Love on Safari (2018) Movie Script

Where have you been?
I had to run some errands
during lunch. My vacation is in...
...three days, remember?
- Right! Scottsdale! Exciting!
But I need you to help me QA the
interactive shark- diving feature...
...for the new travel site.
Vicky, I cannot believe you got
in the water with sharks!
It's not like I was petting them
or anything.
There was a cage.
There is not a cage
big enough that...
...can make me even
consider doing that.
You sit safely in your chair
and experience it online!
Help me, please.
Don't you have a bazillion
Twitter followers?
Can't you get them
to beta-test it for you?
I did, but it involves
them having to read...
...more than 280 characters
at a time, so...
How do you have
so many followers, anyway?
I do things like get
in the water with sharks.
Listen, I'm sorry. I just can't.
I have to finish my own websites.
The more work I get done here,
the less I have to do on vacation.
You're going to Scottsdale.
What else are you gonna do?
I'm gonna golf, and I'm gonna
go the spa, and I'm gonna hike!
You don't hike.
I might, if the trails
are clearly marked.
Kira, shark diving
isn't for everyone.
It's OK to like things
to be safe and dependable.
- You mean boring and bland.
- I didn't say that!
Look, it's your boyfriend, Brad
from accounting.
Whoa! Sorry!
It's like a jungle in here.
I can't understand
how you get anything done.
- It's fun and creative!
- It's loud.
It's nice and quiet up in
accounting. I'm just saying.
I think it's better
for the company...
...If I stay as far away from
the books as possible.
- You're good with numbers.
- Me?
Chequing account,
savings account, a 401K.
That's as complex as I can get...
...which is why I'm
dating an accountant.
- You got your errands done or...
- I did! Three days until vacation.
You know what?
I could use a coffee.
I wish I could come with you.
Just don't get so enamoured with...
...Scottsdale that you
don't come home.
There's gonna be a wonderful
birthday surprise waiting for you.
I brought your mail.
- Thanks.
- Wow! This one's from South Africa!
- Yeah, it's Ukuthula...
...the wildlife reserve
my Great-Uncle Irving owns.
I went there as a kid.
That's where I fell in love
with elephants.
Oh no...
- What?
- Uncle Irv passed away.
- I'm sorry.
He was always
so nice to me as a kid.
I haven't seen him in years.
I think the last time I heard
from him was when my dad passed.
But it says they've been trying
to find me for a couple months.
- Why?
- Apparently he left...
...a portion of his estate to me.
But I have to be present at the
reading of the will to claim it.
Well, that's crazy.
You can't go to South Africa.
Well, of course I can't go
to South Africa.
Oh, look, Tom's back.
Where were you?
I just replaced
a dozen fence posts.
Well, that's a dozen less
that needs replacing.
We shall deem that as progress.
Lwazi, we're playing
a dangerous game here.
The entire fence
needs to be replaced.
Well, not the entire fence,
if you just did 12 posts.
- Ally, you're not helping.
- I wasn't trying to.
Don't you have some guests
to take on a safari tour?
Not for another hour.
Besides, if I want them
to see animals in the wild...
...I could just bring them up here
and let them watch the two of you!
Yeah! Cute!
We're not done talking
about this.
Did you call the lawyers again?
- Yes, I did.
- And what did they say?
That until they settle the details
of Irving's estate...
...we must tighten our belts.
They've been saying that
for months.
Our belts are so tight,
we can't even breathe.
Perhaps we are eating too much.
If only the lawyers would listen
to me, then I could fix this.
- Here we go.
- What?
You're doing that thing again...
...where you think that you can fix
everything by yourself.
I just fixed
a dozen fence posts by myself.
And we appreciate your
passion for Ukuthula.
Don't act like you don't get
passionate about this place too.
No, it's just more subtle.
Your eyebrow arches up really high,
and it does that thi...
- What, you're not coming?
- Oh no!
No, you like doing things
by yourself.
You are not gonna win
this round.
All right, are you
just humouring me...
because of the job offer
in the States?
Lwazi, I told you
I'm not taking it.
But if you do, you will leave
with our hearty felicitations...
...and best wishes
for continued success.
Yes, and thank you
for that, but...
What is Artie Warrington
doing here?
- On a tour.
- A tour? Wh-why?
Oh, well,
the lawyers arranged it.
Lwazi, his family
owns tacky resorts.
These are tourist traps...
...that are about as far away
from authentic as one can get.
The lawyers aren't thinking
of selling to him, are they?
Well, it's not up to us.
Good night.
I can't believe
you're going to Africa.
To be honest with you,
neither can I.
You don't even know
what your uncle left you!
His attorney said that
it was something significant...
...but he couldn't say more until
after the reading of the will.
- Hi!
- Thank you.
- Significant? What does that mean?
- I don't know.
You know, the only thing
I could think of...
...he had this collection
of antique safari whistles...
...that I used to play with.
Maybe it's that.
You're going all the way
to Africa for whistles.
- What, is that crazy? Am I crazy?
- Definitely.
God, I just feel like I...
feel like I have to do this.
- OK!
- I owe it to Uncle Irv to be there.
- Stay safe.
- Oh, you know me, Brad.
I keep my feet firmly
planted on the ground.
So, who are we picking up again?
It's Irving's great niece
from Chicago.
She's coming in for the
reading of the will.
All Lwazi really said was that
she's a VIP and we should be nice.
- Oh, and she still sent you?
- I am a joy to be around always.
You don't think she's
the new owner, do you?
What? No.
Who else? I didn't think
he had any family.
Well, that's my point.
I mean, Irv's never mentioned her,
and she's never even visited.
True, but if she's coming in
for the reading of the will...
Irving would never leave
this place... somebody who didn't
love it as much as he did.
Somebody who belonged here.
What makes you think
she doesn't belong here?
Just a hunch.
- Hi!
- Hi there! You must be Kira.
I'm Tom Anderson, head
ranger for Ukuthula.
Ally Botsford, also a ranger.
It is so nice to meet you!
It's hot here!
Yeah. How was your flight in?
I have never been so happy to be on
the ground in my whole entire life.
- Not a big fan of small planes?
- Are my fingernail marks... the back of
the pilot's arm a giveaway?
Is there no other way
to get here?
We used to offer
elephant rides from...
...Jo-Burg, but it wasn't
Oh, really?
We'd never exploit the
animals in such a way...
He was joking.
He's just not very funny.
- Why don't we get you to the lodge?
- Great.
- That'd be great.
- You know, I would just love... stop and freshen up first.
Where... where is the airport?
Yeah, we had to get
rid of that, too...
...when we nixed
the elephant rides.
Kira, why don't you just get
in that truck right over there...
...and we'll grab
your luggage, OK?
- OK.
- OK.
- Told you she didn't belong here.
- - I thought you were gonna be nice!
It was me being nice.
You think Irv's gonna leave
the reserve to someone like this?
- Thank you!
- Reception's just up the path.
Kira! Welcome!
- I'm Lwazi.
- Hi!
Look at you! You are grown
into a beautiful woman.
And you probably
don't even remember me.
Of course I remember you!
You used to sneak me extra cookies
in the dining room.
Don't tell these two. They'll want
me to sneak them extra cookies!
You must be thirsty.
Everyone, please come in.
We have fresh iced tea.
I can't. I have my last group
of the day to guide.
And by group,
I mean Mr. and Mrs. Bagwell.
- Thank you so much for the lift.
- Of course! My pleasure.
I'll see you back
at the rangers office?
- Yes, ma'am.
- OK.
- Here, I'll take those.
- No, no! It's OK. I got it.
Why don't you go inside?
Wouldn't want you
to get overheated.
I'll be fine.
Really, I can take
my own luggage.
I'm sure you can.
But we check for spiders
before we bring the bags in.
- Spiders?
- Yeah, big ones!
They're all over
the path, too, so...
He was a good man.
Yeah, I have
very, very fond memories.
I just wish I had gotten
to know him better.
Did you know him well?
Been here for almost 10 years.
He was quite the character.
He loved this place.
I remember.
So, who owns it now?
- We don't know.
We've been dealing with
lawyers ever since he passed.
They're still trying
to sort it out.
Must make managing things
here a little challenging.
It does. But the end
result is always worth it.
Thank you.
Even with the spiders?
Even with the spiders.
Well, why don't we get you
settled in your room?
Tonight we'll have dinner
in the boma...
...then tomorrow morning, we'll
meet with the lawyer.
That sounds great. Thank you.
- Jason will show you to your room.
- Great!
- See you later.
- Bye!
- Thank you so much.
- It's a pleasure.
OK. There's a giraffe
in my room.
Hey, Kira!
So? Did you get out to
explore the grounds much?
Not really, but the grounds
kind of came in to explore me.
- OK. How do you mean?
- There was a giraffe.
Right. No, no, no.
They do that.
But rest assured,
they're very friendly.
I'm sure they are,
but I just really...
...didn't expect one
to be in my room.
- Beautiful, though, huh?
- So beautiful.
It's magical to see them
roaming free on the Savanna.
Tell you what, I'll take you out
...get you to experience more.
- I'd love that.
You know, I wanted to ask you...
It seems very quiet, like
there aren't a lot of guests.
Is that normal
this time of year?
Well, admittedly,
we're lighter than usual.
You see, we rely on European
tourists for the most part...
...and the euro's
really low right now... it's a lot harder for them
to travel.
Kira, please feel free to ignore
everything this man says.
I usually do.
- Hey!
Good to know!
Wonderful! Everyone is here!
Kira, you haven't met S'bu.
He manages the food and beverage
program here at Ukuthula.
So I guess I better stay on your
good side if I wanna eat, right?
Tom has not been
on my good side for years...
...but I still feed him.
OK, it's like that?
What is it, "pick on Tom" night?
It's always "pick on Tom" night.
It's better than charades.
For you.
Everyone, I'm reminded
of an old African proverb.
You should return to old watering
holes for more than water.
Friends and dreams
are there to meet you.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Everything was so good.
I don't think I'll be
hungry again for a week.
Wait till you see the Savanna
breakfast tomorrow morning.
I guarantee it'll spark
your appetite.
Hopefully Uncle Irv
left me a wheelbarrow... you guys will have
something to haul me off in...
...after I gain 100 pounds.
That's why it's called
a vacation.
- Good night, Kira.
- Good night.
Good night!
That was such a good dinner.
I guess we did well.
That's just my opinion.
Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Oh wow! This is just...
...really just incredible.
Do you... do you do this
for all of your guests?
This is what Irving wanted
for the reading of his will.
Kira, this is Glen Wood,
one of Ukuthula's lawyers.
Ms. Slater, I believe
we spoke on the phone.
- Yeah, it's so nice to meet you.
- Yes, and you know Tom and Ally.
- Absolutely. Hi.
- Hi.
Hi. Hi.
- OK, well, should we start?
- Certainly, please!
- Great!
- Yeah!
- Where should I sit?
- Ms. Slater...
...would take
the head of the table?
- Really?
- Yeah!
OK! Thank you.
Well, we have a number
of items to get through...
...some personal treasures that...
...Irving has left to
specific people...
like his coin collection and
his antique safari whistles.
But I think, first
of all, I must talk about...
...the proverbial
elephant in the room.
He wanted Ukuthula
to be cared for...
...the way he did
throughout his life.
And he felt that the only way
that this could truly happen...
...was for it to stay
in the family.
So he's granted full
ownership of the reserve... his nearest
living relative...
...Kira Slater.
I'm sorry, what?
- A toast.
- Yes!
- To Kira.
- To Kira.
I really should've gone
to Scottsdale.
So, he left me this?
All this?
I know this is a surprise.
What? No. A surprise
is like balloons...
...and people with noisemakers.
A surprise is not a wildlife
reserve in Africa!
I mean, are you sure he
didn't leave anything else... know, like, I don't know,
maybe just the Serengeti...
...or, you know, The Sphinx, maybe?
'Cause, really, I came here, I
thought I was expecting whistles.
You came all the way to Africa
for whistles?
Actually, the whistles
were left to Tom.
Ms. Slater, we anticipated
that this might be...
...shall I say,
not in your area of expertise.
Yeah, it's...
it's way out.
Yeah, well, we understand that
this is a big responsibility.
But should you wish to sell, then...
- What is... what is this?
- It's an offer to buy it.
- Wait, to buy it?
- Who is this offer from?
It's from a very reputable,
family-owned company.
It's not Artie Warrington, is it?
- Wait, who?
- Who... who's that?
Warrington group
is a successful resort company.
They cater to the lowest
common denominator.
Right. All of their properties
are the same.
They have no personality.
I mean, Ukuthula's special.
Perhaps we should all sit
and enjoy our breakfast...
...and talk about this calmly.
I'm sure it will be fine.
Not if Ukuthula's sold
to Artie Warrington.
Kira, you don't have to do this.
I mean, surely there's somebody
else who's willing to buy Ukuthula.
All right, I'll find
somebody else to buy.
I'm afraid there's not.
This is the only offer.
Well, then,
she'll just have to keep it!
- Keep it?
- Yeah.
Keep it? I...
Keep it? That's really funny,
'cause you know what?
I actually rent my apartment,
and I lease my car.
I don't own anything. I can't...
I can't own an African reserve.
Would you like me
to initiate the sale?
Don't worry.
Everything will be all right.
I can't believe they're gonna
sell Ukuthula to Warrington.
- I'm surprised it matters to you.
- Ally! It's me! I love this place.
OK, well, then why are you still
considering that job in the States?
- I'm not.
- You haven't told them no.
Well, they gave me
a few weeks to decide.
I figured with all the upheaval
around here, it would...
You thought it would
be good to have options.
Yeah, which we seem
to be out of.
We need to find somebody fast...
...who appreciates Ukuthula
for what it already is.
I agree, but I'm not the one
who needs convincing.
The lawyers will listen to me.
The lawyers don't own
Ukuthula, Tom. Kira does.
Well, then we need to find a way
to convince her not to sell.
I think I can do that.
Unless you decide that job in
the States is a better idea.
Whether I stay or not...
...I'm not gonna let Ukuthula
go to Warrington.
OK. Then the question is how
do you make Kira want that too?
I make her fall in love.
Yeah, with the reserve.
Call it a charm offensive, huh?
Wouldn't that require you
to be charming?
He left you everything?
Yes! I mean, this... this
whole thing is just crazy!
Look, the good news is that the
lawyers have lined up a buyer... all you have to do
is hand over the keys.
Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
I guess so.
What do you mean,
you guess so?
Well, it's just one
of the guys here...
...didn't exactly have the nicest
things to say about the buyer.
That's not your problem.
No, I know, but I still don't want
anything bad to happen to it.
I mean, it's...
it's beautiful here!
Did you at least
look at the offer?
I did. They actually want me
to meet with the buyer tomorrow.
I'm sorry. I'm just in a
little shock right now.
Scan it and email it to me. I'll
let you know if it makes any sense.
OK, thank you, Brad.
The sooner
you get rid of this...
...the sooner you can come home
to your fantastic surprise.
What, did you buy me
the Lincoln Park Zoo?
Rats! How did you guess?
- Bye!
- Bye.
Yet another thing you think
you can fix by yourself.
Why don't you call a mechanic?
'Cause I don't need a
mechanic, thank you very...
What are you...
Try it now.
Oh, it works! I fixed it!
- Oh, you fixed it?
- I did fix it.
See, it wasn't working when I
came over here, and now it is.
So cause and effect.
That's not science.
That's not how it works.
Hey, Kira! Good...
It's still morning.
Good morning.
So sorry I slept so late.
I just...
Man, I'm so jetlagged!
That's OK.
It happens to best of us.
Right, Tom? Now's your
chance to be charming.
- Yeah! Jetlag, it's the worst.
- Yeah.
That was great.
So, Kira, what's on the agenda
for today?
Well, the lawyers
want me to meet...
...with Artie Warrington
this afternoon.
I was just hoping
there's some way to...
...get there that doesn't
involve a plane.
We can arrange
for transportation for you.
It should take you
about an hour to get in.
- OK, thanks!
- Yeah, no problem.
Hey, are you hungry?
To be honest with you,
I am famished!
OK, perfect, because
Tom actually has...
...a really nice lunch
planned for you two.
You do?
- I do.
- Yeah!
He was gonna run to the kitchen
and grab some supplies
and take you to the most scenic
part of the reserve, Rock Lodge.
Rock Lodge! Seriously,
you don't wanna miss it.
It is beautiful.
- That... that sounds great!
OK, I'll just grab a hat.
See you back here in, like, 10?
- Perfect.
- OK.
What was that?
Just remember to be charming.
Sorry about that.
The roads here are pretty bumpy.
- That's OK.
You obviously haven't driven
on a Chicago street lately.
No, I haven't.
- Why are we stopping here?
- You'll see!
- Welcome to Rock Lodge!
- Wow!
This is just...
Just wow!
I'm sorry. I know I keep
saying that a lot, but...
That's OK.
Pretty wow-worthy.
So, listen, I wanted to talk to you
about selling the reserve.
I was wondering if, you
know, maybe you wouldn't!
- Wouldn't sell it?
- Yeah.
And what would I do with it?
Keep it?
Why not?
Because I'm a web designer...
...with a job and life
and a boyfriend in Chicago.
I can't run Ukuthula.
Right, but you don't have to.
Lwazi and I can take
care of the day-to-day.
Yeah, but there's
everything else!
I mean, it needs
a new marketing campaign...
...the website needs
a total overhaul...
...there's everything that needs
to be fixed...'ve been talking about...
...and I don't have the money
for that.
Unless you want me to start up...
...the elephant rides
from the airport again.
- I know it would be a risk.
- No, it would be insanity!
My uncle was the risk-taker,
not me.
Everybody needs a little bit
of adventure in their lives.
No, everyone needs
a little stability.
I don't need to be worried
about whether or not...
...I have enough money for,
you know, giraffe chow.
Giraffes eat leaves!
Plenty of leaves!
See, I didn't know!
I don't know what giraffes eat!
But if you put a bit of
time in, I'll teach you.
I know Ukuthula's important
to you.
And this is...
I mean, this is
my uncle's life's work... it makes it
incredibly hard, but...
Keeping it
is just not a realistic option.
I think we should probably
just go back to the lodge.
- I didn't mean to...
- It's OK. Let's just go back.
OK, you've gotta be kidding me.
I'll just radio back to base
and have someone come get us.
Tom to base. Come in, base.
Tom to base. Come in, base.
Mountains around here sometimes
interfere with the signal.
Tom to base. Come in, base.
And I'm assuming that
walking back isn't an option...
...because of the hungry animals?
There's no need to panic.
We'll follow procedures.
It's only a matter of time...
...before they realize
we're missing...
and send someone
to come and get us.
OK. And how...
how long will that be?
A few hours, hopefully.
All right! OK, just a few hours.
So, what should we do
in the meantime?
Wanna play a game of I Spy?
Maybe we should
just go back up there.
Yeah, I'm gonna go back up.
- You're a website designer?
- I'm not giving you a cookie.
- I don't want a cookie.
- Yeah, you do.
They are really delicious.
I was just making conversation!
- Yes, I'm a web designer.
- Well, that's interesting.
Do you like your job,
designing all these websites?
I do, but I make marketing
websites for big corporations.
And it's just not very exciting.
I wanna find my own thing...
...and just find that thing
that I'm passionate about.
I think we're all trying
to find that.
I'm pretty sure you found yours.
Maybe I get a little too
passionate sometimes.
So, how did you end up here from...
Where you from again?
- Kansas.
I grew up on a farm,
so it's logical.
I've always loved animals.
Not a lot of lions on a farm.
No, but those cows, let me tell
you, can be pretty vicious.
I studied zoology and got lucky.
They recruited me to
come straight out here.
So, now I get to take care
of real lions...
...and elephants and giraffes.
Oh, elephants!
Oh, the elephants.
You know, I only came here a
couple times when I was a kid...
...but, man, the elephants just...
There was this one, I...
What was her name?
I think it was Kimba.
Yeah. Circus rescue?
Yeah, she's still here.
- No way! Really?
- Yes!
I can take you out
to see her if you like.
- I...
- On... on one condition.
- And what's that?
- It involves cookies.
Thank you.
I said have a cookie.
Miss Lwazi to Ally.
Hey, this is Ally!
Have you seen Tom?
No, not since he and Kira
went to lunch.
They're not back yet?
- I haven't seen them.
OK, well, they were heading
to Rock Lodge.
I know the reception
isn't great up there.
- Why was he taking her there?
- I don't know. It's scenic?
I am heading back
with the Harrises now.
I'll drive up there and just
make sure everything's OK.
Irving was a great man, truly.
He was full of life and energy.
But understandably, as his
health started to fail...
...he simply couldn't make...
...the necessary investments
in Ukuthula.
So that alone has made my
job a lot more difficult.
Sorry to hear that. You know, when
I was a kid, this place was...
- How old were you?
- The first time?
The first time,
I was maybe 5 or 6.
The last time,
I was 14 or so.
He just always made this place
seem so magical.
Well, it is.
How come you didn't come back
any sooner?
My mom passed away, and my dad
and I moved around a lot.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
Yeah, just after moving
from place to place so much... kind of felt nice to
just stay still, you know?
- There's nothing wrong with that.
- Yeah.
if you had stayed still... probably wouldn't be seeing
a sunset quite like this.
I just...
It's just... I just...
You can say "wow".
Thank you.
- Wow!
- Yeah, wow!
So, you have
a boyfriend in Chicago?
I do!
Yeah, I do. His name's Brad.
He's... he's great.
- Great, great.
- Yeah. And you...
- Hello?
- You... Ally!
Took you long enough to
figure out we were missing!
- Missing?
- Yeah!
You're so dramatic. You'd think
he got carried off by gorillas.
I could've been.
Actually, would you
guys mind if we stayed...
...and watched the
rest of the sunset?
It's definitely not subtle.
Yeah, Warrington doesn't exactly
do subtle.
Listen, thank you for driving me
all the way into Johannesburg...
...especially since it's to meet
with the guy...
...who wants to buy the reserve.
Hey, today, I'm just your driver,
your no-pressure driver.
Well, thank you.
- Kira!
- Yeah?
Just because the
water's calm doesn't...
...mean there are no crocodiles.
It's an African proverb.
- Did you get that from Lwazi?
- No! It's an original!
Lwazi makes hers up
to win arguments.
- Just be careful.
- OK.
Ms. Slater! Welcome to the
Warrington Johannesburg!
I'm Artie Warrington.
- Hi! It's Kira.
What can I get you to drink?
You know, an iced
tea would be great.
Two iced teas. You enjoying
your visit to South Africa?
It's... it's beautiful here.
Thanks, we're very proud of it.
Please, join me.
So, I wanna know more about you.
What was it like finding out
Irving left Ukuthula to you?
Shock and total disbelief and, you
know, just a little bit of panic.
Yeah, I can imagine. Did
you know Irving well?
Not really.
It had actually been years since
I had seen him or spoken to him.
Irving was a great man. Didn't
have much of a head for business.
- Madam.
- Years ago, when my father...
...ran Warrington Resorts,
he tried to step to help.
I did as well,
but Irving was proud.
- Help how?
- To buy the place.
To invest the kind of capital
it needed to thrive.
We have the resources to do that.
So, I'm presuming
you've reviewed my offer.
Yes, of course.
I just wanna make sure that it's...
it's in Ukuthula's best interest... know, that it's not
just another hotel.
Kira, I know my family
has this reputation...
...of putting the bottom line
above everything else...
...but I understand what
makes Ukuthula special...
...and I wanna keep it that way.
That's great.
I'm sure everything will be fine...
...but I do have to go over
the offer with the lawyers...
...and everyone back
at the reserve.
Of course. I totally understand.
Take all the time you need.
- Hey!
- Hey!
So? How'd it go?
The waters were... very calm.
Listen, I really
didn't mean to overstep if I did...
...or to try to colour
your opinion.
Of course you did.
It's OK, though.
I appreciate it.
I just wish there was
something more I could do.
Do you mind if we take a detour
on the way back to the reserve?
Are you gonna strand us out in
the middle of nowhere again?
'Cause I didn't bring any cookies.
It's so beautiful.
As you remember when
you were a kid?
Everything looks so different.
The village,
it's so different now!
Probably so years,
much has changed.
Did you say I was old?
I didn't say that!
This place is an important part
of Ukuthula too, you know.
- Really?
- Yeah.
A lot of our staff lives here.
We, do our best to try
to help support them...
...but it's tough now
for any of the villages...
...that aren't partnered
with reserves.
Partnered how?
Well, it's common
nowadays for a village... actually own
part of a reserve.
They get invested in protecting
the land and the animals.
It swells into a sense of
pride for the entire village.
That's incredible!
It also opens the
door to government...
...assistance and tax breaks.
Wow! Amazing.
Where's that beautiful singing
coming from?
- The school Uncle Irv built.
- Really?
He knew those children were
the future for Ukuthula.
OK, so, I had some time
to look at the offer...
...from a numbers perspective...
...and I think
it's pretty solid.
And that's what the lawyers
think too.
Did you have a chance
to go through it?
I read most of it.
I've just been so busy.
We went to this Zulu village
yesterday. It was amazing.
And we saw these
beautiful children...
...from the school my uncle built.
- That's nice.
- Then there was the website.
- What website?
- Ukuthula's website.
I'm redesigning it.
You said you weren't gonna
work while you were there.
Yeah, I know,
but inspiration struck...
...and I just had to go with it.
Ukuthula inspired you?
Brad, it is just incredible here.
- Kira!
- Sorry! Coming!
I gotta go 'cause we're
about to go see elephants.
I'll talk to you later. Bye.
They are just...
- This is just...
- Back to "wow" again?
Uh, no, "wow" doesn't
even cover it.
- Wait, which one is Kimba?
- Don't see her yet.
See, sometimes she stays back
with the rest of the herd.
She's the matriarch now.
- Kimba's the matriarch?
Yeah! You sound surprised.
When I was here, she was still
being socialized into the herd.
I actually fed her one time.
- No way!
- Yeah! I was this tiny...
...10-year-old and, I mean,
she blocked out the sun.
And, yep, I marched right up to
her, and she was just so gentle.
I wonder if she'd remember me.
Well, you know, they say
an elephant never forgets.
It's hard to believe
that only 100 years ago...
...there were 3 million
elephants roaming Africa.
Now, there's fewer than
half a million left.
Kimba's calf
could live to be 70...
...because she was lucky enough
to be born... a place like Ukuthula.
That's why this place
is so important...
...I mean, not just for Kimba
and her family...
...but for all of the animals.
I think everyone should see this.
- Yeah, hopefully everyone will.
A little too passionate again, huh?
- Good afternoon, you two!
- Hi, Ally!
Look John. Ally.
She thinks I'm not
paying attention.
Honey. We've been married
for thirty years.
Of course I know you
don't pay attention.
I'm your ranger
for this afternoon's drive... when you're finished
lunch, we can head out.
We can't wait.
We are so excited!
Aren't we, John?
- Yeah, we'd be more excited...
...if we get to see lions today.
You might be in luck!
I heard from one of the other
rangers, and they've spotted them.
- Really?
- Big ones.
- How big?
- With full manes and big teeth.
Don't get me started on the teeth.
- I'll get the camera.
Guys always love lions!
Big TVs, sports, lions.
That's all you need.
You're right, I think.
- Hey! How were the elephants?
- I wanna take one home!
Well, that is generally
frowned upon.
I figured. Plus they probably
wouldn't fit in my carry - on.
I have an idea!
Why don't you come out
with us on our game drive?
- Yeah!
- I would love that!
But is that OK with Mrs. Bagwell?
- Please call me Evelyn.
Of course!
The more the merrier!
Great! Tom?
I have some work to finish up,
so probably shouldn't.
You wouldn't wanna come anyways.
We're just going to see the lions.
Do not leave without me.
See what I mean? Lions.
Whoo! OK!
Those are African wild dogs.
They're also called
painted wolves...
...because of the colouring
of their coats.
Wow, they are so beautiful!
- And their ears are so round!
- I know!
There are less than 4,000 of
these left on the continent.
- Yeah.
- Wow!
You hear that little
squeaking noise?
That's their bark.
- Really?
- Yeah.
All right,
I know they're adorable...
...but what do you say
we go find those lions?
- Yep!
- Yeah, let's do that.
Yeah? OK!
Bye, puppies!
Hey! Over there! It's a lion!
There's more over there too.
They're just so magnificent,
aren't they?
You sure it's OK that
we're this close to them?
Of course! Yeah.
No, they're really chill.
They tend to hunt at night.
So we're fine.
Just stay in the vehicle...
...and don't make any loud noises
or sudden movements, OK?
There's nothing
to worry about, folks, OK?
We're not even
on their food chain.
It's incredible!
- Never gets old.
- No.
There's nothing like
seeing them in real life.
Oh yeah.
That's the life!
That's you on a Saturday
afternoon, John.
Hey, are they endangered?
Well, they're certainly at risk.
Unfortunately, the lion
population here in Africa...
...has fallen by almost half
since the '90s.
- Almost half?
- Indeed.
That's a lot!
Look at his mane!
Yeah! Pretty crazy, isn't it?
- They're just enormous!
- I know.
Thank you.
Tom, those lions were
a great sight! Incredible!
You know their canines
can grow up to 4 inches?
Think about that.
That's 8 inches in total.
A walking Wikipedia page.
I really should get him
a T - shirt that says that.
It's good being so invested
in something.
Yeah, I just wish
he'd stop thinking...
...he could do everything
by himself.
It's why I think the job in
the States might be good for him.
- What job?
- He got... offer to head up a
wildlife conservation group.
They're based out
of New York, so...
- Really? Is he gonna take it?
- He says he's not.
I can't see him ever
leaving Ukuthula, but...
But if Warrington buys it...
Sorry. I really didn't
mean to bring that up.
It's OK.
Listen, I know selling the
reserve is a big deal.
I understand. Listen,
I'm not going anywhere.
They couldn't pry me off
this land.
- You wouldn't go with Tom?
- No. No, why would I?
Well, I just thought
since you guys are...
Well, you know, because
you and he are... You're...
Oh no. No, no, no!
No, Tom is my brother.
Well, my stepbrother, actually.
His mom married my dad
when we were really little.
- I am so sorry!
- It's OK!
It's so embarrassing!
I'm sorry.
What about you? Do
you have a boyfriend?
I do! Yeah, Brad.
He's just... He's great.
He's dependable,
and he's just great.
- That's great!
- Yeah.
Should we head in?
- Hey!
- Hey!
- That's not work, is it?
- Sort of.
Sorry, I should've asked.
Do you want one?
Great minds!
- May I?
- Of course!
So, what you working on?
Well, I'm just kind of playing
around with the Ukuthula website.
Can I see?
I'll show you if you just promise
to keep in mind...
...that this is a work in progress.
Those zebras
I was telling you about?
Honestly, they use the Internet
more than I do.
Here you go.
So, see, it would have
...and then people could also
browse the tours and excursions...
...and book things ahead of time.
And I was thinking...
...that if you set up cameras
around the reserve...
...people could just look
at the lion cam...
...or the elephant cam or...
It's hard to believe
that only 100 years ago...
...there were over 3 million
elephants roaming Africa.
And now there's fewer
than half a million left.
Kira, I'm blown away.
This is brilliant!
You did all of this
in a couple of days?
Yeah, well, it's not actually
hooked up to anything yet...
...but I was hoping...
...that maybe Artie Warrington
would let me consult, you know?
I mean, I could run the site
from Chicago.
Of course!
I'm speechless.
Best leave you to it.
Hey, Tom...
Good night.
Good night, Kira.
Good evening, Kira.
I'm leaving soon.
But I wanted to let you know...
...that a staff member
is on standby... get you whatever
you may need tonight.
Lwazi, you don't have
to keep doing that.
- Doing what?
- Treating me like royalty.
Really, I have a feeling
it has something to do...
...with the sale of the reserve.
We simply want you to experience
everything Ukuthula has to offer.
And I appreciate it
so much, but...
But you know
I can't keep it, right?
I'd be so lost here.
There's a proverb.
"To get lost is to learn the way".
You know, Tom thinks that you just
make these up to win arguments.
And it works every time!
You and him and, really,
everyone that works here...'s like one big family.
Oh yes, it is!
You know, when I came here,
I was very young.
I was a housekeeper!
And that's not what I had planned!
- What did you want to be?
- A singer!
Wait, I remember you used to
sing to get me to go to bed.
Wait, what...
what was the song?
- You have a pretty voice.
- Thank you.
You know,
if I had been a singer...
...I may not have met my husband...
...or had my children
or my grandchildren.
I wouldn't have this family
I have here.
So no regrets.
And my point is...
...sometimes the universe
shows us the way...
...even though we don't know
we're looking.
Another proverb?
Well, I just made up that one.
Well, good night, Kira.
Good night.
Thank you.
- Love you.
- You too.
I think I might melt my phone
from all the photos I'm taking.
- Wait, is it your birthday?
- No, it's the day after tomorrow.
This is my friend Vicky
from work.
She likes to stretch birthdays out
into an event...
...and tweet about it
to the entire world.
OK, well,
we need to have a party.
- We don't need to have a party, no.
- Why not?
Because I don't want you to go
through the trouble and I'm not 6.
Well, excuse you! Everybody
needs to have a party.
I promise you, I will
keep it very dignified.
What colour blindfolds would you... for Pin the
Tail on the Donkey?
- There you are!
- Hey!
- Come on, you have to see this.
- What is it?
- Just come on!
- OK!
That one right there,
that's Kimba and her calf.
Kimba's baby!
- Hey, Kira!
- What?
I just...
Thank you.
- Thank you!
- For what?
For what?
What do you mean, for what?
For elephants, for, those
baby elephants!
Kimba did all the hard work there.
Yeah, she did. It's true.
I wouldn't have seen that
if it weren't for you!
I wouldn't have seen any of this.
Thank you!
- You're welcome.
- Kira, I...
- Kira!
- Brad!
It's so hot here.
Please, please tell me all the
rooms have air-conditioning.
I just can't believe
you're here!
Well, it's part
of your birthday surprise!
See, I was gonna fly
to Scottsdale, but...
But you just hopped on a plane
instead to Africa?
You did. Why can't I?
Aren't you happy to see me?
- Of course!
- Yeah, I'm... I'm just...
See, that's the whole idea.
I also figured you might need
some help with the sale.
- Sale?
- Of the reserve.
You see, the last time we spoke... seemed a bit,
I don't know...
...confused about what to
do with this place.
I wouldn't say "confused," really.
Maybe conflicted.
But I know I have no choice.
I mean, I can't keep it.
- Have you signed the deal?
- Not yet.
Why not?
What are you waiting for?
I wanna make sure it's
the right thing to do.
It is the right thing to do!
Trust me, I'm Spreadsheet Guy.
- Yeah.
It's, like, a billion degrees
out here.
How can you stand it?
You know, I think
I've just gotten used to it.
Brad, this place, it just...
It has a way of just changing your
whole way of looking at things.
You know what, we'll go
on an excursion tomorrow...
...and you'll see
what I'm talking about.
You're gonna love it here.
I promise.
- You all right, there, Brad?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just a bit, you know...
It's hot. How much further
do we have to go?
About 4 hours.
I mean, is it safe
to walk around like this?
This is the middle of the jungle.
Yes! Everything's gonna be fine.
Follow me.
OK, seriously, how much
further do we have to go?
- See those rocks?
- Yeah.
That's the end.
I promise it'll be worth it
when you see this view.
Well, you know,
if nothing else...
...I'm getting in all my steps
for the day.
You should be getting
extra, considering...'re climbing
a hill in Africa.
I wonder...
Is there a setting for that?
Brad! Brad! Look at this!
I mean...
...can you imagine waking up
to this view every day?
We walked all the way
from there.
Yeah, that's...
that's quite a hike.
It's beautiful...
...but, you know, so is Chicago
on a summer morning.
Look, there's a giraffe!
Yeah, we've seen 'em at the zoo.
No, it's so much more magical
seeing them roaming free.
Hey, careful, Kira. You're
starting to sound like Tom!
It's beautiful, I guess.
It's breathtaking.
- Hey, you!
- Hey!
- Did you have fun today?
- Yeah!
Yeah, I can see
why you like it here.
But I... I gotta admit...
...I can't wait to get back
to civilization.
Is that the Warrington offer?
- It is.
I just was wanting to look at it
one more time.
It's a good offer.
The lawyers think so too.
I know they do, Brad,
but I have to make sure...
...that Ukuthula's being protected.
The animals and the people and...
- I get it.
I tell you what, why don't I look
at it one more time?
OK. I mean, if that's
what you wanna do, great.
- Of course.
I've got a conference
call with Chicago now... I'll look at it
when I'm done?
Yeah, thank you.
What are you doing?
- I'm just...
- Nothing. OK.
Would you just go talk to her?
- About what?
Tom, I've seen the way
that you look at her.
The other day your
smile was so big...
...I thought your face
was gonna break.
Well, it was a happy moment!
There was a baby elephant and...
Just go talk to her.
She has a boyfriend, Ally.
And he's here.
I didn't say challenge
him to a duel...
...and carry her off
on your shoulder.
Just go talk to her!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Where's Brad?
He's in his room,
trying to stay cool.
I guess it is pretty warm.
I don't even notice it anymore.
Yeah, me neither.
I get the feeling he doesn't
like it here very much.
It's just different.
He'll be OK.
I gotta say, it was nice for
him to travel all this way.
I don't think I have anyone...
...who'd come halfway across
the world for me.
Really? There's nobody
special in your life?
Well, I have the animals.
But I'm here pretty much
all the time, right... it doesn't leave a lot
of room for a social life.
Is that something you want?
I mean, I'm not exactly...
...the white-picket fence
kind of guy, but...
Yeah. They don't exactly
hold back elephants.
But, you know, marriage, kids...
...happily ever after...
- Yeah?
- Of course I want that.
I just need it with someone who
loves this place as much as I do.
This is just...
This has been a weird week.
Well, I guess the question is has
it been weird-good or weird-bad?
Definitely weird-good.
I never thought I'd go this
far out of my comfort zone.
I don't think you're
necessarily outside of it.
I think maybe
you've just made it bigger.
I guess, now when
you get back to Chicago... can sign up for sky-diving
lessons or something, right?
No! No way, skydiving!
Excuse me, could you tell me... I might be able to get
to Johannesburg, please?
Not a problem. This way.
Mr. Wilson!
Thanks for your call.
This is nice.
is the Warrington brand.
So, you're here
representing Kira Slater.
I'm her financial advisor.
And what's your advice?
To get this deal closed
as soon as possible.
That is good to hear.
I was getting concerned
that we weren't moving forward.
No, no. We're definitely
moving forward.
Kira just wants to
add a few conditions.
What sort of conditions?
Some negotiating points
to do with continuing... care for the wildlife
and the land.
- That sort of thing.
- Look, trust me.
Here at Warrington's,
we're all about...
...preserving the
wilderness experience.
Well, then...
I guess we're good to go.
Come, I'll show you around.
Hi there! Where have you been?
I was looking for you earlier.
I was planning a surprise
for your birthday.
- You don't have to do...
- I know, but I did anyway.
Trust me, you're gonna love it.
I don't know about you,
but I am starving.
Me too. Let's go see what S'bu's
got cooked up for dinner.
All right!
Good morning, Kira!
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
- Can I talk to you for a second?
- Sure!
Lwazi, I've been thinking
about what you said...
...about how the people
here are one big family.
It's so obvious this is
more than just a job.
Ukuthula's like a home.
- It is in many ways.
So, what if I sell it to you,
and to all the employees?
That way you and Tom and Ally, you
can make sure it doesn't change.
That's a very kind thought, but
I don't know how that would work.
Even if everyone pooled our
resources, we wouldn't have enough.
I'll sell it to you for a dollar.
I'll give it to you.
That is remarkably generous. But
running a reserve is expensive.
That's why I couldn't
do it myself.
That's why, we just need
someone with deep pockets...
...someone like Artie Warrington.
Hey, there you are!
Happy birthday!
- Thank you! Have you seen Tom?
- Tom? No. Why?
It's a long story, but I might
have to take care of something.
Are you gonna be OK by yourself?
I thought we were gonna spend
your birthday together.
We are. We will. It's just
this is really important.
Not as important as the
birthday surprise I planned.
I can't wait to find out
what it is.
But I have to take care of this.
I'll be back soon.
Kira, wait!
I don't know what's going on with
you since you got here, OK...
Brad, this about saving Ukuthula.
Until last week, you hadn't thought
about this place in decades.
I mean,
what's so important now?
I loved this place
when I was a kid.
I loved how it made me feel...
...just free and empowered...
...and like I was a part of
something bigger than myself.
And all that's come
rushing back and I...
I just can't let it go
without a fight.
I'll hurry.
Kira! What are you doing here?
I wanna find a way
to save Ukuthula.
You wanna find a way
to save Ukuthula?
I was gonna wish you
a happy birthday...
...but we could talk about
your thing.
I own Ukuthula.
It's incredibly strange for me
to say that, but it's true.
So, it's my responsibility... make sure nothing bad
happens to it.
It's what my Uncle Irv
would've wanted.
- So, you wanna keep it?
- I wanna keep it in the family.
Tom, I wanna protect it.
Right. Because keeping
it would be...
It'd be crazy and impossible.
And, I mean, even if I had
the money to keep it going...
...what am I gonna do?
Am I really gonna give up
my entire life... move to Africa
to run a wildlife reserve?
- Why not?
- Because it's crazy.
It's... It's...
We need to go to Johannesburg.
Kira! I wasn't expecting you!
And Tom Anderson. I certainly
wasn't expecting you.
- How you doing, Artie?
- It depends on what...
...the two
of you are doing here.
You ganging up on me?
- No, it's nothing like that.
Kira's got a proposal
she'd like you to hear.
Please join me.
Last time we spoke... said that you understood
just how special Ukuthula is...
...and how you wanna protect that.
- Absolutely.
Of course, we need
to make some changes... fit into
the Warrington brand...
...but I'm confident
we can strike a balance...
...between progress
and preservation.
That's great to hear, because
what I wanna suggest is...
...instead of buying Ukuthula,
why don't you invest in it?
Become a partner with us,
with me.
Help us make Ukuthula the
best it can possibly be.
Not to sound selfish, but what
do I get out of this arrangement?
Well, we could put your logo on all
the vehicles and in all the lodges.
You'd be rebranding yourself as
a corporation with a conscience.
And what could be better
than preserving...
...a threatened ecosystem
like the Savanna?
It's a great pitch!
- So, you're interested.
- In investing? No.
But it's a great marketing angle
for the project once we buy.
Look, everyone knows
Ukuthula's a sinking ship.
That's why mine's the
only offer on the table...
...because I'm the only one with
a vision to see what it could be.
So I'm giving you 2 days,
till noon Saturday.
Be here to sign the contract,
or my offer's withdrawn.
Artie. I'll sign it!
- Kira, you do not need to sign.
- What choice do we have?
- But I'll need a revised offer.
- Revised how?
One that puts protections in place
for the people and the animals.
Your financial advisor already
talked to me about that.
I'm sorry.
My financial advisor?
Brad Wilson.
He came to see me yesterday.
I told him we don't need to put
all of that in the contract...
...and he agreed.
Look, you can trust me.
Two days!
Hey! There you are!
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Do you know where Brad is?
I think he's in the boma
for dinner.
What's going on?
It's a long story, but she's not
very happy with him right now.
- Why "uh-oh"?
- Come on!
Happy birthday, Kira!
That was so beautiful!
Thank you so much!
That was beautiful.
Tom has something
he wants to say.
They say judge not your beauty... the number of people
who look at you...
...but rather by the number of
people who smile at you.
None of us know
what'll happen tomorrow...
...but what we do know
is that tonight...
...this boma is full of smiles
because of you.
Happy birthday, Kira.
- Happy birthday, Kira!
Thank you!
You didn't need to do this.
It was Irving's favourite.
And it's Kimba's baby!
Thank you!
- Speech!
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Speech!
I'm not good at speeches.
OK, I... I just...
I guess I wanna say thank
you, really, so much.
Thank you for everything.
You know, being here has been...
Well, it's been life-changing.
And it's not just because of
the land and the animals...
...but it's...'s really because
of the people.
- So sweet!
- Truly.
So thank you.
Hear, hear!
OK! Now it's my turn.
Open it.
Kira Slater, will you marry me?
Kira! What is going on?
Brad, how could you go see Artie
Warrington without telling me?
You asked for my help.
To review the contract,
not negotiate it.
You went behind my back.
Kira, I'm sorry, OK?
I was just trying to help.
You know, we both know
I'm better with the numbers.
I'm Spreadsheet Guy!
- I don't want Spreadsheet Guy!
I want someone who respects me.
We want the same things, OK? We
wanna get married, have kids.
We wanna have the nice house
with the white picket fence.
But I understand, OK?
I completely get
you didn't expect this...
...and there's been a lot of that
this week.
I mean, first your uncle,
then Africa.
You inherited a reserve!
Yeah, it's been a lot.
Maybe we should
discuss this tomorrow.
I just...
I have a lot to think about.
Listen. I'll join you in
the dining room. Okay?
- Good morning.
- Morning.
How you doin?
What do you call a feeling
of desperation here?
And not knowing what to do?
Dandije Hantela.
Thanks. That felt good.
So, What you do?
Yeah. If I sign the deal,
Warringron can ruin this place.
But there is no wanting
to buy another.
If I don't sign the deal,
I can't run this place.
Kira. I'm not talking
about Ukuthula.
Did you say "yes"?
Not yet.
Right, it makes sense.
- It's... Totally logical.
- Yeah.
- I have to care with my guests.
- Of course.
Ally, here. I'm at
the ranger station...
...right now, both eyes on hippos.
Both eyes.
- Roger that.
Did you talk to Kira?
Ally, just leave it alone.
- Why are you acting like this?
- Acting like what?
Tom, you're the person who
always wants to fix things.
And you're the person who always
tells me not to, so...
Exactly, and you've never
listened to me before... why are you starting now?
You like to fix things, Tom.
So fix this!
I don't know how. OK?
I mean, Kira, the reserve,
all of it.
I've turned it over in
my head a million times.
I thought I could get her to
fall in love with this place.
And I think I did.
But what I wasn't
expecting was to...
Was to fall in love with her.
All I've done is make
things more complicated.
For everyone.
- Hey, come here.
Come here!
It's gonna be OK.
- Thanks, Sis.
- Yeah, no problem.
- You look like you could use this.
- Thank you.
It was an eventful evening.
That's one way of putting it.
I don't suppose you have any
insightful proverbs for me...
...about all this, do you?
Not really.
In the end, it is up to you
to decide what makes you happy.
Is there someone who could take
me up to the hilltop lookout?
I thought you'd
already been there.
I have, but...
I just didn't really get a
chance to see the view.
I'll call one of the rangers
to take you.
Thank you.
- Hey!
- Hey! I've been looking for you.
- I went to the hilltop lookout.
- See anything interesting?
I did! Yeah, I did, but...
It was what I didn't see
that most interesting.
What's that?
No picket fences.
I thought we both wanted that.
Is this because I went
to Warrington?
It's because you didn't
respect me enough... speak to me first about
what I wanted to do.
I own Ukuthula.
And I feel like you look at me
as someone who...
...who needs to be protected...
...instead of a woman
who's fully capable...
...of making her own decisions...
A partner, an equal.
We can fix this.
No, Brad, this isn't
something you just fix.
Is this because of Tom?
You're in love with him.
No. This is because of me.
This place has changed you.
You know, when I was a kid,
I loved adventure.
I walked up to an elephant
when I was 10 years old.
And this place,
being here has just...
It's made me realize I
still love adventure.
This place hasn't changed me.
It's reminding me
of who I really am.
I'm sorry.
Well, I guess
I'll be leaving, then.
OK, so, I'm gonna take
the Harrises out at 3:00...
...and then I'll come back
and I'll get the Bagwells...
...for their sunset drive.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
Just 2 things.
Brad's gonna need a ride
back to the landing strip.
- Is he leaving?
- Yes.
- And you're staying?
- Yeah.
- Are you OK?
- Yes, I am.
OK! Well, then, I can arrange
for the transportation.
- What's the 2nd thing?
- Lwazi, do you think...
...that someone could bring me...
...some food and some coffee?
Like, a whole lot of coffee.
- Sure, where do you want it?
- Just in my room would be great.
I've got a lot of work to do.
- Of course!
- Thank you!
Vicky! Vicky, hi! It's Kira.
Listen, I really need your help
and all of your Twitter followers.
Yeah, it's time for me
to get in the shark cage.
You're up early!
Yeah, I was up
most of the night.
I thought I had a solution,
and I redid the website.
I tried to get it to go viral,
but it's not working.
Well, these things
don't happen overnight.
They do on the Internet.
At least...
At least they're supposed to.
- Tom asked me to give this to you.
- What is it?
It's his letter of resignation.
Come in!
Hey! Just thought I'd come see
how you're doing.
I'm OK.
I'm disappointed.
But you know what? At least
Ukuthula has a shiny new website.
- When are you heading home?
- Tomorrow.
There's really no
reason for me to...
...stay once I sign those
papers at noon.
- Have you talked to Tom?
- Ally, I don't know what to say.
I just feel so responsible.
It's not your fault, Kira.
Ukuthula was my responsibility.
This place were depending on me.
The people were depending on me.
And you feel like you let us
down, like you let Tom down.
- Yeah, a little.
- Well...
That's really silly.
- What do you mean?
- Tom likes you, Kira.
And I'm pretty sure
you like him.
Tom's taking that new job.
I'm going back to Chicago.
Ukuthula's being sold.
What difference does it make
if Tom and I like each other?
I think it makes
all the difference in the world.
But at the very least... should say goodbye.
- Hey!
- Packing up?
I'm leaving tonight.
What about you?
- Tomorrow.
Is Brad picking you up
from the airport?
No, I'm gonna be finding
my own way home.
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
It's really OK. It was...
it was time.
But you're still going back
to Chicago.
Yeah, I stayed up all
night just really trying... find a way
to make it work here and...
I guess I just don't really
have a reason to stay.
Do I?
Not after the place
is sold to Warrington.
And you took the job
in New York?
Not officially, but I'm gonna
call them on Monday, yeah.
I mean, I don't really have a
reason to stay here either.
Do I?
I guess not after it's sold.
I have to get to Johannesburg,
but, I just wanted to...
I just wanna say goodbye.
Goodbye, Kira.
Bye, Tom.
Do you need a ride?
I could be ready in 30 minutes.
- Thanks.
- OK.
We have had 16 reservations
in the past 30 minutes!
And over 200 people asking
about the baby elephants.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Look at this! There are 26 now.
Oh, Lwazi, if I could
just have convinced Artie... partner with us...
With these kind of reservations
coming in...
...if we had a partner...
A partner!
Lwazi, I just got a great idea.
I have to find Tom.
- All set?
- I was just thinking.
When we were in the village
and went to the school... talked about
village partnerships.
How does that work?
When a village is partnered
with the reserve...
...there are benefits
for both parties.
So, is there any reason we
couldn't do that with Ukuthula?
I'm not sure the village could
afford to buy into Ukuthula.
No, I'll give them
the 50% ownership.
We've had 26... No!
...32 reservations so far.
Tom, it's your video!
It went viral.
It's working.
I don't wanna sell it
to Warrington.
I just didn't think there was
any other way...
...but maybe there is.
Well, it can't hurt
to speak to the chief!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
This is Kira.
I can't believe
we got this done so quickly.
- Yeah, we did it! Together.
- Yes!
How did you come up
with all of this?
Well, Tom had said something
about village partnerships...
...and when the reservations
started pouring in, I just...
I don't know, it came
to me as a possibility.
And we went to meet
with the chief...
...and he was very excited
with the idea.
None of this
would've been possible...
...without Kira and the revenue
from our website.
How many reservations
are we at now?
Let's check.
Over 200!
Including this one.
You have to read this.
"Can't wait to come back.
Make sure the lions are out.
"John and Evelyn Bagwell".
All right! I think
it's time to sign.
Kira, are you sure about this,
sharing Ukuthula with the staff?
- Yes! Ukuthula's a family.
- Yeah!
It should belong to all of us.
Congratulations, partner.
Congratulations, partner!
So, what do you think?
Was it worth the risk?
Definitely. Sometimes you just
gotta swim with the sharks.
- What?
- Never mind.
You know, all these animals...
...they have no idea that you
probably saved their lives...
...or that you brought
hope and power... an entire village today.
You're an amazing woman,
Kira Slater.
Thank you.
I've also been
wondering if maybe...'d be willing to
take another risk.
What's that?
Look at that!