Love on your Doorstep (2023) Movie Script

(Upbeat music)
(trolley bell clanging)
And in other news,
social media star,
Rae Adams is making
a splash again
with the premiere of her new
water-park based prank show.
I see what you did there.
And while this one
is sure to be a hit...
Dare we say, blow
the others out of the water?
We will share
all of the updates
on production as they come in.
Until next time,
here at Pop Social,
I am your host Allee.
And I'm Maisie.
(Both exhaling deeply)
Hey, great show today, Allee.
I was thinking maybe for tomorrow
we could try something different?
I don't know, switch it up.
If you have any ideas,
we could talk later.
(Distant phone ringing)
Michelle, hey.
Oh, Michelle.
Ah, good morning, Maisie.
Did you happen to catch
the show today?
I did.
Just the tail end of it.
Ah, so, I was reviewing
old shows last night
and I think we have
a real opportunity here
to take Pop Social
to the next level.
You know, do segments on more
than just pop culture.
Give our viewers something
that would really help
improve their lives
along with the daily updates.
I love how seriously you take
your role on this show, Maisie.
But as I've said before,
the format works.
People know that in 22 minutes
they can get their fast, fun,
pop culture fix.
- Right, right.
- Yeah.
Yes. Totally and I agree
with you 100 percent.
Oh, good.
Not that I would ever
question you.
I mean, I suggested something,
but it wasn't a question.
I was just wondering if you
would at least hear my pitch?
Have something
by the end of the day
and I'll hear
what you have to say.
Come by my office at 4:00.
Okay, okay.
(Upbeat music)
Hey, Babe.
Let me grab some of that.
So, I landed a meeting
with the Langfords.
- You did not!
- I did.
They're super interested
in advertising with us.
I'm meeting their team
for dinner tonight.
Oh, tonight?
I thought we had our belated
birthday, Valentine's day,
anniversary dinner tonight?
That's tonight?
Oh, shoot. I totally forgot.
I've been trying to land
this meeting for so long,
I was so excited
when they agreed,
it must have slipped my mind.
No. That's okay.
I understand. That's a big deal.
And we can push our already
belated celebration
a couple of days. Right?
I have to focus anyway.
Michelle's gonna hear my pitch
for the new prime time
show spot.
I'm glad she agreed.
When I heard the network
was adding a new show,
I pitched you to her right away.
What you lack in experience,
you make up with talent
and work ethic.
You deserve a real shot
at this, Mase.
Go get 'em.
Right back at you.
(Upbeat music)
He finally popped the question.
It was such a surprise.
I can't believe
it actually happened.
It's beautiful.
Dave and I are engaged.
Oh! When did he
pop the question?
Last night.
We haven't told anyone yet.
Except for you guys.
Oh. Congratulations, Allee.
Maybe you're next?
Uh, oh, boy.
Maisie, come on in.
(Chuckling nervously)
So, what have you got for me?
Well, uh, as you know...
The TNW Network
was founded with shows to both
entertain and educate.
I mean, obviously, you helped
create many of these shows.
We've evolved and grown a lot
in the last 15 years,
but I just feel we have
a real opportunity here
to get back to our roots.
In a way that's more authentic.
You know, less produced,
less polished.
In a way that is still
geared toward our social media
based viewers, but with a twist.
Um, I was thinking...
A cooking show.
Featuring celebrity talent,
making a home-made family meal
with me while being interviewed.
Or... a tutorial show.
People doing make-up
with their eyes closed.
We tried that a few years ago.
Just wasn't strong enough.
Or... a show that features the
world's most extraordinary...
Pets. Right?
I mean, the world's really
our... oyster with that one.
Flower delivery.
What are these for?
To say congratulations.
- Yes, congratulations.
- For...
Wait, Michelle, really?
Uh, really.
These are to say
- Hence the sign.
- Oh, my, God, I...
I totally thought I was bombing.
Thank you. Thank you, thank you.
I will not let you down.
I know that Nate spoke with you
and I'm just so excited
for this next chapter, I...
Wow! These are gorgeous.
Uh, congratulations
to Allee on her engagement.
I didn't get the spec pilot?
Not yet.
You can just set those
on the table there, thank you.
But wait, Allee just told us
about her engagement like,
an hour ago, tops.
So, that means the flowers
would have to be done today.
That's our business model.
Same-day deliver, sometimes
in the same hour.
The app's called Bloom.
That's kind of impressive.
We know.
So then how come I've never
heard of you guys?
Well, we're just getting
off the ground, so.
- Ah, you're new.
- Not, new, new, no.
But new.
Okay, yeah, sure. Kind of new.
- And you're local?
- We are local, yes.
You ask a lot of questions.
Well, I'm a journalist.
Mm-hmm, right.
Okay, well, the receipt's
in the e-mail.
You have a good day.
I have an idea for your spec.
Sir, excuse me.
Florist, fellow?
Did you just say "yoo-hoo"?
Sure did.
Looks like it worked.
Hi, I'm Maisie.
Hi, Maisie.
So, um,
this flower delivery thing.
- Bloom, the app.
- Yes, that.
How would you feel
if The TNW Network featured it
as the subject for
a new potential pilot?
Absolutely not.
Wait, what?
Look, we're not interested,
but thanks.
Hear me out.
Ma'am, can you please
move your hand?
I am way too young
to be a ma'am.
It's not the point.
The point is...
I would love
if you'd reconsider.
Okay. Fine.
Consider it reconsidered.
- Really?!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, I mean,
the answer is still no,
but you... have a good day.
(Engine starting)
You really thought
the flowers were for you?
I mean, looking back
on it now, Jess.
Oh, I would have loved
to see Michelle's face.
I wish I could forget it.
So, now, I have to try to go
convince Mr. Grumpy
flower app guy to let me
put him in my pilot.
But the more research I do
on them, the more I realize
this actually could be
really cool.
His family owns
this local floral shop
and they host a competition
for florists every year.
Apparently, it's a big deal.
That's original.
But how are you going to get
Mr. Grumpy flower app guy to say yes?
Well, with the budget
Michelle gave me,
I think I can do something
really cool.
If I don't use the allotted
money for lighting or wardrobe
and I handle it myself,
I should have enough
to possibly buy out
his shop for a week
and let him gift the flowers
for free in exchange
for letting me do the show.
That's genius.
Let's hope he thinks so,
but... Speaking of genius,
how's your new line
coming along?
Honestly, it's almost done.
I just haven't found the right
moment to debut it.
You'll know.
Your wedding gowns
are always absolutely
show stopping.
I know this new line
will be nothing less.
- Ah.
- Thank you for the latte.
Thank you for midday
You are my favourite
little sister.
I'm your only little sister.
Still, my favourite.
Just like Heather is
my favourite big sister.
(Upbeat music)
Anyone here?
(Chuckling nervously)
(exhaling deeply)
What are you doing here?
I came to talk.
You followed me?
Well, kind of but...
Look, you already know
my position.
I know. But I think
you would reconsider
if you heard what I had to say.
(Birds chirping)
I am up for a promotion
at The TNW Network.
A chance for me
to get my own show.
Wait, the show that you
thought you already got?
Maybe. Anyway, the only idea
that my boss liked
was a pilot on your business.
And I'm doing some research,
on you guys, your shop
and the competition,
I think there's a way
that I could make this
beneficial for you as well.
I have a bit of a budget
and I could use some of it
to buy out all your flower
deliveries for a week.
- You'd do that?
- Orders that come in during
the shoot would be free
for customers,
in exchange for letting me
film the actual delivery.
- Okay.
- Okay?!
Yeah, I mean no.
I'm not agreeing to it,
but I am willing
to hear your pitch.
When I'm not swamped with work.
Come by The Grind
tomorrow at 1:30.
- Perfect! I will see you then.
- Wait! Don't...
Step on those.
- I am so sorry.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
(Mellow music)
- Well, that sounds brilliant.
- It's going to be.
Oh, how did Heather's
tenure meeting go?
She made it past
the first round.
Ooh, and our niece's
spelling bee?
Oh, she sent me a picture.
Isn't Lily amazing?
Oh, my gosh, she's perfect.
Our sister is raising
a perfect human.
I know.
Oh, did you hear anything back
about your new line?
I did. After the Wedding Bliss
magazine article came out,
I sent out a few designs to potential
investors and one just got back to me.
Yeah, this media mogul
wants to get into fashion,
but hasn't found an avenue
that fits her sustainable brand.
- Until yours.
- Until mine.
How's Nate? We haven't
seen him in a while.
He's good. He's um...
Swamped with work.
But you know, good swamped.
"Everything he's ever wanted"
kind of swamped.
You guys have been together
for a while now. Any plans?
Yeah. I mean, yeah.
Lots of plans.
Career plans, which is,
you know, good.
Yeah, yeah.
It's good, it's great.
- Mm. What was that?
- What was what?
That reaction?
Oh, nothing. Just...
We're not there yet.
But um, anyway,
back to your investor.
(Upbeat music)
(keyboard clacking)
Oh, hey.
I have a little
congratulations on getting
the spec off the ground
surprise for you.
You do?
Lunch. At your favourite spot.
(Light music)
Wow, that's so cool.
Yeah, they were
a huge client to land
and Zach is talking
about the big P word.
Oh, my gosh, Nate.
I know, it's everything I've
worked for for the last decade.
Head of marketing
for a major network.
Next step in the master plan
of me opening my own
marketing agency one day.
It would be huge.
You deserve it.
Speaking of deserving,
how's the pilot spec?
Ah, it's good.
Could be better.
Anything I could help with?
I'm giving the Kunals,
the family behind the florist,
the app and the competition,
my pitch today.
They hold this big floral design
competition every year,
and from what I read online,
it's got quite a following.
I wonder if there is a way
we can partner with them.
Like sponsor the event
or something?
(Phone chimes)
Use it as an out of house
marketing experience.
We approve marketing funds
for Allee's big pilot,
so it's only fair that
we do it for yours too.
Nick, that's brilliant.
Anything to help you
achieve your goals.
Thanks for always
believing in me.
(Phone vibrating)
Okay, you're good.
Zach says, as long as they agree
to televise the event
on our network exclusively,
then we can sponsor the event.
You're the best.
You make it easy.
(Upbeat music)
(serene music)
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Okay. So...
I think there's something
really great here.
What we can do is
showcase your app
leading up to the competition.
So, it will be almost like
a day in the life,
but in a way that shows how your business
makes people's lives more convenient.
And the network is willing
to double the prize fund
in exchange for letting us
televise the competition
and do some light advertising.
You want to double
our prize fund?
And buy out the shop
for the week?
And promote it
on our social media.
Which would not only feature you
and your family,
but the florists
in the competition.
It would give them
good exposure.
Okay, I'll admit this wasn't
what I was expecting.
However, if I do agree,
I have some stipulations.
Which are?
I get final approval
of the footage being used
and I don't go on camera.
Okay, well...
(Chuckling nervously)
The delivery situation is kind of the
whole point of the show, so I just...
Then it's no.
(Exhaling deeply)
- Okay.
- Okay?
If you don't want to go on
camera, we can work around that.
And you're not just saying
that so I agree to do the show.
Okay, what about this?
We compromise.
I'll shoot it all, but we'll have
an open line of communication.
If something feels, whatever
you're worried about it feeling,
we'll chat through it together.
I will run everything by you.
- Everything?
- Everything.
Still sensing some hesitation.
How about a trial run?
We'll see how we work together
before committing to anything.
That sounds...
Possible is all
I'm looking for.
(Upbeat music)
Hey, Dad.
This is Maisie from The TNW.
Nice to meet you.
You as well. I'm Jasper.
Which Wren just said, sorry. Hi.
Hi, welcome.
Can we give you a tour?
- That would be great.
- All right.
(Cellphone buzzing)
What's up?
The Botanical Society.
- Oh, you finally got through?
- No, no dice, again.
Sorry, who are you trying
to get a hold of?
The Botanical Society.
It's the most prestigious
in the flower-growing world.
We've been trying to get
our competition sanctioned
by them for years.
We submit applications and...
Well, we were supposed to hear
something back today.
Nothing, again.
Oh, could you excuse us
for a second, Maisie?
We got a customer.
Of course.
Botanical Society.
How can we help you today?
(Playful music)
Sandy James?
Okay, follow me.
This is where we build
all our floral creations.
A lot of our gardens
are out back here.
Which you saw and trampled.
Right. Sorry about that.
We're gonna stage
our competition over here.
Basically, we grow everything
in various spots,
all around the property.
It's gorgeous.
How long have you guys
been here?
About 20 years.
I founded this place
with my late wife.
It was always her dream
to run a flower shop.
Wren came back a few years ago
to help out
and he's taken over
all the logistics,
deliveries, online orders.
And everything for Bloom.
Wow. Sounds like you guys need
to hire some more hands.
Has he told you anything
about Bloom?
Not as much as I'd like.
Please fill me in.
Oh, it's a genius idea. Bloom
partners with local florists
who have the bandwidth
to do same-day orders.
So, it's still
on the smaller side but...
And we'd like to keep it that
way. You know, family focused.
Would you ever
take it national?
Not now, no.
Why not? I mean,
it's such a great idea.
Apps like this, they spread
like wildfire.
I bet you could get
all kinds of investors
for something like this.
That's exactly
what I was telling him.
Okay, that's enough.
Dad, thank you for the tour.
Thanks again
for the tour, Mr. Kunal.
Your place is gorgeous.
And I love that you're so behind
the idea of expanding.
I mean, I think so too
and you're really
onto something here,
this idea is so...
Maisie, a word.
I should go check
on these clients.
What was that?
- What was what?
- That whole spiral situation?
I didn't... I don't spiral.
I don't spiral on purpose.
It just kinda happens sometimes
when I really care
about something.
Classic people-pleaser move.
You know what?
I think this is a mistake.
'Cause I wanted your dad
to like me?
That's my point exactly.
I can't have the publicity
of our business
being in the hands of some
people-pleasing ladder climber.
Look, we said trial run, right?
Okay, I saw you're willing to do
whatever it takes to get ahead.
That's not something
that works for me, sorry.
(Cellphone vibrating, chiming)
What if I told you that
I was able to get in contact
with Sandy James and she agreed
to come to the competition?
Then I would say, "Sure,
you can do your pilot here."
Well, I'm glad to hear it
because she already responded
to my e-mail
and said that the Botanical
Society is open to reviewing
the competition and they can't
wait to see you guys in action.
- Um...
- Great.
So, I will be back
tomorrow with my crew.
By crew, I mean
my field producer, Leah,
and we'll get started.
Have a good day, guys.
(Gentle music)
She's fantastic.
(Birds chirping)
(car door closing)
- Hey, Leah.
- Hi.
- Here is your shot list.
- Thanks.
- Need a hand with the gear?
- No, I'm good.
Great, see you inside.
- Hi.
- Can I help you with that?
- No, thanks.
- Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah.
I do this all the time.
Ah, you must be Maisie's
camera person.
Yeah. And her field producer.
I'm kind of a Jill
of all trades.
And you are?
I'm Jasper Kunal,
this is my shop.
Are you sure
you don't need a hand?
I'm sure. But you know,
I will let you get the door.
Yeah, so I think,
if we start here...
And then we just pan this way
and we come up this way a bit,
this way, to here.
Yeah, should be good. Thoughts?
That sounds great.
I'll just get started
on the establishing shots.
Can I give you a hand?
Not with your gear,
but as a location scout?
I'd love to show you around.
Sure, that'd be great.
- Let's put your gear over here.
- Okay, Ms. Director.
We have a delivery to prep for.
It's for a pregnancy announcement
in less than an hour.
Easy enough.
Oh, is it now?
(Upbeat music)
Okay. Go ahead.
You want me to...
Well, yeah. If it's so easy,
be my guest.
Right, yeah.
Okay. Um...
Well, you'd start with
some of this, right?
Couple of these in here.
And some of these.
Let's see.
And, voila!
That's pretty good
for my first go-round.
Uh, yeah. Okay, um,
mind if I jump in?
Well, if you have to, but not
because my creation isn't flawless.
Ah, all right. For this one,
we're gonna use pink
and blue flowers.
Ah, for boy or girl.
Happy birthday,
wedding, engaged...
Oh, baby.
Got a lot of options there.
Yeah, well, people have a lot
of things to celebrate.
And we want to be ready
for them all.
You know, you don't look
like a florist.
And what does
a florist look like?
But no, it definitely wasn't
my first career choice.
Hmm. What was?
I studied business
at Warrington.
- Oh, that's Ivy League.
- Yeah, um...
After graduation,
I went to Silicon Valley
to work in tech, but... I don't
know, it just never felt right.
In what way?
Well, I loved developing,
but I didn't love the culture.
That whole Tech Bro lifestyle.
Just wasn't the right fit.
That's pretty.
Yeah, the person gifting
the flowers asked for it.
Apparently, they have
a hunch that it's a girl.
So, we're gonna feature a bright
bunch of pink flowers upfront.
So, how did you come up
with the idea for Bloom?
It was actually inspired
by my mom.
When she knew it was
a special occasion,
a time-sensitive one,
she would go out of her way
to have that arrangement
ready that day.
Even though it wasn't a service
that we advertised.
- That's really cool.
- Yeah.
You know, this information
would be great for the show.
Let me get my camera.
Ah, no.
No on-camera interviews,
All right, you hang out here
and I'll be right back.
Oh, are you going
to do the delivery?
- Well, yeah.
- Then Leah and I are coming.
- How about the next one?
- Wren. This was our deal.
Okay, fine, but just you.
All right?
I don't want this moment to be ruined
by something that is superfluous.
- Okay.
- All right.
Also, you need to wear this.
So we look like a team.
(Soft music)
- Willow Smith?
- Yes.
- These are for you.
- Thank you.
And don't mind the camera,
it's just for promotional use.
soon-to-be Mom.
You're gonna make the best mom
in the world
and we can't wait to meet
the newest Smith family member.
And maybe spoil her
just a little bit.
Your mother-in-law reached out
to us this morning.
Ah, that's so sweet.
So thoughtful and so quick.
"Her". I like how she snuck
that in there.
She's been convinced
we were going to have a girl
the moment we got married.
Well, she seemed pretty sure
on the phone.
She guessed all four
of our nieces
and nephews correctly, so...
We need to call her
to say thank you.
Who gets same-day flowers?
These must have cost
an arm and a leg.
Not with Bloom,
we have affordable,
same-day delivery for all
your special moments.
And again, congratulations.
We've been waiting a long time
for this moment, and this,
it just makes it feel real.
What do you think,
boy or girl?
A girl.
I mean, a boy would be great,
but we've always wanted a girl.
Thank you guys again.
This made my day.
I should call my husband.
Of course.
You know, I should make a note
to follow-up with them,
see if her mother-in-law
was right.
Are they all like that?
Yeah, pretty much.
Wow, that's really
special, Wren.
I know.
You know, you really
have something here.
Something that could go
national very easily.
International even.
I don't know about that one.
What, why not?
This could be huge.
Look, I like that right now
we're family-owned and operated.
That's enough for me.
So wait, you want to get
the competition sanctioned
by a national organization,
but you're scared to do
the same for your business?
Okay, think of it like this.
When a college gets accredited,
they're given the credentials
they need to enhance
that one institution.
Not open up a million campuses.
That's what being sanctioned
by the TBS is,
it's getting accredited.
Okay, but with scaling Bloom,
what are you scared of?
- I'm not scared.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm serious, I'm not scared.
It's just...
It's not the right time.
Is there ever a right time?
Yes, in business.
- Well, then how will you know?
- You just do.
See, I hate that answer.
Okay, it's a gut thing.
Okay, you have to trust
that when it's right,
you'll know.
And right now, my gut says,
I don't know, it's too soon.
Okay, so this pilot,
it seems likes a big deal.
Only the single,
biggest deal of my career ever.
And my career is my life.
So, yeah, kind of a bit.
Your career is your life.
Well, it's good to know you're
keeping things in perspective.
Yeah, it's not really
one of my strong suits.
You don't say.
No, this opportunity just
feels... really important.
- How so?
- I feel like,
it doesn't matter
how hard I work,
I'm always two steps behind.
And this show, getting
to do this pilot,
feels like a chance to catch up.
Yeah. You know when I was
working in Silicon Valley,
I felt the same way.
Like I was always
two steps behind.
Work was my life
and I was just going so fast
in this one direction, everything
else was just falling by the wayside.
You know what?
Didn't make me happy.
So, I decided to try
and find balance.
I changed my life.
But if I slow down now,
then the opportunities
will pass me by.
The right ones won't.
(Cellphone chiming)
Ah, gotta run.
I have a dinner thing.
We have our makeup birthday,
valentine's day,
anniversary day
with my boyfriend.
We don't get a lot of time
outside of work, so,
this dinner's a really big deal.
But um, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah, tomorrow.
- Okay.
(Soft music)
(keyboard clacking)
Oh. Michelle, hi.
Quick question.
If Allee gets picked
for the show,
then what happens
to the Daily Social?
Oh, well,
that's not decided yet.
- Could the show be cut?
- Again, not decided yet.
Just keep up the good work.
We've both got a lot
riding on this.
- For you.
- Oh, thank you.
You know, I think last night
was our first date
outside the office in like,
eight months.
I was talking to John
about that the other day.
How he and Ashley go out
to dinner every week.
Who has time for that?
Not me.
And I know not you.
Thank goodness,
this... is so easy.
Is that bad, though?
That we're so work obsessed?
Nah, I think it just means
we're gonna go very far in life.
Plus, I couldn't be with someone
who wasn't on my same page
with ambition.
That's one of the things
I like most about you.
(Phone vibrating, chiming)
Oh, gotta run. See ya, babe.
(Gentle music)
(birds chirping)
Hey. Want to give me a hand?
These are for you.
So you don't mess up
that manicure.
Oh, you men this at-home
DIY hack job?
I think they look nice.
All right, so today is food day,
as I like to call it.
The day that we fertilize
the garden.
Basically, each type of flower
needs its own kind of fertilizer
and its own specific amount.
Too much and the flowers
get overwhelmed. Too little, well,
they won't get what they need.
They're a little high
maintenance, aren't they?
Well, the best things in life
usually require some work.
Some care.
All right, this is for those
flowers over there.
What you want to do is water
in a circle around the stock,
for a count of three.
One, two, three.
So has this always been
your thing? Gardening?
Not at all. Growing up,
I hated working in the garden.
I was a bit of an unruly kid.
What?! You? No.
My mom knew that the time
a garden takes
and that working with my hands
would be good for me.
She was right. This place,
this co-op, it was her dream.
That's why I'm working
so hard to protect it.
I absolutely understand.
I want to create a show
that... uplifts people.
Gives them hope that there's
still good in the world.
(Gentle music)
Have you been at TNW long?
A little over a year.
Before that, I was an assistant
at a smaller network.
And my boss at the time, Rose,
was a friend of Michelle's.
So, she referred me
for the job at TNW.
And my career has grown leaps
and bounds since I started.
I think in part because
of my boyfriend, Nate.
He really pushes me,
in a good way.
Why do I feel like there's
more to that story?
I've always loved
connecting with people.
Telling real stories
that have heart.
It's not that TNW doesn't do
that, it's just different.
Both of my parents
were journalists too
and they did a really good job
of balancing the story and
people that the story's about.
And I want to do the same.
Where are your parents now?
Retired in Florida living
their best life.
You know, what I think I want
out of my career,
well, in life really, is
to create entertaining content
that makes people feel good,
while also educating them.
(Cellphone beeping)
Oh, another order.
Looks like we need
lavender for this one.
Shall we?
Ah, that was my mom's.
She made it to show clients
different flower options
and to inspire them
to do more to bouquets
than just letting them
wilt in the vase.
Each Bloom delivery
comes with its own card
to give you an idea of
what to do with the flowers.
- Like what?
- Pressing them in glass,
drying them out, using them
as decorations on gifts.
Basically, something
to give you the idea
that where you start doesn't
have to be where you finish.
I love that.
Ah, these are my favourite.
Those were her favourite.
(Tender music)
Great minds...
Have the same floral taste.
(indistinct chatter)
- Sarah Marks?
- Yes.
- These are for you.
- Um.
Read the card.
Congratulations on closing on
your first house, you homeowner.
(All laughing)
Your friends let us know
that it was your dream
to have a lavender bush
in your yard,
so we included some seeds
to get you started.
- Oh.
- There's an info card
on the back with some
but feel free to reach out
if you have any questions
or you need help
with growing tips.
This is so cool.
Thank you.
Oh, can I grab a few
statements from you guys
on why you chose Bloom
to celebrate your friend?
(Uplifting music)
Leah said she got all
the establishing shots
and your dad was really helpful.
She sent me some of them
and they look great.
I can forward them to you.
Well, great.
I'm looking forward
to seeing them.
I'm really happy with how
this is all coming together.
(Cellphone vibrating)
Oh, sorry.
Oh, yeah, of course,
I'll head there now.
Is everything okay?
I need to check on my niece,
she fell at school.
Okay, well, I can drive you.
Thank you.
(Soft music)
Andrew said I couldn't do it
because I'm a girl.
Well, that's ridiculous.
So, I proved him wrong and
then I jumped off.
Were you scared?
Well, you showed him,
didn't you?
Guys, sorry.
Are you all right, sweetie?
Wren, this is my eldest
sister, Heather.
It's nice to meet you.
He was with me
when you called.
Offered to get us ice cream.
Right, Lil?
- That was very nice of him.
- It's my pleasure.
Turns out he and Lil have
the same favourite flavour.
Cookies and cream for life!
Mr. Wren, next time,
I'll show you how
to jump off the swing.
Sounds scary, but it's not.
I'm looking forward to it.
Alright, come on, kiddo.
(Gentle music)
- Bye.
- Bye.
She's incredible.
I'm not exaggerating
when I say she's literally
my favourite person
on the planet.
(cellphone buzzing)
What's up?
Every year at the competition,
we do this theme-based
- Oh, what's this year's?
- Well, that's the problem.
I have no idea.
With Bloom and
the same-day orders,
I just haven't had the time
to come up with anything.
And with the Botanical Society
coming, I'm just...
Feeling a little stressed?
A bit, yeah.
Well, what have you guys
done in the past?
Well, we had a local baker
come in
and make a literal donut tree.
With donuts and flowers.
- Okay, that's epic.
- Yeah, it was a huge hit.
And then the year before that,
we did a flag of San Francisco
made entirely out of flowers.
You guys have done
some cool stuff.
Yeah, we have. But the pressure
to one up your creativity can be...
- Intense?
- Yeah.
But what if I helped you?
It's the least I can do for you
helping me with Lily today.
Hold on.
Hey. What are you doing
right now?
(Intriguing music)
(bells chiming)
- Whoa.
- Told ya.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Jessica.
This is, Wren.
Wren, this is Jessica.
Thank you so much
for fitting us in.
Oh, my gosh, of course.
A creative in need
is my calling. Come on.
So, what is all this?
I call it my
"get out of a funk" zone.
Basically, when I'm stuck,
I like to surround myself
with as many snippets
of life as I can
to see what I gravitate towards.
What sparks creativity.
What does this make you
think of?
Psychology class.
What about this?
A social media filter?
What about these?
Fabric samples.
Right, but what do they
make you think of?
Free association.
Buying a new couch.
Okay. And when was the last
time you did that?
I really don't see
the point of this.
The point is for you
to get out of your own way.
Let your mind wander.
Let go of control
so that you can get
into the flow.
Okay, uh, buying a new couch.
I guess it reminds me
of a few years ago.
The feeling of... change.
A fresh start.
New beginnings.
Great, keep going.
(Soft music)
Tell me more about these.
These are from
my new upcycled collection.
Basically, I'm taking
old dresses that need some love
and revamping them.
Whether it's creating a new one
with the bodice of this one
and the train of that one
or just repurposing the fabric
and using it
in a totally new way.
So like, something old,
something new.
And sometimes, something
borrowed, something new too.
That's sort of genius.
But I guess all the Liston
sisters are.
So, has anyone seen
these pieces yet?
Uh, no. I haven't found the right
moment to debut them to the world.
What if you showed them
at the competition?
Hey, that could be cool.
And since this year's
competition is televised,
we can have a message
for upcycling.
- And sustainability.
- Exactly!
That's one of the missions I've
been trying to do for Bloom.
To encourage people to do more
with their flowers
than just let them wilt
in a vase.
To upcycle them, you could say.
I'd love to work
together on that message.
But it's a flower competition.
Okay, so we make arrangements
based on the spirit
of your designs,
adding them to pieces
to create living pieces of art.
I think that's a great idea.
And this could be good
for you publicly.
I mean, it might impress
your potential investor.
- Is she local?
- Mm-hmm.
Invite her to the competition.
Show her your pieces in action.
That is...
Wow, an incredible idea.
Are you sure?
I mean, it's the least
we can do.
You partnering with us,
showing your pieces.
You'd be doing us a huge favour.
Let's do it!
Let's do it.
But I need your help.
(Upbeat music)
It'll come in handy having
a wedding dress designer
as a sister
when you get married.
Okay. What was that?
Oh, nothing. We're just uh...
Nate and I have been together
since I started at TNW,
and we're starting
to get the whole,
"when are you gonna take
the next step" question.
And that's bad, why?
Oh, no. It's not bad.
We have a great
working relationship.
We support each other's careers
really well.
And we've grown leaps and bounds
since we started
working together.
Okay. Well, what if
one of you changes jobs
or your careers go
in a different direction?
A relationship can't be based
on the common grounds
of employment, right?
(Soft music)
Okay, so he is pretty great.
- Who?
- Wren.
Oh. Yeah. He's uh...
Not terrible to work with.
It's more than that
because half the things
you were talking about
weren't work.
Sorry, I might have overheard
part of your conversation.
Yeah, he's nothing
like what I expected.
He's funny and kind.
And... he cares so much about
helping other people.
I think that this pilot
is gonna be a really good thing
for him and his business.
I just wish he would let me
interview him on camera.
Has he told you
why he won't do it?
No. He just keeps saying no.
Whose turn is it
to pick the movie?
- It is mine.
- Oh.
(Birds chirping)
What's that one for?
This is for a promotion,
so we use flowers
to symbolize a fresh start.
So, how do you know
what flower means what?
Have you heard of the book,
"Le Langage Des Fleurs"
by Charlotte de La Tour?
That would be a negative.
(Both laughing)
Well, it's a book that was
published in 1819,
that breaks down how people
in the Victorian Era
used flowers to send
secret messages.
And what each flower
means and why.
So, what does this one mean?
Purple Hyacinthe, that means,
"I'm sorry."
Friendship and joy.
Other interpretations, jealousy.
Ooh, that's layered.
"You're adorable."
White Camellias,
that's what they mean.
They mean to tell someone
that you think they're adorable.
So do you always use thematically
correct flowers for your arrangements?
Pretty much, yeah. It's a way of
bridging the past and the present.
Tell a full story.
I read your brief.
You need hands-on footage,
so, here's your chance.
You are gonna create this.
Don't worry, I'll coach you
through it.
- On camera?
- Come here.
Are you sure? The footage
will be so much stronger
if you were in it with me.
You're gonna do a great job.
And... rolling.
Where do I start?
Okay, the key to building
a great arrangement
is the blend of textures,
colours and heights.
So for this one, since your vase
has a wider brim,
you're able to play a bit.
Your base is gonna give you
the structure and support
and allow for your stems
to stay in place.
All right, move on
to your greenery.
- Okay.
- Placing them evenly around.
After that, you're gonna move
onto your statement flowers.
The rule of three applies here.
So you're going to put
one in the centre.
And two on the sides
to balance it out.
That's it.
- Okay.
- Perfect.
- How's that lookin'?
- That's looking pretty good.
All right, now we can move
onto your accents.
And that's gonna fill in
the spaces and add some texture.
You sure you haven't
done this before?
I swear, it's my first time.
Now that you've done that,
you can move onto your filler.
Baby's Breath is a personal
favourite of mine.
Baby's Breath...
That, we'll stick here.
With a little bit of this.
- Did a pretty good job.
- But?
But we gotta work
on your spacing.
See how these two are
a little too close?
Just gotta adjust them
a little bit.
- So, more spread out?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Just like that.
(Soft music)
- Okay.
- Yeah, good to go?
- Yeah, let's go.
- Yeah, sure.
Excuse me. We're looking
for Abigail Green.
Oh, that's me. Uh...
This is just for promotional
use, but these are for you.
on your new job.
New job? What new job?
I can explain.
You're leaving?
I didn't know how to tell you.
I put in my notice with HR
this afternoon.
But not with me.
Can I see you in my office?
(Exhaling slowly)
That was...
Maybe we don't use
that footage.
- Yeah, I agree.
- We should go.
(Distant phone ringing)
He's doing a great job. He has
founded an app called Bloom.
And Bloom partners
with local florists.
(Man, on video): New job?
What new job?
(Abigail): I can explain.
(Boss): You're leaving?
(Abigail): I put in my notice
with HR this afternoon.
(Boss): But not with me.
Oooh, what's that?
- Oh, nothing.
- No, that... that's great.
No, this is not tonally
correct for my spec.
No, this is tonally
perfect for your spec.
It gives it an edge. A fun,
almost prank show angle.
That's not really
what I'm going for.
The product you create
has to make us both look good.
The stakes are high.
People will love the drama.
I told Wren
that I wouldn't use it.
Well, that's not his call to
make. He signed a contract,
network owns the footage.
Put that in your cut.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I thought we could have a
romantic 30 minute mid-work date.
I don't know about you, but I got
another all-nighter ahead of me.
Yeah, I think I do too.
How's... your mom?
She's good.
She's stoked about
my potential promotion.
Oh! I forgot to tell you,
Zach approved my pitch.
Now we're just waiting on
the rest of the team to say yes.
That's great.
So, your mom, um,
how's her bridge club?
They're good.
Last we spoke she was
proofreading my proposal.
She gave some really good notes.
She met a woman
whose son is an executive
at Harrison & Stone.
That firm in New York.
He wants to grab a coffee
when he's in town.
That's... really cool.
You okay?
Yeah, it's just...
You can talk to me, Mase.
I'm here for you.
(Cellphone chiming, vibrating)
Gotta run. Sales team needs me.
An interview with someone
who can give insight
to how the business
changed their lives.
Wren on camera.
Interview, interview, interview.
(Gentle music)
(Wren's voicemail): Hey, you've
reached Wren, leave me a message.
Hey, it's me.
Wondering what your thoughts
would be on me interviewing
one of the florists
you guys have partnered with.
Give me a call back.
(Upbeat music)
(Wren's voicemail): Hey, you've
reached Wren, leave me a message.
Hey. It's me again.
I just wanted to try you
one more time
before reaching out to Viola.
I'm running out of time,
so please call me back.
(Phone beeping)
Hi, I'm Maisie Liston from TNW
and I'm working with Wren Kunal
on a new spec pilot on Bloom.
I would love to interview you
if you'd be open to it?
Oh, you would? Great.
Yeah, sure,
tomorrow morning works.
(Upbeat music)
Take one, Viola,
in the flower shop.
- All right. Ready to go?
- Okay.
Okay, and we are rolling.
So, tell me a bit
about your business
and why you like working
with Bloom.
Oh, well,
I started my business
right after my kids left
for college.
Starting a flower shop was
something I always wanted to do.
I just never thought
it could be a business.
Until I became
a partner of Bloom.
They let me keep
a steady stream of clients
and that let's me live
my dreams, you know.
Gosh, I guess it was 1976...
(Upbeat music)
Oh! Hey.
Have you been
standing there long?
I just walked in.
What's going on?
Everything is going on.
I'm way behind setting up
for the competition.
- You need some help?
- Please.
Help would be greatly
(Uplifting music)
Yeah, this is gonna be great.
Oh! Leah, hey.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here?
I was in the neighbourhood.
So, I thought I'd stop by
and help out.
Yeah, I didn't realize
how badly we needed
a second set of hands
around here.
That is so nice of her.
I'm so glad that Leah...
Has hands.
(All laughing)
Let's get some more stuff.
Yeah, I think this is gonna
work out great.
It's gonna look really good.
- Yeah.
- Hey. You okay?
You look a little nervous.
The Botanical Society
is coming.
The Botanical Society.
I'm trying not to be stressed,
but then I'm...
- Stressing about your stress?
- Exactly.
- Uh. I hate that feeling.
- It's the worst.
Well, I have something that
could take your mind off of it.
An on-camera interview?
Why won't you do it, Wren?
You are so knowledgable,
you're so good with people
and you're passionate
about this.
Why don't you want
to share that?
Because I'm worried
that if I do the interview
I'll be associated with
the brand as a founder.
I don't want that.
I want the florists
who do the artistry
to be the shining stars. Okay?
I don't want this
to be about me.
I want it to be about Bloom.
But you sharing your story
could help people
who have great ideas have the
courage to pursue them like you did.
And that's why I'm willing to
put it out there, but without me.
- Wren, I just really...
- Maisie. No.
(Cellphone buzzing)
Hold on one sec.
Hey, Babe.
I'm just gonna go pick up
the marketing materials
for the Kunal's Competition
from the printer now.
Confirming we're still
good to meet you?
Yeah, we'll be ready for you.
(Nate): Great, see you then.
The marketing team will be
here soon to deck out the tent.
Well, we'd better
get started then.
(Playful music)
(pop music)
Is it just me or do those two
clearly have a crush
on each other?
They absolutely do.
I have never seen
Leah this happy.
I think it's been years
since my dad has been on a date.
Yeah. I don't think Leah's been
on one since I've known her.
Think we should do something
about that?
What do you have in mind?
You know, Leah's really great.
Oh yeah. Her enthusiasm
is infectious.
I think she really likes you.
Why do you say that?
I don't know. She laughs
at all you dad jokes.
Even the terrible ones.
She just happened to show up
early before Maisie,
to help you set up.
And she lights up
when you look at her.
I think you should
go for it, Dad.
Looks great.
Okay. I think we're
all done over there.
Yeah, I think we are too.
- You know what, Wren?
- What's that, Maisie?
I think that we need to do
something with this stuff over here.
Oh, yeah.
We absolutely should.
Dad, what's that thing you
wanted to ask Leah about, uh...
That wine and cheese tasting
at Ava's Winery?
Leah, you love
wine and cheese.
Yeah, I do love
wine and cheese.
Well, we're just gonna...
- Skedaddle?
- It sounded good in my head.
(gentle music)
Well, I'd say
that went pretty well.
Yeah. It did. And hey, if
the whole flower-delivery thing
doesn't work out, we could
open a matchmaking business.
- Matchmaking?
- Yeah. I mean,
we're basically pros now.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I got all the stuff in my car.
Great. Uh, Nate this is Wren.
- Nice to meet you, man.
- Likewise.
Mase, can I get a hand? I need
to get back to the office.
Oh, yeah. Of course.
Wow. This is a lot.
Nah, it's standard.
Nate, can I ask you something?
Of course.
Where do you see us
in five years?
Well, I see you taking over
the network.
Crushing being on camera
and maybe producing?
And I see me running
my own marketing agency.
I mean, us as people,
outside of work.
I don't know. I haven't
given it much thought.
I'm worried that our whole
relationship is work.
You know, that we don't have
a foundation
outside of our careers.
Is that a bad thing?
Not necessarily, just...
Just might not be what I want.
Nate, I think you are
incredible, I do.
You are so talented and driven.
You've been so supportive
of my aspirations.
I'm just not sure if I want
to build an empire.
I think I'm starting to realize
I need to explore who I am
outside of my career.
And I want more out of life
than just what work can offer
at this moment.
And I don't want
to hold you back.
'Cause, you're crushing it.
Seriously, I could not be
more proud of you.
While it makes me sad
because you are so incredible,
I totally understand.
My career comes first and I
can't compromise that right now.
Right! I would
never ask you to.
I know you wouldn't.
I want you to be happy.
And if having more balance
will give you that,
that's what I want for you.
Thanks, Nate.
Shall we get this stuff set up?
I just have to say, son,
subtlety is not
your strong suit.
- But did she say yes?
- She said yes.
(Both chuckling)
We're going out this weekend.
I'm so happy for you, Dad.
You know, I really
like Maisie.
She's hardworking, passionate
and she is an excellent
Yeah, we did it the other day
when you were on an delivery.
She asked me questions, she led
me to the perfect responses.
She really does care about
how our story is told, son.
All right, guys.
That's it for today.
But um, see you tomorrow.
Uh, Maisie.
I was wondering if you wanted
to grab a bite? Maybe uh...
Talk about
an on-camera interview?
(Upbeat jazz music)
(bell chiming)
Okay, don't judge
a book by its cover.
Oh, I would never.
I know the, pizza joint rule.
The pizza joint rule?
The more hole-in-the-wall
the place, the better the pizza.
That's a pretty good rule.
Shall we?
I gotta say, I am loving
the breakfast pizza.
Right? I mean
the egg just makes it.
It's so good.
Okay. If I were to do
this on-camera interview,
hypothetically, how would it go?
Well, I think we would
start with your past.
You know, your education,
your time in Silicon Valley.
Blend that with your mom,
her passion for flowers
and your dad, the gardener
artist at heart.
And how you're working
to blend all three.
Show that you don't have to be
a Tech Bro to disrupt
the tech space.
I'd say something like that.
That doesn't sound too bad.
It wouldn't be.
Fine, I'll do it.
I'll do the on-camera interview.
- Wait, really?
- Yeah.
(Both laughing)
(soft music)
Okay, Smiley McGee.
What's going on?
I'm not Smiley McGee.
You absolutely are.
It's nice to see you this happy.
I'm always happy.
You have been in burnt-out
hustle mode for like, a year.
But now, you're Smiley McGee.
You are ridiculous.
This doesn't have anything
to do with the Kunals
and the flower shop
situation, does it?
Heather told me all about
how he helped saved the day,
when Lily took her tumble
at school.
He was very nice
and very helpful.
I'm enjoying working with him.
And I feel like I'm creating a piece of
content that says something positive.
Feels really good.
Well, whatever's making you
this happy, sis, keep it up.
And, Nate and I might have
ended things tonight.
He's great. He's so great,
but I realized that I need
someone who's gonna support me.
Not just my career.
(Exhaling deeply)
Plot twist.
(Both chuckling)
But also, I'm kind of glad.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
we all love Nate, but I agree.
Whoever you end up with
should support the whole Maisie.
Not just career Maisie.
Oh. I was so close.
(upbeat music)
(indistinct chatter)
(clears throat)
And rolling.
Ah, this way.
Please tell me your name
and your job title.
I'm Wren, um...
Sorry, what was
the question again?
Oh, that's okay.
Just full name and job title.
I'm Wren Kunal and I'm...
I'm the founder of Bloom.
And I uh...
I help my dad run
his florist shop.
Can I take that back?
Yeah, of course. Yeah.
Hi, hello, hey. I'm Wren.
Uh, you can
just say your name.
Right, yeah.
Deep breath. Yeah, you got it.
Hi, I'm Wren Kunal
and I'm the founder of Bloom.
It's an app...
That delivers flowers.
Okay. All right, and cut.
How's it going?
Oh, hey. It's all right.
I think we might need
to take five.
We don't really have five.
We need to meet the team
at the tent to finish setting up
and get a pool from the network
execs before you film anything.
Oh. That's okay.
We can just redo it over there.
Oh, uh... It's okay,
we won't use any of that
footage, you're good.
(Phone vibrating)
- Hey, Viola.
- Hey, Wren.
I'm sorry I missed you
this morning.
Oh, but Maisie is fantastic.
I can't wait to see the pilot.
I uh...
How do you know Maisie?
Well, I filmed
the interview with her
the other day for the pilot.
Oh, she's lovely.
She came by the shop.
Anyway, I'm just calling
to let you know that
the three orders that you sent
me are out for delivery.
Uh, yeah, yeah. That's great.
Okay. Thanks, Viola. Chat soon.
- Uh, did you interview Viola?
- Yeah, why?
Well, you're supposed to talk
to me about it.
That was the deal.
Did you get my voicemails?
I left you multiple voicemails.
I didn't hear anything back.
I figured if it was a problem,
you would have said something.
This is me saying something.
- What's wrong?
- It's a trust thing.
You should have waited
for me to get back to you.
I didn't have time
for that, Wren.
You know what kind
of deadline I'm on.
Yeah, but I still
should have been there.
What are you worried about?
Controlling the narrative?
'Cause if so, you're good.
The interview was sweet.
And it gives a good layer
to the show.
I know how much
this all means to you.
I wouldn't do anything
to jeopardize that.
I promise.
Come on.
(Gentle music)
Hey, guys.
Wow. Look at all this.
Looks killer, right?
- It's uh...
- It's a lot.
Nah, this is standard.
I promise.
Hey, great interview
this morning.
From what I saw,
you got some really good stuff.
I'm gonna go see
if my dad needs a hand.
(Clears throat)
Oh, Wren.
Can you give me a hand
with the last of the banners?
- There's more?
- Just like six.
(Birds chirping)
(upbeat music)
Does all this TNW stuff
seem like a lot to you?
Ah, it's a little more of
a production than we're used to.
That's an understatement.
Well, it comes
with expanding, right?
More production, bigger prizes,
more exposure.
Yeah, I just... I don't want to
lose sight of why we started this.
Oh, son. Growth, even
if it's a little uncomfortable,
is a good thing.
(Indistinct chatter)
So, do you feel like giving
that interview a take two?
Yeah, yeah. Ah, sure.
All right,
we'll start with um...
- Name and job title?
- Yes. Exactly.
(Clearing throat)
Hi. I'm Wren Kunal.
I'm the founder of Bloom,
same-day flower delivery app
that wants to make your little
moments a bit more special.
(Upbeat music)
(pop music)
So, tell me more about
your time with your mom,
when you were gardening,
when you were little.
My mother, she was an
incredible floral artist.
She would go above and beyond to
get special orders done quickly.
Just to make peoples'
that much more special.
I decided that was a service
that I wanted to provide.
And whether it was
to congratulate you
or to tell someone
that you love them,
we have a local team
of artists that
want to do exactly just that.
And, cut.
Wren! That was fantastic!
- You think?
- Yes, it was perfect!
- So, are we good here?
- Yeah.
Oh, it's Sandy James
from the Botanical Society.
Oh, I just have to take that.
Sandy James, hi.
I'm Wren Kunal.
Thanks so much for coming.
(Soft music)
Thanks again for coming,
Mrs. James.
Okay, competitors. Listen up!
Thank you so much for today.
Your work has been incredible.
We're gonna pick
the winners tomorrow.
So, go home and get
a good night's sleep.
All right, thanks again.
Congratulations, son.
Today was amazing. Big success.
Sandy. Kinda hard
to get a read on.
I don't know if she liked
what she saw today.
Oh. I'm sure she's just
being professional.
Today was fantastic.
It's the best one we ever had.
Let's go grab a bite to eat
and celebrate. We deserve it.
(Soft music)
Oh, hey, uh. I was just
reviewing Allee's pilot.
It's fun. So much action, drama.
Right. Well, that's great.
I think the execs
are gonna love it.
Did you get a chance
to review mine?
I did.
Yours is just...
It's not in a great place.
It just doesn't fit tonally with
what the network is going for.
How about this?
Why don't you send me
all your raw footage?
I will go through it, I'll make
notes, send them off to the editor.
I know what you're going for
with this.
We just need
to jazz it up a bit.
Find the shots with sparkle.
I just...
I don't know, Michelle.
It doesn't all need to change.
Just strengthen it.
Tighten it up a bit.
You're really talented, Maisie.
I just want
the execs to see that.
And I can help you
get that pilot there.
Okay. Yeah.
I'll e-mail you the files now.
Good. I look forward
to reviewing them.
(Footsteps approaching)
Well, you look pretty.
Why do you look so pretty?
I don't look so pretty.
I look normal. Normal pretty.
This doesn't have anything to do
with a certain handsome florist guy?
The one with the muscles
and tattoo, does it?
- What? No.
- Uh-huh.
You have feelings for him.
I might have, like,
a little, tiny feeling.
I don't know. I don't know
how to explain it. I just...
He's unlike anyone
I've ever met.
I can tell.
In all the best ways.
Are you gonna tell him?
Once the pilot's done. Maybe.
Okay, yes. I will tell him.
Okay, good.
Or I will do it for you.
(Cellphone buzzing)
Oh, my investor's on her way.
We'd better get to
the competition tent.
Yeah, okay.
(Upbeat music)
All right, competitors,
you have two hours
to create your show-stopping,
bridal bouquets.
Okay, your pieces today will be
judged with those from yesterday
and the winner will be announced
at the cocktail party tonight.
Your time starts right now.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Yeah, we'll talk soon.
How did it go?
So good.
She wants to meet on Monday
to discuss us
partnering together.
Congratulations, Jess.
I knew it.
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh.
It's so gorgeous.
Thank you.
(Cellphone buzzing)
Okay, here we go.
Do we get this, the clacker,
is it a clacker board, right?
My cats...
Test, test, test,
one, two, three.
I think I need more lipstick.
Is this a real director's chair?
(Quirky music)
My cats...
- My son...
- Uh, I'm the founder of Bloom.
Bloom is an app.
- That delivers...
- Cats. My cats. My cats.
(Man): Can I see you
in my office?
What is this?
I have no idea.
You said you wouldn't
use that footage
and that Viola's interview
would make her look good.
I don't know what this is.
I can't deal with this right
now. I got a competition to run.
Hi, Maisie.
What is that social media
post, Michelle?
It was the network's idea.
Get people to vote on which show
they want to see
in the new line-up.
You told me that
you wouldn't use that footage.
Mm. I'm trying to help you
get your own show here, Maisie.
I don't want to make
that show.
No. I want to make a show
that I originally cut.
Okay, I am trying to do what's
best for both of us, Maisie.
I know for a fact they won't
green-light that show.
Please take down
the post, Michelle.
That is not what Bloom is about.
I'm sorry. I can't.
Then, I'll remove myself
from the running.
I'll take my show
out of the race.
That will make you take
the post down, right?
No. The network could just
give the show to someone else.
Michelle, please.
The execs like it.
I've got a lot on the line here,
Maisie. I'm sorry.
My hands are tied.
What's up?
Michelle posted
a clip to TNW's socials.
One that makes everyone
at Bloom look bad.
I didn't mean
for this to happen.
Can you take it down?
Michelle said no.
That the execs like it.
Wren has every right
to be upset. I would be too.
I can't keep compromising
who I am and what I want
for other people's happiness.
I need to find Wren.
I'm sorry, Wren.
But... But Mrs. James.
What was that about?
They don't want
to partner with us.
Oh, no.
It wasn't because of the post,
was it?
It was, Maisie.
- Wren.
- They said, they can't partner
with someone with
this kind of publicity.
That they're an esteemed
that has a reputation
to protect.
- I'm so sorry.
- I trusted you.
And not only did you go
against your word,
you cost me the thing that I've
been working for for years.
It's like you're willing
to do whatever it takes
to get ahead without thinking
about others or how it might...
How it might affect them.
I didn't mean for
any of this to happen, Wren.
I really didn't. I just...
There's nothing we can do
about that now, is there?
Wren. I just...
(Knocking on door)
Maisie, come on in.
I'm sorry to ask again, Michelle, but
can you please take that post down?
That footage is not an accurate
representation of Bloom or the Kunals.
I know that it's good for
sensationalism and hits, but...
I also know that you, Michelle,
want to create content that's
more than just clickbait.
You know, when I first started
working at TNW,
I came her for you.
The content you put out
was so good.
It was... funny, entertaining,
but still heartfelt.
I'm not sure at what point
you gave up on that vision,
but I need to make sure that
that doesn't happen for me.
And part of that is fighting
for what's right.
Which is taking down the post.
Please. Michelle...
I know you have a lot
riding on this
and I really appreciate you
taking a chance one me, but...
I care about these people.
I am really proud of you.
Maisie, I like this side of you.
You are passionate and
I still don't think the execs
are gonna sign off
on this version
of the pilot, but...
I don't think so either,
but maybe someone else would.
(Keyboard clacking)
(birds chirping)
(cellphone buzzing)
Wren, this is Sandy James,
from the Botanical Society.
Hi, Sandy.
What can I do for you?
Yes! Yes! Absolutely, yes!
Thank you, Sandy.
Don't thank me,
thank Maisie Liston.
Have a fantastic day.
(Soft music)
(cellphone buzzing)
The Kunal family runs
a local floral shop here
in the San Francisco area.
And what they're doing is
revolutionizing the way
people experience
flower deliveries.
Their groundbreaking
same-day app, Bloom,
allows you to place and receive
your flower order within an hour.
Never let a special
moment pass you by.
Stay tuned for a look inside
their business
and exclusive interviews
with the father-and-son team,
Jasper and Wren Kunal.
- I just, Wren...
- Maisie, look.
You go.
Purple Hyacinthe means
"I'm sorry". Right?
I'm sorry... for letting
that footage go up online.
For not standing up for what
I knew was right at first.
Maisie, you have
nothing to be sorry for.
- But the Botanical Society...
- They called.
We're officially
getting sanctioned.
- Wait! Really?!
- Yes, because of you.
Your pilot, they loved it.
Oh. I'm so glad.
TNW did it.
They wanted to make a show
that was very different
from the one I imagined.
So, I removed myself
from the running.
But Michelle agreed that there
was something there.
Wait. So you did get the show?
With TNW's permission,
Michelle pitched my show
to my old boss, Rose.
And she loved it.
She offered to buy the show
from TNW. My version.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I'm so excited about it.
And I would love for my first
feature to be on you and Bloom.
Viola asked if we could do
an in-studio interview
to promote her work.
But I wanted
to run it by you first.
I don't know what to say.
Well, you don't have
to decide right now.
Yes. I'd love to.
- Really?
- Yeah. On camera.
Do you know
what a sunflower means?
Maisie. I was so wrong
about you, about all of this.
Thanks to you, we're looking to
expand outside of San Francisco.
- Wren, really?
- Yes.
You helped me see
how selfish I was.
Keeping this all to myself,
I just...
You were right.
There's something
really special here.
I think we can make
a lot of people happy with it.
I know you will.
Look, I know you're
with Nate but...
Uh... We broke up.
He's great, but um,
our foundation
was nothing but work.
And I need more than that.
I want to find balance.
In all areas of my life.
- Balance, huh?
- Yeah.
Someone really amazing
helped me realize that.
Adoration, right?
Maisie Liston...
Can I kiss you?
Is there a flower for that?
I don't know. But we can
definitely make one up.
Your favourite.
(Epic music)