Love Mouli (2024) Movie Script

A memory left behind by discarded love.
His parents started drifting apart
while he was still in the womb.
As soon as Mouli was born,
his father left, refusing to spend
his life and money on someone else.
Citing that she too holds that right,
his mother left him too.
Living somewhere in a hill station,
his grandfather took him in.
By the time Mouli turned 14,
even before he was
introduced to the world,
even the elderly man left him.
Since then, loneliness has been
Mouli's only companion.
With no one to share his thoughts,
he drew them as pictures.
His thoughts grew with age.
His growing thoughts
turned into paintings.
That's how he became an artist.
Mouli grew up distanced from society.
He had no one to guide him
on how to follow society's norms,
how to respect women,
or to live with a smile.
He lived by doing whatever he felt like.
Now his life is fine.
But, there's an emptiness.
He doesn't know what love is.
But he wants to find out.
Having lived his whole life
in the dark room of "I",
will Mouli find love?
If he does, will it last?
Will Mouli ever understand what love is?
Let's see.
Let's go
I got my beer
Something to see
I let the ray
You won't break my day
Deep down the dawn of my feelings
Seeking the sense of the seasons
I'll have the breath of my reasons
I am out!
And I'm mad!
I will be me
I will be me
I will be me
I will love
Beer, out of me
[phone rings]
Happy birthday to you!
Happy, happy birthday to dear Mouli!
Happy birthday to you.
Are you there?
What's that? You must thank someone
who wishes you on your birthday.
What for?
It's been coming for 30 years.
No matter how many times they come,
birthdays are not boring.
They are, for me.
Do you even know
why birthdays are celebrated?
Please don't start again!
I like birthdays. Don't spoil them.
Anyway, I need a favor.
Even if you don't celebrate
your birthday on February 14th,
others still celebrate Valentine's Day.
-Do I give a rose to all of them?
-Not to everyone.
Give it to one man.
One man?
I'm not gay, dude.
Neither is he.
He's your fan. He bought
one of your paintings at the auction.
He wants to gift it to his girlfriend
this Valentine's Day.
He thinks she'd be happy
if you personally gave it to her.
-Tell him my hands are full.
-Mouli, listen.
These guys are big names in the business.
They are important to me.
I'd have dealt with it had I been there.
Do it just this once.
-Don't you know where I'm headed today?
-I know.
He happens to stay on your way.
It'll hardly take ten minutes, Mouli.
I'll send the location.
Make sure you go.
Not for them or me.
Go for your painting. Ten minutes only.
-Fine. Ask them to wrap it up quickly.
I'll tell them.
Please drive carefully.
-Don't turn your birthday into death day.
-I'll try.
Don't give me excuses. I won't have them.
-I'll give you three more days.
Close the tender. Okay?
-Artist Mouli is here.
-Get him here.
-Okay, sir.
-Please come, sir.
-Mr. Mouli! How are you?
-I'm not sure.
My fiance is a big fan of your art.
Shelikes these things.
So, I bought your painting
to give her something on Valentine's Day.
But the bid for this painting
kept rising at the auction.
I guess you're famous.
-Can we finish this quickly?
I need to be somewhere. -Yeah.
Your manager Harika told me.
-Don't worry. I won't waste my time, too.
-Sir, coffee.
So, why do you paint?
That's how I talk.
What else do you do apart from that?
Whatever I feel like.
I think she's here.
Excuse me.
Hey, love!
Welcome home.
Happy Valentine's Day, love.
Thank you.
They're beautiful.
But not as much as you.
I have a big surprise for you.
Is it?
-Come, let me show you.
Okay? Careful.
-Few more steps.
Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart.
Look who's here.
Your favorite artist, Mr. Mouli.
Well, I bought you something.
It's an excellent painting
by the artist himself.
It was costly.
But I guess it's a masterpiece.
-Do you know what it means?
Do you know the meaning of that painting?
A boy and a girl are kissing in the sky.
My question wasn't what you see!
I'm asking what you feel!
Amidst people as fleeting as clouds,
yearning for a love as vast as the sky,
the sun's solitary struggles burn on
as the colors of the sky.
That's what it means.
It's not a thing. It has a meaning.
Those canvas colors aren't
for matching your curtains on the wall.
It's my heart.
You don't deserve this.
And you don't deserve me.
Mr. Mouli!
What the hell are you doing?
-Vinod. No.
Has he lost it?
At cruising speeds
Not seeing the distances
I keep going further and further
On the path I cross
Without heeding to obstacles
I leap ahead
Ignoring all directions
My shadows are mine alone
No other shadow can accompany me
My colors are mine alone
No other color crosses my eye
As the breath to the wind
As the support to the earth
As the way to the water
As space to the sky
As the light to the lamp
As unstoppable time
I continue alone
Paired with myself
As the shore to the road
As a boundary to the land
Depth to the valley
Meeting challenges head-on
To the question I am
As the brush that answers
I shine as myself
In my own world
My shadows are mine alone
No other shadow can accompany me
My colors are mine alone
No other color crosses my eyes
Who are you?
What's all this?
-Ghost, ghost.
What do you mean?
Forms of ego
that capture and torment people.
Are you suggesting you are a ghost?
I'm a ghost to the ghosts.
I'm Adharva.
Nice name, bro.
I like you guys.
You are engulfed in yourself.
In fact, since childhood,
even I wanted to become like you.
When my grandfather asked
what I'd become once grown up,
I told him I'd become a Agora.
Ever since, he would bring me here
for every birthday,
and show me the moon
and the stars in the sky.
He used to tell me that there's light
apart from the darkness in this universe,
and that we need to
fill that light within our hearts.
But, you know what?
It is still dark.
People fear darkness.
Because they don't understand what it is.
Darkness darkness!
In the house called darkness,
light always plays hide and seek.
Every ray's birth, journey,
and death all happen
in this darkness.
Light is just an event!
is the constant.
We are all born
in the infinite womb of darkness,
and we should not fear her!
We must embrace her.
-Love her.
Love, ishq, kadhal, mohabbat.
It's the same crap
everywhere in the world.
In books, songs, and movies.
Did it reach you guys, too?
Have you ever fallen in love?
Answer me honestly.
What exactly is this love?
Is it really there?
I think it's not even real.
I tried. And not just
with one or two people.
A lot of them.
It felt hollow.
Anyways, bro?
They love us for our profession
and marry us for our earnings.
Where's the love in this? Huh?
Maybe there's no such thing
as love in this world.
Or maybe it is something
that's just made up to satisfy our needs.
Do you have any wish?
I don't need anything, bro.
I have everything I need.
Given a chance,
just because you are asking,
if this love really exists,
I want to see it just once.
I also want to know
why it isn't working out for me.
I want to know how true love feels like.
The truth, bro.
I want to know, bro.
The truth.
I need to know.
Foolish human,
born of dreams,
destroyed by desire,
punished by karma,
may the ego dissolute.
Bound by desires,
may the impossible become possible!
Shut up, dude.
May the impossible become possible.
-Do you have any sense at all?
If I did, why would I make you my manager?
-What did you do again?
-You must have heard already.
Yes, I did. But why did you do it?
Those jokers deserve it.
Yeah! But I don't deserve this.
No artist in the world would
burn down his own creation like that.
Only you can do that.
And please stop calling yourself
an artist.
That was my painting.
I'll burn it or tear it.
What the heck are you worried about?
Of course, I'm worried.
Every time you create an issue and leave,
I'm the one standing here handling
the freaking mess!
It's been seven years.
Same thing.
You know what?
-I can't do this anymore.
-Then don't!
-You create the mess and get mad at me?
-You have no idea what happened there.
-I'd know only if you tell me, right?
-Swetha was there.
So what now?
Out of spite for the girl who left you
to marry someone else,
you burned the painting!
Why does it matter to me
whom she marries?
Yeah, right.
You don't have such feelings, right?
A relationship is something
shared between two people.
But in a relationship with you,
only you exist.
-You don't care about how others feel.
-That's not true.
Even though I wasn't interested,
I went to movies, dinners, and parties.
I listened to her over the phone
for hours. What do you call that?
-Why did she leave you, then?
-She's not my type.
Do you even have a type?
Tell me what kind of a girl you like.
I, too, will find out.
Come on, say it.
Don't you remember?
-Or don't you know--
-Why won't I know the type of girl I seek?
Tell me if you do.
A face like the moon,
eyes like blackberries,
cherry lips,
a smile like a baby,
and most importantly,
a heart that understands my thoughts.
That's the kind of girl I desire.
What the heck is so funny to you?
These are not desires but fantasies.
This is the problem with you.
You live in your dreams.
You are unaware of the reality.
You don't even know
what kind of girl you desire.
After all these years
and so many relationships,
if no girl understands you,
don't you realize where the problem lies?
Stop burning yourself down
and get some clarity on life
and the kind of girl you desire.
If you communicate with only paintings
and not humans,
you'd lose it altogether someday.
Don't spread your madness to me, okay?
Mindless fellow!
What do you want, Mouli?
What do you want?
Not just me, no girl in this world
could live with you.
Eyes like blackberries.
Beautiful nose.
Cherry lips, a smile like a baby,
and a face like the moon.
A beautiful body
like a heap of rose petals.
She's a free spirit.
Like a waterfall.
She'd do only what she likes,
and she'd never do what she doesn't.
Just like me.
Her words are sweet.
There'd be none who don't like her.
She's a music lover
and a great cook.
There's nothing more important to her
than my smile.
A girl who loves me,
understands me and lives with me.
I want a girl just like this one.
There's none like you in real life, Chitra.
What do you want me to do?
Whoever I meet,
they ask me for this and that,
tell me to be like this, do this,
and expect me
to take care of them like a queen.
They always care about what they want,
none understood what I wanted, Chitra.
Bloody, needy pests!
That's why I need you.
I need only you.
Yeah, I want you.
Just you.
Where are you, Chitra?
Come to me.
Let me touch you.
I want to kiss you
looking into your eyes.
Come to me.
Hey, Harika!
How many times do I tell you
not to enter my painting room?
Hey, Harika!
Get out!
Hey, you!
What's wrong, Mouli?
Mouli, what's wrong?
What's going on?
What is it?
What's happening?
Come here.
Harika Harika.
Pick up!
Who's this?
-It's me, Harika.
-Yes, I'm Harika. Who are you?
Hey! It's me!
You! Did you really call me?
-A am I dreaming?
-No. I think I'm dreaming.
What's wrong?
I feel like my paintings
are speaking to me.
I think I'm hallucinating.
I'm losing my mind.
Are you drunk?
Or take any drugs?
No, it's not the alcohol.
You know I don't do drugs.
I know.
So you have lost it for real.
I warned you this would happen
with your loneliness and paintings.
This is what happens.
You should go out and spend some time
with real people in the real world.
Interact with humans too, Mouli.
Right, you are right.
Come fast. Let's talk.
This is the problem with you.
The world wouldn't be ready when you are.
You should be ready when the world is.
Hey! Write all this on Facebook.
Start immediately.
I can't.
Not right now.
There's this guy pestering me
for a meeting with you.
I havent confirmed it. If you agree,
I'll set up the meeting.
You'll understand how difficult my job is.
-Fine. Where do I meet him?
-Meet him at the coffee shop in one hour.
What is it, babe?
Why are you like that?
Are you sick?
Say something.
Hey, where are you going, Mouli?
Hey! Stop!
Heading out?
I'm bored.
I'm coming with you.
Mouli! Let me get out.
I can't open the door.
Yes. I'm right here.
Did you tell him the correct address?
Maybe he forgot--
No, he didn't. He's here.
Please come, sir.
Hi, sir.
-I'm Vittala.
Not "Wha", sir.
"V" Vittala.
Somehow, even my friends use
"Wha" instead of "V".
I'm glad to meet you, sir.
I'm still unable to believe
we are actually having this meeting.
Me too.
Shall we sign a painting contract?
-What contract?
-Didn't Harika tell you?
It's a big deal, right?
She probably thought
it'd be best if I personally told you.
Are you expecting someone, sir?
-Whoever's here should leave.
-I didn't get you, sir.
Nothing. Continue.
The thing is,
for the best artists
in the world to exhibit their paintings,
every year,
an art gallery is organized.
It's called the World Art Exhibit.
You must have already known this.
What you don't know is,
that World Art Exhibit
is being held in India.
In such a prestigious world exhibit,
the centerpiece of attraction
should be by an Indian artist
is what my boss desires.
So, if you agree,
shall we sign the painting contract?
-Why my painting?
-Because you are the best, sir.
Who could do it better than you in India?
Coffee, sir.
Cheers, sir.
Is he going to do the painting here?
Anything else?
You just need to agree.
Let's see.
I'm outside and spoke to people.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
What's wrong, Mouli?
Why are you behaving like this?
Did I do something?
Why are you behaving
as if I'm not even beside you?
Tell me what's wrong.
I'm speaking to you.
-Say something!
Leave me alone.
Get the heck out of my head.
Do you want me to get out? Fine!
[speaking Khasi]
What is it?
Are you mad at me?
Why aren't you speaking to me? Huh?
What's wrong with you?
Won't you speak to me?
Say something.
I myself
I myself
Pinch myself
At this moment
I got to believe this
I got to believe this
There isn't another
Choice for me
Did the sky hide you?
Did the earth cover you?
Where have you been all this time?
While I kept looking for you?
Were you hiding within me?
Laughing all along?
In every place, I kept waiting for you
What's this?
It's a guitar.
Are you learning guitar for me?
What? No.
It's for you.
It's a gift.
I found a music class nearby on Google.
I also enrolled you online.
-Today is your first class. Go for it.
On the horizon of dreams
O swaying boat
Have you
Blessed this desert?
True, it's true
Darling, your breath
True, it's true
Beloved, your touch
This voice is true
The tone is truth
So true, your language
Taking the form of truth
I saw you appearing there
You should take me
wherever this dart hits the map.
Wei Saw Dong.
-What's there?
-Let's find out.
Your paintings aren't going anywhere.
Just watching.
You see them daily.
Some paintings get better
the more you look at them.
Let's see.
This one is different from the others.
This is something deep.
That's you, isn't it?
You don't express the emotions within.
There are a lot of feelings.
But you can't express them.
Even though there's a big storm inside,
you look calm on the outside.
Is that correct?
Spot on!
I know.
I'll make some dinner for us.
Most importantly,
a heart that understands my thoughts.
That's the kind of girl I desire.
I cooked different dishes for you.
Why don't you tell me how it is?
-It's great.
It's the best dish I've ever had.
-Didn't you say the same thing yesterday?
-About what?
Last night in the bedroom, you said
I'm the best dish you've ever had.
Was that a lie?
You are shameless.
Why should I be shy? Huh? Tell me.
Are you going to say the same today?
[Titanic movie playing]
Poor Jack.
-I feel so bad about him.
-To hell with him!
-He deserves to die.
There's space for two on that plank.
He would have lived
if he had climbed over.
Mindless fellow!
You are so heartless!
Are there any feelings in your heart?
Do you want to see what's in my heart?
-Will you show me?
It's so cold.
Where are you taking me, Mouli?
I'm scared in this darkness.
Where are we?
You wanted to see my heart, right?
This is my heart.
My heart is a cave
where no light ever shines.
You entered my heart like a light,
where only darkness existed.
There's no one else in here, Chitra.
Can a plant a kiss in your heart?
Stop it.
Do you know something?
Monkeys also tickle each other.
I turn into a monkey
if I listen to Rahul's song.
He's the best guitarist in India.
Can he paint like me?
Do you know
I'm one of the top artists in India?
Being such a great artist,
why haven't you ever painted me?
Your painting
can be done.
Did you think
it's as easy as playing a guitar?
There's a particular mood for that.
I'm going to get ready.
-Get your canvas ready.
It's not possible now, Chitra.
I need a separate inspiration and mood.
I'll set the mood.
You handle the canvas.
Chitra, I'm telling you
I need an inspiration.
Will this inspiration be enough?
Are you just going to stare
or will you tell me what to do?
One second.
Are you inspired yet?
A little to your right.
Put your left leg on the stool.
Wrap your right hand around the left--
Ye yeah.
Touch your knee with your chin.
Remove that bra.
You heard me. Remove it.
Uh Okay.
Let's do the same pose.
Yeah. Wait.
Something's missing.
What's wrong?
One second. Don't move.
How will you paint in the dark?
Warm light reveals the true beauty.
I love you!
Do you hear me?
Hold the pose.
It's done.
Is that me?
You through my eyes.
I love you.
How are you still not tired?
It was just three times.
One more time,
and we can break our own record.
Come on, baby. Let's do it.
It's not the records,
but the body parts that will break.
I need some food and water.
But we need
to break the record pretty soon.
Promise me, and I'll leave you.
Oh God!
You don't trust me, right?
No one's coming to save you.
-Tell me.
-Alright, fine.
We will do it one day.
Feed me first, please.
That's like my man.
I'll cook your favorite dish.
What is it early in the morning?
I'm here for you.
You seem to have developed
strange habits these days.
Speaking to people.
Making calls.
And cleaning up like this.
-What's happened to you?
-Nothing, come.
Harika is here, Chitra.
It must be the maid.
I'm Chitra.
-Hi. Harika.
-I know.
Mouli tells me a lot about you.
They must all be explicit.
Nothing like that. Coffee?
A posh maid!
-I've never seen your house so neat.
-Neither have I. She showed me.
A lot's happening without my knowledge.
What's happening, sir?
Who's this girl?
That day, we had a fight, right?
That night, I was angry and drunk
and drew that girl's painting.
-She came out of that painting by morning.
You don't have to tell me
if you don't want to.
And I shouldn't even have asked you.
Actually, I'm here
on an important business.
What's it?
The World Art Exhibit
is right around the corner.
They proposed to have your painting
for their building lobby.
It's going to be a big contract.
They're willing to pay
two crore rupees for your piece.
Don't talk about money.
I don't have anything
in my mind right now.
I'll let you know if something pops up.
Before that
There's an important thing
which you need to know.
I enquired about
who is constructing such a huge art hall
at a time when
art is being forgotten in India.
I was surprised!
-They are someone you know.
-I do?
-Your ex-girlfriend, Swetha.
-Before you say yes or no--
Mouli, listen.
It's a great opportunity.
-Instead of hovering around the past--
-I said, NO!
Leaving already?
Yeah. Just finished talking.
I thought we'd catch up.
Actually, my boyfriend Anand
and I are going out.
Just a weekend getaway.
If you are interested,
you guys can actually join.
-It's like a double date.
-A double date?
Sounds fun!
It can be fun. If he comes.
And if you can actually bring him.
-Sure. Bye.
-All okay, baby?
Just some business talk.
Harika asked if we all could go
on a double date.
-What did you say?
-I said okay.
-Why did you say that?
-What's wrong with that?
You should meet, make friends, hang out,
and do such things.
I hate people.
They don't make any sense.
Trust me, babe.
It's going to be good.
-What if I don't like it?
-We'll make some excuse and leave.
What will you tell them?
We'll tell them
you suddenly got your period.
What's here?
He said it's a surprise, right?
Let's go.
It's all cool, bro.
-Hey, lift me!
Don't touch anything here.
-Where are we headed? Is this safe?
Into the wild!
Where's he taking us?
Hey, do you know what the Jungle Book is?
-A cinema.
-No, it's my biopic.
Yeah, right!
Just big talk!
Be careful!
-Hey! Anand.
-I'm used to this with him.
Is he fine?
His battery is down.
He's got a small one.
-Leave me.
-Hey, Mowgli. Let's go.
You plan to kill and eat us, right, bro?
There's no doubt about it.
-Keep moving!
-I can't.
I feel like I'm dying.
-I'm dead!
-Hey, stop.
[speaking local language]
Who on earth is he, bro?
[speaking in local language]
Who is he, bro?
What did he say?
-He said Chitra is beautiful. Nothing about us.
Do these forest dwellers
comprehend beauty?
They are the only ones
who really understand beauty.
Hey, darling!
Look at this.
-Boys! Come join us.
-No, Chitra. I can't swim.
I'm just going to sit here
and splash my legs.
-Mouli, come.
-I like to look at paintings.
Not to dive in and spoil it.
You are right, bro. Well said.
It would be great if we could live here.
Let's do this. I'll marry that tribal guy.
And you can pick up his arrows.
Don't mind me asking.
How are you tolerating Mouli?
It's a little difficult.
Not just a little. A lot!
I've never seen him like this.
All I can say is,
the whole credit is yours.
Nothing like that.
He's a nice guy.
It's just that
sometimes he behaves like a psycho.
I know!
I've known him for many years.
But he refuses these huge deals
because of his stupid, silly reasons.
-What deals?
He rejected a huge project just yesterday.
-You should take this forward.
-Are you sure?
I'll convince him.
I've heard of Shah Jahan
building the Taj Mahal for love,
but this is the first time
I'm seeing a lover
build a leaf palace
in the forest for a girl.
This has to go viral on Instagram.
Let's take a selfie.
We planned to take him out on a date,
but he took us into the forest instead.
Yeah, right.
-But this is actually nice.
-[both] Yeah.
What he said is correct.
Only the forest dwellers know true beauty.
Truth or dare means
you only get to say the truth. Okay?
I'll pick one first.
Get lost!
Let me do it.
I bet on your half-shaved head
that you'll pick my name.
-Ah! Brahmadandam!
-Yeah! I called it.
Here's a question for you.
What's your favorite position?
My favorite position
-Why are you thinking so much?
-Just wait, baby.
There are a lot of them.
Yeah! My favorite position is
-Why are you laughing?
Since I joined my office, I'm determined
to become the floor manager. I'll do it!
-Not your position in your office.
Do you now understand
how interesting my sex life is?
-Why are you guys laughing? Floor manag--
-Stop it!
You've embarrassed me enough.
Let's pick another name.
Alright, go ahead.
My favorite position is assistant manager.
Why are you two laughing again?
No. I have a different question for you.
If you had to pick only one person
to stay with on an island for a week,
who's it going to be?
I can't even stay alone in a room.
With him?
-That's my value!
I'd be bored on the island for a week.
If Anand is there,
he'd engage me with his banter.
Time would just fly!
Why wait, then? I'll apply
for leave next week. Let's go to Andaman.
-Let's go.
-Hey, hotshot, enough with fantasies.
-Is he this funny every day?
That's his only talent.
He makes me laugh all the time.
Excuse me!
I've got a lot more talents. Please.
Like what?
For example
Hey bro, you're an expert in art,
and I'm an expert in kissing.
Laughing again?!
Feeling shy?
Here's a challenge for you, bro.
Are you ready?
It's hard to hold the breath
during a lip-lock, right?
So, let's see who can kiss the longest.
Just a minute.
Let me set the stopwatch.
Okay, ready.
Three two one
Go for it!
Oh my!
What's this?!
Screw you!
This is cheating!
Hey bro!
Just a minute.
Like a child, you insisted
on not coming along.
We would've missed out on a lot of fun.
It wasn't fun for me.
I found it frustrating.
Nothing like that.
They're such a nice couple.
And Anand Oh my God!
He made me laugh the entire time!
The very thought of him makes me laugh.
Of course! He's a clown!
All these artists are a bunch of idiots!
They have no idea what
they're up to at any time.
Forget about it!
Will your guy finish the painting on time?
Can you please check and confirm for me?
-This fool needs the mood, it seems!
-Mouli accepted your deal.
-He's doing it!
-Can I trust him?
The deal is on once you sign it.
He shouldn't say he's out of paint
at the last minute,
or the brush end has come out.
I can't accept such silly reasons.
That's my job. I'll take care of it.
Forget about paint drying.
He should give it on time!
He shouldn't hear Swetha's name.
I need to discuss
something important with you.
It's about one of your ex-girlfriends.
I'm out of cigarettes.
Let's go to the market.
-Let's go!
-[speaking Khasi] Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-How much is this for?
-[speaking Khasi]
Hold it, Mouli.
-Chitra, kiss me.
It's about to fall. Hold it.
Vinod, let's go.
[speaking Khasi]
Mouli, let's go home.
-What's wrong with you?
-Don't talk.
-What happened?
-I said don't talk!
I felt like kissing you. I kissed you.
What's the issue with it?
No You didn't want to kiss me.
I can feel it when you want to kiss me.
You used me to prove something to someone.
You didn't even think of me
at that moment.
You do as you please.
Do you know how people
looked at me on the streets?
-You didn't even care about my feelings.
Why do you care about such people?
Don't create unnecessary drama.
I'm hungry. Prepare some food.
I don't feel like cooking.
If you want food, cook it yourself.
I'm off to my guitar class.
You're completely wet. Move!
You don't mind sleeping next to me
all sweaty at night.
What happened now?
There are moments
when I dislike certain things.
What do you like?
The only thing I liked was
when you enrolled me for guitar class.
At least it's helping me relax.
Hi, Rahul!
-I was just thinking about you.
-Is it?
-Your song was so nice!
I can't stop humming it!
-You sang beautifully.
Hey! You forgot your wallet in class.
Oh! Is it?
I didn't notice it.
I'll take it when I
come to the class tomorrow.
Okay. See you, Chitra.
-Hey, Rahul.
Could you sing that song
for me one more time?
I'll sing it when you're in front of me!
-Please, Rahul. Just once.
-Okay, okay.
I'm the path
You're the shore
I'm the string
You're the necklace
Rahul, you have such a beautiful voice.
I want to keep listening to you.
You're so sweet. See you tomorrow!
-Bye, Chitra.
-Bye, Rahul. Thanks.
Such a beautiful voice.
-Rahul sings so beautifully--
What's wrong with you?
How many times will you keep saying
he sings well?
Don't shout, Mouli.
Please don't shout at me.
You're not in the mood to talk to me.
-You talk to him--
-Mouli, stop it.
I attended Rahul's class
because you insisted..
I sent you there to learn the guitar.
Not sing duets with strangers
on the phone.
-Shouldn't I talk to others?
-No. You shouldn't.
You shouldn't talk to anyone
or talk about anyone.
That is the rule.
What's this rule?
Is this a school
for me to follow your orders?
You're doing what you like.
I'll do what I like.
I'll meet people I like and talk to them.
I'll do it my way.
I'll do it my way.
What the hell are you talking about?
Mouli, you're bleeding.
She'll do as she pleases.
She'll never do things she dislikes.
Just like me.
-Where have you been so early?
You could've told me.
You were sleeping. How could I tell you?
What now? Is this also a rule?
-Shouldn't I go for a walk?
-That's not what--
Be careful.
What happened to you?
Why are you behaving like this?
Please don't leave me, Chitra.
Please don't leave me alone.
Are you mad?
Where would I go without you?
Don't be so insecure.
I dislike it when you're like this.
Are you guys so jobless?
You're romancing in the morning.
What happened to your leg?
Why that bandage?
I got something stuck
in my foot while trekking.
Do you want to have some coffee?
I want to drink your coffee.
But I don't have time.
Are you going somewhere?
I was on my way to the office.
Since it's on the way,
I came to give the file.
And you know what?
They signed the contract. Congratulations.
Take this.
I haven't spoken to him about it.
What the heck?
I didn't have time to discuss it.
What is this?
It's a contract for
the World Art Exhibition.
Like I said it's a prestigious project.
-It would be good if you--
-Didn't I say no?
N.O. NO.
-What part of it didn't you understand?
It's not her fault.
I I asked her to forward this project.
Who told you to make decisions for me?
Who permitted you to say yes on my behalf?
Hey! She's trying for your good.
-She loves you, man.
-Love, my foot.
You'll never learn to value good things.
Is this good?
You call this good?
I know what's good for me.
You don't have to tell me.
I'm not talking about the project.
You won't get it.
I'm leaving.
Sorry, Chitra.
Harika, wait.
Get out. Never come back.
To hell with you!
Are you even human?
She tried to help you.
It's not right to hurt her.
-You have to--
-I know what to do.
You don't have to tell me.
You're wrong. You don't know.
Sometimes, you should listen.
You know what was wrong?
I thought you were unlike other girls.
That That was wrong.
You're just like anyone else.
You're nothing special.
Who knows?
What is it?
Who knows?
What is it?
What should I do?
What should I become?
Why would every breeze
Wound every blooming branch?
Why would every stone
Hurt every fruiting branch?
Like you
Contracts have been signed
with nearly all the countries, ma'am.
What are the countries' positions?
The first floor is allotted to France,
Germany and Spain.
The second floor is allotted to
London and America.
What about the ground floor?
The main entrance?
The thing is Mouli hasn't responded
to the contract yet.
I'll follow up, ma'am.
I've seen you before.
You saw me at the market.
-I'm Chitra. Mouli's girlfriend.
-I'll speak with you later.
-Alright, ma'am.
-Come, sit.
-Thank you.
So, what brings you here?
I wanted to talk to you about Mouli.
I know that you don't want
to talk about him.
Due to your past differences,
he's not participating in the
World Art Exhibit you are organizing.
It's okay. I expected it.
I'll look for other artists.
It's not just about the exhibit.
Your relationship with him
is affecting his ego.
I think it's better if you guys meet,
have a conversation and move on.
To move on, there should've been
a relationship to begin with.
He's always in
a relationship with himself.
I tried. I tried my best.
It didn't work out. I don't hate him.
Irrespective of his actions,
I respect the artist in him.
That's why.
I requested them to feature his painting
as the centerpiece of the art exhibit.
I'm ready to have a conversation.
But he's never ready.
He'll never be.
You should know this by now.
Hey, love.
-Here's your coffee.
-Thank you.
This is Chitra. Mouli's girlfriend.
Yeah. I remember.
I saw her on the road with him.
How can you live with him?
He's not human.
He came to my house.
He burnt the painting I bought
right in front of my eyes.
If Swetha hadn't stopped me that day,
he would been in jail now.
-Bloody scoundrel.
What happened that day was a mistake.
That's why I'm here to apologize to you.
Why should you apologize?
He should say it.
-That idiot--
Excuse me.
-I made a painting for you.
-Come, take a look.
-I'm busy.
-I'll come later.
What's more important than me?
-Where are you?
-I'm somewhere.
Where are you?
I'm in Swethas home.
What the heck are you doing there?
You have no business there.
Come home.
-I understand.
-Hey. I'm sorry.
Look I know what you're trying to do.
But you can't help a person
who refuses to listen to anyone.
It's a waste of time to talk to him.
-There's nothing more to discuss as well.
Give it a thought.
It'll be better for both of you.
She's insisting there's nothing
more to talk about.
She's done with him.
It'll be better for you
to stay away from him.
He's a wild animal.
You should look at him from a distance.
You shouldn't live with him.
You'll die.
-Vinod, please.
-Oh, come on.
You wasted your time then.
You're wasting your time now.
Enough about him.
It won't end well
if I run into him again.
Mouli let's talk.
Listen to them once.
I heard them.
It's true.
I'm a wild animal.
They'll die if they come close to me.
Mouli, please.
You've come all the way here.
Let's talk peacefully for five minutes.
Everything will be sorted.
There's nothing to be sorted. Let's go.
I won't come.
Even if you deny it, there are
a lot of problems to be solved.
Avoiding a problem isn't the solution.
Confronting and discussing it
is the solution.
-I won't come until you talk.
What's there to talk about?
Talk. Talk. Who should I talk to?
-Mouli, you're hurting me.
Hey, you rogue.
-Let go of her.
Oh, God!
Vinod, are you okay?
Let's go.
Let go of my hand.
Oh, what will you do now?
Do you also want to leave me
and sleep with him?
Are you okay?
Amit, throw him out.
I don't need this.
I don't want a girlfriend
who doesn't care about me.
I want a girl who always thinks about me.
I want a girl who loves only me.
All her thoughts should be just about me.
She shouldn't do a thing without me.
She should depend on me for everything.
The one who doesn't hurt me,
one who can't live without me,
one who worries if I'm not there
for a moment.
You should live for me.
I'm your Rama.
You're my Sita.
Foolish human!
May the impossible become possible!
What's the delay
O Raghava!
What's the delay
O Raghava!
One who rules the world
O Janaki Nayaka!
Please don't forget
The Sita here
In the twilight hours of the evening
On the banks of the Sarayu river
I waited for you
In the blossoming forest
In the eagerness to invite you
In the ecstasy of my singing
The rhythm of our longing
Dampened my thoughts
I invited you again
Won't you come for me?
What's the delay
O Raghava!
What's the delay
O Raghava!
I'm hungry.
Shall we have breakfast?
I'll finish my shower first.
You go ahead.
Without you?
I'll come.
Hey! Are you still here?
You seem very hungry. Let's go.
-Chitra, bring the plates. We'll eat here.
You haven't cooked yet.
Why will I cook when you're here?
I don't know how to cook.
Are you joking?
She must depend on me for everything!
I'm hungry.
Please cook something quickly.
Sorry. Two minutes.
I'll make you something.
How is it?
Is it good?
-What happened?
-Why did you walk so far away?
-I'm smoking a cigarette.
-Can't you smoke inside?
-Are you sure?
What do you feel about that painting?
It's over there.
I want to keep gazing at you.
My my period started.
-Okay. Why are you telling me?
-I've run out of sanitary napkins.
-Buy some.
Woah! By myself?
I won't go without you.
She must depend on me for everything!
-Fine, let's go.
Hello, sir. How may I help you?
-Tell her.
-You tell her.
-She needs sanitary pads.
-Okay. They're over here, sir.
Sir, come over here.
-Go pick it out.
-I want you to come.
We have all these brands, ma'am.
There are ultra-max, ultra-thin,
perfumed pads and overnight pads.
Which one do you want, ma'am?
-Tell her what you want.
-Whatever you decide!
Give me whatever everyone buys.
People buy all of these, sir.
Which one do you want?
Give me the latest model.
Sir, two models have just launched.
Ultra-thin and ultra-max.
Which one do you want?
-Give me the ultra-thin one, please.
-Okay, sir.
-Sir, what about the size?
What's the size?
Small, medium, large, extra-large?
-Give one of each.
-Sure, sir.
Sir! This is a lucky draw, sir!
-Just sign on this voucher, sir.
-Deal with him.
Ma'am, you can win a fridge or a cooker.
-You might get a fridge, ma'am!
Just a signature, ma'am.
Please, ma'am! Ma'am!
What happened?
Why did you make me talk
to a stranger near the supermarket?
It was just a joke. Come on.
Don't ever make such jokes, Mouli.
I can't talk to or see any man
except you.
I can't even listen to their words.
Anything related to me
should only be done by you.
Only your eyes should look at me.
Only your hands should touch me.
Only your lips should kiss me.
All of me belongs only to you.
A star in the sky
Is it in front of me?
A stream of hopeful light
Like the rainbow she shines
Crossing the drawn line
She won't leave
She inscribed herself in my destiny
Forever mine
She won't question me
No matter what I do
Her footsteps are always towards me
No matter where I am
She won't leave, even if I do
She won't abandon my shadow too
While I live my past today
She became my future
If I remain like the earth
She becomes the tree within me
[phone rings]
-Pass me the phone.
-Pass me the phone, Chitra.
-Hello, sir.
I'm Vittala. I've met you before.
I've to talk to you regarding
the World Art Exhibit.
Call my manager.
Harika. Right, sir?
She gave me your number
and asked me to talk directly with you.
Just wanted to check if you
started painting
That's why I called.
I'm busy. I'll call you later.
What are you doing, Chitra?
This t-shirt is separating us.
Get up.
Chitra, get up.
-Where are you going?
Hang on.
I said wait.
What do you say?
Should I call Harika or not?
Do as you please.
I'm out of cigarettes. I'll get some.
[speaking Khasi]
[speaking Khasi]
-[speaking Khasi] Thank you.
Hi, bro. How are you?
Won't you touch men?
Colorful life!
Get me one tea.
Tea for me
[speaking Khasi]
Yeah, right!
What's up, bro?
How's Chitra doing?
She'll be preparing lunch for you at home.
Amazing girl, bro.
I can't stop thinking about her.
You seem to change girls like clothes.
Harika told me.
But don't leave Chitra.
You're fortunate, bro.
[speaking Khasi]
How's Harika?
If you're asking how Harika is,
it means you're not
on speaking terms with her.
There might be some issues
between you two.
Become friends again.
All of us will go to the forest.
Let's burn things! Forest fires!
Alright then.
I'll get going.
Tell Chitra I asked about her.
Say hi!
Okay? B--
I'll wear a bikini next time!
He'll lift me and kiss me!
What happened, Chitra?
Why are you crying, Chitra?
You you
What happened?
You left me.
I left you?
I went to buy cigarettes.
I told you, right?
-You went an hour ago.
-So what?
I can't live without seeing you
for even two minutes.
I want a girl who's worried
if I'm not there for two minutes.
Do you know who I met?
Anand, the funny guy!
Why are you telling me about him?
You think he's really funny, right?
You like him, right?
I don't like anyone else but you.
You left me all alone and went away.
I'm your Rama.
You're my Sita.
Please ask Rama to show mercy on me
O Mother Sita!
Please ask Rama
To show mercy on me!
Please ask Rama to show mercy on me
O Mother Sita!
Please ask Rama
To show mercy on me
Please ask Rama
To show mercy on me
O noble woman!
Daughter of Janaka
Mother Janaki
Please ask Rama to show mercy on me
O Mother Sita!
Please ask Rama
To show mercy on me
Lord of this universe
Your beloved Srikantha
When you are with him in solitude
Please ask Rama to show mercy on me
O Mother Sita!
Please ask Rama to show mercy on me
Please! Ask Rama to save me, Mother!
Take a bite.
Hold it.
-Feed me.
-Hold it. I'll fetch you a cool drink.
Drink it.
Keep drinking.
So much dependency?
Sita is apt for Rama. Not for me.
Why do I always make decisions
when I'm emotional?
This is wrong.
It's a mistake.
What do I want?
What should the girl I desire look like?
I should think carefully and decide.
I need to find a sweet spot.
I don't want a girl who
doesn't value me or my thoughts.
A girl who only cares for me
and relies on me completely
There must be a balance.
I need a cool girl.
She should do her own work,
let me do my own thing,
one who cares about my needs,
one who keeps me in my comfort zone,
and takes care of me. I want her.
That's all!
I just need a girl who cares for me.
I need a caretaker.
What's going on?
Are you okay?
Feeling sick?
I have a headache.
I'll get you coffee.
-Do you know how to make coffee?
-Of course!
I make the best coffee.
I'm sleepy.
May I go to sleep?
I'll get you tablets.
I've put the tablets and the
water bottle next to you.
Take those tablets
in case the pain worsens.
I'm so sorry.
-How do I look?
-It's cool.
My hair disturbed us
when we were kissing last night, right?
I chopped it off.
I don't like it when
it gets in your way.
Why do you laugh?
Isn't it good?
-You look cute.
-Why did you stick it here?
-Had your breakfast?
-I'll have it now.
-Sir, you have a courier.
-It's not sir. It's ma'am.
Thank you.
-You got a post.
-For me?
-You are Mouli, aren't you?
It's from the Cultural Ministry of India.
-The World Art Exhibit!
-Throw it aside.
-But babe, this is big!
-So what? I'm not interested.
I'm going to the market.
Do you need anything?
-Will you bring some cigarettes?
-Hi! You look different.
Yeah. I got a haircut.
-You didn't tell me how I look.
-You look cute.
Even Mouli said the same thing.
You wanted to
talk about something?
I received a courier from
the art exhibit management.
-Do we need to talk about it again?
-I know you're right.
But, I want to try again.
I need your help, Harika.
I did try to help!
Do you remember what he said?
He was so sure of himself and
refused anyone's help.
He tore up that contract and
threw it on my face.
Listen, I'm really sorry
about what happened.
You know Mouli, right?
He doesn't hold anything to heart.
I know.
But he won't let me
help him, Chitra.
It's a whole waste of time!
That's why I came to ask for help,
not for him, but for me.
I need some information and contacts.
For Mouli to participate
in the art exhibit,
he has to submit
a profile, right?
Firstly, he has to send
his latest profile.
Then the list of paintings.
And a write-up
explaining each of his paintings.
there's more that follows.
It's a big process, you know.
If you don't mind, can you tell me
what that process is?
Are you sure?
Do you seriously want to do this?
-I do.
He is so lucky to have found
such a caring girl like you.
But I'm not doing this for him.
I'm doing it for you.
Thank you.
-Good morning.
-When did you come?
Didn't you sleep last night?
-What is this?
-Take a look.
Why did you do it?
How do you know the format?
What a waste of time!
Stop calling it a waste of time, Mouli.
I know you're not interested.
But, tell me something.
Why do people create art?
If you ask me, I create art
because I feel like making it.
In case of others, they might
want to say something through art.
To whom?
To the people watching it.
If those paintings
remain hidden in the room,
no one will see your art,
and no one will hear your heart.
No one needs to see my art.
It needs to be seen.
Everyone must see your art, Mouli.
Forget about the world.
Think about yourself.
All that matters is you,
and your thoughts.
You're not a hateful person, Mouli.
Don't think negatively.
You're an artist.
Don't let your thoughts
stay confined to this room.
The whole world should witness
the beauty within your heart.
Not just me.
The entire world has to fall
in love with your art
and your heart.
No one has ever spoken to me
like this before, Chitra.
Come with me.
-Planning to kill me?
-Not you.
But your look.
Don't even think about it.
If you cut your hair,
it will grow back.
Why worry about things
that can be changed?
Worry about things
that can't be changed.
Like time.
This passing time will
never come back.
You've lived your entire life
hidden in the darkness.
The light is waiting for you, Mouli.
It's time to come out.
You should see how beautiful you look.
Dreams move beyond my heart
For the first time
Because of you
The ocean within my heart, surged high
Drenching my eyes
I almost forgot this guy.
Welcome back, babe.
I know you are a great artist.
The time has come for
the world to know.
Paint your masterpiece that will
drive the world crazy.
-Why is the canvas empty?
-I don't know.
I can't find the inspiration.
My head is empty.
How can you find your inspiration
if you sit at home like this?
It must go out and
see something,
hear something, and
socialize with people,
spend some time in nature.
Without any input,
how can the mind give an output?
And you're a biker.
When was the last time
you took your bike out?
I don't remember.
Ready the bike,
and I'll get the bag.
-Where to?
-Into the future.
Life needs a holiday
Why can't you live away!
Let's ride our hearts today
Into the shade of beautiful future
Feel the high with me
Steal the sky with love
Come with me, dude
Time's like a canvas
Your tomorrow is
Painted here always
Reach out
Reach in
Remember! Embers are red
Your memories swim in blue!
The mist drips at your feet
The wind is in your hair
Fire it up baby!
Future is now!
Feel it and breathe in
And soak in just vibing
Fire fire fire fireflies
Let's fly like butterflies!
Faster and faster
The stars and the nature
Let's fly above the stars
This way, yeah!
Feel it and breathe in
And soak in just vibing
Fire fire fire fireflies
Let's fly like butterflies!
Faster and faster
The stars and the nature
Let's fly above the stars
This way, yeah!
You are annoyed to meet people.
See, you're having a great time!
-Hi, I'm Bullet.
-Hi, Bullet.
You're so cute.
Take this flower
and become my lover.
Chill, bro.
What do you want to order?
What do you have here?
Khasi special.
Momo, Sheshab, Kwai and
Pork chop, Chow Mein.
If it's alcohol, then we have
beer, brandy, whiskey and rum.
-Hey, Bullet. Over here.
-Tell me, brother.
-What do you have inside your shorts?
Whatever's inside your pants.
Just go and get some liquor.
Who's the girl
and who's the guy?
I cannot differentiate between the two.
There's a beard here.
There's no beard there. She's the one.
Nothing is interesting above.
You will know only when you dig below.
Shall we go home and have lunch?
Let's leave.
Wait near the bike.
I'll clear the bill and join you.
What's up, dude?
Is she your girlfriend?
Are you okay to share?
I meant the beer.
He isn't saying anything.
You knucklehead!
Son of a gun!
Break it!
Punch harder!
Smack him!
Hey, you wild animal!
Mouli, show me your hand.
Give it to me.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me, huh?
Was it necessary to fight with them?
I should've killed them.
Why are you getting so upset
about someone saying something?
He isn't just saying something.
We both know what he said.
So what, now?
Did something happen to me?
Did my hand fall off?
You won't get it.
Though he foulmouthed you,
I'm the one who is bothered by it.
Because you're my girlfriend.
If anyone says anything
about my girlfriend
I'll straighten him out.
Have you lost it?
We didn't even know where we were.
We don't know them and
they were drunk.
You got into a fight with them!
-What if something happened to you?
-Nothing happened, right?
What's wrong with you?
I fought them for you.
You should be happy about it.
That's my problem.
What's the point of hitting people?
Don't you think before doing anything?
Getting into a fight in
anger is not right, Mouli.
It's wrong.
It's wrong of you to hit them.
Stop saying that.
Stop saying that.
Of course, I'll say that.
Because I care about you.
It's wrong to risk your life
over trivial matters.
This may seem like a small thing to you.
Not to me.
Don't tell me what to do.
I will tell you.
Because I really care about you.
Not just this one.
You are making many mistakes.
-What you did with Harika is wrong.
-Stop it.
It's wrong of you to hurt
those who care about you.
Everything you say and do is wrong.
Just because she's your ex-girlfriend,
it's wrong of you to reject
such a big project.
I said stop it!
It's wrong of you to think
you're the only one who's right.
You're wrong, Mouli.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
It's your feelings
your emotions
and your necessities
that I cared about.
Is this what you give me?
I thought your happiness
was my happiness.
Even if you scold or beat me,
I will say what I must.
You are wrong, Mouli.
When I asked her to live
independently according to her liking,
she hurts me by not
caring about my feelings.
When I asked her to be dependent
she clung on to me like a leech,
and suffocated me.
When I asked her to be caring
and compassionate with me,
does that mean she says
everything I've done is wrong?
How dare she say I'm wrong?
It's a mistake. It was my mistake
to give her the right to speak.
It was my mistake to
give her the right to think.
As my girlfriend, she has to
agree with everything I say.
And she should approve
everything I do.
You must live according
to my wishes, not your own.
You're just a puppet,
playing as I say and like.
You are just a puppet.
Tell me.
Was everything I did correct?
Everything you do is right.
Is everything I do correct?
No matter what you do,
it's always right.
Say it again.
No matter what you do,
it's always right.
Say it once again.
No matter what you do,
it's always right.
Now you make me happy.
This is how we should be.
We should always be like this.
Cheers to us.
Have it.
Bottoms up!
Now we have arrived, Chitra.
Let's celebrate!
Come on, dance!
You're happy with me, right?
Yes. I'm very happy with you.
I am the best. Right?
Yes. You are the best.
Then, worship me.
Chitra, my girlfriend.
You are mine.
I'm the meaning of your existence.
You wouldn't exist without me.
You don't exist.
I can do anything to you.
No matter what I do,
you will always love me, Chitra.
I'm the air you breathe.
You will always be in my
arms like this, Chitra.
You are my most precious painting.
That canvas shouldn't be
hanging on the wall.
Those canvas colors aren't
for matching your curtains on the wall.
It's my heart.
My heart.
I want a girl like her.
You entered my heart like a light
where only darkness existed.
Don't talk to anyone.
Don't talk about anyone.
I love you.
Don't leave me alone.
-Now you're hurting me.
-I want a girl who loves only me.
-You're making a lot of mistakes.
-I belong only to you.
No one has ever spoken to me
like this before, Chitra.
Then, worship me.
You're mine.
You're wrong, Mouli.
This isn't me.
You should forget the me that isn't me.
Not just me.
You should forget the whole
dark world, which is me.
In a world you like,
with the people you like,
you should live a life in a way you like.
Live with freedom.
Be free, Chitra.
Have some water, brother.
Brother, weren't you who crushed
those idiots' bones that day?
Why did you become like this, brother?
What happened to you, brother?
I found love.
Found love?
You are in love, then.
But, instead of celebrating your love,
why are you sulking like this, brother?
Did she leave you or what?
I left her.
I left myself, too.
Yes, brother.
Even I left.
I found a sparrow on this hill.
Providing it with seeds to eat
and fresh water to drink,
I used to take good care of it.
After a few days,
that sparrow grew wings and,
the box became small for it.
I thought there might not be
enough space inside,
so I decided to shift
the sparrow into a bigger box.
I took it out. That's all.
It flew away in a flash.
I waited a long time,
hoping that it would come back.
I took good care of that sparrow
all those days.
Brother, why did it fly away like that,
leaving me behind?
Into the depths of my heart
I peered
The darkness vanished into a cloud
Revealing another world
As I stepped into that realm
Everything felt like pure love
Sky seems painted in only one hue
In every moment
Has all love merged into one form?
You know Mouli very well.
He can't paint unless a strong
emotion hits his heart.
I think he didn't find
his inspiration yet.
Mouli is not like other artists, Harika.
He holds a lot of
emotions within him.
All of them are too vast for words.
He won't tell us in a way
that we can hear.
But I hoped he would at least show us.
I know it's wrong to
put my hopes on Mouli.
But it's my hope.
Hope is a mistake.
Let it be.
We'll select the painting from
India's second best.
Ma'am, Mouli
-Did he come?
-He brought it.
-You mean the painting?
-Yes, ma'am.
You should take me
wherever this dart hits the map.
You are!
Aren't you the artist who painted
the centerpiece at the World Art Exhibit?
That painting was amazing!
I didn't understand its meaning,
but I spent some time
looking at that painting.
It was mesmerizing.
I fell in love with it.
To understand the meaning
behind your painting,
I've been searching for you ever since.
It's as if you came looking for me,
meeting you here,
it's like magic!
Behind the beautiful painting,
I felt there lies a meaning
that touched your heart.
Please tell me what it is.
It's me.
I've lived my entire life
confined to this room called "I."
My likes, my desires,
my thoughts, my dreams.
I've lived confining myself
to this dark room called "I."
Ever since I became conscious,
I've been searching for the light.
Even when the light came to me,
I wanted it to shine only the way
I liked, out of my selfishness,
I extinguished it every time.
I longed to love freely,
but I never thought about the
freedom of the person I loved.
She shouldn't be like that.
She shouldn't do like this.
She shouldn't think like that.
She shouldn't talk like that.
In my attempt to decide
how she should be,
and mold her into the person I wanted,
I realized something.
Not all hearts love the same way.
Not all loves speak the same language.
If the moon were also
to become like the sun,
there would be no difference between
the sunlight and the moonlight.
If you, too, were to become like me,
there would be no difference
between you and me.
In a life devoid of differences,
there is no beauty.
Because, differences are beautiful.
I painted that painting to
express this truth, I realized.
Placing a girl and a boy
together in one heart,
I covered them with a colored
quilt of differences.
This is an answer to
Every heart's question
This is a festival of sharing
I, like a complete self
Hearts of different colors
Are united into one
To make the world
A blooming rainbow of love
I understand your heart now.
Can I see your paintings?
Do you want to see my paintings?
I mean
if you don't mind.
By the way,
I'm Chitra.
By your side, I shall be
As your companion within
In my love, you'll be drenched
For the eyes that read
The beauty
For the feet that roam
Around continents
For the heart
That beats for a 100 years
Is this the shore of love?
Will the sky above me show
The same hue every hour?
Will any love ever
Merge into a single form?
Delving deep into my heart
I peered within
All that darkness
Like a cloud, it vanished
Revealing another world to me
When I stepped into that world
That's it!
Everything seemed like love
Will the sky above me show
The same hue every hour?
Will any love ever
Merge into a single form?
Will every lip you come across
Speak the same language?
Will every love express
The same feeling?