Love Sarah (2020) Movie Script

Hi, this is Sarah.
Sorry, I can't
take your call right now.
Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
Hello, Sarah,
it's Isabella calling.
Yeah, I'm outside our bakery,
waiting for you.
So hurry up and get here, okay,
cause I'm freezing
my bloody arse off.
everyone. Positions, please!
Hi, this is Sarah.
Sarah, congratulations.
Today's the day, right?
You got the keys?
It's gonna be
the best bakery ever.
"My dearest Sarah,
I'm sorry we haven't spoken
for so long.
I've been dreadfully stubborn
and for that I'm not proud.
1, 2, down, nice.
Hip up, shoulder bump.
Down, 1, 2.
Down, lift, up, and right, left,
right, up, and cut,
and step strong.
Mimi Curachi?
There's nothing I can do.
But one of us is dead.
But it's a joint lease,
you know that.
You both signed the contract.
But she was the chef.
I'm not a chef.
I mean, it's kind of
like opening up a zoo
and saying, "Come on in,
but guess what,
there's no animals."
Well, can't you find a new one?
Someone as good as Sarah.
She was famous.
She trained with Ottolenghi!
I don't know how it works.
I'll tell you how it works.
You sit there
all cheerily, smiling,
"Look how big my balls are,"
and then
my best friend is killed.
My investors pull out,
because their star chef is dead,
I'm losing all my savings
while the place sits empty,
and now...
now that it's all gone tits up,
you're sitting there
and you're telling me,
"There's nothing I can do."
Look, really, genuinely,
I am sorry for your loss.
You signed
the agreement together
and I will do my best...
my absolute best
to try and re-let the place,
but you know yourself it...
it was empty for a long time
I wish there was
something more I could say.
everyone, positions please.
Nice and calm.
Breathing on 5, 6, go 7.
And you just say 1 and 2.
Down 3.
Open back full, nice.
5 and 6.
And 1, 2, and 3.
And 3, and 4.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, what's...
- I'm sorry.
What's going on?
Playing first message
left today at 4:16 p.m.
Hi, it's Olga here.
Um, I hope you're okay.
l... I just wondered if maybe you
fancied poker on Tuesday.
Y... we...
we'd all love to see you.
Um, anyway, let me know.
Take care, bye.
Didn't hear from you all day.
I was worried about you.
Clarissa, are you gonna talk
to me at some point?
Sometimes I wonder whether
I'm a boyfriend or a bedroom.
I know
you're havin' a hard time.
This isn't just about you,
it's about us.
We're not happy anymore.
Are you breakin' up with me?
My God,
you are breaking up with me.
I'm sorry.
I have nowhere to go.
Hi, Clarie.
Just checking in.
Yeah, I just... I wanted
to let you know
I've finally have some interest
in the bakery.
Nothing is confirmed yet,
but there is this guy
who wants to...
Open up
a pop-up wine bar.
God, I know this is not
what Sarah would have wanted.
I mean
it's not what I want either.
Supposed to be a bakery,
our bakery.
Sarah hated wine.
She drank beer, anyway.
But, I don't know I...
I probably should agree to it.
Everything's fine.
It doesn't look fine to me.
Honestly, I promise.
You know this girl?
Yeah, she's my... she's my niece.
You don't know
if she's your niece.
she's my best friend's daughter.
And where's your friend?
She died.
Thank you.
Get up, Larie.
Come on.
Hi, can I help you, madam?
No, it's fine.
- Mimi!
- Olga, hi.
How are you, stranger?
Well, you know, same old,
you know.
Listen, it's yoga at 4:00.
Do you fancy it?
It'd be great to see you.
Well, no, I...
I don't think so.
It's been so long
and I'm completely out of shape.
Rubbish, look at you.
4:00, okay?
And then we'll go for coffee
after, like old times.
I'll see you at 4:00.
So you wanna tell me
what's going on?
Has something happened
with Alex?
I thought you guys were
living together.
It wasn't workin' out.
I suppose you could stay
at mine.
There's no space.
There's a sofa.
I mean, I know it's not ideal.
Honestly, it is totally fine.
Well, it's obviously not, is it?
What the hell are you gonna do?
There is somebody
I could still try.
There she is again.
Magical Mimi Curachi.
Celebrating 12 years
on the trapeze today.
With this surprise show,
she is proving
to her fans once again...
What an incomparable star
she is.
Sure you're gonna be okay?
- Will you come in?
- No.
I haven't seen Mimi
in a long time.
Do you have any soy milk?
That's fine.
I'm sorry, I haven't visited.
I did intend to, but, um...
...l just think living
in London,
time goes by and the things
that you meant to do
like the coffees,
and the visits, and everything,
you just...
you look at your diary
and suddenly it's October and...
Are you going to tell me
the reason
for this visit, Clarissa
or are we going to have
to battle our way
through this small talk?
Can't um, a granddaughter
visit a grandma?
Yes, a granddaughter can.
Pity she hasn't.
God, that is very hot.
How much do you want?
How much?
Do you really think this is
about money?
Look, I haven't seen you
for God knows how long.
You come in here unannounced.
Of course it's about money.
I need a place to stay.
Well, that's different.
So heavy.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
Thanks for your help.
- Careful, that...
- Sorry.
Why is that right
in the doorway?
I wasn't expecting you
to have...
Really quite cramped
around here.
Yes, I didn't expect you
to have quite so...
So much.
Okay, this is it.
It's fine.
- Careful.
- Sorry!
For heaven...
Turn down that fuckin' music!
Did you sleep well?
Yeah, thanks.
Um, I'm going for a run.
There's a key on the side.
- Sorry.
- It's alright.
I'm outside
our bakery, waiting for you.
There's nothing I can do.
It's not what
Sarah wanted.
But one of us is dead.
...these stock
auctions, the quarter 4, 2018,
there is a clear parallel
in the figures from quarter 1
to quarter f...
4 of 2018.
And what we need to do is
capitalize on that growth and...
Hello, I'm so sorry.
Isabella, could I just talk
to you for a minute?
I'm really sorry, I won't
take her from the meeting
for very long on this...
on this one.
Excuse me, sorry.
Excuse me.
Do you know how hard
it was to get this job back?
Yes, I know, but...
I had to beg.
I'm 39 years old.
Do you know how that feels?
- Don't doit.
- What?
The wine bar.
Let's open the bakery.
What are you talking about?
You and me, think about it.
Yeah, cause it's that simple.
But yeah, of course, it is.
Okay, so...
...this is
where we're at financially.
- Is that pounds?
- Yeah, but that's nothing.
I mean, there's costs, set up,
insurance, materials.
The only way of making
any money on this place
is by actually selling food.
Without a baker...
Somebody as good as Sarah,
we're nowhere.
- Larie.
- Yes.
- You getting this?
- Um, yeah, sort of.
I need to know
that you understand
the full scale
of the thing, you know?
My God,
this isn't gonna work.
This is not gonna work.
I can get the money.
Please just tell me
where we're going.
You're gonna find out soon
and trust me.
- You're going to enjoy it.
- 1 won't.
- My God.
- I won't.
I didn't want
to come out anyway.
Should we leave it?
Hello, everybody,
welcome to Flying Fantastic.
My name is Jen,
I'll be your instructor today.
For those of you I haven't met
this is
an intermediate-level class,
so I'm assuming you all have
a little bit of prior know-how.
Great, let's get started.
This is ridiculous.
This was your life.
A long time ago.
- I'm past it.
- Sshh!
Rubbish, you're in the prime
of your life.
So long as you've
got your incontinence pads on.
Very strong.
That's... that's really nice.
Okay, so bring the hand...
Yes, I know what I'm doing,
actually. Thank you.
Yeah, that's it.
So if you just sit to the side
and this will... lay back.
- That's it.
- No!
- Good, so...
- No!
- Re...
- She's got the wrong arm up!
- And her bum's sticking out.
- Okay, just reach...
- Wait.
- Excuse me, sorry...
Yes, but...
look, tuck your bum in,
change arms.
There. You see?
Like that.
Just like that.
I can't believe you, Mimi.
The look on their faces.
I hope I wasn't too rude.
Yeah, you definitely were.
My thighs.
I'm not gonna be able to walk
for a week!
Well, you look like
you haven't forgotten a thing.
Maybe you should look
at getting back into it.
Thank you.
Maybe I will.
When I looked across at you,
you are going back
to your company, aren't you?
We're gonna open the bakery,
me and Isabella.
We need some financial help.
Yes, I wondered.
- What?
- What a shame.
I thought you and I had some...
Take her to a trapeze class,
butter her up,
- I'm not stupid, Clarissa.
- What?
Mum's gone now and the...
there were just
SO many wasted years
between you two.
And the least you could do
is come and have a look.
Good morning.
You look well.
You want money for this?
Okay, so it does look
a bit rough at the moment,
but you can definitely see
its potential.
As a crack den?
Okay, ladies,
picture this, right?
A big table, and a bar,
and then
big industrial coffee machine,
and "What's that smell?"
Cat's piss.
No, it's not cat's piss.
Croissants, fresh from the oven.
Yes, but what do you
two girls really know
about opening a bakery?
I'm sorry,
did you just call us "girls"?
This is what she does.
It's what she always does.
What about your circus, okay?
You started that from scratch.
If anyone knows
how to steer a ship, it's you.
I'm not falling for that.
Look, are you in or out?
Okay, ladies,
if we are going to do this,
we are going to have
to get along, okay?
Mum would have wanted us
to open this bakery,
so that is
what we're going to do.
Well, you're gonna let me in
or what?
I should have called.
It... it's just that I was...
I was so nearby, I thought...
You know...
Clarissa is
just like her mother.
And Sarah was just like hers.
You mean stubborn?
I know I let you
and Sarah down before.
But she wouldn't
have wanted this, would she?
That's all she ever wanted.
I'm gonna clear this,
because I just want
to have the floor here.
You can put
that in the back...
- Everything... yeah...
- Yeah.
Let the dog see the rabbit
as they say.
- Yeah, exactly.
- I'm good.
- To the back. More of a mess.
- I know.
I want to get
the floor clear.
No, it does need paint.
- Can we just clear this?
- Yes.
- Right out of the way.
- To the back.
So I was the head chef
over at St. Mary's School
for Girls.
You know, nothing fancy.
Jam roly-polys,
that sort of thing.
Not that the girls
really cared much.
They just vommed it all up
in the toilets.
Just put it up in
position, cause I can't tell.
So long as I'm home by 6:00.
I cannot break my curfew.
My starting salary is 45,000
with 35 days' leave.
not including public holidays.
And I don't work nights
or weekends.
I'm here about the baking job.
- Is it still available?
- Get out, Matthew.
Warm welcome.
The position's been filled.
You sure?
Thank you.
Leave the way you came.
I'm serious.
Is someone going to explain?
You must be Clarissa.
This is Matthew Gregory.
We trained together.
I was a friend of your mum's.
You're a chef.
I am, Michelin-starred.
You're not Michelin-starred,
your restaurant is,
and you weren't her friend,
just a pretentious womanizer.
Well, I'm not one to boast,
it's actually
two-Michelin starred.
- Aren't you at Trois Amis?
- Yeah.
Why would you wanna leave?
Well, you know,
I fancy a challenge.
Then climb Kilimanjaro maybe,
I don't know, take up crochet.
Alright, look, I'm after...
A bit more creative control.
SO you wanna come here, why?
The stuff that you make,
it's not really in our range.
I can make anything!
Listen, he and Sarah
had proper history.
I really don't think
this is a good idea.
Don't be daft.
You can't turn down a chef
with a Michelin star.
Two Michelin stars.
We want this to be
a success, don't we?
Let's go for the best.
Presenting Ispahan.
Bless you.
It's a rose macaron
filled with rose petal
and lychee crmiere
and fresh raspberries.
I wanna try it.
The batter's undermixed.
Not by much, but it could do
with a few more folds.
Okay, yeah, do you...
do you need me
to be here for that?
Somebody will be here.
Orange wellhorn,
a chocolate mousse
sitting on a crunchy
chocolate sambl,
with a mirrored chocolate glaze
and crunchy chocolate pearls.
Is there a simpler way
of saying that?
Mousse on a biscuit.
Mousse on a biscuit.
Tastes really good.
When can you start?
Excuse me,
can you just pull over here?
What are you up to?
I think we need a drink,
don't you?
Thank you.
Thank you.
- I don't do shots anymore.
- Neither do I.
Come on.
Let's celebrate
like the old days.
3,2, 1.
Do you want some supper?
I'm all good.
Bake with me.
You're right, I'm not Sarah.
Your passion for this project,
that's what we need.
Put that in the kitchen.
- Except I'm not a baker.
- Yes, you are.
- We trained together.
- Yeah, years ago.
- So?
- So...
I'm not as good as her, alright?
- I never was.
- Rubbish.
You were her best friend.
You were practically sisters.
If anyone can put her spirit
into this, it's you.
Sarah was special, okay?
She... she was talented,
she was the baker,
I just run things. I...
You can do it.
I need to pee.
So that's the light bulb.
Mmhmm, thank you.
Black coffee still?
- Of course.
- Okay.
Thank you.
There was a time in about 1985
and I'd just come back
from Peru,
and you and Sarah are desperate
to try the coffee
I brought back.
And you didn't sleep
for two days.
Do you remember?
Yeah, I do you remember that.
You always wished
you were sisters, didn't you?
Absolutely inseparable.
I was very proud of you.
Both of you.
I've really missed you.
What do you think?
Love Sarah.
Make way!
Golden coffee bean eclairs.
Not bad, bakery boy.
Thank you.
Um, excuse me.
- Who's left this here?
- Not me.
Matthew, please don't leave it...
- Mimi.
- In the window.
- It wasn't me.
- It looks awful.
- I just wanted...
- Somebody did.
- Put that in the kitchen.
- I'm not doing it.
So the contactless,
you just can't use that.
When they're using cash...
I know, but I don't understand
how the machine works.
- You just need to...
- Just write it all down.
- Write it all down.
- Write it all down.
- Whoa!
- Sorry, Matthew!
- My God.
- My God.
Do we need these?
You see this goes there.
I like them actually.
So I'm having these.
Here we go.
Wow, crowds!
They'll come.
They'll come.
Hi, welcome to Love Sarah's.
- Have you just opened?
- Mmhmm.
Yeah, it's our first day.
50% off of everything.
- Hello.
- Nice!
What would you like now?
Pastis de nata.
What's he saying?
He's just wants a cake
that we have back home.
- Where is it?
- Lisbon.
I'll tell you what.
Would you have
one of these maybe?
Yeah, perfect.
Would you like a coffee?
Yes, please, a latt.
I'll get you a plate.
Two people and it's lunchtime.
Relax, it's our first day.
No one knows about us yet.
Hello, yes.
I was wondering if I could speak
to your food editor, please?
Hi, could I speak to a...
Naomi Parker, please?
Yes, it's Isabella.
I'm calling from Love Sarah.
She's left, okay.
We're a new bakery,
Golborne Road.
Do you know where she's gone?
No, I'll just write it down.
Good morning.
It's our friendly
neighbourhood watch.
I see you spying.
It's our soft opening.
On the house.
There are four other bakers
within five minutes' walk.
What makes you so special?
Why don't you try one
and tell me?
I'm Mimi, by the way.
Felix Rosenbaum.
You the proprietor?
- We all are.
- Mmhmm.
Well, you wanna be careful
around here.
You know, intruders, burglars.
As fate would have it,
I've just finalized
my latest invention,
the most advanced
infrared security system
of the 21st century.
How fascinating.
So good luck.
Thanks for dropping by.
To what do I owe this pleasure?
I'm just popping out.
Hey, we're still open.
We're dead anyway.
Give him a break.
Yeah, Isabella, give me a break.
Can you, um...
He's only messing.
- Yeah, right.
- Come on.
It's fine, he's hilarious.
- What, are you jealous?
- Please.
Alright, well,
you don't need to be.
You know, 'cause it's not
like I'm gonna sleep
with my dad anyway.
Matthew is not your father,
He's not.
Okay, well,
then who else would it be?
That I can't tell you.
Because she always said
she never knew his name.
Come on, that's bullshit.
he's not, okay? He can't be.
I'm sorry, were you there
at the conception?
Sarah never lied, did she?
To anybody.
Certainly not to me!
I mean, if... if he was
then... then I would know.
Well, then why is he here?
I don't know.
I am flattered.
I am, honestly.
Y... look, I can't.
Not yet.
I'm... just...
Give me a couple more weeks.
Alright, thanks.
Yeah, bye.
You're late.
Relax, it's the weekend.
We've got work to do.
Have you got me a bonnet
as well?
You're hilarious.
Where's Clarissa?
No reason, I'm just wondering
where Clarissa is.
This one is you.
- Thank you, cheers.
- It's okay.
- Hello.
- Hey, Matthew!
Do you remember
the first time you met mum?
Of course, I do.
It was our first lesson
in Paris.
What was she like back then?
So what actually happened
with you guys?
I messed up.
I was, you know,
young, irresponsible.
Did you love her?
Did you?
Everyone loves everyone
when they're 19.
So why did you come
to our bakery?
It's a difficult question.
I don't know,
I suppose unfinished business.
When I heard
about what happened to your mum.
I felt terrible,
like I should have...
I should have got in touch.
Made amends.
Thank you.
What was that?
it's nothing, you had a...
You just...
you had a thing on you.
A thing.
That was weird.
So 83, 55p.
Which makes...
Lord, is that it?
It was only our first week.
But it doesn't
even pay our rent!
It takes time, Mimi, doesn't it?
We should be jammed
in our first week.
People are always excited
about a new place opening,
but we're empty.
It was just our
first week, everything's fine.
Everything is not fine,
Mimi Curachi?
Yes, that's me.
Thank you.
Who's buying you flowers?
Mind your own business.
Hello. I brought you
a little something.
We had rather too many leftovers
and it seems a shame
to waste them.
- So...
- Well, alright.
- Would you like?
- Lovely, yes.
Yes, well, please, come in.
Come in.
- Um, where would you like them?
- Yes.
Um, right.
Right, yeah.
That's... that's... yeah.
Here, g... give me your coat.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What a nice apartment!
No, it's a flat.
Not Americans.
It's a flat.
Within a house.
Of course, it
used to be a whole house
once upon a time,
but that's what we do
these days.
We chop, chop, chop, chop.
We'll be living in a cupboard
in 30 years.
We won't be around in 30 years.
Lucky us.
Thank you very much
for the flowers, by the way.
Thank you for the...
- Eclairs.
- Confectionery.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you.
So you really are an inventor.
Well, I keep trying.
Yeah, when you're inventing,
you're looking for something
that people don't know
that they want.
My goodness!
This was Sarah's favourite book.
I used to read it to her
when we were on tour.
Phileas Fogg.
Inveterate rival of mine, yes.
Great inventor,
intrepid traveller.
Mind you, these days
we don't need to travel
to discover the world.
The world has come to us.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
Hello, I have
a delivery here for Mimi.
Thank you.
Can you sign here, please?
Thank you.
Ooh, actually um,
why don't you try a slice
of this?
W... what... what is it?
This is a strawberry fraisier.
Yeah, it's like this
creamy strawberry...
Jelly mix.
Yeah, sort of thing,
if you're into that.
Can't have this.
Th... thank... thank you.
Um, hello,
excuse me.
Just a second.
Um, take that out for a minute.
Where are you from?
Express Bikes, why?
No, no, don't tell the...
What country?
And what do you have at home
for a treat?
I... I... I do not understand.
If you went to
a bakery, what would you buy?
- All sorts.
- No, that's what I mean.
What exactly would you buy?
Don't yell at me, lady.
No, I'm just asking you
what was your favourite.
I don't know,
I suppose kringle.
What's that?
It's... it's like
this sweet bread thing.
It's so good.
And can you get them in London?
I don't know,
l... I don't think so.
But would you if you could?
Of course.
Okay, you can go now.
- Where's Matthew?
- He's in the kitchen.
Look, let's look around us.
London is the most
multicultural city on Earth.
- Isn't it?
- Yeah.
It's like a sort of
cosmopolitan collective,
but nobody's actually
from here, are they?
I mean, if I think about it,
my butcher is Hungarian,
my yoga teacher is Russian,
and Nicoletta,
who runs the flower shop,
she's from Italy.
What do you think these people
would really like?
Something to remind them
of home.
Like that young boy
who came in minute ago.
He doesn't know
strawberry frasier or...
- Fraisier.
- Fraisier, whatever it is.
He doesn't know that.
He only knows a kringle.
And if he wants a kringle,
then let's make him one.
I mean, he can't be
the only Latvian in London.
This city is home
to so many people
from all over the place.
If the government stops tryin'
to kick 'em out.
So what
are you saying?
We make our bakery
a home away from home.
I mean, Sarah loved to travel,
didn't she?
Discovering new food,
when she was studying abroad.
So why didn't we bake foods
that no one else bakes?
Something for our customers
to remind them of home.
What do you think?
It'll be fine.
I just... we just need
to research it, I think.
- Okay.
- Look.
It looks great.
- Isabella.
- Yeah.
In the kitchen.
- What?
- Now.
What was that?
So you're gonna join me or what?
And then sukker, kanel, smor,
like dash, dash, dash.
You fold it over
into thin stripe
and then we twin the...
Thin stripe?
Like um, twist, you know?
This is the roll, right?
Use both hands
and just like that.
Okay, we use...
just a good hand, right?
And then hand around, twice.
Then you pop it through.
- Kanelsnegl.
- Great.
Yeah, it's so easy.
How many do you want?
Um, 30.
- That'd be good?
- Perfect.
Wondering if I would...
It's his new invention.
Sorry. I beg your pardon.
Yeah, sorry.
I'm not sure
that needs too much icing.
- What do you think?
- No.
- What's that called?
- Panforte.
- Panforte.
- Panforte.
- It's so good.
- Can I try this one?
Yeah, that's Australian,
it's a lamington.
Loads of Aussies here.
I think we need a proper
taste test with some locals.
Yeah, but who?
Actually, I know who.
Hello, Olga.
You got room for one more?
So this one is...
- Tanzanian?
- Yeah.
Are there many
Tanzanians in London?
4,000 Venezuelans,
16,000 Russians,
5,000 Norwegians.
And a partridge in a pear tree.
And Hondurans?
Louisa, I'll have to check.
But I will, though.
Mimi, I love it!
Mimi, what are you doing?
I thought
this was a good idea
for our Instagram account.
No, no, no, no,
Instagram is for me.
I was settin' that.
Look, black forest gateau.
- That's actually very good.
- Do you like?
Can I help you?
Yes, um, can I have
a large cappuccino
and um, pain au chocolat to go,
Of course.
4.75 please.
Where are you from?
Um, matcha mille crepe cake.
How do you know?
- Do you make them?
- We can.
if you make it I'll buy it.
Can you do me one
by tomorrow morning?
Why not?
The Japanese clearly have
too much time on their hands.
What should we do?
I don't know.
Start again.
I guess.
I've got a better idea.
And it's not...
you were just confident.
You both were.
You were made for each other.
It's not about confidence,
it's about balls.
You got to grow
a pair of balls.
- Sarah had balls?
- Yeah, massive balls!
- Huge!
- You kidding?
That's what you got to do
in life.
- Pretend you've got big balls.
- Right.
I mean, people like me,
we're just pretending.
And then we busk through life,
when really underneath it all,
we're just...
We're just like everybody else
you know, frightened,
Only we walk the walk.
That's what you've got to do.
Just walk?
Better than everybody else.
that's easier said than done.
You're a good Baker,
You're talented,
you're creative, you just...
You got to get out
of those sensible shoes.
Get 'em off.
Show me your Louboutins.
- I don't have Louboutins.
- Yeah, you do.
Come on, get up.
What are you doing?
Repeat after me.
I'm the best goddamn baker
in the whole world.
- No!
- Better than...
- My God.
- Everybody else.
- Stop, Matthew.
- Come on, say it!
Okay, fine.
- I'm a good baker, okay?
- A good baker?
Well, you're wearing brogues
right now, like flip-flops!
I asked for Louboutins.
I'm the best baker in the world.
I'm the best goddamn baker
in the whole fucking world!
Are you happy?
Second best.
You know...
You're probably never
gonna believe me.
And it...
It makes... makes me sound
like a bit of an arse,
but when we were...
When we were in school,
in Paris...
And I got together with Sarah.
That night I came over...
It wasn't her
that I was looking for.
You're right, you're an arse.
We have to work in the morning.
At 4:00 a.m.
Japanese bloody matcha cake.
Do you want this?
Thank you.
You shouldn't really be smoking.
Why is that?
Because you're a dancer.
Not really anymore.
When are you gonna go back
to class?
I don't know,
I wasn't planning on it.
Don't leave it too late.
Don't waste your talent,
Well, it's just hard right now,
isn't it?
- Why?
- Cause we've got the bakery.
The bakery?
But it's all set up now.
You did that for your mum
and it's great.
I just really miss her.
I know.
So do l.
I wish you would tell me
what happened with you guys.
Your mum came to me to ask me
to give her some money
to set up the bakery
with Isabella
and I turned her down.
And she accused me
of never being there for her.
Actually, she was right.
I wasn't.
We'd stopped talking
to each other.
That was the saddest thing.
Don't let us ever be like that.
- Yeah, no...
- Promise?
Yeah, promise.
You still hate me?
Yes, I do.
We should get up.
We should.
The key's in that...
What's going on?
Let mein.
I'm so sorry.
l... aren't you supposed to be
at Gastrell's?
Look, I can explain.
I can't hear you.
Come on, open up.
Bake with me, Isabella!
Be our passion.
Why? So you can just go off
somewhere better?
- No, it's not like that.
- Isn't it?
No, I wanted you to bake with
me, because you're a good baker.
Right, well, this good baker's
got work to do, okay?
- Isabella.
- Just...
Fuck off!
Is that... look, we got sesame.
Yes, it does.
Matcha mille crepe cake.
Well done!
- That is perfect.
- Thank you.
Can we talk?
They sent me the contract
to try and entice me.
So you have thought about it?
- Do you want to go?
- No.
I thought you
were looking for a challenge.
- lam!
- Bollocks!
Matthew, you're here because you
think Clarissa's your daughter.
- No.
- Come on!
Alright, I mean,
maybe in the beginning...
For a bit, but...
Things have changed.
You know what?
Just... just go, alright?
And don't come back.
Is this
because we slept together?
Because Sarah
wouldn't have liked...
No, it's because
from the minute you got here,
I said...
I said you were bad news
and look how it's turned out.
You need me here.
You said it yourself...
I can bake all by myself.
Is everythin' okay?
I'll see you around.
My knees.
Thank you.
Can you please stop
being so stubborn?
Just let Matthew come back,
he's part of our team.
If you've got
nothing useful to say,
then get out
of my kitchen.
Mimi, she's distracting me!
Well, I agree with Clarissa.
Anyway, 35 top-thin kndel.
Good luck.
I was speaking
with Matthew last night...
And he misses us.
Honestly, he just...
he misses you.
Yeah, I'm not interested.
Okay, then.
- Come with me!
- What?
- Here we go, this way.
- Wait, this...
This way.
Excuse me.
Hi, I'm so sorry to disturb you.
- Hi.
- Are you single?
- Larie.
- Yeah.
No, he was checking you out
Do you wanna go
on a date with her tonight?
She baked you that croissant
that you're eating.
So imagine her baking
that for you every morning
with bacon, and eggs, and sex.
- If she wants to...
- She does.
You should come
pick her up tonight at 7:15.
- Sure, yeah.
- Okay, great.
- I got to talk to you.
- No, you don't.
Clarissa, I've got...
Sorry, she has a funny way
of doing things.
- Hi.
- It's nice to meet you,
- I'm Isabella.
- I'm Pascal.
- Pascal.
- Nice to meet you.
- You're French.
- Yes, yes.
I have to get back.
You liked the croissant?
Yeah, it's amazing croissant.
That's good.
So do you often
get set up like this?
That girl should set up
a dating agency.
- She'd make a fortune.
- Yeah.
S... somewhere to be?
No, sorry... well...
Actually, I'm sorry,
it's just we had
this really big tricky order
come in for tomorrow
and now all I can think about
is whipping, and creaming,
and tossing, and... God!
I'm so sorry,
I didn't mean it like that.
It's alright,
we can do this another time...
If you want.
No, no,
this is good for me.
l... I need to relax.
It's gonna be fine, right?
Well, work is work, you know?
- Just...
- Right.
Well, isn't this cozy?
I don't mean to interrupt.
I'm Pascal, by the way.
He's very French, isn't he?
You tense?
See the way she's sitting?
She does that when she's tense.
You're not making her tense,
are you, Pascal?
- I just...
- Matthew, come on.
A date shouldn't be tense.
A date should be exciting.
Although, it has to be said
she's a very tense person.
Matthew, come on.
But she completely gets away
with it, because she's...
She's great and...'d be lucky to have her,
Pascal, tense or untense.
Alright, look,
I've made mistakes.
Okay, fine.
I'm a... I'm a terrible person
and if Clarissa is my daughter,
then it'll be really difficult.
But I... I just want you to know
that I'm...
I'm in this for the long haul,
I'm not going anywhere.
Whether you like it or not,
Enjoy your date.
I like mille-feuille the best.
Would you make a mille-feuille?
I was gonna send it off. Yeah.
Find out, but um...
Well, once I got to know you...
It just didn't seem right.
So what do you wanna do?
Do you wanna find out?
I think so.
Um, yeah, I've
only done 5p so far, so...
- You've done what?
- 5p so...
Come in.
Hello again.
Um, I know this is huge,
but you could maybe do me two
of those matcha cake
by tomorrow 9:00 a.m.
We have
these big Tuesday meetings
and it's my turn to cater,
and I was telling all
my colleagues how good you are.
Consider it done.
You're my lifesaver.
You can't just spring that
on me.
You made one last time.
Yeah, one.
But now, this is two.
On top of everything else.
Well, you're just
gonna have to call Matthew.
Well, one thing
is for sure,
you better make them good.
Time Out.
- Mmhmm.
- Mmhmm.
Ooh! Sorry.
Thank you very much.
Um, I'm here to drop these off
for Yuuna Tanaka.
I'll tell her they're here.
No, no,
don't worry about it.
I can take them up myself.
They'll be okay here.
Okay, sure.
Um, please don't...
These you go.
Careful with them.
Thank you.
I don't know I can't see them.
Why not?
I don't know
which office they're in, Mimi.
Hang on.
But what can you
actually see, Clarissa?
Hold on.
What's happening?
Well, I can see people chatting,
but no cakes.
Excuse me.
Can I help you?
Is this man with you?
No, I have no idea.
So, um... gonna see that guy again?
I'm gonna keep my options open.
This is me.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you for walking me home.
Well, it's good for the legs.
It stops them from seizing up.
Good night, Felix.
Good night, Mimi.
Actually, would you like
to come in for a coffee?
So long as it's decaf.
I might be up all night.
Lucky me.
Did you ever watch Jeremy Kyle?
They did these live DNA tests.
Can you imagine?
Must be fun for them, I suppose.
I don't think it's fun
for anyone.
More fun than STDs.
That must be the worst, right?
Weeping vag...
My God.
I'm a bit nervous.
If I'm not your father...
- Whoa.
- No, no.
- If I'm not...
- No, Matthew, please.
I can still be there for you.
You really don't have
to say that.
I want to.
Um, be there.
I'm scared of the dark,
I'm terrible with money,
and I smoke far too much weed.
Why would you want me?
Matthew, Clarissa,
SO sorry
to have kept you waiting.
I'm afraid the results
aren't quite
what I think you might be
hoping for.
The test results are negative.
We do have
a counsellor available
if that might be of help.
Do people get excited
when you tell them it's a "yes"?
Hello, Mimi Curachi speaking.
Hi, Mrs. Curachi.
This is,
Yuuna Tanaka's assistant here.
Do you have a moment to speak?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Tuff Turf, Robert Downey, Jr.
- My God.
- They're gonna run a feature!
- Who?
- Time Out!
- What?
- They're gonna run a feature
- on us!
- My God!
My God, that's amazing.
have you got any brandy?
- Yes.
- Quick.
My God.
- After all this!
- Adored them!
- Well, that's all...
- Well done, you.
That's amazing.
So you're happy with that?
Why don't you put yours
the other side.
And um...
- Actually, um...
- Yes.
Clarissa, can we...
Okay, how we looking?
You're gonna sit.
Here, there, now sit here.
- Okay, get them together.
- Are you ready?
Okay, come on.
- Okay, final checks.
- Yeah.
You've gotta be
in the front row.
- Sorry.
- Come on together, please.
Yeah, that's good.
- Okay.
- Ready.
- Smile.
- Okay.
- Okay, great.
- Here we are.
- Front page.
- Well done.
Well done, we've done it.
- Thank you.
- Smile.
One more time.
Sarah would love this,
wouldn't she?
She really would.
- She would.
- I know she would.
- Smiling.
- Thank you.
Last one.
"My dearest Sarah,
I'm sorry we haven't spoken
for so long.
I've been dreadfully stubborn
and for that I'm not proud.
Of course, I'll support you
in whatever you need.
we could meet up soon
and discuss
your brilliant bakery.
I'd like that.
It's time we spoke again.
All my love, Mum."
Is anyone else hungry?
- My God!
- Mimi.
You want them, you want them?
Hi, sorry, two more ticks.
Just... sorry, sorry,
two more seconds.
- Need a hand?
- Yes.
Um, can I please have...
One cappuccino
and two flat whites?
One cappuccino
and two flat whites.
Thank you so much.
I'm so sorry.
Yes, madam, what can I get you?