Love on That Day (2012) Movie Script

Morning, my neighbors.
This is BeiJiao Dock Broadcasting Station.
Im Lun.
Now Ill present you a piece of relaxing music.
My little pretty.
Wake up!
You sleepyhead.
Were going to work now.
Aunty An says,
life is a film without a screenplay.
We can never know whats gonna happen tomorrow.
Two years ago, the earthquaker in Sichuan
orphanized me all of a sudden.
I came to this small coastal city.
Settled in auntie Ans home,
and have been living a new life.
Love on that Day
But Demigod Tang says,
no matter the stuff were going through is good or not,
its all destined.
Like that day.
Hey, Martin.
Where are you now?
Im in China.
Ive ordered a hotel for you.
About the boxing training place,
I have arrenged it, too.
You can come here right now.
Leave me alone.
I know what Im doing.
Fine, fine!brThen, come here quickly after all is done.
This is the familial hotel we are running.
And aunty An and uncle Fu are in charge.
Upon meeting them,
youll realize they are in different levels.
Hi, there.
She is playing computer games.
Please call back later.
In this sweet place, I get two nice friends.
The one is the beauty in the yogurt house- Tabg Guo,
Who is also calling- Demigod Tang.
And the other one,
Is him,
a DJ who is honored as the leader of this island.
He is Lun.
You ll get good luck in this month if you walk in the direction of
Tang Guo, Im here.
Oh, okay. brGotta go.
I'll figure it out for you next time brabout your destiny of love.
Do remember your luck number.
Demigod Tang, hurry up, carry the yogurt to me.
Oh, Im not gonna do this, it doesnt work everytime.
No, it will do this to me, definitely!br Get some faith on me.
Have a shot, only once.
Ok, you work on it, but I gotta go.
Concentrate on it!
Dont tell me Im going to meet my love right on today.
How did you know that?
Come on, of course I could have known it.brYou have told me about that a hundred times.
Trust me, please.
Only when all magic schools are shut
and Harry Potter is over.
dden rush and fierce hit.
Ok, Ive got it.
Believe me.
Theres gonna be such a fierce hit.
Sorry, Im so sorry.
Great! I make an accurate prediction this time.
Excuse me. Is this the Heart and time Hotel?
On the Luck Street 13th here?
Youre looking for the Heart and Time Hotel?
It seems that I really get the potential to be a witch.
Pardon me?
Er... The Heart an Tome Hotel...brIts moved away.
What have you written about?
Its about... brYou can come to read it two years later.
My guests, come here please.
These are time cards. Its for you.
And its for you.
If you both came back here
today of two years later together,
you can withdraw the latters you wrote for each other.
Then well serve you a free room.
Moreover, we have a new activity called "Guarantee the Quality of Love" now.
If you come here together again today of five years later which is the utmost deagline,
In five years
is the maximum period
give them a free combo service
which equals 5000 Y will be there for you!
is the romantic combo
Hello. brA ni a se ou. (Korean).
Ko ni ti wa. (Japanese) brHa ra shrun.
Oh, my god. You speack Chinese?
Huh, thats fine.
About the money, no, no, no...
Together not.
We accept Chinese Dollar only.
RMB, okay?
Passport, please.
Ke... Ke...
Let it be, I ll call you Xiao Ma.
Xiao Ma?
Yes, Xiao Ma.
A thousand dollars.
Let me help you.
Than, lets come back 50 years later.
It wont be longer than 5 months.
Hello, Ill get Okay?
Thanks. sorry.
Thank you.
Honey, send it to him please.
You can do it, honey. A peace of cake for you.
You do it.
Im back.
You do it.
You do it.
What are you doing?
You do it.
To room 201.
Right now.
Excuse me, Im the server here.
Sorry, Im in.
Im the server of this hotel.
What are you doing here?
Its you who live here?
Im here to give you that
and this.
This is the time card presented by our hotel.
Time card?
Wait a minute, please.
Oh, if any services are needed,
call the reception please.
Im going out again.
But this time would be longer.
You go where?
Youve been wondering about it since you were a child.
Okay, take care, boy.
Hi, coffee please.
Thank you.
His eyes are of great charisma.
His stomach is amazing.
His eyes are amazing.
His luggage is more amazing. Its so large.
Go check it.
You are young
And nimble.
You do it!
Im so sorry.
Im not doing it on purpose.
Xiao Ya.
Get out of there, quickly!
Hey, wait please.
I get something to consult on with you.
I...I dont know.
Im innocent.
According to my abservation,
he could be a...
His bag is that heavy.
Could it be that... therere weapons in it?
No, no...impossible. It should be...
It should be...
According to my careful and accurate observation,
He must be a...
However, no matter what a sex perversion he is, upon meeting you,
he would be in danger, and youd be safe totally.
Aint I a beauty?
Oh, youve misunderstood it.
You, youre the most beautiful one
of the three famous beauties in the Harbor City.
But you are muricated.
You jackass.
After all, I think theres something wrong with Martin.
Whats wrong?
You little bastard!
Walking like a ghost, its so scary.
Whats the matter?
Whats the matter with you?
He wants to withdraw the letter.
My dear Xiao Ma.
You come here alone.
Are you jilted?
It's an antique of our hotel.
1990...Where did you pick it?
It's overdue.
It's overdue? Then, is the letter still here?
Yes...oh, no.
Even if it's still here, it's required that the card owner come here in person.
That's the rule, ok?
Don't wanna claim falsely?
You were still at the breast 20 years ago!
It's missed, and unavailable.
He seems to be a nice guy.
Judging from the expression showing in his eyes.
But it's a bit weird
that he comes for the letter of 20 years ago.
Thats him!
Hi is a boxer.
Then why he does come here?
So handsome!
So handsome? brYou're so crazy about boys!
At least, he's more handsome then you. brAm I right, Xiao Ya?
Come on. Could you be a little more insightful?
Mind my temperament.
Isn't it charming?
Yes, it is. But you're hopeless.
It's my prediction.
And it's accurate.
You've predicted that I would be into you.
Even though all the women in the world vanished.
I wouldn't be into you.
Into me? Unnecessary!
It's unnecessary!
Now I tell you!
Lots of handomse boys are into me!
It's unnecessary. You jackass!
The heavier you beat me, the deeper love you are into...
So what? I don't care.
I'll kick your ass.
Hey, guy.
Keep it in mind.
As a boxer.
Your only goal is to beat down your opponents.
And leave anything else alone.
Okay, hope you'll come again.
See you next time.
Bye, see you.
Is it brutal, and violent?
No, not this way.
Ill show you.
Okay, okay.
Not too bad.
After next match, Ill sign up the club.
Before these stusff, I wana relax.
Im clear that youre doing this for me.
But itll make a big difference to your life.
Dont push youiself hard.
I know it, mom.
Ok, take care of yourfelf there.
Ok, good night.
Good night.
Stand up, quickly!
Dont lie there.
Stand up! Come on!
Im here.
You like it here?
Nice long-range viewas here.
Every time I wake up with a start in the night, Ill come here.
When the sunshine illuminates me,
its cozy
and warms me.
Could you do me a favor?
Whay are you staring at me this way?
Once beyond 5 years,
two people who love each other aren't able to read the letters they've wrote.
They were not able to read the lettersbrwere written.
What a pity?
Uncle Fu.brwhere do the overdue letters go every year?
Where are overdue letters every year? (overdue letters:surat tunggakan)
This alone is worth 2 yen
Only 2 Y?
These stuff is a little value.
Love is so cheap.
I can feel winds blowing at the back of my neck
when Im turning these into embers.
I feel almost the same way.
Consider it to be a sacrifice to love.
Oh, Jesus.
Im sorry.
that I cant help.
Thank you all the same.
Martin! Martin!
What are you doing?
I'm gonna burn it.
Everytime you see it, you'll cry and feel down.
Why, mommy?
Babe, you'll understand it when you grow up.
Don't cry.
A man who is handsome and sophisticated.
It's awesome!
Does that letter reallly matter so much?
R, o, b, b...Rabbit
Rabbit? I could be the wolf! brIt's Robbins!
Oh, Robbins.
Are you sure this Robbins is your dad?
Not exactly.
That's why I wanna read his letter.
Then, it must be a long romantic love
which entangles two people from different countries.
How I want, how I hope...
Romantic? It's pathetic.
The man is unfindable for years.
It occurs to me that the letter may be found there.
Auntie An has a precious box.
It's there.
Such a skunk, that cat is.
The cats that don't mew are the evil ones.
Too many times.
Auntie An doesn't notice them. brWhy the hell are you mewing?
I just feel it's unnecessary we stay here as sentries.
It is you who said you could do anything for Xiao Ya.
She's not auntie An.
Then who is this woman?
Huh, she's my mom.
Your mom?
-Your mom?
Wow, such a shock!
Your mom and uncle Fu once brgot their marriage certificate.
If auntie An gets the news that uncle Fu has a son
who was lost aboard for years.
Then he is screwed.
Please, don't tell it to auntie An.
Or she would be devastated.
Xiao Ya sit, sit down.
As a man, at right this time, brhe needs a silent place to calm down.
A poor guy.
It's not poor at all. brIt's cool to suffer a lot.
These are life experiences, which are riches.
I'm so jealous of him.
You are unsympathetic.
You're gonna suffer a lot, too.
Nowadays, the youths are so warped hardcores.
The results is such a shock that Martine has never imagined.
It hits him so hard.
Because I'm clear about the feelingsbr of growing up without a dad.
Xiao Ya, you should eat more.
I find you are a little bit thinner recently. brHave these.
She's right. brYou should mind your diet.
Peppers, your favorites.
Get these.
He trusts me so much.
Right. br I'm going to help him out.
On the condition that it brwon't break auntie An's heart.
I'll ask uncle Fu about it for you.
Let me think twice.
Hey, cool boy.
What do you think about this band?
Very nice.
Xiao Ya, what did you tell him?
I gotta go. Bye-bye.
Xiao, Xiao Ya.
You wanna know what she has told him?
Get on.
Xiao Ya, nowadays there are many bad guys outside.brCome back earlier from now on.
And don't go out again in the deep night.
Got it.
As auntie An is not in the hotel tonight, brwe must take action!
Why is auntie An doing this?!
Pardon me, auntie An.
You must have forgotten where I'm from.
Honey, listen to me.
It's ready. brI have got everything prepared.
Honey, are you missing me?
You just left the hotel ten minutes ago.
You can meet him tomorrow.
What are you calling for in the deep night?!
You're not missing me? brHow dare you!
This attitude is kinda fine.
Honey, today I'll get you aware that brI'm still a beauty of great charm.
They came here as expected.
They are...
Xiao Ya, what do you mean by this?
Yiao Ya, let it be.
No, it's uncle Fu's fault.
Uncle Fu,
If you are afraid to take the responsibility, brit'll be so unfair to Martin.
Don't worry. I'll keep it a secret.
What do you mean?
He is your son.
What? You scared me.
How could he be my son?!
It's auntie An.
Hurry up! Hide yourself.
No more talks about him being my son.
I'm coming.
You guys...
Why do you come here at deep night?
Because we got no private time during the day.
The private times may be more limited now.
What do you mean by this?
Don't sit here. Go back please.
Be cautious.
What if somebody shoots you as a psycho grandma in the camera,
and uploads it to the YouTube?
It'll get you screwed.
What's wrong with you today?
Who's there?
Who's there?
Auntie An.
Hi. br- Hi.
Why are you two here?
We've seen nothing.
Congratulations to uncle Fu.
Glad you've found your son, brwho has been away for years.
Son? brWhose Son?
Auntie An, auntie An.
Wait, how can you prove you're his son?
Yup. How can you prove it?
You wanna extort us?
Cheat for money?
I'll call the police.
Okay, calm down. Let me explain it.
She's your mother?
Man Li, don't waste your youth anymore.
He's a sailor, a passerb and won't be back.
What if he doesn't come back?
What should I do?
Man Li. If you just can't let it go.
Bear the baby.
Bear it?
What will people around here think about me?
Death would be better for me, I think.
Don't do this.
Could it be possible? brI'll be this baby's dad.
Let's deal with the rest of the stuff, brafter the birth.
How about An Xin? Will she agree?
So complacent? br I'll make you humble when we're home.
Come on, beauty. You permitted it.
Sit closer, please.
Right, Smile a bit more, bride.
Right, okay.
Wow, auntie An, uncle Fu. You're so selfless and so great.
Thank you.
Uncle Fu.brYou were living a surreptitious life.
You've experienced so much.
That's not the coolest. You guys don't know that.
Your auntie An and I.
your mom and your mom.
We four guys br are good buddies since we were little.
Totally! Your moms and auntie An are awesome.
They were the three young beaut iesbrin the Harbor City.
However, they were messed up by me.
I protected the beauties.
Uncle Fu, you are so...
You protected them?
So what?brDo you notice these? THey are filled with muscles.
I know I looks thin and weak.brBut therere strong muscles inside my bones! Really!
You say.
Ah, and your room.
The past is past. Let it go.
Yeah, yeah. Let it go.
Thank you, auntie An and Uncle Fu.
Without you, I couldnt have grown up.
Then, what do you know about his dad?
He once came backbr rigth after your mom went away.
Fu, wheres Man Li?
Amazing that you havent forgot to come back.
You are irresponsible.
You are such a torment to Man Li.
What happened?
Shes You are the dad, clear?
Oh, my god!
I suffered some piratesbr and almost lost my life.
Why doesbt she stay here waiting for me?
She had been waiting for youbr for a long time.
So, wheres she now?
I dont knowbr where they are now.
Theres almost no difference between knowingness and unknowingness.
We didnt know where was his dad frombrand where he went then.
I think thats why your mombrdoesnt wanna tell it to you.
Unneccessary to find the letterbrIve found my dad.
Huh? Who is he?
You uncle Fu.
Its me?
He said its me!
Thank you.brThank you, good boy.
Uncle Fu, its so cost-effiecient
Ive predicted
that you get the fortunebr to gain withoutcosting capital this life.
You annoying sweetbug.
You see this? Youve got a girl Xiao Fa for free.
And now you get a handsome son for free!
Yes, it is. So cost-efficient!
Tang Guo, how can you dilly-dally so much?
Its not dilly-dally
It proves that Im so blassedbrto get a boy and a girl effortlessly.
Its to the point! A boy and a girl!
Are you gonna just let it be?
It doesnt matter. I come here, meet you.
and so many good guys. Im satidfied.
Before coming here, I just kept training boxing
or stayed at home to accomany my mom.
So, why do you like boxing?
Nothing special.
I just want my mom to live a better life.
Put on another suit, Ill show you a nice wonderland.
Lets go.
Shout out as you like.
Xiao Ma!
Xiao Ma!
Its confortable.
Since I was young,
dad has been just the name.
on that card in my impression.
I want to know about him so much.
Wherever is he now,
he lives somewhere in the world.
But some people, once they left you.
wont be back anymore, mo matter how much you wanna see them.
Hey, how are you?
On the shore
we are like two alone seagulls
who regard the other one as a company.
Warbling aloud without restranint
This feeling is magical.
i adore it!!!
Xia Ya succeds in her first love
It seems Ive made a right prediccion.
its not the first love. You idiot.
At least Im right that.
Are chanceless.
Love should be voluntary. You Know?
Fine. Tanry Potter.
Ill give you a broom. You can ride it it and fly away.
Ill stay here, right here. what dare you do to me?
Come on, Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on, Lun.
Come on, Martin.
Lun, somethings wrong.
What uncle Fu has got isnt a son.brBut a son-in-law.
Could you please save your words?
Martin, fight with me.
You figh with him?
Who do you think are you? Transformer?
Knock it off, Lun.
I accept it.
Beat him. Beat him. More strength.
Left hook, Left hook!
Come on. man.brBeat him. beat him...
Keep beating! Can you do this?
Come on.
Beat him. Beat him.
This mini soldier sucks!
We must go now.
An aunt Or call the police.
So, what about you?
Just go. And leave me alone.
Oh, by the way take it back.
Take it?
Weights too.
Come on.brYou have a stronger body
On that night,
I had a sound sleep and didn't suffer a nightmare.
Is it true that all Cinderellas wanna get her Mr. right
who is willing to protect her?
I hope all these stuff I'm going through doesn't only exist in fairy tales.
Why are you still here? Go, please
What do you want?
Do not you think that behave a little weird?
only expressed blatantly clear that you know.
All girls can be attracted by boys, and the same to the boys.
Honey.brWhy you keep staying there?
Here are many good guys. I'm having fun here
Have you found a lovely girl?
Now you're jealous?
If you're in love with a girl.bryou're supposed to make her smile.
And do not bother.brDo you understand?
Yeah, I know.
Watch out!Slowly!
Xiao Ma
Do you march off when your boxing match?
I'll go when finished
Really? that's great.
I meanbrIt will be very sad when you fences.
You can go anytime.
Then I think you will lo
Tang Guo. He's a mature man who has his own career.
He's not like you, a do-nothing.
miss Li thank you very much.
It's nothing.
These guys are so cute,brI am very happy about what they are doing now.
with bags help students in poor areas.
Xiao Ya, can you meet me this evening at the source?
According Is it okay at 3 pm?
Mon. I have something to do at this time. I have to go.
Where you have to go?
We are busy with the children to support this charity event.
Could you wait until this is over?
I'm sorry. I'm too busy to get out now.
ncle Fu. Already back Martin?
Hey, martin. I'm glad you're back.
I'm sorry... that i...
All is well.
Uncle Fu.
Xiao Ya and I really enjoyed ourselves.brIt was an important and impressive late
I'm going back in mi room.
I thought she was in love with him.
But he thinks she's in love with him.
Then he does not understand that she is in love with him.
Hey, hey, hey.brYour words are somewhat confusing.
Give me a break,bryou are more complicated.
My little beautiful
Did i annoy him?? how do you think?
Of Course!! You got him waiting for long time
Why?brI did it on purpose.
What matters is that you were with Sun this afternoon ..
Is was furious with that?
can I borrow that? Partner?
Without hesitation.
But not now. How about next month?
You know I'm in the Moonlight Clan.
You promised me that you lend me the auction site for free.
You're courting a girl. And you want me to be your sponsor.
How will I survive if my wife knows?
Come on, show me your loving heart and help're cute and good.
Why show a heart full of love?brYou're so greedy as a vampire.
What do I do? only a few days left.
All winnings this month for singingbrI reached for rent.
A man in lovebrfooled a fool.
And you can do all kinds of stupid things
I have a good ideabrYou do not have to pay anything.
Tell me
I need.
I think.
I'll buy a house, so join me.
what are u doing?
How about here? There are many people
It's totally free,
And that's the point.
Now I just want to warn you.
I think something is wrong with your girl
I've found that expression showing in her eyes to thay guy
Es totalmente diferente a la tuya.
What is the different?
How can i describe it... to you, it's like this
absolutely true! To that guy, its like...
like this.
says you.
My sweet Xiao Ma wont act this uglily.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy bithday to you.
Xiao Ya. Happy birthday!
Xiao Ya.
All your uncle Fu and I eant in our rest life.
is that you can live a happy life all the time.
totally. Eat this long- life noodles.
and youll live a long and healthy life.
Moreover, eat this long-life noodles and youll get in good shape.
right like the noodles.
Yeah, yeah. just eat.
Thank you, auntie An and uncle Fu.
Youre welcome.brEat now.brHappy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Maybe you consider it to be odd.
Why i sing this.
at the start of the program today.brThe reason is that a cute girl.brOn today, which is her birthday.
The reason is
which is the birthday
Of a pretty girl
Is holding a caring sale of work.brfor the children in the dindergarten.
Isnt this girl adorable?
Then shouldnt I present this song to her?brOn today, which is her birthday.
Hey I miss you.
Can you hear me?
Hey, I miss you. Can you her me?
Yesterday, I was...
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Thank you so much.
(On my birthday,)
(I found that)
Only the presence of Xiao Ma
(Only the appearance of Xiao Ma)br(Could bring me real blessendness.)
(Could it be that its love as the fairy tales talk about?)
(I can feel his breath,)
(his hearbeat)br(and his fondness on me.)
I can feel his love for me.
(At that moment,)br(this world we were feeling)
I felt that this world
(Has become so sweet)br(And so wondelful.)
And wonderful.
Come here. Carry these stuff. Help.
Tho there.
Wheres Xiao Ya?
How can I know that since Im not her mom.
I'm not your mother.
An Aunt and Uncle Fu, this is for you.
For us?brYes.
Its your birthday. Not ours.
The birthdays of the youngbrAre the miserable days that parents suffered.
Oh, my god.
Xiao Ya has been living here for years.
But today is the happiest birthday shes ever had.
But what if Xiao Ma leaves?
Then how can her live?
Come on. Its a waste if we dont eat
Hurry... Hurry up.
whats up?
Im so hungry.
Were you starved to death in your las lifetime?
Theres saying that its ignominious to starve oneself...
From my dad.
lets eat!
count me in!
Thank you.
Wheres our heroine?
Leave her alone. its her birthday today.
So she must be playing something brromantic with the tuy she adores
Xiao Ya.
Stop staring. Lets go.
Wherere you going?
You were being a bridesman.
None of your business.
Attentio, everyone!
Show your loving heart!
Have a look on them.
its so cute.
Thank you.
Thank you.
its exquisite. I like it.
You like it? But I like it!
Cheer up. Im still with you.
As a friend.
Let it go. Lets start the performace.
Thank you.
Than you.
Ill buy this
Thank you
So much money in their hands.brBilk them.
Hows it? Lets bilk them.
Have mercy on them.
Welcome. You want this?
its 10 Y
Thank you.
Wait a minute.
Heres the change. 90 Y.
Show your loving heart.
Show your loving heart.brPleasebrHello, welcome.
Hello, Welcome
It's cute..
Pick this.brits cute.brThank you.brThank you.brThank you.
Thank you!!!
Thank you, thank you!!
Tan Guo. Im out of change. How about you?
Can you go to change those tickets?
Me, too. Ill go upstairs to get some.
Manager, get it into change.
These are all stumers!
Dont cheat me.
Alls fake?
They are there.
The guys who just bought with stumers!
Stop. Why do you cheat us, with stumers!
Yeah. I cheat. So what?
Watch out!
Xiao Ya!
Xiao Ya. are you ok?
Im fine.
Wow. Hes so cool. Xiao Ya.
Youve picked a nice guy!
Stop joking now.
Is it serious, grandpa?
No problem.
His body is strong.
Hes just hurt on skin.
Its so kind of you, grandpa.
Take off your shirt, fellow.
Come on. Hes not disabled.brWhy are you doing this for him?
You girls get out.
(Hey, Im in front of the door.
Get out now.)
Look at you.
What have you done?
Courting girls and fighting?! ^courting:pacaran
Go with me right now.
but I wont sing up to your club anymore.
After this match.
You wont sign up?
Of course you can.
Pay the reparations then.
Kidding me.
You go now.
And Ill go talk to yu tomorrow.
Its raining. I gotta go.
Youre leaving?
Since youll leave
Why did you get Xiao Ya in love with you?
You are a passerby.
like you father.
Travelers only bring pain to people.
You know what?
Two years ago. the big earthquake.
Was Xiao Ya all alone in an orphanage.
She had been living alone only with her turtle.
Then she came here and lived happily.
Everything should have been going well.
You ruined it!
I can singing for her.
I can make her happy.
I Can accompany her forever.
Then, can you?
If you cant,
leave and vanish now!
Dont worry.
after I leave.
will be allright like before.
answer me.
Do you like Xiao Ya?
Now I'm not sure to put it.
The heavy rain made me see things.
Martin and I
Come from different worlds.
Hes destined to leave finally.
But whats left may not ve love
No way.
But hurt.
A friend of mine wants to start a romancebrAnd he consulted
Should he choose a girl who loves him
Or choose a girl whom he loves.
So what do you think?
All wanna say is that.
Everyone should express your feelings to someone.
But not every person you come across.
Could accompany you forever.
A song composed by me
.Do you know.
Hope you guys will like it.
Come on.
What are you doing here? Its so late.
As long as you want.
Ill accompany you forever.
For my whole life.
We can watch the sunrise everyday. will you?
You silly.
Xiao Ya. You wanna go to Africa?
Ive already decided it.
you bastard!
Why dont you pick up the phone?
Do not go from here to there as well as usual.brAs a traveler
Keep in mind this.
If you abandon Xiao Ya you'll regret!
Well gather tomorrow?
Such a hurry?
It means shes grown up
And can live independently now.
I know it. But,
its a bit hasty
Martin. Youll go to America.
You're going to merica.
After tomorrow.
Show me your victory then!
Come on,
Youre doing a good job.
Go on.
Thanks for.
Being with me during brthe last period which Ill never forget.
Lets go back to the old life as it was.
This little panda is yours now.
Take care of yourself.
Xia Ya.
Take this.
Youre always careless
There is all kinds of medicine in it.
I get some business to cope with tomorrow.
So I wont be able to see you off.
Its okay.
Will you have a phone number in Africa?
Its travel abroad, not time travel.
Are you determined to leave?
You already decided well?,
Two years isnt a long time
But itll change lots of things.
I know it.
So you should cherish it.
Tang Guo is a nice girl.
Mind your own business.
Take good care of yourself.
Come on. Come here.
Sit down
My little pretty.
Do eat more now.
Or you cant get so delicious food.
In abroad.
Youre a young girl.
And youll go to a that far place.
I just coldnt help being worried.
Our daughters so excellent.
And shes ready to realize her aspiration anywhere all over the world
Come back right away.
If youre frustrated during the work.
Ill get the air ticket for you.
No more sentimental chats.
Cheer up. Just eat more.
Right. Eat more.
Two years ago,
a friend of mine.
Lost all her close relatives in an earhquake.
But shes got supported by many warmhearted people.
Two years from then, she sets her mind to be volunteer now.
Today, shes setting off to Africa.
In order to help more people.
Little pretty.
Lun. Thanks for being wiling to wait for the sunrise together with me.
Youre my best friend in my life.
Xiao Ya is leaving.
Xiao Ya is leaving.
Are you listening?
Why dont tell in to Lun?
Are you in mental disorder?
Xiao Ya only cares about you.
Cant you see that?
Then, its up to you.
I dont want that we re both
Skittled out in this romance.
Today, Xiao Ya will take the train at 3 pm.
If you love her.
It will be the last chance to express your love.
Promise youll miss me.
Dont forget me after you make new friends.
Ok, ge it.
Dont dilly-dally anymore.
You are a passerby,
like your father.
Xiao Ya only cares about you.
Cant you see that?
Passerbys bring pains to people.
Youll regret it if you abandon her.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome the king of boxing from southeast of Asia.
Martin Hurio.
Can you wait for me?
Where are you?
Im sorry for leaving without saying goodbye.
Im a girl whos afraid of losing.
About this short romance.
I dont know how much does it matter
In each others hearts.
Promise me.
That youll chase the life you want.
Dont look for me.
So wont I.
we are linked by ties of fate.
If theres love between us.
Then well meet again spontaneously.
Hi, everyone.
Im your old friend Lun.
Time flies.
Im myself as before.
But therere many stories that have
come about in the Harbor City.
Good job.
After giving up the match.
Hes left there as a coach.
Not long after that,
his mom came here.
People say that theyre residents of the harbor City originally.
However, one day.
Good job.
An unexpected gust came to the boxing house
Drink some water.
Thank you.
Youve sweated so much.
Are you feeling hot?
Coach, coach. Theres guy looking for you
Its you.
My name is Robbins.
Man Li. Do you know?
Ive been looking for you two for 20 years.
I keep your
letters here all the time.
Letters all this time.
Its yours.
Thank you.
Tang Guo. Im here.
Im busy. Lun called me to assist him.
So Ill stop the business today.
Tonight will be a happy night with great passion.
because the fifth anniversary ceremony.
Will be held at 8 pm.
Another cheerful thing is.
That an old friend who left the Harbor City for two years.
Is coming back.
Im back!
Why are you here?
Im afraid you
cant see me when youre back if I left.
I was abroad for so long time.
But its still so genial here.
Our family is getting bigger.
And more hilarious.
It seems that Lun and Tang Guo.
are on the way to love.
Would you go on waiting for me.
If I still hadnt returned.
The happiest day is the day
When the love youve been waiting for befalls.
Auntie An has said that.
Love and cherish the guy who accompanies you.
Because you may not meet him
In next lifetime.