Love Per Square Foot (2018) Movie Script

Your father's done. Come down.
The bathroom is vacant now.
What's the point?
The pressure is gone now.
Do re do re me fa so
- Your attention please.
- Sanju!
Sanju, open the door.
I need that bottle of phenyl. Sanju!
Your attention please.
Sanjay, please get this key fixed.
It's been a decade but this
key has not been fixed yet.
Don't talk to me when
I am in the bathroom.
Give me some space.
Your father's retiring in a month.
Then we won't have this space either.
Your attention please. Perfect.
Your attention please.
Reading the newspaper in the
bathroom is such a bad habit.
Concentrate on the job at hand.
209 Duronto Express
We have a dozen bathrooms
in our Kanpur home.
You can keep one for yourself.
You'll get your so called 'space'.
Sanju, come out!
Wait! I am coming.
You folks can leave when he retires.
I am a Mumbai-bred boy
and I am staying here.
You'll know when you'll
have to pay the rent.
No rent! I'll get my own place.
We spent a lifetime moving from
one railway-quarters to another.
How will you get your own place?
I'll manage.
Do re mi fa...
Your father's been stuck
on the 'Fa' key for ages!
But you haven't fixed that yet.
Such a selfish kid!
I told you I'll get it fixed.
Anyway, he is a railway
announcer, not a singer.
Shut up!
You continue.
Mom, now only you have to do all this?
I am getting late for work.
How many times will I
keep altering this gown?
Every time you try it, it's loose.
What's the hurry?
There's still time.
Still time! Look
after the dress, girl.
And that BMC keeps
sending eviction notice.
- Yesterday also they sent one, you know.
- Yeah, yeah.
There's chalk all over the house.
All because of that bloody Mario.
Full day jumping, pumping,
with his wife on the bed.
Oh Mario!
Give that to me.
Mario! Even God rested
for one day, you idiot!
One day they will come crashing
down in the middle of it.
Then why don't you leave?
Go to Canada. Live with Uncle Willy.
So many times he's asked you to come.
I'll find a place on rent.
I can afford it now.
The wedding will happen
when it has to happen.
Yeah, but when?
This building will become my grave.
Only then will you say I do?
I don't.
Mario! It's 8 o'clock in the morning.
You got no other work or what?
Your attention please, passengers
Your attention please, passengers
The local traveling drom
Borivali to Churchgate
is running two hours
behind its scheduled time
Passengers are requested
They can do what they want
Come on, dude, keep moving on
A glass of juice and
Fritters to go
Out of space, but always
room in the heart
The city never sleeps,
Always running fast
Long queue for tickets, but no time
Without tickets,
Better make yourself scarce
Pushed and shoved around,
And also got slapped
International, all the local places
Think deep, and in bold
The world's crazy
Missed the ferry
Flying ferry, Morning Ferry
Life is a hustle
Tension in full swing
But don't worry,
Just say what's on your mind
Your attention please, passengers
Your attention please, passengers
If you missed one,
Next one's on the way
Your attention please, passengers
Your attention please, passengers
Your attention please, passengers
If you missed one,
Next one's on the way
Your attention please passengers
Failed to pay the rent
And the landlord's on your back
Even the message couldn't be sent
Because I'm out of balance
Spent the night on the
Platform again, my friend
Even though everyone rejected me
But Mumbai's got my back
Watching movies in black
Juhu Beach's a date site
Public's on a budget tight
And back home daily fight
Situation's pathetic,
And out of control
My mind's crazy
Pointless blabbering daily
Polished my shoes and moved ahead
I guess you can find
Clean India only where
It's a business, rest is too bad
Doesn't matter, it all goes
Now I deserve a tea break
Your attention please, passengers
Only for Ladies
Your attention please, passengers
Hey, kid!
If you missed one
Make some room
Your attention please, passengers
I salute you, Lord Acyuta,
Keshava, Rama, Narayana
I salute you, Lord Krishna,
Damodara, Vasudeva, Hari
I salute you, Lord Sridhara,
Madhava, Beloved of Gopikas
I salute you Lord Ramachandra
the Lord of Janaki
Hare Rama Hare Krishna
Hare Rama Hare Krishna
The milk-cake.
You dog!
Don't take advantage of my situation.
Take your hands out.
Take your hands out.
Excuse me?
Someone is picking my pocket.
Hold this.
Be careful!
That's not the pocket.
Catch him! Thief! Thief!
- Aren't you ashamed of picking pockets?
- Mister, the train!
I'll take the next train.
I'll show you who you're messing with.
I'll hand you over to the police.
Stop it now.
It's alright, forget it.
Hey! Return his wallet.
Such a well-dressed thief!
Do you know how hard middle-class people
work to earn this money? And you...
What else can I do, sir? What can I do?
I've to pay my rent, sir.
If I don't pay my rent today
my landlord will kick me out.
These are crocodile tears.
That's enough.
He's desperate.
Forget it, let him go.
I know that you've got personal problems
but what you're doing is wrong.
Make an honest living. Work hard.
- Wait, I will...
- It's alright.
- No, I get it.
- It's alright, sir.
I said shut up!
Did you pick my wallet too?
Sorry, sir.
Good morning.
May I come in?
What is your backup plan?
Sorry, ma'am?
When plan A doesn't work...
go for plan B.
What's your plan B?
My server's been down since
morning. I can't start my day!
Two hours.
And, if you can't give me a
quarterly plan by then...
then I have a plan for you.
I've no choice but to
tell you, you're fired.
Why does she treat you like a slave?
That's not true. She's
a really nice person.
It's just...
- He's getting screwed in the morning.
- Come on.
- You're so yummy.
- Don't bite.
- Come on.
- Rashi, someone might walk in on us.
Good morning, boss.
Good morning, slave.
No, Rashi. Please.
Good morning, baby. You're still awake?
But out there, it's...
Of course, I'll come in your dreams.
Okay, I am in the office. Bye.
What happened?
Rashi, what are you doing?
Rashi, this isn't a joke.
You know, this is very insulting for me.
Do you know how
insulting this is for me?
Why don't you tell Kashin about us?
Tell him what?
That right after he went
to London for three years
I started an affair with
an office mechanic.
I am a software engineer.
I've applied for a home loan.
Once we have our own place
you won't have to stay at
Kashin's place anymore.
I saw an article in the newspaper today.
We just need to get married.
We'll apply for this place together.
We'll pay the installments
from my salary, and then...
Kashin's returning in a couple
of days to surprise me.
I'll tell him everything.
If he's coming to surprise you then
how do you know he's coming?
Sanjay, I synced his email account.
What else?
Shall we go to Jason's wedding
reception together in the evening?
You know publicly we can't go.
But I can come home
after the reception, right?
I mean, there's no curfew
for me today, right?
- Sanjay Chaturvedi!
- Yes, boss.
Stop wasting precious office hours.
Get out!
What do you think?
Baby, this is for poor people.
- No!
- Yeah!
Who said?
Sam, it's for people like you and me.
No, it's for underprivileged people.
You know, people who
can't afford their own place.
They deserve such
government schemes
not you and me.
- I mean, we have our own...
- Your dad's place.
Sam, baby...
we should have our own house, right?
Nice nameplate outside. Huh?
D'souza-Masquita residence.
One second. Why D'souza?
After marriage, you'll be Masquita.
You'll move into my house.
You'll be Masquita, I'll be Masquita.
We'll all be Masquitas.
No, Sam! I don't want to.
I want my own little place.
No matter how small it is.
What little place? This?
I know about this scheme.
I know about it.
Just today, I gave Ramesh an
advance for the same thing.
Thank you, sir.
Ramesh, keep your hands
on the steering wheel.
- Sorry.
- Look ahead.
- Sam, just...
- Don't think about this.
You go to the party, enjoy yourself. Okay?
Just have a good time.
- Ramesh.
- Yes, sir.
Come back later to pickup madam.
- Okay?
- Okay, sir.
Sam, just once listen to...
No sex yet, right?
She's screwing with you
and you're letting her.
Girls need security, man.
She's living comfortably
at Kashin's place
and you know about my situation.
What does sex have to do with a house?
It's got everything to do with a house.
Most relationships start at Juhu Beach
and end at Bandstand.
When I have my own place
there will be a flat-screen
TV in the living room.
A king-size bed in the bedroom
and then we'll have lots of sex.
I love her. I truly love her!
She's the one, bro.
Bro, who's this one?
That's Tina.
She is wearing make-up so
you aren't recognizing her.
Not her, the one next to her.
And now, Ladies and Gentlemen
put your hands together
for Jason and Ruth.
Our lovely bridal couple
will now join you on the dance floor
for a very special version
of the 'Chicken Dance'.
That's when I told him, it's
either my way or the highway.
Outstanding! It was really...
Chick-chick-chick-chick! Chicken Dance!
Rashi ma'am.
Could you please fetch
me a glass of Chenin Blanc?
I want to see all the lovely
couples on the dance floor.
- Now is a good time to find a partner.
- Thanks.
No one does this better than you.
That's too kind. That's too kind.
- Oh, come on.
- But who's he?
I think he's a guy from
the IT Department.
The beautiful lady at the end of
the line, she's up for grabs.
Give me your other hand.
She's found her partner.
When two strangers meet,
They blush and shy
But when love happens,
They soar in the sky
Let's make some noise
And stir up this wedding
With a little romance,
And a little drama
Let's not be shy
And miss this chance
Come on, come on
Let's do the chicken dance
Let's do the chicken dance
Let's do the chicken dance
Ch-ch-chicken dance
Let's do the chicken dance
What are you up to?
Why do you keep chasing me?
There are other
Single girls, who are ready to mingle
Try your luck with them
Everywhere I look, I see you
You're my passion
I feel peaceful in your arms
Take my heart
Hey, what are you doing?
Come on.
- I don't know this one.
- I'll lead you.
Let's do the chicken dance
Let's do the
Let's do the
Let's do the chicken dance
Chicken dance
Chicken dance
Let's do the chicken dance
Is that... you?
I can feel it.
- You can?
- Yeah, it's quite obvious.
I am sorry, you see, it's
been a long time since...
I mean, we're so close.
- Sorry.
- It's okay, I understand.
Pick it up.
Yeah, it's vibrating.
Oh! Of course, its...
Sorry, I got to go. I'm just...
But, thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Sanjay. IT Department, 9th floor.
Karina, 2nd floor.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Chenin Blank! Chenin...
Chenin. Chenin Blanc.
- What's this?
- Chenin Blanc.
Open the secrets in your heart, beloved
Open the secrets in your heart, beloved
Let me know if you
Can do it or not, beloved
Open the secrets in your heart, beloved
I want you to feel something.
Can do it or not, beloved
Open the secrets in your heart
I've got gas.
Do you want to sleep?
I see.
- Slave.
- Boss.
Lift me in your arms and
take me to my room.
Of course, boss.
Or do you want to keep looking at me?
I know what you want.
I want it too.
But not here.
Not now.
But why?
This is Kashin's home.
His bed.
It doesn't feel right here.
Sanju! Can't we just cuddle up?
We've been cuddling all this time.
Who is this now?
Some or the other relative
is always dropping in.
No place to sleep in my own home.
You've been drinking, haven't you?
- Who is that?
- Uncle Gajju.
If I catch you drinking again
I'll break your legs.
- Where should I sleep now?
- Why?
When you were little
you always wanted to sleep
next to uncle Gajju.
Now go and sleep next to him.
But when he...
Go on.
Careful! He has just gone to bed.
Just a few more days.
When I get my own place...
you wouldn't have a problem anymore.
Isn't this place your home?
This place is leased
to us by the Railways.
The rooms are smaller
than a train compartment.
Try driving a nail in the wall,
it will come crashing down.
They will kick us out
once father retires.
And you call this home.
Home is made up of the
people who live in it.
Not by the size of the
rooms and the walls.
There are way too many people.
Thats the problem.
What are you saying?
If that's the case, why don't
you get your own place?
I've even applied for a loan.
It's not easy to get loans. Otherwise,
everyone would've bought their own home.
Mom, I work for a bank.
I'll definitely get a loan.
Why won't I get a loan?
Hello! Why won't I get a 5 million loan?
How would I know? Ask someone
from the department.
I'll fix the department.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- I had applied for a home loan...
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How come you're here?
- Yeah. Karina D'Souza, second floor.
- Oh! Home loan.
- Don't you remember?
Of course. Home loan, second floor.
IT, top floor.
- Are you upset?
- No.
Oh yeah. I had applied
for a home loan...
but someone rejected it.
- Rejected it?
- Yeah.
How is it possible?
Employees get a preference.
Employees get a preference, exactly.
Sanjay Chaturvedi!
Sanjay Chaturvedi.
You know, I was wondering.
I work for this bank...
so I should've got preference.
Getting a loan should've been easy.
But, when it got rejected
I thought there must be a mistake.
I thought I'll check it myself.
But these people have no manners.
People in our office don't
understand hierarchy.
I rejected this loan.
- Sorry.
- No, don't be.
But why?
Your salary is 50,000 rupees.
The maximum that you get
in hand must be 45,000...
- How can you get a loan of 5 million?
- Why not?
- I will pay the installments.
- But how?
40,000 will be your monthly installment.
- How will you run your house in 6,000?
- I'll do it.
You don't have to worry.
I won't eat. I'll live on water and air.
I'll do it.
Sanjay, don't get upset.
Please check this again.
See, all my IT returns are in order.
Here's my insurance policy form.
And, these are all my bank statements.
Please check it once.
I've checked everything,
Sanjay, it's just...
It's policy, I can't really, I can't...
I can't help you.
I had job offers from the best IT firms.
But I opted to fix servers in the
technical department instead.
Do you know why?
I thought that if I work in this bank
it'll be easier for me
to get a home-loan.
I'll get a preference, like you said.
So what is this?
Sanjay, why are you
getting upset with me?
- I'm just doing my job.
- No, you're not doing your job.
You think, these bunch of
stamps have given you
the power to decide who's
going to stay in the city.
No problem. You're doing your job.
Let me tell you one thing.
These rubber stamps, or some bank stooge
won't decide whether
I should live here or not.
I am not a stooge, okay.
Watch your tongue.
He's crazy.
Listen, you take this rickshaw,
I'll take another one.
No, it's okay.
I'm really sorry.
I was upset because I didn't get
the loan and I blurted nonsense.
And, now this...
I am sorry.
Can I take you out for coffee?
I know it's a little...
It's near by.
Just a little far...
Please, don't be angry.
You called me a stooge.
I meant, employee.
Sanjay, employee. Karina...
You see...
I've lived in every railway quarter
from Dahisar to Mumbai Central.
But now, I want a permanent
address in this city.
Nothing else.
Have you seen this ad?
- Jeevan Saathi...
- Housing Scheme!
Of course, I have.
Thats why I applied for the loan.
I was going to take the
lottery form too, but...
- It's pointless now.
- Why? It's still possible.
Why are you doing it alone?
Why don't you apply for a
joint loan with your...
- Are you married?
- No.
Any girlfriend?
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Then make up your mind
and apply for it together.
Pay the EMis together.
Is that possible?
Nowadays, all husbands and
wives run their home together.
You know.
They share all the responsibilities 50-50.
Go to work, come home,
and do the dishes together.
Put the clothes out to dry together.
Chill together on Sundays.
Order a takeout.
Why? Why takeout?
Cooking together is also romantic.
But who's going to cook every day?
Not every day. Alternate days.
You can cook on some days,
and on the other days, I...
I mean, your girlfriend.
What did you say her name was?
I didn't tell you her name yet.
Sorry, this scheme is
only for married couples.
- So, I...
- Doesn't matter.
I can even get married for the house.
- What?
- What?
I'm just joking.
Are you and Samuel applying too?
No, he lives with his parents.
He has three servants at home.
You're so lucky.
No home loan, no cooking
or doing the dishes.
But, that's my dream.
It's your dream to make
your husband do the dishes?
My own little place.
Sharing all the responsibilities equally
- but here...
- It's one-sided.
This is me.
42 rupees.
The rickshaw fare, 50-50.
How can you forget your dream?
Oh, sorry. Yes.
I am joking.
See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I've been practicing every
day in the bathroom.
Whenever we dance, your
phone starts to ring.
Yeah, I...
My status will get updated today.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
All the best.
I'll see you. Bye, thanks.
Rashi, we'll have our own place.
Our names will be on the nameplate.
And we'll share everything 50-50.
We'll have sex twice on Sundays,
lots of food and deep conversations.
This is it! This is it!
Rashi, you have to decide now.
You have to decide now.
It's Kashin or me.
Kashin or me!
Kashin or me!
- Hi, Kashin.
- Hey, Sanjay!
So good to finally meet you, man.
Rashi's been waiting for you.
Aww. You got me my favorite flowers.
See. You don't even know
what my favorite flowers are.
Sanjay, make tea for everyone.
Hey! He's not your employee here.
He's my friend.
Go and get wine for everyone.
This is his house, too.
There's no need for this formality.
An irritating habit since childhood.
You know, Sanjay, I am really happy
- that Rashi found you.
- Yeah, right...
No. What do you mean?
I was really insecure.
Who is this guy? Why is
he getting so close?
She explained to me that
you're like her best friend.
Like a brother.
But I still didn't believe her.
I wanted to punch you in the face.
- But then she sent me your picture.
- I see.
And I finally got it.
What? What did you understand?
Bless us, O Lord
and these thy gifts which
we are about to receive...
From thy bounty, through
Christ our Lord. Amen.
- All okay, dear?
- Yeah, all good.
I have an announcement to make.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
I got a call.
- From where, son?
- From up.
From within! From within!
See, I can't live like you guys.
First earn money, then more money.
Buy property, spend your
life fighting for that property.
Then you die fighting for that property.
I can't live like this.
There are millions of
people in our country
- who need our help.
- Is he becoming a priest?
You're going to become a priest?
I am not becoming a priest, I...
- I formed an NGO. We're going to be
- NGO?
- Traveling across the country.
- What's an NGO?
Imphal, Kohima, Guwahati, and then
that other state, down south...
I think it's Orissa.
I told everyone that they are getting
married after Easter this year.
I thought you were going
to propose to her today.
- That was the idea.
- Mom!
I wanted to do all that only, Aunty.
Will you marry me?
Not aunty. But Karina,
will you marry me?
You know, after three months.
Three months?
See, because, I know. But that will
give her time to wind up her job.
And then she doesn't
have to rot in that bank
and work for those leeches anymore.
- Bloodsuckers.
- Banks are the worst.
I hate banks.
Look, son. That house is
falling down on our heads.
- You know that.
- I know.
If you want to change the world, you go.
Who is stopping you?
- But go after the wedding.
- Aunty...
we will get married, as soon I am back.
You have my word.
- Mom!
- You don't worry.
- I'll speak to Father Lori.
- Yes.
- We'll all speak to Father Lori.
- I have to leave.
- She's nervous or what?
- No, just shy.
Not nice to walk out in the
middle of dinner, like this.
What will they say?
Karina, girl, why are
you walking so fast?
What do you think? I am a dog, or what?
Handing my leash over to someone else.
How does he get to decide when
I get married, where I should work
how I should lead my life?
What if he leaves me, then?
What are you going to do?
- What are you going to do?
- Enough, come home.
I don't want to become you.
Living in your brother's house.
This charity. Bloody helpless, homeless.
Yeah! Big you've become.
Standing on the road and being arrogant!
You know what days I removed?
I slogged day and night so that
you could go to school and all.
And now you turn around and
say you don't want to be me?
You will never be me.
I could've had a different life.
I could've got married again.
But I chose you!
I want to see you walking down
the aisle in that lovely dress
settling with one decent chap.
Is that too much for a mother to ask?
Don't want to be me!
You'll never be me!
- Are you approving Sanjay's loan?
- What are you doing?
It's someone else's.
You disapproved his loan, but I
guess you've approved the guy.
I saw you two leave together.
Tina, mind your own business.
You're sounding upset.
As if Sam proposed to you.
Did he? Really?
Fine, don't tell me.
Actually, now I've understood
your concept of 50-50.
Romance with Sanjay,
and marriage with Sam.
Tomorrow is the last date.
What for?
Jeevan Saathi Housing Scheme.
But you two broke-up, right?
Samuel's going to Imphal, right?
Then he's going to Sikkim, then Kohima.
Those guys must be really lucky
who will get their own house.
Actually, the lucky ones are those
who are seeing this dream
together, you know.
The dream of their own home.
Wouldn't it be great if we...
I mean, wouldn't that be really simple?
Can't we apply for a joint loan?
I mean, let's fill the form together.
If we win the lottery,
what more can we ask for?
- Sanjay, it's for married couples.
- Yeah, I know.
All I am saying is,
let's fill the form.
And submit it.
One minute. Are you
proposing marriage to me...
- in a rickshaw?
- Yeah!
No, I am not proposing to you.
All I am saying is, let's fill the form.
And, if we get it
- we'll decide what to do with it.
- Do what?
We'll work out a deal, Karina.
Like how, what, how much...
All I am trying to say is that this
is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
We won't get this scheme,
this location, this home again.
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
- All this, for a house?
- No.
- Sorry.
- No.
No? Yeah.
It's a 550 sq.ft. Home, so...
550 built up?
Carpet area.
And two separate washrooms.
Modular kitchen.
With clips in the passage
for drying clothes.
- Two.
- Parking?
With a jungle gym for kids.
Karina, I am just saying
let's apply for it.
We won't get it so easily.
And, if you have your own home
you'll be able to live your
life on your own terms.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
I have a surprise for you.
What's this?
What? This is your little place.
I've been working on this for a while.
Look, I got the sewing
machine, and the...
You know, you can work here.
Aunty Blossom can work there.
Listen, I am really
sorry about yesterday.
I made that announcement,
and I threw everyone off.
I know you want to get married soon
because your house is falling
on your head, but now you have this.
You know, you're very own space.
You and Aunty Blossom
can move in immediately.
You have complete privacy.
Your own entrance.
And, once we get married
Aunty Blossom can move to Canada.
And we can...
These windows don't open?
They are jammed.
But, you don't need to.
There's AC. So...
You don't need to open the windows.
Our nameplate 'Kar-Sam'.
It's our names, Karina and Samuel.
- I can see that.
- I put your name first.
Yeah, I can see that too.
I'll always look after you.
You don't have to worry about
a thing till I am there.
And when you're not there?
When I am not there...
- Yes?
- Where were you, Raju?
I told you to come immediately
when you hear the bell.
You just ruined it all. Go!
- Go away.
- Sorry, sir.
Anyway, so when I am
not there, he's there.
- Great!
- Isn't it?
Yes! Great!
She went for a meeting.
You don't remember that.
She doesn't have a boyfriend.
No boyfriends.
We still have three hours left.
Jeevan Saathi office?
Sign here, on your photograph.
Half here and half on the photograph.
- Doesn't this feel strange?
- Why?
I mean, are we doing the right thing?
The right thing?
What we're doing is mind-blowing.
We... Hold on. I got it, bro.
Check if everyone has the PAN card.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- No problem.
- It's a very essential scheme.
The following documents are mandatory.
Marriage certificate.
- 400,000 demand draft.
- PAN card...
Marriage Certificate.
But we don't have
a marriage certificate.
- Neither do we have the money.
- Yeah, that...
Yes, you can keep the snacks here.
Take this receipt and go.
- There is one way.
- What?
Sanjay, now I realized
why that pick-pocketer's
story melted your heart.
Everyone in Mumbai has
a problem with space.
- Correct.
- But, only a few have a heart like you.
I will do your job. Give me the file.
Here's the form.
Along with all the papers in the file.
And, in whose name
will be the ownership?
- Single or Joint?
- Joint.
We'll share it 50-50.
Love marriage?
Planning to elope, aren't you?
Nice, but don't tell anyone.
- Give me the cheque.
- Well, the cheque...
- It is necessary for the deposit.
- Correct.
If you don't get the house,
the money will be refunded.
- Yeah, but now...
- Mr. Rehmat, I'll get it in a week's time.
This is official work.
- What about the marriage certificate?
- It's not there.
Actually, we just got married. So...
The marriage certificate
hasn't arrived yet.
I've been working here for 15 years now.
I can judge from the face
whether a person's married,
or if he's divorced
or if he's in a live-in relationship.
Not to worry.
When God creates a problem
we always find a solution.
Just do as I say.
It's all perfect, son.
The entire process is computerized.
It'll close down at 6:00 p.m.
Their love-story will end right here.
Run! Run!
Now, have a sweet.
We just submitted the application.
- Once we get the house, we'll...
- No, no.
You two can have a home together
only when you two get together.
Look, he has taken the form to
get a date for the
marriage registration.
Next, he's taking the file
to the housing department.
And once you get a
marriage registration date
in the next couple of weeks,
you must get married.
If you get lucky, your form
will move from here to there.
And then, happily ever after.
Go. Go.
Mr. Kamlesh, the file is ready.
Don't worry, it won't come to that.
If we get the house, we'll
complete all the formalities.
And the divorce registration is right
next to the marriage registration.
Listen, don't worry.
Tomorrow, after work,
we'll work out a deal.
In case we get the home.
And, if we don't
at least we'll know that we tried.
Thank you.
And congratulations!
You'll have to manage the deposit money.
My mother handles my finances, so...
You don't worry, I'll talk to the HRD.
Rashi ma'am loves me.
Don't act smart!
If Kashin had found out about us
you would've been dead.
Honor killing is very
common in our community.
Rashi, please. I...
I don't want to talk about that.
I wanted to discuss something personal.
- I...
- You love someone else.
- No. No, I...
- You're going to marry her.
Yeah. No, it's just...
You're here to invite me to the wedding.
I want to borrow 400,000 from
my personal provident fund.
Because I'm buying my own home.
I just need your signature.
You're getting a home with her.
You couldn't wait for me, Sanjay.
Rashi, I waited for you for three years.
- You and Kashin...
- Listen, Kashin and me...
I don't want to interfere
between you two, Rashi.
I really, really need this house.
I also really need you, Sanjay.
My slave.
And let's say that if we do get the house
- you can apply for a home loan.
- Yeah.
And according to the current market rate
I mean, if you can afford it
you can pay me my share, right?
Or, if I want to keep the house
I'll pay you your share,
or something like that.
- We'll work it out.
- Yeah.
And, if we both can't afford it
or if we can't find a partner, we'll
sell it at the market rate.
- At least we'll get half the price.
- Half price, correct.
And, we can even rent out
the place whenever we want.
Because we won't find a property
like this again, Karina.
- True.
- This...
Sorry, I guess that's your drink.
No, it's not mine either.
- It's complimentary, ma'am.
- Why?
- Happy Valentine's Day.
- Aww. So sweet!
Thank you.
- No, we aren't...
- No.
- We're not...
- Sir, complimentary means, its free.
Idiot, I know that
complimentary means free.
- Shall we get a cab instead?
- No, no.
I love traveling by train.
When I'm with Samuel,
we always take the car
so I've lost touch, that's it.
Well, you can go to the
- ladies compartment at the next station.
- No.
I'll be with you.
Sanju! How are you?
Uncle Mishra, I'm absolutely fine.
Come here.
Come on.
Madam, make some space. He's staff.
It's alright, I'll be getting down soon.
Everyone's got to get down somewhere.
I am not taking this train home.
Where are you working these days?
Same place, Centrum IT Department.
Private. Good. Very good.
- What's your salary?
- The pay's decent, okay.
You should get a bike now.
It'll be more comfortable.
Hey! Come on, move ahead!
It's alright. He's staff.
- I'm going to the head office tomorrow.
- I see.
I'll meet up with your father.
I'll tell him that we met.
Some people just don't
care where they are.
Yeah, at the cafe, the park
in the rickshaw or the train.
It's really awkward in the train.
But they really don't have a choice.
There's lack of space in the city.
For you know, kissing.
Because, as the tradition
of the Raghu clan goes
'Give your life, but
never give up a kiss.'
- Karina!
- No!
It's okay.
It happens.
Look, this is not part of the deal.
- But I had a good time.
- Yeah, me too.
And you're cute.
Happy Valentine's Day, bye.
Do you remember Mr. Dubey?
He owns a soap factory.
- And stone quarrys too.
- Yeah.
He's got a daughter, Tripti.
She's studied at Kota.
She is so beautiful.
I sent him your picture on WhatsApp.
The girl likes you.
Take a look at her DP picture
and tell me what you think,
so that we can talk further.
This is crazy, Mom. I don't
want to see anyone's photo.
Don't try to retire me too.
Have a look, you'll change your mind.
She's really good looking.
Why don't you sit and talk?
I'm washing my hands.
You don't need to wash
your hands to see the photo.
Take a look.
Come and eat, so that
I can finish my work.
I won't leave until
you haven't eaten.
You start snoring then.
While I am waiting here.
Even the other day, when
I was fixing the key...
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Sanju.
- Coming.
I really need to talk to you.
Can we sneak into your room?
My room? I don't have a room.
- I sleep right here in the hall.
- Oh! Cute.
Are you washing your hands or bathing?
Coming, Mom.
Until I don't fix that one key
I'm going to eat salty things.
You know, Sam and I...
We... We hadn't done it.
Till now.
But, before he left for Imphal today...
He... he wanted to make out, and...
But... I said no.
- Because, I cheated, and...
- No, Karina. You didn't cheat.
It just happened.
Look you were right. This was not
the part of our deal, and...
- I don't have any right to, you know...
- No.
I said no to Samuel because I
thought I'd be cheating on you.
I should go.
- Karina.
- I don't know if this is right, or...
It's great.
It's great, because...
my relationship status
is now single, so...
Even my status is single.
Did you break-up with Samuel?
But why did you take such a
long pause before saying 'yes'?
I mean, I've written
everything in the letter.
No, Karina. I'll jump down from here.
I am done playing this
unsure game in life.
I want to be sure now, please.
Sanjay, I'm standing at your terrace
at this hour. What else do you want?
I don't have feelings for him,
I've feelings for...
Can... Can you feel it?
Of course, I do.
It's the oldest and the most
common feeling in the world.
But it feels new every time.
A place with the view
Of the entire world
Somewhere up in the skies
Where the moon peeks
In through the windows
A place where water
Splashes on your face
When the ocean
Tosses and turns away
Where everything's ours to keep,
And real happiness
A bubbly afternoon
And a velvety evening
A place where our wandering
Dreams can rest too
Sanctuary Sanctuary
A sanctuary like home
Sanctuary Sanctuary
A sanctuary like home
Sanctuary Sanctuary
Run! The police is here!
I don't know. Are you sure about...
I found it! I found it!
Is that Sanjay?
- What's happening?
- I don't know what's happening.
We won't find a more perfect place.
- Sanjay...
- Sanjay?
- What are you doing?
- Come on.
I can't clock out before 6.
What are you doing?
I'm the IT guy,
I'll clock out for you.
- Bye, Tina.
- Bye.
- Sanjay, where are we going?
- Hurry up!
- You've kept me waiting for so long.
- Sorry! Sorry!
- Start it up.
- Sure.
Come on.
Are you mad?
I'm not going anywhere in this.
I am going home.
That's where I'm taking you.
Welcome to D'Souza
and Chaturvedi Residence.
This building is under the Jeevan
Saathi scheme we had applied for.
And this, this will be our home.
Top floor.
But we can also get the
first floor in the lucky draw.
We won't necessarily get this place.
Let's dream big, middle-class.
Whenever the rains will come uninvited
We'll sing a romantic song together
And get drenched in the mild fragrance
Sipping on a hot cup of tea
We'll be so far away from the land
Where people will look like fireflies
Sanctuary Sanctuary
A sanctuary like home
Sanctuary Sanctuary
A sanctuary like home
Sanctuary Sanctuary
A sanctuary like home
This is amazing.
It is.
This whole thing. This house.
Its perfect.
Not the house. This...
This is amazing. Us!
Are you sure?
Yes, I am sure.
This wasn't part of the deal.
You'll have to pay dearly for this deal.
- No.
- One second.
No, Karina.
It's mom.
Hello, Mom. Yeah, I am coming.
I'm at Tina's.
And, what about the 400,000 cheque?
I'll get that.
Rashi, what are you doing?
Can't I even kiss you now?
No, Rashi, but...
- I am sorry, but you know.
- No, I am sorry.
I've been chasing the
management for a week...
so that you can get your cheque.
When will I get the cheque?
When will I get the cheque?
Do you even remember that
it's my birthday on Sunday?
I am absolutely alone now.
- No one to celebrate with either.
- No, Rashi, it's not like that.
So what is it?
What can you do?
Will you throw a surprise party for
me in front of your entire department?
- My department...
- Done.
That's a great idea.
You know, that way I'll bond
with some other people.
And I'll even handover your cheque.
Return gift.
I love surprises.
I didn't let you come close
to me for three years.
But, Rashi, we were quite close.
But we didn't have sex, right?
I was being loyal.
And he's fooling around
with that white girl!
How do you...
Synced emails.
Her name is Vannesa.
The emails are really
disturbing, Sanjay.
I don't want to live here anymore.
I don't want Kashin's
obligations anymore.
I've told Dad
and he's looking for a home in Bandra.
All I need is a companion,
to share it with.
Rashi ma'am...
if I could get my cheque.
Sanjay, the entire house is a mess.
Will you give me a hand?
Yeah. Let's do it together.
We'll get it done faster.
- Sunny.
- Yes, ma'am.
You're drunk. You should go home.
- We'll do it.
- Ma'am, I am a teetotaller.
- Sunny.
- Yes, ma'am.
You're drunk. You should go home now.
Correct, ma'am.
Everything's in order...
No, I am really...
I was wrong, wasn't I?
I didn't let you come close to me.
Isn't that why you left me?
What are you doing, Rashi? I can't.
It was okay when I was
with someone else, right?
And now when I need you
you're pretending to be loyal?
Relax, it's just sex.
No, Rashi, I just want my cheque.
Come and get it.
Tell me, beloved
Open the secrets in your heart
- Hello.
- Where are you?
- I... I am at home.
- And what about the cheque?
- The cheque...
- You said you'll get it by the weekend.
Mr. Rehmat wants it by Monday.
Your phone was unreachable since morning.
Can you hear me? Hello?
Yeah, I got the cheque.
That's fantastic, Sanjay!
Because we also won the house!
It's the one we wanted,
on the top floor, Sanjay!
Just like we had imagined.
The very same flat.
You did it, Sanjay! You did it!
Yes, I did it.
Friends, a very dear friend
of mine is retiring today.
I've always been a fan
of his heavenly voice.
And so, I would request you...
to welcome him with
a huge round of applause.
Mr. Bhaskar Chaturvedi.
I would request Bhaskar...
to say a few words.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
- Mr. Mishra.
- Yes.
- There are your few words.
- What are you saying?
- Can I retire now?
- Not yet, please.
Just a couple of words more.
I've been observing
these railway tracks...
for the past 30 years.
They are like the
lines on your palms...
- which never fade away.
- Wow! What a thought!
I came to Mumbai, 30 years ago
to become a singer.
But I became a railway
announcer instead.
Yet, I don't have any regrets.
Because, I had a pretty important job.
That's what my wife says.
She consoled me that I
had a pretty important job.
We, at least, help the passengers
to get one step closer
to their destination.
But the passengers,
are like our children.
They yell and scream, say
absurd things, hurl abuses.
In fact, they even quarrel with us.
But I never had any
complaints with them.
Our only advice to them is
Son, don't stand on the wrong platform.
Or else you'll miss your train,
and you'll be left stranded forever.
- Amazing thought.
- Thank you.
Hold on, just a minute.
Bhaskar, please one last announcement.
Mr. Mishra, I guess you
won't rest until I am dead.
No, no.
The Fa key is working.
I am just a traveler
Without a home, or a destination
I've to keep walking
Just keep walking
Your attention please, passengers.
22209 DN Duronto Express
will be arriving on platform number
9 instead of platform number 8.
Thank you.
Do pay us a visit whenever
you're in Kanpur.
Of course.
Yeah and don't make excuses.
What the hell are you saying!
I knew it that very night...
- I was only there to collect my cheque.
- Who told you to mate after that?
Stop cracking stupid
jokes and help me out.
- I'll tell Karina everything.
- Absolutely.
You shouldn't hide this.
Hey! Hello?
Your dreams will come crashing down.
You can forget the house,
the king-size bed, and lots of...
- And Tina, what if I tell you everything?
- Then we'll break up.
Then why are you giving
him such a stupid idea?
What if tomorrow, I tell you
that I got drunk and stupid?
Then I'll say why did you tell me?
What are you saying?
What is he saying?
Are you out of your mind?
Look, maybe Karina will break up
with you after hearing the truth.
- And you might even lose your home.
- Of course.
But, are you willing to
form your relationship
with Karina on the basis
of a lie, for a house?
Take my advice and be honest with her.
A cheque for 400,000!
A cheque for 400,000.
Where the hell did you keep this?
Well, at least you got it.
Like I said, Sanjay...
we'll celebrate when
you'll get the house.
Not with chocolates.
We'll celebrate with chocolate brownies.
- What's a brownie?
- These are brownies. I made these.
Looks tempting.
Gotya, what are you doing?
Go give the cheque to Mrs. Deshpande.
Take it, take it.
Run! Run!
Sanjay, now you better
get married in two weeks.
And, throw a wedding party.
Your families must be really happy.
Karina, we need to...
Karina, everything that happened...
Like the Jeevan Saathi lucky
draw, the house, the kiss...
We didn't get any time
to discuss about it.
And we... You know, it's not a deal.
So, I was thinking
that there are some things
I want to share with you.
- I mean...
- Sanjay...
My home.
My name's on it. Karina D'Souza.
My dream.
Our dream.
Look, Sanjay Chaturvedi.
- Aren't you happy?
- Yeah, of course, I am. Very!
And that's why, Karina,
I was saying that...
we're going to start anew, you know.
So I want to tell you
everything about my past.
Hi, Mom.
Mom, I... I am coming.
Yeah, I am coming.
Sanjay Chaturvedi,
congratulations for the home!
6:30 p.m...
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Rashi, what are you doing?
Kashin and I broke up.
- I told him everything about us.
- Told him what?
- This.
- Rashi!
Now Kashin will never interfere.
- This...
- It's just you and me now.
Rashi, I got that
home in the lucky draw.
Do you remember, I had applied for
the home loan? It got approved.
- So now, I just need to get married.
- I know.
You made a deal with
that girl for the house.
What is her name?
- Kari...
- Anyway, it doesn't matter.
I know you always dreamed
of buying your own home.
Isn't that why you're
doing all this, Sanju?
The marriage, the loan.
We do have our own home now.
And, it's much bigger
than that cheap pigeon-hole.
Our names will be on the agreement.
Okay, we'll transfer
it to your name if you want.
No biggie.
Rashi, let's not hold up the lift.
What will people think?
What are you thinking?
Wasn't this your dream?
You've always wanted me,
and now you have me
and now I love you!
What is the problem?
I don't love you, Rashi.
And you love her.
- What's this?
- It's a letter.
- You read it?
- I also read it.
- What's wrong with you?
- Yeah, Karina, what's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with you?
Everybody stop saying
What's wrong with you?
You answer me, Karina, first.
Karina, talk to me.
We love each other.
You didn't even come with me to Imphal.
I don't want to go to Imphal with you.
I don't want to go anywhere with you.
Mom, we discussed this before.
I need my own space.
I cannot live with your parents,
I need to make my own decision.
- I have a career to think about.
- But, my girl...
And, Mom, I may not be
able to save this world
but I need to be responsible
for my own life.
And, Sam, I don't love you!
I don't think I ever did.
- Then what were you doing for so long?
- Mom, it was just a compromise.
You look like you're more
in love with him than I am.
There is nothing between us.
- No love, no sex.
- Enough now, enough!
- You're talking rubbish!
- What rubbish I am talking?
Tell her, if I am talking rubbish.
Karina, you know we
can't do it before marriage.
Everybody, please stop
talking about S-E-X.
And I gave you your own space.
I gave you 'Kar-Sam'.
And, Aunty, after marriage we
can have as much S-E-X as you want.
Stop it! Sam, stop it!
- Karina...
- Mom, I'm getting married to Sanjay.
Sanjay? Who is Sanjay now?
Yeah, who is Sanjay now?
Again you're repeating what I'm saying.
I am getting irritated. Who is Sanjay?
- Sam!
- Sam! Sam!
- Sam, listen.
- Sam! Sam! Sam!
I am really sorry about all this.
You're a very nice guy.
It's just that, we're
two very different people
wanting different things from life.
You want a Mrs. Masqita, right?
Who'll take care of your home,
take care of your parents.
Who'll take care of you.
But I can't be that person.
- I am sure you'll find someone.
- It's okay.
Aunty, I gave it my best.
But you broke my heart.
I am angry. I am upset.
I am shattered.
But I don't just say anything...
that I am going to regret in the future.
Best of luck with your life...
- and that Hindu boy of yours.
- Sam!
- What's the name of that fellow?
- Mom...
- I'll... I'll tell you.
- You said, Sanjay, right?
- Sanjay what?
- Sit.
Sanjay Chaturvedi.
What's Chaturvedi?
- He's a Hindu?
- Mom...
- Oh my Jesus!
- Mom!
What you simply... Your blood
pressure will go up, Mom!
Then why are you doing this to me?
Do you want to kill me or what?
- Mom, I...
- Such a good Christian boy.
Mom, I love Sanjay.
I love him. I can actually see myself
spending a lifetime
with him, not with Sam.
As nice as he is.
You wanted a decent boy, right?
- You wanted a decent boy.
- Yes.
Sanjay is that guy, Mom.
He sees the world as I do.
And, we even got a home loan together.
We applied for a house
together and we got it.
Oh my Jesus!
Mommy? Mom?
Don't worry, I am not
going to die so soon.
First I want to see that boy of yours.
Since when did you become friendly to him?
Since one month, Aunty.
And when did you apply
for a house together?
Two days ago.
And, when did you two fall
in love, this morning?
I got some chicken patice,
he'll eat, right?
No, Aunty, I'm a vegetarian.
And fish?
No, Aunty.
But she loves fish.
- My Jesus, you're going to convert...
- No, Mom.
No, Aunty.
- And children.
- Whose?
Mom, can you please stop this now?
No, I won't stop it. You've to ask
all these things from the beginning.
He's from another religion.
Do you know how they live?
Their customs.
It's one thing to fall
in love with them, but
another thing to live with them.
- Children...
- Children, Aunty?
- Will he be a Hindu, or a Christian?
- We'll figure it out later, Mom.
Later when? When it's too late?
- Do you believe in God?
- No, Aunty, I am not much of a believer.
Good, she doesn't either.
Can we please stop this
interrogation, Mom?
No, we cannot!
What will I say to Father Lori?
First she was friendly to Sam.
Then she broke off with him.
Now she's friendly
to one Hindu boy.
- Look, Sanjeev...
- Sanjay, Aunty.
You two have already decided everything.
About your marriage and everything else.
But that's not how we do things.
I've made a lot of sacrifices for her...
but she ignored all of it.
Maybe she doesn't care for me.
But, she's my only child.
If anything happens to her,
what am I going to do?
- Mom...
- Aunty...
I am a Chaturvedi,
and she is a D'Souza.
I like cottage cheese
and she loves fish.
But that will never come between us.
We'll take really good
care of each other.
I mean, we'll probably
quarrel sometimes.
But the reason will never be our
religion and that's my promise, Aunty.
And our children can worship Jesus,
or Lord Hanuman, or Sachin Tendulkar.
We'll let the kids decide that.
Aunty, for now we just
want to get married.
That's it.
And we only need your blessings.
- Did you take your parents' blessings?
- Of course, Aunty.
I'll never allow a
meat-eater in my home.
When did you do this? This?
Will it be in your name?
Yours and that girl's?
Did you read her name? D'Souza.
Why are you saying that?
I thought you will be happy.
Why tell us now?
You could've told us
after you two got married.
You'll be happy!
Did you two get married?
Did you?
If I had, then why would I be introducing
you two to her mother, tomorrow?
- Where did you meet her?
- At my office.
- Is she fair?
- See for yourself, tomorrow.
I know all about your dream home.
But why borrow from someone else?
Why didn't you come to me?
I could have given you the money.
You fool!
You never did anything
when you had a job.
Stop bragging after you're retired.
Don't change sides.
Nothing like this has ever
happened in our family.
The Chaturvedi family name makes the
headlines every day, doesnt it?
Don't be angry. What's done is done.
Accept it as God's will.
And you...
don't be upset.
Come here.
You're the first Chaturvedi
in four generations
who will have his own home.
Stop cursing Chaturvedis.
This boy will humiliate us some day.
- Papa, at least meet her once.
- I don't want to meet anyone.
The blushing eyes
The glasses filled to the brim
Let me drink
Tomorrow's so unpredictable
Let me be fearless tonight
Let me live freely tonight
So lovely!
- You've got a great voice.
- Thank you!
Why do I feel that I've
heard your voice before?
Does he sing on the radio?
Not the radio.
Then why do I think I've heard...
You must have heard his voice
at Dadar train station.
He was a Railway Announcer.
Right, of course.
Of course, of course, yes.
Every time I traveled
from Mezgaon to Maim...
- Mazgaon to Mahim
- In the train, yes.
That's where I heard your voice.
It sounded very different.
Not like those lady announcers.
"The train at platform number 9..."
So irritating, like crows.
- Crows!
- Crows!
She referred to them as crows!
Please try this, I made these.
Egg-less, it's egg-less.
Here you go.
You also have.
Mrs. D'Souza, it was
really fun meeting you.
And, Karishma, dear.
- It's Karina...
- I'm even more happy to meet you.
But we're strictly vegetarians.
Yes, and we're strictly non-vegetarians.
No one eats vegetarian food?
Then how is this going to work?
Right, that's what I told her.
How will this work?
Well, they will build
their own little home.
And their own ground rules. So what?
Their home? Their home?
And if they don't have a home,
won't they get married?
- No, uncle. That's not it.
- Then what?
He is right.
Won't you two get married
if you don't have a home?
Are you marrying for
the flat, or for love?
- You both love each other, right?
- Of course, I do.
I love him, Mom.
- Sanju, you say it too.
- Huh?
What huh?
He's exactly like his father.
Blossom, don't you worry at all.
Sorry, Mrs. Chaturvedi.
But no one in my family has
ever got married like this.
Nobody in our family either, but...
When the husband and wife are
ready, what can the Qazi do?
- Qazi?
- Priest.
Let's go to Mrs. D'souza's home and
light the holy lantern of good luck.
- Then we'll discuss further.
- Absolutely.
I have to talk to Father Lori.
- Karina, listen...
- Stop, stop, stop here.
Don't open your eyes.
Don't open your eyes.
Welcome to the Chaturvedi
And D'Souza residency.
There was an auction at the church of
the furniture from the old Parish
and I bought all of it.
What do you think?
Bed. Fridge.
TV is your responsibility.
Because we must share everything 50-50.
Isn't that right, Mr. Chaturvedi?
I still don't remember
what had happened.
But I didn't want to
hide anything from you.
- Karina, I love...
- Stop!
Don't say it.
I got carried away.
My dream, my independence...
And then...
Let's keep this as a deal.
And not get into the hassles of love.
Now if I tell Mom...
Shit! Sanjay!
- Sanjay, you made me dependent again.
- No, Karina.
Karina, girl.
Come here.
- So that's what the furniture is for?
- Yeah.
- And this is Sanjay...
- Chaturvedi.
- Nice to meet you, Sanjay.
- Same here, Father.
So Mum's telling me that
you two work together.
- What do you do, Sanjay?
- I am a software engineer.
Admitting honestly doesn't
make the crime forgivable.
How convenient!
First, you kill someone,
and then confess honestly
so you should be forgiven.
It was a stupid mistake. An accident.
And these things do happen, right?
Even you ended up on
Sanjay's terrace, accidentally.
You kissed him while you
were seeing someone, right?
That was different.
I wrote everything
in the letter to Samuel.
Really? Letter?
What do you...
What do you mean? Huh?
Him cheating on me is justified?
It's fine?
- I deserve this.
- No, you deserve better.
You deserve that house.
You deserve Sanjay.
But don't ruin everything
for a stupid mistake.
Don't forgive him so easily.
Let him feel guilty for a while.
He should be shit scared!
And then you can forgive him.
Now, do I send this form ahead, or not?
D'souza-Chaturvedi Residence.
Here. Right here.
Move aside, will you?
Wait! Just wait!
- Wait!
- I said move.
Or else D'Souza and
Chaturvedi will fall down.
Now I'll have to move
or she will spill the
color on my clothes.
- Perfect.
- Come, son.
- What does she have to do?
- Kick it.
Kick it?
Yes, kick.
I mean you just need to topple it.
Come on.
No, no. That's bad omen.
Use your right leg.
- Is your daughter lefty?
- No, no.
Karina, right.
- I guess that's too much force.
- She played football in school.
She broke all the records. Amazing!
Sorry, sorry.
No, Rehmat.
He's my only son.
I don't like this idea of
getting married in the court.
As Rehmat said earlier
the last day to submit the marriage
certificate is the day after tomorrow.
Once their marriage is registered
we'll have a grand wedding later.
- Right.
- Yes, that's right.
Sorry, I heard grand wedding.
But Karina doesn't like
any of that, you know.
We have very simple weddings.
Sanjay also doesn't want.
Fine, we'll have a simple wedding.
A handful of guests from your
side, and a few from ours.
- Food, drinks and trumpets.
- Band?
What are you saying? How can we
have trumpets blaring at the court?
We'll call the registrar
at a wedding hall.
How will you get a hall in two days?
This isn't Kanpur
where you can get married
in your own courtyard.
- Sister, what an idea.
- Huh?
Just say the word, and we'll get
them married in their own courtyard.
Yeah. Here?
Yes, that will be great.
They will get married right here,
and settle down here.
But don't tell those idiots. Or
else they will meddle with our plans.
- It will be a surprise.
- Surprise, right.
And it'll be really simple, right?
What's backyard?
Sanjay, I don't want to
talk about it right now.
What is this?
Karina, I want to marry you.
And I really want to marry
you. Not this charade.
Not by lying to everyone. This deal...
This is not how I want to do it.
I want a proper one, please.
No, I...
- I don't want to do this.
- Karina.
Karina, will you...
You already laid down your weapons?
Come, dear, we must get
on with the rituals. Come on.
- What is it?
- Come down to the office right now.
- I must talk to you.
- I can't come now.
- I have a house-warming...
- It's about the night we had sex.
- Hello?
- How about my stole?
Yes. Yes, it will do.
It's a ritual.
And after this ritual, she's
no longer your daughter.
It's just like giving token at the
time of house registration.
- I had a dream.
- What dream?
A child... in my womb.
Is that it?
I mean, did you call me down
here to tell me this dream?
- Rashi, I left my house...
- Sanjay, I haven't got my periods.
No, no, no. Rashi, I
remember, that night...
That night...
Rashi, it's a bad dream.
Just a bad dream, forget everything.
You don't remember anything.
You were so drunk that night and
you didn't even use protection.
No, this can't happen to me.
- What's going to happen to me?
- Relax, it's not what you think.
How do you know?
Fix an appointment with
a good gynecologist.
- We'll go together.
- Why me?
- Because you're going to be a father.
- I am not going to be anyone's father.
Sanjay Chaturvedi,
this is your responsibility!
- First time?
- What?
Is this your first time?
- This is my fourth.
- Congratulations.
It's only for the first time...
you know, the bleeding,
the delivery, the puking.
- After that, it's rather convenient.
- Okay.
- Your wife is really gorgeous.
- No... yes...
But she's really weak.
You must tell her to stop
dieting in this condition.
She must eat properly.
We're not sure yet.
You will be. I'll pray to God.
100 percent, you'll get your baby too.
Thank you, doctor. Thank you so much.
No! You don't get it.
- Where's the report?
- This is...
But there's no harm in
getting a second opinion.
Don't you trust me? Don't you trust me?
You didn't let me meet the doctor.
- You know, last night I felt something.
- What?
I think our baby was kicking me.
It was really painful, Sanjay.
You've got gas.
How is it possible?
I mean, I am not God
to bless you with a ready-made kid.
It's a child, not a money plant
to grow fully in a week.
Move your hand, it's nothing.
Sanjay, stop it!
You're hurting our baby.
There is no baby.
Ma'am, plan B.
Karina, they are having a meeting
about 'Project Baby'. Let's go.
- Karina!
- Karina!
Karina, stay away from him.
He's a cheater.
- He's the father of my child.
- Rashi, shut up!
Karina, she's lying. I swear.
We just went to see a gynecologist.
I am pregnant with his child.
I think it's a boy and
I'll name him...
Hi, Kashin.
- Stop it!
- Run, Sanjay!
Run, Sanjay!
Kashin... Kashin, listen to me.
I was lying, I am not pregnant.
- She was lying, she's not... What?
- Don't lie!
- She's actually telling the truth.
- Just shut up!
Kashin, this loser got
drunk and passed out.
I just sent those photos
to make you jealous.
- Rashi, you're a psycho!
- Who are you?
- I am Sunny.
- Who is Vanessa?
- Vanessa?
- The mistress.
She sends you those vulgar emails.
- Bro, she reads all your emails.
- Shut up!
Get down, dude.
Rashi, you're so stupid.
My email got hacked.
Vanessa is some 60-year-old woman
who keeps sending me weird emails.
Baby, I was so insecure. I love you.
I will kill you!
Sorry, sorry!
Hey, did you show him
the approval letter?
- Karina?
- Why do you do these things?
I don't know what happened
to me after reading your emails.
I thought I lost you.
So why lie to me about your pregnancy?
Bro, she took me to the gynae.
I've never been there in my life.
Because you were my plan B.
But later, even you got
distracted by another girl.
You two didn't even think about me.
I was so alone.
You two are so selfish. So selfish!
You're so selfish!
Forget me, Sanjay.
I know it won't be easy.
But, I only love Kashin.
And everybody just get back to work!
Hey! First you have
to tell everything to...
Karina, what happened?
Karina! Karina!
You heard everything, didn't you?
Nothing happened.
What didn't happened, could've
happened just as easily.
But listen...
I swear, I was only there to
collect my cheque.
Just to collect your cheque?
What if I say that
I went over to my boss's place
to get our home loan approved
I got drunk, and I don't
remember what happened
will you be okay with that?
- But nothing like that happened.
- It's all wrong, Sanjay.
The very foundation of
our relationship is wrong.
People first fall in love, then
get married and then buy a house.
- But we began all wrong.
- Karina...
First the house, then
marriage, and then...
I guess you never loved me.
- Hey! That's not true, Karina.
- Then what is it?
You said that you can even
get married for the house.
- I was just joking.
- You weren't joking.
I thought it was a joke.
And that was probably the only
time you were truthful to me.
You want to hear the truth, Karina?
The truth is you're just being
stubborn right now, okay?
And it was pretty easy for me
to hide all this from you.
But I decided to tell you the truth.
Oh wow! What a great guy you are!
Someone give him a Noble Prize.
No, you listen to me first.
I didn't make this deal alone, Karina.
You made this deal with me.
And this 50-50 that you
keep chanting all day
it's not just about cooking
or doing the dishes together.
It's also got 50-50 trust.
And currently, it's zero from your side.
Yes, my trust in you is zero.
And let this remain a deal.
We'll go to the court tomorrow
and get married for our families.
Take a selfie and sell
this home in a month.
What do you mean?
It means, I don't want to have
anything to do with this house.
This bloody house now
means nothing to me.
Karina, this house means
everything to me, okay?
Ive worked my entire life for it
and I won't let it go so easily.
Exactly my point.
It was the house, not love.
I am selling my house...
if you want it, then you
got to buy it from me.
Love is faith
Love is a blessing
Why are you upset with love?
Dwells in the heart
It's a blessing of God
Those who have it, are blessed
It's a special gift
From God for everyone
If you didn't understand
Then, it's not His fault
It's popular
It's popular
Stories of love are popular
It's popular
It's popular
Stories of love are popular
Love is faith
Love is worship
Why are you upset with love?
Dwells in the heart
It's a blessing of God
Those who have it, are blessed
It's a special gift
From God for everyone
If you didn't understand
Then, it's not His fault
It's popular
- Where are we going?
- Just drive.
Stories of love are popular...
It's joint ownership, you must do that.
Wouldn't have been a problem,
if it was single ownership.
No, what if one party wants to back out
is there a way out?
Back out? What do you mean?
Listen, bro. Who is he?
And, you should be convincing Karina...
- Sunny, please.
- But...
Mr. Rehmat, is there a way?
What's going on? Is this a joke?
Aren't you two getting married tomorrow?
Is there a problem?
Mr. Rehmat, I just want
to know if there's a way.
Listen carefully.
You must get her signature
on a no-objection certificate, for
the property to be single-ownership.
Then the house is yours.
- So the NOC...
- What the hell are you...
Stop interfering.
What's done is done now.
I can't lose the house.
Are you going to stoop
so low for a house?
I don't need your advice!
I know what I am doing, please.
Get lost.
I'll manage the paperwork
but you must get her signatures,
and submit it tomorrow.
Otherwise, both of you
won't get the home.
Sanjay, this is a personal matter.
Try to solve it gently.
Mr. Rehmat, there's no
way to solve it gently.
It exists in every heart
Even more valuable than
All the riches in the world
Everyone's accepted this slavery
And you should give in too
What's going on?
New couples will be coming in tomorrow.
One of the couples
is getting married here.
The road of love is very difficult
One who braves the storm,
Finds his shore
Come. Come.
Okay, done.
Look straight. Look.
Why are you making me wear all this?
Because there's a fancy dress
competition in the church.
What do you mean, why?
It's your wedding day.
What else do you want to wear?
But it's just a simple signing thing, Mom.
It's a marriage, Karina girl.
From today you'll be man and wife.
You'll get your independence,
your house, your...
decent man, your way.
- You don't have to become me.
- Mom, don't...
No, no, no. You shouldn't become me.
I am so proud of you, my girl.
You know, when I come
to visit you from Canada
I won't have to stay
in someone else' house.
I'll stay in my daughter's own house.
Now, look straight.
Mario's blessings.
Who are you?
Tell Karina that the milkman's here.
I'll call her.
Mr. Rehmat, what are you doing here?
Karina madam, come with
me to the building right now.
Sanjay has messed up everything.
He's cheating you and me.
He's forged your signatures
and keeping the apartment for himself.
What do you mean?
How do you know?
Karina madam, stop pretending.
I know all about your deal.
Come to the building immediately.
I've called Sanjay too.
Mr. Rehmat, I haven't told
anyone about the deal.
Everyone's sleeping.
- Nobody should know...
- So wake them up.
I'll tell Mrs. Blossom.
I'll tell Mrs. Blossom.
He's cheating her too.
I thought this was all about love
and so I helped you two.
And now I am stuck.
I signed the documents taking a risk.
I'll have to shut my shop.
No, no. What about my reputation?
Please speak softly.
Why are you screaming?
- I am not scared of anyone.
- Hey!
Are you guys fighting?
Candice baby, go to sleep. Go.
Mr. Rehmat, let's go down and talk.
No, no, not downstairs.
I don't want to talk here.
Come with me to the building.
I am telling mom.
Candice, go to sleep. Go.
I called you a dozen times...
I understand.
Candice? Candice!
If you ring the bell,
you'll wake up your mom.
You go upstairs while
I go visit the site office.
You two own the house 50-50.
Don't spare Sanjay so easily, okay?
- Victor, you saw Karina?
- No, Aunty.
- Listen!
- One minute.
- Clarissa, you saw Karina?
- No.
I told you she ran
away with the milkman.
I'll slap your face, Candice.
Who taught you that?
They are from UP, but they
are not milkmen, okay.
Tell him to stop, tell him to stop.
Stop! Stop!
Where is he? Where is Sanju?
- Sanju.
- Don't know, uncle.
I don't see uncle Gajju either.
They must be quarreling
for the bathroom.
Go and call them.
- I'll go.
- No, come here.
You get inside. Always running around.
Get in, everyone.
- But sister, where is Sanju?
- He must be already on the bus.
Come on. Stop taking
selfies and let's go.
- Sanju! Sanju!
- Yeah?
What are you doing here like this?
I thought you left with them.
Left? But where? Where
are you all going?
To your wedding, of course. Where else?
Sister, we got dressed up
but forgot all about the groom.
But the registration is at 11:00 a.m.
Why are you going there so soon?
We've called the registrar
at Jeevan Saathi.
Your surprise gift.
Your father was saying, marriages
are never done in courts.
How can our only son
get married without
any pomp and grandeur?
- Mom...
- Go and get ready.
- Yeah, but...
- The bride's family is coming too.
- Go on.
- Mom!
Hey, Sanju. Where were you?
I thought you're in the bathroom.
Come on and quickly get ready.
Wear the turban first.
Are you sure, Blossom
- that it was Sanjay fellow she went with?
- Who else will she go with?
If she reaches the court,
I don't know what we'll do.
But it was the milkman.
I am wearing it, uncle.
- Papa!
- Put on the buttons.
What are you doing, uncle?
You need to wear the pyjamas, son.
Are you expecting me to wear
it while riding a bike?
- Papa!
- You've grown up in front of me.
Please, let go of my pants.
What are you two doing?
What are you doing?
Why did you stop the bike?
- Uncle, what are you doing?
- Return the keys.
- Not until you wear your pyjamas.
- Uncle!
Stop acting like a kid.
The bus is leaving! Papa!
Here you go.
Here, wear it quickly.
- Please sit.
- Now you're looking like a groom.
No luck yet.
Where is she? Oh my God, this girl!
She's driving me mad.
Hi, Karina. Sorry for
calling you here like this.
I've transferred this
house in your name.
My NOC is on the table.
Mr. Rehmat will take care of everything.
Don't worry.
I'll keep paying my share
of the installments
until you don't find your 50-50 partner.
I know you might never forgive me.
But I didn't want your dream to
be shattered because of me.
And today is the last day of
possession, so I just thought...
Karina, I am really sorry.
And I love you. I really do.
I guess it's the first
time I said it to you.
You must applaud my timing.
I proposed marriage in the rickshaw.
And I'm saying I love
you through the TV.
So, it's no more a deal.
- No misbehavior allowed here.
- Everything is allowed.
It's all allowed.
It's all allowed.
Let me go, spare me.
They've lost their mind.
Blossom, I can't take this anymore.
I think I'm going to faint.
Nobody is going to faint
at my daughter's wedding.
Please, Father, look after her.
I'm just going to take care
of this nonsense just now.
Mr. Chaturvedi!
I agreed to this wedding
because you said, it will
be a simple wedding.
And look at this. You've the
entire wedding procession.
It's not the entire procession
We didn't bring the horse.
We're only dancing for good omen.
But my people are standing
quietly in a corner.
What will they think? Please.
- I mean this is a nuisance.
- Nonsense?
This is unbelievable.
I mean, this is really unbelievable.
She didn't welcome us or follow
any of the rituals or traditions.
And now she's humiliating
Bramhin Pandits?
What do you guys want?
Do you want us to leave?
- Is that what you want?
- No, no.
- No, sister.
- Where are you going?
Where are you going?
She's insulting us.
This isn't Kanpur, try to understand.
I agreed to this wedding
because you said,
it will be a simple wedding.
But this is a simple wedding.
But you've brought a Pandit as well.
Are you going to have a
Hindu wedding or what?
No, no.
- What will I say to them?
- No, no.
He's our relative.
- What?
- Relative! Relative!
But he said he's a Pandit.
All our friends and
relatives are Pandits.
You're too much.
Who else did you expect
we'll bring along?
- Karina!
- Mr. Rehmat, what's going on?
What happened upstairs
was Sanjay's idea.
And whatever's going on downstairs
is your parents' idea.
I only helped because I wanted
this matter to be resolved.
Karina, listen to me.
I agreed to this wedding because...
Papa, what are you doing?
- Shut up now.
- There comes that stupid boy.
Stop this.
Where is Karina?
She left with you in the morning,
didn't she?
Aunty, I'll tell you everything.
First, let me just...
Candice told me she ran
away with the milkman.
Look, now she's calling our son milkman.
Stop all this! No one's getting married!
Sanju, what are you saying
in front of our relatives?
Mom, I don't care
what these relatives or
you are going to think.
I made this wedding about
you and this house.
But the one person, I want
to spend my life with
I couldn't tell her how much I love her.
There she is.
Where were you? Come here, girl!
Let me explain.
I'll explain, it's not what you all...
Karina, I'm so, so, so sorry.
I had no idea that they were
coming here, like this.
- Listen, you don't have to marry me.
- Hey!
Stop provoking her.
Papa, please be quiet!
Karina, at least tell
me what's happening?
Mom, just two minutes.
Just give me two minutes
with Sanjay, please.
- Let them talk.
- Your daughter-in-law's really feisty.
Giving orders even
before they get married.
Shut up!
Karina, I would always
look at others' homes.
I always thought, that...
when I'll have my own home,
I'll have a flat-screen TV
and a king-size bed.
And then I'll be the happiest
person on this earth.
I did everything I could for that house.
I never thought whether
it's right or wrong.
But I was always wrong.
I wanted a house and not a home.
And by the time I realized
the difference...
it was too late.
Karina, you were right.
I wish I could fix the
foundation of this relation.
I want to begin with love, then marriage
and then...
Because there is only one things
that's right in my life, Karina.
And that's you.
Without you, this place is not a home.
It's just a 550 sq. Ft. House.
For which, I couldn't realize
how much I love you.
You made a mistake, brother-in-law.
Should've chosen Mr.
Shukla's daughter instead.
Is there a problem?
- No, no.
- But he doesn't...
But he didn't agree.
Okay, so you thought that
by transferring the house
in my name, and furnishing it
you will make yourself the hero?
Will that flat-screen TV and
king-size bed keep me happy?
No, Karina. No.
I didn't want your dreams
to be shattered because of me.
Sanjay, this house was my dream.
But I always dreamt about
two names on that nameplate
outside the door.
Two people that stay together
in good times, and in bad.
In sickness and in health.
Two people who want to stay together
because they love each other.
That's all I wanted.
That's all I want too.
Karina, I love you.
I really, really do.
And not for this house, or anyone else.
I just want to be your
50-50 partner, that's it.
It's a bad omen to wear white.
What's happening?
Everything's fine, Blossom.
No, Sanjay. It's not possible now.
- Karina, please.
- Because...
you've transferred the house in my name.
So if you want to stay
with me, in my house...
then this can't be a 50-50 deal.
Now, I'll have 100 percent say...
and you'll obey 100 percent.
Like I said...
I can get married for the house.
Sister, she's a handful too.
Brother-in-law, I am leaving.
Mother's insulting us, and the
daughter's slapping our son.
I am leaving.
It's okay. It's all okay.
They resemble Lord Shiva
and Goddess Parvati.
Everything's okay.
Play! Play! It's my nephew's wedding.
- Sanjay!
- Yeah, coming.
Gattu! Where are you?
Your father's done.
The bathroom's vacant now.
What's the point now?
There's no pressure anymore.