Love My Scent (2023) Movie Script

Once in a hundred years
we have finally
found such a flower.
Mr.Chairman, finally we did it.
Then let's move forward
Not stealing.
Wait! I'm coming.
One minute!
Oh! Ho!
Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!
- Excuse me sir!
Could you tell us where
is the SaRang Church?
We are searching since a long time
- Where is SaRang Church?
Oh! Okay!
-Oh! There!
Thank you! Thank you!
Stop! Listen! As you have helped
us, I would like to give you something.
I'm getting late! Please let me go! Sorry!
Why are you so slow?
-I'm not slow, he's really fast.
Why was he in such a hurry?
Open! Stop! Stop!
Please stop!
Why is he always late?
It's his daily habit now.
I'm sorry
insufficient fund
insufficient fund
-There's no balance.
Don't touch it again and
again and move back.
- Can't you hear?
- Sorry.
-Oh god!
You do this every day. Go and sit.
I'll bash you, you stupid person.
You make all of us late every day!
What makes you late? Stupid.
I'm sorry.
Don't you show me
your stomach! Understood?
Close it!
Don't you have parents
to wake you up?
- Sorry, sorry!
- I saw everything!
Even your body hair!
Dirty person...
Why is my life like this?
There's a reason I need
to get on the bus at this time.
It's her.
The only wish I have.
Look at all these
shameless boys.
How they are staring at her.
None of you stare when I pass by.
She probably doesn't
know that I even exist.
Chang-soo is late again.
Bok-gil is cleaning
the same spot.
There he is.
Let's start our
morning meeting.
Yoon-mi, you're looking great.
Fix your wig.
- Are you taking hair loss pills?
- Yes, sir.
Very good.
Your hair is a mess.
Clench your leg muscles.
- What?
Stand straight.
Pay attention.
What are you?
You're the face of our brand.
Looking at the condition of
you, would anyone buy our cars?
Look at your pants.
Is that your only pair?
At least iron it.
I ironed it,
but I ran here and because of that...
You ran?
You had to run fast.
You can't sell the cars nor come on time.
What should I do about you all?
All you do is sleep.
Why would you run?
Well, an old lady in the bus...
- Who old lady?
Kye Jun-il.
- Kye Jun-il!
- Yes?
You brought him, so teach him the basics!
Damn it...
Ms. Jo, is the report ready?
Here it is, sir.
You finished it already?
I like doing things right away.
Sir, I kept reminding you.
I need your receipts from
the 8th, 15th and 19th.
So please tell me by
when you will submit them.
Yes, I know. Thank you!
You can't use the company
card for personal matters, right?
The card's already maxed
out. I hope you know that.
You're too good at your
job. Continue doing it.
Just give me the receipts.
Did you talk to the
bus goddess today?
Just man up and go after her!
Do I need to teach you this?
Remember one thing! Girls like brave men!
She'll reject me.
Then, she might stop
taking the same bus.
Seeing her every morning
is enough for me.
I didn't thought you
would give up so quick!
That's why you never had a girlfriend.
Kim tell me one thing.
What's love to you?
Wanting to see someone.
Love is challenge. Love is conquering.
Let me show you some moves
that I learned from YouTube.
You're looking amazing!
Let's go for a movie together.
Amazing! Good!
Look how sexy he is!
His shoulders, his back
and his abs!
Hey! Enough!
He's so sexy. What a man.
I don't like men who seduce
girls with their bodies.
Why are talking all this?
Just look how much hard work he is doing.
Some people are only
beautiful on the outside.
Stop it!
If you're going to spray me,
at least use perfume!
Why did you spray the room fresher.
You know I've fallen in
love with how many men.
Have you lost your mind?
I'm not even interested in all this.
Come here.
Are you going to stay single forever?
How many years has it been?
So what if I'm single?
Until when are you going
to lead a boring life?
You've got it wrong.
Life is supposed to be interesting
and not boring by staying single.
No, you're wrong.
Your pessimism is bringing
me down, how can you be so negative.
Try out a cute laugh, like me.
Let me ask you something.
How does sitting down help sell cars?
How does cleaning
help sell cars?
You think a customer will magically
show up and buy a car?
It's the test driving villain.
Who'll help me out?
This guy!
- No, this guy!
- Huh?
Oh, you're the one!
Let's go.
I'll be right back.
This leather smell!
We only use the best quality leather.
Look at the finishing
over here. This as well.
This is a nice leg space.
Sir, if you'll look here...
- Sir.. Please come inside.
- New car smell!
Please sit.
I need coffee!
Next week's meeting with Keumseong...
Don't talk about work.
Lunch time is sacred.
I'll take care of this further.
Hey, look! Look at him.
He's even handsome
from the back!
He must be a new employee!
Watch out how I'll seduce him.
Good luck.
Excuse me.
Excuse me!
We'd like to order...
What are you doing here?
Saw you after a long time.
Where were you so long?
Has it been 5 years?
Yes, probably.
I guess you work in this
building. Didn't see you before.
We'd like to order.
One hot americano,
extra shot?
Like always.
I quit coffee. One iced tea.
Eun-hee, what would you have?
Yes, I'd like...
A hot iced vanilla
caramel coffee with Choco chips.
- A vanilla latte?
- Yes, exactly.
We'll be meeting again?
Don't stop coming here
because of me.
If you mind your own business.
You haven't changed.
You look better in brighter colors.
And you still can't mind
your own business.
I'll make your orders.
I can't believe what did I just saw.
Listen, go to the department store
and buy another suit!
- Hello sir, welcome!
- Hello.
- Looking for something?
- I'm just browsing.
These are handmade suits,
so they're a bit pricey.
I'll show you something as per your budget.
Are you okay with that?
I see...
How much is this?
This one is a bit expensive.
3.5 million won.
3.5 million?
They're too expensive, right?
You should go next door.
They're having a sale.
She ignored me!
I should buy something from here!
This one looks nice!
How much is it?
4.5 million won.
This one's even better!
How much?
5.8 million.
What about this one?
6.2 million.
- This suit?
- Yes, this suit!
That's just the jacket price.
Add the pants, and...
What did you just do.
This is the most expensive suit here.
It's your now.
Oh! You bought a new suit?
770,000 won...
That's pretty expensive.
Look carefully.
There's an extra zero! Add that as well.
What? What do you mean?
7.7 million? have
you lost your mind.
This must be a dream.
Where are the pants? Tell me?
You only bought the jacket?
Add the pants, and
it's over 15 million!
It does look nice.
Let me try it on.
- What happened?
- You tore it!
It's not my fault.
I don't know how did that happen.
I'll keep it here.
She fixed it!
Let me try it out.
It's like your own brand!
Damn it...
Love you, love you, love you
My love!
How do I sing?
- You sing so well!
- Really?
I think I might pass!
- Yes
Don't you know what time it is?
We'll get kicked out
if the neighbors complain!
The neighbors are out.
We have manners, you know.
She's so strict.
Soon, we'll all become rich.
Ah-young was approached
by huge company.
The president used to
be IU's manager.
Mom, he knows that
I'm the next superstar.
If he tries to scout you,
play hard to get.
All stars do so.
I know.
Can't you praise your sister
for working hard?
I'm the one who worked late.
And how much you would
shop from my credit card?
I don't know when it will stop.
Hey, listen to me.
We should buy a car,
for Ah-young's sake.
How much will a nice one cost?
Without any girls? No tension!
Life is amazing!
Oops, sorry.
I told you not to play soccer here.
My wife died and then..
- Very sad.
- She isn't dead.
I didn't mean that.
She went to Grandma's
because of what you did.
My mom is not dead.
She's dead in my heart!
Our love is dead...
Be brave.
If you apologize,
she would surely come back.
Fight happen between couples.
Do you think so..
I shouldn't be
saying such things.
I've had a crush on
someone for a year.
I see her every day.
But I don't know her name.
I've never spoken to her.
I'm not brave enough.
I need courage.
People need courage.
But I'm not courageous at all. I
don't know what am I going to do.
It's almost ready.
Hang in there.
Turn off the streetlamps
and use the smokescreen.
There should be no mistakes.
I need courage...
Oh, he's here.
-Quick, get the lights!
I'm not a bad person.
Please help me.
- Come over here.
- You scared me!
Help me pick these up.
- Hold on.
- The perfume...
This belongs to you
maybe, you dropped this, too.
No wonder you were chosen.
What do you mean?
This is your chance to
change your life.
Don't miss it out.
No! No! No! I don't want this.
It was a dream.
What a relief.
I'm screwed! I'm late again.
It wasn't a dream?
I drank too much last night.
Is it a perfume? Yes, this looks like
a perfume.
What is this? Let's go!
What's going on?
Why are they following me?
Why are they acting this way?
What is this?
This is completely different.
Ladies and gentlemen,
new star Jung-hyuk!
You left me for the basket ball?
Oh, it's Yun Soo-il.
My love!
What are you doing! Hey! Leave me!
What's going on! Don't kiss me!
-Leave him!
Leave me! Leave me!
Leave me! What's going on! Stop kissing me.
Hey! Leave me!
What's going on?
Hey! What's going on?
Leave me!
What are you doing? Leave me!
Leave me! Leave me!
What's wrong with you? Leave me!
Leave me!
What are your intentions?
Please leave me!
Please stop!
Please leave me!
What's happening to me?
56.. 57
58.. 59
1.. 2
So you're finally here!
How much time..
Sir, I'll go scold him.
What's happening to me?
Did you see a ghost?
What's with the face?
Do I seem off today?
You seem off every day.
Maybe it's the perfume.
- Perfume?
- I used perfume today.
How does it smell?
- I don't want to.
- Just smell it!
Damn it...
Move over.
All right.
What happened?
If you're late every single day like this..
- Give it a good whiff!
- Let me go!
- Smell it properly!
- No!
What are you doing?
It's not like that.
It's not what
you're thinking!
You come here to work or..
I'll teach you right now.
What's wrong with me?
What are you saying? On the bus?
Tell me, what happened next.
Be quiet!
I can't believe someone
made your heart pound!
So, who was he?
I don't know how to explain it...
Did your heart go pitter-patter?
Maybe it's a panic disorder.
I should go to the hospital.
As an expert, I'll diagnose you.
Your illness is L-O-V-E. Understood?
What is it?
Hey, no way!
Congrats, friend! You're in love.
It's nothing like that...
My love!
Let's test it out again.
Yes, Eun-hee?
I'll drop off my clothes
and be right there.
Excuse me...
You're back.
Are you here to buy pants this time?
What the hell?
It was a misunderstanding!
Nothing happened between
me and Jun-seok!
I love only you!
Excuse me.. Move aside.
I'll just...
Love of ours.
Catch him!
Listen to us! Please stop!
Catch him!
- I'm telling you to stop!
My first love!
Stop! Don't go!
Stop! Stop!
There he is!
Where? Where?
Where is he?
What's going on!
What are you doing to me?
Who are you?
Tell me!
Well, I'm a car salesman...
Wait, wait...
Please don't misunderstand.
What have I done?
I'm sorry...
What did I do?
Why did I do it?
Have I gone mad.
How can I do that?
Tell me!
What insane thing did you do?
Great job!
Tell me in detail? What
type of kiss was it?
Did you kiss him?
Or did he kiss you?
I kissed him.
You kissed him? For real?
No workplace romance!
No workplace romance!
No workplace romance!
No workplace romance!
He's back again?
Sir, believe me, I will
teach him a good lesson.
Wait a second.
I'll talk to him.
Didn't you say we'd have
a company dinner this week?
Sure, let's have dinner.
I want to get drunk.
What do you want?
- Alright.
Thank you!
People love beef,
but I prefer chicken!
It's so juicy.
I'm happy that you're happy.
- You got some on your face.
- Love shot!
What's wrong with them?
- This place has 5 stars.
- Wow, that's impressive.
Let's sit here.
Our clothes will
stink of Chicken.
Chicken over here is given
5 star rating on Instagram.
You're addicted to Instagram.
I guess I'll order now.
- What?
- Bus, bus.
- Kiss!
- Kiss?
The guy from the bus!
Where is he?
Show me!
Let's just go someplace else.
I know...
Sit back down. Where are you going?
- He will see me.
What's wrong?
It's the bus goddess!
The bus goddess?
- Who is it?
- Where is he?
Dude, she's so pretty.
Is it the guy in suit.
No, the one on the left.
It's the black dress girl.
black dress girl?
The naive-looking
guy with curly hair?
You have fallen in love with him?
I want to see him closely,
take me over there.
She's so hot!
Don't go, Eun-hee!
- Sit back down.
- Why?
-Sit down!
Your voice was so loud.
He must have seen me.
If I make a move, I'll be able
to seduce one of them.
Here, drink.
She's pretty, right?
She's waiting for me! Let me just go once.
Try to understand
- Let me go.
I hate one-sided love!
Where is she?
Go sit next to her.
You might get lucky.
Not now.
Keep acting like this,
and you'll never talk to her.
You idiot.
We even kissed, you idiot.
What? You kissed?
Yes, we kissed!
Isn't he strange!
- You kissed?
- Yeah!
- Her?
- Yes!
Give us some details?
- Did your tongues kiss?
- Shut up!
How can you do this in front of me?
Hey behave yourself.
It's not like that!
I'm so hurt!
What's wrong with you?
-Don't say things like that!
-Where are you going?
- Stop crying.
- Just don't.
I'm going home.
I didn't want to come
in the first place.
- At least pay!
- She's leaving.
My shoe got dirty.
Watch out!
I'm sorry.
I'm not drunk.
I can walk properly, I don't need anyone.
I shouldn't have gone there.
I shouldn't have gone there.
I'll get on the bus
and go home.
I'm so thirsty.
Will she like me
without the perfume?
Oh, it's you!
Why do we keep running into each other?
I'm sorry.
I'll leave.
Do you want to sleep with me?
That was my first kiss!
Oh, no...
What have I done! I must be insane!
I'm really sorry.
I'm not usually like this.
Please believe me.
My phone, my wallet...
Please don't take me in a wrong way.
I didn't do on purpose.
I don't remember much,
but I'm telling you sorry.
What did I do?
- Oh god!
What happened?
Hey, wait...
We used protection
We didn't use protection
We used protection
We didn't use protection
We used protection
We didn't use it!
We didn't use it!
- Curly hair!
- Hold on!
Why did I do that?
Maybe I should get a taxi.
Ah-ra, what are you doing?
He isn't on that bus.
She's not here.
What a relief!
What should I do?
He's here only.
I'll be brave.
Hurry, hurry...
What should I do?
Excuse me!
Kim Chang-soo!
Park asked me to deliver him
his car keys during lunch.
If you do it. I'll buy you coffee.
Thank you!
My friend really needs your advice.
About what?
The perfume...
He wants to get into a relationship
but on the grounds of a lie.
He's scared
If the other person finds
out then what would happen.
What should he do?
Will she forgive him?
Because their relationship
will be built on a lie.
Why did he lie?
Because the relationship
wouldn't start without a lie.
At least the love started.
But unless it was a crime, he can ask for
forgiveness. There's nothing wrong in it.
But it wasn't a simple lie.
Is the lie the only thing
that's worrying your friend?
He's not sure whether
she really likes him.
He's just a coward!
I couldn't sleep last night.
I'm exhausted.
Sleep is the best.
You're acting weird.
No, I'm not.
Not at all.
It's clear that you're hiding something
from me right now.
- It's lunch time!
- You scared me...
It's already been 5 minutes.
One of our new employees
workshop is going on here.
No, I know what you did last year.
- No problem.
There will be so many
handsome new faces!
- You're too much.
- I can't go by myself!
- You want to get a tarot reading?
- No way.
It's all superstition.
It's nonsense.
I don't understand people
who believe that stuff.
I see it!
- He's mad.
- Hey!
You're calling the tarot
God a mad person?
He's good-looking.
He's about average.
He's good at looking average.
He's a bad boy!
A bad boy heart breaker!
He's nice.
- You don't believe me?
- Let's just go.
What do you want to know?
I'll tell you specifically what I'd like
to know. You will be able to tell me?
Put a percentage on how well
our relationship will go.
Both positive and
negative results.
The error range should be
less than 2 percent.
She's an accountant with a math degree.
Oh God!
Do you think love is a math equation?
The tarot gods warn...
He's hiding something.
I hide facts about
my family, too.
Not brave.
I'm not brave, either.
Maybe that's why I like him
Going to hurt you someday.
That will probably
depend on how I act.
I'll try to be brave.
No tarot for you.
Just leave.
Don't you want your money?
You two will make a great couple.
He might be the man
of your destiny.
He said 'destiny'.
I've just realized that
you two are both crazy.
Why am I..
So much money for such small thing.
We've studied the people
on screen closely for months.
Only the perfume given to
Kim Chang-soo worked.
There were some side effects,
but they weren't severe.
Don't you think he's nice?
He's different from most guys.
Are you listening?
Hey, answer me!
She didn't call.
Of course she won't.
If you're free. Let's meet at Gwanggyo
Aqua Planet tomorrow at 7.
This is too formal.
Hello, How are you?
- Hello, How are you?
- Hello.
- They're so pretty.
- You're right.
Do you like fishes?
I mean, fish?
Yes, I've always
wanted to come here.
There are so many.
They're so pretty!
Maybe we're...
Like stars in the night sky.
If we have met..
because of destiny...
What have you written down?
It's okay, just show me.
I memorized it all,
but I got nervous.
'Maybe we're like
stars in the night sky.'
I like you.
My heart feels like
it's about to explode.
If I don't get you in
my life.. I would die.
These days, none proposes like this.
You make my mind go blank.
I've never felt this way before.
Jo Ah-ra.
From now on, call me by my name.
Okay, I will.
Ah-ra... Wait..
This is my house.
Oh, I see.
- You should go.
- I will.
After you go inside.
Komul, can you hear
my heart pounding?
What'll I do?
I never thought this
would happen to me!
I've never seen this side of you.
I wasn't your first love.
That's why.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Say hello.
- Hello. Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
We were never properly introduced.
I'm Ah-ra's best friend,
I've heard a lot about you.
There's something strange...
Why are you staring?
I'm trying to find out
what you like about him.
His face..
Is he rich?
Excuse me.
I invited a friend. Is that okay?
- Male?
- Yes.
That was really smart of you.
That you thought of both of us.
What's he like?
He's nice.
He's funny and kind.
Is that all?
He's loyal and funny.
I'm only interested in his looks.
Other things doesn't matter.
He should be at least 180 cm.
A bit muscular, with
clean skin
and have a jawline that's it.
That would be enough.
And his voice
should be low.
Also, long hair.
I'm asking for too much right.
He should have medium
body hair. I'll manage.
His skin should be soft so that
when he touches me it should feel soft.
Does he meet all of my requirements?
I think he does.
Excuse me.
Where are you going?
- Is everything okay?
- I'm not sure.
I'll make him mine.
Let's see...
This should be fine.
Hello, Eun-hee.
My name is Kye Jun-il.
Thanks for coming here.
My dog is hungry?
I need to go feed the dog.
Let's go.
Eun-hee, you don't have a dog.
Sit down.
Where am I stuck..
I should had a dog
to get out of this situation.
Watch your mouth.
- You've seen his face.
- Shut up!
- Eun-hee...
- Huh?
- Am I hearing things?
- That was me, Eun-hee.
- I'll...
- Yes?
- Become...
- Yes?
Your dog.
That was a monologue.
Mr. Kye Jun-il...
I think I'll just get
a proper dog.
Woof, woof!
Woof, woof!
Oh god! What is this?
If you drink that,
you have to raise me.
I'm really sorry.
I did it by mistake.
- Sorry
- Chang-soo...
Will you hand me
some napkins?
We escaped from the room!
Good job!
The next puzzle...
Is it over there?
- Must be there.
It's this customer's turn.
What are you doing?
Stop it! Don't hit him!
- Leave us alone!
- Did you get hurt?
- Just leave us alone!
- Come to your senses!
This is nice.
- It's so pretty.
- Really.
Honestly, I'm jealous of
my mom and my sister.
- You have a sister?
- Yes.
She's my younger sister,
and she's a little weird.
She performs crossover music
dressed in fusion hanbok.
She wants to become a singer.
She enjoys doing all this.
I don't like her doing all this
but I don't know why she likes it.
It's a risky lifestyle.
- But...
- Yeah?
I've always been jealous of her.
I wished I could enjoy my life, like her.
What about now?
- Do you still wish it?
- No.
Ever since I met you, I
look forward to tomorrow.
Thanks, Chang-soo.
Let's go.
Ah-ra, will you sit down for a moment?
I'll be right back. Wait here.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be right back.
Chang-soo, what's all this?
The pharmacy was about to close,
so I bought various things.
Your foot's bleeding.
You're right.
Hold still.
I didn't notice.
I forget everything when I'm with you.
I'm glad I noticed before it got painful.
What is it? Is something wrong?
Thank you, Chang-soo.
For appearing in front of me.
For being by my side.
Don't cry.
I like it best when you smile.
I want you to always be happy.
I didn't use it!
I didn't use the perfume then!
I haven't used it since the first day!
This car seems nice.
Oh, yes.
It's a nice car.
This model is...
What perfume do you use?
Excuse me?
It reminds me of my first love.
You think that kind of love is real?
Who are you?
I made that perfume.
Who was that?
How did he know?
He made the perfume?
Why aren't you surprised?
Is something wrong?
No, it's nothing.
Fancy restaurants aren't my thing.
Let's leave. Follow me.
I think it's done. Let's taste it?
Let's eat.
Dip it in sauce and then eat it.
How is it?
It's good.
Are you acting for my sake?
No, it's really good.
I've never had this before.
- Really?
- Yeah!
- Can I use this sauce?
- Yes, you can.
It's so good!
- Is it tastier?
- Yes, it is.
So I didn't expect it to be so good.
Do you want to go camping
on the weekend?
You said that you like camping.
I was thinking if we can do it together?
You want a special
birthday, huh?
How did you know?
Two days of camping?
Look at the weather!
Say hi!
Be careful.
Chang-soo, did you
bring the sauce?
I'll get it.
- Go get it!
- Yes, sir!
He's like a professional.
- Isn't it hot?
- Not at all.
- Be careful.
- I'll be fine.
I'm hungry.
That was scary!
Are you alright?
- It's not hot at all.
- This is nice.
- Ah-ra.
- Yeah?
Want to go for a walk?
- We're off.
- Take your time.
Look at those two!
Oh my god!
They're going too far!
- You're right.
- They must be crazy.
I'm jealous.
Wait, wait...
One minute.
Eun-hee, I want to say something.
Close your eyes.
- Hey
Will you be with me?
Be my girlfriend!
I thought we were already dating.
You stupid.
Why did you touch me
if we weren't dating?
Why did you kiss me if we are not together?
- I won't leave you.
- Stop, Eun-hee!
- Follow me.
- Oh.. Where are you taking me?
All done.
- Does it look good?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
I've never received a
such birthday gift before.
Do you think destiny is real?
How did we end up together?
I never thought this would happen
when I saw you on the bus.
Hold on.
Why didn't you pick it?
It's not that important
I guess it was spam.
You're right.
I hate spam calls.
Did you get any strange calls recently?
Strange calls?
Like what?
Calls with no caller ID.
I don't answer calls from
numbers I don't recognize.
Do you answer them?
That's dangerous these days.
I know.
What's going on?
You're acting strange.
I couldn't sleep recently at night.
Me, neither.
This is my first camping trip
and my first birthday gift.
Next time, we will come again.
It's so pretty.
Did you tell her it's fake love?
Why are you doing this?
You think you're in love?
It's not love.
It's just a fantasy that I created.
Listen carefully.
Get away from Ah-ra.
And tell her the truth.
Then, stay away from her.
Without the perfume...
She wouldn't have been
interested in you.
What about our feelings?
We really love each other.
Why are there 3 accounts
ask him once.
Why doesn't it add up to 15 million?
Ms. Jo, where are the files.
Yes, sir. Please check these.
What could be the reason
for it not matching?
What is this?
Are they here?
Why didn't you call me back?
Sorry, I was busy. I forgot.
Are you off work?
Should I head over there?
No, I'll go.
I liked the perfume that you have sent me.
What kind of perfume?
It wasn't from you?
It's late. Are you talking
to Kim Chang-soo?
Are you with someone?
Sorry, I'll call you back.
Ah-ra, don't hang up...
How do you know his name?
You smell nice.
Blue Irene?
Luxury perfumes suit you.
That was from you?
What do you want?
It's a limited edition perfume.
But this is one of a kind.
Do you really think you love him?
Don't you think it's weird that
you suddenly fell for that stupid?
How did you know?
This perfume manipulates you.
It makes you think
that you're in love.
Lying, sabotaging,
are one of your old habits.
You really haven't changed at all.
You think all this happened because of that
But I'm going to ignore your rubbish.
You think I'm kidding?
I'm not.
Ask him about the perfume
yourself. You will come to know.
I wonder what he'll say.
That day you met,
on the bus...
he was wearing this perfume.
Why don't you understand.
Why would you like someone like him?
Don't touch me.
Call me if you want
to know the truth.
Ah-ra, pick up. Please... Pick the call.
Eun-hee, check
these files for me.
- But I'm busy.
- No, you're not.
Do you want to eat something?
Everything is messed over here.
If I knew you were coming,
I would have cleaned up.
It's fine.
The chicken might be cold.
It's fine. It smells good.
Aren't you going to say something?
You kept calling and texting me so I
thought you wanted to say something.
But now, you're not saying anything.
I'm here to listen to
what you have to say.
Before I met you,
I never felt real joy or love.
But I came to know
about it after meeting you.
I only felt those emotions
after I met you.
I felt alive for
the first time in my life.
- Ah-ra...
- But listen..
Someone told me that it's all fake.
- It's not.
- Then what?
Ah-ra, I love you.
You know that.
What about me?
Can you be sure that I love you?
Of course.
Because the perfume
made me think I love you?
Wow. Look!
You really have it.
I'll explain everything.
All those emotions...
All those moments...
They were all caused by the perfume?
I wanted to tell you, but...
I was scared of losing you.
I was really scared.
You were scared?
That was your reason?
What about my deep feelings for you?
Let go of me.
If you don't, I might
refuse to see you again.
I'm sorry, Mr. Chairman.
Stop the research.
But sir...
Dementia made her forget me,
my name and our memories together.
I wanted her to see
the man she used to love.
I wanted her to
relive her first love.
But if this experiment
causes people pain...
We should stop.
Destroy everything
related to this experiment
the perfume must not see the light of day.
Yes, sir.
I was too greedy.
You were enough for me.
I love you.
Please follow that car.
What's all this?
You're here.
That was fast.
You psycho.
Have you been stalking us?
That's a bit harsh.
Experiment subjects
need to be studied.
Was the perfume
all an experiment?
He's so slow.
Do you like him?
Why did you make
the two of us fall in love?
You don't fall in love.
You're supposed to
see your first love in me.
The bus...
The shopping mall...
It was my mistake.
I thought that
I was your first love.
But you never really
loved anyone.
Then why...
You came to see him
as your first love but that was not true.
Why else would
you date him?
You two were just
under my spell.
Can't you understand this?
It was all an illusion.
An illusion made by me.
An illusion.
I became her first love?
She felt love for the first time.
How could you conduct such an experiment?
You crazy person.
I'll show you exactly what he did.
Do you like me now that I look like him?
Do you get it now?
You don't love him.
This perfume made you
imprint on him.
All this is because of this perfume.
Still you didn't understand?
Take this!
Don't do it.
That's the last one.
Give it to me, now!
Give it to me!
Crazy person!
Do you know how much money
and time I've put into this?
I know you won't believe anything I say.
But from the moment I
met you, up until now...
My love, my actions.
They were all real. Believe me!
Because of the perfume,
James looked like you.
I couldn't believe it.
I didn't want to.
Real love?
What about the love I felt for you?
The fact it was all
fake, it was all a lie...
I hate you.
I like you.
My heart feels like
it's about to explode.
From now on,
call me by my name.
No, I'm not like that!
I'm different from others.
Yeah, I know.
Does it look okay?
You're here!
Come here.
Come here.
Sit here. You will get a nice view.
- I wired you the money.
- What money?
The money you lent us.
Isn't she good?
Good job, everyone!
Let's go.
- How was our show?
- You were the best.
My beautiful daughters...
Should we go eat
something delicious?
Are you buying?
Let's go before she changes her mind!
Have some coffee.
Look at this!
- Yes, look at this.
Sis, hurry up!
I didn't think you'd
actually sign.
Hey, I'm loyal!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Your car key, yeah!
Make the exchange, yeah!
Let's go see your car, yeah!
Chang-soo's so cool.
How many cars
did you sell this month?
I should hit you.
You sold zero cars, too!
- Hello, sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Wait, he changed completely
how did that happen?
Ma'am, how have you been?
Are you the guy I called a stupid?
Oh, wow! You look good.
I miss her even today.
the way I saw her for the first time.
I wish to see her again.
My first love.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Jun-il, I'm late on my first day!
I ran to the next bus stop!
I'll be right there!
Please handle it.
Wait a minute..
Oh, no!
Why are my socks are wrong?
Why does it happen with me?