Love on the Menu (2019) Movie Script

Lights on.
Hannah! Breakfast!
Come on!
Okay, so somebody hacked
into the school website.
I used Spanish goat
cheese this morning.
They changed Melanie
R's grade to a D
and Melanie P's grade to an F.
It's got caramelized onions,
heirloom tomatoes,
and basil, because I know
how much you love basil.
Are you even listening?
Yeah, I'm listening.
The Mels are your best
friends, I know that.
Frittata breakfast special, huh?
Yeah, Dad, I'm a vegan.
Ugh, come on, again?
I know, I'm sorry,
but me and the Mels
keep changing our minds.
Okay. Uh, do you want
my oatmeal instead?
I would love to, but I
actually I have to get going.
No, no, no, I could
put it in a mug,
you could take it with you!
No, I have to get going, I'm sorry,
I'm gonna be late. Bye, Dad.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Okay, well, I'll try this.
There we go.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Good morning, Andrea.
How are you?
Maggie, I have a meeting
with the board in 20 minutes,
so can we please
just cut the small talk?
Um, yes.
As you know, the market
for our current product line
is pretty saturated,
so I've been developing
some new ideas.
I should hope so.
You are VP of Product
What have you got?
Gourmet frozen food.
I want to create an exclusive
new gourmet frozen food line
for the company.
Gourmet frozen food?
I've been researching several
different options
with Doctor Scully at the lab,
and we have focused in on a
chef named Hank Daniels.
He owns a one star Italian
restaurant called Osteria.
There are only six starred
restaurants here in Seattle.
Have you been
to the restaurant yet?
What was the name again?
Yes, I've been a couple
of times, and it's delicious.
Website needs some work,
but, uh...
Have you spoken to the chef
about doing a frozen food line?
Not yet, I wanted to run it
by you before I moved forward.
Gourmet frozen Italian food.
I like it.
Go back, try some more dishes,
talk to the chef,
see if we can get him on board.
Great. Thank you.
Good morning Hank, how ya doin'?
Good, Bern.
How are you?
Good. Hey, did you know
that your niece is a vegan?
Well, she is 15, and I seem
to remember Karen
becoming a vegan for a while
when she was about
that age, so...
Anything new on the
lunch menu today, chef?
Nope. Nothing new.
Just same old same ol'?
It's not the same ol'
same ol', Bern.
It's a classic menu.
Customers love the classics.
You're the chef.
Yes, I am.
Hot behind.
Go ahead...
Veal apple salad.
Great. And Tortellini,
can you take that?
Behind you.
Okay, service.
Thank you, very much.
And calling out two gnocchi.
Yes, Chef.
Two carpaccio.
Yes, Chef.
Thank you.
Chef, Katherine Cooper's
here again,
and says your lobster risotto
is still the best in Seattle.
Tell her that, uh, that's
very nice of her to say,
and then comp her dessert.
Yes, Chef.
Okay, how long
on that carpaccio?
Two minutes, Chef?
Manny, I... I thought I paid
that bill last month.
I'm sorry, but I'm still gonna
need to get that Wagyu beef
delivered today.
I... I promise I'll... I'll get
you taken care of next week.
Thank you. I... I owe you.
Thank you.
So, I'll start with the tomato
carpaccio with burrata.
Very good.
And then I'll have the
compressed apple salad
and the prosciutto pappardelle.
Followed by the wild mushroom
pizza and the lobster risotto.
Will anyone be joining you,
Oh, no, no, it's just me.
Excellent, I'll bring
your wine out right away.
Thank you.
Oh... uh...
Excuse me, uh, forgive me
for saying this,
but that's an awful lot of
food for just one person.
Yes. I can never decide
what I want to order,
so I end up just getting
everything I like,
and taking a big doggy bag home.
You would be amazed what
you can freeze these days.
One more?
No, two. Thank you.
Hank, it's happening.
What's happening?
She's here.
The gourmet food guide critic.
Are you messing with me?
Table 12.
How many?
Just one, but it's just like
you said,
she's dressed conservatively
and sitting alone
in the middle of
the dining room.
She ordered two appetizers
and five main dishes.
Seven in total.
Yeah, and that's before dessert.
Any wine?
One glass, a dry Chianti
and a mineral water.
This has gotta be it, right?
This has gotta be it.
It's gotta be it.
Okay, everybody, listen up!
One of the top food critics in
the nation is dining with us
this afternoon.
This is what we've been working
for for the last four years.
So, follow my lead,
breathe, and execute.
I'm gonna get us
that second star today.
Here we go, come on,
let's go, people.
Yes, Chef.
All right.
Hi, good afternoon.
How is everything?
Are you enjoying it?
Excellent. Thank you so much.
Hi there, uh, well, my name
is Chef...
...Hank Daniels.
Yes, I have your cookbook.
Well, that's a great way
to start a conversation.
Um, can I interest you
in a glass of prosecco?
On the house, of course?
Oh, thank you. Yes.
Stan, one prosecco?
Thank you.
Um, I just love your food.
But I hope you don't mind
me saying,
I'm having a bit of trouble
following your recipes.
Okay. What kind of trouble?
Well, um, for one thing,
they're very time consuming.
Good food takes time.
Well, not everyone has time
to cook risotto from scratch.
Ahh... Well, risotto doesn't
really take all that long,
it's just 25 minutes over a pot,
and my risotto
is worth the wait.
And the measurements
are not exactly precise.
Your chicken cacciatore
for example,
it calls for a hint of sugar.
What exactly is a hint?
Just that, a hint.
You see, I've...
I feel that good food is more
about feel and taste
than it is about
precise measurements.
That's baking.
That's not very helpful.
No. No, I guess it's not.
So, maybe my book
isn't for everybody.
But you seem to have
an excellent palette.
Let me ask you a question.
Please do.
Have you ever considered
doing a line of frozen foods?
Frozen food?
No. Never.
We don't even have
a freezer here.
It would make your
food accessible
to so many more people.
Excuse me, I... I...
I didn't order this.
I am so sorry, sir,
I'll have somebody come
right away, okay?
Could you please?
Yeah, uh, miss, miss?
Mr. Daniels...
Oh, I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's alright...
It's all...
Here, let me just...
Yep, that's okay.
That's okay.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine. It's fine.
That's okay, that's okay.
I am so sorry, Mr. Daniels.
Uh, no, no, actually it's okay.
It's actually just Hank.
I'm just Maggie.
I mean, I'm Maggie.
Not just now.
Always Maggie.
Well, very nice to meet you,
"always Maggie."
Hank, excuse me, Hank.
Uh, it's a bad time,
right now Bern.
Uh, there's a phone call
for you in the office.
It's, uh, it's Hannah.
Uh, okay, I'm gonna
have to take this.
It was a pleasure to meet you,
"always Maggie."
You too.
Maybe we'll see you around.
Hey, sweetheart.
It's me, what's up?
You did what?
It's really not my fault, Dad.
I told you this morning
that someone hacked
into the school website.
No, no, no. You told me
you were a vegan.
And that someone changed
the Mels' grades.
Look, I just changed them back.
No, what happened was,
you got suspended.
If it happens again,
you're out, permanently.
That's it.
Okay, well, what do you
expect me to do?
They're my best friends.
I know.
Look, I just, I need you to talk
to me before you do something
that's going to get you
into trouble, okay?
'Kay, come on, let's go.
Okay, uh, Mrs. Hutton
is next door,
I already talked to her,
so if you need anything
give her a shout.
I'm 15, Dad, I'll be fine.
Yes, I know you are,
but it makes me feel better
knowing somebody's around
when I'm at the restaurant,
and that's what neighbours
are for.
I guess.
I love you, very much.
And I wanna know
that you're safe.
I love you too.
Okay, good. Now, I gotta
get going.
Be good.
I'll try.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Chef.
So, how'd it go?
Uh, my buddy from the gourmet
food guide called
five minutes ago.
Really, how's that possible?
He spoke to me off the record.
Okay, okay, good, good.
We didn't get our second star,
did we?
No, Chef.
I see.
That's disappointing.
Well, I guess one gourmet
food guide star
is still pretty respectable,
there's only six starred
restaurants in all of Seattle.
I guess that's something.
Why are you guys looking at me
like that?
Em, Bernie, what is it? What?
You look like somebody died,
you're freaking me out.
What is it?
No, no.
No, tell me we
still have our star.
Our one star. Right?
I don't under... I... I don't
understand. What happened?
What did they say?
They said something about
the service being slow,
and the menu being stale.
It's a classic menu.
No stars, huh?
Okay. Everybody back to work.
Hank, if you need
to take the day...
No, I don't need to take
the day, Brian.
I could cover for you, Chef.
No, you can't cover for me,
this is my kitchen,
we need to prep for dinner.
She's not saying
change the menu.
I know what she's saying, Leo.
Look, I appreciate
your concern, okay?
But I don't need
any help right now.
All right?
Yes, Chef.
Thank you.
The chef's name is Hank Daniels.
He has his own cookbook and an
Italian restaurant called Osteria,
and Doctor Scully feels
that his recipes
will be a great match with our
flash freezing process.
But while Hank's food
is delicious,
the restaurant has taken
a turn for the worse
over the past few years, and
he's taken on a lot of debt.
Which means business is down.
We'd like to make him an offer.
Good morning.
Leo, Em.
Oh, hey Hannie.
Hey, Uncle Bernie.
How's my favourite rebel?
Oh, please stop.
Don't encourage her.
You go up to my office
and do your homework, okay?
What if I worked on
the website instead?
How about you do your
homework like I just asked?
Okay, fine.
Come on.
All right.
Look, I just, uh, just wanted
to take a second and apologize
for my outburst yesterday.
That was not cool, and I promise
you it won't happen again.
Ah, don't worry about it, Chef.
It was a bad day.
Yeah, it certainly was
a bad day.
It's not every day
you lose a star.
But I thought about it
long and hard,
and the way I see it, there's
only one thing left to be done.
And what's that?
Get it back.
That's what I'm talking about.
We did it once before, right?
There's no reason
we can't do it again.
Hank, there's some people
here to see you.
I'm kind of, uh, in the middle
of a pep talk here.
They said it's important.
Okay, guys, get to work.
I'll be back in a minute.
Hey, I remember you.
You're that food critic, uh...
Always Maggie.
You said my menu was stale.
Um... No.
Yeah, you did.
Now, I don't know why
you took our star...
Wait, you lost your star?
But I'll tell you this, okay?
We're gonna get it back,
and then some.
Well, that's good,
because I like a hard worker.
And this is not the food critic.
You're not a food critic?
Okay, so who are you guys?
I am Andrea Fitzgerald,
CEO of Flash Frozen Foods
And this is Maggie Young.
She is the one who's going
to save your bacon.
We wanna help you, Hank.
Oh yeah?
Help me how?
Help you figure out how to
make your bank loan payments.
Bank loan payments?
Bernie, what is
she talking about?
Well, um, ten years ago,
Karen took out a business loan
at the bank
to get the restaurant
up and running.
And after Karen passed, and I
began running the restaurant,
we started to get behind
in our payments.
Nothing that we couldn't handle.
But then, the payments
started to balloon,
and after a while...
So, what are we talking about?
How much do we owe?
I'm not... I'm not really sure,
but I think it's
close to 250 grand.
How could I not know about this?
Because I wanted you to focus
on the food
because you said the business
part makes you anxious.
This makes me anxious, Bernie.
Well, this is where we can help.
What, you... you want
to buy my restaurant?
Is that it?
No, we do not want to buy
the restaurant.
We want to move forward
with some exciting
new opportunities, Hank.
What kind of opportunities?
We are creating a new line
of gourmet frozen meals.
Gourmet frozen food.
How would you feel about a
line of Italian gourmet meals
that you help create?
Is this a joke?
I will never do that.
I am a gourmet food guide
starred chef.
You were a starred chef.
Do you believe in
your restaurant?
Yes, of course I do.
Which is why I'm 100
percent committed
to getting it back on track.
Well, we believe in you.
We believe in your food and
we believe you are the partner
to help us make this line
a success.
You're a great chef.
So, why don't you let me focus
on the business side of things?
I've run a lot of restaurants
before Andrea hired me.
I can come on as a consultant,
and you can use the money
we're offering you
for your recipes to revamp
your restaurant.
How much are you offering?
We were thinking of starting
with a step deal for 12 recipes.
What's a step deal?
We pay you a certain amount
for every recipe you create.
What do you think?
I don't know, Bernie.
I don't think we have much
choice, that's what I think.
Hannah, breakfast!
Good morning.
So, I combined the oats
with almond milk,
chia seeds, coconut,
cardamom, cinnamon,
a little bit of candied ginger,
and it's got some vanilla
and some grated nutmeg.
Wow, you really went all out.
Yes, I did.
Deluxe vegan oatmeal
for my favourite vegan.
Yeah, Dad, I'm not vegan
Oh, come on!
You're killin' me.
I know, I'm sorry, we just...
me and the Mels just didn't
want to come off as fussy.
Okay, tell you what, how about
deluxe vegan oatmeal
for my favourite non-vegan.
You know, I would absolutely
love to, but I can't-
No, no, no, you can't go.
Sorry, I have to go to school,
'cause I'm going to be late.
Eat an apple at least, okay?
Okay. Thank you.
I love you.
I love you too, bye.
Okay, Yeah, well, I'll try it.
It's really good,
you're missing out.
Good morning!
Hank, Bernie.
You want an espresso?
Oh, no, thank you.
I already had mine.
I just have some paperwork
for you to sign.
Yeah, sure.
I'll, uh, I'll have my lawyer
take a look at it.
Good idea.
Do you have somewhere
I can set up my laptop?
Hmm, no, not really.
Just my office.
That'll do fine.
Thank you.
That's the bathroom.
Well, looks like your office
is now her office.
I see you found my
accounting system.
Throw it in a drawer
and forget about it?
Yeah, pretty much.
I don't really have a head
for numbers.
Then why are you managing
the restaurant?
My sister, Karen, used to
handle all the business stuff.
I was perfectly happy
being behind the bar,
I loved being behind the bar.
But uh, when Karen passed,
Hank kinda fell apart,
and he only had time
for Hannah and his kitchen,
nothing else mattered.
Okay, so you stepped in.
Hank asked me to take care of
the business side of things,
but Hank doesn't really like
to work to a budget, so...
It was difficult balancing
the books.
Well, first thing we need
to do is get you set up
with some restaurant
accounting software.
Um, remember when I said I don't
really have a head for numbers?
Uh, excuse me.
Excuse me?
So, as some of you might know,
I'm Maggie Young,
and I'm going to be assisting
Hank in managing the restaurant
while we develop
a frozen food line.
You know what, we're kinda in
the middle of prep right now,
so if you wouldn't mind...
Yeah, I... I realize that,
I just wanted to,
uh, introduce myself and, um,
see how you were doing.
We're doing great.
Thanks for asking.
Okay, well, um...
Let me know if I can help.
Okay. We'll let you know.
Nice to meet you.
I can't believe she walked in
the kitchen like that.
I mean, who does
she think she is?
She's the boss.
She is not the boss.
All right?
She's just here helping out
with the money part, that's all.
That's right.
Hank is the boss, Emma.
But this was never supposed
to be about money.
This was supposed to be
about great food.
Well, now it's about
frozen food.
It's a nightmare,
that's what it is.
So, what do we do now, boss?
Honestly? I think you guys
should quit.
I'm serious.
You are both so good,
you could get jobs
at any restaurant
in the country.
You don't need to stay here
just 'cause I messed up.
No way, Chef.
For better or worse, fresh
or frozen, we don't care.
That's right.
We are a team.
I don't deserve you guys.
Yeah, that's true.
I see you're, uh, making
yourself at home in my office?
Oh, yes, thank you.
I'm just getting everything
You know, if you wanna talk to
me about the frozen food line,
or if you have any questions
about the restaurant in general,
you can talk to me.
In fact, you can talk to me
anytime you want.
Just talk to me in here, okay?
Not in the kitchen, and never
in front of my crew.
Okay. Because I do have some
ideas that are worth sharing.
See, that's the thing.
There's no sharing.
All right?
This is not a think tank.
It's not a democracy.
That explains why your menu
hasn't changed in four years.
No way.
Okay. I see what you're doing.
What I'm do-
I'm making sure everything's
in order.
No, no, no.
You are being completely
transparent right now.
Okay. I don't understand.
No. It's so obvious that it...
it's actually kind of funny.
I don't get it.
You want me to quit so that you
can take over the restaurant.
That's it.
I know it.
We don't want your restaurant.
Oh really? You don't?
What we want is to create the
best gourmet frozen food line
in the world.
But I know you're not going
to be able to focus on that,
until your restaurant
is back on track.
So let's make a deal.
We already have a deal.
This is a deal just
between you and me.
I'm listening.
You help me with
the frozen food line,
and I'll help you
get your star back.
All right, so where do we start?
Well, you say that frozen food
isn't any good.
It's not.
So, teach me.
Teach me about great food.
Lesson number one.
Great food starts with
great ingredients.
Let's go.
Come on.
You said yourself, I have
an excellent palette.
Yeah, but that's when I thought
you were a food critic.
Oh. Okay.
Oh, hi Hank.
How ya doin'?
I'm good. What do you
got here today?
Dungeness crab, fresh off
the boat this mornin'.
They look fantastic.
Okay, I'm gonna
take three cases.
All right, I'll have 'em
delivered to the restaurant.
All right, that'd be great.
Wait, wait. You can't do that.
Can't do what?
You didn't ask him how
much they cost.
She wants to know how much
they cost, Georgie.
Oh yeah? Who's this?
New girlfriend?
I'm Maggie.
No, no, this is Maggie,
she's a...
She's a consultant.
And I am teaching her
about great food,
and she, I guess, is teaching
me how to stay on budget.
Oh, wow.
Better give her a good
price then, huh?
That's right.
All right, 12 bucks a pound.
Best price in the city.
You sure about that?
Oh yeah.
But for you, I'll let you
have 'em for $11.50.
Okay, great.
Thank you very much.
You bring your consultant
back anytime, Hank.
Yeah, will do, Georgie.
Thank you.
Does he really have the best
prices in the city?
I knew it!
But he does have the best
seafood in the city,
and that makes all
the difference
when it comes to great food.
Hey. Look at these.
Nobody takes the time to think
about the food they eat anymore.
It's because people are busy,
they have jobs and kids,
they don't have time to cook
a meal from scratch.
That's why the frozen
food industry
is worth $230 billion a year.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it.
We live in a hectic world,
When you prepare a meal for
your family, or for a customer,
what are you really giving them?
Good quality sustenance?
No! No, not sustenance.
You're giving them love.
Love is the number one
ingredient in any dish.
Without that,
you've got nothin'.
It's very romantic.
It's true.
But love doesn't pay the bills.
You know what, we need to get
you in the kitchen,
because you need some
hands-on experience.
Oh, hands on ex...
Woah! Hey, hey.
You okay?
It's all right.
Yes, just... embarrassed.
I broke my heel.
I can see that.
You're lucky you didn't break
your ankle.
Here, give me the other shoe.
Yeah, come on.
Here we go, thank you.
Hey, uh...
There you go.
Those were expensive.
Mmhmm, and now
they're practical.
Time for lesson number two.
Come on, let's go.
Thank you very much,
have a good one.
Hey, Leo, how we doing here?
Doing good, Chef.
Excellent, good.
Got the invoice from
the wine merchant.
Oh, great. Can you put it
in the office?
Yeah, of course.
Thank you.
Getting the vendors
to deliver early, huh?
It's what I do.
Hmm, that's great.
I appreciate that.
Same menu again tonight, huh?
Nothing wrong with the classics.
How are the potatoes
coming along?
Great, about ten down.
Oh, you gotta pick up the pace.
Oh. Let me show you.
Oh. Yeah, that's amazing.
Nothing to it but to do it.
You got this.
So, how's the cooking
lesson going?
Not really sure what
I'm meant to learn
from peeling potatoes.
Well, you gotta start
somewhere, right?
I also need to get back
to the office.
Yeah, of course, I
completely understand.
As soon as you finish.
You know what?
School's out for the day.
Woah, woah, woah, hey.
Woah, woah, woah, woah,
woah, what are you doing?
You can't just walk out
of the kitchen like that.
Watch me.
What are you guys smiling at?
She's spicy, Chef.
I like that.
It's a little thick.
More cream.
Yes, Chef.
Em, can you go to the back, to
see if the truffles came in?
Yes, Chef.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Good on truffles, Chef.
Thank you, how many we got?
Okay. How's the stock coming?
Almost there.
Thank you, Bernie.
I'm just gonna go out and
get some candles for tonight.
Do you need anything?
No, I'm good.
All right then,
I'll see you lat.
We've got three cases
of the Chianti,
but we are running low
on the Brunello.
Well, that's odd.
The stock report shows we
still have a case and a half.
Yeah, there was an accident
in the cellar.
Osteria, this is Maggie,
how can I help you?
Oh, uh, hi.
You must be my dad's new boss.
Is this Hannah?
Yeah. Do you think
you could tell my dad
that my bus broke down?
Oh. Um, yeah.
He's in the kitchen.
Can I have him call you
right back?
Okay, all good.
Uh, not a good time right now.
Hannah just called.
Her school bus broke down.
Oh, uh...
Oh, oh jeez, okay.
Hey sweetheart, it's me,
what's up?
Hey, Dad.
Uh, my bus broke down.
Do you think you can come
pick me up?
It's gonna be like two hours
till the next one comes.
Gee, uh, I'm kind
of jammed up right now.
Can I send Uncle Bernie?
Yeah, that's totally fine.
I'll send you the address.
Okay. I love you.
I realize you're on a bus full
of kids right now,
so you can't say
"I love you" back
without sounding totally uncool,
so just say "bye, Dad."
Bye, Dad.
'Kay, bye sweetheart.
That was really sweet.
Even I do have my moments.
Just not in the kitchen.
I'm in the kitchen right now.
You know what I mean.
Look, I'm the Chef, I
have to be in charge,
it's a lot of stress for
any one person to handle.
So, share the load.
You don't have to do it
all by yourself anymore.
You have an amazing team here.
Let us help you.
Okay. I will.
Hey Mel, have you, uh,
you seen Bernie?
He's not answering his cell.
He said he had to go
and get candles.
Oh, candles, okay.
I gotta figure this out.
Why don't I go pick her up?
Oh, no, no. You don't
have to do that.
No, it'll be fine.
Only if you think you can
manage without me, though.
Okay. Yeah, that'd be great.
I appreciate that.
Same team, right?
Right. Same team.
Why don't you text me
the address
of where she's gonna be
and I'll go get my things?
Okay, great, I'll call
the school
and let 'em know you're coming.
Great. Thanks, Mel.
Thanks for rescuing me.
No problem.
Do you have lots of homework
Oh, uh, no.
I finished it all on the bus.
Good for you.
What about you?
Are you going to be working
late tonight?
No, I don't think so.
Your father's pretty much
got everything under control.
He doesn't really need me.
That's what he said.
He said that?
No, I'm kidding.
Of course not.
Of course he needs you.
Do you wanna come in
and hang out?
It'd be nice to hang out with
my dad's new boss lady.
I prefer "boss lady."
You know, I do too.
Boss lady.
Yeah. Sure, um, yeah,
I'll come in, thanks.
One mushroom pepperoni
pizza coming right up.
I'm so excited.
You've seriously never ordered
pizza at your house before?
Well, no.
Dad insists on making it
from scratch.
Of course.
It's good. It is good.
It's not as good as Dad's,
but it's close.
It's pretty good, right?
Your hair's really pretty.
Oh, thank you.
Yours is too.
No, it's not.
It's long and straight
and boring,
and I can't really do
anything with it.
I think your hair is beautiful.
I had long hair when
I was your age.
You did?
Yeah, and my mom always
used to style it
in an inside-out French braid...
Sorry, Hannah. I wasn't
So, you heard about my mom, huh?
Yeah, I did.
And I'm really sorry
that happened.
My dad's great and everything,
but uh...
I really miss her.
I bet you do.
She had great hair,
and she was so beautiful
and had amazing style.
Kinda like you.
Oh, thank you.
You could teach my dad
a thing or two.
About style?
Well, your dad, uh, he's a chef,
he's gotta wear a uniform.
Thank goodness.
You should see him when
he's around the house,
he can't even match his socks.
Hey, I have an idea.
Do you want me to teach
you how to do that braid?
It's really easy.
That'd be great.
Okay, good. We'll do that.
How about right now?
Uh... Absolutely.
So. It's really simple, it's
almost like a regular braid,
except you're going to go
under instead of going over.
Thank you.
Uh, how's she doing?
She's fast asleep.
Oh, good.
Well, I definitely
appreciate that.
You're welcome, anytime.
Listen, you hungry?
You, you want me to cook
ya something?
No, no. I'm stuffed.
What, you cooked?
No. Absolutely not.
We ordered in.
You ordered in.
That's not just any pizza.
That's Captain's Pizza.
It's delicious.
You should try a slice.
I mean, it's cold, but you could
put it in the oven, heat it up.
Hmm. Well,
maybe I'll do that.
Look, do you want to...
do you want to stay and have
a glass of wine with me, or?
Yeah. That would be lovely.
Thank you.
Okay. I, uh, think I have
some right here.
Yeah, this one's good.
You know, it's been
a very long time
since I've had pizza like this.
It's pretty good, huh?
It's actually not that bad.
It's frozen.
It is not.
Yes, it is.
All of the crusts from
Captain's Pizza
are made at the frozen
food factory,
and then they're shipped
to the restaurants
where they're cooked
and delivered to you.
I did not know that.
See, all frozen food
isn't terrible after all.
I see what you did.
You ordered that on purpose.
Well played.
Thank you.
Although it's not
as good as mine.
No, of course not.
So, you probably get asked
this all the time,
but how did you get
interested in cooking?
Oh. Well, that's simple.
My mom.
She's Italian, and
she's a great cook.
Better than any chef
I've ever worked for.
She's the one that taught
me how to cook with love.
And she's also the one
that talked me into going
to culinary school.
Which is where you met
your wife, right?
Yeah. Karen.
Uh, she was a good cook, too.
But she was a great baker.
I'm really sorry.
Yeah, me too.
On weekends, she and Hannah,
they'd just bake all day long.
I loved watching 'em.
Well, if you don't mind
me saying so,
I think Hannah is a really
great, well-adjusted kid.
Thank you for saying that.
I think she's a great kid, too.
Anyway, you know what?
That's enough about me.
How about you,
anybody in your life?
Uhh... My laptop?
Come on, really?
Never married?
It was right out of college,
and then he got a job transfer
to Chicago,
and he took it, and now
he's married to his assistant.
It really is, isn't it?
So, um, yeah, that sort
of soured me on things,
so um, my longest
relationship is,
uh, with my laptop.
Well, here is to the lucky
guy that steals you
from that laptop.
Oh, let's drink to that
for sure.
Andrea would like
a progress report, tonight.
So, I should probably go.
Right, I understand.
Um, well thank you, again,
very much for tonight,
I really appreciate it.
See you tomorrow.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm really looking
forward to it.
looking forward to it?"
"Really looking forward
to it."
Who says that?
Nobody says that.
That's who.
Don't look back.
Don't look back.
Don't look back.
Lights on.
Uh, good morning, Andrea.
Hmm, did I catch you snoozing?
Early bird catches
the worm, Maggie.
So, how are things going
with my new favourite chef?
Uh, they're, they're good, yeah.
They're grea-they're great.
Now, I need you to get Hank
into the food lab.
Um, yeah, he's, he's working
on some ideas,
but uh, I might need a little
bit more time in the restaurant,
just to... get everything
back on track.
I want to get the gourmet frozen
food line into production, ASAP.
I, I just think that if...
Stop. As much as I love hearing
what you think, Maggie,
what I need for you to do
is to get Hank Daniels
into the food lab.
I understand, but
the restaurant is... not important.
Okay. Yeah. Got it.
Good. Get to it.
Lights off!
Hannah? Breakfast.
Morning, Dad.
Good morning.
Smells amazing.
What did you make?
Well, seeing as how I never know
what your dietary restrictions
are going to be...
I am not that fussy.
Yes, you are.
So, I made everything.
We have eggs Florentine,
oatmeal, pancakes,
omelette, fruit salad,
even toast.
And we have each other.
We always have each other.
I love you, kiddo.
I love you, too.
Now stop being so cute, cause
you're gonna make me cry.
What's it gonna be?
Hmm, pancakes.
I knew you were gonna
say pancakes.
All right.
What are we gonna do
with the leftovers?
Ah, we'll just take it
to the restaurant.
Crew's always hungry?
Hey Dad?
Do you think Maggie's pretty?
Sorry, what?
You know, Maggie?
Your new boss lady.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know
who Maggie is.
So... Do you think she's pretty?
I don't know.
I'm gonna... Yeah, well yes.
Why are you asking me this?
No reason.
Yeah, you always have a reason.
Just, be nicer to her, okay?
I looked her up.
She's for real, okay?
Very accomplished.
Vice president of product
Product development.
Whatever that is.
I just, I think she can
really help you,
if you let her.
Tell her she has nice shoes.
Girls like that.
Nice shoes?
Uh... Nice shoes.
Your shoes.
They're nice.
Oh. Uh, thank you.
So are yours.
You... you know, for, for...
um, kitchen shoes.
Well, they... they are
my fanciest pair after all.
I generally save them
for formal occasions.
Hey, Stan.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
What's up?
About the wine inventory...
Hey, Stan.
Everything all right?
No, everything is not
all right, Hank.
She fired me.
Who fired you?
Your new boss.
The frozen food queen.
Maggie? Maggie can't fire you.
Hold... hold on, just a second.
No, I'm outta here.
Good luck keeping this place
open with her in charge.
Hold on, just a second here.
Stan just told me you fired him.
That's right.
Well, don't you think
that's something
that we should talk about?
Well, that was the plan,
but when I showed him the wine
inventory, he blew up at me.
That doesn't mean you get
to fire him.
He was stealing, Hank.
A case here, a case there,
but it adds up.
Over $3,000 this month alone.
Hank, I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
Three thousand dollars, really?
Wow, that's, uh...
Horrible. Yeah, I know.
Well, who's gonna
run the bar, then?
I am, and Maggie's gonna
manage the restaurant
till we find someone new.
Bern, you're the restaurant
But I am a terrible
manager, Hank.
We both know this.
I mean, I never even thought
to look at the wine inventory.
And you're okay going back
behind the bar?
Oh yeah, no, no, no,
I'm more than okay.
I am over the moon.
You want me to show you
the wine inventory?
No, no, it's fine.
I uh, I believe you.
So, this is probably bad timing,
but I wanted to talk to you
about going down to
the frozen food lab.
Right, yes.
Uh... I am working
on some recipes.
It's just that Andrea wants
to move up the timeline.
Really. How come?
She's excited to get started.
And, if you get started
working on the recipes,
we will have money to renovate
the restaurant.
What do you want to renovate
the restaurant for?
People love it the way it is.
Did you read the gourmet food
guide review?
No, no, I never read
the reviews.
Well, let's just take a look,
shall we?
"The formerly great
Italian restaurant
"has lost its way,
failing to adapt and evolve.
"The food, like the dcor,
has become stale."
Okay. Okay.
Thank you.
You've heard of fish sticks?
Sure, yeah, it was
my daughter's favourite
till she was about five.
Well, during the early 1900s,
the founder of Flash Frozen
Foods International,
Doctor Kent Fink, worked for the
US government as a naturalist.
Stationed in the Arctic,
Doctor Fink was able to observe
how the Native American people
preserved their food for the winter.
He returned from the Arctic,
adapted the technology for
commercial use, perfected it,
and in 1922, began Fink Frozen
Foods International.
But the name never really stuck,
so his successor changed it
to Flash Frozen Foods
Our biggest seller, of course,
is our classic turkey dinner.
Over two billion units sold
in the United States alone.
But recently, we've been
experimenting with a wide array
of food profiles, like paella.
Oh, I love paella.
Uh, please, have a bite.
Yeah? Okay.
Um... That's not paella.
Yes, we've been struggling
with the rice dishes.
Rice doesn't freeze well.
The frozen pizza, however,
is great.
What did you think?
I didn't hate it, hate it.
Okay, well, it's a good start.
Well, there's definitely room
for improvement.
That's why we need your help.
I gotta be honest with you,
I don't think frozen food is
ever going to taste the way
I would want it to taste,
but, a deal's a deal, right?
That's right, it is.
Yeah, I was afraid you were
going to say that.
Hey, uh, Chef?
We are out of Linguini.
You serious?
How are we out of Linguini?
I... I... I'm sorry, I...
I really messed up.
How... how about we do
the... the dish with,
uh, risotto instead?
No, we're not gonna do
another dish with risotto.
Do you want me to tell the
wait staff to 86 the Linguini?
Guys, come on, we're
an Italian restaurant.
We're not going to run out
of Linguini.
Okay, so what are you gonna do?
Lesson number three.
We're gonna make pasta.
I wake up and
I pinch myself
You're with me
not someone else
Okay, making pasta is easy,
all right?
Alright, just follow what I do
and we're gonna be great.
Got it.
That it's all a dream
'Cause you still look
perfect as days go by
Even the worse ones,
you make me smile.
I'd stop the world
if it gave us time.
A glug. How much is a glug?
A glug is exactly that much.
'Cause when you love someone,
You open up your heart
When you love someone
you make room.
'Cause when you love someone,
You open up your heart
When you love someone
you make room.
Ready? Dive in.
I need a wooden spoon
or other utensil.
Tell you what.
These are the best utensils
that you have in the kitchen.
Don't, don't do it.
Yes. Feel that?
Just get right in there.
You'll probably never love
someone like I do.
There you go.
I don't understand,
what am I doing wrong?
You're not doing anything wrong,
you just gotta put a little
bit more love into it.
The one til' I found you.
What's wrong with mine?
It doesn't look like yours.
That's okay. It doesn't need
to be perfect. It's just pasta.
Now, from this point on,
it just needs to rest,
we wrap it and rest it,
and we're going to take
a little flour,
and then we get to roll it out
which is the fun part.
When you love someone,
you open up your heart
Oh, oh, okay.
So, so how is it?
You just take a little flour,
and then you roll it... out?
If you love someone,
and you're not afraid
to lose 'em.
You'll probably never love
someone like I do.
Where you going? This is fun.
We're just having fun.
You'll probably never love
someone like I do
You'll probably never love
someone like I do.
Man, you never stop working,
do you?
I like cleaning, it's relaxing.
I can see that.
You know, it's not dirty,
it's just got a little bit
of food on it, that's all.
Don't let the health inspector
hear you say that.
Okay, I won't.
You do realize of course though
that we have a cleaning crew
that comes in every night.
Right. Yes.
I knew that.
Oh, thank you.
You're very welcome.
You did good tonight,
you're a hard worker.
I do my best.
I was very impressed.
So cheers to that.
I was thinking...
Oh boy.
Okay, I was going over
some of the food invoices.
Wagyu beef-$110 a pound.
Yeah, but that's the best beef
you can get.
I know what it is.
Do we need it?
That's what I'm saying.
It's been on the menu
since day one.
And we are going to revisit
the menu, yes?
Yes, I guess so.
Short ribs.
They're delicious, and they're
a tenth of the price.
I like short ribs.
That's it?
Yeah, that's all I gotta say.
Oh my goodness, I think
we're actually collaborating.
I think we are.
Same team, right?
Same team.
Short ribs.
Hot behind.
Hey, how's that salad coming?
It's coming out now.
Almost Chef.
All right, fire two steaks,
one medium,
one medium rare.
Yes, chef.
And how long on that lobster?
Two minutes, chef.
Hey, I was thinking.
Oh, don't do that, you'll get
lines on your forehead.
I'll be here all night.
So, you know how you're
still serving burrata
with heirloom tomatoes
and basil?
Yeah, it's a classic.
Last month, I was at a wedding
and they served burrata
with grilled
nectarines and mint.
I see.
Did they really?
Yes, they did and
it was delicious.
Mm, how delicious was it?
Oh, extremely delicious.
You see, I didn't know
that deliciousness
could be extreme.
Now you know.
Hear that?
Burrata with grilled nectarines?
Sounds good.
It does sound good, doesn't it?
Hey, Dad.
Hey, sweetheart,
what are you doing here?
Uncle Bernie picked me up,
and Maggie said I could do
my homework in the office.
Oh, your homework, huh?
Look at you go.
I'm improving.
Hey, hey, hey, come on.
Well, you know what?
Brain food.
It's the kitchen!
See that?
All right, I need a new salad.
I can't... can't hand
that one out.
That looks great on you.
Oh, I'm... I'm sorry,
I just was trying it on.
No, it's okay, you could
borrow it if you want.
Of course, yeah.
Um, I wanted to talk
to you actually,
because your dad said that
you designed the website
for the restaurant.
Yeah, it was for
a class project.
Do you think you could
freshen it up a bit?
Yeah, sure, but I think my dad
likes it the way it is.
Well, we're making some
changes at the restaurant.
New menu, new dcor,
new website.
So, like a restaurant makeover.
Sure. Yeah, something like that.
That's awesome.
So, what were you thinking
for the website?
Well, I'm not entirely sure,
but maybe you could come up
with some ideas?
Of course.
And I'll pay you, of course.
Oh, you don't have to worry
about that.
How about I pay you in clothes?
Are you serious?
The restaurant's closed
on Mondays,
so I could pick you up
after school,
we could go shopping.
That would be awesome.
What if we started working
on the website now?
That would be awesome.
Okay, so, what were
you thinking?
Like, what did you want
to change?
I want it to feel modern,
streamlined, clean,
and... kind of fancy?
We're using blushes, and pinks,
and white, and gold?
I love that.
Okay, so what if we changed
that to blush instead
and then like did an accent
of gold there.
So, what would you say that
your look says about you?
That I look like
a complete geek.
I want to change everything.
No, not everything.
You look smart and
sort of geek chic.
I want to be more
chic than geek.
Okay, okay, we
can work with that.
What does your look
say about you?
My look is business attire.
I'm not quite sure that
fits with the restaurant.
I think maybe we both need
to change it up.
Let's go in.
You're something straight
out of a magazine
You got the brightest smile
I've ever seen
Oh, ho, ho, oh, oh
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Whoa, look at you two.
You guys look fantastic.
Well, we told you we were
going shopping.
Yeah, but you never said
you were going to buy out
the whole mall.
Okay, I'm gonna go upstairs
and figure out my new wardrobe.
Is there a lot to figure out?
A lot.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you so much for taking
her shopping,
clearly that is not my forte.
You're welcome,
it was my pleasure.
So, what do I owe ya?
No, the company paid,
Hannah earned it.
How'd she do that?
She's redesigning the website.
Oh, I can't wait to see it.
Listen, uh, we were gonna go to
the Monday night mashup tonight
and do a little research
for the frozen food line.
You wanna come?
What's the Monday night mashup?
Ah, so this is it!
So fun!
This is so cool.
It is.
Oh, great!
Arturo's is here.
This is my favourite,
you're gonna love it.
Ooh, what's good there?
You should let my dad order.
No, I usually like to order
for myself.
Told ya. Control freak.
I am not a control freak.
I just like things
a certain way.
Oh yeah?
Well then, prove it,
let me order for ya.
You won't regret it, I promise.
Fine. Yes.
Okay. Mmhmm.
Okay, great.
Hey, Arturo, how you doing bud?
I'm doing good, and you?
Good, thank you.
Look, uh, today we'll do, uh,
three enchilada mole poblano,
we'll do three tacos Al pastor,
and three of the tamales
with the salsa Verde.
Uh, anything else?
Can I have a horchata?
One horchata as well.
Thanks, Arturo.
Oh, you're gonna love it.
It's gonna be so good.
That was incredible.
You can always trust Dad
to pick out the best food.
Oh, smile!
Here we go.
Okay, ready?
Too goofy.
Too what?
Goofy? That wasn't that goofy,
that's just my face.
No, it's goofy.
This is for the Osteria
website, okay?
As a story about
our research trip.
You need to be a little
more serious.
The what?
You should see the new website.
It's amazing.
We're going to makeover
the restaurant.
I see.
What happened to saving money?
Well, the more frozen
food recipes you create,
the more money you make.
And sometimes you gotta spend
money to make money.
I suppose.
Everyone say "frozen pizza."
All right.
Frozen pizza.
For the first time
I'm waking up
And then, I put in the order
for the new flatware...
The dining chairs
arrive tomorrow...
For the menus, I was thinking
ivory linen paper,
what do you think?
Yeah, yeah, that sounds great.
Why are you agreeing
with me so easily?
Uh, 'cause linen paper
sounds really nice?
It's not just because I'm
slowly wearing you down
with all of the details?
Okay, maybe just a pinch.
Hey, Hank.
Hey, Stu, how you doing, bud?
What can I get for ya?
Uh, well, today,
I'm just gonna take,
uh, a dozen short ribs please.
Coming right up.
Short ribs, huh?
Don't gloat.
It's pretty hard not to.
It just... I just I think
it might work
for one of the frozen food
recipes, that's all.
Look, you know, I'm just
gonna go back to my place
and work on some
of these recipes,
I dunno, you want to join me?
Okay, cool.
Okay, here we go.
You know what I was, uh,
thinking at the market?
What's that?
Clearly, this is a mistake
to tell you this,
but um...
I actually think you're
a good influence on me.
No, don't be silly.
No, no, no.
I am being serious.
I've, uh, been in a bit of
a rut since Karen died,
and you've pushed me outside
of my comfort zone.
Made me try new things again,
and I,
um, I'm very grateful
to you for that.
I don't know what to say.
You don't need to say anything.
Why don't you just try?
But, be careful,
it's really hot.
It's a bit hot.
Is it good?
That's the best thing
I've ever tasted in my life.
Thank you.
No, I'm serious,
that's incredible.
I'm glad you like it.
I mean, it's actually
really easy,
you just braise
the short ribs in,
uh, some veal stock,
homemade plum wine,
rosemary, reduce it,
serve it over the tagliatelle.
I mean, normally, I would
probably serve it over something
a bit more substantial,
like a pistachio risotto
or something but...
But Professor Scully said rice
doesn't freeze well,
so you went with the pasta.
You know, you're pretty
amazing, Hank Daniels.
Thank you.
You're not so bad yourself.
Hi, Hannah.
What are you guys up to?
Well your dad made, um, uh,
Do you want some?
No, I'm good.
I actually had a question.
Is this too much
for school tomorrow?
Thank you, Maggie.
Good job.
Good influence on me,
bad influence on her.
I think I should go.
I will see you tomorrow.
And um, I have a surprise
for you.
I am really looking
forward to it.
Are you making fun of me?
Just a pinch.
I don't know, Hank.
Oh man, that is good.
Mmm mm.
No, not yet.
Okay, how about now, 'cause
I don't like this at all.
No, don't peek.
Okay, I'm not.
Open 'em.
It's incredible.
It's amazing.
You did all this?
Well, the interior designers
did, but I helped.
Oh, I have another surprise
for you, too.
Aww, would you look at that?
That's amazing.
You guys look amazing, the
whole place looks incredible.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Look at that.
Such a handsome chef.
You guys don't look
so bad yourselves.
Check it out.
Chef Daniels has some
very interesting ideas
about food combinations
and flavour notes.
I don't care about his ideas,
Doctor Scully.
Does it taste any good?
Taste for yourself.
That is delicious.
We concur.
It's a game changer.
How many of these dishes
are from Hank Daniels?
All of them.
And you have all the recipes?
Yes, we prepared them in the lab
under Chef Daniels' guidance.
In fact, we, uh, got a little
inspired by him,
and took his flavour notes,
played around with them a bit
and came up with some
recipes of our own.
Excellent work Doctor Scully.
Get ready to go
into full production.
What is this, casual Friday?
Oh, um...
Yeah, okay.
You have done a great job
with Hank Daniels.
Thank you.
The frozen food line is coming
along beautifully,
and the restaurant
is looking great.
Ah, I don't care
about the restaurant.
Oh, I know, I just...
Eye on the prize, Maggie.
Gourmet frozen food line,
that's what's important.
Of course.
In fact, I want you to start
focusing on a brand new
gourmet frozen food line.
I'm thinking Spanish.
I went to a great tapas
restaurant last night,
and the chef was just...
What about Hank?
We don't need Hank anymore.
The lab already has plenty
of recipes from Hank.
They're taking his ideas
and running with them.
Well, that's not right.
And, we promised to help him
pay off his loan.
It was a step deal.
We don't need Hank to perform
any more steps,
and we don't need to pay
him any more money.
Well, I'm sorry, Andrea.
I just don't think that's fair.
Hank is pouring his heart
and soul into helping us
create this line.
And he was paid very good
money to do so.
What's gonna happen
to the restaurant?
He's got employees, a daughter?
Do you like this job, Maggie?
Then I think it's time to say
goodbye to Hank,
and move on to the next chef.
Ordering two lobster,
one panzanella, one ravioli.
Yes, Chef!
Thank you.
Hey, Maggie.
Hey Leo, Hey Emma.
Hey, Maggie.
Hey, packed house tonight, huh?
I saw, yeah.
It's great.
Can I talk to you?
Yeah, sure? What's up.
In the office, if you
don't mind.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Just give me a couple minutes,
I'll be right there.
Uh, how long on that lobster,
Right here, Chef.
Perfect lobster, Em.
Thank you, Chef.
Hey there.
What's up?
Everything okay?
You know I'm very fond of you.
Oh, very fond of me?
That sounds good.
'Cause, uh, truth is,
I'm pretty fond of you, too.
I mean, I don't generally
go around kissing people
that I'm not fond of.
That's what makes this so hard.
Okay... Not sure I understand.
Oh, come on. It can't be
all that hard.
Andrea wants me to move on
to a new restaurant.
I'm sorry, what?
I guess there's this Spanish
chef, and, um...
Another chef?
I... I don't understand,
I thought we had a deal.
She says "the lab
has enough recipes,"
and she doesn't want to pay
you any more money.
But the restaurant
is doing better, now.
I know.
I just... just need a
little bit more time.
No, I know.
And then you promised that you
would help me get my star back.
I know.
So, what is... what is this?
Is this some kind of
game that you play?
I mean you...
You pretend that you like me,
you kiss me,
you take my daughter
out shopping,
and to get what, some recipes
from me for a frozen food line?
No, I would never...
And after you get 'em,
you... you... you... you just dump
me and move onto the next victim?
I would never do that.
Is that who you think I am?
I don't know who you are.
Apparently, I have no idea.
Look, this isn't how I wanted
things to happen,
but Andrea threatened
to fire me.
Should've quit.
I wanted to.
Believe me.
That's the thing, Maggie.
I don't.
How am I ever supposed to
believe anything you say again?
You know what?
I gotta get back
to my restaurant.
I'd really appreciate it if you
weren't here when I got back.
So what's up, Chef?
What's going on?
Just one minute.
What's the emergency?
Okay, uh, I called this meeting
to let you all know that,
um, Maggie is going
to be leaving us,
and that unless we
find another investor,
the bank is gonna shut us down
by the end of the month.
Shut what down?
The restaurant.
Wait, what?
You, you can't let
them do that, Hank.
I can't pay back the loan,
It's not up to me anymore.
Maggie wouldn't
let us shut down, Dad.
Andrea threatened to fire her.
She said she had no choice.
Well, where is she now?
Well, I asked her to leave.
Let me get this straight.
Maggie has done nothing
but fight for us,
and you ask her to leave?
Is that right?
Well, yeah.
Are you serious?
Ever since she got here, Maggie
has been trying to help us.
Uncle Bernie's right, Dad.
I messed up, didn't I?
Yeah, you did.
Come in.
Thank you.
Uh, look, I owe you an apology.
I said some awful
things earlier,
and I'm really very sorry.
I... I was completely
in the wrong.
You have worked so hard for me,
right from the very beginning.
You pushed me,
you challenged me,
and it's only now that I realize
that you actually made me
a better chef...
and a better father,
and a better man.
Now I know that I am
losing my restaurant, and
That hurts.
But it's gonna hurt a lot more
if I lose you, too.
Maybe you don't have to.
Have to what?
Lose either of us.
I have an idea.
Let's talk.
Why am I here?
You said it was an emergency
and I have a plane to catch
in 45 minutes.
Hank found someone to invest
in the restaurant.
Who's going to be foolish enough
to invest in a restaurant
that just lost its star?
I have a little money saved up.
It's not a lot, but it's enough
to tide the restaurant over
until it becomes
profitable again.
Why would you do that?
Because I believe
in the restaurant,
and I believe in Hank.
Then I believe you're fired.
I figured.
I guess that concludes our
business here
this morning then Andrea.
I still own your recipes.
And you're welcome to them.
I am grateful to you.
I am.
Because if it wasn't for you,
I never would've met Maggie.
You two deserve each other.
Yeah. I think so.
We could've built a food
empire together, Maggie.
You chose the wrong side.
I don't think so.
What happened?
Maggie just saved
the restaurant.
That's what happened.
I can't believe it.
And there's more...
Not sure I can take any more.
She also called the gourmet
review guide
and sent them a link to our
new website and menu.
And they've agreed to come back
and re-review the restaurant,
So, we have a lot of
work to do, people.
Let's get at it.
Thank you.
Don't scratch it.
Good evening, Mister Martin.
Welcome to Osteria.
May we take your coat?
I booked under the name
of Stevens.
We have a new system in place
to keep track
of all the best food critics
in town.
May I show you to your table?
Thank you.
Yes, please.
Guess what?
He ordered the short ribs.
Okay, here we go.
All right, guys. Listen up.
Um... As you know,
the restaurant
has been in a bit of
a rut recently.
Well, the last four years,
And that's on me.
But from now on,
we aim for the stars.
Yes, we do.
100 percent.
Last few weeks has taught me
that I've, uh, well,
I've been kind of taking you
guys for granted and I have.
But this isn't about me
anymore, this is about us.
I love you guys, you're family.
And I just know that together,
we're gonna kill it.
So take your time, breathe,
and execute.
Tonight we introduce the world
to the new Osteria.
Yes, Chef!
Let's get it done!
Okay. Alright her we go.
How long on that burrata?
In 20 seconds, Chef.
Thank you.
I... I can't look.
What's he doing?
Smiling how?
Smiling like he's just eaten
the best thing
he's ever had in his life?
You're not messing with me?
Not even a pinch.
Then how come you're
so weirdly calm?
Oh, that's just on the outside.
Inside, I'm a mess.
Yeah, me too.
You know, you did
risk everything for me.
Yeah, you know?
You kinda got me fired?
I know, I did!
You know, I might be able
to help you with that.
Oh, really?
Yeah, if you drop off
a resume tomorrow,
my new partner Miss Young, she
might be able to help you out.
Miss Young, huh?
It's Maggie.
Always Maggie.
You'll probably never love
someone like I do
You'll probably never love
someone like I do