Love on the Slopes (2018) Movie Script

Africa again?
Kate. You scared me.
You know,
you do that a lot.
Well, occupational
We work at
a travel magazine
and we're stuck in these
tiny little cubicles.
I mean, come on,
can't you picture it?
Me, in a safari hat,
one of those cute little vests,
and those amazing
knee-high boots,
just hanging
with the elephants.
Mm, if only in your dreams.
Well, at least
I can dream, can't I?
Do you really want
to quit your job?
No-- well, no.
But I am planning my escape
from this copy editing desk.
I am a writer, remember?
At least you're editing
the "World's Best" articles.
Could be worse.
Could be me.
Apparently, this was
also a landfill.
Plastic is single-handedly
destroying our planet.
Okay. Everybody, gather around.
So, it's been a great quarter,
and that is thanks,
in large part,
to the incredible
hard work and dedication
of you fine people.
But... as the magazine grows,
so does our audience.
Which is why, this year...
Around the World Travel
is looking to expand
our travel writing team.
We're hoping to find
a fresh voice,
a new perspective,
so I am accepting story pitches
from anyone on staff.
here's the exciting part.
Whoever writes
the best travel article
wins a first-class ticket
to anywhere in the world...
[gasping collectively]
...And the cover story
in our next issue,
as well as an ongoing position
as a staff travel writer.
Deadline is a week from Monday.
Here's your chance.
Get in there!
Oh, Kate,
the last time
I pitched a story
to McHugh,
he gave me the old
"That's not quite
right for us, Alex,"
and sent me
back to my desk.
That was then!
You heard him, they're looking
for a new writer.
Second chances.
Alex, go, go, go!
You really think so?
Whew. Okay.
Mr. McHugh? Sir?
Do you have a moment?
Walk with me, Alex.
I just think it's
such a great idea,
what you're doing,
about the contest.
Thank you.
Is that all?
Uh, n-no.
I would love to enter it.
As a writer.
What'd you have in mind?
In mind?
Uh... well--
Off the top of my head,
I could, uh...
I could write about
this romantic New England B&B
that I went to recently,
that is classic and decadent,
and, um...
did I mention romantic?
It's nice to see you
taking initiative, Alex,
and you're a very valuable asset
to our copy editing team,
but travel writers,
they go off the beaten path,
they come outside
of their comfort zone.
You really think that's you?
Yes, sir.
I mean, pretty much...
Travel writers
are courageous, Alex,
they'll try anything.
Each story reveals
a part of their soul,
taking the reader
on an inner- and outer-journey.
not a romantic B&B then?
Think bigger.
[mutters]: "Bigger."
There you two are!
Join us.
We have been summoned.
you look lovely.
Oh, thank you,
Alex, so nice to see you.
Nice to see you, too,
Mrs. Kane, Mr. Kane.
Thank you so much
for having me.
Of course.
I always say,
call me "Bitty".
Right. Sorry. Bitty.
As I was saying...
the Raven's House
is looking to expand
its charity program
this year.
And, between that
and the Kanes' Foundation,
we've raised nearly $2 million
for "Paws for Peace."
Alex, you should really
volunteer with us.
You've been
such a big help in the past.
You know
I'd love to, Bitty,
thank you so much
for asking,
but there's actually
this opportunity
coming up at work.
My editor at Around
The World Travel magazine
this contest today.
They're looking
for a new travel writer.
A contest? To travel?
As a job?
Yeah. I mean, I still have
to apply and everything,
and who knows
if I even stand a chance,
but I mean, traveling the world
as a writer,
inspiring people
through my words, it's...
it's a dream job.
Well, apply you should.
[Mr. Kane]:
Yes. Well...
this might be
a good time
to make your
announcement, Barton.
[Mr. Kane]: May I have
everyone's attention?
I've been wanting
to create more
stability in my life,
Move things
to the next level.
[Mr. Kane]:
I'm thrilled to announce...
Barton has been
promoted to partner.
[gasping and applauding]
Thank you.
Thank you, all.
That's just so...
Amazing. Right?
...Amazing, yes.
I knew you'd be thrilled.
You deserve it.
Hey, Kate?
What is this called?
What are we looking at?
That, there.
Mm. I don't know.
Yes! That's it!
Thank you.
I don't have that.
Has my life become complacent?
Uh, I wouldn't say complacent.
It's more like stable
and predictable.
Are these the shots
for the new
"World's Best" article?
[Alex]: Mm-hmm.
I love the photographer.
He captures something.
This-- This feeling.
I can't really explain it.
Who is he?
Is he handsome?
The only thing I know
about Cole Taylor
is that he lives
in Ridgeline Resort
in Colorado.
He must have
a Facebook account.
No. I checked.
He has a website,
but other than that,
no online presence,
no photos, nothing.
Sounds like a real recluse.
You know, I bet
he has a wilderness beard.
All enigmas
have beards.
So someone's a recluse
just because they don't have
a social media profile?
Pretty much.
Oh, it's 3:00 p.m.
Shall we?
We shall.
Oh, hey, Cole.
What are you doing?
Uh, we need to change
things up a little,
for your Winter Walk
What do you mean?
No, no, no, no, no.
We agreed--
I'm the silent partner.
You do the talking
and the selling.
There will be no "meet"
or "greet".
Cole, I haven't sold
anything in weeks,
and people are requesting
new pieces,
which is you.
With all the commercial work,
I haven't had time.
Fair enough,
but we can't keep working
on the same old material.
What happened
to the guy
who needed to "capture
a moment in time"?
Capturing a moment in time
is not just about
a beautiful photo, Max.
You gotta be inspired,
you can't just
force inspiration.
How does it
happen so fast?
One minute,
you're reaching
for your dreams,
and the next,
you're 29 and coasting,
everything is easy
and safe,
and the most exciting
part of your day
is getting lattes
at 3:00 p.m.
I mean, don't
get me wrong,
I have a great job.
but I majored
in journalism in college.
When did I become
a bystander in my own life?
Well, that's just
who you are.
You're not a risk-taker,
and that's okay.
Hey! I got double whip
on my latte today.
first time ever.
It's true. You know...
ever since I fell
down the stairs
when I was four years old,
my mom's had me in
hypothetical bubble wrap.
I'm a low-risk dreamer
with nothing to show for it.
No wonder
Barton has zero faith in me.
Hey, entering
that contest isn't safe.
Okay? It takes
real guts.
If I can figure out
what to write about.
I don't know
how I'm gonna
get McHugh
to take me seriously
as a travel writer.
Oh, hey, look.
That's Cole Taylor's
For an enigma,
he sure is everywhere.
At least his photos are.
Maybe they're trying
to tell me something.
To go skiing?
I doubt it.
No, Kate! That's it!
I know what
I'm gonna write about.
McHugh is going to love it!
Alex! Wait!
It's not a good idea
to run with coffee!
What can I do for you, Alex?
Well, sir,
I thought a lot
about what you said,
and I am proposing
that I travel
to the wilds
of the Rocky Mountains
and write an article
on nature and extreme sports
photographer Cole Taylor.
His work is amazing.
There we go.
His work is amazing.
They call him
the next Ansel Adams,
yet he hasn't created
a new collection in two years.
He really is quite the mystery.
Perfect subject, right?
Well, I mean,
the photos are wonderful,
but if he's so elusive,
how are you gonna find him?
He lives at
Ridgeline Resort in Colorado.
I was thinking
I could go undercover.
You, in the world
of extreme sports?
Alex, and I mean this with
all the kindness in the world,
but you're a complete klutz.
No, I'm not!
Well, maybe just a little bit,
but that has nothing to do
with my ability to write.
this is a great idea.
Thank you.
You should write it
in first person
from the prospective
of a non-adventurer,
and in one week,
you try every extreme sport
that they have there.
I'm sorry, what?
Well, you wanted a story.
Well, this is it.
But what about
Cole Taylor, sir?
You're a travel writer,
not an investigative journalist.
This story
should be about you.
The deadline
is a week from Monday.
You'd better get going.
That is a--
that is a great idea.
Thank you. Mr. McHugh.
You will not regret this.
Extreme sports?
Alex, do you even know
what that means?
No, but I am
an excellent researcher.
Pretty sure
that's not the same thing.
But I believe in you.
Thank you. Mr. McHugh thinks
it's gonna be great
Now I have the entire
flight to Denver
to become an expert
on all things extreme.
Uh, can you...
can you cover for me on
"World's Best" while I'm away?
I'm no longer
the "World's Worst"!
Oh, and Alex?
Be a warrior, not a worrier.
[Kate]: I'm heading
to the airport now.
You're actually doing this?
Yep! The deadline
is next Monday,
so that gives me
seven days to face my fears
and write this story.
I thought we'd go away
this weekend.
You and me, the Berkshires?
Barton, you're not
making this any easier.
No, I-I need to do this.
For myself, for my career,
for us.
It's my big chance.
I finally get to step
outside of my comfort zone.
Okay. One week,
you'll be back?
Then I'm back.
All right.
Knock 'em dead, babe.
Maybe we don't mention death
when I'm about to go do
extreme sports?
Right, sorry.
Just please be safe.
Safe, I will be.
I hope.
[quietly, to self]:
"I'm a warrior, not a worrier."
[thudding and banging]
What was that?
[sighs irately]
My mechanic thinks
it's the axle.
Now, the tow truck
driver's swamped,
but he should be here
in a few hours.
A few hours?
Sorry, miss,
but, luckily,
if you're in a hurry,
the resort is just
a mile up the road.
[resigned sigh]
"Don't be complacent,"
they said.
"Go on an adventure,"
they said.
[cell rings]
Hi, Kate.
Yeah, I'm here.
Okay, good.
Just checking.
Yup. But I'm on foot.
I don't understand.
Are you on the highway?
Kate, I think
there's a man following me.
Did you
say "a van"?
A mountain man
in a Jeep.
I gotta go, okay?
I gotta go.
He's gonna kidnap me,
he's gonna throw
my bag in the bushes,
and no one's ever gonna
be able to find me.
Excuse me, ma'am?
Need a ride?
I'm good, thanks!
I'm going the same way.
[scoffs] Why not?
Just get into a Jeep
with a complete stranger.
You sure?
'Cause that bag looks heavy.
It's good
for the cardio.
Okay, suit yourself.
Good luck with the bears.
Welcome to Ridgeline Resort.
How may I help you?
Hi. Checking in.
Alex Burns.
Yes. I see we have you
in the "Idyllic Suite"
with a mountain view.
Sounds idyllic.
You came
at the perfect time, too.
"Winter Walk"
starts in a few days.
Winter Walk?
Local artists
open their shops
with hot drinks
and treats.
It's a great way to connect
with the community,
raise money for charity,
and celebrate
Ridgeline artists.
Artists, like...
Cole Taylor?
Cole sells his work
out of the Ridgeline
Art Gallery.
Huh. I, uh... I thought
that he was a recluse.
Not really.
In fact, with this fresh snow,
I'm sure
you'll see Cole
up on the mountain.
Here's your key.
You'll want to head
out the front door,
and head north,
up the path.
Can I just leave my luggage
with the bellman?
we don't have one.
But it's just a short
jaunt up the nature path.
Enjoy your stay.
Okay. Great. Thank you.
"The serene nature path
up to my cabin welcomed me."
[phone rings]
Alex, how're the slopes?
Mr. McHugh! Hi, sir.
Yes, uh...
It's funny that you should
call right now.
I'm actually just about to head
out on my first excursion.
Have fun out there.
Just the word I was gonna use.
[Sarah]: Well, our
"Weekend Warrior" package
includes zip-lining,
and bungee jumping.
The views from 3,000 feet
are spectacular.
Uh, may I help you
find something?
Uh, no. No, I, um...
I'm just browsing.
Let me know if you guys
have questions, all right?
Our mountain biking trails
are suitable
for all levels.
Our next excursion
starts in 30 minutes.
Oh, hi!
Hi, hi. Yeah.
The, uh,
the mountain biking
that's suitable
for all levels--
where do I sign up
for that?
Oh, just fill this out.
Do you prefer suspension,
comfort, or fat bike?
Let's just go
with the fat bike.
It has the best grip
in the snow.
Great. Thank you.
I'm Alex, by the way.
See you
on the chairlift.
The chairlift?
Is that your jacket?
Don't worry.
You'll warm up
once you get moving.
Oh, I'm not worried...
about that.
[lift buzzer blares]
There's a seatbelt, right?
Your bike will be
on the next chair.
But is there a seatbelt?
On the lift?
See you up there!
Ohh. That's so high up.
I ca-- I can't--
I can't do this!
Oh, no, it's too high--
Sorry, I--
I ca-- I can't-- [yelps]
Miss! Please
remove yourself.
Would you like
some help, ma'am?
Why not?
Let's get outta here.
[Alex]: Thank you for, uh,
you know,
helping me back there,
but I'm pretty sure I can get
myself back to the hotel okay.
And let you cause
another human pile-up?
Not a chance.
Okay, so I'm not
the best biker. Whoops.
More like
a chairlift-mounter.
You haven't gotten
on your bike yet.
Oh. I can do that.
Okay, it's, uh...
I think
my bike is broken.
No, you just need
to shift the gears down.
This thing?
Whoa-whoa-ah! [yelps]
I just remembered why I don't
ride bikes in Central Park.
New York, huh?
What're you
doing here?
Oh, that's a long story.
Whatever it is,
you may want to think
about rewriting it.
Have a good day!
You too.
It sure can't get much worse.
[guy]: Hey, Cole!
[Cole]: Hey!
Cole Taylor?
You're here!
I was about to send out
a search party.
I know, I know,
I'm so sorry.
I guess I wasn't ready
for the chairlift,
or... anything, really.
It's your first time!
You'll get
the hang of it.
You didn't see me out there.
What if you got
yourself a guide?
Maybe. Do--
Do you know anyone?
most guides I know
are booked up
with Winter Walk this week.
I'm helping the organizer,
but I mean, I could--
No, no, it's okay.
Don't worry about it.
I'll figure something out.
Right now, I just really need
a hot bath. [sighs]
Thanks, Sarah.
I'll see you later.
Okay. Take care.
My advice?
Stay clear of
the chairlift for a while.
What happened?
Ah, the equivalent
of a human pile-up.
Oh, now I know
you're exaggerating.
Maybe, but that's just because
you didn't meet her.
Yeah. A walking catastrophe.
[phone ringing]
Are you okay?
What happened?
Oh, nothing.
I'm fine. I just, uh...
I went fat biking.
Is that like a new spin class?
No, it's-- it's a bike...
on a mountain.
Mountain! [chuckles]
Oh, look at you, babe.
Hmph. Oh.
I totally humiliated myself.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I think.
I don't know.
Well, if you change
your mind,
don't feel bad.
...Been the sporty type.
I'm losing you, Barton.
There's abso-- [crackles]
...shame in coming home--
Home? No.
No, I'm gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be great.
It is just--
[service failure chimes]
[mutters to self]:
Here goes nothing.
Beautiful, aren't they?
Just gorgeous.
I've actually been following
Cole Taylor's work for a while.
I was hoping maybe I could
speak with him, if he's here?
New York?
You two know each other?
Not exactly.
I realize I didn't really give
the best first impression.
That's an understatement.
Right. But I didn't know
it was you, then,
and I'm actually
a really big fan of your work.
I'm Alex Burns.
Cole Taylor.
You're the cause
of the pile-up?
You told him
about that?
Safety precaution.
Well, you're right.
I'm pretty much
at every
outdoor activity,
but I came to Ridgeline
to face my fears,
and it's pretty clear
that I can't really
do it on my own.
I know
that you're not a guide,
but you seem pretty great
at everything that you do,
and there is
no one else available.
Wow. I'm flattered.
No! I'm so sorry. I didn't--
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm a copy editor,
and I just got my first real
travel writing assignment,
which means I can't mess it up.
The problem is
that I'm supposed
to write this article
about me doing
extreme sports,
and I'm basically
afraid of everything,
and probably the worst person
for the job,
but my editor seems to think
that it is a brilliant idea.
It could
be really funny.
Look. This is--
This is
my one shot.
If I don't do this right,
it'll ruin my career.
Please, Cole...
would you please help me?
Sorry, Alex,
we're really busy.
Right. I understand.
We're not that busy.
I have an honest face.
I can't lie.
And you picked the right guy.
I mean,
Cole is great at everything,
and I'm not just saying that
because I run his gallery.
What about the Winter Walk
we're trying to organize?
Uh, "we"? I thought
I was organizing.
What about
the meet-and-greet?
You said you weren't
doing that.
I could help!
With Winter Walk,
or-or the meet-and-greet,
or whatever is needed,
I-- and you could help me
with extreme sports.
It's a win-win!
All right.
But I'm giving you one day
to prove to me
that you're not gonna
kill us both,
and you play by my rules.
Got it?
Got it!
Where are you staying?
Ridgeline Resort?
Meet me at 9:00 a.m.
at the activity center.
9:00 a.m.,
activity center. Got it.
Come prepared to work.
Will do.
Thank you so much!
[alarm beeping]
[writing]: "Day two
of my extreme adventure,
and I've already made
one friend."
"Okay, almost one friend.
"But I have found a guide
"into the world
of extreme sports,
"which means
things are looking up.
"I'm curious to see what he has
in store for us today.
"Hopefully nothing too extreme.
"I'm feeling a bit like
the local deer...
just as skittish."
Good morning.
Good morning.
Wow. Perfect timing.
I just checked.
The chopper's leaving
in 20 minutes.
A helicopter?
Yeah. There's a giant
ice cliff nearby.
You've gone ice-climbing
before, right?
While we're up there,
we're gonna paraglide
off the cliff.
Uh... that all sounds
really fun, but, um--
I just remembered
that I have a, um,
I have a phone call--
Oh, you should see
the look on your face.
-You're joking?
-Yes, I'm joking.
This whole thing
is all a joke?
This is a joke, yes.
It's pretty funny,
You have
a weird sense of humor.
And you have
to lighten up.
Let's go.
I promise,
no chopper.
[Alex]: A climbing gym?
Would you rather
go ice-climbing?
I can call
the chopper.
No, no! It's fine.
It's just that, uh...
This is like a jungle gym
for kids.
I'm not really a kid.
We're all kids at heart.
Plus, we need to shake
some of the city
off of you,
and it'll help you
with your fear of heights.
I'm not afraid of heights.
I mean...
Maybe a little bit.
So, what kind of shoes
did you bring?
Just my running shoes.
-Those are your running shoes?
Do they even
offer you support?
No, but they look really cute
with my outfit.
[laughs] No.
See, the problem is,
you don't have the right gear.
No offense,
but this isn't really my style,
it's, uh... very orange.
Oh. Right.
Excuse me?
We need some help here.
Yeah, we need
to fix this.
All the basics.
Top to bottom.
And shoes, please.
Sure thing.
Who's the guy?
Guy--? What guy?
What're you talking about?
Come on. There's gotta be
a reason why you're doing this--
humiliating yourself.
I mean...
besides the work thing.
No offense,
but you're not
the sporty type.
I will have you know,
that I was "Sporty Spice"
one year for Halloween.
Okay, actually,
I was "Posh Spice".
My boyfriend,
is very sweet
and very supportive of me.
Your boyfriend's
name is Barton?
What is he, a lord?
He's an investment banker
at a very prestigious
firm in New York City.
Mm. Why isn't he here?
Because he just got
promoted to partner,
so he is very important
and very busy.
Sounds like you're making
a whole lot of excuses for him.
I am not!
Okay. What about you?
With your
sunny disposition,
I bet you have girls
falling all over you.
No. I'm single by choice.
With the work I do,
I don't really need anyone else.
Right. You don't need
anyone slowing you down.
How's this?
Do I look like one of
your happy photographs yet?
You ready
to face your fears?
At least I look like I am.
Are these the shoes?
These are the shoes.
Are there any other colors?
Okay, now, you want
to be aware of everything
that's underneath you
at all times.
'Kay? Keep your weight
on your feet,
your arms straight.
Kind of like this--
my arms are straight...
and I go up,
push up...
You're a pro at this.
Are you sure
you're not a guide?
That kind of charm is not
gonna get you off the hook.
Figured I'd try.
[Cole laughs]
Oh! I'm stuck.
No, you're fine.
Focus on your feet.
Don't look down.
My feet are down!
Where am I supposed to look?
Focus on your footholds.
Anticipate the next two moves.
I anticipate
I'm gonna fall.
You're not
gonna fall.
There's about 50% chance
that I will.
You're just psyching
yourself out.
You wanna keep your grip relaxed
and breathe.
[exhales deeply]
That's right.
So how long have
you been taking photos?
Ah, since
I was young.
You're really good at it.
You know,
life never really stops moving.
Every time I go into nature,
it seems like
everything is different.
Waves are always rolling,
leaves are always growing...
nothing stays the same.
I guess that's my way
of holding onto a moment
and capturing it.
That's really beautiful.
I never thought about nature
that way.
Well, stick with me, kid.
You may just learn
a few things.
Is that a promise?
Oh, hey!
We're at the top!
Did you distract me
on purpose?
Did it work?
How do we get down?
Oh, you just have to let go.
No! I-I can't let go.
I'm gonna fall!
Falling is a part of climbing.
Every climber falls.
Does that make sense?
You're okay.
That's still yet
to be determined.
One, two, three--
[he chuckles]
[yelps, giddy]
You're going faster!
[panting heavily]
That was fun!
It was really fun.
Thanks, Coach.
Now you can tell Lord Barton
you passed the test.
Tomorrow, we're gonna
start your real training.
But, first...
you help me.
"Taylor Youth"?
Is that you?
It's a charity
I started a few years ago,
to raise money
for underprivileged kids.
Trips and gear can
be pretty expensive.
This gives them a chance
to come to Ridgeline
and practice
winter sports for free.
That's really nice.
I got the impression,
that you didn't want
to do a meet-and-greet?
-I don't really...
...But 50%
of the profits
made during Winter Walk
goes to The Taylor
Youth Foundation.
Right now,
we're able to send
about ten kids each year
to winter camps.
I'd like that number
to go higher, so...
If doing a meet-and-greet
can help, then...
Well, then
we better get stapling.
And then
let's have lunch.
I will have the turkey burger
with no bun,
no cheese, no bacon,
no mushrooms or onions...
just plai--
is it organic?
It doesn't matter.
I'll have a cheeseburger,
all dressed. Please.
Thank you.
So... you're a copy editor?
For seven years.
It's a good job.
It pays well
and it's stable.
Don't get me wrong,
I'm very grateful
to have my job, but...
It just makes things
a little difficult
when my boss
only sees me one way.
So you feel like
you have to prove yourself?
Let's just say
that no one expects me
to be up here,
doing extreme sports.
And what do you think?
They're probably right.
Well, tomorrow,
we're going to be hiking
the woods of Ridgeline.
We'll prove that you're
supposed to be here.
Do you really think that?
But I guess we'll find out.
[both laughing]
[phone ringing]
This is your morning
wake-up call.
What time is it?
Time to face your fears.
I'm pretty sure
I just fell asleep.
And I'm pretty sure the wild
waits for no woman.
I'll meet you downstairs.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm getting up, I'm getting up.
Morning, sunshine.
Took you long enough.
Did I mention that
it's, like, five miles
to my middle-of-
nowhere cabin?
Okay, grumpy.
Let's get you
some coffee.
And some breakfast,
Well, funny you
should mention that.
That's exactly
where we're going.
[Alex sighs wearily]
I thought you said we were
going for breakfast?
Patience, my friend.
Patience has rarely
been my friend.
See? That's your
problem right there.
You live with
a city mentality
where everything needs
to happen instantly.
You need to stop
and smell the pine trees.
Everything that matters
is right here,
in this moment.
You just
have to breathe.
I don't think that's
a city mentality,
I think that's
just our world.
Social media has
changed everything.
Ahh... ho, ho.
Social media.
Where everyone
can see your status,
and it's none
of their business.
I try to stay as far
away from that stuff
as possible.
You know, I actually
think you could have
quite the lucrative career,
if you had more of
an online presence.
I mean, not that
you're not successful,
and not that I know
if you have a social media page
or not, or anything.
Were you Googling me?
No. I-I-- No. I...
Maybe just...
Maybe a little bit.
I do have a website
but it's for my work,
not my personal life.
My photos
speak for themselves.
I take pictures
because I have to.
That's how I feel
about writing.
When I don't write,
I feel empty.
You know, when I was little,
I used to write
all these short stories
about all the amazing
places I was gonna visit.
Oh, yeah?
-Where to?
Uh... all over.
It doesn't really matter.
I've never been to any of them.
I guess life and fear
just kinda got in the way.
Well, look at you now.
Facing those fears.
Pretty soon,
you'll be unstoppable.
Well, I don't know
about that.
Do you have to walk so fast?
Oh, wow! [gasping]
Look! Such
a beautiful waterfall!
Keep moving.
We're going
all the way up there.
You don't want
to stop and look?
[Cole]: Let's keep going.
It's gonna get icy.
There has to be
another way across.
No, this is the only way
to get to where we're going.
[Alex]: Do you know
how many people fall
from extreme heights
every single year?
I do! I looked it up.
I'm sure you did.
But you can do it.
I'll be with you
every step of the way.
Come on.
Come on. Yeah!
That's right!
[Alex]: Oh...
See? You're doing great!
I bet you say that
to everyone.
You're right.
That's kinda my shtick,
You seem like a guy
who would have a shtick.
I do?
No. Not at all.
I'm just talking
to distract myself
from the terror I feel
and the sudden desire I have
to knock myself out
with my shoe.
You're learning fast.
-Oh! You okay?
Can we please turn around now?
You're almost there.
You got just
a few more steps to do.
[steadying breaths]
You got this!
[relieved gasp]
I made it?
Like I had a doubt.
So now
you believe in me?
One of us has to.
Okay. Now,
don't freak out,
but it's time to go
even higher.
Way up there.
Come on.
[Alex, gasps]: Wow.
This is beautiful!
Yeah, it's one of
my favorite lookouts.
This is so nice!
So, if you could go anywhere,
where would it be?
Zimbabwe. So I can stand
at the foot of Victoria Falls
and watch the elephants
They're such beautiful animals.
What about you?
I bet you've been everywhere
and done everything, right?
Yeah, I've traveled
a fair bit.
Not everywhere, though.
What's your number-one
bucket-list item, then?
I would go bungee jumping
off Victoria Falls.
-No way!
Yeah. Really.
That is just eerily weird.
And crazy!
I mean, diving head-first
off of a cliff?
Why would you want to do that?
It's so much prettier
from the ground.
[laughing] I don't know.
There's something about Africa.
I'd like to capture it.
I haven't taken
any new photos...
any good photos, I should say,
in the past two years.
What's stopping you?
I think I need to go somewhere,
get re-inspired,
you know?
You should.
I can speak from experience,
that, so far,
this isn't so bad.
Good! Then
our adventure continues.
When you zip through the trees,
you'll reach the highest drop
of 2,200 feet.
Trust me,
you've never felt so free.
It's awesome!
2,200 feet?
[Steve]: Ah, give or take,
but let me reassure you,
you're in good hands.
And the, uh...
the equipment?
Oh, top-of-the-line.
Only the best.
Just asking,
'cause, uh,
most accidents
happen by routine.
You know, doing the same thing
over and over again,
expecting different results.
Isn't that
the definition of insanity?
Well, the two go
hand in hand, right?
I mean, we're about
to jump off a cliff.
[Steve]: You're clipped in.
And I double-checked
you twice.
All right, you're good to go.
Cole. Cole, please.
We don't
have to do this.
Can we just
walk back down,
the way we came?
Alex, if you really want
to write about
conquering your fears,
you're gonna
have to take the leap,
or else your readers
will see right through you.
See, I wouldn't
take the shots that I take
if I wasn't out there
doing it, right?
You're not in any danger.
Trust me, hundreds of people
are doing this.
I'll go first.
I'll wait for you
on the other side, okay?
All right!
This is fun.
Here we go.
This is beautiful!
[exhales tensely]
[Cole]: Come on, Alex!
You can do it!
He's right.
I mean, your fear
isn't real.
Come on, Alex!
[exhales] Okay.
I'm pretty sure
I'm not imagining thi-i-i-is!
[starts laughing]
[shrieking giddily]
Whoa, oh, oh, oh-oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh-oh
This moment in time
Whoa, oh, oh
Never did a thing for me
I did it!
You sure did!
You did it.
Oh! That was
There you go!
How're you feeling?
I feel good!
That was scary,
but it was amazing.
Wait. Don't move.
What are you doing?
I'm just
capturing the moment.
[shutter snaps]
Stay there.
[phone ringing]
Oh, it's Barton.
Give me one second.
Hey! Barton!
You'll never believe
what I just did.
Can you hear me?
Barton? Yeah! Hey.
I just ziplined!
It was incredible!
[writing]: "So, it turns out
"I might've been
imagining my fear.
"I'm still fact-checking this,
so stand by,
"but what if
"we've turned our backs
on ourselves for so long,
"that when we find ourselves
"standing on the precipice
of the unknown,
"we do
what we've always done,
"because it's familiar?
"When do we stop
being a worrier,
and start being a warrior?"
[phone line ringing]
This is Barton Kane.
Wait for it.
Barton, it's me.
Uh, I keep missing you.
I guess
we're missing each other.
Give me a call back.
Alex! Hey.
Hi. You were gonna carry
this all by yourself?
Ah, it's
no big deal.
I can see that.
Where are you going?
Town Square.
I'll help you.
Come on. You got that?
Let's just
put this right here.
Ahh! There you are.
Hey, Cole.
Hey, Sarah.
Wait. You two
know each other?
Oh, we go way back.
How do you know Cole?
Oh, we go way, way back.
[Alex laughs]
Cole's my Coach.
You need my help
with anything?
No. No, pretty much everything
is set up for Winter Walk.
I was actually thinking
we should go skiing.
I, uh, I think
I should probably just stay here
and help Sarah.
She's got a lot to do.
Oh, no, I'm good.
You two go.
Wait a minute.
You don't ski either?
Not since I was 12
and grew, like, eight inches.
I was all long limbs,
flailing down the mountain.
Well, that's a sight
I'd like to see.
It wasn't pretty.
They nicknamed me "Snowplow."
[Cole]: Ouch.
Maybe we can change that.
It's okay if we don't.
Sometimes, you just
have to move forward, you know?
Let the past go.
Or we can face it.
You know-- you, me,
and the bunny hill.
Come on, Snowplow.
Let's go.
Bye, Sarah.
Bundle up, Alex.
It's snowing up there.
Have fun!
Are you sure
this is the bunny hill?
It looks a lot
like a black diamond.
Keep your weight
centered over your knees,
equally distributed.
Keep your hands
And, after that,
it's a bit of a dance.
It's swish...
[both]: ...Swish.
Panic will
make you lose your rhythm.
That's when you wipe out.
Just remember--
swish... swish...
[muttering to self]:
Okay. Don't panic.
Swish... swish...
And breathe!
Calm glides.
You okay?
You hurt?
I'm okay.
Are you sure?
'Kay, maybe we should
put some ice on it.
Isn't that what caused
the problem in the first place?
I think I know what
will warm us up.
Mm! Let's go.
So, what do you think so far?
Other than a bad hip.
Other than the bad hip,
and the freezing
And the sub-par company.
That too, yeah.
You can be very
demanding sometimes.
There's a but?
I am starting
to realize
why my boss
chose this story.
He'd mentioned
something about
an inner-
and an outer-journey,
and I think I'm finally
understanding what he meant.
Yeah, this place can have
that affect on people.
Or it could just be
the sub-par company.
She learns fast.
Okay, you find
the Graham crackers,
and I'll track down
the marshmallows, okay?
Wouldn't they be
in the same aisle?
You're probably right.
[phone rings]
Oh, hold on one sec.
That's my boss.
Just give me a sec.
You take it.
I'll be right back.
Mr. McHugh?
Alex, how's it going?
Great, actually.
Cole Taylor was just
teaching me how to ski.
You found Cole Taylor?
So you're writing
the article about him?
What? No, I-I thought
that you said
that you wanted me to write--
If you have
access to Cole,
use it.
Incorporate him
into your story.
But sir, you said
that I was a travel writer,
not an investigative journalist.
That was before
you found him.
That's also before I knew him.
I don't think
he's gonna go for it.
The more Cole Taylor,
the better.
Trust me on this.
This could be a real contender
for the cover story.
Sir, please,
I really don't think that--
[call ends]
[panting anxiously]
Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah--
-Everything's fine.
Excellent, because there's
a firepit with our names on it.
S'mores always
remind me of home.
Oh, yeah.
Where's home?
Jackson Hole,
Ah, a mountain man
through and through.
Why leave paradise when
it's right in your backyard?
That's something
that Barton would say.
It gotta be hard,
being here without Barton.
[chuckles] Yeah. It is.
Um, this really isn't
his kind of thing though.
Who doesn't like s'mores?
I know, I mean,
I just meant
that we don't really
do things like this
We usually do things
that are a little more safe.
The change of scenery
really does
put things
into perspective.
But the silence
helps, too.
Hell, no! The silence
is the reason I can't sleep.
Well, the answer is easy.
You gotta breathe.
So that's your big advice
for why I can't sleep?
Just try it.
If nothing else,
it'll keep you alive.
[taking a deep breath]
[exhaling deeply]
You're right.
I feel more Zen
Look at you!
I hardly recognize you.
[both laughing]
How come you're not
afraid of anything?
What do you mean?
You're good at everything.
And you could just
jump off a cliff
and fall
from the sky
with your eyes
wide open,
not a care
in the world.
Change your perspective.
I mean...
Everyone has fears,
it's just
that mine are different.
Different how?
Just different.
I'm not good with crowds
or attention on me.
That's why I like
to keep to myself.
And why you don't want
to do the meet-and-greet?
But your work is so good!
You should be so proud of it.
I am.
I really am.
I just feel weird
discussing it.
Goodnight, Alex.
Goodnight, Cole.
"It's day five,
"and up until a few days ago,
"I thought the guide
who has been training me,
"Cole Taylor,
"was a brilliant photographer
who had nothing left to say.
"But I'm beginning to wonder
if, perhaps like me,
"he's let fear get in the way.
"He's the one
holding himself back.
"The question is...
[Max]: Thought you'd
be out with Alex.
No, I have a lot to do.
You shot
some new stuff?
Oh, great!
Make yourself at home.
Have you told her
how you feel?
Max, she has a boyfriend.
Then why
isn't he here with her?
These are really
good, Sarah.
Oh, it's no big deal.
I just thought
the kids might like 'em.
I can make you one,
if you want?
Oh, no. That's-- That's fine.
Unless you want to,
then, sure, I'll take one.
So, how's it going with Cole?
Yeah, it's... good.
I have to admit,
you and Cole training together
surprised me.
Surprised me, too.
We didn't really start off
on the best foot.
He's a great guy.
We've been friends
for a long time.
There's no one more loyal
than Cole.
Has he always
been this private?
That's... a part of his charm.
When he lets you in,
it means something.
So... what should yours say?
Oh, um...
"I'm a worrier, not a warrior."
I think
you got that backwards.
Or not! [laughs]
All right, let's do it.
How's your hip
It's a little better.
'Cause I have an idea.
Uh... you are just full
of ideas recently, aren't you?
We're just getting started.
Look at that.
Built-in cushion.
Oh. Oh, you're mad?
Oh, I'm not mad.
This is my game-face.
You're going
down, Taylor.
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
Yeah! I'm ready.
[Alex screams]
[Cole]: Here we go!
Come on.
Let's go again!
That was so fun!
[Alex]: When I was a kid,
my mom used
to make us hot chocolate
on cold nights like this.
Oh, that's
the best, isn't it?
Oh, it's so cozy.
What about you,
did you have
any family traditions?
Um... yeah.
Yeah, actually.
My mom used to bring me
here for one week
every summer
and every winter.
Even back then,
Ridgeline was the center
of extreme sports.
So... so,
thanks to my mom,
I learned
to do everything.
Your mom sounds amazing.
She was.
Um, a real advocate
for those less fortunate.
She passed away
when I was in college.
I'm so sorry.
So, with Max here,
I decided to move
to Ridgeline.
I couldn't
go back home.
It just wasn't
home anymore.
That must've been
really hard.
I promised her
that I'd pick up
where she left off.
And you started
The Taylor Youth Foundation?
I want to give kids
that are less fortunate
the same opportunities
that I had.
I bet your mom
would be really proud.
I know
I can be, um--
[phone rings]
[Cole]: You can take it.
No, I'll just...
I'll just call him back.
Go on.
I know I can be
private about things.
The truth is...
I went through a break-up
a couple years ago,
and I'm just starting
to see in color again.
I know
that you're worried
about putting
yourself out there
at the meet-and-greet,
but for what it's worth,
when you speak
from your heart,
like you just did,
you are incredibly
Are you now the coach?
Well, before
I knew who Cole was,
I really didn't think
it was that big of a deal.
I thought I'd be helping
his career and mine.
It was a win-win. But...
Now that I know
his personal story,
I just, I know
how upset he'd be
if his private life went public.
I-I can't keep it from him.
If you tell him now,
then you risk him saying no,
and then
you won't have a story,
and worse, no career.
I know, I...
I just feel like I need to be
honest with him, regardless.
Right now,
I feel like I'm lying.
Do you have
feelings for him?
What? No! No.
He's just a friend. No.
I mean, I told Barton
that I was writing
a story on Cole.
And he didn't think
it was a big deal.
I agree with Barton.
Do what makes you sleep
better at night,
but I say do
what's best for the story.
Right, I think
you're both right.
If you want,
you can send it to me.
I'll tell you
if you stand a chance
before you dig your own grave.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Please, don't show anyone.
It really is
just a first draft.
Please. I'm Fort Knox.
[chuckles] Okay.
Well, I gotta go.
Cole's picking me up.
We're going skiing!
What have you done
with my friend?
I don't even
recognize you anymore.
[laughs] Trust me,
in some ways,
I don't recognize me either,
but, in other ways,
I finally feel like myself.
You are
surprisingly calm.
Well, I'm trying out
this new technique.
It's called
"screaming on the inside."
I see.
It's working for you.
That, and I figured,
if we fall...
I would
just land on you.
Is that your big
survival plan?
Well, one of us
has to survive, right?
You look like you'd
make a better cushion.
Why, thanks.
I appreciate the concern
for my well-being.
You've had a good run.
Well... [laughs]
Seriously, though...
Thanks, Coach.
I know you weren't planning
on helping me for this long,
but I really
appreciate it.
Ah, save the thanks
for later.
You haven't gotten
your skis on yet.
Mm. That's true.
It's so beautiful
up here.
Come on.
It's time to get
the elusive Cole Taylor
in a photograph.
So I can prove
to my friends
that you
actually exist.
If the ski hill
still intimidates you,
then, uh, I haven't
done my job.
You know, that's
what second chances
are all about.
[exhales deeply]
All right, last one
to the bottom buys dinner.
Let's do this!
Oh... forgot about these.
You're doing great!
Whew. I can't see.
Ahh. That's so much better.
That's it!
Now... slide your skis together
as you turn.
Hey! You're skiing!
Look at that!
Olympics, here I come!
Oh... Alex?
stop, stop, stop, stop!
[shrieks]: I can't!
Or you can
do that.
Hey, don't knock
the snowplow.
It works every single time.
Ah, whoa! You okay?
-Yeah. I think so.
-[Cole laughs]
I guess, uh,
you're buying dinner.
[laughs] Okay, fine.
But not until after
we do your meet-and-greet.
Um, you sure you don't want
to go bungee jumping instead?
Nice try, Taylor.
If I can face my fears,
so can you.
One more run?
Why not?
I think I'm getting
the hang of it now.
[bustling chatter]
[indistinct exchange
and chuckling]
We're almost
out of hot chocolate.
Max, you told me
the meet-and-greet
was supposed to be
a casual thing.
Well, I guess
you've got a few fans.
I'll start you off,
don't worry.
Start me off...
Thank you all for coming!
We're thrilled to have
renowned nature photographer
Cole Taylor
here with us
in the gallery
to talk about his work.
He's, uh, excited to meet you,
so let's give him
a warm welcome.
Remember why
you're doing this.
Okay? Speak from your heart.
You got this.
What a great turnout.
I had no idea so many of you
cared about the work I do.
It means a lot to me.
You know, um...
coming to Ridgeline
as a young boy changed my life,
and I'd like
to pay it forward.
50% of all the sales
made this week
will go
to The Taylor Youth Foundation.
Thank you.
So, please,
enjoy the hot chocolate.
Come say hi and, um...
let's change some lives,
shall we?
Thank you.
That was amazing!
You did so great.
You did.
Well, I tried
this new thing.
It's called "screaming
on the inside."
Oh! I think
I've heard of it.
[both chuckling]
After I talk
to some of these guests,
how about
that dinner?
Oh, I love this place!
It's time for the "These Boots
Two-Step Dance-Off"!
Oh, the two-step!
I've always wanted to try it
in a country bar.
Oh, no, no, no. I've made
a fool of myself enough today.
Oh, we are
just getting started.
You're gonna be good!
You're gonna be good.
Wow! You're
a regular Luke Bryan.
Um, well,
what can I say?
When you're
raised country,
it's kinda
in your bones.
That wasn't
so bad, right?
You are full
of surprises, New York.
Well, I took a line-dance
and two-step class
in college, but...
In my defense,
it was when
Hannah Montana's
"Hoedown Throwdown"
was all the rage.
All the rage?
All the rage.
another surprise.
I've had a lot of fun with you
this week.
to top it off,
neither one of us were harmed
in the making of
your adventure.
Well, the night
is still young.
You are a determined woman,
aren't you?
I'm sure you could've
convinced any guy,
and he would've helped you,
been just
as charmed.
You actually
find me charming?
I don't think
you see yourself clearly.
You're captivating.
Well... I also think
that the world
could use a little bit more
of Cole Taylor.
Actually, I need to talk to you
about something.
My, uh, my story
that I'm writing, um...
And the winner
of the "These Boots"
Dance-Off is...
the couple in the back.
Come on up here!
Claim the prize.
Oh, my gosh.
[crowd applauding]
You go. I'll be
right over there.
No, no, no. I'll be
right with you.
Steak dinners. Mm.
What do you
have to say?
I guess these boots
were made for dancing.
Thank you!
And you?
Uh, she took the words
right out of my mouth.
Women do tend
to do that,
don't they?
They do.
Well, you two
are a lovely couple.
Enjoy those steak dinners
on us.
-Uh, we're actually--
Thank you
for the ride.
Hey, you never finished
what you wanted
to tell me.
Do you want to go
into the restaurant
and get a hot chocolate?
They make it so good,
with these little
marshmallows on top.
It's amazing!
Well, you know my weakness
for marshmallows.
I do.
You're gonna love it.
-All right.
That's a yes.
I think this dance, uh...
whew, had been
a while.
I'll take
the Presidential Suite,
if that's the best
there is available?
What're you doing here?
Surprising my girl.
-Barton Kane.
Alex's boyfriend.
Good to meet you.
I'm, uh--
This is Cole Taylor.
He's my-
Right. The guy you're writing
the article about.
Article on me?
Cole, I can explain.
No. Um...
You know what?
It's getting late.
I should probably go.
Good to meet you.
I've heard
a lot about you.
All good things,
I trust?
He didn't know?
Of course not.
I'll be right back.
Cole. Cole, wait. Wait.
I had no idea that
Barton was coming here.
I am so sorry.
So, it's true?
Your article
is about me?
I was trying
to tell you tonight.
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
we've been together
every day this past week...
And you tried
to tell me now?
[sighing] I know it sounds bad,
but it's not what you think.
It didn't
start out this way.
My boss called me
and he suggested it,
and, of course, I didn't want
to write the article anymore,
but I had no choice.
Didn't you?
I helped you...
And you took
advantage of me.
It isn't like that.
I opened up
to you, Alex.
I know.
I'm sorry.
You have to understand,
that I never--
I think
I understand quite well.
You're not
the kind of person
I thought you were...
And that's a shame.
Goodbye, Alex.
[engine starts]
Are you okay?
Why are you here, Barton?
I thought
this is what you'd want.
Am I missing something?
It's just been
a really long day.
Thank you for coming,
but I'm really tired.
I just want to go to bed.
I'm sorry,
I-I didn't realize--
That's okay.
I know. I know.
Maybe it's for the best.
It means I get to have
you all to myself.
Come here.
[knocking at door]
Now, that is a hike!
[door creaks shut]
What are you
doing way out here?
I just wanted somewhere peaceful
to write.
Oh, it's peaceful, all right,
but it's like "silenceville".
It's creepy.
Come on. I have
a surprise for you.
I wanted to do something
that we've never done before.
You're never gonna guess.
No. No, not even close.
Bungee jumping?
I can't believe
you're not guessing this.
Is that
your idea of fun?
You know what?
Forget it.
It's better off
as a surprise.
Now go get ready.
We gotta go.
And so I told Simon,
in order
to cement the deal,
we need to look
at all angles,
and backwards.
He can be
so near-sighted sometimes.
Not seeing what's
right in front of him.
I think that's Cole.
You didn't expect
this, did you?
Sarah said
you hadn't done it.
I thought it was brilliant.
You talked to Sarah?
Yeah, it's a great idea.
Barton, what
are you doing?
I haven't been completely
honest on why I'm here.
I wanted to do it this weekend
at the Berkshires,
but no matter what I said,
I couldn't get you
to join me there.
Alex... will you marry me?
Barton, that is so--
Sweet? I know.
Why do you want
to marry me?
Because I thought
that's what you wanted, too.
To take the next step
in our lives.
Look. I really
care about you...
and I appreciate
you coming up here
and spending the time,
but my travels
aren't over yet.
I actually think
that they're just beginning.
I don't want to marry you
for the wrong reasons,
and I don't think
that you should either.
You deserve someone
who loves you
and shares the same joys
and passions as you.
I really don't think
that person is me.
I just think that we're going
down two separate paths.
Maybe you're right.
[Sarah]: So, when we get
up there, you guys,
I want us to all--
Just a second.
Cole, hey.
-You okay?
Yeah, fine.
You saw
Barton and Alex?
How could I miss it?
I'm sorry.
Barton asked me
to book the sleigh
for the proposal, and--
Ah, it's not like I care.
It's okay if you do.
But she made her choice.
I guess, um, that's that.
Have fun.
[indistinct exchange]
Alex, hey...
Cole isn't here.
Do you know
when he'll be back?
I don't. Sorry.
Well, could you give
this to him for me?
Tell him it's
important, please?
She came by.
I told her to leave.
Thank you.
Why did I ask her
to leave again?
She's happy.
She made her choice.
She's not
who I thought she was.
Maybe... but you
could've at least
listened to what
she had to say.
It doesn't really
matter, does it?
She left you this.
You want me to open it?
Oh, my gosh.
Well, it's a check...
Alex made a donation
to the foundation.
...And a letter.
You know what?
Just read the letter.
Then you can decide
how you feel.
And for the record,
she didn't look happy.
Been here all week?
Great place, isn't it?
How was your time
here at Ridgeline?
It was everything I dreamed...
and feared.
Sounds like
an adventure.
It sure was.
...How can I leave
a buried treasure behind
In an ordinary world?
The days into years
draw nigh
It's where I'll live
until I die...
[phone rings]
There you are!
I read your article
and I loved it.
It doesn't matter.
There's no way
I can submit it now.
It's over.
But Alex--!
I gotta go, Kate.
I'll see you
at the office tomorrow, okay.
...I walk
to the end of the earth
In an ordinary world...
[siren wails in passing]
Baby, I don't have much...
The worry of this
is more than enough
Ordinary world
Kate? Have you
heard from Alex?
Um, not today, sir.
Well, I haven't seen
anything from her,
and the deadline is now.
Is she still planning to submit?
I believe she isn't.
Isn't that her article?
Well, yes, it is.
Well, why didn't
she send it to me?
I think if she wanted
you to see it,
she would have sent it
to you directly.
Well, what did you think?
I thought
it was amazing.
[groans] Oh...
Cole, I'm so sorry.
I respect you too much
to publish this
without your permission.
Love, Alex.
"We call it a "journey"
for a reason,
"because there will be
hills and valleys.
"You may be asked
to scale dangerous terrain
"both physically
and internally,
"facing parts of yourself
you didn't know existed,
or consciously
chose to ignore."
"You will be required
to believe in yourself
"and trust
that, no matter what,
"you won't let yourself down.
You become
your only liferaft..."
"...Unless you are lucky enough
"to have a coach
like Cole Taylor
"guiding you along the way.
He's more than just a coach,
he's an inspiration."
"For, when you take
a leap of faith
"to live
the life of your dreams,
"it is impossible
that you will fall.
"From my experience,
Cole has shown me
I've always known how to fly."
[phone rings]
You're coming to work, right?
Yeah, soon, why?
Don't hate me.
He is very bossy.
But I guess he is the boss.
Is that how
the word was created,
'cause they were bossy?
Kate? What did you do?
McHugh may
or may not have
read your article.
What? I told you
not to show anyone!
I know.
I-I failed my mission.
I'm sorry.
But I think it's best
that you get
down here now.
Okay, okay.
Alex, wow!
You look great.
You have a glow,
like you're glowing.
Alex Burns?
May I see you,
[sighing in dread]
I just wanted to say
that I know
what you read,
but I can assure you
that it was
just a working copy.
It's not nearly
near finished,
if that's
even a proper sentence,
and it is definitely not
representative of my best work.
-Is that so?
-Yes, sir.
That's very impressive then,
because I thought
it was one of the best articles
I've read in a long time.
It was?
Alex, it was poignant,
relatable, inspiring,
and funny.
Great job.
I-- [words catch]
I'm at a loss for words.
Good. Because
I have more.
You won, Alex.
Your story
will be on the cover
of next month's magazine.
[gasps] It will?
And I couldn't be prouder.
but... but it can't.
I am so sorry, sir,
but I don't have
Cole Taylor's permission
to tell his story,
and I assured him
that I wouldn't publish anything
without his okay.
That won't be necessary.
But it is necessary.
I-I have
a very strong moral compass,
and publishing anything
without his approval
would be wrong.
Alex, you've suddenly
become very opinionated.
And normally,
I would be offended,
but I like
this newfound gumption.
I received word
from Cole Taylor
about an hour ago.
He read your article
and he sent me this note
to say--
well, why don't you read it?
"This email confirms
my permission
"for Alex Burns use my name
and photographs
"in her article.
Sincerely, Cole Taylor."
[gasps quietly]
What's that?
[choking up]:
I have exhilaration.
Yes, I would say you do.
Congratulations, Alex.
You've won
a first-class ticket
to anywhere in the world,
and it would be
Around the World Travel's
honor and privilege
for you to join
our full-time writing staff,
if you're interested.
I am interested, yes!
Thank you so much, sir.
So, this one represents
the balance between worlds.
Welcome to Winter Walk.
You know, I think
you're supposed to get
the subject's permission
before selling these.
That one's my favorite.
Mine, too.
in one week, you have
literally changed my life.
You've pushed me outside
of my comfort zone
and helped me
to believe in myself,
in ways I never
thought possible.
I came here
to fulfill a dream...
but I never imagined this.
Now I can't imagine
any adventure without you.
I have one last excursion
If you're interested,
I'll be at the top
of the Ridgeline Bridge
at 3:00 p.m. today.
And here.
This is my prize
for winning the contest.
I want you to have it,
so you can keep
capturing the moments.
This is what you had in mind?
I thought I'd lost
my inspiration.
Nothing made sense.
Now I know why.
I just needed to meet you.
Here's a thought.
What if we turned
this first-class ticket
into two tickets
to Victoria Falls?
I could take pictures
and you can write.
We could
capture Africa's beauty
and visit the elephants...
Do I get to wear one of those
cute little safari hats?
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, you do.
We're doing this together.
are you ready
to take the leap
into the unknown?
With you?
Alex Burns...
I have fallen
in love with you.
I love you, too,
Cole Taylor.