newspaper.
Wife asked,
Wow! what would be the ad?
Husband replied, Wife wanted
How was the joke, buddy?
you, your wife, your family,
and your bad jokes
Where did I find you?
Hang up the phone.
Hey, Renu
have you washed the bedsheets?
Are they clean?
And what about the pillows?
-Yes they are clean
Hey, Aadigive it to me.
This is your room for time being
Actually, this is my room.
I sleep in this room, whenever I come here.
Yes, its her room.
After marriage,
this room belongs to you both.
Can't you keep quiet?
You, naughty
Joo, Nidhi, Sihi.
How did this come here? Give it to me..
It's okay, let it be with me.
Its okay, let it be with me.
Fine, go wash up and come,
Ill serve food, okay?
Actually, this is
Shall I explain, what's this?
Hold it
Go back
Keep going
A little more
So, we must take this and
Aadi belongs to the one whom he goes and
sticks to, once he is been thrown
Am I right?
Fine, then lets see to whom,
Aadi belongs.
That would have fallen on Sihi, for sure.
Got it
If it has to hit Joo and Nidhi,
then we will have to call people from the Olympics.
Go get freshen up, and come.
Thank you.
Huh, you look so happy
You aimed at her,
and threw it intentionally, isnt it?
Is it?
Fine, then you too aim and try hitting once
Ill marry the one, this goes and hits.
To whom did it hit?
I knew
Whats he doing here?
Always, he sits and plays over there.
Is it?
Come out, lets have food.
Youre playing alone?
Are you not feeling bored?
Fine, then you play with Nidhi
Nidhi, go and play with him.
How come, he has come out?
If we say with love, children will listen.
Good evening grandpa
Good evening.
Good evening grandpa
Good evening.
Let, Sihi call him grandpa,
you dont call him that
Tell him, he looks so young,
that you don't feel like calling him, grandpa.
Grandpa will be impressed
You look so young,
I don't feel like calling you grandpa,
shall I call you, uncle?
Look, how he is feeling shy.
A relationship doesn't change with beauty.
You must give relationships
the place it deserves.
Sure, grandpa.
Not sure, why my ideas are not working.
This is what will happen,
if we ask ideas from a ghost.
Yeah, tell me
Will children of this generation,
listen to elders?
What should happen, will happen.
You don't scratch your head for this.
Who's call was that, grandpa?
Whats the matter?
My friend, child
They are very rich.
If he asks his son to buy a showroom car,
his son wants to buy a second-hand car.
Who will prefer a second-hand car,
when offered new one?
You, dumbo
That's for you.
You scolded me right?
Now get his scoldings.
So, basically, grandpa doesn't like you
because you are a second hand?
He has no clue that you are a fourth hand.
Aadi, ask grandpa
he looks so young
hey, nodon't say young,
but ask him
why can't he marry again?
Only a widower will know the emotions of
another widower
Sentiment will work out
Ask him
Don't want, keep quiet.
Will you ask him now, or not?
I said don't want
Ask him
Don't put your hands into bushes at this time,
what if snakes bite?
There are no snakes here
Oh, yeah you will know better about
your garden.
Did you come here to talk about the snake?
Ask him about granny
Talk to him about the marriage
It's been a year since granny died, right?
isn't it boring to be alone?
I'm used to it.
But, still, if theres
someone to look after you
Renu is there for that.
Maybe, but will it be like a wifes caring?
Why don't you get married again?
For the love I have for you,
I thought out of the box.
Forget it, what can you do,
even if you remarry?
Its not that, you can't do.
Also not that you have to do
I just asked, what's the point in
getting married at this age?
Good night,
Good night.
- Your ideas
- They are superb ideas.
So sad, my husband
stumbles to talk to men.
Going to bed or?
No, I was just doing some free exercise
The weather was good, so
Ill come.
So, will grandpa decide,
whether your marriage will happen or not?
Your life is in the hands of grandpa
He can only decide if he's alive, right?
Ill end grandpas chapter then
Hello, madamplease keep quiet.
Anyways, they can't
put a case on me?
not on you but the
case will come on me.
No issues,
solve it if happens so
-Ill kill him.
Hey, do you think I'll get scared,
if you put a case on me?
We are honest, hang up the call.
My friends call
Are you wondering without phone
how I spoke?
Thats called ear pod, its wireless.
Show me
Do you think its a toy?
Go to sleep.
Take him along
Hey, Nidhi
How dare he taunts you,
- I will not spare him.
-Hey, what are you doing? Keep quiet.
Give that to me
What are you doing?
I came to take the pillow
Its there in your room itself.
I wanted an extra pillow
Oh yeah,
its my habit to hug the pillow and sleep.
At this age?
Good night,
Today, grandpa escaped,
but I wont spare him tomorrow.
How dare is he to insult you?
Shouldnt he give some respect to your,
age at least?
We must show grandpa,
your status and level.
It must be grandpa
Give me a knife, I'll stab him.
Hey, Nidhi
Were you asleep?
Oh, is it Sihi?
Ask her to come here,
let all three of us chat, and sleep here only.
Do you want anything?
Can I have some water?
Sure, Ill get it.
Can't you sit quietly for two minutes?
Aadi, if you keep focusing on
impressing grandpa
When will you impress Sihi, then?
You must also focus on her, isn't it?
Why should we impress someone,
whos already impressed?
You always have the right points,
when you speak about women.
But if asked to talk to men,
you will shiver.
You might be feeling little
uncomfortable here, isnt it?
Grandpa was taunting you indirectly
Not indirectly, he was doing it directly,
he'll have it from me.
You don't feel bad
I'll apologize to you, on behalf of him.
Its ok.
So sweet.
She saved her grandpa.
Shall we go out tomorrow?
There's a nice place nearby.
Good night
Good night.
Tomorrow is your dating
Only, you both go
I wont come,
let there be some privacy.
I wont come.
Really, I won't come
Fine, dear
No, I will come.
Why are you laughing?
I wont come
Good morning.
Good morning.
Go take bath, lets go out.
Why is grandpas room pillow,
lying here?
Tell me, buddy
What's happening?
What do I tell you
I'm struck with grandpa on one side,
and Nidhi's mischiefs on the other side.
Is it? Pass the phone to Nidhi,
let me talk.
Are you taking your medicines on time?
Yes, I am
Fine, be careful
Fine, keep updating me about
things frequently, don't forget me.
Sure, I willbye.
-You have kept everything, right?
Why are you carrying him?
You can leave him down,
and work peacefully, right?
Hes throwing tantrums at me
If I leave him down, he'll start to cry.
Oh, is it?
Mom, leave me down
how does he listen to whatever you say?
Not sureguess, kids like me a lot.
Not just the kids,
even elders like youisn't it Sihi?
Renu, yours is love marriage?
How did you come to know?
Isn't it girls matter, he's fast in it.
Not just love marriage,
we eloped and came here.
Oh, guess,
grandpa is going somewhere
Aadi, its a great chance
Let's take grandpa with us in the car,
and show off
people value only those who show off,
they don't care about those
who are simple.
Is it?
Come, then let's go.
Looks like, you are going somewhere?
Shall I drop you?
No, thanks
New car
Mine is a new car.
25,00,000/- rupees
15,00,000/- rupees
down payment is already made
10, 00,000/- rupees, is on loan.
But that's not a big deal
I get 3,00,000/- rupees, salary.
And my house in my own
EMI of that house is too...
not too much, its very less.
Ask him how is the car.
Hows the car, grandpa?
Its good.
Even I bought a car recently.
Look, grandpa is completely
flattered for the show off.
he would have bought an old car
Talk to him
did you buy a second-hand car?
No, it's a new one. Range rover.
How much is it?
Its one crore.
He would have bought it on loan
He wont be able to pay the EMI,
and Bank will seize the car,
Ask him if you want
Grandpa, did the bank give you
loan for one crore?
No, I sold pepper,
and paid full cash.
Aadi, I think we are going in the
wrong direction
Let's leave grandpa
Let's concentrate on Sihi.
The other day when Sihi,
was about to tell you something,
you locked me in the toilet, right?
Ask her what's that?
You ask
What shall I ask?
Nothing, you seem to be bored with your phone,
so I said to ask me something.
You lied to me that, you came running
that day since you got the rank
I know the truth, shall I tell you?
You didn't forget it, yet?
Perfect timing,
thats why I like her very much.
Say okay
- Say okay
- Please, shall I say?
That day, when you said,
hey child go aside
Hey, childgo aside.
What happened?
I kissed her.
Oh my god!
That was my first kiss.
You were famously known as romance king,
in the entire layout.
So much, you used to hang around with Joo
That shouldn't have happened in my life,
but it happened.
No, its okay
No ya, it's not at all okay, no
I mean, its common in a particular age, right?
Youre right
It's common,
but it shouldn't have happened in my life.
Its a big crime
You are feeling for it so much today
but back then, you used to be hanging
around in all the lakes of our city.
Including the helipad
But, you and Joo make a great pair.
Oh... Cute?
Hey, child
You were like a child at that time, right?
So you couldn't judge properly.
But Joo and I were a boring pair.
You haven't seen Nidhi, right?
I have seen her photo.
You must have seen her directly
Her, eyes, color, height, smile
She used to even cook well
You are eating her head well
You are praising your wife and cheating on her
You are a big fraud.
She used to cook food well, and then?
Thats it.
Why dig up, old memories?
How long can we stay with old memories?
We must move on in life, isnt it?
This is my favorite spot
Its beautiful.
What Happened?
-Something fell into my eyes.
Help her with it
-Here, show me
-Help her with it
You've played so much
that you can teach the entire town.
Don't pretend as if you are innocent,
hold her face, and blow it.
Let it be romantic
Just a minute, Ill be back.
Every time I used to fall in love
with, someone
I used to think that is true love,
and start loving
And, every time it failed,
I used to go searching for a new one
Nidhi, might not be with me, but
Never, I felt that her love is dead or
has failed.
It's because true love
happens only once in a lifetime.
So, is this the present birth?
Or have you gone to the next birth?
the matter is a bit complicated.
It seemed to have clarity.
Your smile, for this I fell
Sihi please come for a moment.
Aditi, this is Sihi
- Sihi, this is Aditi,
my friend.
Not just a friend, a close friend.
Sihi, you've chosen the right guy,
your very lucky...
He is sure for you in this birth...
but I'm not sure about the next birth.
You'll have to ask God about it.
What say Aadi?
Please go and order something to eat
There's nothing available here
Water at least?
-Im feeling very thirsty, please ya
- please ya
If you were ready to remarry
I would have definitely waited for you...
Spending one whole day with me,
fighting for me..
Is it right that now you are ready to marry someone else?
I thought you have fought only for me
But, now I learned that you have fought for the girls,
of the entire town.
What were you doing with her,
all day long?
Was this before marriage or
after marriage?
Hey, Nidhi dont get confused
All this happened after you went.
Actually, she was trying for me
But, I was seeing her as a sister.
Is it? So sad
Such a beautiful girl fell for you
And you saw her as a sister, is it?
Like my brother.
Oh! if he's your brother,
then he's my brother-in-law.
Hi brother-in-law.
- Hi
-I've come with my...
-With his sister.
I've come with my sister.
we both have come on honeymoon.
Yes, we both have come on honeymoon.
I'm glad that I met you.
Let's catch up soon.
Covid times and you are a doctor
You've come on honeymoon, right?
Your, sister Sihi is waiting for you,
please come.
Tell me
Buddy, there's an extraordinary joke,
you must listen to it.
My life has turned into a big joke here,
and you want me to listen to
your joke is it?
I beg you,
please don't call me again
You filled life into me
You came into my life and made me alive
Ive changed today
You bought a smile on my face
You came again, and
bought victory in me
Its happiness hereafter
My heart and my dreams have
refreshed because of you
My heart and my dreams have
gone mad because of you
Oh, Nidhi, you gave me inspiration
Oh, Nidhi, you gave me love
Oh, Nidhi
You filled life into me
You came into my life and made me alive
Ive changed today
No matter what happens, I must get you
This is the pulse of two hearts
I came falling for your love
No matter what happens, I must live with you
The invisible magical bridge between us,
is bringing a unique bonding
A strange, yet beautiful,
feel has started to reside in us
Feel like answering you,
when you are closer
Oh, Nidhi, you gave me inspiration
Oh, Nidhi, you gave me love
Oh, Nidhi
You filled life into me
Ive changed today
They have grown this well, right?
This town is full of plants and trees,
what's so special about this?
These are close to my grandpa's heart.
These are grown by my wife.
In her earnings
Grandma used to go to Madikeri for work, is it?
Was it a bank job?
She was a housewife.
But, you said she grew them
out of her earnings?
I used to pay her every month,
for the work she did.
Who will pay money to do
our own household work?
How many hours a day do you work?
8 hours..
And per week?
5 days
Working 20 days a month,
earning in lakhs,
you independently buy
whatever you wish to
But, my wife, from the day she married me,
till the end
Without taking a single day's leave,
she constantly took care of me,
my kids and my house.
No matter how sick she was,
I haven't seen her taking rest.
She never said NO to anything.
For the one who did so much for us,
if in case she wants to buy anything
why should she ask me for money?
She was there with me for forty years.
It's been one year since she died.
Even today, I have a feeling that
she's gone to her native and will come back.
Aadi, do you remember
your wife frequently?
Tell him no
We remember the ones we have lost
But, not the one who is blended in our breath.
Her, anger, stubbornness,
love and her smile
only if I forget all that,
I should remember her.
When she was alive,
she used to be adamant about everything
I used to feel she is troubling me.
Its after she left me
that, it started to haunt me more.
If you ask me what is love
it will be difficult to explain
But according to me
Love means
my, Nidhi.
The moment I say her name,
there comes a smile on my face.
She was with me,
for just an year
she has left behind memories
which will last for seven lifetimes.
I get confused looking at my life
should I feel sad that,
that Nidhi is no more with me
or should I feel happy that,
she lived with me for an year.
Sihi, your phone is ringing.
You've forgotten to take your pillow
came here to give it.
Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
Superb, Renu
I can't see anyone at home?
Both have gone to the temple
They asked you to join them.
Oh, okay.
Hey, Aadi,
You were asleep
so, we thought not to disturb you,
and came off.
Its our family deity,
Bettada Bhairaveshwara
Its a 600-year-old temple.
I come here, whenever I feel
extremely happy or sad.
Im sorry Aadi.
Why are you saying sorry?
I usually judge people correctly.
But, I feel in your case I was wrong.
So I asked sorry.
Your choice is right.
Ill talk to your parents
regarding your marriage
I'm not interested in this marriage.
Sihi, your phone is ringing
Brother, Viju,
I can hear you, tell me.
Hello, Aadi how are you?
How is Nidhi?
I guess it's raining heavily in Madikeri
Network is too low.
Hey, leave it
Aadi, don't skip your tablets
for any reason
It's Doctor's advice, okay?
I guess, there's some network issue
look after Nidhi well,
okay bye.
Hang up the phone.
Do you want anything?
Can I have some water?
No, I was doing exercise.
Hes still living peacefully in
Nidhis memories.
I like him a lot...
that's true
But never can he become mine.
We must like few things,
from a faraway place.
I will continue liking him the same way.
Aadi, please.
I've taken this decision
after a great struggle
If you stay here anymore,
it will be very difficult for me.
Can you please leave?
Though you go away from me
my love,
I will protect you for a hundred lifetimes.
Though I don't need you
you will stay in my tiny heart
The love that poured in this stupid heart
is yours my friend
To live with you,
is not written in my fate
Oh fate, why did you become a
turning point to my life?
This is the turning point to the
journey of life
Paths are crossing this turning point
Not sure if its gods play
or a life lesson,
but just be a traveler
Lord, who are you,
who has written this life?
If you don't show concern
and if all your wishes put me into trouble,
how shall I live?
What are you doing?
What are YOU doing?
What did I do?
There's nothing left for you to do.
Im a closed chapter, in your life.
Don't keep clinging to it.
There's no meaning in doing that.
Was there any necessity to
talk about me yesterday?
Should I talk about my wife,
checking whether there's a necessity or not?
If I have to give
your place to someone else
then I must forget you completely.
Is it possible for me to forget you, Nidhi?
There's no meaning to your life
And you are not interested
in changing your life.
I think you don't need me anymore.
Are you threatening me
that youre going to leave me?
Fine, go!
I tried along with you.
But I couldn't.
I can't accept someone else,
forgetting you.
That place belongs to you forever.
If you still want to leave me and go
You can.
Buddy, you must listen to this joke
The wife left her husband's house and
went to her mom's place.
Husband calls her, and his
father-in-law picks the phone
and tells him that she will never ever come to him
and asks him not to call repeatedly.
Husband, replies
Uncle, I just love to hear that she is not coming back,
that's why I call repeatedly.
Hows the joke, buddy?
You married her, adamantly falling behind her,
troubling and requesting her.
Do you remember when was the
last time you said I love you to her?
You don't remember, isnt it?
Before marriage, you were waiting to hear
her say I love you, just once.
Dont you feel like saying
I love you to her now?
Oh, anyways she's married to you now,
so youve taken her for granted,
thinking shes your property.
Those who are with us today,
wont be there tomorrow.
My life is the best example of that.
She's there with you today.
Give some value to it.
You fell in love and married her.
Don't forget that.
I cant live without seeing you
I wont be alive without seeing you
I wont depart from you
My life
I wont forget you if you disappear
I wont smile when I remember you
Why you are angry with me,
forgive me and come back
My heart and soul is full of you
How shall I live without you?
Im in your allusion
My heart has become empty
Please come soondont delay
Im searching for you
Oh, my life
Tell me.
I love you.
I love you too.
Whom to share my feelings with?
You be the consolation to my heart
The love that my heart has entwined,
is yours
I wished you to be with me forever.
Tell me where are you, Nidhi
I will come and join you
Im scaredwithout you
Im searching without a goal
Im wanderingoh, my life
Im wanderingoh, my life
Im wanderingoh, my life
Hey, Sushma
Im wanderingoh, my life
Im wanderingoh, my life
Oh, my life
Whats this?
Oh, my life
Oh, my life
Call him, Ill get ready and come.
Oh, my life
Oh, my life
That's when the phone went off
it is still not turned on.
Fine, give me Aadis number.
Get his number traced
Sure, sir.
We could have done something,
if he had gone searching someone alive
But he has gone searching
someone who is dead.
What shall I do?
-No idea where is he, what is he doing now.
Renuwhere are you going?
I have to take him to hospital,
so Im waiting for the bus.
Renu, why are YOU going?
You could have sent him
with your husband, right?
Why are you asking like this?
Its been five years since
my husband died.
He died in an accident when I was pregnant.
Sir, we both fell in love,
eloped from Nepal,
came here and got married.
He used to take good care of me.
he went leaving me so soon.
When I see you,
it doesn't look like
so much has happened in your life.
Even I wanted to end my life
after he left me
But, only after he was born,
I felt there was some meaning to my life.
I wished to lead the best life,
just for his sake.
That's why I will always be happy.
From who do you speak, what?
From who do you show, what?
All your game, is a life lesson,
be a traveler
From whom did you send the boon?
From whom have you been gracious?
Not sure if its gods play
or a life lesson,
but just be a traveler
Understand the desires of this life
Understand the limits of this life
Not sure if its gods play
or a life lesson,
but just be a traveler
Theres no meaning to your life
Also, you don't wish to
make your life better.
I wished to lead the best life,
just for his sake.
That's why I will always be happy.
Where's the chocolate?
Was I supposed to get it?
Whoever comes here,
gets chocolates.
You will spoil your teeth
if you eat chocolates
So, don't want chocolates.
I want chocolates.
Didnt I tell you dont want?
Didnt I tell you I want?
Didnt I tell you dont want?
Didnt I tell you I want?
Will you come with me,
to my house?
Will you get me chocolates?
Sure, I will
Will you get me every day?
Do you want me to get you every day?
Fine, I will get you.
Uncle, where are you taking me?
Dont call me uncle
Call me daddy.
Whats your name?
Shall I call you Nidhi?
Sir, its a call from Aadi
Put it on speaker.
Hey, where are you?
You were saying
some joke that time, right?
Sorry I scolded you
please continue.
Hey, is it important now?
Where are you?
Hey, continue the joke buddy.
Hey, why do you want that?
- Where are you now?
- Tell me
Tell him the joke that hes asking
Sir, dont want sir.
Hey, tell him the joke.
Please sirdont want.
Hey, tell him the joke that he is asking.
Sir, dont want
Youtell him the joke.
Tell him the joke
- I will tell, sir
- Tell him.
The wife left her husbands house and
went to her moms place.
Husband calls her,
and his father-in-law picks the phone
and tells him that she will never ever come to him
and asks him not to call repeatedly.
Husband, replies
Husband, replies
Uncle, I just love to hear that she is not coming back,
that's why I call repeatedly.
Its a fantastic joke.
Did you write,
keeping Sushma in mind?
Did I just spoil their marriage?
I can hear you, tell me.
I found Nidhi.
Sir, he found Nidhi
Madam, he found Nidhi
- Sushma, he has found Nidhi.-
Isnt the speaker on?
Even we are hearing it
Tell me
Tell me where are you,
I'll get Nidhi there.
Sir, shall I ask him to get Nidhi here?
Let him bring her here brother,
even we would get a chance to meet her.
Cut the call
Sure, sir.
Did you find Aadi?
Did you find Nidhi?
Nidhi went missing in Madikeri.
Why have you come to lodge a complaint in
Sadashivnagar police station?
Hereafter, if Nidhi goes missing,
and Aadi goes searching her
You must go to Madikeri and
lodge the complaint.
If you come to my station again,
I will thrash you.
- sorry sir
- Ok sorry sir
- Get out.
- Get out.
- Sir...
- Get out.
- Get out.
Sir that was commendable.
Hey, get lost.
Who needs your compliments?
Shes here to spoil my day.
Guess I have woken up on the
wrong side today.
Taste the sweetness of this life
Forget the bitterness of this life
Whats with this heart?
This enthusiastic heart
Just be a traveler
The inner voice of this heart is speaking
Its giving a newness to this life.
Without questioning, or answering
just be a traveler
Overcoming all the barriers of this life
Adding hope to this life
Not sure if its gods play
or a life lesson,
but just be a traveler
The inner voice of this heart is singing
Its giving hope to this life.
Its a joy that cant be expressed
Its friendly