Love, Sex and 30 Candles (2023) Movie Script

[sombre music playing]
[nervous breathing]
[sighs] Okay, breathe, breathe.
Just breathe.
[breathes deeply]
[mellow music playing]
I just wanna be with you tonight
All the way, all the way
How we used to be
I don't wanna be without you
I just wanna be with you tonight
All the way
All the way
I just wanna be with you tonight
All the way
[both moaning]
[romantic music playing]
I love you.
[moaning intensifying]
[both gasping]
[both groan happily]
Future Mrs. Mokoena. [chuckles]
[chuckles softly]
[both sigh]
[Linda] Yeah.
[crickets chirping]
[water running]
you haven't said you love me in a while.
Since our engagement.
- Come on. That's not true.
- It is.
We don't have to wait
until our wedding day, you know.
[gentle piano music playing]
'Cause we are still
getting married, right?
[sighs] Listen, um,
I don't know if it makes sense
for us to still get married
if the love isn't mutual.
And you love me
way more than I love you, Lehumo.
It's a...
[Linda uncertainly] Uh...
I'm sorry.
[door closes]
[sirens wailing in background]
[mellow hip hop beat playing]
Welcome back. It's now time to meet
the formidable Professor Kwame,
who is also a resident professor
at a top university in Gauteng.
Prof, welcome to the show.
Thank you for having me.
[host] Your recently launched book,
Finding The Love You Deserve,
is flying off the shelves.
This is not your first book.
Please tell us a bit more
about what inspired this book.
[Kwame] I travel the world a lot, and...
[Phemelo] Mom, this show is really boring.
Um, I'm leaving now-now, baby.
it's just... I know him.
He's... the new professor in my department.
Still boring.
Okay, I'm leaving.
Mom, Dad's still
fetching me tomorrow, right?
That is what he said.
Okay, don't stay up too late, okay?
[music playing on TV]
Tebogo, um... look, I'm just checking
if you're still coming
to fetch Phemelo tomorrow. She's...
She's really excited.
Yeah, I'm just... I'm just checking.
[mellow music playing]
[Winston laughs uncomfortably]
- Sade...
- I'm sure the Man upstairs won't mind.
- We're almost married.
- But I mind.
[groaning] I made an oath to Him,
and I intend to keep it.
- Come on, baby.
- Don't... Sade! Whoa.
[sighs] Okay.
Fine. I need to go.
Do you really have to go?
- Do you really have to be so sulky?
- I'm not sulky. I just...
You know how I feel about those women.
I don't trust them.
Baby, those are my best friends.
And they haven't given you
any reason to not trust them.
Sade, you become a different person
when you're with them.
- I become myself when I'm with them.
- Are you?
'Cause it's not the same person
I see in church,
the same person I asked to marry me.
So, which version of Sade
do you wish to be?
Look, at least just text me
when you get home.
- [Sade] Mm.
- You know...
I will.
[mellow music playing]
[buzzer ringing]
- Hey, let's get this party started.
- Yes!
Nolwazi, I hope you cooked.
Where? [laughs]
Guys, she's 30, things change.
[Linda] Please act
like you're not our friend.
- [all whooping]
- [Dikeledi] Ooh, this is nice.
[Sade] I like this.
[Nolwazi] Thank you, thank you. I could do
without the shade on my birthday, ladies.
- [all laugh]
- [Linda] You know what we could do with?
The most important ingredients
of the night.
- [Nolwazi] Of course.
- [laughs]
Uh, no, I'm okay. Thank you.
Oh, no, friend, it's fine. I...
We just have to pray over it,
and I'm very sure
God will forgive you, so...
No! Stop it.
No, no, no.
No, ladies, let's speak about it.
When have you ever seen
Sade decline a glass of bubbly?
Since Winston believes that a good wife
does not drink alcohol,
and I am that good wife.
Mm. Of course, our fave, Winston.
Yeah, Mr. Personality.
Okay. I think that's enough,
and I think it's time for a toast.
[Nolwazi] Alright.
- What, guys? I can't toast with a cake.
- [all laugh]
[Dikeledi] Okay, let's toast.
[clears throat] To Nolwazi.
To all your dreams coming true.
And to lots of money.
And to your name
on every single billboard,
and on the most expensive clothes
you could ever find.
- [all] Cheers!
- [clinking]
- [Linda] Happy birthday, baby.
- [Nolwazi] Thank you.
- [pleasant music playing]
- [chuckling] Um...
Ladies, let me be the one to state,
our good friend, Sade, has lost
all her personality and spark
ever since she joined that cult...
What?! It's not a cult, it's a church.
And there's nothing wrong with change.
Maybe you should try it.
And in fact, you know what, guys?
Winston has inspired me
to find my better self, okay?
What's wrong with your current self?
Nothing. It's just that I know
I can be a better person,
and in fact, the only wrong thing
is our relationship is me.
And that you guys
actually haven't had any sex.
That's why our wedding night
is going to be so special.
Okay, okay, guys, I found it.
Are you ready?
- [women] What?
- [Nolwazi] Ready for what?
["Doo Be Doo" by Freshlyground plays]
- Oh, my God.
- [all chuckling]
You didn't!
[singing along] Did you hear the news
on the radio today
People have agreed
to give their love away
I can't wait to be there in line
No, no
[whooping and laughing]
Politicians have agreed
To honour and obey
They'll come down and listen
To what the people say
I can't wait to be there in line
No, no
Oh doo be doo be
Doo be doo, bye
Doo be doo be
Doo be doo, bye
[music fades]
- Breaking news. Uh...
- [Dikeledi] Mm-hmm.
Lehumo and I are over.
Yoh. [laughs]
- Typical Linda.
- Okay, what happened this time, Linda?
I don't know.
I was just feeling this pressure.
Like, you know, turning 30,
you should be married,
live your lives together.
- I didn't wanna be left on the shelf.
- Ugh! The dreaded shelf.
- My final resting place.
- [laughs]
Okay. So, does you mom know about this?
Um, no.
No. Um...
She's been in and out of hospital.
So I just didn't want to add
to the stress.
Okay, well, friend. Um...
I hate to kind of break it to you...
[inhales sharply]...but, um,
whenever you get really close to someone,
- you dump them, you do.
- Mm. Yes.
Like baby-faced Thabo.
- And the guy that moved to Cape Town.
- Mm!
And then after meeting his family,
you dumped him.
- [all laugh]
- Yes, Terence! Terence!
- And that dancer guy, Mondli.
- [chuckles]
It's actually really sad,
'cause now it's Lehumo.
Oh, my gosh, poor Lehumo...
I feel like it's your MO.
You need to figure out what that's about.
- Okay, Lehumo is boring.
- [all speaking together]
As in, like, yes! Bored.
Yeah, and I'm sure he became boring
when he gave you an engagement ring.
[Sade] Mm, that's true.
Say it.
- [Linda] I can't. My mouth is...
- [phone pings]
[Linda mumbling]
[women talking indistinctly, laughing]
[chuckles] Is that how you react
when you get Tebogo's message?
Mm! That man must've sprinkled
something over you
for you to still react like that.
Ten years later. Babe, I hope he knows
how much you love him.
Yes, I do love him, but there's more
to our relationship than that, guys.
I just... I love how he's
such a present father to our daughter.
[hesitantly] He's barely
getting that part right.
Well, at least he tries, right?
[Sade] True.
But the story I'm most interested in
is about the professor.
Well, there's nothing to tell. [giggles]
[Sade chuckles]
We're just colleagues.
Colleagues... Is that a code
for "I got a crush"? [laughs gleefully]
No. Guys, am I not allowed
to have a crush every now and then?
And nothing is going to happen.
Okay? Tebogo is still the one.
Mm. Is he, though?
[Linda] Ladies, ladies, ladies. Okay.
Main character syndrome,
I have to show you something.
- [laughs]
- Um...
My birthday present to you,
our birthday girl.
[inhales, pops tongue]
Come on.
- [Sade grunts]
- Ready?
[Linda] Once upon a time...
[Linda] Okay, ten years ago.
- a land far away,
- [Linda] Cape Town.
...four beautiful princesses
were fated to meet
on the privileged lawns of UCT.
- Oh, my God. Look at how young we were.
- [Dikeledi] And so silly.
When I'm 30, I want to...
When I'm 30, I want to...
- Own my own... Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- ...own my own fashion line. Yes.
- And then?
- And then I'm gonna...
Confident, yeah. Yeah?
- We're gonna? Yeah? Okay.
- Okay.
- I trust in you. I believe in you!
- Uh-huh. Thanks, Mom.
[Linda] Three, two, one...
When I'm 30,
which is, like, a lifetime away. [laughs]
Okay, um, I am definitely
going to own my own fashion line.
I don't know about
the whole institution of marriage thing.
It's definitely not my thing, uh,
but I will definitely be in a mutually
respectful relationship with somebody.
And here you are, single, single, single.
- [laughs]
- [gasps]
[Linda] Our beautiful princesses wish
the fairy tale would never end,
and that they would be friends
forever and ever.
- Their wish came true.
- [all scream excitedly]
[Dikeledi sighs and claps]
- This is nice.
- It's beautiful.
I'm glad you guys love it. [laughs]
I don't know, guys. I've just...
I've been thinking lately, like...
- What exactly have I achieved?
- [Linda] Don't be silly.
You're only working with the hottest
celebrity designer in South Africa..
Yeah, but it's not my fashion line.
You know, I'm still renting.
I don't own my own property yet.
as you said, Sade, I'm still single.
Stop it.
You told me last week that your boss
is designing a wedding dress
for the biggest celebrity.
And you'll be designing
for the bridesmaids. That's huge.
- [Linda] Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Turning 30 is the pits, guys. Don't do it.
Well, Nolwazi,
we think you're amazing, okay?
You're super talented,
you're driven and you're fun.
I mean, who cares if you don't own a house
or have a man? Come on.
You've been saying that I'm not drinking.
Look at this, it's still full.
Boo, get off the stage. What is this?
Nolwazi, today is all about you.
Why don't you...
I found out that I'm pregnant today.
[gentle music playing]
- [women exclaim]
- [sniffles]
Okay. It's okay. We're here for you.
[gentle guitar music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[music continues]
[music fades]
- Oh, you came.
- Of course.
Why wouldn't I?
[romantic music playing]
[Tebogo] Ah.
Finding The Love You Deserve.
Baby, you can't tell me
you're actually reading this rubbish.
It's not rubbish.
I heard this guy on the radio.
Man is a complete quack.
Well, actually, he's an esteemed professor
who's just joined my department.
So now you're working with him?
Let me guess, and he's smoking hot too.
You're so cute when you're jealous.
Look, no Prof. Kwame comes
close to you, okay?
He'd better not.
I may not be some fancy professor, but...
I've been satisfying my woman
for ten years straight now.
[both chuckle]
It's so... It's so early.
Aren't you taking Phemelo with you?
[gentle music playing]
Good morning, babe.
Um, there's this big case
that I'm dealing with.
- It's quite the game changer.
- You say that about every case.
Babe, you know how it is.
I've got to put in the hours.
[scoffs] You have to put in
the hours with her.
Tebogo, do you have any idea
how excited she is to spend time with you?
I know, I know, and it hurts me too, babe,
but I've got to do this.
Look, you're going
to tell her for me, right?
I... I don't want to wake her up. Okay?
I've got to go. I love you, okay?
[music continues]
This one, or this one?
[sighs uncomfortably]
[clicks tongue] Oh, baby.
[Dikeledi sighs disappointedly]
[music fades]
So... what's the emergency?
Hey. I forgot.
Happy belated birthday,
or whatever people say.
Do you mind?
This looks nice.
So, what's up? What's the emergency?
were you looking for
a bit of morning glory?
I thought you weren't doing
that anymore, but I don't mind.
We're not doing that again. Um...
[inhales, exhales shuddering breath]
I'm pregnant.
Wait, we... we used a condom, right?
Aren't you on a back-up contraceptive
or something?
Are you?
Oh, fuck.
- Look, I know, I know. I'm just...
- Oh, fuck! freaked out
as you are right now, okay?
[suspenseful music playing]
No. [claps]
It's fine. [chuckles]
It's all good.
I'll support you, okay?
You will?
[suspenseful music continues]
When are you getting rid of it?
[hesitantly] Tebogo, I said nothing
about getting rid of this baby.
I've barely had time to process it...
Okay, now... No, no, no.
Now... Now you're not thinking straight.
Listen, I can't father your child.
Do you get that?
Get rid of it.
[morose music playing]
[music continues]
Prof. [laughs]
I'm also intrigued.
I've always wanted to try, but just alone,
- somewhere, in the dark.
- [both laugh]
Where no one can see me.
Nonsense. What do you need courage for?
It's just dance.
Well, not when you've got two left feet.
People always make it look so sexy.
That's why I want to try it.
Oh, no, I... I couldn't. Um...
With the child and teaching.
It's just... It's quite a lot.
Well, the world of dance mourns this loss.
That's an exaggeration. [giggles]
See you later in the staffroom.
[gentle piano music playing]
You're way too pretty
to be drinking by yourself.
Tebogo, hi. [laughs drunkenly]
You get it. You do.
Because I am smart and talented.
I think I'm just...
[sexy music playing]
[panting continues]
[both moaning]
[heavy breathing]
[music continues]
[music fades]
[toilet flushing]
Best sex of my life.
With the worst possible choice of man.
Fuck, Nolwazi.
Hey, babes. Ephry is looking for you.
You called.
I know what's going on.
You do?
Of course I do.
It was your birthday this weekend.
It must've been intense.
I mean, it's supposed to be intense.
I hope it was intense.
All good, just know regardless
of what happens a night before,
I still expect 150%
of you at work the next day.
We're on a deadline, girl.
Time for faffage is long gone.
Of course, boss.
[gentle guitar music playing]
[message chimes]
[knocking on door]
[Lehumo] Hi.
I was thinking maybe we could talk.
And, uh...
[sighs]...bring back these.
I think you're a cool girl.
When we first met, you told me
you had commitment issues.
I didn't listen,
'cause I thought, hey, I could change you.
Look at me now.
[sighs] I failed.
- Lehumo...
- [cell phone ringing]
I should get out of here.
[ringing continues]
Linda, hello.
[suspenseful music playing]
Yes, it's her daughter.
Okay. One second. There we go.
- Are you fine?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Okay?
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Okay, this is...
[both chuckle]
- Ma?
- Mm?
- I told you we have two options here.
- Uh-uh.
I'm not going to any nursing home.
I know, Ma,
but you heard what the doctor said.
You come and stay with me.
We need to get you on the diabetes diet
you should have been on years ago.
Uh-uh. No sulking. [laughs]
And by then, you'll be strong enough
to be in your own bed.
What about Lehumo?
We broke up.
Mama, it's a long story but I'm fine.
I'm fine, okay?
- [sighs]
- My only worry right now is you.
I'm fine.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
[phone chimes]
- Uh...
- And... And now?
Look, I know I'm supposed
to hand these over to you
and do the whole gallant thing,
but quite frankly,
I need to save my own ass here,
so, yes, I am taking these.
Save your ass from what?
My sister.
She just gave birth.
I'm... I'm going to be an uncle.
Congratulations. But look,
I'm really going to need these flowers...
- You don't know my sister...
- And you've never met my mother.
No, seriously,
I am terrified of my sister, okay?
But... I promise I'll make it up to you.
There is this amazing boutique restaurant
in Saxonwold.
It's got a tasting menu,
nine courses, wine pairings.
- Mm.
- You're going to love it.
Hold that thought.
Zero six one, girl?
- [scoffs, clicks tongue]
- Zero seven eight? Zero...
- Eight...
- Eight one?
- [laughs]
- There we go.
[Linda] Hmm.
I don't think you understand
the importance of this, Sade.
You don't like this one too?
[smacks lips, sighs]
It's a big deal that Palesa asked you
to be a part of her cell group.
[gentle piano music playing]
She is the pastor's wife,
and clearly sees something special in you.
I know.
So why do you want to outshine her?
[scoffs] I'm not trying to...
I think... we need to seek some guidance.
Dear Lord,
please help Sade
humble herself before You.
- [talking softly]
- [message chimes]
[line ringing]
What the fuck are you doing?
I told you that I want no part in this.
You can see yourself this was a mistake,
so what the fuck are you doing?
Don't... Don't send me updates.
Don't invite me to doctors' appointments.
Don't even try and share baby names
with me because I don't care!
Do us both a favour. Stay out of my way
because I'm beginning a life
with Dikeledi and my daughter.
Nolwazi, you can't force me
to be the father of your child.
Got you, Tebogo. Loud and clear.
[gentle piano music continues]
[line ringing]
[cell phone rings]
Baby, please answer.
[ringing continues]
Dinner at your favorite place, tonight.
I thought you said you were busy.
[nervously] Yeah. Um, things got shifted.
Well, no, thank you.
- Babe, babe, babe, what's going on?
- You see?
That's the... That's the problem
with you, Tebogo.
You don't ask the right questions.
I have to go.
[upbeat music playing on television]
Are you going to give me a short version
of why you called off your engagement?
Uh... Oof.
That, um...
Oh, Ma, I...
You know what, Lehumo and I
just don't love each other the same way.
I see.
Is this the part where you tell me
that I'm cold-hearted?
You're not cold-hearted, Linda.
You're just scared of commitment.
I'm the same.
I was never ready to commit
with anyone else after your father left.
It's something we all have to work on.
[gasps softly]
Be patient with yourself, my baby.
You will find somebody
who loves you, eventually.
- Ma...
- Uh-uh.
- I'm turning 30 soon.
- Don't rush.
What if I don't make it in time?
[laughs heartily]
I swear...
What, you girls all think when you turn 30
it's the end of your lives.
Relax. Have a little fun. Enjoy life.
And where were you at 30?
Married, with a child.
And divorced. It wasn't fun.
- No, no, but, right...
- Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
Linda, don't want
to have to figure out everything by now.
We are all learning about life.
There's no wrong answer.
[mellow music playing]
It's not a test.
[both chuckle]
- Mm?
- Mm.
[music continues]
[gasps softly]
- Daddy!
- There's my big girl.
Hi, I missed you so much.
Hey, how about you go get dressed
so that we can go out and have lunch
somewhere beautiful?
Mm-hmm? Mm?
[sighs] We're not going anywhere, Tebogo.
Aw, come on, Mommy. Hey, Phemelo,
how about you ask Mommy to get ready
so that we can go have fun as a family?
Mom, please go get dressed.
- Please.
- Please, Mommy.
[upbeat music playing]
[Phemelo pretends to cry]
[music continues]
Ah, thank you. Grab that over here.
This is for the young lady. Don't worry,
I'll pour for myself. It's fine.
Thank you.
[music fades]
[fizzes, pops]
To the two most beautiful women
in my life.
- [sighs]
- A toast...
to the apples of my eye.
Cheers to apples!
- Cheers to apples, baby girl.
- [clinking]
[exhales sharply]
- To apples.
- [clinking]
[tense music playing]
I love you so much, baby.
Dikeledi Langa,
please, baby, help me prove myself to you
and be a better man for you and Phemelo.
You always say
that I don't ask the right questions,
so, here I am,
asking you the most important question
of my life.
[romantic guitar music playing]
Will you marry me?
My parents are getting married!
[chuckling] Yes, we are.
Yes, we are. Right?
- Mm?
- [Dikeledi laughs happily]
[mellow instrumental music playing]
[Ephry laughs]
[inhales, sighs]
I'll be honest.
I don't know
whether to be proud or jealous.
- That's my dress!
- I know.
[chuckling] And my bridal gown
didn't even crack a mention.
- [chuckling] Oh, my God. Sorry?
- [laughs] For what?
Africa Design Fashion Week is coming up,
and I want you to design
the ready-for-wear range.
You're giving me my own range.
What? Nobody does that. What?
I know.
[screams happily]
[phone chimes]
[pleasant music playing]
Dikeledi is engaged.
[melancholy piano music playing]
Being a leader
is not only about receiving.
It's also about giving.
It's also about serving,
and all of this starts in your own home.
Mm. [inhales]
Very inspiring, Pastor.
Sade and I are truly blessed
to have you here
- for tonight's cell meeting.
- [all chuckling softly]
Anytime, brother.
- Anytime.
- Thank you. Thank you so much, Pastor.
Oh, Palesa, thank you so much
for the baked goods.
Shame, Sade would never
have made it there on time.
She's generally quite busy with her job.
[modestly] Ah, Sade, I'm just
a willing servant of the Lord.
You know, where He sends me, I go,
just as long as we can move
His message forward.
- [Winston] Mm.
- Just like brother Winston over here
who opened up his home for us.
- I think him and I are so alike.
- [Sade chuckles politely]
I'm sure
I'm going to learn a lot from you.
And I must say, it feels good
to be part of the home cell.
- It is, isn't it?
- [chuckles politely]
[sighs] So excited to have you.
So... [clears throat]
...the wedding.
Who's the maid of honour?
- Um, it's going to be...
- Well, actually, from my understanding,
it's supposed to be someone
who is already married, right?
That's the matron of honour, babe.
[chuckles] Sounds even fancier.
Perhaps Palesa would be interested.
- Me?
- [Winston] Mm.
[hesitantly] Oh! Oh, okay, great.
I'd... I'd love to.
[laughs happily]
Thank you so much.
Sade, ah, it's such an honour.
Well, let me get going,
jot down some wedding ideas.
I'll see you guys soon. Stay blessed.
[grunts happily]
[Palesa and Winston chuckling]
- [Palesa sighs]
- See?
- Documentary filmmaker.
- Uh-huh.
I hear that's interesting.
So what are you working on now?
Oh, nothing much. Um...
Just a film about single parenting,
and the profound impact that it has
on children in South Africa.
Hmm. Now tell me more.
- Mm, what inspired you to tell the story?
- Ugh. Let's just say I can relate a lot.
Okay, your job is definitely
way more interesting than mine.
- [both laugh]
- [romantic music playing]
But on the real, though.
I just love
how... how passionate you are about this.
- How'd you get interested in filmmaking?
- My father.
Uh, yeah, he happens to be a filmmaker.
So I guess I got it from him.
Like father, like daughter.
- You're thinking out loud. I can hear you.
- [both laugh]
[music intensifies]
- Um...
- [sputters] Um...
- Too soon. Too soon. I...
- No, no, no, no, it's fine.
Full disclosure...
I... broke off an engagement a while back.
This just reminded me
that I... I should probably take some time
to figure things out.
It's just a lot going on right now.
I understand.
[music continues playing]
[crickets chirping]
[music fades]
So I suppose
I should offer up my congratulations.
Can I come inside?
Isn't that how we got into this mess?
[sad piano music playing]
Nolwazi, you can't fuck this up for me.
I'm keeping this baby.
We both fucked up,
and now we both have to pay the price, so...
So what? My marriage is the price?
You've been engaged
for literally two seconds.
What? Like, suddenly
you care about marriage?
- Gosh, Tebogo. It's way too late for this.
- Nolwazi!
Dikeledi and Phemelo
are all that matter to me.
They always will,
no matter how much of an asshole I am.
Please, just do the right thing.
I am.
[music fades]
You know, Sade, I thought you'd be beaming
after tonight's message.
You know I did the right thing here.
So what am I supposed to tell
Dikeledi, or Nolwazi, or Linda?
Sade, come on.
An unmarried mother
and a pregnant woman by your side now?
This is a big wedding,
not some small-town thing.
- Oh, really?
- Mm.
I'm sure there's a Bible verse that talks
about being so judgmental, Winston!
You know what?
I think you should pray about this.
You'll see I'm doing the right thing here.
So does this mean
that I get to choose your best man,
or we need
some sort of guidance for that too?
It's not exactly the same thing, is it?
- Come, let's pray...
- Oh, no, please, please, Winston.
Save your prayers tonight.
I'm sleeping at my place.
[Siphokazi] Linda.
[coughs] How was your day?
Ma, um...
So I emailed Enzokuhle.
He responded shortly thereafter,
and we've been speaking back and forth.
[gentle piano music playing]
But it's hard.
[sputtering] I just...
I'm struggling to find the words.
I don't really know what to say,
but so much has gone unsaid between us.
I don't know
why I even reached out to him.
It's just, every year
I... I go through this phase
of... of thinking about him a lot.
It's no matter, my baby.
He's your father, you can't change it.
[chuckles softly] I raised a strong girl,
but you know there's nothing wrong
in giving people a second chance,
maybe even a third,
or fourth.
Forgive, Linda.
[upbeat music playing]
[Winston sighs]
Yeah, it doesn't quite, uh...
suit your body type.
Baby, but I feel so special in this dress.
[hesitantly] Yeah, I mean,
it's like, you know...
It's a little inappropriate.
You know? It's not classy at all.
[Winston] Mm. I agree with Palesa.
Let's keep looking.
[upbeat music playing]
- Sade, Winston!
- [Sade chuckling] Hey.
Guys, it's so good to see you.
- Thank you for coming,
- [Sade] Thanks for inviting us.
- Winston, Sade, thank you for coming.
- Hey.
How about I take this man away from you
to get some drinks,
while you gossip about us?
- What do you say?
- [all chuckle]
Friend, isn't it amazing
how our dreams are all coming true?
Right? What's happening
with you and your wedding?
I mean, you sent out invites,
you booked the venue,
then you just go quiet.
What's going on?
We need to get you a dress.
Isn't your wedding, like,
on your birthday?
And that's like now-now.
Yeah, that's what
I needed to talk to you about.
My matron of honour needs to be someone
from the church, and, um...
You asked someone else?
No, Winston got someone else.
- What?
- Yeah, I know.
I was... I was pretty upset too,
but, you know, because you guys
are not from the church,
it'd be difficult for you...
Sade! This is your wedding too.
And we would've managed just fine.
I'm sorry, Kedi, I... I also wanted
us to do this together, you know.
[sighs] You know what,
we are doing it together.
I mean, what about my wedding, you know?
The bride price negotiations
should be soon,
and I'll need you girls
to help with the cooking.
[chuckles] Yeah. We'll be there.
And you're all going to be
my bridesmaids, okay?
I'm not doing this
without you guys by my side.
- [laughs]
- [sighs]
- [Sade] Thank you.
- [Linda] Alright, ladies.
[laughs] Break it up, unless you intend
on including me in your little hug.
[all laughing]
- Hi, friend.
- Hi.
I never thought I'd see this day coming,
but let me see, let me see.
- [squeals] Congratulations!
- [mouthing] Thank you.
I missed my girls.
And you, how was your date?
Oh, oh, that.
Um, I think I'm just going to need
to take some time
to figure things out on my own.
Yeah. Everything will work out.
Um, does anyone know
if Nolwazi is coming or not?
Because she hasn't said
anything in the group.
You know,
she actually hasn't been taking my calls.
Yeah, she has been awfully quiet lately.
You do realize she hasn't told us
who the father of her child is.
Yeah, but look, look, okay.
Um, she won't miss it, she won't,
- because you are a fiance.
- [screams] I'm getting married!
- [all scream]
- Oh, my God!
[all laugh]
[indistinct chatter]
That's a little bit extreme.
Don't you think the...
- Oh! I told you.
- [Sade] Hey, finally.
- How are you?
- Hey.
- Hi, beautiful. Congratulations!
- Hey. Thank you.
I'm so happy for you. I'm so sorry
I haven't been in touch much, guys.
- Um, I got a promotion at work.
- What?
Oh, okay.
- That's incredible.
- Yeah.
- Nolwazi, congratulations.
- [laughs]
- Aw.
- Thank you, thank you.
Yeah, I get to... I get to showcase
my designs on Fashion Week.
- [squeals] Hey!
- Have my name on the design.
Oh, okay. That's my friend. No big deal.
I mean, you're the best, girl.
[chuckling uncomfortably]
[laughs] Okay, I'm making
this all about me.
We're definitely not doing that.
[sighs] It's just that it's been...
Hey, no, you don't need to explain, okay?
I know it's... it's tough,
you know, just having a baby and...
It's not like it's something
you can just shove away,
and put on the shelf
and forget about, okay?
We're all here for you, okay?
Actually... I have something
for you already.
- Let's go, ladies. Follow me. Follow me.
- [all laugh excitedly]
- You don't have to.
- Alright.
Yes, it's for you. It's lovely.
- It's good to see you.
- Good seeing you too.
Remember when I still worked
at the bar in our grad year?
My tips got us this!
- Yeah, I remember.
- [laughing]
I can't believe you kept these
after all these years.
I got this with my very first salary,
like, the way I couldn't wait
to spoil the little princess.
Do you really have to give me
all of these, DK?
I mean, you don't have to.
Look, I'm sure you are,
but on one condition, friend.
- You have to let us in.
- Yes.
You're going on such a beautiful journey,
and you actually can't do it on your own.
You know we love you.
And I mean, friend,
if you're pregnant, we're all pregnant.
- Weird. [laughs]
- Okay, no, wait, that...
[laughing] Okay, that didn't come out
the way I thought it would, but...
- [all laugh]
- [sighs]
Friend, you know what I mean. Mm?
[gentle piano music playing]
I need to go pee.
- [grunts]
- Yeah, the bladder. Pregnancy things.
[door opens]
Um, I need to use the bathroom.
Yeah, yeah. Of course.
Oh! Babe, don't be getting any ideas
from Nolwazi here, okay?
We are not having a sibling for Phemelo.
One baby is enough.
[all laugh uncomfortably]
[suspenseful music playing]
Kedi. There's something
I have to tell you.
Oh, yeah sure. What's up?
I just wanted to thank you
for being so generous.
Friend, anything for you. Hey?
[gentle piano music playing]
Ma! Ma!
Ma! Ma, wake up. Ma! Ma!
Ma, wake up, wake up. Ma. Ma!
Mama, wake up. Shit!
- [patting]
- Shit! [moans]
[gentle music playing]
[Dikeledi] Hey.
What happened?
[Sade grunts softly]
Um, she has a pulmonary thrombosis.
Linda, you can come through.
[Dikeledi exhales]
[monitor beeping]
[sobbing] Ma? Ma?
I'm not gonna leave your side, okay?
I'm here.
[music continues]
- There you are, Daddy. Um...
- Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you.
Oh, Sade.
Aren't you going to dish up for Winston?
Oh no, uh, Winston usually
dishes up for himself.
Dish up for him. He's your future husband.
You look after him, he looks after you.
- Right, Winston?
- Yes, Ma.
Sweetheart, please do me the honour.
You know,
most women these days don't know
how to take care of a husband,
but I'm so grateful that Sade
has your marriage as an example.
Don't be too hard on yourself, sweetheart.
Your marriage will work out just fine.
Thank you.
Winston is a good man. Keep him happy.
And I will do everything in my power
to make sure that she is happy.
- Uh, shall we say grace?
- Oh.
[Winston clears throat]
He's not coming, Mom.
He's coming, sweetie.
He knows I made his favorite tonight.
Can I eat?
Of course. Let's just say grace first.
Bless the food we are about to eat. Amen.
Geez, Dikeledi, you scared me.
Shouldn't you be sleeping by now?
You'd prefer for me to be sleeping.
Okay. [sighs and clears throat]
What are you talking about?
Tebogo, I didn't sign up
to be your security guard.
You promised me, unprovoked,
that we would be a family,
and you've broken that promise
from the second I moved in here.
I didn't break any promise, babe.
I've been working...
You act like
you're the only one with a job.
The same way you act
like I'm the only parent around here.
Tebogo, I've had enough. Enough!
Okay, guys, I'm giving you till 4:00 p.m.,
and that's it.
Okay, class, don't forget
to do your readings
for the tutorials coming up
next week, okay?
Full class, hey? You must be popular.
[chuckles] It's Freud and first years.
They probably think the whole course
is going to be about sex. [laughs]
I was disappointed too
when I found out it wasn't. [laughs]
Um, do you have time to grab a coffee?
With me?
Uh, I mean... sure.
- Unless you had other...
- No, no, I'm... I'm available. [chuckles]
[monitor beeping]
You know,
you and the girls are taking shifts here
to check up on Mom and I.
We just want you to know
that you're not alone, friend.
Thank you.
But it's getting late and we need
to get you and our little one home safely.
We'll be fine.
- Shout if you need anything.
- I will.
I see you're sporting
some new hardware there.
- Congratulations.
- Oh.
Thank you. [chuckles]
So... when is the big day?
A rock that big, bride price negotiations
must have gone very well.
- No lobolo yet.
- Hmm.
- No lobolo, doesn't that mean no wedding?
- Something like that.
Well, then he's a fool.
Someone will come and snap you up
while he's busy getting his cows
in a row. [scoffs]
I guess I could wait
another ten years for a wedding.
Seriously though, Dikeledi,
you don't look like the, um,
blushing bride you should be.
Oh, come on. I'm too old
to be a blushing bride. [laughs]
No one is ever too old
to find happiness and love.
- It sounds good, in theory, but...
- But what?
Maybe I need to do something
for myself for a change.
Something that I want to do,
and not think about other people.
As they say, you can't love anyone else
until you love yourself first.
I wonder which self-help book
that one came from.
I'm a professor in psychology.
Knowing everything
comes with the territory.
- Oh, I can tell.
- [both laugh]
[ballroom dance music playing]
Dikeledi. [laughs]
- Oh, uh, Gideon, you joined.
- Ah.
Yes, of course.
Hello. Welcome.
I'm pleased to announce that
we have another person joining our group,
so we're finally an even number.
- Please, could you introduce yourself.
- Uh, hi, everyone. I'm Dikeledi.
Dikeledi, may I suggest
you partner with Gideon.
He's one of our most talented.
[all applaud, cheer]
Right, let's partner up!
Five, six, seven, go.
One, two, three, five, six, seven.
- [grunting uncertainly]
- Okay, no, no, it's fine. It's fine.
So we pause on four, okay?
- Oh, okay.
- So, imagine. That's good.
Six, seven and pause.
One, two, five, six, seven.
One, two... There you go.
[exclaims in approval]
- Dikeledi! Thank you, my dear.
- [Dikeledi chuckles]
Five, six, seven, eight,
one, two, three, four, five, six.
Mm! [chuckles]
- You're a great teacher.
- Thank you, my dear.
[pleasant guitar music playing]
[Ephry] Oh, my word!
Tell me Nolwazi isn't still at it.
Girl, I'm not running
a sweatshop here, eh?
You can go home.
[chuckles] To what? My dirty dishes?
Hey, now's the time to delegate,
to ask for help.
Showcase is a big deal.
It's all hands on deck.
No, no, I... I've got
everything under control.
- Alright, let me see.
- Oh, um...
No, uh, they're not ready yet.
Please. Designs are never ready
until they've been on the runway,
and even then you can still make changes.
Besides, the entire industry
knows I'm your mentor,
- so I have to see before everyone else...
- No, you...
I've seen this design before.
This is the reason
that I asked you to join my studio.
Why're you repeating it?
You're not a one-trick pony.
What's going on?
I'm listening.
I haven't had any inspiration.
Everything... Everything in my life
is just falling apart.
I... I thought maybe if...
if I show you something
that you'd liked before,
it's better than nothing.
Nolwazi, I've asked you every week
if you needed help,
and every time you told me no.
[clicks tongue] If you think this
is gonna hit the runway,
you are sorely mistaken.
Not gonna happen!
You know what, I can't do this.
So I have a confession to make. [laughs]
- Mm-hmm.
- No judging, okay?
- I've read all your books...
- [chuckles]
...and my friends
think I've got a celebrity crush on you.
I'm flattered that you think
I'm a celebrity.
There, come on, you're judging.
I'm not.
[gentle piano music playing]
- Sorry.
- [chair scraping on floor]
[blows raspberry]
[music continues]
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, Linda.
I was just taking a chance.
I... I didn't know if you were up yet.
I've been up.
Um, yeah, I'm on my way to go see Ma.
Do you feel sorry for me, Dad?
Is that why you're being so nice?
Look... I feel like I've let you down
for so many years, that this time,
I wanted to be clear that I'm
not going to lose touch with you again.
Uh, well...
We'll chat a little bit later.
Of course.
I love you.
[chuckles softly]
Hey, Ephry.
I'm sorry that
my designs disappointed you.
You can tell the ADFW to take my name
off the list of designers showcasing.
[gentle guitar music playing]
No. You've been asked to showcase,
and showcase you will.
as a designer, as any creative force,
you need to learn to draw your inspiration
from various things.
Beauty and, most importantly, people.
- I wanted this to be my thing.
- And how's that working out for you?
It's not.
Now, just because
you're collaborating with people,
it doesn't change anything.
You remember those bridesmaids' dresses
I asked you to make a couple months back?
Do you think I was worried it wasn't
going to be "The Ephry Show"? No.
That's exactly why
I asked you to make them.
I wanted to show you
that's when we come together,
that's when we collaborate, that's when...
[inhales]...we make
the person in the spotlight shine,
as a team.
Okay? No man is an island.
It takes a village, okay?
[clicks pen] All hands on deck.
But we don't have time.
Says who?
Now you don't have to use
any or all of these.
Your colleagues and I
put these designs together
in the hope that it would, you know,
put a spark back in your life.
Just draw from within.
[upbeat instrumental music playing]
[music fades]
[Palesa] Oh, thank you so much,
sis' Nthabi, for this thoughtful gift.
As we know the Bible says,
"The hand that gives is more blessed
than the hand that receives."
Ooh! And we've got this lovely...
[Linda scoffs]
Looks like the full cult is out
in their numbers.
[Palesa continues preaching]
And that forward one over there,
is that, um... maid of honour?
- Matron of honour. Get it right, friend.
- [Linda] Mm.
[chuckling] She's actually
the pastor's wife.
[Linda scoffs]
I suppose now isn't a fitting time
to bring out this gift over here.
- Vibrator.
- [exclaims]
[both chuckling]
- Well, I got her lingerie.
- [Palesa] Can I hear an "Amen"?
Her first night is going to be legendary.
Winston doesn't even know it.
- Okay. [giggles]
- Oh God.
Pray for your marriages.
Because there are women out there
who are preying on your relationships.
- Can I hear an "Amen"?
- [women] Amen.
I got her wine glasses.
I totally forgot
that her and Winston don't drink.
- That's right.
- [laughing]
[Linda clears throat] Hey, girl.
[Nolwazi chuckles]
Look, the wedding is
right around the corner.
Excited much?
Babe, what's wrong?
Guys... like, I feel like my whole wedding
has been taken away from me.
Like, how am I not able
to pick my own bridesmaids?
Never mind that,
I couldn't even pick my own dress.
Winston chose your dress?
Both Winston and Palesa.
Ladies, I told you,
I know a crazy bitch when I see one,
and that there is a bitch in the flesh.
Hey, hey! Hey.
- She'll hear you.
- [clicks tongue] Okay.
[morose music playing]
Friend, this is supposed to be
the happiest moment of your life.
If you're not happy,
then that's a huge problem.
[Sade] Mm.
I know Winston loves me, guys,
but it's just my parents.
My parents think
that Winston is the best man for me,
and I just want to do this
and get them off my back.
How's our little one doing?
[chuckles] We haven't gone
to any of your appointments with you.
[hesitantly] Um...
The baby is growing nicely.
Uh, the doctor is happy, so...
And baby-daddy?
You know you're going to eventually
have to tell us who it is,
just in case
we need to take him to maintenance court.
Mm, that's a good point.
I mean, maybe we can chat with him,
- and make him do the right thing.
- Yeah.
Okay, okay, guys, hold on. That's enough.
It doesn't matter who the father is, okay?
As long as we know who the mother is,
- that's all that counts, right?
- [chuckles softly]
- Thank you.
- Yep.
Friend, shout if you need anything.
- Of course, of course.
- Okay.
This is me. Goodnight.
- [laughs]
- Drive safe, my love.
Goodnight, babes.
- [phone chimes]
- I'm tired.
I can imagine.
Let's go to sleep.
Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Give to me.
- Tebogo!
- Let me see.
- Tebogo is the father of your baby?!
- What? [sputters]
- How is he the father of your baby?
- [Linda] Mm.
This is a new kind of "no", Nolwazi.
A new kind.
- [Sade exclaims]
- [Nolwazi] Shh! Sade!
[Linda] Mm.
- Mm.
- You can't tell her.
Okay, seriously, you can't.
Neither of you can.
Look, I... I know I've done
a horrible thing, okay,
- the worst thing of my life...
- You have. Shh!
- [suspenseful music playing]
- Yoh!
[car honks]
- I've done the worst thing of my life.
- You think?
But this is... But it's my secret to tell.
This is so selfish of you.
You're going have to tell her.
- [sputters]
- No! You have to tell her.
I will, I just... I don't... I...
[suspenseful music continues]
[Sade and Linda] Wow.
[cell phone pings]
[banging on door]
[banging continues]
- Sade!
- Winston.
Oh, you bitch.
- What?
- [slurring] Shut up! Just shut up.
You... are a liar.
- Winston!
- And a whore!
[screams] Winston! What are you doing?
- Jezebel.
- Winston, please. [sobbing]
[screaming and sobbing] Winston!
Winston, wait, please.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Hmm?
- [grunts]
- [blow lands]
[sobbing] Wait! Winston.
You made me believe
I was marrying a virgin.
- [laughs]
- Winston, I didn't say I was a virgin.
All that time you're just
the... the varsity mattress, huh?
Huh? You know, I was told that tonight...
[yelling] one of my clients!
Bheki Ngcobo. You remember him?
[continues sobbing]
He told me he fucked you
just like every other guy in the res
did the same fucking thing!
Winston, that's not true.
- You're denying you slept with him?
- It's not true, I did sleep with him.
- [sarcastically] Oh...
- I was like 19 or 20 years old...
[pleading] Winston, wait.
Wait, Winston, why is it even a thing?
We all have a history, Winston.
To provoke me...
No, Winston. Please!
- Provoke me!
- [screams]
- Winston!
- Come here!
[screams] Winston!
[knocking on door]
Sade, please let me in.
[Winston panting]
[continues sobbing]
[Winston breathing heavily]
[cries softly]
I just couldn't bear
to see you humiliated like that.
I'm sorry and I love you.
[continues crying]
[sighs] Try opening the door.
Hey... Ah.
Really a surprise.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
- Happy birthday to you, Sade
- [laughing]
Ooh! Friends!
- [women continue singing]
- Guys!
[in Afrikaans] Friend?
[in English] Friend.
- Sade.
- Mama? Mama?
- Friend, what happened?
- [sighs]
It's Winston. [sniffs]
[continues sobbing]
At his bachelor party last night,
he said a client of his pitched there...
- Bheki Ngcobo.
- Bheki, the... the model from varsity?
He told Winston
that him and I had sex, and...
and that I practically slept
with the whole res.
Wait, so Winston hit you because of that?
Because of Bheki?
Who cares how many people
you have slept with?
- It's practically none of his business.
- [Nolwazi] Mm!
Friend, he had no right to hit you.
What am I going to do, guys?
- What do you mean, what're you gonna do?
- Maybe I'm the one that humiliated him.
How? If he loved you
and... and respected you,
he wouldn't care
how many men you slept with.
Exactly. The only person who should've
been hit is that Bheki Ngcobo
for having the audacity
to speak about you years later.
[sobbing continues]
So, I guess the wedding is off then.
[sad piano music playing]
Okay, uh,
- what do you need from us?
- [Sade sniffs]
I just need you guys
to be there for me at the wedding.
No judgment and no questions asked.
[Linda scoffs softly]
[piano music continues playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [women exclaiming]
- [upbeat music playing]
Okay, friend, ah, please.
- [laughing] I need a smile.
- Okay.
It's straightforward.
What do you want to achieve by 30?
Look into camera. I'm gonna count you in.
I'll roll, we record.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
By 30, I would have loved to achieve, um...
I'm going to own my own car, convertible,
my own penthouse,
and married to a very rich husband,
who's gonna worship
the ground that I walk on.
[music fades]
[solemn instrumental music playing]
[pastor] I wanna thank you all, everyone,
for coming here today
to witness Winston and Sade
commit themselves in front of God.
And I must say, Winston,
- you guys look blessed and beautiful.
- Just... You okay?
What are the very fundamental principles
of marriage?
I'm gonna go
to the bathroom quickly, okay?
You see, without those four,
your marriage is built on sand.
[Pastor continues preaching]
- Nolwazi.
- What the hell do you want from me now?
So, what have you decided?
I'm telling Kedi the truth.
[tense piano music playing]
No! No, you can't!
- You can't be this selfish...
- It's the right thing to...
For who? Hmm?
[ululating, cheering]
And if you tell her,
I'll tell her you seduced me.
Who is she going to believe?
The pregnant slut or her fianc?
[laughs in disbelief]
Okay, fine, whatever.
Whatever. Tell Kedi that.
Tell me what?
[sad piano music playing]
Tebogo is the father of my child.
[chuckles softly]
[exhales] Tebogo,
tell me this... this isn't happening.
Baby, she...
No, Nolwazi, wait, you guys are...
You guys are lying, right?
So did you propose to me
before or after you got her pregnant?
[tense music playing softly]
- [Tebogo] Can you please calm down?
- [screams] I want to know!
[softly] After.
[gasps softly]
You humiliated me. You lied to me.
- Baby, I...
- Time I wasted loving you!
That I would never get back!
[sobs] Kedi...
And you! You were supposed
to be my friend... my sister!
Did you guys know about this?
[screams] You fucking knew!
You knew!
No, I didn't...
- And you kept it from me, all this time!
- [Nolwazi] Kedi...
I'm done with you. All of you!
Fuck you... Fuck you, Tebogo.
Phemelo. Phemelo!
[Dikeledi sobs]
Everyone brought great ideas to the table,
and with each idea,
I saw myself in them and them in me.
Uh, but you said
to look within, and so I did.
[gentle piano music playing]
Each design tells a story of opposites,
and this represents the good and the bad.
The thing about looking within though,
is you have to be
really honest with yourself.
This pregnancy hasn't been
an easy one, Ephry.
I slept with my best friend's boyfriend.
That's how this came about.
I learned, though, that from the bad,
some good can come from it.
My unborn child.
I had to do some deep searching within me
to realize that I've got some dark energy.
You and everyone have called me selfish.
And you're right.
I am selfish.
I have the best girlfriends
anyone could ask for.
Women that would probably give
their right kidney if I asked.
But I haven't honoured that friendship.
I do have some good in me, though.
[chuckles softly]
and the sacrifice of growing my child.
Now, for the name of the collection.
[Nolwazi chuckles]
Kedi has been a stellar friend.
One would even say
that she's mothered me a number of times,
whether she knows it or not.
And, uh, just because
I broke her heart and our friendship,
it doesn't mean
that she doesn't deserve any recognition,
doesn't mean that she doesn't inspire me.
She's an awesome, awesome person,
and an amazing mother
to the delightful mini-Kedi, Phemelo.
[chuckles and applauds]
[gentle piano music continues]
[music fades]
What do you think you're doing?
I'm trying to sleep with my husband.
Winston, it's been
over a month since we've been married,
and you haven't touched me.
You need to cleanse yourself
in the eyes of our Lord
before we consummate our marriage.
Winston, I have prayed so many times,
I'm sure the Lord has forgiven me.
But have you asked me
for forgiveness, Sade?
[morose piano music playing]
Baby, can you please forgive me?
I'm not ready.
[music continues]
Linda, your mother's condition
is not getting any better...
[sad piano music playing]
...and we think that it's time
that we switched off the machines.
Her heart is too damaged at this point.
I'm so sorry, Linda.
[Linda sobs softly]
[emotional instrumental music playing]
Happy birthday, Mommy.
Oh, thank you, my baby.
This is so beautiful. Thank you.
There you go.
Two things we need to discuss
before you go.
First, your work.
Now that you're married,
you no longer need a job.
Winston, but I love my job,
and I'm good at it.
I even told you this
at the premarital classes.
It makes me look
like I can't take care of my own wife.
Am I your wife?
We haven't slept together,
remember, Winston.
I've worked so hard to be the lead auditor
of Maxwell and Symes.
The church is very clear
that a woman's primary responsibility
is to look after her family.
Has the church forgotten
about the Proverbs 31 woman
who works to help her family, Winston?
That brings me to my second point.
Your friends are not married.
It's not good for those who are married
to be friends with those who aren't.
You want me to quit my job,
and quit my friends?
These are my conditions.
[knocking on door]
Oh, I... I think
your school transport is early.
Mom, you've got visitors.
Happy birthday.
Your... Your transport is here.
[sighs] Thank you.
Why are you here?
To celebrate your 30th birthday, Kedi.
And what? Forget about everything
that's happened between us?
No, of course not, Kedi.
We just wanted to show you
that we love you.
A cake and big gestures
are not going to solve our problems.
We know. We know. Um, at least we wanted
to start somewhere, you know?
And you,
you have the nerve coming to my house
after everything you've done.
Kedi, I came to apologize.
You're sorry?
Sorry for what, Nolwazi?
I mean, it's very easy
to say you're sorry,
but people never really say for what.
- We got drunk...
- Drunk!
All of you have spent the last ten years
telling me
what a terrible person Tebogo is,
but the first chance you get
to jump into his pants, you do!
How am I supposed to trust
anything that comes out of your mouth?
What am I supposed to think?
That what, you... you wanted him all along?
No. No. It...
Kedi, look, this friendship has meant
something to every single one of us.
Fuck this friendship!
I know what I've done for this friendship,
but what has this friendship done for me?
This is how I get to turn 30.
With no close friends.
The people I have literally
dedicated my life to
have hurt me the most.
Hmm? That's me!
Happy birthday, Dikeledi.
- Kedi...
- Don't!
Get out. I'm late for work.
[breathes heavily]
You raised Linda...
[monitor beeping]
...the best way you knew how,
and I was a coward.
I ran away.
But I'm not going to let her go...
go through this time without my support.
[gentle piano music playing]
[sobbing softly]
[music fades]
[mellow instrumental music playing]
[Dikeledi] Turning the big 30.
You know, I think it doesn't really matter
how old you're turning,
as long as you're surrounded
by loved ones, your friends, your family,
your career is blossoming.
I mean, if you've got that,
what more could a girl ask for?
- [sniffles] Um...
- [knocking on door]
- Come in. [sniffles]
- [door opens]
[softly] Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday...
[Dikeledi crying]
- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.
- [exhales]
[sniffles] Sorry, it's, uh... It's not you.
My friends, they...
they came over this morning to apologize.
[breathes deeply]
So... have you sorted things out now?
No, I was too angry and too hurt and...
Only after they'd left,
I... I realized that they were there
before Tebogo was and...
Now that it's over between him and I,
they came to my door,
uninvited, to apologize.
That must count for something.
If trust has been broken,
then you find a way to mend it.
If you've hurt somebody, you apologize,
and then you do not repeat
the same mistake again.
Friendships are not always
meant to be perfect.
The long-lasting ones... [chuckles softly]
...they have been roller-coaster rides.
It adds spice to the memories.
You're always ready to give advice.
It comes naturally.
- [Sade clicks tongue]
- Whose birthday is it?
[softly] Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Siphokazi is not looking strong.
I was not expecting her to be this bad.
I wonder why she didn't say anything.
I mean, how would she have said anything?
Well, we spoke, you know,
every now and then.
She told me about her diabetes diagnosis,
but she didn't say anything
about her heart.
So, you and Ma spoke?
And you never saw it necessary to call me?
My angel... it's not like that. I...
I tried, I really did, you know?
And she told me that you were not ready
for me to reach out,
and I had to respect that.
You say you tried.
You tried!
Maybe I wasn't ready. I was angry.
And I still am, but that is not an excuse
for you to not make an effort
to reach out to me as your daughter!
How did it become my responsibility
to try and fix our relationship?
You have every right to be angry with me.
Yes, that burden was on me,
but I was also too ashamed to reach out.
I mean, what... what would I have to say
to a beautiful young lady...
[screams] Come on!
You don't get to play the victim
in this situation. You don't.
Take some accountability.
"I am sorry, Linda."
- [gentle piano music playing]
- [exhales]
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
I don't know how to say it,
but I am sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
I know it's not going to take away
what you've been through.
You don't even have to forgive me.
I am a horrible father, I know that.
I'm sorry.
[spoon clinking on glass]
[exhales shakily]
The hospital said
that there's nothing they can do.
So I need to decide...
when to switch off the machines.
Can I come with you?
- [beeping stops]
- [music continues]
[Linda sobbing softly]
[Linda continues sobbing]
[hopeful music playing]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[Nolwazi speaking indistinctly]
You're so beautiful.
[continues speaking indistinctly]
Oh, hi, beautiful.
You look amazing. Turn around.
Lovely, lovely. Work this, okay?
When you get up there, just kill it.
Hi, gorgeous. Let me, come.
- Um, love these. Can we just tweak those?
- Knock-knock.
Okay, maybe just some lips on her.
Okay, cool.
- I just came to say good luck.
- Thank you.
Oh, my word! Everybody looks incredible.
- I know.
- [chuckles]
- I'm proud of you. Mm.
- Thank you.
Break legs, everyone.
[sighs contentedly] Okay.
Thank you, Ephry.
- [Dikeledi gasps]
- Hi.
Um, hi.
I'm... I'm Dikeledi, Linda's friend.
Oh, okay.
Um, I'm... I'm Enzokuhle, Linda's dad.
Oh, uh, lovely to meet you, sir.
It's great meeting
Linda's circle of friends.
- [sighs]
- Let me go call her for you.
- [Linda sobbing]
- Oh. My friend.
[gentle piano music playing]
[crowd chatting in background]
[music continues]
[phone chimes]
- [music fades]
- [breathes deeply]
- [people cheering]
- [lively techno music playing]
[applause and cheering intensifies]
- [groaning sharply]
- Nolwazi!
- Nolwazi!
- [woman] Call an ambulance!
There you go.
[gentle piano music playing]
Do you think you'll ever forgive him?
- Will you forgive us?
- [scoffs softly]
Come on, Linda.
I'm here, aren't I?
Thank you.
[breathes deeply]
- [cell phone ringing]
- Oof.
Yeah. Sorry.
It's okay.
- Hello.
- [nurse] Nolwazi Khumalo's next of kin?
Next of kin?
There's been an emergency.
- She's been rushed to theater.
- [gasps]
[phone chimes]
[dreamy music playing]
[groans softly]
Okay, um...
Winston, I... I have to go.
Where are you going? I'm pretty sure
you have a cell group meeting later.
Nolwazi just...
I need to rush to the hospital.
You're not going anywhere.
I'm going.
Sade, if you walk out that door...
[door clangs]
[music continues]
I'm sorry about Mom.
It's okay.
[sighs] Ooh.
So, how's Nolwazi?
She's been rushed to theater.
She's having an emergency C-section.
Yeah, she had severe eclampsia.
There was a placental abruption
or something like that.
They've said
there's a 50/50 chance of her...
not making it.
[sniffles, sighs]
I'm leaving Winston.
[breathes deeply]
[music fades]
Ladies, they are both going to make it.
It's a girl.
[gasps] Come here. Come to Aunty Sade.
- She's so cute.
- She's got that...
She's like, "Hey."
I'm sorry.
I know.
I know.
[Sade] Mm. Hey, who's that?
- [gasps]
- [gasps] Who is that? [laughs]
- [Linda] Right, today's your fashion show.
- [Sade] What?!
[Linda] Oh...
And then the "Kedi" name?
[clears throat]
Well, the theme this year was inspiration.
[all laugh]
- [all gushing]
- [baby coos]
[in Afrikaans] Go on to Mommy, baby.
Come, baby. I'm sorry, baby.
[in English] Put her down so you can rest.
- Yeah.
- There you go.
[Linda] Um...
I don't know if you've heard, but...
Mama didn't make it.
[sad piano music playing]
[softly] Linda.
[voice breaking] No, don't, don't... No.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It's okay.
This... is a happy moment.
We've lost someone we love,
but we've also gained someone we love.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- [exhales]
- Siphokazi.
[Sade] Huh?
[Nolwazi] Linda, I...
I think I want to name my baby Siphokazi.
A gift we've been given.
Because you and my baby
are birthday twins.
- [Sade] No.
- [Dikeledi] Linda.
- [Linda] Mm.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Linda, we forgot your birthday.
- [laughing] You did.
- Girl.
- Happy 30th birthday.
Thank you.
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday to both of you!
- So much has been going on.
- I get it. I get it. I get it.
- So much.
[all laugh]
[crickets chirping]
[gentle music playing]
[man and woman gasping and moaning]
[man moans]
[Sade] What the f...
- Wow, I really should have guessed!
- [Palesa] It's not what it looks like.
[Sade] Oh, it never is!
- I'll really enjoy this divorce, Winston...
- [Winston] Sade...
- Sade! Sade!
- of God.
[laughs] Wow!
Sade... Can you close the door, at least?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Us.
- [clinking]
- [both chuckle]
[pleasant music playing]
- You look nice.
- Mm.
[chuckles softly]
[romantic music playing]
- [exclaiming]
- [music continues]
You guys.
- Get a room!
- [laughing]
Okay. We'll leave you ladies to it.
- Okay, enjoy yourselves.
- Thank you.
Bye, gentlemen.
Takes a sip. [laughs]
Is this you?
It is. [laughs]
We're goin' good.
But better late than never.
You know, I... I guess we could
kind of call this, uh,
Linda's birthday month.
It's always a good time
to celebrate a woman like me.
- [chuckles]
- How about Linda's dirty-30?
- Ah! I like that.
- It's going to get down tonight, guys.
- Did you see what she did with Kennedy?
- [chuckles]
Tonight and every night.
- Okay.
- Enough.
Okay, I'm sorry.
[all laugh]
You know what, ladies, um...
just having you all here, all of you,
after everything that's happened,
it's honestly the best birthday gift
I could have ever asked for.
- I'm gonna cry. [giggles]
- To you! Before you start crying now.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Linda
Happy birthday...
[upbeat music playing]
[mellow music playing]