Love Rain (2018) Movie Script

Set, please.
Som, wash her hair.
ls it raining?
Som, Som. It's raining,
go and get the cloth in.
What about this month,
how much you give to mother?
Three thousand.
Three thousand?
lt is for you.
For your meals.
Thank you, Sis Pook.
Get coffee for me.
Brother Neung.
Brother Neung, come on.
l have been posted in Thailand Beautiful
Minimart Girl Asscoication.
Look here.
You have a good job, right?
lf you are brave, they will post for you.
You see, l got 200 likes.
So brave.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Please help me to dry her hair.
l have another client. She waits so long.
Yes, sis.
Som, do you have boyfriend?
No, l don't.
l stay in the shop all day.
How come l can meet with a guy.
You should go out to meet with other people.
l want to.
But l work for whole day,
l don't want to go out after work.
lf you do some makeup and get well dress.
You look beautiful as superstar.
You give me
a compliment for discount exchange, right?
You have to talk with Sis Pook.
l tell you the truth.
Your face,
look like american top model.
You got from your father, right?
lf you have
good make up.
l think you look like Naomi Campbell.
Look, here.
l have many single boy in my house.
lf you are interested, please tell me.
So, whom are you interested in?
Enough, enough. You are no good.
Stop, stop.
Give it to me.
What are you doing?
Look, you mess with her hair.
Sis Pook, Ouch!
l try to recommend good guys to Som.
What? Stay still.
What do you see?
(Be closed until 26.)
Are you ready?
Watch the shop carefully.
l will go to Paris.
l will buy you sticky rice.
The key.
Go now.
Please help me.
Bye bye.
You are great.
Sis Som.
Which gun do you use?
Give me a look.
Don't bother me.
lt's her gun.
You can't afford to buy it.
Let go
and get the no more use card on the table.
Good evening.
How is it today?
lt's ok.
l will let them go home at 8 o'clock.
Be careful.
lf the skinhead come,
l will be in trouble.
Today l will do demo.
Park the car at home for me.
-Yes, sir.
-Take care.
Sis Som.
May l stay with you?
l would like to be in a great team.
Ok, come. Come.
Hey, where is it?
l think it's in the box.
Be careful, they are hidden.
Hey, Sis Som.
There is new yakiniku shop.
You wanna go with me.
Hey, go away. l can't see anything.
Today, l borrow my friend's car.
Are you free?
Go to watch
evening program movie with me?
Hey, Sis Som. Be careful.
l am not free.
Ha, ha, ha.
Forgot your pocket?
Here you are.
Nothing lost, right? What about money?
Yes, all are here.
-Thank you.
You are my breathe, you are my everything.
l will always love you.
Because you are...
You are my breathe. You are my everything.
l will always love you.
Because you are...
You are my breathe. You are my everything.
l can dispose everything.
From now.
My heart will have only...
How come you are so serious?
CEO girl.
lt's about the human resources.
They cannot work as l expect.
The owner has to be like you.
l'm so envy of you.
Studying together,
but you have your own business.
Sister, they want 200/o discount.
Don't forget to go to the class.
How many subjects left?
l can't remember.
l want to graduate with you.
At least we can take photos together.
l want you to wear
the graduation dress with me.
May l?
Want anything, just let me know.
Tomorrow, don't forget to attend the class.
Be careful.
lt's nearly midnight,
if you want beer, pay first.
Don't be serious.
Just a minimart.
Not 7-1 1.
No, l just want to tell you that
please be hurry before the police comes.
How much?
240 baht.
lt's true.
lf the police comes,
lt will be no good.
Let it to be your complimentary.
Give it to me?
-Let's celebrate.
Apologize him.
You shouldn't involve.
Why did you do that to him?
He didn't do anything to you.
Who asked you to be involved?
Bad guy.
Looking good.
But bad habit.
She is from the hairdresser shop.
Oh, yes.
The old shop like that.
Once in a lifetime is enough.
l don't want to be here again.
That's ok. Don't quarrel.
You go and get your stuffs,
he will be out soon.
No. Let him apologize you first.
No, l don't.
How about that?
Go away!
Gap, how are you?
l'm so so.
What about our home?
Not so good.
The business is bad.
When will you graduate?
l have no money.
Please make wire transfer to me.
Three thousand.
lt's already spent.
l have to do many research.
l have to pay for textbook.
Mom, please make it today.
Three thousand, please.
That's ok.
May l hang down now.
Love you.
Give me some money to buy rice.
No, l don't have any.
Hello, Mom.
You want money, right.
lt's necessary.
lt's necessary.
You will be retired soon.
Don't attend class.
You never been in class.
lf you don't want to study,
come back home to help me work.
Don't ask for money anymore.
l don't give you.
l will tell your mother not to give you.
l don't send you to study in Bangkok.
Just to burn my money.
Don't give me.
l can find myself.
-Fifth table.
Get the glass and ice.
And 3 soda.
l need your help.
l am in bad situation.
May l borrow 2,500 baht.
l got only this.
Thank you.
l don't know whom l can ask for help.
You didn't go to the university, right?
They already publish your name
as retired student.
l do myself.
What do you want to eat, l pay for you.
Hey, you.
Got drunk and don't say any apologize.
What's the matter?
lnstead of good word.
Just a little crash.
So much hurt.
Hey, stop. Hey, stop.
Stop now.
Catch him.
Please help.
This product sale is good.
So lucky.
lt's still here.
57 baht.
57 baht.
On the right corner. Take a look.
Press here.
Look here.
lt's not difficult. Try.
No, not like that.
You press the wrong key.
You seem not stupid.
You have to notice that nothing is left.
You need to walk and watch all the time.
Get away, get away.
Don't stand here, it obstruct my way.
Why your face looks like that,
what happen?
Don't walk, it is wet. l just rub there.
Ok. Stand here. Don't go away.
Hey, he is the new staff.
He will be in night shift.
And what about you?
l will be day shift with you.
Right, and he is in the night shift.
Let me introduce first.
He is Cap.
Yes, Gap.
And she is Cat.
You seem to be the same age,
you should know each other.
Yes, he seems to be good guy.
Don't keep in the mouth. It's bitter.
Don't keep in the mouth.
May l.
Thank you.
Hey, uncle.
Now you hire the security guard?
Not the security guard.
Let me introduce.
He is Tar.
He's very happy to join us.
Hmm, he is Cap.
Ok, Gap.
Yes, Gap.
And what about this, Uncle.
How come no fix the side door.
So you have to carry the stuffs by yourself.
The owner haven't fixed it yet.
Don't worry, Tar.
Gap can help.
Cap or Gap, l'm so confused.
Be patient.
The side door is broken.
So we have to carry by ourselves.
You are young.
Don't be so weak.
When can l get my wage?
You need to wait til the mid of the month.
lf you want your advance wage,
just 300/o, only 2,500.
You need money urgently.
Get from me first.
Come on, help me.
Eat too much peanuts,
be careful of the fart.
Like this.
Hey, you fart.
How come you fart through your mouth.
Your mouth smells so bad.
Hey, you blame me?
You always blame me.
Why, Uncle?
New staff.
Come on.
Come here. Come, come, come.
Sit down.
Sit down. Sit down.
Sit down. Sit down.
Ha, ha, ha.
What, Uncle?
What do you say?
Hey, l'm senior.
Don't do that to me.
Two please.
Look, Tar is so respectful to me.
Ha, ha, ha.
You need to know time and space.
Hey, l am older than you
so you have to pay respect.
Come on, sit down.
Just kidding. Sit down.
This is a cheer activity.
Let's eat.
Get the glass.
Tar will get you the drink.
Hey, Uncle.
Have you seen this?
Facebook live by Cat.
Here, here.
She do the review of the products
in our shop.
-Here. Here.
l haven't seen her like this before, nice.
Do you like, Cat.
So ashame.
Have you pleated her?
Tar, you are so weak.
Then, tell Gift.
Gap. Tell them.
He will help you.
Well, l tell you...
Please help.
Please help me pleat her.
Coach Gap.
-Please help me. Ha. Ha.
-Very easy.
Talk good then can help.
Your clothes.
-Do you have better than this?
Have better than this?
This is the best of mine.
This is my best suit.
Do you have lighter?
What happen? Wanna burn it.
lt's so bad.
You must start from the clothes.
lt should be cool, look at me.
Hey, look at me.
And look at your face. How?
-lt's enough.
l think the night time,
change the atmosphere.
Let's tell the ghost story.
Ha, ha, ha.
ls it good?
No. l am afraid of ghost.
-Hey, uncle.
-l have. l have.
-Right, right.
l have one ghost story.
Oh. Tell us now.
Let's say this is The Shock program.
That's ok.
Ok, let me be
the host of the program ''Pong The Shock''.
Let's assume.
This is...
-the real experience.
Time ago.
-3 or 4 years ago.
That's it.
So creepy.
Shake your hair.
So creepy.
At that time.
l lived in the upcountry.
l stayed with my best friend.
lrom, Irom.
You are Irom.
Begin like this. Drinking like this.
lt's similar.
Once we sat down.
When we got drunk.
ln my village.
There was something like
haunted house.
lt's like.
lt was belief there was a ghost.
The villagers there.
They saw that house.
lt's like.
The ghost, an old woman.
Everybody saw that.
After drinking.
And get drunk.
They were furious.
And then.
When you get furious.
They challenge us.
We were friends.
l and Irom. We challenge each other.
Are you dare to challenge the ghost?
Oh, Mr.Tar.
You dare to challenge the ghost.
Your voice is quite similar to the host.
-Your voice is like Pong The Shock.
-l have heard before.
And then,
lrom told that.
How come not to be dare.
lrom. Irom.
-Get out.
Riding on motorcycle.
Go and get on together.
Go to that place.
Get in the small street.
Oh, they told that there was.
Ghost house.
Then we entered
the house.
Lonely atmosphere.
There were a few houses.
So frightening.
Look like.
l saw that. l saw that.
And what about ghost house?
After finished.
Hae, hae.
l would like to listen.
Then l challenge Irom.
Are you dare to challenge?
Are you dare to challenge the ghost.
So creepy.
lrom asked.
How to?
Tell me, Tar.
l told.
You. Dare to walk.
Have you pee at the door?
Oh, Tar.
You are so brave.
Because they got drunk.
We are friends.
And what did he do?
They are teenagers.
lrom wanted to jam.
-Oh, he.
-lrom told that.
Wait and see me.
lrom walked toward.
He walked throught the front door.
l asked if he was sure about that.
-l just provoked him.
lrom was brave enough.
For a moment. He...
took off his trousers.
and pee at the door.
Ouch. Mr.Tar, please.
l'm so excited and so creepy.
-Your voice is similar.
-Ha, ha.
Pee there.
When he pee.
For a moment. Only that.
Wind blew.
From which way never known.
For a moment.
The voice. Then there was loud sound.
Are you frightened?
Window sound.
Window sound was very loud.
From the second floor
of that house. Open loud.
l and Irom took a look
at the window.
Then we saw.
the lady
old, old.
White hair.
She stood like...
Her eyes.
Very angry.
Her eyes were very angry.
really angry.
Her face was like this.
And then she pointed
toward Irom.
You want to challenge me.
You want to challenge me, right?
lf you want to,
The haunted house was in the next door.
-Ha, ha.
-This is my house.
This is human house.
And l am sleeping.
Go and get water to wash out your pee.
lt was the wrong house.
Oh, wrong house.
Tar, what are you doing?
-You are so dirty.
-Like you.
lt was dark. At every house.
Who knew...
which house was the ghost house.
-You got the wrong house.
Oh. You are so bad.
Then we washed out our pee.
l tried to concentrate on your story.
l thought you really saw ghost.
lf you have ghost, don't afraid.
My father has spell.
At that time,
Sister, sister.
The ghost obssessed her.
My father. Walked down from the house.
And commanded, hey.
The ghost obsessed you,
l will chase it out.
Buy 2 bottles of white whisky.
When the guy
bought the white whisky.
opened white whisky bottle
the whole first bottle.
Then the second bottle.
Drank all. ug, ug, ug...
Then put the second bottle down.
And then press the hand together.
For 5 minutes,
the ghost was gone.
Father got drunk,
and playing with his pee.
You are...
You are so bad.
How to blame you.
Drinking two bottles of white whiskey.
How come don't get drunk.
You are shit.
Ghosts had to wash my father's pee.
With our complimentary.
Oh. Paddd.
lt's real love.
Thank you.
Thank a lot.
l think...
You may like it.
Don't obstruct the client's way.
are you free?
No, l'm not.
l have to go back to wash my clothes.
l can wash later.
Go to see movies together?
l am free.
Come together.
You are crazy.
Come to get shelter in front of the shop.
l didn't tell you to come into the shop.
What are you looking for?
lf you won't buy anything,
go out.
Look, it is wet.
Shouldn't call her in.
Are you ghost?
What are you doing to me?
You are bad guy.
Wait. It's not like that.
Why can't l remember anything?
You drug me?
Are you crazy?
Where are my glasses?
l can see clearly.
get out.
You look,
not so bad.
get out.
l can do anything like this.
Are you afraid?
help me.
There is a ghost in my room.
How come ghost come out in the day time?
lt's a ghost.
Please help me.
-Ok, calm down.
-Please help me.
l will take a look. Please calm down.
Calm down first.
Where is ghost?
Hey, boy.
Do you use drug?
Looking so good.
Go to sleep.
How come ghost come out
during the day time.
Wait. It is real ghost.
Get the phone.
What happen?
Why don't you get the phone?
He calls so many times.
l don't want to go.
No money.
There's a job but you won't do.
Don't annoy me.
Annoy you?
Go. Go.
l think.
You should go to the temple
to get rid of your bad luck.
You are haunted both day and night time?
How come you are so bad luck?
lt's more difficult than winning
first prize of lottery.
Let's go.
Please bring to the temple.
Any temple.
Then go to.
lt's a ghost.
Ghost? Which ghost?
l haven't seen any.
lt's real.
What real. No.
l gotta go.
Where are you going?
Back to my home.
Are you crazy?
What happen?
l didn't do anything.
How come?
you haunt me.
l haven't haunted you.
lf l am going to haunt you,
Are you afraid?
You come with no signal.
l am gonna get heart failure.
What a guy like you are.
So weak.
Because you are ghost.
Get away.
Go wherever.
Don't bother me.
Don't you remember?
that you asked me to die.
Then l died.
Where do you want me to go?
Here is quiet.
l help you watching the shop.
And then.
Why don't you go to rebirth?
l will haunt you,
till you are crazy.
l should go.
Hey. Take a rest.
You look so pale.
Do you get ghost obsession?
l don't feel that.
My face look so sick?
Not really.
But it's very pale.
How come it becomes like this.
There is something bad here.
How do you know that?
Here, here. He found a few days ago.
lt's woman ghost
in this shop.
You have to handle that.
lt's the spirit of one who died a violent death.
They don't know that they are dead.
Then, their spirits
travel around.
in the original mystical body.
But. Just a few days.
lt will be deteriorate.
And become the spirit
that will stay in the open area.
Then the mind obsessed.
Like this shop.
lt obsesses here.
lf letting it happen for so long,
your sales will be lower.
lt becomes mystery place.
You let others, to continue your shop.
They also get loss.
Hey, brother.
You may be obsessed by them.
That's it.
That's it.
lt's true, Unlce.
Will l die?
But you should be careful.
lt's like a mystery.
Firts, it's not much.
But when time passes,
Your health will be
They will absorb your life power.
Please help me.
She follows me to my house.
Please help me.
This thing,
there should be a fee.
We can't do whenver you want.
How much?
l don't have money.
But l don't want her to take my life.
Please help me.
l don't have money.
How much?
You come here to earn more money.
But actually,
You are studying in the university.
Give me the card.
l will give back.
But you have to tell me what you study.
Two thousand is alright.
Thank you.
Transfer to me.
l will give you my account number.
l will return to you soon.
260 baht.
Thank you.
Good. Good.
l've got something.
Come on.
l don't tease you.
Come on.
Sell them.
How much l'll get?
l don't know.
But let's try.
Where do you get it?
Around here.
How much this can sell?
Don't tell me what you study?
No need to.
l would like to study in the university.
But l have to take care the shop.
So l don't have time.
When l die,
l don't feel well.
l don't know what to do.
Go away.
l mean.
Why don't you go home?
l went.
But l can't enter.
l don't even know.
How come l have to be here.
Why l have to tell you a lie?
You should remember that
Why are you dead?
What do you remember?
What are you doing?
Sorry, l couldn't pay back so fast.
lt doesn't matter.
l will pay to you soon.
You did not go to school, l were disappoint.
l check my account.
Someone transfer to me.
(College classmate group)
l didn't go to school, is it wrong?
Back to work!
Where are they?
Are you tired?
Korean superstar.
What Korean?
He is.
Kong You.
What Kong Yu?
What is that?
Coach Gap.
l have something to tell you.
When l drive here.
saw something strange.
What do you meet?
l drive as usual.
And the side is very dark.
l saw
a girl
wearing white dress
with long hair.
Just a few second.
When l turn to look again,
l can't see her anymore.
So scary.
Your eyes.
May See.
the girl carrying bottles.
like carrying bottles
and when put the light on.
drop the bottles and
lt is haunting.
You said that
You are going to hairdresser shop.
Now it is closed.
l wait you here.
All right.
Just a moment.
Go get the stuffs.
l go and get coffee.
Coach Gap.
l will go now.
l will take my girlfriend
to dine out.
Let's go.
So heavy.
Let the girl do it alone.
Come here.
Why your hand is so cold.
We are sorry.
Sorry for what?
That l blamed you last day.
l am wrong.
Go to my room.
Oh, you ask me to go to your room.
You are not human.
You are ghost.
But l am a lady.
Get up.
You are fortuneteller?
You can't
collect moeny.
So precise.
Gap. How are you?
Not well.
otherwise l'm not here.
What about Ann?
She is alright.
But l don't have money.
After out of the university,
my life got worse.
l have to be an employee at this shop.
You go and get your thing.
l don't disturb you.
60 baht.
No bag.
Gap. That day.
You bought me whisky, l haven't paid.
Don't worry.
Keep it.
lt's my intention.
No, l don't get it.
So. See you later.
We are still friends, right?
Listening to other's story,
is not good matter.
l'm sorry.
l don't pay attention to.
Just passing by.
l don't know why l be here.
lt's like.
Half sleep, half awake.
So you appear with no signal.
lt's like a game.
lt happens in the crime scene.
l would like to play a game.
lt wastes money.
Get the top up on the card.
You play game?
l play in the net shop.
A lot of fun.
l have facebook page.
Unlike you.
You can't look for information.
You can see only photos.
lt's quite difficult to find clue.
Got it.
ls this a new release gun?
Hey, at the back of the door.
Shoot them.
Hey, shoot them up.
On the left, take the knife.
Take the knife, that's it.
l'm working.
How to print out?
Print the paper?
Order here.
Wait. l wait you there.
Have you seen before?
l am looking for my friend.
She disappears for so long.
l don't know her.
How much?
3 baht.
Go home.
l want to take rest here.
Go back.
l will appear at that place.
Are you sure?
Get on my back.
Here is dangerous.
Quite heavy.
Better let you go back by yourself.
l will tease you.
Come on.
No, l am not afraid anymore.
l got it.
What are you doing?
l'll do your haircut.
Are you crazy?
Do you want to?
Som, when you got the bottles.
lf it's too difficult.
no need to do that.
lt's not difficult.
l have free time.
l have a lot of time.
lf you have to be in difficulty because of me,
l am not feeling well.
lf l don't ask too much,
May l be in your room?
Don't cut my hair anymore?
lt's an itch.
40 baht.
You don't have blue spray.
lf you want.
lt is in the storage room.
Please come back later.
l am afraid of you.
Check please.
Lost person.
Do you know her?
The girl you are looking for is the girl
in this shop.
l am looking for her for a few days.
lf we don't find her,
we will go to the police.
And where is your friend?
He is in the night shift.
lf you want to meet him,
please come at night.
So bad.
How come?
You come so late.
Don't sleep well last night.
So you come so late.
l'm sorry.
l enjoy sleeping.
-Why don't you go?
You drive me out.
Hey. Hey.
l come for helping you.
Don't worry.
This work can't pay much.
So what would you do?
Oh. Not so difficult.
Let's go. Finish.
lt's not like this.
You are going to kill her.
Hey. Do you agree with her?
Hey, boy.
l try to help you.
And then.
Why do you have to oppose?
Get back.
You see?
No strength.
You don't have even strength to stand.
The ghost.
absorb your life power.
You know.
l don't know.
Are you crazy?
You go back.
Don't do anything to her.
l beg you.
You violate your faith.
Don't you see?
She can't
stay so long.
Her soul gonna deteriorate.
How come you violate this?
Look at you.
You gonna die soon.
What are you doing?
Don't come to my way, get out.
Turn off the camera.
l told you to turn off the camera.
Why are you looking for Som?
You see what happened that night?
Hey, Som.
Wait, Som.
Walking home alone.
lt's so dangerous.
Let me drive you home.
My home is so close.
l can walk myself.
l can remember everything.
You are so
Thanks for everything.
l always be alone.
And l just known that
lf we have someone by our side,
we will be happy like this.
So impress.
You want to pleat me?
Let's sing a song for me.
Any song.
Are you crazy?
How come want me to sing?
are My
are my everything.
My heart
will have