Love of My Life (2017) Movie Script

Tom: No, I can't. I can't.
Grace: Come on, sweetheart.
We're nearly there, it's okay.
I think I need a drink.
I'll make us some coffee.
Don't leave me alone.
Grace: Everything is gonna be fine.
Tom: Well, that's not
what the doctor said.
That is not true.
He said that when they
do the surgery on Monday,
if it is benign,
they could possibly just
cut the whole thing out.
No, he said the odds weren't good.
Well, why don't they lie?
You know, he used to lie.
Just thought that we should be ready
in case it isn't benign,
because then the
operation could potentially be...
I think we should try and remain positive.
It's all over.
What's the point in being miserable?
We don't know what's gonna happen.
You're going to die.
Listen, darling.
If that does happen then,
I am ready.
You're so young.
I've got everything I could
possibly ever have wanted.
I've got a wonderful husband
who loves me,
I've got two great kids,
and I'm an architect,
which is what I always dreamed of.
There's not a single thing in
my life that I would change,
and there aren't many
people who could say that.
You really wouldn't change anything?
Not even moving to Canada?
Look, if I do really
only have five days left,
I want everything to remain normal
so I can enjoy my life
exactly as it is.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Grace: Oh yeah, and the
doctor said to avoid
any unnecessary stress,
so please don't tell anyone,
and that actually includes Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn, hi, yeah.
Your mother has a brain tumour,
she's gonna die.
And she doesn't want anyone to know.
So if you could keep it to yourself.
[Uplifting Music]
Receptionist: Grace.
What did the doctor say?
Grace: He said I'm fine.
Receptionist: But you blacked out,
it had to be something serious.
He said low blood pressure
and to drink more water,
but I'm fine.
I'll let everyone know.
We've all been so worried.
Absolutely nothing to worry about.
Co-Worker: Grace. Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Absolutely fine, thank you.
Co-Worker: Hi, Grace.
Just low blood pressure, huh?
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, you know the Millwood Project?
Is there any chance
that the gang could get
that model ready a couple of
days earlier for my approval?
Yeah, I think so.
But, you know, our deadline's
not for another week, right?
Yeah, I know, it's just
that I wanted to have time
to check last minute details.
So, do you think they
could get it ready by, say,
Um, yeah, I mean, we could try.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
[Soft Piano Melody]
It's after eight.
Yeah, just-just tidying up
a few loose ends.
Goodnight, Ben.
She went to work?
Yeah, and look at the time.
Who works overtime when you're dying?
Shouldn't she be out
making her last wishes come true?
No, she's-no she's got that,
what's that word that she
always says about me because
I passed out at that party and
she said I was drunk
and I was just sleeping?
Last straw.
That's two words.
Denial, yes, yes.
Denial, she's in denial.
But maybe you're overreacting.
You said yourself
if they find out that the
brain tumour is benign
when they do the surgery on Monday,
they may be able to cut it out,
do a little radiation
if necessary and
she could be fine.
Doctor said he wanted her to be ready.
I don't think I can do this.
I'm feeling dizzy all the time and I-
I can't find a pulse.
Dad, this isn't about us.
You know, it's kind of
about us, too, isn't it?
We have to help her.
Help her what?
Help her be ready.
Well, she-she says she is ready.
You're living your life,
and then someone says
you could die on Monday.
Who could be ready? Think about it.
No, I'm trying not to think about it.
I'm no good at denial.
That's-that's why I drink!
Well, she's supposed to avoid stress.
We have to be the strong ones.
I can be strong.
[Door Opening]
- Hey.
- Hi, guys.
Grace: Oh, darling,
I'm sorry I'm late,
just finalizing this
massive project at work.
Okay, Mom, you sit down,
I can-I can take this.
Tom: Do you want a pillow?
Stop fussing.
I don't actually think I'm going to die.
Well, I'll-I'll-I'll-I'll get
you a pillow for your feet.
- I don't want any.
- I'll get two pillows.
- Want any pillows.
- Three pillows.
And then if you change your mind...
Grace: The doctor said
it was a possibility.
He didn't say dig a grave.
I have some news that I think
will make you really happy.
Your paper on gender and
the anti-nuclear movement
is being published?
Way better than that.
The university have offered
you that research position?
- Oh my god, Kaitlyn.
- Even better.
I'm in love.
Yeah, I know.
But he's wonderful.
Of course, he.
Oh my god.
Did you think I was a lesbian?
No, of course I didn't.
What? You were the one who told me that
high heels are bad for your back,
and you said have standards,
don't just fall for
any guy who comes along.
I know, honey. It's just that-
it's just that if you had been a lesbian,
I would've been fine with that.
Lesbians get fewer STDs,
no unwanted pregnancies.
Not that I don't think you
would make a wonderful mother
in the distant future.
But, hey.
So, you're in love!
With a man, yay!
What's he like?
Well, he's a writer.
Oh, shit.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no.
He's nothing like-
and I-I know you won't
have time to meet him this-
this week, but I'm-
I'm sure you'd love him.
I have time.
Shouldn't you be flying to Machu Picchu?
Machu Picchu?
Yeah, remember when we-
we made you go to Disneyland?
You kept saying that you'd always dreamt
of going to Machu Picchu
and here you were
in fucking Disneyland.
Well, that was years ago,
and I'm not going anywhere.
you know what I mean.
I would love to meet him.
I just want you to see what an amazing job
you did as a mother.
Zoe's got that fantastic new career,
and I found my soulmate.
[Melodic Piano]
What shall I read?
A good 899 pages.
It's too long.
I know what I don't
want to read.
What's the shortest?
[Clicking Tongue]
Hi, I was ah...
You know, I'd quite like to ah...
I mean, if you would, um.
I know we haven't, uh,
been doing it much lately,
uh, which is probably
my fault, but um.
You know, my back's a lot better,
and um,
I just don't want you to die
wishing you'd had more sex,
which is apparently quite common.
At the same time, I don't
want you to think that
I'm the kind of man who would
force a dying woman to-
[Clears Throat]
Tom: And it's not because, uh,
I'm facing the fact that
I might have to spend
the rest of my life without sex.
No, no, no, no.
That's-that's, no.
No, this is-
this is really just
not about me.
No, so-
I'm just letting you know that, uh,
anytime you want,
I am available,
not now, I would
guess, from your face.
You know, that's fine,
you read your book.
That's fine, that's fine.
But, uh,
anytime in the next
24, 48 hours,
I'm here for you.
Also 72 hours.
How many nights home do you have left?
- Four.
- Four!
Four, that's loads of time, four.
Yeah, or-or-or
Cuddles, too, all the cuddles you want.
And if the cuddles lead to sex,
[Dog Barking]
are the love of my life.
How dare you come here?
Why, I had to come.
You did not have to come.
Our daughter needed me.
She's been sobbing all
the way here on the plane.
- Zoe's here?
- Of course Zoe's here.
Oh god, Kaitlyn must have called her.
Richard: She's gone straight to bed.
She said you'd need your sleep but-
So you crawl into my bed?
You're still a beautiful woman, Gracie.
Grace: I am calling a cab.
You need to go to a hotel.
No, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not leaving.
Never again, never.
Grace, are you speaking?
Uh huh.
- Hi.
- Yeah, hi, Tom.
Uh, I heard voices, but uh-
well, I didn't expect to see you.
Really, Tom? Really?
Yeah, yeah.
Really, yeah.
Congratulations on the new novel.
I haven't had a chance to read it yet,
but they said on the
radio you might win
a second Tolstoy Prize.
Why on earth would I want
to talk about my book.
Gracie has a brain tumour!
Yeah, I don't really read your books.
I was just being polite.
Well, I don't think now is
the time for politeness, Tom.
So I'm just gonna come
right out and say this, okay?
I'm gonna win Grace back.
Tom, I think you need to go to bed.
No, you need to avoid unnecessary stress.
Please, please, please, go to bed.
I'll deal with this.
Because I think that needs an answer.
- No, I will answer it for you.
- Well, I was going to say-
No, I know what you're gonna say, darling.
We have been married forever.
Not forever.
Yeah, and I'm not that predictable.
I could, theoretically, still surprise you.
No, you couldn't.
Please, go to bed.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'll see you later.
Bye, sweetheart.
Tom: Okay, well, I'm just upstairs.
what was he gonna say to me?
I don't care.
I would say the same thing to you
if Tom were not my husband.
If the only husband I had ever had
was a lying little shit
who cheated on me when
I had a newborn baby!
Why are you exaggerating?
She wasn't newborn, she was
six months old.
This is insane.
You know, I might
surprise you all and live.
That would be fantastic.
Well, wouldn't you only
want me because I'm dying?
If you thought you were stuck with me
for the rest of your life,
you never would have got
on that plane in London.
I've changed.
Well, I haven't.
I still hate you and I
want you out of my house
by the time I get up in the
morning, do you understand?
Unless you want to be the first to die.
I can read Middlemarch.
I'm smart.
I read fast.
Why not?
Did you tell him what I was gonna tell him?
Go to sleep.
I'm gonna start with chapter one.
Did you tell him I love you?
Yeah, yeah.
Skip the prelude.
So is he leaving?
Brooke had the kind of beauty-
Yeah, he's leaving.
Of course, he's leaving.
So, what's for breakfast?
Grace: "This is very kind
of you," said Dorothea,
looking up at Mr.
Casaubon with delight.
"It is noble. After all,
people may have some vocation"-
You made him breakfast in bed?
You never made me breakfast in bed.
It's for Zoe.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Carry on.
Richard: You're still here?
Thought you would've gone by now.
Oh, Mom.
Everything's gonna be okay.
No, that's not what Kaitlyn said.
Grace: I'm sure they can
cut the whole thing out.
I need to have a little bit of radiation.
It'll be fine.
I'm just sorry that you had
to leave your great new job
in London and come home.
I've got to go to work because
the model has arrived
for the new project.
You're going to work?
Which goes to show what a little fuss
about nothing this all is.
Go back to sleep.
Oh, Mom.
I brought dad with me.
Is that okay?
The more, the merrier.
Richard: Hey.
Grace: Right.
I'm off.
You're going to work?
Of course, I am.
I'm not the jerk who makes
loads of money writing
pretentious, self-serving lies about
someone I used to be married to.
Speaking of which,
I expect you to be gone
by the time I get home.
I have only written about our marriage
in my first novel.
Which won one of the
biggest prizes in the world.
It's still in print,
a modern classic.
They teach it in schools.
But nobody knew that was based on you.
The fragile but brilliant
hero's neurotic first wife
named Kelly?
As in Grace Kelly?
Everybody knew!
I don't have time for this in so many ways.
Richard, please,
let this be our final goodbye.
The man who makes dying
feel like an easier option.
[Door Slams]
You're not really going to work?
I am going to work.
Nah, you've got a secret life.
- A rendezvous with a lover.
- I've got a meeting at 10.
Is this really who you've become?
The kind of person that goes to the office
when they're dying?
I don't actually think I am dying.
Yeah, you know what, you may be,
and on Monday.
And, just look at you.
What? I-
I like my suit.
I'm not talking about your suit.
You're not afraid! Why not?
Don't tell me how I feel.
I always know how you feel.
The great genius at work.
How am I feeling now, Richard?
Do the words,
fuck you, come to mind?
And not in a good way.
You know, you're right.
We should've just done it then.
Done what?
What are you doing?
Do you remember
when our marriage was falling apart,
we were walking down
some street in Islington,
and you started crying?
And you said that you didn't
want to be one of those
little people who gets
married and divorced,
and married and divorced,
you wanted to be a big person
with one great love,
and if we were gonna be
petty little people
with little lives then
why don't we just lie down
in the middle of the road
until some kind bugger ran over us and
put us out of our misery?
Did I ever really think
love was that important?
God, I was so young.
Love is that important.
Get up!
Don't do this!
I've only got four days to live,
and I don't have time to
save your worthless life.
Tom: Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
Finish your breakfast.
I heard yelling.
Yeah, sure.
I'll see you tonight.
Yeah, okay.
I love you.
Tom: Oh, Grace?
Do we have any of those muffins?
Yeah, I-I think we got
one left in the fridge.
Okay, thanks.
And you still love me.
how long in the microwave?
just about 30 seconds.
Yeah, yeah, thank you.
Get run over,
I'm going to work.
How can you go to work?
'Cause it's a big project for me.
I spent ages on this.
And now I've missed my bus.
I'm gonna be late for
my meeting, you bastard!
I know why you're not afraid.
You're not afraid because
you're already dead.
Well, I'm here to
bring you back to life!
Well, wouldn't that be cruel
under the circumstances?
Let's do it.
Co-Worker: Tada!
There's the pond.
And the playground.
No units smaller than 243 square feet.
This is the biggest project I've
ever been lead architect on,
and so much work has gone into it and
we really gave it our all.
Just look at it.
The little cars and
the little people.
Months of work.
And it's...
It's shit.
[Soft Piano Melody]
Lorna: Hey.
You okay?
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
'Cause you-you seem kind of,
um, you know, different.
No, no, no, same old Grace.
You know, if anything's happening,
you can tell me, right?
'Cause I'm your friend.
I knew it.
Tell me everything.
I am a little bit
distracted, because I, uh...
[Stuttering] I've got...
I've got-I've got-
I've got a house guest.
Oh, you know what?
That explains everything.
'Cause I had my in-laws
visiting last month,
and I could not wait for that to end.
Okay, is that on Tom's
side of the family?
Uh, more mine.
Right, but I thought your parents were gone
and then you're an only child.
Yeah, actually, it's my first husband.
Oh, Richard Feekery.
So, Richard Feekery is
in your house right now.
I love his books.
Stolen Dreams is
magnificent, 'cause,
like, he just understands women
and those sex scenes, come on.
You must have bonked your brains out
when you were married to him.
Okay, if I were you,
I would sneak into his bed
in the middle of the night
and have my way with him.
'Cause you only live once, right?
'Cause I'm thinking about it,
I can't help it.
Is it hot in here?
It's hot, let's open a window.
Thank you for letting me know.
Yeah, her Tolstoy Prize winning ex
is visiting from London.
Some girls don't know
how lucky they are.
Kaitlyn: So, last
night I told her that
my life is going great.
Is it?
And you should do the same because
she can't die in peace if
she's worried that we're losers.
So you agree?
That we're not losers? I don't know.
I think that it's a
little bit early to tell.
We still have a lot of
life to live, look at-
Do you agree that we should
help her die in peace?
Of course I do.
Then why did you tell your father?
They were married.
When they were very young.
And then they were divorced.
He's like
the first guy you ever kissed
at some stupid birthday party
in somebody's basement.
Like, who even remembers him?
Kenny Slitzer.
He was wonderful.
She's supposed to avoid stress.
He said that he wants to be there
at her bedside when it happens.
That is the definition of inappropriate.
He said that she's the love of his life.
My dad is the love of her life,
or she wouldn't have left
your dad for my dad, right?
I guess.
And if someone is the
love of your life,
then by definition you are
the love of their life too.
I don't know.
Our soulmates can't
have different soulmates.
Yeah, you're right because
then life would just
be too sad.
- Hi, Tom.
- Yeah, Dad?
I've thought of something that'll make
your mom really happy.
I knew you would.
[Alarm Beeping]
Oh, shit.
"We are not afraid of
telling over and over again
how a man comes to love a woman
and be wedded to her".
You're still here?
Richard: Of course I'm still here.
And suspiciously alone.
Please don't tell me
you murdered my husband
just to have a subject
for your next potboiler.
Nah, they've gone to get pizza.
[Whispering] I think it's
supposed to be like a big surprise.
I love pizza.
Richard, let me say this gently.
Get the fuck out of my house.
I've missed you so much.
I never should have left you.
You didn't leave me.
I left you.
Or at least I threw your
clothes out of the window
and changed the locks.
We could have worked things out.
I don't think so.
Things weren't quite the same
after a drunk woman rang me to tell me
she was fucking my husband,
it just somehow took the
sparkle out of our marriage.
I don't know why, it just did.
I was an asshole.
Finally we agree on something.
But you should have waited
for me to stop being an asshole
instead of getting
yourself knocked up by Tom.
Tom saved my life.
If you hadn't got pregnant,
you never would have divorced me.
Why do women always get pregnant
at such inopportune times,
it should only happen
when the stars are aligned
and true love is present,
when the condom breaks.
Kaitlyn was not an accident.
Okay, well, yes, she was.
She was the best accident
that ever happened to me.
You never regret children,
you only regret the men
that fathered them.
You only slept with him for revenge.
Loneliness, lust, revenge,
rank them.
It was so long ago and,
and now I'm happily married and dying.
Not the best time to start dating your ex.
And then you moved here
because you still loved me
and you didn't want to be tempted.
I did not move to
Toronto because of you.
Oh yes, you did.
I did not.
But now I'm here
I love you, too.
You don't know what love is.
It requires to occasionally
think about someone else.
You only think about
the ever fascinating Richard Feekery.
Tom is a real person.
Tom knows what love is.
I know what love is.
Tom: Pizza time!
[Cheery Piano Melody]
You know, this wine you bought, Richard,
it goes really well with pizza.
It's a Chablis Grand Crus, 1987.
Tom: Yeah? Is it? Well,
I think I'll just
have a little drop more.
Oh, come on, everyone,
stop looking so depressed.
There's no reason to give up hope.
I believe in miracles.
And-and doctors can be wrong.
Do you know 40% of hospital stays
have at least one incident
of medical malpractice?
That's true.
That's very reassuring.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's not what the doctor said.
It's-I just have a bad feeling about this.
And you know,
I'm a little psychic.
Remember, I had that dream about the dog,
and then the following week,
the next door neighbour's dog
was run over by a police car.
And then last summer, I kept saying,
something bad is gonna happen,
something bad's gonna happen,
and-and then they had that
earthquake in Argentina.
Darling, it's so nice to see you.
I want a blow-by-blow
account of your new job.
Zoe has her new career,
and I found the perfect guy.
You did a great job, Mama.
Zoe: We're winners!
You're in love?
Let me give you some advice.
I don't like advice.
This is good advice.
Especially from you.
You're just my sister's father,
which is bad enough.
I just want to be normal.
You got to grow up with
your mom and your dad.
I was always being
schlepped back and forth
to England on a plane.
Kaitlyn: You think it's been fun
seeing the disappointment on people's faces
when I say, no, I'm not
the famous Richard Feekery's daughter?
Richard: People pay a lot
of money for my opinions.
I don't believe in a market economy.
Richard: Neither do I, but
it'd be stupid not to
cash the cheques, right?
And this advice might
change your life.
I get wiser every year.
I don't want my life changed.
leave Kaitlyn alone,
she doesn't like advice.
And anyway, you're not wise,
you've just got a nice prose style.
Richard: If this man you love
does something to hurt you,
give him another chance.
Oh god!
change the locks and
throw his clothes out of the window.
We're not living together.
What are you even talking about?
I am talking
about your mother
shutting me out of her life
instead of giving me another chance
and therefore ruining all our lives.
Kaitlyn: Well, if my mom
had thought that way,
I wouldn't exist.
I'd be an only child.
Tom: I wouldn't.
Well, then I'd be alive, but
I'd be eating pizza somewhere else.
It's not important.
Nothing is important but my Gracie.
Where were we?
Please don't go back to where we were,
please, please.
Maybe some things aren't
meant to be discussed
while eating pizza.
She doesn't like being called Gracie.
She prefers Grace.
She doesn't like being called Gracie
by other people because Gracie
was my pet name for her.
She has wonderful memories
of being called Gracie.
Intimate memories,
passionate memories.
Memories that she doesn't
want tarnished by newer
less significant husbands
calling her Gracie.
Horrible memories.
Like this one right now.
Uh, no, no, I'm in Canada.
I flew home last night because-
Yes, I know where my dad is.
He's sitting right next to me.
Oh, fuck.
She can hear you.
Richard: I can hear you, yes.
Yeah, uh huh.
I know, I know.
What-what can I say?
Uh huh.
Yeah, well.
Do you want to know why?
Do you want to know why?
Because she is the love of my life.
That's why.
Grace: "She was
humiliated to find herself
a mere victim of feeling,
as if she knew nothing
except through that medium".
[Soft Piano Melody]
Just cleaning out the fridge.
Hey, I'm not the stupid husband, Gracie.
I'm the smart one.
And you were always telling me
I wasn't good enough.
Why didn't you
give me a call when you
lowered your expectations?
Don't say things like that about Tom.
Where were you all those
nights he was looking
after the girls while I
was finishing my degree?
Oh, yeah, I was just
obsessing about my writing.
You mean, fucking.
I'm just
too tired for another
middle of the night argument.
Look, if I really am dying,
can't you let me die in peace?
Just tell me you don't still hate me.
Too exhausted to hate anyone.
If you're so tired,
why don't you go to sleep?
Because you're afraid
you're not gonna wake up?
You got something on your face.
No, no, there.
Oh, jeez, I'll get it.
I haven't got anything on my face.
It's just your excuse to get near me.
You can't blame me for trying.
I mean, it's not over 'til it's over.
Yeah, it's not a football match,
it's my life.
And mine.
I'm so glad that you kissed me.
Because I feel
absolutely nothing.
No regrets,
no what ifs.
We were right to split
up. You can go home now.
You don't feel nothing.
You look really disappointed.
What did you expect,
for it to play like a sex scene
in one of your novels?
The sensitive but
manly hero kisses her,
she can't resist, who could,
at the touch of those magic fingers.
She's writhing in ecstasy.
"Take me, baby!
Right here on the kitchen floor."
Yeah, alright, Gracie,
you know I hate this, don't do that.
Just one last fuck from the literary genius
so I can die a truly satisfied woman.
Would you stop it, alright?
Unzip those pants, baby,
and show me something really worth dying-
Right, that's it. I'm just going to bed.
Jam yesterday,
jam tomorrow,
and finally,
jam today.
And you're the smart wife.
You just outmaneuvered me, didn't you?
Do you think you could clear all this up?
I-I would but,
hey, I'm dying.
Don't throw away our last chance, Gracie.
Your last chance came
and went years ago, honey.
So, Mom's happy you're in love.
She's meeting him tomorrow.
Maybe I could meet someone too.
You don't have much time.
Boys love me.
It can't just be a hookup.
But what if I think it's forever
and then we break up after-
It's not like she's gonna know.
I better get to work.
It's almost noon, Dad.
Yeah, it's just
I don't feel like working.
I don't know how your
mom is managing it.
I thought you were all going out.
Kaitlyn: She should be
flying to Machu Picchu.
I'll never forgive myself
for making her go to
Disneyland instead.
Zoe: You were eight.
It's not your fault.
Tom should have known better.
I would have taken her to Machu Picchu.
Ah, come on.
Everybody loves Disneyland.
You remember me videoing
you dancing with Goofy?
Yeah, we had a great time.
apart from the food poisoning.
Do any of you have a ladder?
Uhhh, yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
You asked for this?
Oh, thank you, yeah.
Just leave it there.
Are you sure you're okay, Grace?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Machu Picchu.
I went there.
Did you?
(Chuckles) I just went to Disneyland.
Architecture 101.
Well, maybe you're right.
We're in a bit of a rut.
We could use some inspiration.
depressing reminder of
what failures we've become.
But they're beautiful.
Hey, hey, careful.
You don't want to black out again.
I'll let you take that.
You need to come home.
I'm busy.
It's an emergency.
Is it what you would consider an emergency
or what I would consider an emergency?
Well, at this stage in your life,
everything's an emergency.
Tell me what it is or I'm not coming.
We need to talk over some
things about Zoe.
You wouldn't be using
our daughter as part of
a lame scheme to seduce me, would you?
Of course, not. Jesus!
What do you think I am? My god.
(Stuttering) I'm-
Oh, sorry.
I'm sorry I-
I apologize.
Alright, I'm coming.
[Playful Music]
Richard: Come upstairs.
Thank you so much.
I could really use a drink.
What happened to the bed?
Was there a window open or something?
You know when Grace
left you,
how did you survive?
What are you doing home?
Oh, yeah.
I cancelled all the classes, I just...
I was just not concentrating.
I keep thinking about-
I keep thinking...
I keep thinking...
I just don't think I can live without her.
Can I have some more champagne?
I'm back.
Richard: Come upstairs.
If this is like the time
I came to pick up Zoe
and you had sent her
to a friend's house and
covered the bed with rose petals
to remind me of the time
we had sex in the garden,
I'll be really pissed off.
It's going to be okay.
It's alright.
You'll get through this, buddy.
Was nice, though,
that time in the garden.
Could I have a little
more champagne, please?
Thank you.
[Doorbell Ringing]
Maybe that's enough, huh?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Tamara: And so, we meet again.
Grace: Richard!
I sincerely hope this is an illusion
caused by your brain tumour.
Yes, let's be civilized, shall we?
We'll drink champagne and
deal with this like grownups.
We are grownups.
Do grownups steal
other women's husbands, Gracie?
Yes they do, some of them.
As you should know.
And I don't intend
stealing anyone's husband.
And please, Tamara, don't call me Gracie.
I told you she didn't like that.
Look, alright, I'll handle this, Gracie.
If he loved you he wouldn't
have left you for me.
He did not leave me.
That was in his novel.
In real life, I kicked him out.
You kicked him out
because he was in love with me.
And I knew you'd want your revenge one day.
So now you want him back.
Well, over my dead body.
If it's dead bodies we're talking about,
I think I might just
have the advantage here.
Excuse me.
Could somebody offer me a
glass of champagne, please?
I'm the one who's just got off the plane.
I will, and um,
I'll have one myself.
Tamara: Thank you, Ted.
Tom: It's Tom.
I want you to know that none
of this is directed at you.
No, no, no. I didn't think it was, no.
Richard kind of trails chaos after him.
Do you know what he said to
me on the phone last night?
What my husband said to me.
He said that Gracie was
the love of his life.
Do you know how much that hurt me?
I don't need another love of my life.
I already have one.
Who needs two?
He's not the love of your life.
She just said I was.
The point is, Richard is all yours.
Don't try and use reverse psychology on me.
We can all do that.
Richard's yours, go on.
Take him!
Nice champagne, isn't it?
Yeah, it is, isn't it?
I flew economy.
A woman like me should never fly economy.
They offered me water to
drink like I was a peasant.
I don't mean to make
this situation any worse
- than it already is
- Then I'll just call a cab.
But I would just like to
clear up a couple of points
that have been made, two points.
Grace: Yeah, or you
could just leave.
First, I do not trail chaos behind me.
Okay, yes, I used to.
But it's been many years
since I've trailed chaos.
So stop judging me on
the man that I used to be.
And yes, I'm here because I love Gracie.
I'm not ashamed of that.
I'm ashamed of leaving
her for this lunatic.
Oh, go ahead, stab me in the heart,
why don't you, you bastard!
Tom: Richard, that's
completely uncalled for,
and to your own wife.
You're such a gentleman, Ted.
Right, and that's the second point.
Yes, Tamara is technically speaking
still my legal wife,
but it has been many years
since we have lived under the same roof,
and even longer
since we've slept together.
You swore till death do we part.
Yeah but I made the same vows to Gracie
when we got married,
so I don't think that's a winning point
for your side of the argument.
The last person you said it
to is the one that counts.
No, no, no, no.
Surely, the first is the binding pledge
that seals the deal, right?
No, no, no, she doesn't
get to win by dying first.
That's cheating.
Yeah, I think we're all a
little bit off topic here.
Now, can I book someone a hotel?
How dare you tell me to go to a hotel.
That is not an insult.
I will pay.
No, I'm not going to a hotel
and leaving my husband here
to fuck you.
I will not fuck your husband, I promise.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
if there's anything like that going on,
as Gracie's husband and the
official love of her life,
I'll be taking care of it.
Oh my god.
I just wish I stayed in the office today.
Why were you at the office?
You told me she was dying.
No, no, no, no, she is dying.
It's the end of my world.
You poor darling man.
No, no, no, you finish the
champagne, darling, it'll help.
Go on.
Yeah, it's probably a good idea.
Please, Tom, no more.
Give it to me.
He wants a glass of champagne!
Listen, I bought the champagne-
[Raucous Arguing]
Zoe, darling!
Come and give your stepmommy a hug.
And Kaitlyn, look at
you, all grown up.
Come on, I want a hug from you, too.
- Come on.
- Uh, oh, okay.
Did you fly all the way from London
to see my mother before she-
Oh yes, yes.
I couldn't let her um,
depart without seeing her one last time.
Your mother and I have
a lot more in common
than you girls realize.
So many memories.
And I'm staying here
right till the very end.
[Bright Playful Music]
Sofa's fine.
Well, I'm not sleeping with her.
I've slept in all kinds of places.
Richard: Oh, I'm sure
you have, Tamara!
Though not in a hotel, apparently.
I like being right in the middle of things,
where I can see everything,
and hear any noises up above.
Grace: Maybe I should go to a hotel.
[Door Creaking]
[Door Creaking]
Oh hi, you're awake.
I was just having a look around.
Nice place.
Do you own it?
Well, I see you put
Richard right next door.
It's just because it's Kaitlyn's old room.
[Whispering] Are you really dying?
It's possible.
It's always possible, darling.
I'm not a well women myself.
The doctor said to get ready.
Ready for what?
Oh god.
Oh god to die, sorry.
That's not good when they say that, is it?
It's nice.
You happy with whatsisname?
Of course we're happy.
Well, I don't know what is happy.
Okay, so it's just a marriage like
other people's marriages.
No, I wouldn't say that.
He's a good man.
Is he?
Yeah, well, it can be enough
in a man at our age, can it?
How did you meet?
I really don't want to go
into all that right now.
Oh come on, Grace, please.
I'm interested.
Okay, if you really want to know.
I do.
My husband was shacked
up with another woman.
And I was at a grocery store
and I couldn't stop crying,
'cause I had hardly any money,
and the groceries were
really heavy and my baby
wouldn't stop screaming.
And this really nice
man helped me home.
And the next day he
turned up with his toolbox
to fix a window that I
didn't even know was cracked.
Always love a man with a toolbox.
It was a horrible
winter, as you may recall,
in so many ways.
So one night,
you drank too much wine,
slept with a nice toolbox man,
and ended up pregnant.
Now wait-
I didn't know what he was gonna say,
we hardly knew each other.
Yeah, well,
that's always an awkward
situation, isn't it?
Yeah, but he was ecstatic.
Really wanted to be a dad, and to Zoe, too
And Richard-
Yeah, well, Richard was away with you.
Screaming and fucking and
throwing shoes at each other.
So you know,
maybe you were the lucky one.
Maybe except the brain
tumour thing, you know.
Yeah, maybe even that, Grace.
It's not like getting
old is any fun, is it?
Particularly in the
circles I move in.
Men buzz around you like flies.
Next thing you know,
they're chatting
up some 19-year-old
and you're on the corner drinking alone.
I tell you what.
It's been so nice having Zoe for company
while she tried out that new job.
You've been a fantastic stepmother,
and I really appreciate that.
If you ask me, they should
never have fired her.
If they didn't have security cameras
they'd never even known
she'd had sex on a desk.
Oh god.
I mean, honestly.
Who wants to live in a world
where you can't make love
on your desk if the opportunity arises?
Richard really missed her
when you moved here, you know.
I never wanted a baby of my own.
Who wants to clean up somebody's shit?
Now I wonder, you know,
who's gonna clean up my shit when I'm old?
Maybe that's why people have babies.
You clean their shit, they clean yours.
When I was young I used
to think there'd be people
lining up to clean my shit.
That I'd be mourned by
millions when I died.
What did you think you'd be?
Eva Peron, that was the life.
But, you know, sometimes your dreams
don't come true, do they?
Some people meet Juan Peron
and I meet Richard Feekery.
Don't get me wrong.
Wife of a Tolstoy
Prize winner is nice,
but you don't get as much as people think.
If only he'd won the Nobel.
Zoe might clean up your
shit when the time comes.
You have given her some seriously nice
birthday presents.
She's easy to love, isn't she?
Not like her father.
Well, he's pretty easy to love, too.
Yes, I remember.
Yes, I bet you do.
I didn't mean it like that.
Listen to me, Grace.
All this shit about you
being his true love is
batshit crazy and I know batshit crazy.
I was his true love,
which is why he left you and Zoe for me.
It's okay we don't live happily ever after,
but, frankly, who does?
So if you want one last fling,
just find somebody else.
I don't want one last fling.
Of course you do.
We all want one last fling.
I want one last fling and
I'm not even dying, so,
I'm not judging you,
I'm just saying,
please, just find a different man.
Hm? What?
What's happening?
Just checking your wife
isn't fucking my husband.
Yeah, night.
That was nice of her.
[Soft Piano Melody]
Thanks, Tyler.
- Hi.
- Hi.
walking distance from my house, and
surprisingly good coffee made
by my friend, Tyler, here.
An insomniac's dream.
Did my text wake you?
Uh, yeah.
The ping surprised me.
I can't remember the last time I got a text
in the middle of the night.
Did it wake Terry?
No, I left her a note,
said I had to go into the office.
Something unexpected.
This could have waited till morning.
But you wanted to tell me now.
This is gonna sound horribly melodramatic,
but um,
I may be dying.
And I don't mean I may be mortal.
I mean,
on Monday.
The blackout?
I felt woozy
a few times, I fell once but,
I just thought that I was
tired and clumsy.
They can't do a biopsy
'cause it's in too deep so
they just have to cut open my skull
and see what they can find.
I might be fine after surgery.
Or I might wake up and
not be myself anymore.
Or I might never wake up.
It's big.
But you might be okay.
But the doctor said to get ready.
Yeah, I don't want pity.
That's why I haven't told people, I
hated it when my first
husband immortalized me
as the pathetic, abandoned wife.
But I want you to know that
my files are all in order.
A few messy odds and ends,
but nothing that you
can't figure out.
I must remember to email you my password.
And the Millwood Project.
You've seen the model.
It's as good as the clients want it to be.
And as for my shares, well,
I have a will.
It's only 10% of the company.
Don't worry, Tom knows that
they're not worth very much.
This is embarrassing but
I think it needs to be said.
You mean-
This means that we'll-
There was that time.
We almost.
Just a kiss.
We didn't even do that.
But if we had.
Might not have stopped with a kiss.
Maybe that's why we didn't.
Who knows?
Who knows?
But if we both-
Weren't married.
And if we did it now?
That would just be
damaging your marriage for no reason
and we're not gonna do that.
Other people would.
We're not other people.
Well I'm not sure my
marriage will last, anyway.
I've said all I had to say.
Now you must go home now.
I do not want Terry to worry.
Let me drive you home.
Doesn't look like a genius to me.
Did you sleep with him?
None of your business.
You're right.
But I didn't,
because I'm not that kind of girl.
My sweet Gracie.
How will I live without you?
[Soft Piano Chords] [Sobbing]
"Oh, you are a wise man, are you not?
You know all about life and death.
Advise me. Think what I can do."
I-I vowed to myself that
I'd finish Middlemarch bef-
Oh, darling, maybe you're
a little optimistic.
So there's always your next life.
Do you believe in reincarnation?
I don't know.
It's a huge question, isn't it?
What happens next? Is it-
Is it nothingness? Is it something?
But without our bodies
do you think we're really,
truly ourselves?
Or is the concept of
an afterlife just a lie
in order to avoid the
terror of obliteration?
I've always felt I was Cleopatra.
Of course you did.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- This is him.
- Who?
My true love.
Oh, yes, yes.
He's cute.
- Very cute.
- Yes, very cute.
What's he like in bed?
Zoe: It doesn't say.
What do you mean what doesn't say?
The dating website.
But, he has very liberal views
and he loves dogs.
Oh, he also likes horror movies.
Mom, I have 238 potential matches.
You don't have to find
your true love today.
I know, but Kaitlyn already has.
And honestly guys have always
liked me more than Kaitlyn.
Well, I thought she was a lesbian.
I know.
No, sadly, neither of my
daughters are lesbians.
Oh, I couldn't live without penises.
Have they got any men my age?
- Yes.
- No, no, no, actually,
don't look, it'll be too depressing.
They all want girls your age.
Zoe, take my advice.
Find a good man when
you're young, hold on tight.
If he bores you later, just
fuck someone on the side.
Zoe, darling, I'm going
to go meet Kaitlyn's
alleged true love.
Let's meet later for a cup of coffee
to discuss your future.
Just-just you and me, okay?
- Okay.
- Sweetheart.
Oh, he's cute!
Okay, I'm gonna have breakfast with Kaitlyn
and then some coffee with Zoe.
I'll be back by lunch.
Don't worry, I'll bring something-
Yeah, wrong husband.
I have
- Darling, I'm sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
Tamara: Zoe's just told
me that you check into
the hospital tomorrow.
Yeah, at four.
Ah, so, what time do they operate?
First thing Monday morning.
So tonight's your uh,
last night to do uh,
whatever it is you want to do.
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
Thank you.
He's late.
Maybe I should call him.
He's always turning his cellphone off.
He says it makes it too hard for him
to concentrate on his writing.
Why don't you expand
your research into a book?
Then people will read you
even after you're dead
and you'll be
immortalized as yourself
rather than as the lies that
other people write about you.
I'm just so in love with him.
It's like I'm brain dead,
but in a good way.
Like, you know,
how you used to feel for Dad.
And you can travel.
You and Zoe could
go to Machu Picchu.
Please, Kaitlyn, you-
There he is!
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- It's so good to see you.
So you're the slut who's
sleeping with my husband!
She's old enough to suck your dick,
she's old enough to meet your wife!
Will: Kaitlyn's mom, I presume.
Pleased to meet you, both.
What, your little whore isn't allowed out
- without a grownup?
- Darla, don't-
I swear, Mom, I didn't know he was married.
I didn't know.
So you're not just a slut,
you're a stupid slut.
Will: I was going to tell you,
then everything just
kept happening so fast,
especially with the news.
What news?
Her mother is dying.
- You're dying?
- Possibly.
Kaitlyn told me probably.
It is probably.
Your mother says possibly.
She's in denial.
I'm not in denial.
She's in denial about being in denial.
Kaitlyn told me probably,
she said she wanted her mother to meet me
before she died, said
it was really important.
So I didn't think it
was a good time to say
that I was married.
It is not my husband's job
to make your mom's dying wish
to see her loser daughter
find a man come true.
Grace: I never said that.
I actually would have
preferred her to meet a woman.
Kaitlyn: It wasn't even like that.
Will told me I was his soulmate.
He was just trying to fuck you, you idiot.
Have you taught her nothing?
Will: It wasn't just about-
I-I thought
She's Richard Feekery's step-daughter.
The man is a goddamn genius, okay?
No, no, he's my half-sister's father.
He's not my step-father, it's different.
But I didn't think I would
have to decide so fast
and that suddenly she's dying, and then-
What about that guy from the gym?
This is not about the guy from the gym.
Oh, okay, so you could just
sleep with whoever you want-
Kaitlyn, I think we should leave.
Nice to meet you both.
Will: Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn, come on.
[Uplifting Music]
This is why I don't date.
I thought it went really well.
Yes, it could have been so much worse.
I nearly ripped Tamara's face off.
That chapter in Dad's book was true?
I thought we were
Dante and Beatrice and
we were just a tweet.
Oh my god, there's so
much I haven't taught you.
That hysterical young woman was right.
Never trust a man who
won't spend the night.
You know, you are both so young.
You're gonna make many mistakes
which you can't even imagine,
but it will all settle down, I promise.
When do you find the job
that you're gonna love
more than any other job?
And the man that we love
more than any other man?
Or woman.
That's not happening, Mom.
We have to let it go.
God, I had such a crappy job.
But I used to walk past
this beautiful building
and it just made me happy to see it.
Sort of made my day light.
And one day I said to myself,
I'm gonna become an architect.
I am gonna build beautiful buildings.
That's nice.
Why didn't you do it?
didn't I do what?
Build beautiful buildings
instead of subdivisions?
No, it's alright.
You can ask me anything you want.
You know, I don't think I was good enough.
Did you try?
Of course I tried.
But maybe not hard enough.
Why not?
Well, I wanted you to be
well into your thirties
before I disillusioned you but
I suppose it takes me having a brain tumour
for you to actually want my advice.
That's actually true.
So what have I learnt from my life?
Most of us get tired of
having wild love affairs
full of screaming and
pain and getting fired
because we had sex on the desk.
We want to grow up,
construct a life.
So we have to put
ourselves in a box.
We have to choose a career.
We have to commit ourselves
to one relationship
rather than another.
But sometimes we can't fit all ourselves
into the box because people are huge.
we're giants.
We're full of rage and
joy and passion and...
Sometimes you start to feel
hunched up all the time,
like you're in a tiny
little prison cell and,
and you dream of putting
your fist through the box,
and you don't want to lose
it all and find that you've
got no career and no family
like those stupid people
who never grow up but...
[Soft Uplifting Music]
Maybe the box needn't be quite so small.
Maybe sometimes we can just stand up and-
and-and shake our fists and shout.
And maybe it won't all come down
if we yell,
fuck you world, here I am.
Fuck you world here I am!
Fuck you world here I am!
Fuck you world
here I am.
[Uplifting Music]
She's not answering.
That's odd.
She said she'd be back for lunch.
I'm starving.
Well don't look at me.
I don't cook.
Maybe she's run away to Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu?
It's an ancient Incan city
on a mountain ridge in Peru.
Gracie wanted to go there.
This idiot took her to Disneyland.
Yeah, we had the time of
our lives in Disneyland,
and I lost three pounds.
No, no, she's probably,
you know, just having a nice
last day with the girls.
Yeah, let's hope so.
What does that mean?
He's worried her last fuck
will be with someone else,
aren't you, sweetie?
I've got first dibs on the last fuck.
Ah, I'm going out.
Do you have an appointment
to meet her somewhere?
Okay, well, you can go then.
Oh, thanks.
Do you know what I want?
A nice glass of wine.
We don't keep alcohol in the house.
Oh don't you worry about that, my darling,
I'm a resourceful woman.
It's never hard for a woman
like me to find a drink.
[Uplifting Music]
Married men should be required by law
to wear wedding rings.
Mom loves beautiful buildings,
so she became an architect.
What do I like most?
You don't want to think
of that as a profession.
Hey, is your mother here?
Do you know where she is?
Why would I tell you?
You're trying to steal
her away from my father.
She has a point, Dad.
Yeah, alright, I shouldn't ask you.
Zoe, where's your mother?
Come on, your loyalty
should be to your father.
But Tom did buy me my IPhone,
and he took me to the
hospital that one time
when I fell off my pony,
and he was so encouraging when I told him
that I wanted to go on safari,
- and I just...
- Ah, for fuck's sake.
I'm starving.
Don't look at us, we don't cook.
I cook.
Zoe: He is a great cook.
I am a good cook.
What do you want?
What are you guys doing?
We're trying to figure out
what to do with our lives
in case mom isn't around to help us decide.
Alright, well,
let's start with an omelette.
[Soft Piano Melody]
Richard: I always thought Gracie
and I would get back together.
Maybe at Zoe's wedding.
She'd look up as I walked
our daughter down the aisle,
and we'd kind of just
fall into each other's arms.
At my wedding?
Well, that's the great thing
about having a kid with someone.
You never completely lose touch with them.
Mom said that that was the worst thing
about having a kid with someone.
Oh, I have a text.
Is that your mother?
- Oh.
- What?
It's from Will.
Who's Will?
Does he-does he drive a black Land Rover?
Will is Kaitlyn's married boyfriend
whose wife called her
a whore in front of Mom.
[Whispering] So awkward.
What did he say?
"Can I C U?
Told D leaving,
U R T R L V!"
What a cryptic means of communication.
Zoe: Oh Dad, it's texting.
Come on, everybody does it.
Well, I don't.
A dog communicates with more elegance.
Alright, go on then, translate.
Will told D, his wife
D stands for wife?
Her name is Darla.
What's the point of a code
if it's that easy to break?
Will told his wife that he's leaving her
because Kaitlyn is his true love.
Maybe he really does love me,
maybe all that's happened
has just been a bumpy start,
that would be so much better than a
soul-destroying affair with
a lying creep that could
destroy my self-esteem forever.
- What should I do?
- Okay-
No, that was a rhetorical question.
No, I've got your answer to it.
There's no way you should be giving a guy
like that a second chance.
You told me to forgive him! Remember?
He lives here? Number two?
Yeah, although he never invited me over.
Now I know why.
Maybe we should just leave.
Well, since we have established
that he doesn't always tell the truth,
we need to determine the facts
before I can finalize my advice.
Yeah, I really don't like advice.
You need advice.
Even if I wanted advice,
I wouldn't ask my mother's ex-husband.
If the only parental figure in your life
is gonna be Tom-
Mom always said that Tom was the sane one.
I've changed!
Why does nobody believe that?
Richard: Is this D?
Darla: Oh my god!
You're Richard Feekery!
We're here to see W
and I don't mean the
incompetent ex-president,
I'm talking about your current husband.
Will. Will!
I love your books.
Thank you!
- I quite like her.
- Shut up.
Hi... Lyn.
Hi. Hi!
Alright, I used to be a
lying married shit myself,
so let's not play games, okay?
Haven't got around
to telling your wife
you're in love with someone else.
Well, we've all been there.
But bringing your wife
along to meet your
future mother-in-law
who's dying,
I'm sorry, but that's
crossing the line, even for me.
But, thanks to a flippant remark I made
while thinking of no one but myself,
this sweet, wonderful,
stubborn young woman is hoping that one day
this will be a look
back and laugh anecdote.
Which brings us to this.
Are you really planing
on leaving your wife?
And I mean in the packing
and seeing a lawyer sense,
not in the daydreaming
while you're horny sense.
I um...
He lied to me again.
I am so stupid!
Don't let this schmuck see
that you're upset, alright?
Show D the insincere
letters of the alphabet.
That woman who loves my books should know
what kind of man she's married to.
You were gonna spend
your entire life
regretting this.
You bastard!
Trust me, I know.
Come on, girls.
Let's get out of here.
And D, can I give you some advice?
- Do you take advice?
- Yes, please.
Advice from Richard Feekery!
See, someone who takes advice.
D, you have lovely eyes.
There are better
men than W who would
just die for a woman with eyes like yours.
That's my advice.
Good day.
I knew I should have done
more active parenting.
Your mother never thought
I'd be any good at it.
Kaitlyn: If I was
that wrong about him,
how am I ever gonna be sure
I've found my real true love?
Yeah, tell me about it.
I used to think I loved
Tamara more than your mother.
I even wrote a whole book about it.
Kenny Slitzer is way cuter than he is.
Just saying.
The first guy she ever kissed.
I think he may be my true love.
Hasn't seen him since she was 14.
Kaitlyn, I never forgot about him.
He could be your true love.
No, come on, Kaitlyn, he could be.
I mean, it's like
I can't stop thinking about
your mother even though
I've had loads of women.
Well it's kind of easy for a
Tolstoy Prize winning author to get laid.
I just befriended him online.
Do you guys want to see?
- Sure, darling.
- He's so cute.
Aw, yeah, he's adorable.
You should send him one of those little
alphabetical messages.
Tom: You borrowed booze
off the neighbours.
I would never have thought of that.
Well, it's a friendly
neighbourhood, isn't it?
I thought Toronto
would be really boring.
It's actually rather nice, isn't it?
I didn't like it at first um,
Grace is the one who wanted to move here.
But uh,
it grows on you.
And the Canadians, they're...
They're really polite.
I love this house.
Oh yeah, we fixed it up.
Well, Grace.
Grace fixed it up.
Will you stay here afterwards?
I don't know.
It's big for one.
I wonder if Kaitlyn would move in with me.
No, no, no, you can't ask Kaitlyn,
that's not fair.
She's got her own life to live.
Yeah, it's
hard to imagine the
rest of one's life alone.
Beautiful man like you.
Good job, nice house.
What is it you do again?
I teach uh,
at a
community college.
An intellectual.
Computer repair and maintenance.
Oh, have to beat them off with a stick.
That's really
not how I see myself.
Well, we never see
ourselves accurately, do we?
I mean, what's accurate?
The way other people see us or
the monster staring
back at us in the mirror?
Mom comes here when she can't sleep
'cause it's open all night.
I know.
That's why I picked it.
So that Kenny and I can
tell our children that we
rekindled our love at their
grandmother's favourite cafe.
Shouldn't Zoe meet him alone?
Richard: No.
He could be a serial killer.
I mean, he's not gonna put
that on his Facebook, is he?
Oh my god.
He's here.
Kenny, hi.
Oh, you look great.
Thank you, so do you.
Ooh, ten bucks says this is a mistake.
- You are on.
- You're on.
- Do you-
- Hey.
Hi, I'm Richard Feekery.
You're not a reader, are you?
Sit down, sit down.
I'm Zoe's dad and this is-
I thought your dad was Tom?
Well, she's got two dads.
Welcome to the 21st century, kid.
What, you want to go
back to my parents' day,
when married couples had to
live together in misery forever
because they couldn't get a divorce?
You think that's a better world?
Uh, okay.
And this is Zoe's sister, Kaitlyn.
She's had a tough day.
[Sighing] Yeah.
I remember you from school.
Richard: So, go ahead,
guys, get reacquainted.
Ah- [Clearing Throat]
Alright, you're nervous.
And you should be,
this is big stuff.
Love, sex, marriage.
Throw in a little alcoholism,
sex addiction.
suicidal thoughts,
regrets so enormous
you think you're actually
gonna die from the pain.
[Clearing Throat]
Richard: Yeah, but, but
there's nothing like this.
That moment when someone
makes your heart skip a beat,
and you think anything-
anything is possible.
[Soft Piano Melody]
Hi, there.
Got your text.
So, what can I do
for you on this your
possibly almost last
day of your life, Grace?
You're early.
I'm not ready yet.
Can you wait in your office?
I'll call you
when I want you.
Do you think that Richard found her?
Or he'd have come back here
to see if she came home, wouldn't he?
I was thinking the same thing myself.
If I don't have sex today,
and Grace dies and
I don't meet someone
new because I might not,
you know, lots of people don't,
and I was never any good at dating,
even when I was young,
then that means that my
final fuck ever was like...
God, I don't even know when it was.
And I'm not even sure that
I stayed awake until the end.
And I didn't know it was
my last time ever sex,
and I really wanted to have
good last time ever sex.
Something special,
something memorable.
Is that selfish?
No, of course not, darling,
we all want a great fuck.
But Grace won't have sex
with two men on her last day.
No woman would do that.
I would,
but Gracie's always been
a bit prissy like that.
Well, just because he found her
doesn't mean that they-
You know, maybe they went for a pizza.
She loves pizza.
Well I suppose it depends
on what happened last night, doesn't it?
When they snuck out together.
You knew about that, of course.
Oh, they were tiptoeing in, tiptoeing out.
I pretended to snore
so they wouldn't think I could hear them.
Of course I don't really snore.
A lady doesn't snore.
I don't think snoring is gender related,
I think it's got to do
with septums and palates.
No, no, no, darling, stay on the topic,
sweetie, your wife
and my husband snuck out together.
Look, have some more wine.
You've earned it, come on.
maybe she went to the cafe down the street.
She goes there sometimes,
when she has insomnia.
And then maybe Richard followed her,
and, and then-
she hit him with her purse and she said,
"You stay away from me you
brute or I'll kill you!"
See, lots of things are possible.
No, don't be naive.
It's not an appealing
quality in a man your age.
Of course, she's never
cheated on me before.
That you know of.
That I know of.
Well, even if she didn't,
dying changes people.
Not always for the better.
Imagine if the world were about to end.
You think people would
just fuck their spouses?
Of course not.
Well you really think
that my wife is being unfaithful
right now at this moment?
When can I look?
Grace: Well, but promise me first
you won't be too disappointed.
I will not be disappointed.
[Soft Piano Melody]
What do you think?
This your design?
Grace: I used some of
my ideas from school and
the entrance is from my graduate thesis
and elements of these.
I know there's a lot of work to be done
it'll probably never be built but-
It's good,
isn't it?
It's beautiful.
I didn't know you could do that.
Neither did I.
And I've got so many other ideas for
a library with a three-storey atrium,
and a community centre with
an indoor garden, I just-
Better late than never.
Do you think?
Or is it better to die thinking
you did the best you could?
I don't really know.
Do you know, I'm not entirely sure he's not
a serial killer.
I really wanted to find
the love of my life
before Mom dies.
Me too.
Yeah, me too.
You really did love her, huh?
Wrong tense, honey.
I mean, I might never have won the goddamn
Tolstoy Prize,
but if I hadn't shagged Tamara,
your mother would never
have found Tom and then...
Kaitlyn, now that we've
got to know each other
a little bit
there's something I'd like to say.
Your arrival on this planet
may have ruined my life,
but you were worth it.
Thank you.
I'm still gonna try and
win your mother's heart
before it's too late, though.
You'll understand when you've
made as many stupid mistakes
as we've made and that day will come.
Oh, I don't think so.
I don't think that many.
Well, let's hope not.
Oh, whatever.
I'll be here for you, whatever you need.
Boyfriends punching,
job searching,
first date chaperone,
impractical and unsolicited advice.
I'm your man.
Well, it's getting late.
Yeah, I wonder if your mom is back yet.
No, she didn't want to
go out to a restaurant,
so she said she'd bring
in take-out, we'd dress up
and have a nice family dinner at home.
I'm gonna go back to my place to change.
- Alright.
- I'll come with you.
Look, I'll see you guys
back at the house, okay?
- Okay.
- Yeah.
[Muted Banging]
Woman: Shh shh!
Oh, shit. Shit!
Darling, Gracie's not here.
Tamara, Jesus!
You should be thanking me.
You tell her about this,
you get to be her one last true love.
Sorry I'm late.
Richard: Hi.
Oh, hi, are the girls here?
Ah, they'll be here soon.
Ah, great, will you take
these into the kitchen,
I just need to get changed.
I'd love to but it's my back.
That damn futon. It's killing me.
You've got a bad back.
I've got a brain tumour.
It's fine.
Listen, Gracie,
there's something I need to tell you.
No, it's not about-
Please don't tell me you love me, okay?
You're right.
Maybe my life didn't turn out
exactly as I would have wanted it.
My work is shit.
My daughters are wonderful
but clueless and
I-I'm never gonna finish Middlemarch.
But I don't want to
think that the whole thing
has been a mistake.
Tom might not be the most
exciting man in the world,
but I know that he really loves me so
please just leave me my marriage, okay?
Yeah, babe.
And just...
I'm just gonna go upstairs to get changed.
Hey. No, no, no, no, no.
Just stay in this room a
minute. Don't leave the room.
Oh, for God's sake, when will you grow up?!
I've got a surprise for you.
Just stay here.
Promise me?
Stay here? Right? Promise?
Go, go.
You fuckin' assholes.
Alright, listen to me carefully.
This didn't happen, alright?
No one tells Gracie.
But, well I thought you'd want her to know.
Just let her die in peace!
Promise me?
I'm not gonna tell her.
I don't want her to know.
I can make your life hell and you know it.
I won't tell her.
Alright, hurry up.
I can't keep her downstairs forever.
Grace isn't gonna know.
Grace isn't gonna know, thank God.
I really must
stop drinking.
What-what's the surprise?
Well, what about it?
Why, I've put on my blue sweater.
You always said you liked me in blue.
Oh my god, I don't believe this.
Look, Grace, wait just a minute.
I've given you enough time
and I'd like to see my husband.
There you are!
I missed you.
Have you been drinking?
I'm really, really sorry.
Oh, no, I-I suppose it's understandable.
The circumstances.
I love you!
You do?
Of course I do.
Looks like you lost, Dad.
Richard: No one but myself to blame.
Zoe: This is delicious.
Grace: So there are three pavilions,
and the whole building is solar panelled.
That sounds amazing.
Kaitlyn: You know, Mom, I realized
that you're right,
I can expand my paper and
write a book of my own.
I'll introduce you to my publisher.
And I was thinking,
I'm gonna take some courses
and figure out what I like most.
Academically speaking.
This is a perfect evening.
Are you-
Are sure you don't want us to stay tonight?
No, no, I'm gonna have a quiet
evening in with my husband.
Zoe can keep you company,
and Tamara can get off the sofa,
and we'll all meet
up in the morning.
I don't have to be at a hospital till four,
so we've got plenty of time.
To Gracie.
The love of our lives.
Well I'll just sit this one out, shall I?
- Girls: To Mom.
- Grace.
Richard: Thanks.
Grace: Oh, I'm so sorry.
I thought you were upstairs.
Just closing down for the night.
I'll be fine in the dark.
You know,
when you came here I was
really angry with you.
And Tamara!
But tonight was so great,
and the girls seemed close to you
and well at least that means
that there are more
people to help them,
you know.
I can't believe I'm saying this,
but I'm really glad that you came.
Even Tamara.
Well, she's my daughter's stepmother
and I guess that is kind of family.
So, are
you-are you-
are you coming to bed?
Well, unless that's an invitation,
I think I'd rather stay out
of earshot of your bedroom
for the next little while.
Come in.
I didn't want to say this
in front of everyone but,
I-I want you to know
that I talked to Zoe
and she promised to make sure
that you won't grow old alone.
Thank you, Grace.
It was so long ago, Tamara,
that you and Richard-
We were very different people then.
Were we?
What I want to say is that
even though you
slept with my husband
and it was immortalized
into a best selling novel, I-
I actually would like us to be friends.
- Yeah.
- Of course.
Just the two of us.
I love you so much.
If you don't-
If you don't feel well enough-
I feel fine.
Well, I was-
just um,
Remember, if you're-
If you're too tired
I am not tired.
And even if I was
this might be the last
chance we have to make love.
Yeah, yeah.
You've been a wonderful husband.
Grace, Grace, Grace,
Grace, Grace, Grace!
I really didn't think I was
gonna do this, but uh I...
[Clears Throat] There's something I...
There something I have to confess.
What is it?
I may have
been unfaithful.
I know.
You know?
It's okay.
Is it?!
Yeah, it's not great.
Do I wish it hadn't happened, yes, but-
when I met you I was at
the lowest point in my life
and you did everything you
could to help me and Zoe
even though you weren't her father.
You knew I was still stuck on Richard
but you never complained so
I think I can cut you a bit of slack
and allow you one mistake.
You probably were
drinking ahead of the lot.
Yeah, I was, yeah.
let's just pretend it never happened.
That's such a relief.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
How did you find out?
She told me.
She told you?
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
She told you?
Well, she promised she wouldn't.
She never could keep a secret.
No, I guess not.
That was why I accepted the job in Toronto.
It wasn't to get away from Richard,
it was to get away from Brenda.
Brenda? Well who...
Oh, Brenda.
You weren't talking about Brenda, were you?
So who were you talking about?
I thought you were having sex with Richard,
because Tamara said you had
snuck out of the house together
- last night.
- I have never cheated on you!
Tom: I didn't want to be alone and
it was her idea.
I didn't hear you complaining
when I had my hands down your pants.
Oh god.
I-I was afraid it would be
my last chance to have sex
and I really wanted to
have a big bang fuck and I-
and I'm sorry so can we all go back to bed?
I really don't think
we have a problem here.
There is a problem.
Only because of Richard.
- Richard?
- Yeah.
Tom: Yeah, Richard, Richard.
It's all Richard's fault.
He's the one you should be screaming at!
How is it Richard's fault?
How is this Richard's fault?
Yeah, because I bet that he-he
put you up to the whole thing, didn't he?
To win Grace back.
If Richard was the
love of your life,
I did a truly horrible,
unforgivable thing when
I stole him from you.
I really did, it's the
worst thing I've ever done.
I don't want you dying
with that on my conscience.
Married men, fine.
But you had a baby.
And no money.
And you really, really loved him.
So, sorry,
I-I-I don't
get this.
You're feeling guilty because
you slept with my husband so
now you sleep with my other husband.
When he told me all this stuff about you
being his true love I thought,
you know, he was mad.
So I came here to find out
if husband number two was your true love.
And what did I find?
I am her true love.
Your true love doesn't
sleep with someone else
when you're dying, sweetie.
- Yeah, but maybe-
- Shh!
Tamara: So...
I wrecked your life.
Didn't I?
The least I could do to make amends
was to make sure your
last fuck was with Richard.
Not just your last fuck, that's just sex,
we're old enough to know how little the old
in and out matters.
No, it was just that,
that he'd be the one holding
your hand in the hospital,
and that if you live,
you get to be together
for the rest of your lives.
It makes sense.
And yeah,
maybe I'd have someone
to look after me, too.
But then, you know,
Richard wouldn't tell
you that I'd slept with
husband number two. Don't know why.
I don't want to see Richard.
I don't want to see anyone.
I just wish I was dead already.
Oh, Grace.
Tamara: Well, that's the
trouble with life, isn't it?
Doesn't always work out the way you plan.
[Door Slams]
Oh, cheer up, sweetheart.
You still have me.
[Soft Piano Melody]
Hi, Tyler.
Hey, gorgeous.
What are you doing for
the rest of your life?
You're a kinder man than you used to be.
Yeah, well,
better late than never, ah?
I wish people would stop saying that.
You know,
I have to say my feelings
are a little bit hurt.
Your feelings hurt?
I was hoping to do better
than last man standing.
how much would it cost
you to leave for an hour
and let us lock the door?
[Soft Piano Melody]
At least I won't die horny.
I'm not gonna tell the
girls about what Tom did.
I'll just say that he got drunk
and had too much of a
hangover to leave the bedroom.
They will believe that.
And get rid of Tamara.
I don't care how you do it.
And yes, murder is an option.
So much for dying in peace.
Was I the love of your life?
The love of my life?
Does it really ever matter that much?
We spend so much of our time thinking,
does he love me? He doesn't love me.
Do I love him?
But it can't be that only
the tiny fraction of
people with happy marriages
have lives that matter,
or else you and I are fucked.
We all die alone, anyway.
You know,
if I'm reincarnated,
do you know who I hope
I can marry in my next life?
I'm afraid to ask.
I do actually think
that he was the love of my life.
Yeah, he was a great dog.
Great, great, great dog.
Yeah, I can't compete with Billy.
But did-
You do love me, don't you?
Of course I love you.
Maybe not only you.
Well, when I take you to Machu Picchu
Oh, please take the girls to Machu Picchu.
And don't let Tamara
live in my house.
Oh my god.
I've forgotten to buy a funeral plot.
Where then am I gonna be buried?
Oh god.
There is still so much to sort out.
Hey, hey.
Richard, I'm not ready.
Come here.
It's alright, it's alright.
You're gonna come through
this surgery just fine.
In fact,
I'm certain,
and I'm a little bit psychic, you know?
That your best years are ahead of you.
Grace! Grace!
[Sombre Piano Melody]
Zoe: I'm really looking
forward to Machu Picchu.
Me, too.
Yeah, me, too.
Ben: Hey.
Well, there it is.
Built exactly to her plans.
They just put the finishing touches
to the interior paint this morning.
[Moving Piano Melody]
It's beautiful.
Isn't it?
I love it.
It's gorgeous.
Fuck you world.
Here I am.
Now we can go to Machu Picchu.
[Cheerful Music]