Love Shot (2019) Movie Script

Oh, man, I love the smell
of Korean barbecue.
Yeah, it's considered one
of the hottest spots in town.
We might lose some customers
because of the recent incident,
but not enough to
make a big difference.
This was the table.
I'm not an idiot, I can see
the fucking duct tape.
I'm sorry, Tony.
Jesus, God, in their own
place of business. That is...
God, it takes some balls, huh?
What about the trigger man?
His back was to the security
camera, and he wore a mask.
God. Sounds professional.
Got any footage?
[CHUCKLES] Holy shit.
Hey, have you ever seen
somebody move that fast, Slim?
I've seen better.
Was there business
done with Jiho?
As far as I know, yeah.
Is anybody responding
on a meeting tonight?
None yet, but it's only
been a few hours.
We gotta make sure that everyone
is cool with this move.
My God.
What about the chef?
Oh, he's an asset.
He won a culinary TV show.
Oh, yeah? Which one?
I don't know.
Where do you think
we can find him?
I'm already in touch with him.
The Korean's hit-man?
No, the chef.
All right, well...
Drop down his salary, and give him
a piece of our back-end business.
How do I find him?
You said you already
knew how to find him.
Who, the trigger man?
No, the fucking chef!
Yeah, yeah, he's young, so...
I'm pretty sure we could
persuade him to stick around.
Okay, great.
These pricks, man.
They are not gonna be
satisfied with my move in.
We're gonna need this guy.
The trigger man.
Yes, the fucking trigger man.
What is wrong with you, Slim?
That wouldn't...
I got it right, Tony.
Wonder if he's got
a signature dish.
The chef.
Yes, the chef...
Jesus, God.
Stop eating that kimchi,
I gotta take a shit.
Mmm, yeah
Love is gone,
oh, I wanna love you
Love is gone, mmm,
love is gone
Yes, gone away from me
I remember when
I fell in love
When she smiled
The whole world
smiled back at me
There were birds in the sky
and I felt I could fly
To the moon
Love is gone
Yes, gone away from me
And like yesterday
Love won't return
Now I'm all on my own,
there's no place to go home
Looking everywhere
for a love to share
So I can feel again
Like I did yesterday
Oh, I wanna love you
My, my, my, my, my, my, my
Love is gone
Yes, gone away from me
And like yesterday
Love, love won't return
And now I'm all on my own
there's no place to go home
Looking everywhere
for a love to share
So I can feel again
Like I did yesterday
Oh, I wanna hold you
My, my, my, my,
I wanna love you
Oh, yes, I wanna hold you
Come on, come on,
I wanna love you
MAN: All right,
here's the thing.
Try to bear with me on this.
I know for a fact...
that it's my favorite record.
I just don't know why, exactly.
Or I can't put
my finger on it, but I think
part of it is, like,
it's not just one thing. It's
a whole experience, you know,
It's got peaks, it's got
valleys it's happy, it's sad,
it's mad, it's all of that,
it ping-pongs back and forth,
and if you can just sit back
if you can let it wash over you,
if you can let that happen,
I mean, it's...
it's the best record
there is, you know?
It's my favorite record, so...
If you ever wanna, like,
come over to the house, and
listen to music
and have a food or some...
Have a food?
Ugh, fucking idiot.
Hi, I'm Max.
My Girl
Sweetest thing in the world
I'm talking to you boy
Yeah, sweet as can be, yeah
Yo, great song.
I'm sorry?
I said, "Great song."
You know the Turner Brothers?
Shut up, like what?
Like "Running in the Rain"?
"Fishing in the Park."
"Fishing in the Park"?
That's, like, a deep-cut.
Awesome. See you around.
Okay, yeah. the world
I'm talking to you, boy
She's sweet as can be
Yeah, sweet as can be, yeah
Bet you just don't know
what she means to me
We're about two minutes away.
I see your face,
but that's only in my mind
So I do what I...
Hey, Karen, you're next.
Children behave
That's what they say
when we're together
And watch how you play
They don't understand
So we're running
just as fast as we can
Holding on to
one another's hands
Trying to get away
into the night
And then you put
your arms around me
And we tumble to the ground
and then you say
I think we're alone now
There doesn't seem
to be anyone around
I think we're alone now
The beating of our hearts
is the only sound
I think we're alone now
There doesn't seem
to be anyone around
I think we're alone now
The beating of our hearts
is the only sound
Hi, Karen? This is Max.
Um, you know,
the guy from the train?
MAX: I was just actually
calling to see if you...
wanna get together tonight?
Yeah, sure, I'd love that.
Cool. Cool.
MAX: Um, you wanna meet up
in, like, an hour? I just...
have to... stop by
my work really quick.
How are you, Max?
You look hungry.
I'll have them bring
you some Bibimbap.
No, I just, I had a big
bowl of Pho, so...
I'm good.
That's a Vietnamese dish.
I'm full! I'm full, all right?
What's the deal? Why do you
got all these people in here?
You're doing something
different, or?
We hired a young chef
from one of those shows
Elite Chef, uh, Ninja Chef,
or Whatever the Fuck Chef.
MAX: I'm good.
Puts an organic spin
on the food.
Hipsters love it. Honestly.
Try the Bibimbap.
All right, I'll try
the fucking Bibimbap.
We didn't have this
meeting on the books.
Is there something in
particular you wanted
to discuss with us?
That's kinda hard to explain.
What's the matter?
This place has
the best selection.
Oh, I know, right? Yeah.
This is, like, my favorite
place in the world, so...
I try to spend as much
time as possible here.
So good.
Yeah, it's one of my favorites.
Do you have this?
I used to, um...
I need a new one,
actually, which...
Oh, I'll get it for you.
What? No.
Yeah, please, let me.
Yeah, it's the least
I can do, please.
That's sweet of you.
What's up, Max?
You all set?
Yeah, that's it.
$20 for you.
Oh, great.
I don't have a bag, I'm sorry.
That's okay, we're
gonna wear it out.
Out of 20? Great.
Thank you very much.
You're doing great.
Nice to see you.
All right.
Can I, um...
buy you ice cream?
Can I buy you an ice cream cone?
Or something.
Thank you. I thought you were
just gonna propose to me
or something.
Maybe ice cream first.
The other night, when you
walked into the karaoke bar?
Was that random, or...
Uh, yeah, that was just like,
uh, one of those kismet
kind of, um...
Can I start over?
I just don't wanna start
by lying to you.
If you have an issue,
then speak up.
There's no need to be coy.
I'm, uh...
Can we get some Soju?
How about that?
Let's get some Soju, please.
Why do you have this?
Uh, it was given to me
by the people who hired me.
Hired you for what?
What if I don't take the job?
We would have to hire
an outside contractor.
Why the hell wouldn't you do it?
It's a woman.
We're not asking
you to kill a kid.
Guess I'm just curious.
Why her?
Just do it.
Did you put the contract on her?
Ten fucking years, and
I don't know how many hits.
What's different about this one?
Ooh, motherfucker.
That actually kinda smells good.
Try it.
Oh, fuck.
What did I tell you?
It's fantastic.
MAX: It's authentic.
The chef grew up in Calabasas.
This is your idea of some sick
joke? That's not funny.
I know this sound crazy.
You don't have to stay here,
I just thought I could
help if you'd let me, and...
I didn't want you to get hurt.
MAN: What about the girl?
We can't pretend we didn't
have this conversation.
Well, here's what I'm
thinking about that.
You want to get
your outside contractor?
Go ahead.
Maybe he'll be better.
I doubt it.
Maybe he won't
ask fucking questions.
But the point here, gentlemen
is I know too much.
You can't get rid
of me at this point.
MAN: You don't talk
to us like that.
We're done here.
I guess there's, um...
nothing left to say, then.
Oh, that was...
That was a great job
with the Bibimbap.
I don't need this shit.
Karen, hold on. Karen!
Is this real?
Don't have any idea
who would want you dead?
You said you could help me.
Listen, if we can just go
back to my place, like,
No funny business implied,
I'm just saying.
We use it as home base,
and we can figure out
whatever the hell to do next.
I think that's our best shot
right now, I really do.
Yeah, okay.
I could use a drink, uh...
Yeah, me too.
Should we put something on?
Yeah, sure.
It's the Turner Brothers.
Um, do you wanna,
like, come inside?
KAREN: Um... I, uh...
just wasn't really
expecting this.
Oh, what were you
expecting, then?
Oh, my God.
Oh, this?
Yeah, it's...
So many!
Just a little, you know,
hobby of mine.
Can I take your,
um, coat for you?
Thank you.
Of course.
It's a wonderful coat.
Uh, would you like a drink?
Can I make you a drink?
It's really smooth.
It's nice.
Uh, should I put, um...
like, some music on?
Should I put a record on?
Sure, okay.
Okay, cool.
Oh, vinyl mix-tapes!
You're gonna love it.
All right,
picture this with me,
if you will.
Short guy, Pershing Square stop.
He's wearing a Shriners' cap,
three-legged poodle,
You give him 25 bucks,
and this guy...
will make you a vinyl mix-tape.
And, um,
yeah, you might dig
this one here.
This is my favorite song!
It's from...
I mean, you don't have
to be that nice about it.
I mean, literally...
It's from my favorite movie.
Keeps asking about you
They want to know
How can I
live without you, boy
They want to know
You've taken flight
On a mighty bird of high
And I want you to know
That I love...
Was it really just the karaoke?
Um, yeah, and, you know, and...
the dancing, and...
and, um...
I don't know what to say,
I don't know what to tell you.
Anything I say I feel like
is gonna sound stupid, but
I just feel like
I met you, and it
was like getting shot.
It was like getting shot
in the stomach, and now,
I got this heaviness there,
and it...
just won't go away, and
I don't want it to go away.
That's... Um...
That's sweet.
Now since you've left
I still feel the pain
But in my heart
I always remain
I'm sorry about that.
That was inappropriate of me.
It's okay.
The plans we made
What about
The vows we made
You okay?
Yeah, sorry.
Uh, it's just a bad dream.
Did you actually
kill me this time?
You ever have nightmares?
Not really nightmares, but...
Or, like, reoccurring dreams?
I dream about flying.
Like with a jet pack, or wings?
No, I, um...
I jump from
building to building,
usually, um...
try to get away from
something or someone.
I never get to fly in my dreams.
Can I see this?
Yeah. Here. Here you go.
Wow, it's heavy.
Okay, let's just...
Nothing, just safety,
that's all. Just, here.
We're gonna put it right here,
nice and safe.
Holy shit.
Don't move. Don't.
Shh. Hold your breath.
This is life or death.
Got it.
BOTH: Make a wish.
No, you go. It's you.
What'd you wish for?
I'm not gonna tell you.
Why not?
Because it won't come true!
That's not a real thing,
that's an old wives' tale!
Come on.
Not gonna tell you.
Oh, is this how
we're gonna play it?
Honeymoon is over,
I can see, huh?
Hey, do you have
something I can wear?
Oh, yeah,
if you wanna, like, um...
grab, like, jeans and
a t-shirt, or something,
or whatever you find in the
dresser, just help yourself.
Make yourself at home.
This works.
MAN: I like you,
Daniel, I really do.
Hey, you gotta
tell me how that is.
Trying to decide if I wanna
keep the chef or not.
Go ahead. Give it a whirl.
That's fantastic.
We keep the fucking chef!
You ever play Dreidel?
Uh, no.
When are the others
supposed to arrive?
It's funny...
They teach you how to gamble
about the same time
your dick gets hard.
No wonder we got a fucking
gambling problem
in this country.
Are they even coming?
Come on.
Let's play Dreidel.
Look, I don't have
a lot of time, Tony.
No, of course you don't.
It seems your associates
decided not to show up.
Now, I think
they're trying to make
statement with their absence.
I'll get to the point.
I want the cash and your games
to move through here.
What about the girls?
I'll let them go, I don't give
a shit about prostitutes.
It's a dirty business.
The chase of the fuck
is half the fun anyway
Don't you think?
Well, they're not
gonna like that.
I don't give a flying fuck
what they don't like.
Don't you see? It'll look like
we're cleaning up the place.
No one will be looking for
a cash laundry business.
Why are you guys so resistant
to having your money cleaned?
Well, cleaned by a Jew.
And, prey-tell, Daniel,
what the fuck are you?
Were you "bar mitzvah" -ed?
Come on.
Let me see your dick.
I'm joking.
One spin.
Let's play Dreidel, shall we?
If it lands on the Gimel,
you join me in the new venture,
lands on the Hei, then
I keep the whores, and
everything stays the same.
Lands on the Shin,
and I take the games from you.
Lands on the Nun,
Oh, too bad.
Goodbye, Daniel.
Very sloppy.
Make sure you clean
this place up,
cause we got the health
inspector coming tomorrow.
Can we please
get a professional
to do this next time?
Yeah, get the fucking chef.
How about that?
Don't get smart with me.
I'm sorry, Tony.
Clean the Dreidel,
it's an heirloom.
If you'd only
talk to me now
I'll be so happy
If you'd only
talk to me now
I'll be so happy
Can we just stop for
one second? Hold on.
Just, I, okay.
Let's just get this out
on the table, all right?
I don't want to do this either,
so let's just get it over with
and just rip the fucking
band-aid, okay?
Why do they want
you dead, Karen?
I don't know.
I don't know who they are.
Um, Kar,
we should probably figure out
who wants you dead, then, okay?
Jiho didn't order the contract,
so it wasn't the Koreans.
I'm at a loss.
I got nothing, you know?
Why don't we just leave town?
And do what, Karen?
I don't know,
something different?
Maybe go north.
To a small town.
Find jobs at a local bar, and...
listen to good music all day.
Honey, and start a karaoke
night, or what?
You wanna be a lounge duo now?
I don't know fucking show tunes.
What are we talking about here?
This is risky business, A,
and two, we can't just
pick up and fucking leave!
I'll be so happy...
When you saw her
What did she say
Did she mention my name?
Tell me what did she say
Tell me does
she still love me
Or does my baby
want to set me free...
I'm sorry.
You don't gotta be sorry,
you didn't... It's my fault.
You're not responsible for me.
We don't know
who tried this, okay?
And they could easily
just try it again.
And I don't want that to happen.
I mean...
What did you do for a living?
I used to sing professionally.
There was this company
that hired us
to sing karaoke
for business men.
MAX: Oh, like you were,
um, you're a domey?
KAREN: I didn't sleep
with any of them.
I, it doesn't, what do I...
But some domeys
do, though, right?
Yeah, I know.
Okay, well, more power
to you, I don't...
You know, like...
Did you ever have trouble
with any of the guys, or...
No, no, I got along
great with all those guys.
I don't know, Karen.
Wanna get out of here?
Like, you really want
to get out of here?
All right, then...
I just...
need money, and I just
need to pick up another gig.
That's all.
But you killed your boss.
Yeah, but sadly, darling,
there are...
plenty of contracts
left in the city.
There's this girl.
We don't know much, but
we know she likes karaoke.
No, no, no.
It's better if I don't, okay?
Try to make it
as public as possible.
Our third party wants
a statement made.
No, no, no, no, no.
You'll deliver the girl.
I'm, I'm hungry. I'm hungry.
Try the Bibimbap.
Bibimbap. Bibimbap.
Jesus, Slimy.
What the hell are you
doing over here?
All right, I'm late for a
meeting, but let's do lunch.
I don't need lunch.
I had fro-yo.
Tony did not see you
at last night's meeting.
Yeah, I couldn't make it.
Give him my apologies.
Quite disrespectful.
Look, we want
a smooth transition
with Tony moving
into Jiho's spot.
Yeah, I know, but
that doesn't mean
I need to be involved.
You walked away
For another man
Tell me why
I just don't understand
Like a fool,
I gave you all of me
But you done left me
hanging from my teeth
She got my heart...
My soul
All wrapped up in you
Hey, you.
How'd it go?
Well, I got a job.
Really? How?
Tony, please try these chips.
Can't eat that shit, it's treif.
And treifs...
Not kosher.
What's kosher, again?
Hey, how you doing?
What the fuck is this?
I don't know.
Uh, sure you do.
I've been tailing you
all day, remember?
Here to see about a job?
Are you an idiot?
Yeah, okay.
Close the door.
I just like went back by
the old stomping grounds
around the restaurant,
just to kind of, vibe it out,
see what's going on.
And it turns out, there's
this older Jewish hood
who's coming down
from the valley,
and he thinks he's
gonna come in and
scoop up all Jiho's
business, so...
What can I do for you?
Well, I heard you ran
into a little resistance
trying to move in here,
so I just wanted to
offer my service to you
gentlemen, and see if, uh,
I could help clean up.
I think we got it under control.
Mm, I think your guy's
a little sloppy, to be honest.
That very well may be.
So, how do you see yourself
improving upon the situation?
Well, I know these guys.
I've worked with them for
years, so I know their habits,
I know their patterns,
I know their haunts, and
most importantly, I know the
ones that are gonna give you
a hard time cause they have
a relationship with Jiho.
Are you Jiho's guy?
Oh, you know,
don't kiss and tell.
Are you able to handle
all of this fairly quickly?
For the right amount of money,
anything can be quick.
Lay it out.
All right, well, your boy
kinda botched the jump there,
so now, they know you're coming.
He could've planned it out,
but it is what it is.
We'll let bygones be bygones.
Give me about a week,
and I'll clean it up for you.
It's all said and done.
And then, I just gotta...
You know, you gotta
pay me 50, so...
My, my, sir,
you are a professional.
What's to stop him from
taking a contract on you
after he's done?
Cause I'm retired
after I'm done.
That's why I need
the money upfront, too.
Come again?
Well, you know, I do my job
right, what's left for me?
All the work's gone, so...
Let me just clean up
and get out of your way.
I take a little
indefinite vacation.
A Romantic Ronan.
How sweet.
Well, you know,
Lone Ronan plus one.
Got a... young lady
in the side-car there.
What's his name?
Tony Kaufman.
Really funny guy.
Total mench. Love him.
Don't you think
that's a little risky?
Not really, I mean...
The thing is none of
these people know me,
so I got the anonymity
thing going for me.
And I'm not attached, so if we
gotta cut and run at any point,
we can just get out of here.
Well, if that didn't
work out for you,
I'm sure we can find you
a lot of work around here.
I greatly appreciate
that, sir, but
I think I got my future set.
What is this?
What kind of...
They're Tony's.
Pork chips. They're shit.
Yeah, I'm kosher,
I don't do that.
So we got a deal here?
Tell you what, Tommy Bahama,
Buy yourself a new shirt.
What's your name?
Don't worry. It's gonna
work out, just trust me.
I promise.
Your birth mark
is really amazing.
Thank you.
I was self-conscious
about it when I was little.
Then I... grew up to accept it.
Yeah, I think
it's really beautiful.
You know what they say
about birthmarks, right?
No, what?
Uh, that they're remnants
from your past life.
So, then, what's this, then?
I was told that, um...
I was mauled by a tiger.
Who told you that?
Some fortune-teller.
Do you have any birth marks?
Yeah, I just got a little one.
Like, it's right about
here on the other side.
I'll show you sometime.
You know what that could be?
I think you were probably shot.
Both died morbid deaths
in our past lives.
Well, we got that going for us.
I'm hungry.
You got anything in the fridge?
Yeah, I got something
to snack on.
Wanna give it a look?
Go for it.
I'll be right here, babe.
Tell me what did she say
Tell me does
she still love me
Or does my baby
wanna set me free
I wanna know
I wanna know
Oh, what did she say
I wanna know
Did she mention my name
What did she do
Did she ask about me
When you told her
how the old gang was
How did she act
when she passed my house
Who do you think
she was thinking of?
Tell me how
you think she feels
Can she tell
my love is real
I wanna know
I wanna know
Oh, what did she say
I wanna know
So, I know it's not,
like, "out" out, but
I just thought maybe we could
come get some air, and
more than anything, I just
wanted to show you this view.
KAREN: It's nice.
Yeah, right?
MAX: Yeah, I love it up here.
It's like, my secret
zone to just...
get away from everybody, and...
clear out my head or whatever.
You know, Karen,
you can go out if you want to.
I haven't heard anything
new about your contract,
and I know everyone else is
tied up in this Tony bullshit,
and, to be honest,
all I've ever tried to do
here is keep you safe.
It's all I'm doing.
I know, and I appreciate it.
It's just... been a lot.
I know, I know. It's...
This isn't an easy situation.
But I think we can
get through this.
This looks great, baby.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
The pesto is killing
it right now.
So, um...
How long is it gonna
take to do the job?
I don't know, really.
I mean, it's gonna take
whatever it takes, so...
A week, two weeks,
three, four, five, whatever.
Can't we just leave town?
Like, now.
No, Karen.
Uh, gas costs money.
Food costs money.
A place to stay costs money.
KAREN: You don't have any cash
stashed away from previous jobs?
No, why do you think
I'm taking this fucking job?
I mean...
Can you really trust
this Tony guy?
I don't know, darling.
I do know that he's hiring.
And I do know that
he's paying well.
And I do know that
he wants me around.
So I don't know why you gotta
ask me these fucking questions
right now, if I'm being honest.
What, Kar, come on.
What is this, a gesture now?
You're pissed at me, come on.
God dammit.
Come on, hold on, wait.
Just talk to me.
What's going on?
What is this about?
I can take care of myself, Max.
What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?
Karen, come on.
Karen, will you please
come back here?
Karen? Karen!
This is...
You look good.
So, how've you been?
Not great.
You tried to have me killed?
I love you. I would never
do anything to harm you.
Despite everything that
you've done to me,
I am still crazy
about you, Karen.
TONY: You're not going
slutting in some karaoke bar.
You're not a fucking
domey girl anymore, Karen.
Why don't you show me
one ounce of respect?
Just one ounce!
That's all I need.
Get out of that shit.
Watch it, fucker.
Can you give me a
fucking beer? Thank you.
Please, thank you very much,
you're so great,
I love your work. Thank you.
I'll tip you next time.
What the fuck is this?
That should cover
what I took from you.
What about my heart, Karen?
What about the agony and
pain you've caused my heart?
I don't think there's enough
fucking money here for that!
I'm sorry, Tony.
I realized there are some
things I thought I can change,
and I can't.
Where the fuck did you
read that? Cosmopolitan?
You know what?
I regret ever having
given you my love.
I don't wanna see your face,
I don't wanna hear your name
ever again!
I understand.
You won't have to, I...
I'm gone.
Get the fuck outta here.
Just go.
What a fucking coat!
Thanks, man.
It's great.
Does it come in adult sizes?
Then you set
someone else aside
And it made you
feel all right
But I just couldn't
The fuck's going on here?
Karen! Don't...
Have some orange.
I like the office a lot.
I decorated it.
You know what comes
next, don't you?
You like vinyl?
I love vinyl, yeah.
I knew I liked you.
I love vinyl.
I think it's...
so all...
encompassing, so entirely...
It's an experience.
It's an experience, yes!
You have to commit to it.
People nowadays...
They don't any patience,
man, you know?
Don't listen to the song, only!
Listen to the whole album,
listen to the story!
Listen to the whole side.
What a concept.
This shit just doesn't fall
from the trees, you know?
People plan their shit.
They write it.
Oh, man.
You know,
I've been feeling
so nostalgic lately.
I love this song.
Me too, I love it.
Brings back memories, right?
I knew I liked you.
what the fuck is
going on out there?
I'm sorry, Tony, I didn't...
Why are you coming in here
creating a fucking scene
like a six year-old
who's crying in his
fucking high-chair?
You think I don't have
emotional issues going on?
Fucking bitch left me too, man.
I get it, I understand.
She just came by.
Spike the final nail
in the coffin.
Remember that girl
I was telling you about?
She, uh...
She fucking ripped me off.
She broke into my house,
and she took my fucking money,
and she ran off,
and I don't know
where the fuck she is.
But you know what, Tony?
She gave me my fucking records.
That's beautiful!
That's, they cannot take
away that from you, man.
Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em.
Fuck 'em.
Thank you.
Who fucking needs 'em, right?
Who needs 'em?
That's what my Eve
fucking did to me. My Eve.
My fucking lady Eve.
When it starts off,
you got it all
figured out, right?
And you know what you're doing,
and you're doing
the right thing,
and then, inevitably,
it's just, it's fucked.
You know what? I knew it
was gonna end like this.
What are we talking about?
Can we blame 'em, though?
They're all making it up, too!
It's bullshit!
That's right!
They just pull the rug
out from under you,
they rip your fucking
heart out, they step on it,
they chew it up, and then,
they spit it in your face.
It's a fucking magic trick.
Fucking bitches, unbelievable!
Oh, Christ.
I thought mine was dead, right?
She comes traipsing in here,
and tries to pay me off
with my own fucking money.
Can you believe that?
Tony, I mean...
Just tell me where to find her,
and you never gotta
think about it again.
My guess is she's
trying to split town.
I'd check Union Station.
Studying her face?
She really is quite
beautiful, isn't she?
Are you laughing?
No, I'm not, I'm sorry.
No, you are laughing.
You're fucking laughing.
What the fuck are
you laughing at?
Tony, she reminds me
of someone, that's all.
No, she does not. You are
fucking bullshitting me.
What, you fucking bigot?
You think she's some sort
of fucking ethnic joke?
I don't like bigots, Max!
She looks like the girl that
left me, that's all I'm saying!
Of course, she looks like
the broad that left you,
because they all
fucking look the same.
Man, our connection...
It's out of control.
I think...
this will be cathartic
for both of us.
I feel all right
tonight now
Now, listen
I gotta know
We got a lot of people in the
house that's been in love tonight
You've been
in love with somebody
That don't love you
But you can't give up
You gotta keep on pushing
Cause a quitter never wins
And a winner never quits
Now, listen
If I had a woman
And I loved her
And I thought for one time
that she didn't love me
Yo, Karen.
When you take someone's
fucking money,
you should probably leave town.
I didn't want to leave
before talking to you.
You should've told
me about Tony.
You should've told
me about the money.
Why didn't we just leave?
Cause I had to find out
who was trying to fucking
kill you, you know?
You can't just, like,
pick-up ad run off
every time...
My whole life is here, Karen.
My whole life.
What life?
You collect records,
and you kill people.
Maybe you should've just
thought this through
before you decided to
flip this entire situation
upside down.
Did you really think that
we were meant for each other
just because we like
the same music?
What did you think this was?
I thought I was saving
your fucking life.
I know,
but did I have a say
in any of this?
Why are you holding
that gun, Max?
No, no.
Do not touch that
fucking knife, Karen.
Don't you do it.
I'm sorry that I
took your money.
But I paid him off.
And it's done with, now.
It's not done, Karen.
It is so fucking far from done.
He just paid me all that money
back to fucking kill you.
Did you take the job?
I'll give you one
fucking guess, Kar.
Okay. Fuck this.
I'm sick of playing roles
in other people's lives.
For you, for Tony,
for those men in
those karaoke bars.
You know what? Just shoot me.
Do what you were hired to do.
Or, you can come with me,
but if you come with me,
we are partners.
You don't get to call
the shots anymore.
Because look where it got us.
Fuck Tony, and fuck K-Town.
You're really thinking
about this?
No, baby, no.
It's just, if we do this,
then we have nothing left.
We are back to square one.
What are we gonna do
about money, I mean...
Enough about the money!
We'll figure it out as we go!
Are you sure you want
me to go with you?
About as sure as you are.
Hey, Max.
Oh, fuck, Slim!
You asshole.
Let's go!
Let's fucking go!
What the fuck?
MAX: I'm sorry, he startled me, Tony.
I didn't see him there.
Jesus, God.
You know, we just came up
to ask you if we could,
you know,
like, follow you.
You know, shadow.
Looks like we came
to the right place.
But it seems like you're in
the middle of something here.
Yeah, well, I'm a
fucking professional.
TONY: Yeah, you are.
And a good one.
And such a character.
Go ahead.
We're never gonna let her do
this to anyone else ever again.
I know you fucked her.
I can smell it on you,
I can smell it on both of you.
Let me tell you something, pal.
I just wanted to see you
pull the fucking trigger.
Because I know you loved her.
Drop the gun. Drop it!
I want to kill you
so fucking bad,
but what difference
would it make, huh?
Just let me go, Tony.
And you never gotta
fucking see me again.
It don't work that way.
I'm the last person you're
ever gonna fucking see.
Can we go now?
Yeah, let's go.
You meant to graze me, right?
Yeah, of course, I did!
We need to work on
our communication.
[STAMMERS] okay, I'm gonna
work on that, I promise.
MAX: Ow!
What the fuck?
We're even now.
Fuck you!
I love you.
If you ever
change your mind
If you ever
change your mind
I love that you do
better each ti...