Love or Money (1990) Movie Script

One, two, three, four
Well, my temperature's
rising and my feet
hit the floor
Twenty people knocking
'cause they're wanting
some more
Let me in, baby,
I don't know what you've got
But you'd better
take it easy
'cause this place is hot
Well, I'm so glad we made it
So glad we made it
You got to gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin' every day
Well, I feel so good
everything is sounding hot
You better take it easy
'cause the place is on fire
Been a hard day
and I don't know what to do
Wait a minute, baby,
this could happen to you
Well, I'm so glad
you made it
So glad you made it
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin' every day
Love, love, yeah.
Every day...
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Great, man, you're early.
Listen, Reed,
in six months this
building is going to
be a big pile of dirt,
and you're going
to be left holding
the bag, pal.
Now if you know what's
good for you, buddy,
you'll listen to me.
Reed, you gotta get out.
We're gonna get you out.
Time waits for no...
No. No, no, no.
Mr. Reed, sir,
look upon this
as an opportunity
to keep a couple
of really good guys
out of debtor's prison.
We're able bodied,
willing to work
and we're going out
of business, you know.
Be a hero, sir.
It's... It's not really
charity, it's decency.
Simple human decency.
You want me to beg?
I'd go with the
second rap, man.
Reed & Reed.
Good morning.
Well, I'm sorry.
He's not in yet.
I've give you a
secretary. Hold on.
Christopher Murdoch.
I'll just check
with his office.
Go ahead.
Why don't you
have a seat?
Yes. Mr. Murdoch.
I wonder how old
this thing is?
Older than you,
Mr. Entrepreneur.
Oh, shit.
What a pleasant surprise.
Do you enjoy being
out on your own?
No question about it.
The company is much better.
I wonder, Murdoch.
How do your clients react
when you take
them to lunch
at McDonalds?
Look, I've had it
with you guys.
You steal my clients,
you jump on my deals,
you give kickbacks...
Murdoch, don't you see?
We're about to
financially crush you.
BASKIN: Cripple you.
And count on it,
destroy you.
Mr. Murdoch?
Mr. Reed is expecting
you. Go right in.
Thank you.
Stop that.
Hello, Mr. Reed.
I'm Christopher Murdoch.
Hello, Chris.
Good to meet you.
Come in and sit down.Thanks.
Hey, what the heck
were these things like
to play with anyway?
Metal strings,
wooden handles.
You stayed out
there too long,
your arm fell off.
Sort of like playing
with a frying pan, huh?
Sort of.
Tell me about
yourself, Chris.
Well, my partner and I
were with the number
one firm in the city.
When we left last year,
we were their top producers
and, now we're out on our own.
You certainly come
highly recommended.
Well, great,
I'm glad to hear that.
Hopefully you'll be
recommending us someday, too.
Now, Mr. Reed,
I understand that
you have to vacate
this building by
the end of the year.
Is that right?Yup.
And I'm not too happy
about signing a new
lease at today's rents.
Well, I can't blame you
and that is exactly
why we've come
with this proposal.
Now briefly, it's this.
Rather than
leaving everyone
here in Manhattan,
why not put your clerical
operations in the suburbs
where everything
is much cheaper.
Then you put your
executive tier
in a prestigious
building here
in Manhattan.
You save a lot of money,
and you're enhancing
corporate image.
Interesting concept.
Are you sure
you can handle
a deal this large?
Take a look at that.
That should answer
any questions you might have.
I'm anxious to
go over it with you
as soon as possible.
As you probably know,
a deal has to be
in place by Labor Day.
That's no problem at all.
Can I call you Monday?Monday is Memorial Day.
Most of the world
is taking a holiday.
Make it Tuesday.Tuesday, that's great.
Do you really
play or was that
just salesmanship?
No. I play, a little.
Ever play in
the Hamptons?
Yeah, as a matter of fact,
my partner and I have
a house out there.
Well, if you're not
busy this weekend,
we're having a few
people in for tennis.
Sort of a family tournament.
You'll find us
just a little bit
beyond the Harbor Club
in the Springs.
2:00, Saturday, hmm?
Bring your partner.
William, why are my people
still waiting outside?
Hello, Arthur.
Chris Murdoch.
Chris, Arthur Reed.
Chairman of the Board.
Chris' company could
be handling some of
our real estate needs.
He's come up with
some very interesting
ideas about our move.
How do you do, sir?
I told you to
ask Baskin and
Bradley about that.
I'm seeing them
next, Arthur.
Well, Chris, thanks.
See you Saturday.
At the house?
Next, you'll be
inviting the steno pool.
Don't you think
for one minute
that you have this
deal wrapped up.
We're going to
make our move on
a competitive basis.
It will be, Arthur.
Thank you for
your time, Chris.
William, I'm not
going to stand for you
making up your
mind without
interviewing a firm
that has an
Ladies and gentlemen,
the hardest working
man in show business.
We're saved.
We're saved? We're
personally liable
for the rent here.
Stop that.
we're gonna end up
working in his coffee
shop. I said, stop that.
You told me...
You told me
you read the lease.
Lawyers read leases.
He's breaking away.
There's nobody on him.
We couldn't
afford a lawyer.
You told me you'd
take care of it.
Why? You don't
remember any of it?The shot. No good.
Chris. How did it go?
Perfect. Wonderful.
Totally deluxe.
We are on our way, pal.
All thanks to our new
best friend, Uncle Willy.
He snags the ball
from Simon. He's up.
Stop it. Stop it.
Talk to me.
What happened?
We did it.
We are in the running
for a 100,000-square-foot
You figure it, pal.
Oh, my God.
What do you mean,
"in the running"?
Oh, just a few minor details.
Like what kind of
minor details?
Like Baskin and
Bradley details?
Jeff. Jeff. Confidence.
Listen, first we kick
Bradley and Baskin's
collective butts,
second, we get
the big commission.
And third,
we have got the edge
because we are playing
tennis at Uncle Willy's
on the Island on Saturday.
Look, Jeff. Ta-da!
Visual aids.
Sounds great,
as long as the Nazi
twins don't show up.
Besides, if the deal
isn't until Labor Day,
where do we get
$17,630 to stay
in business until then?
Aw, come on. We must
still have some money
from the Empire deal.
Then we'll borrow.From who?
You cannot let these
minor setbacks get to you.
Focus on the big
picture. Excuse me.
The shot.
He makes it. The crowd
goes wild. We win.
Okay, pal, I'm outta here.
I have to go meet
Allison and let the
tenants in. You coming?
Chris, today is Thursday.
I'm coming out tomorrow.
Oh, come on.
Allison's your cousin.
You can't consider
her a tenant.
These other guys, who knows?
There'll be a house
full of people, it'll
make you feel better.
Yeah, well,
they're still tenants.
About your therapy,
I would ask for
my money back.
So you don't have
any hot gossip
for me? Come on.
Well, Jeff and Susan
broke up, again.
This time I think
it's really over.
Personally, I could
never understand
the big attraction.
She was such a wasp.
You're one to talk.
Besides, she wasn't that bad.
"Be a dear and fetch
me another cucumber
sandwich, won't you?"
She was a bit
Country Club, wasn't she?
What about you?
I don't know, nobody special.
Me neither.
But I am ready.
Uh-oh, the new tenants.
They're here.
Hey, buddy.
How the hell are you?
Jesus. The traffic
gets worse every year.
Oh, man, you're still
the biggest goddamned
neurotic I ever met.
I'm fine, Hank,
and how are you?
You're wearing
such a dumb tie.
Come on, take
that crap off.
Dumb tie?
This happens to be...Oh, shut up.
Come on, man.
Let's go and hop
over to Shangri-La.
Hey, Allie.
Hey, Jeff.
Hank, this is my
cousin, Allison.
Allison, Hank Peterson.
You're Hank?
The infamous Hank?
Somebody had to be me.
I just got lucky.
So, you're moving in?I'm trying.
Let me give you a hand.
Where the hell are
your manners, Jeff?
So, you gonna be
around all summer?
Sure looks that way.Good deal.
Where's Chris?He's inside.
The tenants insisted
he go over house rules.
What rules?
This isn't a game
show, you guys.
This is the Hamptons.
This is summer
in the Hamptons.
Get out there and party.
Meet strange women.
Drive at high rates of speed.
HANK: Which
should we do first?
Hey, Hank Peterson.
Our spiritual leader.
Hey, guys, Hank Peterson.
How the hell are you?
Aw, man, I've
been rode hard
and put away wet.
You guys got
anything to eat
around here? Huh?
So ambitious
You say you wanna be a star
You're so ambitious
But you really don't
know where you are
You told me
everything was cool
About you didn't
need to go to school
Knew everything
right from the start
Well, look at you now...
Same rules apply, okay?
You try to guess
the ingredients.
You fail miserably,
you buy the bar a round.
We're in there.
I like you guys.
You never learn.
Buy the...
All the rounds...
Do I have to
remind you...Come on. Shh.
CHRIS: Ready.
What's this called?
Frontal lobotomy.
The bottle
in front of it.
Here's to a
long, hot summer.
Up yours, down mine.Bob's your uncle.
and Bromo-Seltzer.
That's disgusting.
All right.
Vodka, Midori,
slivovitz and grape Fizzies.
Yours sounds a lot better.
Drinks on the
real estate kings.
Nice try, boys.
I think I'll
stick to beer.
And Allison,
you wanna dance?
Who'd order
one of these things?
Great. Just what we need.
Come on, Jenn,
they look kind of cute.
They're all yours,
Molie. I'm gone.
Hey, where you going?Home. What is that?
A Frontal Lobotomy.
Of course. See you
tomorrow, Molie.
Maybe she wants
to try it.
She could never get it.
Get what?
It's one of
our missions in life.
Every summer we try
to guess the recipe.
Looks like you're
better off not knowing.
Had any luck?
Perfect record.
Haven't guessed one.
Doesn't look
so hard to me.
Oh, really?
Well, I bet you can't do it.
Bet the tab?
Ah, Chris,
if I could
just interject...
You're on.
Hey, Zoo, can we
have another
Frontal Lobotomy
over here, please?
You got it.
You still have
time to back down.
Nobody's backing down.
She'll never do it.
Give her a chance.
Grand Marnier,
Paul Masson
Cabernet Blanc...
Ew, Robitussin?
You wanna dance?Okay.
Did I just get hustled?Could be.
Who'd order one
of those anyway?
Beats the hell out
of me. Wait, wait.
How about a rematch?
We could try
last year's drink.
What stakes?
If I win, I get you.
Oh, and if I win, I get you?
What's in it for me?
Come on, I'll
show you. Oops.
I don't think so.
Good night.
Wait, wait.
Does this mean we
won't be spawning
in the moonlight?
I don't swim with sharks.
Come on, get up.
I found some more Tylenol.
Can you please
speak more quietly?
Come on.Go away.
Get ready.I am ready.
You are not.
I guess you are ready.
You look like I feel.Thanks a lot, pal.
Oh, God, I hear
cellos. You know
what that means?
Welcome to WASP world.
Well, let's do it.
Hi, there.
Nice to see you.Hello.
We are never
going to drink again.
Would it be
impolite if
I threw up?
Oh, shit.Oh shit, what?
Oh, shit.
What are they doing here?
This is not good.
How should I know?
Just relax. Keep smiling.
Hi, there...
Did you bring
the hand grenades?I thought you had them.
Why, hello.
I'm Lu Ann Reed.
Oh, hello, hi.
I'm Chris Murdoch.
Oh, yes.
Jeff. Jeff Simon.
Yes, well, Will's
expecting you. Does
he know you're here?
I don't think so.Well, we'll fix that.
Isn't it just
a beautiful day.
Oh, we got so lucky.
Will? Will? Will.
Oh, Chris. Glad
you could make it.
Excuse me, Pete.
How are you, Mr. Reed?
This is my partner,
Jeff Simon.
Jeff, William Reed.How do you do, Mr. Reed?
I'll just let you
boys chat. Excuse me.Thank you.
Can I offer
you a libation?
Dimitri. What's
your pleasure?
Uh, Perrier's fine.
Two.Thank you.
Lot of people here
for just a few people.
JEFF: Chris?
Well, you know, some family,
some friends, some...Chris. Chris.
...some business
It adds up.
It's a good way
to start the summer.
Mr. Reed,
I wanted to ask you,
that statue over here,
is that made of stone?
Jeff, what are you doing?
Still looking to
dance, Mr. Shark?
It's Chris Murdoch.
What are you doing here?
Oh, slumming.
Manage to fertilize
any eggs in the sand?
Spawning. I thought
you were the expert.
Look, last night
was last night.
I spent about an hour
trying to take off my
pants over my head
so just gimme
a break, okay?
I'm trying to do
some business here.
What, more taste tests?
No, commercial
real estate.
Well, that's
certainly consistent.
What an excellent
occupation for a shark.
Yeah? What do you do?Marine biology.
Oh, how exciting.
Well, maybe not
quite as exciting
as real estate.
Actually, real estate
can be very exciting.
Oh, I'm sure it
can be. Just like
roller coaster rides,
or guessing
the contents
of little drinks
with teeny,
tiny umbrellas...
Look, it's been great
talking with you
and I'd really love
to stay and chat...
Oh, why not now?
Because I'm with a
major business prospect.
If you'll excuse me...
I see you've already
met my daughter.
Your daughter?My one and only.
Jennifer's doing
some research
up the fish hatchery
at Montauk Point.How fascinating.
she's only here
until September.
That's when
the grant ends.Too bad.
Well, at least
this time, it
isn't Bora Bora.
Dad, it was Borneo.
Borneo? No kidding.
You ready for
some tennis, Chris?Sure, why not.
Jennifer, this
is Jeff Simon,
Chris' partner.
How do you do?
Would you show him
around the place? Chris.My pleasure.
And it's such
a pleasure
meeting you, Chris.
For me, too.WILLIAM: Chris?
Will you look at that?
The kid is 20 years
younger and he
moves like molasses.
He does business
the same way.
Slow, with lots of errors.
ARTHUR: I hope
you all brought
your winter clothes,
because we may be
waiting that long.
We'll be lucky
if we get on the
court by Labor Day.
Let's pick it up, Will,
huh? What do you say?
We're gonna be
lucky to get on this
court by Labor Day.
Or maybe even Christmas.
This is really bad tennis.
Oh, pathetic.
Arthur, please...
Oh, Willie. I'm sorry.
But just because
you finally found
someone that you can beat,
doesn't mean
you can take all day.
ARTHUR: Where did
that come from? My God.
I mean, what the
hell was that?
I'm sorry.
Control problems.
Control this.
Jennifer. Nice fish.
Goodbye, Jennifer.
You got that?
Yeah. As long as
Reed knows we made
the effort, we're fine.
Provided we
don't get lost,
dehydrate and die.
No shit.
Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.What?
Do you smell condos?
You're hallucinating.No, no, no.
I smell condominiums
right here that we build.
Don't you get it?Fine. We'll talk
about it later.
I'm dying and
you're making deals.
No way she
does this every day.
I think
you're interested.
Right, same way
I'm interested
in malaria.
I know you.
You're too defensive
not to be interested.
I am not.Are, too.
Am not.Are, too.
Am not.Are, too.
Ass wipe.Douche bag.
Dickhead.Butt face.
You know,
I really value
the maturity of
our relationship.
Yeah, me, too.
Dorksword.Meadow muffin.
Skid mark.I know you are,
but what am I?
Steaming heap.Republican.
JENNIFER: The lab will
let us know tomorrow.
With all the
rain last night,
we should probably
check the oxygen levels.
I'll check
sodium too, okay?
Yeah, thanks.
Oh, no.
He actually showed up.
No problem.
Just give them the
five-minute tour.
I think it's your
turn, isn't it?Jennifer...
Why didn't you
take the road?
You tell me.
We just followed
Jennifer's directions.
The Children's
Nature Trail?
Nobody's done
that in years.
If you give
me your keys,
I'll get your car
while Jennifer
shows you around.
The children's Nature Trail?
Oh, not wild about
the big outdoors?
Come on, I'll show
you around inside.
These are the
freshwater clams I
was telling you about.
We're breeding
them for seed.
They're just little
babies right now,
but when they get
a little bit older,
we'll use them to
replenish depleted beds.
Why can't they
do that themselves?
Well, people keep eating
them on the half shell
a lot faster than
they can reproduce.
It's a fairly
delicate system.
We don't treat it
all that well.
Hey, Scooter.
Got any lemon or
butter around here?
You know, left
to their own devices,
lobsters can take
up to seven years
to reach a pound and a half.
Here we've got
it down to two.
More food quicker.
I'm all for that.Yeah, I'll bet.
Come on, there's
more stuff outside.
Let me show you.
Bye, Scooter.
Can you two
manage without me?
I'd really like
to go for a run.
Oh, sure.
Thanks, Jennifer.
See you back here
in about half an hour.
I hate to admit it,
but this is actually
very interesting.
The station, I mean.
So, what are
these things called?
Fish tanks.
We're trying to
recreate their
natural habitat.
It doesn't look
so natural to me.
Well, we try to duplicate
their environment
by pumping in
seawater and so forth.
I mean, you're right,
it's not perfect,
but it's about as
close as we could get.
You know, that's
the first time you said
I was right about anything.
It's the first time you
were right about anything.
Thank you so much.
You know, in a way
this whole thing
reminds me of
gentlemen's tennis.
Really? How so?
It's all a
compromise, isn't it?
I mean, this station
is non-profit, right?
Supported by grants.Right.
Grants from huge
Corporations that
employ a lot of people
who need places to live.
Oh, I get it.
Tract homes?
Water you can't
drink? Mini Malls?
Okay, yes. Save
the potato fields.
Who needs houses?
Equal rights for
blowfish, is that it?
You are deliberately
missing the point.
No, this is the point.
You grew up in
a beautiful house
on the ocean.
Where's the cutoff
point? Your house?
Mine? The next guy's?
Yeah, what do you
care, as long as
there's money in it?
Now you're
missing the point.
And what's wrong
in making money.
It's a creative
thing, Jennifer.
As a matter of fact,
as far as I'm concerned,
the definition
of making money...
Oh, Lord.
There's no way that
guy was a doctor. Ow!
I didn't see
a single diploma.
I didn't even
see a golf bag.
What did you
want, pediatrics?
If I wanted a second
opinion, it wouldn't
be yours, okay?
Ooh, thank you.
Hi.Hi. What are
you doing here?
Molie dropped me off.
How're you feeling?
Ducky. Nice robe, pal.Oh, it's William's.
You know, you
guys abandoned me
with nothing
but those sweaty
running shorts.
There was
a horrible crisis.
Help me out with
Mr. Cranky, would you?
Thank you.
That settles it.
I'm applying for
a grant to live here.
Don't start.
I'm serious.
I could really
get used to this.
WILLIAM: Good evening,
Sorry, I seem
to be running late.
Hi, Daddy.Well, Mr. Reed,
good game?
Oh, frustrating.
The Greens were fast,
but the pace was slow.
Shot an 83, not...
What this?
Uh... I slipped.
Slipped up is more like it.WILLIAM: It isn't serious?
Not nearly as serious
as some of us thought.
Lu, forgive me, will you?
I've really got
so much work upstairs.
But what about dinner?I'll send down
for some sandwiches.
Now, steady on,
Thanks, Mr. Reed.You're welcome.
Say, I like
that robe.
Wish I had one.
Croquet, anyone?Sure.
Anyone else?I'd love to, but...
You'll call us
when dinner's served?
Well, alone at last.
You know, even though
that veterinarian
you took me to today
insisted that my
ankle wasn't broken,
you took care of me. Thanks.
No problem.
CHRIS: You know, if
this deal goes through,
I want to get a new car.
An honest to God new car.
Not a car with
somebody else's 20,
30,000 miles on it.
And you know what else?
I want that new car smell.
Why do they
smell like that?
I have no idea.
Did you get a
receipt on that?
Actually, I've
got a better idea.
Let's buy the Hamptons.
Sure. All of them?
Seriously. Remember
that cove by the
fishing station?
Well, come on, man.
Imagine what we
could build there.
Yeah, I can imagine
Jennifer's picket line.
Don't worry about that.
If the deal goes through,
Jennifer can have
a fishing station
as a private reserve.
She'll count lobsters,
we'll count money.
Yeah, is this
another one of
your "sure things"?
But seriously, what are
your theories about
that new car smell?
I don't know from cars,
what are you talking...Where does it go?
Why does it go away?
LU ANN: What time
are you heading
back to the city?
Couple of hours.
I have a 4:30
appointment at Columbia.
And then a date, sort of.
Now what is a
"sort of" date?
I don't know.
One that'll sort of
never turn into a
relationship, I guess.
Sounds like one too
many "sort of's" to me.
Why don't you give it
half a chance?
Why? End of summer
I'll be gone anyway.
It just never works out.
Oh, you never know.
Men are like fish,
once you've hooked 'em...
Speaking of which, this
doesn't seem to be such
a hot spot for catching fish.
Well, who said anything
about catching fish?
Oh, my God,
they just flop all over,
get everything dirty
and then you have
to take them home
and clean them.
[EXCLAIMING] Dreadful.
What are we doing here?
Well, there's fishing,
and then
there's fishing.
How many
locations do you show?
Between 45th and
57th Street I show three
100 percent locations.
$35 to $60
per square foot.
Reed'll never go for the 60.
What about the
other two landlords?
Shit, my screen went dead.
Mine too. Power failure?I hope so. Let me check.
We're nice guys.
Why does stuff like
this happen to us?
You know all those
notices from Con Ed?
They weren't fooling.
I'm interested in any
solution you've got that
doesn't involve money.
Jeff... Jeff, you've
got to have more
faith in yourself.
Now there are
ways of dealing
with these things.
Just let me show you.
Now, just watch me
carefully. Calmly.
It's really very easy.
You're very
nervous about it.
That's the problem.
Hello? Con Edison?
Yes, this is account
number 3231113.
Murdoch and Simon. Right.
I have an emergency here.
A Dr. Albert Hindlegger
insists on speaking with you.
Hold on, please.
I'm counting on you. WOMAN ON PHONE: Can you spell
that, please? Hello?
Yah, this is
Dr. Albert Hindlegger. Hindlegger?
Yah. All the people in
this office are suffering
from the same disease.
It's an extreme emergency.
They all need to be on
on emergency defribulators.
Numono Selecovil Caniasis.
Also known as
Konstanopolous Syndrome.
Yeah, paranoiac seizures.
Very, very contagious.
You think this is a joke?
Well, I tell you something,
you are personally liable.
Health code.
Page 83, paragraph 4.
In an emergency situation
you can have power
back in one hour...
One hour?
Sometimes I hate
this city.
It's all sealed up
in cement.
I don't know,
it's so unnatural.
You mean, it's not like
the children's Nature Trail?
Ooh. I thought we
put that behind us.
No, really,
it's a complete
ecological disaster.
Jenn, tonight
I don't want to hear
words like "ecological."
I want to hear
words like,
medium rare
and al dente,
and blackened red fish.
You love fish.Yes, I do,
but try eating one from
the East River and live.
You could, but
you'd probably
glow in the dark.
[LAUGHING]Come on.
This is New York.
Show a New Yorker
an eggplant growing
and they'd think
it was Invasion of
the Body Snatchers.
Here, you want fish?
Here's some nice
New York City fish,
behind glass,
packed in ice,
convenient, sanitary...
Sir, this fish is
under the legal limit.
I buy fish, not catch them.CHRIS: What's going on?
This man is
breaking the law.
See? Four and a half inches.
Jenn, we'll call the
FDA tomorrow, okay?
I'm sure they'll do
a complete investigation.No, it's not okay.
This fish was not
big enough to spawn.
No babies, no new fish.
Look, lady.
Fish is smiling.
I tell you it spawned.
Give back fish, lady.
No, I won't. I'm
confiscating everything
under the legal
limit Citizen's Arrest.Jenn, give him back the fish.
You nuts, lady.
You no touch my fish.
Oh, you got
it all over
my new dress.
I'll use this if I have to.
You come back here!
Here, hold this.
Cover them.
This yours?
You are some
piece of work.
Citizen's Arrest?
I love a man who
can hold his liquor.
Help me get it in.
Don't feed me
straight lines
like that.
We should say goodnight.
Who is it?
This clashes
with all my suits.
Where did you
learn to do that?
Hey, pal.
How's it going?
You know, in Greece my husband
was professional wrestler.
He don't like
their hairstyle,
he break their noses.
Hello, Mrs. Konstanopolous.
As I was just
explaining to
your husband,
we're projecting
tremendous revenues
for the upcoming
fiscal period.
Look, college boy.
We come over and
talk about my cash
flow problem. Now.
Great, man, we
had to rent space
from a Greek tag team.
Her mustache is
thicker than his.
Can we make the rent?What?
Can we make the rent?Nope.
Things don't
seem to be going
too well, boys.
Oh, shit.
See what happens
when you leave
food around.
Don't you think
it's about time
you boys came home?
You can't afford us anymore.
What would it take?Oh, your pictures
on a milk carton.
So tell me,
is it true love
with Arthur's niece,
or just Daddy's money?
Come here, asshole.
Boys, we didn't
come here to fight.
In fact, with our
help, we think you can
bring in the Reed deal.
And to sweeten the deal,
we're offering you
junior partnerships.
Ooh. Junior partnership?
That's right.
What do you say?No.
What?Not maybe,
not even sort of. No.
Now, if you'll excuse us,
we have work to do.
Look, little man,
I'm warning you.
We didn't get
where we are today
by tolerating
little twits like you.
And I promise you,
you'll never
get this deal.
Why? Because you're
big and established
and have a
wonderful reputation?
No, because we cheat.
JEFF: Murdoch and Simon.
Hi. It's Jennifer.
Oh, a personal call...
Hi. It's Chris.
Hi, Chris. I got
your message. What's up?
Not much, really.
How's about you?
Perfect. My lobsters
had babies. The sun's out.
Why not give the city
a break and come on out?
Oh, sure. I'll go cover
Cityspire, you go have fun.
You will?
Hey, thanks, man,
that's really nice of you.
I know when your
little head is thinking
for your big head.
He said that
the office is really...
Simon. Open this door!
[BANGING ON DOOR]I gotta go. See you
in a couple hours, okay?
What's happening?
Who is that?
Nothing. Bye.
Simon! I know you're in there!
you come out, right now!
So, your dad
might have his
company plane,
but I've got
an entire Air Force.
What do you think, eh?
Very impressive.
Military man, huh?Oh, yes.
Commander in Chief.
Actually, I'm
second generation.
My dad used to bring
my brother and me here every
Friday night all summer long.
We never got tired of it.You didn't?
I bet your dad did.
Who knows?
My mom sent him out
for bread and a quart
of milk one night
in 1968.
Oh, no. Really?
He'd walked out before,
but he'd always come back
after a couple of weeks.
My mom still thinks
that he is going to walk
through the door one night
holding the milk and bread,
complaining about
the long checkout line.
How's your mom doing?
She's great. Worked for the
phone company for 28 years.
Now, she's retired
and lives in a condo
in Jupiter, Florida.
She loves it.Do you get to
see her much?
Holidays. She
hates the snow, so
I have to go down there.
It's okay for a couple
of days, but how much
bingo can you play?
Know what I mean?
Here, we go,
pilot to copilot.
Wait. Takes money,
and I'm not paying
for this...
Hey, why don't you
let me lend you
a quick thousand.
I've got plenty of cash.
It's summertime.
No, I can't do that.Come on, with these
guys you pay 18%,
with me, no interest.
Look, if Jeff and I
go under, I'd rather
stiff them than you.
How about a suit
for somebody
who's past puberty?
I could show her...No, no, that's okay.
It's too complicated.
I'll handle this.
I've got some special
suits downstairs, sweetheart.
Be right back with
your cash, Chris.
You're out early.
Must be nice.
I'm studying
a marine biologist.
So I hear.
What's up?
Nothing. Normal
credit card abuse.
Uh... Hank just
has to initial this.
HANK: Here you go,
sweetheart. Try these on.
And try this one
for me, will you?
[CHUCKLING] Hey, Allison,
I didn't know you were...
How are you?
Thanks, buddy.Anytime. Hey,
don't forget to sign.
Where are you
running off to?
Gonna check out some
real estate and then
check out Jennifer.
Sounds good.
Hey, don't forget the
Wind Bake Clam thing.
Clam surfing.All right.
Saturday.All right, buddy.
Did you tell him?
Nah... I was never
much of a businessman.
I don't know, I'll
consider it an I.O.U.
I think I'll take
this one instead.
Can you
cut off the tags?
Allow me.
Let's stay in this
bed forever, okay?
We can order out for
emergency champagne.
I think the clam
bake might send
out a search party.
You're right.
I'm not sure
I'm ready for this.
You're ready.
All right, shut up,
you knuckleheads, listen up,
or I'm going to pull
your butts out of the water.
keep your legs bent.
Pull against the wind,
don't fight it.
The wind is your friend, okay?
Ready to wind surf,
you weenies?
Yes. Yes.ALL: Yes
Pull out that way. That way.
That way. That way.
Hey, here's a
good one. Want it?
No way. Not after
three dozen clams.
Oh, man, they damn sure
died for a good cause.
JEFF: You got that
right. Whoa!
DUDLEY: Can Clark
and I have your
attention, please?
Oh, yes, I don't
want to miss this.
Go ahead, Dudley.
Living with you guys
has been so fabulous,
we wanted to thank you
in some small way for
all the fun we've had.
So we worked very hard
and put together...
The first annual
bonfire talent show.
A tribute to your era.
A salute
to the sixties.
Kumbayah, my Lord
Kumbayah, my Lord
DUDLEY: Everybody.
Kumbayah, my Lord
Oh, Lord, Kumbayah
How do you feel?
I think even
Clark and Dudley
can't screw this up.
They are so good.
How's your deal
with my dad going?Home stretch.
The presentation is
right before Labor Day.
What about
your competition?
Oh, you know about
the pit vipers?
Yeah, I know
that Uncle Arthur
prefers them.
Well, Uncle Artie
don't know his can
from third base.
Besides, our deal
is much better.
You know who
I'm rooting for.
What are you going
to do with the money?
Set up some grants for
some incredibly gifted
young marine biologist?
Ah, well, we have
to see if there's
any personal favors
that come with that,
then maybe...Right.
How professional.
Actually, I have a plan.
Yeah, what is it?
It's so perfect.
Now, just keep
an open mind
on this, all right?
Listen to the whole
thing before you make
up your mind, okay?
I want to buy
the cove, Jenn.
It's available,
and the great thing is,
you can leave
the fishing station
right where it is.
I'm waiting for
the rest of the idea.
Well, Jeff and I
would do some building.
Like what? Condos?
Homes. Nice ones.
Nice ones? What are we
talking about here?
I'm talking about
houses, you know,
where people go after work.
Don't patronize me.I'm not
patronizing you...
Do you have any idea
what impact that would
have on the cove?
God, Chris,
it's one of the
last unspoiled areas
we have around here.
God, it'll be just
like the rest of them.
Row after row
of simulated...No, no, no...
Wait. Wait. I'm not
talking about spoiling it.
I'm talking about
enhancing it.
I'm talking about
spending whatever
amount of money it takes
to do it beautifully...
This is Jenn you're
talking to here, Chris.
Don't con me.
Con you?
Welcome to the rest
of the world, Jenn.
I'm just out there
trying to make a living.
I can't afford to be
so goddamned noble.
You son of a bitch.
Thanks for
hearing me out, Jenn.
This one's for you, Chris.
The real estate king.
Only in America
[VOCALIZING]Can a guy from anywhere
Go to bed a pauper
And wake up a millionaire
Only in America
Can a kid
without a cent...
You haven't caught me
sneaking in, in years.
You haven't really
been home in years.
I guess not.
Something wrong?
Come on, kiddo.
Just everything.
Chris wants to build
a development around
the fishing station.
That's big money.
The commission on your
deal is big money.
Well, he's a bit premature.
That deal isn't his yet.
If I had my way,
it would never be.
Do you really mean that?
It would probably mean
Chris and Jeff will be
put out of business.
I know,
but if it's a choice between
what's good for business
and what's good
for the environment...
God, you know
where I stand.
I guess I do.
Well, Arthur wants his people
to handle the deal anyway.
There's something
about them, though.
You're absolutely
sure about this?
Why don't you sleep on it?
I can't.
I'm sure.
Good night, Daddy.
Good night, Jenn.
I love you, kiddo.I love you, too.
This sucks.What is it with you?
What do you think?Forget women. Oh, my God.
If we don't
make this deal,
I'm going to forget
what business
we're going out of.Yeah, okay.
Dial 911.
Let's rock n' roll.
JEFF: Come on.WOMAN: I have to go.
Come on.No, I have to go.
Come on. No, no, no, no.
You can stay
for another
five to 38 minutes.
I'll see you
in the morning.
What the hell
is wrong with you?
Are you out of your
freaking mind?
I didn't think
you'd be back tonight.
You lunatic.
Be careful with
Jennifer, Chris.
You might blow
our deal. Me?
My little head is
thinking for my big head?
At least mine can
still fucking count.
It knows how much
a million dollars is!
yours doesn't. Damn it!
I love her.
Oh, shit.
What about her?
She'll never leave him.
She loves him.
I wish I knew what to say.There's nothing to say.
I know I should stop it.
I shouldn't see her,
but then she calls.
What does she say?
She says
I'm her summer love.
Summer's almost over.
For both of us, pal.
You know, it's funny.
For the first time in our
lives, we're this close
to really big money,
and you're sleeping
with the boss' daughter
and I'm sleeping
with his wife.
You can't fault us
for strategy.
Listen, the
presentation's tomorrow.
We're gonna make this deal
work if it kills us.
In the words
of Gary Gilmore...
"Let's do it."
William?Yes, Arthur?
I've got Laura Baskin
on the line.
She's been trying
to get through
to you all day long.
I want you to
talk to her now.
BASKIN: Hello? Hello?
I don't want
to talk to her.Why not?
You told me you
weren't gonna use
Murdoch and Simon.
What are they
doing out there?
I've got to let them
make their presentation,
it's only fair.
Oh, come on, never
mind fair, William.
We're running out
of time. Talk to Baskin.
BASKIN: Hello? Hello?
I said, "No, thank you."Oh, I see.
you're still
suffering from
some warped sense
of responsibility to
those two kids out there,
with everything
going on behind
your back.
Just talk to Baskin.
Hello, Arthur?
What are you talking about?
I could tell you things
about your daughter,
about your wife,
but I won't.
Arthur, if I hear
one more innuendo
about Lu Ann or Jennifer,
I'll have you out
behind the barn.
We'll settle things
the way we used to.
Not the way we used to,
oh, no, no, no, Will.
This time we'll
use the tennis court.
The tennis court?Mmm-hmm.
Meaning what?
Meaning tomorrow
at the club.
The Labor Day
Doubles Tournament.
So, we play a grudge match
before the entire club?
That's right.Arthur, you've gone
too far this time.
Too far?
Oh, yes, I forgot,
you always did
have a weak backhand.
What are we wagering
on this match?
That watch. The one
the Old Man gave you.
You've always
loved it. Bet that.
My watch?
Against what?
Any painting
in my collection,
except the Renoir.
BASKIN: Hello,
Arthur? Is this you?
Hello? Hello? William?
I'll bet the watch
against your
membership in the club.
What?It's very simple.
If I win, you're
no longer a member.
It would be so peaceful.
Okay, you have got a bet.
Look, William, do you
want me to call back?
If it'd be more convenient,
I'd be happy to.
Hello, is anyone...
Well, that's it, Mr. Reed.
I think you'll agree
that's everything we promised.
You're right.
It is a very thorough
and detailed proposal.
Great. Then we'll
make the offer today.
It might be better
to wait a bit.
With your time
problems, we really
ought to lock this up.
Well, there are a few
other proposals on the table.
Other proposals?
I see.
Well, thanks
for your time.
Hello? Yeah,
it's DeMartino.
I got just what you want.
Find out where
Reed is this weekend,
and I'll meet
you there, okay?
What else can I get?
Jesus, I don't know what
else these two can do.
Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, Mr. Bradley.
I'll meet you there.
CHRIS: Hey, man,
at least we still
have the house.
Not for long.
and the IRS
are going to share
this place next summer.
[SIGHING] It really
burns my ass, though,
that Bradley and Baskin
are going to get our deal.
Really, I still
can't believe Reed
dumped us like that.
Ah, who else can it be.
Shit, it's locked...
All right, Donald Trump Jr!
Congratulations, you guys.
Hey, come on in,
have a beer. Relax.
You guys did it. You did it.
Well, I really think
it's time we talked.
Lady, are you crazy?
I almost got killed.
Put that
away, will you?
Not until we talk.
Talk about what?
About what you do
and who you do it for.
I can't do that,
that's confidential.
Then I'd like you
to do something for me.
When I ask you a question,
I want you to just
think of the answer.
Say it in your mind.
You got it?
Now, how much
are you getting paid?
Just think the answer.
Add a zero.
Now, who's that
you're working for?
I'm working for you.
Yes, it's tough out
there in the world
of investment banking.
What was it you
said you did?
Uh, can I get
you a drink?
So you don't dance.
You don't drink.
What do you do?
Look, I gotta
get out of here.
And miss all the fun?
I just don't want
it to be over.
But I told you
about the detective.
What else can we do?
I don't know.
I don't care.
Of course
you do, Jeffrey.
Think of all the
people we could hurt.
Now, you and I
have just had
a wonderful summer,
but summer has to end.
Why? We're so good together.
You are a true
romantic, Jeffrey.
I love you.
I know, darling,
you're supposed to.
JEFF: Oh, God.
What is this? Beirut?
Western civilization is
going to hell in
a fakakta handcart?
Jeffy is gonna have...
Jeff, babe.
How is it hanging?
I really love
your house, Dudley.Java. Thank you, sweetheart.
Hi, you must be one
of Dudley's tenants.
Hiya, cherubs. Wake up.
I've got something here
to soak up the booze.
Whoa. Hi, honey.
See if you can
find me some
clean dishes, huh?
Yeah. And, uh, bring
some more coffee.
I'll, I'll help.JEFF: This is horrible.
You don't know
the half of it, pal.
You know, I am sick
and tired of this
goddamned soap opera.
You know,
it's quite simple.
Get your ass
over to Jennifer's,
or quit complaining.
I told you, it's too late.
So? Get over there
or you're a damned fool.
He's right.
Get off my back, would you?
Oh, that's right,
throw donuts.
Here, have all of them.
Spend the rest of your
summer with Clark and Dudley.
You are right.
[LAUGHING]...grabs the umpire
under the chair
and pulls him
back down to court.
And swearing, oh...
Hi, Dad.
Jennifer. What
time is your plane?
Please sit. 5:20.
Gotta get going
pretty soon, though.
And you'll be around
for the match?
I don't know,
what match?
Al, you know
my daughter,
Yes, of course.
Good to see you.
We are on 15 minutes, Will.
You better suit up.Who are you playing?
Ah, William, there you are.
I've been looking
for you. Now, listen.
We're going to play tie
breakers, if it gets to
six-all in any of the sets.
Not that I think
you'll ever get that far.
Hello, Jennifer.
Whatever you say, Arthur.
Have you told Al and Jennifer
what we have
wagered on this match?
Good-bye, Arthur.No, nobody's
told me anything.
Look, Will ,this is supposed
to be a friendly game.
Relax, Al.
This is between
Arthur and myself.
Oh, come on, Willy,
don't, be so modest.
I think everyone
should know that I
have bet my membership
in this club against
that damn watch of yours.
Will, I'm starting
to get a little
uncomfortable about this.
Wait, I don't like it either.
Well, I love it.
Have you got them?
You got something for me?
Of course.
It better be good.Don't worry, Mr. Bradley.
Those pictures,
will change your life.
Fine. Now,
get out of here.
Been a real pleasure, ma'am.
No, really.
He bet his watch?
The one his daddy gave him?
Yeah, can you believe it?
Now what could
Arthur have done to
upset your daddy so?
I don't know, and
this wasn't one of
their petty squabbles.
This was serious.
Poor Al McDonough...
Al? Is he your
daddy's partner?
Yeah, and he had no
idea that this was
anything but a...
Darling, sometimes
when two dogs
are fighting,
you have to throw
cold water on them.
I think I have
just the bucket.
I'll be right back.
Arthur? Best of luck.Ah! Thank you.
Not that you'll need it.
Perhaps after
you've beaten
him on the court,
you'll want to
show him these.
You two amaze even me.
Pretty hot, huh?What is this?
I know Lu Ann
jogs. So what?
Jogs? Let me
see those.
That goddamned
DeMartino, these
were supposed to be...
I know what they
were supposed to be,
but you two
idiots blew it.
Now, listen,
I can deal with rats,
but not with incompetent rats.
Jeez, God...Arthur, I'm
sure that I will
be able to
straighten this out.
I mean, I certainly
hope this doesn't
affect my deal...
Your deal?Deal? What deal?
I wouldn't give
either of you clowns
the right time
of day. Get out.Arthur...
Oh, get out.
Get the hell out of here.
The two of you just
get the hell out!
Get out!
Oh, Al? Al, could I see
you for just a moment?
Hello, Lu Ann.
Uh, this match,
I don't like it.
I don't like it at all.
Well, Al, dear,
that's just fine
because you're
not going to play it.
What do you mean
I'm not going to play.
Of course,
I'm going to play it.
Will's depending on me.
I've got to play it.
I see.
Al? I believe that you know
Janey Tupper, Henry's wife?
Uh, yeah,
uh, of course.
I mean, uh,
they're, you know,
club members,
aren't they?
Well, rumor has it,
reliable rumor in fact,
that you're the one
who's been putting
slice in Janey's serve,
if you know what I mean.
Mr. Reed?Hello.
Have you seen Jennifer?
Well, she's
certainly not in here.
Will?Yeah, yeah.
Come on in.
Well, thank you anyway.
Are you ready, partner?Excuse me.
Will, my blood
pressure is way up.
My heart's pounding.
I'm upset.
This whole thing
between you and Arthur...
I mean, the stakes
are too high.
I'm bowing out.
Calm down. Hey,
wait a minute...
Al, no, no,
I need you.
How am I going to
win without you?
Well, I'm afraid
that I gotta just go
somewhere and lie down.
So, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
How about me, Will?Excuse me?
I could take Al's place.
Forgive me, Chris,
but I've seen you play.
Will, you've never
seen me play.
Yes, I have.
What are you
talking about?
You let me win.
You were buttering
me up to get the deal.
Chris, I thought
better of you.
Okay, maybe I was wrong.
But give me a break.
You killed something
that was very good
for your company
because your
daughter had a fight
with her boyfriend.
I suppose so.
Well, if you choose
Baskin and Bradley,
you'll get exactly
what you deserve.
Right now, my
concern is walking
out onto that court
in a few minutes, alone.
Well, hey, I don't see
anyone standing in line
to take old Al's place.
Neither do I.
So, I'll play for the
commission on your move.
Run that by me again.
It's very simple.
If you and I win,
Jeff and I will
do your deal,
and get the
full commission.
If we lose, we'll do
your deal for nothing.
What do you say?
I say you're crazy.
A million dollars?
What do you say, Will?
You could have called
me and told me you
needed this stuff...
Just shut up and
take your pants off.
As if things weren't
going bad enough...
And while you're at it,
I need a jock.
And just when
I'm trying to...
I'm counting
on you, Chris.
I'm counting on me, too.
What's going on?
I thought you were
going to stop it.
I thought I did.
And what on earth is
Chris doing out there?
Oh, ruining our business,
destroying our lives.
Arthur, Al has
had to withdraw,
something about
blood pressure.
I'd like Chris
as my partner.
Well, that wasn't
part of the bet.
As a matter of fact,
I have every right
to have you
forfeit this match.
As a matter of
fact, I ought to...I must intimidate him.
Are you kidding?
I saw you play
at the house.
You stunk.
Then how about this?
In addition to our
original wager,
whoever wins, gets
his choice of firm
to handle the move.
But if we lose,
Chris will handle it
anyway and forgo
the commission.
You're insane.
And you've
got a deal.
Give me just
a minute, okay?
What are you
doing here?
I happened to be
in the neighborhood.
Well, I've got
a plane to catch.
Actually, I came
to find you.Why?
Because I love you.
I don't really...
I love you.
You do?
I do.
You've got a helluva
way of showing it.
I'm serious, Jenn.
Everything is going
to be all right.
Trust me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'd like to introduce
the players.
On my left, Arthur Reed
and Jimmy Lorenz.
Their opponents
on my right, William Reed,
and standing in
for Al McDonough,
Chris Murdoch.
Mr. Murdoch won the toss
and has elected to serve.
You bastard.
Players, are you ready?
Hole in the racquet, Willie?
Love, 15.
Are you okay?Yeah, same damn ankle.
Great get.
Love, 30.
Come on. Come on.
Just hit it to the cripple.
Chris, I'm
gonna default.
No way.
It's just not worth it.
Oh, baby.
Sure it is.
Love, 40.
God, why don't
they just stop it?
There's no stopping
it now, darling.
Easy as pie.
Just hit it to the cripple.
Arthur? Arthur,
are you all right?
Arthur, please.
Come on, Arthur.
Arthur, will you
get up, please?
Arthur, please.
I can't. Jesus!
Injury. Winner
by default,
Reed and Murdoch.
You were all right.
You've got yourself a job.
What?He did that
on purpose.
You little shit.
You did that on purpose.
That's a terrible
thing to say, Arthur.
What would you expect
from a non-member?
Easy.How about that, huh?
You know,
I'm not going to be
building those condos.
You're not?
What happened,
your conscience
get the better of you?
No, just bad business.
I love you.
You do?
I do.
Hey, yeah
Well, my temperature's
rising and my feet
hit the floor
Twenty people knocking
'cause they're wanting
some more
Let me in, baby,
I don't know what you've got
But you'd better
take it easy
'cause this place is hot
I'm so glad we made it
So glad we made it
You got to gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin' every day
Well, I feel so good
Everything is sounding hot
You better take it easy
'cause the place is on fire
Been a hard day
and I don't know what to do
Wait a minute, baby,
this could happen to you
Well, I'm so glad
you made it
So glad you made it
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin' every day
Love, love, yeah
Well, I'm so glad
we made it, baby
So glad we made it
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin'
Gimme, gimme some lovin'
Gimme some lovin' every day
Every day, every day
Every day, every day
Gimme, gimme some lovin'