Love on the Right Course (2024) Movie Script

Announcer: An exciting week is
coming to a conclusion
here at the 18th hole,
at Red Pines as Whitney
Jones-Bla steps up to the tee.
We've had
a great mix of newcomers
like McKayla McLaughlin
of Ireland,
Winona Allison from Scotland,
of course, Brooke Bradshaw,
always in the mix.
Brooke with five birdies today.
Whitney, a little trouble
back at eight,
she found the water.
Currently at six over par,
needs to put this final tee shot
of the day into the fairway.
Got it.
Mark: Oh, what a beautiful drive
from Whitney Jones-Bla,
the final hole here
at the Red Pines Invitational,
her final round, but Whitney
struggling a lot as of late.
Yeah, that's right, Mark.
Whitney, one of the favorites
coming into this season,
but since her mother
passed away two years ago,
her game has really suffered.
Yes, her mother, Alice,
was one of golf's greats,
winning 53 junior and
national titles in her career,
all with her husband, and
Szentendre Golf Course owner,
Marton Bla, by her side.
Brooke Bradshaw now
with her approach,
center of the fairway again.
Oh, this is on a good line,
gonna finish
just underneath the hole.
Another look for birdie.
Last minute advice coming in
from her caddie, Andrew Kline.
With this one,
keep below the hole.
Mark: Whitney, introduced
14 years ago,
an instant favorite.
Alice, her coach, they had
25 tournament wins together.
Let's just hope
she can recover from this round
and get in good shape
for the Eastern European Open
next month, in Budapest.
That needs to settle down.
That's gonna
scoot off the green.
Mark: She is not gonna be happy
with that result.
Unfortunately for Whitney,
that may have cost her.
It's nearly impossible
to make that shot from there.
Mark: Whitney is choosing putter
from off the green.
This putt will work
to her right.
Oh, that ball needs to go.
Not gonna do it.
And her and Andrew Kline,
again, just not in synch.
Gonna need this final putt.
This needs to go in
for a 12th place finish.
That putt goes down,
so 12th place for Whitney,
and she qualifies for The
Ladies' Eastern European Open
in Hungary next month.
Brooke stepping in
for another birdie effort.
This has really been
the theme of her day.
Mark: And with that putt
right there,
Brooke Bradshaw, gonna have
her third tournament win
of the season.
I don't think I need to tell you
that that wasn't your best game.
You're right.
You didn't need to tell me.
Two years ago
you would have aced this.
Yeah, well,
two years ago I had a coach.
You could've hired someone
to replace your mom.
Can we please not
get into that again?
We haven't had a top 10 finish
in over a year now.
I've stayed your caddie
for seven years
and stepped in as coach
when you needed one.
And I appreciate that, Andrew.
Well, appreciation
isn't enough.
You need to either hire a coach,
or let me step into the role.
I think we both know
that you coaching me
hasn't exactly worked out.
Whose fault is that exactly?
I don't wanna play
a blame game here.
Well, there's enough of that
to go around.
let's get back to Arizona,
and we can talk about
things there.
I'm not going back to Arizona.
At least not right now.
I'm flying back to Budapest
tonight to see my dad.
The tournament is in a month.
Whitney, I'm sure whatever it
is, it can wait.
It's his birthday,
and I'm not missing it.
And I also need it for me.
I need to decide
if I wanna keep doing this.
It's a little late in the game,
for that, don't you think?
I... I suppose you just
expect me to drop everything
and follow you to Hungary?
No, I don't.
Then how do you expect
to be ready for The Open?
Your career is on the line.
And, Whitney,
frankly so is mine.
You know what?
I'm done.
I quit.
What are you doing here?
You didn't think I'd miss
your birthday, did you?
Well, this is a surprise.
Just the way your mom left it.
I'm really happy to be home.
How you doin', Dad?
I know you always say "Fine."
Some days are better
than others.
Have you reached out
to any of your old friends?
It's on my to-do list.
You've been saying that
for a while now.
I'm getting used
to my own company.
I'm a fun guy.
You are?
Course, I am.
The longer you wait,
the harder it is.
I'm staying busy.
I saw your game yesterday.
Not my best.
You qualified for
the Eastern European Open.
Okay, let's hear it.
What's wrong?
Andrew quit.
What happened?
He's not over the moon
about my losing streak,
but mostly,
I think he's just mad
because I don't wanna hire him
to be my coach.
Well, he's your caddie.
Surely he understands
that being a coach
is an entirely
different thing.
Have you looked into
hiring one?
I've been putting it off.
No one can replace Mom.
Well, you're going
to have to do it eventually.
I know.
To be honest, I don't know if
I wanna continue competing.
I mean, I'll play in The Open
because if I don't,
I'll lose my tour card,
and that's not
how I want this to end.
Well, I support you
no matter what you do, but,
we both know your mom
would never want you
to give up
on something you love.
I know.
I'm not giving up.
I just need some time
to figure out what I wanna do.
But, not today.
Today is your birthday
and I'm making you
your favorite dinner.
Well, I never say no
to someone cooking for me.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You know, I thought
I knew everyone that got here
before the sun rises.
What time are you teeing off?
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
I was just asking
what time you're teeing off.
- Oh, uh, 6:35.
- Ah.
What are you listening to?
Nothing, actually.
They're just noise cancelling.
Why would you wanna
cancel out the birds?
You know, I don't
see you in here for 6:35.
I just checked the server.
How would you...
Are you, uh...
Are you...
Whitney Jones-Bla!
Is it really you?
- Ah!
- Can I get an autograph?
Come here, you.
Aren't you supposed to be
training in Arizona,
or has it been a month
since Saturday already?
Is this not... Arizona?
I wanted to surprise Dad.
Oh, I'm sure that he's
very happy that you're here.
Don't tell Zsuzsanna I'm here.
I'm gonna stop by
the restaurant later
and I wanna surprise her.
Oh, I won't.
I promise.
Listen, I have to get
back to the pro-shop,
but stop by
on your way out, okay?
- I will.
- See you later, Daniel.
Hi, Whitney.
I'm, uh, Daniel Balzs.
I'm the course pro here.
Daniel, yeah.
Um, Dad was saying you joined
the team a few months ago.
Well, yeah.
Almost a year, actually, but...
It's been a while
since I've been home.
Well, uh, I won't keep you.
Enjoy your round.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
Love you, Mom.
Daniel : Hello.
Marton Bla.
Of course.
How can I help?
Yes, yes, yes.
Of course, of course.
As always.
We'll have a cart
ready for you at 2:15.
See you then.
So, you are the Marton Bla
who's ran this club
for 25 years with my mother,
Alice Jones-Bla?
Hi, hi.
- Um, how was your round?
- Whitney: Good.
Since you're
impersonating my father,
do you happen to know
if he's here?
Uh, he is not.
No, he doesn't usually
come into the office, actually.
And just for the record,
uh, your dad loves
my impression of him.
- Does he?
- He does, yeah.
Says it makes him
sound more youthful.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Zsuzsanna!
- Whit!
Oh, my goodness!
Why didn't you tell me
you were coming home?
Well, then I wouldn't
get to see that look of shock
on your face then, would I?
And who is this?
Oh, this is Zuki.
Oh, hi.
Hello, Zuki.
Oh, okay, clearly we have
a lot to catch up on.
When did you and Laszlo
get a dog?
We didn't.
He signed us up as fosters.
His forever family
was supposed to pick him up
an hour ago.
That was until
they got cold feet.
So for now, it's Zuki
and Zsuzsanna versus the world.
But, enough about us.
How are you doing?
Good, yeah.
I just decided to come home
and take some time to myself
before The Open.
- Are you okay?
- I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
I just need to decide
whether or not
I wanna continue on
with the pro circuit.
Tournaments are brutal
when you're not winning.
You've come to the right place
to figure it all out.
I know.
This place always
grounds me.
What about you?
How's everything?
Uh, good.
I'm still working here
every day and night.
It's been a lot, but you know
I love being a chef.
You have to come over soon
for dinner.
I'll make you
some of my famous goulash.
Well, you don't have to twist
my arm too hard for that.
I should get going.
Dad was asleep when I left,
so he's probably wondering
where I am.
Um, I just finished
making sandwiches for lunch.
Do you wanna take
a couple with you?
Oh, that would make his day.
And mine.
Hey, you.
Sweet boy.
Good morning, sweetie.
You sleep in?
No, no, I just got out of
the habit of getting up early.
- Makes the days too long.
- Oh.
Well, I stopped by
Zsuzsanna's restaurant
and she gave us some lunch.
Do you wanna come sit outside?
Oh, sure.
That sounds nice.
How is she?
- She's doing really well.
- I'm glad.
I'll get some plates.
Well, thank you for lunch.
This is a nice treat.
How was your practice
this morning?
It was fine.
I'm still not playing
very well though.
I shot eight over.
Oh, it will come back.
You just have to give it
some time.
I met Daniel.
Isn't he nice?
Yeah, he seems fine.
- He was pretending to be you.
- Oh, yes.
I think he does
quite a good impression of me.
Makes me sound more youthful.
He mentioned that.
He also mentioned that
you're not coming into
the office anymore.
I don't have to.
He and Laszlo run the place now.
Is that the only reason?
Too many memories, Whit.
That's all.
And speaking of memories,
there's something I've been
meaning to talk to you about.
I wasn't sure
how to bring it up, but...
Well, I haven't
decided anything yet.
What is it, Dad?
I'm thinking of selling.
I wasn't expecting that.
Um, are you sure
that's what you wanna do?
I'm just not
happy here anymore, sweetie.
It's not easy to think about
giving it all up.
Your mom and I put everything
we had into this place, but,
everywhere I look,
I see her.
It's too much.
Dad, those memories
will follow you wherever you go.
But a new place
might give me a fresh start.
I spoke to a realtor.
Signed a listing agreement
- You listed?
- It's nothing serious.
Just for 30 days.
Just to check it out.
No harm in that, right?
I won't make any decisions
without you.
- Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh, hello.
Whose puppy is this?
Come here.
What is this?
Dad, this is Zuki.
He's your new best friend.
What am I going to do
with a dog?
Well, I just thought
it'd be nice for you.
And if you don't like him,
we can take him back
to Zsuzsanna, but I promised
we'd look after
him for at least a week.
You know I can't
take care of a dog.
I don't have the time.
He's going to be barking.
He's going to need to be taken
for walks and fed.
Yes, he will, but it's only
for a week or so.
Well, I am not
on board with this.
I suppose we can manage
for one week,
but you are going to help.
I'll help.
Did you know about this?
No, nothing.
Looks like my foster dog
is taking me for a walk.
Well, that went better
than I expected.
Well, it is
a very cute surprise.
So, are you, uh, comin' back
over to the club later?
I'm not sure.
Oh, I saw a couple
of your drives earlier.
Not bad for a pro.
"Not bad," huh?
You think you can do better?
- Oh, bad luck.
- Morning, Dad.
Someone wanted to go for a walk.
Do you want me to take him?
Oh, no, no.
He asked me first.
Okay, then you win.
Love you.
Love you too!
If you cup your wrist
and drop your hands
further down the shaft,
you'll make that shot.
What is this?
Kosr golf.
Basket golf?
That's not a thing.
Wanna give it a try?
Might help your short game.
Sometimes it's good to see it
from a different perspective.
No, thanks.
I'm good.
But, don't let me stop you.
You know, I used to come
to this course a lot
when I was learning.
Caddied here every summer.
I'm surprised
we've never met before.
You were always
away competing.
After Mom retired,
she made get me out there
every chance she could.
When did she retire?
Ten years ago?
After that,
she spent a lot of time here.
She actually renovated
and opened the restaurant.
Dad shut it down
after she passed.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
Sure you don't wanna try?
I'll stick with the fairways,
but, thanks.
Hi, Whitney.
I saw you a couple of days ago.
I am Maria.
I don't know if you remember me.
Of course.
My mom used to talk about you
all the time.
You were her favorite student.
Yes, I miss her a lot.
Even after she retired
from the pro circuit,
she'd come out two or three
times a week to golf with us.
Of course,
no one could beat her,
but it didn't matter.
We just laughed a lot.
And then we'd all go over
to her restaurant for dinner.
It was a great spot.
And your mom and dad
sure made it a happy place.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have
brought that up.
Oh, no.
It's... it's okay.
How is your dad doing?
I haven't seen him
in a long time.
He's good, but,
he doesn't get out very much.
I know.
It's hard.
After my Ervin passed,
it took me years
to start spending time
with my friends again.
Oh, my dear,
don't worry about your dad.
He has a strong spirit.
He'll get there.
You know, Dad, I've been
thinking about the restaurant.
Have you ever thought
of hiring a chef
and starting the place
back up again?
It was your mom's world.
I think it's better
to keep it closed,
especially now
that the place is up for sale.
I ran into Maria
at the club today.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hm.
You know, she and
Ervin were the first couple
to join the club
after your mom and I took over.
She still golfing?
Every Tuesday.
She joined the women's league.
Have you thought of getting
back out there yourself?
Maybe joining
the men's league?
Used to be a tradition.
I have thought about it,
but I can never seem
to muster the desire to go.
- Maybe one day.
- Maybe.
Have you heard anything back
from the real estate agent?
Nothing yet.
It feels weird talking about
selling, doesn't it?
Something I never thought
I would ever consider doing.
Your mom and I always thought
we would grow old here
and maybe one day
you would come back
and take the place over.
I know.
- I'm sorry, Dad.
- Don't be.
Your happiness is what
mattered to us most.
Still does.
Besides, you have to chase
your own dreams,
even if you haven't
dreamt them yet.
When'd you get so wise?
Maybe 10 seconds ago?
I surprise myself.
Okay, so,
first things first.
You have to pick
which football team
you're playing for.
Gotta go with KMT Budapest,
of course.
Have to go with the underdog.
I will take Dunai.
Now, whoever gets the most balls
in their basket wins.
Simple as that.
How did you come up with this?
Uh, when I was a kid I really
wanted to learn how to play,
but my parents were too busy
to take me to lessons, so,
I had to create my own games.
This one was my favorites.
Where did you grow up?
Oh, right here in Budapest.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Whitney: You don't sound
Hungarian at all.
Yeah, I know.
My parents sent me
to an American school.
- Do they still live here?
- They sure do.
They have a restaurant
right on the water.
Whitney: Oh?
I assume that means
you're a great cook.
Does boiling water count?
No, I'm okay,
but my brother's better.
Does he work with them?
No, he's a real estate attorney,
but he does sneak into the
kitchen whenever they let him.
Okay, yeah.
We got a pretty clear winner.
But it was fun, right?
There's no point in playing
golf if you're not having fun.
Well, in my case,
it's important that I win too.
Sure, but, if you don't
love what you do,
you won't have
much success at it.
My mom used to say, "It's not
working if it feels like work."
Wise words.
Well, if the last two years
were any indication,
what I'm doing
clearly isn't working.
Are you thinking
about quitting?
I might not have a choice,
which is the worst part.
The Open could be
my last tournament,
whether I want it to be
or not.
Well, how about instead of
worrying about winning,
you just focus on enjoying it?
Easy for you to say.
No, seriously.
Worst case scenario, you lose.
Best case scenario, you win,
and you have fun.
I guess you're not
entirely wrong.
If you ever need someone
to remind you
how much fun
this game can be fun,
I'm always here,
and I'm happy to help.
I'm so glad
I brought Zuki home for my dad.
Having him around
has been really good for him.
Do you think he'll be interested
in adopting him?
I don't know.
He was pretty firm
about one week,
but, I'll check with him
and let you know.
Do you think you'll stick around
after The Open?
I haven't thought
that far ahead.
Right now,
all I can think about
is the possibility
of my career being over.
Have you thought about
what else you'd want to do?
Not really.
If I retire, I want it to be
because I've done everything
I wanna do in the sport.
Not because I lost my mojo.
You could always try teaching.
Remember when
I tried to teach you?
Just kidding.
Teaching is definitely
off the table.
Um, maybe you just need
to remember
why you love it.
Okay, something's
obviously in the air
because Daniel told me
the exact same thing yesterday.
He's a smart man
and a good friend.
He actually got his brother
to help me figure out
what to do about Caf Szfia.
What's going on?
Um, things haven't been
the easiest
with the restaurant.
I just don't think
we can afford to keep it.
Rents keep going up.
Profits keep going down.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I just don't know what
that's going to mean for us.
Well, would you wanna stay
in the restaurant business?
Maybe open a new place?
All I know is that
I love being a chef.
I always have.
Well, knowing what you want
is a good thing.
It's an incredible place
to be.
How's it goin'?
Not so well.
I'm used to working
with someone.
Don't you have a coach?
My former caddie, Andrew,
was training me for a while,
but for now,
I'm on my own.
Ah, pretty tough to win
without one, no?
I know.
I'm just trying to figure out
if I wanna continue competing.
Maybe you just need
a change of pace.
Did you have something
in mind?
Shall we?
What is this?
Oh, just another
genius invention of mine.
- Hm?
- Mm-hm.
Another variation of kosr golf?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
This is completely high-tech,
as you can see.
Yeah, and it goes like this.
Both start
on the count of three,
no cheating.
We have 30 seconds and whoever
knocks off the most cans wins.
- Is this a race?
- Yeah, go.
- Oh!
- I'm sorry.
So, was that my lesson
for today?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
That's just the fun part.
Now, we get to
the serious stuff, okay?
Although, I am hoping
a little fun might seep in
out on the fairway.
Thanks for today.
It reminded me of when
I first picked up a club
and played with mom.
It was so much fun.
You gonna bring some of that fun
back into your golf game again?
I don't know.
Competition is grueling
and unforgiving.
Winning is everything.
Yeah, but it doesn't help
to be so hard on yourself.
Maybe I'm just
not cut out for this.
You're still thinking
about going ahead
with the tournament, right?
I have to give it
one last shot,
but, if it doesn't work out
this time, I'm finished with it.
- Hey, Dad.
- Zuki dragged me out here.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
I've been thinking about
this spot a lot lately.
Your mom and I
used to come out here to talk.
I remember that.
Sometimes I wonder if I could
have done more for your mom.
Found a better treatment
or something.
You did everything you could.
I guess.
I know.
But sometimes
I still wonder.
You know the last thing
she would want
is you blaming yourself.
She'd want you to be happy.
You too.
Thank you.
For what?
For coming home.
For caring.
For bringing this little
munchkin into my life.
He gets me up
and out the door every morning,
and a dozen times every day.
Do you think
you'd wanna adopt him?
I'm happy to foster for now.
You heading out for a round?
Yeah, actually.
I tee off in...
some minutes that are soon.
Ah, that is
my favorite tee-time.
You busy?
I'd like to run
something by you.
Uh, yeah, sure.
Can I give you a hand?
I've been thinking
about my dad.
I'd love to figure out a way
to get him
out of the house more,
especially if he decides
not to adopt Zuki.
Yeah, I've asked him
to play a round a few times
but he never seemed
too interested.
I could try again though.
What if we had a members' day
and invited everyone
to a barbecue?
We used to have them every year
and Dad loved them.
I figure it could be a good way
to nudge him to reach out
to his old golf buddies.
That's great, yeah.
I could shoot out an e-mail,
see if there's any interest.
Laszlo knows
all his old friends.
And I will make sure
that they know.
Thanks, just let me
talk to him first
and make sure
he's actually on board with it.
Don't you have a tee-time in
"some minutes that are soon"?
I should get going.
You know, it just so happens
that, uh, I don't have
any lessons the rest of the day
if you actually wanted
to play with someone.
You know what?
- Yeah, that'd be nice.
- Great.
You're not that bad
after all.
You ever think
about going pro?
You know, it's funny.
I love golf,
but the competitive side
never really brought out
the best in me.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
I realized pretty early on
that teaching was what I loved.
- Hm.
- Yeah.
Just say it.
Okay, what were you thinking
about when you hit that shot?
- Expectations.
- Wow.
- Of what?
- Perfection.
When I was working with my mom,
I was on a winning streak,
and everyone was talking about
how I'm just like her.
Now that she's gone,
everyone talks about
how I'm not measuring up.
Don't let other people
get in your head.
It's not just other people.
It's me.
I can't live up to
my own expectations.
I have an idea.
Try again,
but think of this ball
as an opportunity
to make a wish.
- Trust me, okay?
- Okay.
Place the ball.
Close your eyes.
Make a wish.
And then hit it
as hard as you can.
There it is.
So, what do you recommend
for putting?
Keep one eye open?
I recommend both eyes open.
Just, don't overthink it.
- Simple as that, huh?
- Simple as that.
I'm telling you the bucket
of wishes works every time.
Well, thanks for today.
I'll see you tomorrow?
See you tomorrow.
Daniel, hey.
Do you have a minute?
Bianka, hi.
Uh, yeah.
What... what can I do for you?
Well, I was just
around the corner
and wanted to see
if it's okay
to bring some clients
in tomorrow.
What time are you thinking?
- Nine AM?
- Nine should be fine.
Okay, great.
All right.
Good to go.
Have fun.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
I was wondering if you
had time
to play a game with me
this morning.
Yeah. Yeah, I could right
around 10:00.
Ten's perfect.
Oh, and I got this for you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh, my mistake.
This one is clearly mine.
This one must be for you.
After yesterday,
I realized that
you might be the best thing
that's happened to my game
in a really long time.
Would you be willing
to help me prep for The Open?
- Like, as your coach?
- Yes.
If you're willing
to take on a disenchanted pro
who might have
lost her edge.
You did not lose your edge.
Is that a yes?
That's a yes.
I'll see you at 10:00?
I will see you at 10:00.
Hi, can I help you?
Excuse me.
You must be Whitney.
- I am.
- I thought I recognized you.
You are our local golf hero.
Your father speaks
so highly of you.
I'm sorry.
And you are?
Bianka Kalmar,
your father's real estate agent.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
And, they are?
They're clients of mine.
I wasn't aware that, um,
anyone was coming by
to look at
the property today.
Well, I made an appointment.
- With?
- Daniel.
I spoke with him yesterday,
and he said it was fine
to come by at 9:00.
- Daniel said that?
- Yeah.
He's my go-to-person here.
Really nice guy.
Well, then, feel free
to look around, I guess.
And, um, between you and I,
this could be
a once-in-a-lifetime
It has the potential
to be an offer
your father won't be able
to turn down.
Well, then I'll be sure
to let him know you came by.
Whitney, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Do you know where Daniel is?
Yeah, I think he's
just outside on the patio.
Oh, you know what?
It's not quite 10:00 yet,
but I'm ready to go
whenever you are.
Don't you have an appointment?
Uh, not that I know of.
Does the name "Bianka"
ring a bell?
Oh, right.
Yeah, she's coming by
with some clients,
but she's fine on her own.
So, you're setting up
to sell this place now?
Well, Whitney, um--
You have no right to be doing
this behind my dad's back.
Whitney, I'm sorry, but your dad
wants to sell this place.
It doesn't matter
if he wants to sell or not.
It's not your place to be
setting up potential buyers
to come in and--
Whitney, wait!
What's wrong?
I met Bianka today.
She came in with some clients.
That's it?
She didn't tell you?
No, she doesn't have to.
She has a listing.
Well, she made an appointment
with Daniel,
so I don't know
why she didn't tell you.
I asked Daniel
to handle those things for me
when I'm not around.
You did?
I did.
I owe him an apology.
Listen, Dad.
I'm just really unsettled
about this whole thing.
I want you to do
what's right for you,
and I want you to be happy,
but, I just can't imagine
you selling
and living somewhere else.
I can't imagine it either,
but life has to go on.
Have you given
any further thought
to reaching out to your friends,
especially since
you're gonna be moving?
I've thought about it.
Well, what if we hosted
an event
and got everyone together
at the club?
I'm not sure I like that,
but I'm listening.
Remember the summer barbecues
you and Mom
used to have every year?
I could never forget those.
So what if we hosted one
again this year?
- We?
- I'll do it.
Mm, you should be focusing on
training for your tournament?
I could still help
with the barbecue.
And Daniel and Laszlo
can send e-mails
and help me organize it.
I suppose I could
pull myself together for that.
If my daughter's organizing it,
the least I can do is show up.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
About yesterday,
I'm really sorry.
I was a little rattled after
talking with Bianka, and...
It was really unfair of me
to explode at you like that.
To be honest,
I'm still shocked
that my dad's
even considering selling.
Yeah, I appreciate that.
It's not just a business.
It's your family home.
I get it.
And in all fairness, I really
could've said something to you.
- So--
- It's okay.
I didn't realize quite how much
the place meant to me
until all this happened.
Yeah, I think we're all
a little anxious about it.
It came as
a big surprise.
What will you do
if it sells?
I'm assuming that I will be
looking for another job.
I'm so sorry you have
to deal with all this.
Maybe we can talk about it
later. If you want.
I'm just on my way
to Zsuzsanna's and Laszlo's
for dinner.
- Ah.
- I'll see you later?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Um, so, did you talk to your dad
about the, uh, barbecue?
- Oh, yes, I did.
- Ah.
- And he's in.
- Great, great.
I'll get those e-mails out
- Great.
- Yeah.
You know the club is that way,
Uh, huh.
It is, isn't it?
Yeah, but see, I am actually
going, uh, that way, so...
You're coming
to dinner tonight too?
I am.
You know, yesterday, despite
being a little over the top
in my anger,
I realized something.
Part of the reason why
I'm so attached to the course
is because a lot
of the good memories I have
with my mom are there.
Can I ask what some of them are?
Well, I found out
I got my tour card with her
when we were sitting
at the restaurant
after a round together.
But I think
my favorite memory of all
was when I got
my first hole-in-one,
on the seventh hole,
5:14 PM.
My mom had taken
her watch off at the tee
and accidentally left it
on the ground.
And when I hit that ball,
I started screaming
and jumping up and down.
Needless to say, I broke it.
- She never fixed it?
- Nope.
She said she wanted to keep it
as a memory of that day.
Ah, well, that's beautiful.
And, look,
no matter what happens,
you'll always have
that memory,
and, if you still
want me to train you,
I will do everything I can
to make sure
you do not lose that tour card.
I definitely want that.
I might as well tell you.
We decided
to close the restaurant.
Oh, no!
Yeah, we tried to make it work,
but our new lease just came in
and the rent is going up
beyond what we can afford.
When do you have to be out?
Um, two months, but we will
try to wrap everything up
in a couple of weeks.
There's no point
in hanging on.
Well, will you try
to set up somewhere else?
- Uh, we might.
- Oh.
Any updates
on the sale of the club?
No offers yet.
What will you do if it sells?
Well, I'd like to stay on,
but if it's not possible,
Zsuzsanna and I may open
a small place together
in a more affordable
Well, in the meantime,
if you're interested
and available,
I need a caterer
for a barbecue at the club.
- When?
- Whitney: Two weeks.
- Count me in.
- Yeah, me too.
I could be the sous chef.
You know,
if you need anything from me...
You wanna help with
the cooking?
Yeah, I could make
my specialty.
Boiled water?
Well, this time
I'll add a few leaves.
You know,
really get it down to a tea.
That was a lot of fun.
It was.
Do you think you might have
time in your schedule
to squeeze in
a little bit more?
It's not usually
in my day planner,
but, I might be able
to make some room for it.
Mm, see, I have to go
to my family's restaurant
tomorrow afternoon.
I thought it might be nice
if you were to come.
I'd love that.
How long has it been?
I hardly recognize you.
Oh, it's only been
two weeks, Mom.
That's a long time
when you're my age.
And, uh,
who is this beautiful woman?
Mom, this is Whitney Jones-Bla,
Marton's daughter.
So lovely to meet you,
Mrs. Balzs.
Oh, no, no.
You call me Viktoria. I insist.
Your father's going to be
so happy to see you.
Kristof: Ah!
How long has it been?
- Two weeks.
- Too long!
- And, this is?
- Whitney.
Jones-Bla, the pro golfer.
It's an honor to meet you.
I'm Daniel's father, Kristof.
Thank you for coming
to my wife's birthday party.
Uh, it's just a small
family gathering.
- Mm-hmm.
- Drink?
I have no idea
what I'm doing.
There you go.
Oh! Okay, okay.
Well, if all else fails,
maybe I'll just...
join a dance troupe.
You're a very quick learner.
I had so much fun.
Your family's amazing.
Yeah, that's one word for it.
Sorry if they were a bit much.
It's been a long time
since I brought someone with me
back for a family gathering.
No, I-- I get it.
I never really introduced
anyone to my family.
There's no one that cheers
you on at your tournaments?
Just my dad and Andrew.
Though with Andrew,
it's.... been more frustration
than anything lately.
Oh. That's not ideal.
Did you two ever date?
No. No.
Um, but up until last season, he
was one of my closest friends.
To be honest,
it's hard
to have any kind of
relationship on the circuit,
even friends.
A lot of people don't
understand the time
and dedication it takes.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I get that.
Except with me, it's more
that they can't handle
my family's stares
on the dance floor,
but, uh, you know...
Good morning, sleepyhead.
Morning, Dad.
You're up early.
I had a tough time
sleeping last night.
How come?
I just have a lot on my mind,
that's all.
Everything okay?
Bianka called last night.
Those people who came by
a couple of days ago
might be making an offer.
That was fast.
What do you think
you want to do?
I'm not sure.
You don't have to rush
into anything, you know.
I know.
I was thinking
about that last night...
and I was thinking
about your mom.
Selling this place seems so
final, like a last goodbye.
I thought that selling
would fix everything,
but now, I'm not so sure.
Having you here
has made me realize
how much I love this place.
Does that mean you might be
reconsidering selling?
Some days,
I can't imagine staying;
and other days,
I can't imagine leaving.
Today, I don't want to leave.
Well, if you end up leaving, you
think you'll take Zuki with you?
Oh, I'd sure love to.
He's grown on me a lot.
But I don't know
where I'll end up.
It wouldn't be fair to him.
He deserves a good home.
I should let
Zsuzsanna know then.
Can we hold off
for a couple of days?
Just until I find out
about the offer.
Sure. I can do that.
You know what?
Why don't I go down
to the office myself?
I'll have a chat with Laszlo and
let him know what's going on.
Sounds good.
Do you want to walk
over there with me now?
I'm about to play
a game with Daniel.
Yeah, we can do that.
Zuki will be fine
for a few minutes.
He needs to sleep.
Oh, Whitney!
Always so nice
to see you and Marton.
Oh my goodness.
It's been a long time.
How are you?
I'm doing well, Maria.
How are you?
I'm doing well.
This is the best summer
I've had in a long time.
I'm glad to have this place
to meet with friends.
It's always been
that kind of place.
- Yeah.
- Whitney: Well, I have to run.
But it was so good
to see you, Maria.
And I'll see you
at home, Dad.
Did you want to have
a coffee or something else,
so we can catch up?
Only if you have time.
Yeah, sure, I have time.
- Okay.
- That would be nice.
Bianka called
my dad last night,
said she might be
bringing in an offer.
Wow. He must be,
uh, relieved.
I'm not so sure.
He seemed to be more
conflicted than anything.
He couldn't sleep last night.
Well, it's a big,
life-altering decision.
It is.
I was thinking I might make him
a special dinner tonight
to help cheer him up.
Would you want to come?
Are you sure
it's a good time?
It's the perfect time.
Do I have to cook?
Thanks for helping
organize the barbecue.
Yeah, yeah.
The invitations are all out.
Zsuzsanna is working
on the menu.
And now that the word has gotten
out that you are training here,
the phone's been
ringing off the hook.
The local TV station's
all want interviews.
That's great.
Hey, I thought you said
you couldn't handle
yourself in the kitchen.
I might have picked up
a thing or two from my parents.
Hey, I'm curious, besides
the training and the weather,
what made you decide
to live in Arizona?
It's actually where
my mom went to school.
She was on a golf
scholarship at Arizona State
and that's where
she and my dad met.
He was in the graduate program,
for golf course management.
Oh, so, you were born there.
No, I was actually
born in Florida.
My mom was
a single parent when they met,
and after they got married,
when I was eight, he adopted me,
and he's the only father
I've ever known.
- That's incredible.
- Yeah.
Dad grew up here in Budapest,
and the club was started
by my great-grandfather
and passed down
through generations.
Do you think you might, uh,
take it over one day?
That's, of course,
if your dad decides not to sell.
I've thought
about it more lately. Yeah.
Well, I think you'd be great.
Um, what about you?
Have you always wanted
to be a course pro?
Uh, no. I actually went to
The University of Stanford
on a golf scholarship.
And like everyone else, I really
wanted to make the pro circuit.
But after I graduated,
I was on the amateur circuit,
I made the cut to turn pro,
but then I injured my shoulder.
I don't know. After that,
I just couldn't
get back into the game.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
That was exactly when I
fell in love with teaching.
Things always work out the way
that they're supposed to.
To being where
we're meant to be.
Wow, that smells great.
What did you cook?
Mom's favorite,
chicken paprikash.
Feels like home again.
That was such a good meal.
And it was nice having
Daniel here, too.
It was.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
How was the rest of your day?
It was a very good day.
I had coffee with Maria.
We had lots to talk about.
- Is she coming to the barbecue?
- Yes.
And she's been in touch with
quite a few of the old crew.
They're coming, too.
Dad, that's great news.
You'll finally get to
reconnect with everyone.
A bit late though, now that
I've put the place up for sale.
Have you heard anything
from Bianka about the offer?
Not yet.
How is your training going?
I'm having fun with Daniel,
so good, I guess.
The tournament's
coming up soon.
Have you heard
anything from Andrew?
I was actually thinking
I should text him,
just as a courtesy,
to say hi.
I owe him that much.
You don't owe
him anything,
not after the way
he treated you.
I know, but I need to tell him
that I'm going forward
and I want to ask
Daniel to be my caddy.
He's hung in there with me
for so long.
Fair enough.
Laszlo: Thank you so much
for calling Pro Shop.
Yeah, just a minute.
People have been calling
like crazy since word got out
that you're training here.
That's great news.
Hey, Daniel?
One second. Hmm?
Can you talk in a bit?
I'm just going out
for a practice round.
Yeah, absolutely.
Do you want me to
grab your clubs?
Oh, no. I'm okay.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Hey, yes, yes,
she is training here.
We're very excited.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here?
I got your text.
How did you get here so fast?
I was actually visiting
some friends in London
when I got your message.
So, I booked a room
close by the club,
jumped on a plane,
and here I am.
We need to talk.
What's there
to talk about?
You got a tournament
in two weeks.
Let's get to work.
No, Andrew.
We need to talk.
Okay, fine.
Let's talk.
I just wanted
to let you know
that I've been training here
with the pro, and...
I'm gonna ask him to be
my caddy for the tournament.
Are you serious?
I mean, what?
You're just telling me now?
A little heads-up
would have been appreciated.
Andrew, the last time
I saw you, you quit.
I know,
but I was frustrated, okay?
We had a bad season,
but it happens.
Can't we just put this all
behind us and move forward?
We can't just pretend
everything's okay and move on.
Let's be honest,
us working together
the past two years
hasn't been a good experience
for either one of us.
I know. Okay, but I promise it
won't be like that this time.
We've had years of
success together
and I know I can help you
bring that trophy home.
I just don't think it'll work.
I'm sorry.
I don't see why not.
I just don't think
it's smart for us
to dive back into
something that clearly--
Fine, fine.
I won't try to
coach you this time.
Just let me be your
caddy at the tournament.
Look, I've got an idea.
Let's try her out,
see how it goes.
I'll just carry
your clubs for you, that's it.
All right, fine.
But I don't want any
about us working
together in the future.
Got it.
Let's get out there.
Sorry for the intrusion.
I knocked on the front door,
but you didn't answer.
I'm sorry.
I didn't hear you.
Well, I have some great news.
We got the offer.
I've been doing a lot of
thinking, Bianka,
and I've had
a change of mind.
I'm reconsidering
my decision to sell.
You haven't seen
my offer yet.
I appreciate it,
but I don't need to see it.
This is a big one.
You have 24 hours
to consider it.
You know where to find me.
How was your day?
Andrew showed up.
What is he doing here?
He wants to be
my caddy for The Open.
What did you tell him?
I told him no,
that I was planning
to ask Daniel.
He wasn't thrilled
about that.
And then, suggested that he
caddy for me this one last time.
What does Daniel
think about that?
Mm. I haven't had a chance
to talk with him yet.
don't drag it out too long.
These things can get messy.
I know.
How was your day?
Bianka came by
with an offer.
Eight million euros?
That's a lot of money.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Everything is on schedule.
We will be ready
for tomorrow.
It's all looking great.
Thanks so much for doing this.
When Daniel comes in, can you
tell him I was looking for him?
I'm just heading out
for a practice round.
Of course. See you later.
See you later.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We had a great day
yesterday, huh?
Yes, we did.
Looks like it's all coming
together nicely, huh?
Yes, it's going to be a
big day for Whitney tomorrow,
with the press coming in the
morning and her dad out there.
Yeah, she'll definitely
be busy.
Oh, Zsuzsanna said she
came by a couple of hours ago
and she was looking for you.
Oh, okay, thanks.
You seem off.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's just a lot
going on here right now.
Especially with the sale
on the horizon, right?
- Yeah.
- Listen.
Have you been looking
to see if there are
any job opportunities
out there?
I have, yeah.
Yeah, it turns out there's a lot
of courses looking for pros,
and I had an offer
just this morning.
Are you going to accept it?
It depends if Marton
decides to sell this place.
Well, I think
we will find that out soon.
I should get back to work.
- Szia.
- Szia.
- Just keep that arm straight.
- Oh, okay.
Hey, Daniel.
- Bye.
- Hey.
I've been looking for you.
I wanted to
introduce you to Andrew.
Andrew, this is Daniel.
Daniel, this is Andrew.
Hey, yeah,
it's good to meet you, Andrew.
- Yeah, you too.
- Daniel's our pro here.
Pretty much runs everything.
Busy guy.
Yeah, well, I hope you're
enjoying the course.
Yeah, it's great.
If there's anything
I can do to be helpful, just--
just give me a shout.
I think we're good,
but thanks.
So, we should hit
the back nine, yeah?
Do you have
a few minutes to talk?
You know what?
I can't right now.
Zsuzsanna and
Laszlo gave me a list
like a mile long for tomorrow
and I got to run some errands,
and I'm already late, so...
- Okay.
- Daniel: Yeah.
But I'll see
you tomorrow?
Yeah. Absolutely.
Oh, the press will
be here first thing, so...
You feel good?
I'm good.
Yeah? Okay.
I'll catch up with you tomorrow.
Let's go.
I'm Tina Stevens
and I'm here today with our
local hero, Whitney Jones-Bla.
She'll be competing in the
upcoming Eastern European Open.
Whitney, your mother won this
tournament ten years ago.
How does it feel to be
competing so close to home?
It's amazing.
And there's something very
special about being back here
and training at
the course where it all began.
And how are you
preparing for the Open?
Are you still training
with Andrew Klein or have
you hired a new coach?
for the past three weeks,
I've been training
with Daniel Balzs.
He's the pro here
at Szentendre.
That's wonderful.
Well, thank you very much
for joining us today, Whitney,
and good luck.
Thank you.
It was my pleasure.
You were fantastic.
That was marvelous.
You're such a natural.
Thanks, Dad.
- Dad...
- You could be an actress.
Oh, I don't know about that.
Can I speak
to you for a second?
- Sure.
- Excuse us.
- We'll talk later.
- Yeah.
You could have
at least mentioned me.
I'm the one who's been working
with you all these years.
Okay, well,
I'm sorry I didn't mention you.
Who's this Daniel guy,
I mean, I haven't seen one thing
that's impressed me so far.
Look, I mean, at this point,
you're gonna tank,
if you keep working with
two different coaches.
You gotta make up your mind.
I have,
and you're right.
Working with two different
coaches will mess up my game.
Woman: Sorry, can I get
your autograph, please?
Um, what's your name?
Thank you.
There you go.
- Mariana: Thank you.
- Whitney: Nice to meet you.
This was
all Whitney's idea.
Excuse me
for one moment.
I'm sure I don't have to tell
you the offer has expired.
I know.
But this is a very
big decision for me.
And for now,
I have to pass.
I think I made that clear.
I understand,
but a contract is a contract.
What is this?
My invoice.
For what?
My commission.
If I bring in an offer
at or above the listing
price within 30 days,
I'm due my commission,
whether you accept it or not.
Have a good day.
Well, that went well.
And your food was amazing.
Thanks, Whit.
It was so much fun.
Have you seen Daniel?
Yeah. He and Laszlo
just drove the tables
and chairs back
to the rental company.
Okay. I guess I'll
talk to him in the morning.
Did you have fun today, Dad?
So, glad so many of
your friends could come out.
Yeah, me too.
What's wrong?
I got an invoice
from Bianka.
200,000 euros
for her commission.
I don't have that kind
of money.
No, she can't charge
you that.
The sale wasn't completed.
You don't owe her anything.
I do. I checked
the listing agreement.
This is insane.
I don't have that
kind of cash lying around.
Everything I have is
tied up in this property.
Maybe I should sell.
I can't afford that.
What if you took out
a mortgage?
Your mom and I already
took out a big one
to cover the costs
for the renovations
of the clubhouse
and the restaurant.
It's hard enough
paying for that.
I can't afford
to add more to it.
We'll figure something out.
I'll talk to Daniel tomorrow.
His brother is a real estate
lawyer; maybe he can help us.
- Morning.
- Morning.
I need your help.
It's a long story,
but Bianka says my Dad owes
this commission.
Do you think you could have your
brother take a look at it?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
I'm sure he'd be happy to help.
I'd really appreciate it.
He's very upset
and he doesn't know what to do.
Yeah, well, I would do
anything for your father.
He's a good man.
He is.
I was also wondering
if you have time
to take me out
for a round later.
There's a few things
that I want to brush up on
and I also need
to talk to you
about how to
handle things going forward.
Maybe it's best if
we just talk about it
after the tournament, yeah?
I just... I think you
should probably focus
on getting into
a groove with Andrew.
You know, different
approaches can cause confusion
and that's not what you need
going into a tournament, so...
But look,
I should run.
I have a lesson
to get to.
I will let you know
what Tamas has to say.
- Um, thanks.
- Yep.
Marton: When you didn't
come back after your game,
I thought
I would find you here.
I just wanted to spend
some time with Mom
before I leave tomorrow.
Is that
the only reason?
Things have been
a bit weird with Daniel
ever since Andrew arrived.
He bowed out
of the competition,
so Andrew's
going to be my caddy for it.
It will sort itself out.
I hope so.
Things always do, eventually.
Look at me.
I told you the last thing I
needed or wanted was a dog.
And today, I filed an
application to adopt Zuki.
- You did?
- I did.
It doesn't matter where
I go today or tomorrow,
he's my dog now.
That's amazing news, Dad.
I'm really happy for you.
And I have you
to thank for it.
He nudged me out of that house
and it was about time.
Well, I need to get back.
There is a certain
new member of the family
who is expecting his dinner.
- I'll see you back there?
- Yeah.
I just want to say goodbye
to Daniel before I leave.
How was your, uh--
how was your game today?
It was okay.
More fun when
you're around, though.
Um, so, were you going to come
to the tournament at all, or...
Uh, you know, I'm not
sure I'll be able to make it.
There's kind of a lot
going on here right now, so...
Okay. Um...
Have you heard back from
Tamas about the commission yet?
No, I'm actually
going to take the invoice
over to the restaurant now, so I
will let you know what he says.
I guess I'll, uh...
I'll see you on the TV.
My whole family's going to be
at the restaurant to, uh...
to cheer you on.
Hey, Daniel,
you forgot the invoice.
"Dear Daniel,
please find our contract offer
"for the position
of course pro
"here at Northwestern Western
Golf Club, Donegal, Ireland."
Announcer: Welcome, everyone.
Mark Zeccino here
from a beautiful day
at Pannnia Golf Club
for the opening of The Ladies
Eastern European Championships.
Yeah, no.
Look, you're not accounting
for the crosswinds.
Okay, I told you,
aim 15 yards to the left. Here.
No. I'm good, I'm good.
Just let me focus, okay?
Okay, well,
we tee off in 40 minutes.
I know, I know.
Mark: Winona Allison of Scotland
about to tee off here
at the first hole
on our opening day.
One of our newcomers on tour.
She's been showing some
incredible promise.
Oh, and a solid start
right down the middle.
We have all the favorites
on the course today,
including the local hero,
Whitney Jones-Bla,
looking to make
a solid recovery
from her last start
out in San Francisco.
Nice drive off
the first for Whitney.
She's off to a good start,
and look who's on her golf bag.
Andrew Klein is her caddy.
There were rumors
that Andrew had quit.
Brooke Bradshaw
even par so far,
lying two
in the green side bunker.
Oh, a lovely third.
She should be able
to make par from there.
Yeah, so, I do think
that my priority is
just coming into this...
- Hi!
- Hi!
...on the back nine,
you know,
having as many
strokes up as I can...
on the front nine.
So, yeah.
Mark: Welcome back
to day two of the 24th annual
Eastern European Open
at Pannnia Golf Club.
I'm Mark Zeccino.
And I'm Kara Wagland.
Whitney Jones-Bla is about to
tee off on the 10th hole.
She finished yesterday
with a very disappointing
three over par,
seven strokes off the lead.
Three under today
through nine holes.
Mark: Yeah, if she can stay on
this pace on the back nine,
she'll have a shot at
making it to the weekend.
Winona Allison from the fairway
continuing to have a good day.
If Whitney can two-putt this,
she'll move from 17th to 12th,
after a solid showing today.
You need to
make this putt, Whitney.
- I know.
- I just... I need--
I need you to keep
your head in the game, okay?
We have a chance here.
I'm trying, but there's a lot
weighing on me right now.
Yeah, well, I didn't
come back here just to lose.
Okay, this is not helpful.
I need to feel like
you're on my side.
I am on your side.
I'm just being honest.
We don't need
another Red Pines here.
It was embarrassing
for both of us.
Wait, what are--
what are you doing?
You barely addressed the ball.
You can't possibly--
What a putt!
What an eagle!
Now, six under,
Whitney Jones-Bla has
made it to the third round.
Okay, look,
that putt was just pure luck.
What's going on here?
What are you thinking?
Okay, this is precisely why we
parted ways at the Red Pines.
No, we parted ways because you
needed to figure out your life.
Andrew, enough!
I'm not accepting this anymore.
What does that mean exactly?
It means we're done.
I've had it with your
condescending remarks.
You're fired.
You can't do that, okay?
You can't compete
without a caddy. You need me.
I don't need you, Andrew,
and I would never sacrifice
my dignity to win a trophy.
You don't mean that, right?
I've never been more serious
about anything in my life.
Are you okay?
I just fired, Andrew.
Today, was a very good day
for Whitney,
moving her back
into contention
for the first time
this year.
My sweet boy,
you don't seem yourself.
It's fine, Ma,
I promise, okay?
My mind is just...
somewhere else.
Did she make it
to the next round?
Yeah, she did.
You don't seem happy.
It's fine.
I just...
I don't know. I just wish I
could be there with her for it.
Then, go. Cheer for her.
What's stopping you?
Szia Mama, Daniel.
Tamas, did you have a chance
to look at that invoice?
I did,
and it's nonsense.
Bianka's been representing both
sides, the buyer and seller,
trying to collect
commission from both.
Isn't that fraud?
Sure is.
Your mother told me you wish
you were cheering Whitney on.
Son, I don't care what's
going on.
Actions speak loudly.
Go cheer for her.
Whatever happens,
she'll know you were there.
I just got
a voice message from Daniel.
What did he say?
Why don't you
ask him yourself?
I'm going to go inside and
call Laszlo and ask about Zuki.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
Well, I have
some good news.
Tamas says that Bianka
has no legal rights
to collect money
from your dad,
so he's gonna be sending her
a letter to put her on notice.
That's great news.
Thank you.
At least one
good thing happened today.
I heard something
happened with Andrew.
I fired him.
Wow. Okay.
what now?
Well, now, I just need to
figure out what to do next.
I guess you'll be
needing a new caddy.
I could step in.
I appreciate the offer, but I
don't think that's a great idea.
Well, I do know
your game pretty well.
Shouldn't you be on
a plane to Ireland right now?
I saw the contract
for your new job offer.
Why didn't you tell me
that you were planning to leave?
I didn't tell you
because I'm not leaving.
That was just an offer.
So, then why were you
so dismissive with me
when I saw you
the other day?
Because I saw you
and Andrew talking
about the conflict
with having two coaches,
and I just thought
it'd be best to back away
and give you
the space that you needed
to prepare
for your tournament.
So, then,
why didn't you ask me?
I was telling Andrew
that I wanted to
ask you to be my caddy.
I did not know that and...
I... have made
a huge mistake.
I'm sorry.
So, what is the process
for registering a caddy
around here anyway?
Kara: Welcome, everyone, to the
final day of the 24th annual
Ladies Eastern European Open,
right here at the
Pannnia Golf Club.
Mark: Brooke Bradshaw
now with the tee at 13.
Another great
tee shot from Brooke.
Up next is Whitney Jones-Bla.
The two competitors
have been once again paired,
following Jones-Bla's
amazing third round yesterday.
I'm really happy you're here.
- Thank you.
- Daniel: Yeah.
Mark: Well, Kara,
Whitney only has one chance
to show us last-minute caddy
change was the right move.
But I will say this,
under all the pressure,
for the first time this year,
she looks relaxed.
Whitney's march towards
a potential victory
here on the back nine.
What an exciting finish.
With Whitney's birdie on 17,
she and Brooke
have moved into a tie for
the lead at eight under.
Mark: If Whitney can
take the tournament,
what a fitting tribute
to her mother Alice.
it's been really fun
playing with you again.
You too, Brooke.
You made
a good choice with this one.
You two make
a good team.
Look, no matter
what happens,
you've played
an incredible game, okay?
I couldn't have
done this without you.
Mark: Whitney has
reached the 18th hole,
and when you consider
what she has been through
on the golf course,
off the golf course,
in her personal life,
her entire comeback
rests right here,
right now,
on this tee shot at the last.
A perfect tee shot for
Whitney Jones-Bla at 18.
Mark: And another
great approach by Brooke!
It all comes down to this.
Brooke's fairway shot
landed on the green,
but 20 feet from the pin.
It looks like an easy par and a
possible birdie from there.
Mark: Whitney with an almost
impossible birdie from there
and a tough up
and down for par.
Brooke has it all
but locked up.
You know, a better golfer
than me once said that,
if you cup your wrist
and drop your hands,
you'll make that shot.
Mark: Whitney about to
step into the bunker.
Not a good lead.
Certainly almost
an impossible birdie.
But she'd like to get
up and down for par
and her attitude
seems good here.
She settles in
for what she hopes is one of her
final shots of the day.
This has a chance!
To the cup!
An unlikely birdie
from the bunker!
A miracle shot!
Now, forcing Brooke Bradshaw
to make her putt
or this tournament is over.
An absolutely incredible shot
on the final hole
to force Brooke's hand.
A nod to the sky
and a smile to her mother Alice.
Whitney can now only watch
as Brooke Bradshaw
has this do-or-die moment,
a putt to extend the match.
The pressure... immense.
- And there it is!
- Yes!
With the miss,
following in her mother
Alice's footsteps,
Whitney Jones-Bla is the Ladies
Eastern European champion.
Oh, looks like she was
with you after all.
Congratulations, Whitney.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Nice work.
I never doubted you
for a second.
I think it is about time.
Don't you think?
Dad, does this mean you're
reopening the restaurant?
Yes, and a certain chef we all
know has agreed
to take on the job of getting it
up and running again.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Here we are.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, I would
like to propose a special toast.
Ten years ago,
Whitney's mother Alice
won the Eastern European
Today, Whitney follows
in the footsteps of a giant.
Marton: I'm glad you
could make it, Maria.
You look very nice today.
Have I told you
how beautiful you are?
Can I tell you something?
I've decided
to stay here.
What? Really?
No more Arizona?
No more Arizona.
This is my home
and this is where I belong.
Nothing would make me happier
than to have you here...
with me.
I think I might just love you,
Whitney Jones-Bla.
I think I might
just love you, too.