Love on a Horse (1973) Movie Script

Larry, my bow Are you back?
I came to see you,
only for a few days.
You've ripened.
You're a man now.
You haven't changed a bit.
Countryside becomes you, obviously.
I've grown old...
No use lying.
Who is she?
The latest?
You had to wait for 4 years to come
and see your old father again, did you?
Let's not remember
the old days anymore.
Just a sec.
Julia. I have a surprise for you.
Walt here.
We'll be right with you.
- Julia, this is Larry.
- Hello.
Alexis has told me so much about you.
He must be terribly fond of you.
Children of mine.
Don't start all over again, father.
I won't stay. Don't insist.
I'm going next week.
Some friends are coming from Rome,
we'll visit the islands.
Why won't you stay here?
Your friends, too.
Not possible.
You won't find a better spot than here.
Larry, I need you.
I want you to spend all summer with us.
Would give me real pleasure.
Julia wants it, too.
Isn't it so, Julia?
I don't need tell him that.
The house is his.
I'll get the fruit, now.
How do you manage with her?
A man of Imagination manages
Even in his old age.
You play the guitar, Larry?
I learned to play a little in Rome.
Me and my friends meet now and then
and make up tunes, for the fun of it.
Let's hear you play, then.
Come on, Larry.
Come, so.
One of your tunes.
Alexis, I'll dance.
I haven't danced for so long.
Let me watch you and enjoy.
Nice, nice.
Bravo, Julia.
Bravo, Larry.
That's a glorious night.
Very nice.
Alexis, come.
Why stop so soon?
That's not for me anymore...
That's for you, youngsters.
Oh, I'm getting tired...
Well done, Julia.
You were marvelous.
You can't get any sleep, either.
What's the matter?
- Nothing.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Want some?
- No.
- Alexis, may I ask you something?
- Whatever you like.
Why do you insist on him staying?
Does it bother you?
You know I have a soft spot for him.
So you'd like him to stay
with us for good?
Right, Alexis? Tell me.
Thanks, Julia.
I love you very much.
Today I have a darned
penchant for work.
This means you're back in form.
- Is Larry up yet?
- No, and it looks like he won't be...
Breakfast is ready.
I'm sleepy-
If you wake up and feel like It,
we'll be working at the shore.
If I decide to cheat on you, then
I'll abandon you and go.
But you will never do that...
Will you?
I don't see why you're
bringing this up.
What fear?
Fear of the impending end.
Of death.
Of annihilation.
What is this nonsense you're talking?
I've started getting senile, Julia.
I cannot lay with you In a way
worth your while.
I cannot do a painting.
I've grown worse than a dauber.
Larry must be alone.
You'd better go back
and prepare some lunch.
We'll go back together.
You go ahead, I'll come later on.
When the sun gets vertical
it is reflected on the sea and causes...
Those fascinating blue-ray
So, let me marvel at them...
Since I cannot reproduce them...
Larry would leave because he surely
felt contempt towards me.
He's been feeling that for years now.
He despised me in his own way
never giving me a chance
for atonement.
He despised me for
his mother's death.
He despised me for that
damned night after her funeral
when he saw me In Nora's arms,
she was one of my models
and that night was never to be erased
from his memory.
He never accepted an excuse or
an explanation.
He chose to live with his grandma
in Rome
in his mother's family house.
The more time he spent away from me
and the more he wanted to leave,
the more my longing for him grew.
And I was determined to do
everything for his sake.
Julia would return home alone.
Larry would be alone.
There would be just the two of them.
And I would take my time...
I could tell he liked Julia.
I knew it the first moment they met.
Julia liked him, too.
Julia might persuade him to stay.
I was certain about that.
She'd turn his mind around.
Because there are certain things
only a woman can achieve.
She would persuade him.
Because there are certain things
only a woman can achieve.
Never walk around naked again.
I didn't know you could be shocked.
What about my father,
you dropped him in the sea?
I want to know what exactly
you're doing here.
I'm your father's lover and model.
I also love him.
I didn't know that...
So now that you do,
behave yourself.
They hover...
staring and laughing
at the foaming wave
but as soon as courage haves them
fly back down to Mother Sea
That's nice, where did you find it?
Family heirloom.
Belonged to my mother.
She got it from her grandma.
Secretly playing with her foam
and in the moody wharf
thousands of dreams are wavering
My beloved is
a woman frivolous
like those seabirds
when in the high clouds
or to the sea waters
she gives away her kissing
They hover...
staring and laughing
at the foaming wave
but as soon as courage haves them
fly back down to Mother Sea
Are you crying?
My boy...
My boy...
Don't, Larry.
I love you, Alexis.
I know.
Make a real painting and
get my old self back...
Where did Larry get those?
I had them put away in store.
When his mother became ill
Larry was six years old.
She adored him. She wanted her
by her bedside all the time.
And he played songs on the
gramophone to please her.
She'd take him In her arms and
they cried together.
They both knew she was going to die.
They would listen to songs,
laugh and cry...
This went on for six months.
Until one morning, Larry...
walked in her room...
put the record on for her...
but she was dead.
He believes I rejoiced in her death.
He'll never stop hating me.
I tried to convince him otherwise
but in vain.
Larry will never forget his mother.
He told me I have her eyes.
And that he's not sure If he hates
or adores me.
Is it true?
You have his mothers eyes.
So, he was crying?
While listening to the gramophone.
Let him not know about our talk.
Not sure how he'll take it.
An idea was swirling around
in my head...
If only I could relive my youth...
Be again as I was then...
Be like Larry.
Like Larry who was right there
before me,
who was my son,
who was my blood,
who was me in contempt for myself,
he despised me
like my old self despised
my present one...
the impotent one,
the old one, the finished one...
I had to do something and
relive the past...
relive my youth.
Some crazy notions crossed my mind.
but at that point seamed
magnificent to me...
Really amazing...
Hold it...
That's it.
What's the carnival for?
Gone mad you two?
Larry son, I know exactly
what I'm doing.
Come and pose for me.
Put this on and you'll see.
These, too.
Dance. Love each other.
Kiss while dancing.
Kiss her, Larry. Kiss her.
Come on, boy. Kiss her.
It might as well be me.
It's the same thing.
That's it.
Kiss... Kiss.
Kiss each other.
That's it.
That's mother's wedding dress.
And I was wearing this tuxedo.
While you danced with her,
I thought it was me in my youth days.
What else could you be with my blood
running through your veins?
lam... you
in 40 years' time
and you are me
40 years back.
And why dress us up like that?
The moment of inspiration
I feel an electric charge
in my brain.
After that there's no control.
You just let your Imagination go
and lead you wherever.
The main thing Is I got my
form back.
Say it.
- Come and see who funny he looks.
- Who?
- Larry In that hat.
- He's one little Alexis.
Julia and Larry intermingled fine,
a divine Interminglement
never seen before
and I, through them, relived.
I was reborn.
Through their youth
I earned life anew.
It was a splendid thing.
Belonging to me
more that ever before.
Now I've got you tied up to your guilt.
The sweet taste of transgression...
You can never getaway.
And I'll feel younger with you there.
New powers spring up in me.
I exist again through you.
And HI always exist even when
not alive.
Alexis, are you asleep?
I'm dreaming.
Of myself rolling down
to Hell's darkest darkness...
surrounded by demon fiends.
Then suddenly...
I'm hurled Into the vastness
of the Universe...
I'm transformed Into millions
of galaxies...
and conquer Eternity.
- What Is It?
- Alexis...
Julia is going shopping
in the village.
Want a ride there?
I've never had a motorcycle ride.
Will it be nice?
Depending on the cyclist.
Right, Larry?
Larry, wait.
Put the hat on. You look fabulous in it.
- But It'll fall off.
- Julia will hold on to it.
I like you wearing It.
It inspires me.
Each young person
is like a celebration
a fire at the Fair
a hope in your heart
Let's not think of their doings as funny
You were a youth once, too
Every morning
MM youngsters
sweet smiles
start out on a long walk
Every young person
is like a celebration
a fire at the Fair
a hope in your heart.
There's some kids
just wandering about
their minds fixed on why
a rose on the ear
There's some kids
thirsty for life
look up to the sky
hanging the cross
Let's not think of their doings as funny
You were a youth once, too
There's some kids
just wandering about
their minds fixed on why
a rose on the ear
There's some kids
thirsty for life
look up to the sky
hanging the cross.
Alexis, where are you?
Why did you put the bed outside?
From now on, I'll work locked in.
You'll spare me that, won't you?
Right, Larry?
I want to talk to you, children.
I want you to understand.
I'm happy to have you both by my side.
Found myself again.
Now I can paint again.
Come, sit here.
Larry, over here.
Right here. Sit, son.
Fine, fine...
I'll lock myself in and paint.
I won't have anyone see It before
it's finished.
I don't get this.
Human desires...
Inspiration... Fantasy...
They're like the infinite Astral Universe
surrounded by Hell.
Ah, children of mine...
The World Is so simple and so
complex at the same time...
Larry, dress yourself up like
the other day.
You too, Julia.
I want to see you dance.
Alexis, won't you open?
- Not before the great moment comes.
- What do you want for lunch?
What you two want.
I'm forever your slave.
It'll take a while.
Tell Larry I love him very much.
I love you, too.
Julia, you hear me?
I heard you.
You're a couple of small Gods,
circulating in my brain blood vessels.
Larry, oh my sweet boy.
Will you go away with me, Julia?
I will. I'll do whatever you want.
- And you'll never leave me.
- I'll always be by your side.
Let's go now, without telling him.
Can't do It.
I have to speak to him first.
It's not that easy. Perhaps you
cannot understand.
- You have to choose, Julia.
- I already have.
With you for all time.
Ah children, If you only knew
how glad I am.
I started becoming again an artist
worthy of my fame.
I owe this to Larry, my beloved son.
You too, of course, Julia.
Thanks to you, I found myself again.
Bartis will set up my exhibits all over
the world. We'll go there together.
- The three of us.
- I'm off in two days.
- To the Islands with my pals.
- And if they don't come?
I'm off anyway. Even by myself.
How can I make you see
I don't want you to go?
You're wrong to believe my aim In life
is to keep you company.
- I have my own plans.
- Don't be foolish, Larry.
I want my son with me.
I love you.
You only love yourself.
Shame on you, Larry.
He's your father.
Perhaps, but I know him better
than you do.
Don't listen to him.
He didn't mean it, Alexis.
He'll stay with us, you'll see...
Are you coming?
Are you blackmailing me?
Nothing but.
Then you're bored of me already.
Alexis, what have you done?
I couldn't stand the thought of losing
him. Too hard to bear...
Ah, Larry...
You shouldn't have done this, father.
What will you do now, son?
Will you go?
Why do you Insist
on my staying so much?
Some things are very much like painting.
Can't be expressed through words.
- He's locked In and painting.
- Did you tell him?
I can't.
Then I will.
I'll tell him everything.
No, Larry.
You won't tell him anything.
Can't you wail a little longer?
See what he did to keep you here?
I don't care.
We'll go together.
Come what may.
Why are you so nosy, Julia?
What did I do?
I'm not at all nosy.
You were peeking through the keyhole.
How did you know?
At this age I've grown into...
I can sense all that goes around me.
I brought you breakfast.
Leave it. I'll take it.
I'm off to the doctor In Athens.
I'm in great pain.
- I'll go with you.
- No one will come.
- I'll be back by afternoon.
- I'll go with you.
I can manage by myself.
Try to keep him...
Help me, Julia.
You're coming with me, Julia.
Aren't you?
If we go now, anything might happen.
He can't be trusted.
I want you, Larry.
I want you every minute.
Why not stay here?
Why should we go?
You want us both.
I don't like It.
Keep that in mind.
As soon as he gets well and finishes
the painting, we'll go.
This may never be.
He may never finish it.
Then, never it will be.
I can't figure your mind out.
How you feel and think.
Right now, within me there's a battle
between God and Satan.
Can you tell who will win?
I'll never touch you again
before we get out of here.
I knew you'd come to me.
I love you.
I want you every minute.
- Come along, we're going now.
- Don't be impatient.
- Say, are you coming?
- I can't leave him.
He's keeping my soul, can't you see?
Before Alexis returns I'll be gone.
You don't have much time to decide.
He knows, Julia, can't you see?
He knows all...
Here's proof...
I know.
You should have told me.
You see the trick he played on us?
Julia, don't walk away.
Talk to me.
I love you, If you want
we go away now.
I'll wait for you here.
Here comes the great artlst.
The new Van Gogh.
Come closer and admire your work.
Your masterpieces.
Is that why you locked
yourself in all this time?
What is it, Larry?
Since you know everything,
great artist, why ask?
Looks like you got your kicks out of
peeking on us for inspiration.
You never should have done this.
Why? Because it explains it all?
All your masquerades and doings
and insisting upon my staying.
That's what you wanted, Isn't It?
That's why you threw her at me.
When the mask falls off
words are useless.
Julia, don't listen to him.
Too late, old man.
You've lost the game...
I'm going, Alexis...
I'm going with him.
You won't do that, Julia.
You both won't do it.
I'm going, Alexis.
Alright, Larry.
You won.
Take her and go.
Go while there's still time.
But wherever you go I'll be
there between you two.
You're leaving me then, Julia?
By myself?
Thanks for everything.
You're not going.
You're not leaving me alone.
No one can take what belongs to me.